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Marine Socio-Ecological Systems Symposium
June 3-7, 2024, Yokohama, Japan

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Presentation TypePotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S0117487Olivier ThébaudOral (Mal)adapting to climate change: A stylized fishery exampleJennifer Beckensteiner, Fabio Boschetti and Olivier Thébaudyes
S0117575Paul CarvalhoOral A Toolbox for Socio-Ecological Modeling in Multi-Use Marine SpacesLisa Pfeiffer, Paul Carvalho and Alan Haynieyes (by Paul Carvalho)
S0117669Steven SaulOral Biological, economic, and nutritional trade-offs managing Indonesia’s snapper and grouper fisherySteven Saul Ernesto Carrella Fayakun Satria Lilis Sadiyah Peter Mous Aarthi Ananthanarayanan, Richard Bailey, Chris Dorsett, Michael Drexler, Diding S. Efendi Rani Ekawaty Austin Humphries, and Elle Wibisonoyes
S0117633Benjamin PlanqueOral Causal modelling of climate-fish-fisheries. Confronting conceptual models with data.Benjamin Planque, Etienne Hamard and Lucie Buttayyes
S0117542Zhibin XuOral Combining agent-based modelling and Bayesian exponential random graphs for calculating social-ecological fit: The case of sousa chinensis reserves in ChinaMingbao Chen and Zhibin Xuyes
S0117471Geret DePiperOral Coupled Socioecological Qualitative Modeling in Support of Management: The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council’s Ecosystem Approach to Fishery ManagementGeret DePiper, Sarah Gaichas, and Brandon Muffleyyes, placeholder
S0117648Jorge Suarez-CaballeroOral Developing an integrated land-ocean-ecosystem model to assess terrestrial anthropogenic impacts on coral reef areasJorge L. Suarez-Caballero, Ren Okumura, Masataka Muto and Takashi Nakamurayes
S0117687Alistair HobdayOral Foresighting as a means of improving anticipatory scientific capacity and strategic planningAlistair J. Hobday et alyes
S0117432Jonas LetschertOral Potential effects of spatial fishing restrictions and co-location opportunities on North Sea fisheriesJonas Letschert, Prince Bonsu, Birgit Müller, Gunnar Dressler, Christian Möllmann and Vanessa Stelzenmülleryes, placeholder
S0117472Sophie GourguetOral Representing key interactions driving the dynamics of marine mammal -fisheries conflicts: A qualitative modelling approachSophie Gourguet, Manuel Bellanger, Benjamin Dudouet, Olivier Thébaud, Nicolas Bécu and Sigrid Lehutayes, placeholder
S0117460Tyler EddyOral Scenarios for the future ocean: A FishMIP approachTyler D. Eddy, Derek P. Tittensor, Olivier Mauryyes, placeholder
S0117564Flavio PiconeOral The Cruise Control Guide: A social-ecological framework to navigate the impacts of cruise tourism on nature and local communitiesFlavio Picone, Joachim Claudetyes
S0117483Szymon SurmaOral Tradeoffs and uncertainty: Towards ecosystem-based management of Northeast Pacific herring fisheriesSzymon Surma, Tony J. Pitcher, and Evgeny A. Pakhomovyes, placeholder
S0117611Jason LinkPlenary A brief overview of modeling to operationalize ecosystem-based management of marine socio-ecological systemsJason S. Linkyes
S0117534Mubarak MammelPoster Ecological modeling of greater amberjack habitat: Unraveling the impact of El Niño and La Niña events in the Taiwan StraitMubarak Mammel and Ming-An Leeyes, S3->S1
S0117578Sung-Jin ChoPoster Simulation study on the impact of COVID-19 on sustainable marine tourism: A system dynamics approachSung-Jin Choyes, S3->S1
S0117630Estee Vermeulen-Miltz Withdrawal A system dynamics model to support marine spatial planning in Algoa Bay, South AfricaEstee Vermeulen-Miltz, Jai Clifford-Holmes, Ursula Scharler and Amanda Lombardno, cancel talk, placeholder yes
S0117560Scott CondieWithdrawal Agent-based modelling of polarized attitudes and social acceptabilityScott A. Condie and Corrine M. Condieno, cancel talk yes
S0117553Milagros Franco-MeléndezWithdrawal Assessing local sustainability of fisheries system: The case of TURFs in the Biobio Region, ChileMilagros T. Franco-Meléndez, Luis A. Cubillos, Jorge Tam Málaga, Ingrid van Putten, and Simón Hernandez Aguadono, cancel poster, S7->S1 yes
S0117529Trevor HuttonWithdrawal Comparing efficiency changes in fishing fleets with estimates of fishing powerTrevor Hutton Sean Pascoecancelled yes
S0117424Helven Naranjo MadrigalWithdrawal Developing and applying a socio-ecological model to improving Responsible Marine Fishing Areas comanagement in Costa RicaHelven Naranjo Madrigalno, cancel poster yes
S0117517Debbi PedreschiWithdrawal Integrated Ecosystem Assessment of the Celtic Seas: Interdisciplinary approaches for transdisciplinary scienceDebbi Pedreschi, Denise O’Sullivan, Christina O’Donnell, Jed Kempf, Mike Heath and David G. Reidye, cancel this talk, placeholder yes
S0217672Lucy SzaboovaOral Addressing conceptual and methodological tensions on resilience for sustainable marine governanceLucy Szaboova, Sarah Sutcliffe, Rachel Turneryes
S0217482Szymon SurmaOral Applicability of the satoumi concept to Pacific herring management and conservationSzymon Surmayes, placeholder
S0217697Simon BushOral Aquaculture co-management in coastal and marine ecosystemsSimon R. Bush, KwangSuk Oh, Elisabetta Martone and Ava Razmjoono (recorded? Offer May 27)
S0217453Emma ChiaroniOral Collaborative marine governance with Indigenous Nations: The case of the Chumash Heritage National Marine SanctuaryEmma Chiaroniyes
S0217540Dina Abdel-FattahOral Developing EU-wide policy recommendations on ethical marine spatial planning under climate change: Implications and challenges in creating science-informed policy recommendations for future marine usesDina Abdel-Fattah, Irene Martins, Misse Wester and Stian Kleivenyes
S0217629Karen FisherOral Enhancing ecosystem-based management practices through transdisciplinary researchKaren Fisher, Elizabeth Macpherson, Eric Jorgensen, Justine Youngyes
S0217593Marloes Kraan (for Katell G. Hamon)Oral Estimating the socio-economic consequences of a decommissioning scheme on the Dutch fishery and fishing communitiesKatell G. Hamon, Marloes Kraan, Geert Hoekstra, Sinne van der Veer, Arie Klok and Bea Deetmanno, talk by co-author
S0217438Mingbao ChenOral Integrating the interdisciplinary of marine natural sciences and social sciences to promote the paradigm shift of Social OceanographyMingbao Chen, Zhibin Xu, Yuhao Wang and Maolin Liyes, placeholder
S0217702Marta BallesterosOral Integrating the socioeconomic dimensions in the Marine-Maritime Spatial PlanningJose Luis Santiago, Davinia Lojo, Marta Ballesterosyes, p->o
S0217499Kate BarclayOral Interdisciplinary fisheries management through social harvest control rulesKate M. Barclay, Simon R. Bush, Jan Jaap Poos, Andries Richter, Paul A. M. van Zwieten, et alyes, placeholder
S0217726Clara ObregónOral Mapping CBFM stakeholders’ landscape in VanuatuClara Obregón, Ryan Admiraal, Pita Neihapi, Ajay Arudere, Regina Ephraim, Vasemaca Malverus, Abel Sami, Aurélie Delisle, and Dirk J. Steenbergenyes, placeholder
S0217627Andrea ChanOral Minimum information management in U.S. fisheries: Can we infer changes in stock abundance from trends in market-based indicators?Akbar Marvasti and Andrea N. Chan???yes (if not, will be presented by a colleague
S0217572Dane Erlo MatorresOral Political economy and institutional effectiveness of coral restoration in the PhilippinesDane Erlo Matorres, Michael Fabinyi, Vera Horigue, Carmela Therese Novilla, Kate Barclay, Peter Harrison and Maria Vanessa Baria-Rodriguezyes
S0217556Olivier ThébaudOral Potentialities of incentive-based approaches to reduce marine mammal bycatchManuel Bellanger, Benjamin Dudouet, Sophie Gourguet, Olivier Thébaudyes
