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2018 International Symposium: Understanding Changes in Transitional Regions of the Pacific
April 22–26, 2018, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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SessionPaper IDPresenterRequested Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S112378Prof.(Dr.)Virendra GoswamiDeclined Application of Remote Sensing to Study Correlation of Climate Variability with Sea-level Variability Mechanism , Sub-Mesoscale Dynamics in Pacific Transitional Areas(TAs). Prof.(Dr.)Virendra Goswami  yes
S112369Sayaka YasunakaInvited Large nutrient variation in the North Pacific Transitional AreaSayaka Yasunaka, Yukihiro Nojiri, Tsuneo Ono, Frank A. Whitney, Shin-ichiro Nakaokayes
S112501Rodolfo CornejoOral Acoustic and bio-ecological observations of mesopelagic fishes (Vinciguerria lucetia and myctophids) in Peruvian Humboldt CurrentRodolfo Cornejo, Ramiro Castillo, Miguel Ñiquen, Ana Alegre, Luis La Cruz, Jhon Robles 
S112496Hiroaki TatebeOral Atmospheric responses and feedback to the meridional ocean heat transport in the North PacificHiroaki Tatebe, Masuo Kurogi, and Hiroyasu Hasumiyes
S112512Wilbert MarinOral Billfish fisheries and environmental variability in Peru during 1997-2016Wilbert Marin, Luis Vásquez, Amado Solano and Maritza S. Saldarriagayes
S112401Luis MariáteguiOral Biological and fishing aspects of the jumbo flying squid (Dosidicus gigas) in the main fishing areas of the Peruvian sea between July 2015 to June 2017Luis Mariátegui1, Ericka Espinoza1, María Sanjinez1, Carmen Yamashiro1, Juan Arguelles1, Octavio Morón1 and Wencheng Lau-Medrano1 yes
S112477Xiujuan ShanOral Biological responses of small yellow croaker (Larimichthys polyactis) to multiple stressors: A case study in the Yellow Sea, ChinaXiujuan Shan, Xiansen Li, Tao Yang, S M Sharifuzzaman, Guozheng Zhang 1, Xianshi Jin and Fangqun Dai yes
S112490Daniel GradosOral Changes in the oxycline depth and their impacts on fish distributionDaniel Grados, Ramiro Castillo, Marissela Pozada, Jhon Robles, Michaelle Graco, Arnaud Bertrandyes
S112341Ellen M. YasumiishiOral Climate related changes in abundance and range shifts of pelagic fishes and jellyfish in the eastern Bering Sea during late summer, 2002-2016Ellen M. Yasumiishi and Kristin Ciecielyes
S112384Hitoshi KanekoOral Decadal salinity variation in the western North Pacific correlated with the North Pacific Gyre OscillationHitoshi Kaneko, Takeshi Okunishi, Shinya Kouketsu, Sachihiko Itoh, Takashi Setou, Hiroshi Kuroda, and Yugo Shimizu yes
S112502Carmen YamashiroOral Distribution of jumbo flying squid (Dosidicus gigas) and the environmental conditions in Peruvian WatersCarmen Yamashiro, Jorge Csirke, Luis Mariátegui, Juan Arguelles, Ramiro Castillo, Luis Vásquez, Daniel Grados and Renato Guevara-Carrascoyes
S112429Keith R. CriddleOral Durable entitlements and resilience in fishery social ecological systems subject to environmental forcingKeith R. Criddleyes
S112517Luis Usca CornejoOral Dynamics of the artisanal fishery of the flying fish roe in southern PeruLuis Usca, Ana Medina, Willy Marin, Octavio Morón and Renato Guevara-Carrascoyes
S112463Xianshi JinOral Effects of environmental changes in inshore waters on community structure and population dynamics of exploited marine speciesXianshi Jinyes
S112405Luz de Lourdes Aurora Coronado-ÁlvarezOral Estimates of anthropogenic carbon in waters off Mexico north and south of the Cabo San Lucas frontLuz de Lourdes Aurora Coronado-Álvarez, Saúl Álvarez-Borrego and J. Rubén Lara-Larayes
S112441Johanna L.K. WrenOral Evaluation of fleet dynamics and oceanography as factors accounting for variations in black-footed albatross interactions in the Hawai‘i-based deep-set longline fishery 2006-2017Johanna L. K. Wren1 and Jeffrey J. Polovina2 yes
S112438Ana Gabriela Uribe-PradoOral Fish larvae associations off the west coast of the Baja California peninsula during climate anomalies of 2014 and 2015Ana G. Uribe-Prado, Gerardo Aceves-Medina, Ricardo J. Saldierna-Martínez, Silvia P.A. Jiménez-Rosenberg and Alejandro T. Hinojosa-Medina. yes
