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3rd Eearly Career Scientist Conference
Climate, Oceans and Society: Challenges and Opportunities

30 May - 2 June 2017, Busan, Korea

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
1A (Theme 1)11673Sabrina BenghidaDeclined Mineralizing CO2 lowers the ocean acidity: Iceland experiment in 2016Sabrina Benghida  yes
1A (Theme 1)11564Martina H. StiasnyOral Climate change effects on Atlantic Cod recruitment and fisheriesMartina H. Stiasny, Felix H. Mittermayer, Michael Sswat, Martin Hänsel, Rüdiger Voss, Martin Quaas, Thorsten Reusch and Catriona Clemmesen 
1A (Theme 1)11659Nadezhda SokolovaOral Combination of paleoenvironmental reconstructions and satellite derived data modeling for understanding modern climate changeNadezhda V. Sokolova, Alexander G. Matul, Galina Kh. Kazarina 
1A (Theme 1)11502Ivan Sudakov Oral Critical transitions in the changing Arctic systemIvan Sudakov talk and poster
1A (Theme 1)11597Patricia PuertaOral Non-stationary responses of salmon populations to temperature in the Gulf of AlaskaPatricia Puerta, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Michael Litzow and Ryan Rykaczewski 
1A (Theme 1)11539Youngji JohOral Observed and predicted changes in ocean temperatures winter extremes in the Northeast PacificYoungji Joh and Emanuele Di Lorenzo 
1A (Theme 1)11471Joy N. SmithOral Ocean acidification effects on zooplankton communities living in coral reef ecosystemsJoy N. Smith, Glenn De’ath, Astrid Cornils, Jason Hall-Spencer, Claudio Richter, Katharina Fabricius 
1A (Theme 1)11555Nerea Lezama-OchoaOral Present and future potential habitat distribution of Carcharhinus falciformis and Canthidermis maculata by-catch species in the tropical tuna purse-seine fishery under climate changeNerea Lezama-Ochoa, Hilario Murua, Guillem Chust, Emiel Van Loon, Jon Ruiz, Martin Hall, Pierre Chavance, Alicia Delgado de Molina and Ernesto Villarino  
1A (Theme 1)11528Laura J. FalkenbergOral Projecting biological impacts of ocean acidification: Approaches to link physico-chemical changes with organismal responseLaura J. Falkenberg, Sam Dupont, Richard G. J. Bellerby 
1A (Theme 1)11475Ateeq Ur RehmanOral Singlet oxygen dependent photo-inactivation mechanism of Photosystem II in cultured Symbiodinium cells and its involvement in coral bleachingAteeq ur Rehman, Milán Szabó, Zsuzsanna Deák, Anthony Larkum, Peter J. Ralph and Imre Vass  
1A (Theme 1)11698Lingbo LiOral The distributional responses of groundfish to climate variability along the Northeast Pacific coastal shelfLingbo Li, Anne Hollowed, S. Barbeaux, J. Boldt, E. Cokelet, T. Garfield, S. Gauthier, D. Jones, A. Keller, J. King, M. McClure, O. Ormseth, W. Palsson, P. Ressler, D. Sweetnam, P. Stabeno, and C. Wilson 
1A (Theme 1)11447Eric HertzOral The effects of a shifting ocean environment on consumption and growth rates of juvenile Pacific SalmonEric Hertz, Strahan Tucker, Mary E. Thiess, John F.T. Morris, Dave Mackas, Asit Mazumder and Marc Trudel 
1A (Theme 1)11456Buntora PasaribuOral The impact of environmental stress on physiology of Symbiodinium sp.Buntora Pasaribu1, Pei-Luen Jiang 2 
1A (Theme 1)11444Arseny A. KubryakovOral The impact of the Black Sea dynamics on the long-term variability of the marine ecosystemArseny A. Kubryakov,Sergey V. Stanichny,Andrey G. Zatsepin 
1A (Theme 1)11552Naumov LevOral Variability of sea ice concentration and sea ice forms in the Kara sea in modern climateNaumov Lev, Gordeeva Svetlana 
1A (Theme 1)11606Jianchao LIPoster Ecological and hydrodynamic effects of Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass (YSCWM) with special reference on Pacific Cod (Gadus macrocephalus)Jianchao Li, Yongjun Tian, Guangxue Li 
1A (Theme 1)11434Elena KubryakovaPoster Nutrients and salt transport between continental slope and central part of the Black Sea caused by variability of large-scale circulationElena Kubryakova 
1A (Theme 1)11625Christina Eunjin KongPoster On the projection of future marine primary productivity in mid-latitudinal marginal seasChristina Eunjin Kong, Sinjae Yoo, Chanjoo Jang, and Jisoo Park  
1A (Theme 1)11689Catalina AguirrePoster Projected changes in upwelling-favorable winds at the ocean´s eastern boundaries systems: Relationship between the large scale and synoptic scaleCatalina Aguirre, Maisa Rojas and Rene Garreaud 
1A (Theme 1)11603Dasom LeePoster Spatial distribution of Minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) as an indicator of a biological hotspot in the East SeaDasom Lee, Yong Rock An, Kyum Joon Park, Hyun Woo Kim, Dabin Lee, Hui Tae Joo, Young Geun Oh, Su Min Kim, Chang Keun Kang, Sang Heon Lee 
1A (Theme 1)11579Dmitry I. FreyPoster Trends in potential temperature of the bottom water flow in the Atlantic influencing climate changeD.I. Frey, E.G. Morozov, N.I. Makarenko 
1A (Theme 1)11525Andrea FassbenderWithdrawal Amplification of ocean acidification and the biophysical drivers of pCO2 variabilityAndrea J. Fassbender, Simone R. Alin, Richard A. Feely, Adrienne J. Sutton, Christopher Krembs, Julia Bos, Jan A. Newton, John Mickett, Wendi Ruef, and Allan Devol  yes
1A (Theme 1)11484Pei-Luen JiangWithdrawal Autophagy-related gene is involved in symbiotic Symbiodinium cell regulation under environmental stress conditionsPei-Luen Jiang  yes
1A (Theme 1)11530Josue M. Polanco-MartínezWithdrawal Climate effects on historic bluefin tuna captures in the Gibraltar Strait and Western MediterraneanJosue M. Polanco-Martínez, Unai Ganzedo, Ángela M. Caballero-Alfonso, Sérgio H. Faria, Jianke Li, José J. Castro-Hernández   yes
1A (Theme 1)11544Arnault Le BrisWithdrawal Climate vulnerability and resilience in the most valuable US fisheryArnault Le Bris, Andrew J. Pershing, Katherine E. Mills, Michael A. Alexander, Andrew J. Allyn, Yong Che, Justin Schuetz, James D. Scott, Richard A. Wahle  yes
1A (Theme 1)11482Jun YingWithdrawal Cloud radiation feedback as a leading source of the uncertainty in tropical Pacific SST warming pattern in CMIP5 modelsJun Ying, and Ping Huang  yes
1A (Theme 1)11664Kumaran.VWithdrawal Comparison of wave hind-cast results using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Mike 21 SW model (Agatti Island, Lakshadweep, India)Kumaran.V,Balasaraswathi.P,Manu,Rama Murthy M.V  yes
1A (Theme 1)11479Camrin D. BraunWithdrawal Creeping climate constraint: A case study of the north Atlantic’s pelagic predatorsCamrin D. Braun, Gregory B. Skomal and Simon R. Thorroldno, cancel talk yes
