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2023 International Symposium: The Climate Change Effects on the World's Ocean
April 17-21, 2023, Bergen, Norway

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S116371William W. L. CheungInvited Achieving climate-resilient nature futures for the ocean through marine spatial managementWilliam W.L. CheungON-LINE
S116467Lodewijk AbspoelInvited Climate change predictions (for) and actions in Marine/Maritime Spatial PlanningLodewijk AbspoelIN-PERSON
S115849Ana M. QueirósOral Bright spots as climate-smart marine spatial planning tools for conservation and blue growthAna M Queirós, ETalbot, NJ Beaumont, PJ Somerfield, S Kay, C Pascoe, S Dedman, JA Fernandes, A Jueterbock, PI Miller, SF Sailley, G Sará, LM Carr, MC Austen, S Widdicombe, G Rilov, LA Levin, SC Hull, SF Walmsley, and Caitriona Nic AonghusaIN-PERSON
S116083Clea AbelloOral Designing a large-scale Marine Protected Area network in a warming Mediterranean SeaClea Abello, Bruno Ernande, Fabien Moullec, Nicolas Barrier, and Yunne ShinIN-PERSON
S116080Erik OlsenOral Developing Marine Spatial Plans in India to support the Blue Economy under climate changeM V Ramana Murthy, Tune Usha, Sisir Kumar Dash, Satya Kiran Raju, Prashant K Srivastava, A Muthamma, Thirup Vipin Babu, Harendra Kharakwal, Vikranth Raja, Lene Buhl-Mortensen, Kerry M Augustsson, Eva Degrée, and Erik OlsenIN-PERSON
S115989Océane A.L MarconeOral How can multi-criteria analysis support the design of climate-smart marine spatial plans?Océane A.L. MarconeIN-PERSON
S116465Andrea MorfOral Making marine spatial planning more climate smart across marine basins - first lessons from a communities of practice based approach in the Baltic and North Sea areasLodewijk Abspoel, José Andringa, Elin Cedergren, Alex Cuadrado, Kira Gee, Magdalena Matczak, Andrea Morf, Jan Peter Oelen, Riku Variopuro, Jacek Zaucha, and John MoodieON-LINE
S116088Lauren M. KoernerOral Mapping global fishery management for climate change readiness using Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) fishery assessment scoresLauren M. Koerner, Catherine Longo, Beth Polidoro, and Rohan J.C. CurreyIN-PERSON
S116273Sara García-MoralesOral Marine spatial planning under a changing climate: Adaptation approaches for marine social-ecological systemsSara García-Morales, Elena Gissi, Yorgos Stratoudakis, Francisco Andrade, María José Martínez-Harms, and Catarina Frazão-SantosIN-PERSON
S116383Catarina Frazão SantosOral MSPOLAR project: Marine spatial planning in Polar regionsCatarina Frazão Santos, José C. Xavier, Elena Gissi, Tundi Agardy, Charles N. Ehler, Renuka Badhe, Kevin A. Hughes, Susie M. Grant, David Santos, Sara García-Morales, Catarina Pereira Santos, and Rui RosaIN-PERSON
S115856Elizabeth TalbotOral The challenges of the sustainable management of tropical fisheries in the face of climate changeElizabeth Talbot, Jean Beth Jontila, Benjamin. J. Gonzales, Roger G. Dolorosa, Recca Sajorne, Edgar D. Jose, Sevrine Sailley, Susan Kay, and Ana De Moura QueirósIN-PERSON
S115934Laura SteevesOral The future of aquaculture for the Atlantic Surfclam Spisula solidissima: Offshore In situ observations and multi-stressor laboratory experimentsLaura Steeves and Daphne MunroeIN-PERSON
S116367Juliano Palacios AbrantesPosterwants REPA holistic approach to support the adaptation of global marine conservation to the impacts of climate changeJuliano Palacios Abrantes, Sarah Roberts, Thomas Frölicher, and William W.L. CheungIN-PERSON
S116053someone from DITTO project (Jörn Schmidt?) for Ute BrönnerPoster Digital twins of the ocean – Opportunities to inform sustainable ocean governanceMartin Visbeck, Ute Brönner, and Joana KollertIN-PERSON
S115836Andrea Bryndum-BuchholzPoster Future-proofing marine conservation planning in the Northwest Atlantic OceanAndrea Bryndum-Buchholz, Julia L. Blanchard, Marta Coll, Hubert Du Pontavice, Jason D. Everett, Jerome Guiet, Ryan F. Heneghan, Camilla Novaglio, Juliano Palacios-Abrantes, Colleen M. Petrik, Derek P. Tittensor, and Heike K. LotzeIN-PERSON
S116384Catarina Frazão SantosPoster Lessons learned from project OCEANPLAN: Marine spatial planning in a changing climateCatarina Frazão SantosIN-PERSON
S115905Elena Couce (for John K. Pinnegar)Poster Projections of suitable habitat for vulnerable species and commercial fish: How will fisheries allocation and conservation objectives be affected?Bryony Townhill, Elena Couce, Jonathan Tinker, Susan Kay, and John K. PinnegarIN-PERSON
S116372David Abreu dos SantosPosterREP?Promoting Sustainable Marine Planning in the Arctic and AntarcticDavid Santos, Rui Rosa, Renuka Badhe, Charles Ehler, Susie Grant, Kevin Hughes, Anton Van de Putte, José Xavier, and Catarina Frazão SantosIN-PERSON
S115931Kelsey E. Roberts Poster Towards estimating marine ecosystem impacts of geoengineeringKelsey E. Roberts, Monica Morrison, Camilla Novaglio, Ryan F. Heneghan, Kim J.N. Scherrer, Michael S. Diamond, and Cheryl S. HarrisonIN-PERSON
S116006Linus HammarWithdrawal Cumulative impacts of climate change inform marine spatial planning and area-based conservationLinus Hammar, Bastien Queste, Gustav Kågesten, Duncan Hume, Edmond Sacre, and Irene WåhlströmCANCEL talk yes
S116269Gabriel ReygondeauWithdrawalREP?Evaluating current knowledge and impact of climate change on the distribution of marine biodiversity: The Aquamap/AquaX projectGabriel Reygondeau1, Kristina Kristina Boerder2, Derek P. Tittensor2 , Kristin Kaschner3 & William Cheung1CANCEL poster yes
S116442Joel Kamdoum NgueukoWithdrawal Rethinking climate change spatial governance for the Gulf of Guinea region: The Need to enhance regional approaches to the threatened seasJoel Kamdoum NgueukoON-LINE, no show talk yes
S216476Carlos GrobaInvited Essays in logistics optimization: Algorithms for solving the Traveling Salesman; Problem in dynamic scenariosCarlos GrobaIN-PERSON
S216312Kim J.N. ScherrerOral A green portfolio? - Trends in CO2 efficiency in North Atlantic fisheriesKim J.N. Scherrer, Katja Enberg, Christian Jørgensen, Sara Hornborg, and Friederike ZieglerIN-PERSON
S215904Sara Hornborg Oral Decarbonization of the fishing sector – outcome of a pilot study for the European ParliamentSara Hornborg and Friederike ZieglerIN-PERSON
S216094Giovanni CodottoOral Evaluating consumption-side approaches to reduce carbon emission in fisheries via Life Cycle AssessmentGiovanni Codotto, Troels Jacob Hegland, Niels Madsen, and Massimo PizzolIN-PERSON
S215916Sandipan MondalOralREP-1Evaluating the effect of oceanic environmental factors on narrow-barred Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus commerson) in the Taiwan Strait using ensemble modelling: An approach towards sustainable developmentSandipan Mondal, Ming-An Lee, and Yi-Chen WangIN-PERSON (p->o)
S215980Igor GranadoOral Fishing route optimization to enhance the economic and environmental sustainabilityIgor Granado, Elsa Silva, Maria Antónia Carravilla, Jose Fernando Oliveira, Leticia Hernando, and Jose Antonio Fernandes-SalvadorIN-PERSON
S215903Georg H. EngelhardOral How could UK fisheries move towards Net Zero by 2050?Georg H. Engelhard, Olivia L. Harrod, and John K. PinnegarIN-PERSON
S216310Manuel HidalgoOral Integrative surface-to-bottom carbon footprint of fisheries: Economic benefits and sustainable fishing of contrasting Mediterranean fisheriesMaría Muñoz, Anderas Reul, Beatriz Guijarro, and Manuel HidalgoIN-PERSON
S215946Lohitzune SolabarrietaOral SusTunTech project: a showcase of FAIR data generation from fishing vesselsLohitzune Solabarrieta, Ivan Manso, Ainhoa Caballero, and Jose A. Fernandes-SalvadorIN-PERSON
S215901Lancelot BlondeelOral The vistools project - fishing vessels as automatic data-gathering platforms - A win-win for fishers and scientistsLancelot Blondeel, Pedro Rappé, Brahim Al Farisi, Anthony Van De Sompele, Wim Allegaert, Els Vanderperren, and Hans PoletIN-PERSON
S216149Izaro GoienetxeaOral Using machine learning to reduce CO2 emissions and bycatch in tuna purse seine fisheryNerea Goikoetxea, Izaro Goienetxea, Ainhoa Caballero, Nicolas Goñi, Igor Granado, Iñaki Quincoces, Leire Ibaibarriaga, Jon Ruiz, Hilario Murua, and Jose A. Fernandes-SalvadorIN-PERSON
S215947Antonello SalaPlenary Carbon footprint and contribution of marine capture fisheries to global energy useAntonello Sala and Emilio NottiIN-PERSON
S215919Ming-An LeeWithdrawalREP-2Fishery-based adaption to climate change: the case of migratory species grey mullet in Taiwan Strait, Northwestern PacificMing-An Lee, Sandipan Mondal, Sheng-Yuan Teng, Manh-Linh Nguyen, and Asoka LinON-LINE no show poster yes
S215990Juliano L. ColettoWithdrawal Smart fishing towards sustainable fisheries in times of rapid change: results and perspectives from the skipjack tuna fishery in the southwestern Atlantic OceanLauro Saint Pastous Madureira, Caroline M. Varela, Juliano L. Coletto, and Marcelo P. PinhoCANCELLED talk yes
S216338Haraldur Arnar EinarssonWithdrawalREP-2The FishScannerHaraldur A. EinarssonCANCEL poster yes
S215981Gabriela A. OantaWithdrawalxREP-1The International Maritime Organization, fishing gear and climate change mitigation and adaptationGabriela A. OantaCANCEL poster yes
S316322Scott F. HeronInvited Assessing climate vulnerability of coastal and marine World Heritage propertiesScott F. Heron and Jon C. DayIN-PERSON
S316325Jon C. DayInvited Expanding and enhancing assessments of climate vulnerability using the CVIJon C. Day, Taruna Venkatachalam, Riccardo Losicale, Larissa Hale, Karin Gerhardt, and Scott F. HeronIN-PERSON
S315958Mercy Exson MbogelahInvited Preserving 'One of the most beautiful cities of the World': Results from the Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVI) of the Ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani and Ruins of Songo Mnara World Heritage Site and its value to Archaeology Heritage Management.Mercy Mbogelah, Revocatus Bugumba, Jon Day, Scott Heron, and Will MegarryIN-PERSON
S315868Daniel G. BoyceOral A climate risk index in support of marine conservationDaniel G. Boyce, Derek Tittensor, Cristina Garilao, Stephanie Henson, Kristin Kaschner, Kathleen Kesner-Reyes, Alex Pigot, Rodolfo Reyes Jr. Gabriel Reygondeau, Vincent Saba, Kathryn Schleit1, Nancy Shackel, Patricia Sorongon-Yap, Ryan Stanley, and BorisIN-PERSON
S316139Marina Sanz-MartínOral Climate-driven responses of Mediterranean fisheries across geographic gradients and seasonsMarina Sanz-Martín, Konstancja Woźniacka, Marta Albo-Puigserver1, Lucía López-López, Isaac Brito-Morales, Julia Polo, Joan Moranta, Antonio Punzón, Sandra Mallol, and José Manuel HidalgoIN-PERSON
S316131Taewon KimOral Effect of climate change on marine benthic animalsTaewon KimON-LINE
S316170Ignacio PitaOral Enlightening Climate Risk Assessments with local Participatory approachesIgnacio Pita, David Mouillot, Adrien Chevallier, Fabien Moullec, and Yunne-Jai ShinIN-PERSON
S316117Andrea Lira-LoarcaOral Future extreme wave events in the Mediterranean Sea by 2100Andrea Lira-Loarca and Giovanni BesioIN-PERSON
S316074Abdulrahman Ben-HasanOral Insights into fish asymptotic length from the world’s hottest sea and implications to fisheriesAbdulrahman Ben-Hasan, Arezoo Vahabnezhad, and John BurtIN-PERSON
S316030Padmini DalpadadoOral Is the Indian Ocean experiencing the biggest threats of climate change?Padmini Dalpadado, Mathew K. Roxy, Kevin R. Arrigo, Gert L. van Dijken, Melissa Chierici, Marek Ostrowski, Rasmus Skern-Mauritzen, Gunnstein Bakke, and Erik SperfeldIN-PERSON
S315902Kirstin PetzerOralREP-3_CIMarine heatwaves in the Cape Peninsula Upwelling Cell, Southern BenguelaKirstin Petzer, Mathieu Rouault, and Tarron LamontIN-PERSON (p->o?)
S316207Sonagnon Olivier TokpanouOral Modeling Arctic marine food webs to support sustainable and resilient traditional food systems for future generations of NunavimmiutOlivier S. Tokpanou, Sara Pedro, Carie Hoove, Tiff-Annie Kenny, and Frédéric MapsIN-PERSON
S316213Matthew D. LettrichOral NOAA Fisheries’ marine mammal and sea turtle climate vulnerability assessmentsMatthew D. Lettrich, Dori Dick, and Roger B. GriffisIN-PERSON
S316377Sofia RibeiroOralREP-2_CIPast perspectives on the vulnerability of a unique Arctic ecosystem to climate change: Pikialasorsuaq (The North Water polynya)Sofia Ribeiro, Rebecca Jackson, Kelsey Koerner, Kaarina Weckström, and Audrey LimogesIN-PERSON (p->o)
S316204Hem Nalini Morzaria-LunaOral Socioeconomic vulnerability of coastal communities in Mexico to climate changeHem Nalini Morzaria-Luna, Gabriela Cruz-Piñón, José Manuel Dorantes Hernández, Héctor Reyes-Bonilla, David Petatan Ramirez, and Leonardo-Vazquez-VeraIN-PERSON
S316330Samuel StarkoOral Temperature and food chain length, but not latitude, explain region-specific responses of kelp forests to an unprecedented heatwaveSamuel Starko, Brian Timmer, Luba Reshitnyk, Matthew Csordas, Jennifer McHenry, Sarah Schroeder, Margot Hessing-Lewis, Maycira Costa, Amanda Zielinksi, Rob Zielinksi, Sarah Cook, Rob Underhill, Leanna Boyer, Julia K. Baum, and Christopher J. NeufeldON-LINE
S316210Juan M. Valero-RodriguezOral Temperature effects on the ecology of the coastal fucoid Ascophyllum nodosum in a climate change contextJuan M. Valero-Rodriguez, Kjersti Sjøtun, Ronja Johanna Kaplin, and Øystein Varpe.IN-PERSON poster & talk
S316326Lydia TehOral The Impact of Climate Change on Indonesia’s Fisheries and Coastal CommunitiesWilliam W.L. Cheung, Vicky W.Y. Lam, Gabriel Reygondeau, Lydia Teh, Rashid Sumaila, Thomas Frölicher, Fegi Nurhabni, Anna Kuswardani, Umi Muawanah, Renny Puspasari, and David James KaczanON-LINE
S315826Swaleh AboudOralREP-1_CIUnderstanding Patterns of Hard Coral Demographics in Kenyan Reefs to inform restorationSwaleh Aboud, Mishal Gudka, and David OburaON-LINE (p->o)
S316007Michelle McClureOral Vulnerability to climate change of managed stocks in the California Current Large Marine EcosystemMichelle McClure, Melissa A. Haltuch, Ellen Willis-Norton, David D. Huff, Elliott L. Hazen, Lisa G. Crozier, Michael G. Jacox, Mark W. Nelson, and Steven J. BogradIN-PERSON
S315957David M FieldsPoster A positive temperature-dependent effect of elevated CO2 on growth and lipid accumulation in the planktonic copepod, Calanus finmarchicusDavid M. Fields, Jeffrey A. Runge, Cameron R.S. Thompson, Caroline M. F. Durif, Steven D. Shema, Reidun M. Bjelland, Maura Niemisto, Michael T. Arts, Anne Berit Skiftesvik, and Howard I. BrowmanIN-PERSON (interested in a talk)
S315869Catia FigueiredoPoster A triple threat: Ocean warming, acidification and rare earth elements exposure triggers a superior antioxidant response and pigment production in the adaptable Ulva rigidaCatia Figueiredo, Tiago F. Grilo, Rui Oliveira, Inês João Ferreira, Fátima Gil, Clara Lopes, Pedro Brito, Pedro Ré, Miguel Caetano, Mário Diniz, and Joana RaimundoIN-PERSON
S316056Sidi Ahmed HEMEDPoster Biomass and geographical distribution of seven small pelagic fish species in relation to temperature conditions in Mauritanian watersSidi Ahmed HemedON-LINE, uploaded
S316150Fabio BulleriPosterREP-4_CICarbon turnover and sequestration of algal forest communities in shallow rocky reefs along urbanized shores and pristine reefs in the central Mediterranean SeaFabio Bulleri, Ludovica Pedicini, Martina Mulas, Gil Rilov, Jacob Silverman, and Chiara RavaglioliIN-PERSON (talk in case of cancellation)
S316473Kayla A. AndraPoster Climate change and small-scale fishing in South Africa: A community scale social vulnerability assessment for the southern Cape handline fisheryKayla A. Andra, Louise C. Gammage, Natasha Kareyni, and Astrid JarreON-LINE
S316397Sierra GrayPoster Climate change co-stressors and their effects on the biological, physiological, and genomic responses of juvenile Pacific oystersSierra L. Gray, Christopher M. Pearce, Clara L. Mackenzie, Emaline M. Montgomery, Monique R. Raap, Chen Yin Walker, Helen J. Gurney-Smith, and Amanda E. BatesIN-PERSON
S316065Steven J. BogradPoster Climate Change Impacts on Eastern Boundary Upwelling SystemsSteven J. Bograd. Michael G. Jacox, Elliott L. Hazen, Elisa Lovecchio, Ivonne Montes, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Lynne J. Shannon, William J. Sydeman, and Ryan R. RykaczewskiIN-PERSON
S316418Miguel FernandesPoster Climate-related vulnerability and risk assessment of main ocean uses: An overviewMiguel Fernandes, Carina Vieira da Silva, and Catarina Frazão SantosIN-PERSON (by colleague) and ON-LINE
S316141Amr Talaat SalamaPoster Decadal variability of the Benguela upwelling system with global warmingAmr Talaat Salama, Marco Zavatarelli, Momme Butenschön, and Tomas LovatoIN-PERSON
S316054Fernando ArenasPoster Did changes in surface sea temperature effect human populations of Espíritu Santo Island (Gulf of California, Mexico) during the Holocene?Fernando Arenas, Harumi Fujita, Diana Medina Contreras, and Alberto SánchezON-LINE, uploaded
S316127Yuanyuan HongPoster Ecosystem turnover in an urbanized subtropical seascape driven by climate and pollutionYuanyuan Hong, Moriaki Yasuhara, Hokuto Iwatani, Anne Chao, Paul G. Harnik, and Chih-Lin WeiIN-PERSON
S315804Catia FigueiredoPoster Enhanced ecotoxicity of Gadolinium in a warmer and acidified changing ocean using a multibiomarker approach: the case of the surf clam Spisula solidaCátia Figueiredo, Tiago F. Grilo, Rui Oliveira, Inês João Ferreira, Fátima Gil, Clara Lopes, Pedro Brito, Pedro Ré, Miguel Caetano, Mário Diniz, and Joana RaimundoIN-PERSON
S315894Filippo GiaroliPoster Future changes in joint waves and storm surge events in the Mediterranean seaFilippo Giaroli, Andrea Lira Loarca, and Giovanni BesioIN-PERSON
S316109Meng XiaPoster How does the climate change impact to the estuarine, coastal ocean and lakes?Meng XiaIN-PERSON
S316387Paul Bertrand SOB NANGOUPoster Identifying cascading links from large scale climate processes to plankton ecology in the Gulf of GuineaPaul B. Sob Nangou, Sun-Hee Lee, Juan C. Molinero, and Serge H. Zebaze TogouetON-LINE, uploaded
S316414Michelle D StaudingerPoster Integrating climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation strategies into United States Fish and Wildlife Action PlansMichelle D. Staudinger, Kevin R. Burgio, Hanusua Higgins, Alice Lubeck, Tracy Melvin, Tracey Rice, and Karen TerwilligerIN-PERSON
S316360Xènia Frigola-TepePoster Is the parasitation of the eggs an additional threat for the Mediterranean sardine?Xènia Frigola-Tepe, Núria Pérez-Bielsa, Marta Caballero-Huertas, Marta Muñoz, and Jordi ViñasIN-PERSON
S315816Roberto, Mario, VenegasPoster Large Marine Ecosystems changes under future climate projectionsRoberto M Venegas and Eric TremlIN-PERSON
S316266Jingwen ZhangPosterREP-6_CILatitudinal biodiversity gradients in a greenhouse world: were Eocene tropics too hot to support high biodiversity? A test using shallow-marine ostracodsJingwen Zhang and Moriaki YausharaIN-PERSON
S315845K.K. Basheer AhammedPoster Long-term impacts of climate change in Indian Sundarbans: An automatic computation and geospatial approachK.K. Basheer Ahammed, Arvind Chandra Pandey, and K. Ch. V. Naga KumarON-LINE, uploaded
S315841Sheku SeiPosterREP-x_CVANetwork of marine protected areas in a changing climate in West Africa: An appraisal of vulnerabilities, impacts and adaptive capacitySheku Sei, Alistair Hobday, Ingrid Van Putten, and Gretta PeclIN-PERSON
S316392Joanna ZankerPoster Oceanographic variability in Cumberland Bay, South Georgia and implications for fisheries managementJoanna Zanker, Emma Young, Ivan Haigh, Paul Brickle, and Paul HollandIN-PERSON
S316309Alexey MishonovPoster On peculiarities of ocean climate variability north of Gulf StreamAlexey Mishonov, Dan Seidov, Rost Parsons, and Scott CrossIN-PERSON
S316481María Andrée López GómezPoster Precarious livelihoods in small-scale fisheries in North Atlantic CanadaMaría Andrée López Gómez and Emily Reid-MussonIN-PERSON
