2015, Sep 21–25, 2015,
ICES/PICES Joint Theme Sessions
ICES Annual Science Conference
"Ecosystem monitoring in practice" (Session C), "Managing marine ecosystem services in a changing climate" (Session G), and "Ocean acidification: understanding chemical, biological and biochemical responses in marine ecosystems" (Session H)
Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES/PICES

2015, Jul 7–10, 2015,
ICES/PICES Joint Theme Session
ICES/PICES (S-CCME) Session at the International Scientific Conference on "Our common future under climate change" (in preparation for the 21st UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP21), November 30–December 11, 2015, Paris, France)
Impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems and their services
Place: Paris, France
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES/PICES

2014, Jun 23-24,
IMBER/ICESJoint Theme Session

IMBER 2014 Open Science Conference:
Future Oceans — Research for marine sustainability: multiple stressors, drivers, challenges and solutions

Place: Bergen, Norway
Sponsors/Organizers: IMBER
Detailed Information: joint PICES/IMBER topic session "The impacts of ecosystem responses to multiple stressors and climate variability: how will human societies respond and adapt?"

2013, Sep 23–27
ICES/PICES Joint Theme Sessions

at the 2013 ICES Annual Science Conference

Place: Reykjavik, Iceland
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES
Detailed Information

2013, Jul 8-9
CLIVAR / PICES Join Theme Session

at the 2nd International Symposium on "Boundary Current dynamics:
Its connection with open-ocean, coastal processes, biophysical interactions and responses to global climate change"
Biophysical interactions
Place: Li Jiang, China
Sponsors/Organizers: CLIVAR, PICES
URL: http://coadc.ouc.edu.cn/isbcd/

2011, Sep 19–23
Joint Theme Sessions

at the 2011 ICES Annual Science Conference

  • (a) Atmospheric forcing of Northern hemisphere ocean gyres and their subsequent impact on the adjacent marine climate and ecosystems;
  • (b) Atlantic redfish and Pacific rockfish: comparing biology, ecology, assessment and management strategies for Sebastes spp.;
  • (c) Recruitment processes: Early life history dynamics â€" from eggs to juveniles;
  • (d) Surplus production models: Quantitative tools to manage exploited fisheries and compare the productivity of marine ecosystems.
Place: Gdansk, Poland
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES
URL: (a); (b); (c)

2010, Sep 20-24
ICES/PICES Joint Theme Sessions

at the 2010 ICES Annual Science Conference

  • (a) Impact of climate variability on marine ecosystems: Understanding functional responses to facilitate forecasting;
  • (b) Development and use of ocean observing and forecasting systems in coastal and marine management;
Place: Nantes, France
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES
2009, Sep 21-25
ICES/PICES Joint Theme Session

at the 2009 ICES Annual Science Conference
Climate Impacts on Marine Fishes: Discovering Centennial Patterns and Disentangling Current Processes
Place: Berlin, Germany
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES
2008, Oct 6-8
PICES/ICES Joint Theme Session

at the International Symposium on “The Ocean in a High CO2 World – II”
The effects of ocean acidification on fisheries and ecosystems
Place: Monaco
Sponsors/Organizers: SCOR, IOC, IAEA and IGBP
2008, Sep 22–26
ICES/PICES Joint Theme Session
at the 2008 ICES Annual Science Conference Place: Halifax, Canada
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES
2007, Sep 17–21
ICES/PICES Joint Theme Session

at the 2007 ICES Annual Science Conference Place: Helsinki, Finland
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES
2006, Sep 23
ICES/PICES Joint Theme Sessions

at the 2006 ICES Annual Science Conference Place: Maastricht, Netherlands
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES
2005, Sep 20-24
ICES/PICES Joint Theme Sessions

at the 2005 ICES Annual Science Conference Place: Aberdeen, Scotland
Sponsors/Organizers: ICES, PICES
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