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ICES-PICES 7th International Zooplankton Production Symposium
March 17-22, 2024, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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SessionPaper IDPresenterRequested Presentation TypePotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S0117140Fabien LombardInvited Ubiquity of inverted 'gelatinous' ecosystem pyramids in the global oceanF Lombard, L Guidi, M Brandão, J Dolan, A Elineau, J Gasol, P Grondin, N Henry, F Ibarbalz, L Jalabert, Z Mériguet, M Picheral, J Pierella Karlusich, J-B Romagnan, L Zinger, L Stemmann, L Karp-Boss, E Boss, M Sullivan, C Bowler, C de Vargas, G Gorsky 
S0117088Evgeny PakhomovOral 3-D habitat suitability models for salps and krill in the Southern OceanEvgeny A. Pakhomov, Gabriel Reygondeau, Angus Atkinson, Simeon Hill, Alexey Ryabov and Bettina Meyer 
S0117132Cornelia JaspersOral Baleen whales of the plankton: Larvaceans can enhance trophic transfer and carbon sequestration Cornelia Jaspers 
S0117087Evgeny PakhomovOral Early spring Salpa thompsoni population dynamics in the Atlantic sector of the Southern OceanEvgeny A. Pakhomov, Alexis A. Bahl, Florian Lüskow, Ryan Mole and Wilken-Jon von Appen 
S0117290Alexis A. BahlOral Estimating the influence of Salpa thompsoni migratory behavior on carbon export in the Southern Ocean: a stage- and size-specific approachAlexis A. Bahl, Simeon L. Hill, Lian E. Kwong, Moira Décima, Natasha Henschke, and Evgeny A. Pakhomov  
S0117135Svenja J. MuellerOral Gene expression patterns of Salpa thompsoni reveal remarkable differences in metabolism and reproduction near the Antarctic Polar Front Svenja J. Mueller, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Ilenia Urso, Gabriele Sales, Cristiano De Pittà, Katharina Michael and Bettina Meyer  
S0117364Hui LiuOral Modeling studies of dynamics, blooms and secondary production of jellyfish in light of climate changeHui Liu and Chengxue Li 
S0117296Russell R. HopcroftOral Quantification of gelatinous zooplankton along the Seward Line in the Northern Gulf of AlaskaRussell R. Hopcroft, Heidi Michelle Cotea-Islas, Hannah E. Kepner, Alexandra Poje, Caitlin A. Smoot, and Emily A. Stidham 
S0117150Alix C. M. RommelOral Siphonophores in the global ocean: clouding acoustic estimates of fish biomass, and contribution to carbon fluxAlix C. M. Rommel, Roland Proud, Paul G. Fernandes and Andrew S. Brierley 
S0117120Yanjiao Lai,Yehui TanOral Size-dependent Global Distribution of Gelatinous Thaliaceans Driven by Current Velocity? from case study in the South China SeaYanjiao Lai,Xiping Lian,Yehui Tan 
S0117168Wenxiao ZangOral The controlling effect of benthic ecosystem on the harmful jellyfish blooms by promoting the polyp colony development under global changeWenxiao Zang, Fang Zhang and Song Sun 
S0117317Fang ZhangOral The ecological effects of the bloom forming giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai in China coastal seaFang Zhang, Dongjie Guo, Peng peng Wang and Song Sun 
S0117067Richard D. BrodeurOral The Northern California Current on fire: causes and consequences of a widespread and persistent anomalous pyrosome bloom Richard D. Brodeur, Kelly R. Sutherland, Kim S. Bernard, Laura E. Lilly, Elizabeth A. Daly, Dylan G.E. Gomes, Samantha M. Zeman, Moira Galbraith, R. Ian Perry, Douglas L. Draper, James J. Ruzicka, Eric P. Bjorkstedt, and Roxanne R. Robertson  
S0117342M. Alexandra TeodósioOral Tracking the invasion: long-term trends in density, size, and sex ratio of Blackfordia virginica in a non-indigenous environmentM. Alexandra Teodósio, Vânia Baptista, Leonardo Dias, João Encarnação, Joana Cruz 
S0117235Sanna MajanevaOral Unraveling population dynamics and local Adaptation in blooming Cyanea capillata jellyfish: improvements for Baltic and North Sea managementSanna Majaneva, Ingrid Ellingsen, Jamileh Javidpour, Jan Dierking, Doerthe C. Müller-Navarra, Ina Stoltenberg, Aditya Wihen, Mari-Ann Østensen and Nicole Aberle 
S0117099Arnaud LheureuxOral Unveiling ecosystem health through Gelatinous Zooplankton indicatorsArnaud Lheureux, Elvire Antajan, Eric Goberville, Sandrine Vaz, Dorothée Vincent 
S0117360Delphine ThibaultOral Upwelling event response, structure of the food web in a shallow coastal upwelling embaymentDelphine Thibault, Sarah Fawcett, David Walker, Coleen Moloney, Emma Rocke, Nicole Dame, Zimkhita Gebe, Luca Stirnimann, Jessica Burger 
S0117035Joan J. Soto-AngelOral When counting tentacles is not enough: integrative assessment of hidden diversity in polar gelatinous zooplankton.Joan J. Soto-Angel, Micaela B. Ruiz, Gerlien Verhaegen, Luis Martell, Aino Hosia, Anne Helene S. Tandberg, Marta Ronowicz and Charlotte Havermans 
S0117273Teresa Sofia Giesta da SilvaPoster Biomass and distribution of cnidarians and ctenophores in summertime Icelandic waters in relation to environmental variables and lumpfish distributionsTyler Ellis Sharpton, James Kennedy, Anna Heiða Ólafsdóttir and Teresa Sofia Giesta da Silva 
S0117044Rolf KoppelmannPoster Mucous-mesh grazer in the Benguela and Humboldt Upwelling SystemsRolf Koppelmann, Bettina Martin, Dominik Auch 
S0117158Alexis A. BahlPoster Southern Ocean salp migratory behavior - the influence of life cycle stage and body sizeAlexis A. Bahl, Florian Lüskow, Moira Décima, Deborah K. Steinberg, and Evgeny A. Pakhomov 
S0117310Jung-Hoon KangPoster Spatial characteristics of Salpa fusiformis in the surface waters of the western East/Japan SeaJung-Hoon Kang, Hyeon Kim and Minju Kim 
S0117089Evgeny PakhomovPoster Spatio-temporal variability in metabolism of the Antarctic pelagic tunicate Salpa thompsoniNataliya I. Minkina, Ernest Z. Samyshev and Evgeny A. Pakhomov 
S0117156chunjiang GuanPoster Study on the feeding of Palaemon gravieri on Aurelia aurita polypsChunjiang Guan, Xiuzhen Bao,LuYang,Jingfang Zhang and Wenliang Teng 
S0217059Rachel L CoppockOral A comparison of the toxicity of biodegradable microfibres from textiles and cigarette butts on the copepod, Acartia tonsaRachel L Coppock, Zara Botterell, Matthew Cole, Elaine S Fileman, Thomas Rees & Penelope K Lindeque 
S0217299Kuddithamby GunaalanOral A mesocosm approach to evaluate the effects of microplastics from conventional plastics and bioplastics on the zooplankton communityKuddithamby Gunaalan, Markus Varlund Strange, Linea Gry Ebbesen, Marta Sampalo, Jessy Le Du-Carrée, Torkel Gissel Nielsen, and Rodrigo Almeda 
S0217230Jiayi XuOral Behavioral responses of marine pelagic copepods to microplasticsJiayi Xu, Rocío Rodríguez-Torres, Sinja Rist, Torkel Nielsen, Rodrigo Almeda 
S0217083Penelope K. LindequeOral Bioavailability and ingestion of microplastic by zooplankton in the natural environmentPenelope K. Lindeque; Rachel Coppock; Elaine Fileman; Amanda Beesley and Matthew Cole  
S0217129Valentina FagianoOral Copepods as potential microplastic reservoirs in global oceans: Integrating empirical data and systematic review analysis.Valentina Fagiano, Montserrat Compa, Carme Alomar, M.L. Fernández de Puelles and Salud Deudero 
S0217193Rodrigo AlmedaOral Crude oil induces metamorphosis in marine invertebrate planktonic larvaeRodrigo Almeda , Sinja Rist, Anette M. Christensen and Craig M. Young 
S0217201Kengo EgamiOral Estimation of in-situ concentrations of microplastics smaller than 300 μm using gut contests of pelagic tunicate: Salpa fusiformisKengo Egami, Kentaro Miyazono, Rei Yamashita, Kaori Wakabayashi, Taketoshi Kodama, Kazutaka Takahashi 
S0217259Olalla Alonso-LópezOral Exploring the toxicity of cigarette butts on marine zooplankton ¿Are the most toxic waste that can be found on the coast?Olalla Alonso-López, Sinja Rist, Rodrigo Almeda 
S0217263Helena C ReinardyOral Genetic toxicology of zooplankton in a changing marine environmentHelena C. Reinardy, Nele Thomsen, Mascha F. Dix, Kristine Hopland Sperre, and Claudia Halsband 
S0217207Sinja RistOral How do chemical pollution and marine heatwaves affect planktonic abalone larvae?Sinja Rist, Kevin Ugwu, Jessy LeDu-Carrée, Chiara Intermite, Gercende Courtoise de Vicose and Rodrigo Almeda 
S0217333Rodrigo AlmedaOral Impact of plastic additive leachates on zooplankton.Rodrigo Almeda, Jessy Le Du, Sinja Rist, Gunaalan Kuddithamby, Olalla Alonso, Anna Cunill, Antonio Paule, Marta Sampalo, Chiara Intermite, Evanthia Bournaka, Wilma Moreira, Luis Chomienne, Ico Martinez, Alicia Herrera, Torkel Nielsen,  May Gomez.    
