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2018 International Symposium: The Climate Change Effects on the World Oceans
June 4-8, 2018, Washington D.C., USA

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
Declined12358DHRUBA BANERJEEDeclined A study of tropical cyclones over India (Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea) and solar influence on itDHRUBA BANERJEE,RINKU DAS, RAMAPROSAD BONDYOPADHAYAdeclined yes
Declined12736Joy ManglaniDeclined A system for Safe, Sustainable and Eco-friendly Wastewater Treatment to create Soil, Grass and Water (EWT)Joy Manglanideclined yes
Declined12604Onema Christopher, AdojohDeclined Biosequence stratigraphy, fluvio-tidal deltaic sequence and paleoenvironmental dynamics: New approach from the passive margin, West AfricaOnema Adojoha, Peter Osterloffb aGeosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering, University of Missouri Science and Technology, Rolla, MO 65409-0410, US,bShell UK Limited, London, E14 5NR, UK declined yes
Declined13025Tetyana KuchmaDeclined Black and Azov seas coastal water vulnerability to atmospheric pollution due to military actions in eastern UkraineTetyana Kuchmadeclined yes
Declined12647Isa O ElegbedeDeclined Carbon footprint of shellfish stocks and climate mitigation in the Eastern Central AtlanticIsa Olalekan Elegbede, Ikechukwu Mbachu, Abdulwakil, O. Saba, Saheed Matemiloladeclined yes
Declined12777Siya AggreyDeclined Commercialization of alternative livestock feeds could save fish stocks in Lake Victoria.Siya Aggreydeclined yes
Declined12690Nan-Jay SuDeclined Development of abundance index for sailfish based on data from the Taiwanese tuna longline fishery in the Atlantic OceanNan-Jay Su, Ching-Hsuan Tai1, Yi-Sin Ludeclined yes
Declined12795Stanley I. NmorDeclined Diatoms survival and low silicic climatic impacted conditionsStanley I. Nmor, Ade-Ronke O. Lawal-Are, Julius I. Agbooladeclined yes
Declined12677Shivanagouda N. SanagoudraDeclined Distribution of meiobenthos of nearshore coral reef environment in the Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat, IndiaShivanagouda N. Sanagoudra and U.G.Bhat declined yes
Declined12739Hongjian TanDeclined Enhanced Response of Sea Surface Temperature in Coastal China Seas to Global Warming Acceleration and SlowdownHongjian Tan,and Rongshuo Caideclined yes
Declined13050Daudu, A.K.Declined Gender differences in climate-smart agricultural practices among smallholder farmers in Nigeria: Evidence from Kwara StateAbdulrazaq, K. Daudu, Felix O. Oladipo, Ajoke O. Kayode and Zainab O. Ambalideclined yes
Declined12594Harunur RashidDeclined Impacts of Climate Change Induced Salinity Intrusion on Physiological Parameters of Aquatic Hydrophytes from Coastal Rivers of Bangladesh Ulfat Jahan Farha, Zarin Subah, Harunur Rashiddeclined yes
Declined12552Md Mizanur RahmanDeclined Isn’t honeybee decline linked to climate change in the Sundarban Mangrove?Md Mizanur Rahmandeclined yes
Declined13176Calogera MonasteroDeclined Lipid composition of Engraulis encrasicolus and possible change of trophic habitat. Calogera Monastero,Antonio Mazzola, Marco Torri , Bernardo Patti, Santino Orecchio, Antonella Maggio and Angela Cuttitta.declined yes
Declined12892Vadim NavrotskyDeclined On Global Climate-Ocean Ecosystems interactions Vadim Navrotskydeclined yes
Declined13215Qingsheng LiDeclined Spatial variability of the main contaminations in seawater environment in Xiamen BayQingsheng Li, Cui Wang, Jinlong Jiang and Jinkeng Wangdeclined yes
Declined12752P. Kiran KumarDeclined Spatio-temporal variation of Indian summer monsoon rainfall and associated δ18O variability: Its teleconnections with ENSO P. Kiran Kumar, R. Ramesh and M.G.Yadavadeclined yes
Declined12605Md Mizanur RahmanDeclined The impact of climate change on floral diversity of mangrove forest of Sundarban delta regionMd Mizanur Rahmandeclined yes
Declined12965Tahta Nurmahsya MaharaniDeclined The rising of sea level causing conflict and environment scarcity at archipelagic countriesTahta Nurmahsya Maharani; Widita Argyagani Mulyadideclined yes
Observer Session12972Fan WangPoster Facing the future: Research in China’s big marine sciencesFan Wangyes
Observer Session13246NPAFCPoster Salmon and people in a changing world: Introducing the International Year of the SalmonMark Saunders, Madeline Young and Suam Kimyes
Pending12611Peng LianWithdrawal Effects of ENSO on the temporal and spatial distribution of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the eastern Pacific OceanPeng Lian,Yongjun Tian,Yuntao Wang, and Yang Liuyes, cancel poster yes
S113137Rebecca AschInvited Trophic mismatches between plankton blooms and fish spawning phenology as a function of climate extremesRebecca G. Asch, Charles A. Stock and Jorge L. Sarmiento yes
S112699Lester KwiatkowskiOral Daily and seasonal ocean acidification extremes during the twenty-first centuryLester Kwiatkowski, James C. Orr and Laurent Boppyes
S113173Mary HunsickerOral Developing an index for early detection of abrupt change in northeast Pacific Ocean ecosystemsMary Hunsicker, Michael Litzow, Sean Anderson, Jin Gao, Chris Harvey, Sam McClatchie, Eric Ward and Stephani Zadoryes
S113204Russell BrainardOralREP-2Ecological impacts of the extreme 2015-2016 El Niño in the central equatorial PacificRussell E. Brainard, Thomas Oliver, Michael J. McPhaden, Anne Cohen, Bernardo Vargas-Angel, Hannah Barkley, Roberto Venegas, Adel Heenan, Randi Rotjan, Sangeeta Mangubhai, Elizabeth Flint, Susan Hunter , Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats, and Keith Bigelowyes, Feb. 26
S112775Richard BrodeurOral Effects of a recent marine heat wave on forage taxa in the northern California Current: An unprecedented ecosystem shift in progress?Richard D. Brodeur, Mary E. Hunsicker, Toby D. Auth, and Todd W. Miller yes
S113193Jay PetersonOralREP-02Effects of the recent anomalous warming on the lipid and fatty acid structure of zooplankton in the northeast Pacific (Newport, Oregon, USA)Jennifer L. Fisher, Louise Copeman, Jessica Miller, Jay Peterson, William T. Petersonno, Jay Peterson (for J. Fisher)
S113216John PiattOralxREP-3Extreme response of seabirds to extreme climate events in the NE PacificJohn F. Piatt, William J. Sydeman, Mayumi Arimitsu, and Marisol Garcia-Reyes yes, P->O, conf. Feb. 21
S113028Mark EakinOral Global coral bleaching in the Anthropocene and a call for climate actionC. Mark Eakin, William J. Skirving, Scott F. Heron, Gang Liu, Terry P. Hughes, Simon Donner, Erick F. Geiger, Jacqueline L. De La Cour, Andrea M. Gomez, Kristen D. Anderson, Kyle V. Tirak, and Benjamin L. Marshyes
S112653Alistair Hobday (for Eric Oliver)OralREP-1Historical and future projected changes in global marine heatwavesEric Oliver, M Donat, M Burrows, P Moore, D Smale, L Alexander, J Benthuysen, M Feng, A Sen Gupta, A Hobday, N Holbrook, S Perkins-Kirkpatrick, H Scannell, S Straub, M Thomsen and T Wernberg no, move back to oral, May 2
S113099Anne Hollowed (for Qiong Yang)Oral How “The Blob” affected groundfish distributions in the Gulf of AlaskaQiong Yang, Edward Cokelet, Phyllis Stabeno, Lingbo Li, Anne Hollowed, Wayne Palsson, Nicholas Bond and Steven Barbeauxyes
S112741Gang LiuOral Increase in global coral bleaching heat stress since 1982Gang Liu, Jacqueline L. De La Cour, Erick F. Geiger, Andrea M. Gomez, William J. Hernandez, Scott F. Heron, Ben L. Marsh, William J. Skirving, Alan E. Strong, Kyle V. Tirak and C. Mark Eakinyes
S113134Andrew PershingOral Increases in surprising ocean temperatures will challenge the limits of ecosystems and people to adaptAndrew J. Pershing, Nicholas R. Record, Bradley S. Franklin, Brian T. Kennedy, Katherine E. Mills, Andrew Thomas, Michael A. Alexander, James D. Scottyes
S112732Youngji JohOral Increasing coupling between NPGO and PDO leads to prolonged marine heatwaves in the Northeast PacificYoungji Joh and Emanuele Di Lorenzo yes (xFIN) conf Feb 22
S112649Julie E. KeisterOral Inland sea and coastal ocean zooplankton communities show contrasting responses to recent Northeast Pacific climate variabilityJulie Keister, Jan Newton, Jennifer Fisher, Ian Perry, William Peterson, Moira Galbraith, John Mickett, Bethellee Herrmann, and Wendi Ruefyes
S113164William SydemanOral Marine ecosystems and extreme events: A global analysis through the lens of seabirdsWilliam J. Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, and the Seabird-Climate Working Groupyes
S112645Thomas FrölicherOral Marine heat waves under global warmingThomas L. Frölicher, Erich M. Fischer, Nicolas Gruberyes, convenor
S112959Louise CastroOral Ocean warming and marine heatwaves: Will these make temperate macroalgae increasingly vulnerable to tropical herbivores?Louise Castro, Paulina Cetina-Heredia, Moninya Roughan, Sandra Straub, Melinda Coleman, Thomas Wernberg, Ezequiel Marzinelli, Symon Dworjanyn, Adriana Vergés and Peter Steinbergyes
S112722James RobinsonOral Productive instability of coral reef fisheries after a climate-driven regime shiftJames Robinson, Shaun Wilson, Jan Robinson, Simon Jennings, Nick Grahamyes
S112762Michael AlexanderOral Projected sea surface temperatures over the 21st century: Changes in the mean, variability and extremes for large marine ecosystem regions of Northern OceansMichael Alexander, James Scott, Kevin Friedland, Katherine Mills, Janet Nye, Andrew Pershing, Andrew Thomasyes
S112771Catarina VinagreOralxREP-1Robustness of food web complex networks to heat-waves in tropical and temperate shallow watersVinagre C., Mendonça, V.yes, P->O
S112847Bayden RussellOralxREP-1Time matters: Longer heatwaves increase mortality of subtidal organisms at sub-lethal temperaturesBayden D. Russell and Jay Minutiyes, P->O
S113131Nathan MantuaOral Time to expect the unexpected? Unprecedented warming and a chain of ecosystem impacts link altered forage fish distribution and crab fishery delays to a spike in whale entanglements along California’s central coast in 2015-2016Jarrod A. Santora, and Nathan Mantua yes
S113132Jan NewtonOral Understanding how extreme conditions and ocean acidification uniquely influence coastal upwelling zones: A case study from the Pacific Northwest U.S.Jan Newton, John Mickett, Simone Alin, Adrienne Sutton and Richard Feelyyes
S112585Mahasweta SahaOral Warmer doesn't mean weaker: Impact of heatwaves on foundation macrophyte speciesMahasweta Saha, Francisco R. Barboza, Miriam Beck, Janina Brakel, Ricarda Christ, Chi Guan, Maysa Ito, Stina Jakobsson, Balsam Al-Janabi, Yvonne Sawall, Jennifer C. Nascimento Schulze, Martin Wahl and Florian Weinbergeryes, (xFIN) S11 Convenor, conf. Feb. 26
S112572Alistair HobdayPlenary Ocean extremes: Marine heatwaves and marine ecosystemsAlistair J. Hobday, Neil Holbrook, Eric Oliver, Dan Smale and Thomas Wernbergyes
S112488Franklin Ormaza-GonzálezPoster "El Niño Costero" 2017 in Niño 1+2 or the Carnival Coastal Warming event?Franklin I. Ormaza-González and Jonathan M. Cedeño yes, poster + talk
S113055Erick GeigerPoster Comparing NOAA Coral Reef Watch regional satellite monitoring and in-water observations to prepare for repeat coral bleaching events in a warming worldErick F. Geiger, Gang Liu, Jacqueline L. De La Cour, Scott F. Heron, Benjamin L. Marsh, William J. Skirving, Kyle V. Tirak and C. Mark Eakinyes
S112770Catarina VinagrePoster Ecological traps in shallow coastal waters - Potential effect of heat-waves in tropical and temperate organismsVinagre C., Mendonça V., Cereja R., Abreu-Afonso F., Dias M., Mizrahi D., Flores A.A.V.yes, already has a talk
S113100Francesco RendinaPoster Effects of elevated temperature as climate change stressor on physiological responses and survival of the coralline alga Corallina officinalisFrancesco Rendina, Giovanni F. Russo, Roberto Sandulli, Luca Appolloni, Aditya Putra, Regina Kolzenburg and Federica Ragazzolayes (xFIN) conf Feb. 22
S112765In-Seong HanPoster Extreme and abrupt changes of water temperature and their fisheries impacts in the East Asian Marginal SeasIn-Seong Han, Ju-Yeon Kim and Joon-Soo Lee yes
S113037Catarina VinagrePoster Integrated index of stress responses to a future marine heat wave in tropical intertidal organismsCarolina Madeira, Vanessa Mendonça, Miguel C. Leal, Augusto A.V. Flores, Henrique N. Cabral, Mário Diniz and Catarina Vinagreyes
S112618Mary Elizabeth LivingstonPosterREP-confNew Zealand fisheries and climate change effects on the ocean: A wake up callMary Livingston, Vonda Cummings, Cliff Law, Matt Pinkerton, Darren Parsonsyes, poster + talk
S113123Wei ChengPoster Peek into the future: Extreme physical oceanographic condition in Alaskan Waters from CMIP5 simulationsWei Cheng and Nicholas Bondyes, wants to keep poster
S113145Thomás BanhaPoster Records of bleaching events in Brazilian reef communitiesThomás N. S. Banha, Miguel Mies and Paulo Y. G. Sumidayes
S113172Cheryl S. HarrisonPoster The effect of extreme cooling events on ocean ecosystems and biogeochemistry: fisheries implicationsCheryl S. Harrison, Charles Bardeen, Nichole Lovenduski, Clay Tabor, Brian Toon, Alan Robockyes
S112432Quach Thi Khanh NgocWithdrawal Assessing the value of coral reefs in the face of climate change: the evidence from Nha Trang Bay, VietnamQuach Thi Khanh Ngocno, cancel poster Mar. 8(xFIN) yes
S112994Charlotte LaufkötterWithdrawal Attribution of recent marine heat waves to anthropogenic climate changeCharlotte Laufkötter and Thomas L. Frölicherno, cancelled talk June 3 yes
S112624Md Mizanur RahmanWithdrawal Biodiversity in peril: the impact of climate change on the coral island, St. Martin'sMd Mizanur Rahmanno, cancel poster yes
S113068Saad Ul HaqueWithdrawalREP-2Coral Reef susceptibility mapping - Northern Indian OceanKhusharah Aslam, Saad Ul Haque and Saad Malikcancelled poster Apr 7(xFIN) yes
S113026Balasaheb KulkarniWithdrawal Effect of climatic variation on molluscan communities of intertidal ecosystem in and around Mumbai (West coast of India) Balasaheb Kulkarni,Ashok Jaiswar, Abhijeet Sawant, Atul Babarno, cancel poster yes
S112563Kim Anh NguyenWithdrawal Effects of sea surface temperature rise on dynamic of Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus Commerson) in Nha Trang Bay: Observations from set-net fishery (1996-2015) Kim Anh Nguyen and Vang Y Nguyenno, cancel poster yes
S112576Ayoub BaaliWithdrawal Environmental influences on Sardinella aurita abundance in the South of Moroccan Waters[Ayoub Baali, Najib Charouki, Khalid Manchih, Ismail Bessa,Khadija Amenzoui and Ahmed Yahyaoui]no, cancel poster, Mar. 7(xFIN) yes
S113024Christian PanschWithdrawal Experimental approaches towards a better understanding of the impacts from environmental variability in a changing climate.Christian Pansch no, cancel poster Mar. 7 yes
S112637Fedor GippiusWithdrawal Extreme wind waves and storminess on the Black Sea derived from numerical simulations driven by NCEP-CFSR and NCEP/NCAR reanalysesFedor Gippius and Stanislav Myslenkovno, cancelled poster Apr. 28 yes
S112953Sarah SchluneggerWithdrawal Imminent but indeterminate collapse of Tropical corals under high-emissions scenarioSarah Schlunegger, Nicole Rinaldi, Keith Rodgers, Jorge Sarmiento, John Dunne, Thomas Froelicher and Jim Christianno, cancel talk, co-author has his own talk in S1 yes
S112943Laura Dee Withdrawal Impacts of extreme temperature events on fish recruitment worldwideLaura Dee, Becca Selden, Malin Pinsky, Cody Szuwalski no, cancelled talk May 1 yes
S112819Sandrine DjakouréWithdrawal On the potential causes of the recent Pelagic Sargassum bloom events in the tropical North Atlantic OceanSandrine Djakouré, Moacyr Araujo, Aubains Hounsou-Gbo, Carlos Noriega and Bernard Bourlèsno, cancel poster (FIN) yes
S112651Nick CaputiWithdrawal Recovery of invertebrate fisheries from an extreme marine heatwave event in Western AustraliaNick Caputi, Mervi Kangas, Arani Chandrapavan, Anthony Hart, Ming Feng and Maxime Marinno, cancel talk yes
S113180Celina Scott-BuechlerWithdrawal Regional scale coral bleaching is a new phenomenon in the Caribbean Lesser AntillesCelina Scott-Buechler, Anne Cohen, Nathaniel Mollica, Geoffrey Gebbie, Kathryn Pietro, George Lohmann, Alice Alpert, Thomas DeCarlono, cancelled talk May 30 yes
S113081Anouck ODYWithdrawal Sargassum Evolving Distributions in the North Atlantic from Space and Simulations Anouck Ody, Léo Berline,Jean-Michel André ,Thierry Thibaut no, cancel poster yes
S112950Neviaty P. ZamaniWithdrawal Simulation of coral reef growth rate of Porites lutea (Milne Edwards & Haime, 1851) as a result of global temperature change: Case study Tunda Island Banten Bay and Thousand Island Jakarta Bay, Indonesia[Neviaty P. Zamani, Alan F. Koropitan, Muhamad K. Idris]no, cancel poster Mar. 7 yes
S112654Eric C. J. OliverWithdrawal The attribution of marine heatwaves to anthropogenic climate changeEric C. J. Oliver, Jessica A. Benthuysen, Nathaniel L. Bindoff, Alistair J. Hobday, Neil J. Holbrook and Sarah E. Perkins-Kirkpatrickno, cancel this poster yes
S112486Dan SmaleWithdrawal The impacts of marine heatwaves on coastal biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem servicesDan Smale, Thomas Wernberg, Michael Burrows, Mads Thomsen, Pippa Moore, Eric Oliver, Alistair Hobday, Neil Holbrookno, cancel talk yes
S113158Thomas A. OkeyWithdrawal The Local Environmental Observer (LEO) Network for surveillance of changes in coastal and ocean ecosystemsThomas A. Okey, Michael Y. Brubaker and Michael J. Brookno, cancel talk yes
S112709Laurie A. WeitkampWithdrawal Unprecedented response by North Pacific ecosystems to a warm ocean since 2014: a sign of things to come?Laurie A. Weitkampno, cancel poster yes
S213157Katherine MillsInvited Understanding stakeholder decisions to guide forecasting effortsKatherine E. Mills, Andrew J. Pershing, Richard A. Wahleyes
S212998Mark PayneOral Envisaging the future distribution of North Atlantic bluefin tuna across seasonal, decadal and centennial scalesMark R. Payne, Daniela Matei, and Brian R. MacKenzieyes
S212672Jonathan TinkerOral Exploring the potential for a North West European shelf seas ecosystem seasonal forecastJonathan Tinker, Richard Wood, David Ford, Robert McEwan, Yuri Artioli, James Clark and Susan Kayyes
S212787James ThorsonOral Forecast skill for predicting distribution shifts: A retrospective experiment for marine fishes in the Eastern Bering SeaJames T Thorsonyes
S213054Noah OppenheimOral Forecasting fishery trends in a warming ocean: A modeling framework using early life stages of the American lobsterNoah G. Oppenheim, Richard A. Wahle, Damian C. Brady, Andrew Pershingyes, Noah needs to register
S213056Antonietta CapotondiOral Forecasting physical drivers of marine ecosystems in the California Current System using a Linear Inverse Modelling approachAntonietta Capotondi and Prashant D. Sardeshmukhyes
S213186Gavin FayOral Incorporating recruitment-environment linkages into stock assessment models for Alaskan groundfish with application to population projections in a changing climateAshley Weston, Gavin Fay, and Carey R. McGilliardno, by Gavin Fay (for Carey McGilliard)
S212823Michael JacoxOral Mechanisms driving seasonal forecast skill in the California Current SystemMichael Jacox, Michael Alexander, Steven Bograd, Elliott Hazen, Gaelle Hervieux, Nate Mantua, James Scott, Charles Stock Desiree Tommasi, Robin Webb, and Cisco Werneryes
S212400Neda TrifonovaOralxREP-2Predicting ecological responses to climate variability with a dynamic Bayesian network modelNeda Trifonova, Mandy Karnauskas and Christopher Kelbleyes, P->O, rep Alexander
S212725Jason HartogOral Seasonal and decadal forecast development for a multi-species pelagic longline fisheryJason R. Hartog, Alistair J. Hobday, J. Paige Eveson, Claire M. Spillman, Kylie Scales, Toby Patterson, Xuebin Zhang, Richard Matear, Don Bromhead, Simon Nicol, John Hampton, John Annala, Robert Campbell and Sean Traceyyes
S213039Michael MalickOral Seasonal forecasting of Pacific hake distribution in the California Current EcosystemMichael J. Malick, Mary Hunsicker, Melissa Haltuch, Sandy Parker-Stetter, Isaac Kaplan, Aaron Berger, Kristin Marshall, Richard Brodeur, Samantha Siedlecki, Nicholas Bond, Albert Hermann, Emily Norton, and Jan Newtonyes
