Submitted Abstracts

2020 MSEAS International Symposium
May 25-29, Yokohama, Japan

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S114828Mandy KarnauskasOral A participatory fisheries system modeling initiative to support ecosystem-based management of snapper-grouper fisheries in the Gulf of MexicoMandy Karnauskas, Matt McPherson, Skyler Sagarese, John F. Walter, Adyan Rios, Daniel Goethel, Suzana Blake, Chris Kelble and Michael Jepson 
S114583Esther RegnierOral A retrospective analysis of the Bay-of-Biscay Sole multiannual management plan: what would have changed with a focus on preserving coastal fleets?Esther Regnier, Abdoul Cissé, Luc Doyen, Sophie Gourguet, Claire Marcher and Olivier Thébaud 
S114558Florence BritonOral Aiming for co-viability in the design of multispecies harvest control rulesFlorence Briton, Caleb Gardner, Richard L. Little, Claire Macher, Mathieu Merzeréaud and Olivier Thébaud 
S114736Ernesto CarrellaOral An agent-based simulation of the Indonesia deep slope snapper fishery in the Java SeaErnesto Carrella, Steven E. Saul, Jens K. Madsen, Peter Mous and Rani Ekawaty  
S114756Nina Mikkelsen (for Benjamin Planque)Oral Assessing ecosystem risks of cumulative impacts in the Barents Sea by building models with stakeholdersBenjamin Planque, Nina Mikkelsen, Mette Skern-Mauritzen, Geir Ottersen, Claire Armstrong, Per Arneberg, Per Fauchald, Cecilie Hansen, Bérengère Husson, Nina Mikkelsen and Raul Primicerio 
S114603Sophie GourguetOral Assessing the viability of socio-ecosystems subject to fisheries-predators conflicts: A bio-economic modelling approachSophie Gourguet, Hugo Poupon, Paul Tixier, Ching Villanueva, Bertrand Le Gallic, Nicolas Gasco, Patrice Pruvost, Sébastien Metz, Charlotte Chazeau, Guy Duhamel, Clara Péron and Christophe Guinet 
S114509Abigail McQuatters-GollopOral Biodiversity in a shifting sea: challenges and solutions for working across the science-policy interfaceAbigail McQuatters-Gollop 
S114495Karen HunterOral Changes in ocean health in British Columbia from 2001 to 2016Casey C. O’Hara1*, Courtney Scarborough2, Karen L. Hunter3, Jamie C. Afflerbach2, Karin Bodtker4 Melanie Frazier2, Julia S. Stewart Lowndes2, R. Ian Perry3, and Benjamin S. Halpern1,2 
S114708Rocky StephenOral Co-developing a research plan to support the bêche-de-mer fisheries in Ugar Island, Torres StraitRocky G. Stephen, Leo X.C. Dutra, Eva Plaganyi, Simon Irvin, Nicole Murphy 
S114568Geret DePiperOral Coupled Socio-ecological Qualitative Modeling in Support of Management: The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council’s Ecosystem Approach to Fishery ManagementGeret S. DePiper, Sarah Gaichas, Brandon Muffley 
S114511Jan-Jaap PoosOral Coupling of spatial models for individual fisher behaviour and age-structured populations for management strategy evaluationNekane Alzorriz, Adriaan Rijnsdorp and Jan-Jaap Poos 
S114813Steven ScyphersOral Crowdsourcing mental models reveals complex perceptions and behavioral responses to climate change in fisheriesSteven B. Scyphers, Steven A. Gray, Payam Aminpour, Elizabeth Conley, Kelsi L. Furman, Jonathan H. Grabowski, Loren McClenachan 
S114522Lisa ColburnOral Enhancing the utility of social indicators of fishing community vulnerability and resilience in the United States through synthesis of multiple indices: Something gained, something lost? Lisa L. Colburn, Steve Jacob, Michael Jepson and Changhua Weng 
S114503Ruth Davis (for Quentin Hanich)Oral Equity and conservation – implementing Sustainable Development Goal 14 in transboundary fisheries Quentin Hanich, Ruth Davis, Randa Sacedon, Megan Bailey and Jack Kittinger 
S114837Kelly Ortega-CisnerosOral Evaluating the cumulative impacts of anthropogenic pressures on a coastal system using the Ecospace modelKelly Ortega-Cisneros, Samantha Grusd, Amanda Lombard, Lynne Shannonrestored talk Mar 30
S114571Robert WildermuthOral Exploring the dimensions of structural uncertainty in social-ecological models for IEA using Georges Bank, USA, as a case studyRobert P. Wildermuth, Gavin Fay and Sarah Gaichas 
S114660Sean LuceyOral Exploring uncertainty in qualitative modelsSean M. Lucey, Jamie C. Tam, Alida Bundy, Sarah K. Gaichas, and Robert J. Gamble 
S114502Steven SaulOral Fish, fishers, and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: an agent-based modelling approach Steven Saul, Brian Powers, and Xuetao Lu 
S114556Fabio BoschettiOral Making the most of the best (and the least of the worst) in adapting to climate change: a stylized fishery example.Olivier Thébaud, Fabio Boschetti 
S114811Joachim ClaudetOral Operationalizing vulnerability for social-ecological integration in conservation and natural resource managementLauric Thiault; Stefan Gelcich; Nadine Marshall; Paul Marshall; Frédérique Chlous; Joachim Claudet 
S114534Maria Ching VillanuevaOral Optimizing space-time use by fishermen to limit impacts of and losses due to marine depredation Maria Ching Villanueva1, Lavinia Suberg1, Paul Tixier2, Nicolas Gasco3, Vanessa Stelzenmuller4, Jessica Melbourne-Thomas5 and Beth Fulton5p->o Jan 22
S114489Carlos MontenegroOral Qualitative modeling of socio-ecological systems in four benthic artisanal fisheries in ChileCarlos Montenegro, Leslie Garay-Narváez and Rosa Garay-Flühmann 
S114601Debbi PedreschiOral Risk assessment and fuzzy logic cognitive mapping to inform prioritisation for integrated socio-ecological assessmentDebbi Pedreschi, Paul Bouch and David G. Reid 
S114731Tyler EddyOral Scenarios for the future ocean: A FishMIP approachTyler D. Eddy, Olivier Maury  
S114770Jonas LetschertOral Spatio-temporal fishing dynamics and behavior in the southern North SeaJonas Letschert, Rabea Diekmann, Nicole Stollberg, Vanessa Stelzenmüller 
S114843Howard TownsendOral System-level thinking for ecosystem-based fisheries management: Evaluating the US fisheries portfolioHoward Townsend and Jason Link 
S114658Estee VermeulenOral The Algoa Bay Marine Planning Tool: an exploratory system dynamics model to assist in integrated ocean managementEstee Ann Vermeulen, Teun Sluijs, Jai Kumar Clifford-Holmes, Nina Rivers, Bernadette Snow, Ursula M. Scharler and Amanda Talita Lombardp->o
S114614Benjamin BlanzOral The value of noise: Early warning indicators of tipping pointsBenjamin Blanz, Hermann Held 
S114463Szymon SurmaOral Tradeoffs and uncertainty: towards ecosystem-based management of Northeast Pacific herring fisheriesSzymon Surmap->o
S114882Jason LinkPlenary How can coupled socio-ecological modeling to support management of ocean resources, pressure and uses lead to better decision making?Jason Link 
S114485Thanh Trung HoangPoster An application of participatory modelling approach to explore social-ecological system dynamics and feedbacks in small-scale fisheries: Insights from a coastal lagoon in VietnamHoang Trung Thanh, Petra Tschakert and Matt Hipseyo->p Jan 22
S114615Benjamin BlanzPoster The human choices: Connecting human behaviour with ecological, economical and societal driversBenjamin Blanz, Emily Quiroga-Gomez 
S114594Kaiyuan LinPoster Towards the integration of augmentation scenario of biodiversity and balance harvesting in the context of regional revitalizationKaiyuan Lin and Masatoshi Funabashi 
S114844Serra ÖreyPoster What steams the fishers? Understanding the economic drivers that influence behavior of North Sea brown shrimp fishers by analyzing vessel tracksSerra Örey, Torsten Schulze and Gerd Kraus 
S114829Klaas SysWithdrawal Accounting for the effect of uncertainty on fisher behavior in the design of harvest control rulesKlaas Sysno, cancel poster yes
S114609Derek ArmitageWithdrawal Critical reflections on the role of governance and knowledge systems in the development and application of quantitative fisheries simulation and evaluation modelsDerek Armitage, Daniel Okamoto, Jennifer Silver and Ella-Kari Muhlno, cancel talk yes
S114691Priscila LopesWithdrawal Do MPAs fulfill the expected effects on coastal social-ecological vulnerability?Monalisa R. O. Silva, Maria G. Pennino, Sebastián Villasante, Tayler Clarke and Priscila Lopes no, cancel talk yes
S114488Anna BirkenbachWithdrawal Empirical structural analysis of value generation under rights-based fisheries managementAnna M. Birkenbach, Min-Yang Lee and Martin D. Smithno, cancel talk yes
S114752Christian MöllmannWithdrawal Stakeholder mental models reveal alternative futures of a formerly cod-dominated food webChristian Möllmann, Payam Aminpor, Xochtil Cormon, Phil Levin, Heike Schwermer, Adrian Stier & Steven Grayno, cancel talk yes
S114590Éva PlagányiWithdrawal Using MICE to model socio-ecological resilienceÉva Plagányi, Ingrid van Putten, Laura Blamey and Leo Dutrano, cancel talk yes
S214500Natalie GollanOral ‘It’s not just about fish’. Evaluating the social impacts of Marine Protected Areas on the wellbeing of coastal communities in NSWNatalie Gollan and Kate Barclay 
S214685Maree Elizabeth FudgeOral “If it wasn’t for the politics, marine governance would be fine” – A conceptual lens that helps bridge interpretive social research and the applied interdisciplinary needs of marine governanceMaree Elizabeth Fudge 
S214538Manuel BellangerOral Addressing marine and coastal governance conflicts at the interface of multiple sectors and jurisdictionsManuel Bellanger, Scott Crosson, Robby Fonner, Daniel S. Holland, Doug Lipton, Prateep Nayak, Pierre Scemama, Cameron Speir and Olivier Thébaud 
S214464Szymon SurmaOral Applicability of the satoumi concept to Pacific herring management and conservationSzymon Surma 
