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2017 International Symposium: Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources
Mar 6-11, 2017, Victoria, BC, Canada

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
General Plenary11693Shoshiro MinobePlenary Causality linkages in atmosphere, ocean and marine ecosystem over the North Pacific: Modes, processes and predictionShoshiro Minobeyes
General Plenary11856Ryan R. RykaczewskiPlenary Climate impacts on upwelling and the planktonic prey of anchovy and sardine in eastern boundary currentsRyan R. Rykaczewskiyes
General Plenary11712Andrew BakunPlenary Progress in small pelagic fish research in the 3½ decades since ‘Costa Rica’Andrew Bakunyes
Session 111840Bryan A. BlackInvited Synchrony in climate and biological response within and among the Benguela and California Current ecosystemsBryan A. Blackyes
Session 111795George TriantafyllouOral A full-life-cycle multispecies IBM for Mediterranean small pelagic fishThanos Gkanasos, Konstantinos Tsiaras, Stylianos Somarakis, Marianna Giannoulaki, Athanasios Machias, Eudoxia Schismenou, George Petihakis and George Triantafyllouyes
Session 111952Hiroaki SaitoOral A story starting from the wind: A synthesis of the collapse of Japanese sardine stockHiroaki Saito and SUPRFISH scientistsyes
Session 111945Blgo Miguel Ñiquen Carranza (for Renato Guevara-Carrasco)Oral Are there early signals of a new warmer “sardine cycle” in the Peruvian upwelling system? Some implications for fisheries managementRenato Guevara-Carrasco, Miguel Ñiquen, Ramiro Castillo, Luis Vasquez, Sara Purca, Jorge Zuzunaga and Jorge Csirkeyes
Session 111925Aida SartimbulOral Catch dynamics of small pelagic fishes in Bali Strait and South Java Sea in relation to the climatic regime shift: case study on Sardinella lemuruAida Sartimbul, Erfan Rohadi, Defri Yona, Iwan Tri Wibowo, and Kirana Fajar Setiabudiyes
Session 111789Dimitris V. PolitikosOral Climate variability and recruitment dynamics of sardine in the California Current: A mechanistic analysis of an end-to-end modelDimitris V. Politikos, Enrique Curchitser, Kenneth A. Rose, Jerome Fiechter and Dave Checkleyyes
Session 111866David M. Checkley, Jr.Oral Climate, anchovy and sardineDavid M. Checkley, Jr., Rebecca G. Asch and Ryan R. Rykaczewskiyes
Session 111665Sam McClatchieOral Collapse and recovery of forage fish populations before commercial fishingSam McClatchie, Andrew R. Thompson, Ingrid L. Hendy and William Watsonyes
Session 111779Antonio Fernando AranisOral Conceptual model for common sardine (Strangomera bentincki) in the south central zone of Chile (32°-47°S) Antonio Aranis 1 , Jaime Letelier 1 and Karen Walker1 1 Instituto de Fomento Pesquero (IFOP), Blanco 839, Valparaíso, Chile. * Corresponding author, e-mail: antonio. yes
Session 111868Alexandra SilvaOralxREP-0Demographic connectivity of sardine in the Bay of Biscay and Iberian coast regionAlexandra Silva, Susana Garrido, Lionel Pawlowski, Isabel Riveiro, Fernando Ramos, Pablo Carrera, Vitor Marques, Erwan Duhamel, Leire Ibaibarriaga and Andres Uriarteyes, P->O
Session 110863Ana AlegreOral Diet diversity of jack and chub mackerels and ecosystem changes in the northern Humboldt Current system: A long-term studyAna Alegre1, Arnaud, Bertrand2, Marco Espino1, Pepe Espinoza1, Teobaldo, Dioses1, Miguel Ñiquen1, Iván Navarro1, Monique Simier2 and Frédéric Ménard2yes
Session 111850Luis Wenchang Lau-Medrano (for Josymar Torrejon-Magallanes)Oral Displacements of the Peruvian anchoveta stocks in relation to environmental conditions: An analysis using length structure analysis from Vessel Monitoring System informationJosymar Torrejon-Magallanes and Wencheng Lau-Medranoyes
Session 111586Carola Hernández SantoroOral Effects of El Niño 1997-98; 2002-03 and 2015-16 in spatial distribution, concentration of catch and reproductive activity of anchovy in northern ChileCarola Hernández Santoro and Jorge Castillo Pizarroyes
Session 111726Giancarlo MoronOral Effects of ENSO phases on Peruvian anchovy spatial aggregation patternsGiancarlo Moron, Josymar Torrejon-Magallanes, Wencheng Lau-Medrano, Paola Galloso, Katia Arones and Dimitri Gutiérrezyes
Session 111896Brian P.V. HuntOral Energy transfer efficiency from zooplankton to forage fish over a eutrophic to oligotrophic gradient in global pelagic food-websBrian P.V. Hunt, Francois Carlotti, Lian E. Kwong, Evgeny A. Pakhomov and Iain M. Suthers yes
Session 111781Karen WalkerOral Environmental impact on fluctuations of juvenile sardine (Strangomera bentincki) in the central-southern Chile (32°-47°S)Karen Walker 1 and Antonio Aranis 1 1Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP), Blanco 839, Valparaiso, Chile. * Corresponding author, e-mail: yes
Session 111943Jorge CsirkeOral Evidences anthropogenic and environmentally driven regime shifts in Peruvian pelagic fisheriesJorge Csirke, Miguel Ñiquen, Renato Guevara-Carrasco, Francois Colasyes
Session 111743Sourav MaityOral Exceptional fish beaching off Arthungal, Alappuzha, along the southwest coast of India: Search for the possible causeSourav Maity, Preetha G Nair, Kunal Chakraborty, Jyothibabu R, Mark Wells, Vera L Trainer, Nimit Kumar, Nagaraja Kumar M and Srinivasa Kumar Tyes
Session 111173Anna H. OlafsdottirOral Expansion of Northeast Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) in the Nordic seas from 2007 to 2015 in relation to stock size and environmental conditionsAnna H. Olafsdottir, Kjell Rong Utne, Jan Arge Jacobsen, Teunis Jansen, Guðmundur Oskarsson, Leif Nøttestad, Cecilie Broms and Aril Slotte. yes
Session 111812Marek OstrowskiOral From physical mechanisms to natural fluctuations of small pelagic fishes: The Angolan upwelling scenarioMarek Ostrowski António Barradas Bomba Bazika Sangolayyes
Session 111739Joana Boavida-PortugalOral Global diversity and abundance of small pelagic fishes in the end of the 21st centuryJoana Boavida-Portugal, Miguel B. Araújo, Geronimo Rollan, Camilo Mora, Rui Rosayes
Session 111800Daniel GradosOral Impact of ocean stratification on small-scale physical oases for pelagic lifeDaniel Grados, Ronan Fablet, Francois Colas, Alexis Chaigneau, Vincent Echevin, Gary Vargas, Ramiro Castillo and Arnaud Bertrandyes
Session 111819Carmen GradosOral Interdecadal upper ocean hydrology of the Northern Humboldt Current System and its impact on the small pelagic fish distributionCarmen Grados, David Correa, Gertrudes Luque, Jorge Quispe, Cecilia Peña, Alexis Chaigneau, Vincent Echevin, José Salcedo, Luis Vásquez and Dimitri Gutiérrezyes
Session 111838Carolina LangOral Modelling the habitat of anchovy (Engraulis ringens) between 1997 - 2016 off the coast of the Southeast PacificCarolina Lang A., Alvaro Saavedra G., Ursula Cifuentes O., and Jorge Castillo P.yes
Session 111919Svein SundbyOral Multidecadal climate signal and its association with the Nordic Seas pelagic fish complex and their zooplankton preySvein Sundby, Webjørn Melleyes
Session 111900Dimitri GutierrezOral Multifarious anchovy and sardine regimes in the Humboldt Current System during the last 150 yearsRenato Salvatteci, David Field, Dimitri Gutierrez, Tim Baumgartner, Vicente Ferreira, Luc Ortlieb, Abdel Sifeddine and Arnaud Bertrandyes
Session 111881William J. SydemanOral Non-fishery collapse of northern anchovy in California: Climatic and biotic hypothesesWilliam J. Sydeman, Alec D. MacCall, Marisol Garcia-Reyes, and Julie A. Thayeryes
Session 111729Geir HuseOral Norwegian spring spawning herring migration and feeding at the Arctic frontWebjørn Melle, Geir Huse, Aril Slotte, Espen Strand, Thor Klevjer, Peter Wiebeyes
Session 111759Jürgen AlheitOral Ocean-atmosphere interactions related to the AMO caused simultaneous ‘regime shift’-like changes in ecosystems of eastern North Atlantic and Mediterranean in the mid-1990sJürgen Alheit, Joachim Groeger, Priscilla Licandro, Ian H. McQuinn, Thomas Pohlmann, Athanassios C. Tsiklirasyes
Session 111884Criscely Luján-ParedesOral Ontogenic variability of the ecological niche of Peruvian anchoveta (Engraulis ringens): Impacts on its present and future distributionCriscely Luján-Paredes and Ricardo Oliveros-Ramosyes
Session 111875Andreia V. SilvaOral Patterns in chub mackerel abundance and distribution in relation to environmental conditionsAndreia V. Silva, Manuela Azevedo, Corina Chaves, Eduardo Soares, Vitor Marques, Cristina Nunes, Paulo B. Oliveira and Alexandra Silvayes
Session 111799Claire SarauxOral Population changes in small pelagic fish of the Gulf of Lions: A bottom-up control?Claire Saraux, Elisabeth Van Beveren , Pablo Brosset, Sylvain Bonhommeau and Jean-Marc Fromentinyes