1A (Theme 1)11643P. Kiran KumarWithdrawal Decadal Variability of Oceanic Parameters and Thermocline Depth Variation Over The TRIO and Its Teleconnection with ENSO, IOD.P. Kiran Kumar, R. Ramesh  yes
1A (Theme 1)11590Marti GaliWithdrawal Dimethylsulfide emission from the Arctic Ocean (2003-2015) diagnosed with a new remote sensing algorithm. Is it increasing as ice recedes?Martí Galí, Emmanuel Devred, Maurice Levasseur and Marcel Babin  yes
1A (Theme 1)11557Roksana JahanWithdrawal Effect of climate change and nutrient reduction on phytoplankton in Tolo HarbourRoksana Jahan and Kedong Yinno, cancel talk yes
1A (Theme 1)11507Mahasweta SahaWithdrawal Effect of marine heatwaves on antibacterial defense of two habitat forming macrophytesMahasweta Saha; Chi Guan; Martin Wahl and Florian Weinbergerno, cancel talk yes
1A (Theme 1)11458Nandhakumar Subramaniam Kalaimani Withdrawal Effects and Contribution of Aerosol Particles over South Indian CoastNandhakumar Subramaniam Kalaimani   yes
1A (Theme 1)11661Nandhakumar Subramaniam KalaimaniWithdrawal Emissions from maritime transport and air quality in South Indian CoastNANDHAKUMAR S K  yes
1A (Theme 1)11687Piero L.F. MazziniWithdrawal Freshening of the continental shelf offshore of the Oregon Coastal CurrentPiero L.F. Mazzini, John A. Barth, R. Kipp Shearmancancel poster yes
1A (Theme 1)11677Amit KumarWithdrawal Geospatial Strategy for Adverse Impact of Urban Heat Island on ocean using LANDSAT ETM+ SensorsAmit Kumar and Vandana Tomar  yes
1A (Theme 1)11499Yajuan SongWithdrawal Improvement of the summer monsoon onset over the Bay of Bengal in a CGCMYajuan Song, Fangli Qiao and Zhenya Song  yes
1A (Theme 1)11684Fedor LishchenkoWithdrawal Influence of temperature anomalies on species diversity and abundance of cephalopods in the Northern Kuril Islands areaFedor Lishchenko, Anastasiia Lishchenko and Kirill Kivva  yes
1A (Theme 1)11558Roksana JahanWithdrawal Interannual variation of Cyrptophyceae and small-size flagellates in estuarine waters: Case studies on Gyeonggi Bay, Yellow Sea and Tolo Harbour, South China SeaRoksana Jahan, Joong Ki Choi and Kedong Yinno, cancel poster yes
1A (Theme 1)11565Roksana JahanWithdrawal Interdecadal variation of mixotrophic dinoflagellate species (Gymnodinium spp.) response to nutrient reduction and climate change in Tolo Harbour during 1991-2013Roksana Jahan and Kedong Yinno, cancel poster yes
1A (Theme 1)11638Viktor A. KrechikWithdrawal Major Baltic Inflows as a factor of the ecological status of the Baltic Sea deep watersViktor A. Krechik, Mariia V. Kapustina, Vyacheslav N. Lukashin  yes
1A (Theme 1)11414Isaac O. AdejumoWithdrawal Management of agricultural wastes in Nigeria to prevent influence on climate, oceans and societyIsaac O. Adejumo and Charles O. Adetunji  yes
1A (Theme 1)11516Islam Md. NazrulWithdrawal Numerical modeling on the effects of pollutants on ecosystem of Kamaishi Bay (Japan) by using MEC modelIslam M Nazrul, Kitazaw D 1 Department of Geography and Environment, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh; E-mail: 2Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo 1538505, Japan. no, cancel talk yes
1A (Theme 1)11639Mariia V. KapustinaWithdrawal Propagation of the Major Baltic Inflow in Gdansk basin in the period June-July 2016Viktor A. Krechik, Mariia V. Kapustina, Vyacheslav N. Lukashin  yes
1A (Theme 1)11600Anthony B. NdahWithdrawal Quantifying Patterns and Trends of Surface Temperature Variability in the South China Sea: A centennial scale Analysis (1870 - 2014)Anthony B. Ndah, 1Anthony Banyouko Ndah, Kazimierz Becek, Lalit Dagar, Xiongzhi Xue   yes
1A (Theme 1)11515Camille RichonWithdrawal Saharan dust deposition impacts in the future biogeochemical state of the MediterraneanCamille Richon, Jean-Claude Dutay, François Dulac, Briac Le-Vu, Fanny Adloff, Pierre Nabat   yes
1A (Theme 1)11439Rasmus ErnWithdrawal Temperature, oxygen, metabolism and upper thermal niche boundaries of water-breathing ectothermsRasmus Ern and Andrew J. Esbaughcancel talk yes
1A (Theme 1)11629SravanthiWithdrawal Temporal variability of Sea Surface Salinity derived from Aquarius satellite data in the Indian OceanSravanthi N, Chuqun Chen  yes
1A (Theme 1)11618Jiayu ZhengWithdrawal The impact of summertime north Indian Ocean SST on tropical cyclone genesis over the western North PacificJiayu Zheng, Qiaoyan Wu, Yipeng Guo and Sen Zhao  yes
1A (Theme 1)11476Min ZhangWithdrawal The response of North Atlantic Ocean chlorophyll a to the change of Atlantic Meridional Overturning CirculationMin Zhang, Yuanling Zhang, Qi Shu1, Chang Zhao, Gang Wang, Zhaohua Wu, Fangli Qiao  yes
1A (Theme 1)11497Frédéric K. BonouWithdrawal Using SMOS salinity observations for a better description of CO2 air-sea fluxes in the tropical Atlantic OceanFrédéric K. Bonou, Casimir Da-Allada, Carlos Noriegacancel talk yes
1A (Theme 1)11614Irvan W. T. GeofaryWithdrawal Variability of mixed layer depth (MLD) at Makassar StraitIrvan W. T. Geofary, Ivonne M. Radjawane, and Ibnu Sofian   yes
1B (Theme 1)11548Hyung-Gyu LimOral Bio-optical effect of chlorophyll interannual variation to Arctic sea-ice using GFDL Earth System ModelHyung-Gyu Lim, Jong-Seong Kug 
1B (Theme 1)11626Fedor GippiusOral Black Sea’s wave climate during the last three decadesFedor Gippius, Stanislav Myslenkov, Elena Stoliarova 
1B (Theme 1)11450Joyce JL OngOral Boundary current controlled growth of marine fishes across tropical and temperate latitudesJoyce JL Ong, Adam N Rountrey, Peter G Coulson, Hoang Minh Nguyen, Corey B Wakefield, Jessica J Meeuwig, Stephen J Newman, Mark G Meekan 
1B (Theme 1)11535Cecilia O'LearyOral Demonstrating the influence of temperature dependent vital rates on fish abundances through hierarchical Bayesian modelsCecilia O’Leary and Janet Nye  
1B (Theme 1)11443Giovanni LiguoriOral Increasing Pacific decadal variability under greenhouse forcingGiovanni Liguori and Emanuele Di Lorenzo 
1B (Theme 1)11470Anastasia ZverevaOral Low-frequency wave motions in the Japan/East SeaAnastasia Zvereva 
1B (Theme 1)11563Danielle SuOral Monsoonal influence on the upwelling dynamics around the MaldivesDanielle Su, Sarath Wijeratne, Charitha Pattiaratchi 
1B (Theme 1)11457Travis C. TaiOral Ocean acidification and socioeconomic impacts on the future of Canadian fisheriesTravis C. Tai, William W.L. Cheung and Rashid Sumaila 
