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Plenary Talks

Current and Future Role of National Programs

Session 1
Identifying multiple pressures and system responses in North Pacific marine ecosystems

Session 2
Regional climate modeling in the North Pacific

Session 3
Challenges in communicating science and engaging the public

Session 4
Ecosystem status, trends and forecasts

Session 5
Mechanisms of change: Processes behind climate variability in the North Pacific

Session 7
Strategies for ecosystem management in a changing climate

Session 8
Human dimension indicators of the status of the North Pacific ecosystem

Workshop 1
Top predators as indicators of climate change: statistical techniques, challenges and opportunities

Workshop 2
Bridging the divide between models and decision-making: The role of uncertainty in the uptake of forecasts by decision makers

Workshop 3
Climate change and ecosystem-based management of living marine resources: Appraising and advancing key modelling tools

Workshop 4
Ecosystem projection model inter-comparison and assessment of climate change impacts on global fish and fisheries


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