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2015 Effect of Climate Change on the World's Oceans
March 23-27, Santos City, Brazil

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S110136Alexander V. BabaninInvited Wave-induced turbulence: theory and practiceAlexander V. Babaninyes
S110084Eliana Gómez Ocampo OralREPEffects of dynamic processes on primary production and phytoplankton biomass in the Pacific subtropical-tropical zoneEliana Gómez Ocampo, Emilio Beier, Gilberto Gaxiola-Castro, and Mario A. Pardoyes, P->O
S110046Andrew YoolOral Future change in ocean productivity: Is the Arctic the new Atlantic?Andrew Yool, Ekaterina E. Popova, Julien Palmiéri and Andrew C. Cowardyes
S19920Sólvá Káradóttir EliasenOral How does horizontal mixing affect the primary production on the Faroe Shelf?Sólvá Káradóttir Eliasen, Bogi Hansen, Karin Margretha Húsgarð Larsen and Hjálmar Hátúnyes
S110015Shin-ichi ItoOral Importance of advection to form a climate and ecological hotspot in the western North PacificShin-ichi Ito, Taku Wagawa, Shigeho Kakehi, Takeshi Okunishi, Daisuke Hasegawayes, P->O
S110035Vibe Schourup-KristensenOral Iron supply to the Southern Ocean mixed layer from below; the ocean model effectVibe Schourup-Kristensen, Judith Hauck, Dieter A. Wolf-Gladrow and Christoph Völkeryes
S110130Fei CHAIOral Modeling impacts of mesoscale eddies on biogeochemical processes in the South China SeaFei CHAI, Huijie XUE, Peng XIU, Mingxian GUOyes
S110077Karina Kammer AttisanoOral Submarine Groundwater Discharge revealed by radium isotopes (Ra-223 and Ra-224) near a paleochannel on the Southern Brazilian continental shelfKarina Kammer Attisano 1; Isaac Rodrigues Santos2; Carlos Francisco Ferreira de Andrade1; Mariele Lopes de Paiva1; Idel Cristina Bigliardi Milani3 and Luis Felipe Hax Niencheski1yes
S19881Shan GaoOralREPTemporal and Spatial Variability of Carbon Cycle in the northwestern Pacific Ocean: A Three-Dimensional Physical-Biogeochemical Modeling StudyXuanliang Ji, Guimei Liu and Shan Gaoyes, P->O
S110048Julien PalmiériOralREPTemporal evolution of marine biogeochemistry in Large Marine Ecosystems.Julien Palmiéri, Andrew Yool, Ekaterina Popovayes, P->O
S19854Fangli QiaoOralREPThe fundamental role of the surface wave in the ocean and climate systemsFangli Qiao and Zhenya Songyes, P->O
S19911Bin XiaoOralREPThe performance of a z-level ocean model in modeling global tideBin Xiao, Fangli Qiao and Qi Shuno, move to the end P->O
S110078Josie RobinsonOral To what extent does iron advection affect the inter-annual variability of Southern Ocean island Blooms?Josie Robinson, Ekaterina E. Popova, Meric Srokosz and Andrew Yoolyes
S110143Huijie XueOral Variability of the North Equatorial Current (NEC) and its implications on Japanese eel larval transportHuijie Xue, Ango Hsu, Fei Chaiyes
S110000Paulo H. R. CalilPlenary Multi-Scale Physical-Biological Interactions in the Ocean - The Importance of Submesoscale ProcessesPaulo H. R. Calilyes
S110102Carol C. GonzálezPoster Abundance and biomass of live and dead copepods associated with the oxygen minimum zone in northern Chile (23 ° S )Carol C. González, Carlos Cantergiani, Guillermo Feliú and Pamela Hidalgo.yes
S110055Ramiro Riquelme-BugueñoPoster Growth rate and fatty acid composition in the Humboldt Current krill, Euphausia mucronata, in the coastal upwelling zone off central ChileRamiro Riquelme-Bugueño, Jocelyn Silva-Aburto, Celia Ballotta, Silvio Pantoja, Rubén Escribano, Wolfgang Schneider and Pamela Hidalgoyes, keep as poster
S19819Rosabruna La Ferla Poster Microbial biogeochemistry in the Southern European Seas: the multidisciplinary ADREX surveyRosabruna La Ferla, Maurizio Azzaro, Gabriella Caruso, Renata Zaccone, Giovanna Maimone, Franco Decembrini, Rodolfo Paranhos, Anderson S. Cabral, Marco Pansera, Giuseppe Civitareseyes
S110201Mônica Wallner-KersanachPoster Nutrient concentrations along the coast of southern BrazilKayla Lima, Luiza Dy F. Costa, Mônica Wallner-Kersanach, Carlos Francisco F. de Andrade, Karina Attisano, Camila Sukekava, Leonardo Contreira1, Mariele Paiva1, Iarema Ferreira Pinto de Carvalho and Luis Felipe Hax Niencheski yes
S110225Selma PacarizPoster Nutrient limitation in the subpolar North Atlantic drives mackerel westwardsSelma Pacariz, Hjálmar Hátún, Jan Arge Jacobsen, Anna Ólafsdottir and Inga Kristiansenno, by Hjálmar Hátún
S110076Karina Kammer AttisanoPoster Submarine Groundwater Discharge for the coastal region in southern BrazilKarina Kammer Attisano 1; Isaac Rodrigues Santos2; Carlos Francisco Ferreira de Andrade1; Mariele Lopes de Paiva1; Idel Cristina Bigliardi Milani3 and Luis Felipe Hax Niencheski1yes
S19853Xingrong ChenPoster The use of physical decomposition to analyze interannual climate variability in the southern Indian OceanXingrong Chen , Yi Cai yes
S19974Anahí A.BrunPoster Transoceanic fluxes in southern PatagoniaAnahí A.Brun, Marcelo Acha and Alberto R. Piolayes
S110101Carlos A. CantergianiPoster Vertical migrations of copepods in the oxygen minimum zone: Conceptual model approach and it simplication of the bioelement fluxes. Carlos A. Cantergiani, Carol González, Guillermo Feliú and Pamela Hidalgo.yes
S19877Kunal ChakrabortyWithdrawal A modelling study of the enhancement of sea surface chlorophyll concentration along the storm passage in Indian OceanKunal Chakraborty, Satya Prakash, Arya Paulno, cancel talk yes
S19948Jason HoltWithdrawal Coupled ocean-shelf ecosystem modelling of northern North AtlanticJames Harle, Jason Holt, Momme Butenschon, Icarus Allen no, cancel talk yes
S110189Nancy K. TaniguchiWithdrawal Implications of North Brazil Current variations during the last 8000 cal years BP and its role in the paleoclimate on Northeast Brazilian marginNancy K. Taniguchi, Silvia H. M. Sousa, Cristiano M. Chiessi, Henning Kuhnert, Rubens C. L. Figueira and Stefan Mulitza no-show poster yes
S19761Sung Yong KimWithdrawal Practical applications using diffusion coefficients derived from satellite imagery for studies of marine planktonic ecosystems Sung Yong Kimno, cancel talk yes
S19776K. K. SatpathyWithdrawal Recent emergence of shallow water hypoxia in the inner shelf region of the Bay of Bengal K. K. Satpathy, S. Panigrahi, A. K. Mohanty, Nisha Keshav, H. Achyuthan, G. Sahu, M. S. Achary, S. N. Bramha, R. K. Padhi, M. K. Samantara, M. Selvanayagam & S. K. Sarkarno, cancel poster yes
S19861Zhenya SongWithdrawal Response of the equatorial basin-wide SST to wave mixing in a climate model: An amendment to tropical biasZhenya Song, Fangli Qiao, Yajuan Songcancel poster, did not confirm yes
S110184Maike SonnewaldWithdrawal Southern Ocean zonal asymmetries in mixed layer depth variability in the NEMO GCMMaike Sonnewald, Raffaele Ferrari and George A. Nurserno, cancel talk yes
S110119Jianfang ChenWithdrawal The effect of advection on biogenic fluxes and paleo-proxies in the deep South China SeaJianfang Chen, Martin G Wiesner, Hongliang Li, Lihua Ran, Niko Lahajnar, Ronghua Chenno-show poster yes
S19913Olubunmi A. NubiWithdrawal The influence of the equatorial upwelling on biological productivity in the eastern equatorial Atlantic as inferred from in situ measurements Olubunmi A. Nubi, Bernard Bourlès, Edokpayi C.Aghatise, Hounkonnou M. Norbertno, cancel poster yes
S110060Galen A. McKinleyWithdrawal Variability in the North Atlantic carbon sink due to the Atlantic Multidecadal OscillationGalen A. McKinley and Melissa L. Breedenno, cancel talk yes
S210052Nelson A. LagosInvited Ocean acidification along the southeastern Pacific coastal ecosystems: biological responses, interactions with multiple stressors and human dimensionsNelson A. Lagos, Marco Lardies, Bernardo Broitman, Stefan Gelcich, Felipe Vasquez and Cristián Vargasyes
S210075Ruy Kenji P. KikuchiInvited Progress and prospects on Ocean Acidification research of the Tropical South AtlanticRuy Kenji P. Kikuchiyes
S210223Eric DouvilleOral A 200-year record of interannual pH and SST variability from the Lesser Antilles (Caribbean Sea) inferred from a Siderastrea Siderea reef coralEric Douville, Martine Paterne, Nathalie Feuillet, Claude Noury, Louise Bordier and François Thilyes
S29885Adam SokolowskiOral Behavioural and physiological responses of the estuarine bivalve Macoma balthica from the Baltic Sea to increased CO2 concentration.Adam Sokolowski, Dominika Brulinska and Zuzanna Mirnyyes
S210122Gisela DionísioOralREP-1Climate Change Impacts on Tropical and Temperate Photosynthetic Sea Slugs Gisela Dionísio, Marta Pimentel, Sónia Cruz, Meri Bilan, Tiago Repolho, João Serôdio, Ricardo Calado and Rui Rosayes, P->O
S210229Denise BreitburgOral Climate change in the shallows – interacting effects of diel-cycling hypoxia and acidificationDenise Breitburg, Andrew Keppel, Seth Miller and Rebecca Burrellyes
S29789Marius N. MüllerOral Coccolithophores, calcification and ocean acidificationMarius N. Müller, Joana Barcelos e Ramos, Kai G. Schulz, Ulf Riebesell, Jozef Kazmierczak and Gustaaf M. Hallegraeffyes
S29989Anthony, Peter, MoreiraOral Combined effects of seawater acidification and arsenic in Crassostrea gigas and C. angulata: oxidative stress and biomineralization enzymes activity assessmentAnthony Moreira, Etelvina Figueira, Ângela Almeida, Iracy L. Pecora, Amadeu M.V.M Soares and Rosa Freitasyes
S210131Rui RosaOral Ecophysiology of shark early stages under climate changeRui Rosa 1,2, José R. Paula 1,2, Miguel Baptista 1,2, Vanessa M. Lopes 1,2, Katja Trübenbach 1,2, Marta Pimentel 1,2, Ricardo Calado 3 and Tiago Repolho 1,2yes
S29866Aziz ur Rahman ShaikOral Effective CO2 utilization in response to increasing CO2 levels in natural phytoplankton assemblages from the coastal Bay of Bengal, India.Aziz ur Rahman Shaik, Haimanti Biswas and Debasmita Bandyopadhyayyes
S29815Megan J. WelchOralREP-4Effects of elevated CO2 on fish behaviour undiminished by transgenerational acclimationMegan J. Welch1,2, Sue-Ann Watson1, Justin Q. Welsh2, Mark I. McCormick1,2 and Philip L. Munday1,2yes, S7->S2, P->O
S29943Markus G. WeinbauerOral Effects of elevated pCO2 and temperature on prokaryotic community composition and respiration in mesopelagic waters of the NW Mediterranean SeaMarkus G. Weinbauer, Chiaki Motegi, Jinwen Liu, Cornelia Maier, Maria-Luiza Pedrotti, Minhan Dai and Jean-Pierre Gattus1 yes
S210241Ellie BergstromOral Effects of global ocean acidification and warming on the physiological ecology of Rhodoliths (Rhodophyta) and SeagrassEllie Bergstrom, Marina Nasri Sissini, Paulo Hortayes
S210139Anna K. McLaskeyOral Effects of ocean acidification on crustacean zooplankton: a comparison of the copepod Calanus pacificus and the krill Euphausia pacificaAnna K. McLaskey, Julie E. Keister, Paul McElhany, M. Brady Olson, Brooke A. Love, Amanda K. Winans, D. Shallin Busch and Mike Maheryes
S210160Sue-Ann WatsonOralREP-3Giant clams and rising CO2: Light may ameliorate effects of ocean acidification in a solar-powered animalSue-Ann Watsonyes, P->O