S0217574Natalie BanOral Research support for moving towards reconciliation in fisheries and marine spatial management: Examples from Pacific CanadaNatalie C Banyes
S0217547Abigayil BlandonOral Seafood sustainability values in Japan and SwedenAbigayil Blandon, Malin Jonell, Hiroe Ishihara and Aiora Zabalayes
S0217433Manuel AcostaOral The economic effects of the Individual Transferable Quota (ITQ) system on the catch of the bluefin tuna in the Strait of GibraltarManuel Acosta, Mª del Mar Cerbán, Daniel Coronado and Esther Ferrándizyes
S0217524Alan HaynieOral The past, present, and future roles of national and international organizations in interdisciplinary marine scienceAlan C. Haynie and Marta Ballesterosyes, placeholder
S0217618Carmela NovillaOral The privatization of marine protected area management in the Philippines: Can businesses be held to task to deliver sustainable outcomes?Carmela Therese Novilla, Michael Fabinyiyes, 3->S2
S0217533Julia BinghamOral The role of knowledge and governance pluralisms in supporting fisheries co-governance and Indigenous rights assertion in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia.Julia A Bingham, Saul Milne, Grant Murrayyes
S0217674Hiroaki SuginoOral Visualization of the overarching value network connecting people and seaHiroaki Sugino, Nobuyuki Yagiyes
S0217656Hélène BuchholzerOral Vulnerability applied to space competition between offshore wind farms and commercial fisheries: A critical approachHélène Buchholzer, Pascal Le Floc’h and Marjolaine Frésardyes, S10->S2
S0217646Bridget Mullany Oral Who’s actually dependent? Investigating coral reef dependency in the PhilippinesBridget Mullany, Michael Fabinyi and Kate Barclayyes
S0217725Emily OgierPlenary Taking stock: how are interdisciplinary research and cross-sectoral approaches serving marine governance? Vignettes and provocations from southern waters.Emily M. Ogieryes
S0217628Chang-woo KangPoster Blue Carbon-based response to coastal city declineChang-Woo Kang, Ji-ho Jung, Il-Sun Choi, Sang-Hyeok Lee, Ye-Lim Kimyes (poster only)
S0217546Zhengguang ZhuPoster Experiences sharing of Yellow sea large marine ecosystem projectZhengguang Zhu 
S0217588Sunmi KimPoster Putting blue carbon and ESG into ocean-based climate actionsJungho Nam, Sunmi Kim, Seokmun Choi, Changwoo Kang, and Jiho Jungyes, o->p
S0217527Marta BallesterosPosterREPUnfolding governance for the integrated analysis of marine social-ecological systemsMarta Ballesterosyes, placeholder
S0217660Mohammad Minhazul Islam Poster Who’s who in the mud crab fishery and business in Bangladesh: Mapping the production and value chainMohammad Minhazul Islam and Robbel Hossainyes
S0217495Danielle SmithRecordedOral The legal and ecological complexities of establishing the North Atlantic Current and Evlanov Sea-basin (NACES) marine protected areas in the North-East Atlantic region Danielle Smithno, recorded
S0217443Manuel BellangerWithdrawal Addressing marine and coastal governance conflicts at the interface of multiple sectors and jurisdictionsManuel Bellanger, Cameron Speir, Kate Brooks, Scott Crosson, Robby Fonner, Sophie Gourguet, Daniel S. Holland, Rebecca Lent, Gary D. Libecap, Douglas W. Lipton, Prateep Kumar Nayak, David Reid, Pierre Scemama, Robert Stephenson and Olivier Thébaudno, cancel talk, placeholder yes
S0217595Seokmun ChoiWithdrawalREP-2Challenges for the Activation of Blue Carbon through Social-Ecologcial Restoration in the OceanSeokmun Choino, cancel poster yes
S0217689Ingrid van PuttenWithdrawal Considering culture-behaviour interactions in fisheries management: A way forwardIngrid van Putten, Ruby Annand-Jones, and Christopher Cvitanovicno, cancel talk yes
S0217659Melina KourantidouWithdrawal Emerging fisheries from marine invasive species and socio-ecological transformationsMelina Kourantidouno, cancel talk, placeholder yes
S0217573Corrine CondieWithdrawal Evaluating policy options and management strategies for reducing marine stakeholder conflictCorrine M. Condie, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Marcus Haward, Scott A. Condieno, cancel talk yes
S0217694Amara H Steven Withdrawal Futureproofing aquaculture: Lessons learned from fisheriesAmara H. Steven, Darla Hatton MacDonald, Swee-Hoon Chuah, Matthew R. Keks, Hanne EF. Nielsen, Beth Fulton and Mary Mackayno, cancel talk yes
S0217670Wiebke HomesWithdrawal Governing marine protected areas for harbour porpoise conservation in the German North SeaWiebke Homesno, cancel talk yes
S0217441Md Mizanur RahmanWithdrawal Marine conservation in Bangladesh: The nitty-gritty of the legal, institutional, policy and strategic planning frameworksMd Mizanur Rahmanno, cancel talk yes
S0217638Jingzhu ShanWithdrawal Marine ecological damage compensation: Monetary compensation or ecological restoration?Jingzhu Shan, Jingmei Lino, cancel talk yes
S0217512Mohammad Mahmudul IslamWithdrawal Operationalization of Marine Protected Areas in Bangladesh: Governance ChallengesMohammad Mahmudul Islamno, cancel talk placeholder yes
S0217589Tiffany H MorrisonWithdrawal Overcoming lock-in of policy responses to reef heating: A global roadmapTiffany H. Morrison, Jon Barnett, Georgina G. Gurney, Jacqueline Lau, Michele L. Barnes, Josh Cinner, Missaka Hettiarachchi and Pip Cohenno, cancel talk yes
S0217652Jie SuWithdrawal Priority areas for restore mangroves and trade-offs with economic developmentJie Su and Alexandros Gasparatosno, cancel talk yes
S0217692Yeslem El vallyWithdrawal Quantitative mapping of effective habitats for the White grouper Epinephelus aeneus (Geoffroy Saint–Hilaire, 1817) in North West AfricaYeslem El Vally, Crespin Luc Quenum, Modou Thiaw , Jérôme Guitton, Beyah Meissa, Olivier Le Papeno, cancel poster yes
S0217496Lindsey WilliamsWithdrawal Science as Negotiation: What negotiation theory can teach us about the use of science in marine social-ecological systemsLindsey C. Williamsno, cancel talk yes
S0217475Amanda SchadebergWithdrawal Science is not enough: The role of legitimacy in the governance of emerging marine activitiesAmanda Schadeberg, Judith van Leeuwen, Rolf Groeneveld, Marloes Kraanno, cancel talk placeholder yes
S0217693Larelle BossiWithdrawal Shifting our current marine governance paradigm by building ocean cultures through ocean ethicsLarelle Bossino, cancel talk yes
S0217568Victoria SyddallWithdrawal Tangled lines: Examining Western and Central Pacific Tuna Social-ecological SystemsVictoria Margaret Syddallno, cancel talk yes
S0217439Jimmy MasagcaWithdrawal Transforming polycentric governance of coastal marine environments of Catandaunes island, PhilippinesJimmy T. Masagca and Jennifer A. Bercesno, Visa problem, cancelled talk yes
S0217655Rainbow Wing Sum LeungWithdrawalREP-1Understanding seagrass declines in Hong Kong: Historical trends, drivers, and mitigation strategiesRainbow W.S. Leung and Juan D. Gaitan-Espitiano, cancel poster yes
S0317458Janne HaugenOral A performance measure framework for ecosystem-based managementJanne B. Haugen, Jason S. Link, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Mark Dickey-Collas, and Alida Bundyyes, placeholder
S0317708Alistair Hobday (was Robert Stephenson)Oral Blueprint for Blue Economy ImplementationRobert L. Stephenson, Alistair J. Hobdayno, by co-author Hobday
S0317616Nicolas LewisOral Building a blue economy in Aotearoa / New Zealand: Practices, principles, and possibilitiesNicolas Lewisyes
S0317516Amber Himes-CornellOral Community-based Fisheries Management, Tenure Rights, and Achieving International Sustainability and Conservation Targets by 2030: Implications for Local CommunitiesAmber Himes-Cornell, Juan Lechuga Sánchez, Anthony Charlesyes, placeholder