S212750Samantha SiedleckiOral Seasonal forecasts of hypoxia and ocean acidification in Washington and Oregon watersSamantha A. Siedlecki, Simone Alin, Al Hermann, Nick Bond, Isaac Kaplan, Emily Norton, Jan Newton, Burke Hales, and Richard Feelyyes
S213206Jong-Yeon ParkOral Seasonal to multi-annual marine biogeochemical prediction using GFDL’s Earth System ModelJong-Yeon Park, Charles A. Stock, Xiaosong Yang, John P. Dunne, Anthony Rosati, Jasmin John, Shaoqing Zhang yes
S213063Takashi MochizukiOralxxREP-3Subdecadal modulation in the Pacific in 2000sTakashi Mochizuki, Masahiro Watanabe and Masahide Kimotoyes, P->O, rep Tommasi
S213083Fernando Gonzalez TaboadaOral Subseasonal forecast of surface water conditions in Chesapeake Bay using a hybrid approachFernando Gonzalez Taboada, Keith W. Dixon, Barbara Muhling, Desiree Tommasi, Mary-Jo Nath, Vincent S. Saba, Gabriel Vecchi and Charles A. Stockyes
S212826Mercedes Pozo BuilOralxREP-1Subsurface dynamics leading to decadal predictability in upwelling systems of the North PacificMercedes Pozo Buil and Emanuele Di Lorenzoyes, P->O
S213257Lisa GoddardPlenary Ten-years out: Navigating the information gap between El Niño and climate changeLisa Goddardyes
S212723Alistair HobdayPosterREP-4A framework for combining seasonal forecasts and climate projections to aid risk management for fisheries and aquacultureAlistair J. Hobday, Claire M. Spillman, J. Paige Eveson, Jason R. Hartog, Xuebin Zhang, Stephanie Brodieyes, O->P (also plenary)
S213022Jinyeong KimPosterREP-1A wavelet approach to time series analysis for the anchovy recruitment and climate change in the southeastern waters of KoreaJinyeong Kim, Byul Nim Kim, Yongkuk Kim and Yongdam Jeongyes, conf. Mar. 11
S212487Franklin Ormaza-GonzálezPoster Do sun spots influence the onset of ENSO and PDO events in the Pacific Ocean?Franklin I. Ormaza-González and María Esther Espinozayes
S213159Albert HermannPosterREP-2Downscaling global climate projections to the Bering Sea: a rapid hybrid dynamical-statistical method to generate a large regional ensembleAlbert J. Hermann, Wei Cheng, Georgina A. Gibson, Ivonne Ortiz, and Kerim Aydinyes, has a talk in S5
S212858Xinyi KangPoster Exchange dynamics at Maryland Coastal Bays under the effect of climate changeXinyi Kang and Meng Xiayes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 26
S213112Yoshikazu SasaiPoster Interannual variability of marine ecosystem in the Kuroshio Extension regionYoshikazu Sasai, Makio C. Honda, Eko Siswanto, Hideharu Sasaki and Masami Nonakayes
S212841Mark PaynePoster Lessons from the first generation of marine ecological forecast productsMark R. Payne, Alistair J. Hobday, Brian R. MacKenzie, Desiree Tommasi, Danielle P. Dempsey, Sascha Fässler, Alan C. Haynie, Rubao Ji, Gang Liu, Patrick D. Lynch, Daniela Matei, Anna K. Miesner, Katherine E. Mills, Kjersti O. Strand and Ernesto Villarinoyes
S213102Michael AlexanderPosterREP-3More reliable coastal SST forecasts from the North American multimodel ensembleGaelle Hervieux, Michael A. Alexander, Charles A. Stock, Michael G. Jacox, Kathy Pegion, Emily Becker, Frederic Castruccio, Desiree Tommasiyes, O->P, also tak in S1
S213094Desiree TommasiPosterREP-5Multi-annual climate predictions for fisheries: An assessment of skill of sea surface temperature forecasts for Large Marine EcosystemsDesiree Tommasi, Charles Stock, Michael Alexander, Yang Xiaosong, Anthony Rosati, Gabriel Vecchiyes, O->P, talk in S12
S213195Masami NonakaPoster Potential predictability of mesoscale eddy activities in the western boundary current regions in an ensemble eddy-resolving OGCMMasami Nonaka, Hideharu Sasaki, and Niklas Schneideryes
S212877Susan KayPoster Projections of marine ecosystem change in European seas in the 21st centurySusan Kayyes
S212622Meng XiaPoster The effect of climate change to the Chesapeake Bay Plume DynamicsMeng Xiayes
S212680Yingying ZhaoPoster The South Pacific Decadal Variability connections to basin-scale climateYingying Zhao and Emanuele Di Lorenzoyes
S212781Qun ZHOUWithdrawal Initial investigation of another possible reason for solar impact on tropical cyclone frequency over Western North PacificQun ZHOUyes, cancel this poster yes
S212657Qun ZHOUWithdrawal Interdecadal Variability of the Relationship between Solar Activity and Boreal winter Arctic OscillationQun ZHOUno, cancel poster yes
S213046Joanna SlawinskaWithdrawal Nonlinear Laplacian spectral analysis of Indo-Pacific Ocean variabilityJoanna Slawinska an Dimitrios Giannakisno, cancel poster yes
S212639Vladyslav Ye.TymofeievWithdrawal Potential of seasonal predictability of the equatorial Pacific and Atlantic for austral extratropics and Antarctic PeninsulaVladyslav Ye.Tymofeiev, Boris Beznoshchenkono, cancel poster (xFIN) yes
S212945John SelvarajWithdrawal Projected sea surface temperature changes in the fishing areas of the Colombian Pacific under climate change scenariosJohn J. Selvaraj, Karold V. Coronado and Ángela I. Guzmányes, no show yes
S212949Vladimir I. PonomarevWithdrawal Recent change in the global ocean-atmosphere system and extreme weather events in Asia, Pacific and Indian Oceans in the 21 century Vladimir Ponomarev, Elena Dmitrieva, Svetlana Shkorba, Aleksandr Karnaukhovno, cancel poster yes
S312715Nicole LovenduskiInvited A change in the forecast: Ocean carbon uptake over the next decadeNicole S. Lovenduski, Stephen G. Yeager, Keith Lindsay and Matthew C. Longyes
S312600Richard Alan FeelyOral Anthropogenic carbon increases and biological impacts in the California Current EcosystemRichard A. Feely1, Brendan Carter2, Nina Bednarsek3, Simone Alin1, and Dana Greeley1yes
S312537Nathalie Hilmi and Peter SwarzenskiOral Bridging the gap between ocean acidification impacts and economic valuation “From Sciences to Solutions: Ocean acidification impacts on ecosystem services - Case studies on coral reefs”Nathalie Hilmi 1, David Osborn 2, 1Centre Scientifique de Monaco, 8, Quai Antoine 1°, MC 98000, MONACO. Email and 2 IAEA Environment Laboratories, Monaco yes
S312636Marion GehlenOral Changing ocean acidity as a modulator of atmospheric biogeochemistry and climateFrances E. Hopkins, Parvadha Suntharalingam, Marion Gehlen.yes, for Frances Hopkins
S312559Bryony TownhillOralxREP-5Commercial shellfish and changing pH: Will fisheries be affected by projected changes or are species already adapted?Bryony Townhill, Yuri Artioli, John Pinnegar and Silvana N.R. Birchenoughyes, P->O, conf. Feb. 22
S312865Tomohiko Tsunoda Oral Dialogues between scientists and stakeholders on making ocean acidification a policy focus in JapanTomohiko Tsunoda and Nobuko Nakamurayes
S313184Darren PilcherOral Impact of local biogeochemical processes and climate variability on ocean acidification in the Bering SeaDarren J. Pilcher, Danielle M. Naiman, Jessica N. Cross, Albert J. Hermann, Samantha A. Siedlecki, Georgina A. Gibson, Jeremy T. Mathisyes, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 13
S312696Libby JewettOral Making ocean acidification data accessible and useable for resource managersLibby Jewett, Simone Alin, Adrienne Sutton, Shallin Busch, Samantha Siedlecki, Dwight Gledhill , Kirsten Isenseeyes
S313249Nianzhi JiaoOral Microbial carbon sequestration and ocean acidification and hypoxiaNianzhi Jiao, Louis Legendre, Richard Rivkinyes
S312658Shubham KrishnaOralxREP-2Model-based analyses of an ocean acidification mesocosm experimentShubham Krishnayes, P->O, REP, confirmed
S312786Martina StiasnyOral Projecting the fate of fish stocks in a changing ocean - The future of Northeast Arctic cod under ocean acidification and warmingMartina H. Stiasny and Anna-Marie Winteryes
S313023Diane LavoieOral Projections of future oceanic biogeochemical conditions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and on the Scotian Shelf using a coupled regional climate modelDiane Lavoie , Nicolas Lambert, Joël Chassé, Michel Starr, Dave Brickman, William Perrie, Zhenxia Long, Kumiko Azetsu-Scott, Denis Gilbert, Jacqueline Dumasyes
S313124Maciej TelszewskiOral Requirements-driven global ocean observing system for ocean acidification and deoxygenationMaciej Telszewski, Masao Ishii, Kim Currie, Artur Palacz and Albert Fischeryes
S312968Mary Chris LagumenOral Temporal variability of carbonate parameters in Guiguiwanen Channel, Bolinao, PangasinanMary Chris Lagumen and Maria Lourdes San Diego-McGloneyes
S313126Alexis Valauri-OrtonOralxREP-1The Ocean Foundation’s International Ocean Acidification Initiative: A cross-cutting program to build capacity of scientists and legislators to understand and address the complex impacts of ocean acidificationAlexis Valauri-Orton, Alexandra Puritz, and Mark Spaldingyes, P->O, rep Hopkins, confirmed Feb. 20
S312912Tiago GriloOralxREP-3Transgenerational deleterious effects of ocean acidification on the reproductive success of a gammarid amphipod speciesFrancisco Borges, Cátia Figueiredo, Eduardo Sampaio, Rui Rosa, Tiago F. Griloyes, (xFIN) P->O, conf. Feb. 23
S313116Galen McKinleyOral Variability and trends in ocean carbon uptake: 1981-2016Galen A. McKinley and Amanda Fay yes
S312828Naomi HaradaPlenary Sentinel studies of ocean acidification in pelagic (the western North Pacific and Arctic Ocean) and Japanese coastsNaomi Harada, Katsunori Kimoto, Jun Kita, Jonaotaro Onodera, Masahiko Fujii, Masahide Wakita, Tetsuichi Fujiki, Shintaro Takao and Tsuneo Onoyes
S312797Miho IshizuPosterREP-3A marine carbon model coupled with an operational ocean model product for ocean acidification studies in the North Western PacificMiho Ishizu, Yasumasa Miyazawa, Tomohiko Tsunoda, Xinyu Guo yes
S312767Alyce HancockPoster Effect of ocean acidification on Antarctic marine organisms – A meta-analysisAlyce Hancock, Andrew Davidson, Jonathan Stark, Catherine King and Andrew McMinnyes
S313096Richard Wahle (for Maura Niemisto)Poster Effects of high CO2 and temperature on the physiology, behavior and development of American lobster larvae: comparing subpopulations across New England's thermal gradientMaura K. Niemisto, Richard A. Wahle, Jesica Waller, Spencer Greenwood, David M. Fields yes
S313189Christopher LongPosterREP-4Effects of ocean acidification on snow crab larvae: Carryover effects from embryogenesis and oogenesis reduce direct effects on larval survivalW. Christopher Long, Katherine M. Swiney, Robert J. Foyyes
S313236Agneta FranssonPoster Effects of sea-ice and biogeochemical processes and storms on under-ice water fCO2 from winter to spring in the high Arctic Ocean: Implications for sea-air CO2 fluxesAgneta Fransson, Melissa Chierici, Ingunn Skjelvan, Are Olsen, Philipp Assmy, Algot K. Peterson, Gunnar Spreen, Brian Wardyes
S312659K. GunasekaranPoster Elevated CO2 effects on shell dissolution rates of two estuarine benthic foraminiferaKannan Gunasekaran1*, Fabricio Guamán-Guevara2, Saravanakumar Ayyappan1, Fiona Muller2 and William E.N. Austin2,3 yes
S312896Christine San AntonioPoster Examining the integrated effects of ocean acidification and warming on shell development, structural integrity, and incidence of epizootic shell disease in the juvenile American lobster, Homarus americanusChristine San Antonio, Michael Tlusty, Helen Poynton, Keegan Krick and Robyn Hanniganwants talk
S312845Qinyu LiuPoster Influence of human activities on C:N ratio of riverine organic matter along the Pearl River in South ChinaQinyu Liu and Kedong Yinyes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 26
S312936Katsunori KimotoPoster Morphology and habitat depth of planktic foraminifer in intermediate waters of western North Pacific: Implications of relationship to carbonate saturation statesKatsunori Kimoto, Tsuneo Ono, and Yuji Okazakiyes, Apr. 4
S312894Ferial LouanchiPoster Multi-decadal temperature, oxygen and pH trends in the upper layer of the Western Mediterranean SeaFerial Louanchi, Katia Mallil,Mehdia A. Keraghel, Malik Aït-Kaci, Nadhéra Babali, Laurent Mortier, Pierre Testor and Mohamed Zerrouki(xFIN) yes
S312821Robert J HolmbergPoster Ocean acidification alters morphology of all otolith types in 3D, delays settlement in Clark’s anemonefish (Amphiprion clarkii)Robert J Holmberg, Eric Wilcox-Freeburg, Andrew L Rhyne, Michael F Tlusty, Alan Stebbins, Steven W Nye Jr., Aaron Honig, Amy E Johnston, Christine M San Antonio, Bradford Bourque and Robyn E Hanniganyes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 22
S313220Carlos BarrosoPoster Ocean acidification and warming induce mortality and shell loss in Nassarius reticulatus (L.) veligers jeopardizing the species survivalIsabel B. Oliveira, Filipe Laranjeiro, Joana G. Fonseca, Daniela B. Freitas, Rui J. M. Rocha, Mariana Hinzmann, Jorge Machado, James Weston, Carlos Barroso and Susana Galante-Oliveirayes
S313205Fiona TomasPoster Ocean acidification can release top down control on early life stages of a marine habitat-forming speciesFiona Tomas, Robert Sean Fitzpatrick, Clea van de Ven, Josep Alos, and Iris E. Hendriksyes, Mar 6, xxREP-4
S313197Robert FoyPoster Ocean acidification does not affect embryo development, hatch success, or adult calcification in Bering Sea snow crab, Chionoecetes opilioRobert J. Foy, W. Christopher Long, and Katherine M. Swineyyes
S313085Merna SafwatPoster Ocean acidification impact on the grooved carpet shell clam (Ruditapes decussatus)Merna E. Safwat, Nayrah A. Shaltout, Fedekar F. Madkour, Mohamed A. Abuel-Regal, Heba Saad El-Sayed, Eman El-Wazzanlyes
S312607Ortega-CisnerosPoster Potential impacts of ocean acidification on the southern Benguela food webKelly Ortega-Cisneros, Lynne Shannon, Melissa Chierici, Kevern Cochrane and Elizabeth Fultonyes
S312545SaravanakumarPosterREP-1Seasonal and Interannual variability of partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2) and air-water CO2 flux pattern along the southwest Bay of Bengal-Northern Indian Ocean regionAyyappan Saravanakumar, Dhurairaj Poornima, Ramalingam Shanthi, Muthumanickam Naveen and S. B. Choudhuryyes (xFIN) , received support, Feb. 22
S313042Peter SwarzenskiPoster Tackling diverse marine climate-change challenges: From nuclear-based techniques to policyPeter W. Swarzenski1, Marc Metian1, Francois Oberhaensli, and Lina Hansson1yes
S312592Tsuneo OnoPoster Temporal variation of the saturation state of carbonate in intermediate waters of western North PacificTsuneo Ono, Katsunori Kimoto, and Yuji Okazakiyes, conf. Mar. 2
S312932Silvana BirchenoughPosterREP-5The economic impacts of ocean acidification on shellfish fisheries and aquaculture in the United KingdomSilvana N.R. Birchenough1, Stephen C Mangi2, John K. Pinnegar1, Jeo Lee3, Robin J. Law1 and Emmanouil Tyllianakis1yes O->P (double talk, S14)
S312986Sarah GoreWithdrawal Artificial Ocean Alkalinisation: a carbon dioxide removal approach or a way to mitigate ocean acidification?Sarah Gore, Phil Renforth and Rupert Perkinsno, cancel poster (FIN) yes
S312842Mark R. PayneWithdrawal Climate change has altered zooplankton-fueled carbon export in the North AtlanticPhilipp Brun, Karen Stamieszkin, Andre W. Visser, Priscilla Licandro, Mark R. Payne and Thomas Kiørboeyes, cancel poster yes
S312995Abed El Rahman HassounWithdrawal Climate change signs in the Lebanese waters, Eastern Mediterranean SeaAbed El Rahman HASSOUN, Anthony OUBA, and Marie ABBOUD-ABI SAABno, cancel talk (FIN) yes
S312687Nidhi TripathiWithdrawal Impact of ocean productivity in biogenic emission of isoprene over the northern Indian OceanNidhi Tripathi, Ravi Yadav and Lokesh Sahuno, cancel poster (FIN) yes
S312963Carla EdworthyWithdrawal Initiating long-term ocean acidification monitoring and assessing the biological impacts using a combined chemistry and eco-physiology approach in South AfricaCarla Edworthy, Nicola C. James and Warren M. Pottsno, cancel poster yes
S313202T. Leticia Espinosa-CarreónWithdrawal Relationship of dissolved inorganic carbon and water masses in the Pacific Tropical Mexican.T. Leticia Espinosa-Carreón, Pedro Morales-Urbina, J. Martín Hernández-Ayón, Lorena Flores-Trejo and David U. Hernández-Becerrilno, cancel poster yes
S312374Dr.VIRENDRA GOSWAMIWithdrawal Satellite Study of Correlation of Climate Variability With Biophysical Interactions on Air-Sea CO2 exchange Over the Oceanic Regions of Western Boundary Current (WBC) Dr.VIRENDRA GOSWAMIno, cancel poster Mar 31(xFIN) yes
S312868Jun YuWithdrawal Spatial and temporal variability of surface chlorophyll and particulate organic carbon in the North Pacific Ocean during 2003-2016: Physical and biogeochemical controls Jun Yu, Xiujun Wang, Hang Fan, Ronghua Zhangno, cancel poster yes
S312560Anand MuthusamyWithdrawal Spatio-temporal analysis of seawater carbonate system around selected Mandapam group of islands in the Gulf of Mannar region, IndiaR. Jeeva Priya and Anand Muthusamyno, cancel talk (FIN) yes
S312550Nayrah A. ShaltoutWithdrawal The Carbon Dioxide Distribution and Air Sea Flux In The Red Sea And The Adjoining Suez And Aqaba Gulfs: A Comparative Study Nayrah A. Shaltout, Thanaa Mahmoud, Mohamed Sheradahno, cancel poster Mar.7(xFIN), O->P not conf. yes
S312747Radwa Hossam Eldin saadWithdrawalREP-2The effect of ocean acidification on Ulva lactuca in relation to the associated bacteria metabolic interactions – A lab studyProf Nagwa Gamal Dr Heba Saadno show poster yes
S312822Mutiara Rachmat PutriWithdrawal Variation of ocean pH and its effect on Gafrarium Tumidum Shell in the Ambon Bay - IndonesiaMutiara Rachmat Putri , Abdul Wahab Radjab2, Agus Setiawan3no, cancel talk (FIN) yes
S313219Wen YuWithdrawal Variations in POC export fluxes during ice-melting in western Arctic OceanJianhua He, Wen Yu, Liqi Chenno, cancel poster yes
S413080Francisco ChavezInvited Causes and impacts of ocean deoxygenationFrancisco P. Chavezyes
S412423Lothar StrammaInvited Large-scale ocean oxygen changesLothar Stramma, Sunke Schmidtko and Martin Visbeckyes
S412857Xiujun WangOralxREP-2A pause in the decline of oxygen in the largest Oxygen Minimum Zone: A response to the recent global warming hiatus?Xiujun Wang, Raghu Murtugudde and Dongxiao Zhangyes, P->O rep 12832, conf. Feb. 21
S413082Jack BarthOral Changes in coastal ocean hypoxia off Oregon as influenced by multiple, climate-sensitive driversJohn A. Barth, Francis Chan and Stephen D. Pierceyes
S413049Rui RosaOralREP-2Climate-driven oceanic deoxygenation leads to an epipelagic shark ‘habitat trap’ more prone to overfishingNuno Queiroz, Marisa Vedor, Gonzalo Mucientes, Ana Couto, Frederic Vandeperre, Pedro Afonso, Rui Rosa, Nicolas E. Humphries and David W. Sims yes, P->O, Apr. 14
S413043Peter SwarzenskiOral Contribution of nuclear applications to study the effects of reduced oxygen in coastal environmentsMarc Metian1, Francois Oberhaensli1, Simon Pouil1, Miguel Gomez2, Murat Belveris3 and Peter W. Swarzenski1,yes
S413070Hernan GarciaOral High-quality dissolved oxygen baseline for ecosystem and variability studiesHernan E. Garcia, Tim Boyer, James Reagan, Ricardo Locarnini, Alexey Mishonov, Charles Sun, Christopher Paver, Rost Parsons, Melissa Zwengyes, conf. Feb. 24
S412926Natalya GalloOral Implications of ocean deoxygenation for deep-sea demersal fish communities and fisheriesNatalya D. Gallo, James P. Barry, Rasmus Swalethorp, Maryanne Beckwith, Kevin Hardy and Lisa A. Levin yes
S413064Eric GalbraithOral Large oxygen decline on the northwest Atlantic Shelf from an ocean dynamical response to warmingMariona Claret, Eric D. Galbraith, Jaime Palter, Daniele Bianchi, Katja Fennel, Denis Gilbert, and John P. Dunneyes
S413047Rui RosaOral Ocean deoxygenation overrides ocean warming and acidification impacts in marine biotaEduardo Sampaio, Inês Rosa, Verónica Ferreira and Rui Rosa yes
S412983Olaf DuteilOral Pacific Decadal Oscillation and recent oxygen decline in the eastern tropical Pacific OceanOlaf Duteil, Andreas Oschlies, Claus W. Boeningyes
S413011Andreas OschliesOralREP-1Reconciling systematic differences between observed and simulated ocean deoxygenationAndreas Oschlies, Wolfgang Koeve, Sunke Schmidtko, Julia Getzlaffyes, P-O, also plenary
S412790Ozeas Costa Jr.OralxREP-2Stream discharge and nutrient export from the Ohio River watershed under future climate change scenariosOzeas S. Costa jr.yes
S412769Kalyani DevasenaOral Study of oxygen and nutrients in the Arabian Sea using model simulations and observationsKalyani Devasena Chikka, Sharada M.K and Swathi P.Syes, conf. Feb. 28