S210158Sue-Ann WatsonOral Ocean acidification alters marine invertebrate behaviour via neural impairmentSue-Ann Watson, Blake L. Spady, Sjannie Lefevre, Paolo Domenici, Göran E. Nilsson and Philip L. Mundayyes
S210137Tullio RossiOral Ocean acidification causes disorientation in fish larvae during critical settlement stage T. Rossi, I. Nagelkerken, J.C.A. Pistevos S.D. Simpson, S-A. Watson, P.L. Munday, P. Fraser, and S.D. Connellyes
S29895Uta PassowOral Ocean acidification, warming and the biological carbon pumpUta Passowyes
S210266Suchana ChavanichOral pH monitoring in the upper Gulf of Thailand and effect on early development and settlement of corals, Acropora millepora and Pocillopora damicornis Suchana Chavanich, Wipada Lalitpattarakit, Narainrit Chinfak, Suppakarn Jandang, Pataporn Kuanui, Somkiat Khokiattiwong and Voranop Viyakarnyes, P->O
S210056Julien PalmiériOral Simulated anthropogenic CO2 storage and acidification of the Mediterranean Sea.Julien Palmiéri, James Orr, Jean-Claude Dutay, Karine Béranger, Anke Schneider, Jonathan Beuvier, Samuel Somotyes
S210185Marta S. PimentelOral The effect of ocean warming and acidification on the aerobic and anaerobic metabolic potential of fish early life stagesMarta S. Pimentel, Filipa Faleiro, Jorge Machado, Myron A. Peck, Hans Pörtner, Rui Rosayes
S29892Sean D. ConnellOral The other ocean acidification problem: CO2 as a resource among competitors for ecosystem dominance Sean D. Connellyes
S210033John K. PinnegarOral Who are the most vulnerable? – a global assessment of exposure, sensitivity, adaptive capacity and vulnerability to ocean acidification.John K. Pinnegar, Silvana Birchenough and Nick K. Dulvyyes
S29859Jean-Pierre GattusoPlenary Ocean acidification: knowns, unknowns and perspectivesJean-Pierre Gattusoyes
S29889Adriana R. PerrettiPoster A 12 ka history about changes in deep ocean carbonate chemistry and its effects on foraminiferal tests Adriana R. Perretti, Cristiano M. Chiessi, Cintia Yamashita and Silvia H. M. Sousayes
S210273Aniko Zseni and Eva V. Pestine RaczPoster Acidification of Europe's seas: an overview based on the European Climate Adaptation DatabaseAniko Zseni and Eva V. Pestine Raczyes
S29796Mary Chris LagumenPoster Assessment of acidification and eutrophication in the coastal waters of Bolinao, Pangasinan, PhilippinesMary Chris Lagumen and Maria Lourdes San Diego-McGloneyes
S29956Etelvina FigueiraPoster Biochemical and metabolomic alterations in the invasive clam Venerupis philippinarum when exposed to salinity changes Etelvina Figueira, Cátia Velez, Vanessa Carregosa, Joana Pinto2, Sara Pereira, Ana Gil, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares and Rosa Freitasyes
S29984Dominika BrulińskaPoster Effect of elevated carbon dioxide concentrations on the growth of estuarine bivalve Macoma balthica from the Baltic SeaDominika Brulińska, Adam Sokołowski and Zuzanna Mirnyyes
S210070Visnu C. SarmentoPoster Effects of seawater acidification on a coral reef meiofauna communityVisnu C. Sarmento, Tarciane P. Souza, André M. Esteves and Paulo J. P. Santosyes
S210198Tarciane P. SouzaPoster Effects of seawater acidification on a coral reef Nematoda communityTarciane P. Souza, Visnu C. Sarmento, André M. Esteves and Paulo J. P. Santosyes
S29952Rosa FreitasPoster Effects of seawater acidification on Diopatra neapolitana (Polychaete, Onuphidae) performance: biochemical and regenerative capacity responsesRosa Freitas, Adília Pires, Anthony Moreira, Ângela Almeida, Cátia Velez, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares and Etelvina Figueirayes
S29822Jose A. FernandesPoster End-to-end assessment of ocean warming and acidification on fisheries: from experiments and models to economic and social impactsJose A. Fernandes, Eleni Papathanasopoulou, Ana M. Queirós, William W. W. L. Cheung, Andrew Yool, Yuri Artioli, Nicola Beaumont, Stephen Widdicombe1, Melanie Austen, Manuel Barange, Caroline Hattamyes
S29953Rosa FreitasPoster How life history influences the responses of the clam Scrobicularia plana to the combined impacts of pH decrease and carbamazepineRosa Freitas, Ângela Almeida, Vânia Calisto, Cátia Velez, Anthony Moreira, Rudolf Schneider, Valdemar Esteves, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares and Etelvina Figueira yes
S29836Kannan GunasekaranPoster Impact of ocean acidification on marine clownfish sperm behaviour and fertilization of Amphiprion sebaeKannan Gunasekaran, Deivasegamani Selvam, Renganathan Mahesh and Ayyappan Saravanakumaryes
S29996Laura SordoPoster Long-term effects of ocean acidification on free-living coralline algaeLaura Sordo, Rui Santos, Isabel Barrote and João Silvayes
S210108Rui ZhangPoster Response of bacterioplankton interaction to acidification in the Arctic Ocean revealed by phylogenic molecular ecological networksRui Zhangyes
S210186Marta S. PimentelPoster Sparus aurata and Argyrosomus regius early life stages responses to ocean warming and acidification Marta S. Pimentel, Filipa Faleiro, Gisela Dionísio, Jorge Machado, Mário Diniz, Pedro Pousão-Ferreira, José R. Paula, Myron A. Peck, Hans Pörtner, Rui Rosayes
S210207Mônica Wallner-KersanachPoster The submarine groundwater process, the biological pump and the CO2 fluxes on the Brazilian southeastern and southern shelfMônica Wallner-Kersanach, Luis Felipe Niencheski, Carlos de Andrade, Karina Attisano, Kayla Lima, Camila Sukekava, Leonardo Contreira, Daniel Costa, Joselene de Oliveira, Eunice Machado, Alice Costa, Rodrigo Kerr, Luiza Dy Costa and Iarema Carvalhoyes
S210193Jannine M.L. AvilaPoster Variations of AT, CT and pH in Indian Austral Ocean between 2005 and 2010 in response to cooling and evaporationJean-Philippe Savy, Olivier Marcou, Alan Poisson, Nathalie Poisson, Franck Touratier, Catherine Goyet and Jannine M.L. Avilayes
S29993Helmuth ThomasWithdrawalREP-2Carbon Cycling and pH regulation on the Scotian Shelf, NW AtlanticHelmuth Thomas and the Scotian Shelf teamno, cancel poster yes
S210011Karol KulinskiWithdrawal Dissolved organic matter – a missing component of the acid-base system of seawaterKarol Kulinski, Bernd Schneider, Karoline Hammer, Detlef Schulz-Bullno, cancel talk yes
S210199Ana Claudia RodriguesWithdrawal Effect of ocean acidification in the ecophysiology and ultrastructure of Halodule wrightii Ascherson – an evaluation in a tropical mesocomGeniane Schneider, Paulo Horta, Camilla Reis, Isabel Brandalise, José Bonomi Barufi, Ana Claudia Rodriguesno-show poster yes
S210172Betina G. Rodrigues AlvesWithdrawal Effects of ocean acidification on biogeochemical processes in marine sediments: In situ and Laboratory experiments Betina G. Rodrigues Alves and Paulo Yukio Gomes Sumidano, cancel talk yes
S210210Wei-dong ZhaiWithdrawal Influence of terrestrial inorganic carbon inputs on continental shelf carbonate system: Implication on vulnerabilities to the potentially negative effects of ocean acidification in China SeasWei-dong Zhai, Li-guo Guo, Zong-pei Jiang, Di Qi, Yi Xu and Xiao Huang no, cancel talk yes
S29851Rosa FreitasWithdrawal The challenge of pH decrease to the Polychaete Diopatra neapolitana: biochemical and regenerative capacity responsesRosa Freitas, Adília Pires, Anthony Moreira, Roberto Martins, Ângela Almeida, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares and Etelvina Figueira yes yes
S210165Peter ThorWithdrawal Transgenerational buffering alleviates severe effects of ocean acidification in a ubiquitous planktonic copepodPeter Thor, Sam Dupont, Pierre De Witno, cancel talk yes
S310030Maeve C LohanInvited The role of the Southern Ocean export in the biogeochemical cycling of zinc, cadmium and cobalt in the Atlantic OceanMaeve C. Lohan, Neil Wyatt, Derek Vance, Susuan H. Little, Ye Zhao, Rob Middag and Hein deBarryes
S310014Géraldine SarthouOral High variability of dissolved iron concentrations in the vicinity of the Kerguelen Island (Southern Ocean)Géraldine Sarthou, Fabien Quéroué, Fanny Chever, Pier van der Merwe, Delphine Lannuzel, Ashley T. Townsend, Eva Bucciarelli, Hélène F. Planquette, Marie Cheize, Stéphane Blain, Francesco d’Ovidio, and Andy R. Bowieyes
S310155Konstantin ChoumilineOralREP-2Historical trends in hypoxia of the southeastern Gulf of California: 18,000 year record within Pescadero Basin sedimentsKonstantin Choumiline, Timothy Lyons, Ligia Perez-Cruz, Marisol Escorza-Reyes yes, P->O
S310064Pedro EchevesteOral Interactions of persistent organic pollutants with marine phytoplankton in temperate and polar seawatersPedro Echeveste, Cristóbal Galbán-Malagón, Jordi Dachs and Susana Agustíyes
S310065Sari L. C. GieringOral Potential changes in iron availability through long-term changes in zooplanktonSarah L. C. Giering, Sebastian Steigenberger, Eric P. Achterberg, Richard Sanders, Daniel J. Mayoryes
S39862Yongwen GaoOral Stable isotopic records of otoliths and clam shells in detecting the climate change and the effects of ocean acidificationYongwen Gaoyes
S310204Leonardo Contreira-PereiraOral Study of the sources of iron to the southern Brazilian coast and adjacent ocean.Leonardo Contreira-Pereira, Carlos Andrade, Karina Attisano, Kayla Lima, Mariele Paiva, Gabriel Karagiannis, Cátia Von-Ahn, Daniel Costa, Luis Felipe Niencheskiyes
S39933Vanessa HatjeOral Temporal and spatial gradients of anthropogenic Gd in San Francisco Bay Vanessa Hatje, Kenneth W. Bruland and A. Russell Flegalyes
S310023Micha J. A. RijkenbergPlenary Bio-essential and pollutant trace metals in a changing Atlantic OceanMicha J. A. Rijkenbergyes
S310270Etelvina FigueiraPoster Biochemical and metabolomic alterations in the invasive clam Venerupis philippinarum when exposed to salinity changes and Arsenic contaminationEtelvina Figueira, Cátia Velez, Luís Salamanca, Paulo Cardoso, Silvia Rocha, Amadeu M.V.M. Soares and Rosa Freitasyes
S39872Jasmin G. JohnPosterREP-3Fingerprints of centennial climate change on ocean biogeochemistryJasmin G. John, John P. Dunne and Charles A. Stockyes
S310174Kirsten IsenseePosterREP-4IGMETS: Assessing global oceanic changes one time-series at a timeKirsten Isensee, Laura Lorenzoni, Todd O’Brien and Luis Valdésyes
S39916Natalia Ospina-AlvarezPoster Land-sea boundary as a reference for analysis of environmental changes: Sinking particle fluxes of metals and organic matter in a mesotrophic pristine coastal systemNatalia Ospina-Alvarez, Ricardo Prego and Manuel Varelayes
S39780Silvia K. KawakamiPoster Natural and anthropogenic sedimentary organic compounds in the Guajará Bay, an urbanized Amazonian coastal system (Pará, North Brazil)Silvia K. Kawakami, Heyde Gomes, Camila Evangelista, Leonardo Melo and Rafael Aquinoyes
S39964Lucia H. VieiraPoster Ra isotopes as tracers of iron (Fe) sources supplying the phytoplankton blooms under the ice in the Arctic OceanLucia H. Vieira, Eric P. Achterberg, Michiel M. Rutgers van der Loeff, Jan Scholten and Joaquin Pampin Baroyes