S0317552Stewart FrusherOral Developing a new era for seafood production for a sustainable oceanStewart Frusheryes
S0317577Luciana XavierOral Harmony in the Wind: Unveiling Social Impacts of Wind Farm Development, a scoping reviewLuciana Y. Xavier, Geovanna P. Pereira, Alexander Turrayes
S0317601Erik OlsenOral How expanding the blue economy is increasing interest in ecosystem-based Marine Spatial planning in the Global SouthErik Olsen, Tune Usha, Siri Kumar Dash, Paula Santana Afonso, Eva Degré, Marianne Olsenyes
S0317437Danai Joanne TemboOral Sustainable fisheries: Bridging the gap between legislation and implementationDanai Joanne Temboyes, placeholder
S0317651Joachim Claudet (by Flavio Picone)Oral The MSP Index: A tool to guide and assess marine spatial planningJulie M Reimer, Rodolphe Devillers, Rachel Zuercher, Pascale Groulx, Natalie C Ban, Joachim Claudetno, by Flavio Picone (should be placeholder)
S0317435Brent WiseOral The United Arab Emirate’s Blue EconomyMohammed Salman Alhammadi, Brent Wise, Marcus Sheavesyes, S9->S3
S0317614Emily Ogier (for Sarah Lawless)Oral Toward socially responsible governance of marine climate interventionsSarah Lawless, Emily Ogier, Philippa Cohen, Georgina Gurney, Tiffany Morrisonno, by co-author Emily Ogier
S0317555Baker MatovOral Women in Maritime Transport: Persistent Challenges and Emerging Opportunities for Inclusion in the Blue Economy: A Case Study of IndiaBaker Matovu; Meltem Alkoyak-Yildizyes, oral and poster
S0317671Cristiana Simão SeixasPlenary The role of biodiversity and ecosystem services in Ocean-based prosperityCristiana S. Seixasyes
S0317647Hee-Jung ChoiPoster Sustainability assessment system for the oceanHee-Jung Choi, Kim Miju and Chan Woong Kimyes (wants poster only)
S0317503Andries RichterRecordedOral How non-compliance behavior affects investments in fishing quota and capitalFlorian Diekert, Yuanhao Li, Linda Nøstbakken and Andries Richteryes (or co-author) placeholder
S0317590Joel Kamdoum NgueukoWithdrawal Addressing marine spatial governance and sustainable blue growth challenges in Africa: Perspectives on the Gulf of Guinea’s exclusive economic zonesJoel Kamdoum Ngueukono, cancel talk (placeholder) yes
S0317514Stefan KoenigsteinWithdrawal Ocean Limited: A game-based learning approach for sustainable ocean developmentStefan Koenigsteinno, cancel talk, placeholder yes
S0417657Joachim Claudet (by Flavio Picone)Oral 3D ocean conservation: Fisheries reach deep but marine protection remains shallowJuliette Jacquemont, Charles Loiseau, Luke Tornabene, Joachim Claudetno, by Flavio Picone (should be placeholder)
S0417639Lucie ButtayOralxREP-2An ecosystem risks assessment of the Norwegian Sea offshore ecoregionLucie Buttay, Benjamin Planque, Per Arneberg, Mette skern-Mauritzenyes, p->o
S0417551Tyler Eddy (for Charles Solberg)Oral Applying Indigenous knowledge to identify drivers of change for Arctic char in Nunatsiavut, CanadaC.A. Solberg, Todd Broomfield, Aaron Dale, Jamie Snook and Tyler D. Eddyno, Tyler Eddy will present for Charles Solberg
S0417604Penglong LiOralxREP-4Can common consumer judge freshness of fish on in visual way? In the case of Japanese consumerPenglong Li, Nobuyuki Yagi, Yutaro Sakai and Hisashi Kurokurayes, S5->S4, p->o
S0417662Susa NiiranenOral Combining numbers with expert knowledge: Stakeholder guided ecosystem risk assessment of multiple ocean uses and their trade-offsSusa Niiranen, Saskia Otto, Juncal Cabrera-Busto, Lucie Buttay, Débora Ferrari, Inês Gomes, Helene Gutte, Marcos Llope, Mamadou Ndiaw Seck, Kelly Ortega Cisneros, Debbi Pedreschi and Benjamin Planqueyes
S0417518Debbi PedreschiOral Cumulative effects in integrated ecosystem assessmentsDenise O’Sullivan, Christina O’Donnell, Paul Bouch, Debbi Pedreschi, and Dave G. Reidyes, placeholder
S0417583Judi HewittOral Dealing with risk and uncertainty in contested marine spacesJudi Hewitt, Joanne Ellis, Fabrice Stephenson, Rebecca Gladstone-Gallagher, Jasmine Lowe, Conrad Pilditch, Simon Thrushyes
S0417663Marcos LlopeOral Fisheries, non-renewables and migration off west Africa, an integrated assessment of the Canary Current socio-ecosystemJuncal Cabrera-Busto, Eduardo Ramírez-Romero, Raul Jumpe, Alfredo García-de-Vinuesa, Mamadou Ndiaw Seck, Eva García-Isarch, Babacar Diop and Marcos Llopeyes
S0417455Rowan TrebilcoOral Integrated system assessment and reporting for marine ecosystem-based managementRowan Trebilco, Piers Dunstan, Mibu Fischer, Cass Hunter, Alistair Hobday, Karen Evans, Beth Fultonyes, placeholder
S0417617Laura KaikkonenOral Integrating Human Values and Emotions into Environmental Risk Assessments for Enhanced Decision-Making in Marine Resource ManagementLaura Kaikkonenyes
S0417477Benjamin BlanzOralxREP-1Probabilistic Time to Collapse as a Risk Communication ToolBenjamin Blanz, Roland Cormier, Douglas Swain, Hermann Heldyes, placeholder, p->o
S0417569Conrad PilditchOral Using ecosystem response footprints to guide environmental management prioritiesJasmine M.L. Low, Rebecca V. Gladstone-Gallagher, Judi E. Hewitt, Conrad A. Pilditch, Joanne I. Ellis, Simon F. Thrushyes
S0417410Jess Melbourne-ThomasPlenary Collaborative approaches to navigating different risk perspectives in decision making for marine social-ecological systemsJess Melbourne-Thomas and Debbi Pedreschiyes, placeholder, oral->plenary, updated
S0417561Byeongyong ParkPosterREP-6Threat of microplastic ingestion and chemical accumulation to stranded cetaceans in the Republic of KoreaByeongyong Park, Seungho Kim, Soobin Joo, Kyungsik Jo and TaeWon Kimyes
S0417502Irene MartinsPosterREP-5Using numerical frameworks to assess stressors impacts on deep-sea ecosystemsIrene Martins, Alexandra Guerra, Ana Costa and Fabíola Amorimyes
S0417665Bertrand Le Gallic WithdrawalREP-3Depredation: Social cost or positive externalityBertrand Le Gallic and Sophie Gourguetno, cancel poster, S3->S4 yes
S0417587Qilei ZhaoWithdrawal Socio-ecological system sustainability and risk assessment of recreational fisheries - A case study of Hainan ProvinceQilei Zhao, Ling Cao, Bo Han and Xinjun Chenno, cancelled talk yes
S0417666Inês GomesWithdrawal Spatializing risk in integrated ecosystem assessments (IEA); identifying coastal areas prone to cumulative impactsInês Gomes, Diana Serrano, Christopher Pham and Pedro Afonsono, cancel talk yes
S0517610Alfredo García de Vinuesa GutierrezOral A balanced participatory process to advance towards a legitimized Ecosystem-Based Management in complex Social and Ecological SystemsAlfredo García-de-Vinuesa, David Florido, Cesar Vilas, Juncal Cabrera-Busto and Marcos Llopeyes
S0517543Elena MengoOral A place-based approach to explore sense of place in UK coastal areas using Participatory GIS Mapping (PGIS)Elena Mengo, Barnaby Andrews, Chloe Lucas, Paula Shiefer, Robert Brookesyes
S0517634Chun-Pei Liao (for Shiauyun Lu)Oral Bridging perspectives: Multi-objective conflict analysis in marine spatial planning – A case study in Penghu Archipelago, TaiwanShiau-Yun Lu, Yi-Chen Shih, Chun-Pei Liao, Wen-Yan Chiau, Steve Saulno, by Chun-Pei Liao
S0517520Amber Himes-CornellOral Challenges and opportunities for fisheries "other effective area-based conservation measures" in meeting marine conservation goals by 2030 and beyondAmber Himes-Cornell, Juan Lechuga Sánchez, Kristin Hoelting, Lucy Bowser, Tundi Agardyyes, placeholder
S0517493Sarah Wise (Recorded?)Oral Challenging power asymmetries in integrating and applying human dimensions in Integrated Ecosystem AssessmentsSarah P. Wiseno, wants recorded placeholder
S0517461Jamie TamOral Defining social-cultural and economic indicators for a lobsters fishing area using participatory modellingJamie C. Tam, Courtenay E. Parlee, Vahab Pourfaraj, Jill Campbell-Miller, Adam M. Cookyes