S214666Camilla NovaglioOral Are natural scientists driving representation of fishing dynamics in marine systems?Camilla Novaglio, Karen A. Alexander, Asta Audzijonyte, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Sara Minarro, Ingrid van Putten 
S214529Amanda SchadebergOral Deep uncertainty: How the inclusion of social science can help deal with uncertainty in mesopelagic marine scienceAmanda Schadeberg, Rolf Groeneveld, Marloes Kraan, Andries Richter and Nathalie Steins  
S214544Jessica SavageOral Exposed at the Margins: An analysis of the social consequences of (Marine) Protected Areas in Southeast AsiaMarco Haensggen, Jessica Savage, Godwin Yeboah, Nutcha Charoenboon, Sorn Srenh.p->o
S214661Carla SbrocchiOral Finding the sweet spot: Exploring different management systems to address resource and social sustainability in Chilean PatagoniaCarla Sbrocchi, Beth Fulton, Ingrid van Putten, and Kate Barclay 
S214865Carrie PomeroyOral From policy to practice: Building shared information and understanding to support marine space use governanceCarrie Pomeroy, Carolynn Culver, Nadine Heck 
S214866Kerstin SchieleOral From species distribution maps to alternative planning options - Interdisciplinary collaboration for marine spatial planningKerstin S. Schiele, Alexander Darr, Ulf Gräwe, Lotta Maack and Gerold Janssen  
S214592Mingbao ChenOral Integrated Institutional of Land-Sea Eco-environmental Protection and Restoration Based on MSES in the GBAMingbao Chen,Huijuan Yu ,Yufeng Yang 
S214817Srenh SornOral Investigating ecological and socioeconomic factors affecting seahorse population and conservation planing in the Koh Sdach archipelago, CambodiaSrenh Sorn, Marianne Teohp->o
S214853Jessica FullerOral Localizing the 2030 Agenda for Barents Sea-Lofoten ecosystem in a changing climate: Using interdisciplinary research to address questions of credibility, saliency, and legitimacy for “hot topic” sustainability initiativesJessica L. Fuller*, Dorothy J. Dankel*, Marloes Kraan†, Ingrid van Putten‡, Maiken Bjørkan§, Erik Olsenº, Mette Skern-Mauritzenº, Wiebren Boonstra±, Henrik Österblom±, Kjersti Fløttum^, Cecilie Hansenº  
S214763Mohammad Mahmudul IslamOral Operationalization of Marine Protected Areas in Bangladesh: Governance challengesMohammad Mahmudul Islam 
S214506Andrey Todorov Oral Paving the way to integrated ecosystem-based marine management: Legal challenges. The case study of the Arctic OceanAndrey Todorov  
S214719Barbara HutniczakOral Regional fisheries management for increased economic value of shared stocksBarbara Hutniczak 
S214659Lindsey WilliamsOral Science as Negotiation: What negotiation theory can teach us about the use of science in marine social-ecological systemsLindsey Williams 
S214448Susan de KoningOral Shellfish fisheries in a marine protected area: Social representations and its implications for deliberative governanceSusan de Koning, Nathalie A. Steins and Hilde M. Toonen 
S214702Kate BarclayOral Social wellbeing as an integrated framework for social, economic and ecological assessments of multi-sector uses of marine environmentsKate Barclay, Natalie Gollan 
S214864John KoehnOral Synthesizing quantitative and qualitative data to make the case for improved connections between fisheries and the healthy food systemJohn Zachary Koehn, Edward H. Allison, Emilee Quinn, Jennifer Otten, Christopher M. Anderson, Ray Hilborn 
S214733Larelle BossiOral Taking responsibility for the assumptions and shortcomings of our specialized disciplines within interdisciplinary effortsLarelle G. Bossirestored talk Mar 30
S214858Alan HaynieOral The past, present, and future roles of national and international organizations in interdisciplinary marine scienceAlan C. Haynie 
S214613Marta BallesterosOral Unfolding governance for the integrated analysis of marine social-ecological systemsMarta Ballesteros 
S214758Catherine Longo (for Ashleigh Arton)Oral What’s hot and what’s not: Key social sciences gaps and clusters revealed by a systematic map of interdisciplinary publications on Marine Stewardship Council seafood ecolabellingAshleigh Arton, Catherine Longo, Tony Leiman, Gillian Petrokofsky and Hilde Toonen 
S214580Xue XiongzhiOral Xiamen's Experiences in the Implementation of an Ecosystem-Based Integrated Coastal ManagementXue Xiongzhi 
S214623Melina KourantidouPoster A framework for fisheries management using socioeconomic and social-ecological indicatorsMelina Kourantidou, Megan Bailey  
S214742Milagros Teresa FrancoPoster Assessing local sustainability of fisheries system: The case of management and exploitation areas for benthic resources off Biobio region, ChileMilagros T. Franco, Luis Cubillos, Jorge Tam and Ingrid van Putten 
S214709Mitsutaki MakinoPoster Mapping the integrated marine conservation policies by various agencies: Case of Sekisei Lagoon, JapanMitsutaku Makino 
S214876Yudai HanzawaPoster Necessity of re-evaluation systems of quota allocation in Japanese fisheriesYudai Hanzawa and Shingo Watari 
S214751Catherine LongoPoster Social and economic impacts of multi-fisheries pre-certification initiativesEdaysi Bucio, Ashleigh Arton, Amanda Lejbowicz, Ingrid Van Putten, and Catherine S Longo 
S214579Hou YutingPoster The evolvement of ICM Practices in Xiamen, ChinaHou Yuting 
S214776Xiaofan ZhangPoster The prediction of the tourism loss value caused by HAB in Jiaozhou Bay based on Satellite dataXiaofan Zhang 
S214557David GoldsboroughWithdrawal A framework for Ecosystem Based Management policy analysis: Linking decision making to social, economic and ecological indicators to enable trade-off analysisDavid Goldsborough and David Langlet no, cancel talk yes
S214567Anna Farmery, Michelle VoyerWithdrawal Assessing policy coherence and coordination in the sustainable development of a Blue Economy: A case study from Timor LesteMichelle Voyer, Anna K Farmery, Lana Kajlich, Astrid Vachette, and Genevieve Quirkno, cancel poster yes
S214755Heini AhtiainenWithdrawal Integrated assessment of ecological and socio-economic systems – developing regional frameworks to support marine policies for the Baltic Sea Heini Ahtiainen, Lena Bergström and Soile Oinonenno, cancel talk yes
S214512Emily StebbingsWithdrawal Integrating marine natural capital into macroeconomic modelling: An application to the UK offshore wind sectorEmily Stebbings, Eleni Papathanasopoulou, Tara Hooper, Melanie Austen and Xiaoyu Yancancel talk Apr 3, will not attend in 2021 yes
S214465Sheku SeiWithdrawal Neither praise nor bury: Right-based fisheries governance experiment in Sierra LeoneSheku Sei, Andrew Baiono, cancel poster yes
S214651Robin Kundis CraigWithdrawal Re-envisioning the ocean in law and governance: From individual goods to complex systemRobin Kundis Craigno, cancel talk yes
S214483Md Mizanur RahmanWithdrawal The ocean acidification: Analyzing the regulatory and institutional framework in BangladeshMd Mizanur Rahmanno, cancel talk yes
S314653Joel Kamdoum NgueukoOral Addressing marine spatial governance and sustainable blue growth challenges in Africa: Perspectives on the Gulf of Guinea’s exclusive economic zonesJoel Kamdoum Ngueuko 
S314670Lucie ChopotOral An economic analysis of failed fisheries management: The case of holothuriansLucie CHOPOTp->o
S314725Hélène BuchholzerOral Analysis of the economic impacts of floating wind farms on small scale fisheriesHélène Buchholzer, Christelle Legrand, Pascal Le Floc’hp->o Jan 28
S314856Zacharoula KyriaziOral Assessing a sector’s potential towards Blue Growth. The case of aquaculture in Centro Region of PortugalZacharoula Kyriazi, Agnès Marhadour, Joao Coimbra 
S314665Camilla NovaglioOral Deep aspirations: Towards a sustainable offshore Blue EconomyCamilla Novaglio, Narissa Bax, Fabio Boschetti, Stewart Frusher, Liam Fullbrook, Mark Hemer, Sarah Jennings, Ingrid van Putten, Lucy Robinson, Erica Spain, Joanna Vince, Michelle Voyer, Graham Wood, Elizabeth A. Fulton  
S314624Stewart FrusherOral Developing a new era for seafood production for a sustainable oceanStewart Frusher 
S314605Jason LinkOral Evidence for and costs of ecosystem overfishing in multiple large marine ecosystemsJason S. Link 
S314566Robert BlasiakOral Fair and equitable use of marine genetic resources for sustainable developmentRobert Blasiakp->o
S314626Karen AlexanderOral Future Seas: What the ocean could look like if we used the knowledge we already have availableKaren A. Alexander, Kirsty L. Nash, Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, Camilla Novaglio, Gretta T. Pecl, plus 100+ collaborators 
S314735Iroshani Madu GalappaththiOral Governing fisheries value chains for social wellbeing and sustainability: the case of dried fish sector in West Bengal, IndiaIroshani Madu Galappaththino, cancel talk Jan 28, restored June 30
S314786Andries RichterOral How non-compliance behavior affects investments in fishing quota and capitalFlorian Diekert, Yuanhao Li, Linda Nøstbakken and Andries Richter 
S314740Suhendar I SachoemarOral Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) as a model of Sato Umi concept for sustainable development of Indonesian coastal areaSuhendar I Sachoemar, Warih Hardanu, Mark Wells, Mitsutaku Makino, Masahito Hirota, Ian Perry, Ratu Siti Aliah, Atri Triana Kartikasari and Tetsuo Yanagi 
S314612Rolf GroeneveldOral Is offshore wind energy too wicked for cost-benefit analysis?Rolf A. Groeneveldp->o
S314727Stefan KoenigsteinOral Ocean Limited: A game-based learning approach for sustainable ocean developmentStefan Koenigstein 