S310053Alex AguilarWithdrawal Baleen whales (Mysticeti) as tracers of global changeAlex Aguilar, Asunción Borrell and Morgana Vighino, cancel poster yes
S310216Helmuth ThomasWithdrawal Evaluating North Sea carbon sources using radiogenic (224Ra and 228Ra) and stable carbon isotope (δ13CDIC) tracersWilliam Burt, Helmuth Thomas, Mathilde Hagens, Nikki Clargo, Heiko Brenner, Johannes Pätschno, cancel poster yes
S310226Julianna Ma. de A. MartinsWithdrawal Guanabara Bay organic matter flux and its influence in the adjacent continental shelfJulianna Ma. de A. Martins, Renato da Silva Carreira, Elizabeth A. Canuel and Erin Fererno-show no, by Renato Carreira yes
S39925Luis Felipe NiencheskiWithdrawalREP-1Nutrient Transport, Cycles and Fate along the Coasts of Southern BrazilLuis Felipe Niencheskino, cancel poster yes
S410043Anirban AkhandDeclined Decadal change of sea surface height in relation to sea surface temperature and rainfall in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian SeaAnirban Akhand, Partho Pratim Mondal, Abhra Chanda, Sudip Manna and Sugata Hazra? yes
S410013Shin-ichi ItoInvited Regional models for projections of climate change impacts on small pelagic fishes in the western North Pacific.Shin-ichi Ito, Takeshi Okunishi, Taketo Hashioka, Takashi T. Sakamoto, Naoki Yoshie, Kosei Komatsu, Akinori Takasukayes
S410087Angelica PenaOral A regional biogeochemical climate model for the British Columbia continental shelfAngelica Peña, Diane Masson, Mike Foremanyes
S49886Illarion MironovOral Comparison numerical models results and hydrographic data in the Atlantic OceanIllarion Mironov, Aleksander Demidovyes
S49805Edson, J R PereiraOral Downscaling the 1990-2100 ocean climate projections for the Arabian GulfEdson,JR,Pereira Ilana Waineryes
S410238Ivonne OrtizOral Fish movement and distribution drivers in a climate to fisheries model for the Bering SeaIvonne Ortiz, Kerim Aydin and Al Hermannyes
S410028Jonathan TinkerOral Marine climate projections for the NW European shelf seas: dynamically downscaling a perturbed physics ensemble to explore climate uncertainty and temporal response.Jonathan Tinker, Jason Lowe, Jason Holt and Rosa Barcielayes
S410206Rodrigo Silvestre MartinsOral Reviewing the use of computer-based modelling to study squid larval dispersal: experiences from South Africa and BrazilRodrigo Silvestre Martinsyes
S49908Tarumay Ghoshal Oral ROMS Hindcast Experiments on BOB’s Extreme Events with Daily Forcing InputTarumay Ghoshal and Arun Chakrabortyyes
S49977Charles StockOral Trophic amplification of ocean productivity trends in a changing climateCharles A. Stock, John P. Dunne, and Jasmin G. Johnyes
S410037Fedor N. GippiusOral Wind wave regime of the Baltic, Black and Caspian seasFedor N. Gippius, Alisa Yu. Medvedeva, Elena A. Malyarenko, Victor S. Arkhipkin, Stanislav A. Myslenkov, Galina V. Surkovayes
S410009Arne BiastochPlenary The potential of nested ocean modelingArne Biastochyes
S49935Jinkun YANGPoster Mode Analysis of Indian-Pacific Sea Surface Temperature AnomalyJinkun YANG and Yulong LIUyes
S49837Jose A. FernandesPosterREPMultivariate comparison of modelled and realised changes in fish abundance and distribution in response to climateJose A. Fernandes, Simon Jennings, Steve Simpson, Louise Rutterford, William W.L. Cheung, Manuel Barange, Alastair Grantyes
S49760Ana M. QueirósPoster Scaling up experimental ocean acidification and warming research: from individuals to the ecosystemAna M. Queirós, José A. Fernandes, Sarah Faulwetter, Joana Nunes, Samuel P. S. Rastrick, Nova Mieszkowska, Yuri Artioli, Andrew Yool, Piero Calosi, Christos Arvanitidis, Helen S. Findlay, Manuel Barange, William W. L. Cheung and Stephen Widdicombeyes
S49806Edson, JR, PereiraPoster The Antarctic Coastal Current (ACoC) and Weddell Circulation System: Climate projections downscaled for the Atlantic sector of the Southern OceanEdson, JR, Pereira Ilana Waineryes
S49821S. SharmilaWithdrawal Climate change impacts on Indian summer extreme monsoon variabilityS. Sharmila, A.K. Sahai, S. Joseph, S. Abhilash, and R. Chattopadhyayno, cancel poster yes
S410254Chikka Kalyani DevasenaWithdrawal Estimation of variabilities of sea level and current in the Indian Ocean using Geosat Altimeter DataChikka Kalyani Devasenano, cancel poster yes
S410255Romeo Saldívar-LucioWithdrawal Historical patterns and predicted thermal scenarios in the Mexican seasRomeo Saldívar-Lucio, Christian Salvadeo, Pablo Del Monte-Luna, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Héctor Villalobos, Daniel Lluch-Belda† , Germán Ponce-Díaz, José Luis Castro-Ortiz, et alno, cancel poster yes
S49771Suman MaityWithdrawalREP-2Simulation of Indian summer monsoon: Sensitivity to cumulus convection using RegCM4S Maity1, M Mandal1 and S Nayak2no, cancel poster yes
S49919Sei-Ichi SaitohWithdrawal The impacts of climate change on marine environment variation to Japanese scallop growth in Funka Bay, Japan using MODIS and OGCMYang Liu, Sei-Ichi Saitoh and Toru Hirawake no-show poster yes
S49985Anuradha RaoWithdrawalREP-3Using a regional-scale shoreline sensitivity ranking system to predict and manage for sea level rise in Pacific CanadaAnuradha S. Rao, Doug Biffard and Nikki Wrightcancel poster, did not confirm yes
S510242Margareth S. CopertinoPlenary Blue carbon ecosystems from South America: the role on carbon sequestration and mitigation of climate changesMargareth S. Copertinoyes
S510045Silvana BirchenoughPoster Blue carbon exchanges and storage: assessing the role of human activities and management implications.Silvana Birchenough1*, Susana Lincoln, Keith Weston and Silke Kroeger.yes
S510194Jannine M. L. AvilaPoster Sea-air carbon dioxide fluxes along 35°S in the South Atlantic Ocean and adjacent continental shelvesJannine M. L. Avila, Rosane G. Ito and Carlos E. A. Garciayes
S510150Kamleshan PillayWithdrawal Can Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) be adapted to Reducing Emissions from Coral Destruction and Degradation (RECDD+)?Kamleshan Pillay, Yanasivan Kisten, Albertus Johannes Smit and David Glassomno, cancel poster yes
S59986Anuradha RaoWithdrawal Filling in the gaps: the role of stewardship groups, coastal communities and partnerships in protecting and restoring blue carbon sinksAnuradha S. Rao and Nikki Wrightno yes
S59843Lucía C. KahlWithdrawal Space variability of sea-air CO2 fluxes in the Patagonian Sea; Seasonal biological and thermal effects on CO2.Lucía C. Kahl, Alejandro A. Bianchi, Ana Paula Osiroff, Diana Ruiz Pino and Alberto R. Piolano-show poster yes
S59928Tiziana Luisetti (by Silvana)Withdrawal The shelf-life of blue carbonTiziana Luisetti, Kerry R. Turner, Martin Johnson, Tim Jickells, Julian Andrews, Maria G. Palmieri, Lucille Paltriguera, Silke Kroeger, Keith Weston, Silvana Birchenough, Dorothee Bakker, Claire Powell and Ruth Parkerno-show poster, no, by Silvana Birchenough yes
S610068Hojjatollah YazdanpanahDeclined Climate change impacts on Apple trees phenology in northeastern parts of IranYazdanpanah H. and Jong Ahn Chun? yes
S69712Tairu SalamiDeclined Interactions between Atmosphere Ecosystem and Ocean Environment around Lagos area of Nigeria. 1Tairu Salami. 2 O.S,Idowu 1 Forecast Office Murtala Mohammed International Airport Ikeja Lagos. 2 Central Forecast Office Nigerian Meteorological Agency, P.M.B 1215, Oshodi Lagos, Nigeria. ? yes
S610019Sanae ChibaInvited Timing is everything? – Climate control on the North Pacific ecosystem phenologySanae Chiba, Mitsuhiro Toratani, Sayaka Yasunaka, Taketo Hashioka, Sonia Batten, Hiroya Sugisakiyes
S69944Anne GoffartOral Control of plankton phenology by climate variation in a Mediterranean coastal area : results from a long-term study (1979-2011)Anne Goffart, Amandine Collignon and Jean-Henri Hecqyes
S69871Inga KristiansenOral Diversity and phenology changes of Calanus in the south-western Norwegian Sea, 1990-2014, linked to ocean climate Inga Kristiansen, Eilif Gaard, Høgni Debes, Bogi Hansen and Sigrún Jónasdóttiryes
S610252Yves-Marie PauletOral From large scale climate variability to individual character changes in coastal invertebrates: the case of NAO and of the daily growth of the scallop, Pecten maximusClément LeGoff, Yves-Marie Paulet, Aurélie Jolivet, Ronan Fablet, Stéphane Pouvreau, Bertrand Chaperon and Christophe Cassousyes
S610086Rebecca G. AschOral Projected mismatches between the phenology of phytoplankton blooms and fish spawning based on the GFDL Earth System Model (ESM2M)Rebecca G. Asch, Charles A. Stock and Jorge L. Sarmientoyes
S610208Andrew J. PershingOral Seasonal forecasts for the timing of lobster landingsAndrew J. Pershing, Katherine E. Mills, Nicholas R. Record, Christina M. Hernandezyes
S69997Rubao JiOral Spatio-temporal variability of synchronicity between ice retreat and phytoplankton blooms in the polar regionsRubao Ji, Yun Li, Stephanie Jenouvrier, Meibing Jin, Julienne Stroeve, Garrett Campbell, Øystein Varpeyes
S610082Anna B. NeuheimerOral The roles of plasticity and adaptation in spawning time of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua): explaining phenology and making predictions in a changing climate. Anna B. Neuheimer, Mark R. Payne and Brian R. MacKenzie no, by Mark Payne and Brian MacKenzie
S69924Michael T. BurrowsOral Velocity and seasonal shift in climate: ecologically relevant indices for predicting changes in species distributions and phenologyMichael T. Burrows, Jorge García Molinos, Benjamin S. Halpern, Anthony J. Richardson, Pippa Moore, Elvira S. Poloczanska, David S. Schoemanyes
S69856Georg H. Engelhard Oral Warmer winters and shifting spawning phenology in soleJennifer I. Fincham, Georg H. Engelhard and Adriaan D. Rijnsdorpyes
S610001Lynda E. ChambersPlenary Phenology responses of southern marine species to climate: impacts and adaptation optionsLynda E. Chambers, Peter Dann, Alistair J. Hobdayyes
S610100Carlos A. CantergianiPoster Annual variability in the composition and abundance of the zooplanktonic communities associated with the upwelling zone in Mejillones Bay (23°S), Northern ChileCarlos A. Cantergiani, Carol González, Guillermo Feliú and Pamela Hidalgo.yes
S69834Ismael Núñez-RiboniPosterREP-1Causes and effects of hydrography changes in the North Sea from the inter-annual to multi-decadal time scalesIsmael Núñez-Riboni and Anna Akimovayes
S69990Yun LiPosterREP-3Changing rhythm of stratification on the Northwest Atlantic shelf: interannual variability and its biological implicationsYun Li, Rubao Ji, Paula S. Fratantoni, Changsheng Chen, Yunfang Sun and Jonathan A. Hareyes
S610127José E. Martinelli Filho Poster Cyclopoid copepods in a subtropical coastal area (Ubatuba, Brazil): growth rates and production.José E. Martinelli Filho ¹ and Rubens M. Lopes 2 yes
S610042Christopher A. GriffithsPosterREP-2Juvenile sandeel growth: an individual's physiological and phenological response to climatic warming. Christopher A. Griffiths, Dr. Beth E. Scott, Dr. Julia Blanchard.yes, can give a talk