S0517664Johnathan BallOral Evaluating spatial management scenarios using mixed fisheries model: A Celtic Sea case studyJohnathan E. Ball, Paul Dolder and Gianfranco Anastasiyes
S0517497Yutaro SakaiOral Ex-ante Diversification, Limited Entry Permit Portfolio, and Fishers' Participation DecisionsYutaro Sakai, Joshua K. Abbott and Daniel Hollandyes, placeholder
S0517644Tanzina NaziaOral Impact of blue economy initiatives on small-scale fisheries sector in BangladeshTanzina Nazia and Md. Siddiqur Rahmanyes
S0517484Kirsten LeongOral Incorporating spatially explicit sociocultural values in marine management for West HawaiʻiKirsten M. Leong, ʻAlohi Nakachi, and Kirsten L. L. Olesonyes
S0517579Chantal CollierOral Integrating conservation objectives with human activities and ecological data to develop performance measures for seagrass management area planning in Long Island Sound, USAChantal E. Collier, William J. McClintockyes
S0517625Ashley Lowe MackenzieOral Integrating spatial dynamics and recreational values from the impacts of ocean acidification on coral reefs of the Main Hawaiian IslandsAshley Lowe Mackenzie, Lansing Perng, Anders Dugstad, Carlo Fezzi, Kirsten L.L. Olesonyes
S0517532Keiko NomuraOral International Fishing Activities and Conflict Risks in the Pacific OceanKeiko Nomura, John A. Woodill, Jonathan Sweeney, Michael Harte, Jameal, F. Samhouri, James R. Watsonyes, placeholder
S0517563Shun KageyamaOral Local people’s values and motivations toward marine protected areas (MPAs) as a communication tool for inclusive and just MPA managementShun Kageyama, Abigayil Blandon, Robert Blasiakyes, S7->S5
S0517699Lu YangOral Marine resources and environment carrying capacity and spatial development suitability assessment in ChinaWenhai Lu, Lu Yang, Zhaoyang Liu, Yijun Tao, Rong Zengyes
S0517558Zuhao ZhuOral Microplastics in the seawater from the Beibu Gulf, South China Sea, China: Occurrence, sources and ecological riskQiongyuan Su, Zuhao Zhu, Huihua Wei, Liangliang Huangyes
S0517567Seiichi TakeuchiOral Modeling fish production of purse seine fishing in Tokyo BaySeiichi Takeuchi, Nobuyuki Yagi and Yutaro Sakaiyes
S0517591Ming Cheng ChenOral Perspective transformation: How traditional fishery heritage fosters pro-environmental behavior change in marine protected areas in Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and the Marshall IslandsMing Cheng Chen, Anne McDonald, Niluka Prasadini Nanayakkara, Nover Juria1, Chun Chieh Hu, Kuo Liang Changyes
S0517481Stephen KasperskiOral Redefining sustainable fishing community participation in the United States in support of National Standard 8Stephen Kasperskiyes, placeholder
S0517559Joanne EllisOral Scale and Ecosystem Based Management: Navigating mismatches between socio-ecological systemsJoanne Ellis, Simon Thrush, Fabrice Stephenson, Elizabeth Macpherson, Karen Fisher, Eric Jorgensen, Conrad Pilditch, Rebecca Gladstone-Gallagher, Jasmine Low J, Judi Hewittyes
S0517685Mimi LamOral Seascapes: Eliciting values and negotiating policy trade-offs related to the seaMimi E. Lamyes
S0517537Heather WelchOral Selection of planning unit size in dynamic management strategies to reduce human-wildlife conflictHeather Welch, Owen R. Liu, Leena Riekkola, Briana Abrahms, Elliott L. Hazen and Jameal F. Samhouriyes
S0517469Karma NormanOral Spatial concerns in the use of social data to assess fishing communities for the California Current marine ecosystemKarma C. Norman, Connor Lewis-Smithyes, placeholder
S0517451Erin SatterthwaiteOral Toward a social ecological ocean observing system for societyErin Satterthwaite, Patricia M. Clay, Cassandra Wilson, Rachel Seary, Emily Smail, Victoria Ramenzoni, & OSI Task Team Membersyes
S0517668Ellen Willis-NortonPoster A synthesis of socioeconomic and sociocultural indicators for assessing the impacts of offshore renewable energy on fishery participants and fishing communitiesEllen Willis-Norton, Tracey Mangin, Donna Schroeder, Reniel B. Cabral, Steven D. Gainesyes
S0517667Catherine CourtierPoster Using Vessel Monitoring Systems Data to analyze the spatial distribution of the Pacific Salmon Ocean Troll Fishery in response to highly variable oceanographic conditions on the West Coast of the U.S.Catherine A. Courtier, Cameron Speir, and Aaron Mamulayes
S0517717Kevin St. MartinRecordedInvited Responding to Climate Change: Revealing Fishing Community Precarity and the Foundations of Environmental JusticeKevin St. Martin, Leonardo Calzada, Borja Nogué Algueró, Rebecca L. Selden, Zoë Kitchel, and Kaycee E. Coleman pending (will confirm later)
S0517624Semi JeongWithdrawal Coastal management direction to improve citizen healthSemi Jeong, Jungho Nam, Ji-ho Jungyes, cancel poster S3->S5 yes
S0517707Serra ÖreyWithdrawal Exploring spatial diversity in the German brown shrimp fishing communitySerra Örey, Torsten Schulze, Jennifer Rehren, Oscar Puebla and Rabea Diekmannno, cancel talk yes
S0517650Richard T. WoodwardWithdrawal Fishing for Anglers in a Sea of Data: Harnessing GPS Tracking for Marine Recreational Fishing AnalysisMona Ahmadiani1 and Richard T. Woodwardno, cancel talk yes
S0617538Florian DiekertOral Changing Collective Action: Nudges and Team DecisionsFlorian Diekert and Tillmann Eymessyes, placeholder
S0617735Shang ChenOral Coastal ecosystem assets accountingShang Chen, Shuai He, Wenwen Li, Yuemei Jing, Erwen Chenyes, late talk
S0617581Jungho NamOral Evaluating gain or loss of ecosystem services from the invasion of alien species to Korea’s marine ecosystemJungho Nam and Jongseo Yimyes
S0617673Charis ChalkiadakisOral Modelling and mapping social-ecological system flows generated by the small-scale fishery in SenegalCharis Chalkiadakis, John Virdin, Menno-Jan Kraak, Evangelia G. Drakouyes
S0617549Maolin LiOral Spatial disparities of social-ecological infrastructures and their coupled relationships in Marine Cities: A case study of MacauMingbao Chen, Maolin Liyes
S0617444Matthew FaithOral The potential of plankton as indicators of changes to marine natural capital assetsMatthew Faith, Angus Atkinson, Clare Ostle, Matthew Holland, Paul Tett, Sian Rees and Abigail McQuatters-Gollopyes
S0617506Pierre ScemamaOral Three different methods to assess cultural services in French marine protected areasPierre Scemama, Charlène Kermagoret, Rémi Mongruel and Frédérique Albanyes, placeholder
S0617602Nozomi IharaOral World Natural Heritage Shiretoko: Research on banya at the tip area of the Sea of Okhotsk sideNozomi Ihara, Takayuki Shiraiwayes
S0617731Ling CaoPlenary Blue food assessmentLing Caoyes
S0617436Tess BeckwtihWithdrawalREP-2Marine citizenship: Expanding the criteria for belongingTess Beckwithno, cancel poster yes
S0617696Gisela DionísioWithdrawal Modeling Northeast Atlantic Cetaceans' distribution for sustainable ecotourism in the face of climate changeGisela Dionísio, Diana Sousa Guedes, Miguel Machete, Jorge Assis, José Gomes Pereira, Joana Boavida-Portugalno, cancel talk (pending until end of Feb) yes
S0617571Meng Su, Jintian GaoWithdrawal Spatial and Temporal Differentiation of the Coordination and Interaction among the Three Fishery Industries in China from the Value Chain PerspectiveMeng Su, Jintian Gao, Kai Cheng, Hao Kongno, cancel talk yes
S0617491Maria Iohara Quirino-AmadorWithdrawal Tourism as a conservation tool to protect charismatic speciesMaria Iohara Quirino-Amador, Maria Clara Bezerra Tenório Cavalcanti, João Garcia Rodrigues and Priscila F. Macedo Lopesno, cancel talk, placeholder yes
S0617695Bulent AcmaWithdrawalREP-3Turkey in the Sustainable Blue Economy ProcessBulent Acmano, canel poster yes
