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Session 8. Human dimension indicators of the status of the North Pacific ecosystem

Keith R. Criddle (USA)
Mitsutaku Makino (Japan)

Plenary Speaker:
Jake Rice (Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada)

Invited Speaker:
Patrick Christie (University of Washington, USA)

Forecasting and understanding trends, uncertainty and responses of the North Pacific ecosystem requires an understanding anthropogenic pressures on marine ecosystems, the impacts of ecosystem change on dependent human populations, and social strategies to cope with those changes. This session will present human dimension indicators that have been created or assembled for the next North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report (NPESR). The session will be composed of invited and contributed papers that elucidate commonalities and differences in regional trends of these indicators and their spatio-temporal linkages to ecosystem status indicators and to human well-being.

Ron Felthoven, Amber Himes and Stephen Kasperski
Fishing community resilience and vulnerability to changing ecosystems (9362) [pdf, 1 Mb]
Kristy Wallmo and Rosemary Kosaka
Marine protected area designations off the U.S. west coast: Mixed-use designs to optimize public economic value (9338) [pdf, 1 Mb]
Minling Pan
The linkages between the economic performance indicators and ecosystem status indicators (9322) [pdf, 1 Mb]
Patrick Christie and Richard Pollnac (Invited)
Human dimensions research to improve science networks and marine resource management effectiveness (9417) [pdf, 2 Mb]
Keith R. Criddle and Mitsutaku Makino
Preliminary analysis of trends in time series observations of human dimension indicator data for the North Pacific ecosystem (9391) [pdf, 2 Mb]
Masahito Hirota
A review of the human dimension indicators in the NPESR of Japan (9398) [pdf, 2 Mb]
Keith R. Criddle
A review of similarities and differences in fisheries regulatory frameworks across the PICES region (9364) [pdf, 3 Mb]
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