PICES 2015 Annual Meeting Presentations
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Session 1: Science Board Symposium
Change and Sustainability of the North Pacific

Session 2: BIO/MONITOR/TCODE Topic Session
The 2014/15 El Niño and anomalous warming of the North Pacific: What happened?

Session 3: FIS Topic Session
Eastern-western approaches to fisheries: resource utilization and ecosystem impacts

Session 4: MEQ Topic Session
Indicators of emerging pollution issues in the North Pacific Ocean

Session 5
Ocean circulation of the Western Pacific and its response to climate change

Session 6: POC/BIO/MONITOR/TCODE Topic Session
Ocean Acidification Observation Network for the North Pacific and adjacent areas of the Arctic Ocean

Session 7: POC/BIO/TCODE Topic Session
Past, present, and future climate in the North Pacific Ocean: Updates of our understanding since IPCC AR5

Session 8: FIS Topic Session
Marine ecosystem services and economics of marine living resources

Session 9: FIS Topic Session
Experiences and lessons learned in managing shared/transboundary stock fisheries

Session 10: SB/MEQ Topic Session
The human dimensions of harmful algal blooms

BIO Contributed Paper Session

FIS Contributed Paper Session

MEQ Contributed Paper Sesion

POC Contributed Paper Session

Posters from Observers

Workshop 1:
Contrasting conditions for success of fish-killing flagellates in the western and eastern Pacific – A comparative ecosystem approach

Workshop 2:
Identifying major threats to marine biodiversity and ecosystems in the North Pacific

Workshop 3:
Linking climate change and anthropogenic impacts to higher trophic levels via primary producers

Workshop 4:
Marine Environment Emergencies: Detection, monitoring, response, and impacts

Workshop 5:
Monitoring and Assessment of Environmental Radioactivity in the North Pacific

Workshop 6:
Best practices for and scientific progress from North Pacific Coastal Ocean Observing Systems


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