S0217220Kevin Ugwu Oral Impacts of produced water on the survival of planktonic copepods under climate changeKevin Ugwu, Sinja Rist, Neri Bonciani, Maria Larsson and Anna Rotander 
S0217036Jiaying GuoOral Influence of Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement with Olivine or Steel Slag on a Coastal Plankton Community in TasmaniaJiaying A. Guo, Robert F. Strzepek, Kerrie M. Swadling, Lennart T. Bach 
S0217146Maria Isabel Criales-HernandezOral Ingestion of microplastics by zooplankton in two Marine Protected Areas of the Colombian CaribbeanMaría I. Criales-Hernandez, Laura S, Coral, Jenny A. Ruiz-Jimenez, Ximena Calderón, Luly Caputo and Rafael Cabanzo,  
S0217266Joana CruzOral Jellyfish as bioindicators: exploring microplastic contamination in Blackfordia virginica and its surrounding environmentJoana Cruz, José P. da Silva, Isabel Marín-Beltrán, Vânia Baptista, M. Alexandra Teodósio 
S0217346Xiaoxia SunOral Microplastics in copepods from Jiaozhou Bay, the Yellow SeaXiaoxia Sun, Shan Zheng and Tao Liu 
S0217294Jonathan CohenOral Microplastics in crab larvae on the US mid-Atlantic shelf and a laboratory investigation on their growth and physiologyHayden Boettcher, Miranda Keefer, Todd Thoman, Tobias Kukulka and Jonathan H. Cohen 
S0217097Roswati Md AminOral Microplastics in zooplankton from the tropical estuarine fronts of Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, during the southwest monsoonThaarshini Paramasivan, Roswati Md Amin, Shiye Zhao and Tao Wang 
S0217075Matthew ColeOral Partial life-cycle toxicity test for anthropogenic particles using Acartia tonsaMatthew Cole, Zara Botterell, Rachel Coppock & Pennie Lindeque 
S0217214Jessy Le Du-CarréeOral Plastic leachates stimulate the growth of marine protozooplanktonJessy Le Du-Carrée*, Cristina Romera-Castillo & Rodrigo Almeda 
S0217090Karin KvaleOral Representing zooplankton grazing of microplastics in modelsKarin Kvale 
S0217217Antonio PauleOral Searching for environmentally safer plastic additives using zooplankton as bioindicatorsAntonio Paule, Anna Cunill and Rodrigo Almeda 
S0217210Anna CunillOral Toxicity assessment of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) on marine zooplankton Anna Cunill, Antonio Paule and Rodrigo Almeda  
S0217233Jessy Le Du-CarréeaOral Toxicity Assessment of leachates from tyre particles and crumb rubber on the cosmopolitan planktonic copepod Acartia tonsa. Jessy Le Du-Carréea1, Luis Chomienne1, Wilma Ariana Tavares Moreno Moreira1, Olalla C. A. López1, Maria Larsson2 and Rodrigo Almeda1  
S0217191Alexus E. CazaresOral Zooplankton ecological baselines in the Eastern Tropical Pacific amidst deep-sea mining risksAlexus E. Cazares, Gabrielle Stedman, Jeffrey C. Drazen and Erica Goetze 
S0217157Song SunOral Zooplankton functional group as an indicator of marine ecosystem health conditionSong Sun, Fang Zhang, Xiaoxia Sun and Zhencheng Tao 
S0217309Mauricio Díaz-TrombertPoster Abundance of microplastic in the central/southern upwelling system of ChileMauricio Díaz-Trombert, Johanna Medellín-Mora, Andrea Corredor-Acosta, Alexander Galan, Rubén Escribano  
S0217215Nele ThomsenPoster Climate change driven copper genotoxicity in two key Arctic zooplankton species Nele Thomsen, Claudia Halsband, Kristine Hopland-Sperre, Helena Reinardy 
S0217315Bingqing LiuPoster Dynamics and causes of trophic cascades induced by mesozooplankton in a warm drainage area of Dayawan Bay, northern South China SeaBingqing Liu, Mianrun Chen and Chunsheng Wang 
S0217071Kyoungsoon ShinPoster Effects of hypoxia on benthic eggs of calanoid copepods in the Southern Sea of Korea Kyoungsoon Shin, Seo Yeol Choi and Min-Chul Jang 
S0217365Kazutaka TakahashiPoster Lethal effect of fibrous microplastic on coastal copepod, Acartia erythraeaKazutaka Takahashi and Jun Chin Teh 
S0317252Kathryn CookOral Carbon budgets of Scotia Sea mesopelagic zooplankton and micronekton communities during austral springKathryn B. Cook, Anna Belcher, Daniel Bondyale Juez, Gabriele Stowasser, Sophie Fielding, Ryan A. Saunders, Mohamed A. Elsafi, George A. Wolff, Sabena J. Blackbird, Geraint A. Tarling, Daniel J. Mayor 
S0317330Victoria Dewar-FowlerOral Contribution of a major zooplankton vertical migrator to respiration flux: the case of Metridia longa in the Arctic.Victoria Dewar-Fowler, Carol Robinson, Ryan A. Saunders and Geraint A. Tarling 
S0317253Aidan HunterOral Contribution of Calanoides acutus to the Southern Ocean lipid pump: data mining, parameterisations, and modellingAidan Hunter, Jennifer J. Freer, Nadine M. Johnston, Emma Young, Sally Thorpe, Daniel J. Mayor, Kathryn Cook, Gabi Stowasser, Geraint A. Tarling 
S0317350Connor H. SheaOral Determination of trophic ecology and organic matter supply for pre- and post-bloom mesopelagic zooplankton communities in the North Atlantic Ocean (EXPORTS)Connor H. Shea, Elizabeth Yanuskiewicz, Hilary G. Close, Deborah K. Steinberg and Brian N. Popp 
S0317318Mianrun ChenOral Effect of prey selectivity and trophic cascades induced by mesozooplankton on the dynamics of phytoplanktonMianrun Chen, Yueyue Si, Liuyu Han, Xin Liu, Bangqin Huang and Chang-Keun Kang 
S0317162Eloïse L-R. SavineauOral Lipid biomarkers and stable isotopes reveal disconnect between feeding dynamics of mesopelagic zooplankton and particulate organic matter during a sinking diatom bloom in the Scotia Sea (Southern Ocean)Eloïse L-R. Savineau, Kathryn B. Cook, Sabena J. Blackbird, Gabriele Stowasser, Konstadinos Kiriakoulakis, Calum Preece, Sophie Fielding, Anna C. Belcher, George A. Wolff, Geraint A. Tarling and Daniel J. Mayor 
S0317070Jeong-Hyun KimOral Long-term monitoring of zooplankton-mediated fecal pellet carbon fluxes in the Pacific Arctic regionJeong-Hyun Kim, Catherine Lalande, Dongseon Kim, Kyoung-Ho Cho, Jong-Kuk Moon, Hye-Ju Yoo and Eun-Jin Yang 
S0317248Geraint A. TarlingOral Moult flux: its measurement in Antarctic krill and biogeochemical significance in the Southern OceanClara Manno, Sophie Fielding, Gabi Stowasser, Sally E. Thorpe and Geraint A. Tarling 
S0317279Moira DecimaOral Salps vs. crustaceans: comparing their contribution to carbon export pathways in the Southern Ocean Subtropical Front regionMoira Décima, Mike Stukel, Andrés Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, Scott D. Nodder, Karl Safi, Morgan Meyers, Christian Fender, Thomas Kelly, Florian Lüskow, Alexis A. Bahl, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, and Matt Pinkerton 
S0317174Anita ButterleyOral The aggregation of phytoplankton into “food boluses” through feeding by Antarctic krill and its implications for organic matter exportAnita Butterley, So Kawaguchi, Lennart T. Bach, and Kerrie M. Swadling 
S0317314Santiago Hernández-LeónOral Variability of active flux by zooplankton and micronekton in the oceanSantiago Hernández-León 
S0317297Robin L. van DijkPoster Crisis at depth: vertical distribution of calcifying plankton along a shallowing aragonite saturation horizon Robin L. van Dijk, A. Daniëlle van der Burg, Giada Spagliardi, Geert-Jan Brummer, Anne Kruijt, Ben Cala, Olivier Sulpis, Matthew P. Humphreys, and Katja T.C.A Peijnenburg 
S0317160Alice Della PennaPoster Estimating how vertically migrating zooplankton impact epipelagic communities with mesocosm experimentsAlice Della Penna, Gérald Gregori, Mark Ohman, Loic Guilloux, Morgane Didry, Andrea Doglioli, François Carlotti 
S0317063Katherine BakerPoster Mesopelagic-migrant pump contribution to Southern Ocean downward carbon exportKatherine Baker, Svenja Halfter, Ben Scoulding, Shane Richards, Caroline Sutton, Kerrie M. Swadling, Matthieu Bressac and Philip W. Boyd 
S0317366Svenja HalfterPoster The impact of seasonally migrating copepods on the active carbon flux in the Southern OceanSvenja Halfter, Katherine Baker, Matt Pinkerton, Scott Nodder, Kerrie M. Swadling, Philip W. Boyd 
S0417121Anastasiia LuninaOral 1Shirshov Institute оf Oceanology, Russian Academy of SciencesAnastasiia Lunina, Dmitry Kulagin and Alexander Vereshchaka1 
S0417133Aino HosiaOral 20 years of jellies in the same fjord: From morphology to molecules, and what have we learned?Aino Hosia, Sanna Majaneva, Joan Soto-Angel, Vetle Fredheim, Håvard Vrålstad, Luis Martell 
S0417124Luis MartellOral A sea of jellies is a sea of worms: a look at the parasitic component of gelatinous zooplankton in fjord systems through an integrated approachLuis Martell, Egil Karlsbakk, Vincent McDaniel, Joan Soto-Angel and Aino Hosia 
S0417186Ashrenee GovenderOral An integrated approach to exploring zooplankton assemblages in a cyclonic eddy Ashrenee Govender, Jenny Huggett, Tabile Maseti, Delphine Thibault, Riaan Cedras and Johan Groeneveld 
S0417111Junya HiraiOral Copepod-virus interactions revealed by molecular and morphological approachesJunya Hirai, Seiji Katakura, Hiromi Kasai, Satoshi Nagai 
S0417069Stephanie A. MatthewsOral Distributional ranges of mesopelagic zooplankton across the North Pacific Basin: testing the effects of physical dispersal vs. environmental homogeneityStephanie A. Matthews, Katarina Kaminsky, Alexus E. Cazares, Jennifer M. Questel, Leocadio Blanco-Bercial, Junya Hirai, and Mark D. Ohman 
S0417095Misato NakaeOral DNA metabarcoding reveals the community structure of copepod nauplii in the Japan SeaMisato Nakae, Junya Hirai, Naoki Iguchi, Yosuke Igeta, Kay Sakuma and Yuichiro Nishibe 
S0417222Andreas NovotnyOral Environmental DNA captures temporal and vertical population dynamics of marine zooplanktonAndreas Novotny1,2, Colleen Kellogg2, Matt Lemay2, and Brian P. V. Hunt1,2 
S0417096Kanako AmeiOral Global species diversity of pelagic polychaetes in the family Tomopteridae as revealed by molecular approachesKanako Amei, Junya Hirai, Erica Goetze and Yuichiro Nishibe 
S0417159Catherine L. FitzgeraldOral How methods influence results: comparing morphological vs. molecular identification of zooplankton for biodiversity studies and to answer ecological questions, and the possibility of combined methodsCatherine L. Fitzgerald, James J. Pierson and Louis V. Plough 
S0417179Julian Uribe-PalominoOral How soft and small can specimens be for creating 3D digital models of Zooplankton specimens? Julian Uribe-Palomino, Jeremy Shaw, Jay Black, Nicholas Condon, Frank Coman, Mark Tonks, Ruth Eriksen and Anthony J. Richardson  
S0417216Markus MajanevaOral Illuminating zooplankton diel vertical migration with eDNA metabarcoding in the polar nightSanna Majaneva, Martta Viljanen, Malin Daase, Maxime Geoffroy, Tom Langbehn, Geir Johnsen and Markus Majaneva 
S0417356Lodewijk van WalravenOral Integrated zooplankton monitoring in a dynamic coastal area Lodewijk van Walraven, Robbert G. Jak, Pieter Hovenkamp, Dick van Oevelen 
S0417134Elizaveta A. ErshovaOral Latitudinal gradients in zooplankton communities in Norwegian fjords resolved by an integrated morphological and molecular approachElizaveta A. Ershova and Tone Falkenhaug 
