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        Human and climate forcing of
    zooplankton populations

    4th International Zooplankton Symposium presentations

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    Plenary Session
    Albert Calbert
    The role of microzooplankton in a changing ocean (pdf, 3.5 Mb)

    Anthony J. Richardson
    In hot water: Zooplankton now and in the future (pdf, 2.7 Mb)

    Session 1
    Global comparisons of zooplankton time series

    Session 2
    Importance of zooplankton in biogeochemical cycles

    Sesson 3
    The role of zooplankton in foodwebs: Changes related to impacts of climate variability and human perturbation

    Session 4
    Mortality impacts on the ontogeny and productivity of zooplankton

    Session 5
    Zooplankton functional groups in ecosystems

    Session 6
    Microbial loop vs classical short food chains: Implications for appraisal of foodwebs' efficiency and productivity

    Session 7
    Environmental and other constraints on zooplankton behaviour, life histories and demography

    Session 8
    Zooplankton biochemistry and physiology: Practical and potential biotechnology application

    Session 9
    Advance in image technologies and the application of image analysis to count and identify plankton

    Session 10
    Analysis and synthesis: Modelling zooplankton in aquatic ecosystems

    Workshop 1
    Temporal and regional responses of zooplankton to global warming: Phenology and poleward displacement

    Workshop 2
    Zooplankton researches in Asian countries: Current status and future prospects

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