S112519Miguel ÑiquenOral Impact of climatic variability on the distribution of dominant species in coastal and oceanic regions off PeruMiguel Ñiquen, Jorge Csirke, Luis Vásquez and Francois Colaceyes
S112413María C. Jiménez-QuirozOral Impact of The Blob and El Niño warming phenomena in the SW Baja California peninsula: study case of Bahia MagdalenaMaría C. Jiménez, Rafael Cervantes, René Funes, Sofía Barón, Felipe de J García, Sergio Hernández, David U. Hernández, Rogelio González, Raúl Martell, Sergio Cerdeira, José I. Fernández, Luis V. González, Mario Vásquez y Francisco J. Barrónyes
S112404Ruben Rodriguez-SanchezOral Interannual spatial dynamic of frontal activity along the southern part of the California Current (1985-2015)Ruben Rodriguez-Sanchez, Marlenne Manzano-Sarabia and Hector Villalobosyes
S112390Gerardo Aceves-MedinaOral Interannual variability tendences of the fish larvae abundance of dominant species at the Transition Zone of Bahia Vizcaino (1997-2014)Gerardo Aceves-Medina, Sylvia Patricia Jiménez-Rosenberg, Ricardo Saldierna-Martínezyes
S112478Laura E. LillyOral Is every El Niño the same? ENSO-related zooplankton community shifts in the southern California Current SystemLaura E. Lilly and Mark D. Ohmanyes
S112543Elliott HazenOral Mesoscale ocean features lead to increased energy gain for Elephant Seals in the North Pacific Transition ZoneBriana Abrahms1,2, Kylie Scales3, Elliott Hazen1,2, Steven Bograd1,2, Robert Schick4, Patrick Robinson2, and Dan Costa2not sure (maybe co-author)
S112424Barbara A. MuhlingOral North Pacific albacore distribution and migrations along transition zonesBarbara Muhling, Desiree Tommasi, John Childersyes
S112522David CorreaOral Peruvian North as a transition area during coastal El Niño 2017 and its impact on the marine environment: A review oceanographic, meteorological and artisanal fisheryDavid Correa, Javier Castro, Paquita Ramírez, Javier Castañeda, Jaime de la Cruzyes
S112462David RivasOral Physical and biological effects of the 2014-2015 northeastern Pacific’s climatic anomaly on northern Baja California Peninsula, diagnosed by a numerical NPZD modelDavid Rivas, Mariana Dorantes-Gilardiyes
S112528Ruben Lara-LaraOral Phytoplankton biomass and production rates, pCO2 and carbon fluxes time series (2006-2016) in the Southern California Current RegionJ. Ruben Lara-Lara, Lourdes Coronado Alvarez, Carmen Bazan-Guzman,Martin de la Cruz-Orozco y Uriel Mirabal-Gómezyes
S112448Diane GendronOral Recent decline in body condition of individual blue whales in the Gulf of CaliforniaCristina Casillas-López, Alex Duffort and Diane Gendronyes
S112447Tatsuya SakamotoOral Reproducing migration history of Japanese sardine using otolith δ18O and a data assimilation modelTatsuya Sakamoto, Kosei Komatsu, Kotaro Shirai, Tomihiko Higuchi, Toyoho Ishimura, Yasuhiro Kamimura, Chikako Watanabe, Atsushi Kawabata, Michio Yoneda, Takashi Setouyes
S112382Betsy BuitrónOral Reproduction of Jack mackerel Trachurus murphyi in PeruÁngel Perea, Betsy Buitrón, Julio Mori and Javier Sánchezyes
S112372Saúl Álvarez-BorregoOral Spatial and temporal variations of satellite-derived SST, and phytoplankton biomass and production in the transition zone at the southernmost CCS, in 2002-2017Saúl Álvarez-Borrego, Uriel Mirabal-Gómez, José C. Ortiz-Ahumada, and José R. Lara-Larayes
S112472Josymar Torrejón–MagallanesOral Spatio-temporal distribution modeling and abundance index of perico (Coryphaena hippurus) in the Pacific Ocean off PeruJosymar Torrejón – Magallanes, Wencheng Lau – Medrano and Daniel Gradosyes
S112494Patricia AyónOral Spatio-temporal variability of the early life stages of anchovy (Engraulis ringens) and Panama lightfish (Vinciguerria lucetia) in the Northern Humboldt Current System (1964-2016)Patricia Ayón and Katia Aronésyes
S112389Tim R. BaumgartnerOral The Nature of the Transition in the California Current Ecosystem during the 1997-1998 El Niño EventTim R Baumgartner and Reginaldo Durazoyes
S112495Ryan R. RykaczewskiOral Variability in the transport and latitude of the North Pacific Current: Consequences for northeastern Pacific ecosystemsRyan R. Rykaczewski, Jasmin G. John, Charles A. Stock, John P Dunne, and William T. Petersonyes
