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2020 MSEAS International Symposium
May 25-29, Yokohama, Japan

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S114495Karen L. HunterOral Changes in ocean health in British Columbia from 2001 to 2016Casey C. O’Hara1*, Courtney Scarborough2, Karen L. Hunter3, Jamie C. Afflerbach2, Karin Bodtker4 Melanie Frazier2, Julia S. Stewart Lowndes2, R. Ian Perry3, and Benjamin S. Halpern1,2 
S114511Jan-Jaap PoosOral Coupling of spatial models for individual fisher behaviour and age-structured populations for management strategy evaluationNekane Alzorriz, Adriaan Rijnsdorp and Jan-Jaap Poos 
S114488Anna M. BirkenbachOral Empirical structural analysis of value generation under rights-based fisheries managementAnna M. Birkenbach, Min-Yang Lee and Martin D. Smith 
S114522Lisa L. ColburnOral Enhancing the utility of social indicators of fishing community vulnerability and resilience in the United States through synthesis of multiple indices: Something gained, something lost? Lisa L. Colburn, Steve Jacob, Michael Jepson and Changhua Weng 
S114503Quentin HanichOral Equity and conservation – implementing Sustainable Development Goal 14 in transboundary fisheries Quentin Hanich, Ruth Davis, Randa Sacedon, Megan Bailey and Jack Kittinger 
S114502Steven SaulOral Fish, fishers, and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: an agent-based modelling approach Steven Saul, Brian Powers, and Xuetao Lu 
S114534Maria Ching VillanuevaOral Optimizing space-time use by fishermen to limit impacts of and losses due to marine depredation Maria Ching Villanueva1, Lavinia Suberg1, Paul Tixier2, Nicolas Gasco3, Vanessa Stelzenmuller4, Jessica Melbourne-Thomas5 and Beth Fulton5 
S114489Carlos MontenegroOral Qualitative modeling of socio-ecological systems in four benthic artisanal fisheries in ChileCarlos Montenegro, Leslie Garay-Narváez and Rosa Garay-Flühmann 
S114463Szymon SurmaOral Tradeoffs and uncertainty: towards ecosystem-based management of Northeast Pacific herring fisheriesSzymon Surma 
S214500Natalie GollanOral ‘It’s not just about fish’. Evaluating the social impacts of Marine Protected Areas on the wellbeing of coastal communities in NSW.Natalie Gollan and Kate Barclay 
S214537Fabienne DaurèsOral A socio- ecological approach for managing the small-pelagic fishery in France: the DEFIPEL projectFabienne Daurès, Frédérique Alban, Sigrid Lehuta and Martin Huret 
S214438Esther SchuchOral A threshold public good game with public good and public bad framing – Evidence from farmers and fishers in CambodiaEsther Schuch, Andries Richter and Tum Nhim 
S214538Manuel BellangerOral Addressing marine and coastal governance conflicts at the interface of multiple sectors and jurisdictionsManuel Bellanger, Scott Crosson, Robby Fonner, Daniel S. Holland, Doug Lipton, Prateep Nayak, Pierre Scemama, Cameron Speir and Olivier Thébaud 
S214464Szymon SurmaOral Applicability of the satoumi concept to Pacific herring management and conservationSzymon Surma 
S214456Jyun-Long ChenOral Commercial crab resources management in the northern waters off Taiwan: Finding a balance between resource conservation and fishing industry development Jyun-Long Chen, Shih-Chang Chuang, Hsin-Jou, Yeh 
S214548Clara ObregónOral Consequences of network structure on information flow for managing a temperate crab fishery Clara Obregón, Ingrid van Putten, Ryan Admiraal, Michael Hughes, James R. Tweedley, Neil R. Loneragan 
S214529Amanda SchadebergOral Deep uncertainty: How the inclusion of social science can help deal with uncertainty in mesopelagic marine scienceAmanda Schadeberg, Rolf Groeneveld, Marloes Kraan, Andries Richter and Nathalie Steins  
S214544Marco HaensggenOral Exposed at the Margins: An analysis of the social consequences of (Marine) Protected Areas in Southeast Asia.Marco Haensggen, Jessica Savage, Godwin Yeboah, Nutcha Charoenboon, Sorn Srenh. 