S314494Marcello, GrazianoOral Regional Sciences/Studies & the Blue Economy: evidences from a ‘new’ coastal region.Marcello Graziano, Karen A. Alexander, Matthew Lieschrestored talk Mar 30
S314750Catherine LongoOral Seafood ecolabeling as a social process: Testing MSC’s Theory of ChangeCatherine S Longo, Ashleigh Arton, Ingrid Van Putten, Chris Anderson, Amber Himes-Cornell, Cristina Pita 
S314513James WatsonOral Stopping Illegal maritime activities to achieve sustainable life below waterJames R. Watson, A. John Woodil, Maria Kavanaugh, Jamon Van Den Hoek, and Jane Lubchenco 
S314447Bianca HaasOral Sustainable fisheries management – Integrating the sustainable development goals in regional fisheries organisationsBianca Haas, Marcus Haward, Jeffrey McGee and Aysha Fleming 
S314730Danai Joanne TemboOral Sustainable fisheries: Bridging the gap between legislation and implementationDanai Joanne Tembo 
S314718Chris Frid (for Elizabeth Fulton)Oral Sustainable offshore development: Meeting the science needsElizabeth A. Fulton, Chris Frid, Remo Cossu 
S314633Amber Himes-CornellOral Tenure and user rights in fisheries: Achieving sustainable development goals by 2030Amber Himes-Cornell, Juan Lechuga, Rebecca Metzner, Kwansuk Oh, Yumi San, Jiaxi Wang  
S314775Mark HemerOral The Blue Economy CRC: The Offshore Renewable Energy Systems Research Program Mark Hemer, Evan Gray, Irene Penesisrestored talk Mar 30
S314862Yinji LiOral Umigyo versus Blue Economy: The meaning of small in sustainable ocean developmentYinji Li and Xiaobo Lou 
S314715Olivier GuyaderOral Who owns what? Towards a better understanding of ownership of production means for large scale European vesselsOlivier Guyader, Arne Kinds and Mathieu Merzereaud 
S314888Midori KawabePlenary Sustainable Ocean Development: Lessons from Japanese Coastal ExperiencesMidori Kawabe 
S314822Stuart LaingWithdrawal Funding the transition to a Blue Economy: How Seychelles is getting it rightStuart C. S. Laingno, cancel talk yes
S314684Susanna NurdjamanWithdrawal Sustainable Coastal Protection and Local Community Development: Lesson learn from Pangandaran Beach, IndonesiaSusanna Nurdjaman, Andi Egon, Ivonne M. Radjawane, Ayi Tarya, Gesta Maulana and Danu Prasetyono, cancel poster yes
S314632Bui Bich XuanWithdrawal Sustainable Shrimp Aquaculture: Insights from a Discrete Choice Experiment for both Farmers and Public in VietnamBui Bich Xuan, Erlend Dancke Sandoft no, cancel talk yes
S414656Hannah HarrisonOral Alaskan salmon enhancement program – Perceptions of risk, reward, and trade-offs in Alaska’s coastal communities and marine ecosystemsHannah L. Harrison, Julie Gould 
S414555Rudi VossOral Are young women the more precautious managers? An economic field experiment on the gender-gap in risk-takingRudi Voss, Moritz A. Drupp, Menusch Khadjavi, Marie-Catherine Riekhof and Jörn O. Schmidt 
S414645Debbi Pedreschi (for Paul Bouch)Oral Cumulative effects in integrated ecosystem assessments: Complexity and uncertaintyPaul Bouch, Debbi Pedreschi and Dave G. Reidno, by colleague
S414714Rowan TrebilcoOral Cumulative impact risk assessment for Australian fisheriesRowan Trebilco, Piers Dunstan, Alistair Hobday, Karen Evans, Skipton Woolley, Jess Melbourne-Thomas, Bronwyn M. Gillanders, Beth Fulton 
S414668Laura KoehnOral Empirical estimates of vulnerability to climate change for U.S. West Coast fishing communities and comparison to fisher perceptions of vulnerabilityLaura E. Koehn, Laura K. Nelson, Phillip S. Levin, Jameal Samhouri, Allison Cullen and Molly Bogeberg 
S414777Alice Thomas-Smyth (for Willow Battista)Oral Moving toward equitable resilience to climate change through application of the Comprehensive Assessment of Risk to Ecosystems (CARE) tool in a small-scale fishery in MyanmarWillow Battista, Alice Thomas-Smyth, Carlito Turner, Kendara Karr, Kristin Kleisner, Merrick Burden, and Rod Fujita 
S414652Laura NelsonOral Perceptions of vulnerability in U.S. West Coast fishing communitiesLaura K. Nelson, Laura E. Koehn, Phillip S. Levin, Allison C. Cullen, and Molly A. Bogeberg 
S414524Suvaluck SatumanatpanOral Risk perception and adaptive capacity of small-scale fishing communities to declining fisheries in eastern ThailandSuvaluck Satumanatpan, Richard Pollnac, Ratana Chuenpagdee 
S414578Sanmitra GokhaleOral The role of non-fishing and household income diversification in managing an economic shockSanmitra Gokhale, Johan Blomquist, Staffan Waldo, Martin Lindegren, and Andries Richter 
S414682Molly BogebergOral Vulnerability of California Current Social-Ecological Systems to climate change: a qualitative analysisMolly A. Bogeberg, Laura K. Nelson, Laura E. Koehn, Alison C. Cullen, Phillip S. Levin  
S414767Shuto ToyofukuPoster Does the Marine Stewardship Councils Certification enhance fish stocks?Shuto Toyofuku, Hiroki Wakamatsu, and Yutaro Sakai 
S414551Charline QuenéePoster Perception of management success in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: A comparative analysis between residents and visitorsCharline T. Quenée, Christopher R. Kelble, David Die, Maria Estevanez and Manoj Shivlani 
S414749Hidetomo TajimaPoster Reconstruction from Tsunami disasters in Japan based on discussions with local stakeholdersHidetomo Tajima 
S414585Maxime SèbeWithdrawal A Decision-Making Framework to Reduce the Risk of Collisions between Ships and WhalesMaxime Sèbe, Christos A. Kontovas and Linwood Pendeltonno, cancel poster yes
S414743Lowine S. HillWithdrawal Applying a ridge-to-reef approach to reduce disaster risk and improve well-being in Caribbean SIDSLowine S. Hillno, cancel poster yes
S414467Sheku SeiWithdrawal Assessment of stakeholders perception on the establishment of marine protected areas in Sierra Leone Sheku Sei, Andrew Baiono, cancel poster yes
S414461Md. Nazrul IslamWithdrawal Developing SIMMP Model: Approaches for Co-Management on Coastal Salinity Intrusion of the Bay of Bengal in BangladeshMd. Nazrul Islamno, cancel poster yes
S414692Adelina Lumban GaolWithdrawal Simulation of Dahlia and Cempaka Tropical Cyclone Impact on Wind Dynamic and Ocean in Sunda Strait Using DELFT-3D ModelAdelina L. Gaol, Aries Kristianto, Franto Novico and Ahmad Fadlanno, cancel poster yes
S414577Ingrid Van PuttenWithdrawal Understanding social and economic impacts of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certificationIngrid Van Putten, Katie Longo, Ashleigh Arton and Matt Watsonno, cancel talk yes
S514839Kelly AndrewsOral Can spatio-temporal indicators of human activities help translate spatial and temporal mismatches between human dimensions and ecological data?Kelly Andrews, Karma Norman and Chris Harvey 
S514635Amber Himes-Cornell Oral Challenges and opportunities for ‘other effective area-based conservation measures’ in meeting marine conservation goals by 2020 and beyondAmber Himes-Cornell and Samantha Farquhar 
S514841Alohi NakachiOral Incorporating spatially explicit sociocultural values: an interactive discussionAlohi Nakachi, Kirsten Leong, Kirsten Oleson  
S514852Sarah WiseOral Mapping the intangible: Drawing on multiple knowledge systems in spatial planningSarah P. Wise1 
S514782Niccolò BassanOral Marine Cultural Ecosystem Services: The sea as a cultural environmentNiccolò Bassan 
S514560Rong ZengOral Practice of MERL adjustment and delimitation based on the marine ecological protection significance assessmentRong Zeng, Wenhai Lu and Lu Yang 
S514860Mimi LamOral Seascapes: Eliciting values and negotiating policy tradeoffsMimi E. Lam 
S514780Yutaro SakaiOral Should I stay or should I go? Participation, inactivity, and exit in US West Coast FisheriesYutaro Sakai, Joshua K. Abbott and Daniel Holland 
S514722Seann ReganOral Spatial dynamics of wetland loss and commercial fishing activity in coastal LouisianaSeann D. Regan, Amy Freitag, Chloe Fleming, Shannon Martin, Mike Jepson 
S514867Stephen KasperskiOral Sustaining an Alaska Coastal Community: Integrating pace based well-being indicators and fisheries participationMarysia Szymkowiak and Stephen Kasperski 
S514521Benjamin JonesOral Towards a social-ecological systems approach to seagrass conservation in the Indo-PacificBenjamin L. Jones, Leanne C. Cullen-Unsworth, Maricela de la Torre Castro, Narriman Jiddawi, Lina M. Nordlund, Richard K.F. Unsworth and Johan S. Eklöf 
S514886Caroline ButlerPlenary Owning the map: Governance and marine spatial planning in Gitxaala TerritoryCaroline Butler 
S514582Wenhai LuPoster Marine ecological environment classification, mapping and application in bioregional planWenhai Lu, Lu Yang, Rong Zeng, Qiulu Wang 
S514728Karma NormanPoster Spatial concerns in the use of extant health data to assess fishing communities for the California Current marine ecosystemKarma Norman 
S514748Evangelia DrakouPoster The urbanization of the ocean: Mapping distant interactions within marine social-ecological systemsEvangelia G. Drakou and Dimitrios Bormpoudakis 
S514880Ruby GranthamWithdrawal Habitat as a determinant of adaptation strategies in dynamic coastal livelihoodsRuby Grantham, Dr Cristian Rojas, Dr David Mills and Prof. Graeme Cummingno, cancel poster yes
S514581Lu YangWithdrawal Marine resources and environment carrying capacity and spatial development suitability assessmentLu Yang, Wenhai Lu, Yijun Tao, Jian Zhang, Rong Zeng, Zhaoyang Liucancelled talk Apr 3, will not attend in 2021 yes
S514552Peter ArboWithdrawal Tourism in the Marine Protected Area – inviting the cuckoo into the nest?Peter Arbo, Thuy Thi Thanh Phamno, cancel poster yes
