CREAMS/PICES International Summer School

on Ocean Circulation and Ecosystem Modeling
August 23-25, 2006, Busan, Korea , National Fisheries Research & Development Institute
1) NFRDI Training Department
  Rooms will be provided at the NFRDI Training Department for participants receiving financial assistance to attend the summer school or the workshop. Each room (10,000 Won/day) has a single bed with shared WC, shower, TV, washing machine, and a large common room on the second-floor. There is no cooking facility but a microwave oven is available in the common room. Five to ten more rooms could be available for unsupported participants.
2) Haeundae Grand Hotel
  Double-bed rooms at Haeundae Grand Hotel (http://www.grandhotel.co.kr) have been reserved for workshop and summer school participants with a special rate of 110,000 Won (including tax) per night. The reserved rooms all face the city, but ocean view rooms are available for 130,000 Won. Breakfasts are not included in the above hotel charge. Participants receiving financial assistance who want to stay at Haeundae Grand Hotel will stay there at their own expense.
Please specify your accommodation reservation in the Application Form.

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