1B (Theme 1)11536Jacob BedfordOral Putting a historical plankton dataset to work for marine policy challenges: Identifying drivers of change in pelagic habitats over large temporal scalesJacob Bedford (Plymouth University), Martin Attrill (Plymouth University), David Johns (SAHFOS), Abigail McQuatters-Gollop (Plymouth University) 
1B (Theme 1)11442Rebecca SeldenOral The role of warming in current and future piscivore dominance on the Northeast U.S. shelfRebecca Selden, Ryan Batt, Vincent Saba, and Malin Pinsky 
1B (Theme 1)11526Jen LewisOral You can’t swim from the past! Using otolith microchemistry to explore range-expansion in gilthead seabreamJen Lewis, Frank van Veen, Ewan Hunter, Regan Early, Audrey Darnaude 
1B (Theme 1)11571Kumar AvinashPoster Recent Antarctic sea ice variability and trends: Nonlinear response to the ocean climate forcingsKumar Avinash, Waliur Rahaman and Alvarinho J. Luis 
1B (Theme 1)11621Tomislav DžoićWithdrawal Assessing climate trends of meteotsunami index for the Adriatic SeaJadranka Šepić, Tomislav Džoić, Ivica Vilibić, Martina Tudor  yes
1B (Theme 1)11553Sahadat SarkarWithdrawal Atmospheric dynamics, internal processes and scale interactions during organization of Boreal Summer Intraseasonal Oscillation.Mr. Sahadat Sarkar, Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Somenath Dutta  yes
1B (Theme 1)11420Hezron Andang'oWithdrawal Impacts of climate change and variability On food security in KenyaHezron Andang'o and Philip Omondi  yes
1B (Theme 1)11634Josephine Dianne L. DeaunaWithdrawal Implementation of a high–resolution, tidally–resolving regional HYCOM model for the Southern PhilippinesJosephine Dianne Deauna, Danielle Manalaysay, Kevin Matthew Yatco and Cesar Villanoy  yes
1B (Theme 1)11640Kamal AhmedWithdrawal Statistical Downscaling of Precipitation over Coastal Regions of Pakistan under CMIP5 RCP Scenarios Kamal Ahmed and Shamsuddin Shahid  yes
1B (Theme 1)11541Roman GorbunovWithdrawal The role of elementary circulation mechanisms in changing the air temperature in the Crimean PeninsulaRoman Gorbunov, Tatiana Gorbunova  yes
1B (Theme 1)11488Tao LianWithdrawal The Uncertainty of Long-term Linear Trend in Global SST Due to Internal VariationTao Lian  yes
1B (Theme 1)11510Alyssa-Lois GehmanWithdrawal Thermal mismatch with hosts reduces parasite prevalence in seasonal environments Alyssa-Lois Gehman, Richard Hall, James E. Byers  yes
1B (Theme 1)11489Chan ZhangWithdrawal Uncertainty of the Linear Trend in the Zonal SST Gradient across the Equatorial Pacific since 1881Chan Zhang, Tao Lian  yes
1C (Theme 1)11637Faisal AmriOral A coupled model simulaton of thermal dispersion using cellular automata and numerical hydrodynamic modelFaisal Amri and Dadang Kurniadi Mihardja 
1C (Theme 1)11561Kumar AvinashOral Coastline change rate estimation and forecast of Amery ice shelf, Eastern Antarctica: A remote sensing and statistics-based approachKumar Avinash, S. Aakriti 
1C (Theme 1)11620Isa O. ElegbedeOral GIS analysis of sea level rise on Nigeria coastal environment; impact and sustainable solutionsIsa O. Elegbede and Saheed Matemilola 
1C (Theme 1)11562Moritz WandresOral How will sea level rise and changing offshore wave conditions affect the future nearshore wave climate?Moritz Wandres, Charitha Pattiaratchi and Mark A. Hemer 
1C (Theme 1)11599Cyndi S. IgnacioOral Influence of tides and coastal morphology on storm impact in Boracay and Bantayan islands: A case study from super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)Cyndi S. Ignacio, Cherry L. Ringor, Fernando S. Siringan 
1C (Theme 1)11611Maija ViskaOral Long-term variations of simulated sediment flux and deposition of marine litter along the south-eastern Baltic Sea coast as possible indicator of climate changeMaija Viska, Janis Ulme 
1C (Theme 1)11527Menche LazarteOral Looking into the potential role of sediment processes in the productivity of the waters of the harmful algal bloom-infested Murcielagos Bay, PhilippinesMenche Lazarte, Camillia Bollozos, Cesar Villanoy, Gelleen Javellana and Gil Jacinto 
1C (Theme 1)11554Pavel KotovPoster Model for calculation of frozen shores retreat after rising temperatures and thawingPavel Kotov 
1C (Theme 1)11472Marufa IshaquePoster Seasonal circulation in the northern Bay of Bengal with special reference to shelf-slope regionMarufa Ishaque  
1C (Theme 1)11699Gleb AlexandrovWithdrawal Anthropogenic heat flows in the coastal capital agglomerationsGleb Alexandrov, Alexandr Ginzburg, Iya Belova  yes
1C (Theme 1)11490Shailendra MandalWithdrawal Climate change impacts of seal level rise on coastal urban communities: An Indian coastal city experienceShailendra Mandal and Manoj Kumar  yes
1C (Theme 1)11670Devi RachanaWithdrawal Identification and analysis of storm impact on South Odisha Coast, India Devi Rachana  yes
1C (Theme 1)11393BALASARASWATHI PWithdrawal Knowing about Cuddalore coast, Tamilnadu, India- A remote sensing and GIS based statistical approachBALASARASWATHI P., SRINIVASALU S.  yes
1C (Theme 1)11519Zhenlong ZhangWithdrawal Seasonal fluctuations of the velocity field over the entire Kuroshio regionZhenlong Zhang, Hirohiko Nakamuracancel talk yes
1C (Theme 1)11660Megan E. WilliamsWithdrawal The role of suspended sediment transport in coastal erosion and recoveryMegan E. Williams, Laurent O. Amoudry, Jenny Brown, and Gerd Masselinkcancel talk yes
1C (Theme 1)11446Elena V. AnufriievaWithdrawal Variable lagoons in the World of changes: сhallenges and opportunities for Nature and Society Elena V. Anufriieva, Nickolai V. Shadrin  yes
2A (Theme 2)11533John S. WoodsOral Accounting for invasive species impacts within Life Cycle Impact AssessmentJohn S. Woods and Francesca Verones 
2A (Theme 2)11575Muthukumar ChandrasekaranOral Anthropogenic loads of Urea-N along the Ennore Creek, South India and its implications on the adjacent coastal watersMuthukumar Chandrasekaran, Sivaji Patra, Madeswaran Perumal and Ramanamurthy Mallavarapu 
2A (Theme 2)11549Tae-Wook KimOral Atmospheric deposition of reactive inorganic nitrogen in Uljin, South KoreaSeon-Eun Lee, Tae-Wook Kim, Geun-Ha Park and Youngil Kim 
2A (Theme 2)11532Natalija SuharevaOral Differences in variations of heavy metal concentrations in muscle tissues of representative fish species of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of RigaNatalija Suhareva, Juris Aigars and Rita Poikane 
2A (Theme 2)11584Mangalaa Kameswari RajasekaranOral Impact of land use and seasonal climate on biogeochemical cycle of silicon (macronutrient) in the Indian estuariesMangalaa KR , D.Cardinal, J. Brajard , V.V.S.S. Sarma , Djouraev Irina and N.S. Sarma. 