S69982Felipe GusmãoPoster Long term zooplankton variability in a South Atlantic coastal channel and its relationship with climatic indicesFelipe Gusmão, Rubens Lopesyes
S610162Arno PõllumäePoster Macrophyte community response to the changing water temperature in a shallow brackish water Kõiguste Bay Arno Põllumäe, Liina Pajusalu and Georg Martinyes
S69809Hongjun SongPoster Plankton biogeography and phenology in the Southern Yellow SeaHongjun Song, Mingzhu Fu, Xinming Pu and Xuelei Zhangyes
S610083Brian R. MacKenzieWithdrawal Climate impacts on migration phenology in a marine-estuarine fish, garfish Belone beloneBrian R. MacKenzie, Mark R. Payne, Bo Jacobsen, Katherine Richardsonyes, not this paper yes
S69844Alexandra TemnykhWithdrawal Seasonal cycles of mesoplankton in different climatic periods in the open coastal waters near Crimea (Black sea)Alexandra Temnykh, Mikhail Silakovno, keep poster for the book yes
S69900Kuzhanthaivel RajaWithdrawal Seasonal variation of parasitic copepods distribution from Indian watersKuzhanthaivel Raja, Ayyapan Saravanakumar, Ramalingam Vijayakumar, Ayyaru Gopalakrishnanno, cancel poster yes
S69774Moses Joel ShimbaWithdrawal Temperature and salinity effects as a climate change impact on flowering of the seagrass H. stipulacea along the coast of Tanzania.Moses Joel Shimbano, cancel poster yes
S710103Susan DaviesDeclined Vertical distribution of fish larvae and dissolved oxygen gradients in the Tropical-Subtropical Convergence region in the Pacific off Mexico Susan Davies1, Laura Sánchez Velasco1 and Emilio Beier2? yes
S710195WaplesInvited Predicting life history changes in marine ecotherms responding to directional climate change and fluctuating productivity regimesRobin S. Waples and Asta Audzijonyteyes
S79887Emily HowellsOral Adaptation of coral symbioses to extreme temperaturesEmily Howells, David Abrego, John Burtyes
S710171Ayako SudaOral Different responses to water temperature in two distinct groups of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) inhabiting around JapanAyako Suda, Yukari Suzuki-Ohno, Mitsuhiko P. Sato, Yoji Narimatsu and Masakado Kawatayes
S710121David AbregoOralREP-3Early survival of coral juveniles and initial uptake of algal symbionts in the world's hottest reefsDavid Abrego, Emily Howellsyes, P->O
S710251Fabiano ThompsonOralREP-1Effects of global changes in health and disease of carbonatic holobiontsFabiano Thompson, Christine Paillard, Yves-Marie Paulet, Flavia Nunes, Stéphanie Bordenave, Gilberto Amado Fo, Leonardo Tavares, Rodrigo Moura, Paulo Salomon, Giselle Cavalcanti, Arthur Silva and Carlos Rezendeyes, P->O
S79945Jorge E. RamosOral Population genetic signatures of a recent marine range extensionJorge E. Ramos, Gretta T. Pecl, Natalie A. Moltschaniwskyj, Jyason M. Semmens, Jan M. Strugnellyes
S710006Andrew Thomas JonesOralREP-2Robust monitoring of genetic effective population size in a changing environmentAndrew Thomas Jones, Shane Lavery, Jennifer Ovenden, You-Gan Wangyes, P->O
S710021Philip L. MundayPlenary Predicting evolutionary responses to climate change in the sea: progress and challengesPhilip L. Mundayyes
S710140Marcela CornejoPoster Effects of hypoxia on nitrogen fluxes of acartia tonsa in the oxygen minimum zone of the eastern south PacificMarcela Cornejo, Pamela Hidalgo, Paula Ruz, Ramiro Riquelme-Bugueño2yes
S710258Einar Eg NielsenWithdrawal Archived DNA reveals distinct population responses to fishing and climate changeSara Bonanomi, Loïc Pellissier, Nina Overgaard Therkildsen, Rasmus Berg Hedeholm, Anja Retzel Dorte Meldrup, Steffen Malskær Olsen, Anders Nielsen, Peter Grønkjær, Christophe Pampoulie, Jakob Hemmer-Hansen, Mary Susanne Wisz and Einar Eg Nielsenno, cancel oral, cannot attend yes
S710157Gibbs KuguruWithdrawalREP-6Assessing genetic diversity of smooth hammerhead sharks, Sphyrna zygaena, in South Africa using microsatellites and mitochondrial DNAGibbs Kuguru, Enrico Gennari, Clint Rhode, Aletta E Bester-van der Merweno, P->O, cancel talk yes
S710017Claire Samantha T. JuanicoWithdrawal Changes in conservation units of some tiger shrimp populations in Southeast AsiaClaire Samantha T. Juanico, Shiao-Wei Huang and Hon-Tsen Yuno-show poster, no, wants to send poster yes
S710151Simo N. MadunaWithdrawalREP-5Genetic structure and demographics of a declining coastal shark, the common smoothhound (Mustelus mustelus) from the South-East Atlantic and South-West Indian OceanSimo N. Maduna, Rouvay Roodt-Wilding and Aletta E. Bester-van der Merweno, cancel poster yes
S710041Enrique Blanco GonzalezWithdrawal Population genetic structure and evolutionary response of local and translocated corkwing wrasse (Symphodus melops) populationsEnrique Blanco Gonzalez, Halvor Knutsen and Per Erik Jordeno, cancel talk yes
S710138Dean C. BlowerWithdrawal What’s biting in 2050? Unifying genetics and demographics to gauge the future of shark fisheries.Dean C. Blower, Paul Butcher, Vic Peddemors, and Jennifer Ovendenno, cancel talk yes
S810093S. Kim JuniperDeclined Cabled ocean observatories and crowd sourcing as tools for studying biodiversity changeS. Kim Juniper, Fabio De Leo, Maia Hoeberechts, Benoît Pirenne, Marjolaine Matabos? yes
S810020Andrei GorbushkinDeclined Evaluation of Atlantic water depth-integrated bioproductivity using ocean color satellite measurements and pycnocline position modeling by high definition 3d baroclinic model of Atlantic oceanAndrei Gorbushkin, Pavel Salyuk, Artyom Sarkisyan and Victor Arkhipkin? yes
S810049Jessica M. SavageDeclined Improved health and resilience in unprotected reefs in CambodiaJessica M. Savage, Patrick E. Osborne, Malcolm D. Hudson? yes
S810262Camilo MoraInvited We punch nature and it will punch us back: human impacts on marine biodiversity and their feedbacksCamilo Morayes
S89831Inês LealOral Acclimation capacity of tropical and temperate coastal organismsInês Leal, Vanessa Mendonça, Diana Madeira, Luís Narciso, Mário S. Diniz, Augusto A.V. Flores and Catarina Vinagreyes
S810269Coleen SucklingOral Antarctic sea urchins can acclimate within months to rapid climate changeColeen Suckling, Melody Clark, Simon Morley and Lloyd Peckyes, P->O
S89929Miranda C. JonesOral Assessing vulnerability of marine species to climate change in the world’s oceans: combining biological traits, climate projections and species distribution modellingMiranda C. Jones and William W.L. Cheungyes
S89971Francisco BarrosOral Beta, alfa and gamma benthic diversity on estuaries: what to expect?Francisco Barrosyes
S89787Giulia GhediniOral Contrasting effects of sustained warming and heat waves on ecosystem resilience: climate variability disrupts producer-consumer relationships decreasing resilience to multiple disturbancesGiulia Ghedini, Bayden D. Russell, Sean D. Connellyes
S810126K. Allison Smith (K.A.S. Mislan)Oral Diversity of blood-oxygen binding traits in the global oceanK. Allison Smith (K.A.S. Mislan), John P. Dunne and Jorge L. Sarmientoyes
S810031Gretta PeclOral Ecological impacts of species range shifts: identifying the good, the bad and the uncertainMartin P. Marzloff, Katell Hamon, Eriko Hoshino, Sarah Jennings, Jessica Melbourne-Thomas, Ingrid van Putten and Gretta Peclyes
S810115Ivan NagelkerkenOral Effects of ocean acidification on marine speciesIvan Nagelkerken and Sean D. Connellyes
S810161Laurene PecuchetOral Environmental pressure drives functional diversity of fish assemblages in a temperate brackish system Laurene Pecuchet, Martin Lindegren, Anna Törnroos and Mark Payneyes
S810112Pedro C. González-EspinosaOral Extreme events of cold water and high light irradiance are responsible of massive bleaching in coral reefsPedro C. González-Espinosa, David A. Paz-García, Eduardo F. Balart and Héctor Reyes-Bonillayes
S810038Elvira PoloczanskaOral Future ecosystem states: linking ecological responses to climatic extremesElvira Poloczanska, Kristen Williams, Steve Crimp and Phil Kokicyes
S810067José R. PaulaOral Future global patterns of marine cleaning interactionsJosé R. Paula, Joana Boavida-Portugal, Alexandra S. Grutter, Miguel B. Araújo and Rui Rosayes
S89923Joana Boavida-PortugalOral Global patterns of Tunas and Billfishes (marlins): present and futureJoana Boavida-Portugal, José R. Paula, François Guilhaumon, Miguel B. Araújo and Rui Rosayes
S810213Malin L. PinskyOral Impacts of climate on marine community structure across North AmericaRyan D. Batt and Malin L. Pinskyyes
S89829Bryony L. TownhillOral Invasive, non-native and nuisance species and how climate change might contribute to their spreadBryony L. Townhill, John K. Pinnegar and Miranda Jonesyes
S89930Rodolfo VöglerOral Long-term climate variability effects on the trophodynamics of a South American temperate estuarine ecosystemRodolfo Vögler,Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez,Diego Lercari,Pablo del Monte-Luna and Danilo Calliariyes
S89978Daniel G. BoyceOral Macroecological patterns of trophic structure and community stability in marine ecosystemsDaniel G. Boyce, Kenneth T. Frank, Boris Worm, and William C. Leggett yes
S810059Claudie BeaulieuOral Marine regime shift detection and attributionClaudie Beaulieu, Renata Stella Khouri, Harriet cole, Stephanie Henson and Andrew Yoolyes
S89803Denlson da Silva BezerraOral Modeling of The Pattern of Mangrove Resistance to Sea-Level RiseDenilson da Silva Bezerra Silvana Amaral Milton Kampel Eduardo Rodrigues Fabricio Brito Silvayes
S89898Eva PlaganyiOral Modelling ecological tipping points and road-testing management strategies for increasing marine ecosystem resilienceÉva E. Plagányi, Timothy Skewes, Alistair Hobday yes
S810061Cosimo SolidoroOral Modelling Mediterranean Sea ecosystem state under contemporary and future climateCosimo Solidoro, Paolo Lazzari, Gianpiero Cossarini, Giovanni Galli, Donata Melaku Canu, Marcello Vichi, Tomas Lovato, Michele Scardi, Simonetta Fraschetti, Corinne Martin and Marianna Giannoulakiyes
S89980Angelo F. BernardinoOral Predicting ecological changes of benthic estuarine assemblages from Marine Ecoregions of Brazil through decadal climatologyAngelo F. Bernardino, Sérgio Netto, Paulo R. Pagliosa, Francisco Barros, Ronaldo A. Christofoletti, Leonir A. Colling, Paulo C. Lana, José Souto R. Filho, Rafaela C. Maia and Tânia M. Costayes
S89880Stephanie HensonOral Rapid emergence of marine ecosystem stressStephanie Henson, Claudie Beaulieu and Jorge Sarmientoyes
S810096Katherine E. MillsOral Size structure, diversity and resilience: observations and predictions in the context of climate changeKatherine E. Mills, Andrew J. Pershing, and Arnault Le Brisyes
S810005Bayden D. RussellOral Surviving in a warming world: acclimation of molluscs to warming is dependent on ocean acidification and thermal variabilityBayden D. Russell and Sean D. Connellyes