Session 111780Timothée BrochierOral Population traits in small pelagic fish model: Emergence from interactions between a turbulent upwelling environment and individual behaviors in upwelling systemsTimothée Brochier1, Pierre-Amaël Auger2, Laure Pecquerie3, Eric Machu2,5, Xavier Capet8, Modou Thiaw4, Baye Cheikh Mbaye5, Cheikh-Baye Braham6, Omar Ettahiri7, Najib Charouki7, Patrice Brehmer3,4yes
Session 111889Romeo Saldívar-LucioOral Primary productivity contribution to climate-catch models of Pacific sardineRomeo Saldívar-Lucio, R. Martínez-Rincón, M. Morales, S. Lluch-Cota, D. Lluch-Cota, C. Salvadeo y G. Ponce-Díaz. yes
Session 111704Andrey S. KrovninOral Prospects of a new “sardine epoch” in the Northwest PacificAndrey S. Krovnin, Boris Kotenev, Oleg Bulatovyes
Session 111853Dimitri GutiérrezOral Recent trends in the Peruvian Coastal Upwelling Ecosystem and implications for the anchovy habitatDimitri Gutiérrez, Carlos Romero, Dante Espinoza, Criscely Luján, Luis Vásquez, Michelle Graco, Carlos Quispe, David Correa, Jorge Tam, Vincent Echevin & Ricardo Oliverosyes
Session 111714Tatsuya SakamotoOral Reproducing migration history of Japanese sardine using otolith δ18O and a data assimilation modelTatsuya Sakamoto, Kosei Komatsu, Kotaro Shirai, Yasuhiro Kamimura, Chikako Watanabe, Atsushi Kawabata, Michio Yoneda, Toyoho Ishimura, Tomihiko Higuchi, Takashi Setou, Manabu Shimizuyes
Session 111787Vanessa Izquierdo-PeñaOral Revisiting the regime problem hypothesis: 25 years laterVanessa Izquierdo-Peña, Salvador E. Lluch-Cota and Martín E. Hernandez-Rivasyes
Session 111907Desiree TommasiOral Seasonal climate predictions to improve forage fish managementDesiree Tommasi, Charles Stock, Kathy Pegion, Gabriel Vecchi, Richard D. Methot, Michael Alexander, David Checkleyyes
Session 111944Miguel ÑiquenOralREP-4Size structure based associations between anchoveta and other pelagic resources in Peruvian watersMiguel Ñiquen, Marilu Bouchon, Andres Chipollini, Cecilia Peñayes, P->O
Session 111401Pablo BrossetOral Small pelagic fish in the Mediterranean Sea: Alarming body condition and size decline during the last decadesPablo Brosset, Jean-Marc Fromentin, Claire Sarauxyes
Session 111848Najib CharoukiOral Spatial time series analysis of the small pelagic fish on the shelf north of Cap Blanc within its upwelling ecosystemNajib Charouki, Omar Ettahiri, Amina Berraho, Mansour serghini, Gabriella Bianchi and Marek Ostrowskiyes
Session 111757Nikolaos NikolioudakisOral Spatio-temporal modelling of Northeast Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) distribution: Introducing estimates of uncertainty and going beyond ‘visual’ correlations[Nikolaos Nikolioudakis, Hans J. Skaug, Jan Arge Jacobsen, Teunis Jansen, Leif Nøttestad, Guðmundur J. Óskarsson and Katja Enberg]yes
Session 111742Piera CarpiOral Storytelling based on a data limited situation: Dynamics of a small pelagic community in the Northeast AtlanticPiera Carpi, Tommaso Russo, Antonio Parisi, Jeroen Van Der Kooij, Francisco Velasco, Ignacio Sobrino and Claire Sarauxyes
Session 111869Doug HayOral Temporal changes in size-at-age: Impact and implications on reproductive biology and egg density of Pacific herring in British ColumbiaDoug Hay1, Jake Schweigert1, Jennifer Boldt2, and Matt Thomson2yes
Session 111756Emanuele Di LorenzoOral Tendency for climate synchrony and amplification in global fish populationsEmanuele Di Lorenzo, Mark D. Ohman, Salvador Lluch-Cota, Christopher Costello and Steve Gainsyes
Session 111724Mutiara R. PutriOral The influence of ocean dynamics and climate changes on the Lemuru (Bali Sardinella) abundance in the Bali Strait, IndonesiaMutiara R. Putri and Agus Setiawanyes
Session 111711Ruben Rodriguez-SanchezOral Tracking the spatial dynamic of sardine abundance changes in the California Current large marine ecosystem: An approach to elucidate local and broad scale environmental drivers and their interactionsRuben Rodriguez-Sanchez and Héctor Villalobosyes
Session 111733Juan P. ZwolinskiOral Use of environmental indices to predict the recruitment of Pacific sardineJuan P. Zwolinski and David A. Demeryes
Session 111763Shuyang MaOral Variations in the catches of small pelagic fishes from China seas and their responses to climatic regime shiftsYongjun Tian, Shuyang Ma, Jianchao Li and Jiahua Chengyes
Session 111703Maite ErauskinOral Will climate change impact the anchovy spawning habitat in the Bay of Biscay?Maite Erauskin, Paula Alvarez, Haritz Arrizabalaga, María Santos, Andrés Uriarte, Leire Ibaibarriaga, Unai Cotano, Guillem Chustyes
Session 111901David FieldPlenary Fish scale records from California and Peru reveal new paradigms of variability in climate and small pelagic fishDavid B. Field1, Renato Salvatteci2, Dimitri Gutierrez3, Kimberly Rose1, Vicente Ferreira4, Luc Ortlieb5, Abdel Sifeddine5 and Tim Baumgartner4yes
Session 111898Sourav MaityPoster Categorizing ecological indicators for predicting Hilsa shad (Tenualosa Ilisha) abundance in northern Bay of Bengal Sourav Maity, William T. Peterson, Nagaraja Kumar M, Srinivasa Kumar T and Sugata Hazra yes
Session 111594Eleuterio YáñezPoster Climate change and pelagic fisheries predictions in Chile (CLIPESCA)Eleuterio Yáñez1, Claudio Silva1, María Ángela Barbieri2,3, Antonio Aranis2, Claudio Bernal2, Francisco Plaza2, Felipe Sánchez2, Gabriela Böhm2, Luis Soto4, Alejandro Parés5, Jaime Letelier2, Gustavo San Martín3, Peter Muck6 and Ricardo Pavez1yes
Session 111827Fran MowbrayPosterxREP-1Distribution shifts of capelin (Mallotus villosus) and arctic cod (Boreogadus saida) in the Northwest Atlantic and consequences for regional productivityF.K. Mowbrayyes
Session 111882Ian S.F. JonesPoster Enhancing the pelagic fish catch in regions adjacent to ocean upwelling fisheriesIan S F Jonesyes
Session 111794Dorothee MollPosterREP-3Estimating the contribution of single nursery areas to the overall herring (Clupea harengus) population in the western Baltic Sea by otolith chemistry Dorothee Moll, Paul Kotterba, Lena von Nordheim and Patrick Polteyes
Session 111955Kirstin HolsmanPoster Evaluating spatial patterns in foraging landscapes and energetics; (part 2) modeling projections for pollock under future scenarios.Kirstin Holsman, Elizabeth Siddon, Kerim Aydin, Anne Hollowed, Jim Ianelli, Ron Heintz, André Puntyes
Session 111809Vanessa Izquierdo-PeñaPoster Geographic detection of The Regime signature Vanessa Izquierdo-Peña and Salvador E. Lluch-Cotayes
Session 111719M. Teresa García Santamaría (José Carlos Báez)Poster Influence of the climatic oscillations on the sardine off Northwest Africa during the period 1976-2014José Carlos Báez, M. Teresa García Santamaría and Alberto Garcíayes
Session 111964Svetlana Naydenko (for Elena Ustinova)Poster Oceanographic conditions and spatial distribution, migration patterns and fishing grounds for saury, sardine and mackerels in the Northwest PacificUstinova E., Antonenko D., Novikov Yu., Filatov V., Zhigalin A., Dudarev V. and Starovoytov A.yes
Session 111722Guðmundur J. ÓskarssonPosterxREP-2Quantification and causes of two incidents of fish kill of Icelandic summer-spawning herring (Clupea harengus) in the winter 2012/2013Guðmundur J. Óskarsson, Sólveig R. Ólafsdóttir, Þorsteinn Sigurðsson and Héðinn Valdimarssonyes
Session 111752M. Teresa García Santamaría (Alba Jurado-Ruzafa)Poster Seasonal evolution of oceanographic parameters in relation to small pelagic fish landings index in the Canary Islands (Spain) from 2009 to 2015Alba Jurado-Ruzafa, Gustavo González-Lorenzo, Sebastián Jiménez-Navarro, Carolina Acosta, Begoña Sotillo and M. Teresa García Santamaríayes
Session 111529M. Teresa García Santamaría (Alba Jurado-Ruzafa)Poster Seasonal evolution of oceanographic parameters in relation to Trachurus picturatus landings index in Tenerife (the Canary Islands, Spain)Alba Jurado-Ruzafa and M. Teresa García Santamaríayes
Session 111511Kinsey FrickPosterREP-5Spatial and temporal variability in nearshore forage fish communities in the Strait of Juan de FucaKinsey Frick, Anna Kagley, Kurt Fresh, Eleni Petrou, Larry Ward, Doug Morrill and Jameal Samhouriyes
Session 111888Gertrudes LuquePoster Spatial and temporal variability of the North Humboldt Current System upwelling front and its influence on small pelagic resources distributionGertrudes Luque, Carmen Grados, David Correa, Cecilia Peña, Alexis Chaigneau and Vincent Echevinyes
Session 111920Najib Charouki (for Omar Ettahiri)Poster Spatial patterns diversity of copepods under coastal upwelling variability off North West African EcosystemLaila El arraj1, Omar Ettahiri1, Laila Somoue1, Mansour serghini1, Najib Charouki1, Gabriella Bianchi2 and Marek Ostrowski3co-author
Session 111633Josephine Dianne L. DeaunaPoster The effect of wind strength and variability on the Dipolog–Sindangan Bay upwelling system, Philippines Josephine Dianne L. Deauna and Cesar L. Villanoyyes