S514527Samir GandhiWithdrawal Using systems thinking to make MPAs climate-smartSamir Gandhi and Abigail McQuatters-Gollopno, cancel poster yes
S614723Leopoldo PalomoOral Application of the Ostrom framework in the analysis of a social-ecological system with multiple resources in a marine protected areaLeopoldo E. Palomo y Alvaro Hernández-Flores 
S614669Mei HanOral Comprehensive carrying capacity assessment of Dongying coastal zoneMei Hanp->o
S614507Hiroe IshiharaOral Fitting the heterogenous needs of resource users: The Case Study of Hybrid Institution of Spiny Lobster Fisheries Co-management in Wagu, Mie JapanHiroe Ishihara, Kanae Tokunaga, Hirotsugu Uchida 
S614879Alison AdamsOral From fish to family: Perceptions of coral reef cultural ecosystem services in West HawaiʻiAlison Adams, Rachelle Gould and Jill Brooks 
S614804Juri HoriOral How do we visualize the growing linkage between human well-being and NCP's? A case study of Sekisei Lagoon, southwest JapanJuri Hori 
S614753Tin-Yu LaiOral How the trade-off among ecosystem services affects the value of natural capital? Valuing marine ecosystem with multiple ecosystem servicesTin-Yu Lai, Liisa Saikkonen 
S614530Tsubasa NomuraOral Impact of displaying freshness information on the consumer evaluation: an experimental evidence from tasting eventsTsubasa Nomura, Yutaro Sakai and Nobuyuki Yagi 
S614854Jessica FullerOral Localizing the 2030 Agenda for Barents Sea-Lofoten ecosystem in a changing climate: Understanding historical legacies of individuals and institutions for social and science interventions to policy-makingJessica L. Fuller*, Dorothy J. Dankel*, Marloes Kraan†, Ingrid van Putten‡, Maiken Bjørkan§, Erik Olsenº, Mette Skern-Mauritzenº, Wiebren Boonstra±, Henrik Österblom±, Kjersti Fløttum^, Cecilie Hansenº 
S614510Shang ChenOral Marine Gross Ecosystem Product Accounting: Methods and CasesShang Chen, Tao Xia 
S614849Florian DiekertOral The creation of social norms under weak institutionsFlorian Diekert, Tillmann Eymess, Joseph Luomba and Israel Waichman 
S614640Pierre ScemamaOral Three different methods to assess cultural services in French marine protected areasPierre Scemama, Charlène Kermagoret, Rémi Mongruel and Frédérique Albanp->o
S614769Maria Iohara Quirino AmadorOral Tourism as a conservation tool to protect charismatic speciesMaria Iohara Quirino Amador, Maria Clara Bezerra Tenório Cavalcanti, João Garcia Rodrigues, Priscila F. Macedo Lopesp->o
S614816Anne McdonaldOral What happens when women draw the maps? Gender, cultural identity and sense of place among female artisanal fishers in JapanAnne McDonald 
S614611Jing GuoOral What is the coast worth? a meta-analysis of non-market valuation studies of marine ecosystem services in ChinaJing Guo,Xin Zhao, Lili Ding 
S614784Yi-Kai ChenPoster Analysis of the fishery waste composition and improve sustainability management system in the northeastern coastal of TaiwanYi-Kai Chen, Pei-Hsuan Sung and Kuo-Wei Lan 
S614807Juri HoriPoster Determinant factors affecting Japanese consumer's eco-conscious behavior to buy sustainable fishery productsJuri Hori, Mitsutaku Makino, Yoshioki Oozeki,and Kota Asano 
S614809Tomo KuwaharaPoster Economic function of ecosystem services in community development with marine protected areas: From case studies in Ohnuma, Hokkaido, Japan and the northern coast of MoroccoTomo Kuwahara and Naoki Tojo 
S614706Xintao YaoPoster The action of colleges and universities in bidirectional transformation between and double growth of GEP and GDPXintao Yao & Keqin Liu 
S614480Md Mizanur RahmanWithdrawal Application of the traditional knowledge of the ‘Bawalis’ to protect Sundarbans MangroveMd Mizanur Rahmanno, cancel poster yes
S614619João Garcia RodriguesWithdrawal Cultural ecosystem services from a marine protected area in Portugal provide multiple benefits to subjective well-beingJoão Garcia Rodrigues, Sebastián Villasante and Isabel Sousa Pintono, cancel talk yes
S614806Zhiyuan XiangWithdrawal Fine-scale conservation planning for humpback dolphin based on spatial subsidiesYangfan Li, Zhiyuan Xiang, Keliang Chen and Xianyan Wangno, cancel talk yes
S614857Tiff-Annie KennyWithdrawal Linking Oceans and Human Health: (Sea)Food for Thought Tiff-Annie Kenny, Melanie Lemire, Sarah Pedro, Blanche Saint-Béat, Frederic Maps, Matthew Little, Philippe Archambault, Marcel Babin and Laurie Channo, cancel talk yes
S614608Li-li Ding and Xin ZhaoWithdrawal Measuring performance of China’s marine circular economy: a novel game network DEA approachLi-li Ding, Xin Zhao and Lei Wangno, cancel talk yes
S614693Ning'er SongWithdrawal Sailing Ship, Social Network and the Collapse of Edo Bakufu Feudal SystemNing'er Songno, cancel talk yes
S614675Ana Ruiz-FrauWithdrawal Tele-coupling assessment of cultural ecosystem services from marine protected areas using social mediaAna Ruiz-Frau, Andrés Ospina-Alvarez, Silvia de Juan, Pablo Pita and Sebastian Villasanteno, cancel talk yes
S614701Feng CuiWithdrawal The Expansibility of Ocean Practice and Sustainable Ocean DevelopmentFeng Cuino, cancel talk yes
S614663Shang Chen (for Xiaolei Wang)Withdrawal The Folkness of China's Native Marine Concept: Focusing on Marine Folk BeliefsXiaolei Wangdo NOT restore talk yes
S614650Robin CraigWithdrawal The role of social-ecological resilience in coastal zone management: A comparative law approach to three coastal nations Ahjond Garmestani, Robin K. Craig, Herman Kasper Gilissen, Jan McDonald, Niko Soininen5, Willemijn J. van Doorn-Hoekveld, and Helena F.M.W. van Rijswickno, cancel talk yes
S714647Suzana BlakeOral A tool for integrating societal concerns in environmental restoration project design and implementationSuzana D. Blake, Matthew McPherson 
S714533Nina RiversOral Best practice of stakeholder involvement processes in ICM, MSP and MPAs in the global south: A systematic reviewNina Rivers, Bernadette Snow, Amanda T. Lombard, Victoria Goodall and Rosemary A. Dorington restored talk Apr 3
S714528Nathalie SteinsOral Bridging the gap or crossing the bridge? Integrating collaborative fisheries research in the European institutional frameworks for science and managementNathalie A. Steins, Stephen C. Mangi, Martin A. Pastoors, Steve Mackinson and Robert L. Stephenson 
S714523Mitsutaki MakinoOral Co-design and co-research on coastal ecosystes with Indonesian fishing communities: PICES FishGIS ProjectMakino M, Wells M, Sachoemar S, Tojo N, Takemura S, Trick C, Kogushi S, Xu C, Kulik V, Lee JS, Trainere V, Bychkov A 
S714713Jocelyn RunnebaumOral Communication, relationships, and relatability influence stakeholder perceptions of credible scienceJocelyn M. Runnebaum, Elisabeth A. Maxwell, Joshua S. Stoll, Karen E. Pianka, and Noah G. Oppenheim  
S714812Maria Iohara Quirino AmadorOral Converging and complementary information on reef changes by different stakeholdersMaria Iohara Quirino Amador, Guilherme Ortigara Longo, Priscila F. Macedo Lopes 
S714600Debbi PedreschiOral Co-producing innovative management solutions to achieve ecosystem-based fisheries managementDebbi Pedreschi, Hannes Höffle, Audric Vigier, Sarah B.M. Kraak, Amos Barkai, Francois Bastardie, Keith Farnsworth and David G. Reid 
S714677Laurent GuérinOral Co-production of knowledge: Case study of some scientific expert groups networks involved in marine biodiversity management challengesLaurent Guérin, Abigail McQuatters-Gollop, Anna J. Lizińskap->o
S714519Fahma Fiqhiyyah Nur AzizahOral Current perceptions of multi-stakeholder on eco-certification for white shrimp farming in IndonesiaFahma Fiqhiyyah Nur Azizah, Hiroe Ishihara, Yutaro Sakai, Gede Suantika, Nobuyuki Yagi 
S714644Astrid JarreOral Ethnography, action research *and* indicators, qualitative *and* quantitative modelling, power plays *and* social learning: A decade-and-a-half of inter- and transdisciplinary marine SES research in the BenguelaAstrid Jarre, and the “Marine Ecology & Fisheries” Team 
S714535Alistair HobdayOral Foresighting as a means of improving anticipatory scientific capacity and strategic planningAlistair J. Hobday et al 
S714851Pascal RauxOral From satellite to local knowledge. The influence of stakeholder engagement on the contribution of science to society. The case of the monitoring of harmful algal blooms along the French Channel area[Pascal Raux, José A. Pérez Agúndez and Sarra Chenouf]p->o
S714834Steven GrayOral Harnessing the Collective Intelligence of stakeholder crowds for socio-ecological decision-makingSteven Gray, Payam Aminpor, Steven Scyphers 
S714836Risako SakaiOral How can transdisciplinary approaches engage communities? A case of Mo’orea, French PolynesiaRisako Sakai 
S714573Vera KöpselOral How do we set the stage for engagement? Reflections on the role of scientists in processes of participatory researchVera Köpsel, Simone Rödder and Myron A. Peck 
S714724Matthew McPhersonOral Integrating scientific and local knowledge to address socio-ecological impacts of red tide on Florida’s west coastMatthew McPherson, Mandy Karnauskas, Suzana Blake, Amanda Stoltz, Adyan Rios, Skyler Sagarese, Michael Jepson, Chris Kelble 
S714584Mark Dickey-CollasOral Keep it under the carpet: When progress in stakeholder engagement becomes uncomfortableMark Dickey-Collas and Marta Ballesteros 
S714543Jessica SavageOral Learning from the Experts: The application of participatory mapping approaches to understand community knowledge and perceptions of human-ecosystem interactionsJessica Savage, Godwin Yeboah, Marco Haensggen, Nutcha Charoenboon & Sorn Srenh. 
