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Session 1. Identifying multiple pressures and system responses in North Pacific marine ecosystems

Vladimir Kulik (Russia)
Rebecca Martone (USA)
Ian Perry (Canada)
Jameal Samhouri (USA)
Motomitsu Takahashi (Japan)

Plenary Speaker:
Isabelle Rombouts (Université de Lille, France)

Coastal and offshore marine ecosystems of the North Pacific are impacted by increasing temperature, changing iron supply, harmful algal bloom events, invasive species, hypoxia/eutrophication and ocean acidification. These multiple pressures can act synergistically to change ecosystem structure, function and dynamics in unexpected ways that differ from single pressure responses. It is also likely that pressures and responses will vary geographically. A key objective of the FUTURE program is to identify and characterize these pressures in order to facilitate comparative studies of North Pacific ecosystem responses to multiple stressors and how these systems might change in the future.

This session has two primary objectives: 1) to identify key stressors and pressures on North Pacific marine ecosystems, and to compare how these stressors/pressures may differ in importance in different systems and how they may be changing in time; and 2) to identify ecosystem responses to these multiple stressors and pressures, including gaining an understanding of how natural and human perturbations may cascade through ecosystems, and whether there may be amplifiers or buffers which modify the effects of perturbations on marine systems. Papers using conceptual, model-based, observation-based, or experimental-based approaches are welcome, as well as papers which evaluate approaches to linking pressures to ecosystem changes, such as pathways of effects or driver-pressure-state-impact-response models. The overall goal of this session is to obtain an overview of the pressures being experienced by North Pacific marine ecosystems, how these pressures may be hanging with time, variation in these pressures (both singly and in combination) among regions, and the combined effects of pressures, both now and in the future, on the marine ecosystems of the North Pacific.

Jameal Samhouri, A.O. Shelton, B. Feist, G. Williams, K. Bartz, M. Sheer and P. Levin
How much city is too much city? Diversity and ecosystem functions along an urban gradient in
Puget Sound (9358)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)
R. Ian Perry, Motomitsu Takahashi, Jameal Samhouri, Chang-Ik Zhang, Rebecca
Martone, Jennifer Boldt, Baisong Chen and Stephani Zador
Multiple interacting natural pressures and human activities in North Pacific marine ecosystems (9307) [pdf, 0.5 Mb]
Jennifer Boldt, Ik Kyo Chung, Sachihiko Itoh, Rebecca Martone, Ian Perry, Jameal
Samhouri and Naoki Yoshie
Development of ecosystem indicators to characterize ecosystem responses to multiple stressors (9302)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)
Stephani Zador and Heather Renner
Red flags or red herrings revisited: Using ecosystem indicators to track ecosystem status in the
Gulf of Alaska (9321) [pdf, 1.5 Mb]
Cathryn Clarke Murray, Selina Agbayani and Natalie Ban
Current and future cumulative effects of human activities on the Northeast Pacific with climate change and industrial development (9306)
(permission to post denied, contact presenter)
Rebecca Martone, Erin T.H. Crockett, Allison Thompson and Kai M.A. Chan
Linking pathways of effects to assess cumulative impacts on ecosystem services: Modeling effects of nutrient run-off on shellfish aquaculture in British Columbia, Canada (9300)
(waiting for permission to post)
Sukgeun Jung
Fishing vs. climate change: An example of filefish (Thamnaconus modestus) in the northern East China Sea (9406) [pdf, 1 Mb]
Jeffrey Polovina and Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats
Projected responses of the central North Pacific subtropical ecosystem to future pressures of fishing and climate change (9297) [pdf, 1 Mb]
Gen Del Raye and Kevin Weng
Challenges for peak aerobic metabolism in the future oceans: The effect of multiple climate variables on exercise performance in a model teleost fish (9393)
(waiting for permission to post)
Motomitsu Takahashi, Sachihiko Itoh, Naoki Yoshie, Kazuhiko Mochida, Masakazu Hori, Shigeru Itakura and Mingyuan Zhu
Ecosystem responses to anthropogenic activities and natural stressors among inland, shelf and oceanic waters in the western North Pacific (9383) [pdf, 1.5 Mb]
Nam-Il Won, Min-Gyu Ji, Young-Teck Hur and Jin-Hyeog Park
Freshwater input as multiple stressors on coastal ecosystems under a changing ocean: Implication of possible mitigation effect (9413) [pdf, 6Mb]
Vladimir Kulik
Multiplicative effect of SST variation during spawning period and 1 year after on the catches
of walleye pollock 5 years later in the waters off the northeastern part of Sakhalin Island (9327) [pdf, 2.5 Mb]
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