Session 111723Christina BournePoster Using otolith shape analysis to quantify changes in stock distribution and migration of Atlantic herring in NewfoundlandChristina Bourne, Paul Regular, Carissa Wilson, Lisa L. Libunganyes
Session 111913Olav A. OrmsethWithdrawalREPA dense aggregation of age-0 capelin Mallotus villosus in the Barren Islands: support for a capelin population concentration in the central Gulf of AlaskaOlav A. Ormseth, Alex De Robertisno, cancel poster yes
Session 111720Fatima WhabiWithdrawal Age and growth of Atlantic horse mackerel Trachurus trachurus (Linnaeus, 1758) in Morocco's Atlantic regionFatima WHABI 1, 2, Jilali BENSBAI1, Khalid MANCHIH 1 and Ahmed ERRHIF 2no, cancel poster yes
Session 111802Joshua M. RegaladoWithdrawalREPAspects of the Population Biology of the Buccaneer Anchovy Encrasicholina punctifer (Fowler 1938) in Southern Sibuyan Sea, PhilippinesDrusila Esther E. Bayate Joshua M. Regalado May R. Guanco Sheryll V. Mesacancel poster yes
Session 111933Santiago Montealegre-QuijanoWithdrawal Drivers of inter-anual variability in the abundance of the Broadband Anchovy Anchoviella lepidentostole in Southeast BrazilSantiago Montealegre-Quijano, Jocemar T. Mendonça and Érico T. Teramotono, cancel poster yes
Session 111950Marcelo Paes GomesWithdrawal Environmental drivers for pelagic and non-pelagic fish in nearshore habitats of the southeastern Brazilian coastMarcelo Paes Gomes, Leonie Robinson and Matthew Spencerno, cancel talk yes
Session 111956Elizabeth SiddonWithdrawal Evaluating spatial patterns in foraging landscapes and energetics (part 1): empirical observations for pollock across a long-term time series from the eastern Bering Sea Elizabeth Siddon, Kirstin Holsman, Alex Andrews, Jordan Watson, Ed Farley, Ron Heintz, and Jim Ianellino, cancel poster yes
Session 111725Momodou S. JallowWithdrawal Impact of climate change on the population of SPF resources of the GambiaMomodou S Jallow, Abdoulie B Jallow, Salifu Seesay and Mbemba Ceesayno, cancel talk yes
Session 111731Kunal ChakrabortyWithdrawal Modeling the physical mechanism of hypoxia and its implication on coastal fisheries in the eastern Arabian SeaKunal Chakraborty, Satya Prakash, G.V.M. Gupta and Arya Paulcancel poster yes
Session 111601Anthony B. NdahWithdrawal Multi-temporal Analysis of Upwelling/Downwelling Dynamics in the South China Sea and potential implications for coastal fisheries Anthony B. Ndah, Kazimierz Becek, Lalit Dagar no, cancel poster yes
Session 111512Anna N. KagleyWithdrawal Nearshore forage fish populations in the context of Elwha River dam removalsAnna Kagley, Kinsey Frick, Kurt Fresh, Larry Ward2, Doug Morrill, Jameal Samhouri, and Ole Sheltonyes, cancel this poster yes
Session 111771Braham Cheikh BayeWithdrawal New insights in the spatial dynamics of sardinella stocks off Mauritania (North-West Africa) Braham, C-B*, Fréon, P, Laurec, A, Demarcq, H and Bez, Ncancel yes
Session 111765Ahmed JeyidWithdrawal Relationship between abundance of small pelagic fishes and environmental factors in the CanC an analysis based on hydroacoustic and satellite dataJeyid M.A , Bacha. M , Dessailly. D , Vantrepotte V , Amara R no, cancel talk yes
Session 111777Athanassios C. TsiklirasWithdrawal Synchronization of the mean temperature of the pelagic catch (MTpC) with North Atlantic climate variabilityAthanassios C. Tsikliras, Priscilla Licandro, Joachim P. Gröger and Jürgen Alheitno, cancel poster yes
Session 111892Jose A. Valencia-GastiWithdrawal The sardine population in northwestern Mexico: Current stateJose A. Valencia-Gasti, Timothy Baumgartnerno, cancel poster yes
Session 211727Dominique RobertInvited Revealing the link between prey availability during the larval stage and recruitment strength in small pelagic fishDominique Robert, Carissa J. Wilson, Daigo Kamada and Hannah M. Murphyyes
Session 211811Sebastián VásquezOral A space oddity: The case of the anchoveta (Engraulis ringens) in southern Humboldt Current systemSebastián Vásquez, Cristian Salas, Andrés Ospina-Alvarez, Sergio Núñez, Marcos Arteaga, & Aquiles Sepúlvedayes
Session 211768Claudia GüntherOral Another critical period: Physiological limits determine recruitment success during the post-larval stage of a temperate clupeid (Sprattus sprattus L.)Claudia Günther, Axel Temming, Laura Meskendahl, Rini Kulke and Jens-Peter Herrmannyes
Session 211737Reidar ToresenOral Climate change as a causative factor in sustained reduced recruitment in Norwegian spring-spawning herringReidar Toresen, Petter Fossum, Frode Vikebø, Richard D.M. Nash, Erling Kåre Stenevik and Monica Martinussenyes
Session 211782Timothée BrochierOral Climate change scenario experiments predict a future reduction in small pelagic fish recruitment in the Humboldt Current SystemTimothée Brochier1, Vincent Echevin2, Jorge Tam3, Alexis Chaigneau4, Katerina Goubanova5 and Arnaud Bertrand6yes (co-author)
Session 211748Akira HayashiOral Combination of income- and capital-breeder type stocks of Japanese anchovy populationAkira Hayashi, Tomoaki Goto, Yuka Sasaki and Yoshiro Watanabeyes
Session 211701Jose-María QuintanillaOral Comparative early life trophodynamics and larval growth of Alborán Sea sardine environmentally distinct larval habitats (Bays of Málaga and Almería) (Sardina pilchardus) (W Mediterranean)Jose-María Quintanilla, Raúl Laiz-Carrión, Alberto García, Luis F. Quintanilla, Dolores Cortés, Francisco Gómez-Jakobsen, Lidia Yebra, Soluna Salles and Jesús M. Mercadoyes
Session 211810Andres Ospina-AlvarezOral Designing a reproductive resilience index for small pelagic fish in the southern Humboldt Current Upwelling EcosystemAndres Ospina-Alvarez, Sebastián Vasquez, Cristian Salas, Sergio Núñez, Marco Arteaga and Aquiles Sepulveda yes
Session 211721Guðmundur J. ÓskarssonOral Development and nature of widespread and long-lasting Ichthyophonus hoferi outbreak in Icelandic summer-spawning herringGuðmundur J. Óskarsson, Jónbjörn Pálsson and Asta Gudmundsdottiryes
Session 211804Daigo KamadaOral Diet characterization and link between feeding success and recent growth of capelin (Mallotus villosus) during early ontogenyDaigo, Kamada Pierre, Pepin Dominique, Robertyes
Session 211931Patricia M. AyónOral Distribution of anchovy and sardine eggs and larvae in the Humboldt Current System of Peru from 1960-2014: Implications for fish abundance and reproductionPatricia M. Ayón, Gordon Swartzmanyes
Session 211509Florian EggersOral Do epigenetic effects of parental salinity conditions in herring influence subsequent offspring reproductive success?Florian Eggers, Aril Slotte, Leif Andersson and Arild Folkvordyes
Session 211767Fabian ZimmermannOral Drivers of recruitment dynamics in northeast Atlantic pelagic fish stocksFabian Zimmermann, Daniel Ricard, Tommi Perälä, Mikko Heino and Katja Enbergyes
Session 211628Eneko BachillerOral Effects of Atlantic mackerel predation on early life stages mortality of anchovy and sardineEneko Bachiller, Elsa Cuende, Almudena Fontán, Naiara Rodríguez-Ezpeleta and Unai Cotanoyes
Session 211708Øystein SkagsethOral Environmental drivers of peak recruitment years of Norwegian Spring Spawning Herring (Clupea harengus L.)Øystein Skagseth, Aril Slotte, Erling Kåre Stenevik, and Richard Nashyes
Session 211914Franziska BilsOral Exploring the microzooplankton-ichthyoplankton link: A combined field and modeling study of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) in the Irish SeaFranziska Bils, Marta Moyano, Nicole Aberle, Marc Hufnagl, Santiago Alvarez-Fernandez and Myron A. Peckyes
Session 211829Guido PlazaOral Fast growth and early age-at-recruitment of the anchovy (Engraulis ringens): Evidence from interannual monitoring of otolith microstructure in northern ChileGuido Plaza1, Francisco Cernayes
Session 211580W. Scott PegauOral Herring research and monitoring in Prince William Sound, AlaskaW. Scott Pegau, Rob Bochenek, Kevin Boswell, Trevor Branch, Kristen Gorman, Ron Heintz, Paul Hershberger, Hayley Hoover, Steve Moffitt, Pete Rand, Fletcher Sewall, Richard Thorne, Johanna Vollenweider and Sharon Wildeyes, O&P
Session 211883William DuguidOral Historical fluctuations and recent observations of Northern Anchovy in the Salish SeaWilliam Duguid, Jennifer Boldt, Lia Chalifour, Douglas Hay, Francis Juanes, Dayv Lowry, Skip Mckinnell, Jessica Qualley, Todd Sandell, Matthew Thompson and Kelly Youngyes
Session 211818Thassya C. dos Santos SchmidtOral How do Atlantic herring and Pacific herring compare in terms of reproductive investment and adult body growth?Thassya C. dos Santos Schmidt, Doug Hay, Aril Slotte, Arne Johannessen and Olav Sigurd Kjesbuyes
Session 211758Paul GattiOral Impact of seasonal environmental variability on the bioenergetics strategy of anchovy and sardine: A combined data and modelling study in the Bay of BiscayPaul Gatti, Pierre Petitgas and Martin Huretyes