S315920Berhane Teklehaimanot TesfaiPoster Reports on the prevalence of benthic harmful algae in the Red Sea coast – A potential bioindicators for Climate ChangeBerhane T. Tesfai, Jiangning Zeng, Mengmeng Tong, and Pengbin WangON-LINE, uploaded
S316370Nishat Farzana NimniPoster Response of hydrodynamic processes in the Maryland Coastal Bays under the impact of climate changeNishat Farzana Nimni and Meng XiaIN-PERSON
S315839Crissy PickettPoster Review of California coastal adaptation and scientific gap analysisBorja Reguero, Charles Lester, Adam Young, Crissy Pickett, and Sam RozalIN-PERSON
S316398Dritan RustjaPoster The impact of climate change in the development of sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean: Case study – AlbaniaDritan RustjaON-LINE, uploaded
S316182Lucía EspasandínPoster Towards a systematic review of climate change effects in the Western Mediterranean SeaLucía Espasandín, Ibrahim Abdelgawad, Valerio Sbragaglia, Francisco Ramírez, and Marta CollIN-PERSON
S316042Samiya Selim (for Mahmuda Akter)Withdrawal Adapting to climate change: sustainable livelihood initiative in coastal region of BangladeshMahmuda Akter, Mohammad Budrudzaman, and Samiya A. SelimIN-PERSON by co-author (Mar. 1) yes
S315936Ritika PrasadWithdrawal Analysing shoreline change and evaluation of coastal protection measures in Navsari and Valsad districts of Gujarat, IndiaRitika Prasad and Bhanwar Vishvendra Raj SinghIN-PERSON, no show talk yes
S316200Susan BainWithdrawal Applying the Climate Vulnerability Index to World Heritage in ScotlandSusan Bain and Rebecca H JonesCANCEL talk (CVA) yes
S316355Lexi WilkesWithdrawal Assessing rocky intertidal food web and ecosystem service robustness in climate-induced species loss sequencesLexi Wilkes, Aislyn Keyes, Dana N. Morton, Allison K. Barner, Laura E. DeeCANCEL poster yes
S316401Rebecca Stevens-GreenWithdrawal Assessing the response of the modern Labrador Sea spring bloom to predicted future increased temperatures and altered nutrient availability Rebecca Stevens-Green, Scott Pollara, Loay Jabre, Colleen McBride, Kitty Kam, Carolina Cisterna-Novoa, Cordelia Hoegg-Phelps, Heather Reader, Uta Passow, Doug Wallace, Rachel Sipler, Erin Bertrand, Julie LaRocheCANCEL poster yes
S315819Chinomnso Chinazum OnwubikoWithdrawalREP-1_CVAAssessment of flood risk along the Coast OF Rivers StateChinomnso Chinazum Onwubiko, Frederick Ato Armah, and Dennis Worlanyo AhetoON-LINE (p->o), no show talk yes
S316332Bhanwar Vishvendra Raj SinghWithdrawal Assessment of landscape dynamics of the Kutch Biosphere Reserve (KBR), Gujarat, India: In the context of local marine sustainability Initiatives through geo-spatial mappingBhanwar Vishvendra Raj Singh, Anjan Sen, and Ravi MishraIN-PERSON, no show talk yes
S316002Diana PerryWithdrawal Atlantic cod in a changing oceanDiana Perry, Elena Tamarit Castro, Erika Sundell, Michael Axelsson, Sanne Bergman, Albin Gräns, Martin Gullström, Joachim Sturve and Håkan WennhageCANCEL poster yes
S316097Helena L. FilipssonWithdrawalREP-5_CIBaltic sediment archives reveal increased loading of carbonaceous pollution from biomass burningKarl Ljung, Petra L. Schoon, Marcus Rudolf, Laurie M. Charrieau, Sha Ni, and Helena L. FilipssonCANCELLED ON-LINE poster yes
S315962Jasmine TaleviWithdrawal Behavioural and physiological response of eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica) and soft shell clams (Mya arenaria) to hypoxia during a heatwaveJasmine Talevi, Shelby Clarke, Michael Coffin, Luc Comeau, Takashi Sakamaki and Ramon FilgueiraCANCEL talk (CL) yes
S316427Önder KılıçWithdrawal Cellular, physiological and genotoxicity responses of the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis to multiple stress: Low pH, low dissolved oxygen and microplasticÖnder Kılıç, Murat Belivermiş, Betül Dere, Hacer Aliyeva, Narin Sezer, Engin Kaptan, Murat Pekmez, and Elif MertoğluON-LINE no show poster yes
S315863Valeriy KhokhlovWithdrawal Climate change impact on freshwater balance of quasi-closed lagoons on the North-Western Black Sea coastYurii Tuchkovenko, Valeriy Khokhlov and Nataliia LobodaCANCEL poster yes
S315882Shailendra K. MandalWithdrawal Climate change vulnerability assessment of coastal areas and associated communities: learning’s from the Indian metropolitan city of IndiaShailendra K. Mandal and Supriya RaniCANCEL poster yes
S315881Dr Frank WesongaWithdrawal Climate change, global warming and its impacts on oceansDr Frank Wesonga and Francis KeyaCANCELLED poster Apr 13 yes
S315994Pedro C. González-EspinosaWithdrawal Cloudiness delays projected impact of climate change on coral reefsPedro C. González-Espinosa and Simon D. Donner 1 Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, 1984 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T1Z2 2 Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, University of British Columbia, 2202 Main Mall,ON-LINE, cancelled talk yes
S315999Pedro C. González-EspinosaWithdrawal Cloudiness reduces the bleaching response of coral reefs exposed to heat stressPedro C. González-Espinosa and Simon D. Donner ON-LINE no show poster yes
S316391Rinku DasWithdrawal Comparison of Sea Surface Salinity during the land fall of tropical cyclones in pre and post monsoon season in Bay of Bengal using Global Reanalysis (GLORYS12V1) data and WGS84(EPSG4326) coordinate systemRinku DasCANCELLE poster Apr 13 yes
S316299Anitha Mary DavidsonWithdrawal Evaluating the zooplankton mortality rate under changing ocean acidification in the waters of TaiwanAnitha Mary Davidson, Li-Chun Tseng, Jiang-Shiou HwangCANCELLED poster
S316012Md Mizanur RahmanWithdrawal Examining the alteration of the species composition in the coastal areas of BangladeshMd Mizanur RahmanCANCEL poster yes
S316026Shadananan NairWithdrawal Impact of climate change, sea level rise and natural hazards in the coastal zones of IndiaShadananan NairCANCELLED poster yes
S316011Md Mizanur RahmanWithdrawal Impact of increased salinity on the honeybee abundance in the Sundarbans MangroveMd Mizanur RahmanCANCEL talk yes
S316314Georgina WoodWithdrawalREP-2_CVAIncorporating genomics into climate change vulnerability assessmentsGeorgina Wood, Thomas Wernberg, Karen Filbee-Dexter, Melinda ColemanCANCELLED talk yes
S316388Priya TripathiWithdrawal Micro Level Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment in Fishing Villages in Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu, IndiaJ.K. Patterson Edward, Priya Tripathi, G. Mathews, K. Diraviya Raj, and N. Gladwin Gnana AsirIN-PERSON?? (subject to funding), no show talk yes
S315950Carlos Maximiliano Szkope CoboWithdrawal Multiple climate change stressors impact fundamental subcellular stress response in marine calcifiers: Novel approaches for stress detection and quantificationNina Bednarsek and Carlos Maximiliano Szkope CoboCANCELLED poster yes
S315977Eliza FragkopoulouWithdrawal Novel insights into subsurface marine heatwaves and the exposure of global biodiversityEliza Fragkopoulou, Mark John Costello, Alex Sen Gupta, Thomas Wernberg, Miguel B. Araújo, Ester A. Serrão, Olivier De Clerck and Jorge AssisCANCEL poster yes
S316068Ileana Fenwick Withdrawal Pulse and press disturbances: How do the effects of these events influence community dynamics in the US Large Marine Ecosystem? Ileana Fenwick, Janet Nye CANCEL talk yes
S316092Abigail Mwikali MwalimuWithdrawal Reliability of community coral reef data at the scientific level to inform conservation efforts in KenyaAbigail Mwikali Mwalimu, Swaleh Ali AboudCANCELLED poster
S316197Gowri Krishna GirijaWithdrawal Structural and functional heterogeneity of the bacterial communities associated with a stony coral across shallow water hydrothermal vent, copper mining site and non-vent habitatsGowri Krishna Girija, Li-Chun Tseng, Yu-Ling Chen, Jiang-Shiou Hwang, and Ying-Ning HoCANCELLED poster Mar 26 yes
S315848DHRUBA BANERJEEWithdrawal The Case study of characteristics and vulnerability power of TropicalCyclone in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea in 2018 and the possible solar linkage with them.DHRUBA,BANERJEECANCEL poster yes
S315858Perez-Alvaro, ElenaWithdrawal The effects of climate change in identity: transformation of lives through underwater cultural heritagePerez-Alvaro, ElenaCANCEL poster yes
S315898Landry T. TchambouWithdrawal Thermodynamics of the local Hadley circulation over Central AfricaLandry T. Tchambou and Appolinaire D. VondouCANCELLED poster yes
S316439Theophilus AnnanWithdrawal Topic: Exposure to Toxic Metals and Health Risk Assessment Through Ingestion of Anchovies Across African Countries Along the Atlantic OceanTheophilus Annan, Anne-Katrine Lundebye, Nikolaos Nikolioudakis, Amy Atter, Kotei, Nii Korley, and Marian KjellevoldCANCELLED Apr. 13 yes
S415967Oluwadunsin S. OlabodeDeclined Sequential extraction and geochemical characterization of heavy metals in Ayetoro coastal sediments, southwestern Nigeria. Samuel O. Ayodele, Oluwadunsin S. Olabode  yes
S416138Efe Ogidiaka-Obende Declined Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in Nigeria coastal waters; lmpacts, Challenges and Prospects. Efe Ogidiaka-Obende1*, Gabriel C. C. Ndinwa2., John Atadiose3 and Ewoma O. Oduma4  yes
S415875Emily M. OgierOral Assessing climate change risk to fisheries: real world applications, capacity building, and social learningElizabeth A. Fulton, Jess Melbourne-Thomas, Ingrid van Putten, Leo X.C. Dutra, Linda Thomas, and Emily M. OgierIN-PERSON
S416045Jason Hartog (for Alistair Hobday)Oral Ecological forecasting and operational information systems support sustainable ocean managementAlistair Hobday and Chaojiao SunIN-PERSON
S416105Megan Williams and Kevin WhitworthOral New tools to advance climate resilience and equity in Alaskan coastal communitiesMegan Williams, Kevin Whitworth, Lauren Divine, Theresa Peterson, and Terese SchomogyiIN-PERSON
S416073Jenny ShawOralREP-1One marine hotspot, two coastal communities, multiple views on climate change and the sustainability of marine livelihoods off Western AustraliaJenny Shaw and Alicia SuttonIN-PERSON (p->o) Feb. 27
S416336Delphi WardOral Planning for sustainable marine socio-ecological futures in the context of tipping points: a participatory gaming approachDelphi Ward, Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, Anna Richards, Beth Fulton, Derek Fulton, Gabriela Scheufele, Katrina Szetey, Rowan Trebilco, and Ingrid van PuttenIN-PERSON
S416237Lisa L. ColburnOral Predicting the adaptive capacity of fishing communities to changing climate conditions: A case study of the Northeastern U.S. Atlantic sea scallop fisheryLisa L. Colburn and Rebecca SeldenIN-PERSON
S416248Kirstin Holsman (for Anne Hollowed)Oral Selecting climate linked decision relevant and adaptation informing scenarios for ecosystems: A case study for the eastern Bering SeaAnne Hollowed, Kirstin Holsman, Alan Haynie, Sarah Wise, Diana Stram, Andre Punt, Wei Cheng, Albert Hermann, Kelly Kearney, and Jon ReumIN-PERSON
S415963Francisco Werner and Maureen TrnkaOral U.S. perspectives on evolving decision-making under climate change and shifting marine ecosystems: addressing fishery management challengesSamuel Rauch and Francisco WernerIN-PERSON
S416452Astrid JarrePlenary Ten years of SES research for improved marine fisheries decision making in the southern Cape, South Africa - lessons learntAstrid Jarre, Louise C. Gammage, Marieke Norton, Gregory L. Duggan, and Catherine D. WardIN-PERSON (o->invited->plenary)
S415867Lilly BaumannPoster Anticipation of the future in transdisciplinary coastal research in the Global South: a systematic literature reviewLilly BaumannIN-PERSON
S416359Devendraraj MadhanagopalPosterREP-3Do the indigenous knowledge systems of marine fishermen increase their resilience in the face of climate change and risks? Observations from tsunami-hit fishing villages of South IndiaDevendraraj MadhanagopalIN-PERSON (participates)
S416344Louise C. GammagePoster Eco-ACE: Building multi-scalar adaptive capacity to ocean change by promoting ecosystem-based adaptation and community engagementLouise C. Gammage, Kelly Ortega-Cisneros, and Lynne ShannonIN-PERSON
S415992Julia MasonPoster Linking knowledge and action for climate-ready fisheries: emerging best practices across the United StatesJulia Mason, Sarah Weisberg, Janelle Morano, Rich Bell, Mark Fitchett, Roger Griffis, Elliott Hazen, Will Heyman, Kirstin Holsman, Kristin Kleisner, and Katie WestfallIN-PERSON
S415889Jacqueline VogelPoster Linking transboundary stock shifts, fisheries conflict and adaptive governance through case studiesJacqueline Vogel, Catherine Longo, Jessica Spijkers, Juliano Palacios-Abrantes, William Cheung, Rashid Sumaila, Julia Mason, Colette Wabnitz, Gordon Munro, Sarah Glaser, Johann Bell, Yongjun Tian, Nancy Shackell, and Rod FujitaIN-PERSON
S415862Tiffany H. MorrisonPosterREP-5New interventions for marine ecosystems in rapid transition: A first-cut global assessmentTiffany H. Morrison, Emily Ogier, Pip Cohen, Terry Hughes, and Gretta PeclON-LINE, uploaded
S416075Rize van RooyenPoster Ocean-climate literacy as a consequence of environmental educationDanai Tembo and Rize van RooyenON-LINE, uploaded
S416320Charity JustraboPosterREP-2Projecting climate-related shifts in culturally important species within community waters: Opportunities and barriers to adaptationCharity Justrabo, Laurie Chan, Karen Fediuk, Nang Jingwas Russ Jones, Michelle McDonald, Matthew Peck, Anne Salomon, Terre Satterfield, Kim-Ly Thompson, and William CheungIN-PERSON
S416295Lorenzo CiannelliPoster Supporting transdisciplinary collaborations in graduate educationLorenzo Ciannelli, Flaxen Conway, Ana Spalding, Cynthia Char, Julia Jones, and Michael BanksIN-PERSON
S416252Mohammad Mahmudul Islam Withdrawal Enablers and barriers of climate change adaptation of the mangrove-dependent communities of the Bangladesh SundarbansMohammad Mahmudul Islam and ReashanujjamanCANCEL poster yes
S415831Simon MasakWithdrawalREP-4Estuarine ecosystems risk crossing tipping points in Ghana: Lessons and complexities from Whin estuary ecosystem. Simon Masak, Isaac Okyere, Denis Worlanyo Aheto CANCEL poster yes
S416483Sebastian VillasanteWithdrawal Resilience and Social Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts in Small-Scale FisheriesSebastian VillasanteIN-PERSON, cancelled plenary yes
S416302AJ SmitWithdrawal The impact of extreme events in the Benguela Upwelling SystemAlbertus J. Smit and Neville SweijdCANCELLED Invited yes
S416188Akshata MehtaWithdrawal Towards pluralistic value integration in marine management: Learnings from transdisciplinary and participatory research methods in the Western Cape, South Africa Akshata Mehta, Albertus J. SmitCANCELLED talk yes
S416378Sarah WiseWithdrawal Transdisciplinary approaches in US marine research: the role of multiple knowledge systems in climate informed decision-makingSarah Wise and Rebecca IngramON-LINE, cancelled talk yes
S515899Regina R. RodriguesInvited Extreme Compound Events in the tropical and South AtlanticRegina R. Rodrigues, Afonso Gonçalves Neto, Noel Keenlyside, Thomas Frölicher, Friedrich Burger, and Alistair HobdayIN-PERSON
S516250Stephanie BrodieOral Application of ecological forecasting to dynamic ocean management tools: A comparison between global and downscaled seasonal forecastsStephanie Brodie, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Heather Welch, Jarrod A. Santora, Steven Bograd, Elliott L. Hazen, and Michael JacoxIN-PERSON
S516448Michael LitzowOral Borealization of the Bering Sea and collapse of the snow crab fishery: perspectives for informing adaptation decision-makingMichael Litzow, Brendan Connors, Lisa Eisner, Erin Fedewa, David Kimmel, Trond Kristiansen, Michael Malick, Jens Nielsen, and Cody SzuwalskiIN-PERSON
S516124Arani ChandrapavanOral Can climate and seasonal forecast models help manage fisheries trapped in a cycle of ocean extremes?Arani Chandrapavan, Lachlan Strain, and Nick CaputiIN-PERSON
S516405William J. SydemanOral Ecological complexity, prediction, and management of socio-ecological systems in the wake of extreme climate events off CaliforniaWilliam J. Sydeman, Jarrod A. Santora, Sarah Ann Thompson, and the “Whale-safe” Study TeamIN-PERSON
S516438Julie KeisterOral Effects of heatwaves on zooplankton-to-salmon connections differ across contrasting regions of the U.S. Pacific coastJulie Keister, Jennifer Fisher, Kym Jacobson, David Kimmel, Jamal Moss, Wes Strausberger, Rob Suryan,Laurie Weitkamp, and Amanda WinansIN-PERSON
S516100Natacha Le GrixOral Extreme and compound events are key drivers of low fish biomassNatacha Le Grix, William Cheung, Gabriel Reygondeau, Jakob Zschleischler, and Thomas FrölicherIN-PERSON
S516264Michael JacoxOral Forecasting Northeast Pacific ocean variability and extremes to support ecosystem managementMichael Jacox, Michael Alexander, Dillon Amaya, Emily Becker, Steven Bograd, Stephanie Brodie, Christopher Edwards, Jerome Fiechter, Elliott Hazen, Mercedes Pozo Buil, and Desiree TommasiIN-PERSON
S516078Vianney Guibourd de LuzinaisOral Large potential impacts of marine heatwave on ecosystem functioningVianney Guibourd de Luzinais, Didier Gascuel, Gabriel Reygondeau, and William W.L. CheungIN-PERSON
S515870Alexa FredstonOral Marine heatwaves are not a dominant driver of change in North Atlantic and Pacific fish communitiesAlexa Fredston, William W.L. Cheung, Thomas L. Frölicher, Zoë Kitchel, Aurore A. Maureaud, James T. Thorson, Arnaud Auber, Bastien Mérigot, Juliano Palacios-Abrantes, Maria Lourdes D. Palomares, Laurène Pecuchet, Nancy Shackell, and Malin L. PinskyIN-PERSON
S516199Clara AzarianOral Marine heatwaves erode winter waters in the Southern Indian OceanClara Azarian, Laurent Bopp, Sebastiaan Swart, and Francesco d’OvidioIN-PERSON
S516144Jason R. HartogOralxREP-1Prediction of marine heatwaves from a seasonal forecast model and a machine learning approachJason R. Hartog, Grant Smith, Fabio Boschetti, Ming Feng, Xuebin Zhang, Claire M. Spillman, and Alistair J. HobdayIN-PERSON (p->o)
S516361Andrew J. PershingOral Rapid Attribution of Ocean TemperaturesAndrew J. Pershing and Daniel M. GilfordON-LINE (Mar 27)
S516311Md. Emon RahmanOral The adaptation strategies of small-scale fishers to storms and extreme climatic events in the coastal region of BangladeshNadine Heck, Siddharth Narayan, Md. Emon Rahman, and Samiya Ahmed SelimIN-PERSON
S516230María D.Castro-CadenasOral Tracking changes in social-ecological systems along environmental disturbances with the ocean health indexMaría D.Castro-Cadenas, Charles Loiseau, Julie M.Reimer, and Joachim ClaudetIN-PERSON
S516280Haila SchultzOral Understanding potential ecosystem impacts of climate-driven increases in moon jelly (Aurelia labiata) aggregationsHaila Schultz, Julie Keister, Correigh Greene, Hem Nalini Morzaria-Luna, Isaac Kaplan, Kathryn Sobocinski, and Lucy RoussaIN-PERSON
S515978Renato SalvatteciPlenary Response of fish populations in the Humboldt Current System to extreme climate changes during the last 140 000 yearsRenato SalvatteciIN-PERSON
S516232Daniela AlmeidaPoster Assessing the potential for resilience towards Marine Heatwaves and Artificial Light at Night in Kelp speciesDaniela Almeida, Ana M. Queirós, Catarina Vinagre, and Francisco ArenasIN-PERSON
S516335Pierre-Yves HernvannPoster Challenges of simulating ecosystem-level impacts of marine heatwaves: from physiological studies to ecosystem modelingPierre-Yves Hernvann, Didier Gascuel, Vianney Guibourd de Luzinais, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Michael G. Jacox, Isaac Kaplan, Stefan Koenigstein, Barbara Muhling, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Alberto Rovellini, Bastien Sadoul, Desiree Tommasi, and Hubert Du PontaviceON-LINE, uploaded
S516244M. Kelsey LanePoster Changes in Modern Foraminiferal Assemblages Associated with Recent Northeast Pacific Marine HeatwavesM. Kelsey Lane, Jennifer S. Fehrenbacher, Jennifer L. Fisher, Melanie R. Fewings, Byron C. Crump, and Craig M. RisienON-LINE, uploaded