S412721Simone AlinOral Synthesis of a decade of moored time-series observations of hypoxia and ocean acidification in the northern California Current EcosystemSimone R. Alin, Richard A. Feely, Samantha Siedlecki, Beth Curry, Brendan Carter, Jan Newton, Jenny Waddell, and Kathy Hough yes
S412827Isaac IrbyOral The competing impacts of climate change and nutrient reductions on dissolved oxygen in Chesapeake BayIsaac D. Irby, Marjorie A. M. Friedrichs, Fei Da, and Kyle E. Hinsonyes
S413214Dimitri GutierrezPlenary Climate variability and ocean deoxygenation over continental margins associated to the Peru-Chile and other upwelling systems: Insights from proxy recordsDimitri Gutierrezyes
S412705Pamela HidalgoPoster Community structure and physiological responses of zooplankton in the upwelling system of the Eastern South Pacific: effect of the oxygen minimum zonePamela Hidalgo,Ruben Escribano,Marcela Cornejo, Paula Ruz and Ramiro Riquelme-Bugueñoyes, restore poster
S412937Denise BreitburgPoster The IOC-UNESCO Global Ocean Oxygen Network (GO2NE): Collaboration across disciplines and national boundaries to promote research and awareness of ocean oxygen declineDenise Breitburg, Marilaure Grégoire, and Kirsten Isenseeyes
S412906Fei LanPoster The role of the SPM absorbed phosphorus in oxygen consumption in the Pearl River estuaryFei Lan, Kedong Yin.yes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 23
S412711Nancy N. RabalaisWithdrawalREP-6Climate change and human-caused coastal deoxygenation: not a simple predictionNancy N. Rabalaisyes, cancel poster yes
S413119María de los Ángeles GallardoWithdrawalxREP-1Latitudinal variability of temperature-oxygen conditions along the continental shelf of western South America: Implications on life history and habitat change of a keystone species in the Humboldt Current SystemMaría de los Ángeles Gallardo, Kurt Paschke, Katherina Brokordt, Marcel Ramos and Beatriz Yannicellino, cancel talk Apr. 12 yes
S412832Kunal ChakrabortyWithdrawalxREP-1Modeling of physical drivers in regional scale leading to coastal hypoxia in the western continental shelf of IndiaKunal Chakraborty, Satya Prakash, Aneesh Lotliker, G.V.M. Gupta and Arya Paulno, cancel talk (FIN) yes, P->O , rep Oschlies yes
S412353Sudheesh ValliyodanWithdrawal Seasonal hypoxia/anoxia and enhanced N2O concentrations over the western Indian ShelfSudheesh Valliyodan and G. V. M. Guptano, cancel talk, Apr. 13 yes
S412793Daoxun SunWithdrawalREP-3What sets the vertical structure of the ocean deoxygenation in a warming climate?Daoxun Sun and Taka Itono, cancel poster, Mar. 7(xFIN) yes
S513253Grace SabaInvited Ecosystem response to Antarctic climate variability and changeGrace Sabayes
S512938Anne HollowedOral A regional assessment of projected impacts of climate change on Arctic fish and fisheries under scenario, process, and structural uncertaintyAnne B. Hollowed, Wei Cheng,3, Alan Haynie, Albert Hermann,Kirstin Holsman, Libby Logerwell, Geir Ottersen, Svein Sundby.yes
S513108Mary Beth DeckerOral Biomass fluctuations of Eastern Bering Sea jellyfish: Recent trends and environmental driversMary Beth Decker, Richard D. Brodeur, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Robert R. Lauth, Nicholas A. Bond, Bartholomew Difiore and George L. Hunt, Jr.yes
S513160Albert HermannOral Biophysical response of the Bering Sea to projected global climate of the 21st centuryAlbert J. Hermann, Wei Cheng, Georgina A. Gibson, Ivonne Ortiz, and Kerim Aydinyes
S512350Lisa Anne LibunganOral Climate change effects on the linkages between environmental factors, zooplankton and pelagic fish in the Norwegian SeaLisa Anne Libungan, Hildur Petursdottir, Gudmundur J. Oskarsson and Astthor Gislasonyes
S512999Raul PrimicerioOral Climate change impact on Barents Sea ecosystem functioning and vulnerabilityRaul Primicerio, Michaela Aschan, Magnus Aune, Marie-Anne Blanchet, Padmini Dalpadado, Andrey Dolgov, Elena Eriksen, Maria Fossheim, Andre Frainer, Lis Lindal Jørgensen, Susanne Kortsch, Ulf Lindstrøm, Mette Skern-Mauritzen, Paul Renaud, Øystein Varpeyes
S513088Ken DrinkwaterOral Climate change impacts in the Northeast Atlantic transition zone between the Subarctic and ArcticKen Drinkwater, Randi Ingvaldsen, Benjamin Planque, Melissa Cherici, Jan Erik Stiansen, Arne Eide and Alf Håkon Hoelyes
S512587Marcos LlopeOral Continuous and abrupt changes in the resilience of northeast Atlantic marine ecosystemsMarcos Llope, Thorsten Blenckner, Paraskevas Vasilakopoulos, Niall McGinty, Christopher P. Lynam, Pierre Helaouët, Joël M. Durant, Leif C. Stige, Guðrún Marteinsdóttir and Nils Chr. Stensethyes
S513107Morten D. Skogen (for Solfrid Sætre Hjøllo)Oral Distribution of plankton and pelagic fish in a future climateKjell Rong Utne, Solfrid Sætre Hjøllo, Morten D. Skogen, Erik A. Mousing, Cecilie Hansen Eide, Espen Strandyes
S513045Mette Skern-MauritzenOral Diverse responses to warming in the Barents SeaE.Eriksen, M.Skern-Mauritzen and H.R.Skjoldalyes
S512989Hugh VenablesOral Feedbacks between wintertime sea ice and summertime heat content and phytoplankton bloom strength in a 20-year Antarctic time seriesHugh Venables, Michael Meredith, J. Alexander Brearley, Oliver Legge and Patrick Rozemayes
S512683Duane StevensonOral Fish distributions and climate variation in the northern Bering Sea: A comparison of two bottom trawl surveysDuane E. Stevenson and Robert R. Lauthyes
S512719Jan SundetOral Geographical distribution of the alien snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) as a response to increased warming in the Barents SeaSundet, J.H., Hvingel, C. and Hjelset A.M.yes
S513021Erik MousingOral Primary drivers of changes in productivity in a future warmer Barents SeaErik A. Mousing, Anne Brit Sandø, Philip Wallhead, Solfrid S. Hjøllo, Ingrid Ellingsen and Morten D. Skogenyes
S513234Elizabeth SiddonOralREP-1The interaction of climate conditions and spatial overlap structure condition and recruitment success of Walleye pollock in the eastern Bering SeaElizabeth Siddon, Tayler Jarvis, Kirstin Holsman, Alex Andrewsyes, P->O Apr. 16
S512634Linda Fernandez (for Brooks Kaiser)PosterREP-2Climate change impacts on Arctic marine resource productivity: Interlinking ecological, economic and institutional scenariosLinda Fernandez, Brooks Kaiser, Melina Kourantidou, Jan Sundet, Niels Vestergaardno, by Linda Fernandez
S512996Kaixing DongPoster Climate effects on phytoplankton blooms in the Barents SeaKaixing Dong, Kristina Ø. Kvile, Leif Chr. Stigeyes, wants poster only
S513079Emily KleinPoster Ecosystem outcomes of climate change and fishing impacts on krill, Euphausia superba, in the Scotia Sea, and their implications for management in a changing oceanEmily S. Klein, Simeon L. Hill, Jefferson T. Hinke, Tony Phillips, and George M. Wattersyes
S512966Hwa Hyun LeePoster Environmental variability and chum salmon production at the northwestern Pacific OceanSuam Kim, Sukyung Kang,, Ju Kyoung Kim, Hwa Hyun Lee, and Minkyoung Bangyes
S512555Elodie SalmonPoster Evaluation of iron sources and sea ice variability in the Ross sea and implications for the phytoplankton seasonal cycleElodie Salmon; Eileen E. Hofmann; Michael S. Dinniman and Walker Smithyes
S512885Ekaterina CherniavskaiaWithdrawal Arctic Ocean surface layer thermohaline structure and its influence on the sea ice coverEkaterina Cherniavskaiano, cancel poster May 4
S513190James IanelliWithdrawal Dynamic changes in two eastern Bering Sea groundfish stocks and relative impacts of temperature-dependent growth and their consequences for fisheries managementJames Ianelli, Thomas Wilderbuer, Elizabeth Matta and Thomas Helserno, cancel poster yes
S513199Michael LitzowWithdrawal Nonstationary atmosphere-ocean and climate-biology relationships in the Gulf of AlaskaMichael Litzow, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Ryan Rykaczewski, Michael Opiekun, Patricia Puerta and Justin Wettsteinno, cancel poster Mar 7 (xFIN) yes
S513209Suchana ChavanichWithdrawal Potential changes in feeding behaviors and parasites of Antarctic fish on the East Ongul Island and King George Island, AntarcticaSuchana Chavanich, Voranop Viyakarn, Pataporn Kuanui, Daiki Nomura, Kentaro Watanabe, Siwatt Pongpiachan, and Chen Bono show poster yes
S512367Yisen ZhongWithdrawalxREP-1Seasonal variation of barrier layer in the Southern OceanLi Pan, Yisen Zhong, Hailong Liu, Lei Zhou, Zhaoru Zhang, Meng Zhouno, cancelled Apr. 15 yes
S513122Elizabeth LogerwellWithdrawal The effect of regional and interannual oceanographic variability on the distribution of larval fishes of the Northern Bering and Chukchi SeasElizabeth Logerwell, Morgan Busby, Kathy Mier, Heather Tabisola and Janet Duffy-Andersonno, cancel poster Apr.3 yes
S512806Nomkwezane KoboWithdrawalREP-3Winter Antarctic sea ice response during extreme ENSO events.Nomkwezane S. Kobo, Chris Reason, Francois Engelbrecht, Thando Ndaranano, cancel poster Mar. 6(xFIN) yes
S612531Lisa LevinInvited Climate-human-policy connections in deep-ocean ecosystemsLisa A. Levinyes
S612707Murray RobertsInvited Deep-sea ecosystems in a changing ocean and the importance of basin-scale research for their long-term management and conservationJ Murray Robertsyes
S612977Jianing WangOralxREP-1Deep water flow in the channel between east and west Mariana basinsJianing Wang, Qiang Ma and Fan Wangyes
S612703Andrew YoolOral Future trends in seafloor community biomass in a global, body size-resolved modelAndrew Yool, Adrian Martin, Tom Anderson, Brian Bett, Dan Jones and Henry Ruhlyes
S613009Loreley PicourtOralxREP-2Measuring progress on ocean and climate initiatives: an action-oriented reportLoreley Picourt, Victor Brun, Claire de Courcy-Ireland and Françoise Gaill yes, P->O conf. Feb. 23
S612978Nadine Le BrisOral New seafloor in situ laboratories based on fixed and mobile robotic platforms to monitor indicators of deep-sea ecosystem functioning and address their vulnerability to industrial activities and climate changeNadine Le Bris, Dimitri Kalenitchenko, Erwan Peru, Jacopo Aguzzi and Laurenz Thomsenyes
S612849Bleuenn GuillouxOral The deep ocean biodiversity under climate change: Integrative research and adaptive governance towards ocean and climate resilienceBleuenn G. Guilloux, Sören Thomsen, Françoise Gaill, Nadine Le Bris, Julien Rochette, Jörn Schmidtyes
S612706Marina Carreiro-SilvaOral Using a trait-based vulnerability assessment to estimate sensitivity and adaptive capacity of vulnerable marine ecosystems to climate change Marina Carreiro-Silva, Nadine Le Bris, Ana Colaço, Lisa A Levin and Joana R Xavieryes
S612562Carlos Dominguez-Carrió (for Telmo Morato)Oral Utility of habitat suitability modelling tools for evaluating changes in VME distribution under future climate scenariosTelmo Morato, Carlos Dominguez-Carrió, Andrew Davies, Marina Carreiro-Silva, Andrew Sweetman and Chih-Lin Weiyes
S612871William CheungOralREP-1Vulnerability of deep-sea fishes to climate changeWilliam W. L. Cheung, Lisa Levin, Chih-Lin Weiyes, P->O, Apr 12
S612673Liliana Espinosa-LealPoster Diversity and distribution of hyperiid amphipods between Caldera – Isla de Pascua, ChileLiliana Espinosa-Leal, Rubén Escribanoyes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 26
S612980Nadine Le BrisPoster Fluid and adaptive networks of fixed and mobile robotic platforms for the monitoring of deep-sea ecosystemsJ. Aguzzi, Laurenz Thomsen, J. del Rio, S. Gomariz, J. B. Company, I. Masmitja, S. Marini, E. Fanelli, C. Costa, J. Olive, S. Floeghel, T. Torkelsen, Jakob Schwendner, O. Pfannkuche, G. Olav Rune and N. Le Brisyes
S612890Dawit YemaneWithdrawal Comparing the performance of machine learning and Bayesian spatial models in modelling distribution of demersal fish species in the southern BenguelaDawit Yemane, Rob W. Leslie, Deon Durholtz and Tracey Fairweatherno, cancel talk, Apr 12 yes
S612582Carina R. FishWithdrawal Impacts of natural and anthropogenic oceanographic processes on deep sea corals: biogeochemistry of newly sampled coral ecosystems on the Northern California marginCarina R. Fish, Tessa M. Hill, Catherine V. Davis, Brendan Roark, Danielle Lipski, Jaime, cancel talk (xFIN) yes
S712759Veronique GarçonInvited Land-sea-atmosphere interactions exacerbating ocean deoxygenationVeronique Garçon, Boris Dewitte, Ivonne Montes and Katerina Goubanovayes
S712773Steven BogradOral A water mass history of the Southern California Current SystemSteven J. Bograd, Isaac D. Schroeder, Michael G. Jacox, Elliott L. Hazenyes
S712929Raphael DussinOral Biogeochemical drivers of hypoxia in a coupled bio-physical model of the California Current EcosystemRaphael Dussin, Enrique N. Curchitser, Charles A. Stock and Nicolas Van Oostende. yes
S713191Manon GévaudanOral Changes in the Peruvian upwelling system under future climate scenariosManon Gévaudan, François Colas, Vincent Echevin, Dante Espinoza-Morriberón, Jorge Tam and Dimitri Gutierrezyes
S713198Ken Rose (for Enrique Curchitser)Oral Climate, anchovy and sardine in the California Current: A mechanistic understandingDimitris V. Politikos, Enrique N. Curchitser, Kenneth A. Rose, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, David M. Checkley jr., and Jerome Fiechteryes
S712568Folly Serge TometyOralREP-4COASTAL variability and change in the Benguela Upwelling system: Decadal trend analysisFolly Serge Tomety Mathieu Rouault Serena Illigyes (xFIN) P->O Conf Apr 4
S713074Ivonne MontesOral Dynamical relationship between the equatorial circulation and OMZ in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific between 1990 and 2008: a high-resolution modeling approachIvonne Montes, Boris Dewitte, Véronique Garçon and Aurélien Paulmier(xFIN) yes, S7 Convenor
S713105Lucie ButtayOral Effect of environmental fluctuation amplitude on community temporal structureLucie Buttay, David A. Vasseur, Antonio Bode, Manuel Varela, Enrique Nogueira, Rafael González-Quirósyes
S713071Vincent Saba (for Kristin Kleisner)OralxxREP-2Evaluating the use of a high-resolution Earth System Model in the Humboldt Current ecosystem to understand regional large-scale climate variabilityKristin M. Kleisner, Vincent Saba, Emanuel Di Lorenzo, Merrick Burden, Erica Cunningham, Dimitri Gutierrez, Jorge Tam, Mauricio Galvez, Carolina Hernandez, Fernando Espindolayes, p->O conf. Feb. 23
S712743Angelica PeñaOral Interannual to decadal variability of biogeochemical conditions along the British Columbia continental shelf and slopeM. Angelica Peña, Isaac Fine and William Crawfordyes
S713211Elizabeth DrenkardOralREP-2Modeling climate change impacts on California Current System oceanography and fisheriesElizabeth Drenkard, Arthur Miller and Sam McClatchieyes, P->O May 9
S712577Isabel Porto da SilveiraOralxREP-1Oceanic resolution controls differences between fast-SST-error-growth in CCSM4 simulations of the subtropical Southeastern PacificIsabel Porto da Silveira, Paquita Zuidema and Benjamin Kirtmanyes, P->O, rep Chavez
S712548Nele TimOral Origin and pathways of the central water masses in the Benguela Upwelling system and the impact of the Agulhas leakageNele Tim, Eduardo Zorita and Kay-Christian Emeisyes
S712838João BettencourtOralREP-1Physical and biogeochemical controls on dissolved oxygen in coastal upwelling systemsJoão H. Bettencourt, Vincent Rossi, Lionel Renault, Peter Haynes, Yves Morel and Véronique Garçonyes, P-O May 3
S712852Rodrigue anicet Imbol KoungueOral Role of interannual Kelvin waves propagations in the equatorial Atlantic on the Angola Benguela Current SystemRodrigue anicet Imbol Koungue, Serena Illig and Mathieu Rouaultyes
S712465Lynne ShannonOral Using available fishery, ecological and environmental time series to examine temporal variability in the Southern Benguela ecosystem over the past four decadesLynne Shannon, Marta Coll, Tarron Lamont and Henning Winkeryes
S712997Andreas OschliesPlenary Sensitivity of the Eastern Tropical South Pacific oxygen minimum zone to climate changeAndreas Oschliesyes
S712553Jin MaPoster Climate-driven latitudinal shift in fishing ground of jumbo flying squid (Dosidicus gigas) in the Southeast Pacific Ocean off PeruJin Ma, Wei Yu and Xinjun Chen yes
S713117Dimitri Gutierrez (for Adolfo Chamorro)Poster Effect of climate change on upwelling-favorable winds in the Peruvian Upwelling SystemAdolfo Chamorro, Vincent Echevin, Francois Colas, Cyril Dutheil, Jorge Tamno (xFIN)
S712792Joyce JL OngPoster Global hotspots of synchronous marine populationsJoyce JL Ong, Jonathan Walter, Malin Pinskyyes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 23
S713010Carlos ConejeroPoster Mechanisms associated to the global warming-induced SST pattern in the South Eastern Pacific in the CESM-LECarlos Conejero, Boris Dewitte, Marcel Ramos and Véronique Garçonyes
S713012Dimitri Gutierrez (for Espinoza-Morriberón Dante)Poster Modelling biogeochemical trends in the Peruvian Upwelling System: Remote vs local forcingEspinoza-Morriberón Dante, Echevin Vincent, Colas Francois, Gutierrez Dimitri, Graco Michelle, Ledesma Jesus, Tam Jorgeno, cancel talk (xFIN), restore as poster Mar.11
S712691Ruben EscribanoPosterREPThe impact of the El Niño 2015-16 on the zooplankton community in Chilean Eastern Boundary Upwelling SystemRuben Escribano, Pamela Hidalgo, Wolfgang Schneideryes
S712558Virginie BornarelPosterREPTrophic amplification and attenuation of bottom-up perturbation on marine ecosystem in the Northeast Pacific under climate changeVirginie Bornarel, Robyn Forrest and William W.L. Cheungno, Linda Fernandez
S712855Nicole Lovenduski (for Riley Brady)PosterREPWhat controls the variability of CO2 fluxes in Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems?Riley Brady, Nicole Lovenduski, Michael Alexander, Michael Jacox, and Nicolas Gruberyes
S713138Francisco ChavezWithdrawalREP-3A comparison of Eastern Boundary Upwelling Ecosystems: RevisitedFrancisco P. Chavez and Monique MessiéMay 2 wants to cancel paper yes
S713114Juan I. CaneteWithdrawal Abundance and spatial distribution of Polygordius (Polychaeta: Polygordiidae) neustonic exolarvae in estuaries from southern Chile: neuston as climate change tool monitoring. Juan I. Canete, Carlos S. Gallardo, Alvaro Medina, Javier Díaz-Ochoa, Carlos Olave & Tania Figueroano, cancel poster yes
S712939Boris DewitteWithdrawal Contrasting the OMZ response off Peru and Chile during the 1997/98 and 2015/16 strong El Niño eventsBoris Dewitte, Ivonne Montes, Véronique Garçon, Aurélien Paulmier, Marcel Ramos, Kobi Mosquera, Orlando Astudillo, Katerina Goubanova and Luis Bravono, cancelled talk May 7 yes
S712616Rodrigo MogollónWithdrawal Counterintuitive effects of Global Warming-induced wind patterns on primary production in the Northern Humboldt Current SystemRodrigo Mogollón and Paulo H.R. Calilno, cancel poster yes
S712693Modou ThiawWithdrawal Effect of environmental conditions on the seasonal and inter-annual variability of small pelagic fish abundance off North-West Africa: The case of both Senegalese sardinellaModou Thiaw ; Najih Lazar ; Pierre-Amaël Auger ; Fambaye Ngom ; Timothee Brochier ; Saliou Faye ; Ousmane Diankha ; Patrice Brehmerno, cancelled talk on Apr. 3 yes
S712579Abdoulaye SarréWithdrawal Intense warming causes a spatial shift of small pelagic fish: early warning for food security in North-West AfricaAbdoulaye Sarré, Hervé Demarcq, Noel Keenlyside, Jens Otto Krakstad,Djiga Thiao, Saliou Faye, Salahedine Elayoubi, Jiyid Mohamed Ahmed, Ebou Mbaye, Adama Mbaye and Patrice Brehmerno, conf. Mar 8 (xFIN) yes
S712820Sandrine DjakouréWithdrawal Respective Roles of the Guinea Current and Local Winds on the Coastal Upwelling in the Northern Gulf of Guinea.Sandrine Djakouré, Pierrick Penven, Bernard Bourlès, Vamara Koné and Jennifer Veitchno, cancel poster (FIN) yes
S712410Bessa IsmailWithdrawal Seasonal Variability of the ocean mixed layer depth depending on the Cape Ghir filament and the Upwelling in the Moroccan Atlantic coastBessa Ismail, Ahmed Makaoui, Aziz Agouzouk, Karim Hilmi , MOohammed Idrissi and Mohamed Afifi cancel this poster yes