2A (Theme 2)11616Jelena MandićOral Levels and origin of polycyclic aromatic compounds in Adriatic SeaJelena Mandić and Maja Pavela Vrančić 
2A (Theme 2)11452Giuseppe SuariaOral Microplastics occurrence and characteristics in Mediterranean surface watersGiuseppe Suaria, Carlo G. Avio, Francesco Regoli and Stefano Aliani 
2A (Theme 2)11402Edem Kyere-Yeboah MahuOral The bulk Fluorescein Diacetate Assay (FDA) as a technique for evaluating biotic impacts of crude oil to coastal sedimentsEdem M. Kyere-Yeboah, Jessica Hanaway, Brian Maurer, Nick Welschmeyer & Kenneth H. Coale 
2A (Theme 2)11642Mirjam van der MheenOral The influence of material properties on the transport processes of buoyant marine plastic debrisMirjam van der Mheen and Charitha Pattiaratchi 
2A (Theme 2)11630Muthukumar ChandrasekaranPoster Allochthonous inputs of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON) in the Ennore Creek, South IndiaMuthukumar Chandrasekaran and Sivaji Patra 
2A (Theme 2)11975Jun-Ho LeePoster Flux and source assessment of shallow methane (CH4) gas from sediments in the central Yellow Sea, off the southwest of KoreaJun-Ho Lee, Kap-Sik Jeong, Han Jun Woo, Jeongwon Kang, Jae Ung Choi and Urumu Tsunogai 
2A (Theme 2)11655Erwin Don RacasaPoster Submarine groundwater discharge in Sorsogon Bay, Luzon Island, PhilippinesErwin Don R. Racasa, Fernando P. Siringan, Cherry L. Ringor 
2A (Theme 2)11676Nandhakumar Subramaniam KalaimaniWithdrawal Aerosol evaluation and contribution by ship emission in Chennai PortNandhakumar S K  yes
2A (Theme 2)11403Thomas AneniWithdrawal Assessment of Pollution load of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Lagos Lagoon, NigeriaThomas Aneni  yes
2A (Theme 2)11690INAL AhmedWithdrawal Bioaccumulation of trace metals by three demersal fishes of Algerian coast INAL Ahmed, BOUDJELLAL Benyahia, OUNADI Fariza, EDDALIA Nabila, HOUAS Omar and BOULAHDID Mostefa  yes
2A (Theme 2)11547Yuan ChiWithdrawal Evaluation on spatial heterogeneity of island ecosystem carrying capacityYuan Chi, Hong-hua Shi, Zhen Guo and De-ming Ma  yes
2A (Theme 2)11662Pavan KumarWithdrawal Geospatial Technology for exploring the oil spill monitoring and detection of coastal areas in the Arabian GulfPavan Kumar, Meenu Rani  yes
2A (Theme 2)11400R EUGENE LAMAREWithdrawal Impact assessment of mining on water quality of Lukha River in Meghalaya, IndiaR Eugene Lamare and O. P. Singh  yes
2A (Theme 2)11495Chika IkeleWithdrawal Impacts of fibrous microplastic on the trophodynamics of marine biota and human health in Nigeria coastal waterChika Ikele, Bernard Mgbenka, Faith Ikele  yes
2A (Theme 2)11646Ieva Putna-NīmaneWithdrawal Municipal and industrial effluents from WWTP as potential sources of hazardous substancesIeva Putna-Nīmane, Liene Muzikante, Rita Poikāne and Solvita Strāķe  yes
2A (Theme 2)11459Hong ChenWithdrawal Occurrence and Inputs of Perfluoroalkyl Substances from Rivers and Drain Outlets to the Bohai Sea, ChinaHong Chen, Xiaomeng Wang,Can Zhang, Ruijun Sun, Jianbo Han, Genchen Han, and Xin He  yes
2A (Theme 2)11460Jianbo HanWithdrawal Occurrence, Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Wastewater, Seawater and Sediment from Bohai Sea, ChinaHong Chen a,b,*, Ruijun Sun a, Can Zhang a, Jianbo Hana,*, Xiaomeng Wang a, Genchen Han a, and Xin He b   yes
2A (Theme 2)11524Paul Mark SuprenandWithdrawal Oil spill impacts on Arctic whales and indigenous communities in the Beaufort Sea coastal marine ecosystemPaul Mark Suprenand, Carie Hoover, Cameron H. Ainsworth, Dana L. Wetzel, Chris J. Johnson, Gary Wilson  yes
2A (Theme 2)11650Ana L. OlivaWithdrawal Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in sediments and mussel from a South American coastal environmentAna L. Oliva, Andrés H. Arias, Jorge E. Marcovecchio cancel poster yes
2A (Theme 2)11602Orazi M.Withdrawal Preliminar evaluation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the troposphere in the drain region of Bahía Blanca Estuary.Orazi M., Arias A.,Oliva A., Marcovecchio J.  yes
2A (Theme 2)11448Aneela ShaheenWithdrawal Prevalence of multiple antibiotic resistant marine bacteria in coastal waters of Karachi, PakistanAneela Shaheen, Shahana U. Kazmi and Hina S. Baig  yes
2A (Theme 2)11551Semi JeongWithdrawal Temporal and spatial vatiation of biochemical composition in surface sedimentary organic matter and material fluxes at the sedimentSemi Jeong, Jung-Hyun Park, Hyung-Chul Kim, Won-Chan Lee, Seok Jin Oh  yes
2A (Theme 2)11462Kourosh,HaddadiMoghaddamWithdrawal The impact of human and climate on Sturgeons in coastal zone of Caspian SeaKourosh,HaddadiMoghaddam  yes
2B (Theme 2)11583Andrew F. JohnsonOral Fisheries ecology, economics and social wellbeing: Balancing the approachAndrew Frederick Johnson1, Andrés M. Cisneros-Montemayor2, Catalina López-Sagástegui3, Edward H. Allison4, Octavio Aburto-Oropeza1  
2B (Theme 2)11647Ou LingOral Offshore wind management in China - Based on ecosystem approachOu Ling, Xu Wei, Yue Qi, Teng Xin 
2B (Theme 2)11406James J. WaggittOral Quantifying top-predators’ use of hydrodynamic features in coastal regions; applied and ecological consequencesJames J. Waggitt, Peter G.H. Evans, Shaun J. Fraser, Pierre W. Cazenave, Elizabeth A. Masden, Peter E. Robins, Alex M.C. Robbins, Beth E.Scott, Ricardo Torres, Gemma Veneruso, Helen M. Wade, Benjamin J. Williamson, Timothy Whitton 
