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Plenary Talks

Isabelle Rombouts and Grégory Beaugrand
(Plenary Speaker for S1, Université de Lille, France)
Integrative approaches to assess marine ecosystem health [pdf, 3 Mb]
Michael Foreman, Wendy Callendar, Diane Masson, John Morrison and Isaak Fain
(Plenary Speaker for S2, Institute of Ocean Sciences, Department of Fisheries and Oceans,
Regional ocean climate model projections and their ecosystem implications for British Columbia [pdf, 8 Mb]
William T. Peterson, Jay Peterson, Jennifer Fisher, Cheryl Morgan and Brian Burke
(Plenary Speaker for S3, Hatfield Marine Science Center, NOAA-Fisheries, USA)
Challenges in communicating science and engaging the public — A case study from the northern California Current [pdf, 2 Mb]
Deborah K. Steinberg
(Plenary Speaker for S4, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA)
Ecosystem comparison of trends in zooplankton community structure and role in biogeochemical cycling [pdf, 9 Mb]
Mat Collins
(Plenary Speaker for S5, University of Exeter, UK)
Long term climate change: Projections, commitment and irreversibility [pdf, 2 Mb]
Elizabeth A. Fulton
(Plenary Speaker for S6, CSIRO, Australia)
Exactly how resilient are ecosystems? [pdf, 3 Mb]
Scott Large on behalf of Jason S. Link
(Plenary Speaker for S7, NOAA-Fisheries, USA)
Solutions for marine ecosystem-based management in a changing climate [pdf, 1 Mb]
Jake Rice
(Plenary Speaker for S8, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada)
Adaptation to climate change requires resilience in governance as well as ecosystems [pdf, 1 Mb]
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