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Early Career Scientists Conference

New Frontiers in Marine Science
June 26-29, 2007, Baltimore, MD, U.S.A.

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1/15/2007Session 1A hotspot in the cold – outstanding biodiversity in the Chilean Patagonian fjord regionVerena Häussermann and G. FörsterraVerena HäussermannPoster3895
1/15/2007Session 1Abundance, biomass and biodiversity of phytoplankton at station NH05 off the central Oregon coast: 2001 TO 2005William T. Peterson and Linda O’HigginsLinda O’HigginsOral3953
11/22/2006Session 1Application of microsatellite analysis to the study of the population structure and population assignment of Asian sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)Anastasia M. KhrustalevaAnastasia KhrustalevaOral3289
12/23/2006Session 1Effect of temperature on photoinhibition of Antarctic benthic microalgaeSazlina Salleh and Andrew McMinnSazlina SallejOral3599
1/15/2007Session 1Estimation of movement in a spatially-explicit stock assessment of Eastern Bering Sea walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma)Sara E. Miller, James N. Ianelli and Terrance J. Quinn*IISara E. MillerPoster3931
1/12/2007Session 1Functional diversity in coral reef herbivores and impact upon ecosystem structureMichelle J. PaddackMichelle PaddackOral3846
1/15/2007Session 1Harmful algal bloom events and detection of marine biotoxins in sardines (Sardina pilchardus)Pedro R. Costa, Susana Garrido and Maria João BotelhoPedro Reis CostaPoster3951
1/15/2007Session 1Iron physiological autecology of the vertically migrating diatoms Ethmodiscus spp. and Rhizosolenia spp. in the Central North Pacific (CNP) gyreMamoon M.D. Al-Rshaidat, Tracy A. Villareal, Heather Singler, Rob M. Sherrell and R. Michael L. McKayMamoon M.D. Al-RshaidatOral3922
1/14/2007Session 1Modeling copepod growth rates in the northern Gulf of AlaskaHui Liu and Russell R. HopcroftHui LiuOral3871
1/15/2007Session 1Modeling population dynamics of Hammerhead Shark complex using a hierarchical Bayesian production modelYan JiaoYan JiaoOral3959
11/30/2006Session 1Phytoplankton dynamics fluctuated by the ice-ocean circulation in the Chukchi and Beaufort seasKohei Mizobata and Jia Wang Kohei MizobataOral3305
1/15/2007Session 1Polar marine ecosystems; driver, detector and depository of global changes and their recordsHyoung Chul ShinHyoung Chul ShinInvited3878
5/14/2007Session 1Scaling the metabolic balance of the oceansAngel Lopez-Urrutia, Elena San Martin, Roger P. Harris and Xabier IrigoienAngel Lopez-UrrutiaPoster4031
1/12/2007Session 1Significance of Algal Bloom Temporal Dynamics on Zooplankton Vital Rates – Variation in diatom biochemical composition during a simulated bloom and its effect on copepod reproductionA. Berenike S. Diekmann, Robert W. Campbell, Myron A. Peck and Michael A. St*JohnA. Berenike S. DiekmannOral3828
1/15/2007Session 1Spatial and temporal variation of primary production in the southeastern Bering Sea shelf: Merging field data and satellite estimatesTaeKeun Rho, Sei-Ichi Saitoh and Terry E. WhitledgeTaeKeun RhoOral3957
1/10/2007Session 1The diversity of symbiotic Siphonostomatoida (Copepoda) of marine fish from southern AfricaSusan M. DippenaarSusan DippenaarPoster3794
10/24/2006Session 1The oogenesis characteristics of Antarctic Toothfish dissostichus mawsoni norman 1937 (perciformes nototheniidae) caught by the bottom longline in the Ross SeaSvetlana V. Piyanova and Andrey F. PetrovSvetlana V. PiyanovaPoster3274
1/15/2007Session 1The structure and dynamics of fish communities in the coastal zone of the central-eastern Baltic SeaDace Zilniece, Maris Plikss, Danute Uzars, Didzis Ustups and Barbel Muller-KarulisDace ZilniecePoster3906
1/12/2007Session 2Benthic-pelagic decoupling in the rocky intertidal by subtidal predators: The effect of seascape on species interactions and onshore recruitmentGil RilovGil RilovOral3843
