Annual Progress Reports
2016, Progress Report, Year 2 (Apr. 2015 - Mar. 2016) [download]
2015, Progress Report, Year 1 (Apr. 2014 - Mar. 2015) [download]
Annual Financial Reports
2016, Financial Report, Year 2 (Apr. 2015 - Mar. 2016) [download]
2015, Financial Report, Year 1 (Apr. 2014 - Mar. 2015) [download]
Project Science Team Meeting

March 2015, Second Project Science Team Meeting Report [download]
August 2014, First Project Science Team Meeting Report [download]


Winter 2016, Vol 24, No. 1 [download]
The mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis on Japanese tsunami marine debris: A potential model species to characterize a novel transport vector

Summer 2015, Vol. 23, No. 2 [download]
Modeling the drift of marine debris generated by the 2011 tsunami in Japan

Winter 2015, Vol. 23, No. 1 [download]
The impact of Japanese tsunami debris on North America

Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris Aerial Imagery Analysis and GIS Support in the Main Hawaiian Islands (April, 2016)  

Special Seminar for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA), Silver Spring, Maryland, USA (May 11, 2015)
H.  Maki, T. Therriault, N. Wallace, A. Bychkov and C. Clarke Murray. “The Effects of Marine Debris Caused by the Great Tsunami of 2011” [download]


Poster at the 9th International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions (January 19-21, 2016, Sydney, Australia)
Effects of marine debris caused by the Great Tsunami of 2011 [download]

Poster at the 2nd International Ocean Research Conference (November 17-21, 2014, Barcelona, Spain) [download]

This poster was selected as one of the best 10 posters (among more than 250) presented during the conference, and now sails around the world on board of IMOCA boats, One Planet, One Ocean – Pharmaton, participating in the 3rd Barcelona World Race.
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