S712788Victor M. AguileraWithdrawalREP-3Upwelling pH-phenology and the biological performance of dominant copepod species in Humboldt Current System Victor M. Aguilera, Ruben Escribano, Cristian A. Vargas, M. Teresa González no, cancel poster (xFIN) yes
S713058Alban LazarWithdrawal Upwelling physics off West Africa : Evidences of seasonal cooling caused by dry air mass intrusions against warming upwellingAlban Lazar, Saliou Faye and Gregory Foltzno, cancelled talk on May 1 yes
S712720Bessa IsmailWithdrawal Variability of the mixed layer depth in the Cape Ghir area, Morocco for the period 2002-2014Bessa Ismail, Makaoui A., Hilmi K, and M. Afifino, cancel poster (xFIN) yes
S812610Hassan MoustahfidInvited The changing character of Western Boundary Currents with climate change and the implications for fisheriesHassan Moustahfid and Avijit Gangopadhyayyes
S812895Peng SunOral Climate change effects on the early recruitment of largehead hairtail (Trichiurus japonicus) in the East China SeaPeng Sun, Jianchao Li, Wenjia Li, Yongjun Tianyes
S813017Michelle StaudingerOral Climate-induced shifts in phenology: Case studies of fish, whales, and seabirds in the Gulf of MaineMichelle Staudinger, Dan Pendleton, Adrian Jordaanyes
S812867Shigang LiuOral Climate-induced variations in the sea surface temperature in subtropical Kuroshio waters and its effect on Pacific sauryShigang Liu, Luxin Yan, Yang Liu, Wen-Bin Huang, Rong Wan, Yongjun Tianyes
S812969Shin-ichi ItoOral Effects of climate change on growth and distribution of Japanese anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) larvae in the East China SeaShin-ichi Ito, Takashi Setou, Toru Hasegawa, Satoshi Kitajima, Akinori Takasuka, Naoki Yoshie, Takeshi Okunishi, Motomitsu Takahashi, Micho Yoneda, Yuuhei Amano and Chenying Guoyes
S812860Janet Nye (for Haikun Xu)Oral Evaluating the utility of the Gulf Stream Index for predicting recruitment of Southern New England-Mid Atlantic yellowtail flounderHaikun Xu, Timothy J. Miller, Sultan Hameed, Larry A. Alade, and Janet A. Nyeno, by Janet Nye
S812940Jonathan HareOral Fisheries in a changing world: examples from the Northeast U.S. ShelfJonathan Hareyes
S813062John QuinlanOralREP-1How might climate change impact fisheries management and marine protected areas?John Quinlanyes, P->O
S812698James BisagniOral Inter-annual variability of Gulf Stream warm-core ring/continental shelf encounters and longfin squid (Doryteuthis pealeii) abundance fluctuationsJames J. Bisagni, Avijit Gangopadhyay, Owen Nichols, and Roger Pettipasyes, wants talk on June 4
S813033Glen GawarkiewiczOral Recent changes in shelfbreak exchange processes in the Middle Atlantic BightGlen Gawarkiewicz, Anna Malek Mercer, Paula Fratantoni, Robert Todd, and Avijit Gangopadhyayyes
S812880Yongjun TianOral Regime shifts in the fish assemblages around Japan over the last century and their early warning signalsYongjun Tian, Shuangyang Ma, Kazuhisa Uchikawa, Jiahua Cheng, Yoshiro Watanabe, Jürgen Alheit and Caihong Fuyes
S812753Lisa HendricksonOral Summary of an FAO workshop regarding the effects of climate variability and change on short-lived species and their forecasting with a focus on squid stocks and Boundary CurrentsLisa C. Hendrickson, Alexander Arkhipkin and Hassan Moustahfidyes
S812931Janet NyeOral The influence of the Gulf Stream on Northwest Atlantic ecosystemsJanet A. Nye, Lesley Thorne, Hyemi Kim, Haikun Xu, Young-Oh Kwon, Terrence Joyceyes
S813143Vincent SabaOral Using NOAA’s high-resolution global climate model to assess climate change impacts in the Northwest AtlanticVincent Sabayes
S813256Fan WangPlenary Facing the future and sustainability through connecting the coastal and open oceans: Center for Ocean Mega-Science, Chinese Academy of SciencesFan Wangyes
S812575Alexey MishonovPoster Assessing the Northwest Atlantic 30-year climate change using 3-D visualizationAlexey Mishonov, Dan Seidov, James Reagan and Rost Parsonsyes, moved to S8 on May 3
S812551Caixia GongPoster Effects of environmental variations on the abundance of western winter-spring cohort of Ommastrephes bartramii in the Northwest Pacific OceanCaixia Gong and Wei Yuyes
S812414Carina Stefoni BöckPoster Potential impacts of climate change on physical processes and primary productivity in the Brazilian ocean warming hotspotCarina Stefoni Böck, Luiz Paulo de Freitas Assad and Luiz Landauyes
S812851Arielle Stela Nkwinkwa NjouodoWithdrawal Atmospheric signature of the Agulhas CurrentArielle Stela Nkwinkwa Njouodo, Shunya Koseki, Noel Keenlyside and Mathieu Rouault no show poster yes
S812388Raquel TosteWithdrawal Climate change effects on eddy-kinetic energy in Brazil Current system near Rio de Janeiro coastRaquel Toste, Luiz Paulo de F. Assad and Luiz Landau no, cancel poster (FIN) yes
S812744Rongshuo CaiWithdrawalxREP-2How can a weakening of the East Asian Monsoon contribute to the warming of coastal China sea on inter-decadal timescales?Rongshuo Cai, Hongjian Tan and Harilaos Kontoyiannisno, cancel poster yes
S813121Alberto PiolaWithdrawal Long-term variability and extreme events at the boundary between the Patagonia and South Brazil large marine ecosystemsAlberto R. Piola and Elbio D. Palmano, cancel talk, Apr. 16 yes
S812755Lisa C. HendricksonWithdrawal Oceanographic and climatic drivers of Illex illecebrosus (Northern shortfin squid) abundance and fishery catches on the U.S. continental shelf Lisa C. Hendrickson and Avijit Gangopadhyayyes, cancel poster yes
S812812Gaston MantaWithdrawal The effect of climate variability on the abundance of the sandy beach clam (Mesodesma mactroides) in the Southwestern AtlanticGaston Manta, Marcelo Barreiro, Leonardo Ortega, Omar Defeono, cancel poster Apr 4 (xFIN) yes
S912893Laura LorenzoniInvited Marine Ecological Time Series: What are they telling us about the ocean?Laura Lorenzoni, Todd D. O’Brien, and the IGMETS Communityyes
S912911Richard RivkinOralxREP-4Anthropogenic effects on biogeochemical processes, carbon export and sequestration: Influence of bacteria-particle interactions on oceanic carbon cyclingRichard B. Rivkinyes, P->O, rep 13129
S913155Nicole LovenduskiOralxREP-01Coccolithophore growth and calcification in a changing ocean: Insights from Community Earth System Model simulationsKristen Krumhardt, Nicole Lovenduski, Keith Lindsay, Matthew Long, and Michael Levyyes, O->P, back P->O (for Kristen Krumhardt)
S912675Celeste López AbbateOral Decadal changes in carbon budget of a SW Atlantic estuary: Coupling between a drop in phytoplankton biomass and the erosion of salt marshesValeria Guinder, Paula Pratolongo, Celeste López Abbate, Carla Spetter and Jorge Marcovecchioyes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 24 for Valeria Guinder
S912635Frédéric CyrOral Decadal environmental changes in the Newfoundland and Labrador ecosystemFrédéric Cyr and Pierre Pépinyes
S913097Tore JohannessenOral Evidence of bifurcations (regime shift) in marine plankton communities in relation to increasing temperature, resulting in recruitment failure in fishTore Johannessen, Inger Aline Nordberg Aanonsenyes
S913182Jessica LuoOralxREP-3Investigating plankton size-spectra dynamics using a global trait-based ecosystem modelJessica Y. Luo, Matthew C. Long, Keith Lindsay, Michael N. Levy(xFIN) yes, P->O, rep. 13155, conf. Feb. 19
S912805Patricija MozeticOral Linking long-term changes of pelagic microbial communities to fluctuations in climate and hydrological regime in a coastal ecosystem (Adriatic Sea)Patricija Mozetic, Boris Petelin, Janja France, Vesna Flander-Putrle, Katja Klun, Matjaz Licer, Tinkara Tinta, Valentina Turk and Vlado Malacicyes
S913170Karen WiltshireOral Long term changes in the controlling factors of phytoplankton in the Southern North SeaWiltshire K.H., Boersma M., Feudel U. Rick J., Lemke, P. , Meunier, C. , Scharfe M.,and Sarker S. yes, conf. Mar. 6
S912667Georg EngelhardOralxREP-1Lower trophic consequences with bottom-up effects: A decline in primary production in the North Sea over 25 years, associated with reductions in zooplankton and fish recruitmentGeorg H. Engelhard, Christopher P. Lynam, David Stephens, Jon Barry, Rodney M. Forster, Naomi Greenwood, Abigail McQuatters-Gollop, Tiago Silva, Sonja M. van Leeuwen and Elisa Capuzzoyes, P->O Apr. 25
S912954Joo-Eun YoonOral Multi-decadal variability in coccolithophore abundance in the North Pacific Subtropical GyreJoo-Eun Yoon and Il-Nam Kimyes
S913076Cynthia PilskalnOral Natural and anthropogenic drivers of organic and inorganic carbon dynamics in the Gulf of Maine, USACynthia H. Pilskalnyes
S912650Stéphane PlourdeOral Using optimal and realized habitat models to assess the underlying mechanisms of Calanus population responses to future climate change in the northwest AtlanticStéphane Plourde, Caroline Lehoux, Frédéric Maps, Pierre Pepin, Catherine L. Johnson, Zeliang Wang, Dave Brickmanpending confirmation
S913196Kym JacobsonOral Variability in the copepod community structure, diversity, and biomass in the northeast Pacific (Newport, Oregon, USA) over the last 21 yearsKym Jacobson, Jennifer L. Fisher, William T. Petersonyes
S912670Catherine JohnsonOral Zooplankton community changes on the Canadian northwest Atlantic continental shelves during recent warm yearsCatherine L. Johnson, Stéphane Plourde, Pierre Pepin, Emmanuel Devred, David Brickman, David Hebert, Peter S. Galbraith and Eugene Colbourneyes
S912918Jasmin JohnPoster Assessing the legacy effects of climate change on the world's oceans utilizing reversibility scenariosJasmin G. John, Eddy Robertson, Charles A. Stock, John P. Dunne, and Chris D. Jonesyes
S913106Shelby BrunnerPoster Development of a global ocean biogeochemistry observing systemShelby Brunner, Dick Feely, Rik Wanninkhof, John Dunne, Brendan Carter, Cara Wilsonyes
S912835Dongxing ChenPoster Effects of typhoon events on chlorophyll and carbon fixation in different regions of the East China SeaDongxing Chen, Lei He, Fenfen Liu and Kedong Yinyes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 23
S912681Todd OBrienPoster International efforts in plankton and ecosystems time series researchTodd D. O'Brien, on behalf of the IGMETS, WGZE, WGPME, and TrendsPO working groups.yes
S913212Charles A. StockPoster Reconciling ocean productivity and fisheries catch in a changing climateCharles A. Stock, Jasmin G. John, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, Rebecca G. Asch, William W.L. Cheung, John P. Dunne, Kevin D. Friedland, Vicky W.Y. Lam, Jorge L. Sarmiento, and Reg A. Watsonyes
S912872Roksana JahanPoster Shifting pattern of phytoplankton species response to climate change and eutrophication in Gyeonggi BayRoksana Jahan, Taeyoon Song and Joong Ki Choiyes
S912873Roksana Jahan Poster Temperature influences pennate diatom and flagellates in Gyeonggi BayRoksana Jahan , Mohammad Saeed Ullah and Joong Ki Choi3yes
S913129M. Elisabeth HendersonWithdrawalxREP-1Characterizing biological and physical dynamics at the mid-Atlantic bight shelf-slope frontHenderson, M. Elisabeth, Wilson, Robert S., and Janet A. Nyeno, cancel talk P->O (REP for Engelhard) yes
S912742Susanna NurdjamanWithdrawalxREP-2Climatic Control of Upwelling Variability along Western Sumatera and Southern Java CoastSusanna Nurdjaman, Julianto Saut Hamonangan and Amar Yusufno (FIN), cancel poster yes
S912694Carlos BarrosoWithdrawal Evidence of altered behaviour and reduced survival in Nassarius reticulatus (L.) veligers exposed to marine climate change projected scenariosSusana Galante-Oliveira, Filipe Laranjeiro, Isabel B. Oliveira, Joana G. Fonseca, Daniela B. Freitas, Inês Domingues, Rui J. M. Rocha and Carlos Barrosoasked to cancel poster yes
S912578Nallamuthu GodhantaramanWithdrawal Impacts of climate variability on plankton communities, Southeast Coast of IndiaNallamuthu Godhantaraman(xFIN) yes, FIN, no cancelled talk on Apr. 25 yes
S912623Umer Khalifa Withdrawal Predicted Marine Climate Change: Influence of Elevated Temperature and Lowered pH on Hatching Success of Cylopoid copepod Oithona rigidaUmer Khalifa Amit Kumar Vinitha Ebenezer(xFIN) cancel poster yes
S912354Dibyendu RakshitWithdrawal The effects of changing climate on microzooplankton (tintinnid) in a tropical meso-macrotidal estuary: An approach towards environmental monitoring and assessmentDibyendu Rakshit, Santosh Kumar Sarkar(xFIN) O->P, did not confirm Mar 21 yes
S913130Idongesit E.IkpeweWithdrawal The impact of temperature on growth rates of demersal fish species in the West of ScotlandIdongesit E.Ikpewe, Alan R.Baudron, C.Tara Marshall and Paul G.Fernandesno, cancel poster yes
S1012829Malin PinskyInvited Can we adapt to species on the move?Malin L. Pinsky, James W. Morley, and Thomas L. Frölicheryes
S1012768Jorge García MolinosInvited Ocean currents and herbivory drive macroalgae-to-coral community shift under climate warmingNaoki H. Kumagai, Jorge García Molinos, Hiroya Yamano, Shintaro Takao, Masahiko Fujii and Yasuhiro Yamanakayes
S1013156Merrick BurdenOralxREP-1Addressing the challenge of climate change and fisheries: A framework for implementing climate-appropriate fishery ManagementMerrick Burden, Kristin Kleisner, Rod Fujita, Doug Rader, and Andrew Hutson yes, P->O (rep for Elena Ojea)
S1013229Thomas TherriaultOral Characterizing and predicting Aquatic Invasive Species distributions: Reconciling large-scale model predictions with small-scale observations and incorporating climate change scenariosThomas W. Therriault, Claudio DiBacco, Ben Lowen, and Devin Lyonsyes
S1012879Adriana VergésOral Climate-mediated tropicalisation of temperate reefs: Should we care?Adriana Vergés, Erin McCosker, Thomas Wernberg, Mariana Mayer-Pinto and Peter D Steinbergyes
S1012778Juliano Palacios-AbrantesOral Current state and future scenarios for trans-boundary fisheries management in changing oceans of Canada and United StatesJuliano Palacios-Abrantes, William W. L. Cheungyes
S1012734Mitchell RofferOral Evaluating future fisheries management scenarios using combined downscaled climate, ocean circulation, and habitat suitability modelsMitchell A. Roffer, Barbara A. Muhling, Aaron Adams, Sang-Ki Lee, Yanyun Liu, Xiangming Zeng, Ruoying He, John T. Lamkin, Frank Muller-Karger, Matthew Upton, and Gregory Gawlickowski. yes
S1012671Robert CrawfordOral Famine in a time of plenty – A recent paradox in the Benguela upwelling systemRobert J. M. Crawford, William J. Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, Richard B. Sherley and Azwianewi B. Makhadoyes
S1013151Tessa FrancisOralxREP-3Fish on the move: Tools to support EBFM in facing challenges associated with species range shiftsTessa B Francis yes, P->O, rep Yool
S1012666Iratxe RubioOral Institutional settings, climate change and the re-distribution of tropical tuna fisheriesIratxe Rubio, Unai Ganzedo, Alistair Hobday and Elena Ojeayes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 23
S1012758Samantha TwinameOral Mechanistic understanding of climate driven range shifts: Using thermal tolerances of rock lobster to predict future range shiftsSamantha Twiname, Chris Carter, Quinn Fitzgibbon, Alistair Hobday, Gretta Pecl and Eva Plaganyiyes
S1012843Richard SherleyOralxxREP-2Metapopulation tracking juvenile penguins reveals an ecosystem-wide ecological trapRichard B. Sherley, Katrin Ludynia, Bruce M. Dyer, Tarron Lamont, Azwianewi B. Makhado, Jean-Paul Roux, Kylie L. Scales, Les G. Underhill and Stephen C. Votieryes, P->O, rep Payne
S1012718Irene AlabiaOral Projected distribution and diversity patterns of marine taxa in the Pacific Arctic under future climateIrene D. Alabia, Jorge Garcia Molinos, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Takafumi Hirata, Toru Hirawake, and Franz J. Mueteryes
S1012955Manuel HidalgoOral Reconciling ocean connectivity and hydroclimate with the management of transboundary metapopulationsManuel Hidalgo, Vincent Rossi, Pedro Monroy, Enrico Ser-Giacomi, Emilio Hernández-García, Beatriz Guijarro, Enric Massutí, Francisco Alemany, Angelique Jadaud, José Luis Perez, Patricia Regleroyes
S1013084Dorothy DickOral Scenario planning as a tool in protected species management and conservation in a changing climate: An Atlantic salmon pilotDorothy M. Dick, Diane Borggaardyes
S1013029Rebecca SeldenOral Vulnerability and adaptation of fishing communities to climate-driven species range shifts: Consequences for climate-ready managementRebecca Selden, Eva Papaioannou, Kevin St. Martin, Malin Pinsky, James Thorson, and Jameal Samhouriyes
S1013238Gretta PeclPlenary Addressing key questions for climate-driven species redistribution requires integration of ecology, conservation and social scienceGretta T. Peclyes
S1012818Matthew LettrichPoster A climate vulnerability assessment for marine mammals in the Northwest Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and CaribbeanMatthew Lettrich, Michael Asaro, Diane Borggaard, Dorothy Dick, Laura Engleby, Roger Griffis, Jenny Litz, Chris Orphanides, Debra Palka and Melissa Soldevillayes
S1013053Inna SeninaPoster Assessing the impact of climate change on marine top predator populationsInna Senina, Patrick Lehodey, Neville Smith, Simon Nicol and John Hamptonyes
S1012946Emily MobergPoster Capital investment for optimal exploitation of renewable resource stocks in the age of global change biologyEmily A. Moberg and Eli P. Fenichelyes
S1012344Kate SearlePoster Climate and resource variation differentially affect intrinsic population processes to drive patterns of seabird population dynamics in UK coastal watersKate R. Searle1, Adam Butler2, James J. Waggitt3, Peter G. H. Evans3,4, Carrie Gunn1, Francis Daunt1*, N. Tom Hobbs5* and Sarah Wanless1* *joint last authors yes
S1012481Wei YuPoster Climate-driven abundance and distribution variability of winter-spring cohort of neon flying squid Ommastrephes bartramii in the Northwest Pacific Ocean using habitat suitability modeling approachWei Yu, Xinjun Chen, Qian Yi and Yong Chenyes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 23
S1012702Andrew YoolPosterREP-2-confClimatically-induced change in ocean circulation as a potential stressor of marine ecosystemsAndrew Yool, Simon van Gennip, Ekaterina Popova, Greta Pecl, Alistair Hobday and Cascade Sorteyes, O->P, also talk in S6
S1012565Lisamarie CarrubbaPoster Creating a climate science toolkit to inform management decisions for threatened and endangered speciesDori Dick and Lisamarie Carrubbayes
S1013141Lingbo LiPoster Differences in groundfish distributional changes across NE Pacific shelf: Subregion, species, and life historyLingbo Li, Anne Hollowed, Steve Barbeaux, Jennifer Boldt, Nicholas Bond, Edward Cokelet, Aimee Keller, Jackie King, Michelle McClure, Wayne Palsson, Dale Sweetnam, Phyllis Stabeno, and Qiong Yangyes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 26
S1012970Shin-ichi ItoPoster Effects of climate change on growth and migration of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) in the North PacificShin-ichi Ito, Takashi Setou, Takeshi Okunishi, Akinori Takasuka, Naoki Yoshie, Hiroshi Kuroda and Chenying Guoyes
S1013187Jin GaoPoster Historical dynamics of the demersal fish community in the East and South China SeasJin Gao, James T. Thorson, Cody Szuwalski, Hui-Yu Wangyes, FIN
S1013169Gretta PeclPoster How regional fishery bodies have responded to climate changeJonathan Sumby, Gretta Pecl and Marcus Hawardyes
S1012669Elena Ojea (for Xiaozi Liu)PosterREP-4Management Solutions for Shifting Trans-boundary Fish Stocks under Fixed Catch SharesXiaozi Liu, Elena Ojea and Mikko Heinono, O->P by Elena Ojea (she also has S14 talk)
S1012640Barbara MuhlingPosterREP-3Out of tuna: Using metabolic models to estimate future accessibility of bluefin and yellowfin tunas to U.S. fisheriesBarbara A. Muhling, Richard Brill, John T. Lamkin, Mitchell A. Roffer, Sang-Ki Lee, Yanyun Liu and Frank Muller-Kargeryes (already has a talk)
S1012546Ismael Núñez-RiboniPoster Past and projected changes of the suitable thermal habitat of North Sea cod under climate changeIsmael Núñez-Riboni, Marc Taylor, Miriam Püts, Alexander Kempf and Moritz Mathisyes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 22
S1012661Georg EngelhardPoster Squid on the move in a marine climate change ‘hotspot’ and why it matters to fisheries and societyGeorg H. Engelhard, Jeroen van der Kooij, David A. Righton, Miranda C. Jones and John K. Pinnegaryes