2B (Theme 2)11464Madeline S. CashionOral The who, what, and where of global shark catch: the Mediterranean and Black SeasMadeline S. Cashion, Daniel Pauly, William W. L. Cheung and Nicholas K. Dulvy  
2B (Theme 2)11652Zhongxin WuOral Understanding the effects of large scale stock enhancement using quantitative and qualitative modelling approachesZhongxin Wu, Xiumei Zhang, Hector M. Lozano-Montes and Neil R. Loneragan 
2B (Theme 2)11137Marija SciberrasPoster Impacts of bottom fishing on the sediment infaunal community and biogeochemistry of cohesive and non-cohesive sedimentsMarija Sciberras, Ruth Parker, Claire Powell, Craig Robertson, Silke Krӧger, Stefan Bolam and Jan Geert Hiddink 
2B (Theme 2)11924Jae Ung ChoiPoster Reconstruction of benthic environment change result from the environmental improvement policies executed in Masan Bay since the 1990’s: Using the environmental factors and living benthic foraminiferal populationJae Ung Choi , Hand Jun Woo, Kap-Sik Jeong, Jun-Ho Lee and Soonmo An 
2B (Theme 2)11805Sezgin TuncaPoster SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of recreational fishing in Foça and Gökova marine protected areas (Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey)Sezgin Tunca, Marko Lindroos 
2B (Theme 2)11128Leigh Michael HowarthPoster The highs and lows of protection: Measuring multi-species interactions within a community-led temperate marine reserveLeigh M. Howarth, Callum. M. Roberts, Julie P. Hawkins and Bryce D. Stewart  
2B (Theme 2)11126Dr Leigh Michael HowarthPoster Top-down or bottom-up? Investigating the effects of fishing pressure and primary productivity on benthic size spectraLeigh M. Howarth, Paul J. Somerfield and Jan G. Hiddink 
2B (Theme 2)11671Rani Meenu Withdrawal Assessment and monitoring of natural marine ecosystems: An economic perspective towards climateRani Meenu and Pavan Kumar  yes
2B (Theme 2)11498Mustafa A. GhazalWithdrawal Biodiesel and bioethanol production from Ulva fasciata delie biomass via enzymatic pretreatment using marine-derived Aspergillus niger Mustafa A. Ghazal, Hassan A.H. Ibrahim, Nayrah A. Shaltout and Alaa E. Ali  yes
2B (Theme 2)11688Edison MacusiWithdrawal Constraints and opportunities and their effects on catch in the multispecies and multigear fish aggregating device (FAD) fisheriesEdison D. Macusi, Paul Van Zwieten, Ricardo P. Babaran and Wolf M. Mooij  yes
2B (Theme 2)11559Jinxia ZhaoWithdrawal From conventional management to integrated Ecosystem-based Management(EBM),practice of islands' management in ChinaJinxia Zhao, Zhiwei Zhang and Aiping Feng  yes
2B (Theme 2)11127Leigh Michael HowarthWithdrawal From worms to demersal fish: Investigating the effects of fishing pressure and primary productivity on “fuzzy coded” functional traitsLeigh M. Howarth, Callum M. Roberts, Ruth Thurstan and Bryce D. Stewart   yes
2B (Theme 2)11697Ija BelovaWithdrawal Monitoring of characteristics coastal ecosystems by remote sensing in the short-wave range of radio wavesSergej Belov and Ija Belova  yes
2B (Theme 2)11680Vandana TomarWithdrawal Resilience of coral reefs to climate change and anthropogenic disturbances in the Gulf of MannarVandana Tomar and Amit Kumarcancel talk yes
2B (Theme 2)11617David CostalagoWithdrawal Seal-fisheries interactions in the Baltic ProperDavid Costalago, Barbara Bauer, Maciej T. Tomczak, Karl Lundström, Monika Winder  yes
2B (Theme 2)11675Nandhakumar Subramaniam KalaimaniWithdrawal Sun-powered desalination for villages in India Nandhakumar S K  yes
2C (Theme 2)11591Nadeem NazurallyOral Assessing coral recruitments and biodiversity in and around permeable submerged breakwaters (PSBs) in view for future considerations of active managements in MauritiusNadeem Nazurally and Baruch Rinkevich 
2C (Theme 2)11686Maximilian Felix SchuppOral Climate change and biodiversity: How stakeholder perceptions can shape local adaptation strategiesMaximilian Felix Schupp, Christina Hörterer and Bela H. Buck 
2C (Theme 2)11692Kristin M. Privitera-JohnsonOral Estimating among-assessment variation based on estimates of overfishing limitsKristin M. Privitera-Johnson and Andre E. Punt 
2C (Theme 2)11445Abdulwakil O. SabaOral Perceptions on the Impacts of Climate Change on Fishing Communities along Lagos Coast, NigeriaAbdulwakil, O. Saba, Adeshola, M. Baruwa and Julius, I. Agboola 
2C (Theme 2)11658Charlotte KlintingOral Reconciling science with stakeholder inclusion: A Q study of the ICES scientific advisory processCharlotte Klinting 
2C (Theme 2)11531Nengye LiuOral Reforming China’s Marine Environmental Protection Law through enhancing the science-law interface and understanding interactions between economic, social and environmental activitiesNengye Liu and Michelle Lim 
2C (Theme 2)11576C. Gabriela, Mayorga AdameOral The ANChor project: Appraisal of Network Connectivity between North Sea subsea oil and gas platformsC. Gabriela Mayorga-Adame, Jeff Polton, Lea-Anne Henry, Joe Ferris, Kate Gormley, Murray Roberts, David Corne 
2C (Theme 2)11696Ferrario FilippoOral The importance of seascape and ecological factors for an effective use of marine artificial structures as habitat for canopy-forming seaweedsFilippo Ferrario, Thew Suskiewicz, Ljiljana Ivesa, Elizabeth Strain, Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, Ladd E. Johnson and Laura Airoldi 
2C (Theme 2)11486Antje GimpelOral Tools and methods to support and Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture (EAA) – A gap analysisAntje Gimpel, Vanessa Stelzenmueller, Núria Marbà et al. 
