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Communicating forecasts, uncertainty and consequences of ecosystem change

Best (Oral/Poster) Presentations were announced during the closing ceremony of the PICES-2013 Annual Meeting,
Oct. 11-20, 2013, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

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Science Board Best Presentation Award

Presenter Hans-O. Pörtner (Invited speaker)
Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Germany

Hans-O. Pörtner

Presentation An integrated view of climate sensitivity in marine organisms: The need for proxies indicating molecular to ecosystem-level changes
Type Invited [waiting for an updated presentation]
Abstract S1-9216
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BIO Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter Jeffrey G. Dorman
Farallon Institute for Advanced Ecosystem Research, USA

Jeffrey G. Dorman, Ramona L. Zeno, Jarrod A. Santora and William J. Sydeman

Presentation Modeling krill 'hotspots' in the central California Current: Results from variation in diel vertical migration schemes
Type Oral [pdf, 1.3 Mb]
Abstract BIO-P-9102
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BIO Committee Best Poster Award

Presenter Daichi Arima
Hokkaido University, Japan
Authors Daichi Arima, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Yoshiyuki Abe, Kohei Matsuno, Rui Saito, Hiroki Asami, Hiroshi Shimada and Ichiro Imai
Presentation Seasonal changes in the zooplankton ommunity and number of generations per year of small copepods in Ishikari Bay, Sea of Japan
Type Poster
Abstract BIO-P-P2
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FIS Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter Megan M. Stachura
University of Washington, USA

Megan M. Stachura, Timothy E. Essington, Nathan J. Mantua, Anne B. Hollowed, Melissa A. Haltuch, Paul D. Spencer, Trevor A. Branch and Miriam J. Doyle

Presentation Linking recruitment synchrony to environmental variability
Type Oral [pdf, 1.4 Mb]
Abstract FIS-P-8952
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FIS Committee Best Poster Award

Presenter Yang Liu
Hokkaido University, Japan
Authors Yang Liu, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Yu Ihara, Toru Hirawake, Katsuhisa Baba and Kanamori Makoto
Presentation Development of the 3-D growth prediction model for Japanese scallop in Funka Bay, Japan
Type Poster
Abstract FIS-P-P7
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MEQ Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter Cathryn Clarke Murray
WWF Canada, Canada

Cathryn Clarke Murray, Megan E. Mach, Rebecca G. Martone, Gerald G. Singh, Kai M.A. Chan and Miriam O

Presentation Assessing direct and indirect risk from human activities to significant ecosystem components in the Northeast Pacific
Type Oral [pdf, 2 Mb]
Abstract S8-9143
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MEQ Committee Best Poster Award

Presenter Won Joon Shim
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), University of Science and Technology, Korea
Authors Young Kyoung Song, Won Joon Shim, Mi Jang, Sang Hee Hong and Gi Myung Han
Presentation Ship paint as a new input source of floating microplastics in surface microlayer
Type Poster
Abstract S3-P2
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POC Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter Colleen M. Petrik
University of Alaska Rairbanks, USA

Colleen M. Petrik, Janet T. Duffy-Anderson, Franz Mueter, Katherine Hedstrom, Seth Danielson and Enrique Curchitser

Presentation How eastern Bering Sea climate variability affects the distribution of walleye pollock early life stages
Type [pdf, 2.7 Mb]
Abstract W2-9174
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POC Committee Best Poster Award

Presenter Hiromichi Ueno
Hokkaido University, Japan
Authors Hiromichi Ueno
Presentation Decadal variation of temperature inversions along Line P
Type Poster
Abstract POC-P-P1
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MONITOR Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter Youngji Joh
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technolo (KIOST), Korea

Youngji Joh, Chan Joo Jang, Minho Kwon, Ho-Jeong Shin and Taewook Park

Presentation An improvement of reproducibility of Pacific decadal oscillation in CMIP5
Type Oral [pdf, 1.5 Mb]
Abstract S6-9017
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MONITOR Committee Best Poster Award

Presenter Tomoko M. Yoshiki
National Fisheries Research Institute, FRA, Japan
Authors Tomoko M. Yoshiki, Sanae Chiba, Tadafumi Ichikawa, Hiroya Sugisaki and Sonia Batten
Presentation Geographical shift of warm water species distribution in western subarctic North Pacific based on CPR sample during 2001-2010
Type Poster
Abstract S9-P2
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TCODE Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter Robyn E. Forrest
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Biological Station, Canada

Robyn E. Forrest, Murdoch K. McAllister, Steven J.D. Martell and Carl J. Walters

Presentation Modelling the effects of density-dependent mortality in juvenile red snapper caught as
bycatch in Gulf of Mexico shrimp fisheries: Implications for management
Type Oral [pdf, 1Mb]
Abstract S10-8855
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