S0417131Alexander ShatravinOral Mathematical methods in the krill phylogeny: detection of cryptic lineages and an assessment of the between-species relationshipsAlexander Shatravin, Dmitry Kulagin and Alexander Vereshchaka 
S0417187Nakako TamamushiOral Metabarcoding analysis for comparing epipelagic/mesopelagic zooplankton communities in the Pacific and eastern Indian OceansNakako Tamamushi, Junya Hirai, Fanyu Zhou, Takuya Ohnishi and Atsushi Tsuda 
S0417102Ann BucklinOral Metabarcoding Zooplankton Diversity: MetaZooGene Intercalibration Experiment (MZG-ICE) Ann Bucklin, Leocadio Blanco-Bercial, Ruben Escribano, Tone Falkenhaug, Junya Hirai, Jenny Huggett, Pedro Martinez, Katja Peijnenburg, Leonie Suter, Agata Weydmann-Zwolicka, and Colleagues 
S0417138Dmitry KulaginOral Molecular biogeography of the genus Stylocheiron (Euphausiacea) unveils high cryptic or pseudocryptic diversity and conspicuous geographical patterns in the Atlantic OceanDmitry Kulagin, Ulyana Simakova, Alexander Vereshchaka 
S0417091Jennifer QuestelOral Molecular characterization of the deep-sea zooplankton community from the Gulf of Alaska Seamount ProvinceJennifer Questel, Caitlin Smoot, Allen Collins, Dhugal Lindsay, and Russell Hopcroft 
S0417183Janna Peters,Oral New kid on the block - proteomic fingerprinting as quick and easy molecular tool for species identification in monitoring of marine zooplankton communitiesJanna Peters, Sven Rossel, Pedro Martinez Arbizu, Silke Laakmann, Sabine Holst, Patricia Kaiser, Maya Bode-Dalby, Sahar Khodami and Jasmin Renz 
S0417199Zoé MériguetOral Plankton community structure in response to hydrothermal iron inputs along the Tonga-Kermadec arcZoé Mériguet, Marion Vilain, Alberto Baudena, Chloé Tilliette, Jérémie Habasque, Anne Lebourges Dhaussy, Nagib Bhairy, Cécile Guieu, Sophie Bonnet and Fabien Lombard 
S0417316Yunzhi FengOral Seasonal variation of zooplankton community structure (0-1000 m) in the western Pacific Warm Pool by eDNA metabarcodingYunzhi Feng, Dong Sun, Qianwen Shao, Chen Fang and Chunsheng Wang 
S0417267Nicholas J. EnsOral Spatial variability in the distribution of euphausiids in the NE Pacific during the 2022 IYS Pan-Pacific winter expeditionNicholas J. Ens, John F. Dower, Stéphane Gauthier 
S0417295Agata Weydmann-ZwolickaOral Tracking the Atlantification of the Arctic with integrated taxonomy and metabarcodingAgata Weydmann-Zwolicka, Karol Mazanowski, Magdalena Dolinkiewicz and Monika Mioduchowska 
S0417206Anastasiia LuninaOral Understanding key drivers of evolution of the pelagic decapodsAnastasiia Lunina, Dmitry Kulagin and Alexander Vereshchaka 
S0417335Robin L. van DijkOral Unraveling past population events in Southern Ocean diatoms: using population genomics in demographic inferencesRobin L. van Dijk and Marcos Suárez Menéndez, Ute Postel, Martine Bérubé, Bánk Beszteri and Per J. Palsbøll 
S0417188Alica OhnesorgeOral Zooplankton is the perfect candidate for validating eDNA metabarcoding for analyzing North Sea marine faunaAlica Ohnesorge, Uwe John, Sarah Taudien, Stefan Neuhaus, Lucie Kuczynski, Silke Laakmann 
S0417322Julian Uribe-PalominoPoster A new species of copepod of the Family Pseudiaptomidae from the Great Barrier Reef and discussion on the species diversity and distribution of this family. Julian Uribe-Palomino, Chad Walter 
S0417061Carolina E. GonzálezPoster Assessing Zooplankton Diversity in the Atacama Trench (Northern Chile) through eDNA Analysis of Near-Bottom WatersCarolina E. González, Reinaldo Rivera, Osvaldo Ulloa and Rubén Escribano 
S0417226Estelle CoguiecPoster Calanus spp. swimming behaviour under laboratory conditions as a proxy for diel vertical migration in the wild.Estelle Coguiec, Kim Last, Daniel Vogedes, Jørgen Berge, Malin Daase, Laura hobbs 
S0417195Arno PõllumäePoster DNA metabarcoding complementing the assessment of mesozooplankton diversity and seasonal dynamics in Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea)Arno Põllumäe, Maria Põldma, Sirje Sildever, Laura Johanna Kadak, Veljo Kisand and Kristel Panksep 
S0417211Silke LaakmannPoster Exploring biodiversity refugia: patterns of meroplankton biodiversity in the vicinity of restored oyster reefsKingsly C. Beng, Anne F. Sell, Bernadette Pogoda, Santiago E.A. Pineda-Metz, Kerstin Klemm, Silke Laakmann 
S0417212Silke Laakmann, Astrid CornilsPoster Exploring the changing dynamics of pelagic metazoan communities in the Beagle Channel: Insights from an integrated research approachSilke Laakmann, Astrid Cornils, Sarah Taudien, Alica Ohnesorge, Kingsly C. Beng, Ricardo Giesecke 
S0417286Caitlin A. SmootPoster Patterns of zooplankton species and trait diversity in the Gulf of Alaska from the surface to the abyssopelagicCaitlin A. Smoot, Alexandra Poje, Jennifer M. Questel, Russell R. Hopcroft  
S0417137Cornelia JaspersPoster Presence of hybrids in a highly variable environmentJosé Martin Pujolar, Cornelia Jaspers 
S0417245Antonina dos SantosPoster Report on the occurrence of the hydromedusa Odessia maeotica (Ostroumoff, 1896) in the northeastern Atlantic revealed by citizen science and integrative taxonomyRita F. T. Pires, Elsa Froufe, Giulia Secci-Petretto, Antonina dos Santos 
S0417144Jasmin RenzPoster Zooplankton diversity monitoring by metabarcoding in the Southern North SeaJasmin Renz, Sahar Khodami and Pedro Martinez Arbizu 
S0417145Jasmin RenzPoster Zooplankton diversity monitoring by metabarcoding in the Southern North SeaJasmin Renz, Sahar Khodami and Pedro Martinez Arbizu 
S0517241Paola G. Batta-LonaOral Case study of Salpa aspera in the mesopelagic food web of the NW Atlantic: Integrative analysis using metabarcoding of diets and eDNA, image analysis, and hydrographyPaola G. Batta-Lona, Nina Yang,Annette Govindarajan, Heidi M. Sosik, Peter H. Wiebe, Ann Bucklin  
S0517270Catherine J. StevensOral Chaetognath gut DNA: Development of metabarcoding techniques to determine dietCatherine J. Stevens, Moira D. Galbraith, Nicholas Ens, Stéphane Gauthier, Akash R. Sastri and John F. Dower 
S0517308Brian HuntOral Community composition, functional traits, and trophic structure of zooplankton size fractions across an oligotrophic eutrophic gradientBrian P.V Hunt, Francois Carlotti, Evgeny A. Pakhomov 
S0517278Jessica TitocciOral Dietary effects on reproductive traits, development, and fatty acids in cladocerans and calanoid copepods.Jessica Titocci and Patrick Fink 
S0517331Gesche WinklerOral Fine scale trophic interactions and niche differentiation among conspecific mysids in the St. Lawrence Estuary, CanadaGesche Winkler1, Jose Jaime Garcia Gonzalez1, Maria Angélica Martinez Silva1, Jory Cabrol2, Christian Nozais1 and Réjean Tremblay1 
S0517238Anna K. McLaskeyOral Seasonal variability in prey sources for zooplankton revealed by fatty acid- and stable isotope-based diet estimationAnna K. McLaskey, Ian Forster, and Brian P.V. Hunt 
S0517092Susana Cabrera-NuñezOral Trophic interaction and vertical migration as a mechanism for downward transport of C to the deep oceanSusana Cabrera-Núñez, Igor Fernández-Urruzola and Rubén Escribano 
S0517280Jacqueline MaudOral Unravelling marine zooplankton food webs: combining CRISPR with gut DNA metabarcoding to understand zooplankton trophodynamicsJacqueline L. Maud, Kevin Xu Zhong, Colleen Kellogg, Curtis A. Suttle, Vera Tai and Brian P.V. Hunt 
S0517221Andreas NovotnyOral Zooplankton feeding selectivity determines the structure of a quantitative food web model supported by DNA dietary data.Andreas Novotny1, Baptiste Serandour2, Susanne Kortsch3,4, Benoit Gauzens5,6, Kinlan M.G. Jan2, and Monika Winder2 
S0517058Johanna BiederbickPoster Tracking spatial and temporal pattern in zooplankton trophic dynamics in the eutrophic Elbe estuary (Germany): A multiple stable isotope approachJohanna Biederbick, Rolf Koppelmann, Christian Möllmann, Elena Hauten, Thomas Hansen and Jan Dierking 
S0617225Catherine L. JohnsonInvited Detection and assessment of community changes in a trans-North Atlantic comparison of zooplankton time seriesCatherine L. Johnson, Todd D. O’Brien, Dafne Eerkes-Medrano, on behalf of all the ICES-WGZE study participants 
S0617327Anthony J. RichardsonInvited Global zooplankton trends over the past 80 yearsAnthony J Richardson, Frank Coman, Claire H Davies, Ruth S Eriksen, Jasmine Fowler-Morrow, Felicity R McEnnulty, Todd D. O’Brien, Julian Palomino-Uribe, Sarah Pausina, Wayne Rochester, Anita Slotwinski, Mark L Tonks, William Venables, Jason D Everett 
S0617066Moira DécimaOral A pyrosome irruption in the California Current Ecosystem in the context of the preceding 7 decades: a tipping point crossed or a recurrent phenomenon?Mark D. Ohman, Linsey M. Sala, Eliya M. Baron Lopez, Lauren Kittell-Porter, Tristan Biard, and Moira Décima 
S0617045Clare OstleOral Changes in zooplankton communities from the North Pacific Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) SurveyClare Ostle, Sonia Batten, David Johns, Loick Kleparski, Francesca Loro, and Akash Sastri 
S0617265Samantha M. ZemanOral Copepod community shifts across shelf and oceanic gradients in the northeast Pacific from 1998-2022Samantha M. Zeman, Jennifer L. Fisher and Cheryl A. Morgan 
S0617285Alexandra PojeOral Depth-related patterns of zooplankton within the epipelagic zone of Northern Gulf of AlaskaAlexandra Poje, Caitlin A. Smoot, Russel R. Hopcroft 
S0617149Patricia ThibodeauOral Distinct structuring of copepod communities in the oxygen minimum zone of the Eastern Tropical North PacificPatricia S. Thibodeau, Dawn Outram, Karen Wishner 
S0617151Lohengrin D.A. FernandesOral Early warning indicators of shifts in the plankton assemblage of the Cabo Frio Upwelling SystemThiago S. Matos1, Carolina S. Reis1, Laura A. Moura2, Andressa C. de Souza2,3, Vanessa T. Bittar2, Ricardo Coutinho1,2 and Lohengrin D.A. Fernandes1,2 
S0617224Jenny HuggettOral Eat, prey, love: can functional traits provide insight into bottom-up vs top-down forcing and long-term distribution patterns of copepods on the Agulhas Bank?Jenny Huggett, Tarron Lamont, Jacob Carstensen, Hans Jakobsen, Eva Friis Møller, Janet Coetzee 
S0617031Tjardo StoffersOral Effects of climate change induced dominance shifts in zooplankton community composition on the carbon cycle Tjardo Stoffers, Louise Forsblom, Aleksandra Lewandowska and Maiju Lehtiniemi 
S0617357Anna BolmOral Finding synchronicity between copepod and phytoplankton community shifts in the Northern California Current from 2001-2018 Anna Bolm, Sam Zeman, Jennifer Fisher, and Maria Kavanaugh  
S0617198Raquel MarquesOral Food web modifications shifted the functional structure of meso- and macro-zooplankton in the Southern North SeaRaquel Marques, Saskia A. Otto, Maarten Boersma, Karen Wiltshire and Jasmin Renz 
S0617197Marion VilainOral How do the ecological traits of North Atlantic copepod communities shape their distribution? Marion Vilain, Eric Goberville, Dorothée Vincent and Frédéric Olivier 
