Time series of the N.E. Pacific:
A symposium to mark the 50th anniversary of Line-P

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Theme 1: Overview of time series of the NE Pacific

Howard Freeland
General introduction (pdf, 0.46 Mb)

Frank Whitney
Brief history of Line-P (pdf, 1.3 Mb)

D.E. Harrison
The Importance of Long TimeSeries, Worldwide (pdf, 4.7 Mb)

David M. Checkley, Jr.
A Survey of CalCOFI Sampling (pdf, 5.2 Mb)

Patricia A. Wheeler, Adriana Huyer and Robert L. Smith
The Newport Line off Oregon: Studies in the N.E. Pacific (pdf, 14 Mb)

Michael Dagg
Ecosystem Structure and Function on the Gulf of Alaska Shelf (pdf, 3.5 Mb)

Ricardo M. Letelier and David M. Karl
Results and Lessons from the Hawaii Ocean Time-series Program (pdf, 5 Mb)


Theme 2: Physical, chemical and biological variability in NE Pacific time series

Howard J. Freeland and Patrick F. Cummins
Recent observations and modelling studies of variability along LIne-P (pdf, 7.6 Mb)

Angelica Peña and Diana Varela
Phytoplankton and Upper Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles along Line-P (pdf, 2.7 Mb)

David Timothy, C.S. Wong, Frank Whitney, Janet Barwell-Clarke and John Page
Sediment Trap Time Series from the North Pacific Ocean (pdf, 2.3 Mb)

David L. Mackas
Comparison among North Pacific Zooplankton Time Series (pdf, 4 Mb)

Kenneth Denman, Angelica Peña and Bruce Frost
Ecosystem Modelling at Ocean Station P: What have we learned about the subarctic Pacific? (pdf, 4 Mb)

Franklin B. Schwing, Steven J. Bograd, Roy Mendelssohn, P. Ted Strub and Andrew Thomas
Covariability in the Northeast Pacific: Sources of variability in the California Current and Gulf of Alaska Ecosystems (pdf, 5.2 Mb)


Theme 3: Process studies in the NE Pacific

Svein Vagle
Observations and Modelling of Air-Sea Gas Exchange in the N.E. (pdf, 6.2 Mb)

Jay T. Cullen
The Importance of Trace Metal Nutrients for Marine Phytoplankton and Bacteria along Line-P
Pacific (pdf, 1 Mb)

William Crawford, Hiroji Onishi, Hiromichi Ueno and Frank Whitney
Influence of Eddies and Mesoscale Variability in the Gulf of Alaska (pdf, 7 Mb)

Maurice Levasseur, Paul Harrison, Phillip Boyl, Atsushi Tsuda, C.S. Wong, Michael Scarratt, Anissa Mersouk, Sonia Michaud, Yvonnick Le Clainche and Richard Rivkin
SERIES - A test for the iron-climate hypothesis in the NE Subarctic Pacific (pdf, 188 Mb)

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