S214231Academician Tomukum ChiaOral GLOCECOHADIM-Africa-IAA Prospects and Support on the Marine Options towards 2020: Current Trends in Sustaining Marine Socio-Ecological Systems in Africa.Academician Tomukum Chia and Mr. Nang Lamberth Toh  
S214512Emily StebbingsOral Integrating marine natural capital into macroeconomic modelling: an application to the UK offshore wind sectorEmily Stebbings, Eleni Papathanasopoulou, Tara Hooper, Melanie Austen and Xiaoyu Yan 
S214506Andrey Todorov Oral Paving the way to integrated ecosystem-based marine management: legal challenges. The case study of the Arctic OceanAndrey Todorov  
S214542Louise C. GammageOral Scenario-based approaches to change management in fisheries can address challenges with knowledge integration and scale mismatches.Louise C. Gammage, Astrid Jarre, Charles Mather 
S214483Md Mizanur RahmanOral The ocean acidification: Analyzing the regulatory and institutional framework in BangladeshMd Mizanur Rahman 
S214497Valeriy KhokhlovPoster Hydro-ecological regime of lagoons in north-western part of Black Sea and issues of their water management under climate changeYurii Tuchkovenko, Valeriy Khokhlov, Nataliia Loboda and Oksana Tuchkovenko 
S314541C.M. WangInvited Floating forest to protect fragile shorelines, marinas and coastal infrastructureC.M. Wang, M.M. Han, J. Lyu, W.H. Duan, K.H. Jung and S. Kang An 
S314499Quentin HanichOral Drifting fish aggregating devices (FADs): deploying, soaking and setting – when is a FAD ‘fishing’?Quentin Hanich, Ruth Davis, Glen Holmes, Elizabeth-Rose Amidjogbe and Brooke Campbell 
S314468Sheku SeiOral Managing fisheries in data poor industrial fishery of Sierra Leone: Input controls and ecological risk assessment Sheku Sei and Andrew Baio 
S314494Marcello, GrazianoOral Regional Sciences/Studies & the Blue Economy: evidences from a ‘new’ coastal region.Marcello Graziano, Karen A. Alexander, Matthew Liesch 
S314513James R. WatsonOral Stopping Illegal Maritime Activities to Achieve Sustainable Life Below WaterJames R. Watson, A. John Woodil, Maria Kavanaugh, Jamon Van Den Hoek, and Jane Lubchenco 
S314447Bianca HaasOral Sustainable fisheries management – integrating the Sustainable Development Goals in Regional Fisheries OrganisationsBianca Haas, Marcus Haward, Jeffrey McGee and Aysha Fleming 
S314515Joseph GinindzaOral The influence of supply chain dynamics in the West Coast rock lobster fishery on livelihoods of small-scale fishersJoseph Ginindza and Moenieba Isaacs 
S314486Mr. Durlave RoyOral The use of locally produced Alternative Renewable Fertilizer Resources PracticesMr. Durlave Roy 
S414467Sheku SeiOral Assessment of stakeholders perception on the establishment of marine protected areas in Sierra Leone Sheku Sei, Andrew Baio 
S414461Md. Nazrul IslamOral Developing SIMMP Model: Approaches for Co-Management on Coastal Salinity Intrusion of the Bay of Bengal in BangladeshMd. Nazrul Islam 
S414524Suvaluck SatumanatpanOral Risk perception and adaptive capacity of small-scale fishing communities to declining fisheries in eastern Thailand. Suvaluck Satumanatpan, Richard Pollnac, Ratana Chuenpagdee 
S514491Marcello, GrazianoOral Mixing Methods: Affinity Propagation as an exploratory, data-driven approach to Marine Social Sciences Marcello Graziano, Benjamin W. Heumann, Maurizio Fiaschetti 
S614480Md Mizanur RahmanOral Application of the traditional knowledge of the ‘Bawalis’ to protect Sundarbans MangroveMd Mizanur Rahman 
S614507Hiroe IshiharaOral Fitting the heterogenous needs of resource users: The Case Study of Hybrid Institution of Spiny Lobster Fisheries Co-management in Wagu, Mie JapanHiroe Ishihara, Kanae Tokunaga, Hirotsugu Uchida 
S614530Tsubasa NomuraOral Impact of displaying freshness information on the consumer evaluation: an experimental evidence from tasting eventsTsubasa Nomura, Yutaro Sakai and Nobuyuki Yagi 
S614510Shang ChenOral Marine Gross Ecosystem Product Accounting: Methods and CasesShang Chen, Tao Xia 