S516451Justin P. GwynnPoster Climate change and greenhouse gas related impacts on contaminants in the ocean – Working Group 45 of the Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP)Justin P. Gwynn, Vanessa Hatje, Manmohan Sarin, Alessandro Tagliabue, Christoph Voelker, Dario Omanovic, Núria Casacuberta Arola, Ricardo O. Barra, Sylvia Sander, Pamela Noyes, and Iolanda OsvathIN-PERSON
S516461Gretta T. PeclPoster Climate, currents and species traits contribute to early stages of marine species redistributionJorge García Molinos, Heather L. Hunt, Madeline E. Green, Curtis Champion, Jason R. Hartog, and Gretta T. PeclIN-PERSON
S516063Alberto RovelliniPosterREP-2Exploring the ecosystem-level effects of the 2013-2016 marine heatwave in the Gulf of Alaska with an Atlantis ecosystem modelAlberto Rovellini, Isaac Kaplan, André E. Punt, Kerim Aydin, Meaghan Bryan, Gemma Carroll, Bridget Ferriss, Elizabeth Fulton, Adam Hayes, Albert J. Hermann, Elizabeth McHuron, Szymon Surma, and Martin DornON-LINE (Mar. 1), uploaded
S516087James RobinsonPoster Fishery services from degraded coral reefsJames P.W. Robinson, Emily Darling, Eva Maire, Mark Hamilton, M. Aaron MacNeil, Christina C. Hicks, and Nicholas A.J. GrahamIN-PERSON
S516044Alistair HobdayPosterREP-3Forecasts do not determine actions- they are part of a complex decision spaceAlistair Hobday, Jason Hartog, Claire Spillman, and Grant SmithIN-PERSON
S515926Georg H. EngelhardPoster Impacts of marine heatwaves and cold-spells on North Sea fisheriesGeorg H. Engelhard, Sarah L. Wakelin, Jason T. Holt, Richard Renshaw, and Bryony L. TownhillIN-PERSON
S516099Fernando ArenasPoster Sea Surface Temperature and Environmental Reconstruction of La Paz Bay, Gulf of California: New Evidence from Pinctada mazatlanica δ18OFernando Arenas, Harumi Fujita, Alberto Sanchez, and Diana Medina-ContrerasON-LINE, uploaded
S515921Hassan MoustahfidPoster Sensitivity of the upwelling system along the North-West African margin to extreme climatic events and ecological consequencesHassan Moustahfid, Anass El Aouni, Karim Hilmi, Ismail Bessa, Jilali Bensbai, and Avijit GangopadhyayON-LINE (Mar.1), uploaded
S516376Guilherme PintoPoster Spatio-temporal trends of marine heatwaves in the western Baltic Sea between 1950-2020Guilherme Pinto, Christian Möllmann, Hans-Harald Hinrichsen, Martin Quaas, and Rüdiger VossIN-PERSON
S516267Clara L. MackenziePoster The impacts of acute stressor events on survival and stress response of Pacific oystersClara L. Mackenzie, Monique R. Raap, Chen Yin Walker, Timothy J. Green, and Christopher M. PearceON-LINE, uploaded
S516019Chang-Keun KangPoster Warming affects physiological performance and growth of ark clams in seasonally different manners in a temperate coastal embayment of KoreaChang-Keun Kang and Changseong KimIN-PERSON
S515929Antonietta CapotondiWithdrawalxREP-1An optimal large-scale precursor of Northeast Pacific marine heatwaves Antonietta Capotondi, Matthew Newman, Tontong Xu and Emanuele Di LorenzoCANCEL poster yes
S516433Mariana Torres-AlamillaWithdrawal Characterization of marine heatwave events in a tropical coral reef system in the Gulf of Mexico: The Veracruz Reef SystemMariana Torres-Alamilla, Jorge Zavala-Hidalgo, and Marina Sanchez-RamírezON-LINE no show poster yes
S515937Brisneve EdullantesWithdrawal Effects of warming on growth and competition in marine dinoflagellatesBrisneve Edullantes, Etienne Low-Decarie, Michael Steinke, Tom CameronCANCEL poster yes
S515993Shelby B. Clarke Withdrawal Exploring adaptation and plasticity to ocean warming in blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) from Atlantic Canada Shelby B. Clarke, Tiago Hori, Luc Comeau and Ramon FilgueiraCANCEL poster yes
S516303AJ SmitWithdrawal Extreme thermal fluctuations in the Benguela Upwelling SystemAlbertus J. Smit, Mathieu Rouault, and Neville SweijdCANCELLED poster yes
S516363Jordi BoadaWithdrawalREP-4Future ocean conditions (both warming and acidification) influence the performance and productivity of the seagrass P. oceanica.Jordi Boada1, Anaïs Barrera1, Chloé Carbonne1, Steeve Comeau1, Jean-Pierre Gattuso1, Jana Verdura2, Fernando García Gonzalez3, Gabrielle Procaccini4, Luisa Mangialajo2, Núria Marbà5, Núria Teixidó1, 4CANCEL poster yes
S516116Heather WelchWithdrawal Idiosyncratic effects of marine heatwaves on top predator distributionsHeather Welch, M.S. Savoca, S. Brodie, M.G. Jacox, B.A. Muhling, T.A. Clay, M.A. Cimino, ..... S.J. Bograd, E.L. HazenCANCEL talk yes
S516412Szymon SurmaWithdrawalREP-1Investigating the ecological impacts of marine heatwaves on the eastern Gulf of Alaska using an Ecopath with Ecosim ecosystem modelSzymon Surma, Curry J. Cunningham, Kerim Y. Aydin, Jamal Moss, Martin Dorn, Albert J. Hermann, and Alberto RovelliniCANCELLED poster yes
S516112Claire M AttridgeWithdrawal Kelp forest degradation shifts biological community compositionClaire M Attridge, Kieran D Cox, Bridget Maher, Andrew Bickell, Em G Lim, Francis Juanes, Isabelle M CoteCANCEL poster yes
S516033Samuel MogenWithdrawalxREP-4Near-term predictions of marine biogeochemical extreme eventsSamuel Mogen, Nicole S Lovenduski, Steven Yeager, Luke Gregor, Steven J. Bograd, Nathali Cordero Quiros, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Elliott L. Hazen, Michael G. Jacox, Mercedes Pozo BuilCANCEL poster yes
S516382Mohamed Ahmed JeyidWithdrawal On the impact of interannual climate variability and marine heatwaves on poleward expansion of African sardinella stocksMohamed Ahmed Jeyid, Filomena Vaz Velho, Abdoulaye Sarre, Najib Chauroki, and Marek OstrowskiIN-PERSON, cancelled talk yes
S516301Brenna Mei ConcolisWithdrawal Prevailing Ocean-Atmosphere Conditions during the 2013 and 2014 Severe Marine Heatwaves in the PhilippinesBrenna Mei Concolis, Raven Quilestino-Olario, Dale Patrick Atup, Aiza Cortes, Aletta Yñiguez, Brisneve EdullantesCANCEL poster yes
S515907John K. PinnegarWithdrawal Understanding fisheries disruption due to changing storminess: what can we learn from the extreme winter of 2013/14?John K. Pinnegar, Nigel Sainsbury, Roi MartinezCANCEL poster yes
S616408Natalya D. GalloInvited Norwegian fjords as microcosms for examining deep-sea ecosystem responses to climate change and cumulative human stressorsNatalya D. Gallo, Mari S. Myksvoll, Martine Røysted Solås, Arild Folkvord, Arved Staby, Lisa A. Levin, Francesco Saltalamacchia, Shuang Gao, Joâo Bettencourt, Karin Limburg, Elin Darelius, and Anne Gro Vea SalvanesIN-PERSON
S615983Diego Elihú Rivera RosasOral Assessing biodiversity changes through time in the world's most productive fishery with the use of environmental DNADiego Elihú Rivera Rosas, Nathan Geraldi, Gould Ronnie, Kazumasa Oguri, and Carlos M. Duarte.ON-LINE (Mar. 31)
S616261David L. VanderZwaagOral Climate Change and Governance of the Central Arctic Ocean: Cooperative Currents, Foggy FutureDavid L. VanderZwaagON-LINE
S616043Hon-Kit LuiOral ENSO-like variabilities of mass and foraminiferal shell fluxes in the deep basin of northern South China Sea: a decadal time series studyHon-Kit Lui and Hui-Ling LinIN-PERSON
S616140Corentin ClercOral Gelatinous macrozooplankton response to climate change and implications for the deep seaCorentin Clerc, Laurent Bopp, and Olivier AumontIN-PERSON
S616307Helena McMonagleOral High uncertainty in fish-mediated carbon transport into the ocean’s twilight zoneHelena McMonagle, Joel K. Llopiz, Ray Hilborn, Timothy E. Essington, and Amy MaasIN-PERSON (p->o)
S615852Lisa A. LevinOral Mitigation or Mutilation? Deep-sea Consequences of Ocean-Based Climate InterventionLisa A. Levin, Joan M. Alfaro-Lucas, Ana Colaço, Erik E. Cordes, Neil Craik, Roberto Danovaro, Henk-Jan Hoving, Jeroen Ingels, Nélia C. Mestre, Sarah Seabrook, Andrew R. Thurber, Chris Vivian, and Moriaki YasuharaIN-PERSON
S616479Roberto DanovaroPlenary Deep-Sea responses to, and solutions for, Climate ChangeRoberto DanovaroIN-PERSON
S616353Anderson SoaresPoster Effect of climate change on the ocean currents system along the Brazilian coast, focusing on Brazil CurrentAnderson Soares, Djalma Falcão, Raquel Toste, Luiz Paulo de Freitas Assad, and Luiz LandauON-LINE, uploaded
S616009Raquel TostePoster Increased transport of ocean currents due to global warming and its relationship to atmospheric pressure systemsRaquel Toste, Luiz Paulo de Freitas Assad, and Luiz LandauON-LINE, uploaded
S615965Thalía Acevedo Poster Primary productivity in the transitional zone of the Mexican Pacific: inference of organic carbon in the last 5.5 kyrThalía Acevedo and Alberto SánchezON-LINE, uploaded
S616008Gabriela J. Arreguín-RodríguezPoster Recognizing effects of past warming in deep-sea ecosystems: Evidence from benthic foraminiferaGabriela J. Arreguín-Rodríguez, Patricia Alvarado-Graef, and Ellen ThomasON-LINE, uploaded
S616268Mohammed IdrissiWithdrawal Paleo-environment study of the Moroccan Atlantic coastHasnaa Nait Hammou, Mohammed Idrissi, Bendahhou Zourarah, Melissa Chierici, David Cervantes, Beat Gasser, Pere Masque Barri, Ahmed Aajjane, Abdelouaheb El Haissen, Omar Ettahiri, Peter Swarzenski, and Khalid El KhalidiIN-PERSON, no shaw talk yes
S716055Michelle D. StaudingerOral A novel approach for assessing intertidal biodiversity in anticipation of coastal adaptation projects and climate change impactsMichelle D. Staudinger, Marc Albert, James Garner, Lucy Lockwood, and Aly PutnamIN-PERSON
S716351Lynne Jane ShannonOral Developing science-based actions to address South African marine ecosystem implications of the combined biodiversity and climate crisisLynne J. Shannon, Yunne Shin, Kerry Sink, and Kelly Ortega-CisnerosIN-PERSON
S716393Kristin M. KleisnerOral Evaluating blue carbon natural climate solutions across climate, ecological and socio-economic dimensionsKristin M. Kleisner1 Holly J. Buck, Lisa M. Campbell, James R. Collins, Scott Doney, Carlos M. Duarte, Rod Fujita, Steve D. Gaines, Rebecca L. Gruby, Monica Moritsch, Robert Johnston, Andrew J. Pershing, James N. Sanchirico, Steven Saul, and Douglas RaderIN-PERSON
S716380Marta CollOral Historical contributions of spatial measures to halt the impact of climate change and intense fishing in the Western Mediterranean SeaMarta Coll, Jeroen Steenbeek, Xavier Corrales, Diego Macias, Chiara Piroddi, Daniel Vilas, and Joachim ClaudetIN-PERSON
S716049Stefanie BroszeitOral How can we measure the effectiveness of nature-based solutions in combatting climate change? A framework of marine ecosystem service indicators to measure social, economic and ecological responsesStefanie Broszeit, Arantza Murillas, Sarai Pouso, Jorge Terrados, Juan Bueno-Pardo, Ana Ruiz-Frau, Marina Dolbeth, Ane Iriondo, and Stelios Katsanevakis, Susanna Jernberg, and Jose A. Fernandes-SalvadorIN-PERSON
S716389Myron PeckOral Implementing climate-ready marine habitat restoration, conservation and lower trophic level harvesting: Examples from the EU FutureMARES programMyron A. Peck, Dorte Krause-Jensen, Elena Ojea, Fabio Bulleri, Juan Bueno Pardo, Marie Maar, Marta Coll, Momme Butenschön, Stelios Katsanevakis, and Vera KöpselIN-PERSON
S716458Marie MaarOralREP-1Multi-use platforms combining offshore wind farms with low-trophic aquaculture show great potential to support the global sustainability goalsMarie Maar, Andreas Holbach, Teis Boderskov, Marianne Thomsen, Bela H. Buck, Matthieu Povidis-Delefosse, and Annette BruhnIN-PERSON (p->o)
S716373Elvira PoloczanskaOral Nature Based Solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptationElvira Poloczanska, Hans Portner, and Debra RobertsON-LINE (might get in-person)
S716028Claudia MorysOral Nature-based climate protection – various marine ecosystems with blue carbon storage potentialClaudia Morys, Jochen C. Krause, Ulrich Claussen, and Manuela KrakauIN-PERSON
S716022Jack SmithOral Offshore carbon as a nature-based solution: Expert interviews on the potential governance of the offshore carbon system for climate change mitigationJack Smith, Irene Lorenzoni, and Tiziana LuisettiIN-PERSON
S715876Adrien ComteOral Operationalizing blue carbon principles in France: methodological developments and institutionalizationAdrien Comte, Jeanne Barreyre, Roman de Rafael, Charles-François Boudouresque, Gérard Pergent, Briac Monnier, and Sandrine RuittonIN-PERSON
S716409Silvana Birchenough OralREP-2Sustainable harvesting of commercial species in the Belize Exclusive Economic ZoneSilvana N.R. Birchenough, Andria Rosado, and Arlene YoungIN-PERSON
S716385Katriina JuvaOral The future north-east Baltic Sea marine protected areas based on species distribution scenariosKatriina Juva, Elina Virtanen, Louise Forsblom, and Markku ViitasaloIN-PERSON
S716251Erik SulankePoster How will climate change affect the demersal fisheries of the North Sea? Using a bio-economic model to predict climate-induced changes in fisheries profitability and identify pathways to nature-inclusive harvesting strategiesErik Sulanke and Sarah SimonsIN-PERSON
S716060Josefine Larsson Withdrawal A nature-based solution to the declining cod populations in the Baltic SeaJosefine Larsson1, Helena L Filipsson2, Hampus Söderberg3, Hannes Kindeberg4, Anders Tengberg5, Anders Persson2 CANCELLED talk yes
S716137Juan Bueno-PardoWithdrawal A universal methodology for estimating the effectiveness of marine nature-based solutionsJuan Bueno-Pardo, Ana Ruiz-Frau, Clement Garcia, and Elena OjeaCANCELLED talk yes
S715886Gil RilovWithdrawal Can aliens be NBS? Tropical macrophyte invaders can offset the loss of reef Blue Carbon potential driven by global changeGil Rilov, Martina Mulas, Simona Noè, Tamar Guy-Haim, Jacob SilvermanCANCEL poster yes
S716464Dorte Krause-JensenWithdrawal Carbon and nitrogen stocks and sequestration rates in seagrass meadows of southern Scandinavia – informing nature-based solutionsCarmen Leiva-Dueñas, Anna Elizabeth Løvgren Graversen, Gary T. Banta, Marianne Holmer, Pere Masque, Peter Anton Upadhyay Stæhr, Dorte Krause-JensenCANCEL talk yes
S716066Olivia M. WonWithdrawal Evaluating regional shoreline adaptation effort in the San Francisco Bay Area, California through an equity lensOlivia M. WonIN-PERSON (p->o), cancelled on-site yes
S715809Edward JK PattersonWithdrawal Integrated coastal ecosystem restoration, climate change impacts and livelihood concerns in Gulf of Mannar, India - lessons learnedEdward JK Patterson, M. Jayanthi, G. Mathews, K. Diraviya Raj, N. Gladwin Gnana Asir, R.L. Laju, A. Arasamuthu, T.K. Ashok Kumar, and Deepak S. BilgiCANCELLED poster yes
S816128Ryan F. HeneghanInvited Climate-ready marine ecosystem management: modelling from ecology to societyRyan F. Heneghan, Michael Bode, Catherine Kim, Sean Pascoe, and Gabriela ScheufeleIN-PERSON
S816160Jeroen SteenbeekOral A systematic exploration of ecological responses to divergent climate trajectories in initialised Earth system predictionsJeroen Steenbeek, Pablo Ortega, Raffaele Bernardello, Villy Christensen, Marta Coll, Eleftheria Exarchou, David Rivas, and Noel KeenlysideIN-PERSON
S816001Joseph CaracappaOral Application and development of the Northeast U.S. Atlantis model (NEUSv2) to address climate change impacts on a regional socio-ecological systemJoseph Caracappa, Andrew Beet, Sarah Gaichas, Rob Gamble, Ryan Morse, and Vincent SabaIN-PERSON
S816095Kelly Ortega-CisnerosOral Assessing climate change impacts in the Southern Benguela using a model ensembleKelly Ortega-Cisneros, Samantha Grusd, Lynne Shannon, Marta Coll, and Jeroen SteenbeekIN-PERSON
S816122Olivier MauryOral Assessing the time of emergence of global oceanic ecosystems using ensemble climate to fish simulationsOlivier Maury, Nicolas Barrier, Yeray Santana Falcón, Roland Séférian, and Matthieu LengaigneIN-PERSON
S816449Ricardo Oliveros-RamosOral Building regional scenarios of climate change impact on fisheries: the OSMOSE model of the Peru Current Ecosystem as case studyRicardo Oliveros-Ramos, Dante Espinoza-Morriberón, and Yunne-Jai ShinIN-PERSON
S816455Sophia N. WassermannOral Cannibalism and other trophic dynamics of Pacific hake in a changing oceanSophia N. Wassermann, Grant Adams, Melissa Haltuch, Isaac Kaplan, Kristin Marshall, and Andre PuntIN-PERSON
S815914Caren BarcelóOral Climate change ecosystem scenarios with a physiology-linked end-to-end model in the Northeastern PacificCaren Barceló, James Ruzicka, Elizabeth Daly, Mike Jacox, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Jerome Fiechter, and Lorenzo CiannelliIN-PERSON
S816288Zeyu ZengOral Contrasting impacts of climate change on the trade-offs in achieving social-ecological ocean futures’ targets between low- and mid-latitude ecosystemsZeyu Zeng, U.R. Sumaila, Vicky W.Y. Lam, and William W.L. CheungON-LINE
S816337Camilla NovagioOral Evaluating emergent size-spectra from Fish-MIP models compared with dataCamilla Novaglio, Julia Blanchard, Daniele Bianchi, Jason Everett, Didier Gascuel, Jerome Guiet, Freddie Heather, Ryan Heneghan, Olivier Maury, Anthony Richardson, and Derek TittensorIN-PERSON
S816258Isaac KaplanOral Forks in the road: Models (and choices) to support climate-ready ecosystem management in the California Current Isaac C. Kaplan, Pierre-Yves Hernvann, Owen Liu, Felipe Quezada-Escalona, Chris Harvey, Karma Norman, Barbara Muhling, Desiree Tommasi, and Jameal SamhouriIN-PERSON
S816366Desiree TommasiOral Future Seas: an interdisciplinary multi-model approach to assess impacts of climate change on the California Current forage assemblage and the fishing communities it sustainsDesiree Tommasi, Isaac Kaplan, Barbara Muhling, Felipe Quezada, Pierre-Yves Hernvann, Stefan Koenigstein, Robert P. Wildermuth, Steven Bograd, Jerome Fiechter, Beth Fulton, Elliott Hazen, Kevin Hill, Michael Jacox, Peter Kuriyama, and James SmithON-LINE
S816390Jerome GuietOral Inconsistent fishing effort can lead to unrealistically optimistic future projectionsJerome Guiet, Daniele Bianchi, Kim Scherrer, and Eric GalbraithON-LINE
S815864Tyler D. EddyOral More or less fish in future oceans? The importance of scale for climate change projectionsTyler D. Eddy, Ryan F. Heneghan, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Julia L. Blanchard, Derek P. Tittensor, Heike K. Lotze, et al.ON-LINE
S816196Jonathan ReumOral Quantification and communication of uncertainty in climate-forced regional food web projectionsJonathan Reum, Kerim Aydin, Kirstin Holsman, André Punt, Alan Hanie, Anne Hollowed, Kelly Kearney, Al Herman, and Wei ChengIN-PERSON
S816281Kirstin HolsmanOral The Alaska Climate Integrate Modeling (ACLIM): challenges and successes in design and delivery of climate informed adviceKirstin Holsman, A. Hollowed, J. Reum, S. Wise, K. Aydin, A. Punt, A. Hermann, C. Szuwalski, A. Whitehouse, D. Stram, P. Spencer, E. Siddon, D. Pilcher, K. Kearney, J. Ianelli, A. Haynie, M. Dorn, W. Cheng, and C. BarnesIN-PERSON
S816259Owen LiuPoster Advances in linking data to models to understand ecosystem dynamics under climate change in the California CurrentOwen R. Liu, Pierre-Yves Hernvann, Elizabeth A. Fulton, and Isaac KaplanIN-PERSON
S816187Jason HoltPoster2-minREP-1Challenges of developing a consistent view of future climate projections in the global coastal ocean: The Future Coastal Ocean Climates (FLAME) UN Decade projectJason Holt, Jo Hopkins, Anna Katavouta, Giorgia Verri, Clothilde Langlais, Paul Myers, and Alfonso SenatoreIN-PERSON
S816202Hem Nalini Morzaria-LunaPoster Climate change effects in the marine system of Puget SoundHem Nalini Morzaria-Luna, Stevie Walker, Isaac C. Kaplan, and Chris HarveyIN-PERSON
S816400Cheryl HarrisonPosterREP-3Climate intervention impacts on marine ecosystem drivers and intervention scenario developmentCheryl Harrison, Josh Coupe, Kelsey Roberts, Gouri Anil, Nicole Lovenduski, Peter Lawrence, Simone Tilmes, Danielle Visioni, and Monica MorrisonIN-PERSON
S816212María D. Castro-CadenasPoster Downscaling global socio-political scenarios for the Western Mediterranean Sea to test nature-based solutions within an ecosystem-based approachMaría D. Castro-Cadenas, Miquel Ortega, Valerio Sbragaglia, and Marta CollIN-PERSON
