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  Plese start at the Financial Support Page if requesting travel funds
  There is NO registration fee: please ignore "on-line payment" and "payment form" links during the registration process.
  Only abstracts submitted via
our on-line system will be considered.
Steps to submit an abstract:
1. Format an abstract according to instructions in Abstract template
2. Pre-register for the symposium through on-line system [see table to the right] - - >
3. Prepare 1-page Curriculum Vitae
4. Omit this step, if you are not applying for Fin. Support:
Download Fin.Support Application [see table to the right] - - >
5. Concatenate Fin.Sup. Application (if applicable), Absrtact, and CV into one document (3 in 1)
6. Submit document from step 5 as an Absrtact through on-line system [see table
to the right] - - >
7. Confirmation email will be sent to you after abstract submission

Scientific sessions will include invited and contributed papers. Contributed papers will be selected for oral or poster presentation.

Participants will be selected according to criteria established by the SSC. The criteria for selection will include the relevance of the abstract to the topic session and the scientific results described in the abstract.

Presentation guidelines
Poster instructions
  30- 2-sided 4x8 freestanding poster boards
On-line pre-Registration and Abstract Submission
Follow steps 1-6* to
Pre-register for the conferece;
Download Fin. Sup. application
Submit an abstract
Follow steps 1-2 to
Check the Status of your abstract submission
1. Login
2. Fill in or Update your "Contact Information"and click "Update" button to open "Meetings" page
3. In Section 1 of "Meetings" page tick the box(es) for the meeting(s) you want to pre-register, and click "Submit" button to open Section 2*
4. In Section 2 of "Meetings" page click on "Download form " link to download Fin. Application form
5. In Section 2 of "Meetings" page click on "Submit an abstract" link to open "Submit an abstract" page and follow instructions to submit an abstract
6. Information about successsful abstract submission should appear on the screen
* Omit step 3 if you already have pre-registered
* Omit step 4 if you are not applying for Fin. Support

January 15, 2007
  • Pre-registration
  • Abstract and CV submission
  • Application for Financial support
    February 28, 2007
  • Notification of abstract acceptance
  • Notification of invitation
  • Notification of financial support grant
    March 20, 2007
  • Invitees must confirm participation
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