S0617182Collins O. OngoreOral Interannual variability of the biomass of Lake Victoria’s decapod zooplankton Caridina nilotica (Atyidae) determined from acoustic survey and a new acoustic Target Strength.Collins O. Ongore, Roland Proud, and Andrew S. Brierley 
S0617106Baisakhi PattnaikOral Investigating zooplankton in contrasting coastal ecosystems along India's east coastBaisakhi Pattnaik and Suchismita Srichandan 
S0617165Joel WilliamsOral Long-term continuous plankton recorder data and joint species distribution models reveal changes in zooplankton communities in the Southern OceanJoel Williams, Nicole Hill, Kerrie Swadling, Scott Foster, Yash Gimonkar, Skip Woolley, Philippe Ziegler, Kaitlin Naughton, Craig Johnson 
S0617116Lavenia RatnarajahOral Monitoring and modelling marine zooplankton in a changing climateLavenia Ratnarajah, Rana Abu-Alhaija, Angus Atkinson, Sonia Batten, Nicholas J Bax, Kim S. Bernard, Gabrielle Canonico, Astrid Cornils, Jason D. Everett, Maria Grigoratou, Nurul Huda Ahmad Ishak, David Johns, Fabien Lombard, Erik Muxagata, Clare Ostle…  
S0617115Hiroomi MiyamotoOral Northward distribution shift of Neocalanus plumchrus in the western-central Pacific Ocean during almost two decadesHiroomi Miyamoto, Taiki Fuji, Satoshi Suyama, Kazutaka Takahashi, Shigeho Kakehi, Midori Hashimoto, Shin-Ichiro Nakayama and Kazuaki Tadokoro 
S0617283Anna K. McLaskeyOral Size fractioned zooplankton as a systematic way to generate time series of whole community biochemical traitsAnna K. McLaskey, Ian Forster, and Brian P.V. Hunt 
S0617098Minju KimOral Synergistic impacts of environmental drivers on mesozooplankton community composition in the Ulleung Basin: A decadal analysisMinju Kim1,2, Wonkeun Choi2,3, Chan Joo Jang2,3,4, and Jung-Hoon Kang1,2,* 
S0617293Russell R HopcroftOral Temporal and spatial patterns in zooplankton assemblages as revealed by 25 years of observations along the Seward Line in the Northern Gulf of AlaskaRussell R Hopcroft & Caitlin A. Smoot 
S0617347Akash SastriOral Temporal patterns of zooplankton biomass and functional group responses to environmental drivers off the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Akash R. Sastri, Theresa Venello, John Dower, Moira Galbraith, and R. Ian Perry 
S0617328Frank ComanOral The diversity and power of zooplankton indicators for assessing ecosystem state and trendsFrank E. Coman1, Claire H. Davies2, Ruth S. Eriksen2, Jason D. Everett1,3,4, Felicity R. McEnnulty2, Wayne Rochester1, Anita Slotwinski1, Mark L. Tonks1, Julian Uribe-Palomino1, Anthony J. Richardson1,3,4 
S0617325Marc KohOral The effect of El Niño Southern Oscillation on zooplankton biomass and copepod community composition in Australian watersMarc Koh, Megan Jeffers, Anthony J. Richardson, Jason D. Everett, Frank E. Coman, Felicity R. McEnnulty, Anita Slotwinski, Julian Uribe-Palomino, Claire H. Davies, Ruth S. Eriksen, Mark L. Tonks and Helen C. Bostock 
S0617223Marc KohOral The effect of El Niño Southern Oscillation on zooplankton biomass and copepod community composition in Australian watersMarc Koh, Megan Jeffers, Anthony J. Richardson, Jason D. Everett, Frank E. Coman, Felicity R. McEnnulty, Anita Slotwinski, Julian Uribe-Palomino, Claire H. Davies, Ruth S. Eriksen, Mark L. Tonks and Helen C. Bostock 
S0617358Jennifer L. FisherOral The role of transport and environmental variability influencing the spatiotemporal patterns of zooplankton in the Northern California Current, USAJennifer L. Fisher, Cheryl A. Morgan, Christopher A. Edwards, J. Wilson White 
S0617122Alexander VereshchakaOral The trophic base of zooplankton: is recent ocean biogeochemical zonation the only one?The trophic base of zooplankton: is recent ocean biogeochemical zonation the only one?Alexander Shatravin and Alexander Vereshchaka 
S0617125Claire DaviesOral Timeseries, indices & tools lead to understanding Claire H. Davies, Anthony J. Richardson, Frank E. Coman, Ruth S. Eriksen, Felicity R. McEnnulty, Anita Slotwinski, Mark L. Tonks, Julian Uribe-Palomino and Jason D. Everett 
S0617113Yash GimonkarOral Using novel methods to detect ecological changes in zooplankton communities of the Southern Ocean.Yash Gimonkar, Nicole Hill, Skipton Woolley, Scott Foster, Joel Williams 
S0617023Inma HerreraOral Zooplankton community in the newly lava deltas in the Atlantic Ocean Adrián Torres-Martínez and Inma Herrera  
S0617104Ann BucklinOral Zooplankton diversity and climate-driven range shifts on the NW Atlantic continental shelf: Metabarcoding analysis of time-series ecosystem monitoring Paola G. Batta-Lona, Vicki You, David E. Richardson, Harvey J. Walsh, Peter H. Wiebe, Ann Bucklin  
S0617242Antonina dos SantosOral Zooplankton diversity and temporal dynamics in a coastal station in western Portugal (Northeastern Atlantic Ocean)Antonina Dos Santos, Raquel Marques, Rita F. T. Pires 
S0617359Hildur PetursdottirOral Zooplankton variability in the waters around IcelandHildur Petursdottir, Teresa Silva 
S0617027JAIME GOMEZ GUTIERREZPoster Distinct zooplankton community structure in offshore Revillagigedo and inshore Cabo Pulmo National Parks, MexicoGómez-Gutiérrez J, García-Fernández F, Hernández O, Frías E, Sánchez C, Camarillo-Coop S, Hernández-Rivas ME, Saldierna-Martínez R 
S0617028Yongqiang ShiPoster Impact of ENSO on zooplankton community structure and anchovy Engraulis japonicas resources in the southern Yellow SeaYongqiang Shi, Xiujuan Shan, Tao Zuo, Jun Wang, Qingshan Luan, Xianshi Jin, Evgeny A. Pakhomov 
S0617369Sylvia P. A. Jiménez-RosenbergPoster Local and inter-annual variability of the fish larvae community in the Ssuthern California CurrentSylvia P. A. Jiménez-Rosenberg and Aceves-Medina Gerardo 
S0617203Yuichiro YamadaPoster Seasonal succession, vertical distribution and life cycle of the mesopelagic copepods genus Pleuromamma in Sagami Bay, JapanYuichiro Yamada, Shigeru Sakurai, Yuriko Fukino 
S0617209Lidia YebraPoster Spatio-temporal variability of the zooplankton communities in the W Mediterranean Sea (2010-2023)Elena Pérez-Rubín, Nerea Valcárcel-Pérez, Jesús M. Mercado and Lidia Yebra 
S0617196Claire DaviesPoster The Biological Ocean Observer: An online portal for the visualisation of IMOS dataJason D Everett, Claire H Davies , Anthony J Richardson 
S0617080John A. KitchenerPoster The SCAR Southern Ocean Continuous Plankton Recorder (SO-CPR) Survey: the first three decadesJohn A. Kitchener, Kunio T. Takahashi and Karen V. Robinson 
S0717237Luciana SantoferraraInvited Microzooplankton ecological roles in an urban estuary affected by summer hypoxiaAbigail Salgado, Aleena Qureshi, Jodi Dharam, Khabiba Shahid, Carissa Kissoon, Amedea Cipriano and Luciana Santoferrara 
S0717229Lidia YebraOral Integrating microscopy and multigene metabarcoding to unravel the hidden microzooplankton diversityLidia Yebra, Miriam Domínguez, Ana María Cabello, Soluna Salles, Jessica Vannini, Genuario Belmonte, Rowena Stern, Nerea Valcárcel-Pérez, Isabel Ferrera, Jesús M. Mercado 
S0717054Wuchang ZhangOral Tintinnid biogeography in oceanic waters around the worldWuchang Zhang, Haibo Li, Chaofeng Wang, Jingyuan Li 
S0717202Claire DaviesPoster Microzooplankton and their associations with other plankton Claire H Davies, Ruth S. Eriksen, Luke Brokensha, Anthony J. Richardson, Frank E. Coman, Felicity R. McEnnulty, Anita Slotwinski, Mark L. Tonks and Julian Uribe-Palomino  
S0717311Ruth S. EriksenPoster Microzooplankton distribution and trends from long-term surveys around AustraliaRuth S. Eriksen, Claire H. Davies, Luke Brokensha, Frank E. Coman, Jason D. Everett, Felicity R. McEnnulty, Anita Slotwinski, Mark L. Tonks, Julian Uribe-Palomino, Anthony J. Richardson, Elizabeth Shadwick and Kerrie Swadling 
S0717234Elaine FilemanPoster Seasonal variation in abundance of copepod nauplii in the western English channel, determined using a combination of fine mesh nets and FlowCamElaine Fileman, Yarrow Beckman, Chloe Jamin and Eden Oldfield 
S0717082Bettina MartinPoster Seasonal variations in the microzooplankton community of the Benguela CurrentBettina Martin, Knut Heinatz, Rolf Koppelmann 
S0717053Igor Fernández-UrruzolaPoster Zooplankton food web structure along a productivity gradient in the Southeast PacificIgor Fernández-Urruzola, Antonio Bode, Natalie Loick-Wilde, Wolfgang Schneider, Dhugal Lindsay, Ruben Escribano 
S0817228Lars StemmannInvited Resolving scales of plankton ecology with in situ imagingLars Stemmann 
S0817361Emilia TrudnowskaOral A new vision – you are not that alone there, dear zooplankters – as illustrated by underwater imaging in polar watersEmilia Trudnowska1, Sünnje Basedow2, Paul Renaud3, Katarzyna Błachowiak-Samołyk1, Lars Stemmann 
S0817128Ankita VaswaniOral Combining Human and Artificial Intelligence to Classify and Quantify Zooplankton Ankita Ravi Vaswani, Tobias Schanz, Katharina Kordubel, David Greenberg and Klas Ove Möller 
S0817277David G. KimmelOral Copepod and euphausiid abundances in the southeastern Bering Sea USA estimated from the PlanktonScope shadowgraph imaging system David G. Kimmel, Ryan M McCabe, Phyllis Stabeno, Emily Lemagie, and Hongsheng Bi 
S0817192Zhenping Li 1,2Oral Deep focus-extended darkfield imaging for in situ observation of marine planktonTao Chen1,2, Jianping Li1,2*, Wenqi Ma3, Guannan Guo1,2,Zhenyu Yang1,2, Zhenping Li1,2 and Jianping Qiao3 
S0817282Robert W. CampbellOral Estimating secondary production with a zooplankton imager aboard a profiling observatoryRobert W. Campbell 
S0817110Hannah E. KepnerOral Fine-scale spatial patterns of gelatinous zooplankton in the Northern Gulf of AlaskaHannah E. Kepner, Thomas B. Kelly, and Russell R. Hopcroft 
S0817257Dick van OevelenOral Fine-scale zooplankton distribution in two contrasting southern Greenlandic fjords and its relation to environmental factorsPieter Hovenkamp, Frank van der Stappen, Lorenz Meire, Karline Soetaert and Dick van Oevelen 
S0817287Jonas MortelmansOral Imaging of plankton communities in a shallow and dynamic coastal system: a showcase from the Belgian part of the North SeaJonas Mortelmans, Rune Lagaisse, Carlota Muñiz and Klaas Deneudt 
S0817024Jianping LiOral Imaging plankton probe (IPP): an AI-empowered underwater imager for long-term in situ observation of marine planktonJianping Li, Tao Chen, Zhenyu Yang, Guannan Guo, Zhenping Li, Peng Liu, Liangpei Chen, Guolong Wu, Zekai Zheng, Wenqi Ma, Jianping Qiao, Jiande Sun, Yuchun Pu, Qi Lin, Xuan Yu, Yinghao Cui and Zhenghui Feng 
S0817068Jialin ZhangOral Impacts of typhoon on zooplankton in the southwestern coast of Guangdong, P. R. China from the Continuous real time zooplankton data from PlanktonScopeJialin Zhang,Zhonghua Cai,Jian Zhao,Hongsheng Bi 
S0817339Claudeilton de SantanaOral Influence of the Amazon River Plume on plankton distribution in Western Tropical AtlanticClaudeilton S. de Santana, Helena Haus and Rainer Kiko 