S816265ChengPoster Eastern Bering Sea dynamical downscaling from CMIP6: Results and caveatsWei Cheng, Albert Hermann, Anne Hollowed, Kirstin Holsman, Kelly Kearney, Darren Pilcher, Charles Stock, and Kerim AydinIN-PERSON
S816406Albert J. HermannPosterREP-5Hybrid dynamical-statistical methods for climate downscaling: A comparison of methods with examples from the Northeast PacificAlbert J. Hermann, Emily Norton, Kelly Kearney, Wei Cheng, Darren Pilcher, Kerim Aydin, Kirstin Holsman, and Martin DornON-LINE (Apr. 6) and IN-PERSON, uploaded
S816345Christian MöllmannPoster Identifying strategies to support climate-ready ecosystem-based management advice for a collapsed cod stockChristian Möllmann, Jan Conradt, Steffen Funk, Hans-Harald Hinrichsen, Markus Meier, Martin Quaas, Rudi Voss, and Robert ArlinghausIN-PERSON
S816081Anxo PazPoster knobi: An R package implementing Known-Biomass Production Models under climate change scenariosAnxo Paz, Marta Cousido Rocha, Santiago Cerviño, and Maria Grazia PenninoIN-PERSON
S816395Stefan KoenigsteinPosterREP-2Mechanistic population projections for sardine and anchovy in the California Current under ocean warming and changing food availabilityStefan Koenigstein, Michael G. Jacox, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Jerome Fiechter, Barbara A. Muhling, and Desiree TommasiON-LINE, uploaded
S816220Paul D. SpencerPosterREP-4Modeling the effect of climate on recruitment within single-species assessment models, with implications for management for eastern Bering Sea walleye pollockPaul D. Spencer, James N. Ianelli, Albert J. Hermann, Kirstin K. Holsman, James T. Thorson, and Lewis A.K. BarnettIN-PERSON
S816300Mikaela M. ProvostPoster More frequent ENSOs could reduce probability of overfishing in long-lived California Current fishesMikaela M. Provost and Louis W. BotsfordIN-PERSON
S816203Alaia MorellPoster2-minMultispecies eco-evolutionary dynamics of North Sea exploited fish under climate changeAlaia Morell, Yunne J. Shin, Nicolas Barrier, Morgane Travers-Trolet, and Bruno ErnandeIN-PERSON
S816282Roger B. GriffisPoster2-minNOAA Climate, Ecosystems and Fisheries Initiative: An end-to-end decision support system for climate ready resource managementRoger B. Griffis, Jon Hare, Anne Hollowed, Kirstin Holsman, Michael Jacox, Charles Stock, Desiree Tommasi, Kris Holderied, and Michael AlexanderIN-PERSON
S816394Myron PeckPoster Projections of climate-driven changes in marine fish stocks across European Regional Seas: Social-ecological winners and losersMyron Peck, Ignacio Catalan, John Pinnegar, Katell Hammon, Mark Payne, Sévrine Sailley, Sieme Bossier, Dimitrios Damalas, Cecilie Hansen, Martin Huret, Susan Kay, Francesc Maynou, Rasmus Nielsen, Andrés Ospina-Álvarez, and Patricia RegleroIN-PERSON
S816190Andy WhitehousePoster Projections of the eastern Bering Sea food web to support climate-informed ecosystem-based fisheries managementAndy Whitehouse, Kerim Aydin, Wei Cheng, Amanda Faig, Alan Haynie, Al Hermann, Anne Hollowed, Kirstin Holsman, Kelly Kearney, Jonathan Reum, and Andre PuntIN-PERSON
S816107Robert P WildermuthPoster Revealing climate impacts on recruitment drivers through application of Dynamic Factor Analysis, a coastal pelagic fish case studyRobert P. Wildermuth, Desiree Tommasi, Charles Hinchliffe, Stefan Koenigstein, Peter Kuriyama, Isaac Kaplan, Andrew Thompson, and Noelle BowlinIN-PERSON
S816102Paul GattiPoster2-minSimulating fish stock dynamics under climate change projections with a coupled bioenergetics and population modelPaul Gatti, Christophe Lebigre, Marie Savina-Rolland, Arianna Servili, and Mathieu WoillezIN-PERSON
S816104Kelly A. KearneyPoster2-minThe impact of biogeochemical representation in end-to-end modeling frameworksKelly A. Kearney, Wei Cheng, and Albert HermannIN-PERSON
S815835Andrea Bryndum-BuchholzPoster2-minThe North Water Polynya: Assessing an Arctic oasis in a changing worldAndrea Bryndum-Buchholz, and Tyler D. EddyIN-PERSON
S816096Kathleen McNary WoodWithdrawal Rewilding Marine Habitats through More-than-Human Co-operative ResearchKathleen McNary Wood and Alizee ZimmermanCANCELLED Apr. 12 yes
S815897Hubert du PontaviceWithdrawal2-minThe use of ocean models to inform a marine fish stock assessmentHubert du Pontavice, Timothy J. Miller, Brian C. Stock, Zhuomin Chen, and Vincent S. SabaIN-PERSON (cancelled poster) yes
S816142Emily QuirogaWithdrawal Vulnerabilities of a socio-ecological system using bio-economic modeling under multiple scenariosEmily QuirogaON-LINE (Apr. 3) no show poster yes
S916444Katherine MillsInvited Assessing and operationalizing climate resilience in marine fisheriesKatherine Mills, Jacob Eurich, Meghan Fletcher, Kristin Kleisner, Patrick Sullivan, Peter Taylor, Alice Thomas-Smyth, and Lily ZhaoIN-PERSON
S915884Jenia MukherjeeInvited Dealing with risks, dwelling in the delta: viable stories of SSF from transboundary SundarbansJenia MukherjeeIN-PERSON
S915942Eneko BachillerOralREP-1Adaptative small-scale fishing effort in the eastern Cantabrian coastEneko Bachiller, Estanis Mugerza, Arantza Murillas, Maria Mateo, Maria Korta, and Lucia ZarauzON-LINE
S916153Elena OjeaOral Climate adaptation pathways in small pelagic fisheries’ dependent livelihoodsElena Ojea, Juan Bueno-Pardo, and Diego Salgueiro-OteroIN-PERSON
S916428Heike SchwermerOral Climate change adaptation of the German small-scale fisheries. Mapping and assessing the governance system using a transdisciplinary approach.Heike Schwermer, Gabriel de Moura Kiipper, Gerd Kraus, Steffi Meyer, Nicole Smialek, and Christian MöllmannIN-PERSON
S915857Olivia HarrodOral Climate change risk and adaptation for fisher communities in GhanaOlivia Harrod, Suzanne Painting, Emmanuel Acheampong, James Bell, Benjamin Kofi Nyarko, Georg Engelhard, and Bryony TownhillIN-PERSON
S916396Chris HarveyOral Developing climate-ready indicators of sustained resource access, fishery participation, and economic well-being for U.S. fisheries management and conservationChris Harvey, Karma Norman, Patricia Clay, Yvonne deReynier, Kelly Andrews, Lyall Bellquist, Lisa Colburn, Melissa Haltuch, Abby Harley, Isaac Kaplan, Stephen Kasperski, Will Klajbor, Owen Liu, Stephanie Moore, Becca Selden, Sarah Wise, and Jameal SamhourIN-PERSON (might change)
S916277Rebecca SeldenOral Distinct patterns in historical mobility and catch flexibility underscore intra-port variation in potential adaptive capacity to climate changeRebecca Selden, Zoe Kitchel, Kaycee Coleman, Borja Nogue, Leo Calzado, and Kevin St. MartinIN-PERSON
S916052Xochitl Édua Elías IlosvayOral Factors determining small-scale fisheries survival rate under increasing climate change impactXochitl Édua Elías Ilosvay, Irving Alexis Medina Santiago, Jhosafat Rentería, Javier Tovar-Ávila, Eréndira Aceves Bueno, and Elena OjeaIN-PERSON
S916329Anne McDonaldOral Fisher perceptions of a changing ocean: a case study from a small-scale coastal fishery in JapanAnne McDonald, Iain Hall, Ming Cheng Chen, Erika Salazar, and Juan Ricardo Gomez SerranoIN-PERSON
S916435Gavin FayOralREP-3Linking fishery ecosystem models with indicators of coastal community well-being in the Northeast USGavin FayON-LINE (p->o)
S916069Prateep Kumar NayakOral Responding to an ocean of change: Small-scale fisheries transitioning from vulnerability to viabilityPrateep Kumar Nayak, Samiya Selim, and Jenia MukherjeeIN-PERSON
S916255Mary C FisherOral Social-ecological feedbacks associated with climate adaptation, and implications for fishing community resilienceMary C. Fisher, Laura E Dee, Tessa B. Francis, Steven A. Gray, Chris J. Harvey, Phil S. Levin, Kristin N. Marshall, Steve Miller, Laura Nelson, Jameal F. Samhouri, Michele L. Barnes, Josh E. Cinner, Andre E. Punt, Corey Ridings, and Franz W. SimonIN-PERSON
S916183Marta Albo-PuigserverOral Species diversification, economic portfolio and connectivity within small-scale fisheries in the Balearic IslandsMarta Albo-Puigserver, Marina Sanz-Martín, Lucía López-López, Joan Moranta, Sandra Mallol, and Manuel HidalgoIN-PERSON
S916263Jameal SamhouriOral The influence of mobility and flexibility on the vulnerability of fishing fleets to climate change: a case study of the groundfish bottom trawl fishery on the US West CoastJameal Samhouri, Becca Selden, Owen Liu, Mike Jacox, Blake Feist, Amanda Phillips, Erin Steiner, Kate Richerson, Chris Harvey, Isaac Kaplan, Karma Norman, Abigail Harley, Lyall Bellquist, Leif Rasmuson, John Wallace, Eric Ward, and Curt WhitmireIN-PERSON
S916238Kanae TokunagaOral Understanding the roles of knowledge and learning in climate resilient fisheriesKanae Tokunaga, Meghan Fletcher, Lily Zhao, Alba Aguion, Mark Dickey-Collas, Jacob Eurich, Anne Hollowed, Kristin Kleisner, Kendra Karr, and Kathy MillsIN-PERSON
S916245Lisa L. ColburnPoster A pathway to transition from vulnerable to resilient Fisheries Social Ecological Systems: a transdisciplinary case study of the US Atlantic sea scallop fisheryLisa L. Colburn, Samantha A. Siedlecki, Shannon L. Meseck, Halle Berger, Catherine Matassa, and Catherine AlvesIN-PERSON
S916233Karma NormanPosterREP-2Approaches to ‘fishing community’ in the context of groundfish and climate-generated shifts in the California CurrentKarma Norman, Jameal Samhouri, Rebecca Selden, Amanda Phillips, Owen Liu, Chris Harvey, and Isaac KaplanON-LINE, uploaded
S915910Georg H. EngelhardPoster Assessing the risk of climate change to aquaculture in OmanGeorg H. Engelhard, Ella L. Howes, John K. Pinnegar, and Will J.F. Le QuesneIN-PERSON
S916000Sarah Close and Emily KnightPoster Developing usable science to help managers advance climate-ready fisheriesSarah Close, Emily Knight, and Charlotte HudsonIN-PERSON
S915970M Minhazul IslamPoster Does crab farming offer viability to climate change vulnerability in coastal Bangladesh?M Minhazul Islam and Md. Tariqul AlamIN-PERSON
S916037Katherine MaltbyPoster Examining social resilience in the American lobster fisheryKatherine M. Maltby, Katherine. E. Mills, and Lisa L. ColburnIN-PERSON
S915940Catherine LongoPoster Risks of climate change to seafood sustainability through the lens of the MSC ecolabelling programCatherine Longo, Lauren Koerner, Beth Polidoro, Ernesto Jardim, and Rohan J.C. CurreyIN-PERSON
S916362Salazar E1Poster Turning the focus to the potentials of blue food in island developing countries: Insights from the Pacific and CaribbeanSalazar E., McDonald A., Hall IM, and Gómez JR.ON-LINE, uploaded
S915908John K. PinnegarWithdrawal A Climate Change Risk Assessment for fishing fleets and fishery-dependent coastal communities in OmanJohn K. Pinnegar, Ella Howes, Georg H. Engelhard and William J.F. Le QuesneCANCEL poster yes
S916108Jenia MukherjeeWithdrawal Beyond boundaries: Imagining viability in SSF through Indo-Bangladesh dialogue for transboundary Sundarbans Jenia Mukherjee, Samiya Selim, and Prateep Kumar Nayak double-submission yes
S916085Danai TemboWithdrawal Bridging the gap between small-scale fishers and their role in ocean governance in South AfricaDanai TemboCANCEL poster yes
S916147Sabiha Ahmed DibaWithdrawal Climate change adaptation in small-scale fisheries: a consolidated study of some best adaptation practices of BangladeshSabiha Ahmed Diba, Haseeb Md. Irfanullah and Samiya Ahmed SelimCANCEL talk yes
S916050Vanessa StelzenmüllerWithdrawal How to foster the capacity of a fisheries social-ecological system to adapt to global changeVanessa Stelzenmüller, Jonas Letschert, Henrike Rambo, Roland Cormier, Kira Gee, Andreas Kannen, Jürgen Schaper, Emily Quiroga, Benjamin Blanz, Camilla Sguotti, Alexandra Blöcker, Hermann Held, Maren Kruse, Joachim Claudet, and Christian MöllmannCANCELLED oral yes
S1016278Lisa A. KerrInvited Accounting for climate change impacts on the spatial dynamics of marine species in fisheries managementLisa A. Kerr, Alex Hansell, Amanda Hart, and Steven X. CadrinIN-PERSON
S1016236Lisa G. CrozierOral A multi-model approach to improve understanding of species interactions and sensitivity to climate change for Pacific salmon in the California CurrentLisa G. Crozier, Dylan G.E. Gomes, and David D. HuffIN-PERSON
S1015887Alba Fuster-AlonsoOral Application of Bayesian additive regression trees (BART) to global-scale species distribution models (SDMs)Alba Fuster-Alonso, Marta Coll, Xavier Barber, José M. Bellido, David Conesa, Jeroen Steenbeek, and M. Grazia PenninoIN-PERSON
S1015842Sheku SeiOral Assessing the effects of climate change on pelagic fish distribution and abundance in the South-West Atlantic fishery of Sierra LeoneSheku Sei and Ciaran O'DonnellIN-PERSON, late presentation
S1016077Gabriella LjungströmOral Bergman patterns in a warming ocean, their mechanistic basis, and implications for projecting responses to climate changeGabriella Ljungström, Tom J. Langbehn, and Christian JørgensenIN-PERSON
S1016201Marcela Conceicao NascimentoOralREP-1Can an spatial trophic ecosystem model represent observed changes in functional groups distribution due to environmental changes in the Barents Sea Large Marine Ecosystem?Marcela C. Nascimento, Torstein Pedersen, Bérengère Husson, and Lilia GuilletIN-PERSON (p->o)
S1016226Eric WardOral Can physiology and spatial models improve species distribution modeling and forecasting?Timothy Essington, Sean Anderson, Lewis Barnett, Julia Indivero, Mary Hunsicker, Samantha Siedlecki, and Eric WardIN-PERSON
S1016082Dawit YemaneOral Changes in species distribution and biodiversity patterns in response to projected climate change off south AfricaDawit Yemane, Toufiek Samaai, and Stephen KirkmanON-LINE
S1015987Lesley ThorneOral Changes to the odontocete community and implications for predator-prey distributions in the rapidly warming waters of the Northeast USLesley H. Thorne, Ellie Heywood, Nathan Hirtle, and Janet NyeIN-PERSON
S1016257Owen LiuOral Climate change creates regional heterogeneity in projected resource availability and potential adaptation pathways of U.S. West Coast fisheriesOwen Liu, E. Ward, S. Anderson, K. Andrews, L. Barnett, S. Brodie, G. Carroll, J. Fiechter, M. Haltuch, C. Harvey, E. Hazen, P.Y. Hernvann, M. Jacox, I. Kaplan, S. Matson, K. Norman, M. Pozo-Buil, R. Selden, A. Shelton, and J. SamhouriIN-PERSON
S1016225Laura K. GruenburgOral Climate velocity in the vertical – slower speeds add a new dimension to species shiftsLaura K. Gruenburg, Janet Nye, and Lesley ThorneIN-PERSON
S1016110Eduardo ArléOral CNA – the Cumulative Niche Approach: a novel correlative framework to assess the risk of spread of alien species in climate change scenariosEduardo Arlé, Tiffany Knight, and Jonathan BelmakerIN-PERSON
S1015986Elena CouceOral Coral reef diversity forecasts for warmer, more acidic seasElena Couce, Benjamin Cowburn, David Clare, and Joanna K. BluemelIN-PERSON
S1016437Jazel Ouled-CheikhOral Future climate-induced distribution shifts in a sexually dimorphic key predator of the Southern OceanJazel Ouled-Cheikh, David March, Renato Borras-Chavez, Massimiliano Drago, Michael E. Goebel, José M. Fariña, Francisco Bozinovic, Manel Gazo, Marta Coll, and Luis CardonaIN-PERSON
S1015968Jorge AssisOral Global changes in species richness and community composition of ecosystem-structuring marine species under projected climate changeJorge Assis, Eliza Fragkopoulou, Carlos M. Duarte, Mark J. Costello, Miguel B. Araújo, Dorte Krause- Jensen, Olivier De Clerck, and Ester A. SerrãoIN-PERSON
S1016106Dawn R. BarlowOral Gray whale and harbor porpoise spatiotemporal distribution patterns reveal different responses to environmental variability over three decades in the Northern California CurrentDawn R. Barlow, Craig Strong, and Leigh G. TorresIN-PERSON
S1015964Moriaki YasuharaOral Hotspots of Cenozoic tropical marine biodiversityMoriaki YasuharaIN-PERSON
S1016064Elena GissiOral Identifying climate refugia through scenario analysis of marine megafauna functional diversity in the Northeastern PacificElena Gissi, Jamie McDevitt-Irwin, Kristin Kaschner, Kathleen Kesner-Reyes, Eliott Hazen, Rosalia Santoleri, and Fiorenza MicheliIN-PERSON
S1015847David S. SchoemanOral Implications of climate overshoot for marine biodiversityDavid S. Schoeman, Kylie L. Scales, Christopher J. Brown, Jason Everett, Jessica Bolin, Isaac Brito Morales, and Anthony RichardsonIN-PERSON
S1016254Dario FiorentinoOral Improving selection of fish habitat models for climate studiesDario Fiorentino, Ismael Núñez-Riboni, Daniel Oesterwind, Maria E. Pierce, and Anna AkimovaIN-PERSON
S1016133Julia PoloOral Interacting effects of fishing and warming on functional traits in Mediterranean and Atlantic demersal communitiesLucía López-López, Julia Polo, Marta Sainz-Bariain, Laurene Pecuchet, Antonio Punzón, Encarnación García, Miguel Vivas, Antonio Esteban, Luis Gil de Sola, and Manuel HidalgoON-LINE
S1015985Sarah M. RobertsOral Joint modeling in marine systems: three case studies from the Northwest AtlanticSarah M. Roberts, Ann-Marie Jacoby, Patrick N. Halpin, Andrew J. Read, Jason Roberts, James S. Clark, Andre Boustany, and Janet NyeIN-PERSON
S1016090Tom J. LangbehnOral Model evidence for photic barriers to poleward range shiftsTom J. Langbehn, Gabriella Ljungström, Øyvind Fisken, Dag Aksnes, Stein Kaartvedt, and Christian Jørgensen1IN-PERSON
S1016168Melissa KarpOral NOAA Fisheries Distribution Mapping and Analysis Portal (DisMAP): Visualizing changing distributionsMelissa Karp, Roger Griffis, Patrick Lynch, Tim Haverland, John Kennedy, Venkat Sunkara, Kevin Craig, Elliott Hazen, Isaac Kaplan, Don Kobayashi, Scott Large, Wendy Morrison, Hassan Moustahfid, Malin Pinsky, and Phoebe Woodworth-JefcoatsIN-PERSON (tentatively)
S1015900Shahar ChaikinOral Poleward range shifts coincide with population decline in marine fishShahar Chaikin, Federico Riva, Jean-Philippe Lessard, and Jonathan BelmakerIN-PERSON
S1016024Silas C. PrincipeOral Potential shifts in the distribution of herbivorous Atlantic reef fishes in face of climate changeSilas C. Principe, André L. Acosta, and Tito M.C. LotufoON-LINE
S1016113Eric WardOral Quantifying patterns and trends in the environmental niches of groundfish species in the NE PacificEric J. Ward, Sean C. Anderson, Lewis A.K. Barnett, Philina A. English, Jordan T. Watson, Isaac C. Kaplan, Kate Richerson, Kelli F. Johnson, Mary E. Hunsicker, et alIN-PERSON
S1015932Elliott L HazenOral Recommendations for quantifying and reducing uncertainty in climate projections of species distributionsE.L. Hazen, S. Brodie, M.A. Karp, J.A. Smith, B.A. Muhling, G. Carroll, P.  Fiedler, S.J. Bograd, K.S. Andrews, C.L. Barnes, L.G. Crozier, J. Fiechter, A. Fredston, M.A. Haltuch, C.J. Harvey, E. Holmes, O.R. Liu, M.J. Malick, C.N. Rooper, R. Seary, etc.IN-PERSON
S1015877Raquel Ruiz-DíazOral Response of snow crab to ocean warming on the Grand Banks, Newfoundland, CanadaRaquel Ruiz-Díaz and Tyler D. EddyIN-PERSON
S1016239Max LindmarkOral Testing the ability of a metabolic index integrating temperature and oxygen to explain the spatial distribution of juvenile and adult Baltic Sea cod over three decadesMax Lindmark, Alessandro Orio, Alexa Fredston, Federico Maioli, Viktor Thunell, Julia Indivero, and Sean C. AndersonIN-PERSON
S1016101Øyvind FiksenOralREP-2The environment of fish is more than temperature: How food and safety for larvae determine spawning time and location in bluefin tunaØyvind Fiksen, Daniel Ottmann, and Patricia RegleroIN-PERSON (p->o)
S1016038Rebecca A. HowardOral The influence of ontogeny and size on the distribution of pelagic young-of-the-year fishesRebecca A. Howard, Lorenzo Ciannelli, John C. Field, Brian K. Wells, Lewis A. K. Barnett, and Rebecca G. AschIN-PERSON
S1016072Zoë KitchelOral The role of continental shelf bathymetry in shaping marine range shifts in the face of climate changeZoë J. Kitchel , Hailey M. Conrad , Rebecca L. Selden, and Malin L. PinskyIN-PERSON
S1015913Mark CostelloOralREP-3The universal evolutionary and ecological significance of 20CMark John Costello and Ross CorkreyIN-PERSON (p->o)