S89901Alistair J. HobdayOral Testing a climate adaptation strategy for vulnerable seabirds based on prioritisation of intervention optionsAlistair J. Hobday and Rachael Aldermanyes
S89931Laura J. FalkenbergOral The role of species interactions in determining ecosystem resistance to an increasingly modified worldLaura J. Falkenberg, Bayden D. Russell and Sean D. Connellyes
S89975Johanna YletyinenOral Understanding marine regime shifts: detecting possible changes in structures and functions in coastal and pelagic food websJohanna Yletyinen, Örjan Bodin, Benjamin Weigel, Marie C. Nordström, Erik Bonsdorff, Thorsten Blenckneryes
S89890Lisa Ann LevinPlenary Biodiversity consequences of climate change in the deep oceanLisa Ann Levinyes
S89932Laura J. FalkenbergPoster A novel method to identify the effects of climate change: potential insights for future biodiversity and ecosystem resilienceLaura J. Falkenberg and Craig A. Styanyes
S810267Ian McCarthyPoster Assessing impacts of ocean acidification on energy status of marine invertebratesIan McCarthy, Hana Cox, Mallory Diggens, Yeny Kamaruzzaman, Clara MacKenzie, Ruth Nicholls, Coleen Suckling, Ben Ciotti, Luis Gimenez, Shelagh Malham, Chris Hauton and Nia Whiteleyyes
S810183José R. PaulaPoster Combined effects of climate change and methylmercury exposure on marine fish ecophysiologySofia Francisco, Marta S. Pimentel, José Ricardo Paula, Inês Rosa, Vanessa Madeira, Tiago Repolho, António Marques and Rui Rosayes
S810079Ruy Kenji P. KikuchiPoster Coral bleaching in BrazilZelinda M. A. N. Leão, Ruy Kenji P. Kikuchi, Marília D. M. Oliveirayes
S89959Matthew SandersPoster Effect of ocean acidification on white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) replication in juvenile European lobster (Homarus gammarus). Matthew B. Sanders, Kelly S. Bateman, Craig Stenton, Rose C. Kerr, Grant D., by Silvana Birchenough
S810071Visnu C. SarmentoPoster Effects of climate change scenarios on a coral reef meiofauna communityVisnu C. Sarmento, Tarciane P. Souza, Djamilla S. Andrade, Ítalo S. Azevedo, André M. Esteves and Paulo J.P. Santosyes
S810178Visnu C. SarmentoPoster Effects of increasing seawater temperature on phytal meiofauna communityMarina S. Barroso, Visnu C. Sarmento and Paulo J. P. Santosyes
S810074Jesus S. TroncosoPoster Enlargement and reductions on habitat of sub-tropical and boreal intertidal species of gastropods along Atlantic coast of Iberian Peninsula in a global warming scenarioJesus S. Troncoso, Marcos Rubal, Puri Veiga, Juan Moreira and Isabel Sousa-Pintoyes
S810200Juan I. CanetePoster ESTUARINE NEUSTONIC COMMUNITIES: OCEANOGRAPHIC TOOL TO RELATE CLIMATE CHANGE WITH FLUCTUATION IN SALINITY AT SOUTHERN CHILEAN FJORDSJuan I. Canete1, Carlos. S. Gallardo2, Javier Díaz-Ochoa1, María S. Romero3, Carlos Olave4 & Tania Figueroa1 yes
S89768Pavan KumarPoster Identification of Coral Reef Bleaching Warming in Gulf of Kachchh using Climatology Parameter by Geospatial TechniquesPavan Kumar; Meenu Raniyes
S810054Eva CacabelosPoster Marine assemblages on natural shores and coastal defence structuresEva Cacabelos, Gustavo M. Martins, Richard Thompson, Afonso Prestes, José Manuel N. Azevedo and Ana I. Netoyes
S89934Elvira PoloczanskaPoster Marine Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Report Card for AustraliaElvira Poloczanska, Anthony Richardson and Alistair Hobdayyes
S810268Ian McCarthy Poster Metabolic responses of two species of brachyuran crustaceans to ocean acidification and reduced salinityColeen Suckling, Luis Gimenez, Ian McCarthy, 2Ben Ciotti, James Brown, Chris Hauton and Nia Whiteleyyes
S89860Catarina VinagrePoster Network structure of estuarine food webs – the role of humans and climate changeCatarina Vinagre, Maria J. Costa, Spencer A. Wood, Richard J. Williams, Jennifer A. Dunneyes
S810123Gisela DionísioPoster Ontogenic development of tropical photosynthetic mollusks in a changing oceanMeri Bilan, Gisela Dionísio, Ricardo Calado, Rui Rosayes
S810248Tore JohannessenPoster Predator-prey synergism – a novel perspective in ecologyTore Johannesenyes
S810072Rodolfo F. M. NascimentoPoster Response of Halimeda sp. to a climate change scenarioRodolfo F. M. Nascimento, Visnu C. Sarmento and Paulo J. P. Santosyes
S89830Inês LealPoster Vulnerability of tropical and temperate coastal organisms to climate changeInês Leal, Vanessa Mendonça, Diana Madeira, Luís Narciso, Mário S. Diniz, Augusto A.V. Flores and Catarina Vinagreyes
S810164Carlos Augusto Oliveira de MeirellesWithdrawal Aplysia dactylomela (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from Rocas Atoll (RN – Brazil): where did it go?Carlos Augusto Oliveira de Meirelles, Maurizélia de Brito Silva and Helena Matthews-Casconno-show poster yes
S89937Joseph Sebastian PaimpillilWithdrawal Climate change impacts on hydrodynamic & benthic species of Cochin Backwaters (RAMSAR site) Joseph Sebastian Paimpillil, Balachandran K.K. cancel poster, did not confirm yes
S810212Italo C. C. S. LimaWithdrawal Coral bleaching in a highly turbid environment: A reef monitoring through 2 years in an equatorial coast (NE, Brazil)Italo C. C. S. Lima, Marcelo O. Soaresno-show poster yes
S89968Makamas SutthacheepWithdrawal Coral Reef Resilience to Climate Change in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman SeaMakamas Sutthacheep, Thamasak Yeemin, Kazuhiko Sakai, Sittiporn Pengsakun, Wanlaya Klinthong and Charernmee Chamchoyno-show poster yes
S810047W.A. S. ChamikaWithdrawal Current status of microbial activity at Pareviwella reef Tangalle southern Sri LankaW.A. S. Chamika, M.B.M. Fayas, G.G.E.M. Gunasekara, I.M.I.S.B. Gunathilake, I.P.S. Chandrasiri and M.F.M. Fairozno-show poster yes
S89987Shivanagouda .N. SanagoudraWithdrawal Environmental relationship of benthic fauna in the near shore waters off Gulf of Kutch, north west coast of IndiaShivanagouda .N. Sanagoudra*, U. G. Bhatno, cancel poster yes
S810051Talia SherrardWithdrawal Exploring hidden habitats: Developing coastal defence structures as surrogate habitats for coastal communitiesTalia Sherrard, Patrick Osborne, Stephen Hawkins, Matilda Kitou and Peter Barfieldno, cancel poster yes
S89938Alagarsamy SakthivelWithdrawal Histological and scanning electron microscopic studies on internal parasite Echinorhynchus sp in yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares)Alagarsamy Sakthivel, Periyasamy Selvakumar and Ayyaru Gopalakrishnanno-show poster yes
S810167Sanna DurgappaWithdrawal Impact of Climate Change on Marine Biodiversity in West Coast of India Sanna Durgappa and Nitish Venkateshwaraluno-show poster yes
S89958Arif Azad, S.Withdrawal Impact of co-management approaches to the management and implication on Sundarbans fisheries resources in BangladeshMustafa, Md.Golam and Arif Azad,, cancel poster yes
S89946Tahira Ruby Withdrawal Impact of Environmental Pollutants on Aquatic Macro-Invertebrate Diversity at Gwadar Port, Pakistan1Tahira Ruby and 2Aleem Ahmed Khanno, cancel poster yes
S810149Sun W. KimWithdrawal Increasing number of tropical species encounters in temperate Korean waters: a response to climate change?Sun W. Kim, Mooyong Chung, Heung-sik Parkcancel poster, did not confirm yes
S810264Patricia MiloslavichWithdrawal Measuring biodiversity changes in rocky shores along the coasts of South AmericaPatricia Miloslavich et alno, cancel talk yes
S810144Andrian P. GajiganWithdrawal Microbial community structure in the Benham Rise, Philippines, Western Pacific OceanAndrian P. Gajigan, Aletta T. Yñiguez, Gil S. Jacinto, Cesar L. Villanoy, Cecilia G. Conacono, cancel poster yes
S810163Helena Matthews-CasconWithdrawal Population density of Bursatella leachii (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in three estuaries of Ceará State, Northeast BrazilHelena Matthews-Cascon, Hilton de Castro Galvão Filho and Carlos Augusto Oliveira de Meirelles no-show poster yes
S89950Ayyaru GopalakrishnanWithdrawal Prevalence and pathological investigations of neoplasia in oil Sardine (Sardinella longiceps) of south east coast (Bay of Bengal) of India Ayyaru Gopalakrishnan, Kushanthaivel Raja, Vijayaboopathi Singaravel, Periyasamy Selvakumar no, cancel poster yes
S810260Kenneth R.N. AnthonyWithdrawal Resilience-based management - a lifeline for coral reefs under global environmental changeKenneth R.N. Anthonyno, cancel talk yes
S810237Daniel J MayorWithdrawal The metabolic response of marine copepods to environmental warming, ocean acidification and food deprivationDaniel J. Mayor, Ulf Sommer, Kathryn B. Cook, Mark R. Viantno-show oral yes
S910036Shettima Bulama MustaphaDeclined Analysis of Farmer Livelihoods under Climate Change and Adaptation at the Shores of Lake Chad, Nigeria S.B. Mustapha; A.A. Ibrahim, Y.L.Idrisa1 and Gwary, D.M. ? yes
S99960Jason S LinkInvited Moving parts of the food web: detecting and predicting climate-induced migratory changes to structure, function, resilience and production of marine ecosystemsJason S. Linkyes
S99891Brian MacKenzieOral A cascade of warming impacts brings bluefin tuna to Greenland watersBrian R. MacKenzie1, Mark R. Payne, Jesper Boje, Jacob L. Høyer, Helle Siegstadyes
S910026Susa NiiranenOral Does body-size matter when marine systems face climate change?Susa Niiranen, James Watson and Thorsten Blenckneryes
S910249Tore JohannessenOralREP-1Empirical evidence suggests that global warming may induce abrupt shifts in plankton communities and subsequent recruitment failure in fishesTore Johannessenyes, P->O
S910012Xochitl CormonOral Evaluation of potential trophic impacts from hake (Merluccius merluccius) emergence in the North Sea.Xochitl Cormon, Alexander Kempf, Khalef Rabhi, Manuel Rouquette, Youen Vermard, Morten Vinther and Paul Marchal yes
S910182Thorsten WernerOral Krill worldwide: A comparison of hypoxia tolerances of euphausiid species from Atlantic, Pacific and Polar regionsThorsten Werner, Nelly Tremblay, Kim Hünerlage and Friedrich Buchholzyes
S99906Hjálmar HátúnOral Labrador Sea convection blows life to the northeastern AtlanticHjálmar Hátún, Katja Lohmann, Daniela Matei, Johan Jungclaus, Selma Pacariz, Sólveig. R. Ólafsdóttir, Jón Ólafsson4 and Manfred Bersch. yes
S99839Philipp BrunOral The predictive potential of ecological niche models for plankton in the North AtlanticPhilipp Brun, Thomas Kiørboe, Priscilla Licandro and Mark R. Payneyes
S910247Coleen L. MoloneyPlenary Going nowhere or moving on: how do changes in species distribution impact marine food webs?Coleen L. Moloneyyes
S910239Julie E. KeisterPosterREP-3Consequences of hypoxia on distributions, species composition, predator-prey interactions, and energy flow in a pelagic marine ecosystemJulie E. Keister, Tim E. Essington, Mei Sato, John K. Horne, Sandra L. Parker-Stetter, and Amanda K. Winans yes
S99915Holger AuelPosterREP-2Impact of hypoxia on zooplankton communities in the subtropical and tropical Atlantic OceanHolger Auel, Maya Bode, Flavia Höring, Lena Teuber, Wilhelm Hagen and Anna Schukatyes