S0617686Zhihua XuWithdrawalREP-1Understanding residents’ policy preferences to construct effective marine debris governance policiesZhihua Xu, Juan Xu, Wenchao Meng, Gang Zhouno, cancelled poster yes
S0617649Liisa SaikkonenWithdrawal Valuing Marine Conservation and related ecosystem services in Finland: Citizen Preferences and Economic Implications in a Changing Policy LandscapeLiisa Saikkonen, Meri Lappalainen, Virpi Lehtoranta and Enni Ruokamono, cancel talk yes
S0617600Nezha MejjadWithdrawal Valuing the ecological and socio-economic interests of the Afro-Mediterranean lagoons: Case of Moroccan lagoonsNezha Mejjad, Abdelmourhit Laissaouino, cancel talk yes
S0717675Zacharoula KyriaziOral A Simple Social-Ecological Systems analysis framework for marine biodiversity resilience and ecosystem sustainabilityZacharoula Kyriazi, Emma Verling, Gemma Smith, Amanda Gregory, Jonathan Atkins, Michael Elliott, Angel Borja and Bruno Meirelles de Oliveirayes
S0717586Jamila Rodrigues and Mai YoshimuraOral A transdisciplinary case study on sea urchin-algae interactions, climate change, and the Ama divers of Mie prefectureRodrigues Jamila, Hudson Callum, Masakazu Aoki, Tachikawa Akihito, Kurasima Akira, and Yoshimura Maiyes (can present only day 1-3)
S0717420Nathalie SteinsOral A will-o’-the wisp? Systematic integration of knowledge co-produced with the fishing industry into marine science and adviceNathalie A. Steins, Steven Mackinson, Stephen C. Mangi, Martin A. Pastoors, Robert L. Stephenson, Marta Ballesteros, Kate Brooks, Jim McIsaac, Matthew R. Baker, Julia Calderwood, Barbara Neis, Emily Ogier and Dave Reidyes, placeholder
S0717635Jennifer BeckensteinerOral Assessing the performance of a national participatory scheme for the co-management of the mangrove crab fishery in MadagascarJennifer Beckensteiner, Nina Razafimalala, Liantsoa Randrianasolo, Zo Hasina Rabemananjara, Jérôme Queste and Marc Léopoldyes
S0717599Natasa VaidianuOral Blue Justice and Just Transformation: Far-fetched concepts for Romania’s marine protected sites?Natasa Vaidianu, Priscila Lopes, Florin Tatuiyes
S0717446Louise GammageOral Building adaptive capacity to ocean change by promoting ecosystem-based adaptation and community engagementLouise C. Gammage, Kelly Ortega-Cisneros, Lynne Shannonyes, placeholder
S0717452Erin SatterthwaiteOral Centering knowledge co-production in sustainability science: Why, How, and WhenErin Satterthwaite, Liz McQuain, Amalia Almada, Jessica Rudnick, Alyson Eberhardt, Angee Doerr, Ryan O'Connor, Nicole Wright, Rebecca Briggs, Matthew Robbins, Carolina Bastidas, Eric Sparks, Kristen Goodrich, Wells Costellono, Erin will present it
S0717457Rachel SearyOral Community informed social indicators for the California Dungeness Crab Fishery under whale entanglement mitigation regulationsRachel Seary, Steven Bograd, Theresa Burnham, Megan Cimino, Elliott Hazen, Rosemary Kosaka, Aaron Mamula, Barbara Muhling, Jarrod Santora, Cameron Speir, Heather Welchyes
S0717510Astrid JarreOral Ethnography, action research *and* indicators, qualitative *and* quantitative modelling, power plays *and* social learning: A decade-and-a-half of inter- and transdisciplinary marine SES research in the BenguelaAstrid Jarre and the “Marine Ecology & Fisheries” Teamyes, placeholder
S0717605Xanthe VerschuurOral Exploring the role of science-industry collaboration in Small Scale Fisheries co-management: A lobster fisheries case study in the NetherlandsXanthe M.B. Verschuur, Nathalie A. Steins, Jasper Bleijenbergyes
S0717485Romeo Saldívar-LucioOral Fine-tuning climate resilience in Marine Socio-Ecological Systems: The need for accurate space-time representativeness to identify relevant consequences and responsesRomeo Saldívar-Lucio, Armando Trasviña-Castro, Narriman Jiddawi, Ratana Chuenpagdee, Lars Lindström, Svein Jentoft, Julia Fraga and Maricela de la Torre-Castroyes, placeholder
S0717530Julia BinghamOral FishFlOW IEA: An Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) of interactions between fisheries and floating offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine using participatory knowledge coproductionJulia A. Bingham, Sean M. Lucey, Fiona Hogan, Angela Silva, Tyler Pavlovic, Jen McCannyes
S0717394Morgan Casal-RibeiroOral Go with the flow: How to communicate fisheries management processes using information flowsMorgan Casal-Ribeiro, Régis Santos, Marta Ballesterosyes
S0717536Matthew McPhersonOral Integrating scientific and local knowledge to address socio-ecological impacts of red tide on the west Florida coastMatthew McPherson, Mandy Karnauskas, Suzana Blake, Adyan Rios, Skyler Sagarese, Michael Jepsonyes, placeholder
S0717603Kelly HoareauOral Knowledge, power and the blue economy: Breaking down barriersKelly Hoareauyes
S0717449Annette BreckwoldtOral Look Who’s Asking—Reflections on Participatory and Transdisciplinary Marine Research ApproachesAnnette Breckwoldt, Priscila F. M. Lopes, Samiya A. Selimyes
S0717608Marta BallesterosOral Not who you are, but what you do: Exploring stakeholder roles in a boundary organisationMarta Ballesteros and Mark Dickey-Collasyes
S0717474Emily OgierOral Reflections on a decade of climate change communication and engagement using a wide range of approaches with different marine stakeholder groupsGretta Pecl, Chris Cvitanovic, Aysha Fleming, Beth Fulton, Alistair Hobday, Rachel Kelly, Cayne Layton, Peat Leith, Vicki Martin, Jess Melbourne-Thomas, David Mossop, Ingrid van Putten, Emily M. Ogieryes, placeholder
S0717658Catherine LongoOral Stakeholder collaboration and communication as key outputs of MSC multi-fishery improvement initiatives in Mexico and South AfricaLouise C. Gammage, Catherine S. Longo, Ingrid van Putten, Edaysi Bucio, Andrew Kenneth Gordon, Amanda Lejbowicz, Francisco Vergara-Solanayes, placeholder
S0717423Mariko KihiraOral Stakeholders’ participation in reference to decreasing short-neck calm fisheries in Lake Hamana, Japan using VPA(Visual Problem Appraisal)Mariko Kihirayes, placeholder
S0717584Hana MatsubaraOral Synergies between Gender Equality and Sustainability in Coastal Fisheries Resource Use: Case Study of Malaita Province, Solomon IslandsHana Matsubara, Mitsutaku Makinoyes
S0717676Zulfirman RahyantelOral The incorporation of indigenous local knowledge in marine conservation: Investigating co-creation and co-optation practicesZulfirman Rahyantelyes
S0717473Nicole Erica MurphyOral Torres Strait futures, adapting modern management to traditional fishing and community valuesNicole Murphy, Eva Plaganyi, Tim Skewes and Leo Dutrayes, placeholder
S0717515Debbi PedreschiOral Working together; Irish Science-Stakeholder CollaborationsDebbi Pedreschi, Julia Calderwood, Macdara Ó Cuaig and David G. Reidyes, placeholder
S0717557Eric WadePlenary Toward an inclusive and intentional approach for centering communities in small-scale fisheries managementEric Wadeyes
S0717507Pierre ScemamaPoster A strategic approach to assess marine and coastal ecosystem services in French Natura 2000 sitesPierre Scemama, Charlène Kermagoret, Rémi Mongruel and Frédérique Albanyes, placeholder
S0717709Naoki TojoPoster Participatory survey and comprehensive co-investigation of tropical reef fishes and habitats with local fishers using geographic information system (GIS)and length-based evaluation approachNaoki Tojo, Taro Kawamoto, and Nadeem Nzararyyes
S0717562Jillian HamiltonPoster Safeguarding Indigenous oceanic custodianship: The evolution of Sea Country Planning in AustraliaJillian Elizabeth Hamilton, Laura Griffiths, Jim Smart, Natalie Osborne and Christopher L.J. Fridyes