Session 211534Grea GroenewaldOral Influence of temperature and food availability on anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) dynamics as seen through a Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) modelGrea Groenewald, Coleen Moloney and Carl van der Lingenyes
Session 211825Marion ClaireauxOral Is fishing driving energy acquisition and allocation changes in the Norwegian Spring-Spawning herring?Marion Claireaux, Katja Enberg, Mikko Heino, Christian Jørgensen and Bruno Ernandeyes
Session 211929Jennifer BoldtOral Juvenile Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasi) trophic linkages in the Strait of Georgia, British ColumbiaJennifer L. Boldt, Matthew Thompson, Chris Rooper, Chrys Neville, Doug Hay, Jake Schweigert, Rusty Sweeting, Jaclyn Clearyyes
Session 211770Violaine ShikonOral Larval capelin dynamics in coastal embayments of eastern NewfoundlandViolaine Shikon, Pierre Pepin, Martin Castonguay and Dominique Robertyes
Session 211778Erling Kåre StenevikOral Mackerel predation on herring larvae during summer feeding in the Norwegian SeaErling Kåre Stenevik, Georg Skaret, Eneko Bachiller, Herdis Langøy, Nishat Anjum, Arild Folkvordyes
Session 211806Quentin QueirosOral Mechanisms underlying bottom-up controls of small pelagics in the Gulf of Lions through experimental studiesQuentin Queiros, Jean-Marc Fromentin, Gilbert Dutto, Eric Gasset and Claire Saraux yes
Session 211953Sachihiko ItohOral Modeling large-amplitude recruitment variability of small pelagic fishSachihiko Itoh and Hiroyasu Hasumiyes
Session 211880Hwahyun LeeOral Observed pattern of diel vertical migration of Pacific mackerel larvae and its implication for spatial distribution off the Korean PeninsulaHwahyun Lee, Sukyung Kang, Kyungmi Jung, Jung-Jin Kim, Dongwha Sohn, and Suam Kimyes
Session 211700Øystein Skagseth (for Jens-Otto Krakstad)OralREP-1Oceanographic conditions and runoff from Congo River as drivers for Sardinella recruitment off south-western AfricaJens-Otto Krakstad, Espen Bagøien, Tor Ensrud, Jean de Dieu Lewembe, Domingas N’saku, Jean Samba and Øystein Skagsethco-author, P->O
Session 211801Pierre PetitgasOral On linking variability in early growth to habitat occupancy and mortality later in life: Anchovy in the Biscay of BiscayPierre Petitgas, Patrick Grellier and Martin Huretyes
Session 211917Myron PeckOral Physiological modelling of the foraging and growth of early life stages of small pelagic fish: Fish don’t eat temperatureMyron Peck, Marc Hufnagl, Klaus Huebert, Tina Sandersfeld and Marta Moyano1yes
Session 211550Emma PascoeOral Quantifying interannual variability in growth and condition of juvenile Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) in the Strait of Georgia, BCEmma Pascoe, John Dower, Tom Iwanicki and John Tayloryes
Session 211946Betsy BuitrónOral Reproduction history of Peruvian anchovy and its relationship with environmental changes 1961 - 2015Betsy Buitrón, Julio Mori, Angel Perea, Javier Sánchez, Cecilia Roque, Carlos Quispeyes
Session 211776Guillermo BoyraOral Spatial dynamics of juvenile anchovy in the Bay of BiscayGuillermo Boyra, Marian Peña, Unai Cotano, Xabier Irigoien, Anna Rubio and Enrique Nogueirayes
Session 211834Matthias PaulsenOral Stepping forward in understanding recruitment variability of western Baltic herringMatthias Paulsen, Patrick Polte and Catriona Clemmesenyes
Session 211890Rebecca G. AschOral Testing the reliability of species distribution models: How stable are relationships between small pelagic fishes and oceanographic conditions in the southern California Current ecosystem?Rebecca G. Asch, Keo Chan, and Joanna Sobolewskayes
Session 211764Aril SlotteOral Use of otolith microstructure analyses to study the relation between larval hatching time, growth and survival in Norwegian spring spawning herringAril Slotte, Åse Husebø, Erling Kåre Stenevik, Frode Vikebø, Arild Folkvord, Petter Fossum, Henrik Mosegaard and Richard Nashyes
Session 211796Claudia SoaresOralREP-4Validation of daily increments in the otoliths of Atlanto-Iberian sardine larvae (Sardina pilchardus Walbaum, 1792) reared at three different temperaturesClaudia Soares, Susana Ferreira, Pedro Ré, Maria Alexandra Chícharo, Antonina M. P. Santos and Susana Garridoyes, P->O
Session 211832Leonardo CastroOral Variations in vertical distribution of anchoveta eggs under contrasting spawning habitat characteristics: An environmental or maternal effect?Leonardo Castro1; Gabriel Claramunt2; Rodomil Espinoza1; Paola Moreno2, María C. Krautz3, Silvio Pantoja1, and Samuel Soto1yes
Session 211755Stylianos SomarakisPlenary From egg production to year class strength: A full life cycle perspective of small pelagic fish recruitmentStylianos Somarakisyes
Session 211957Hannah MurphyPoster A re-evaluation of the drivers of recruitment variability in capelin (Mallotus villosus)Hannah Murphyyes
Session 211705Marta Albo-PuigserverPoster Bioenergetics of European sardine: simulating environmental influences on population dynamics in the western Mediterranean SeaMarta Albo-Puigserver, Heidi Pethybridge, Joan Navarro, Isabel Palomera, Magdalena Iglesias, Andrés Ospina-Alvarez, Ana Ventero and Marta Coll.yes
Session 211897Brian P.V. HuntPoster Comparison of muscle and scale isotope signatures of Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii), and their application in regional life history studies in British Columbia (Canada)Brian P.V. Hunt, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Colette C. C. Wabnitz, Wade Smith yes
Session 211842Sara MalavoltiPoster Distribution of European anchovy, Engraulis encrasicolus, eggs and larvae in relation to environmental conditions in the south-western Adriatic SeaSara Malavolti, Andrea De Felice, Ilaria Costantini, Ilaria Biagiotti, Giovanni Canduci, Federica Grilli, Mauro Marini, Valentina Tirelli, Diego Borme and Iole Leonoriyes
Session 211960Yasuhiro KamimuraPoster Effects of density dependence in growth and condition factor on pre-recruit chub mackerel Scomber japonicusYasuhiro Kamimura, Chikako Watanabe, Ryuji Yukami and Sho Furuichiyes
Session 211761Fletcher SewallPoster Empirically-based models of oceanographic and biological influences on Pacific Herring recruitment in Prince William SoundFletcher Sewall, Brenda Norcross, Franz Mueter, and Ron Heintzyes
Session 211859Jorge Castillo Poster Environmental conditions for anchovy and common sardine recruitment in central-southern Chile (33°-40 ° S) between 1987 and 2013Jorge Castillo 1, Alvaro Saavedra 1, Carolina Lang 1 and Víctor Catasti1yes
Session 211469Matt WilsonPoster Geographic and temporal variation in elemental composition of age-0 walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) otoliths in the western Gulf of Alaska, September 2007 and 2011Matthew T. Wilson, Annette Dougherty, Mary Elizabeth Matta, Kathryn L. Mier, Jessica Milleryes
Session 211791Alexanra A. BagarinaoPoster Inter-annual variability in early life growth of the Bali sardine, Sardinella lemuru, caught off the northern Zamboanga Peninsula and the role of environmental factorsAlexanra A. Bagarinao and Wilfredo L. Campos yes
Session 211887Hitomi OyaizuPoster Modeling effects of weight and growth rate on the recruitment variability of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira)Hitomi Oyaizu, Satoshi Suyama, Shin-ichi Ito, Daisuke Ambe, Michio J. Kishi and Sachihiko Itohyes
Session 211837Samuel SotoPoster Modeling the transport of eggs and larvae of anchoveta (Engraulis ringens) during the spawning season in the inland sea of Chiloé, Northern PatagoniaSamuel Soto, Freddy Hernández, Iván Pérez-Santos, Carolina Parada and Leonardo Castroyes
Session 211817Francisco Baldó (for Enrique Gonzalez-Ortegon)Poster Modelling the effect of environmental and anthropogenic factors on the abundance of early life-history stages of the European sardine in the Guadalquivir estuaryEnrique González-Ortegón, Marcos Llope, Francisco Baldó, Ignacio Sobrino, Carlos Fernández-Delgado, Pilar Drake and César Vilasno, P by co-author
Session 211947S. M. Nurul AminPoster Population Dynamics of Devis’ Anchovy, Encrasicholina devisi (Whitley, 1940) in Pitas Waters of Marudu Bay, Sabah, MalaysiaS. M. Nurul Amin, Mohd Riduan Alias and Aziz Arshad  
Session 211921Brendan D. TurleyPoster Reconsidering evidence for the optimal environmental window in the southern Benguela Brendan D. Turley, Tarron Lamont, Marisol Garcia-Reyes, Peter van der Sleen, Bryan A. Black, Steven J. Bograd, Sarah Ann Thompson, William J. Sydeman, Carl van der Lingen, and Ryan R. Rykaczewski yes
Session 211831Francisco CernaPoster Testing the growth-survival relationship in the anchovy (Engraulis ringens) in northern ChileFrancisco Cerna, Guido Plazayes