S714539Tsele NthaneOral Leveraging ICTs for equality, democracy, and sustainability in small-scale fisher transformation pathways: A case study of the Lamberts Bay small-scale fishery of the Western Cape, South AfricaTsele T. Nthane, Fred P. Saunders, Gloria L. Gallardo- Fernandez, Serge Raemaekersrestored Feb 12
S714504Heike SchwermerOral Modeling biocultural differences - The social-ecological system of cod fishery in the Western Baltic Sea and its perception by different stakeholder groupsHeike Schwermer, Payam Aminpor, Steven Gray and Christian Möllmann 
S714696Anthony CharlesOral Participatory co-production of knowledge The Community Conservation Research Network experienceAnthony Charles 
S714789Gretta PeclOral Reflections on a decade of climate change communication and engagement using a wide range of approaches with different marine stakeholder groupsGretta Pecl, Chris Cvitanovic, Aysha Fleming, Beth Fulton, Alistair Hobday, Rachel Kelly, Cayne Layton, Peat Leith, Vicki Martin, Jess Melbourne-Thomas, David Mossop, Emily Ogier and Ingrid van Putten 
S714542Louise GammageOral Scenario-based approaches to change management in fisheries can address challenges with knowledge integration and scale mismatchesLouise C. Gammage, Astrid Jarre, Charles Mather 
S714826Pascal RauxOral Social acceptability of Mediterranean fish farming development in practice. Lessons learned from seabass and seabream fish farms in the Bay of Monastir, Tunisia[Pascal Raux, José A. Pérez Agúndez, Marianna Cavallo and Katia Frangoudes]p->o
S714830Prateep NayakOral Social learning amidst rapid and abrupt changes: A social-ecological regime shifts perspective to strengthen community resiliencePrateep K. Nayak 
S714501Jess Melbourne-ThomasOral Stakeholder engagement for Southern Ocean ecosystem management: Applying the knowledge-values-rules frameworkJess Melbourne-Thomas, Andrew Constable, Ingrid van Putten, Beth Fulton, Rowan Trebilco, Eva Plagányi and Lyn Goldsworthy 
S714564Mariko KihiraOral Stakeholders’ consultation in reference to short-neck clam fisheries in Hamamatsu, Japan using Visual Problem Appraisal (VPA)Mariko Kihira1 and Yang Takae Kwihae 1Maru Communicate, Hamamatsu, Japan. E-mail: 2 Filmmaker filmed about UTOPIA has been selected to be in London Cinefest 2019, Nara, Japan  
S714793Rachel LongOral Strengthening relationships through collaborative coastal environmental baseline data collection: A case study in the Port of Saint John, New Brunswick, CanadaRachel Long, Claire Mussells, Casey O'Laughlin, Matthew Black 
S714598Ingrid van Putten and Amanda Schadeberg (for Sarah Kraak)Oral Studying the interaction between fisher views and responses to management framing to improve complianceSarah B. M. Kraak, Fanny Barz, Mary Mackay, Ingrid van Putten and Amanda Schadebergno
S714711Caroline Graham replacing Laura TessierOral The role of International Year of the Salmon in establishing the conditions to develop the knowledge required for the effective management of Pacific salmon at local and hemispheric scalesCaroline Graham, Laura R. Tessier, Stephanie Taylor and Mark Saunders 
S714498Ruth DavisOral The role of transparency initiatives in improving sustainability and equity in RFMO decision- makingRuth Davis & Quentin Hanich 
S714649Katell HamonOral The value and limitations of the Fishing Styles approach for fisheries researchAmanda Schadeberg, Katell G. Hamon, Marloes Kraan and Jan-Jaap Poos 
S714532Timur Jack-KadiogluOral The value of participatory activities for engagement and collaboration with coastal communities in the Zanzibar Archipelago: Mwambao coastal community network – A practitioner’s perspectiveTimur Jack-Kadioglu, Ali Khamis Thani and Lorna Slade 
S714664Nicole MurphyOral Torres Strait futures, adapting modern management to traditional fishing and community valuesNicole E. Murphy, Eva Plaganyi, Tim Skewes, Leo X.C. Dutra and Rocky G. Stephen 
S714840Denis BaillyOral Transboundary issues for marine spatial planning in European Union southern Atlantic watersDenis Bailly, Neil Alloncle, Sybill Henry, Cécile Nys and David Matyas 
S714597Alicia SaidOral Transforming small-scale fisheries governance in the Mediterranean Sea: A transdisciplinary approachAlicia Said 
S714734Elena MengoOral Understanding public perceptions of marine aquaculture in the South West of EnglandElena Mengo, Elisa Capuzzo, Silvia Ferrini and Gaetano Grilli 
S714818Loes WitteveenOral Visual Problem Appraisal (VPA) on maritime cultural heritage in the Wadden Sea for Deliberative and Participatory GovernanceLoes Witteveen; Marloes Kraan, Pauline van Tuyll and Hilde Toonen 
S714824Tyler PavlowichOral What can boundary spanners bring to the table? Connection, direction, and analysis of collaborative research on a New England groundfish, American plaiceTyler Pavlowich, David Richardson, Greg DeCelles and John Manderson 
S714602Debbi Pedreschi (for Dave Reid)Oral WKIRISH: harnessing fisher knowledge. An example of positive collaborative researchDave Reid, Debbi Pedreschi, Paul Bouch, Jacob Bentley, Francis O’Donnell, Robert Thorpe, Steven Beggs, Pia Schuchert, Daniel Howell and Sheila Heymansno, by colleage
S714745Olivier Guyader (for Arne Kinds)Poster A methodology for ownership analysis in fisheries and its application to a French case studyArne Kinds, Olivier Guyader and Mathieu Merzereaud 
S714771Louise GammagePoster A social-vulnerability comparison between Brazilian and South African small-scale fishing communities under climate change pressuresIvan Machado Martins, Louise C. Gammage, Astrid Jarre & Maria A. Gasalla 
S714641Pierre ScemamaPoster A strategic approach to assess marine and coastal ecosystem services in French Natura 2000 sitesPierre Scemama, Charlène Kermagoret, Rémi Mongruel and Frédérique Alban 
S714855Marion GlaserPoster Ecosystem user perceptions of governance interactions in Marine Protected AreasMarion Glaser and Philipp Gorriso->p
S714536Marieke NortonPoster Forum theatre as an interdisciplinary research methodology to investigate future livelihoods in a fishing communityMarieke Norton 
S714710Samiya SelimPoster Leverage points for innovative aquaculture based pro-poor livelihood transformations in coastal Bangladesh: An initial systems analysisSamiya A. Selim, Marion Glaser, Khandaker Anisul Huq 
S714526Louise GammagePoster Scenario planning with stakeholders to aid system transformation: Can structured decision-making tools be useful for knowledge integration and problem reframing?Louise C. Gammage, Astrid Jarre 
S714747Hidetomo TajimaPoster Transdisciplinary dialogue and co-creation of transformative knowledge with innovative practitionersHidetomo Tajima, Shion Takemura, Tetsu Sato, Mistutaku Makino 
S714883Kristina SvelsPoster Under the surface: Blue bioeconomy and the neglected socio-ecological trade-offs of fish farming in Chile, Finland and NorwayKristina Svels 
S714846Margarita Rincón HidalgoWithdrawal An interdisciplinary approach for co-creation with operators and scientist for sustainable EU fisheries outside EuropeMargarita M. Rincón Hidalgo, Duarte Vidal, Jamie Lentin and Javier Ruiz no, cancel talk yes
S714625Ella-Kari MuhlWithdrawal Democratizing social-ecological systems knowledge for sustainable fisheries governanceElla-Kari Muhl and Derek Armitageno, cancel poster yes
S714638Fanny Barz Withdrawal Getting to know Stakeholders: Using qualitative Social Science MethodsFanny Barz, Josefa Eckhardt, Steffi Meyer, Sarah B.M. Kraak and Harry Strehlowno, cancel talk yes
S714761Jacopo CerriWithdrawal Local Ecological Knowledge and changes in Mediterranean fish assemblages: a latent variable approach.Jacopo Cerri, Ernesto Azzurrono, cancel poster yes
S714764Annette BreckwoldtWithdrawal Look who’s asking - Reflections on participatory and transdisciplinary research approaches and their societal relevanceAnnette Breckwoldt1, Priscila F.M. Lopes2, Samiya Selim3, Prateep K. Nayak4, Paul Onyango5, Alifereti Tawake6, Hugh Govan6 and Ingrid van Putten7do NOT restore talk yes
S714678Sonia Garcia GarciaWithdrawal Marine socio-ecological systems as ‘wicked problems’: bringing discourse analysis into interactive fisheries governanceSonia Garcia Garciano, cancel poster yes
S714514Nasreen PeerWithdrawal Merging of scientific exploration and traditional knowledge in the Inhambane Bay mangroves, MozambiqueNasreen Peer, Nelson Miranda, Celia Macamo, Luciano Nhamussua, Bernadette Snow, Juliana Come, Vilma Machava, Sophie von der Heydenno, cancelled talk yes
S714491Marcello, GrazianoWithdrawal Mixing Methods: Affinity Propagation as an exploratory, data-driven approach to Marine Social Sciences Marcello Graziano, Benjamin W. Heumann, Maurizio Fiaschettino, cancel poster yes
S714774Patricia T. AngkiriwangWithdrawal Participatory system modelling to increase climate resilience of seafood availability in Tla’amin NationPatricia T. Angkiriwang, Sachiko Ouchi, Tiff-Annie Kenny, Anne Salomon, Laurie Chan, William Cheungno, cancel poster yes
S714800José Antonio Pérez AgúndezWithdrawal Social acceptability of aquaculture. Moving from individual perceptions to governance issuesJosé Antonio Pérez Agúndez; Pascal Raux; Marianna Cavallo and Katia Frangoudes 1 Ifremer, UMR 6308, AMURE, F-29280 Plouzané, France. Email address: 2 University of Brest, UMR 6308, AMURE, F-29280 Plouzané, France. no, cancel talk yes
S714520Ruoxi LyuWithdrawal Study on future potentials of ecolabelling certification for Indonesian seaweed IndustryRuoxi Lyu and Nobuyuki Yagino, cancel poster yes
S814241Kelly MonteneroOral A quantitative and qualitative decision making process to select ecological indicatorsKelly Montenero and Chris Kelble 
S814642Pierre ScemamaOral A representation of ecosystem services provided by mangroves in French Guiana using Fuzzy Cognitive MapsPierre Scemama, Lucas Balsan, Fabian Blanchard, Esther Regnier and Olivier Thébaud 
S814676Laurent GuérinOral Applying ecosystem and risk-based approaches, toward an integrated assessment of benthic habitats communities at regional sea scalesLaurent Guérin, Cristina Vina-Herbon, Alberto Serrano, Nina Schroeder and Emily Corcoran 
S814819Juliet Furaha KarisaOral Developing indicators for monitoring coral reef resilience in KenyaJuliet F. Karisa, David Obura, Gabriel Grimsditch and Chaolun A. Chen 
S814639Pierre ScemamaOral Evaluation of the cost of marine habitat conservation in France: Application to the Natura 2000 networkPierre Scemama, Charlène Kermagoret, Rémi Mongruel and Frédérique Albanp->o
S814646Manuel JaenigOral Global goals at local scales: Ecological indicators for a holistic sustainability assessment of data-deficient small-scale fisheriesManuel R. Jaenig, Paul Tuda, Rebecca Borges, Pilar Herrón, Seth M. Abobi, Jennifer Rehren, Lotta C. Kluger 