S714533Nina RiversOral Best practice of stakeholder involvement processes in ICM, MSP and MPAs in the global south: A systematic reviewNina Rivers, Bernadette Snow, Amanda T. Lombard, Victoria Goodall and Rosemary A. Dorington  
S714509Abigail McQuatters-GollopOral Biodiversity in a shifting sea: challenges and solutions for working across the science-policy interfaceAbigail McQuatters-Gollop 
S714528Nathalie A. SteinsOral Bridging the gap or crossing the bridge?: Integrating collaborative fisheries research in the European institutional frameworks for science and managementNathalie A. Steins, Stephen C. Mangi, Martin A. Pastoors, Steve Mackinson and Robert L. Stephenson 
S714523Makino MOral Co-design and co-research on coastal ecosystes with Indonesian fishing communities: PICES FishGIS ProjectMakino M, Wells M, Sachoemar S, Tojo N, Takemura S, Trick C, Kogushi S, Xu C, Kulik V, Lee JS, Trainere V, Bychkov A 
S714519Fahma Fiqhiyyah Nur AzizahOral Current perceptions of multi-stakeholder on eco-certification for white shrimp farming in IndonesiaFahma Fiqhiyyah Nur Azizah, Yutaro Sakai, Nobuyuki Yagi 
S714540Irene MartinsOral Developing new IT products for aquaculture: optimising production while contributing to environmental sustainabilityI. Martins, A. Azevedo, A. M. Nobre, R. Serradeiro, F. Soares, J. Tavares, N. Machado, G. Barrocas, J. C. Leitão, P. C. Leitão, S. Cardoso, J. Rodrigues, R. Calado, A. I. Lillebø, R. Severino, H. Abreu, R. Pereira, L. M. P. Valente 
S714535Alistair J. HobdayOral Foresighting as a means of improving anticipatory scientific capacity and strategic planningAlistair J. Hobday et al 
S714536Marieke NortonOral Forum theatre as an interdisciplinary research methodology to investigate future livelihoods in a fishing communityMarieke Norton 
S714543Jessica SavageOral Learning from the Experts: The application of participatory mapping approaches to understand community knowledge and perceptions of human-ecosystem interactions.Jessica Savage, Godwin Yeboah, Marco Haensggen, Nutcha Charoenboon & Sorn Srenh. 
S714539Tsele T. NthaneOral Leveraging ICTs for equality, democracy, and sustainability in small-scale fisher transformation pathways: a case study of the Lamberts Bay small-scale fishery of the Western Cape, South AfricaTsele T. Nthane, Fred P. Saunders, Gloria L. Gallardo- Fernandez, Serge Raemaekers 
S714514Nasreen PeerOral Merging of scientific exploration and traditional knowledge in the Inhambane Bay mangroves, MozambiqueNasreen Peer, Nelson Miranda, Celia Macamo, Luciano Nhamussua, Bernadette Snow, Juliana Come, Vilma Machava, Sophie von der Heyden 
S714526Louise C. GammageOral Scenario planning with stakeholders to aid system transformation: Can structured decision-making tools be useful for knowledge integration and problem reframing? Louise C. Gammage, Astrid Jarre 
S714504Heike SchwermerOral Semi-quantitative scenario analysis with stakeholders – using fuzzy cognitive maps to evaluate system change of SES Western Baltic cod fishery Heike Schwermer, Payam Aminpor, Steven Gray and Christian Möllmann 
S714501Jess Melbourne-ThomasOral Stakeholder engagement for Southern Ocean ecosystem management: applying the knowledge-values-rules frameworkJess Melbourne-Thomas, Andrew Constable, Ingrid van Putten, Beth Fulton, Rowan Trebilco, Eva Plagányi and Lyn Goldsworthy 
S714520Ruoxi LyuOral Study on Future Potentials of Ecolabelling Certification for Indonesian Seaweed IndustryRuoxi Lyu and Nobuyuki Yagi 
S714498Ruth DavisOral The role of transparency initiatives in improving sustainability and equity in RFMO decision- making Ruth Davis & Quentin Hanich 
S714532Timur Jack-KadiogluOral The Value of Participatory Activities for Engagement and Collaboration with Coastal Communities in the Zanzibar Archipelago: Mwambao Coastal Community Network – A Practitioner’s PerspectiveTimur Jack-Kadioglu, Ali Khamis Thani and Lorna Slade 
S714525Louise C. GammagePoster Scenario planning with stakeholders to aid system transformation: Can structured decision-making tools be useful for knowledge integration and problem reframing? Louise C. Gammage, Astrid Jarre 