S1013203Yi Xu (or Caihong Fu)Poster Towards understanding changes in Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) spawning distribution off the west coast of Canada over the past three decadesYi Xu, Caihong Fu, Roy Hourston, Angelica Pena, Jackie King, Kristen Daniel, Matthew Thompson, Jaclyn Cleary, Cliff Robinsonyes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 23
S1012726Thomas MillerPoster Winter is (not) coming: Changes to overwinter behavior of blue crab, Callinectes sapidus, in response to warming temperaturesHillary Lane Glandon, K. Halimeda Kilbourne1, and Thomas J. Milleryes, confirmed Apr 26
S1013015Kevin FriedlandWithdrawalREP-1Event scale and persistent drivers of fish and invertebrate distributions on the US Northeast ShelfKevin D. Friedland1, Ryan E. Morse1, Jason S. Link2no, cancelled poater May 7 yes
S1013073Alan BaudronWithdrawal Impact of life history traits on the warming-induced changes in distribution of the northeast Atlantic fish species assemblageAlan Baudron, Niall Fallon and Paul Fernandesno, cancel poster yes
S1013154for Carey R. McGilliardWithdrawal Modeling of targeting behavior for a mixed-species groundfish fishery with technical interactions under future climate pathways using information from environmental data linked to catch composition at the time of fishingCarey R. McGilliard, Kotaro Ono, Steve Barbeaux, Jim Ianelli, André E. Punt, Alan Haynie, and Anne Hollowedno, cancel poster Apr. 3 yes
S1012958Manuel HidalgoWithdrawal Modeling the connectivity of early-life stages for exploited species: a new approach for the delimitation of fishery assessment units in the Mediterranean SeaEhsan Sadighrad, Vincent Rossi, Manuel Hidalgo, Enrico Ser-Giacomi, Bettina Fach and Emilio Hernandez-Garciayes, cancel this poster yes
S1012791ZEBAZE TOGOUET Serge HubertWithdrawal Physicochemistry and Zooplanktonic Biodiversity of the estuaries and lower courses of two rivers in Kribi: Kienke and LokoundjeZEBAZE TOGOUET Serge Hubert and ESSOMBA BILOA Rachel Eliane no, cancel poster (xFiN) if FIN yes
S1012589Yingqiu ZhangWithdrawal Short-term fidelity, habitat use and vertical movement behavior of the black rockfish Sebastes schlegelii as determined by acoustic telemetryYingqiu Zhang, Qiang Xu, Alós Josep, Hui Liu, Qinzeng Xu and Hongsheng Yangno, cancel poster Mar. 6(xFIN) yes yes
S1012662Elena OjeaWithdrawal Socioeconomic implications of the observed climate change distributional shifts in commercial marine species Alba Aguion, Diego Salgueiro-Otero, Iratxe Rubio and Elena Ojea. yes, cancel poster yes
S1012883Mark PayneWithdrawalREP-1Understanding the past and predicting the future of the North-east Atlantic “Mackerel War”Mark R. Payneyes, O->P, also talk in S2, cancelled this poster yes
S1112727Ulrich SommerInvited The effects of climate change on the ocean’s planktonUlrich Sommer, Evangelia Charalampous and Maria Moustaka-Gouni2 yes
S1112915Sara MynottOralREP-1Camouflage under climate change: will marine species respond well to warming?Sara Mynott, Martin Stevens and Steve WiddicombeP-O May 2, yes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 23
S1112655Olav Sigurd KjesbuOral Climate vulnerability of marine fish, response traits and mechanismsOlav Sigurd Kjesbu, Bridie J.M. Allan, Maria Fossheim, Geir Huse, Geir Ottersen, Anne Britt Sandø, Mette Skern-Mauritzen, Mari Skuggedal Myksvoll, Svein Sundby and Frode Vikebøyes
S1113148José Ricardo PaulaOral Cognitive and neurobiological disruption of cleaning mutualisms under ocean acidification and warmingJosé Ricardo Paula, Regina Bispo, Svante Winberg, Philip L. Munday, Redouan Bshary, Rui Rosayes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 22
S1113135Will RyanOralREP-01Complex life cycles and complicated responses to changeWill H. Ryan, Leoni Adams, Guido Bonthond, Nova Mieszkowska, Kathryn Pack, Mary A. Yant, and Stacy A. Krueger-Hadfieldyes, (xFIN) , conf. Feb. 22
S1112584Scott BennettOral Contribution of local adaptation to vulnerability of marine biota to warmingScott Bennett, François Dufois, Amanda Bates, Graham J. Edgar, Rick D. Stuart-Smith, Thomas Wernbergyes
S1113001Catarina SantosOral Early perspective: A 3D approach to the effects of elevated CO2 in the neuroanatomic development of an oviparous sharkCatarina C.P. Santos, Maria R. Pegado, Marta Pimentel, Ricardo Cyrne, José R. Paula, Gabriel Martins and Rui Rosayes, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 26
S1112684Gabriel ReygondeauOral Effect of climate change on the distribution of global marine biodiversityGabriel Reygondeau, Colette Wabnitz, William Cheungyes
S1112766Alyce HancockOral Effect of ocean acidification on Antarctic marine bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic communitiesAlyce Hancock, Paul Dennis, John Bowman, John McKinlay, Kai Schulz and Andrew Davidsonyes
S1112746Taewon KimOralxxREP-5Effects of temperature increase and oxygen decrease on behavior and physiology of marine benthic invertebratesTaewon Kimyes, P->O conf. Feb. 23
S1113165Christopher ChambersOralxxREP-1Experimental methodologies optimized for examining multiple stressors, variable environments, and the scope of responses in early life-stages of marine fishes due to climate changeR. Christopher Chambers, Ehren A. Habeck, Kristin M. Habeck, Delan Boyce, Melissa Drown, Sarah Brewster, Megan Dotterweichyes, REP for Rui Rosa
S1112436Cátia MonteiroOral Is local adaptation driving the transcriptomics response to multiple stressors in the kelp Saccharina latissima?Cátia Monteiro, Huiru Li, Sandra Heinrich, Inka Bartsch, Klaus Valentin, Erwan Corre, Jonas Collén and Kai Bischofyes, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 18
S1112862Anna McLaskeyOral Krill in a changing environment: Leveraging multiple approaches to understand a complex organismAnna K. McLaskey and Julie E. Keister yes, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 19
S1112898Florian RothOral Local acidification caused by coral-algal phase shifts exacerbates the effects of global ocean acidification on tropical reefsFlorian Roth, Susana Carvalho, Carlos M. Duarte, Xosé Anxelu Moran, Maria Ll. Calleja, Luis Silva, Burton H. Jones and Christian Wildyes
S1112933Hailey ConradOral Relative depth constraints on temperature-induced range shifts for continental shelf speciesHailey Conrad, Dr. Rebecca Selden, Dr. Malin Pinskyyes
S1112881Jay MinutiOral Resistance of subtidal reefs to change under future conditions: The role of benthic grazersJay J. Minuti and Bayden D. Russellyes, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 26
S1113000Carolina BastidasOral Seasonality of fouling organisms in view of climate change and bioinvasionsCarolina Bastidas and Judith Pedersonyes
S1112355Amrit MishraOral Short term CO2 enrichment increases carbon metabolism of air-exposed inter tidal seagrass communitiesAmrit Mishra, Joao Silva, Rui Santosyes
S1112626Laurene PecuchetOral Structural and functional changes of multi-trophic communities in a large marine ecosystemLaurene Pecuchet, Martin Lindegren, Saskia Otto and Marie C. Nordströmyes
S1112816Hubert Du PontaviceOral Temperature effects on the transfers of biomass in marine food websHubert Du Pontavice, William W. L. Cheung and Didier Gascuelyes
S1112617Vincent ValléeOral The effects of climate change and the collapse of the shrimp fishery on fish communities’ diversity and functions in a tropical context: The case of the continental shelf off French GuianaVincent Vallée, Ilan Perez, Fabian Blanchard and Maria Ching Villanuevayes
S1112985Marta Silva PimentelOral The impact of ocean warming and acidification on the physiology of the seahorse Hippocampus reidiFilipa Faleiro, Marta Silva Pimentel, Ana Rita Lopes, Mário Diniz and Rui Rosayes, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 20
S1112776Ravi MaharajOral The sensitivity of climate-induced shifts in the distribution of reef fish to the presence of reef habitatRavi R. Maharaj, Gabriel Reygondeau, and William W. L. Cheungyes, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 20
S1113041Helen Gurney-SmithOral The story so far: an in situ pairing of chemical oceanography and physiologyHelen Gurney-Smith, Kayla Mohns, Caitlin Smith, Tamara Brown, Brenna Collicutt, Anne Haegert and Wiley Evansyes, will confirm again later
S1112901Peng LianOral Variability of the spatiotemporal distribution of yellowfin tuna and its response to environmental change in the eastern Pacific OceanPeng Lian, Yongjun Tian, Yuxiang Qiao, Shifei Tu, Yuntao Wang, Yang Liu, Kuo-Wei Lan, Caihong Fu, and Rong Wan(xFIN) yes
S1112803Steve WiddicombePlenary How do we put all the pieces together to appreciate the bigger picture?Steve Widdicombeyes
S1112606Jun ShojiPoster Changes in fish community structures in seagrass beds along Pacific coast of northern Japan: Increase of species transported from southern watersJun Shoji and Kentaro Yoshikawayes
S1112903Kathryn MorrisseyPoster Diving deeper into the algal holobiont: Exploring effects of environmental changes on bacterial diversityKathryn Morrissey¹, Lijljana Iveša², Anne Willems³ and Olivier De Clerck¹yes, confirmed Feb. 20
S1112682Carolina GonzálezPoster Effect of oceanographic change on the genetic diversity and phylogeography of a widely distributed copepod in the South Eastern PacificCarolina E. González, Romina Silva, Leyla Cárdenas, Rubén Escribanoayes, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 22
S1112833Kuo-Wei LanPoster Effects of climate variability on catch rate of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) cohort in the Indian OceanKuo-Wei Lan and Ming-Wen Chenyes
S1113144Thomás BanhaPoster Effects of multiple thermal stresses on chlorophyll-a content and size of Cassiopea andromeda (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa) and the role of heterotrophy and Symbiodinium concentrationThomás N. S. Banha, Miguel Mies, Arthur Z. Güth and Paulo Y. G. Sumidayes
S1113048Rui RosaPosterREP-3Effects of ocean acidification on sharksRui Rosa, Jodie L. Rummer and Philip L. Munday yes, O->P double talk (S4)
S1113133Aaron HonigPoster Exposure to elevated temperature reduces effects of acidification on inducible defenses in the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis, during predator crab exposureAaron Honig, Robyn Hanniganyes, conf. Mar. 6
S1113251Nina BednarsekPoster Interactive effects of temperature and acidification on pteropods in the California Current Ecosystem during 2016 El-NiñoNina Bednarsek, Richard Feely, Brendan Carter, Ryan McCabe, Martha Sutulayes
S1112982Regina KolzenburgPoster Is Corallina officinalis (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) able to adapt to environmental conditions across its geographic distribution?Regina Kolzenburg, Craig Storey, Alex Ford and Federica Ragazzolayes
S1112891Ferial LouanchiPoster Multi-decadal evolution of Ichtyofauna in trawlable bottom of the Algerian coast (South Western Mediterranean Sea)Nadhéra Babali, Ferial Louanchi, Mohamed Kacher and Wahid Refesyes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 23
S1113013Alba SerratPoster New insights into early oocyte dynamics and their links to environmental cues challenge assumed fecundity pattern and reproductive potentialAlba Serrat , Cristina Garcia-Fernandez, Marta Muñoz, Anders Thorsen, Fran Saborido-Rey, Olav S. Kjesbuyes
S1112864Yongjun Tian (for Rui Wu)Poster Otolith microchemistry of Pacific cod in Yellow Sea reflects the annual and interannual variation of Yellow Sea Cold Water MassRui Wu, Jianchao Li, Chi Zhang, Feng Jiang, Xindong Pan, Zhenjiang Ye, Tao Jiang, Jian Yang, Caihong Fu and Yongjun Tianno, Feb. 22 (xFIN)
S1112922Michelle McClure (for Aimee A. Keller)Poster Return of the dead zone: severe hypoxia observed off Oregon and Washington during the 2017 West Coast Groundfish Bottom Trawl SurveyAimee A. Keller1, Peter Frey1, Victor Simon1, Lorenzo Ciannelli2, and Stephen D. Pierce2no, by Michelle M. McClure
S1112971Sheng-Yuan TengPoster The Possible Influence of Climatic Variation on the Catch of Grey Mullet (Mugil cephalus L.) in the Taiwan StraitSheng-Yuan Teng and Ming-An Leeyes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 26
S1112889Dawit YemaneWithdrawalREP-2A tale of two coasts: Simillarities and differences in temporal pattern in the structure and functioning of the southern Benguela and Agulhas BankDawit Yemane, Rob W. Leslie, Deon Durholtz and Tracey Fairweatherno, cancelled poster Apr 12 yes
S1112688Anne G. V. SalvanesWithdrawalREP-02Adaptation to hypoxic environments – bearded gobies Sufflogobius bibarbatus in the Benguela upwelling ecosystem[Anne G. V. Salvanes, Mark J. Gibbons]cancelled Mar 11, wants talk ONLY yes
S1113089Federica RagazzolaWithdrawal Biofilm composition on artificial reefs exposed to high CO2 conditionMaria Salta, Regina Kolzenburg, Chiara Lombardi, Federica Ragazzolano, cancel poster yes
S1112866Mariana Mayer-PintoWithdrawal Can adaptive building increase climate resistance of benthic communities?Mariana Mayer-Pinto, Ana Bugnot, Emma L. Johnston, Jaimie Potts, Peter Scanes, Shinjiro Ushiama, Elisabeth Strain, Tim Glasby, Laura Airoldi and Katherine Daffornno, cancel talk yes
S1112962Amit KumarWithdrawalREP-3Climate change and tropical seaweeds: Response of Gracileria foliifera to lowered pH and higher temperature Amit Kumar, Deeksha Garg, Jojy John, Vinu Siva, Vinitha Ebenezer and T. Subramoniamno, cancel poster yes
S1112668Margrete EmblemsvågWithdrawal Climate change causes decrease in β-diversity of deep water fish communities along the continental slope of East GreenlandMargrete Emblemsvåg, Raul Primicerio, Ismael Núñez-Riboni, Helle Christiansen and Agnes Gundersenno, cancelled talk May 2 yes
S1112863Fay HelidoniotisWithdrawalREP?Differential effects of temperature and fishing pressure on maturity and growth in the ectotherm Haliotis rubraFay Helidoniotis, Craig Johnson, Malcolm Haddon and Farhan Rizwi no, cancel poster yes
S1112724Jojy JohnWithdrawal Differential expression of oxidative, osmoregulatory and immunity related candidate genes under salinity and temperature stress in the Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man, 1879) larvaeJojy John, Amit Kumar, Vinitha Ebenezer, Vinu Sivano, cancel poster (xFIN) yes
S1112586Vivitskaia TullochWithdrawal Ecosystem modeling shows future recovery of baleen whales could be reversed by climate changeVivitskaia J. D. Tulloch, Éva E. Plagányi, Christopher Brown, Anthony J. Richardson, and Richard Matearno, cancel poster Mar. 8 (xFIN) yes
S1112359Dr. Leigh HowarthWithdrawal How will climate change and fishing affect the functioning of benthic ecosystems?Howarth, L.M., Waggitt, J.J., Bolam, S.G., Somerfield, P.J., & Hiddink,, cancel poster (xFIN) yes
S1113027Marco TorriWithdrawal Ichthyoplanktonic time series in the Central Mediterranean Sea: variations occurred in the last two decades in relation to the climate change.Marco Torri, Angela Cuttitta, Bernardo Patti and Salvatore cancel talk (xFIN) conf. Feb. 27 yes
S1112831Tatyana BelanWithdrawal Long-term changes of marine environment conditions in the north part of Amursky Bay (the Sea of Japan/ East Sea)Alexander Moshchenko, Tatyana Belan and Boris Borisovno, cancelled poster May 23 yes
S1113072Atal SahaWithdrawal Modern population genomic methods provide an improved tool to investigate complex genetic diversity in a wild marine species, Sebastes mentellaAtal Saha, Torild Johansen et, cancel poster apr 9 (xFIN) yes
S1113150José Ricardo PaulaWithdrawal Neurobiological disruption of cleaning mutualisms under ocean warming and acidificationJosé Ricardo Paula, Tiago Repolho, Maria Rita Pegado, Per-Ove Thörnqvist, Catarina Santos, Regina Bispo, Svante Winberg, Philip L. Munday, Rui Rosamerged with other paper yes
S1112878Seth ThomasWithdrawal Rescaling the contributions of diatom synthesised DMSP in the PlankTOM10 biogeochemical modelSeth Thomas, Martin Johnson, Erik Buitenhuis, Gill Malinno, cancel poster, Mar. 7 (xFIN) yes
S1112484Bocar Sabaly BaldéWithdrawal Sardinella aurita key biological parameters variability under the effects of environmental changes Bocar Sabaly Baldé, Fambaye Ngom Sow, Kamarel Ba, Werner Ekau, Modou Thiaw, Justin Kantoussan, Massal Fall, Malick Diouf, Patrice Brehmer(xFIN)cancelled Mar. 21, did not confirm yes
S1112349Ateeq ur RehmanWithdrawal Singlet oxygen mediated signaling responses and stressor effect on the photosynthetic apparatus of seaweedsAteeq Ur Rehman, Huiru Li, Lászlo Kovács, Imre Vass, Christian Wild and Kai Bischofno, cancel poster, Mar. 11 (xFIN) yes
S1112554Ateeq Ur RehmanWithdrawal Singlet oxygen production in in cultured Symbiodinium cells: mechanism and detection methodsAteeq Ur Rehman and, Imre Vassno, cancel poster, Mar. 11 (xFIN) yes
S1112529Mahammed MoniruzzamanWithdrawal Status of relative distribution and reproductive strategy of fish in a tropical estuary in face of climate fluctuationMahammed Moniruzzaman and Suman Bhusan Chakraborty(xFIN) if fin, cancelled (J) March 21 yes
S1112556Faiza BashirWithdrawal The role of extracellular singlet oxygen on the photosynthetic activity of micro-algal cellsFaiza Bashir, Ateeq ur Rehman, Ildiko Domonkos and Imre Vassno, cacenl poster (xFIN) yes
S1112990Ignasi A. CatalánWithdrawalREP-2This changing world: Forecasting the potential spawning habitat of dolphinfish in the Mediterranean Sea in a changing oceanAndrés Ospina-Alvarez, Vicenç Molto, Miquel Palmer , David Macías; Eduardo Ramírez-Romero and Ignasi A. Catalánno, cancel poster yes
S1112856Federica RagazzolaWithdrawal Will coralline algae reef protect marine biodiversity against climate changes?Federica Ragazzola1, Regina Kolzenburg1, Daniel Page1, Agnese Marchini2, Katia Ruggero2, Federica Gazzola2, Matteo Nannini3, Elisa Romanelli4, Carlo Pipitone5, Chiara, cancel poster Apr. 6 yes
S1212780Kirstin HolsmanInvited Science for an uncertain future: evaluating climate impacts and management approaches using a coupled modeling frameworkKirstin Holsman, Anne Hollowed, Alan Haynie, Al Hermann, Wei Cheng, Kerim Aydin, Jim Ianelli, Stephen Kasperski, André Punt3, Amanda Faig, Jonathan Reum, Thomas Wilderbuer, and William Stockhausenyes
S1213177Cheryl HarrisonOral A predictive fisheries catch metric for CMIP6-OMIP Earth System modelsCheryl S. Harrison, Samantha Stevenson, Nicole Lovenduski and Jessica Luoyes
S1213067Ricardo Oliveros-RamosOral An intermediate complexity food web model to explore fisheries management scenarios under climate changeRicardo Oliveros-Ramos,Verena M. Trenkelyes
S1213093Jérôme GuietOralREP-3Bioenergetic influence on the historical development and decline of industrial fisheries, and implications for a warming oceanJérôme Guiet, Daniele Bianchi, William W. L. Cheung and Eric D. Galbraithyes, P->O, conf. Mar. 16
S1213075Steven BarbeauxOralREP-2Climate impacts on ecosystem productivity and fisheries management: The 2014-2016 Gulf of Alaska marine heat wave and the cod crisis that followedSteven J. Barbeaux, Kirstin Holsman, Stephani Zadoryes, P->O Mar. 8, need to confirm
S1213188Arnault Le BrisOral Climate vulnerability and resilience in the most valuable North American fisheryArnault Le Bris, Katherine E. Mills, Richard A. Wahle, Yong Chen, Michael A. Alexander, Andrew J. Allyn, Justin G. Schuetz, James D. Scott and Andrew J. Pershingyes
S1213207Gavin FayOral Development of robust management strategies for Northeast groundfish fisheries in a changing climateLisa A. Kerr, Gavin Fay, Sarah K. Gaichas, Steven X Cadrin, Andrew J. Pershingyes
S1212910Didier GascuelOral EcoTroph, a quasi-physical ecosystem model to analyze the global impact of climate change on marine food-websDidier Gascuel, Hubert Du Pontavice, William W. L. Cheungyes
S1213008Bradley FranklinOral Evaluating adaptation scenarios for fishing communities facing climate-driven species changesBradley Franklin, Brian Kennedy, Jenny Sun, Katherine E. Mills, Andrew Allyn, and Eric Thunbergyes
S1212870William CheungOral Exploring future seafood sustainability under scenarios of climate change and socio-economic developmentWilliam W. L. Cheung, Oai Li Chen, Andres M. Cisneros-Montemayor, Vicky W. Y. Lam, Muhammed Oyinlola, Gabriel Reygondeau, Jorge Sarmiento, Charles Stock, Louise Teh, Lydia Teh, Colette C.C. Wabnitzyes