S814746Paul TixierOral Human-predator coexistence in the oceans: Resolving the growing depredation conflict in global fisheriesPaul Tixier, Sophie Gourguet, Mary-Anne Lea, Mark Hindell, Dirk Welsford, Christophe Guinet, John Arnould 
S814680Cristina Vina-HerbonOral Multi-scale cooperation and assessment methods of benthic habitats and policy goals in the North East AtlanticCristina Vina-Herbon1, Stefano Marra1, Megan Parry1, Gemma Singleton1, Kathryn Dawson1, Laura Petit1, Laurent Guérin2, Alberto Serrano3 and Nina Schroeder4  
S814792Takehisa YamakitaOral Nationwide evaluation of Marine Ecosystem Services of Japan: achievements from the PANCES projectTakehisa Yamakita, Masakazu Hori, Yoichi Ishikawa, Yusuke Tanaka, Shiro Nishikawa, Masahiro Nakaoka, Hiroya Yamano, Mitsutaku Makino, Atsushi Nanami and Yoshihisa Shirayama 
S814546Mariska WeijermanOral Operationalizing socioecological dynamics in ecosystem models for strategic management adviceMariska Weijerman, Kirsten Leong, Zack Oyafuso, and Lansing Perng  
S814872Hiroaki SuginoOral Technology with the crisp salt smell of the sea: Toward data-driven fishery industryHiroaki Sugino and Nobuyuki Yagi 
S814797Cecilie HansenOral Testing management plan indicators by applying two different ecosystem models – A Barents Seas case studyCecilie Hansen, Gro van der Meeren and Morten Skogenp->o
S814622Kaiyuan LinOral The electronic reporting framework for IUU prevention associate with fishery resource managementK.Y. Lin, Hiroaki Sugino and Masaru Mizoguchip->o
S814599Jake RiceOral The IPBES conceptual framework and assessment approach - MSEAS ideas in zctionJake Rice and possibly others 
S814634Amber Himes-CornellOral The role of fisheries management in delivering biodiversity co-benefits: Aichi Targets and the Post-2020 Biodiversity FrameworkAmber Himes-Cornell, Vera Agostini, Kim Friedman 
S814547Abigail McQuatters-GollopOral Using biodiversity indicators to meet marine conservation objectivesAbigail McQuatters-Gollop, Ian Mitchell, Cristina Vina Herbon, Saskia Otto, Laurent Guerin 
S814787Sizakele SibandaOral Using biodiversity indicators towards identifying further marine protection in South AfricaSizakele Sibanda, Kerry Sink, Andrew Skowno, Lynne Shannon, Cecile Reed 
S814825Kaylee SmitOral Using biological traits to develop an integrated assessment of the condition of rocky reef ecosystemsKaylee Smit, Amanda Lombard, Anthony Bernard and Kerry Sinkrestored talk Apr 3
S814768Ian MitchellOral What does it all mean? – Integrating assessments of marine biodiversityP. Ian Mitchell 
S814563Subrata SarkerOral Zoning of Marine Protected Areas for biodiversity conservation in Bangladesh through socio-spatial dataSubrata Sarker, Muhammad Mizanur Rahman, Atul Kumar Yadav and Mohammad Mahmudul Islam 
S814887Chris LynamPlenary Applying and integrating marine biodiversity indicators and assessments to evaluate progress towards policy goalsChris Lynam 
S814540Irene MartinsPoster Developing new IT products for aquaculture: Optimising production while contributing to environmental sustainabilityI. Martins, A. Azevedo, A. M. Nobre, R. Serradeiro, F. Soares, J. Tavares, N. Machado, G. Barrocas, J. C. Leitão, P. C. Leitão, S. Cardoso, J. Rodrigues, R. Calado, A. I. Lillebø, R. Severino, H. Abreu, R. Pereira, L. M. P. Valente 
S814508Abigail McQuatters-GollopPoster Plankton on the move – Implications for global biodiversity goalsAbigail McQuatters-Gollop, Jacob Bedford, Clare Ostle 
S814537Fabienne DaurèsWithdrawal A socio- ecological approach for managing the small-pelagic fishery in France: The DEFIPEL projectFabienne Daurès, Frédérique Alban, Sigrid Lehuta and Martin Huretno, cancel talk yes
S814565Ingrid Van PuttenWithdrawal Are media messages to consume more under-utilised seafood species reliable?Anna Farmery, Ingrid Van Putten, Michelle Phillipov, and Alistair McIlgormno, cancel talk yes
S814779S. M. Mustafizur RahmanWithdrawal Fisheries diversity and environmental variables in the waterways of the eastern mangrove (Sundarbans) forest, BangladeshS. M. Mustafizur Rahmanno, cancel poster yes
S814572Andrés Ospina-AlvarezWithdrawal Integration of larval connectivity in the spatial optimization of coastal ecosystem servicesAndrés Ospina-Alvarez, Silvia de Juan, Katrina J Davis, Catherine González, Miriam Fernández, and Sergio Navarreteno, cancel talk yes
S814673Jesper H. AndersenWithdrawal On the ecosystem health and biodiversity status of Europe’s seasJesper H. Andersen, Angel Borja, Eva Gelabert, Samuli Korpinen, Ciaran J. Murray, Monika Peterlin, David Vaughan and Johnny Rekerno, cancel talk yes
S814707Eirini Ioanna VlachopoulouWithdrawal The use of space-based technologies for marine management in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable DevelopmentEirini Ioanna Vlachopoulou, Luc St-Pierre and Simonetta Di Pippono, cancel talk yes
S914604Philip LoringOral “Coastal Routes”: Linking Community Innovation for Sustainability and Food Security across Canada’s three coastsPhilip A. Loring, Hannah L. Harrison 
S914878Alison AdamsOral “I don’t want our culture to become just stories” : Assessing the impacts of reef and coastal change on cultural ecosystem services in West HawaiʻiAlison Adams, Rachelle Gould and Jill Brooks 
S914796Mohammed Mofizur Rahman Oral A dried fish trail: From the coast to the megacityMohammed Mofizur Rahman p->o
S914754Leo DutraOral Blue carbon and livelihood opportunities in Fiji: lessons from NavakavuLeo X.C. Dutra; Manuela B. Taboada, Adi V.M. Levu, Cherie Whippy-Morris, Namrata Chand, Ulamila Matairakula, Ingrid van Putten 
S914778Yuri OkiOral Building fishing communities back better: Lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake 2011 and implications on sustainable marine socio-ecological systemYuri Oki and Hiroshi Kitazato 
S914531Fanny ChâlesOral Coastal communities’ adaptation to climate change under the Paris Agreement: a typology of marine and coastal NDCsFanny Châles, Linwood Pendleton and Denis Bailly 
S914545David J. TrimbachOral Coastlines and communities: understanding shoreline armoring and sense of place in Washington’s Puget Sound region David J. Trimbachrestored talk Mar 30
S914717Olivier GuyaderOral Conflict, inequity and ecological change: a threat for coastal communities operating on moored fishing aggregating devices?Olivier Guyader, Katia Frangoudes and Alicia Said 
S914683Ayumu MatsuiOral Coping with social-ecological changes: Diversifications of sea cucumber fisheries in western Hokkaido, northern JapanAyumu Matsui, Seishiro Sakita and Akiko Ikeguchip->o
S914589Karen AlexanderOral Determinants of societal support for fisheries and aquaculture: putting the ‘social’ into marine social-ecological system assessmentsKaren A. Alexander and Kirsten E. Abernethy 
S914226Basheer AhammedOral Geospatial modelling for Coastal Social Vulnerability and Risk Assessment to Cyclone Hazard along the Andhra Pradesh, East Coast of IndiaBasheer Ahammed KK, Arvind Chandra Pandey 
S914821Louise FirthOral Greening of the grey: Making space for nature along urbanized coastlinesLouise B. Firth1, Richard C. Thompson1, Kathryn O’Shaughnessy1, Su Yin Chee2, Lynette Loke3, Peter Todd3, Elisabeth Strain4, and Stephen J. Hawkins1 
S914694Anthony Charles Oral How coastal communities globally are responding to climate change hazardsAnthony Charles and Barbara Paterson 
S914671Sara MiñarroOral It’s not the fishing, it’s the fishing community: subjective well-being among small scale fishers in the Solomon Islands and BangladeshSara Miñarro, Victoria Reyes-García, Shankar Aswani, Samiya Selim and Eric Galbraith 
S914869Aoi SugimotoOral Let us assess what count for good lives of local people: Participatory scenario building work to enrich Nature’s Contributions to People (NCP) in Okinawa islands, JapanAoi Sugimoto 
S914873Keiichi SaotomeOral Multi-dimensional strategy of fishery village revitalization: A case study of one external enterprise tried to newly enter the fishery industry in Sugari district, Mie in JapanKeiichi Saotome, Hiroaki Sugino and Nobuyuki Yagi 
S914720Timur Jack-KadiogluOral Narratives of livelihood diversification and identity among coastal communities in Southeast AsiaTimur Jack-Kadioglu, Karyn Morrissey, Felicity Thomas and Ruth Garside 
S914662Carla SbrocchiOral Social and cultural norms: hidden drivers and changing values in a small-scale fisheryCarla Sbrocchi, Laura Nahuelhual, and Kate Barclay 
S914798Austin HumphriesOral Social-ecological pathways between catch, access, and consumption of fish impact nutrition security in coastal Kenyan communitiesAustin Humphries, Andrew Wamukota, Elizabeth Kamau-Mbuthia, Melissa Chapnick, Carolyn Lesorogol, Lora Iannotti 
S914610Naoki TojoOral Success of the sustainable cooperative activities in coastal fishing communities and effective international cooperationNaoki TOJO, Takaaki MORI, Keitaro TAO 
S914618Katia FrangoudesOral The kelp forests in Finistère, a natural and cultural heritage Katia Frangoudes, Sybill Henry and Laura Zakrewski  
S914848Alyne DelaneyOral The role of transformative cultural heritage for resilient coastal communities: Cases from Europe and JapanAlyne E. Delaney 
S914575Ana Carolina Esteves DiasOral Uncovering wellbeing-ecosystem service bundles for dynamic coastal governance under conditions of rapid changeAna Carolina E. Dias and Derek Armitagerestored talk Mar 30
S914827Suzana Dumitrita BlakeOral Urban fishing: History, ethnicity and land-use change in MiamiSuzana D. Blake, Matthew Mcpherson, Vanessa Navarro Maza, Michael Knoll and Pamela Brown-Eyo 
S914703Kate BarclayOral Valuing benefits from fisheries for coastal communitiesKate Barclay 
S914620Marloes KraanOral Where have all the fishing communities gone or are they still there and we just do not see them?Marloes Kraan, Lisa L. Colburn 
S914667Emily OgierOral Which communities have standing and how? Developing regional marine resource management and assessment frameworks in Western Australia.Emily M. Ogier Sarah Jennings, Klaas Hartmann, Jenny Shaw, Caleb Gardner  
S914596Juri WatanabePoster Distribution system of local fisheries products in the Republic of the Marshall IslandsJuri Watanabe and Nobuyuki Yagi 
S914541C.M. WangPoster Floating forest to protect fragile shorelines, marinas and coastal infrastructureC.M. Wang, M.M. Han, J. Lyu, W.H. Duan, K.H. Jung and S. Kang An 
S914802Mohammed Mofizur RahmanPoster Living in a highly saline world: Everyday narratives of coastal communities of southern BangladeshMohammed Mofizur Rahman 
S914569Pascal Le Floc’hPoster Resilience in fisheries over the long period: The case of the sardine industry in France (1900-2017)Pascal Le Floc’h, Frédérique Alban, Erwan Duhamel and Mathieu Merzéréaud 
S914781Takaaki MoriPoster Sustainable fishing and farming strategy of Milkfish (Chanos chanos) under the influence of climate change in coastal communities in in IndonesiaTakaaki Mori, Keitaroh Tao, Naoki Tojo 