S0817284Cecilia M. LiszkaOral Is zooplankton image acquisition an effective tool for monitoring the South Georgia pelagic ecosystem?Cecilia M. Liszka1, Mark Belchier2, Alison Cleary1, Victoria Dewar-Fowler1, Carrie Marell Gunn1, Marianne Wootton3, Geraint A. Tarling1 
S0817274Adam T. GreerOral Modular shadowgraph imaging for resolving zooplankton distributions in diverse field and mesocosm settingsAdam T. Greer, Tim J.W. Walles, Patrick I. Duffy, Charles Cousin, Laura M. Treible, Kyle D. Aaron, Jens C. Nejstgaard 
S0817065Stephanie A. MatthewsOral New Horizons: Autonomous assessments of zooplankton, their potential prey and predators via Zooglider Mark D. Ohman, Sven Gastauer, Jeffrey S. Ellen and Stephanie A. Matthews 
S0817340Karoline Hokstad BarsteinOral Optical and acoustic based sampling of zooplankton with autonomous vehicles: Challenges and future perspectives Karoline Hokstad Barstein, Emlyn Davies, Sanna Majaneva, Emily Venables and Martin Ludvigsen 
S0817147Natasha J HynesOral Performance of a plankton imaging system mounted on a profiling glider for censusing zooplankton in threatened predator habitatNatasha J Hynes, Christian Reiss, George R. Cutter Jr., Jude van der Meer and Kimberley TA Davies 
S0817076Hayden CloseOral Real time identification and reporting of plankton using Edge AIRobert Blackwell1, Hayden Close1, James Scott1, Sari Giering2, Mojtaba Masoudi2, Phil Culverhouse3, Julian Tilbury3 and Sophie Pitois1  
S0817086Hongsheng BiOral Real time plankton monitoring in the Chesapeake BayHongsheng Bi and Jian Zhao 
S0817332Sünnje L. BasedowOral Remote sensing of zooplankton surface patches – possibilities and challengesSünnje L. Basedow1, Cait McCarry2, David McKee2, Emlyn Davies3, Kanchana Bandara4 
S0817256Pieter HovenkampOral Resolving fine-scale zooplankton community structures in a dynamic frontal zone in the North Sea with automated in situ imagingPieter Hovenkamp, Myron Peck, Frank van der Stappen and Dick van Oevelen 
S0817064Dai LiuOral Spatial segregation between cyclopoid and calanoid copepods in the Yellow SeaDai Liu, Zhonghua Cai and Hongsheng Bi 
S0817039Pierre HélaouëtOral The integrated Continuous Plankton Recorder (iCPR): using digital imaging in a new platform for global monitoringPierre Hélaouët, Alex Nimmo Smith, Robert Camp, Kairan Cursons and Nicolas Djeghri 
S0817077Carolina ReisOral Tri-dimensional characterization of plankton along the South Brazilian Shelf: from images to organismsCarolina S. Reis1, Thiago S. Matos1, Laura A. Moura2, Ricardo Coutinho1,2 and Lohengrin D.A. Fernandes1,2 
S0817148Katharina KordubelOral Unveiling bloom dynamics and ecological role of Noctiluca scintillans in the southern North SeaKatharina Kordubel, Burkard Baschek, Martin Hieronymi, Klas O. Möller, Ankita Ravi Vaswani and Yoana G. Voynova 
S0817048Christine Kim WeldrickPoster A promising approach to counting heaps of very small things Christine Kim Weldrick 
S0817200Zoé MériguetPoster Basin-scale underway quantitative survey of surface microplankton using affordable collection and imaging tools deployed from TaraZoé Mériguet, Anna Oddone, David Le Guen, Thibaut Pollina, Romain Bazile, Clémentine Moulin, Romain Troublé, Manu Prakash, Colomban de Vargas and Fabien Lombard 
S0817232Elaine FilemanPoster The Automated Plankton Imaging and Classification System (APICS): a dual-camera sensor designed for remote operation in the Western English ChannelJames Clark, Elaine Fileman, James Fishwick and Claire Widdicombe 
S0817246Fabien LombardPoster Using frugal tools to study plankton at large scale: examples from Plankton Planet and future deploymentsFabien Lombard, Zoé Mériguet, Satoshi Kitajima, SAS SeaLabX, SAS Fairscope, Plankton Planet 
S0917040Toru KobariOral Community structure of ichthyoplankton associated with advective mixing of the Kuroshio and its neighboring watersToru Kobari, Yusuke Manako, Airi Hara, Kaori Yamanoue, Rika Tanonaka, Takafumi Azuma, Yi-Chen Wang, Masafumi Kodama1 and Gen Kume 
S0917353Johanna Medellín-MoraOral Community structured production of zooplankton in the Upwelling System off central/southern Chile: A first approach with automated analysisJohanna Medellín-Mora, Angus Atkinson, Rubén Escribano 
S0917108John F. DowerOral In situ estimates of variability in trophic transfer efficiency in the subarctic NE Pacific from 2015-2018Theresa A. Venello, Akash R. Sastri, Robert W. Izett, Moira D. Galbraith and John F. Dower 
S0917363Hui LiuOral Linking zooplankton to assessment and management of fisheries production in changing marine ecosystemsHui Liu and Yong Chen 
S0917208Lidia YebraOral Potential impact of zooplankton community composition changes on the fitness of Sardina pilchardus in the SW Mediterranean SeaLidia Yebra, Elena Pérez-Rubín, Nerea Valcárcel-Pérez and Jesús M. Mercado 
S0917038Gen KumeOral Predatory impacts on mesozooplankton of small pelagic fish larvae in the northern Satsunan area, southern JapanGen Kume, Hiroki Oba, Soushi Shiroyama, Taichi Shigemura, Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Masafumi Kodama, Takafumi Azuma and Toru Kobari 
S0917085Jesse F. LambOral Results of multi-year diet analysis project of young of the year Walleye Pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) in the Western Gulf of Alaska, USAJesse F. Lamb, David G. Kimmel, Lauren A. Rogers 
S0917351Stephanie BarríaOral Using Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase to assess zooplankton production in the upwelling system off Valparaíso Bay off Central Chile. Johanna Medellin-Mora, Stephanie Barria-Iriarte, Lidia Yebra and Juan Fuentes  
S0917079Hung-Yen HsiehPoster Comparison of abundance and composition of fish larvae community in autumn and spring in the waters surrounding the Taiwan Bank, western North PacificHung-Yen Hsieh, Wei-Lun Chiu and Pei-Jie Meng 
S0917153Moira GalbraithPoster Interannual variability in zooplankton biomass and relationships with the early marine survivals of Pacific salmon in the Salish Sea, BC, CanadaKelly Young, Moira Galbraith, Akash R. Sastri and R. Ian Perry 
S1017239Emily Y. ChenOral Bipolar sex ratio study reveals a decade of reproductive abnormalities in Arctic ostracodsEmily Y. Chen, Emilia Trudnowska, and Katarzyna Błachowiak Samołyk 
S1017247Geraint A. TarlingOral Calanus finmarchicus in a region of rapid change: from expatriation to life-cycle completion at its Arctic range-edgeGA Tarling, JJ Freer, NS Banas, M Blackwell, C Castellani, KB Cook, M Daase, ML Johnson, KS Last, PK Lindeque, DJ Mayor, E Mitchell, HE Parry, DC Speirs, G Stowasser, M Wootton 
S1017043Kohei MatsunoOral Comparison between zooplankton production and polar cod distribution in the Pacific Arctic Ocean during October 2020: combination approach of plankton net and environmental DNAKohei Matsuno, Tatsuya Kawakami, Minami Ishihara, Shino Kumagai, Nanami Hosoda, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Hiromichi Ueno and Akihide Kasai 
S1017078Camila Cataldo-MendezOral Deciphering zooplankton food web architecture under various dynamics of sea ice in the East AntarcticCamila Cataldo-Mendez, Kerrie Swadling, Christine Weldrick 
S1017329Victoria Dewar-FowlerOral Detecting zooplankton foray behaviour in a polar oceanic environmentVictoria Dewar-Fowler, Carol Robinson, Ryan A. Saunders and Geraint A. Tarling 
S1017177Camila Cataldo MendezOral Euphausiids Unveiled: Comprehensive Study of E. superba, E. crystallorophias and E. triacantha Diet – a DNA metabarcoding and Stable isotope approach.Camila Cataldo-Mendez, Kerrie Swadling, Alison Cleary, Leonie Suter, Christine Weldrick 
S1017341Tiziana DurazzanoOral From polar night to midnight sun: exploring functional diversity of copepod communities in the Barents SeaTiziana Durazzano, Camilla Svensen, Andre W. Visser, Janne Søreide, Haakon Hop 
S1017189Hauke FloresOral Impact of sea-ice decline on Arctic zooplankton vertical migration revealed by an autonomous observatory and implications for ecosystem monitoring in the polar oceansHauke Flores, Gaëlle Veyssière, Giulia Castellani, Jeremy Wilkinson, Mario Hoppmann, Michael Karcher, Lovro Valcic, Astrid Cornils, Maxime Geoffroy, Marcel Nicolaus, Barbara Niehoff, Pierre Priou, Katrin Schmidt, Julienne Stroeve 
S1017050Valentin DJIANOral Macrozooplankton from Crozet to Kerguelen and subtropical Southern Indian OceanValentin DJIAN, Camille MERLAND, Marion THELLIER, Boris LEROY, Cedric COTTE, Philippe KOUBBI 
S1017062Sabrina L. GrovesOral Maximum entropy (MaxEnt) model predicts northward shift in Bering Sea cold pool and change in euphausiid distributionSabrina L. Groves, David Kimmel, Emily Lemagie, Jian Zhao, Dong Liang, Hongsheng Bi 
S1017324Weronika PatułaOral Meroplankton distribution hotspots along the Northeast Atlantic shelvesWeronika Patuła, Marta Ronowicz, Piotr Kukliński and Agata Weydmann-Zwolicka 
S1017143Elizaveta A. ErshovaOral Physiological condition and distribution of Calanus hyperboreus and C. glacialis highlight interspecies differences in their life cycle strategy within the central Arctic OceanHans-Juergen Hirche, Elizaveta A. Ershova, Ksenia N. Kosobokova and Russell R. Hopcroft 
S1017127E. A. ErshovaOral Physiological condition and distribution of Calanus hyperboreus and C. glacialis highlight interspecies differences in their life cycle strategy within the central Arctic OceanH.J. Hirche, E. A. Ershova, K.N. Kosobokova and R.R. Hopcroft 
S1017126E. A. ErshovaOral Physiological condition and distribution of Calanus hyperboreus and C. glacialis highlight interspecies differences in their life cycle strategy within the central Arctic OceanH.J. Hirche, E. A. Ershova, K.N. Kosobokova and R.R. Hopcroft 
S1017262Anette WoldOral Unique zooplankton diversity in the deep Nansen and Amundsen basins of the Arctic OceanAnette Wold1, Haakon Hop1, Camilla Svensen2, Janne E. Søreide3, Mateusz Ormanczyk4 and Slawomir Kwasniewski4 
S1017074Hayley McLennanOral Using acoustic data to evaluate critical zooplankton prey thresholds for foraging bowhead whales in the Canadian ArcticHayley McLennan, Sarah Fortune, Manon den Haan, Alexis Bazinet, Connor Mackie, Ricky Kilabuk and Andrew S. Brierley 
S1017243Erin KunischOral What we do in the dark: Prevalence of omnivorous feeding activity in Arctic zooplankton during polar nightErin H. Kunisch, Martin Graeve, Rolf Gradinger, Hauke Flores, Øystein Varpe, Bodil A. Bluhm 
S1017337Barbara NiehoffOral Year-round reproductive activity of copepods in the Arctic OceanBarbara Niehoff, Johanna Bürger, Astrid Cornils, Nadine Knüppel, Carin Ashjian, Robert Campbell, Giulia Castellani, Hauke Flores, Celia Gelfman, Nicole Hildebrandt, Serdar Sakinan, Katrin Schmidt, Katyann Shoemaker, and MOSAiC TEAMs Eco & Ocean 
