There are two airlines (Lan Chile Airlines and Sky Airlines) connecting Santiago to Temuco and Valdivia, which are the nearest airports to Pucon. There are about 5 flights a day from Santiago to Temuco and 3 flights a day from Santiago to Valdivia (Lan Chile only). At both airports - Temuco and Valdivia - there will be coach buses to Pucon (about 1 hour driving).

To reserve a minibus please contact Angela Munoz (
*   Prices are per person and according to the minimum indicated
** Confirmation before the Symposium is requested
Chilean pesos CH
Temuco Airport –Gran Hotel Pucon
or Valdivia Airport –
Gran Hotel Pucon
9000 CH
(~18 USD)
Pucón is 789 km south of Santiago and 112 km from Temuco (IX Region or Araucania); from the south, the nearest city is Valdivia (810 km from Santiago; XIV Region or de los Rios). Arrivals can be made by air (2 airlines) and/or by land (car rental at the airport or downtown large cities, or by intercity-buses. Santiago is the only city with a Metro system ( and there are connections to the airport (metro and bus) and to the bus terminals.

By air
Santiago - Temuco, daily frequency (LAN Chile: or; Sky Airlines:; only during the summer these airlines flight directly to Pucon. In Temuco, go to the bus terminal or rent a car.

By land
Car rental or intercity buses. Santiago - Temuco - Pucon, or directly Santiago - Pucon, daily frequency (many alternatives, including simple to bed-buses).
Many bus services might do the trip to Pucon in the summer but not neccesarily in March; the bus frequencies might also vary according to the season but can be every 15 min in some cases; most bus companies are located in a General Bus terminal (two of these in Santiago:;

Some of the bus companies are:

An alternative for those flying into Temuco (ZCO) is to take a taxi to the local bus station and then catch a bus to Pucon. The price of the bus is between 2,200 and 2,500 (about USD 5) and the JAC bus line offers transfers quite regularly between the two cities (departures every 15 mins or so until 22:23). This would be an alternative for people as the minibus requires a minimum of 6 people at about 3.5x the price.


Information on how to get to and from Santiago international airport:
see TO and FROM the airport and attached pdf map
•by taxi: (only take official taxis - better directly from the airport - and ask for the price beforehand)
•by "Transfer" (Chilean name for "minibus")
•by bus: TUR BUS airport and/or PuertoMetro

From Santiago to Temuco or Pucon: BUS (a trip to Pucon may have to be done in one or two stages (change bus or bus company in Temuco, depending on the bus company). Daily frequencies, Santiago-Temuco: 9 hours, plus 1 more to Pucon. Most buses with confortable seats (bed and semi-bed) travel during the night.
Bus terminals to the south:
• Terminal Alameda: Av. Bernardo O'Higgins 3570, metro Universidad de Santiago. Teléfono: (2) 7762424 (see attached map)
• Terminal Santiago (ex Terminal Sur): Alameda y Nicasio Retamales, at 150 m from T. Alameda. Teléfono: (2) 3761750
• Terminal San Borja (ex Terminal Norte): San Borja y Alameda, closet o the train station. Estación Central. Teléfono: (2) 7760645. NOT SO EASY IF COMING FROM THE AIRPORT
Other terminals depending on the specific bus company
From Temuco to Pucón and Villarrica, Bus terminal Temuco (Balmaceda with Aldunate streets).
EMPRESA TUR-BUS (most likely to have a direct connection to Pucon)
EMPRESA JAC (most likely to have a direct connection to Pucon)
And many other


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