S112457Evan A. HowellOral Variation in phytoplankton composition between two North Pacific frontal zones along 158°W during winter-spring 2008–2015Evan A. Howell, Michael P. Seki, Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats, and Jeffrey J. Polovinayes
S112415Satoshi OsafunePlenary Decadal-scale temperature variability in the subarctic-subtropical gyre boundary region in the North PacificSatoshi Osafuneyes
S112450Francisco E. WernerPlenary Secular and paroxysmic shifts of transitional areas: Science and management challengesFrancisco E. Werneryes
S112361Erick D. Ruvalcaba-ArochePoster “El Niño” 2015-2016 in northeastern tropical-subtropical convergence: Implications on squid paralarvae distributionErick D. Ruvalcaba-Aroche, Laura Sánchez-Velasco, Emilio Beier, Victor Godínez and Eric D. Barton.yes
S112381Nestor Rey-VilliersPoster Biogenic silica as an indication of change in primary productivity in the last 5 thousand yearsNestor Rey-Villiers, Alejandra Loperena Canales and Alberto Sanchezyes
S112498Pavel A. MunshiPoster Case study of upwelling at Baja California watersPavel A. Munshiyes
S112371Raquel TostePoster Changes on the transport of North Pacific Current system based on CMIP5 projections to the end of the centuryRaquel Toste, Luiz Paulo de F. Assad and Luiz Landau yes
S112473John J. SelvarajPoster Decadal changes in the Colombian Pacific thermal frontal zones as revealed by satellite observationsGustavo A. Naranjo, John J. Selvaraj and Ángela I. Guzmányes
S112386Shinya KouketsuPoster Decadal salinity changes on the isopycnal surfaces revealed by the Argo float array around the subarctic front in the North PacificShinya Kouketsu, Satoshi Osafune, Hitoshi Kaneko, and Michio Aoyamayes
S112532Eleuterio YáñezPoster Environmental conditions associated with swordfish Chilean coast Eleuterio Yáñez1, Claudio Silva1, María Ángela Barbieri2, Alejandra Órdenes2 and Rodrigo Vega3 yes
S112713Deivis CuevaPoster Is there genetic fluctuation in northern population of Engraulis ringens over timescales? An approach with mitochondrial markersDeivis Cueva and Giovanna Sotilyes
S112510Erick J. Rodriguez-AamadorPoster Larval fish habitats in the shallow oxygen minimum zone in the Tropical Pacific off Mexico before and during "El Niño Godzilla 2015-2016"Erick J. Rodriguez-Aamador, Laura Sánchez-Velasco, Víctor M. Godínez, Sylvia P. A. Jiménez-Rosenberg and Erick D. Rubalcaba-Arocha.yes
S112392Toshimasa DoiPoster Representation of multi-decadal changes in dissolved inorganic substances in the Estimated Ocean State for Climate Research (ESTOC)Toshimasa Doi, Satoshi Osafune, Shuhei Masuda and Nozomi Sugiurayes
S112434Shigeki HosodaPoster Spatial and temporal variability of oxygen minimum zone in the North Pacific detected by biogeochemical Argo floatsShigeki Hosodayes
S112379Carina Stefoni BöckPoster Spatiotemporal variability of the oceanic fronts at the Kuroshio-Oyashio Confluence region and its relationship with ENSOCarina Stefoni Böck, Luiz Paulo de Freitas Assad and Luiz Landauyes
S112544Elan PortnerWithdrawal Differential response of midwater, midtrophic communities to ENSO and tropicalization in the Gulf of CaliforniaElan Portner, Kelly Benoit-Bird, Chad Waluk, Carlos Robinson, and William Gillyno-show yes
S112492Timothy H. FrawleyWithdrawal Impacts of a transition to tropical oceanic conditions in the Gulf of California on pelagic fisheries (2010-2015)Timothy H. Frawley, Dana K. Briscoe, Patrick C. Daniel, Elan Portner, Unai Markaida, Larry B. Crowder, Carlos J. Robinson and William F. Gillycancelled talk Mar 29 yes
S112337Larisa MuktepavelWithdrawal Okhotsk troposphere cyclone as the general factor for ice cover formation in Tatar Strait and in the Okhotsk seaLarisa Muktepavel, T. Shatilina1, G.Tsitsiashvili2, I. Tsypysheva1, T. Radchenkova2no yes
S212695Hidetada KiyofujiInvited Distribution and behavior of highly migratory species in transition areas in the western Pacific Ocean - Tracking of Marine Animals (ToMAs) ProjectHidetada Kiyofuji, Yoshinori Aoki and Ko Fujiokayes