S1016120Janet NyeOral Will mismatches in predator and prey distribution and abundance disrupt food webs?Janet A. Nye, Lesley Thorne, Michael G. Frisk, Brandon Beltz, and Sean LuceyIN-PERSON
S1016034Barbara MuhlingPlenary Species distribution modeling for pelagic fishes in the California Current System: Ecological insights, challenges, and future directionsBarbara Muhling, James Smith, Toby Auth, Barbara Block, Richard Brodeur, Stephanie Brodie, Heidi Dewar, Jerome Fiechter, Carlos Gaitan, Elliott Hazen, Michael Jacox, Jong-Yeon Park, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Charles Stock, Desiree Tommasi, and Rebecca WhitlockIN-PERSON
S1016462Gretta T. PeclPoster A decadal nationwide assessment of climate-driven species redistribution using citizen science dataBarrett W Wolfe, Joshua Brown, Curtis Champion, Melinda Coleman, Sven Frijlink, Troy Gaston, Freddie Heather, Shannon Kjeldsen, Thomas Hatley, Gary Jackson, John Keane, Mark McGrouther, Natalie Moltschaniwskyj, Glenn Moore, Rod Pearn, Gretta Pecl, et. al.IN-PERSON
S1015951Hannah SolwayPoster Assessing baleen whale incidents relative to human pressures in the Northwest Atlantic OceanHannah Solway, Derek Tittensor, Tonya Wimmer, and Boris WormIN-PERSON
S1016441William J. SydemanPoster Changes in ocean stratification and seabird productivity across northern hemisphere marine ecosystemsWilliam J Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, Brian Hoover, Marisol Garcia-Reyes, Helen Killeen, Gammon Koval, and Trond KristiansenIN-PERSON
S1016132Cristiane P. BernardoPoster Changes in the life-history strategy of fish communities from the Barents Sea in a warming environmentCristiane P. Bernardo, Laurene Pecuchet, Raul Primicerio, Andrey V. Dolgov, Berengere Husson, Maria Fossheim, and Jorge SantosIN-PERSON
S1016219Elena CoucePoster Climate change affects the distribution of diversity across marine food websMurray Thompson, Elena Couce, Michaela Schratzberger, and Christopher LynamIN-PERSON
S1016454Cesc Gordó-VilasecaPoster Climate-Warming induced changes in fish biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in the Norwegian and Barents SeaCesc Gordó-Vilaseca, Fabrice Stephenson, Marta Coll, and Mark J. CostelloIN-PERSON
S1016256Daniel van DenderenPoster Demersal fish community biomass declines with temperature across productive shelf regionsP. Daniel van Denderen, Aurore A Maureaud, Ken H. Andersen, Sarah Gaichas, Martin Lindegren, Colleen M. Petrik, Charles A. Stock, and Jeremy CollieIN-PERSON
S1015938Maria BasPoster Disentangling the future distribution of economically important commercial fish species in the Argentine continental shelfMaria Bas, Jazel Ouled-Cheikh, Laura Julià, Alba Fuster, Luis Cardona, and Marta CollIN-PERSON
S1016319Xueding WangPoster Exploring environmental effects on small pelagic fish community composition in the open ocean using environmental DNAXueding Wang, Zeshu Yu, Megumi Enomoto, Marty Kwok-Shing Wong, Jun Inoue, Susumu Hyodo, Higuchi Tomihiko, Atsushi Tsuda, and Shin-ichi ItoIN-PERSON
S1016086Anders Frugård OpdalPoster Fish spawning and migration timing match local phytoplankton phenology beyond thermal driversAnders Frugård Opdal, Peter J. Wright, Geir Blom, Hannes Höffle, Christian Lindemann, and Olav S. KjesbuIN-PERSON
S1015866Donna DimarchopoulouPoster Is ocean warming affecting fisheries catches in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean?Donna Dimarchopoulou, Jesús Pineda, Rubao Ji, Boris Worm, and Heike LotzeIN-PERSON
S1016193Hillary ThalmannPoster Juvenile Pacific Cod nursery growth and foraging in response to marine heatwaves in the Gulf of AlaskaHillary L. Thalmann, Benjamin J. Laurel, and Jessica A. MillerIN-PERSON
S1016289Rubao JiPoster Latitude- and depth-dependent size structure shifts of Atlantic sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) in response to warming and fishingRubao Ji, Zhengchen Zang, and Deborah R. HartIN-PERSON
S1016347Ashley NicollPoster Migration timing of commercially important fishes in the New York Bight since 2016Ashley Nicoll, Robert Cerrato, Keith Dunton, Bradley Peterson, Matthew Sclafani, Michael Fogg, Amanda Stigliano, Farrah Leone, and Michael FriskIN-PERSON
S1015975Amy MackintoshPoster Modeling climate analogs to determine the effects of climate change on aquaculture speciesAmy Mackintosh, Griffin Hill, Mark J. Costello, and Jorge AssisIN-PERSON
S1016430Maria ManzPoster Movements of highly migratory elasmobranch species under a changing climateMaria Manz, Lisa Crawford, Oliver Shipley, Keith Dunton, Evan Ingram, Micheal Fogg, Amanda Stigliano, Joshua Zacharias, Jake Labelle, Merry Camhi, and Micheal FriskIN-PERSON
S1015974Filippa FransnerPoster Near-time prediction of Atlantic TunaFilippa Fransner, David Rivas, and Noel KeenlysideIN-PERSON
S1016174Frane MadiracaPoster Past and future range shifts of Western Baltic fish – how did we get there and where do we go now?Frane Madiraca, Christian Möllmann, Cyril Dutheil, H.E. Markus Meier, and Saskia A. OttoIN-PERSON
S1016229Brittany TroastPoster Potential bottom temperature-associated range shifts of snapper-grouper species along the US Atlantic CoastBrittany Troast, Sang-Ki Lee, Dongmin Kim, Fabian Gomez, Brendan Turley, Mandy Karnauskas, and Chris KelbleIN-PERSON
S1016031Lauren A. RogersPoster Predicting Pacific cod spawning habitat in a changing climateJennifer S. Bigman, Benjamin J. Laurel, Kelly Kearney, Albert J. Hermann, Wei Cheng, Kirstin K. Holsman, and Lauren A. RogersIN-PERSON
S1016118Eleuterio YáñezPoster Vulnerability to climate change of essential habitats for fishery resources of economicimportance in ChileEleuterio Yáñez, Claudio Silva, Felipe Sánchez, and María Eugenia GarridoIN-PERSON
S1016227Gwenaëlle GremionPoster What is the superpower of organic particles to reduce the impact of their northward shift distribution on dependent benthic organisms in the North Water Polynya ?Gwenaëlle Gremion, Christiane Dufresne, Louis-Philippe Nadeau, and Dany DumontON-LINE, uploaded
S1016291Alexis H. HollanderWithdrawal A retrospective analysis of Atlantic Surfclam (Spisula solidissima) growth and distribution in the context of a changing oceanAlexis H. Hollander, Eric N. Powell, and Roger MannCANCEL poster yes
S1016423Heather CannabyWithdrawal Biophysical interactions along Atlantic Water convective pathways in the northern Barents SeaHeather Cannaby, Randi Ingvaldsen, Øyvind Lundesgaard, Terje Hovland, Angelika Renner, Georg Skaret and Harald GjøsæterCANCELLED poster yes
S1015832Regina KolzenburgWithdrawal BIOROSS - Bioconstructional organisms from the Ross Sea under climate changeRegina Kolzenburg, Marco Bertolino, Simonepietro Canese, Patrizia Ferretti, Claudio Mazzoli, Paolo Montagna, Chiara LombardiCANCEL poster yes
S1016129Adriana VergesWithdrawal Coastal tropicalisation leads to increases in fish biomass and enhanced N2O production in eastern AustraliaAdriana Vergés, Zuhairah Dindar, Shannen Smith, Ezequiel Marzinelli, Peter Steinberg, Steph Gardner, Dirk Erler, Albert Pessarrodona, Paula Sgarlatta, Hamish MalcolmCANCEL poster yes
S1015854Xindong PanWithdrawal Evaluating the impacts of ENSO events on population connectivity of a highly migratory fish species Xindong Pan, Yong Chen, Tao Jiang, Jian Yang, Yongjun TianCANCEL poster yes
S1016215Ian BradburyWithdrawal Genomic-based predictions of climate change impacts in aquatic species and the GenARCC projectIan Robert Bradbury Kara Layton Ryan Stanley James MacklinCANCEL talk yes
S1016429Andrew ConstableWithdrawal Micro to macro: Linking bottom-up and top-down approaches that investigate the function, resilience and conservation of Southern Ocean ecosystemsA.Constable and the MEASO Steering Committee (see submitted abstract) IN-PERSON no show poster yes
S1015918Cheryl L BarnesWithdrawal Model complexity has contrasting benefits for hindcasting and forecasting species responses to climate changeCheryl L. Barnes, Timothy E. Essington, Jodi L. Pirtle, Christopher N. Rooper, Edward A. Laman, Kirstin K. Holsman, Kerim Y. Aydin, and James T. ThorsonON-LINE yes
S1015984Nadine GorisWithdrawal Potential changes of finfish thermal habitat under negative emissionsNadine Goris, Friederike Fröb, Filippa Fransner, Siv Lauvset, and Jörg SchwingerCANCELLED Talk yes
S1015933Miguel F. BarajasWithdrawal Simulating the effects of warming ocean temperatures and alternative fishing strategies using a spatially explicit population modelMiguel F. Barajas and Katherine E. MillsCANCEL poster yes
S1016440Dongwha SohnWithdrawal The future projection for chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) catch distributions in Korean waters under CMIP6 forcing scenariosDongwha Sohn, Minkyoung Bang, Jung Jin Kim, Changsin Kim, Chan Joo Jang, and Sangil KimACCEPT no show poster yes
S1016285Jessica A. MillerWithdrawal Thermal effects on early life stages of Gulf of Alaska Pacific Cod: shifts in reproductive phenology, size, and growth Jessica A. Miller, L. Zoe Almeida, Hillary Thalmann, Lauren Rogers, Taylor Brooks, Rebecca Forney, and Ben LaurelCANCEL poster yes
S1016211Emily CormierWithdrawal Using remote sensing to map habitat changes in Bimini, the Bahamas to determine potential implications for juvenile lemon sharks (Negaprion brevirostris)Emily C. Cormier, Emmanuel Devred, Derek Tittensor, Matthew Smukall, Kristen L. Wilson, Heike K. LotzeCANCEL poster yes
S1116306Soavelo François MAHATSIARODeclined Estimation of chlorophyll-a concentration in Diego-Suarez Bay using Aqua-MODIS sensorMahatsiaro S. François, Landy Soambola Amélie, Lopes J. Charles, Benivary H. Doris3, Batch Pascal4 and Shaghude W. Yohana, Nomenisoa A. Ledon, Andriambahiny Faly and Adouhouri A. Bachiry  yes
S1116420Maggie D. JohnsonInvited Recognizing deoxygenation as an emerging stressor on coral reefsMaggie D. JohnsonON-LINE
S1116098Martine Røysted-SolåsOral Association between coastal water darkening and hypoxiaMartine Røysted-Solås, Anne Gro Vea Salvanes, and Dag Lorents AksnesIN-PERSON
S1116027Haichao GuoOral Can oxygen utilization rate be used to track long-term change of aerobic respiration in the mesopelagic zone?Haichao Guo, Wolfgang Koeve, Iris Kriest, and Andreas OschliesIN-PERSON
S1116352Yvette HeimbrandOral Canaries in the Baltic Sea “coal mine”: Fish otoliths document accelerating climate impactsYvette Heimbrand, Karin Limburg, Karin Hüssy, Michele Casini, Tomas Naeraa, and Monica MionIN-PERSON
S1116058Christian PanschOral Coastal hypoxic upwelling partly mitigates summer heat stress in a temperate benthic communityChristian Pansch, Fabian Wolf, Sarah Rüphmkorff, Jahangir Vajedsamiei, Francisco R. Barboza, and Martin WahlIN-PERSON
S1116463Dimitri GutiérrezOral Drivers of regional deoxygenation periods in the Northern Humboldt Current System during the late nineteenth centuryDimitri Gutiérrez, R. Salvatteci, I. Bouloubassi, F. Velazco, J. Cardich, D. Romero1, M. Sócola, T. Anculle, A. Alvarado, T. Cuéllar-Martínez, D. Field, F. Colas, M. Carré, and A. SifeddineIN-PERSON
S1116046Anne L. MoréeOral Global impacts of warming and deoxygenation on marine species in the 21st centuryAnne L. Morée, Tayler M. Clarke, William W.L. Cheung, and Thomas L. FrölicherON-LINE
S1115976Paulo H. R. CalilOral High-resolution, basin-scale simulations reveal the impact of intermediate zonal jets on the Atlantic oxygen minimum zonesPaulo H.R. CalilIN-PERSON
S1116111Karin E. LimburgOral Hypoxia’s toxic impact: Deoxygenation tracked by total mercury concentrations in fish flesh and eye lensesKarin E. Limburg, N. Roxanna Razavi, Natalya D. Gallo, Francesco Saltalamacchia, and Anne Gro Vea SalvanesIN-PERSON
S1116379Ryan J. WoodlandOral Hypoxia-induced trophic decoupling across multiple habitats and consumers within a large, coastal ecosystemRyan J. WoodlandIN-PERSON
S1115911Amy C. WyethOral In situ and laboratory observations of zooplankton show avoidance and changes in swimming speed in response to chemical stressAmy C. Wyeth, Daniel Grünbaum, and Julie E. KeisterIN-PERSON
S1116253Sam J. DitkovskyOral Increased ventilation of the Indian Ocean oxygen minimum zone sheds light on global oxygen dynamics under climate changeSam J. Ditkovsky, Laure Resplandy, and Julius BuseckeIN-PERSON
S1116369Francesco SaltalamacchiaOralREP-3Life in a swiftly-changing world: Growth and life history of the glacier lanternfish (Benthosema glaciale) and Mueller’s pearlside (Maurolicus muelleri) in West Norwegian fjordsFrancesco Saltalamacchia, Martine Røysted Solås, Aril@d Folkvord, and Anne Gro Vea SalvanesIN-PERSON (p->o)
S1116274Mercedes Pozo BuilOralREP-2Multiyear Oxygen Variability in Source Water Contributions to the California Current SystemMercedes Pozo Buil, Isaac Schroeder, Steven Bograd, Michael Jacox, Nathali Cordero-Quiros, Dianne Deauna, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Jerome Fiechter, Elliott Hazen, Nichole Lovenduski, Samuel Mogen, Ryan Rykaczewski, and Desiree TommasiIN-PERSON
S1116364Paulo CoelhoOral On the evolution of stratification and oxygen conditions along the west African continental shelf during the last three decadesPaulo Coelho, Marisa Macuéria, Anja Van der Plas, Benjamin N’Guessan, Kanga Desiré, Mohammed Idrissi, Ismail Bessa, Mamadou L. Ba, Mohamed S. Chouaib, Saliou Faye, and Marek OstrowskiIN-PERSON
S1116234Lyuba NoviOral Oxygen dynamics and predictability in the tropical and northern Pacific Ocean in CMIP6 modelsLyuba Novi, Annalisa Bracco, and Takamitsu ItoIN-PERSON
S1116443Yassir A. EddebbarOral Sources and variability of oxygen supply in the upper equatorial Pacific: insights from high resolution modelsYassir A. Eddebbar, Ariane Verdy, Daniel B. Whitt, Aneesh C. Subramanian, Matthew Mazloff, Matthew Long, and Mark MerrifieldIN-PERSON (likely)
S1115997Ilyass DahmouniOral Temperature elasticity of fish biomass: A Gill oxygen limitation theory-based analysisIlyass Dahmouni, William W.L. Cheung, Daniel Pauly, and Rashid U. SumailaIN-PERSON
S1116125Hung Q. NguyenOralREP-1Temporal trends and causes of deoxygenation: A comparison of the Northwest Atlantic Shelf and Atlantic BasinHung Q. Nguyen, Samantha Siedlecki, Enrique Curchitser, Charlie Stock, Felipe Soares, Cesar Rocha, and Zhuomin ChenON-LINE (p->o)
S1115941Nicolas KolodziejczykOral Updated decadal and long term patterns of global Ocean oxygen decline using Argo dataNicolas Kolodziejczyk, Esther Portela, Virginie Thierry, and Annaïg PrigentON-LINE
S1116422Veli Ç. YumruktepeOral Using Argo data to improve oxygen projections in ecosystem modelsVeli Ç. Yumruktepe, Erik A. Mousing, and Nadine GorisIN-PERSON
S1115930John A. BarthOral Widespread hypoxia off the Pacific Northwest coast of North America: The role of shelf and shelf-deep ocean exchange processes and climate changeJohn A. Barth, Francis Chan, Jeremy Childress, Anatoli Erofeev, Stephen D. Pierce, R. Kipp Sherman, and Linus StoltzIN-PERSON
S1115991Laure ResplandyPlenary Climate controls on ocean deoxygenation: compounding effects of hydrological cycle amplification and natural variabilityLaure ResplandyIN-PERSON
S1116432David RivasPoster Analysis of climate-driven physical-biogeochemical processes in key regions of the tropical and south Atlantic using the NorCPMDavid Rivas and Noel KeenlysideIN-PERSON
S1116260Elise DoddemaPoster Behavioural response to hypoxia in Trinidadian guppy (Poecilia reticulata)Elise Doddema, Malin Fløysand, Andrea Campos-Candela, Christian Jørgensen, and Rachael MorganIN-PERSON
S1116208Helmut MaskePoster Below mesopelagic oxygen deficit layers: Gradients of particle acoustic backscattering and oxygenHelmut Maske, Andreas M. Thurnherr, Aurelien Paulmier, Chris Langdon and Cesar O. AlmedaON-LINE, uploaded
S1115885Elin DareliusPoster Climate change and the de-oxygenation of Norwegian sill fjordsElin Darelius, Dag Aksnes, and Ingrid A. JohnsenIN-PERSON
S1115880Yaima Dominguez-SamaleaPoster Deoxygenation of the southwestern margin of Baja California Peninsula: A foraminiferal-based record over the last 1 kyrYaima Dominguez-Samalea and Alberto Sánchez González ON-LINE, uploaded
S1115924Ana M QueirósPoster Hypoxia and ocean acidification alter organic carbon fluxes in marine soft sedimentsChiara Ravaglioli, Fabio Bulleri, Saskia Rühl, Sophie J. McCoy, Helen S. Findlay, Stephen Widdicombe, and Ana M. QueirósIN-PERSON
S1115846YesPoster Hypoxia in a tropical estuaryLennin Florez-Leiva and Shalenys BedoyaIN-PERSON
S1116126Tsuneo OnoPoster Mapping of deoxygenation trend in the subsurface waters of the East China SeaTsuneo OnoON-LINE (Apr. 11), uploaded
S1115943Marco RealePoster Mediterranean sea marine ecosystems during the 21st century: A first-of-its-kind study using eddy resolving projections under RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios.Marco Reale, Gianpiero Cossarini, Paolo Lazzari, Tomas Lovato, Giorgio Bolzon, Simona Masina, Cosimo Solidoro, and Stefano SalonIN-PERSON
S1116339Valeria Di BiagioPoster Oxygen variability from a reanalysis of the Mediterranean Sea biogeochemistry: is there evidence for deoxygenation?Valeria Di Biagio, Carolina Amadio, Giorgio Bolzon, Alberto Brosich, Gianluca Coidessa, Gianpiero Cossarini, Laura Feudale, Paolo Lazzari, Riccardo Martellucci, Elena Mauri, Milena Menna, Stefano Salon, Cosimo Solidoro, and Anna TeruzziIN-PERSON
S1116216María de los Angeles SchoenbeckPoster Potential distribution of Lutjanus guttatus (Steindachner, 1869) under climate change scenarios in the Eastern Tropical PacificMaría A. Schoenbeck, Barbara Muhling, and José OrtízIN-PERSON
S1116349Meera Karathuvalappil MohandasPoster Regional variations of myctophids in the Western Indian Ocean with oxygen concentrationsMeera Karathuvalappil Mohandas, V.N. Sanjeevan, B.R. Smitha , S. Suresh Kumar, and M. HashimON-LINE, uploaded
S1116294Tayler McLellan ClarkeWithdrawal Changing marine habitat viability under warming and deoxygenationTayler Clarke, Anne Moreé, Thomas L. Frölicher, and William W.L. Cheungo->p no show poster yes
S1115928Abdoul W. TallWithdrawal Dissolved oxygen variability at different time scales over the southern Senegalese shelfAbdoul W. Tall, Eric Machu, Vincent Echevin and Xavier CapetCANCELLED talk yes
S1115803L. K. SahuWithdrawal Elevated air-sea exchanges of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) over the Arabian Sea (OMZ) in pre-monsoon season: Role of biogeochemical cycleL.K. Sahu, Nidhi Tripathi, Mansi Gupta, and Arvind Singhno show poster yes
S1116334Sabrina DuncanWithdrawal Environmental drivers of mesopelagic fish assemblages in the Benguela and Canary Current Upwelling Systems Sabrina E. Duncan and Heino O. FockCANCELLED poster yes
S1115969Most Israt Jahan Mili Withdrawal In-situ datasets of important physical and bio-chemical parameters in the continental shelf of the northern Bay of BengalMost Israt Jahan Mili, Md Kawser Ahmed, Md Masud-Ul-Alam, Md Hasnain, Md. Ashif Imam Khan, Rupak Loodh, Abdullah-Al Hasan, Kazi Belayet Hossain, and Sultan Al Nahianno show poster yes
S1116381Erna Lava OlsenWithdrawal Investigating patterns in bottom water stagnation and renewal in a fjord-like strait in the Faroe IslandsErna Lava Olsen, Sissal ErenbjergCANCEL poster yes
S1116324Sissal V. ErenbjergWithdrawal Linking tides, temperature and oxygen levels in a fjord-like strait in the north Atlantic Sissal V. Erenbjerg, Erna L. Olsen, Jon Albretsen, Bogi HansenCANCEL poster yes
S1115927Abdoul W. TallWithdrawal Modelling the dissolved oxygen cycle: oxygen budget and Lagrangian analyses on the Senegalese shelfAbdoul W. Tall, Vincent Echevin, Eric Machu and Xavier CapetCANCELLED poster yes
S1116296Leissing FrederickWithdrawal Ocean deoxygenation may drastically constraint planktonic assemblies in highly productive coastal upwelling zonesLeissing Frederick, Mauricio Urbina, and Ruben EscribanoNO SHOW talk 1145 yes
S1116171Marco FusiWithdrawalREP-5Oxygen dynamics in blue carbon ecosystems. Implications for marine conservation, resilience, and restoration under changing climateMarco Fusi, Folco Giomi, Laura Pettit, Daniele Daffonchio, Karen Diele, Cristina Vina-HerbonCANCEL poster yes
