The Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey of the North Pacific

Time Series Data

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Ten regions which reflect the different oceanographic provinces that are sampled by the two transects have been delineated (e.g. oceanic areas and shelf regions around the north Pacific rim, see Figure). Monthly averages of plankton indices can be calculated for each region, though it should be noted that not all regions have the same intensity of sampling. Data from the current or most recent year are provisional and have not yet been quality controlled – expect these data to change once sample analysis is complete . The following publications contain information on CPR sampling and sample analysis:

Batten, S.D., Clarke, R.A., Flinkman, J., Hays, G.C., John, E.H., John, A.W.G., Jonas, T.J., Lindley, J.A., Stevens, D.P., Walne, A.W. (2003) CPR sampling – The technical background, materials and methods, consistency and comparability. Progress in Oceanography 58, 193-215
Richardson, A.J., Walne, A.W., John, A.W.G., Jonas, T.D., Lindley, J.A., Sims, D.W., Stevens, D., and Witt, M. (2006). Using continuous plankton recorder data. Progr. Oceanogr. 68, 27-74

These web pages do not include all available CPR data – presence/absence data are not included, nor are data from samples in between these 10 regions. All Pacific CPR data are freely available however; for other data enquiries please contact Sonia Batten, soba@sahfos.ac.uk

AKsh Alaskan Shelf
AleutSh Aleutian Shelf
CoastBC Coastal British Columbia
CookIn Cook Inlet
NEJap North East Japan Shelf
NGoA Northen Gulf of Alaska
Offshore BC Offshore British Columbia
SouthBerSea Southern Bering Sea
WGoA Western Gulf of Alaska
WNPacific Western North Pacific


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