2016, Aug 10-17
IMBER Summer School

Towards more resilient oceans: Predicting and projecting future changes in the ocean and their impacts on human societies
Place: Natal, Brazil
Sponsors/Organizers: IMBER, PICES, more

2016, Jul 25 – Aug 12
Summer School

Upper Ocean Turbulence
Place: Gdansk, Poland

2014, Aug 26-29
Summer School

2014 PICES Summer School: End-to-End Models for Marine Resources Management and Research
Place: Gangneung, Korea
URL: http://pices.int/meetings/summer_schools/2014/2014-Korea/2014-Korea-ss-main.aspx

2013, Oct 21-25
Training Course

Remote sensing data analysis
Place: Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China
Sponsors/Organizers: NOWPAP, PICES
URL: http://cearac.nowpap.org/monitoring/4thRST/1st_Announcement.html

2013, Aug 23-Sep 2
Summer School
6th SOLAS Summer School
Place: Xiamen, China
URL: http://mel.xmu.edu.cn/solassummerschool/

2013, Aug 19-23
PICES Summer School 2013

Ocean observing systems and ecosystem monitoring
Place: Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, U.S.A.
Sponsor/Organizer: PICES
URL: http://www.pices.int/meetings/summer_schools/2013_summer_school/2013-Newport-ss/2013-Newport-ss-main.aspx

2012, Jul 23-28
IMBER ClimECO3 Summer School

A view towards Earth System models: Human-natural system interactions in the marine world
Place: Ankara, Turkey
Co-Sponsored: by PICES
URL: http://www.imber.info/index.php/Early-Career/IMBER-Summer-Schools/ClimECO3-July-2012-Ankara-Turkey

2011, Oct 8-12
Training Course

Remote sensing data analysis
Place: Vladivostok, Russia
URL: http://cearac.nowpap.org/monitoring/3rdRST/1st_Announcement.html

2011, Aug 29 - Sep 10
5th SOLAS Summer School
Place: Cargèse, Corsica, France
Co-Sponsored: by PICES
URL: http://solas-int.org/summerschool/welcome.html

2011, Jul 19-21
Rapid Assessment Survey methodologies for detecting marine non-indigenous species
Place: Phuket, Thailand
Co-Sponsors/Organizers: PICES, IOC/WESTPAC, Phuket Marine Biological Center
URL: http://pices.int/meetings/summer_schools/2011_training/RAS-Workshop-description.pdf

2010, Aug 23-27
International Summer School
ClimECO2: Oceans, Marine Ecosystems, and Society facing Climate Change - A multidisciplinary approach
Place: Brest, France
Co-Sponsors/Organizers: CNRS, Europole Mer, IMBER, IRD, PICES, UBO
URL: http://www.imber.info/index.php/Science/Working-Groups/Capacity-Building/Summer-schools/ClimECO2-August-2010-Brest-France

2010, Feb 10-19
2nd PICES Harmful Algal Bloom training course
Place: Guatemala-City, Guatemala
Co-Sponsors/Organizers: PICES

2009, Aug 25-28
3rd PICES Summer School on “Satellite Oceanography”
Place: Seoul, Korea
Co-Sponsors/Organizers: PICES
URL: http://pices.int/meetings/summer_schools/2009_summer_schools/2009-Seoul-ss/2009-Seoul-main-ss.aspx

2008, Aug 22-25
2nd PICES Summer School on "Biomass-based management"
Place: Hakodate, Japan
Co-Sponsors/Organizers: PICES
URL: http://pices.int/meetings/summer_schools/2008_summer_schools/2008_Hakodate_summer_school/sch_cover.aspx

2006, Aug 21-25
CREAMS/PICES Summer School

Ocean circulation and ecosystem modeling
Place: Busan, Korea
Co-Sponsors/Organizers: PICES
URL: http://pices.int/meetings/workshops/2006_workshops/CREAMS_PICES/background.asp

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