12/12/2006Session 2Cul-de-sacs of detritus-based food-webs: Large gastropods, Pyrazus ebeninus, short-circuit trophic transferMelanie J. Bishop, Brendan P. Kelaher, Ralph Alquezar, Paul H. York, Peter J. Ralph and C. Greg SkilbeckMelanie J. BishopOral3392
1/11/2007Session 2Effect of organic enrichments on bacterial potential hydrolytic activity in organic-poor estuarine sedimentsAfonso Souza and Tamara K. PeaseAfonso SouzaOral3816
1/5/2007Session 2Event-scale analysis of shelf sedimentary processesCindy M. Palinkas and Andrea S. OgstonCindy PalinkasOral3771
1/15/2007Session 2From physics to fish: Influence of wind stress curl on Pacific sardineRyan R. Rykaczewski and David M. Checkley*Jr.Ryan R. RykaczewskiOral3943
1/9/2007Session 2Impact of large storms (hurricanes, tropical disturbances) on phytoplankton and microzooplankton in a large estuarine ecosystem: A glimpse into the effects of a period of elevated hurricane activityMichael S. Wetz and Hans W. PaerlMichael S. WetzOral3785
1/11/2007Session 2Influences of physical processes on the ecosystem of Jakarta bay: A coupled hydrodynamic-ecosystem model experimentAlan F. Koropitan, Motoyoshi Ikeda, Ario Damar and Yasuhiro YamanakaAlan F. KoropitanPoster3817
1/13/2007Session 2Physical-biological interactions in the coastal Gulf of AlaskaStephanie A. Henson and Andrew C. ThomasStephanie HensonOral3849
1/15/2007Session 2Role of lateral circulation on suspended sediment transport in estuariesYong Hoon Kim and George VoulgarisYong Hoon KimOral3947
1/14/2007Session 2Sardine potential habitat and environmental forcing off western PortugalJuan P. Zwolinski, Paulo B. Oliveira, Alexandre Morais, Victor Quintino and Yorgos StratoudakisJuan Pablo ZwolinskiOral3863
1/15/2007Session 2Seasonal variations in reproduction of a planktonic copepod Calanus sinicus related to the physical and biological environments in the Yellow Sea, ChinaChaolun Li, Shiwei Wang, Song Sun and Bo YangChaolun LiOral3883
1/11/2007Session 2Spatial and temporal variability of inner-shelf circulation along the central Oregon coast during summerAnthony R. Kirincich and John A. BarthAnthony R. KirincichOral3809
1/5/2007Session 2The importance of metal storage by prey and digestive processes in predators to metal trophic transfer in coastal benthic food chainsDaisuke Goto and William G. WallaceDaisuke GotoPoster3764
1/12/2007Session 2The influence of nearshore current reversals on intertidal invertebrate recruitment along the central Oregon coastSarah E. Dudas, Brian A. Grantham, Anthony K. Kirincich, Bruce A. Menge, Jane Lubchenco and Jack A. BarthSarah E. DudasOral3847
5/18/2007Session 2Transport and Mixing at the Shelf Edge: A key Challenge for OceanographersJohn H. SimpsonJohn H. SimpsonInvited4033
1/15/2007Session 2Trophic ecology of dominant micronektonic fish species in the northern California CurrentAndrey V. Suntsov and Richard D. BrodeurAndrey V. SuntsovPoster3955
1/15/2007Session 2Variability in growth and survival of chum salmon in relation to environmental changes in the western Pacific OceanHyunju Seo, Suam Kim, Sukyung Kang, Kibeik Seong, Hideaki Kudo and Masahide KaeriyamaHyunju SeoPoster3960
1/10/2007Session 2Zooplankton offshore transport and population dynamics in California Current off Oregon in June 2002Di Wu and Meng ZhouDi WuPoster3800
1/15/2007Session 3Seasonal change in distribution characteristics of mesopelagic fish in the Sea of JapanTadanori Fujino, Kazushi Miyashita, Hiroki Yasuma, Tsuyoshi Shimura, Shunichi Shimoyama and Shinya MasudaTadanori FujinoOral3876
1/12/2007Session 3Surface climate and Megafauna Community Change in the Abyssal NE PacificHenry A. Ruhl and Kenneth L. Smith*Jr.Henry A. RuhlOral3836
6/5/2007Session 3The NEPTUNE Canada seafloor observatory projectS. Kim JuniperS. Kim JuniperInvited4037
1/15/2007Session 3The use of sponge bathymetric distribution patterns in defining depth zones in the GSWLP, South AfricaToufiek Samaai and Kerry SinkToufiek SamaaiOral3881
1/15/2007Session 3Where the deep sea comes into reach – Deep-water emergence in the Chilean fjord regionGünter Försterra and V. HäussermannGünter FörsterraOral3896
