PICES 2010 Annual Meeting Presentations
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Session 1: Science Board Symposium
North Pacific ecosystems today, and challenges in understanding and forecasting change

Session 2: BIO Topic Session
Understanding the role of iron in regulating biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem structures in the North Pacific Ocean

Session 3: BIO Topic Session
The Practical Handbook at 50: A celebration of the life and career of Tim Parsons

Session 4: BIO Topic Session
Census of Marine Life - Exploring ocean life: Past, present and future

Session 5: FIS Topic Session
Oceanographic and demographic processes affecting the reproductive biology of exploited marine stocks

Session 6: FIS/BIO Topic Session
Observations of ecosystem mixing under climate change

Session 7: FIS/MEQ Topic Session
Economic relation between marine aquaculture and wild capture fisheries

Session 8: FIS/POC/BIO Topic Session
Impact of climate variability on marine ecosystems: Understanding functional responses to facilitate forecasting

Session 9: MEQ Topic Session
Conceptual and numerical models of HAB dynamics

Session 11: MEQ/FIS Topic Session
Identifying vulnerable marine ecosystems in the North Pacific

Session 12: MEQ/FUTURE Topic Session
Anthropogenic forcing in North Pacific coastal ecosystems: Understanding changes in ecosystem structure and function

Session 13: POC/BIO/MONITOR/FUTURE Topic Session
Comparing the two major gyres of the subarctic North Pacific - Seasonal and interannual variability and its predictability

Session 14: POC/MEQ/FUTURE Topic Session
Marine renewable energy development in coastal and estuarine environments around the North Pacific

Session 15: MONITOR Topic Session
Development and use of ocean observing and forecasting systems in coastal and marine management

BIO Paper Session

FIS Paper Session

POC Paper Session

W1: BIO Topic Workshop
Marine ecosystem model inter-comparisons (III)

W2: FIS Topic Workshop
Beyond Lagrangian: Modeling migratory fish behavior in Global Circulation Models

W3: MEQ Topic Workshop
New technologies and methods in HAB detection: I. HAB species detection



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