2C (Theme 2)11695Henrike RamboOral Using spatial Bayesian Modelling to assess the effects of fishing restrictions on demersal fish biodiversity in a marine spatial management contextHenrike Rambo, Vanessa Stelzenmüller, Roland Cormier and Christian Möllmann 
2C (Theme 2)11582Andrew F JohnsonPoster Endangered species, ecosystem integrity, and human livelihoodsAndrew Frederick Johnson1, Octavio Aburto-Oropeza1*, Catalina López-Sagástegui2, Marcia Moreno-Báez3, Ismael Mascareñas-Osorio3, Victoria Jiménez-Esquivel3 and Brad Erisman4  
2C (Theme 2)11592Nadeem NazurallyPoster Investigation of Trou-aux-Biches as a potential site for marine off-lagoon aquaculture in the republic of MauritiusNadeem Nazurally, Sunita Facknath and Bhanooduth Lalljee 
2C (Theme 2)11648Ou LingPoster Potential environment risk of ocean energy development in ChinaOu Ling, Xu Wei, Ni Chenghua, Wang Xin and Wang Xiangnan 
2C (Theme 2)11431Yingqiu ZhangPoster Short-term fidelity, habitat use and vertical movement behavior of the black rockfish Sebastes schlegelii as determined by acoustic telemetryYingqiu Zhang, Qiang Xu, Alós Josep, Hui Liu, Qinzeng Xu and Hongsheng Yang 
2C (Theme 2)11694Andrea L. BogomolniWithdrawal A cooperative training workshop on marine animal - Fisheries interactions for scientists, fishermen, marine mammal stranding network personnel and fisheries managers Andrea L Bogomolni, Owen C. Nichols  yes
2C (Theme 2)11682Tatiana GorbunovaWithdrawal Accounting of landscape and social peculiarities in evaluation of solar and wind potential of coastal resort-recreational areas of the Crimean peninsulaTatiana Gorbunova  yes
2C (Theme 2)11893Allan C. HicksWithdrawal Conservation and Yield Performance of Harvest Control Rules for the Transboundary Pacific Hake Fishery in U.S. and Canadian WatersAllan C. Hicks, Sean Cox, Nathan Taylor, Ian G. Taylor, Chris Grandin, Jim Ianelli   yes
2C (Theme 2)11593Vera HorigueWithdrawal Designing marine protected area networks for fisheries management: Ecological and governance considerationsVera Horigue, Adrian Chester Balingit, Cesar L. Villanoy, Porfirio M. Aliño, Wilfredo Y. Licuanan, and Marie Antonette Juinio-Meñez  yes
2C (Theme 2)11685Yutronich, YWithdrawal From first bycatch report of pink-footed shearwater (Puffinus creatopus) in pelagic purse seine fishery in central-south Chile to best management practices of conservation?Yerko A. Yutronich  yes
2C (Theme 2)11669R.R. ThakurWithdrawal Use of geo-spatial technology in the planning activity at grass-root level –Case study in Bongomunda Gram Panchayat, Balangir District, Odisha, IndiaP.Kumar, R.R. Thakur and S.R. Giri  yes
3A (Theme 3)11926Jina OhOral A new approach using next generation sequencing to identify massively mixed eggs to species for studying the spawning ecology of marine teleostsJina Oh, Sung Kim and Yoon-Ho Lee 
3A (Theme 3)11570Alena TimoshinaOral Development of a model to study the effects of artificial biotope on biodiversity caused by changes in the hydrodynamic regime of watersAlena Timoshina, Valery Chantsev 
3A (Theme 3)11798Polina A. KamenevaOral Diversity of dinoflagellate sources of phycotoxins found in bivalves in Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan (East Sea)Polina A. Kameneva, Marina S. Selina, Tatiana Yu. Orlova 
3A (Theme 3)11609Esther BeukhofOral Functional traits of fish communities relate to environmental gradients across Europe’s continental shelf seasEsther Beukhof, Romain Frelat, Laurène Pécuchet, Christian Möllmann and Martin Lindegren 
3A (Theme 3)11623Tim Spaanheden DenckerOral Matches and mismatches - Patterns and drivers of fish diversity in the North SeaTim Spaanheden Dencker, Katherine Richardson, Martin Lindegren, Mark R. Payne 
3A (Theme 3)11496Andrian P. GajiganOral Taxonomic and functional diversity of marine microbes in the Philippine archipelagoAndrian P. Gajigan and Cecilia Conaco 
3A (Theme 3)11657Atal SahaPoster Application of modern genetic tools to assess the consistency between management and biological units in three exploited species from the Northeast AtlanticAtal Saha1, Matthew Kent2, Jon-Ivar Westgaard1 and Torild Johansen1 
3A (Theme 3)11622Tim Spaanheden DenckerWithdrawal Biodiversity as insurance – functional redundancy and stability in ecosystems Tim Spanheden Dencker, Mark. R. Payne and Martin Lindegren  yes
3A (Theme 3)11645Liezel C. ParabolesWithdrawal Fecundity and egg quality of the white-spotted rabbitfish Siganus canaliculatus (Park,1797) in Palompon, Leyte Easterb Visayas, PhilippinesLiezel C. Paraboles and Wilfredo L. Campos  yes
3A (Theme 3)11540Rachel HaleWithdrawal Functionally diverse communities can preserve ecosystem properties after abrupt biodiversity loss caused by extreme climatic events.Rachel Hale, Richard O. Jacques, Trevor J. Tolhurst  yes
3A (Theme 3)11513Apollo Marco LizanoWithdrawal Genetic diversity & population genetic structure of Stichopus cf. horrens in the Philippines inferred from mtDNA COI and multilocus microsatellite dataApollo Marco Lizano, Rachel June Ravago-Gotanco  yes
3A (Theme 3)11610Kurnosov D.S.Withdrawal Genetic variations in Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) from Okhotsk Sea and lake Ainskoe on the Sakhalin island based on microsatellite markers.Kurnosov D.S., Orlova S.Y., Smirnova M.A.  yes
3A (Theme 3)11429Angela StevensonWithdrawal Mesophotic ecosystems, a lifeline for shallow-water reefs? Angela Stevenson, Tadhg O Corcora  yes
3A (Theme 3)11604JI Hye KimWithdrawal Taxonomic status of common dolphin in the East Sea, Korea JI Hye Kim  yes
3A (Theme 3)11453M. Belal Hossain Withdrawal Trophic functioning of macrobenthic fauna in a tropical acidified estuaryM. Belal Hossain cancel poster yes
3A (Theme 3)11598Anna S. VazhovaWithdrawal Ventilation of middleware Sea of Okhotsk BY DEMERSAL SHELF WATERAnna S. Vazhova  yes
3A (Theme 3)11501S.K. BaliarsinghWithdrawal Zooplankton distribution in local water types of north-western Bay of BengalS.K. Baliarsingh, Aneesh A. Lotliker and T. Srinivasakumar  yes
3B (Theme 3)11508Andrea Bryndum-BuchholzOral Climate change impacts on global fish abundance – A multi-model analysis on an ocean basin scaleAndrea Bryndum-Buchholz, Heike K. Lotze, Derek P. Tittensor, Tyler D. Eddy, William Cheung, Eric D. Galbraith, Manuel Barange, Julia L. Blanchard, Laurent Bopp, David A. Carozza, Simon Jennings, Villy Christensen, Olivier Maury and Jose A. Fernandes3D->3B
3B (Theme 3)11578Marco TorriOral Ecological effects of shallow water dynamics on early life stage of Sardinella aurita (Pisces, Clupeidae): Application of a Lagrangian transport model in the central Mediterranean SeaMarco Torri, Raffaele Corrado, Federico Falcini, Angela Cuttitta, Luigi Palatella, Guglielmo Lacorata, Bernardo Patti, Marco Arculeo, Biagio De Luca, Grazia Maria Armeri, Francesca Mangiaracina, Salvatore Mazzola and Rosalia Santoleri 