S1212564Eileen HofmannOralREP-4Factors affecting distribution of the Atlantic surfclam (Spisula solidissima), a continental shelf biomass dominant, during a period of climate changeEileen E. Hofmann, Eric N. Powell, John M. Klinck, Daphne Munroe, Roger Mann, Dale B. Haidvogel, Diego Narváez, Xinzhong Zhang and Kelsey Kuykendall yes, P->O, Apr. 5
S1212648Desiree TommasiOral Fisheries Management in an uncertain future: Using management strategy evaluation to assess robustness of harvest guidelines to changing North Pacific albacore tuna productivity and distributionDesiree Tommasi, Barbara Muhling, Steve Teo, and Gerard Di Nardo yes
S1212591Pablo BrossetOral Forecasting herring productivity in the Gulf of St. Lawrence fishery: When the environment matters for managementPablo Brosset, Thomas Doniol-Valcroze, Stéphane Plourdeyes
S1212581Melanie AngOral Impacts of climate change on Pacific North America’s small-scale fisheriesMelanie Ang, Ratana Chuenpagdee, U. Rashid Sumaila and William W.L. Cheung(xFIN) yes, conf. Feb. 19
S1212774Lisa KerrOral Implications of environmentally-driven movement and productivity of Atlantic bluefin tunaLisa A. Kerr, Steven X. Cadrin, Molly R. Morse, and Benjamin Galuardi yes
S1212583Oai Li ChenOral Modeling the global marine capture fish market under climate changeOai Li Chen and William W. L. Cheungyes
S1212921Amanda FaigOral Modeling the manager: Getting catch right to improve integrated climate-fisheries projectionsAmanda Faig, Alan Haynie, and Kirstin Holsmanyes
S1212897Vicky Wing Yee LamOral Projecting global fishing effort dynamics in the 21st century under climate changeVicky W.Y. Lam, Andres Cisneros and William W.L. Cheungyes
S1212924Lisa CrozierOral Salmon responses to climate change: From life-cycle models to a multi-model approachCrozier, L.yes
S1212935E. Fulton or A. Hobday (for Heidi Pethybridge)Oral The future of Australia’s fisheries – A multi-model analysisHeidi R Pethybridge, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Alistair J. Hobday, Julia Blanchard, Cathy Bulman, Ian Butler, William Cheung, Rebecca Gorton, Trevor Hutton, Hector Lozano-Montes, Richard Matear, Gretta Pecl, Eva E. Plagányi, Cecilia Villanueva, Xuebin Zhangno
S1212644Cody SzuwalskiOral The future of crab in the Bering SeaCody Szuwalski, William Stockhausen, Christine Stawitz, Robert Foy, Anne Hollowedyes
S1213038Momme ButenschönOralxREP-1The future status of trophic regimes of the global oceanMomme Butenschönyes, P->O, rep Lawson W. Brigham
S1213103Eric GalbraithPlenary Getting the big picture in focus: Assessing climate and human factors with global human-ecosystem modelsEric Galbraith, Kim Scherrer and Jerome Guietyes
S1212557Travis TaiPosterREP-2Biophysical responses to ocean acidification and impacts on global fisheriesTravis C. Tai, Chris D.G. Harley, William W.L. Cheung and U. Rashid Sumailayes
S1212641Muhammed OyinlolaPoster Changes in fishmeal and fish oil supply under climate changeMuhammed A. Oyinlola, Gabriel Reygondeau, Tim Cashion, Colette C.C. Wabnitz and William W. L. Cheungyes
S1213244Maria GasallaPoster Climate change effects on fisheries-dependent communities of coastal BrazilMaria A. Gasallayes
S1212794Tayler ClarkePoster Climate-induced shift in living marine resources of shrimp trawl and small-scale fisheries in the Tropical Eastern PacificTayler M. Clarke, Gabriel Reygondeau, Colette Wabnitz, Ross Robertson and William W.L. Cheungyes (xFIN) conf. Mar. 8
S1212876Nan-Jay SuPoster Development of abundance index for sailfish based on data from the Taiwanese tuna longline fishery in the Atlantic OceanNan-Jay Su, Ching-Hsuan Tai, Yi-Sin Luyes
S1212733Leana DerišPoster Effect of cod (Gadus morhua) predation on juvenile herring (Clupea harengus) in the Barents SeaLeana Deriš, Øystein Langangen, Joël M. Durant yes
S1213227Michael JacoxPosterREP-6From physics to fisheries: A social-ecological management strategy evaluation for the California Current Large Marine EcosystemM. Jacox, M. Alexander, S. Bograd, S. Brodie, E. Curchitser, C. Edwards, J. Fiechter, A. Haynie, E. Hazen, A. Himes-Cornell, K. Holsman, B. Muhling, M. Pozo Buil, R. Rykaczewski, J. Smith, S. Stohs, D. Tommasi and H. Welchyes
S1213162Eleuterio YáñezPoster Impacts of climate change on pelagic fishery resources in ChileEleuterio Yáñez, Claudio Silva, Luis Soto, Jaime Letelier, María Ángela Barbieri, Francisco Plaza, Felipe Sánchez, Antonio Aranis, Claudio Bernal and Gabriela Böhm yes, restored May 27
S1213153George WhitehousePosterREP-3Modelling the interacting effects of climate change and fisheries management on the eastern Bering Sea food webGeorge A. Whitehouse and Kerim Y. Aydinyes
S1212561Marcos LlopePosterREP-7Natural and land-based human factors affect the abundance of anchovy in the Gulf of Cadiz (SW Spain)Gustavo F. Carvalho-Souza, Enrique González-Ortegón, Francisco Baldó, Pilar Drake, Fernando Ramos, Ignacio Sobrino, César Vilas and Marcos Llopeyes
S1212875Yi-Sin LuPoster Potential analysis of climatic change impact on the fishing condition of tuna longline fisheries in the Pacific and Atlantic OceansYi-Sin Lu, Nan-Jay Su, Chia-Hao Changyes
S1212961Sheng-Yuan TengPosterREP-5Potential impacts of climate change on the Mugil cephalus habitat in the northwestern Pacific under future RCP emission scenariosSheng-Yuan Teng, Ming-An Lee and Nan-Jay Su(xFIN) yes
S1212925Paul SpencerPosterREP-4Projecting the abundance of eastern Bering Sea walleye pollock from a climate and trophically enhanced stock assessment modelPaul D. Spencer, Albert J. Hermann, Anne B. Hollowed, Stephani Zador, Kirstin K. Holsman, Franz J. Mueter, and James N. Ianelliyes
S1212941Philip UnderwoodPosterxxREP-1Results from a fisheries configuration of the Madingley General Ecosystem ModelPhilip J. Underwood Mike Bithell William Cheungyes, May 31 remove from REP
S1212772Cameron FreshwaterWithdrawal Developing Pacific salmon management procedures robust to climate change uncertainty using closed-loop simulationsCameron Freshwater, Kendra R. Holt, Ann-Marie Huang, Carrie A. Holtno, cancel talk yes
S1212596Tyler D. EddyWithdrawalREP-9Global decline in coral reefs impacts the capacity for biodiversity & fisheriesTyler D. Eddy, John F. Bruno, Vicky W. Y. Lam, Gabriel Reygondeau, Krista Greer, William W. L. Cheung yes, cancel poster yes
S1212853Amber Himes-CornellWithdrawal Potential Fisheries Impacts of Increased Protected Species and Swordfish Distribution Overlap due to Climate ChangeAmber Himes-Cornell, Stephen Stohs, Gwendal Le Folno, cancelled talk Apr 5 yes
S1212779Lawson W. BrighamWithdrawalREP-0Scenarios of the Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment: application to a future Arctic OceanLawson W. Brighamyes, cancel this poster yes
S1313101Elliott L HazenOralREPA dynamic ocean management approach to reduce bycatch in the California Drift Gillnet fisheryElliott L. Hazen1,2, Kylie L. Scales1,2, Heather Welch1,2, Dana K. Briscoe2,3, Steven J. Bograd1,2, Heidi Dewar4, Suzy Kohin4, Scott Benson4, Tomo Eguchi4, Larry B. Crowder3, Rebecca Lewison5 and Sara Maxwell6yes, May 30, P->O
S1312813Jordan WestOral Adaptation design tool for ecosystem-based management: coral reef applicationJordan M. West, Britt A. Parker and Cherie A. Wagneryes
S1312837Leonie FärberOralxREP-1Detecting catastrophic transitions – The case of North Atlantic herringLeonie Färber, Camilla Sguotti, Joël M. Durant, Øystein Langangen, Saskia Otto and Christian Möllmannyes, P->O Apr. 11
S1312620Phoebe Woodworth-JefcoatsOral How do fishing and climate change interact to impact biomass available to future fisheries?Phoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoats, Julia L. Blanchard, Jeffrey C. Drazenyes
S1313052Stefan KoenigsteinOral Impacts of ocean warming, acidification and fishing on marine food-web dynamics and human user groups in the Barents Sea regionStefan Koenigstein, Hauke Reuter, Hans-Otto Pörtner, Stefan Gößling-Reisemannyes, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 23
S1313069Caihong FuOral Incorporating physical forcing in a marine ecosystem model for developing optimal fisheries management strategiesCaihong Fu, Yi Xu, Jackie King, Norm Olsen, Yongjun Tian, Huizhu Liu, Philippe Verley and Yunne-Jai Shinyes
S1312840Camilla Sguotti Oral Linear or non-linear? Understanding the effect of climate change on Atlantic cod recruitmentCamilla Sguotti, Saskia Otto, Romain Frelat and Christian Möllmann yes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 23
S1312749Shuyang MaOral Long-term variabilities in ecosystems structure of China Seas and the possible mechanisms of atmosphere-ocean-ecosystem processShuyang Ma, Dan Liu, Jianchao Li, Jiahua Cheng, Rong Wan, Caihong Fu and Yongjun Tianyes
S1312660Georg EngelhardOral Multiple pressures at multiple time-scales: How climate change, fishing, nutrient inputs, and socio-political events shaped the sizes of plaice from 1902 to nowGeorg H. Engelhard, John K. Pinnegar and Ewan Hunteryes
S1312907Christian MöllmannOral Multiple stressors cause alternative stable states in the Baltic ecosystemChristian Möllmann, Thorsten Blenckner, Michele Casini, Romain Frelat, Alessandro Orio, Camilla Sguotti and Saskia Ottoyes
S1312712Erik OlsenOral Ocean acidification explored using a suite of end-to-end ecosystem models covering ecosystems from the tropics to the arcticErik Olsen, I Kaplan, C Ainsworth, G Fay, S Gaichas, R Gamble, R Girardin, C Hansen, T F Ihde, H Nalini Morzaria-Luna, K Johnson, M Savina-Rolland, H Townsend, M Weijerman, E A Fulton, J S Linkyes
S1312748Isaac KaplanOralxREP-1Projections of ocean acidification impacts on marine species and fisheries, for the California Current Integrated Ecosystem AssessmentIsaac C. Kaplan, Kristin N. Marshall, Emma E. Hodgson, Albert Hermann, Shallin Busch, Paul McElhany, Christopher Harvey, and Elizabeth Fultonyes, P->O, rep for Bundy
S1312928Jonathan ReumOral Scaling climate impacts from individual-level processes to populations and food webs using multispecies size spectrum modelsJonathan C.P. Reum, Kirstin Holsman, Kerim Aydin, Anne Hollowed and Julia Blanchard yes
S1312981Tin-Yu LaiOral The effects of climate on Baltic salmon: An application of Structural Equation ModelsTin-Yu Lai, Christian Möllmann(xFIN) yes, conf. Feb. 13
S1312542Javier PorobicOral Under pressure: Fisheries and climate change in a highly vulnerable marine ecosystemJavier Porobic, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Stewart Frusher, Carolina Parada and Billy Ernst. yes
S1312574K. Ortega-CisnerosOral Using ecosystem models to evaluate how climate change influences ecological indicators’ response to fishing effects in the southern Benguela systemKelly Ortega-Cisneros, Lynne Shannon, Kevern Cochrane, Elizabeth A. Fulton and Yunne-Jai Shinyes
S1313036Sarah CooleyPlenary How can we use imperfect knowledge to inform management of ecosystems facing multiple drivers?Sarah R Cooleyyes, moved to plenary
S1313057Seema BalwaniPoster Approaches to utilizing indicators to improve understanding of climate change in the Pacific IslandsSeema Balwani , John J. Marra, Jamison Gove, Tom Oliver, and Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoatsyes
S1312730Jason HoltPoster Competing physical processes mediating climatic impacts on shelf sea ecosystems around the worldJason Holt, Icarus Allen, Yuri Artioi, Jerry Blackford, James Harle, Caroline Hatton, Kevin Horsburgh, Gabriela Mayorga-Adame, Jeff Polton, Katya Popova and Sarah Wakelin yes, conf. Feb. 26
S1312360Abigail McQuatters-GollopPoster Developing pelagic biodiversity indicators for ecosystem-based managementAbigail McQuatters-Gollop, Angus Atkinson, Jacob Bedford, Mike Best, Eileen Bresnan, Kathryn Cook, Michelle Devlin, Richard Gowen, David G. Johns, Clare Ostle, Cordula Scherer, and Paul Tettyes
S1313018Michael JohnsonPoster Development of guidance for integrating climate change Information into NOAA Fisheries Habitat Conservation Division consultation processes in the U.S. Greater Atlantic RegionMichael R. Johnsonyes
S1313065Caihong FuPoster Ecosystem-level biological reference points under varying climate and ecosystem statesCaihong Fu, Jackie King, Yi Xu, Norm Olsen, Yongjun Tian, Huizhu Liu, Philippe Verley and Yunne-Jai Shinyes
S1313183Lauren RogersPoster Effects of climate and demographic change on spawn timingLauren Rogers and Annette Doughertyyes
S1312913Tiago GriloPoster Evidence of cue perception disruption in the European glass eel (Anguilla anguilla) migration under climate changeTiago F. Grilo, Eduardo Sampaio, Cátia Figueiredo, Francisco Borges, José R. Paula, Catarina Santos, Rui Rosayes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 23
S1313201Chen-Yi TuPoster Fishing and temperature effects on the size structure of exploited fish stocksChen-Yi Tu, Kuan-Ting Chen, Chih-hao Hsiehyes
S1312692Xochitl CormonPoster How does scientific research support management of marine social-ecological systems prone to tipping points? A systematic reviewXochitl Cormon, Camilla Sguotti1, Liam Lachs, Christian Möllmannyes
S1312902Cátia FigueiredoPoster Lanthanum-exposure influences trace element accumulation, elimination, and oxidative stress in glass eels under a warming scenarioCátia Figueiredo, Tiago F. Grilo, Clara Lopes, Pedro Brito, Mário Diniz, Miguel Caetano, Rui Rosa and Joana Raimundoyes (xFIN) conf. Mar. 7
S1312615Shallin BuschPoster Sensitivity of California Current species to ocean acidification and climate changeShallin Busch and Paul McElhanyyes
S1313233Saskia OttoPosterREP-3Validating the performance of zooplankton as ecological state indicators - A European comparisonSaskia A. Otto, Alessandra Conversi, Grégory Beaugrand, Christian Möllmannyes
S1313139J. Kevin CraigWithdrawal An indicator-based approach for assessing the effects of multiple anthropogenic and climatic stressors on the northern Gulf of Mexico fishery ecosystemJ. Kevin Craig, Mandy Karnauskas, Christopher R. Kelble, Seann D. Regan, Amy Freitag, Glenn Zapfe and David S. Haniskono, cancel poster yes
S1312652Nick CaputiWithdrawal Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management (or 'triple bottom line') assessments of the western rock lobster resource: Is there an optimal target for fishing?Nick Caputi, Simon de Lestang, Jason How, Fabian Trinnie and Warrick (Rick) Fletcherno, cancel poster yes
S1312967Sezgin TuncaWithdrawal Game theory applications to Baltic Sea Multispecies and Multi-fleet fisheries under climate variabilitySezgin Tunca, Martin Lindegren, Marko Lindroosno, cancelled May 28 yes
S1313087David Allen HutchinsWithdrawal Interactions of global change with nutrient limitation of marine primary producers: How do we get from experimental bottles to whole ecosystem responses?David Allen Hutchinsno, cancel plenary talk yes
S1312914Alida BundyWithdrawalREP-0Managing for climate change: vulnerable species, fishing and socio-ecological impactsAlida Bundy Sylvie Guenetteyes, 'O' in S14, cancel this poster yes
S1312569George LeonardWithdrawal OSIRIS: A new analytical framework for evaluating compounding climate stressors in the oceanGeorge H. Leonard, Richard M. Bailey, Jesse M.A. van der Grient, and Anna M. Zivianno, cancelled talk May 30 yes
S1312714Thomas F. IhdeWithdrawal Predicting the Cumulative Effects of Multiple Stressors on Future Productivity in the Chesapeake Bay Estuary Thomas F. Ihdeno, cancel poster yes
S1312466Suinyuy Derick Ngoran (for Anthony Banyouko Ndah)Withdrawal Response of phytoplankton functional groups to multiple simultaneous environmental stressors in the South China SeaAnthony Banyouko Ndahno show poster, wants talk, problem with Visa yes
S1313181Kristin MarshallWithdrawal Testing the robustness of management procedures for Pacific hake to environmental variability and directional changeKristin Marshall, Nis Jacobsen, Aaron Berger, Ian Taylor, Michelle McClureno, cancelled poster Apr. 19 yes
S1312854Jamie C TamWithdrawal Using multiple ecosystem models to explore climate change and commercial fishing in a sub-Arctic marine ecosystem.Jamie C Tam1, Alida Bundy1, Mariano Koen-Alonso2, Fran Mowbray2, Pierre Pepin2 and Garry Stenson2no, cancel talk, Apr. 3 yes
S1412783Beth FultonInvited Living in a world of change – Juggling cumulative impacts and path dependencyElizabeth Fultonyes
S1413034Michaela AschanOral A pragmatic approach to developing climate adaptation plans for fisheries and aquacultureUnn Laksá, Juliana Arias-Hansen, Jónas R. Viðarsson, Thuy Pham Thi Thanh Ragnhildur Friðriksdóttir, Sigurður O. Ragnarsson, Rosa Chapela4, Mariola Norte and Michaela Aschan yes
S1412796Sarah SchumannOral A stakeholder-led process to design climate resilience strategies for wild-harvest commercial fisheries in Rhode Island, USASarah Schumannyes
S1413174Alan HaynieOral Adaptive fisheries management under changing environmental and economic conditionsAlan C. Haynie, Amanda Faig, Kirstin K. Holsman, Stephen Kasperski, and Anne B. Hollowedyes
S1413040Catarina Frazão SantosOral An index to assess the vulnerability of ocean planning and the Blue Economy to global climate changeCatarina Frazão Santos, Tundi Agardy, Francisco Andrade, Manuel Barange, Larry B. Crowder, Charles N. Ehler, Michael K. Orbach and Rui Rosayes
S1412614John PinnegarOral Assessing vulnerability and adaptive capacity in the fisheries sector of Dominica: Long-term climate change and catastrophic hurricanesJohn K. Pinnegar and Georg H. Engelhardyes
S1412884Lauren Wenzel and Maria BrownOral Building capacity to address climate impacts at marine protected areasLauren Wenzel, Atuatasi Lelei Peau, Maria Brown, Sara Hutto, Kevin Grant, Helene Scalliet, Karsten Shein, Joe Cavanaugh and Catherine Marzin. yes
S1412979Paul BuckleyOralxREP-1Climate change impacts on marine species, communities and habitats: Implications for managing conservation features, marine protected areas and the wider implementation of marine biodiversity legislationPaul Buckley and Bryony Townhill yes, P->O, wants talk on Wednesday
S1412697Blair GreenanOral Coastal index of vulnerability to climate change by economic zone (CIVEZ)Blair Greenan1, Nancy L. Shackell1, Andrew Cogswell,1Philip Greyson1, Kiyomi French1 and David Brickman1yes
S1413223Elliott HazenOralxREPComparing climate vulnerability assessment of fish and shellfish resources across large marine ecosystemsMyron A. Peck1, Elliott Hazen2, Kathy Mills3, Eddie Allison4, Ignacio Catalan5, William Cheung6, Lisa Colburn7, Julie Ekstrom8, Karen Hunter9, Elena Ojea10, Mark Payne11, Gretta Pecl12, John Pinnegar13, Nancy Shackell14, and Paul Spencer15yes, W1->S14, p->o, conf. Mar. 2, for M. Peck
S1412728Laura FalkenbergOral Developing adaptation and management strategies for socio-ecological systems in an acidified oceanLaura J. Falkenberg, Sam Dupont, Brooks A. Kaiser, Wenting Chen, Philip J. Wallhead, Camilla W. Fagerli, Magnus D. Norling, Kumiko Azetsu-Scott, Ann-Dorte Burmeister, Lars Ravn-Jonsen, and Richard G.J. Bellerbyyes
S1412663Elena OjeaOralxREP-1Ecological, socioeconomic and institutional resilience to shifting fish stocksElena Ojea, Elena Fontán yes (also talk in S10)
S1412474Lisa PfeifferOralxxREP-2Effects of “The Blob” on profitability in the West Coast Pacific whiting fisheryLisa Pfeifferyes, P->O rep Payne
S1412900Robert BlasiakOral Fuzzy logic approach for integrated assessment of vulnerability of marine fisheriesRobert Blasiak, William WL Cheung, Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor, Vicky Lam, Colette Wabnitzyes
S1413004Emanuele BigagliOral Humans at risk. Global spatial patterns of ocean ecosystems degradation and governance scalesEmanuele Bigagli, Liana Talaue-McManus, Robin Mahon, Benjamin S. Halpern, Lucia Fanning and Albert Fischeryes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 18
S1413044Eva PapaioannouOral Not all those who wander are lost – Fishers communities’ responses to shifts in the distribution and abundance of fish resourcesEva A. Papaioannou1, 2, Rebecca Selden1, Kevin St. Martin1 and Malin Pinsky1yes
S1412612Adrien ComteOral Operationalizing ecological adaptive capacity: Assessing vulnerability, resilience, and action for coral reefs in French Polynesia under global environmental changeAdrien Comte, Linwood H. Pendletonyes, need talk on June 6