Session 211732Juan P. ZwolinskiWithdrawal Decadal contractions and school trap in the northern stock of Pacific sardineJuan P. Zwolinski and David A. Demercancel talk yes
Session 211773Tessa B. FrancisWithdrawalREP-2Does the early bird catch the worm? Shifts in the spawn timing of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) in Puget Sound, USA, and consequences for local abundance trendsTessa B. Francisno, cancel talk yes
Session 211852Catriona ClemmesenWithdrawal Larval herring growth dynamics related to environmental drivers in the Western Baltic SeaCatriona Clemmesen1, Matthias Paulsen1, Christian Hesse1 and Patrick Polte2no, cancell talk yes
Session 210923Pandey PuneetaWithdrawal Observations on the spawning behavior, egg masses and paralarval recruitment of the ommastrephid squid Todarodes pacificus in a laboratory MesocosmPandey Puneeta,Dharmamony Vijai, Hae-Kyun Yoo, 1Hajime Matsui and Yasunori Sakuraicancel poster yes
Session 211934Khadija AmenzouiWithdrawal Reproduction, age and condition factor (K) of Sardina pilchardus (Walbaum, 1792) in the Atlantic MoroccanKhadija Amenzoui and Aissa Ben Azzouzno, cancel poster yes
Session 211899Sandra EmryWithdrawal Site specific and inter-annual variation (2013-2016) in growth rates and jellyfish predation of larval Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii) on British Columbia’s (Canada) Central CoastSandra Emry, Brian P. V. Hunt, Margot Hessing-Lewis, Evgeny A. Pakhomov no, cancel talk yes
Session 211846Ingrid SolbergWithdrawal Surfacing behavior and gas release of the physostome sprat (Sprattus sprattus) in ice-free and ice-covered watersIngrid Solberg and Stein Kaartvedtno, cancel poster yes
Session 211874Moagabo Natalie RagoashaWithdrawal The interannual and intraseasonal variability of Lagrangian transport in the southern BenguelaNATALIE RAGOASHA, STEVEN HERBETTE, GILDAS CAMBON, CLAUDE ROY, CHRIS REASON, CHRISTOPHE LETT no, cancel poster yes
Session 311865Susana GarridoInvited To eat, to be eaten, and a lot of questions: Understanding the trophic ecology of small pelagic fishSusana Garridoyes
Session 311713Andrew BakunOral A potential role of small pelagic fishes in combating dynamic deoxygenation occurring within intensified upwelling circulationsAndrew Bakunyes
Session 311636Paul KotterbaOral Atlantic herring Clupea harengus within the coastal food web of shallow inshore watersPaul Kotterba Patrick Polte Dorothee Moll Lena von Nordheim Cornelius Hammer Daniel Oesterwind Myron A Peckyes
Session 311948Róisín PinfieldOral Biology and ecology of killer whales (Orcinus orca) foraging around pelagic trawlers in the northeast AtlanticRóisín Pinfield, David G. Reid, Thomas E. Reed, and Emer Rogan1yes
Session 311871James J. RuzickaOralREP-1Do jellyfish blooms affect small pelagic fishes in coastal marine environments?: a comparative analysis of three coastal ecosystemsJames Ruzicka, Richard Brodeur, Mary Beth Decker, and Kristin Ciecielyes
Session 311716Marta Albo-PuigserverOral Ecological and functional role of key fish species from the pelagic community of the Mediterranean SeaMarta Albo-Puigserver, Joan Navarro, Isabel Palomera and Marta Collyes
Session 311870Sergio NeiraOral Ecosystem role of Sprattus fuegensis and impacts of its exploitation on the sustainability of other fishery resourcesSergio Neira1,2,3, Hugo Arancibia1, Mónica Barros4, Leonardo Castro1,2, Luis Cubillos1,2, Edwin Niklitschek5 and Rubén Alarcón4yes
Session 311886Richard Brodeur (for Mary Hunsicker)Oral Effects of warming ocean conditions on feeding ecology of small pelagic fishes in coastal ecosystemsMary Hunsicker, Ashley Hann, Richard Brodeur and Todd Milleryes
Session 311523Piotr MargonskiOralxREP-1Feeding conditions for small pelagic fish in the southern Baltic Sea based on the long-term analyses of the zooplankton abundance and community structure changes in response to various environmental stressorsPiotr Margonski and Joanna Calkiewicz yes
Session 311862Evgeny PakhomovOral Feeding dynamics of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi) in the northeastern Pacific coast of CanadaEvgeny A. Pakhomov, Brian P.V. Hunt, Marc Trudel, Tony Pitcher, Nikita Sergeenko, Vanessa Fladmark and Jessica Schaubyes
Session 311440Arezoo VahabnezhadOral Food web structure and small pelagic fish interactions in the Caspian Sea ecosystem, Iranian watersArezoo Vahabnezhad, Farhad Kaymaram, Farokh Parafkandeh, Gholamreza Daryanabardyes
Session 311775Yuji OkazakiOral Long-term changes in prey items of larvae and juveniles of two clupeoid species in the Kuroshio-Oyashio transition regionYuji Okazaki, Kazuaki Tadokro and Tadafumi Ichikawayes
Session 311854Tore JohannessenOral Overfishing of planktivorous fishes may result in smaller plankton and less efficient energy flow to higher trophic levelsTore Johannessenyes
Session 311828Laura WiseOral Portuguese purse seine fishery spatio-temporal overlap with top predatorsLaura Wise, Catarina Galego, Isidora Katara, Ana Marçalo, Ana Meirinho, Sílvia Monteiro, Nuno Oliveira, Jorge Santos, José Vingada and Alexandra Silvayes
Session 311788Richard D. BrodeurOral Predation impact by juvenile salmon on early life stages of anchovy in the eastern North Pacific OceanRichard D. Brodeur, Elizabeth A. Daly, and Marisa N.C. Litzyes
Session 311894Julie A. ThayerOral Predator forage needs: Comparison and synthesis of bioenergetic and numerical response modelsJulie A.Thayer, Amber I. Szoboszlai, William J. Sydemanyes
Session 311803Daigo KamadaOral Pre-wintering adult capelin (Mallotus villosus) feeding dynamics off the northeast coast of Newfoundland and LabradorDaigo Kamada, Frances K. Mowbray, Dominique Robertyes
Session 311879William J. SydemanOral Small pelagics fisheries competition with seabirds: Review and applicationWilliam J. Sydeman and Sarah Ann Thompsonyes
Session 311166Tamsyn TylerOral The feeding ecology of mesopelagic fishes (Lampanyctodes hectoris and Maurolicus walvisensis) off the South African west coast: A comparative analysis using stable isotope and dietary dataTamsyn Tyler, Astrid Jarre, Carl D. van der Lingen, Ander de Leceayes
Session 311808Arnaud BertrandOral The paradox of fish abundance in the Northern Humboldt Current system: Why is it so productive?Arnaud Bertrand, Alexis Chaigneau, Hervé Demarcq, Dimitri Gutiérrez, Monique Messié, Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos, Gary Vargas, Francisco P. Chavezyes
Session 311653Cecilia E.K. KvaavikOral Trophic interactions of Atlantic mackerel (Scombrus Scomber) and herring (Clupea harengus) on the Icelandic shelf – A study of diet using stable nitrogen and carbon isotopesCecilia E. K. Kvaavik, Guðmundur J. Óskarsson, Hildur Pétursdóttir, Jonathan Grabowski, Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir and Guðrún Marteinsdóttir.yes
Session 311753Anders Frugård OpdalOral Unclear associations between pelagic fish and jellyfish in four major marine ecosystemsAnders Frugård Opdal, Dag L. Aksnes, Richard Brodeur, Kristin Cieciel, Georgi Daskalov, Vesselina Mihneva, James J. Ruzicka, Hans M. Verheye and David Checkleyyes
Session 311797Maite LouzaoOral Understanding pelagic seabird 3D environment from multidisciplinary oceanographic cruisesMaite Louzao, Guillermo Boyra, Isabel García-Barón, Anna Rubio, Udane Martínez, José Antonio Vázquez, José Luis Murcia, Iñigo Krug, Iñaki Oyarzabal, Mikel Basterretxea yes (co-author)
Session 311772Kym C. JacobsonOral Using trophically transmitted parasites to help understand the role and dynamics of small pelagic fish in the California CurrentKym C. Jacobson, Rebecca E. Baldwinyes
Session 311480Szymon SurmaOral Whale population recovery and forage fish in a Northeast Pacific ecosystemSzymon Surma and Tony J. Pitcheryes
Session 311823Sophie BertrandPlenary How much, where and when? A seabird eye-view on forage fish dynamics and managementSophie Bertrandyes
Session 311706Marta Albo-PuigserverPoster Colonizing new habitats and meeting new neighbors: trophic relationships between the expanding round sardinella and coexisting small pelagic fish in the NW Mediterranean SeaMarta Albo-Puigserver, Diego Borme, Marta Coll, Valentina Tirelli, Isabel Palomera, Joan Navarroyes
Session 311702José-María QuintanillaPoster Diel variability of the diet of Sardina pilchardus larvae in Málaga Bay (Alboran Sea, SW Mediterranean) Lidia Yebra, Alma Hernández de Rojas, Nerea Valcárcel-Pérez, M. Carmen Castro, Candela García-Gómez, Dolores Cortés, Jesús M. Mercado, Raúl Laiz-Carrión, Alberto García, Francisco Gómez-Jakobsen, Amaya Uriarte, José M. Rodríguez and José-María Quintanillayes
Session 311790Shingo WatariPoster Ecosystem modeling in the western North Pacific with a focus on small pelagic fishShingo Watari, Hiroto Murase, Shiroh Yonezaki, Makoto Okazaki, Hidetada Kiyofuji Tsutomu Tamura, Takashi Hakamada and Toshihide Kitakadoyes