3B (Theme 3)11607Astra LabuceOral Effect of variability in environmental conditions on Calanoid Copepod (Crustacea) egg bank and recruitment in the Gulf of Riga, Baltic Sea. Preliminary resultsAstra Labuce, Solvita Strake 
3B (Theme 3)11691Marisa Norma Chantal LitzOral Energy dynamics and growth of juvenile Chinook salmon reveal the importance of piscivory during early marine residenceMarisa N. C. Litz, Jessica A. Miller, Richard D. Brodeur, Elizabeth A. Daly, Laurie A. Weitkamp and Adam G. Hansen 
3B (Theme 3)11644Peng SunOral Fisheries-induced evolution effects on hairtail (Trichiurus lepturus) in the East China Sea and its management implicationsPeng Sun, Zhenlin Liang, Yongjun Tian 
3B (Theme 3)11477Daniel van DenderenOral Global patterns in the productivity of marine fish along parallel pathways of energyDaniel van Denderen, Martin Lindegren, Brian MacKenzie, Reg Watson and Ken Andersen 
3B (Theme 3)11520Alessandro OrioOral Historical spatiotemporal dynamics of Baltic cod and flounder as analysed using standardised fishery-independent dataAlessandro Orio and Michele Casini 
3B (Theme 3)11672Christine C. StawitzOral How do changing somatic growth rates affect estimation of management quantities in fisheries stock assessments, and can such growth changes be detected?Christine C. Stawitz, Melissa A. Haltuch and Timothy E. Essington 
3B (Theme 3)11977Minho KangOral Multispecies biomass dynamics models with species interactions across multiple domainsMinho Kang and Jeremy S. Collie 
3B (Theme 3)11587Jin GaoOral Predicting population dynamics via spatial time delay embeddingJin Gao, James T. Thorson, Timothy E. Essington and Stephan B. Munch3D->3B
3B (Theme 3)11542Mei SatoOral Seasonal shift in hot spots associated with an upwelling front in the California Current System: GLOBEC revisitedMei Sato, Kelly J. Benoit-Bird, John A. Barth and Stephen D. Pierce 
3B (Theme 3)11474Romain FrelatOral Tensor Decomposition reveals spatio-temporal dynamics of fish communities in the Baltic SeaRomain Frelat, Saskia Otto, Camilla Sguotti and Christian Möllmann 
3B (Theme 3)11487Camilla SguottiOral The failed recovery of Atlantic cod stocksCamilla Sguotti, Romain Frelat, Saskia Otto, Martin Lindegren and Christian Möllmann  
3B (Theme 3)11455Josie SouthOral The functional response of the blenniid Lipophrys pholis: effects of prey supply and temperatureJosie South, Jaimie Dick, David Welsh and Daniel Barrios-O’Neill 
3B (Theme 3)11537Jessica B JonesOral Using statolith elemental signatures to resolve movement and connectivity within a loliginid squid populationJessica B Jones 
3B (Theme 3)11560Nataliia KulatskaOral What's on cod's menu?Nataliia Kulatska, Valerio Bartolino, Håkan Wennhage, Bjarki Elvarsson and Gunnar Stefansson 
3B (Theme 3)11905Hyo-Tae LeePoster Analysis of data from the bottom trawl survey in the Korean coastal watersHyo-Tae Lee, Jeong-Ho Park, Dong-Joo Kim, and Saang Yoon Hyun  
3B (Theme 3)11974Minkyoung BangPoster Density-dependent process in biological properties of walleye pollock related with biomass fluctuation in the East Sea during the late 20th centuryMinkyoung Bang, Chan Joo Jang, Sukyung Kang and Suam Kim 
3B (Theme 3)11454Josie SouthPoster The effect of acute and chronic temperature change on the functional response of the lesser spotted dogfish Scyliorhinus caniculaJosie South and Jaimie Dick 
3B (Theme 3)11405James J.WaggittPoster Understanding and predicting spatio-temporal dynamics in marine top-predator communities at regional and decadal scalesJames J. Waggitt, Peter G.H. Evans  
3B (Theme 3)11904Kyuhan KimWithdrawal A length-based, age-structured model for assessing the walleye pollock population in the East/Japan Sea Kyuhan Kim and Saang-Yoon Hyun  yes
3B (Theme 3)11545Donna GuarteWithdrawal A second look on the life cycle and production dynamics of the white spotted rabbitfish Siganus canaliculatus under heavy fishing pressureDonna M. Guarte and Wilfredo L. Campos  yes
3B (Theme 3)11596Soeon AhnWithdrawal Assessment of environmental variables controlling bottlenose dolphin’s distribution in Jeju watersSoeon Ahn1, Sinjae Yoo1 and Hyun Woo Kim2  yes
3B (Theme 3)11608Lu GuanWithdrawal Changes in larval fish assemblages in the Strait of Georgia on multiple temporal scales (British Columbia, Canada).Lu Guan, John Dower, Skip McKinnell, Pierre Pepin and Stephane Gauthierno, cancel paper yes
3B (Theme 3)11522Anna-Marie WinterWithdrawal Climate, fishing and depensation: Analysing Atlantic cod’s point of no returnAnna-M. Winter, Andries P. Richter, Anne M. Eikeset  yes
3B (Theme 3)11566Floor SoudijnWithdrawal Collapses of large piscivorous fish populations can be prevented by harvesting their preyFloor H. Soudijn, Mikko Heino, Ulf Dieckmann and Andre M. de Roos  yes
3B (Theme 3)11613Barbara D'AmarioWithdrawal Environmental control on Emiliania huxleyi coccolithophore calcification in the Mediterranean SeaBarbara D’Amario, Michael Grelaud and Patrizia Ziveri  yes
3B (Theme 3)11543Stacy A Krueger-HadfieldWithdrawal Life cycle, interrupted: the eco-evolutionary consequence of asexual reproduction in haploid-diploid organisms Stacy A Krueger-Hadfield  yes
3B (Theme 3)11574Soonmi LeeWithdrawal Long-term trends of spring bloom in the Baltic Sea: a modeling studySoonmi Lee and Inga Henseduplicate, delete yes
3B (Theme 3)11681Ehsan SadighradWithdrawal Modeling the connectivity of early-life stages for exploited species: A new approach for the delimitation of fisheries assessment units in the Mediterranean SeaEhsan Sadighrad, Vincent Rossi, Manuel Hidalgo, Enrico Ser-Giacomi, Cristobal Lopez, Emilio Hernandez-Garciacancel talk yes
3B (Theme 3)11605Takashi ManoWithdrawal Observation of moon jellyfish distribution using scientific echo sounder and theoretical study on the patchy aggregation formationTakashi Mano, Xinyu Guo, Naoki Yoshie, Naoki Fujii and Hidetaka Takeoka  yes
3B (Theme 3)11649Elor SeppWithdrawal Spawning dynamics and individual characteristics of the Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea) spring spawning herring (Clupea harengus m.) population in 1999-2015Elor Sepp, Tiit Raid, Heli Shpilev, Ain Lankov, Olavi Kaljuste, Timo Arula  yes
3B (Theme 3)11461Kourosh,HaddadiMoghaddamWithdrawal Study on the effect of climate change on feeding of Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus Bordin,1987) in coastal zone of Caspian Sea (Iranian water)Kourosh,HaddadiMoghaddam  yes
3B (Theme 3)11518Flanagan A.M.Withdrawal The relationship between observational scale and explained variance in biological communitiesFlanagan A.M., Flood R.D., Frisk M.G., Garza C.D., Lopez G.R., Maher N.P., Cerrato R.M. cancel talk yes
3C (Theme 3)11506Zhixuan FengOral Benthic biological hotspots in the Pacific Arctic Region: Distribution and potential driversZhixuan Feng, Rubao Ji, Carin J. Ashjian, Jinlun Zhang, Robert G. Campbell, and Jacqueline M. Grebmeier  
3C (Theme 3)11568Espinoza-Morriberon DanteOral Biogeochemical impacts of ENSO in the Peruvian Coastal Upwelling SystemEspinoza-Morriberon D., Echevin V., Colas F., Ledesma j. 
