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Thomas R. Loughlin and Kiyotaka Ohtani (eds.), 1999
Dynamics of the Bering Sea

Alaska Sea Grant, University of Alaska Fairbanks. 838 pp.

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A Summary of Physical, Chemical, and Biological Characteristics, and a Synopsis of Research on the Bering Sea.

Derek Hayes (2001)
Historical Atlas of the North Pacific Ocean:
Maps of Discovery and Scientific Exploration 1500-2000

Douglas & McIntyre Ltd., British Columbia, Canada

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Sara Tjossem (2005)
The Journey to PICES: Scientific Cooperation in the North Pacific
Alaska Sea Grant, University of Alaska Fairbanks. 206 pp.

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This book is a significant contribution to the history of international marine scientific organizations. It looks in depth at the process of creating the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES). It seems obvious enough that such an organization was needed - the best way for the Pacific Rim nations to gain knowledge about the enormous North Pacific Ocean is through cooperative research - yet PICES was two decades in birth.

The reasons for this lengthy incubation become obvious to the reader through the author's masterful tracing and interpretation of events. Fisheries regulation was scrupulously avoided, and governments balked. The process required aggressive promotion, incredible patience, and dogged perseverance; these eventually led to PICES, a vibrant six-nation international marine organization contributing substantially to marine science.

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Kruse, G.H., H.I. Browman, K.L. Cochrane, D. Evans, G.S. Jamieson, P.A. Livingston, D. Woodby, and C.I. Zhang (eds.) 2012.
Global progress in ecosystem-based fisheries management
Alaska Sea Grant, University of Alaska Fairbanks. 396 pp.

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