North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report

The PICES report on marine ecosystems is intended to periodically review and summarize the status and trends of the marine ecosystems in the North Pacific, and to consider the factors that are causing or are expected to cause change in the near future. The first report, begun in mid-2002 and completed about 18 months later, served as a pilot project for what might be possible. This report was based largely on geographic locations and subjects for which time series data or information are readily available. The report also identified locations and subjects where data were collected but are not yet available.

PICES requests your help to contribute to future updates of this report. In general, we wish to describe the current state of marine ecosystems in the North Pacific Ocean to understand whether they are similar or different from what has been observed in the past. Specifically, we request your help to tell us about, and to provide summary reports, figures, tables, websites, and/or data that describe the recent (within the last ~5 years) status of marine ecosystems or their components. Those summaries and reports that compare recent conditions with those that were observed ~10 years ago or more will be particularly useful. Information from short time series that are expected to continue in the future is valuable too. The subjects of interest are listed, but not limited to, those described in the Table of Contents. The language does not need to be English; important reports may be translated from other languages, as the budget allows.

The intergovernmental NPESR is being updated to 2008 under the leadership of Dr. Skip McKinnell (mckinnell aatt pices.int) and Prof. Michael Dagg (mdagg aatt lumcon.edu) with guidance from Science Board. Contact either of the project leaders to learn how you can contribute to the report. Publication of the results is expected in spring, 2010.

PICES Report on Marine Ecosystems of the North Pacific (pdf format)


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