S212449Chin-Hwa Jenny SunInvited Economic and conservation: Biological and economic tradeoffs between longline and purse-seine fishing in the Eastern Pacific OceanChin-Hwa Jenny Sun, Mark N. Maunder, Alexandre Aires-da-Silva, Minling Pan, William H. Bayliff and Guillermo A. Compeányes
S212571Simon R. BushInvited Only one path to sustainability? Understanding the role of MSC certification in regional fisheries management organizationsAgnes Yeeting and Simon R. Bushyes
S212516James IanelliInvited Status of science-based fisheries management in the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization (SPRFMO) areaJames Ianelli and Niels Hintzenyes
S212399Toshihide IwasakiInvited Stock assessment for Pacific saury, considering some marine environmental factorsToshihide Iwasakiyes
S212428Shane GriffithsOral A flexible spatially-explicit ecological risk assessment approach for quantifying the cumulative impact of tuna fisheries on data-poor bycatch species caught in eastern Pacific Ocean transition areasShane Griffiths, Leanne Duffy, and Cleridy Lennert-Codyyes
S212476Dale SquiresOral Bycatch-saving technological changeKathleen Segerson, Dale Squires, and Niels Vestergaardyes
S212366Minling PanOral Challenges in managing highly migratory and transboundary resources in Hawaii longline fisheriesMinling Pan and HingLing Chan yes
S212533David A. DemerOral Continuous differentiation of sardine stocks in the Ensenada Front transitional areaDavid A. Demer, Juan P. Zwolinski, Uwe Sendyes
S212396Jose Augusto Valencia-GastiOral Distribution of Pacific Sardine Spawning between U.S. and Mexico from 2000 to 2013J. Augusto Valencia-Gasti, Timothy Baumgartneryes
S212536Ricardo Oliveros-RamosOral Dynamics of the transition zones between distribution sub-areas of Jack Mackerel (Trachurus murphyi) in the South PacificRicardo Oliveros-Ramos, Enrique Ramos-Vasquez, Arnaud Bertrand, Jorge Csirkeyes
S212475Dale SquiresOral High-seas fisheries managementRoss Shotten and Dale Squiresyes
S212430Stefan KoenigsteinOral Impacts of climatic and ecological variations on human user groups and implications for marine ecosystem-based management in Northern PeruStefan Koenigstein, Stefan Gößling-Reisemannyes
S212570Yoshinori AokiOral Reviews of Albacore biology and fisheries around transition areas in the north Pacific OceanYoshinori Aoki, Ko Fujioka and Hidetada Kiyofujiyes
S212427Leanne DuffyOral Using long-term catch trends and habitat preferences of bycatch species to improve ecosystem-based management in transition areas within the eastern Pacific OceanLeanne Duffy, Shane Griffiths and Cleridy Lennert-Codyyes
S212602Nicolas GutierrezPlenary Considerations of transitional and transboundary processes when assessing and managing highly migratory tuna speciesNicolas Gutierrezyes
S212395Aleksandr ZavolokinPoster Management of fisheries resources in the Convention Area of the North Pacific Fisheries Commission: Progress and challengesAleksandr Zavolokinyes
S312393Masao KurogiInvited Development of a high resolution coastal ocean modelMasao Kurogi and Hiroyasu Hasumiyes
S312370Daisuke HasegawaInvited Mixing processes of the Oyashio and Tsugaru Warm Current in the Northwestern Pacific OceanDaisuke Hasegawa, Takahiro Tanaka, Takeshi Okunishi and Hitoshi Kanekoyes
S312456Charles A. StockInvited Predicting and adapting to biome-scale marine resource changes in the North PacificCharles A. Stock, John P. Dunne, Jong-Yeon Park, Jasmin G. John, Fernando Taboada, Desiree Tommasiyes
S312394Sachihiko ItohOral Fine-scale variability of isopycnal salinity in the California Current SystemSachihiko Itoh and Daniel L. Rudnickyes
S312357Sergey V. PrantsOral Lagrangian analysis of mesoscale eddies in the Kuroshio-Oyashio frontal zoneS.V. Prants, M.Yu. Uleysky and M.V. Budyansky yes
S312538Enrique N. CurchitserOral Projected coastal hypoxia in a coupled bio-physical model of the California Current SystemRaphael Dussin, Enrique N. Curchitser, Charles A. Stock and Nicolas C. Van Oostendeyes
S312518Cristhian AstoOral Spatio-Temporal Variability of the Equatorial Front in the Eastern PacificCristhian Asto, Alexis Chaigneau and Dimitri Gutiérrez yes