S1412679Karen HunterOral Pacific Canadian fish stock climate change vulnerability assessmentKaren Hunter, Helen Drost, Joy Wade, Miranda Smith and Mike Foreman yes
S1413095Stephanie MooreOral Planning for future resilience of fishing communities to harmful algal blooms: What have we learned from the 2014-2016 northeast Pacific marine heatwave?Stephanie K. Moore, Edward H. Allison, Stacia J. Dreyer, Julia A. Ekstrom, Sunny L. Jardine, Terrie Klinger, Kathleen M. Moore, Karma C. Normanyes
S1412595Lisa ColburnOral Social and climate change vulnerability in fishing communities of the United States: An examination of shifting baselinesLisa L. Colburn, Patricia M. Clay, Tarsila Seara, Changhua Weng, Angela Silva and Jonathan A. Hareyes
S1413118Silvana BirchenoughOral Translating ocean acidification into practical applications to support aquaculture and food sustainabilitySilvana N.R. Birchenough1, Cristian A. Vargas2, Stefan Gelcich3 and Bernardo R. Broitman4yes
S1412700Nigel SainsburyOral Unravelling the effect of storms on commercial fish landings in UK watersNigel C. Sainsbury, Martin J. Genner, John. K. Pinnegar, Clare. K. O’Neill, Geoffrey. R. Saville, Stephen. D. Simpson and Rachel A. Turner.yes, conf. Feb. 23
S1412745Jorge RamosOralxxREP-1Vulnerability of key Peruvian fishery species to Climate ChangeJorge E. Ramos, Jorge Tam, Gretta T. Pecl and Dimitri Gutierrezyes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 22, P-O Apr 24
S1413265Merle SowmanPlenary Community vulnerability assessments to inform coastal adaptation planning: Insights from Southern AfricaMerle Sowmanyes
S1412984Ching-Hsien HoPoster Analysis on the harm and potential risk of aquaculture in Taiwan under the extreme climate disasterChing-Hsien Ho*, Hsueh-Jung Lu, Yung-MingChen, Long-Jing Wu, Nobuyuki Yagyes
S1412729Bryony TownhilPoster Climate change and marine recreational fishing in Europe: Potential benefits and challengesBryony L. Townhill, Zachary Radford, John K. Pinnegar and Kieran Hyderyes
S1413111Xochitl CormonPoster Climate changes and overfishing threats to Western Baltic cod fisheryXochitl Cormon, Steffen Funk, Kevin Haase, Steffie Haase, Saskia Otto, Rene Plonus, Merten Saathoff, Heike Schwermer, Rudi Voss and Christian Möllmannyes
S1412944Jonathan HarePoster Development of a vulnerability assessment for climate effects on the habitats of living marine resourcesJonathan Hare, M Johnson, M Nelson, D Borggaard, M Brady, L Chiarella, D Christel, B Grieve, R Griffis, V Guida, U Howson, J John, D Johnson, T Marshak, M Monaco, J Mueller, T Noji, R Petersyes
S1413231Maria del Pilar CornejoPoster Ecuador: Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change on the coastal zoneMaria del Pilar Cornejo, Mercy J. Borbor-Cordova, Gina Andradeyes
S1413200Ellen Willis-NortonPoster Evaluating climate driven changes in spatial distributions and predator-prey overlap in the Alaskan groundfish fisheryEllen Willis-Norton, Stephanie Brodie, Elliott Hazen, Kirsten Holsman, Gemma Carroll, Jameal Samhouri, Steven Bograd and Rebecca Selden yes
S1412751Emily FarrPoster Local ecological knowledge in managed fisheries: A Maine case studyEmily Farr, Joshua Stoll, Christine Beitlyes
S1413005Mark PaynePosterREP-3Marine climate-change’s tropical blindspotMark R. Payneyes, POSTER and TALK
S1412798Katherine MillsPosterREP-2Social-ecological vulnerability of Northeast U. S. fishing communities to climate changeKatherine E. Mills, Michael Alexander, Andrew Allyn, Lisa L. Colburn, Steve Eayrs, Bradley Franklin, Jonathan A. Hare, Troy Hartley, Mary Hudson, Brian Kennedy, Jonathan Labaree, Andrew Pershing, Justin Schuetz, James Scott, Jenny Sun, and Eric Thunberg yes O->P (double talk)
S1412597Changhua WengPoster Socio-economic impacts of climate change on coastal fishing communities in the Eastern US: risk assessment and visualizationChanghua Weng, Lisa Colburn, Mike Jepson, Lauren Gentile and Angela Silvayes
S1412824Jade SainzPoster Spatial planning of marine aquaculture under climate variability and change: A case study for mussel, finfish and kelp farms in CaliforniaJade Sainz, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Steve Gaines, Thomas Bell, Rebecca Gentry, Sarah Lester, Fernando Bello(xFIN) yes
S1413163Mark W NelsonPoster Status of fish stock climate vulnerability assessments in U.S. large marine ecosystemsMark W Nelsonyes
S1412988Anne HaydenPoster The role of governance in adaptation of fisheries to climate changeAnne Haydenyes
S1413128Anna Varney (for Karma Norman)Poster U.S. West Coast fishing communities and climate vulnerability in an ecosystem-based management contextKarma Norman and Anna Varneyyes, conf. Mar. 5
S1412846Yunlong ChenWithdrawal Assessing the vulnerability on fishes in the Yellow Sea and Bohai SeaYunlong Chen, Xiujuan Shan, Xianshi Jin and Fangqun Daino, cancel poster cannot attend yes
S1412363Maria Rebecca Alviar CamposWithdrawal Assessment of Institutional Mechanisms on Climate Change in the PhilippinesMaria Rebecca A. Camposyes (FIN), cancel this poster yes
S1412701John P MandersonWithdrawal Climate change and the regulatory cadastre: Opportunity costs to a US Fishery associated with the interaction of spatial management and climate related habitat shiftJohn P Manderson, Jeff Pessutti, Chris Sarro, Leif Axelson, William K Bright, Peter Moore, Laura Nazarro, Kohut Josh, Enrique Curchister, Mitchell A. Roffer, Greg DiDomenico, Meghan Lapp, John Hoeyno, cancel poster, Mar. 7 yes
S1412642Kelly MonteneroWithdrawal Dry Tortugas National Park: Developing a fishery dependent survey as an indicator of marine protected area successKelly Montenero, Tracy Zieglerno show poster, waiting for funds from work yes
S1412815José R. Marín JarrínWithdrawal Effects of the 2016 El Niño on the artisanal coastal fin-fish fishery in the Galapagos Marine ReserveJosé R. Marín Jarrín and Pelayo Salinas-de-Leónno, cancel poster (xFIN) yes
S1412678Karen HunterWithdrawal Fisheries governance and climate change: Assessing adaptation state in Canadian fisheriesKaren Hunteryes, cancel this poster yes
S1413031Alida BundyWithdrawal Global Change in Marine Systems: Integrating Natural, Social and Governing ResponsesAlida Bundy, Patrice Guillotreau, R. Ian Perry, Ingrid van Putten Annette Breckwoldt, Ratana Chuenpagdee, Omar Defeo, Bernhard Glaeser, Moenieba Isaacs, Yinji Li, Prateep Kumar Nayak and Henrik Österblomno, cancell talk, Apr. 24, DFO permssion yes
S1413127Loren McClenachanWithdrawal Historical data demonstrate dynamic ecological and social effects of warming waters on marine fisheriesLoren McClenachan1, Madison Marra1, Jon Grabowski2, Nick Record3, Steven Scypers2 o->p did not confirm, cancel did not confirm yes
S1412398Edward PattersonWithdrawal Impact of changing climate on coral reefs and management with emphasis to coral rehabilitation in IndiaEdward JK Pattersonno, cancelled Apr 16(xFIN) yes
S1412377Shadananan NairWithdrawal Impact of climate change on the coastal and marine environments and the life of coastal communities in IndiaShadananan Nairno, cancel poster Apr. 4(xFIN) yes yes
S1412638Noura Hassan SaadWithdrawalREP-3Impacts of the climatic changes on the fishery activities along the Egyptian Mediterranean coastNoura H.Saad, Ebtessam E.E.Mohamedno, cancel poster (xFIN) yes yes
S1413208Lázaro Márquez-LlaugerWithdrawal Results achieved from the management program for adaptation and mitigation against climate change in the Guanahacabibes National Park protected marine area, Cuba.Lázaro Márquez-Llauger, Dorka Cobián-Rojas, Roberto Varela-Montero, José A. Camejo-Lamas, Raúl Cabeza-Pérez and Jorge Ferro-Díaz (xFIN) cancelled Mar. 21, did not confirm yes
S1412365Katherine MaltbyWithdrawal Socio-ecological approaches to exploring climate change impacts: A case study of UK fisheriesKatherine M. Maltby, Jonathan Tinker, Rachel Turner, Martin Genner, Simon Jennings and Stephen Simpson1 no, cancelled talk May 29 yes
S1412761Sierra IsonWithdrawal Socio-ecological impact assessment of coral reef ecosystems and reef-dependent communities to climate change  Sierra Ison, Samuel Geirchart, Nathan Robinsonno, cancel talk Feb. 26 yes
S1412785Anna-Marie WinterWithdrawal The window of opportunity to prevent fisheries collapse defined by climate, fishing and the Allee effectAnna-Marie Winter, Andries Peter Richter, Anne Maria Eikesetno, cancel poster yes
S1412888Kawser AhmedWithdrawal Vulnerabilities and Adaptation in Coastal Areas of Bangladesh in the Face of Global Climate ChangeKawser Ahmedno, cancel poster yes
S1412503Kalpana ChaudhariWithdrawal Vulnerability and Adoptions Of Marine Socio Ecological Systems in Asia-Pacific: Role of Information and Communication for Societal ParticipationKalpana Chaudhari ,Paruthummootil Jacob Philipno, cancel poster (xFIN) yes
S1412737Shailendra K. MandalWithdrawal Vulnerability and climate adaptation of marine socio-ecological systems to climate change: Lessons from IndiaShailendra K. Mandalyes, FIN yes
S1412844Mark R. PayneWithdrawal Vulnerability of European fish and fisheries to marine climate changeMark R. Payne and John K. Pinnegaryes, cancel poster yes
S1512704Hassan Moustahfid (for Abdelmalek Faraj)Invited The blue belt initiative (BBI): Towards sustainable fisheries and aquaculture for building resilience to climate changeAbdelmalek Faraj, Hassan Moustahfidyes, Oral-Invited Apr 24
S1513035Melissa KarpOral Accounting for shifting distributions and changing productivity in the development of scientific advice for fisheries managementMelissa A. Karp, Jay Peterson, Patrick Lynch, and Roger Griffisyes
S1512974Mariola NorteOral Adapt or lose: How to manage the socioeconomic impact of climate change in the Spanish aquaculture, the case of blue musselMariola Norte, Rosa Chapela, Jose L. Santiago, Marta Ballesteros and X. Antón Álvarez-Salgado yes, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 13
S1512717Johann BellOral Adaptations to maintain the contributions of small-scale fisheries to food security in the Pacific IslandsJohann D. Bell, Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor, Quentin Hanich, Johanna E. Johnson, Patrick Lehodey, Bradley Moore, Morgan S. Pratchett, Gabriel Reygondeau, Inna Senina, John Virdin and Colette C.C. Wabnitzyes
S1513167Colette WabnitzOral Adapting to climate change in the Pacific Islands: Nutritional impacts of a change in pelagic fish consumptionColette C.C. Wabnitz, Louise S.L. Teh, Joelle Albert, Joey Bernhardt, Tiff-Annie Kenny, Mechthild Kronen, Franck Magron, and William W.L Cheungyes
S1513232Anne HollowedOralxREP-1Climate variability and fisheries: Tools and information requirementsAnne Hollowed, Jim Salinger, Keith Brander, Karen Evans, Andrew Nkansah and Robert Stefanskiyes, also talk in S5
S1513051Merrick BurdenOral Climate-related impacts on fisheries management and governance in the Northeast AtlanticErin Priddle, Jessica Landman1, Kristin Kleisner, Merrick Burden, and Katrina Ryanyes
S1513086Dhanya KandarattilOral Effect of climate change on socio-economic conditions of fishermen – A tale from Kerala, IndiaDhanya Kandarattilyes
S1512613Samiya SelimOral Evidence of ecosystem based adaption to climate change in coastal BangladeshSamiya A. Selim, Joy Bhowmik, Paul Thompsonyes
S1513240Florence PoulainOral Methods and tools for fisheries and aquaculture adaptationFlorence Poulain, Amber Himes-Cornell, and Clare Sheltonyes
S1513225Myron PeckOral Risks and opportunities of climate change to European fisheries and aquaculture sectors: The CERES ProgramMyron Peck1, Ignacio Catalan2,Mike Elliott3, João Ferreira, Pauline Kamermans5, Susan Kay6, John Pinnegar7yes
S1512643Cody SzuwalskiOralxxREP-5Seafood security strategies in ChinaCody Szuwalski, Jin Xianshi, Shan Xiujuan, Tyler Clavelleyes, P->O confirmed Apr. 4
S1512598Devendraraj MadhanagopalOral Social adaptation strategies of marine fishers to respond to climate change: The case of 'Tsunami' affected fishing hamlets in Tamil Nadu, IndiaDevendraraj Madhanagopalyes
S1513125Ethel WilkersonOralxREP-1Strategies for diversifying Maine’s softshell clam fishery in response to climate changeEthel Wilkerson, Marissa McMahan, John Hagan Manomet, Brunswick, ME, USA. E-mail: yes, P->O rep 12859, confirmed Feb. 20
S1512764Prateep Kumar NayakPlenary Vulnerable yet viable: Fisheries and aquaculture amidst global change processesPrateep Kumar Nayak Environmental Change and Governance Group School of Environment, Enterprise and Development Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo, Canada yes
S1512471Suthamathy Nadarajah Withdrawal Aquaculture production in Asia–Vulnerability and Resilience towards Climate Change impactsSuthamathy Nadarajah and Arne Eide no, cancel talk (FIN) yes
S1512464Xiujuan ShanWithdrawalREP-3Building Climate Resilient Fisheries in ChinaXiujuan Shan, Xianshi Jinno, cancel poster yes
S1512839Serge RaemaekersWithdrawal Climate Change research and adaptation in small-scale fisheries through community-based technologiesSerge Raemaekersno, cancelled Invited talk yes
S1512573Mohammad MozumderWithdrawalREP-4Enhancing the social-ecological resilience of the fishing commune to global environmental change through co-management: A case Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) fishery in BangladeshMohammad Mozumderno, cancel poster yes
S1512859Jessica A. GephartWithdrawal Fisheries and food security under climate change: Scenario analysis for charting plausible futuresJessica A. Gephart, Christopher D. Golden, Bapu Vaitla no, cancel talk yes
S1512934Rod FujitaWithdrawal Making fisheries resilient to climate change: rapid adaptation of management measuresRod Fujita and Kendra Karrno, cancel poster yes
S1512848Najih LazarWithdrawalxREP-2Small pelagic stocks and their response to fisheries and climate variability and change in Northwest AfricaNajih Lazar, Hassan Moustahfid, Avijit Gangopadhyay, Modou Thiawno, cancel talk Apr 2, yes, P->O yes
S1513002Melinda AgapitoWithdrawal Small-scale, big stake: How small-scale small pelagic fisheries face global changeRatana Chuenpagdee, Alida Bundy, and Manuel Muntoni no, cancel talk May 8 Agapito (for R. Chuenpagdee) yes
S1512716Dane KlingerWithdrawal The challenges and opportunities of climate change adaptation measures available to the marine finfish aquaculture sectorDane H. Klinger, Simon A. Levin, James R. Watsonno, cancelled talk Apr 15 yes
S1512834Valérie AllainWithdrawal The science behind the management of the largest tuna fishery in the world – The Pacific wayValérie Allain, Tim Adams, John Hampton, Neville Smith, Graham M. Pilling and Peter G. Williamsno, cancel talk yes
S1612593Frances A. UlmerInvited Geopolitical implications of Arctic warmingFrances A. Ulmeryes
S1612567Ayse Sezin TokarOral Building resilience of coastal communities to natural disastersAyse Sezin Tokar and Curtis B. Barrettyes
S1612763Todd RinglerOral Connecting Earth system models to national security decision-making: Examples, opportunities and research needsTodd Ringler, James Cooley, Eric Dors, Jeanne Fair, Matt Heavner, Elizabeth Hunke, Joel Rowland, Nathan Urban and Cathy Wilson yes
S1612947Amrtatjuti SeredaOral Extension of the ecosystem based management scale in the face of Climate Change: Cosmic perspective and need to respect the basic principle of peacekeepingAmrtatjuti V. Sereda yes
S1612368Ifesinachi Marybenedette Okafor-YarwoodOral Fisheries, climate change and human insecurity in the Niger Delta area of NigeriaIfesinachi Marybenedette Okafor-Yarwoodyes
S1612951Apurva DaveOral How does our scientific understanding of the oceans need to evolve in order to effectively support national security policy?Apurva Daveyes
S1613098Diana BullOral National security implications from tipping events centered in Arctic watersDiana Bull, Kara Peterson, George Backus, Jasper Hardesty and Amy Powellyes, keep this as a talk
S1612376Lawson BrighamOral Security at the top of the world: Arctic change and new governanceLawson W. Brighamyes
S1612708Esther BabsonOral Strained Stability: Climate Change and Regional Security in the Asia PacificEsther Babson and Andrew Hollandyes
S1613104Diana BullPoster Arctic coastal erosion: Development of a mechanistic model designed for coastal hazards evaluationDiana Bull, Jennifer Frederick, Alejandro Mota, Craig Jones, Jeremy Kasper, Benjamin Jones, Matt Thomas, James McClelland, Jesse Robertsyes, O->P
S1612409Jayaraju, NPoster Impact of climate change on Indian monsoon: Implication to cyclones in Bay of BengalJayaraju, Nyes (xFIN) conf. Mar 7
S1612505Kalpana ChaudhariWithdrawal Climate, Ocean and Security : Evaluating the Impacts of Climate Change And Marine Strtegy Evaluation Using Information and Communication Technologies.Kalpana Chaudhari and Paruthummootil Jacob Philip no, cancel poster (xFIN) yes
S1713014Alba SerratOral Applying a dynamic energy budget model to understand nematode parasite influence on the trade-offs between reproduction and energetic condition of fishAlba Serrat, Andrea Campos Candela, Josep Alos, Marta Muñoz, Josep Lloretyes
S1712804Janja FranceOral Can we track climate related changes in the HAB species assemblage in a highly variable coastal sea (Gulf of Trieste, Adriatic Sea)?Janja France, Boris Petelin and Patricija Mozetičyes
S1713142Chamika W.A.S.Oral Dynamics of the Vibrio abundance related to changes in benthic composition at Polhena reef, Southern Sri LankaChamika W.A.S., Kularathna A.M.K.N. and Fairoz M.F.M.yes
S1712676Jiansheng HuangOral Effects of meteorological factors on the temporal distribution of red tides in Tolo Harbour, Hong KongJiansheng Huang, Hao Liu and Kedong Yinyes, conf. Feb. 23
S1713146Raphael KudelaOral GlobalHAB: International coordination to ascertain the effects of Climate Change on the occurrence of Harmful Algal BloomsRaphael M. Kudela, Chris J. Gobler, Bengt Karlson, Elisa Berdalet, Henrik Enevoldsen, Ed Urban, and the GlobalHAB Science Steering Committeeyes
S1713110Ryan CarnegieOral Managing marine aquaculture health in a changing worldRyan B. Carnegie, Simon R.M. Jones, Lone Madsen, Neil M. Ruane and Marlene Areskogyes
S1712905Eileen BresnanOral Regional changes in harmful algal events in the North Atlantic area over the last two decades documented using the HAEDAT databaseE. Bresnan, P. Andersen, D. Anderson, S. Anglès, L. Arin, C. Belin, E. Berdalet, M. Branco, A. Cembella, M. Delgado, K. Davidson, E. Garces, M. De Rijke et al. yes
S1713192Elisa BerdaletOral Solving harmful algal blooms problems by organizing bricks: Ostreopsis blooms as an exampleRafael Abós-Herràndiz, Magda Vila and Elisa Berdaletyes
S1713221Jonatha GiddensOralxREP-1The Pacific Islands Vulnerability Assessment (PIVA): Initial findings from expert panel workshopDonald Kobayashi, Jonatha Giddens, Mark Nelsonno, p->o, conf. Feb. 22 (for Donald Kobayashi)
S1712861Barbara MuhlingOral Three species of Vibrio pathogen in the Chesapeake Bay under future climate change scenariosBarbara A. Muhling, John Jacobs, Charles A. Stock, Carlos F. Gaitan, Vincent S. Saba, Desiree G. Tommasi, Keith Dixon, Fernando Gonzalez-Taboadayes
S1713217Alexandra CampbellOral Which species traits predict susceptibility to disease in warming oceans? A systematic review of the literature from natural and aquaculture systemsAlexandra H. Campbellyes
S1713258Iddya KarunasagarPlenary Climate change, harmful algal blooms and health risks in one health contextIddya Karunasagar and Indrani Karunasagaryes
S1712942Gang LiuPoster Seasonal forecasting of coral disease outbreak riskScott F. Heron, Gang Liu, Jamie M. Caldwell, Megan Donahue, Austin Greene, William Leggat, Tracy D. Ainsworth, Bernardo Vargas-Angel, Courtney Couch, Bruce Monger, Joleah B. Lamb, Laurie J. Raymundo, Bette L. Willis, Erick F. Geiger et. al.yes
S1713185Keliang ChenWithdrawal Advancing the practice of marine eco-compensation in China: Knowledge synthesis from implementationKeliang Chen , Stuart Pearson , Xiao Hua Wang, Hongxu Yu, Julie Kesby no, cancelled June 6, Visa issue
S1712547Ana BragaWithdrawal Climate change drivers impacts on marine biotoxins contamination and genotoxicity in Mytilus galloprovincialis: Combining the effects of warming, acidification and harmful algal bloomsAna C. Braga, Carolina Camacho, Vitória Pereira, Raquel Marçal, Ana Marques, Sofia Guilherme, António Marques, Ana Gago-Martínez, Mário Pacheco and Pedro R. Costano, cancelled talk May 2, (xFIN) conf. Feb. 20
