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    PICES 2013 Summer School
    on Ocean Observing Systems and Ecosystem Monitoring
    Dates: August 19-23, 2013, Newport, OR, USA
    Location: Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC), Newport, OR, USA
    Principal Organizer: Jack Barth (Oregon State University – OSU)



    Visa requirements

    Travel must be completed six months before the passport expiration date.  If you do not have a current passport, you should apply for one with your local authorities.

    Entry visas may be necessary depending on your nationality

    Countries of Origin and Visa Requirements


    NO visa required

    China, Russia

    Visa required

    Japan, Korea

    NO visa required IF stay is less than 90 days, and the traveler meets the conditions to travel under the visa waiver program

    Other Countries

    Passport and visa required, unless the traveler is a citizen from one of the visa waiver program countries

    The timeframes for visa processing are difficult to predict with accuracy for any individual applicant.  If a visa is needed, apply as early as possible, preferably three months in advance of the travel date.  

    Visa applicants should refer to the consular section of the web page (available via http://www.usembassy.gov/) of the American embassy or consulate with jurisdiction over place of permanent residence to determine specific visa processing timeframes and instructions, learn about interview scheduling, and find out if there is any required documentation.  It is recommended that visa applicants include the following with their application background materials:

    • copy of the conference announcement;
    • copy of the conference registration acknowledgement; and
    • curriculum vitae.

    As part of the visa application process, an interview will be required at the U.S. embassy or consulate; during the interview, applicants are encouraged to inform the consular officer if they will be making a presentation, serving as a member of a panel or committee, or filling another role at the meeting.

    Note to travelers eligible to enter without a visa

    Please see the information regarding machine-readable passports for visa waiver travelers eligible to enter the United States without a visa (http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/without/without_1990.html).  All international visitors who are traveling on the visa waiver program are required to register as early as possible with the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA, https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta).  CBP recommends that visitors register with ESTA as early as possible, as soon as travel is planned.

    Official letter of invitation

    Those in need of official letters of invitation from the U.S. Government should send their:
    - full name;
    - date of birth;
    - nationality;
    - passport number; and
    - city of visa interview
    to secretariat-at-pices.int.  Please title your message “PICES Invitation Letter” to ensure expeditious handling.

    Foreign government officials - Ministers and Delegations

    Heads of government, ministers, and other government officials generally do not require interviews when applying for visas, if their travel is official.  However, a consular officer can request an interview.  Ministers, delegates, and government officials supporting the delegation must forward a diplomatic note from their governments requesting a visa for the purpose of the meeting along with their passports.  There is no fee for these visas.  Travelers should apply as soon as possible to the U.S. Embassy in their country of residence.  For more information on official visits to the U.S., visit http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/types/types_2637.html.


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