S1116293Natalya EvansWithdrawal Rapid expansion of fixed nitrogen deficit in the eastern Pacific OceanNatalya Evans, Juliana Tichota, Wendi Ruef, James Moffett, and Allan DevolCANCEL poster yes
S1116342Jonathan E. FalcianiWithdrawal Scaling deoxygenation impacts from individual fish activity and metabolismJonathan E. Falciani and Ken H. Andersenno show poster yes
S1116243João H. BettencourtWithdrawal Sensitivity of sill fjord basin water dissolved oxygen concentrations to freshwater nutrient loadingJoão H. Bettencourt, Elin Darelius, Mari S. Myksvoll, and Are OlsenCANCELLED talk yes
S1116121Mathilde JutrasWithdrawalREP-1Sudden oxygen decline in the recently hypoxic waters of the St. Lawrence EstuaryMathilde Jutras, Alfonso Mucci, Gwenaëlle Chaillou, William A. Nesbitt and Douglas W.R. Wallace, Carolina DufourCANCEL poster yes
S1116015Lotte S. DahlmoWithdrawal The potential for habitat compression of the Endangered spiny dogfish in deoxygenated Norwegian fjords Lotte S. Dahlmo, Knut W. Vollset, Gaute Velle and Robert J. LennoxCANCEL poster yes
S1115982Jacqueline V. Alva GarciaWithdrawal Thresholds of hypoxia of two Red Sea coral species (Porites sp. and Galaxea fascicularis)Jacqueline V. Alva García, Shannon G. Klein, Taiba Alamoudi, Silvia Arossa, Anieka J. Parry, Alexandra Steckbauer, and Carlos M. DuarteCANCEL talk yes
S1216040Adam MartinyInvited Bio-GO-SHIP: A global analysis of changes to ocean plankton systemsAdam Martiny, Harriet Alexander, Sophie Clayton, Jason Graff, Nicole Poulton, and Luke ThompsonON-LINE
S1216470Patricia MiloslavichInvited Building a global multidisciplinary observing systemPatricia MiloslavichON-LINE
S1215915Michelle HeupelInvited From data to decisions: applying ocean observing to deliver benefitMichelle HeupelIN-PERSON
S1216057Sarah GaichasOral Delivering climate, ecosystem, and socioeconomic observations to fishery managers: integrated ecosystem reporting and risk assessment for the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management CouncilSarah K. Gaichas, Brandon Muffley, Geret DePiper, Kimberly Bastille, Kimberly J. W. Hyde, Scott Large, Sean M. Lucey, and Laurel SmithIN-PERSON
S1215822Hassan MoustahfidOralREP-1Enhanced observations for integrated modeling and climate decision-support system Hassan MoustahfidON-LINE (Mar.1) (p->o)
S1216247Dylan G.E. GomesOral Integrating information into end-to-end ecosystem models: data accessibility challenges and solutionsDylan G.E. GomesIN-PERSON
S1215998Phoebe A. Woodworth-JefcoatsOral Playing it SAFE: Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation indicators for climate-ready sustainable fisheriesPhoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoats, Johanna Wren, Donald R. Kobayashi, and Mark FitchettIN-PERSON
S1216195Maciej TelszewskiOral Surface ocean CO2 monitoring strategyMaciej Telszewski, Richard Sanders, Rik Wannikhof, Dorothee Bakker, Peter Landschützer, and Judith HauckIN-PERSON
S1216136Keshnee PillayOral The Integrated Ecosystem Programme: Southern Benguela, a South African multidisciplinary flagship on ocean observations for assessing the marine environmentKeshnee Pillay, Marco Worship, Ashley Johnson, Janine vd Poel, Sandra Setati, Seshnee Maduray, Zimkhita Gebe and Mduduzi SeakamelaON-LINE
S1216032Erin V. SatterthwaiteOral Understanding the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems using long-term, integrated ocean observations: An exploration of the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) in the California Current SystemE.V. Satterthwaite, B. Semmens, R. Goericke, R. Swalethorp, J. Coates, N. Bowlin, A. Thompson, N. Gallo, Z. Gold, S. Bograd, E.L. Hazen, T. Martz, W. Wolfe, M. Decima, S. Baumann-Pickering, W. Sydeman, and B. HooverIN-PERSON
S1216091Kelly Ortega-CisnerosPoster Integrating stakeholder knowledge and observations to assess key vulnerabilities in the southern Benguela system, South AfricaKelly Ortega-Cisneros, Lynne Shannon, and Susa NiiranenIN-PERSON
S1216214Alison M. MacdonaldPoster Science RoCS: Integrated interdisciplinary platforms for the futureAlison M. Macdonald, Laura Stolp, Magdalena Andres, Leah McRaven, and Kerry StromIN-PERSON
S1216035Barbara MuhlingPoster The CLIOTOP science programme: Building collaborations to develop understanding of dynamic marine ecosystems and the pathways for sustainable practices neededBarbara Muhling, Karen Evans, Yu Kanaji, Takashi Kitagawa, Joel Llopiz, Anne Lorrain, Heidi Pethybridge, Lilis Sadiyah, Kylie Scales, and Sebastian VillasanteIN-PERSON
S1216358Noel KeenlysidePoster Tropical and South Atlantic Climate-Based Marine Ecosystem Prediction for Sustainable Management (TRIATLAS)Noel KeenlysideIN-PERSON
S1216286Joan-Albert Sanchez-CabezaWithdrawal A low-cost long-term observatory of climate change impacts: warming, hypoxia and acidificationJoan-Albert Sanchez-Cabeza, Ana C. Ruiz-Fernández, Carlos Alberto Herrera-Becerril, Ricardo A. Martínez-Galarza, Andrea R. Cera-Lara, Martín Rangel-Garcia, Gilberto Cardoso-Mohedano, Arturo J. García Mendoza, François ColasCANCELLED poster yes
S1216017Shin-ichi ItoWithdrawal Fish catch geographical shift along coast based on Japan national scale catch dataShin-ichi ItoCANCELLED poster yes
S1215966Lis Lindal JørgensenWithdrawal Holistic analysis of the Central Arctic Ocean (CAO) pressures, human activities and ecosystems: ongoing cooperation across the Atlantic-and Pacific gateways and CAO.Lis Lindal Jørgensen, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Martine van den Heuvel-GreveCANCEL poster yes
S1215817Subrata SarkerWithdrawal Integrating low cost – open source technology with citizen science approach for coastal ecosystem monitoring in BangladeshSubrata Sarker, M. Shahadat Hossain, and A.N.M Samiul HudaIN-PERSON (subject to funding), no show yes
S1216417Hanne SagenWithdrawal Towards a High Arctic Ocean Observation SystemHanne Sagen, Stein Sandven, Matthew A. Dzieciuch, Espen Storheim, Peter F. Worcester, Torill Hamre, and Florian GeyerCANCELLED poster yes
S1216402Ana ŠirovićWithdrawal Using acoustic ocean observatory data for assessment of marine biota: A case study from southern CaliforniaAna Širović, A. Sofia Aniceto, Simone Baumann-Pickering and Joseph D. Warren CANCEL talk yes
S1316471Mary HunsickerInvited Tracking climate-driven changes in ecosystem state in the northeast Pacific OceanMary Hunsicker, Jennifer Boldt, Brendan Connors, Bridget Ferriss, Michael Jaccox, Jacquelynne King, Michael Litzow, Eric Ward, Samantha ZemanIN-PERSON
S1316161Emanuele Di LorenzoOralREP-1A null hypothesis for abrupt shifts in marine populations forced by multiple stressorsEmanuele Di Lorenzo and Mark OhmanIN-PERSON (p->o)
S1316175Brian R. MacKenzieOral A regime shift in the Southeast Greenland marine ecosystemMads Peter Heide-Jørgensen, Philippine Chambault, Teunis Jansen, Caroline V.B. Gjelstrup, Aqqalu Rosing-Asvid, Andreas Macrander, Gisli Víkingsson, Xiandong Zhang, Camilla S. Andresen, and Brian R. MacKenzieIN-PERSON
S1316051Patricia PuertaOral Assessing long-term temporal trends in abundance and composition of demersal fish and zooplankton communitiesJohanne Vad, Patricia Puerta, Trevor Kenchington, Erica Head, and Ellen KenchingtonIN-PERSON
S1316025Maren KruseOralREP-2Assessing possible futures of a complex fisheries social-ecological system in the southern North Sea with a spatially explicit Bayesian Belief NetworkMaren Kruse, Kira Gee, Andreas Kannen, Jürgen Schaper, Roland Cormier, Henrike Rambo, Jonas Letschert, and Vanessa StelzenmüllerIN-PERSON (p->o)
S1316173Tore JohannessenOral Changes in the shallow-water fish community in relation to a temperature induced regime shift along the Norwegian Skagerrak coast in 2002Tore Johannessen and Inger Aline Norberg AanonsenIN-PERSON
S1316151Benjamin PlanqueOral Critical transitions, spurious or not spurious?Benjamin Planque, Lucie Buttay, and Saskia OttoIN-PERSON
S1316134Tsuyoshi WakamatsuOral Detecting abrupt shift of the Arctic Ocean pelagic ecosystem in 21st century with dynamic ecoregionsTsuyoshi Wakamatsu, Annette Samuelsen. and Caglar YumruktepeIN-PERSON
S1316217Jiaying ChenOral Detecting and Forecasting Non-linear Dynamics for Copepods in North Atlantic OceanJiaying Chen, Jin Gao, and Tyler D. EddyIN-PERSON
S1315890Jerry F. TjiputraOral Detection timescales of environmental drivers in the interiorJerry F. Tjiputra, Jean Negrel, and Are OlsenIN-PERSON
S1316163Joël M. DurantOral Empirical evidence of non-linearity in the interaction between fish stocks in the Barents SeaJoël M. Durant, Kotaro Ono, and Øystein LangangenIN-PERSON
S1316209Sandra EmryOral Local adaptation mediates shifts in thermal performance curves under multiple driversSandra Emry and Chris HarleyIN-PERSON
S1316365Bérengère HussonOral Non-additive and non-linear responses of a sub-Arctic ecosystem to combined impact of fisheries and climateBérengère Husson, Cecilie Hansen, Erik A. Mousing, Ulf Lindström, Raul Primicerio, Mette Skern-Mauritzen, and Benjamin PlanqueIN-PERSON
S1316148Ernesto VillarinoOral Ocean regime shift and biodiversity turnover in the Bay of BiscayChust, González, Fontán, Revilla, Alvarez, Santos, Cotano, Chifflet, Muxika, Sagarminaga, Caballero, Santiago, Epelde, Abalia, Liria, Ibaibarriaga, Garnier, Franco, Villarino, Irigoien, Fernandes-Salvador, Larreta, López, Gonzalez, Valle, and BorjaIN-PERSON
S1316297Rebecca G. AschOral Phenological change detection from fisheries-independent surveysRebecca G. Asch, Katherine Dale, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Lauren Rogers, and Andrew ThompsonIN-PERSON
S1316154Hannah HainesOral Regime shifts in the Norwegian Sea: What is the evidence?Hannah Haines, Lucie Buttay, and Benjamin PlanqueIN-PERSON
S1315891Sarah WeisbergOral Resilience or regime shift in the Gulf of Maine food web during rapid warming?Sarah Weisberg, Sean Lucey, Michael Frisk, Ileana Fenwick, and Janet NyeIN-PERSON
S1316185Maxine J. WilcoxPoster Analysis of environmental changes and regime shift in the southern Benguela using outputs from earth system modelsMaxine J. Wilcox, Lynne J. Shannon, and Kelly Ortega-CisnerosON-LINE, uploaded
S1316399Agata Weydmann-ZwolickaPoster Can zooplankton metabarcoding be used to track Atlantification of the Arctic?Agata Weydmann-Zwolicka, Karol Mazanowski, and Monika MioduchowskaIN-PERSON
S1316357Friederike FröbPoster Detecting abrupt aerobic habitat loss in NorESM2Friederike Fröb, Timothée Bourgeoi, Nadine Goris, Jörg Schwinger, and Christoph HeinzeIN-PERSON
S1315871Rudi VossPoster Fishing past a tipping point – Climatic changes and medieval overfishing depleted Baltic herring in the 16th centuryRudi Voss, Jörn O. Schmidt, Oliver Lehmann, Daniel Okamoto, and Patrick PolteIN-PERSON
S1316343Precious MongwePoster The impact of 20th century warming on marine ectothermsPrecious MongweON-LINE, uploaded
S1315972Hee Yoon KangPoster Warmer winters advance clam phenology on the temperate East Asian marginal sea coastHee Yoon Kang, Laurent Barillé, Rubao Ji, and Won Chan LeeIN-PERSON
S1316224Paul DeesWithdrawal Complications of detecting ecological regime shifts associated with tipping pointsPaul Dees, Morten Skogen, and Christoph HeinzeCANCELLED poster yes
S1316375Christian MöllmannWithdrawal Finding a tipping point in multivariate space – a regime shift in the Western Baltic SeaChristian Möllmann, Diana Rico, Frane Madiraca, Hans-Harald Hinrichsen, Camilla Sguotti & Saskia OttoIN-PERSON yes
S1315961Mathieu LutierWithdrawal Physiological tipping points of oysters from temperate and tropical environments exposed to ocean acidification[Mathieu Lutier, Carole Di Poi, Frédéric Gazeau, Jérémy Le Luyer, Fabrice Pernet]CANCEL talk yes
S1416415Olayinka AlasoaduraDeclined Heavy Metal Contamination In Sediments Of The Lagos Lagoon, NigeriaOlayinka Thompson Alasoadura  yes
S1416469Nadja S. SteinerInvited Climate change impacts on marine ecosystems and ecosystem services in the ArcticNadja S. Steiner, Cathy Reader, Patrick Farnole, and BEPSII4 communityON-LINE
S1416159Agnes K.M. WeinerOral Assessing the impacts of past environmental changes on Arctic biodiversity using sedimentary ancient DNAAgnes K.M. Weiner, Tristan Cordier, Magdalena Łącka, Margit H. Simon, Jessica L. Ray, Joanna Pawlowska, Dhanushka Devendra, Małgorzata Szymczak-Żyła, Magdalena Krajewska, Marek Zajączkowski, Jan Pawlowski, and Stijn De SchepperIN-PERSON
S1415952Benjamin J. LaurelOral Changes in overwintering success for juvenile cod species in the ArcticBenjamin J. Laurel and Louise A. CopemanIN-PERSON
S1416340Michael BankOral Climate change dynamics and mercury trends in Northeast Arctic cod from the Barents Sea ecosystemMichael S. Bank, Quang Tri Ho, Arne Duinker, Bente M. Nilsen, Randi B. Ingvaldsen, Amund Maage, and Sylvia FrantzenIN-PERSON
S1416341Raul PrimicerioOral Climate driven ecosystem reorganization and cumulative risk in the High NorthRaul Primicerio, Andre’ Frainer, Berengere Husson, Ulf Lindstrøm, Laurene Pecuchet, Anna Siwertsson, and Terri SousterIN-PERSON
S1416165Lennart SchreiberOral Deciphering climate change impacts on Arctic marine mammals using sedimentary ancient DNALennart Schreiber, Heike Zimmermann, Sofia Ribeiro, and Eline LorenzenIN-PERSON
S1416005Kristen J. SoraOral Influence of historical climate drivers on the Beaufort Sea Shelf marine food webKristen J. Sora, Colette C.C. Wabnitz, Nadja S. Steiner, U. Rashid Sumaila, Carie Hoover, Andrea Niemi, Lisa L. Loseto, Mi-Ling Li, Amanda Giang, Emma Gillies, Gabriel Reygondeau, and William W.L. CheungIN-PERSON
S1416221Elliot SivelOral Investigating combined effects of climate change and fisheries on the Barents Sea ecosystem dynamics using Chance and Necessity modellingElliot Sivel, Benjamin Planque, Ulf Lindstrøm, and Nigel G. YoccozIN-PERSON
S1416228Julia MasonOral Key uncertainties and modeling needs to anticipate cumulative impacts on future Arctic fisheriesJulia Mason, Andrea Bryndum-Buchholz, and Juliano Palacios-AbrantesIN-PERSON
S1416453Samuel RastrickOral Natural Analogues of an Arctic in Rapid Transition (AnalogueART working group)Samuel Rastrick, Antonio Aguera, Kumiko Azetsu-Scott, Allison Bailey, Melissa Chierici, Jorge Corrales Guerrero, Agneta Fransson, Jason Hall-Spencer, Haakon Hop, Elizabeth Jones, Tina Kutti. Marco Milazzo, Helen E Rastrick, and Daniel SmallIN-PERSON
S1415925Hjálmar HátúnOral Physical drivers of biogeographical shifts in the Northeastern Atlantic – and adjacent shelvesHjálmar Hátún, Teresa da Silva, Øystein Skagseth, and Peter GrønkjærIN-PERSON
S1416407Silvana Birchenough Oral Pollution in the Arctic Ocean: An overview of multiple pressures and implications for ecosystem servicesSilvana N.R. Birchenough, Bryony L. Townhill, Efstathios Reppas-Chrysovitsinos, Roxana Suhring, Crispin J. Halsall, Elena Mengo, Tina Sanders, Kirsten Dahnke, Odile Crabeck, and Jan KaiserIN-PERSON
S1416403Lauren SuttonOral Predicting epibenthic functional distribution on changing Arctic shelvesLauren Sutton, Katrin Iken, Franz Mueter, Claudine Hauri, and Remi PagesIN-PERSON
S1416298Cecilie HansenOral Risk of cumulative human impact on scientific-based valuable and vulnerable areas in Norwegian watersCecilie Hansen, Johanna Myrseth Aarflot, Elena Eriksen, Bérengère Husson, Per Fauchald, Geir Odd Johansen, Lis Lindahl Jørgensen, Gro I. van der Meeren, Nina Mikkelsen, Geir Ottersen, Cecilie von Quillfeldt, and Mette Skern-MauritzenIN-PERSON
S1416135Geir OttersenOral Spawning stock age structure and climate combined cause long-term fluctuations in recruitment – demonstrated for the Norwegian spring-spawning herring stockGeir Ottersen and Rebecca Emma HoltIN-PERSON
S1416249Nicolas DupontOral Survival of adult polar cod (Boreogadus saida) in the context of “borealization” of the Barents SeaNicolas Dupont, Joël M. Durant, Øystein Langangen, and Leif Chr. StigeIN-PERSON
S1416468Katrine BorgåPlenary The influence of climate change on accumulation and toxicity of pollutants in arctic marine food websKatrine BorgåIN-PERSON
S1416059Karen M. AssmannPoster Asymmetric Atlantification in the Barents Sea and its effect on the ecosystemKaren M. Assmann, Bérengère Husson, Randi B. Ingvaldsen, Maria Fossheim, Raul Primicerio, Padmini Dalpadado, and Espen BagøienIN-PERSON
S1415988Sunni M Heikes-KnaptonPoster Climate change signals in sub-Arctic fjord zooplankton from 1983 To 2021Sunni M Heikes-Knapton and Mark John CostelloIN-PERSON
S1416115Silvana GonzalezPoster Effects of environmental change on planktonic associations in the Northern Bering and Chukchi seasSilvana Gonzalez, Jens M. Nielsen, Lisa B. Eisner, Russell Hopcroft, Miranda Irby, David G. Kimmel, Elizabeth Logerwell, Michael W. Lomas, Astrid Schnetzer, and James ThorsonIN-PERSON
S1416084Henrik H. JessenPoster Evolution of Northeast Arctic cod (Gadus morhua) in response to concurrent fisheries and climate stressorsHenrik H. Jessen, Anders F. Opdal, and Katja EnbergIN-PERSON
S1416318Heike H. ZimmermannPosterREP-1Tracing Holocene marine ecosystem changes off West Greenland with ancient DNAHeike H. Zimmermann, Sara Harðardóttir, Eline Lorenzen, and Sofia RibeiroIN-PERSON
S1416189Mats HuserbråtenWithdrawal Arctic ecosystem impact assessment of oil in ice under climate changeMats Huserbråten, Elena Eriksen, and Frode VikebøON-LINE-CANCELLED poster yes
S1416386Nina MikkelsenWithdrawalREP-3Hotspots for human activities in the Barents SeaNina Mikkelsen, Evert Johannes Mul and Hiroko K. SolvangCANCEL poster yes
S1415960Mathieu LutierWithdrawalxREP-1Tipping points in overwintering Arctic copepods in the face of ocean acidification and warming [Mathieu Lutier, James A. Orr, Samuel Macaulay, Janne E. Søreide, Sam Dupont, Michelle C. Jackson, Ketil Hylland, Katrine Borgå, Khuong Van Dinh]CANCEL poster yes
S1516475José De OliveiraInvited When is an “MSE” an MSE, and when is it not?José Adolfo Angélica De OliveiraON-LINE
S1515912Matthieu VeronOral A flexible approach for projecting fish stocks under assessment uncertainty and climate changeMatthieu Veron, Andre E. Punt, Martin Dorn, Jim Ianelli, Paul Spencer, Carey McGilliard, and Meaghan BryanIN-PERSON
S1516061Lauren A. RogersOral Accounting for climate-driven changes in the availability of pollock to assessment surveys in the Gulf of AlaskaLauren A. Rogers, Cole Monnahan, Martin Dorn, Kresimir Williams, and Darin JonesIN-PERSON
S1516419John T. TrochtaOral An efficient MSE framework for exploring multispecies management strategies of pelagic stocks in the Norwegian SeaJohn T. Trochta, Alfonso Perez-Rodriguez, Kjell R. Utne, Erik A. Mousing and Per ArnebergIN-PERSON
S1516284Kristin MarshallOral Climate risk planning and decision-making in transboundary fisheries: environmentally-driven recruitment forecasts and projections for Pacific HakeKristin N. Marshall, Eric J. Ward, Mary Hunsicker, Kiva Oken, Aaron Berger, Kelli Johnson, and Cathleen VestfalsIN-PERSON
S1516316Pierre-Yves HernvannOral Climate-informed ecosystem management strategy evaluation in the California Current: Investigating the robustness of pelagic fisheries management to productivity changes, distribution shifts and recruitment fluctuationsPierre-Yves Hernvann, Isaac Kaplan, Barbara Muhling, Felipe Quezada-Escalona, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Peter Kuriyama, Robert Wildermuth, Owen Liu, and Desiree TommasiON-LINE
S1516354Jan ConradtOral Climate-resilient management of North Sea cod under deep uncertaintyJan Conradt, Steffen Funk, Camilla Sguotti, Rudi Voss, Thorsten Blenckner, and Christian MöllmannIN-PERSON
S1516246Lisa A. KerrOral Consequences of ignoring climate impacts on New England groundfish stock assessment and managementLisa A. Kerr, Mackenzie Mazur, Jerelle Jesse, Steven X. Cadrin, and Sam TruesdellIN-PERSON
S1516179Amanda R. HartOral Does climate-integrated stock assessment improve management? An American plaice exampleAmanda R. Hart, Lisa Kerr, and Timothy J. MillerIN-PERSON