S1017094Colleen E. HarpoldOral Zooplankton community and transport dynamics in the Bering Canyon and Unimak Pass regions of the Bering Sea, AlaskaColleen E. Harpold, David Kimmel, Carol Ladd and Phyllis Stabeno 
S1017081Yunzhe LiuOral Zooplankton vertical stratification in the East-pacific and Indian sectors of the Southern OceanYunzhe Liu, Yanqing Wang, Yongming Sun, Guang Yang, Kerrie M. Swadling 
S1017213Sanna MajanevaPoster Arctic zooplankton in changing marine lightscapeMartta Viljanen, Malin Daase, Markus Majaneva, Kristian Donner, Magnus Lindström, Geir Johnsen and Sanna Majaneva 
S1017307Wilhelm HagenPoster Assimilation and turnover rates of specific lipid compounds in dominant Antarctic copepods: CSIA, a cutting-edge tool to reveal ecophysiological adaptations in polar oceans during times of climate changeWilhelm Hagen, Laurice Boissonnot, Barbara Niehoff and Martin Graeve 
S1017254Kathryn CookPoster Ecophysiology of Calanus finmarchicus in the Fram Strait during and after the phytoplankton bloomKathryn B. Cook, Florence Atherden, Holly Jenkins, Elaine Mitchell, Barry Thornton, Penelope K. Lindeque, Helen E. Parry, Elodie Jacob, Geraint A. Tarling, Daniel J. Mayor  
S1017219Astrid CornilsPoster Overwintering in the Central Arctic: Vertical and seasonal distribution of mesozooplankton Astrid Cornils, Barbara Niehoff, Nicole Hildebrandt, Nadine Knüppel, Carin Ashjian, Robert Campbell, Giulia Castellani, Celia Gelfman, Serdar Sakinan, Katrin Schmidt, Fokje Schaafsmaa, Katyann Shoemaker, Martina Vortkamp and Hauke Flores 
S1017344Robert G CampbellPoster The role of zooplankton in carbon and nitrogen transformations in the Central Arctic OceanRobert G. Campbell, Carin Ashjian, Cecilia Gelfman, Katyanne Shoemaker, Giulia Castellani, Nicole Hildebrandt, Serdar Sakinan, Katrin Schmidt, Astrid Cornils, Sandra Murawski, Barbara Niehoff, Hauke Flores and MOSAiC Team ECO 
S1017093Pimnara RiengchanPoster What shells can tell us: Seasonal changes in calcification depth of Southern Ocean pteropodsPimnara Riengchan, Kerrie Swadling, Zanna Chase and Christine Weldrick 
S1017049Christine K. WeldrickPoster Zooplankton abundance, distribution and size structure along the Mawson coast, East AntarcticaChristine K. Weldrick, Inessa Corney, Madeleine J. Brasier, Alicia Burns, Olivia J. Johnson, Jessica Melvin, and Dale Maschette 
S1117236Qing WangOral A comparative analysis of DNA metabarcoding and morphological identification for evaluating zooplankton diversity in the Pearl River Estuary, ChinaQing Wang, Tianqi Yin and Jieli Li 
S1117251Joseph WarrenOral Can semi-seasonal net tow and echosounder surveys measure spatial and temporal variations in zooplankton communities in the New York Bight ?Joseph Warren, Toniann Keiling, Rachel Carlowicz, Monique Escalante, Delaney Costante, and Brandyn Lucca  
S1117052Georgia PollardOral Developing a high-throughput genetic method to elucidate the diversity and abundance of zooplankton from Southern-Ocean Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) collectionsGeorgia Pollard, Matt Pinkerton, Mary Sewell, Moira Décima, Charles Lee and Craig Cary 
S1117349Kym C. JacobsonOral Evaluating new approaches for zooplankton monitoring and ecology studies: is eDNA a tool that is ready to advance our science? Kym C. Jacobson, Samantha M. Zeman, Edward W. Davis II, Jennifer L. Fisher, and Nicolaus Adams  
S1117271Mauricio Díaz-TrombertOral ParticleTrieur: A New Software for Zooplankton Automatic Identification Using CNNsMauricio Díaz-Trombert, Ross Marchant, Thang De Le, Johanna Medellín-Mora, Marc Pagano2, Thibault De Garidel, Cristele Chevalier  
S1117281Kim Sven LastOral Pop Goes the Plankton: Investigating the soundscape of copepods using active and passive acousticsJessica Green, Laura Hobbs, Nienke van Geel, Denise Risch, Ben Wilson and Kim Sven Last 
S1117291Anaïs Lacoursière-RousselOral The implementation of a mesozooplankton automated classification system to optimize the Canadian bivalve Aquaculture Monitoring ProgramAnaïs Lacoursière-Roussel, Thomas Guyondet, Chris McKindsey, Stephen Finnis, Ruben Cordero, Ramon Filgueira, Cyril Aubry and Frédéric Maps 
S1117181Felicity R. McEnnultyPoster Integrating modern techniques with traditional plankton taxonomyFelicity R. McEnnulty, Anthony J. Richardson, Claire H. Davies, Frank E. Coman, Ruth S. Eriksen, Jason D. Everett, Anita Slotwinski, Mark L. Tonks and Julian Uribe-Palomino 
S1217032Carolina GiraldoOral A matter of size and season: insights into planktonic food-web dynamics in a temperate coastal ecosystemCarolina Giraldo1, Pierre Cresson1, Kirsteen MacKenzie1, Virginie Fontaine1,2, Christophe Loots1, Alice Delegrange2 and Sébastien Lefebvre2. 
S1217301Tor Mowatt-LarssenOral Diel vertical migration, seasonality, and a long-term increase in larval deep-sea fishes in the subtropical North Atlantic GyreTor Mowatt-Larssen, Deborah K. Steinberg, Sarah C. Muffelman, Miguel Montalvo, Meredith A. Nolan, and Eric J. Hilton  
S1217260Luis AvilaOral Eurytemora unmasked: The trophic role of a cryptic copepod complex in the St. Lawrence EstuaryLuis Avila, Maria Martinez-Silva, Pascal Sirois and Gesche Winkler 
S1217173Holger AuelOral Highly productive, but not the same: Zooplankton traits driving trophic transfer efficiency in the Humboldt Current vs. the Benguela Current upwelling systemsHolger Auel, Maya Dalby, Sabrina Dorschner, Wilhelm Hagen and Anna Schukat 
S1217244Meredith A. NolanOral Larval Grey Rockcod: A potential climate change “winner” with implications for the western Antarctic Peninsula food webMeredith A. Nolan, Kiera M. Sears, Adena J. Schonfeld, Andrew D. Corso, Deborah K. Steinberg, and Eric J. Hilton 
S1217123Carolin J. NevenOral Spatial patterns in zooplankton’s nutritional potential for small pelagic fish revealed by fatty acid and community composition analysisCarolin J. Neven, Alain Lefebvre, David Devreker, Guillaume Wacquet, Philippe Soudant, Paul Marchal, Fabrice Pernet and Carolina Giraldo 
S1217185Melanie D BorupOral The diet of the bald notothen Trematomus borchgrevinki, a zooplanktivorous generalist, in East Antarctica Melanie D Borup, Christine Weldrick, Philippe Koubbi, Eric Tavernier, Jean-Baptiste Favier and Kerrie Swadling 
S1217268Vânia BaptistaOral Trophic ecology of the little fish post-larvae of São Tomé IslandVânia Baptista, Ester Dias, Joana Cruz, João Encarnação, Rita Domingues, Hugulay Maia, Edson Santos, Diolay Rosário, Fernando Umbelina, Wadmilton Fernandes, Jerónimo Bastos, M. Alexandra Teodósio 
S1217041Toru KobariOral Trophic sources and pathways toward fish larvae under spring phytoplankton bloom in the neighboring waters of the KuroshioToru Kobari, Ayane Taniguchi, Gen Kume, Masafumi Kodama, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita and Junya Hirai 
S1217336Graziele Ann S. TaclasPoster Distribution and Abundance of Chaetognaths in Verde Island Passage, Southern Luzon, Philippines during the summer with emphasis on Flaccisagitta enflata (Grassi, 1881) and Aidanosagitta neglecta (Aida, 1897)Graziele Ann S. Taclas, Wilfredo L. Campos 
S1217037Gen KumePoster The diet of Anguilliformes leptocephali in the Kuroshio Current and adjacent watersGen Kume, Akinori Minagawa, Satoru Jinno, Junya Hirai, Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Akimasa Habano, Masafumi Kodama and Toru Kobari 
S1317166Malin DaaseOral Activity patterns and respiration rates of overwintering Arctic and subarctic Calanus speciesMalin Daase, Estelle Coguiec, Kim Last, Jonathan Cohen, Gérald Darnis and Maxime Geoffroy 
S1317025Frédéric MapsOral Fat chance: can in situ imagery and machine learning provide a clearer picture of Arctic zooplankton lipidscape ?Frédéric Maps Piotr Pasza Storożenko Jędrzej Świeżewski Cyril Aubry Sakina-Dorothée Ayata 
S1317172Aaron F. WienkersOral Mechanistic Modelling of Seasonal Vertical Migrations in a Changing ClimateAaron F. Wienkers, Jessica Y. Luo, Charles Stock, and Charlotte Laufkötter 
S1317303Alexei PinchukOral Spatial distribution and population structure of Neocalanus copepods in the eastern subarctic Pacific during winter and spring 2022.Alexei I. Pinchuk, Moira D. Galbraith 
S1317107Rubao JiOral Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Calanus finmarchicus on the Northwest Atlantic ShelfRubao Ji, Jeffrey A. Runge, Isabel A. Honda, Cabell S. Davis, Peter H. Wiebe 
S1317288Daniel J. MayorOral Stepping towards a mechanistic representation of the seasonal lipid pump in global ocean biogeochemical modelsThomas R. Anderson, Dag O. Hessen, Wendy C. Gentleman, Andrew Yool and Daniel J. Mayor 
S1317118Vittoria RoncalliOral The search for a molecular signature for dormancy in calanoid copepods Vittoria Roncalli, Matthew C. Cieslak, Lauren N. Block, Ann M. Castelfranco, Daniel K. Hartline, Petra H. Lenz 
S1317227Catherine L. JohnsonOral The southern Gulf of St. Lawrence as foraging habitat for the North Atlantic right whale: the role of Calanus diapause and regional circulationCatherine L. Johnson, Stéphane Plourde, Kevin A. Sorochan, Catherine E. Brennan, Nicolas Le Corre, Laura K. Helenius 
S1317051Lauren N. BlockOral Winter recruitment of lipid-rich copepod nauplii in the Northern Gulf of AlaskaLauren N. Block and Petra H. Lenz 
S1317355Angus AtkinsonPoster Calanus hyperboreus seasonal migration – the early, the late and the transientKatrin Schmidt, Angus Atkinson, Martin Graeve, Wilhelm Hagen, Barbara Niehoff, Astrid Cornils, Benoit Lebreton, Serdar Sakinan, Céline Heuzé, Nahid Welteke, Sabrina Dorschner, Robert G. Campbell, Simon T. Belt, and Hauke Flores 
S1317030Marijana HurePoster Diel and seasonal vertical migration of Calanus helgolandicus and Neocalanus gracilis in the deep southern Adriatic (NE Mediterranean)Marijana Hure, Mirna Batistić, Rade Garić 
S1317343Akash SastriPoster Interannual variation of overwintering abundance of Neocalanus plumchrus in the Strait of Georgia, BC, Canada.Akash R. Sastri, Kelly Young, Julian Smith, Moira Galbraith, and R. Ian Perry 
S1317300Njabulo MdluliPoster Zooplankton assemblages associated with submarine canyons off the east coast of South Africa. Njabulo Mdluli, Nicola Carrasco, Jenny Huggett and Shael Harris3 
S1417258Cecilia M. LiszkaOral  Distinct diurnal and seasonal variation in the distribution of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) during austral winterCecilia M. Liszka1, Mark Belchier2, Tracey Dornan1, Sophie Fielding1, Sue Gregory2, Jennifer A. Jackson1, Geraint A. Tarling1, and Martin A. Collins1 
S1417109Abigail J. R. SmithOral Acoustic signature of faecal pellets from Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)Abigail J. R. Smith and Martin J. Cox 
S1417292Alexis A. BahlOral Cataloging past efforts to inform future priorities for modeling Antarctic Krill growth and development: a synthesis and conceptualizationAlexis A. Bahl, Dominik Bahlburg, Devi Veytia, Zephyr Sylvester, David Green, Svenja Halfter, Cecilia Liszka, et al. 
