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        Human and climate forcing of
    zooplankton populations
    Zooplankton play a key role in the pelagic food web by controlling phytoplankton production and shaping pelagic ecosystems. In addition, because of their critical role as a food source for larval and juvenile fish, the dynamics of zooplankton populations have a critical influence on recruitment to fish stocks. It is this latter role which has made zooplankton ecology of particular interest to ICES.

    In 1961, ICES convened the 1st Zooplankton Production Symposium in Charlottenlund (Denmark). ICES also had a lead role in the 2nd Symposium on “Zooplankton Production: Measurement and role in global ecosystems dynamics and biogeochemical cycles”, held in Plymouth (UK), in 1994. The increasing importance of international programmes such as GLOBEC (Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics) and the general concerns about global change and the changing role of zooplankton in ocean ecosystems have been reflected in the development of these Symposia.

    This trend was further enhanced in the 3rd Zooplankton Production Symposium on “The role of zooplankton in global ecosystem dynamics: Comparative studies from the world oceans”, which was held in 2003, in Gijón (Spain). For the first time the Symposium was co-sponsored by ICES, PICES and GLOBEC. The Gijón Symposium attracted 333 participants from 38 countries from around the world.

    The 4th Zooplankton Production Symposium, again co-sponsored by ICES, PICES and GLOBEC, will be held May 28-June 1, 2007, at the International Conference Center in Hiroshima, Japan. This Symposium is the first of the series to be held outside Europe, and will focus on “Human and climate forcing of zooplankton populations”. As such, it represents a timely topic and will provide an important opportunity to further develop the truly international nature of zooplankton research.

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