Session 311965Svetlana NaydenkoPoster Food web changes in epipelagic nektonic communities of the Northwest Pacific OceanNaydenko S. and Khoruzhiy A.yes
Session 311710Yunrong YanPosterREP-2Function of the small pelagic fishes in the marine food web dynamics of the Beibu Gulf, South China Sea Yunrong Yan, Zhongxin Wu, Bin Kang and Huosheng Luyes
Session 311816John MoranPoster Humpback whales ruin a perfectly good overwintering strategy for Pacific herring in Alaska. Humpback whales ruin a perfectly good overwintering strategy for Pacific herring in Alaska. John Moran Kevin Boswell, and Janice Straley yes
Session 311814Mayumi ArimitsuPosterREP-3Jellyfish blooms in warm water may signal trouble for forage fish in a warming climateMayumi Arimitsu, John Piatt, Brielle Heflin and Sarah Schoenyes
Session 311855Tore JohannessenPoster Predator-prey synergism – a novel perspective in ecologyTore Johannessenyes
Session 311847Aida SartimbulPoster Seasonal variation of Omega-3 content from Bali Sardines catch in Bali Strait and its driversDefri Yona1,2, Aida Sartimbul1,2, Hideaki Nakata3, Erfan Rohadi4, and Ruly Isfatul Khasanah5yes
Session 311769Claudia GüntherPoster Temperature and size-dependent functional response of Sprattus sprattus L.Rini Kulke, Stina Kolodzey, Laura Meskendahl, Jens-Peter Herrmann, Claudia Günther and Axel Temmingyes
Session 311878Leandra SousaPoster The role of prey selectivity in shaping Arctic Cod distribution in the Chukchi SeaSousa L.; Pinchuk A.; Parker-Stetter S.; Horne J.; Vollenweider J.; Danielson S.; Logerwell E.; Heintz R.yes
Session 311824Alexandra SilvaPosterREP-5The role of small pelagic fish in the western Iberian upwelling ecosystemTiago Malta, Marta Coll, Maria M. Angélico, Manuela Azevedo, Inês Farias, Sílvia Lourenço, Ana Marçalo, Vitor Marques, Ana Moreno, Paulo B. Oliveira, Vitor Paiva, Nuno Prista, Cristina Silva, André Sobrinho-Gonçalves, José Vingada and Alexandra Silvayes
Session 311678Joanna CalkiewiczPoster Zooplankton Mean Size and Total Stock (MSTS) indicator applied for testing the feeding conditions of small pelagic fish in the southern Baltic SeaJoanna Calkiewicz and Piotr Margonskiyes
Session 311895Julie A. ThayerWithdrawal Are Northern Anchovy Caught in a “Predator Pit”?Julie A. Thayer, André E. Punt, William J. Sydeman, and Alec D. MacCall yes, but cancel poster yes
Session 311864Maria Angeles TorresWithdrawal Disentangling the trophic role of Engraulis encrasicolus in the Gulf of Cadiz (North-eastern Atlantic, Spain)Maria Angeles Torres, Fernando Ramos, Ignacio Sobrinono, cancel poster yes
Session 311654Cecilia E. K. KvaavikWithdrawal Ecological impact of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) in Icelandic waters; a multidisciplinary diet analysis.Cecilia E. K. Kvaavik, Guðmundur J. Óskarsson, René Groben, Hildur Pétursdóttir, Jonathan Grabowski, Anna Kristín Daníelsdóttir and Guðrún Marteinsdóttir.yes, cncel poster yes
Session 311738Szymon SurmaWithdrawal Energy-based ecosystem modelling of Pacific herring trophodynamics in the Northeast PacificSzymon Surma and Tony J. Pitchercancel poster yes
Session 311915William PetersonWithdrawal Relative influence of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and coastal upwelling on productivity of plankton in the Oregon upwelling zone: 21 years of biweekly observationsWilliam T. Peterson, Jennifer Fisher, and Xiuning Du no, cancel poster yes
Session 311826Timothy WhittonWithdrawal Small pelagic fish and their potential interaction with tidal marine renewable energy devicesTimothy A. Whitton, Jan G. Hiddink, Luis Gimenez, Suzanna Jackson and David Lemon no, cancel poster yes
Session 311467Kourosh,HaddadiMoghaddamWithdrawal The effects of climate change on food web of aquatic systems in Caspian SeaKourosh,HaddadiMoghaddamcancel poster yes
Session 311468Kourosh,HaddadiMoghaddamWithdrawal The effects of different levels of Brachionus plicatilis (Rotifera) and Artemia parthenogenetica in food web structure of Acipenser persicus larvaeKourosh,HaddadiMoghaddamcancel poster yes
Session 311877Joel K. LlopizWithdrawal The trophodynamics of small pelagic fishes on the Northeast US continental shelfJoel K. Llopiz, Julie Pringle, Justin Suca, Sara Hamilton, Sophie Knorekcancel talk yes
Session 411923James IanelliInvited Successful management of small pelagics within a large international region: The case for collaborative assessment work within the recently formed South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management OrganizationJames Ianellireplacing Methot
Session 411750Stephani ZadorOral A new view on forage fish trends in relation to environmental conditions in the Gulf of AlaskaStephani Zador and Heather Renneryes
Session 411891Sherri C. Dressel and Jaclyn S. ClearyOral Assessment of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) populations in the northeast Pacific OceanSherri C. Dressel and Jaclyn S. Clearyyes
Session 411786Wade D. SmithOralxREP-1Discerning connectivity and natal fidelity of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi): Inferences on population structure from otolith chemistryWade D. Smith, Tony Pitcher, Margot Hessing-Lewis, Brian P.V. Hunt, Evgeny A. Pakhomovyes
Session 411849Emily M. LiljestrandOral Estimating migration and mortality of adult Atlantic menhaden with data from a large-scale mark-recapture studyEmily M. Liljestrand, Michael J. Wilberg and Amy M. Schuelleryes
Session 411820Geneviève NesslageOral Evaluating the performance of production models with time-varying parameters for assessing small pelagic fish in dynamic ecosystemsGeneviève Nesslage and Michael Wilbergyes
Session 411504Douglas P. SwainOral Incorporating time-varying fishery catchability in assessment models for Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus)Douglas P. Swain and Sean P. Coxyes
Session 411815John T. TrochtaOral Insights into the recovery of Atlantic and Pacific herring following population collapseJohn T. Trochta and Trevor A. Branchyes
Session 411909Andrés UriarteOral Monitoring by direct surveys and integrated assessment of the Bay of Biscay anchovy (1989-2016) for the provision of management adviceAndrés Uriarte, Leire Ibaibarriaga, Guillermo Boyra, Erwan Duhamel, Lionel Pawlowski, Jacques Massé, María Santos, Begoña Villamorno, by someone else
Session 411936Martin. A. PastoorsOral New insights into small pelagics from industry self-sampling in Europe, West-Africa and the South PacificMartin A. Pastoors, Floor Quirijns, Inge van der Knaapyes
Session 411839Matthew BakerOral Pacific sand lance – Assessment of benthic habitat, population structure, abundance, distribution and response to environmental drivers in the San Juan ArchipelagoMatthew Baker, Gary Greene, Beth Matta, Adam Summers, Louise McGarry, Gary Winans, Phil Dionne and Dayv Lowryyes
Session 411734David A. DemerOralxREP-1Use of a potential habitat model to sample Pacific sardine abundanceDavid A. Demer and Juan P. Zwolinskiyes
Session 411927Reidar ToresenPlenary Methods for assessment of small pelagic fish populations, - do we cope with it?Reidar Toresenyes
Session 411760Pierre PetitgasPoster Estimation of total egg production from CUFES data and comparison with acoustics: an example with anchovy and sardine in the Bay of BiscayMartin Huret, Paul Gatti, Mathieu Doray, Erwan Duhamel and Pierre Petitgasyes
Session 411843Aida SartimbulPoster Morphology, meristic, and genetic approach for Sardinella lemuru migration in Bali Strait and South JavaAida Sartimbul1,2, Indra Pramana Putra1, Erfan Rohadi3, Sri Widyarti4, Defri Yona1,2 and Feni Iranawati 1,2yes
Session 411966Svetlana Naydenko (for Oleg Kruchinin)Poster Technique for assessment of saury concentration densityKruchinin O., Miziurkin M., Zakharov E., Volotov V., Vaker N. and Eryomin Yu.yes
Session 411485Charles H. GreeneWithdrawal A mobile ocean observing network to support ecosystem-based management of small pelagic fisheriesCharles H. Greenecancel yes
Session 411774Claire Samantha T. JuanicoWithdrawal Analysis of 2005–2014 catch and effort data on Commerson’s anchovy (Stolephorus commersonii) and Indian anchovy (Stolephorus indicus) in Lingayen Gulf, Pangasinan, Philippines Cliford L. Fernandez, Claire Samantha T. Juanico and Rosario Segundina P. Gaerlanno, cancel poster yes
Session 411441Sam SubbeyWithdrawal Assessing the state of stocks under vague knowledge of population driversSam Subbeycancel talk yes
Session 411718Toussaint Tapé JoannyWithdrawal Assessment of the clupeids stock in Côte-d’Ivoire, using univariate SARIMA modelJoanny Tapéno, cancel talk yes