S99912Wilhelm HagenPoster Life strategies and dietary interactions of copepods in the northern Benguela upwelling systemWilhelm Hagen, Anna Schukat, Holger Auelyes
S910259Myron A. PeckWithdrawal Advancing tools to examine climate-driven changes in trophic coupling: Physiological-based modelling of early life stages of North Sea fishesMyron A. Peck, Marc Hufnagl, Klaus Huebert, Markus Kreusno-show oral yes
S910097Katherine E. MillsWithdrawalREP-4Integrating species distribution, phenology, body size, and abundance to evaluate climate impacts on marine trophic interactions Katherine E. Mills, Andrew J. Pershing, Christina Hernandez, Janet Nye and Lis Hendersonno-show poster yes
S910125Lisa B. EisnerWithdrawal Spatial and temporal changes in assemblage structure of zooplankton and pelagic fish in the eastern Bering Sea across varying climate conditionsLisa B. Eisner, Elizabeth C. Siddon, Wesley W. Strasburgerno, cancel poster yes
S1010032Mustafa, Md. GolamDeclined Population parameters of important species in Sundarbans ecosystem of Bangladesh Mustafa, Md.Golam.1 and Arif Azad, S.2? yes
S1010039Elvira PoloczanskaInvited Climate change effects on fish and fisheriesElvira Poloczanskayes
S1010263V.KripaInvited Climate change influences on India’s Marine FisheriesV.Kripa, E.Vivekanandan, P.U.Zacharia and A.Gopalakrishnanyes
S1010250Anne B. HollowedOral A framework for evaluating IPCC AR5 projected climate change impacts on Bering Sea (AK) fish and fisheriesAnne B. Hollowed, Kerim Aydin, Al Hermann and Kirstin Holsmanyes
S109927Melissa A. HaltuchOral Assessing the future effects of climate change trends on U.S. west coast sablefish productivity and on the performance of alternative management strategiesMelissa A. Haltuch, Z. Teresa A’mar, Nicholas A. Bond, Juan L. Valeroyes
S109988Vicky WY LamOral Change in global fisheries economics with climate change Vicky W. Y. Lam, William W. L. Cheung and U. Rashid Sumailayes
S109873Tyler D. EddyOral Effects of near-future climate change, fishing, and marine protection on a temperate, coastal ecosystemTyler D. Eddy, Christopher E. Cornwall, Laurent Bopp, Tilla Roy, Beth Fulton and Heike K. Lotzeyes
S109828Bryony L. TownhillOral Fisheries, low oxygen and climate change: integrating physiological data with model projectionsBryony L. Townhill, Julian D. Metcalfe, David A. Righton and John K. Pinnegaryes
S1010027Louise A. RutterfordOral Future fish distributions constrained by depth in warming seasLouise A. Rutterford, Stephen D. Simpson, Simon Jennings, Mark P. Johnson, Julia L. Blanchard, Pieter-Jan Schön, David W. Sims, Jonathan Tinker and Martin J. Genneryes
S1010190Abigail MarshallOral How do alternative models of individual growth affect size-structured population and community responses to climate change and fishing?Abigail M. Marshall, John Pinnegar, Julia L. Blanchardyes
S1010050Paul D. SpencerOral How might environmentally-driven changes in the distribution of arrowtooth flounder affect eastern Bering Sea walleye pollock predation mortality and population projections?Paul D. Spencer, Nicholas A. Bond, Anne B. Hollowed, Stephani Zador, Kirstin Holsman, and Franz J. Mueteryes
S1010232Jean-Baptiste, LecomteOral Linking climate variability to rockfish recruitmentJean-Baptiste Lecomte, Jacquelynne R. King, Andrew M. Edwardsyes
S109894Christopher LynamOral Long-term trends in the biomass of commercial fish in the North Sea: the role of fishing impacts, predator-prey interactions and temperature changeChristopher Lynam, Pierre Helaouet, Christian Möllmann, Marcos Llope, Roddy Mavor, Georgia Bayliss-Brown and Nils-Christian Stensethyes
S109824Jose A. FernandesOral Modelling fish production in Bangladesh under environmental change and socio-economic scenariosJ.A. Fernandes, S. Kay, M.A.R. Hossain, M.Ahmed, W.W.L. Cheung, M. Barangeyes
S109849Kelly Ortega-CisnerosOral Modelling impacts of climate change on fisheries in the southern Benguela system Kelly Ortega-Cisneros and Kevern L. Cochraneyes
S109918Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Potential climate impacts of ocean warming to squid inferred habitat in North Pacific: implications on future resource availabilityIrene Alabia, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Hiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Norihisa Usui, Masafumi Kamachi, Toshiyuki Awaji and Masaki Seito yes
S1010228Alan C. HaynieOral Predicting how climate variation affects the Bering Sea pollock trawl and Pacific cod longline fisheriesAlan C. Haynie and Lisa Pfeifferyes
S1010221Carey R. McGilliardOralREP-2Quantitative tools for predicting fish population dynamics and evaluating alternative harvest strategies under climate change for marine fisheries in AlaskaCarey R. McGilliard, Andre E Punt, Jim Ianelli, Grant Thompsonyes, P->O
S109903Alistair J. HobdayOral Seasonal forecasting as a stepping stone to climate adaptation in marine fisheries and aquacultureAlistair J. Hobday, Claire M. Spillman, J. Paige Eveson and Jason R. Hartogyes
S1010222Joana Boavida-PortugalOral Small pelagics and climate changeJoana Boavida-Portugal, José R. Paula, François Guilhaumon, Miguel B. Araújo and Rui Rosayes
S1010010Josephine Dianne DeaunaOral Temporal variability of upwelling parameters in the Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines and its relationship with sardine productionJosephine Dianne Deauna, Olivia Cabrera, Patrick Pata, Cesar Villanoy, Roselle Borja, Laura David, Asuncion de Guzmanyes
S109827Nick CaputiOral The effect of an extreme marine heat wave on invertebrate fisheries in Western AustraliaNick Caputi, Ainslie Denham, Mervi Kangas, Ming Feng, Alan Pearce, Yasha Hetzel, Arani Chandrapavan.yes, P->O
S109857Georg H. EngelhardOral What the world’s longest fish size time-series can tell us about climate change, fishing, eutrophication and war: North Sea plaice, 1902 to nowGeorg H. Engelhard, John K. Pinnegar and Ewan Hunteryes
S109907Patrick LehodeyPlenary Forecasting climate change impacts on large pelagic fish populations and fisheries: progress, uncertainties and research needsPatrick Lehodey, Inna Senina, Simon Nicol, John Hampton, Anna Conchon, Anne-Cecile Dragon, Olivier Titaud, Beatriz Calmettes, Olivier Aumont, Morgane Dessert, Thomas Gorgues and Christophe Menkesyes
S1010153Hwa Hyun LeePoster Buoyancy and vertical distribution of Pacific Mackerel eggs and larvae and its climate change implication for the temporal variability of recruitmentHwa Hyun Lee, Sukyung Kang, Kyungmi Jung, Suam Kim, and Sukgeun Jungyes
S109826Nick CaputiPoster Decline in puerulus settlement in the western rock lobster fishery in Western Australia: a climate change effect? Nick Caputi, Simon de Lestang, Ming Feng, Ainslie Denham, James Penn, Dirk Slawinski, Alan Pearce, Jason Howyes, consider for REP
S1010209Andrew J. PershingPoster Impact of rapid warming on the Gulf of Maine ecosystemAndrew J. Pershing, Katherine E. Mills, Andrew C. Thomas, Nicholas R. Record, Christina M. Hernandezyes
S1010003Alexander ZavolokinPoster Long-term trends in growth of Kamchatka chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) in relationship to climate and salmon abundance, 1927-2012Alexander Zavolokin and Lidia Zavarinayes
S109865Diana PerryPoster Marine shallow water seascapes under a changing climate: a seagrass perspectiveDiana Perry, Thomas Staveley and Martin Gullströmyes
S1010016Shin-ichi ItoPoster Modelling ecological responses of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) to future climate change and its uncertainty.Shin-ichi Ito, Takeshi Okunishi, Michio J. Kishi, Muyin Wangyes
S1010177Walter Hugo Diaz PinayaPoster The Brazilian sardine (Sardinella brasiliensis) landings and its relationship with the marine variability in the Southeast Brazilian Bight (SBB).Walter Hugo Diaz Pinaya and Ronald Buss Souzayes
S1010243Christian SalvadeoWithdrawalREP-3Cyclic changes in the climate of the Mexican PacificChristian Salvadeo, Romeo Saldívar-Lucio, Hector Villalobos, José Luis Castro-Ortiz, Germán Ponce-Diaz, Fernando Aranceta-Garza, José Alberto Zepeda-Dominguez, Luis Almendarez Hernández and Daniel Lluch-Beldacancel poster, did not confirm yes
S109922Oleg V. TitovWithdrawal Forecasting climate change impacts on Northeast Arctic cod recruitment abundance and the experience with their application by the ICES AFWG and SGRFOleg V. Titovno, cancel talk yes
S109999Katherine CureWithdrawalREP-1Geographic patterns in abundance and length-frequency of the Western Australian endemic reef fish Choerodon rubescens (family Labridae) indicate a range shift southKatherine Cure, Euan Harvey, Jean-Paul Hobbs, Timothy Langlois, Dave A. Abdo and Scott Bennettno, cancel poster yes
S109991Arne EideWithdrawal Modelled spatial distribution of the Northeast Arctic cod fishery in the case of climate changeArne Eideno, cancel poster yes
S1010034Thorsten BlencknerWithdrawal Synergistic effects of climate and fisheries on the variability and thresholds of species interactions Thorsten Blenckner, Marcos Llope, and Nils Chr. Stensethno, cancel talk yes
S1110117Deepeeka KaullysingDeclined Climate Change Adaptation and Fishermen in MauritiusBalasaheb G. Kulkarni and Deepeeka Kaullysing? yes
S119727José E. Martinelli FilhoDeclined First record of golden seaweed tides at the Brazilian amazon coast.José E. Martinelli Filho ? yes
S119951Adonis VelegrakisDeclined Generic feature detection in coastal imagery data using a dynamic local neighborhood operatorVasilis Trygonis, Michalis Vousdoukas, Olympos Andreadis, George Ghionis, Anastasios Rigos, Thomas Hasiotis and Adonis Velegrakis yes yes
S1110218Jose J. Barrera-AlbaDeclined Phytoplankton variability in an Antarctic shallow coastal zone during two Austral summer periodsJose J. Barrera-Alba, Denise R. Tenenbaum, Márcio M. B. Tenório? yes
S119875Michelle ReboitaDeclined Relationship of the SST from Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with the precipitation over South AmericaMichelle Reboita, Thomás Magalhães Rosa, Tércio Ambrizzi, Arcilan Assireu? yes
S1110089Ana Carolina A. MazzucoDeclined The influence of cold fronts on larval supply and settlement: study cases of subtropical rocky shores showing the variability at the daily scaleAna Carolina A. Mazzuco, Ronaldo A. Christofoletti, Áurea M. Ciotti and Ricardo Coutinho? yes
S119939Nesar AhmedInvited Climate change vulnerability and adaptation in the low-lying tropics: the case of shrimp farming in coastal BangladeshNesar Ahmedyes
S119995Ingrid van PuttenOral A marine climate change adaptation blueprint for coastal regional communitiesIngrid van Putten, Sarah J. Metcalf, Stewart Frusher, Nadine A. Marshall, Malcolm Tull, Nicholas Caputi, Marcus Haward, Alistair J. Hobday, Neil Holbrook, Sarah Jennings, Gretta Pecl2 and Jenny Shaw yes
S119962Mohammad Mahmudul IslamOral Analyzing climate change impacts through social wellbeing lens: The case of Bangladesh coastal communityMohammad Mahmudul Islamyes