S1713030Benjamin P NealWithdrawal Control of acute outbreaks of a marine fungal pathogen by tropical reef fish herbivoryBenjamin P. Neal, Gareth J. Williams, Thierry M. Work, Britney L. Honisch, Tammi Warrenderer, and Nichole N. Priceno, cancel talk yes
S1712956Ezequiel M. MarzinelliWithdrawal Future climate change affects the microbiome and condition of habitat-forming kelpZhiguang Qiu, Melinda A. Coleman, Euan Provost, Alexandra H. Campbell, Brendan P. Kelaher, Steven J. Dalton, Torsten Thomas, Peter D. Steinberg and Ezequiel M. Marzinellino,cancelled talk Apr. 3 yes
S1713237Xuelei ZhangWithdrawal Recurrent green tides in the southern Yellow Sea: The process, drivers and way forwardXuelei Zhang, Zongling Wang, Jie Xiao, Rongguo Su, Songdong Shen, Wei Hu, Qinqin Lu, Junwei Shanno, visa problem, cancelled invited June 6 yes
S1813250Severino G. Salmo IIIPlenary Blue carbon ecosystems: Conservation and policy needs for an effective climate change adaptation and mitigation strategiesSeverino G. Salmo IIIyes
S1813020Robin AndersonPoster Anthropogenic blue carbon: Assessing the contribution of seaweed aquaculture for carbon uptake and storageM. Robin Anderson, Richard B. Rivkin, Yongyu Zhang, and Yantao Liangyes
S1813136Miguel Dino FortesPoster Coastal blue carbon stock in Southeast Asia: What does it mean to the region's climate change mitigation effort?Miguel Dino Fortesyes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 22
S1813147James R HolmquistPoster Coastal wetland blue carbon synthesis: Recent outcomes and future opportunitiesJames R Holmquist and J Patrick Megonigalyes
S1813016Lauren WenzelPoster IUCN’s role in supporting ocean science and action for conservation in a changing climateDan Laffoley, Dorothee Herr, Lauren Wenzel, John Baxteryes
S1812580Sathaporn MonprapussornPoster Land use and climate change impact on coastal ecosystem services in upper region of the Gulf of ThailandSathaporn Monprapussorn yes (xFIN), conf. Feb. 23
S1812836Sumaira zafarWithdrawal Aboveground biomass estimation of mangroves forest using Worldview-II dataSumaira Zafar1, Badar Ghauri2no, canel poster Mar. 7(xFIN) yes
S1812874Roksana Jahan Withdrawal Climate change and blue economy: Major challenges for marine fisheries in BangladeshRoksana Jahan, Shanur Jahedul Hasan and Syed Zakir Hossein yes, Convenor cancelled this poster yes
S1812590Kamleshan PillayWithdrawal Financing emission reductions: forest mechanisms as a model for coral reefsKamleshan Pillay, Yanasivan Kisten, Albertus Smit and David Glassomno, cancel poster (xFIN) yes
S1813175Chukwuebuka Josephat NwobiWithdrawal Mangrove Forest Biomass Estimates, Community Structure, and Classification in the Nigerian Niger Delta.Chukwuebuka, Josephat, Nwobino, cancel poster yes
S1812656Jinqiu DuWithdrawal Sediment accretion and carbon sequestration in Liaohe estuarine wetlandJinqiu Du, Ziwei Yao, Guangshui Na and Zhen Wangno, cancel poster yes
W112882Hazel OxenfordInvited Communicating complex climate change impacts to regional stakeholders: The cases of Sargassum influxes to the Caribbean Sea and community-collaboration adaptationHazel A. Oxenford and Patrick McConneyyes
W112976Paul BuckleyOral 10,000 voices on marine climate change in Europe: What does the public know…and really care about?Paul Buckley and John Pinnegar yes
W112760Mona BehlOral A tale of two cities: How Sea Grant helped Tybee Island and St. Marys save money while saving livesMona Behlyes
W112850John K. PinnegarOral Adapting to climate change: The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA), National Adaptation Programme (NAP) and Adaptation Reporting Powers (ARP) – An integrated approachJohn K. Pinnegar and Paul Buckleyyes
W112975Paul BuckleyOral Communicating marine and coastal climate change impacts: Key findings and lessons learnt from the Pacific and Caribbean RegionsPaul Buckley and Bryony Townhillyes
W112757Lara HansenOral Developing a Fish Manager’s Guide to climate changeLara J. Hansen, Alex Score, Carolyn Lundquist and Roger Griffisyes, conf. Feb. 28
W112916Emily NocitoWithdrawal Analysis of United Nations voluntary commitments concerning marine protected areas and resilienceEmily Nocito, Dr. Aaron Strongno, cancelled talk May 29 yes
W113140José R. Marín JarrínWithdrawal Climate Change science in Galapagos and the Tropical Eastern PacificJosé R. Marín Jarrínno, cancel talk (xFIN) yes
W112825Erendira Aceves-BuenoWithdrawal Marine reserves in fisheries adaptation to climate changeEréndira Aceves Bueno1, Elena Ojea2 and Laura E. Dee3 no, cancelled talk May 1(xFIN) yes yes
W213171Matthew LongInvited Earth System Models and marine ecosystems in the context of climate variability and changeMatthew C. Longyes
W212960Michio WatanabeOral Development of the marine ecosystem model OECO2 to be embedded into the Earth system model MIROC-ES2Michio Watanabe, Maki Noguchi-Aita, and Tomohiro Hajimayes
W212754Alexis BahlOral Impact of eddy mixing on the sensitivity of ocean biogeochemical cycling to doubled CO2 within an earth system modelAlexis Bahl, Anand Gnanadesikanyes, P->O
W213061Takashi MochizukiOral Multiyear climate prediction by using 4D-Var coupled data assimilation systemTakashi Mochizuki, Shuhei Masuda and Yoichi Ishikawayes, P->O
W213077Charles StockOral Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics in GFDL’s CMIP6 Earth System Model GFDL-ESM4Charles A Stock, John P Dunne, Jasmin G John, Niki Zadeh, John P Krasting, Charlotte Laufkotter, Alistair Adcroft, Paul Ginoux, Elena Shevliakova, Sergey Malyshev, Fabien Paulot and Larry Horowitzyes
W212789Nicole LovenduskiOral Response of O2 and pH to ENSO in the California Current System in a high resolution global climate modelGiuliana Turi, Michael Alexander, Nicole Lovenduski, Antonietta Capotondi, James Scott, Charles Stock, John Dunne, Jasmin John and Michael Jacoxyes, P->O
W212920Giovanni LiguoriWithdrawal Meridional Modes and Increasing Pacific decadal variability under anthropogenic forcingGiovanni Liguori and Emanuele Di Lorenzono, cancel poster yes
W212731Bushra KhalidWithdrawal Preliminary results of RegCM and MITgcm coupled and standalone approaches over the Mediterranean region for future climatic projectionsBushra Khalid and Shaukat Alino, cancel poster (FIN) yes
W213179Oluwaseun OgunroWithdrawal Uncertainty in Earth System Models: Benchmarks for Ocean Model Performance and ValidationOluwaseun Ogunro, Scott Elliott, Nate Collier, Oliver Wingenter, Clara Deal, Weiwei Fu and Forrest Hoffman no, cancel talk yes
W313254Ling CaoInvited Aquaculture in a changing climate: Lessons from ChinaLing Caoyes
W312830Malin PinskyOral Designing climate-smart ocean plansMalin L. Pinsky, James W. Morley, Lauren A. Rogers, and Thomas L. Frölicheryes
W313168Katherine MillsOral Eliciting and evaluating climate adaptation strategies for fisheries and fishing communitiesKatherine E. Mills, Mary Hudsonyes
W312373Abdulwakil SabaOral Impacts of climate change on mangrove biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods along Lagos Coast of West AfricaAbdulwakil O. Saba, Rafiu, O. Kolade, and Isa O. Elegbedeyes
W312710Ibukun Jacob AdewumiOral Using resilience assessment to understand the dynamics of marine socio-ecological systems in order to inform climate-change-smart marine spatial planning processesIbukun Jacob Adewumi and Prince Owusu Bonsuyes
W312992Joel Kamdoum NgueukoPoster Ocean governance in the Gulf of Guinea: Valuing planning as an ambitious path toward sustainable climate change solutionsJoel Kamdoum Ngueuko, Kayode Adewole Adepoju and Joseph Olusola Akinyedeyes
W413261Edward AllisonInvited Building capacity to adapt to climate change in communities engaged in small-scale fishing and aquacultureEdward H. Allisonyes
W413059Elena GissiOral Addressing climate change-driven uncertainties in maritime spatial planning through Cumulative Effects AssessmentElena Gissi, Elisabetta Manea, Stefano Menegon, Giulio Farella, Daniel Depellegrin, Davide Di Carlo, Chiara Venier, Alessandro Sarretta, Andrea Barbanti and Francesco Muscoyes
W413060Catarina Frazão SantosOral The role of ocean planning in adapting to global climate change impactsCatarina Frazão-Santos, Tundi Agardy, Francisco Andrade, Manuel Barange, Larry B. Crowder, Charles N. Ehler, Michael K. Orbach and Rui Rosayes
W513241Jake RiceInvited Communities, climate change and adaptation strategies - Variability and viabilityJake Riceyes
W513239Mohammad Mahmudul IslamInvited Creating an enabling environment to support disaster risk reduction in the context of the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines. Lessons from BangladeshMohammad Mahmudul Islamyes, conf. Feb. 26
W513259Anthony CharlesOral A community focus: How local communities are dealing with climate change and environmental threats to build sustainable livelihoods and food securityAnthony Charlesyes
W512467Sheku SeiOral Assessment of Yawri Bay marine protected area vulnerability to climate change in Sierra LeoneSheku Sei and Andrew Baioyes
W512599Devendraraj MadhanagopalOral Factors influencing the climate change adaptation efforts: Discussions from the case of coastal Tamil Nadu, IndiaDevendraraj Madhanagopalyes
W512347Maria Rebecca Alviar CamposOral Indigenous fishers in the Philippines: Adaptation to climate changeMaria Rebecca Camposyes
W513245Maria GasallaOral Social vulnerability to climate change of fishing communities across the South Brazil BightIvan Machado Martins, Maria A. Gasallayes
W512387Ophery Ozias IlomoWithdrawal Sea surface temperature rise and its impacts in marine coastal areas of TanzaniaOphery Ozias Ilomo(xFIN) no, cancel poster Apr 17 yes
W613078Kenneth Alan RoseInvited Predicting marine ecosystem population and food web responses to environmental variation: Now is the time to merge bioenergetics and movement ecologyKenneth Alan Roseyes
W613152Morten SkogenOral Climate change effects on growth, reproduction and distribution of Norwegian Spring Spawning HerringMorten D. Skogen, Erik A. Mousing, Solfrid S. Hjøllo, Kjell R. Utneyes
W612993Chenying GuoOral Development of a growth-migration model and its application to evaluate environmental effects on growth and migration of Pacific chub mackerel Scomber japonicus in the Northwest PacificChenying Guo and Shin-ichi Ito yes
W612621Christine StawitzOral Forecasting the effects of ocean change on Alaskan snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) using an individual-based bioenergetics modelChristine C. Stawitz, William T. Stockhausen, Robert J. Foy, Cody S. Szuwalski, and Andre E. Punt.yes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 23
W612609Daniel van DenderenOral Growth of teleost fish across marine regions and ecological lifestylesP. Daniel van Denderen, Henrik Gislason, Ken H. Andersenyes
W612973Shin-ichi ItoOral Issues on elucidation of climate variability impacts on living marine resources and future perspectivesShin-ichi Ito, Tetsuichiro Funamoto, Osamu Shida, Yasuhiro Kamimura, Motomitsu Takahashi, Kotaro Shirai, Tomihiko Higuchi, Kosei Komatsu, Takaaki Yokoi, Tatsuya Sakamoto, Chenying Guo and Toyoho Ishimurayes
W612904Myron Peck (for Ignacio Catalán)Oral Parametrizing climate-change responses of fished and cultured European aquatic species using experiments: A gap-analysis and meta-analytical perspectiveDominik Auch, Pauline Kamermans, Beatriz Morales-Nin, Pedro Domingues, Patricia Reglero, Tina Sandersfield, Natalie V. Angelopoulos, Myron Peck and Ignacio A. Catalánno, by Myron Peck
W613161Klaus HuebertOral Population models for synthesis of climate effects on fish early life history stagesKlaus B. Huebert, R. Christopher Chambers, and Kenneth A. Roseyes
W613003Juan Bueno-PardoOral Sensitivity of anchovy population to environmental change in the Bay of Biscay using a bioenergetic modelJuan Bueno-Pardo, Emmanuelle Dortel, Susan Kay, Pierre Petitgas and Martin Huretyes
W612887Philipp NeubauerOral Sizing the effects of temperature on fish: A general eco-physiological model to assess impacts from individuals to ecosystemsPhilipp Neubauer, Ken H. Andersenyes
W613210David DeslauriersPoster Fish Bioenergetics 4.0: An R-Based Modeling ApplicationDavid Deslauriers, Steve R. Chipps, James E. Breck, James A. Rice, and Charles P. Madenjianpending approval at work
W712674Stephanie JenouvrierInvited Demographic models and IPCC climate projections predict the decline of an emperor penguin populationStephanie Jenouvrieryes
W712664Richard SherleyInvited Direct and indirect impacts of climate change on seabirds in the Benguela EcosystemRichard B. Sherleyyes
W713113Claire SarauxInvited Functional responses of marine birds to local and global changes in climate and prey availabilityClaire Saraux, Robert Crawford, Nicolas Courbin, Andre Chiaradia and William Sydemanyes
W712665Kate SearleInvited North Sea seabirds: Responses to fisheries and changing climateKate R. Searle1, Adam Butler2, Sarah Burthe1, Mark Newell1, Maria Bogdanova1, Richard Howells1, Francis Daunt1* and Sarah Wanless1* *joint last authors yes
W713092Anoop DasPoster What seabird communities can tell us on the effects of climate change - A case studyAnoop Dasyes (xFIN) conf. Feb. 26
W813242Patricia MiloslavichInvited Implementation of biological Essential Ocean Variables in the global observing systemPatricia Miloslavich, et. al.yes
W813247Douglas WallaceInvited Multidisciplinary Ocean Time Series: For researcher aggregation and the generation of surprises and knowledgeDouglas Wallaceyes
W812908Matthew SullivanOral Tara Oceans: Eco-systems biology at the planetary scaleMatthew B. Sullivan and the Tara Oceans Consortiumyes
W813066Tim BoyerOral The World Ocean Database – Conjoining research observations and observing systems across disciplines, across timeTim Boyer, Olga Baranova, Scott Cross, Carla Forgy, Hernan Garcia, Alexandra Grodsky, Ricardo Locarnini, Nazila Merati, Alexey Mishonov, Todd O'Brien, Rost Parsons, James Reagan, Dan Seidov, Igor Smolyar, and Melissa Zwengyes
W812784Miguel SantosPoster OBSERVA.PT - Observations on board national commercial ships to support the conservation of marine biodiversity in the Portuguese SeasA. Miguel P. Santos, Anabela Carvalho and Nuno Lourençoyes
W813222José Martinelli FilhoPoster Widespread microplastic distribution at a macrotidal Amazon sandy beachJosé E. Martinelli Filho¹, Sury Monteiro¹, Thomas Nei Soto Banha2 and Thuareag M. Trindade dos Santos¹. yes
W812566Gabrielle CanonicoWithdrawal Implementation of biological Essential Ocean Variables in a globally coordinated, multidisciplinary observing systemGabrielle Canonico, Nicholas Bax, Frank E. Muller-Karger, Samantha E. Simmons, Eduardo Klein, Ward Appeltans, Daniel C. Dunn, Enrique Montes Herrera, Mark Costello, Isabel Sousa Pintono, cancel talk yes
W813032Karsten SheinWithdrawal Monitoring marine climate change and closing the gaps in nearshore data availabilityKarsten A. Shein, Jenny Dissen, Neil van Niekerk and Peter Quilliamno, cancel talk on May 3 yes
W812814Varis RansibrahmanakulWithdrawal The Great Lakes: A visual description of the changes in weather patterns from 1979 to 2002, and water quality from 2002 to 2015Varis Ransibrahmanakul, Douglas E. Pirhalla, Scott C. Sheridan, Cameron C. Lee, Brian B. Barnes, Chuanmin Hu, Karsten Sheinno, cancel poster May 30 yes
W912603John MarraOral A scenario-based approach to assessing changes in coastal flood magnitude and frequency under a changing climate, with an exemplar application to ecosystem vulnerability assessment on the Island of Hawai'IJohn J. Marra, Ayesha S. Genz, William V. Sweet, Lisa Marrack and Chad Wigginsyes
W912348Furqon AlfahmiOral Potential increasing coastal inundation over Semarang city based on twelve years tide observationsFurqon Alfahmiyes
W912756Ozeas CostaPoster Impacts of sea-level rise on the Amazon Macrotidal Mangrove CoastDenilson Bezerra, Ozeas Costa, André Santos, Raoni Tomaz and Arrison Bunano, by co-author for Denilson Bezerra, O-P
W913019Marufa IshaquePoster Sea level rise along the Bangladesh CoastM. Ishaque, A. Montazem, M. Becker, S. Calmant, F. Durand and L. Testut yes
W912383Nabir MamnunWithdrawal Application of a synthetic cyclone method for assessment storm surge risk in Bangladesh due to climate changeNabir Mamnun and Lucy M. Brichenono, cancel poster yes
W912608Mbachu IkechuwkuWithdrawal Assessing attitudinal response and perception of the threat of sea level rise: A case study of the coastal area of the Niger DeltaMbachu Ikechukwu, Isa Olalekan Elegbedeno, cancelled talk May 22 yes
W912499Basheer Ahammed. KKWithdrawal Assessment of Coastal Multi-Hazard Vulnerability along the Krishna Godavari Deltaic Plain, East Coast of India using Geospatial ApplicationsBasheer Ahammed. KK Arvind Chandra. Pandey(xFIN) cancelled Mar. 21, did not confirm yes
W912886Seema RaniWithdrawal Impact of global climate change and sea level rise: Vulnerability assessment and adaptation strategies of people in Saint Martin’s island of BangladeshSeema Ranicancelled Apr 9 (not confirmed) yes
W912364Pessièzoum ADJOUSSIWithdrawal The current evolution of the mouth of lake-Togo in Aného, an area vulnerable to sea level rise (Togo).Pessièzoum ADJOUSSI, Tak Youssif GNONGBO,no, cancel poster (FIN) yes
W913252Mohamed Abdel-Karim Aly AbdraboWithdrawal The risk of inundation by sea level rise: The Nile DeltaMohamed Abdel-Karim Aly Abdrabono, invited talk cancelld June 1 yes
W1013224Eric GalbraithInvited FishMIP: A community effort to improve the realism and utility of fishery and marine ecosystem modelsEric D. Galbraith1, Heike K. Lotze, Derek Tittensor, Olivier Maury, William Cheung and Tyler Eddy yes
W1013218John PinnegarInvited Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) for fisheries and aquaculture in EuropeJohn K. Pinnegar, Katell G. Hamon and Myron Peckyes
W1013178Cheryl HarrisonOral A predictive fisheries catch metric for CMIP6-OMIP Earth System modelsCheryl S. Harrison, Samantha Stevenson, Nicole Lovenduski and Jessica Luoyes
W1012899Andrea Bryndum-BuchholzOral Climate change impacts on fish biomass and associated ecosystem structure across ocean basinsAndrea Bryndum-Buchholz, Heike K. Lotze, Derek P. Tittensoryes
W1013228Beth Fulton (for Catherine Bulman)Oral Comparing climate forcing projections from global and local climate models in south-eastern Australia using an EwE modelCatherine M. Bulman, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Xuebin Zhang & Richard Matearno, Beth Fulton?? Needs to confirm
W1012817Tyler EddyOral Fisheries and marine ecosystem projections under climate change from regional to global scalesTyler D. Eddy, Lotze HK, Tittensor DP, Cheung WL, Galbraith ED, Coll M, Fulton EA, Bulman C, Niiranen S, Mackinson S, Walker N, Jennings S, Carozza D, Fernandes JA, Barange M, Maury O, Oliveros RO, Shin YJ yes
W1012987Olivier MauryOral Projecting climate change & de-oxygenation impacts on global oceanic communities using NEMO-PISCES-APECOSMOlivier, Maury Olivier, Aumont Nicolas, Barrier Laurent, Boppyes, convenor
W1013226Ricardo Oliveros-RamosOral Projecting climate change impacts on regional marine ecosystems using OSMOSERicardo Oliveros-Ramos, Yunne-Jai Shinyes
W1013115Colleen PetrikOral The Princeton Ocean Ecosystem Model (POEM) v2.0: A size- and functional type-based model of global fisheries production and catchColleen M. Petrik, Ken Andersen, Charles Stock, Daniël van Denderen and James Watsonyes
W1012930Thibaut de la ChesnaisPoster Role of cephalopods in ecosystem functioning and evolutionThibaut de la Chesnais, Gretta Pecl, Beth Fulton and Sean Traceyyes
W1012689Yi-Sin LuWithdrawal Potential analysis of climatic change impact on the fishing condition of tuna longline fisheries in the Pacific and Atlantic OceansYi-Sin Lu, Nan-Jay Su and Chia-Hao Changyes, cancel this poster yes
W1012686James J RuzickaWithdrawal Understanding large-scale dynamics of shelf ecosystems - the importance of physical contextJames J Ruzicka, Kenneth H Brink, Dian J Gifford, and Frank Bahrno, cancel poster yes

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