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        Human and climate forcing of
    zooplankton populations
      There will be two special issues from this symposium.

    ICES Journal of Marine Science. ICES Journal of Marine Science. Manuscripts based on papers and posters presented at the Symposium will be considered for publication in a special issue of the ICES Journal of Marine Science (JMS). Interested authors are required to submit an electronic version of their manuscript by July 6, 2007. All manuscripts will be evaluated for relevance to the symposium themes and selected papers will be peer-reviewed for scientific standards.

    For details about manuscript format, please refer to the IJMS Guide to Authors on the ICES JMS website. This Symposium volume will be published within 12-15 months and it is important for submitted manuscripts to be in the proper format, to expedite the review process. Authors are responsible for correct use of English language and grammar in their manuscripts. Assistance with this is available for a fee by directly contacting Dr. Charlie Miller or Dr. Jennifer Purcell.

    Each manuscript should initially be submitted as a single PDF file. Thus, all elements of the manuscript, including text, figures, tables and literature citations, should be included in a single file for initial submission. Please put line numbers in your submissions.

    Manuscript submission table (this link is now open for co-editors only)

    Then, follow the instructions provided. This site for submissions will be closed on the morning of July 9, and no further submissions will be permitted after this time. Please note that if your file is larger than 2 MB, it will upload more quickly if it is a zipped file.
    Authors are requested to provide a list of up to 5 potential reviewers for their papers.
    If you have questions or problems with submissions please contact Julia Yazvenko or Skip McKinnell. For other issues please contact one of the co-editors (Mike Dagg, Roger Harris, Shin-ichi Uye or Luis Valdéz).

    All registered participants of the symposium will receive a copy of this special issue following its publication.


    Deep Sea Research II. There will be special issue of Deep Sea Research II published on ‘Krill Biology and Ecology’. This volume will be derived from papers and posters presented in Workshop 3 titled “Krill research: current status and its future” and relevant papers on krill biology and ecology presented in the other sessions of the Symposium. Interested authors will be required to submit an electronic version of their manuscript by September 1, 2007 (extended deadline). Manuscripts for the Krill volume should be submitted directly to Bill Peterson or So Kawaguchi. Do not submit krill manuscripts to the Zooplankton Symposium Publications site described above, which is reserved for the ICES special volume papers.

    Registered participants of Workshop 3 will receive a copy of the special issue following its publication, as will all senior authors of published papers. If others are interested in obtaining a copy of the special issue, they should contact both workshop conveners, Drs. So Kawaguchi and William Peterson, directly and make arrangements with them before September 1, 2007 (extended deadline).

    For details about manuscript format, please see the Guide for authors in Deep Sea Research Website.

    Each manuscript should be submitted initially as a single PDF file.

  • Please contact Prof. Shin-ichi Uye to receive a free copy of the Book of Abstracts

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