3C (Theme 3)11762Zheng-xi ZhouOral Factors controlling the phytoplankton community changes in the coastal waters adjacent to the Changjiang River estuary: Statistical analysis and a modeling studyZheng-xi Zhou, Ren-cheng Yu and Ming-jiang Zhou 
3C (Theme 3)11573Haruka TakagiOral Individual ecology of tiny protistan zooplankton: Investigation on photosymbiotic ecology of planktic foraminifersHaruka Takagi 
3C (Theme 3)11656Kirill KivvaOral Nutrient draw-down, ΔSi/ΔN/ΔP-ratios and net community production assessment in the Bering SeaKirill Kivvap->O
3C (Theme 3)11556Atis LabucisOral Phytoplankton community and controlling factors of primary production in the Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea)Atis Labucis, Iveta Jurgensone, Ieva Bārda and Anda Ikauniece 
3C (Theme 3)11631Polina LobanovaOral Satellite derived chlorophyll-a and modeled primary production in comparison with field observations in the west part of the Japan/East SeaPolina Lobanova, Vladimir Zvalinski and Pavel Tishchenko 
3C (Theme 3)11138Marija SciberrasOral Sediment type-fishing intensity interactions rather than nutrient enrichment moderate benthic shelf seas nitrogen cyclingMarija Sciberras, Karen Tait, Guillaume Brochain, Rachel Hale, Jan Geert Hiddink, Jasmin A Godbold and Martin Solan 
3C (Theme 3)11595Helena Cachanhuk SoaresOral The marine biogeochemical component in the Brazilian Earth System Model (BESM)Helena Cachanhuk Soares and Paulo Nobre 
3C (Theme 3)11624Yeseul KimPoster Optical discrimination of harmful Cochlodinium polykrikoides blooms in Korean coastal watersYeseul Kim, Sinjae Yoo and Young Baek Son 
3C (Theme 3)11473Kunal ChakrabortyWithdrawal A numerical investigation of the seasonal variability of chlorophyll-a in the Bay of BengalKunal Chakraborty, Aneesh Lotliker, Alakes Samanta and Penchala Priya Madhuri  yes
3C (Theme 3)11588Elvita EgliteWithdrawal Amino acid nitrogen stable isotope signatures identify surface diazotroph and deep chemoautotroph based nitrogen inputs into the ambient food websElvita Eglite, Dirk Wodarg, Iris Liskow, Detlef Schulz-Bull and Natalie Loick-Wilde cancel talk yes
3C (Theme 3)11491Camille RichonWithdrawal Atmospheric deposition impacts on nutrients and biological budgets of the Mediterranean Sea, results from the high resolution coupled model NEMOMED12/PISCESCamille Richon, Jean-Claude Dutay, François Dulac, Yves Balkanski, Rong Wang, Pierre Nabat, Olivier Aumont, Jonathan Beuvier  yes
3C (Theme 3)11425Kalpana ChaudhariWithdrawal Biogeochemical responses of plankton ecosystem for marine aqua food production: Studies on ocean--atmosphere interactions.Kalpana Chaudhari,Dr.P.T.Karule  yes
3C (Theme 3)11433Edmond AlavaishaWithdrawal Carbon stocks in the small estuarine mangroves of Geza and Mtimbwani, Tanga - TanzaniaEdmond Alavaisha and Mwita M. Mangora  yes
3C (Theme 3)11517Islam Md. NazrulWithdrawal Complexity of Integrating Numerical Modeling Results with Mitigation Strategies of Harmful Algae Toxins in Aquatic EcosystemsIslam M Nazrulno, cancel poster yes
3C (Theme 3)11619Abed El Rahman HassounWithdrawal Decreasing pH trends in the Lebanese coastal waters, Eastern Mediterranean SeaAbed El Rahman Hassoun, Marie Abboud-Abi Saab, Elissar Gemayel, and Milad Fakhri  yes
3C (Theme 3)11538Daria Y. RomanovaWithdrawal Diatoms (BACILLARIOPHYTA) as indicator species for assessing the quality of the environment Daria Y. Romanova  yes
3C (Theme 3)11503Surajit DasWithdrawal Effect of climate change stressors in marine bacterial biofilm and community compositionSurajit Das  yes
3C (Theme 3)11585Sonia ChaabaneWithdrawal Exploring the oxygen and carbon isotopic composition of the Mediterranean red coral (Corallium rubrum) for seawater temperature reconstructionSonia Chaabane, Matthias López Correa, Paolo Montagna, Nejib Kallel, Marco Taviani, Cristina Linares and Patrizia Ziveri   yes
3C (Theme 3)11521Teresa S. CataláWithdrawal Insights on the microbial carbon pump in the global ocean with spectroscopic techniquesTeresa S. Catalá, Isabel Reche, Marta Álvarez, Cristina Romera-Castillo, Mar Nieto-Cid, Antonio Fuentes-Lema, Eva Ortega-Retuerta, Cèlia Marrasé, Colin A. Stedmon and Xosé Antón Álvarez-Salgadocancel talk yes
3C (Theme 3)11632Soonmi LeeWithdrawal Long-term trends of spring bloom phytoplankton in the Baltic Sea: A modeling studySoonmi Lee and Inga Hensecancel oral, cannot attend yes
3C (Theme 3)11783Thachaparambil ManeeshWithdrawal Nutrient responses of North Eastern Arabian Sea during winter-spring transition and associated with open ocean blooms.Thachaparambil Maneesh, K.B. Padmakumar, N. Chandramohanakumar, P. Seralathan and M. Sudhakar  yes
3C (Theme 3)11500S.K. BaliarsinghWithdrawal Optical detection and monitoring of Noctluca scintillans in coastal water: A remote sensing approachS.K. Baliarsingh, R.M. Dwivedi, Aneesh A. Lotliker and T. Srinivasakumar  yes
3C (Theme 3)11577Amrit K. MishraWithdrawal Population dynamics of seagrass Cymodocea nodosa in the vicinity of volcanic CO2 seeps of GreeceAmrit K.Mishra, Eugenia Apostolaki, Rui Santosno, cancel talk yes
3C (Theme 3)11514Ying CuiWithdrawal Variation in the δ13C of specific fatty acids in Coilia mystus during migrationYing Cui, Ying Wu, Jing Zhang, Guosen Zhang  yes
3C (Theme 3)11483Cheng-Xuan LiWithdrawal Vernal distribution and turnover of dimethylsulfide (DMS) in the surface water of the Yellow SeaCheng-Xuan Li, Gui-Peng Yang, Bao-Dong Wang, and Zong-Jun Xu  yes

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