S119808Shang ChenOral Anthropogenic and climate effects on change of marine ecological capitalShang Chen, Tao Xia, Yi Xiao and Zhiquan Caoyes
S119816Sibananda SenapatiOral Climate change and vulnerable communities: a study on coastal fisheries from IndiaSibananda Senapatiyes
S1110099Débora De FreitasOral Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Societies and Infrastructure – assessing risk against a changing population in the north coast of São Paulo, BrazilDébora De Freitas, Wilson Cabral de Sousa Jr., Carlos Eduardo Nakao Inouye, Rafael de Oliveira Sakaiyes
S1110188Carla I. ElliffOral Considerations on the potential of increase in coastal vulnerability in Tinharé and Boipeba Islands, Bahia, Brazil, in face of climate changeCarla I. Elliff and Ruy K.P. Kikuchiyes
S119973Jenny ShawOral Fishers Adapting to Change: a cascade of climate, environment, management, economic and social changesJenny Shaw, Laura Stocker and Nick Caputiyes
S1110129James A.E. HowardOral Social vulnerability of coastal communities to climate change: a Southern hemisphere comparisonJames A.E. Howard, Shankar Aswani, Mary Gasalla, Sarah Jennings, Willem Malherbe, Ivan Martins, R. Narayanakuma, Shyam S. Salim, P. S. Swathilekshmi and Ingrid van Puttenyes
S1110141William W. L. CheungOral Transforming fisheries management to build climate-resilience in seafood security of coastal countriesWilliam W. L. Cheung, Vicky W. Y. Lam, Miranda Jones, Dana Miller and U. Rashid Sumailayes
S1110244Edward H AllisonPlenary From climate physics to coastal people: what do we know about climate change and its potential impacts on coastal populations?Edward H Allisonyes
S119867Balasaheb G KulkarniWithdrawal Climate Change Adaptation and fishermen in Mauritius Balasaheb G. Kulkarni and Deepeeka Kaullysingno, cancel talk yes
S119436S.K.SharmaWithdrawal Climate change and its impacts on coastal areas in IndiaS.K.Sharmano, cancel poster yes
S119905Shyam.S.SalimWithdrawal Climate Change Vulnerability: Assessment, and Adaptation among coastal fishers- Lessons and Experience from India Shyam.S.Salim*, Swathilakhsmi.P.S , Johnson.B, Geetha.R , Mohammed Koya , Shubhdeep Ghosh, Muktha. M, Rajendra Naik, V.Kripa and , P.U.Zachariahno yes
S119813S.K. SharmaWithdrawal Climate Refugees – a case study from IndiaDr. S.K. Sharmano, cancel poster yes
S119840Chang SeungWithdrawal Estimating economic impacts of ocean acidification for an Alaska crab fisheryChang Seung1, Michael Dalton1, André Punt2, Dusanka Poljak2, and Robert Foy1no, cancel talk yes
S1110073Adonis VelegrakisWithdrawal Evaluation of climate change impacts on the sea-turtle nesting beaches of Zakynthos National Marine Park, GreeceFotis Psarros, Isavela Monioudi, Olympos Andreadis, Thomas Hasiotis, Adonis Velegrakis, Antonis Hatzipavlis, Vasilis Trygonis and Charalambos Dimitriadisno-show oral yes
S119949Shadananan NairWithdrawal Impact of climate change on the coastal communities in IndiaShadananan Nairno, cancel talk yes
S119817Shailendra Kumar MandalWithdrawal Local adaptation and mitigation measures for addressing the potential vulnerability of Indian coastal communities to the Impacts of Climate ChangeShailendra Kumar Mandal and Kamini Sinhacancel poster, did not confirm yes
S119769Md. Shariful IslamWithdrawal Potential of crab harvesting and fattening as sources of sustainable climate resilience for the coastal people in southwest BangladeshMd. Shariful Islam, Md. Abdul Wahab and Shahroz Mahean Haqueno, cancel poster yes
S129823Jose A. FernandesDeclined Modelling the economic impact of non-indigenous species arising from biofouling and ballast water within the shipping industry in European seasJose A. Fernandes, Lionel Santos, Thomas Vance, Tim Fileman, David Smith, John Bishop, Frederique Viard, Ana M. Queirós, Gorka Merino, Erik Buisman and Melanie Austen? yes
S1210261Kao SochiviInvited Fisheries Management and Climate Change Responses in CambodiaKao Sochiviyes
S129790Ana M QueirósOral Carbon Capture and Storage impacts on marine systems: are local impacts good return for global mitigation?Ana M Queirós and Steve Widdicombeyes
S1210040Thomas SaffordOral Climate change, science, and mariculture management in the United States and BrazilThomas Safford, Megan Henly and Michelle Renkyes
S1210069Linus HammarOral Effects of Climate Change on the world’s oceans are not important in current marine managementLinus Hammaryes
S129546Marcus HawardOral Governance challenges for marine climate hotspotsMarcus Hawardyes
S1210159Stewart FrusherOral Informing ecosystem-based management of the range extending long-spined sea urchin using a structured decision making processLucy M. Robinson, Martin P. Marzloff, Sarah Jennings, Stewart Frusher, Sam Nicol, Gretta Pecl, Ingrid Van-Putten, Alistair Hobday, Marcus Haward, Sean Tracey and Klaas Hartmannyes
S129863Leo X.C DutraOral Institutional and organizational mapping - a powerful approach to identify opportunities and constraints for climate adaptation in fast warming regionsLeo X.C Dutra and Marcus Hawardyes
S1210256Jake RiceOral Managing in times of transition: How policy and management should react to climate changeJake Riceyes
S129893Christopher LynamOral Mixed fisheries and ecosystem based management: trade-offs and the importance of climateChristopher Lynam and Steven Mackinsonyes
S129963Stefan KoenigsteinOral Model-based integration of experimental results and human uses to identify management options for marine ecosystems under climate changeStefan Koenigstein and Stefan Goessling-Reisemannyes
S129998Debora De FreitasOral Uptake and Pathways of Coastal Adaptation Processes in AustraliaDebora De Freitas, Laura Stocker and Richard Kenchingtonyes
S1210002Laura RichardsPlenary Looking back to go forward: Do past management actions foreshadow management responses to climate change?Laura J. Richards, Robin M. Brown, James Christian and Jake Riceyes
S129812Jan-Olaf MeyneckeWithdrawal Adapting whale watching to climate change – a case study from the east coast of AustraliaJan-Olaf Meynecke, Russell Richards, Oz Sahinno, cancel paper wait fin yes
S129847Edward JK. PattersonWithdrawal Coastal habitat rehabilitation for climate change adaptation - Demonstration study in Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu, Southeastern IndiaEdward JK. Patterson, Priya Tripathi, H. Malleshappano, cancel poster yes
S129965Thamasak YeeminWithdrawal Impact of coral bleaching events and adaptive management of tourism in the Thai watersThamasak Yeemin, Watchara Samsuvan, Kanwara Sangmanee, Juthamart Putthayakool, Montaphat Thummasan, Mathinee Yucharoen and Makamas Sutthacheepno-show oral yes
S1210257Keshnee Pillay Withdrawal South African Ocean Monitoring: A new eraKeshnee Pillay no-show poster yes
S129926Ingrid van PuttenWithdrawal Using Best-Worst Scaling to prioritize fisheries adaptation options in a global marine climate change hotspotIngrid Van Putten1 and Sarah Jennings2no, cancel talk yes
GP10181Iole B. M. OrselliPoster A potential tool for detecting Harmful Algal Blooms through remote sensing dataIole B. M. Orselli, Gastón Alurralde, Flavia Delcourt, Leonardo K. Miyashita and Daniel Vallayes
GP10095Lisa PfeifferPoster A Safer Catch? The effects of catch share management on fishing safety Lisa Pfeiffer, Trevor Gratz? By Jan 10
GP10133Rui RosaPoster Are intertidal shrimps more vulnerable to global warming than subtidal ones?Rui Rosa, Ana Rita Lopes, Inês Rosa, Filipa Faleiro, José Ricardo Paula and Tiago Repolhoyes
GP9846Lourianne M. FreitasPoster Calcification response of the coral Montastraea cavernosa (Linnaeus, 1767) to heterotrophy during a bleaching eventLourianne M. Freitas, Ruy K. P. Kikuchi, Marília D. M. Oliveira and Zelinda M. A. N.Leãoyes
GP9870Qingsheng MiaoPoster Climate response and spatial-temporal model on the inter-annual change of winter temperature-salinity in the East China SeaQingsheng Miao, Jinkun Yang, Yang Yang and Ting Yuyes
GP9966Alexey MaximovPoster Climate-driven changes in disturbed marine ecosystem: the case of the Neva EstuaryAlexey A. Maximovyes
GP9807Frédéric K. BonouPoster Distribution of CO2 parameters in the Western Tropical Atlantic OceanFrédéric K. Bonou, Moacyr Araújo, Nathalie Lefèvreyes
GP9914Anna SchukatPoster Downward export of carbon by diel migrant zooplankton in the northern Benguela upwelling system with regard to the OMZAnna Schukat, Thorsten Werner, Holger Auel and Wilhelm Hagenyes
GP9874Maria Eduarda F. MansurPoster Effects of climate change on the extreme wave climate in Espírito Santo (Brazil). Implications to erosion in coastal protected areas. Maria Eduarda F. Mansur, Tiago C. A. Oliveira, Daniel Rigo and Jacqueline Albinoyes
GP10245Carmen RodriguezPoster Estimating the effect of pressure on the TRIS buffer system for in-situ pH measurementsCarmen Rodriguez, Fen Huang and Frank Milleroyes
GP9972Kevern L. CochranePoster Global learning for local solutions: Reducing vulnerability of marine-dependent coastal communitiesKevern L. Cochrane, M. Gasalla, A. Hobday, A. Paytan, E. Popova, H. Razafindrainibe, Shyam S.Salim, C. Savage, W. Sauer, The GULLS Teamno, by Kelly Ortega Cisneros, restored poster
GP10044Patricia G. CardosoPoster How trophic interactions (Littorina obtusata/Ascophyllum nodosum) may be endangered by climate changePatricia G. Cardoso1, Gisela Dionisio2, Maria Aurélio2, Jose Paula2, Tiago Grilo2,3 and Rui Rosa2no, by co-authors
GP9848Raisa de Siqueira AlvesPoster Modes of sea level variability in the South AtlanticRaisa de Siqueira Alves, Angela Hibbert and Harry Leachyes
GP10007Jennifer C.A. PistevosPoster Ocean acidification and global warming impair hunting behaviour and growth in an apex predatorJennifer C.A. Pistevos, Ivan Nagelkerken, Tullio Rossi, Maxime Olmos and Sean D. Connellyes
GP10111Miryam JuarezPoster Paleoproductivity in the northeast Pacific for the last millennium Miryam Juárez1, Antoni Rosell-Mele2, Alberto Sánchez1 and Oscar Gonzalez-Yajimovich3yes
GP10275Adoté Blim BliviPoster Predictions of retreat of coastline up to 2025, 2050, 2075, 2100, Depletion of sand and effect of sea level rise along gulf of Benin in Eastern Atlantic OceanAdoté Blim Bliviyes
GP9825Sara Bojórquez-SánchezPoster Recent accretion rates in coastal seasonal floodplain, as an evidence of Global Change in Veracruz, Mexico.Sara Bojórquez-Sánchez, Ana Carolina Ruiz-Fernández, Ana Judith Marmolejo-Rodríguez, Alberto Sánchez-González, Joan-Albert Sánchez-Cabeza, Ángel Humberto Ruvalcaba-Díaz, Humberto Bojórquez-Leyva and Libia Hascibe Pérez-Bernal.yes
GP10109Tiago DottoWithdrawal A reversion signal of salinity trend in the deep waters of the Bransfield Strait, AntarcticaTiago Dotto, Mauricio Mata and Rodrigo Kerrno, cancel poster yes
GP9876Michelle ReboitaWithdrawal Are the atmospheric cyclones related with Santa Marta Eddies?Arcilan Assireu, Michelle Reboita, Rafael Pereirano, cancel poster yes