S312497Hitomi OyaizuOral Temperature and growth cause the recruitment variability of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira): Modeling survival processes in early life stagesHitomi Oyaizu, Shin-ichi Ito and Sachihiko Itohyes
S312523Isabel RamirezOral The effect of Ojo de Liebre Lagoon on the hydrodynamics of Bahia VizcainoI.Ramírez (1), R. Navarro (2), E. Santamaría (3) M. Ortiz (1) R. Ramírez (1) and H. Bustos (3) yes
S312485Toshio SugaPlenary North Pacific subtropical-subpolar transitional areas as ventilation windows of the both gyresToshio Sugayes
S312345Kenneth JohnsonPlenary Observing biogeochemical variability in transitional areas of the South Pacific/Southern Ocean with the SOCCOM profiling float arrayKenneth S. Johnson, Lynne D. Talley, Stephen C. Riser, Joellen L. Russell, Emmanuel Boss, and Jorge L. Sarmientoyes
S312455John A. BarthPlenary On the edge: Observing and modeling intensified physical and biogeochemical interactions in the Pacific’s ever-shifting transition zonesJohn A. Barthyes
S312619Yukio MasumotoPoster Eastern Indian Ocean Upwelling Research Initiative (EIOURI)Yukio Masumoto, Weidong Yu and Raleigh Hoodyes
S412419Xinyu GuoInvited Cross-shelf transports of water and nutrients in the East China Sea and their impacts on the primary productionXinyu Guo, Yucheng Wang, Jing Zhang and Liang Zhaoyes
S412421Michael JacoxInvited Wind and nutrient controls on phytoplankton biomass in the coastal, offshore, and transitional areas of the California Current SystemMichael G. Jacox, Steven J. Bograd, and Elliott L. Hazenyes
S412442Shinichiro KidaOral A Lagrangian view of spring blooms and river-ocean dynamicsShinichiro Kida, Takamitsu Itoyes
S412454Roberto QuesquénOral Answer of zooplankton indicator species to oceanographic variability in the transition zone off the central coast of Peru (2013-2017)Roberto Quesquén, Patricia Ayón, Michelle Graco, Luis Vásquez and David Correayes
S412479Katia AronésOral Biomass zooplankton in the Northern Humboldt Current System and its variability associated with areas of transitionKatia Aronés, Daniel Grados, Gary Vargas, Luis Vasquez, Patricia Ayón and Arnaud Bertrandyes
S412433Tatsuro KarakiOral Buoyancy shutdown process for the development of the baroclinic jet structure of the Soya Warm Current during summerTatsuro Karaki, Humio Mitsudera and Hiroshi Kuroda yes
S412470Michelle I. GracoOral Connections between the Peruvian coastal upwelling and open ocean biogeochemistry with the plankton variability(Michelle I. Graco, Avy Bernales, Wilson Carhuapoma, Diana Alvites, Luc Beaufort, David Correa, Roberto Quesquén, Jesus Ledesma, Tony Anculle, Georgina Flores, Moron Octavio and Dimitri Gutiérrez)yes
S412425Steven J. BogradOral Cross-shelf variation in California Current Water mass structureSteven J. Bograd, Isaac D. Schroeder, Michael G. Jacox, Elliott L. Hazenyes
S412525Criscely Luján-ParedesOral Ecological characterization of the pelagic habitat in the Peruvian Upwelling Ecosystem: Insights from the dynamics of the coastal shelf-open ocean transitional areasCriscely Luján-Paredes and Ricardo Oliveros-Ramosyes
S412417Vera OerderOral Frontal activity and characteristics in an area of seasonal coastal upwelling near Punta Lavapié, Humboldt Current SystemVera Oerder, Joaquim Bento, Carmen Morales, Samuel Hormazabal and Oscar Pizarroyes
S412459Avy BernalesOral Impact of oceanographic variability in the nano- and microphytoplankton dynamics off the central coast of Peru – 12° S (2013-2016)Avy Bernales, Sonia Sanchez, Michelle Graco, Flor Chang, Nelly Jacobo, Elcira Delgado, Diana Alvites, Luc Beaufort and David Correayes
S412422Angelica PeñaOral Interannual variability of biogeochemical conditions along the British Columbia continental shelf and slopeAngelica Pena, Isaac Fine and Diane Massonyes
S412520Dante Espinoza-MorriberónOral Interannual variability of the Chlorophyll-a transitional zone in the Peruvian Upwelling System: Local and remote forcingsEspinoza-Morriberón D(1), Demarcq H(2), Tam J(1), Gutierrez D(1), Graco M(1), Echevin V(2)yes