S0717523Louise GammagePoster Understanding drivers of fishing pressure in South Africa’s Western Cape: Insights from the development of a synthetic set of social indicatorsLouise Gammage, Astrid Jarre, Zanne Zeeman-du Toityes, placeholder
S0717654Varun Tandon (for Jan Jaap)RecordedOral Combining old with new: Multiple perspectives on enhancing community-based fishery managementVarun Tandon, Ingrid E. van Putten, Annet Pauwelussen, Jan Jaap Poosno, pre-recorded by Varun Tandon
S0717522Tyler PavlowichWithdrawal A fisheries model built for practitioners and small-scale fishers in difficult situationsTyler Pavlowichno, canelled talk, placeholder yes
S0717429Kristina SvelsWithdrawal Åland fishers at a crossroad: Co-creating empowerment in the Baltic Sea by increasing impact from sectoral actors and local communitiesKristina Svelsno, cancel talk (May 21), placeholder yes
S0717442Md Mizanur RahmanWithdrawal Co-management in the ecologically critical marine areas of Bangladesh: Good and evilMd Mizanur Rahmanno, cancel talk yes
S0717607??? (for Claire Macher)Withdrawal Engaging stakeholders and managers in sustainability sciences – from good intentions to reality – Example of the HOPOPoP research project in the Iroise Sea social-ecological system (France)Claire Macher, Olivier Thébaud, Frédérique Alban, Cédric Bacher, Nicolas Becu, Anton Bommel, Gregory Charrier, Martial Laurans, Christelle Le Grand, Sophie Leonardi, Ingrid Peuziat, Manuelle Philippe and Anouk Villedieuno, cancelled talk Feb 20 yes
S0717612Linette MakuaWithdrawal Evaluating Hawaiian fisheries and potential impacts of offshore wind energy developmentLinette H. Makua and Donna M. Schroederno, cancel poster yes
S0717626Iain HallWithdrawal Exploring aquaculture-related environmental literacy in the Republic of the Marshall Islands through learning exchanges with a Japanese aquaculture communityIain M. Hall, Anne McDonald, Akemi Ori and Tak Watanabeno, cancel talk yes
S0717470Maria Iohara Quirino-AmadorWithdrawal Integrating Different Types of Knowledge to Understand Temporal Changes in Reef LandscapesMaria Iohara Quirino-Amador, Guilherme Ortigara Longo, Fúlvio Aurélio de Morais Freire and Priscila F. M. Lopesno, cancel talk yes
S0717421Laura SordoWithdrawal Recreational harvesting of the wedge clam (Donax trunculus) in southern Portugal: Characterization of the activity based on harvesters’ perception and local ecological knowledgeLaura Sordo, Paulo Vasconcelos, David Piló, André N. Carvalho, Fábio Pereira, and Miguel B. Gasparno, cancel talk yes
S0717445Louise GammageWithdrawal Scenario-based approaches to change management in fisheries can address challenges with knowledge integration and scale mismatchesLouise C. Gammage, Astrid Jarreyes, placeholder, cancel this talk yes
S0817508Pierre ScemamaOral A representation of ecosystem services provided by mangroves in French Guiana using Fuzzy Cognitive MapsPierre Scemama, Lucas Balsan, Aminata Diop, Fabian Blanchard, Esther Regnier and Olivier Thébaudyes, placeholder
S0817464Laurent GuérinOral Applying ecosystem and risk-based approaches, toward an integrated assessment of benthic habitats communities at regional sea scalesLaurent Guérin, Maider Plaza Morlote, José Manuel González-Irusta, Abigail McQuatters-Gollop Anna J. Lizińska and the OSPAR OBHEG & COBAM teamsyes
S0817690José Manuel González-IrustaOral Assessing the environmental status of benthic habitats in relation with trawling impact in Spanish waters by integrating two OSPAR benthic indicatorsJosé M. González-Irusta, Maider Plaza-Morlote, Ana García-Alegre, Antonio Punzón, Ana De la Torriente, Ulla Fernández-Arcaya, Alberto Serranoyes
S0817417Abigail McQuatters-GollopOral Assessing the state of marine biodiversity in the Northeast AtlanticAbigail McQuatters-Gollop, Laurent Guerin, Anita Gilles, Christopher Lynam, Ian Mitchell, Paul Stebbing, Ulrike Schuckel, Cristina Vina-Herbon6 and the OSPAR COBAM 2017 Biodiversity Assessment Teamyes, placeholder
S0817541Cristina Vina-HerbonOral Biodiversity indicators for policy goals: Reaching across policy, science and managementCristina Vina Herbon, Liam Matear, Kirsty Woodcock, Stefano Marra, Stephen Duncombe-Smith, Adam Smith, Marco Fusi, Megan Parry, Axel Kreutle, and Petra Schmittyes, placeholder
S0817653Juliet Furaha KarisaOral Developing indicators for monitoring coral reef resilience in KenyaJuliet Furaha Karisa, David Obare Obura, Gabriel Grimsditch, Chaolun Allen Chenyes
S0817700Rong ZengOral Discussions and adjustment suggestions on the marine ecological protection red lineRong Zeng, Wenhai Lu,Jie Liu, Yan Xu, Lu Yangyes
S0817570Rachel HaleOral Hindcasting estuary ecological states using sediment cores, modelled historic nutrient loads, and a Bayesian network for informed managementRachel Hale, John Zeldis, Bruce D. Dudley, Arman Haddadchi, David Plew, Ude Shankar, Andrew Swales, Keryn Roberts, Sorrel O’Connell-Milne and Piet Verburgyes
S0817596Takehisa YamakitaOral Nationwide evaluation of Marine Ecosystem Services of Japan: Achievements from the PANCES projectTakehisa Yamakita, Masakazu Hori, Yoichi Ishikawa , Masahiro Nakaoka, Hiroya Yamano, Mitsutaku Makino, Atsushi Nanami, and Yoshihisa Shirayamayes
S0817688Lorna McKellarOral Setting thresholds for good status in marine ecosystem managementLorna McKellar, Jan Geert Hiddink, Abigail McQuatters-Gollop, Tomas Chaigneau, Ian Gloyne Philips, Sally Kazer, Cristina Herbon, Sebastian Valanko and Jörn Schmidtyes
S0817519Amber Himes-CornellOral Understanding role of fisheries management in delivering Target 3 of the Kunming-Montreal Biodiversity Framework: A fisheries biodiversity outcome frameworkAmber Himes-Cornell, Kristin Hoelting, Tundi Agardy, Juan Lechuga Sánchez, Lucy Bowseryes, placeholder
S0817598Christopher LynamPlenary Cumulative impacts on biodiversity and new tools to guide marine policy and governanceChristopher Lynam, Ángel Borja, Myron Peck, Jacob Carstensen, N. Papadopoulou, M. Coll, T. Berg, V. Stelzenmüller, J. Andersen, H. Teixeira, M. Leal, S. Katsanevakis, Gerjan Piet, J. Tamis, A. Barrena, M. Uyarra, and M. Elliottyes
S0817539Yuhao WangPoster Assessing Socio-Ecological Fit of International Marine Agreements and Marine Product Trade Flow NetworksMingbao Chen, Yuhao Wang and Zhibin Xuyes
S0817468Miguel López (for Morane Clavel-Henry)Poster Evaluating the effectiveness of a deep-sea regional MPA network for Nephrops norvegicus using connectivity indicatorsMorane Clavel-Henry, Miguel Lopez, Nixon Bahamon, Jacopo Aguzzi, Joan Navarro and Joan B Companyno, by co-author S2->S8
S0817509Pierre ScemamaPoster Evaluation of the cost of marine habitat conservation in France: Application to the Natura 2000 networkPierre Scemama, Charlène Kermagoret, Rémi Mongruel and Frédérique Albanyes, placeholder
S0817418Abigail McQuatters-GollopPoster Plankton on the move – Implications for global biodiversity goalsAbigail McQuatters-Gollop, Jacob Bedford, Clare Ostleyes, placeholder
S0817703Ualerson PeixotoWithdrawal Expanding evidence for Conger conger assessment in the Azores using the FAO Weight of Evidence FrameworkUalerson Peixoto, Pedro Barros, Pedro Sousa, Morgan Casa-Ribeiro, Wendell Medeiros-Leal, Régis Santosno, cancel talk yes
S0917434Sara Doolittle LlanosOral Ancestrality in action: Contestations and entanglements in a mangrove community-based management areaSara Doolittle Llanos, Wendy Chávez, Christine Beitlyes, placeholder
S0917422Durlave RoyOral Assessment of locally available seaweeds as sustainable organic compost fertilizer resourcesDurlave Royyes, placeholder
S0917710Naoki TojoOral Comparable study of fisheries cooperative and cooperative fisheries for sustainability and resiliency in MauritiusKirtee Nekram and Naoki Tojoyes, p->o