S914861Keitaroh TaoPoster Sustainable production and household model with Mangrove forest and appropriate development assistancesKeitaroh TAO, Takaaki MORI, Naoki TOJO 
S914452Mohammad MozumderPoster Understanding social-ecological challenges of a small-scale Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) fishery in BangladeshMohammad Mozumder,Aili Pyhälä,Md.Abdul Wahab, Simo Sarkki,Petra Schneider and Mohammad Islam 
S914790Olusola AdeoyeWithdrawal Appropriating the common: mapping social and environmental conflicts over sand extraction from Lagos LagoonOlusola M, Adeoye, Esther B, Adedejino, cancel poster yes
S914801Romain LópezWithdrawal Assessment framework steers progress towards a sustainability narrative for small-scale fisheriesRomain López and Priscila Lopesno, cancel poster yes
S914773Sara Doolittle LlanosWithdrawal Participatory mapping of socio-environmental conflict and mangrove resource use in the Gulf of Guayaquil, EcuadorSara Doolittle Llanos, Anne-Kathrin Broocks, Karin de Boer and Anna-Katharina Hornidge. no, cancel talk yes
S914838Maria B. BattagliaWithdrawal Sustainable behavior in the context of small-scale fisheries: making choices in the short-term for the long-term benefit Maria B. Battagliano, cancel poster yes
S914874Cristina PitaWithdrawal The relationship with the sea changing over time in a traditional Portuguese fishing community: Aveiro lagoon regionCristina Pitano, cancel talk yes
S1014831Prateep NayakOral A three-dimensional perspective on creating viable small-scale fisheries social-ecological systemsPrateep K. Nayak 
S1014814Pierre PetitgasOral Anchovy fishery collapse and recovery in the Bay of Biscay: What happened and lessons learnedPierre Petitgas 
S1014570Kanae TokunagaOral Assessing allocation strategies for Fisheries affected by climate changeKanae Tokunaga, Lisa Kerr, Jonathan Labaree, Andrew Pershing 
S1014803Maria Ignacia RiveraOral Assessing the effectiveness of peer-enforcement to control appropriation in the commons under environmental uncertaintyMaría Ignacia Rivera-Hechem, Rodrigo Estevez, Stefan Gelcich 
S1014574Alessandra GentileOral Balancing economic yield, bycatch limits and changing climate to optimize fishing practices: A case study in the Grand BanksAlessandra Gentile and Jin Gao 
S1014881Carey McGilliardOral Characterizing the consequences of abundance-based bycatch limits in a mixed-species fisheryCarey McGilliard, James Ianelli, Dana Hanselman, Andrea Havron, Diana Stram, Anna Henry, and Sam Cunninghamp->o
S1014721Kelly Ortega-CisnerosOral Enhancing climate change resilience in the Benguela current system: A case study of the small pelagic fisheries in South AfricaKevern L. Cochrane, Kelly Ortega-Cisneros and Warwick H.H. Sauerrestored talk Mar 30
S1014810Joachim ClaudetOral Escaping the perfect storm of simultaneous climate change impacts on agriculture and marine fisheriesLauric Thiault; Camilo Mora; Joshua E. Cinner; William W. L. Cheung; Nicholas A.J. Graham; Fraser A. Januchowski-Hartley; David Mouillot; U. Rashid Sumaila; Joachim Claudet 
S1014739Keiko NomuraOral Fisheries connectivity to measure adaptive capacity of small-scale fisheries in Baja, MexicoKeiko Nomura, Jameal Samhouri, Steve Dundas, Alfredo Giron, Andrew Johnson, Octavio Aburto and James Watson 
S1014744Raphael RomanOral How fisheries portfolio diversification can enhance social-ecological resilience along the Sanriku Coast of JapanRaphael K. Roman, Tomoaki Goto and Gakushi Ishimura 
S1014859Stefan KoenigsteinOral Impacts of climate, fisheries and predators on Pacific sardine in the California CurrentStefan Koenigstein, Michael Jacox, Steven Bograd 
S1014799Bérengère HussonOral Modelling the impact of climate change and fisheries on the Barents Sea ecosystem vulnerabilityBérengère Husson, Cecilie Hansen, Benjamin Planque and Mette Skern-Mauritzen 
S1014616Benjamin BlanzOral More than the sum of its parts: Assessing the vulnerability of an interlinked marine socio-ecological systemBenjamin Blanz, Emily Quiroga-Gomez 
S1014729Christopher FridOral Resilience and tipping points in the marine benthos: Climate induced range shifts in sub-tropical QueenslandChristopher L.J. Frid, N. Dissanayake and B.A. Caswell 
S1014654Juan AgarOral Small-scale fisheries adaptations to extreme weather events: Lessons from hurricane Maria in the Commonwealth Puerto RicoJuan J. Agar, Manoj Shivlani, and Daniel Matos-Caraballo 
S1014766Jack DalyOral Steering shrimp fisheries through transition: A systematic appraisal of responses to changeJack Daly, Yinji Li and Ratana Chuenpagdee restored talk Mar 30
S1014885Sebastian Tapia-LewinOral Sustainability in small-scale fisheries through the lens of property rights-based management, stability and Adaptive CapacitySebastian Tapia-Lewin, Benjamin Halpern, Fiorenza Micheli, Elena Finkbeiner, Stefan Gelcich and Joshua Cinner 
S1014631Vanessa StelzenmüllerOral The vulnerability of the socio-ecological system of the German North Sea to tipping points: A spatio-temporal analysisVanessa Stelzenmüller, Christian Möllmann, Camilla Sguotti, Andreas Kannen, Kira Gee3, Roland Cormier, Hermann Held, Benjamin Blanz, Emely Quiroga-Gomez, Jonas Letschert, Henrike Rambo, Alexandra Blöcker, Rabea Diekmann 
S1014607Romeo Saldívar-LucioOral Towards small-scale climate resilience: Space-time representativeness of climate impacts in marine socio-ecological systemsRomeo Saldívar-Lucio, Armando Trasviña-Castro, Narriman Jiddawi, Ratana Chuenpagdee, Lars Lindström, Svein Jentoft, Julia Fraga, and Maricela de la Torre-Castro 
S1014688Lina Gutierrez-CalaOral Vulnerability of fisheries to climate change: downscaling global assessments to sub-national scales using Colombia as a case studyLina Gutierrez-Cala, Robert Blasiak 
S1014890Henrik ÖsterblomPlenary The human oceanHenrik Österblom 
S1014672Alexandra BloeckerPoster Abrupt collapse and social-ecological consequences in North Sea cod stocksAlexandra Bloecker, Camilla Sguotti, Xochitl Cormon, Vanessa Stelzenmueller, Andreas Kannen, Kira Gee, Benjamin Blanz, Jonas Letschert and Christian Moellmann 
S1014791Li-Xiang LiPoster Assessing the outcomes of stocking hatchery-reared juveniles of Girella punctate and Sepia pharaonis in the northeastern coast of TaiwanKuo-Wei Lan, Kuo-Tien Lee 
S1014835Lina Gutierrez-CalaPoster Detection and characterization of critical transitions in Ciénaga grande de Santa Marta-ColombiaLina Gutierrez-Cala, Sam C. Zipper, Constanza Ricaurte Villota, Jorge Salgado, Catalina González Arango, Fernando Jaramillo 
S1014478Mejjad NezhaPoster Environmental impact of economic growth in the Oualidia lagoon (Moroccan Atlantic Coast)Nezha Mejjad, Abdelmourhit Laissaoui, Nour El Houda Hassen, Ouafa El Hammoumi, Azzouz Benkdad, Ahmed Fekri, Hamid Amsil, Adil El Yahyaoui 
S1014648Anaïs JancPoster Fishing behaviours and the skipper effect in decision-making processes when facing depredation by marine predatorsAnaïs JANC*, Christophe GUINET, David PINAUD, Gaëtan RICHARD, Pascal MONESTIEZ, and Paul TIXIER 
S1014549Pavel SemkinPoster Hypoxia of bottom waters at the Razdolnaya River estuary (Amurskiy Bay, Sea of Japan)Pavel Semkin, Pavel Tishchenko, Galina Pavlova, Yuri Barabanshchikov, Tatyana Mikhailik, Sergey Sagalaev, Petr Tishchenko, Mariya Shvetsova, Elena Shkirnikova 
S1014437Pavan KumarPoster Identification of Coral Reef bleaching warming and their management in Gulf of Kachchh using climatology parameter by geospatial techniquesPavan Kumar 
S1014762Sunhee LeePoster Increasing societal impacts of jellyfish in the warm Large Marine Ecosystems, a sign of global warming?Sunhee Lee, Juan Carlos Molinero, and Jiang-Shiou Hwang 
S1014785Yu-Cih HuangPoster The fishery resource and fishing vessel dynamic variations of sergestid shrimp (Sergia lucens) in the northeastern water around TaiwanYu-Cih Huang, Kuo-Wei Lan 
S1014595Trialaksita ArdhaniWithdrawal A preliminary study of coastal community anxiety against sea-level rise: Finding hope in mangroves and coastal natural processesTrialaksita S.P. Ardhani, Daniel Murdiyarso and Cecep Kusmanano, cancel talk yes
S1014655Julide Ceren AhiWithdrawal Arctic coastal cod: The preferences for different uses Julide Ceren Ahino, cancel poster yes
S1014466Sheku SeiWithdrawal Assessing climate change driven variations in pelagic fish species distribution and abundance in the North East Atlantic fishery of Sierra Leone Sheku Sei,Ciaran O’Donell, Abdoulaye Sarreno, cancel talk yes
S1014481Md Mizanur RahmanWithdrawal Biodiversity in peril: the impact of climate change on the coral island, St. Martin'sMd Mizanur Rahmanno, cancel talk yes
S1014505Nabir MamnunWithdrawal Building Community Resilience to Storm Surges in coastal BangladeshNabir Mamnunno, cancel poster yes
S1014842Dr. Kelly Dunning Withdrawal Different approaches to the governance of marine social-ecological systems: a comparative study of top-down vs. participatory marine protected area governance in Southeast Asia Dr. Kelly Dunning no, cancel talk yes
S1014689Devendraraj MadhanagopalWithdrawal Do the socioeconomic transformations of marine fishers influence their climate resilience? Critical discussions from the case of the Coromandel coast of Tamil Nadu, India.Devendraraj Madhanagopalno, cancel talk yes
S1014643Céline JacobWithdrawal Ensuring consistency between resilience approaches to global change through the analysis of ecosystem services’ perceptionCéline Jacob, Jérôme Dupras and Pascal Bernatchezno, cancel talk yes
S1014863Sheku SeiWithdrawal Ex-post analysis of policy options for climate change adaptation investments for marine protected areas in West AfricaSheku Sei, Gretta Pecl, Alistair Hobday, Ingrid Van Putten, Pegi Oti-Boateng no, cancel poster yes
S1014497Valeriy KhokhlovWithdrawal Hydro-ecological regime of lagoons in north-western part of Black Sea and issues of their water management under climate changeYurii Tuchkovenko, Valeriy Khokhlov, Nataliia Loboda and Oksana Tuchkovenkono, cancel poster yes
S1014482Md Mizanur RahmanWithdrawal Isn’t honeybee decline linked to climate change in the Sundarban Mangrove?Md Mizanur Rahmanno, cancel poster yes
S1014686Laura BlameyWithdrawal Modelling adaptive capacity of three coastal socio-ecological systems impacted by anthropogenic and climate pressuresLaura Blamey, Éva Plagányi, Leo Dutra and Samantha Twinameno, cancel talk yes
S1014462Md. Nazrul IslamWithdrawal Numerical modeling on the effects of pollutants on the ecosystem of Kamaishi Bay (Japan) by Using MEC model Md. Nazrul Islam, Daisuke Kitazawano, cancelled talk yes
S1014732Ayu Vista WulandariWithdrawal Relation of Upwelling and Downwelling Event with Sea Surface Height Dynamic and Geotropic Current in Banda Sea Desak Made Pera Rosita Dewi, Rizka Erwin Lestari, Ayu Vista Wulandarino, cancel poster yes