S412385Hiroshi KurodaOral Numerical experiments based on a coupled physical–biochemical ocean model to study the Kuroshio-induced nutrient supply on the shelf-slope region south of JapanHiroshi Kuroda, Akinori Takasuka, Yuichi Hirota, Taketoshi Kodama, Tadafumi Ichikawa, Daisuke Takahashi, Kazuhiro Aoki and Takashi Setouyes
S412482Hiroaki SaitoOral Nutrient front across the KuroshioHiroaki Saito, Fuminori Hashihama, Yu Umezawa, Hiroshi Ogawa and Hideki Fukudayes
S412526Francois ColasOral The impact of El Niño events on the fine-scale dynamics off Peru coasts: In-situ measurements and regional model analysisFrancois Colas, Vincent Echevin, David Correa, Dante Espinoza, Martin Campos, Herve Demarcq, Dimitri Gutierrezyes
S412403Wencheng Lau-MedranoOral The Peruvian anchovy and oceanographic fronts: Description of association and using as a proxy of presenceWencheng Lau-Medranoyes
S412420William R. CrawfordOral Variations in subsurface oxygen concentration in the Pacific Canadian transition zoneWilliam R. Crawford and M. Angélica Peñayes
S412527Dimitri GutierrezPlenary Recent trends on temperature, productivity and oxygenation across the Peruvian upwelling system Dimitri Gutierrezyes
S412491Ramiro CastilloPoster Behavior of schools of anchoveta (Engraulis ringens) on the fronts of coastal and oceanic water masses between 2015 and 2017Ramiro Castillo, Jhon Robles, Renato Guevara-Carrasco, Carlos Valdez and Luis Vásquezyes
S412406Ximena OroscoPoster Paralarvae of Argonauta spp. (Class: Cephalopoda) as indicators of ocean fronts in the NHCSXimena Orosco and Patricia Ayónyes
S412508Amaru MárquezPoster Persistence of a sub-surface fluorescence maximum within the Oxygen Minimum Zone in the Pacific off MexicoAmaru Márquez-Artavia, Laura Sánchez-Velasco, Erick D. Barton, Aurélien Paulmier, Eduardo Santamaría-Del-Ángel and Emilio Beieryes
S412504Elda PinedoPoster Spatial characterization offshore-inshore of Euphausiids in the Northern Humboldt Current SystemElda Pinedo, Patricia Ayon and Carmela Nakazaki.yes
S412435Kazuo IshikawaPoster Transport and recruitment of age-0 jack mackerel (Trachurus japonicus) from the East China Sea to coastal areas along the KuroshioKazuo Ishikawa, Sachihiko Itoh, Chikako Watanabe, Takahiko Kameda, Tsutomu Tokeshi, Hikari Horie, Daisuke Hashida, Yoshihiro Hayashi, Takashi Takeda, Masahiro Kuno, Yuki Suzuki, Shozo Takamura and Ryousuke Fukumotoyes
S412513Ioanna BouloubassiWithdrawal Imprints of physical, chemical and biological conditions in sedimentary proxies across the Peruvian shelfIoanna Bouloubassi, Mercedes Mendez, Sandrine Caquineau, Michelle Graco, Federico Velazco, Ernesto Fernandez, Ursula Mendoza, Juana Solis, Luis Quipuzcoa, David Correano-show yes
S412521Graciela Pérez-MoraWithdrawal Surface temperature and Chlorophyll-a satellite, in coastal transition zones: Effect on the anchovy fishery (Engraulis ringens) of northern ChileGraciela Pérez - Mora and Edgardo Santander no-show yes
S512418Bertha LavaniegosInvited Changes euphausiid species composition in the transition zone of the California Current during the period 1998-2016Bertha E. Lavaniegosyes
S512375Xinzheng LiInvited Long time change of macrobenthos from the Yellow Sea and East China Sea, Northwestern PacificXinzheng Li and Yong Xuyes
S512352Sonia BattenInvited Lower trophic level transitions determined from Continuous Plankton Recorder surveysSonia D Batten and Sanae Chibayes
S512402Sylvia P. A. Jiménez-RosenbergOral Bahía Vizcaíno as a transitional area for fish larvae communities in the Southern California CurrentSylvia P. A. Jiménez-Rosenberg and Gerardo Aceves-Medina yes
S512458Jeffrey CrooksOral Biological invasions at the land-sea-freshwater interface in the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve, a Marine Protected Area in a binational watershedJeffrey Crooksyes
S512443Susana Cabrera-NúñezOral Community structure and spatial distribution of zooplankton in the Mexican Transitional Pacific (April 2015)Susana Cabrera-Núñez and Sergio Hernández-Trujillo yes
S512431David Petatán-RamírezOral Habitat suitability index of Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax) in the Mexican Pacific Ocean under climate change scenariosDavid Petatán-Ramírez1, Miguel Ángel Ojeda Ruiz de la Peña1, Laura Sánchez-Velasco2, David Rivas-Camargo3, Cristian Salvadeo1, Héctor Reyes-Bonilla1, Gabriela Cruz-Piñon1 & Hem Morzaria-Luna4.yes