1/15/2007Session 4Can pelagic coral reef fish larvae regulate their swimming depths via hydrostatic pressure cues?Klaus B. HuebertKlaus B. HuebertPoster3929
5/11/2007Session 4Comparative studies of baleen whale foraging ecologyMark BaumgartnerMark BaumgartnerInvited4030
1/15/2007Session 4Distribution and movements of Atlantic bluefin tuna in the northwestern Atlantic studied using electronic tagsGareth L. Lawson, Andre M. Boustany, Andreas Walli, Steven L.H. Teo and Barbara A. BlockGareth L. LawsonOral3954
1/15/2007Session 4Distribution of Baltic Sprat (Sprattus sprattus L.) – observations, models and consequencesDaniel Stepputtis, Uwe Böttcher, Thomas Neumann and Jörn SchmidtDaniel StepputtisOral3938
1/12/2007Session 4Drift, growth and distribution in Northeast Arctic cod during the1980s – predictions from a biological individual-based model embedded in a general circulation modelFrode Vikebo, Trond Kristiansen, Gert Dingsor, Svein Sundby, Christian Jorgensen and Oyvind FiksenFrode VikeboOral3841
1/12/2007Session 4Effects of light intensity on the vertical distribution and activity of pelagic fish – studies with a seabed-mounted echo sounderTomas Didrikas and Sture HanssonTomas DidrikasOral3833
1/14/2007Session 4Evidence for a long-term change in the acoustic behavior of the North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) in response to noiseSusan E. Parks, Christopher W. Clarkm and Peter L. TyackSusan E. ParksPoster3868
12/8/2006Session 4Foray foraging behavior in marine copepodsJames J Pierson, Bruce W. Frost and Andrew W. LeisingJames J. PiersonOral3328
1/8/2007Session 4Growth and feeding of larval cod (Gadus morhua) in large-scale latitudinal environmental gradientsTrond Kristiansen, Frode Vikebø, Svein Sundby, Geir Huse and Øyvind FiksenTrond KristiansenPoster3775
1/11/2007Session 4Habitat dependent parasite infestations and virus infections of the European eel Anguilla anguilla (L.) in northern GermanyEva Jakob, Karsten Zumholz and Reinhold HanelEva JakobOral3804
1/15/2007Session 4In situ swimming behavior of lobster postlarvae: Implications for transport and settlementEric R. AnnisEric R. AnnisPoster3948
1/15/2007Session 4In-situ distribution and vertical migration of plankton in the North Sea (German Bight)Klas O. Moeller, Robert W. Campbell, Morten Holtegaard Nielsen and Michael A. St.*JohnKlas Ove MoellerPoster3921
1/15/2007Session 4Laboratory investigations on the effect of prey size and concentration on the feeding behaviour of Sardina pilchardusSusana Garrido, Ana Marçalo, Juan Zwolinski and Carl D. van*der*LingenSusana GarridoOral3894
1/15/2007Session 4Marine migratory patterns of immature anadromous fish: An otolith chemistry approachBenjamin D. Walther and Simon R. ThorroldBenjamin D. WaltherOral3941
12/1/2006Session 4Marine population connectivity and dispersal: The role of spawning behaviors, or why parents know best?Karen P. Edwards, Jonathon A. Hare and Francisco E. WernerKaren Pehrson EdwardsOral3309
1/11/2007Session 4Meso- and small-scale distributions of plankton and marine snow in the southeastern North Sea in relation to frontsRobert W. Campbell and Morten Holtegaard NielsenRobert CampbellOral3818
1/15/2007Session 4Multi-scale assessment of the functional relationships between species traits and environmental conditions for littoral fish communitiesAnik Brind’Amour, Daniel Boisclair, Stéphane Dray and Pierre LegendreAnik Brind’AmourOral3874
1/5/2007Session 4Seasonal cycle, interannual and decadal variability of Peruvian anchovy population dynamics: A model studyYi Xu, Fei Chai, Lei Shi, Yi Chao, Kenneth Rose, Francisco Chavez and Richard T. BarberYi XuPoster3768
1/11/2007Session 4The effect of hypoxia on intraguild predation in an estuarine food web: An individual-based model of ctenophores, fish larvae, and copepodsSarah E. Kolesar, Kenneth A. Rose and Denise L. BreitburgSarah KolesarOral3813
1/15/2007Session 4The influence of environmental conditions on the year-class strength of the eastern-Gotland flounder (Platichthys flesus) in the Baltic SeaDidzis Ustups and Maris PlikssDidzis UstupsPoster3914