S814241Kelly MonteneroOral A quantitative and qualitative decision making process to select ecological indicatorsKelly Montenero and Chris Kelble 
S814462Md. Nazrul IslamOral Numerical modeling on the effects of pollutants on the ecosystem of Kamaishi Bay (Japan) by Using MEC model Md. Nazrul Islam, Daisuke Kitazawa 
S814546Mariska WeijermanOral Operationalizing socioecological dynamics in ecosystem models for strategic management adviceMariska Weijerman, Kirsten Leong, Zack Oyafuso, and Lansing Perng  
S814547Abigail McQuatters-GollopOral Using biodiversity indicators to meet marine conservation objectivesAbigail McQuatters-Gollop, Ian Mitchell, Cristina Vina Herbon, Saskia Otto, Laurent Guerin 
S814508Abigail McQuatters-GollopPoster Plankton on the move – implications for global biodiversity goalsAbigail McQuatters-Gollop, Jacob Bedford, Clare Ostle 
S914485Thanh Trung HoangOral An application of participatory modelling approach to explore social-ecological system dynamics and feedbacks in small-scale fisheries: Insights from a coastal lagoon in VietnamHoang Trung Thanh, Petra Tschakert and Matt Hipsey 
S914531Fanny ChâlesOral Coastal communities’ adaptation to climate change under the Paris Agreement: a typology of marine and coastal NDCsFanny Châles, Linwood Pendleton and Denis Bailly 
S914545David J. TrimbachOral Coastlines and communities: understanding shoreline armoring and sense of place in Washington’s Puget Sound region David J. Trimbach 
S914434Johanna Sophie ZimmerhackelOral Economic benefits of shark diving tourism in a potential shark sanctuary in MalaysiaJohanna S. Zimmerhackel, Marit E. Kragt and Mark G. Meekan 
S914465Sheku SeiOral Neither praise nor bury: Right-based fisheries governance experiment in Sierra LeoneSheku Sei, Andrew Baio 
S914448Susan de KoningOral Shellfish fisheries in a marine protected area: social representations and its implications for deliberative governance. Susan de Koning, Nathalie Anna Steins and Hilde Maria Toonen 
S914521Benjamin L. JonesOral Towards a social-ecological systems approach to seagrass conservation in the Indo-PacificBenjamin L. Jones, Leanne C. Cullen-Unsworth, Maricela de la Torre Castro, Narriman Jiddawi, Lina M. Nordlund, Richard K.F. Unsworth and Johan S. Eklöf 
S914452Mohammad MozumderOral Understanding Social-Ecological Challenges of a Small-Scale Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) Fishery in BangladeshMohammad Mozumder,Aili Pyhälä,Md.Abdul Wahab, Simo Sarkki,Petra Schneider and Mohammad Islam 
S914437Pavan KumarPoster Identification of Coral Reef bleaching warming and their management in Gulf of Kachchh using climatology parameter by geospatial techniquesPavan Kumar 
S1014466Sheku SeiOral Assessing climate change driven variations in pelagic fish species distribution and abundance in the North East Atlantic fishery of Sierra Leone Sheku Sei,Ciaran O’Donell, Abdoulaye Sarre 
S1014481Md Mizanur RahmanOral Biodiversity in peril: the impact of climate change on the coral island, St. Martin'sMd Mizanur Rahman 
S1014505Nabir MamnunOral Building Community Resilience to Storm Surges in coastal BangladeshNabir Mamnun 
S1014478MEJJAD NezhaOral Environmental impact of economic growth in the Oualidia lagoon (Moroccan Atlantic Coast)Nezha Mejjad, Abdelmourhit Laissaoui, Nour El Houda Hassen, Ouafa El Hammoumi, Azzouz Benkdad, Ahmed Fekri, Hamid Amsil, Adil El Yahyaoui 
S1014226BASHEER AHAMMED KKOral Geospatial modelling for Coastal Social Vulnerability and Risk Assessment to Cyclone Hazard along the Andhra Pradesh, East Coast of IndiaBasheer Ahammed KK, Arvind Chandra Pandey 
S1014482Md Mizanur RahmanOral Isn’t honeybee decline linked to climate change in the Sundarban Mangrove?Md Mizanur Rahman 
S1014527Samir GandhiOral Using systems thinking to make MPAs climate-smartSamir Gandhi and Abigail McQuatters-Gollop 

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