S512440Giancarlo MoronOral Identifying biogeographical transition zones and nekton assemblages in the northern Humboldt Current SystemGiancarlo Moron, Andres Chipollini and Miguel Romeroyes
S512489Víctor AramayoOral OMZ-influenced benthic responses along bathymetric gradients reflects coherent transitional ecological changesVíctor Aramayo, Michelle Graco, Juana Solís, Robert Marquinayes
S512408Romeo Saldívar-LucioOral Restructuring reef-fish functional groups: No-fishing consequences into a transitional areaRomeo Saldívar-Lucio1, Héctor Reyes-Bonilla2, Gustavo De la Cruz-Agüero3, Salvador E. Lluch-Cota4, Damien Olivier2, Arturo Ayala-Bocos2 and Daniel B. Lluch-Cota1 yes
S512461Kazuaki TadokoroOral Seasonal variation of plankton community and biodiversity in the Kuroshio-Oyashio Transition watersKazuaki Tadokoro, Tsuyoshi Watanabeyes
S512451Ruslan A. PastorOral Spatial-temporary distribution of biodiversity on the northern border of the Peruvian maritime domain (2014-2015)Ruslan A. Pastor, Fabiola Zavalaga, Patricia Carbajal, Albertina Kameya yes
S512397Julio LordaOral Species range shifts, long term variability of temperature on coastal systems, and insights into the futureJulio Lorda, Monica Almeida, Rodrigo Beas-Luna, Danielle Boudreau, Michelle Cordrey, Kristen Goodrich, Justin McCullough and Jeff Crooksyes
S512530Cherisse Du PreezOral Submarine islands of benthic biodiversity within and adjacent to an offshore transitional areaCherisse Du Preez, Kelly Swan, and Tammy Norgardyes
S512452Ruslan A. PastorOral The Coastal El Niño 2017 and its effect on the space-time distribution of some fishes and invertebrates off the coast of PeruRuslan A. Pastor, Octavio Morón, Flor Paredes y Albertina Kameyayes
S512411Tammy Norgard (or Cherisse Du Preez)Oral Understanding the Pelagic waters and Coastal Transition Zone within Canada largest Area of Interest for Protection on the Pacific CoastTammy Norgard, Richard Thomson, Tetjana Ross, Debby Ianson, Cherisse Du Preez, Joy Hillier, Miriam Oyes
S512416Paul V.R. SnelgrovePlenary Transitional habitats as an opportunity to understand drivers of ecosystem functioning Paul V.R. Snelgroveyes
S512453David TorresPoster Changes in marine zooplankton diversity during El Niño 2015-2016 in a convergence area in northern PeruDavid Torres, Patricia Ayón, Katia Aronés and Javier Castroyes
S512469Natalia ArakakiPoster Distributional patterns of macroalgae from northern PeruNatalia Arakaki, Patricia Carbajal, Alex Gamarra and Janeth Galarzano, by Arturo Aguirre
S512541Victoria Díaz-CastañedaPoster Macrobenthic colonization of an artificial reef located in the west coast of Baja California, MexicoVictoria Díaz-Castañeda and J. Kukyes
S512380Adriana Gomez-LeonPoster Spatio-temporal variability in the relative abundance of benthic foraminifera in La Paz lagoon, Gulf of CaliforniaAdriana Gomez-Leon, Nestor Rey-Villiers and Alberto Sanchezyes
S612468Sheku SeiDeclined Assessment of Yawri Bay Marine Protected Area Vulnerability to Climate Change in Sierra LeoneSheku Sei and Andrew Baio  yes
S612340Amrouni ODeclined Characterization of marine dredged sediment, from the port of Kalâat Andalous (Bay of Gulf of Tunis), TUNISIAAmrouni O , Ouertani W , Sánchez A, Chouba L , Abdelaziz Sebei , Chmingui W , Abdeljaouad S   yes
S612342Isa ElegbedeDeclined Climate change impact on ocean resources; resilience and sustainabilityIsa Elegbede  yes
S612535Md Mizanur RahmanDeclined The impact of climate change on floral diversity of mangrove forest of Sundarban deltaMd Mizanur Rahman  yes
S612346Zengjie JiangInvited Potential impacts of coastal mariculture on marine ecosystems and sustainable approachesZengjie Jiang, Jianguang Fang, Jinghui Fang and Yaping Gaoyes
S612356Jingmei LiInvited Valuing the loss of ecological benefits of wetland reclamation in jiaozhou Bay based on choice experimentsJingmei Li, Hewei Liu and Jingzhu Dan?visa problem