S0917531Ayumu MatsuiOral Coping with social-ecological changes: Diversifications of sea cucumber fisheries in western Hokkaido, northern JapanAyumu Matsui, Seishiro Sakita, Masato Sagawayes, placeholder
S0917631Kumi SoejimaOral Emerging conditions and transformations of Fishery women’s entrepreneurship in Japanese coastal communitiesKumi Soejima and Katia Frangoudesyes
S0917500Kate Barclay (we will present as a team)Oral From ‘fishing communities’ to ‘coastal communities’: Lessons from Japan and Australia on science and policy as commercial fisheries activity declinesKate Barclay and Yinji Liyes
S0917511Alyne DelaneyOral Highlighting stakeholder-engagement, collaboration, and trans-disciplinarity in the quest for sustainable coastal communities: Lessons from stakeholders “captaining the ship”Alyne E. Delaney, Toyonobu Fujii, Cheryl Ames, and Miku Narisawayes, placeholder
S0917526Marloes KraanOral Putting fishing communities on the map in ICES regionsMarloes Kraan, Lisa L. Colburn , Amber Himes-Cornell, Debbi Pedreschi, Arina Motova, Emmet Jackson, Edd Hind, Nathalie Steins, Katell Hamonyes, placeholder
S0917554Isei RanOralREP-1Research on regional management of marine tourism ―Taketomi Island entrance fee as an exampleIsei Ran and Xiaobo Louyes, p->o
S0917637Yoko TamuraOral Towards a transformative approach in fisheries improvement in Japan: Insights from MSC certification assessments and accelerating improvement with multi-stakeholder collaborationYoko Tamura and Mistutaku Makinoyes, p->o
S0917466Emily OgierOral Which communities have standing and how? Developing regional marine resource management and assessment frameworks in Western Australia.Emily M. Ogier, Sarah Jennings, Klaas Hartmann, Jenny Shaw, Caleb Gardneryes, placeholder
S0917713Aoi SugimotoPlenary Transformation of the coastal communities and science: Current status and future directions derived from empirical research and observationAoi Sugimotoyes
S0917682Reon WatanabePoster The impact of environmental change on the rationality of the local farming ground allocation system: A case study in JapanReon Watanabe, Ryutaro Kamiyama, Takahisa Shoji, Tsubasa Nakamura, Takashi Atsumi, Hiroyuki Okumura, Yoshihito Senda, Fukuji Yamada, Junpei Shinji and Takahiro Matsuiyes
S0917492Mohammed Mofizur RahmanWithdrawal A dried fish trail: From the coast to megacityMohammed Mofizur Rahmanno, cancel talk, placeholder yes
S0917479Katia Frangoudes Withdrawal A first attempt to produce a fisheries community profile in France: The case of Guilvinec communityKatia Frangoudes, Christelle Le Grand and Olivier Guyaderno, cancel talk placeholder yes
S0917545K.K. Basheer AhammedWithdrawal Integrated Coastal Vulnerability Assessment Using Fuzzy-Analytical Hierarchical Process: A Case Study of the East Coast of India, Andhra PradeshK. K. Basheer Ahammed; Arvind Chandra PandeyCANNCELLED did not confirm placeholder yes
S0917489Mohammed Mofizur RahmanWithdrawal Salinization: A social ecological issue in the Bengal DeltaMohammed Mofizur Rahmanno, cancel talk, placeholder yes
S0917548Hajar El OumrassiWithdrawal Socio-economic consequences of Sardina pilchardus abundance decline on fishers’ income and fishing activity in the Southern Alboran sea Hajar El Oumrassi, Sana El Arraf, Mohammed Malouli Idrissi and Hasan Er-raiouino, cancel poster S3->S9 yes
S1017459Fabienne Daurès, Frédérique AlbanOral A socioecological approach for managing the small-pelagic fishery in France: The DEFIPEL projectFabienne Daurès, Frédérique Alban, Mathieu Merzeraud, Christelle Le Grand, Sigrid Lehuta and Martin Huretyes, S8->S10
S1017488Laura Griffiths (for Christopher L.J. Frid)Oral Building resilience and embedding respect of Sea Country through a Marine Spatial Planning framework for AustraliaChristopher L.J. Frid, Jillian Hamilton and Laura Griffithsno, by co-authour, placeholder
S1017678Brigette WrightOral Can AI help us better characterise tipping points in marine social-ecological systems?Brigette Wright, Delphi Ward, Gretta Pecl, Steven Rust and Jess Melbourne-Thomasyes
S1017681Lucía EspasandínOralxREP-1Catch composition changes along a Northwestern Mediterranean Sea latitudinal gradient indicate ecosystem tropicalization and deborealization with timeLucía Espasandín, Valerio Sbragaglia, Francisco Ramírez, Miquel Ortega-Cerdà, Ernesto Villarino, Guillem Chust, Marta Collyes, p->o
S1017643Erika SalazarOral Enhancing Resilience in Marine Small-Scale Food Production on Tropical Islands: A Pacific and Caribbean PerspectiveErika Salazar, Anne McDonald, Iain Hall, Juan Ricardo Gomez, Ruben Azcarate, Lajkit Rufus, William Kostka, Roseo Márquez, Winfred Mudong, Eugene Joseph, Darla Yaltiman. yes
S1017454Margaux MollierOral Human-predator coexistence in the oceans: Resolving the growing depredation conflict in global fisheriesMargaux Mollier, Camille Mazé, John Arnould, Sophie Gourguet, Mary-Anne Lea, Mark Hindell, Dirk Welsford, Christophe Guinet and Paul Tixieryes, S8->S10
S1017677Lansing PerngOral Modeling the impacts of climate change on coral reef social-ecological systems: Insights from the Main Hawaiian IslandsLansing Y. Perng, Mariska Weijerman , Kirsten M. Leong, Lucia Hosekova and Kirsten L. L. Olesonyes
S1017476Emily Quiroga-GomezOral More than the sum of its parts­: Assessing the vulnerability of an interlinked marine socio-ecological systemEmily Quiroga-Gomez, Benjamin Blanzyes, p->o, confirmed
S1017691Juan Carlos SeijoOral Ocean acidification effects on fishing communities targeting calcifying species: A latitudinal qualitative and quantitative risk assessment approach Juan Carlos Seijo, Fernando Aranceta, German Ponce, Edgar Josymar Torrejón-Magallanes, Daniel Lluch-Cota, Salvador Lluch-Cota, Romeo Saldivar-Lucio, Sergio Scarry Gonzalez-Pelaez, Ricardo Morrisyes
S1017582Francisco Córdova-ZavaletaOral Socioecological challenges in the artisanal gillnet shark fishery in northern-central PeruFrancisco A. Córdova-Zavaleta, Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, Jeff. C. Mangel and G. Ponceyes
S1017576Teresa Tavera-OrtízOral Socio-ecological resilience of the Baja California red sea urchin fisheryM. Teresa Tavera-Ortíz, Luis Malpica-Cruz, José Alberto Zepeda-Domínguez, Rodrigo Beas-Luna, Jose Sandoval-Gil and Cira Gabriela Montaño-Moctezumayes
S1017623Semi JeongOral Socioeconomic effects of the spread of subtropical marine species by climate changeSemi Jeong, Jungho Nam, Yeajin Jung, Hyoun-Woo Kang and Young Ho Kimyes
S1017550Wenhui WangOral Spatiotemporal evolution of the resilience of urban social-ecological systems in China's coastal citiesMingbao Chen, Wenhui Wangyes
S1017684Sebastian TapiaOral Sustainability in small-scale fisheries through the lens of property rights-based management, stability and Adaptive CapacitySebastian Tapia-Lewin, Benjamin Halpern, Fiorenza Micheli, Elena Finkbeiner, Stefan Gelcichand Joshua Cinneryes placeholder
S1017645Sarah SutcliffeOral Synergies and tradeoffs between wellbeing, sustainability, and resilience in responses to shocks in UK coastal communitiesSarah Sutcliffe, Lucy Szaboova and Rachel Turneryes
S1017729Nathalie NiquilPlenary Cumulative and interactive effects of human uses and climate change: a point of view based on networksNathalie Niquil, Quentin Noguès, Théo Grente, Valérie Girardin, Aurore Raoux, Georges Safi, Emma Araignous, Rhoda Fofack-Garcia, Ghassen Halouani, Jean-Claude Dauvin, Maud Thermes, Marco Scotti, François Le Loc’h, Frida Ben Rais Lasramyes
S1017613Mei BlundellPoster Exploring how policy interventions affect resilience of social-ecological relationships in California kelp forestsMei Z. Blundell and Marissa L. Baskettyes