S1417033So KawaguchiOral Developing a Krill Stock Hypothesis to inform krill fishery management in Southwest Atlantic Sector of the Southern OceanSo Kawaguchi and Bettina Meyer 
S1417264Nadine M. JohnstonOral Developing a strategy for future Southern Ocean zooplankton research: knowledge gaps and research prioritiesNadine M. Johnston, Eugene J Murphy, Angus A. Atkinson, and Andrew J. Constable, and 29 Others 
S1417348Andrew S. BrierleyOral Don’t forget the zooplankton: is the Antarctic krill fishery really ‘the cleanest fishery in the world in terms of it’s [sic] extremely low bycatch rate’ if Ice krill are considered?Andrew S. Brierley, Martin J. Cox and Simon N. Jarman  
S1417167Deborah K. SteinbergOral Effects of recent and unprecedented warming and low sea ice on zooplankton of the West Antarctic Peninsula Deborah K. Steinberg, Maya Thomas, Meredith Nolan, Andrew Corso, John Conroy, Carlos Moffatt, Sharon Stammerjohn, and Oscar Schofield 
S1417114Aditya SharmaOral Fine-scale variability in krill transport pathways between the Western Antarctic Peninsula and South GeorgiaAditya Sharma, Stuart Corney, Abigail J.R. Smith, Sally E. Thorpe and Eugene J. Murphy 
S1417305John A. ConroyOral Harvesting long-term survey data to develop macrozooplankton distribution models for the Antarctic PeninsulaJohn A. Conroy, Megan Cimino, Christian Reiss, Jarrod A. Santora and Deborah K. Steinberg 
S1417161Cox MJOral Krill super-swarms provide important foraging grounds for whales near the Southern Kerguelen Plateau Cox MJ et al 
S1417119Dominik BahlburgOral Mapping encounters between krill fishing vessels and air-breathing predatorsDominik Bahlburg, Sebastian Menze, Bettina Meyer 
S1417029Kim S. BernardOral The Omnivore’s Advantage: Diet and the winter physiology of Antarctic krill, Euphausia superbaKim S. Bernard, Julia M. Fontana, Rachel L. Kaplan, Kirsten B. Steinke, Abby L. Tomita, Giulia A. Wood 
S1417170Leonie SuterOral Using environmental DNA (eDNA) for monitoring in the Southern Ocean: understanding limitations and opportunitiesLeonie Suter, Bruce Deagle, So Kawaguchi, Rob King, John Kitchener, Georgia Nester, Andrea Polanowski, Ben Raymond, Simon Wotherspoon, Anna MacDonald 
S1417021Svenja HalfterOral Zooplankton as indicators of change in the Ross Sea ecosystemSvenja Halfter, Karen Robinson, Sarah Bury, Caroline Chin, Moira Décima, Rob Stewart and Matt Pinkerton 
S1417020RAJANI KANTA MISHRAOral Zooplankton diversity with respect to biophysical processes in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean R. K. Mishra, Sreerag. A, V. Venkatramana and Melena A Soares  
S1417034Sarah A. du PreezOral Zooplankton variability around the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands and the influence of the environment.Sarah A. du Preez, Tarron Lamont and Jenny A. Huggett 
S1417169Haiting ZhangPoster Autumn food availability of Antarctic krill and the role of body size in nutrient accumulation revealed by fatty acids in Bransfield StraitHaiting Zhang, Guoping Zhu, Hui Liu and Kerrie Swadling 
S1417320Vishwadeep RoutPoster Probing ancient Antarctic krill populationsVishwadeep Rout, Leonie Suter, Kerrie Swadling, So Kawaguchi and Linda Armbrecht 
S1517261Teresa Sofia Giesta da SilvaInvited New insights into the ecological role of krill in the Icelandic marine ecosystemTeresa Sofia Giesta da Silva 
S1517055Rob KingOral A new method for sampling the biology of the surface ocean - RSV Nuyina’s wet well sampling systemRob King, Steve Whiteside, So Kawaguchi, Mike Murphy, Jia Wei Tan, Brian Winship, Christopher Chin, Michael Woodward. 
S1517338Nicole HellesseyOral An Individual-Based Model (IBM) of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) swimming behaviour: From experimental observations to a working modelNicole Hellessey, Nicholas Record, David Fields, David Murphy, Kuvvat Garayev and Marc Weissburg 
S1517154Macarena Díaz-AstudilloOral Contrasting responses of euphausiid species to environmental and biological drivers explain the low coastal krill diversity of the Humboldt Current SystemMacarena Díaz-Astudillo, Gonzalo Saldías, Ramiro Riquelme-Bugueño and Kim Bernard 
S1517352Ramiro Riquelme-BugueñoOral Global patterns of krill biogeography driven by temperature: assessing current and future scenariosRamiro Riquelme-Bugueño, Jocelyn Silva-Aburto and Macarena Diaz-Astudillo 
S1517046Jaime Färber LordaOral Krill morphological differentiation. I.- A comparison of Somatic Length relationships for Eastern tropical north Pacific, California Current and Antarctic species. Jaime Färber Lorda, Magnolia Murcia, Alan Giraldo 
S1517042Rachel KaplanOral Krill swarms offer variable energy density to predators in the Northern California Current systemRachel Kaplan 1,2, Kim Bernard 2, Jennifer Fisher 3, Elizabeth Daly 4, Abby Tomita 2, Amanda Kent 2, Solene Derville 1 and Leigh Torres 1 
S1517175Luke N BrokenshaOral Mapping distribution of Euphausiid species in the Southern Ocean using Continuous Plankton Recorder dataLuke N Brokensha 
S1517026Jaime Gómez-GutiérrezOral Negligible decadal changes in euphausiid abundance and zooplankton biovolume (1957–2019) indicate zooplankton high resilience in the Gulf of CaliforniaGómez-Gutiérrez J, García-Fernández F, Lavaniegos BE, Gendron D, Sánchez-Uvera AR, De Silva-Dávila A, Ambriz-Arreola I, Aceves-Medina G, Hendrickx M, González-Rodríguez E, Hernández-Rivas ME, Robinson CJ 
S1517136Dmitry KulaginOral Similar but different: phylogeography of the two co-occuring biantitropical krill species Thysanoessa gregaria and Hansarsia megalops in the Atlantic OceanDmitry Kulagin, Ulyana Simakova, Anastasiia Lunina, Alexander Vereshchaka 
S1517060Fanyu ZhouOral The wide distribution of Euphausia species in the low-latitude ecosystem supported by the flexible omnivory: two cases in the low-latitude Indian and Pacific Oceans Fanyu Zhou, Junya Hirai, Koji Hamasaki, Sachiko horii, Takuya Sato and Atsushi Tsuda 
S1517073Stein KaartvedtOral Varying individual swimming behavior of the krill Meganyctiphanes norvegicaStein Kaartvedt and Svenja Christiansen 
S1517176Luke N BrokenshaPoster Comparing mesopelagic and epipelagic diet in Euphausia superba using two methodsLuke N Brokensha, Dr. Christine Weldrick, Dr. Ruth Eriksen, associate prof. Kerrie Swadling 
S1517178Yuji OkazakiPoster Current status of krill fishery operation in the Sanriku coastal area, JapanYuji Okazaki and Yutaka Kurita 
S1517084Giulia A. WoodPoster Response of euphausiids in the southeastern Bering Sea to environmental variability between a recent cold (2008-2012) and warm (2014-2018) periodGiulia A. Wood, Kim S. Bernard, Lorenzo Ciannelli and David G. Kimmel  
S1617072Tyler RohrInvited Beyond Closure: Building a Paradigm where Grazing Pressure is Constrained in Biogeochemical Models.Tyler Rohr 
S1617345Wendy GentlemanInvited Harnessing the power of process-based modelling to advance zooplankton ecology Wendy C. Gentleman 
S1617056Ryan HeneghanOral Climate-driven zooplankton shifts cause large-scale declines in food quality for fishRyan F. Heneghan, Jason Everett, Patrick Sykes, Julia Blanchard, Anthony Richardson 
S1617022Sylvie King Oral Evaluating ACCESS-OM2 zooplankton biomass estimates using empirical observationsSylvie King, Edward Doddridge, Alex Fraser, Pat Wongpan, Kerrie Swadling.  
S1617112Patrick PataOral Extracting region-specific trait values of functional groups from a global zooplankton trait databasePatrick R. Pata, Moira Galbraith, Kelly Young, Akash R. Sastri R. Ian Perry and Brian P. V. Hunt 
S1617205Sophie A. MeyjesOral Impact of global variability in zooplankton grazing rates on carbon export fluxSophie A. Meyjes, Colleen M. Petrik, Tyler Rohr, B. B. Cael and Ali Mashayek 
S1617334Eva ChamorroOral Improving a coupled physical-biological ocean model based on a meta-analysis of Calanus finmarchicus vertical distribution in relation to environmental variables.Eva Chamorro, Sünnje Basedow, Ingrid Elligsen, Kanchana Bandara, Kaja Balazy, Cecilie Broms, Malin Daase, Eilif Gaard, Sören Häfker, Xabier Irigoien, Slawomir Kwasniewski, Martin Lindegren, Anders Mosbech, Hildur Petursdottir and Emilia Trudnowska 
S1617289Daniel J. MayorOral Mechanistic representation of zooplankton trophic transfer in a changing climateThomas R. Anderson, Dag O. Hessen and Daniel J. Mayor 
S1617190Corentin ClercOral Predicting the global spatio-temporal variability of zooplankton from field observations using a statistical habitat model ensemble to evaluate Earth System Models’ marine biogeochemical components.Corentin Clerc, Alexandre Schickele, Fabio Benedetti, Laurent Bopp and Olivier Aumont, and Meike Vogt 
S1617155Jason D EverettOral Self-organisation of zooplankton communities produces similar food chain lengths throughout the oceanJason D Everett1, Ryan F Heneghan, Julia L Blanchard, Iain M Suthers, Evgeny A Pakhomov, Patrick Sykes, David S Schoeman, Mark E Baird, OPC Consortium, Anthony J Richardson 
S1617171Kieran J. MurphyOral Zooplankton responses to historical exploitation and climate in East Antarctica: insights from a size spectrum model of Prydz BayKieran J. Murphy, Rowan Trebilco, Philip W. Boyd and Julia L. Blanchard 
S1617204Jason D EverettPoster Model-ready data products: Taking discrete zooplankton observations from the local to the global scaleJason D Everett, Ryan F Heneghan, Claire H. Davies, Anthony J Richardson 
S1617276Roxanne R. RobertsonPoster Pattern-oriented advances in an individual-based model for the North Pacific krill, Euphausia pacifica: improving realism and framing questions for future improvements Roxanne R. Robertson, Eric P. Bjorkstedt  
S1617302Laura Tavera Poster Protists richness macroecological patterns in the epipelagic realms of the Southeast Pacific Ocean (SPO)Sonia Yáñez, Laura Tavera, Garen Guzmán, Nicolás Espinoza, Margarita Marchant and Cristián E. Hernández. 