5/22/2007Session 4The influence of larval behavior on oyster larvae transport and settlement:a numerical approachElizabeth W. North, Z. Schlag, R.R. Hood, M. Li, L. Zhong, T. Gross and V.S. KennedyElizabeth W. NorthPoster4034
1/15/2007Session 4Trophodynamics of larval billfishes and tunas: Are the constraints of the low-latitude open ocean actually constraining?Joel K. Llopiz and Robert K. CowenJoel K. LlopizPoster3939
1/12/2007Session 4Vertical distribution of physonect siphonophores in western Norwegian fjordsAino Hosia and Ulf BåmstedtAino HosiaPoster3829
1/14/2007Session 5A three-dimensional physical-biogeochemical modeling study on productivity and carbon cycle in South China SeaGuimei LiuGuimei LiuOral3853
12/11/2006Session 5Characterizing pelagic ocean habitat for juvenile salmon using generalized linear mixed modelHongsheng Bi, William T. Peterson, Jesse Lamb and Edmundo CasillasHongsheng BiPoster3348
4/18/2007Session 5Climate effects on zooplankton biomass, species composition, and cross-shelf delivery of carbon in a coastal upwelling systemJulie E. Keister, William T. Peterson, P. Ted Strub and Timothy J. CowlesJulie E. KeisterPoster4025
1/9/2007Session 5Climate impacts on Puget Sound oceanography and harmful algal bloomsStephanie K. Moore, Nathan J. Mantua, Vera L. Trainer and Barbara M. HickeyStephanie K. MooreOral3781
1/14/2007Session 5Climate-induced variation in the distribution and abundance of mackerels in the Northwestern PacificSukyung Kang and Suam KimSukyung KangPoster3867
1/15/2007Session 5Development of environment-based recruitment forecasting models and evaluation of forecast accuracy using a resampling strategyYong-Woo Lee, Bernard A. Megrey and S. Allen MacklinYong-Woo LeePoster3949
1/15/2007Session 5Environmental forcing of life history strategies: Multi-trophic level response at ocean basin scalesRobert M. SuryanRobert M. SuryanOral3967
1/15/2007Session 5Features of seasonal and intra-annual variability of Japan Sea SST from satellite dataDmitry D. Kaplunenko, Olga O. Trusenkova and Viacheslav B. LobanovDmitry D. KaplunenkoOral3908
12/11/2006Session 5Forecasting climate-induced shifts in the marine survival of Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.)Mark D. Scheuerell and John G. WilliamsMark D. ScheuerellOral3356
1/12/2007Session 5Latitude, temperature, and growth: Implications for life history strategies of cod in the Pacific and Atlantic OceansOlav A. Ormseth and Brenda L. NorcrossOlav A. OrmsethOral3845
5/11/2007Session 5Linking North Pacific ocean climate variability to ecosystem changes: The interplay between a gyre-scale mode and the Pacific Decadal OscillationEmanuele DiLorenzoEmanuele DiLorenzoInvited4029
1/12/2007Session 5Regional scale climate forcing of Chesapeake Bay ecosystem dynamicsDavid G. Kimmel, W. David Miller, Lawrence W. Harding, Edward D. Houde and Michael R. RomanDavid G. KimmelOral3837
1/12/2007Session 5SST and ice conditions’ variability, its influence on primary production and fishery resources of North West PacificYulia N. Tananaeva and Marat A. BogdanovYulia N. TananaevaPoster3842
1/10/2007Session 5World fish catch driven by primary productionEmmanuel Chassot, Sylvain Bonhommeau, Frédéric Mélin, Olivier Le Pape and Didier GascuelEmmanuel ChassotOral3795
1/15/2007Session 5Zooplankton in the Indian and Pacific basins of the Southern Ocean south of Australia: Hotspots and inter-annual variability (1997-2004)Brian P.V. Hunt and Graham W. HosieBrian P.V. HuntPoster3963
1/10/2007Session 6A fuzzy logic expert system for monitoring the implementation of an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries in the Southern BenguelaBarbara Paterson, Coleen L. Moloney, Astrid Jarre, Tracy Fairweather, Carl van*der*Lingen, Lynne J. Shannon and John G. FieldBarbara PatersonOral3792
1/15/2007Session 6A novel application of Operational Management Procedures in the fisheries management of the oyster (Striostrea margaritacea) in KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaPaul. A. de*Bruyn, M.H. Schleyer and C.L. MoloneyPaul de BruynOral3889