S1017565Miguel LópezPoster Modeling species distribution scenarios and Marine Protected Area effectiveness in conserving and restoring highly impacted ecosystems and demersal fishery resources in the NW Mediterranean SeaMiguel López, Morane Clavel-Henry, Nixon Bahamón and Joan B. Companyyes
S1017701Lucía EspasandínPoster Spatially explicit Climate Risk Assessment for key fish species in the Western Mediterranean Sea within the scope of Nature-Based SolutionsLucía Espasandín, Valerio Sbragaglia, Francisco Ramírez, Marta Collyes, poster this one
S1017704Peter Teye BusumprahPosterREP-2West Africa ocean based Solutions hub ( UN Ocean Decade)Peter Teye Busumprahyes, did not confirm p->o
S1017566Kanae TokunagaWithdrawal Can catch shares be more equitable and climateresilient?Kanae Tokunaga, Melissa Errend, Katherine Maltby, Don Schug, Marcus Hartleyno, cancel poster yes
S1017498Devendraraj MadhanagopalWithdrawal Does the socioeconomic transformation of marine fishers impact their resilience to climate change? Critical discussions from Coromandel coast of Tamil Nadu, IndiaDevendraraj Madhanagopalno, cancel talk, placeholder yes
S1017513Sun-Hee LeeWithdrawal Enhanced jellyfish hazards unveil anthropogenic driven ecosystem health degradationSun-Hee Lee, Juan Carlos Molinerono, cancel poster yes
S1017711Bastien TaorminaWithdrawal Fish farms cause lethal and sublethal impacts on cold-water bamboo coral Isidella lofotensisBastien Taormina, Ines Lukasik, Vivian Husa, Nigel Keeley, Pål Næverlid Sævik, Helen Rastrick, Samuel Rastrick, Tina Kuttino, cancel poster yes
S1017525Stefan KoenigsteinWithdrawal Forage fish as dynamic ocean resources: Overcoming challenges for science and governanceStefan Koenigstein, Desiree Tommasi, Giovanni Romagnoni, Hauke Reuterno, cancel talk, placeholder yes
S1017486Gayathra BandaraWithdrawal Impacts of Climate-Driven Temperature Rise on Brackish Water Fishes: A Comprehensive Literature ReviewGayathra Bandarano, cancel poster yes
S1017490Mohammed Mofizur RahmanWithdrawal Social-Ecological Systemic Transition in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) Delta under Global ChangeMohammed Mofizur Rahmanno, cancel talk yes
S1017456Vanessa StelzenmüllerWithdrawal The capacity of a fisheries socio-ecological system in the southern North Sea to adapt to global change: A spatio-temporal analysisVanessa Stelzenmüller, Jonas Letschert, Maren Kruse, Benjamin Blanz, Alexandra Blöcker, Joachim Claudet, Roland Cormier, Kira Gee, Hermann Held, Andreas Kannen, Jürgen Schaper, Camilla Sguotti, Emily Quiroga, Christian Möllmannno, cancel talk, placeholder yes
GP (General Poster)17615Chihiro ShigaPoster A study of consumer preference for Tohoku products using discrete choice experimentsChihiro Shiga, Yutaro Sakai, and Nobuyuki Yagiyes, S7->GP
GP (General Poster)17632Kazushi UotaniPoster A study on the value of Marine Stewardship Council certification and the influence of advertising methodsKazushi Uotani, Yutatro Sakai and Nobuyuki Yagiyes, S7->GP
GP (General Poster)17465Laurent GuérinPoster Co-production of knowledge: A case study of some European science-policy expert groups networks involved in marine biodiversity management challengesLaurent Guérin, Abigail McQuatters-Gollop, Anna J. Lizińskayes, S7->GP
GP (General Poster)17706Peter Teye Busumprah Poster Digitalization of Ghana Fisheries SectorPeter Teye Busumprahyes, S9->GP
GP (General Poster)17728Sara MiñarroPoster Does catching more fish increase the subjective well-being of fishers? Insights from BangladeshSara Miñarro, Samiya Selim and Eric Galbraithyes
GP (General Poster)17680Tsubasa MatsuokaPoster Enhancing Consumer Engagement and Sustainability in Seafood Consumption: The Impact of Innovative Carbon Footprint Label on Consumer’s Awareness and Willingness to PayTsubasa Matsuoka, Yutaro Sakai S10->GP
GP (General Poster)17720Tomi AgfiantoPoster Have the Marine-Based Tourism Industries Provided Safety Assurance to Visitors?Tomi Agfianto, Christopher Baker-Beall, Anya Chapmanyes
GP (General Poster)17606Zhang XiaofanPoster Research on the Correlation between Coastal Marine Ecological Environment and Marine Industrial ClustersZhang Xiaofan, Jiang Baoyes, S1->GP
GP (General Poster)17724Yi HuangPoster Socio-economic status and occupational mobility of China’s fishery population: a quantitative analysis based on social-survey dataYi Huang, Ulf Dieckmann and Mikko Heinoyes
GP (General Poster)17585Hiroya SugisakiPoster The communication tool between the fishery product consumers and fisheries scientists – The challenges of SH”U”N project of FRAHiroya Sugisaki, Yoshioki Oozeki and SH”U”N project teamyes, S7->GP
GP (General Poster)17467Angelo MacarioPoster The temperature-induced effects on ecdysis frequency, feeding habits, and growth response of Gazami (Portunus trituberculatus) crablets Angelo C. Macario, Tania Islam, Manuel Eduardo L. de La Paz and Takeshi Tomiyamayes S3->GP
GP (General Poster)17592Ryan KueberWithdrawal Catch method, quality and price formation in the Japanese swordfish fisheryRyan Kueber and Nobuyuki Yagi no, cancel poster, S7->GP yes
GP (General Poster)17480Suhendar I SachoemarWithdrawal Environmental health study of marine coastal waters of the Gili Matra Marine Tourism Park, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, IndonesiaSuhendar I Sachoemar, Akihiko Morimoto, Mitsutaku Makino, Mark L Wells, Shion Takemura, Agus Sudaryanto, Agung Riyadi, Zainal Arifin, Ratu Siti Aliah, Haryanti. no, cancel poster, S3->GP yes
GP (General Poster)17641Alice BartoliniWithdrawal From the travel cost method to exchange values for recreational ecosystem servicesAlice Bartolini, Silvia Ferrini, Carlo Fezzino, cancel poster S2->GP yes
GP (General Poster)17535Salma AboussalamWithdrawal Investigating trophic relationships in Moroccan marine ecosystems: A study of the Mediterranean and Atlantic using EcopathSalma Aboussalam, Karima Khalil and Khalid Elkalayno, cancel poster, S1->GP yes
GP (General Poster)17504Dahai LiuWithdrawal Marine spatial planning prospects for 2060 under carbon neutrality goalsDahai Liu and Yanping Lino, cancelled attendance, S3->GP yes
GP (General Poster)17734Xingyong XuWithdrawal Preliminary study on the disaster chain of seawater invasion and soil salinizationXingyong Xu, Tengfei Fu b, Guangquan Chenbno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)17505Yanping LiWithdrawal Scientific assessment of marine resources and environment: Facilitating climate change adaptation and sustainable development transformation in coastal communitiesDahai Liu and Yanping Lino, cancelled attendance, S9->GP yes
GP (General Poster)17597Muhammad Abdul Aziz Al MujahidWithdrawal The use of machine learning in shrimp aquaculture in IndonesiaMuhammad Abdul Aziz Al Mujahid, Gun Gun Indrayana, Nina Rachminiwati, Fahma Fiqhiyyah Nur Azizah, Yutaro Sakai and Nobuyuki Yagino, cancel poster S3->GP yes
GP (General Poster)17661Ellen JohannesenWithdrawal Understanding the role of gender inequality in marine scienceEllen Johannesenno, cancel poster, S7->GP yes

SUMMARY (excluding withdrawn abstracts)
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China, PRGP1
China, PRS011
China, PRS022
China, PRS052
China, PRS063
China, PRS082
China, PRS101
Korea, RS011
Korea, RS022
Korea, RS031
Korea, RS041
Korea, RS061
Korea, RS101
New ZealandS021
New ZealandS031
New ZealandS042
New ZealandS051
New ZealandS081
South AfricaS031
South AfricaS073
The NetherlandsS022
The NetherlandsS031
The NetherlandsS073
The NetherlandsS091
United Arab EmiratesS031
United KingdomGP1
United KingdomS021
United KingdomS052
United KingdomS061
United KingdomS071
United KingdomS085
United KingdomS101