S1617275Sonia YanezPoster Species distribution as an approach for predicting diversity and endemism spatial patterns of plankton in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean.Sonia Yanez,Alessandra Quigley, Luca Borger, Maria Grazia Pennino, Marta Coll and Cristián E. Hernández  
S1617180Camila Cataldo MendezPoster Using Ecopath with detail zooplankton groups to evaluate the effect of reductions of sea ice in the food web structure.Camila Cataldo-Mendez, Kerrie Swadling, Roshni Subramaniam, Christine Weldrick 
S1717255Hinde AbdelouahabOral A snapshot of ichthyoneustonic assemblage off North-West AfricaHinde Abdelouahab, Omeima Mouiret, Omar Ettahiri, Tarik Baibai, Stamatina, Isari 
S1717142Omaima MouiretOral Interannual changes of ichthyoplankton assemblage structure off North-West Africa: insights from different nets Mouiret Omaima, Abdelouahab Hinde, Isari stamatina, Ettahiri Omar, Baibai Tarik, Aaamer Soukaina, Errhif Ahmed 
S1717240Valentina TirelliOral Zooplankton in the surface waters through the Greenland Sea Gyre.Valentina Tirelli, Elisa Putelli, Alessandra de Olazabal, Alenka Goruppi, Diego Borme, Elisa Banchi, David Stanković, Manuel Bensi, Vedrana Kovačević and Maurizio Azzaro 
S1817047Jaime Färber LordaOral A seasonal comparison of zooplankton vertical distribution in the OMZ of the Eastern tropical Mexican Pacific.Jaime Färber lorda, Margarita Rentería, Ofir Molina 
S1817141Macarena Díaz-AstudilloOral Diel changes in the distribution of zooplankton over a steep submarine canyon: Is there evidence of canyon-induced transport?Macarena Díaz-Astudillo, Gonzalo Saldías, Ramiro Riquelme-Bugueño, Manuel Castillo and Pedro Figueroa 
S1817313Kazutaka TakahashiOral Enhanced nitrogen regeneration by planktonic copepods in the oligotrophic subtropical ocean under active N2 fixationKazutaka Takahashi, Junya Hirai , Takuhei Shiozaki , Fuminori Hashihama 
S1817321Lutz Walther PostelOral Growth rates and biomass concentration - What determines large-scale zooplankton productivity pattern? Conclusions from a comprehensive study in the North AtlanticLutz Postel, Ted T. Packard, May Gómez, Lidia Yebra, Todd O’Brien and Hein Rune Skjoldal 
S1817323Lutz Walther PostelOral Growth rates and biomass concentration - What determines large-scale zooplankton productivity pattern? Conclusions from a comprehensive study in the North AtlanticLutz W Postel, Ted T. Packard, May Gómez, Lidia Yebra, Todd O’Brien and Hein Rune Skjoldal 
S1817117David GreenOral KRILLPODYM: a mechanistic, spatially resolved model of Antarctic krill distribution and abundanceDavid B. Green, Olivier Titaud, Sophie Bestley, Stuart P. Corney, Mark A. Hindell, Rowan Trebilco, Anna Conchon and Patrick Lehodey  
S1817231Anitha Mary DavidsonOral Kuroshio Current influenced planktonic copepod composition during different monsoonal periods in the waters off northeastern Taiwan, northwest PacificAnitha Mary Davidson, Yan-Guo Wang, Li-Chun Tseng and Jiang-Shiou Hwang 
S1817218Melanie D. BorupOral Life histories of common copepods in a nearshore marine environment, East AntarcticaMelanie D. Borup, Luke N. Brokensha, Camila Cataldo-Mendez, Inessa H. Corney, Sylvie King, Yunzhe Liu, Dale Maschette, Pimnara Riengchan, Haiting Zhang and Kerrie M. Swadling 
S1817057Parvez Chowdhury Oral Pelagic community structure and seasonal changes of zooplankton at Sado Island, Sea of Japan: comparison of the open sea and coastlineParvez Chowdhury and Midori Iida 
S1817326Chatragadda RameshOral Short-term but large biomass bloom of Pelagia noctiluca medusae shoals in the coastal waters as an ecological indicator: Research gaps and future scopeChatragadda Ramesh and Thimmu Shunmugaraj 
S1817249Michael R. Roman Oral Smaller copepods in the Anthropocene oceanMichael R. Roman and James J. Pierson 
S1817007Ceica Alfredo ChiozeOral The abundance and distribution of mesozooplankton communities on the Mozambique shelfCeiça A. Chioze, Jenny A. Huggett, Stamatina Isari, Bernadino S. Malauene and Michael Roberts 
S1817101Wanting ChengOral The effects of gravity and number density on the swimming behavior of copepodWanting Cheng, Ye Tian, Zexu Li, Yongxiang Huang and Shi-Di Huang  
S1817298Maria GrigoratouOral The often-underappreciated value of zooplankton to humanity Maria Grigoratou on behalf of the group of authors “plankton passionates” (list of the 56 authors in the attached document) 
S1817250Nevena J. AlmeidaPoster Assessing changes in the size of Scomber scombrus and Trachurus trachurus spawning stocks in the NE Atlantic and North Sea through ichthyoplankton sampling in the international MEGS survey seriesNevena J. Almeida, Linford Mann, Richard Nash and Sophie Pitois 
S1817164Yuichiro NishibePoster Egg dormancy in the perennial copepod Acartia hudsonica in a northern temperate bayYuichiro Nishibe, Aiko Tachibana and Atsushi Tsuda 
S1817100Kwee Siong TewPoster Iron fertilization can enhance the mass production of copepod, Pseudodiaptomus annandalei, for fish aquacultureGuo-Kai Hong and Kwee Siong Tew 
S1817312Xuejia HePoster Plastic responses to warming and nitrogen availability in a subtropical copepod Pseudodiaptomus annandaleiXuejia He, Zhixian Pan, Baoye An, Gaoming Xu, and Ziyu Wang 
W0117152Jennifer QuestelInvited Efforts on DNA barcoding deep-sea zooplankton from the Gulf of Alaska, North Pacific OceanJennifer Questel, Caitlin Smoot, Allen Collins, Dhugal Lindsay and Russell Hopcroft 
W0117362Junya HiraiInvited Reference sequence data for marine zooplankton in the era of high-throughput sequencingJunya Hirai 
W0117139Todd D. O'BrienOral Assessing barcoding completeness by taxonomic group and ocean region using the MetaZooGene Atlas and Database (MZGdb)Todd D. O'Brien and MetaZooGene (SCOR WG157) members 
W0117184Mary Mar N. PayneOral Evaluation of zooplankton biodiversity in two critical coastal ecosystems in the Province of Aklan, Philippines using DNA metabarcoding: estuary versus coral reefMary Mar N. Payne, Junya Hirai, Jean Rose Maquirang, Yasmin H. Primavera-Tirol, Wilfredo L. Campos 
W0117103Ann BucklinOral Reference COI Barcode Database for Euphausiids: Progress, Prospects and Promise for Understanding Biodiversity, Biogeography and Demographic HistoryAnn Bucklin, Paola G. Batta-Lona, Jennifer M. Questel, Vickie You, Richard Antosca and Peter H. Wiebe 
W0217367Todd D. O'BrienOral The WGZE InfoHub: An online portal for sharing links to data, tools, and other useful resources for plankton and ecosystems researchTodd D. O'Brien 
W0317130Todd D. O'BrienInvited A 20-year history of plankton time series compilation and comparison efforts: Lessons learned and techniques developedTodd D. O'Brien 
W0317163Julie E. KeisterOral Comparison of the response of copepods to interannual change across three regions of the North PacificJulie E. Keister and David G. Kimmel 
W0317306John A. ConroyOral Empirical dynamic modeling to understand zooplankton time series amid climate changeJohn A. Conroy, Megan Cimino, Jarrod A. Santora, Deborah K. Steinberg and Stephan Munch 
W0317269Arantza IriarteOral Interannual patterns and shifts in neritic and brackish mesozooplankton communities in temperate estuaries of the Bay of Biscay during the last two decadesArantza Iriarte, Fernando Villate, Felipe Muñoz and Ibon Uriarte 
W0317272Priscilla LicandroOral Intra- and cross-basins comparison of zooplankton time series to further investigate observed changes in Mediterranean coastal communitiesEhsan S. Vesal, Patrizia Borrello, Roberta De Angelis, Alessandra De Olazabal, Marina Giallain, Alenka Goruppi, Sarah Magozzi, Maria G. Mazzocchi, Valentina Tirelli, Paolo Vassallo, Paolo Povero, Maila Severini, Emanuela Spada and Priscilla Licandro 
W0317319Jennifer L. FisherOral Patterns, processes, and challenges maintaining a high frequency multi-decadal time series of hydrographic and plankton observations off Newport, Oregon, USAJennifer L. Fisher, Samantha M. Zeman, Kym Jacobson and Anna Bolm 
W0317368Kazuaki TadokoroOral Seasonal variation of mesozooplankton community structure around Japan, western North Pacific OceanKazuaki Tadokoro 
W0317304Anas ArhoumPoster Interannual variability of microphytoplankton communities in the Southwestern Alboran Sea (Mediterranean coast of Morocco)Anas ARHOUM, Laila SOMOUE, Omar ETTAHIRI, Tarik BAIBA and Nadia Rharbi 
W0417354Johanna Medellín-MoraOral Uncovering the Composition and Diversity of Pelagic Copepods in the Oligotrophic Blue Water of the South Pacific Subtropical GyreJohanna Medellín-Mora, Rubén Escribano, Andrea Corredor-Acosta, Pamela Hidalgo, Wolfgang Schneider 
W0417194Kaizhi LiPoster Status of morphological taxonomy of zooplankton in the South China SeaKaizhi Li 
W0517105Clare OstleOral The Plankton Lifeform Extraction Tool (PLET)The UK Pelagic Expert Group 

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China, PRS014
China, PRS024
China, PRS031
China, PRS041
China, PRS061
China, PRS071
China, PRS084
China, PRS111
China, PRS182
China, PRW041
Korea, RS011
Korea, RS021
Korea, RS031
Korea, RS061
New ZealandS021
New ZealandS032
New ZealandS111
New ZealandS141
South AfricaS041
South AfricaS061
South AfricaS131
South AfricaS141
South AfricaS181
Sri LankaS021
The NetherlandsS031
The NetherlandsS042
The NetherlandsS082
United KingdomS025
United KingdomS035
United KingdomS062
United KingdomS071
United KingdomS084
United KingdomS104
United KingdomS111
United KingdomS132
United KingdomS143
United KingdomS162
United KingdomS181
United KingdomW051