Session 411938Steven MackinsonWithdrawal Industry-led surveys fill the evidence gap for herring in Western British Isles. Steven Mackinson, Martin Pastoors, Sascha Fässler, Susan Lusseau, Edward Farrell and Maurice Clarke cancel talk yes
Session 411736Divya A. VarkeyWithdrawal Length-based assessment method for data-limited fisheries of small pelagic speciesDivya A. Varkey, Tony J Pitcher, Rajeev Kumar and Peter Macdonaldno, cancel talk yes
Session 411747Zacharie SohouWithdrawal Pelagic fish resources stocks assessment in southern part of the Gulf of Guinea: Benin Continental ShelfZacharie Sohou, Yacouba Sankare & Roger Djiman no, cancel talk yes
Session 411930Santiago Montealegre-QuijanoWithdrawal Reproductive biology, population dynamics and fishing of the Broadband Anchovy (Anchoviella lepidentostole) in Southeast BrazilSantiago Montealegre-Quijano, Guilherme, F. B. Correa, Willian G. Cubas, Esthefany C. de F. Silva, Érico T. Teramoto and Jocemar T. Mendonçano, cancel poster yes
Session 411822Alexandra SilvaWithdrawal The use of surveys in the assessment of small pelagic fish in the Bay of Biscay and Iberian Coast EcoregionAlexandra Silva, Lionel Pawlowski, Andres Uriarte, Fernando Ramos, Isabel Riveiro, Eduardo Soares, Erwan Duhamel, Leire Ibaibarriaga yes, but cancel talk yes
Session 511749Verena TrenkelInvited What are the challenges for ecosystem-based management of highly variable fish populations?Verena Trenkelyes
Session 511754Mariano GutierrezOral A claim for precautionary adaptive management in upwelling systems. The case of Peruvian anchovy (Engraulis ringens) fisheryMariano Gutierrez, Francois Gerlotto, Gary Vargas, Arnaud Bertrandyes
Session 511728Isaac C. KaplanOral A multi-model approach to understanding the role of Pacific sardine in the California Current food webIsaac C Kaplan, Tessa B Francis, André E Punt, Laura E Koehn, Enrique Curchitser, Felipe Hurtado-Ferro, Kelli F Johnson, Salvador E. Lluch Cota, William J Sydeman, Timothy E Essington, Nathan Taylor, Kirstin Holsman, Alec D MacCall, and Phillip S Levinyes
Session 511481Szymon SurmaOral A reassessment of carrying capacity estimates for Northeast Pacific herring stocksSzymon Surma, Tony J. Pitcher, R. Ian Perry and Rajeev Kumaryes
Session 511867Ruben AlarcónOral Ecosystem impacts of applying single-species versus multiple-species MSY in the Patagonian sprat fishery (Sprattus fuegensis) in the inner sea ecosystem of southern ChileRuben Alarcón, Sergio Neira, Hugo Arancibiayes
Session 511746Laura E. Koehn Oral Evaluating alternative forage fish harvest control rules from a seabird perspectiveLaura E. Koehn, Timothy E. Essington, Margaret C. Siple and Andre E. Puntyes
Session 511751Margaret C. SipleOral Evaluating harvest strategies for small pelagic fishMargaret C. Siple, Eva E. Plaganyi, Timothy E. Essington yes
Session 511663Rosamma StephenOral Factors for the fluctuations in the catches of oil sardine and Indian mackerel along southwest coast of India: Perspectives of fishery scientists and fishermenRosamma Stephenyes
Session 511863Szymon SmolińskiOral Incorporation of environmental drivers in the prediction of pelagic stocks recruitment in the Baltic Sea using random forest algorithmsSzymon Smolińskiyes
Session 511873Sonia SánchezOral Management strategy evaluation for the Bay of Biscay anchovy long term management plan definitionSonia Sánchez, Leire Ibaibarriaga, Andrés Uriarte, Marga Andrés, Raul Prellezo, Ernesto Jardim, Beatriz Roel, Lionel Pawlowsky, Sigrid Lehuta and Pablo Abaunzayes
Session 511858Andrés UriarteOral Managing the Bay of Biscay anchovy: Fishery requirements vs sustainability given recruitment uncertaintyAndrés Uriarte, Sonia Sanchez, Leire Ibaibarriaga, Pablo Abaunza, Marga Andrés, Erwan Duhamel, Olivier Guyader, Sigrid Lehuta, Ernesto Jardim, Sophie Leonardi, Lionel Pawlowski, Raúl Prellezo, Beatriz Roel.yes
Session 511876Aziza LakhnigueOral More than fifteen years of collaboration on the assessment of small pelagic fish off Northwest Africa: Lessons learned and future perspectivesAna Maria Caramelo, Aziza Lakhnigue, Birane Sambe, Merete Tandstad and Reidar Toresenyes
Session 511635Francisco Baldó (for Gustavo F. Carvalho-Souza)Oral Natural and anthropogenic factors in the Guadalquivir estuary affect the abundance of anchovy in the Gulf of Cadiz (SW Spain)Gustavo F. Carvalho-Souza, Marcos Llope, Francisco Baldó, César Vilas, Pilar Drake, Fernando Ramos and Enrique González-Ortegónno, by co-author
Session 511830Nis Sand JacobsenOral The contribution of natural mortality to the decline and recovery in forage fishNis Sand Jacobsenyes
Session 511821Filomena Vaz-VelhoOral The importance of fisheries independent surveys for an ecosystem approach to management of small pelagic fisheriesGabriella Bianchi, Najib Charouki, Aziza Lakhnigue, Merete Tandstad, Joanny Tapé and Filomena Vaz-Velhono, by co-author
Session 511942Kwame A KorantengPlenary Will ecosystem approach to fisheries improve our understanding of, and ability to manage, human impacts on variable fish populations?Kwame A Korantengyes
Session 511857Aziza LakhniguePoster Atlantic small pelagic resources in Morocco: which place in the north-west african sub-region?Aziza Lakhnigue, Jilali bensbai, Najib Charouki, Hamid Chfiri, Ahmed Marhoum, Mustapha Oumarous yes
Session 511707Marta Albo-PuigserverPoster Who did it?: Assessing potential pressures on small pelagic fish populations of the NW Mediterranean Sea using a qualitative modelling approachMarta Albo-Puigserver, Marta Coll, Joan Navarro, Isabel Palomera, Jeffrey Dambacher.yes
Session 511766Bineesh K KWithdrawal Diversity of small pelagic fishes in the Indian commercial fishery- An integrated approachBineesh. K.K., Basheer. V.S, Mohitha. C, Vineesh. N and Kuldeep K. Lalno, cancel poster yes
Session 511478Timothy EssingtonWithdrawal Economic benefits from ecosystem-based forage fish management depends on fishing historyTimothy Essington, James Sanchirico and Marissa Baskettno, cancel yes
Session 511860Pablo MarinWithdrawal Fishing effort and CPUE derived from VMS data: A potential use in the management and assessment of the Peruvian anchovy[Pablo Marin and Rocío Joo]no, cancel poster yes
Session 511833Pavan KumarWithdrawal Future challenges for Approaches to Fisheries Management Based on Ecosystem ConsiderationsPavan Kumar, Meenu Ranicancel poster yes
Session 511851Lucas Ramada FelixWithdrawal Inferences from the catch rates of RingNet and BagNet in Northern Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines: a small scale regime shifts between anchovies and sardines? Lucas R. Felix Wilfredo L. Campos Ma. Rio A. Naguitno, cancel poster yes
Session 511715Mikael van DeursWithdrawal Shifts in North Sea forage fish productivity and maximum sustainable fishery yield (MSY) Lotte Worsøe Clausen, Anna Rindorf, Mikael van Deurs, Mark Dickey-Collas and Niels T. Hintzencancel talk yes
Session 511735Rajeev KumarWithdrawal Spatial modelling, marine planning and management options for herring in Haida GwaiiRajeev Kumar, Tony J Pitcher, Szymon Surma, Divya A. Varkey, and Mimi Lamcancel poster yes
Session 611959Rashid SumailaOral A simple bio-economic model of the effects of subsidies on small scale (pelagic) fisheriesRashid Sumailayes
Session 611836Mitsutaku MakinoOral A social-ecological approach for the full utilization of pelagic species alternation around JapanMitsutaku Makino, Takaomi Kaneko, Shiroh Yonezaki, Shingo Watari, and Masashi Kiyota.yes
Session 611717Claus R. SparrevohnOral A spatial based management system for the sandeel fishery in the North SeaClaus R. Sparrevohn, Søren Anker Pedersen, Henrik Lundyes
Session 611902Mimi E. LamOral A values- and ecosystem-based management approach to the Pacific herring fishery conflict in Haida Gwaii, CanadaMimi E. Lam, Tony J. Pitcher, Matthias Kaiser, Jeffrey Scott, Szymon Surma, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Kate Millar, Lawrence Ward and April SGaana Jaad Whiteyes
Session 611813Momoko IchinokawaOral A variety of effort management and its quantitative evaluation in the Pacific purse seine fishery targeting small pelagic fishMomoko Ichinokawa and Hiroshi Okamurayes
Session 611885Jeff ScottOral Identifying stakeholder values in British Columbia’s herring fisheriesJeff Scott, Mimi Lam and Tony Pitcheryes
Session 611903Ruby P. NapataOral Is closing the best option? The case of seasonal closure for sardine fishery in the Visayan Sea, PhilippinesRuby P. Napata, Liberty N. Espectato and Genna D. Serofiayes
Session 611581Anne ShafferOral Linking large-scale dam removal and forage fish restoration and conservation: Observations from the Elwha Dam removals J. Anne Shaffer, David Parks, Stephanie Arsenault, Carol Holman, Tara McBride, Dan Penttila, Beth Connelly, Jamie Michel, and Francis Juanesyes