S612534Juan A. Payan AlcacioOral Analysis of the community structure of the mangrove fish in the American ContinentJuan A. Payan-Alcacio, Rodrigo Moncayo-Estrada, Jose De la Cruz-Agüero and Gustavo De la Cruz-Agüeroyes
S612500Arturo Aguirre-VelardeOral Marine aquaculture vulnerability in the northern limit of the Peruvian upwelling systemArturo Aguirre-Velarde, Américo Sanchez, François Colas, Vincent Echevin, Dante Espinoza-Morribeón, Jonathan Flye-Sainte-Marie, Gérard Thouzeau3 and Fred Jean3yes
S612515Lander MermaOral Physical variability associated to the formation of water stratification events and emergence of anoxia in Paracas Bay (14º S) downstream the main Peruvian coastal upwelling cellLander Merma, Dimitri Gutiérrez, François Colas, Edgart Flores, Arturo Aguirre, David Correa, Sonia Sánchez and Alberto Lorenzoyes
S612338Meng SuOral Preliminary analysis of the Jimo coastal ecosystem with the Ecopath modelMeng Suyes
S612437Ursula MendozaOral Sulfidic events in a bay of the Central Peruvian upwelling systemEdgart Flores, Michelle Graco, Lander Merma, Rut Diaz, Manuel Moreira, Arturo Aguirre, Michael E. Böttcher, Maritza S. Saldarriaga, Emmanoel V. Silva-Filho, Ana L. Albuquerque and Ursula Mendoza yes
S612412Steve KasperskiOral Understanding social vulnerability and resource dependence in Alaska fishing communitiesStephen Kasperskiyes
S612444Francisco Arreguín-SánchezPlenary Climate change, the challenge of fisheries management and the need of a change of paradigm: Ecosystem reference levels for sustainable fisheriesFrancisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Pablo del Monte-Luna, Manuel J. Zetina-Rejón, T. Mónica Ruiz-Barreiro, Mirtha O. Albáñez-Lucero, Arturo Tripp- Valdezyes
S612601Thomas W. TherriaultPlenary Coastal Aquatic Ecosystems Under Stress: PICES experiencesThomas W. Therriaultyes
S612524Jesus Roberto Oyervides-FigueroaPoster Genetic characterization of Artemia franciscana by isoenzymesFrancisco Correa-Sandoval1, Jesus Oyervides-Figueroa2, Luis Arce-Valdés3, José Ortiz-Sartorius2, Claudia V. Aguilar2, Norma V. Zazueta2, Ivone Giffard-Mena2, Luis E. Paredes2, Faustino C. Rosales4, Tatiana Olivares-Bañuelos1 and Roberto E. Fernandez1yes
S612407Ricardo Palomares-GarcíaPoster Seasonal cycle of the copepod community in an anti estuarine lagoonRicardo Palomares-Garcíayes
S612511Sonia SánchezPoster Seasonal variability in the distribution of phytoplankton in Paracas Bay/Peru, as a response to environmental conditionsSonia Sánchez, Jorge Quispe, Nelly Jacobo, Georgina Flores, Avy Bernales, Augusto Francono, by Dimitri Gutierrez Aguilar
S612446Jon ChamberlainWithdrawal A review of the use of models to simulate environmental interactions of marine finfish aquaculture in BC and their potential application to other coastal zone management challengesJon Chamberlainno-show, cancelled invited yes
S612343Kalpana ChaudhariWithdrawal Coastal area planning and management for sustainable fisheries: Issues on coastal risk and vulnerability under climate change in Indo-Pacific regionKalpana Chaudhari,Christina Cheongfin problem yes
S612426Miguel Angel Ojeda RuizWithdrawal Fisheries in Bahia Magdalena-Almejas: Evolution and the need to explore new policies and management paradigmsMiguel Ángel Ojeda Ruiz , Gustavo Hinojosa Arango, Elvia Aida Marin Monroy, Alfredo Flores Irigollen, Juan José Cota Nieto, Ricardo Alberto Cavieses Núñez, and Octavio Aburto Oropeza no-show
S612445Francisco Arreguín-SánchezWithdrawal Modern and comprehensive perspective for scientific advice for the management of the shrimp fishery in the Mexican Pacific: An ongoing researchFrancisco Arreguín-Sánchez1,2, Enrique Morales-Bojórquez2,3, Manuel Zetina-Rejón1,2, Pablo del Monte-Luna1,2, Marlene Luquín2,3, José Zepeda1,2, Fernando Aranceta1,2, Noemi Zamora1,2, Germán Ponce-Díaz1,2, Marina Hirales1,2, Arturo Tripp-Valdez1,2no, cancel poster yes
General Plenary12480Emanuele Di LorenzoPlenary Multi-scale impacts of climate on Pacific Transitional AreasEmanuele Di Lorenzo and Gian-Giacomo Navarrayes
General Plenary12391Jeffrey PolovinaPlenary The North Pacific Transitional Zone: A research and management retrospectiveJeffrey Polovinayes

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