1/9/2007Session 6Antioxidant defense system in fish and mussels from polluted areas of Peter the Great Bay (Japan/East Sea)Svetlana A. AleshkoSvetlana A. AleshkoPoster3788
1/16/2007Session 6Comparing ecosystem variations between the eastern and western North Pacific using size-based indicatorsJae Bong Lee, Anne Hollowed and Chang-Ik ZhangJae Bong LeeOral3970
1/14/2007Session 6Discarding around the UK - New information and analyses: English Channel, Western Approaches, Celtic & Irish Sea (ICES subarea VII)Robert Enever, A. Revill and A. GrantRobert EneverPoster3862
1/14/2007Session 6Distribution of petroleum hydrocarbons in Ussuriyskiy Bay (Japan/East Sea)Andrey P. ChernyaevAndrey P. ChernyaevOral3865
1/12/2007Session 6Distribution pattern of the green alga Codium fragile in its native range, Korea: Is it similar to invaded habitats?Suchana Chavanich, Larry G. Harris, Jong-Geel Je and Rae-Seon KangSuchana Apple ChavanichPoster3830
1/13/2007Session 6Drawing the lines: Resolving fishery management units with simple fisheries dataJason M. Cope and André E. PuntJason M. CopeOral3850
1/15/2007Session 6Ecology of microzooplankton in a subtropical estuary and implications of river water diversionJennifer N. Putland and Richard L. IversonJennifer N. PutlandOral3917
1/12/2007Session 6Evaluating alternative estimators for fisheries biomass reference points: How close are we?Melissa A. Haltuch, Andre E. Punt and Martin DornMelissa A. HaltuchOral3844
1/15/2007Session 6Exploring the consequences of introducing Marine Protected Areas for the dynamics of fish communities in the southern Benguela ecosystem: An Individual Based Modelling approachDawit Yemane, Yunne-J. Shin and John G. FieldDawit YemaneOral3924
1/15/2007Session 6Fishing and discarding practices in the Portuguese trawl, longline and purse seine fleetSusana Barbosa, Ana C. Fernandes, Laura Wise, Dina Silva and Graça PestanaSusana do Carmo Pinto BarbosaPoster3928
1/11/2007Session 6Harvest impacts on population dynamics of sex-changing fishesMichelle L. Davis and Brian R. MurphyMichelle L. DavisOral3808
1/15/2007Session 6Meta-analytical approaches to understanding species interactionsCoilín Minto, Joanna Mills Flemming, Boris Worm and Ransom A. MyersCoilín MintoOral3940
1/15/2007Session 6Predicted ecological responses of subestuarine ecosystems to different watershed loadings in the Chesapeake Bay: A modeling studyHae-Cheol Kim, Xuyong Li, Charles L. Gallegos, Donald E. Weller, Thomas E. Jordan and Patrick J. NealeHae-Cheol KimOral3952
1/15/2007Session 6Responses of Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphins to active acoustic devices (pingers) in South AfricaJohn R. Peter and Victor M. PeddemorsJohn Ryan PeterOral3879
5/11/2007Session 6Scientific challenges to respond to a shared vision: The ecosystem approach to marine resourcesPhilippe CuryPhilippe CuryInvited4028
12/12/2006Session 6Spatial analysis shows fishing enhances the climatic sensitivity of marine fishesChih-hao Hsieh, Christian S. Reiss, Roger P. Hewitt and George SugiharaChih-hao HsiehOral3374
1/8/2007Session 6The management strategy evaluation approach and the fishery for Walleye Pollock in the Gulf of AlaskaZ. Teresa A’mar, A.E. Punt and M.W. DornTeresa A'marOral3778
1/13/2007Session 6Transcriptional patterns in head kidney of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) exposed fall Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytsha) challenged with the marine pathogen Listonella anguillarumClaudia F. Bravo, Joseph Dietrich, Deborah Boylen, Bernadita Anulacion, Gina Ylitalo, Frank J. Loge, Tracy K. Collier and Mary R. ArkooshClaudia Fernanda BravoPoster3851
1/15/2007Session 6Use of Bayesian model selection to improve stock assessment adviceMichael J. Wilberg and James R. BenceMichael J. WilbergPoster3942
11/29/2006Session 6Verification of mid-ocean ballast water exchange using fluorescence spectroscopyKathleen R. Murphy, Gregory M. Ruiz, W.T.D. Dunsmuir and T. David WaiteKathleen MurphyPoster3303

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