Session 611807Katie SchleitOral Management of small pelagics in Atlantic Canada: A case study of herring and mackerelHeather Grant and Katie Schleityes
Session 611940Marloes KraanOral Understanding the fishery and value chain of anchovy (Keta Schoolboys) in GhanaMarloes Kraan, Francis Nunoo, Ragnhild Overayes
Session 611835Ratana ChuenpagdeePlenary Small fish, big stake: Vulnerability and adaptation of small-scale small pelagic fisheries to global changesRatana Chuenpagdee and Manuel Muntoniyes
Session 611941Manuel BarangePlenary State of small pelagic fish resources and its implications for food security and nutritionManuel Barangeyes
Session 611730Dr. Luis GallardoPoster Growth opportunities for artisanal fisheries in México Luis Gallardo, María Cervantes and Gerardo Rodríguezyes
Session 611745Aurelie Cosandey-GodinPoster How well does Canada manage forage fish fisheries?Aurelie Cosandey-Godin, Sigrid Kuehnemund yes
Session 611949Asuncion B. De GuzmanPoster Interannual Variability in Sardine Fisheries in the Northern Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines: Understanding Human-Environment Synergy in Sustainable Fisheries Management Asuncion B. De Guzman, Jerry P. Garcia, Denmark B. Recamara and Cesar L. Villanoyyes
Session 611967Manuel MuntoniPoster Small vs Big: Lessons from small-scale small pelagic fisheries facing global changesManuel Muntoni and Ratana Chuenpagdeeyes
Session 611360Dmytro KhrystenkoPoster Stocks, harvest and potential use of Black and Caspian Sea sprat Clupeonella cultriventris in the Dnieper River Basin, Ukraine.Dmytro Khrystenko, Ganna Kotovskayes
Session 610877Aliou BAWithdrawal A bio-economic model of small pelagic fishery in West Africa: The case of the sardinella fishery in SenegalAliou Ba, Christian Chaboud, Jörn Schmidt, Philip Cury, Malick Diouf, Patrice Brehmerno, cancel talk yes
Session 611861Barbara PatersonWithdrawal A social-ecological study of stock structure and fleet dynamics in the Newfoundland herring fisheryBarbara Paterson, Barbara Neis and Robert L. Stephensoncancel talk yes
Session 611426Kalpana ChaudhariWithdrawal Integrating socio-economic –human and institutional dimensions for management of small pelagic fish along Indian coastKalpana Chaudhari,Anad Bhole,Dr.P.T.Karule.cancel poster, not confirmed yes
Session 611954Yoshioki OozekiWithdrawal Reliable estimation of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing on small pelagic fishes in the Northwestern Pacific off Japanese EEZYoshioki Oozeki, Tsutomu Saito, Denzou Inagake, Makoto Okazaki, Ippei Fusejima, Tomowo Watanabe, Masanori Miyaharacancel yes
Session 611845Meenu RaniWithdrawal The human dimensions of small pelagic fisheries: Interaction of Natural and Human Drivers Meenu Rani, Pavan Kumarno, cancel poster yes
Session 611572Matilda ValmanWithdrawal Too little co- in co-management: 15 years after converting top-down management of the Swedish vendace fishery in the Bothnian BayMatilda Valman and Emma Björkvikno, cancel talk yes
Workshop-111709Roy MendelssohnInvited Easy access to environmental data for analyzing environmental drivers of the dynamics of small pelagic fishRoy Mendelssohn, Bob Simons, Dale Robinson, Lynn deWittyes
Workshop-211932Timothy EssingtonInvited Delayed detection of productivity declines amplifies forage fish population collapsesTimothy E Essingtonyes
Workshop-211922Sherri C. Dressel and Jaclyn S. ClearyOral Assessment of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) populations in the northeast Pacific OceanSherri C. Dressel and Jaclyn S. Clearyyes
Workshop-211906Andrés UriarteOral BIOMAN: Anchovy DEPM surveys in the Bay of Biscay from 1987 to 2016Maria Santos, Andrés Uriarte, Leire Ibaibarriaga Guillermo Boyra and Lorenzo Motosyes
Workshop-211935Matt WilsonOral Recruitment Processes Alliance research on age-0 juvenile Walleye Pollock in the Gulf of Alaska and eastern Bering SeaMatthew T. Wilson, Alex Andrews, Jamal Moss, Dan Cooper, Lauren Rogers, and Janet Duffy-Andersonyes
Workshop-411937Mohamed E. Megahed Declined Analysis of the genetic structure of Mullet (Mugil cephalus) along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt using microsatellites DNA markersMohamed E. Megahed declined yes
Workshop-411744Geir HuseInvited Individual based modeling of fish migration and distributionGeir Huseyes
Workshop-411741Akinori TakasukaInvited Reaching consensus on the growth–survival paradigm in early life stages of fishAkinori Takasuka, Dominique Robert, Jun Shoji, Pascal Sirois, Louis Fortier, Yoshioki Oozeki, Pierre Pepin, Arild Folkvord, Myron A. Peck et al. (+ 22 co-authors)yes
Workshop-411793Shin-ichi ItoOral Challenges for modeling migratory fish behavior and distribution: An example in the western North PacificShin-ichi Ito, Takeshi Okunishi, Taku Wagawa, Shigeho Kakehi and Humio Mitsuderayes
Workshop-411958Hitomi OyaizuOral Modeling effects of weight and growth rate on the recruitment variability of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira)Hitomi Oyaizu, Satoshi Suyama, Shin-ichi Ito, Daisuke Ambe, Michio J. Kishi and Sachihiko Itohyes
Workshop-511784Pierre Petitgas (for Martin Huret)Invited Bioenergetics modelling to advance knowledge on life history traits and population dynamics of small pelagic fish: Illustration with anchovy and sardine in the Bay of Biscay and beyondMartin Huret, Paul Gatti and Pierre Petitgasyes
Workshop-511627Eneko BachillerOral Bioenergetics modeling of the annual consumption of zooplankton by pelagic fish feeding in the Norwegian SeaEneko Bachiller, Kjell R. Utne, Teunis Jansen and Geir Huseyes
Workshop-511785Paul GattiOral Calibration of the DEB model for small pelagics. What data is needed and at which timescale?Paul Gatti, Pierre Petitgas and Martin Huretyes
Workshop-511916Laure PecquerieOral Combining lab and bioenergetic modelling approaches to better reconstruct growth from otoliths of Sardina pilchardus larvaeLaure Pecquerie, Susana Garrido, Susana Ferreira, A. Miguel Santos, Pedro Ré, Cristina Nunes, Gonçalo Marques, Tañia Sousa, Ronan Fablet, Hélène de Pontualyes
Workshop-511918Myron PeckOral Ecophysiological models of foraging and growth of small pelagic fish: Progress and challengesMyron Peck (and other W5 participants)yes
Workshop-511792Shin-ichi ItoPoster Biological parameter estimation for a bioenergetics model of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus)Chen-ying Guo, Shin-ichi Ito and Kathryn Dicksonyes
Workshop-511910Stefan KoenigsteinWithdrawal Integration of environmental drivers of fish early life stage survival within changing marine food websStefan Koenigstein, Stefan Gößling-Reisemann, Felix Mark, Hauke Reuter and Hans-Otto Pörtnerno, cancel talk yes
Workshop-611951Renato A. QuiñonesInvited Inter-annual variability of upwelling, nutrients and planktonic community net metabolism in the southern Humboldt Current System: Management implications for pelagic fisheriesRenato A. Quiñones, Bárbara G. Jacob, Giovanni Daneri, Fabián J. Tapia, Odette A. Vergara, Marcus Sobarzo, Eduardo Hernández-Miranda and Rodrigo M. Montesyes
Workshop-611911Daniel PaulyInvited Mapping small pelagics, fisheries and the primary production they requireDaniel Pauly, Maria-Lourdes Palomaresyes
Workshop-611912Jose A. FernandesInvited Prediction of species distribution and abundance using high quality satellite products in combination with Bayesian networksJose A. Fernandes, James Dingle, Trevor Platt, Shubha Sathyendranathyes
Workshop-611928Nandini Menon NambathOral Application of phytoplankton biomass as an aid in management of marine resources of the southeastern Arabian SeaNandini Menon. N, Smitha A, Grinson George, Shubha Sathyendranath and Trevor Plattyes
Workshop-611908Grinson GeorgeOral Inter-annual variability in Sardinella longiceps in response to ENSO event in the coastal waters of IndiaGrinson George, Muhammad Shafeeque, Nandini Menon, Shubha Sathyendranath and Trevor Plattyes
Workshop-711962André E. PuntInvited Characterizing small pelagic fishes in management simulations: Examples from the US West Coast and South AfricaAndré E. Puntyes
Workshop-711963Nis S. JacobsenInvited Predicting temporal mortality changes from size structureNis S. Jacobsenyes
Workshop-711961Jin GaoInvited Simulating forage fish dynamics for MSE: a nonlinear forecasting perspectiveJin Gaoyes
Uncertain11740Hanen SaïdiDeclined Morphologic changes of the coastlines and the shallow funds of the southern coasts of the Mediterranean basin: case of the Gulf of Tunis (N-E Tunisia)Hanen Saïdi and Fouad Zargounideclined yes
Uncertain11939Mohamed E. MegahedDeclined Shifts in genetic diversity during domestication of green tiger shrimp, Penaeus semisulcatus, monitored using two multiplexed microsatellite systemsMohamed E. Megaheddeclined yes

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