S1014700Ayu Vista WulandariWithdrawal Role of Madden Julian Oscillation on the Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and Chlorophyll-a Distribution in Java Sea and Sunda Strait (Period 2018) Ayu Vista Wulandari and Ambinari Rachmi Putrino, cancel poster yes
S1014690Priscila LopesWithdrawal Small-scale fishers' perceptions and adaptation to climate change: Trends across the globePriscila Lopes, Samiya Selim, Devendraraj Madhanagopal, Cristina Pita, Pablo Pita, and Sebastián Villasanteno, cancel talk yes
S1014628Yen-Rong LiangWithdrawal Synchronous and non-synchronous relationship between the catch rate and distribution of the important economical tunas in the Atlantic OceanYen-Rong Liang, Yan-LunWu, Kuo-Wei Lancancelled talk Apr. 3, will not attend in 2021 yes
S1014705Adelina Lumban GaolWithdrawal Tropical Cyclones Activity in Southwest Pacific and their Links with Sunspot and ENSOAdelina Lumban Gaol,Hezron Salawane,Paulus Agus Winarsono, cancel talk yes
S1014617Shailendra K. MandalWithdrawal Vulnerability of marine SES to climatic changes and anthropogenic pressures: An experience of an Indian coastal cityShailendra K. Mandalno, cancel poster yes
Early Career Session14820Kerstin SchieleOral Crossing borders: Inter-and transdisciplinary research for marine spatial planningKerstin S. Schiele, Henning Sten Hansen, Gerold Janssen 
Early Career Session14772Megan WilsonOral Lessons from the trenches: Using a flexible graduate education program to facilitate short and long-term transdisciplinary engagementMegan N. Wilson, Jennifer Wong-Ala, Adrian Laufer, and Erin Howard  
Early Career Session14695Anthony CharlesOral Reflections on a nonlinear path to a transdisciplinary careerAnthony Charles 
Early Career Session14588Ana SpaldingOral Showcasing a marine transdisciplinary training pipeline at Oregon State University: From a Marine Studies undergraduate degree, to a graduate training program in Risk and Uncertainty QuantificationAna K. Spalding, Kristen Milligan, Lorenzo Ciannelli 
Early Career Session14737Kaitlin McConnellOral Student representation in a transdisciplinary graduate curriculumKaitlin McConnell and Caitlin Magel 
Early Career Session14726Michael BanksOral Three case studies from an NSF supported National Research Traineeship in marine transdisciplinary research: A candid reviewMichael Banks1, Lorenzo Ciannelli1, Flaxen Conway1, Ana Spalding1, Cynthia Char2, Julia Jones1, Katherine Hoffman1, and Alix Gitelman1 
Early Career Session14871Yannick RousseauOral Transdisciplinarity and fisheries, where are we at?Yannick Rousseau 
Early Career Session14884Jess Melbourne-ThomasPlenary Hindsight bias and integrated research: Can we use the counterfactual to demonstrate impact?Jess Melbourne-Thomas, Ingrid van Putten, Rowan Trebilco, Christ Cvitanovic, and Beth Fulton 
GP (General Poster)14627Takashi SuzukiPoster 9 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake: Which aspects of seafood value promote consumer purchase intent?Takashi Suzuki, Tsubasa Nomura and Nobuyuki Yagi 
GP (General Poster)14687Jiang-Shiou HwangPoster An overview on the ecological and biological role of Calanus sinicus in the western Pacific OceanJiang-Shiou Hwang 
GP (General Poster)14606Diego Lozano-CortésPoster Colonization of marine invertebrates of a causeway development in the Manifa offshore oilfield, Saudi ArabiaDiego Lozano-Cortés 
GP (General Poster)14548Clara ObregónPoster Consequences of network structure on information flow for managing a temperate crab fishery Clara Obregón, Ingrid van Putten, Ryan Admiraal, Michael Hughes, James R. Tweedley, Neil R. Loneragan 
GP (General Poster)14499Ruth Davis (for Quentin Hanich)Poster Drifting fish aggregating devices (FADs): deploying, soaking and setting – when is a FAD ‘fishing’?Quentin Hanich, Ruth Davis, Glen Holmes, Elizabeth-Rose Amidjogbe and Brooke Campbell 
GP (General Poster)14231Academician Tomukum ChiaPoster GLOCECOHADIM-Africa-IAA Prospects and Support on the Marine Options towards 2020: Current Trends in Sustaining Marine Socio-Ecological Systems in Africa.Academician Tomukum Chia and Mr. Nang Lamberth Toh  
GP (General Poster)14550Marianna CavalloPoster How to assess the social acceptability of aquaculture development. The case of Greece, Spain and Tunisia.Marianna Cavallo, José A. Pérez Agúndez, Pascal Raux and Katia Frangoudes 
GP (General Poster)14757Jan Jaap PoosPoster Quantifying habitat preference of bottom trawling gearNiels T. Hintzen, Geert Aarts, Jan Jaap Poos; Karin J. van der Reijden and Adriaan D. Rijnsdorp 
GP (General Poster)14629Yuanyuan ZhuPoster The construction of Marine ecological compensation institution from the perspective of land and sea coordination in ChinaGuihuan LIU, Yuanyuan Zhu, Jing Xie, Yihui Wen, Ya Mano, by co-author
GP (General Poster)14630Takahiro TsujitaPoster The differences between Japanese unique Individual Quota system and usual Individual Quota systemsTakahiro Tsujita, Yutaro Sakai, Nobuyuki Yagi 
GP (General Poster)14674Ting-Chen ChiuPoster The effect of the fishing capacity on the fishery resource structures and related to primary productions around the Taiwan BankTing-Chen Chiu, and Kuo-Wei Lan 
GP (General Poster)14808Inoue SatoruPoster The effects of community awareness on motivation to participate in the cleanup of coastal areas in JapanInoue Satoru, Juri Hori, Daisuke Akaishi and Naoko Tokuchi 
GP (General Poster)14712Stephanie TaylorPoster The International Year of the Salmon High Seas Expedition 2021: Towards effective international ocean science collaboration in a rapidly changing world Stephanie Taylor, Vladimir Radchenko, Laura R. Tessier, Mark Saunders and Moronke K. Harris 
GP (General Poster)14636Abigayil BlandonPoster The uptake of MSC certification in Japan: motivations for applying, challenges and benefitsAbigayil Blandon, Hiroe Ishihara and Nobuyuki Yagi 
GP (General Poster)14486Mr. Durlave RoyPoster The use of locally produced Alternative Renewable Fertilizer Resources PracticesMr. Durlave Roy 
GP (General Poster)14783Ellen JohannesenPoster Understanding gender equity in marine science: the ICES network as a case studyEllen Johannesen, Anne Christine Brusendorff 
GP (General Poster)14586Donna M. SchroederPoster What can oil platform studies tell us about the potential consequences of offshore renewable energy to fish populations and fisheries?Donna M. Schroeder 
GP (General Poster)14870Aoi SugimotoPoster What have we (national marine/fisheries research institutions) done during last decades, after all? : An empirical study by bibliometric analysis on the scientific performance and social impacts of Japanese Fisheries Research AgencyAoi Sugimoto 
GP (General Poster)14438Esther SchuchWithdrawal A threshold public good game with public good and public bad framing – Evidence from farmers and fishers in CambodiaEsther Schuch, Andries Richter and Tum Nhimno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14845Sophia KochalskiWithdrawal Causes and dynamics of fishery conflicts: Understanding the past, improving the present, predicting the future Sophia Kochalskino, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14456Jyun-Long ChenWithdrawal Commercial crab resources management in the northern waters off Taiwan: Finding a balance between resource conservation and fishing industry development Jyun-Long Chen, Shih-Chang Chuang, Hsin-Jou, Yehno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14434Johanna Sophie ZimmerhackelWithdrawal Economic benefits of shark diving tourism in a potential shark sanctuary in MalaysiaJohanna S. Zimmerhackel, Marit E. Kragt and Mark G. Meekanno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14593NilmawatiWithdrawal Explaining the Persistence of Illegal Unreported Unregulated fishing (IUUF) in Indonesian waters: The Role of International Fisheries RegimesNilmawatino, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14637Silvia de JuanWithdrawal Fishermen perceptions on the functioning of a TURF system two decades after implementationSilvia de Juan1, Gonzalo Macho2, Elsa Vázquez Otero2, Nuria Calvo3, Pablo Pita4, Sebastián Villasante4no, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14681Priscila Lopes (for Monalisa R. O. Silva)Withdrawal It takes all kinds: a compliance behavior analysis of small-scale fishersMonalisa R. O. Silva, Maria G. Pennino and Priscila F. M. Lopesno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14468Sheku SeiWithdrawal Managing fisheries in data poor industrial fishery of Sierra Leone: Input controls and ecological risk assessment Sheku Sei and Andrew Baiono, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14657Mohamed Nejib DALY YAHIAWithdrawal Qatar coastal zone integrated monitoring program on jellyfish.Mohamed Nejib Daly Yahia, Juan Carlos Molinero, Stefano Piraino and Ons Kefino, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14759Michael Kevin TannerWithdrawal Shifting fishing efforts in Darwin’s Archipelago: a discrete choice experiment application for Galapagos’ certified yellow-fin tunaMichael K. Tanner ,Marcelo F. Olivares , Luciana Puebla and Jose R. Marin Jarrin, no, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14704Adelina Lumban GaolWithdrawal Simulation of Dahlia and Cempaka Tropical Cyclone Impact on Wind Dynamic and Ocean in Sunda Strait Using DELFT-3D ModelAdelina L. Gaol, Aries Kristianto, Franto Novico and Ahmad Fadlanno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14788Lu Chi ChenWithdrawal Study on the spatial distribution of catch per unit effort for Scomberomorus species between different fishing methods in the coastal waters off TaiwanLu Chi Chen, Kuo Wei Lan, Chen Te Tseng, Hernyi Justin Hsieh, and Ting Chen Chiuno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14699Ayu Vista WulandariWithdrawal The Impact of Cold Surge and Cross Equatorial Northerly Surge to Significant Wave Height in Natuna Sea Using Wavewatch III Model Ayu Vista Wulandari and Ambinari Rachmi Putrino, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14515Joseph GinindzaWithdrawal The influence of supply chain dynamics in the West Coast rock lobster fishery on livelihoods of small-scale fishersJoseph Ginindza and Moenieba Isaacsno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14738Widhya Nugroho SatrioajieWithdrawal The use of vessel monitoring system (VMS) technology for identifying compliance in the temporary closure area of the Banda Sea Widhya N. Satrioajie, Imam Prakoso, Wildan Ghiffary, Ahmad Baihaki, Umi Muawanah, Christy D. Pratama, Anta M. Nasution and Endroyonono, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)14832Jiangtian XuWithdrawal Who Can Be the Regime Maker of International Ocean Governance? The European Union or China?Jiangtian Xuno, cancel poster yes

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