S1516071Allan C. HicksOral Evaluating management procedures for the Pacific halibut (Hippoglosssus stenolepis) fishery while considering historical and future changes in the environmentAllan C. Hicks, Ian J. Stewart, David T. Wilson, and Piera CarpiIN-PERSON
S1515995Robert P. WildermuthOral Evaluating robustness of harvest control rules to variability in Pacific sardine recruitmentRobert P. Wildermuth, Desiree Tommasi, Peter Kuriyama, James Smith, and Isaac KaplanIN-PERSON
S1516177Amanda R. HartOral Evaluating the performance of climate-informed state-space stock assessments using the Woods Hole Assessment ModelAmanda R. Hart, Gregory L. Britten, Liz Brooks, Giancarlo M. Correa, Gavin Fay, Alexander C. Hansell, Christopher M. Legault, Timothy J. Miller, Cole Monnahan, Brian Stock, and John WiedenmannIN-PERSON
S1515948Cassidy D PetersonOral Exploring climate-readiness of fisheries management procedures in the southeast U.S. AtlanticCassidy D Peterson, Nikolai Klibansky, Kyle W Shertzer, Matthew T Vincent, and Erik H WilliamsIN-PERSON
S1516304Kelly Ortega-CisnerosOral Exploring the impact of fishing and climate scenarios on the South African sardine and anchovy fisheryKelly Ortega-Cisneros, Carryn de Moor, and Kevern CochraneIN-PERSON
S1516333RMWJ BandaraOral Incorporating Dynamic Range Models for adaptive management of commercially important fish species undergoing rapid range shiftsRMWJ Bandara, John Wiedenmann, and Malin PinskyIN-PERSON
S1516231Grant AdamsOral Performance of single- and multi-species management strategies under climate changeGrant Adams, Kirstin Holsman, Alberto Rovellini, Ian J. Stewart, Sophia N. Wassermann, and André PuntIN-PERSON
S1515878Matthew D. RobertsonOral Testing models of increasing complexity to provide ecosystem-informed fisheries management adviceMatthew D. Robertson, Noel Cadigan, Paul M. Regular, Mariano Koen-Alonso, David Bélanger, Frédéric Cyr, Fan Zhang, and Tyler D. EddyIN-PERSON
S1516466Laura K. BlameyPlenary Disrupting ‘business as usual’: how to future-proof fish stocks in oceans of extremesLaura K. Blamey, Éva E Plagányi, Roy A. Deng. and Rob KenyonIN-PERSON
S1515865Tyler D. EddyPoster Barriers to implementation of dynamic approaches in fisheries managementTyler D. Eddy, Daniel Duplisea, Matthew D. Robertson, Raquel Ruiz-Díaz, C. Abraham Solberg, and Fan ZhangIN-PERSON
S1516271JLingbo Li? (for Jin Gao)Withdrawal Growth response of juvenile Sockeye salmon populations under climate changeJin Gao, Lingbo Li, Carrie Holt, Yi Xu, Maxine Forrest, Josephine Iacarella, Daniel Weller, and Peter Comeauno show poster yes
S1516327Jessica TengvallWithdrawalREP-1The impact of ignoring changing predation pressures in a management strategy evaluation frameworkJessica Tengvall, Fabian Zimmermann and Katja EnbergIN-PERSON (CANCELLED poster)
S1616018Samiya Ahmed SelimInvited Reflections on Participatory and Transdisciplinary Research Approaches in addressing Challenges around Climate Change and Sustainable DevelopmentSamiya Ahmed Selim, Marion Glaser, Jewel Das and Joy BhowmikIN-PERSON
S1616287William W. L. CheungOral Climate change exacerbates nutrient disparities from seafoodWilliam W.L. Cheung, Eva Maire, Muhammed A. Oyinlola, James P.W. Robinson, Nicholas A.J. Graham, Vicky W.Y. Lam, Aaron MacNeil, and Christina C. HicksON-LINE
S1616368Jacob G. EurichOral Diverse pathways for climate resilience in fishery systemsJacob G. Eurich, Whitney R. Friedman, Kristin M. Kleisner, Lily Z. Zhao, Christopher M. Free, Meghan Fletcher, Julia G. Mason, and Katherine E. MillsIN-PERSON
S1616459Gretta T. PeclOral Future Seas: What could the ocean look like by 2030 if we shared it equitably, and used the knowledge we already have available?Gretta T. Pecl, Karen A. Alexander, Kirsty L. Nash, Camilla Novaglio, Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, plus 100+ collaboratorsIN-PERSON
S1616062Padmanav PallaviOral Human dimension indicator based-assessment of change in coastal ecosystem services delivery in Mumbai, IndiaPadmanav Pallavi, Devanathan Parthasarathy, K. Narayanan, and A.B. InamdarIN-PERSON
S1615895Marianna CavalloOral Integrating local and scientific knowledge in the assessment of traditional fisheries vulnerability to climate change in French PolynesiaMarianna Cavallo and Luis Tito De MoraisIN-PERSON
S1616039Lilly BaumannOral Interventions towards sustainability transformations in coastal social-ecological systems in New CaledoniaLilly Baumann, Marjan Braun, Maraja Riechers, and Paulina HeegIN-PERSON
S1616290Jay PetersonOral Managing fisheries using the Resist-Accept-Direct (RAD) framework: Strategies to account for ecological and social considerationsAbigail Lynch, Frank Rahel, Doug Limpinsel, Suresh Sethi, Augustin Engman, David Lawrence, Katherine Mills, Wendy Morrison, Jay Peterson, and Mark. PorathIN-PERSON
S1616222Felipe QuezadaOral Substitution between coastal pelagic species under shifting target species distributions and policy constraintsFelipe Quezada, Desiree Tommasi, Stephen Stohs, Isaac Kaplan, Barbara Muhling, Tim Frawley, and Jonathan Sweeney.ON-LINE
S1616184Lucía EspasandínOral Tracking the social dimension of ongoing fish distributional range shift in marine recreational fishingLucía Espasandín, Marta Coll, and Valerio SbragagliaIN-PERSON
S1616346Louise C. GammageOralREP-1Understanding drivers of fishing pressure in South Africa’s Western Cape: insights from the development of a synthetic set of social indicatorsLouise C. Gammage, Astrid Jarre, Lisa L. Colburn, and Patricia M. ClayIN-PERSON (p->o)
S1616431Mikko Heino (for Xiaozi Liu)Oral Whose fish they are? Opportunities and challenges arising from the range expansion of northern hake (Merluccius merluccius)Xiaozi Liu, Cecilie Hansen, Svein Sundby, Lars Asplin, Kjell Nedreaas, Arved Staby, Hiroko Solvang and Mikko HeinoIN-PERSON (presenter change Mar 31)
S1615996Olivia HarrodPoster Climate change and marine litter: Inextricably connected threats to the world’s oceansOlivia Harrod, Susana Lincoln, Barnaby Andrews, Silvana N.R. Birchenough, Piyali Chowdhury, Georg H. Engelhard, John K. Pinnegar and Bryony L. TownhillIN-PERSON
S1616416Steven Mana'oakamai JohnsonWithdrawal 'Climate cooperatives' designed from and for novel and no analog ocean futuresSteven Mana'oakamai Johnson, James R. WatsonCANCEL poster yes
S1616013Md Mizanur RahmanWithdrawal Co-management in the ecologically critical areas of Bangladesh: good and evilMd Mizanur RahmanCANCEL talk yes
S1615855Ruth DavisWithdrawal Equitable responses in transboundary fisheries management to climate driven redistribution of tropical tuna stocksRuth Davis, Camille Goodman, Johann D. Bell, Bianca Haas, Kamal Azmi and Quentin HanichCANCEL talk yes
S1615815Mohammad Mojibul Hoque MozumderWithdrawal Social, economic, and ecological adaptation strategies of small-scale fishers in the coastal area for climate change- Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) fishery of BangladeshMohammad Mojibul Hoque Mozumder,and Petra SchneiderCANCEL poster yes
S1615825YesWithdrawal Witnessing the Effects of Sea Level Rise on the Chilka Lake in IndiaS.K. Sharmano show poster yes
S1715879Bernardo A. Bastien-OlveraOral Blue natural capital in a cost-benefit integrated assessment model of climate changeBernardo A. Bastien-Olvera and Katharine RickeIN-PERSON
S1715888Hing Ling ChanOral How climate change and climate variability affected trip distance of a commercial fisheryHing Ling ChanIN-PERSON
S1716067Dhanya KandarattilOral Livelihood resilience in the Subtropical coasts of Kerala, India using a structural equation modelling approachDhanya KandarattilIN-PERSON
S1716242Daniel van DenderenOral Socio-economic and ecological drivers of demersal fish community catch across productive shelf regionsDaniel van Denderen, Ken H. Andersen, Jeremy Collie and Katell G. HamonIN-PERSON
S1715923Adrien ChevallierOral Stakeholder engagement for the co-construction of plausible futures for French fisheries: societal and environmental consequences of global changeAdrien Chevallier, Fabien Moullec, Elise Banton, Bruno Ernande and Yunne-Jai ShinIN-PERSON
S1716331Hanny John P. MediodiaOral The impact of ocean warming on commercial fisheries in New ZealandHanny John P. Mediodia, Ilan Noy, and Viktoria KahuiON-LINE
S1815949CooleyInvited Transdisciplinary ocean carbon dioxide removal research and evidence-based decision makingSarah R. CooleyON-LINE
S1816156Manon BergerOral Biogeophysical constraints of macroalgae carbon dioxide removal identified with a high-resolution ocean biogeochemical modelManon Berger, Lester Kwiatkowski, David T. Ho, and Laurent BoppIN-PERSON
S1816021Jörg SchwingerOral Ocean carbon cycle feedbacks and the seasonal cycle of the carbonate system under ocean alkalinizationJörg SchwingerIN-PERSON
S1815840Nina BednaršekOralREP-1Predictable patterns within the kelp forest can indirectly create temporary spatial refugia for ocean acidificationNina Bednaršek, Greg Pelletier, Marcus Beck, Richard Feely, Zach Siegrist, Dale Kiefer, Joth Davis, and Betsy PeabodyIN-PERSON (p->o)
S1816152Emanuele Di Lorenzo and Peter de MenocalOral Solutions road maps for ocean CDR: Advances, challenges, and opportunitiesEmanuele Di Lorenzo, Peter de Menocal, David Koweek, James Barry, and Brad AckIN-PERSON
S1816158Lars GolmenOral Storing captured and intentionally sequestered CO2 in the deep oceanLars Golmen and Peter HauganIN-PERSON
S1816114Sophia JohannessenOral Why planting trees and seagrasses cannot offset fossil fuel emissionsSophia C. Johannessen and James R. ChristianIN-PERSON
S1816194Devi VeytiaWithdrawal Mapping the evidence on ocean-based options for CDRDevi Veytia, Laurent Bopp, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Marie Bonnin, Yunne-Jai Shin, Frédérique ViardCANCEL talk yes
S1915853VIRENDRA KUMAR GOSWAMIDeclined Role of Advanced Computing and Remote Sensing to Study the Correlation of Marine Pollution with Ocean Acidifications and Air-Sea CO2 exchange to develop Climate Variability Numerical Prediction Models CVNPM) Over Oceanic Regions ”. VIRENDRA KUMAR GOSWAMI  yes
S1916480Samantha A. SiedleckiInvited Can seasonal forecasts of ocean conditions including ocean acidification variables aid fishery managers?: Experiences from 10 years of J-SCOPES.A. Siedlecki, I. Kaplan, E. Norton, A. Hermann, S. Alin, R. Feely, N. Bond, S. Ray, M. Malick, M. Hunsicker, F. Soares, E.J. Schumacker, D. Ayres, K. Corbett, M. Alexander, G. Hervieux, G. Williams, N. Bednarsek, J. Fisher, C. Morgan, and J. NewtonIN-PERSON
S1916484Hrönn EgilsdóttirOral A new laboratory to investigate the impact of multiple drivers on ocean lifeHrönn Egilsdóttir, Einar Pétur Jónsson, Ragnar Jóhannsson, Agnar Steinarsson, and Tómas ÁrnasonIN-PERSON oral & poster
S1916119Simone R. AlinOral Around the bend and back again: Crossing buffering capacity minima in northwest US coastal and estuarine waters and implications for future regional ocean acidification trends and patternsSimone R. Alin, Richard A. Feely, Samantha Siedlecki, Brendan Carter, Jan Newton, and Jenny WaddellON-LINE
S1916162Halle BergerOral Assessing vulnerability of the U.S. Atlantic sea scallop to ocean acidification and warming: A dynamic energy budget modeling approachHalle Berger, Samantha Siedlecki, Catherine Matassa, Emilien Pousse, and Shannon MeseckIN-PERSON
S1916240Sierra L. GrayOral Climate change co-stressors and their effects on the biological, physiological, and genomic responses of juvenile Pacific oystersSierra L. Gray, Christopher M. Pearce, Clara L. Mackenzie, Emaline M. Montgomery, Monique R. Raap, Chen Yin Walker, Helen J. Gurney-Smith, and Amanda E. BatesIN-PERSON
S1915922Laura J. FalkenbergOralREP-1Consumer-resource interactions of calcifying marine organisms under ocean acidification and warmingLaura J. Falkenberg, Alissa V. Bass, Shu Him Lam, and Patrick W.S. Joyce ON-LINE (may change) p->o
S1916218Friedrich A. BurgerOral Drivers of surface ocean acidity extremes under different climatesFriedrich A. Burger and Thomas L. Frölicher ON-LINE
S1916103Alban PlanchatOral Feedbacks between the carbonate pump and future ocean acidification in Earth system and ocean biogeochemical model simulationsAlban Planchat, Laurent Bopp, and Lester KwiatkowskiIN-PERSON
S1916315Agneta FranssonOral Observations in Svalbard fjords as climate change proxies for a changing Arctic: focus on Kongsfjorden, ocean acidification and driversAgneta Fransson, Melissa Chieric, Ylva Ericson, Eva Falck, and Elizabeth JonesON-LINE
S1916206Masahiko FujiiOral Observed and projected impacts of coastal warming, acidification and deoxygenation on Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) farming: A case study in the Hinase Area, Okayama Prefecture and Shizugawa Bay, Miyagi Prefecture, JapanMasahiko Fujii, Ryuji Hamanoue, Lawrence Patrick Cases Bernardo, Tsuneo Ono, Akihiro Dazai, Shigeyuki Oomoto, Masahide Wakita, and Takehiro TanakaON-LINE
S1916305Anwesha GhoshOral Phytoplankton community dynamics under potential ocean acidification scenarios: A case study from the Indian SundarbansAnwesha Ghosh, Yash, Chakresh, and Punyasloke BhaduryIN-PERSON
S1916047Vineeta GhoshOral Role of ocean acidification in changing characteristics of coastal ocean system in Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea – Evidence from pre- and post- Covid’19 lockdown conditionsVineeta Ghosh, Shanta Ghosh, and Anupam GhoshON-LINE
S1916262Richard A. FeelyOral The interactions between acidification and deoxygenation along the West Coast of North AmericaRichard A. Feely, Brendan R. Carter, Simone R. Alin, Nina Bednaršek, Jonathan Sharp, Dana Greeley, and Julian HerndonIN-PERSON
S1916010Jan A NewtonOral The Olympic Coast as a sentinel: An integrated social-ecological regional vulnerability assessment to ocean acidificationJan A. Newton, Melissa Poe, Samantha Siedlecki, Simone R. Alin, Richard A. Feely, Halle Berger, Roxanne Carini, Steven Fradkin, Tommy Moore, Joe Schumacker, Russel Svec, Julie Ann Koehlinger, Jennifer Hagen, Jenny Waddell, Meg Chadsey, and Adrienne SuttonIN-PERSON
S1916186Evin McGovernOral The OSPAR assessment of ocean acidification in the North-East AtlanticEvin McGovern, Jos Schilder, Helen Findlay, Yuri Artioli, Silvana Birchenough, Sam Dupont, Ingunn Skjelvan, Morten D. Skogen, Marta Álvarez, Melissa Chierici, Pablo Leon Diaz, Johanna Järnegren, Karina von Schuckmann, Martina Stiasny, plus 14 moreIN-PERSON (by co-author)
S1916434William P CochlanOral The Variable Impacts of Ocean Acidification on the Growth and Toxigenicity of Pseudo-nitzschia Diatoms from the California Current Upwelling SystemWilliam P. Cochlan, Charles J. Wingert, Christopher E. Ikeda, Brian D. Bill, and Vera L. TrainerIN-PERSON
S1916350Punyasloke BhaduryPlenary Ocean acidification research for sustainable ocean- nexus between science, local knowledge and policy frameworkPunyasloke BhaduryIN-PERSON
S1915953Li-Qing JiangPoster A global surface ocean acidification indicators product based on the latest CMIP6 Earth System Models and observational dataJiang, Dunne, Carter, Tjiputra, Terhaar, Sharp, Olsen, Alin, Bakker, Feely, Hogan, Ilyina, Lange, Lauvset, Lovato, Palmieri, Santana-Falcón, Schwinger, Séférian, Strand, Swart, Tanhua, Tsujino, Wanninkhof, Watanabe, Yamamoto, and ZiehnIN-PERSON
S1916456Hrönn EgilsdóttirPosterREP-1A new laboratory to investigate the impact of multiple drivers on ocean lifeHrönn Egilsdóttir, Einar Pétur Jónsson, Ragnar Jóhannsson, Agnar Steinarsson, and Tómas ÁrnasonIN-PERSON poster & oral
S1916041W. Christopher LongPoster Effects of ocean acidification on red king crab larval developmentW. Christopher Long, Allie Conrad, Jennifer Gardner and, Robert J. FoyIN-PERSON
S1916180Yumeng PangPoster Environmental effects on growth performance of Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas cultured in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan, from 1990 to 2021Yumeng Pang, Tsuneo Ono, Masahiko Fujii, and Takehiro TanakaIN-PERSON
S1916076Kalina C. GrabbPoster Measuring Protons with Photons: A Hand-Held, Spectrophotometric pH Analyzer for Ocean Acidification Research, Community Science and EducationKalina C. Grabb, William Pardis, Michael DeGrandpre, Reggie Spaulding, James Beck, Jonathan Pfeifer, and David LongIN-PERSON
S1915896Lester KwiatkowskiPosterREP-2Modified diurnal variability of the global surface ocean CO2 systemLester Kwiatkowski, Olivier Torres, Olivier Aumont, and James C. OrrIN-PERSON
S1915939Elisabeth KubinPoster Ocean acidification data: Weaves to be tied on European and global scaleElisabeth Kubin, Marina Lipizer, Maria Eugenia Molina Jack, and Alessandra GiorgettiON-LINE, uploaded
S1916169Elizabeth JonesPoster Ocean acidification variability in Atlantic and Arctic influenced Norwegian watersElizabeth Jones, Melissa Chierici, Helene Hodal Lødemel, and Claire MourguesIN-PERSON
S1915956Darcy DuganPoster The Alaska Ocean Acidification Network: Connecting Alaskans through monitoring, information sharing and the quest for solutionsDarcy Dugan, Jessica Cross, Amanda Kelley, Dorothy Childers, Jamie Goen, Tom Hurst, Jeff Hetrick, Kris Holderied, and Scott GoodmanIN-PERSON
S1916192Silvia Amaya-VíasPoster The count-down for calcifiers to dissolve in water masses of the Strait of GibraltarSilvia Amaya-Vías, Susana Flecha, Fiz F. Pérez, Gabriel Navarro, Jesús García-Lafuente, Ahmed Makaoui, and I. Emma HuertasON-LINE, uploaded
S1916198Cristina SobrinoPosterREP-2The Rías Baixas (NW Iberian Upwelling System) as experimental sites for studying the impact of marine environment acidification on coastal ecosystemsCristina Sobrino, Angel Landaeta, Clara Martínez, and Ramiro VarelaIN-PERSON
S1916146Richard BellerbyWithdrawal Climate-Smart kelp restoration opportunities for coastal NorwayRichard Bellerby, Trond Kristiansen, Momme Butenshön, Sam Dupont, Kristina Kvile, Camilla With Fagerli, Eli Rinde, Wenting Chen, Philip Wallhead, Jessie LiuCANCEL poster yes
S1915893Furqon AlfahmiWithdrawal Development of ocean acidification in situ observation over the Indonesian maritime continentFurqon AlfahmiIN-PERSON no show poster yes
S1916172Kunal ChakrabortyWithdrawal Modeling Indian Ocean acidification and its driving mechanisms in two contrasting basins over the last four decades (1980–2019)Kunal Chakraborty, Prasanna Kanti Ghoshal, Trishneeta Bhattacharya, Jayashree Ghosh and Balaji BaduruCANCEL talk yes
S1916157Mohammed IdrissiWithdrawal Ocean acidification state variability of the North-West Africa Atlantic ocean watersMohammed Idrissi, Melissa Chierici, Helene H. Lødemel, David Cervantes, Abdelaziz Agouzouk, Mamadou Ba, Ismail Bessa, Ahmed Makaoui, Omar Ettahiri, Jamal Chioua, Karim Hilmi, Bouya M'bengue, Dia Abdoul, Beat Gasser, Saliou Faye, and Peter SwarzenskiIN-PERSON, no show talk yes
S1916313Kishore BoodhooWithdrawal pH sensor measurements vs pH laboratory measurementsKishore Boodhoo, Roshan T. Ramessur, and Yadhav A. ImritON-LINE no show poster yes
S1916425Murat BelivermişWithdrawal Physiological and gene expression responses of the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis to low pH and low dissolved oxygenMurat Belivermiş, Önder Kılıç, Selda Gezginci-Oktayoglu, Narin Sezer, Selcan Demiralp, Berna Şahin, and Sam DupontON-LINE no show poster yes
S1916472Julio MorellWithdrawal Sargasso Inundation Driven Hypoxia and Ocean Acidification in La Parguera, P.R. Marine Reserve: Spatiotemporal VariabilityJulio Morell, Priscilla Molina, and Ernesto OteroCANCELLED poster yes
S1916272Joan-Albert Sanchez-CabezaWithdrawal The REMARCO network: ocean acidification research in Latin America and The CaribbeanCésar A. Bernal, Joan-Albert Sanchez-Cabeza, Miguel Gómez-Batista, Betina Lomovasky, Michelle Graco, Celeste Sánchez-Noguera, Jonathan Herrera-Merlo, Valentina Amaral, Kathia Reategui, Oscar Amaya, Jair G. Valladarez and Carlos A. Alonso-HernándezCANCEL poster yes
S1915843Seonock WooWithdrawal Transcriptional response to hyperthermal and acidification stress in the azooxanthellate octocoralSeonock WooCANCEL poster yes
S1916167Teresa G. SchwemmerWithdrawal Warming and acidification responses of ionocytes in the skin of early life stage fishTeresa G. Schwemmer, Hannes Baumann, Christopher S. Murray, and Janet A. NyeON-LINE, cancel talk yes
S1915973Kovilingal smrithiWithdrawal Who will be the winners of climate change in Indian waters: Edible green mussels or invasive mussels?Kovilingal smrithi. Dineshram RON-LINE no show poster yes
W115917Ching-Hsien HoPoster A survey on adaptation strategies in the aquaculture industry facing climate change hazard - a case study in Kaohsiung, TaiwanChing-Hsien Ho, Yi-Hua Hsiao, Min-Yin Liao, and Jyun-Rong GongIN-PERSON
W116023Nishant ChauhanWithdrawal Comparative experiments bring new insights to coccolithophore Ecology under Ocean Acidification scenarios Nishant Chauhan and Rosalind RickabyCANCEL poster yes
W116413Catarina Pereira SantosWithdrawal Global risk assessment of sharks to climate changeCatarina Pereira Santos, Catarina Frazão Santos, and Rui RosaON-LINE no show poster yes
W116421AishwaryaWithdrawal Impacts of hydrodynamic factors of sea and sea level rise on coastal zone of India using CVI geospatial modelAishwarya and Pavan KumarIN-PERSON no show poster yes
W115818Roland P. OvbieboWithdrawal Longtime Seasonal Variability of Sea Surface Temperature in The Gulf of GuineaRoland P. Ovbiebo and Thomas J. FarrarCANCEL poster yes
W115883Shailendra K. MandalWithdrawal Methodology for vulnerability assessment of coastal city to climate change and climate variability: lessons from the Indian metropolitan city of IndiaShailendra K. Mandal and Kamini Sinhaposter combined with S3 15882 yes
W215850Ana M QueirósInvited Bright spots as climate-smart marine spatial planning tools for conservation and blue growthA.M. Queirós, E. Talbot, N.J. Beaumont, J. Somerfield, S. Kay, C. Pascoe, S. Dedman, J. Fernandes, A. Jueterbock, P.I. Miller, S.F. Sailley, G. Sará, L.M. Carr, M.C. Austen, S. Widdicombe, G. Rilov, Lisa A. Levin, S.C. Hull, S.F. Walmsley, and Caitriona NIN-PERSON
W216460Gretta T. PeclInvited Future Seas: What could the ocean look like by 2030 if we shared it equitably, and used the knowledge we already have available?Gretta T. Pecl, Karen A. Alexander, Kirsty L. Nash, Camilla Novaglio, Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, plus 100+ collaboratorsIN-PERSON
W416478Juliano Palacios AbrantesInvited Using coupled climate-marine ecosystem models to inform the management of shared fish stocksJuliano Palacios AbrantesIN-PERSON
W416145Shuyang MaOral Bridging climate, biophysical and statistical models to identify key drivers of recruitment variability of fish stocks inhabiting different North-East Atlantic ecoregionsShuyang Ma, Geir Huse, Tom Clegg, Anne Britt Sandø, Solfrid Hjøllo, Kotaro Ono, Richard D.M. Nash, Kjell Nedreaas, Jon Helge Vølstad, and Olav Sigurd KjesbuIN-PERSON (talk & poster)
W415971Bianca S. SantosOral Climate-driven habitat shifts of Pacific predators within and beyond national jurisdictionBianca S. Santos, Elliot L. Hazen, Heather Welch, Nerea Lezama-Ochoa, and Larry B. CrowderIN-PERSON
W416404Joana Boavida-PortugalOral How the predicted redistribution of fishing stocks may impact the oceans of tomorrow?Joana Boavida-Portugal, François Guilhaumon, Miguel B. Araújo, and Rui RosaIN-PERSON
W416321Dorota SzalajOral Portuguese continental shelf ecosystem under the future climate - insights from the spatial-temporal food-web model.Dorota Szalaj, Alexandra Silva, Jeroen Steenbeek, and Marta CollIN-PERSON
W416410Torstein PedersenWithdrawal Modelling future climate-driven ecosystem dynamics in the Barents SeaTorstein Pedersen, Silje Mortensen, Truls Pedersen, Fillippa Fransner and Marcela NascimentoCANCEL talk yes
W516482Christian MöllmannInvited Consequences of ignoring tipping point dynamics in Western Baltic codChristian MöllmannIN-PERSON
W515851Ana M QueirósPoster Bright spots as climate-smart marine spatial planning tools for conservation and blue growthAM Queirós, E.Talbot, NJ Beaumont, J. Somerfield, S. Kay, C. Pascoe, S. Dedman, J. Fernandes, A. Jueterbock, PI Miller, SF Sailley, G. Sará, LM Carr, MC Austen, S. Widdicombe, G. Rilov, Lisa A. Levin, SC Hull, SF Walmsley and Caitriona Nic AonghusaIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)15979Charles P. LavinPoster Changes in body size, geographical distribution and abundance of fishes between two distinct marine regions: Norway and New ZealandCharles P. Lavin, Mark John Costello, Cesc Gordó-Vilaseca, Zhiyuan Shi, Fabrice Stephenson, Arnaud Grüss, Daniel Pauly, Cui Liang, and Donna DimarchopoulouIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16450Sachinandan DuttaPoster Climate adaptive fisheries management plan of the Sultanate of OmanSachinandan Dutta, Mohammed Abdullah Shahin Al-Belushi, and Fatma Saif Zaid Al-HarbiON-LINE, uploaded
GP (General Poster)16205Amy L. IrvinePoster Climate-induced species range shifts and their impacts on the protected seascape on Canada’s east coastAmy L. Irvine, Gabriel Reygondeau, and Derek P. TittensorIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)15824Mona Y Ibrahim ElghosainPoster Evaluation of sea cucumber abundance in Abu Hashish area on the Sudanese Red Sea coast during the years 2000 and 2021: Are Holothuria atra resilient to climate change?Mona Y. Ibrahim, Shaheen shakir, Adam Kh Badreldein, Osman Kh Hala, and Ali M. SayedON-LINE, uploaded
GP (General Poster)16223Elliot SivelPoster Exploring the interaction between larval predation and Winter flounder dynamics from an ecosystem perspective using a multi-stanza Chance and Necessity modelElliot Sivel, David Taylor, Sean Lucey, Robert Cerrato, Anne McElroy, Benjamin Planque, and Michael FriskIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16093Zhen LinPoster Fish body size responses to climate variability around Japan using assessment dataZhen Lin and Shin-ichi ItoIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16485Katherine MillsPoster FishSCORE: Fisheries Strategies for a Changing Ocean and Resilient Ecosystems — Building resources and networks for climate-ready fisheriesKatherine MillsIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)15833Jessica A. BolinPoster Forecasting and projecting swordfish quality for industrial climate adaptationJessica A. Bolin, David S. Schoeman, Karen J. Evans, Claire M. Spillman, Thomas Moore, Jason R. Hartog, and Kylie L. ScalesIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16317Dzifa DenutsuiPoster Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB’s) in the Coast of Ghana, West AfricaDzifa Denutsui, Marina Cabrini, Dennis K. Adotey, Harriet Danso-Abbeam, Linda Maud N-D Palm, Alfred Beran, and Yaw Serfor-ArmahON-LINE, uploaded
GP (General Poster)16356Mina FukagawaPoster How would different kinds of seafood traceability information affect people‘s MWTP?Mina Fukagawa, Rintaro Kadoi, Nobuyuki Yagi, and Yutaro SakaiON-LINE, uploaded
GP (General Poster)16424Liz DrenkardPoster Impact of dynamic dust deposition on Pacific Ocean biogeochemistryElizabeth J. Drenkard, Jasmin G. John, Charles A. Stock, Hyung-Gyu Lim, John P. Dunne, Paul Ginoux, and Jessica Y. LuoIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16178Anna ShchiptsovaPoster Impact of present and future temperature conditions in North Atlantic fisheries: An elasticity analysis approachAnna Shchiptsova, Ulf Dieckmann, Mikko Heino, and Joshi JaideepIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16143Ernesto VillarinoPoster Long term zooplankton community redistribution in response to ocean warming across the North Atlantic and Mediterranean SeaE. Villarino, X. Irigoien, F. Villate, A. Iriarte, I. Uriarte, S. Zervoudaki, J. Carstensen, TD. O’Brien, M. Lindegren, M. McLean, P. Somerfield, A. Queiros, A. Atkinson, A. McEvoy, and G. ChustIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16166Konstantina AgiadiPoster Onset of the Mediterranean West-to-East biodiversity gradientKonstantina Agiadi, Niklas Hohmann, Elsa Gliozzi, Danae Thivaiou, Francesca Bosellini, Giovanni Bianucci, Alberto Collareta, Laurent Londeix, Francesca Bulian, Alan Maria Mancini, George Kontakiotis, Marta Coll, and Daniel García-CastellanosIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16308Richard Stephen AnsongPoster Percent contribution of small pelagic fish species to recommended nutrient intake (RNI) of under 5 children living along the four coastal regions of GhanaRichard Stephen Ansong, Marian Kjellevold, Agartha Ohemeng, and Matilda Steiner-AsieduIN-PERSON (no show, digtal on Whova) yes
GP (General Poster)16036Frédéric CyrPoster Physical controls and ecological implications of the timing of the spring phytoplankton bloom on the Newfoundland and Labrador shelfFrédéric Cyr, Keith Lewis, David Bélanger, Stephanie Clay, Emmanuel Devred, and Paul RegularIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16070Cayne LaytonPoster Restoring Australia’s endangered giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) forestsCayne Layton, Eva Smid, Scott Bennett, Scott Ling, Elisabeth Strain, Jeff Wright, and Craig JohnsonIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)15935Eugin BornmanPoster Scoping an Integrated Ecosystem Assessment for the southern Benguela: fisheries still biggest riskEugin Bornman, Lisa Skein, Lynne Shannon, and Astrid JarreIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16016Elisa LovecchioPoster Simultaneous estimation of the sinking, dissolved and active export components from in-situ data in the region of South GeorgiaElisa Lovecchio, Louis Clément, Claire Evans, Rachel Rayne, Cynthia Dumousseaud, Saeed Roshan, Sarah L.C. Giering, and Adrian MartinIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)15834Shubha SinghPoster Slipping away! A socio-ecological approach to provide insights into reviving the slipper lobster fishery in Amami, JapanShubha Singh and Takashi ToriiIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16130Riah I. SihombingPoster Spatial distribution and habitat suitability of tigertooth croaker (Otolithes rubber) in relation to the oceanic environment in the Taiwan straitRiah I. Sihombing, Aratrika Ray, Sandipan Mondal, Yi Chen-Wang, and Ming An- LeeIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16328Durlave RoyPoster Studies on the use of locally available (Coxs Bazar and Saint Martin) alternative renewable seaweeds wastes as compost organic fertilizer resourcesDurlave RoyON-LINE, uploaded
GP (General Poster)16089Juncal Cabrera-BustoPoster Sub-regional variability to climate change in the Canary Current upwellingJuncal Cabrera-Busto, Eduardo Ramirez-Romero, Lucie Buttay, and Marcos LlopeIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)15838Sung Yong KimPoster Subsurface climate variability derived from Argo floats and sea surface temperature in the Pacific OceanEun Ae Lee and Sung Yong KimIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16477John KeanePoster Sustainable Overfishing: establishing and maintaining a harvest industry for a low value range-extending species to protect lucrative endemic fisheries and key ecological habitatsJohn Keane and Katie CresswellIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16004Stephen LathamPoster Trends in size of mature sockeye and pink salmon near the southern limit of their range in the eastern North Pacific OceanSteve Latham, Dejan Brkic, Angela Phung, Eric Taylor, Catherine Ball, and Julie SellarsIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16123Aratrika RayPoster Understanding the spatial habitat distribution of moonfish (Mene maculata) in southwestern Taiwan waters in relation to oceanographic factorsAratrika Ray, Riah Irawati Sihombing, Sandipan Mondal, Ming-An Lee, and Yi-Chen WangIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16241Dylan G.E. GomesPoster Using an end-to-end ecosystem model to assess the impacts of climate change on juvenile Chinook salmon in the California CurrentDylan G.E. Gomes, Lisa G. Crozier, David D. Huff, and James J. RuzickaIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16164Theresa L.E. GossmannPoster Where marine protection is most needed to protect carbon pathways from threatTheresa L.E. Gossmann, David K.A. Barnes, and Laura GerrishIN-PERSON
GP (General Poster)16003Roger MannWithdrawal A 250 year chronology of Arctica islandica in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US continental shelfKathleen M. Hemeon1, Jillian R. Sower1, Alyssa M. LeClaire1, Sara M. Pace1, Eric N. Powell1, John M. Klinck2, Theresa E. Redmond3 and Roger Mann3CANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)15906John K. PinnegarWithdrawal A Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) for the Cayman IslandsJohn K. Pinnegar, Bryony L. Townhill, Susana Lincoln and Paul BuckleyCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)15909KvamsdalWithdrawal An exploratory analysis of warming effects on wealth in the Barents Sea fisheriesSturla KvamsdalCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)15802Salma AboussalamWithdrawal Application of the Ecopath model for the evaluation of ecological structure: A case study from fisheries in the Moroccan Mediterranean Sea[Salma, Aboussalam. Karima Khalil and Khalid Elkalay]CANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)15873T.A.SOUSTERWithdrawal Barents Sea Benthic Blue Carbon with respect to different habitats and its role as nature based solution to climate changeT.A.SOUSTER D.K.A.BARNES R.PRIMICERIO L.JORGENSENCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)16029T.A.SOUSTERWithdrawal Barents Sea, Norwegian Arctic benthic blue carbon and its role as nature based solution to climate changeTerri A Souster1 2, David K A Barnes2, Raul Primicerio1 and Lis Jørgensen3CANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)16020Ki-Tae ParkWithdrawal Biogenic emission of oceanic DMS and its link with aerosols in a changing ArcticKi-Tae Park, Eunho Jang, Jiyeon Park and Young Jun YoonCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)16426Pavan KumarWithdrawal Bioindicators species of Indian FishPavan Kumar and AishwaryaIN-PERSON no show poster yes
GP (General Poster)15837Bocar Sabaly BaldéWithdrawal Bonga shad (Ethmalosa fimbriata) key biological parameters variability under the effects of environmental changesBocar Sabaly Baldé, Momodou S Jallow, Momodou Sidibeh, and Patrice Brehmerno show poster yes
GP (General Poster)16079Han WangWithdrawal Coccolithophore calcification response to acidification under calcite/aragonite seaHan Wang, Diana Ruiz-Pino, Silvia Gardin, and Ian ProbertON-LINE no show poster
GP (General Poster)16176Marco SimõesWithdrawal Complementarity of morphological and molecular tools in zooplankton monitoring at the Berlengas Biosphere Reserve, PortugalMarco Simões, Sónia Cotrim Marques, Cátia Costa, Maria da Luz Calado, Jorge Lobo-Arteaga, Cátia Bartiloti, Maria Campos, Sérgio Miguel Leandro, and Agostinho AntunesIN-PERSON, cancelled Apr. 13 yes
GP (General Poster)15821Rasheed O. MorufWithdrawal Cutting greenhouse gas emissions: Role of bivalve mariculture in extenuating climate changeRasheed O. Moruf, Mutiat M. Ogunbambo, and Aderonke O. Lawal-Areno show poster yes
GP (General Poster)15872Manmohan SarinWithdrawal Effect of climate change on biogeochemistry of north Indian Ocean: Role of atmospheric outflow from south and south-east AsiaManmohan Sarin1 and Srinivas Bikkina1,2 1Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India. E-mail: 1,2National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India. CANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)16283Mutiat SholademiWithdrawal Enabled Impact-based weather forecasting system for decision-making and risk reduction in the Marine ecosystems.Mutiat O. Sholademi , Emmanuel A ZannuCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)16446Szymon SurmaWithdrawal Exploring ecological impacts of climate change on Pacific salmon in the Alaska Gyre with an Ecopath with Ecosim ecosystem modelSzymon Surma, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Kerim Y. Aydin, Curry J. Cunningham, Martin Dorn, Albert J. Hermann, and Alberto RovelliniCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)15860Francis KeyaWithdrawal Fencing lands to Enhanced Climate change Resilience, promoting biodiversity regeneration and Improved Livelihoods of climate change in Makueni and Baringo CountiesFrank WesongaCANCELLED poster Apr 13 yes
GP (General Poster)15823Adewale BusolamiWithdrawal Gis-based method for assessing the flood vulnerability assessment of the Ayetoro coastal community in Nigeria's Ondo stateAdewale Busolami, Olusegun A. Dada, and Adewusi Dapono show poster yes
GP (General Poster)15805Shang ChenWithdrawal Gross ecosystem products accounting and the climate change effects on itShang Chen, Linhua Hao, Shuai He, Tao Xia, Wenwen LiCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)15844Vinay Kellengere ShankarnarayanWithdrawal Impact of future climate on agriculture and modeling the crop water requirement using machine learning approach: A case study in a semi-arid climatic zone of Karnataka, IndiaVinay Kellengere Shankarnarayan and Ramakrishna Hombaliahno show poster yes
GP (General Poster)15861Genevieve L. FernandesWithdrawal Influence of pH change on bacterial community in the oxygen minimum zones of the north Indian Ocean: A microcosm approach Genevieve L. Fernandes, Belle Damodara Shenoy and Samir R. DamareCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)16457Kitae KimWithdrawal Intrinsic chemical reactions in ice and its effects on climate changeKitae KimCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)16279Alan GiraldoWithdrawal Jumbo Squid (Dosydicus gigas) and Giant swimcrab (Callinectes toxotes) as alternatives target species for the artisanal fishery of the southern region of Chocó, Pacific Ocean of ColombiaAlan Giraldo, Diego Cordoba-Rojas, Juan Gallego-Zerrato, and Natalia LondoñoON-LINE no show poster yes
GP (General Poster)15945Mohammad Ahsanul IslamWithdrawal Leaf litter decomposition and nutrient release in mangroves: key contributions of microbial decomposers and detritivores fauna on ecosystem functioningMohammad Ahsanul Islam1,2*, Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal1, Mohd Hanafi Idris1, Wan Mohd Rauhan Wan Hussin1, Md Khurshid Alam Bhuiyan3, Muhammad Shariefuddin Mohd Sukeri1, Md Masum Billah4CANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)16181Jaelyn BosWithdrawal Multi-scale microclimate variation on tropical coral reefsJaelyn Bos, Malin PinskyCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)16447Emilio MendezWithdrawal Probable anchovy habitat variation due to oceanographic conditionsEmilio Mendez, Susan Montero, and Daniel GradosIN-PERSON no show poster yes
GP (General Poster)16445Szymon SurmaWithdrawal Projecting ecological impacts of ocean warming on the Norwegian and Barents Seas using an Ecopath with Ecosim ecosystem model Szymon Surma, Mimi E. Lam, Holly A. Perryman, Cecilie Hansen, Georg Skaret, and Tony J. PitcherCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)16348Ludovica PediciniWithdrawal Role of biofilm in controlling the recruitment of a canopy-forming algaLudovica Pedicini, Iacopo Bertocci, Fabio BulleriCANCEL poster yes
GP (General Poster)15954Lameck Joash Menya-OtienoWithdrawal Seasonal variability, morphometric relationships, size structure, and conservation status of shark and ray species caught as by-catch during two major monsoon seasons in the prawn trawl fishery in Malindi-Ungwana Bay, KenyaLameck Joash Menya-Otieno, Boaz Kaunda-Arara, Benedict Kiilu, and Boaz Okeyo OremboON-LINE no show poster
GP (General Poster)16235Anoop Das Karumampoyil SakhidasWithdrawal What drives climate change? The perceptions and attitudes of the traditional fisherfolks of India. A Traditional Ecological Knowledge approachAnoop Das KarumampoyilIN-PERSON no show poster yes

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