GP9833Thulwaneng MashifaneWithdrawal Biogeochemical feedback processes in the oxygen minimum zone of the Benguela upwelling systemThulwaneng B. Mashifane, Howard A. Waldron, Marcello Vichi and Eric Machuno-show poster yes
GP9716Enas FARGHALY Withdrawal Boigeomorphology of Qulaan Lagoon, Red Sea, Eastern Desert, Egypt Magdy TORAB, Enas FARGHALY yes if FIN (cancel, no support) yes
GP10134Sergey AleksandrovWithdrawal Climate change and harmful algal blooms in the Curonian Lagoon of the Baltic SeaSergey Aleksandrovcancel poster, did not confirm yes
GP9878Ali NasrolahiWithdrawal Does global warming impact marine communities differently?Ali Nasrolahi, Maral Khosravi, Maryam Yazdanpanah, Mohamadreza Shokrino, cancel poster yes
GP9810Wondimu Tadiwos HailesilassieWithdrawal Empirical Statistical Modeling for March-May Rainfall Prediction over Southern Nation, Nationalities, and People’s Region of Ethiopia based on Oceanic and Atmospheric SignalsWondimu Tadiwos Hailesilassie and Gizaw Mengistu Tsiducancel poster, did not confirm yes
GP9672Magdy TorabWithdrawal Geomorphic stability of The Nile Delta coastline during 20th centuryMagdy Torabno, cancel poster yes
GP9917P SamantrayWithdrawal Impact of Climate Change across River Estuarine Zone in the Indian Coast P Samantray , K C Gouda and P Goswami cancel poster, did not confirm yes
GP10215Bontogho T. PatriciaWithdrawal Intra-seasonal variability of climate and peasant perception of climate change in central Burkina Faso. [Bontogho T. Patricia, Boubacar Ibrahim , Barry Boubacar,Jorg Helmschrot ]no, cancel poster yes
GP9800João N. FrancoWithdrawal Kelps across the Portuguese coast: evidence of top-down and bottom-up influencesJoão N. Franco, Thomas Werberg, Iacopo Bertocci, Francisco Arenas, Brezo Martínez, Pedro Duarte, David Jacinto, Nuno Vasco-Rodrigues, Isabel Sousa-Pinto and Fernando Tuya no, cancel poster yes
GP9814Dr. Andrés H. AriasWithdrawal Marine coastal time series expose underlying changes during the last 40 yearsAndrés H. Arias, Ana L. Oliva, Pamela Quintas, Rubén H. Freije and Jorge E. Marcovecchiono, cancel poster yes
GP9879Rosamma StephenWithdrawal Marine life facing threats due to ecological and climate change in Cochin Backwater and adjacent coastal waters over the past four decadesRosamma Stephen, Radhika,, cancel poster yes
GP9430Michael Adedotun OkeWithdrawal Over View and Experiences gathering During Boat Tour in Ocean of GhanaMichael Adedotun Okeno-show poster yes
GP10106Guangyi WangWithdrawal Quantitative Analysis of Planktonic Thraustochytrids Using Flow CytometerYingbo Duan, Wenmeng Ma and Guangyi Wangno, cancel poster yes
GP10008D. SamantaWithdrawal Role of monsoon-midlatitude interaction on extremes of Indian monsoonD. Samanta, M. K. Dash and P. C. Pandeyno yes
GP9957P S BarikWithdrawal Study of Climate and its Impact on the Mangrove Distribution across the Indian Coast P S Barik , K C Gouda and P Goswamino, cancel poster yes
GP9845Alexandra TemnykhWithdrawal Synergetic effect of climate change, anthropogenic eutrophication and invaders on plankton community of the Black SeaAlexandra Temnykh, Mikhail Silakovno, keep poster for the book yes
GP10135Sergey AleksandrovWithdrawal The different effect of climate change and mollusc invasion on eutrophication of the lagoon ecosystemSergey Aleksandrov, Lilia Rudinskayacancel poster, did not confirm yes
GP9421Shivesh BerwalWithdrawal Thermal Inertia and its Interaction with the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Surface Urban Heat Island formation over DelhiShivesh Berwalno, cancel poster yes
GP9842Regaudie-de-Gioux, A.Withdrawal UV sensitivity of planktonic net community production in ocean surface watersRegaudie-de-Gioux, A., Agustí, S and Duarte poster yes
W110142William W. L. CheungInvited Projecting changes to living marine resources in an uncertain futureWilliam W. L. Cheung, Rebecca G. Asch, Thomas Frölicher, Miranda Jones, Malin L. Pinsky, Keith Rodgers, Ryan Rykaczewski, Jorge L. Sarmiento, Charles Stock, James R. Watsonyes
W110265Mark R PayneOral A statistical approach to model structural-uncertaintyMark R Payneyes
W19921Lauge B.RasmussenOral Ballast Water management that adapts to climate changes and reduces harmful bio-invasions in marine eco-systemsLauge B. Rasmussen, Mette S. Hansenyes
W110271Manuel BarangeOral Dealing with uncertainty when developing socio-economic scenarios for North Atlantic fisheries futuresManuel Barange, Christian Mullon and Jose Fernandesyes
W110279Philipp NeubauerOral Estimating variability and uncertainty in predatory relationships: a unified Bayesian framework for stable isotopes and fatty acid profilesPhilipp Neubauer and Olaf P. Jensenyes
W19909Ana M QueirósOral Scaling up experimental climate change research: from individuals to the ecosystemAna M Queirós, José Fernandes, William WL Cheung, Manuel Barange and Steve Widdicombeyes
W110272Brian R. MacKenzie Withdrawal A downscaling investigation of multi-model uncertainty of hindcasted and projected regional temperaturesBrian R. MacKenzie and H.E. Markus Meierno-show oral yes
W19947Jason HoltWithdrawal Towards reliable climate impacts projection in shelf seas ecosystems: attributing impacts to climatic driversJason Holt, Sarah Wakelin, Yuri Artioli, Momme Butenschon, Icarus Allenno, cancel talk yes
W110062Cosimo SolidoroWithdrawal Uncertainties of model based assessment of climate change impact on marine ecosystemsCosimo Solidoro, Giorgio Bolzon, Gianpiero Cossarini and Paolo Lazzarino-show oral yes
W2/W69897Rosane G. ItoInvited Ocean acidification studies: the Brazilian contribution Rosane G. Itoyes
W2/W610187Arne KörtzingerInvited Sensing marine carbon and oxygen dynamics with autonomous observation approachesArne Körtzingeryes
W2/W610057Cristian A. VargasInvited Toward the Establishment of a Latin-American Ocean Acidification Network (LAOCA): The Chilean Experience in OA ResearchCristian A. Vargas, Marco Lardies, Bernardo Broitman, Cristian Duarte and Nelson Lagosyes
W2/W610220Silvana BirchenoughInvited Understanding Ocean Acidification: What will be the consequences for commercial species? Silvana Birchenough1*, John, K. Pinnegar, Matthew B. Sanders2 and Jeo Lee.yes
W2/W610169Leticia C. da CunhaOralREP-1A snapshot of the marine CO2-system in three coastal ecosystems in SE Brazil Leticia C. da Cunha, Cíntia W. Coelho, Pedro W. Santos, Ricardo Keim, Helen Soares, Michelle P. Araújo, Cássia de O. Farias, Claudia Hamacheryes, P->O
W2/W610233Paulo HortaOral Ecophysiological responses of Lithothamnion crispatum and Sonderophycus capensis to alterations in temperature, pCO2 and nutrientsPamela Muñoz, Ellie Bergstron, Cintia Martins, Eduardo bastos, Alessandra Fonseca, José Bonomi, Leonardo Rorig, Paulo Hortayes
W2/W69888Adriana R. PerrettiOral Evaluating qualitative dissolution indexes as proxies for ocean carbonate chemistryAdriana R. Perretti, Cristiano M. Chiessi and Ana Luiza S. Albuquerqueyes
W2/W69799Marius N. MullerOral Ocean acidification experiments on coccolithophores under controlled laboratory conditionsMarius N. Mulleryes
W2/W69818Rodrigo KerrOral On the progress of the Brazilian Ocean Acidification Research Group: two years of activitiesRodrigo Kerr, Leticia Cotrim da Cunha and Ruy Kenji Kikuchiyes
W2/W610180Barbara R PinheiroOral Seasonal and diel CO2 fluxes variability at Rocas Atoll-RNBarbara R Pinheiro, Felipe L. Gaspar, Manuel J. Flores-Montes, Nathalie Lefèvreyes
W2/W610085Manfredi ManizzaOral Testing ocean biogeochemical models using combined measurements of atmospheric potential oxygen (APO) and Ar/N2 ratio and oxygen/heat oceanic fluxesManfredi Manizza, L. Resplandy, Sara Mikaloff-Fletcher, C. D. Nevisonyes
W2/W610224Manoela R. de OrteOral The use of multiple lines of evidences to conduct risk assessment in sediments affected by CO2 acidificationManoela R. de Orte, T. Ángel DelValls, Augusto Cesar and Inmaculada Ribayes
W2/W610179Iole B. M. OrselliPosterREP-2An estimate of anthropogenic CO2 distribution in Southwestern AtlanticIole B. M. Orselli, Rodrigo Kerr and Rosane G. Itoyes
W2/W610175Camila Ortulan PereiraPosterREP-3Carbon flows through a coastal benthic community under ocean acidification conditionsCamila Ortulan Pereira, Mauricio Shimabukuro, Arthur Ziggiatti Güth and Paulo Yukio Gomes Sumidayes
W2/W69811Marina T. BotanaPosterREP-4Response of Brazilian phytoplankton to temperature and ocean acidification Marina T. Botana and Marius N. Mülleryes
W310004Phoebe J. LamInvited Observational approaches to the biologically-driven ocean carbon pumpsPhoebe J. Lamyes
W39940Marion GehlenInvited The future of the ocean carbon pumps: a modeling perspective.Marion Gehlenyes
W39868Lionel GuidiPoster A new look at ocean carbon remineralization for estimating deep-water sequestrationLionel Guidi, Louis Legendre, Gabriel Reygondeau, Lars Stemmann, Julia Uitz, Stephanie A. Hensonyes
W310063Sari L. C. GieringPoster Balancing the carbon budget in the twilight zoneSarah L. C. Giering, Richard Sanders, Richard S. Lampitt, Thomas R. Anderson, Christian Tamburini, Mehdi Boutrif, Mikhail V. Zubkov, Chris M. Marsay, Stephanie A. Henson, Kathryn Cook, Daniel J. Mayoryes
W310024Rosabruna La FerlaPoster Carbon dioxide production rates in the Ross Sea (Antarctica) Maurizio Azzaro, Leonardo Langone, Giovanna Maimone and Rosabruna La Ferlayes
W39936Cynthia Hughes PilskalnPoster Carbon pump dynamics and budget for the Northwestern Atlantic shelfCynthia H. Pilskaln, Kazuhiro Hayashi, Zhaohui Wang, Joe E. Salisbury and Douglas Vandemark yes
W310148Ya-Wei LuoPoster Comparison of microbial carbon pump (MCP) in several open ocean stations using an ecosystem modelYa-Wei Luo and Nianzhi Jiaoyes
W310197M Robin AndersonPoster Cumulative effects of climate change and other anthropogenic pressures on ocean carbon pumps M. Robin Anderson and Richard B. Rivkinyes
W310124Charlotte LaufkoetterPoster Drivers of future changes in export efficiency in marine ecosystem modelsCharlotte Laufkoetter, Meike Vogt, Nicolas Gruberyes
W39896Uta PassowPoster Effects of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations on the biological carbon pumpUta Passowyes
W310146Nianzhi JiaoPoster Emerging Needs for Standard Protocols for Core Measurements of the Marine Carbon Sinks Nianzhi Jiao, Yao Zhang, Farooq Azam, Louis Legendreyes
W39976Richard B. RivkinPoster Manna from heaven… Role of aeolian nutrient inputs on carbon pumps in the contemporary and future ocean.Richard B. Rivkinyes
W310145Nianzhi JiaoPoster Marine Ecosystem Experimental Chamber system (MECS) - A powerful tool for scenario studies on climate and environmental changesNianzhi Jiao, Farooq Azam, Louis Legendre yes
W310235Daniel J MayorPoster Microbial gardening in the ocean’s twilight zone: detritivorous metazoans benefit from fragmenting, rather than ingesting, sinking detritusDaniel J. Mayor, Richard Sanders, Sarah L.C. Giering, Thomas R. Andersonyes
W39869Xavier MariPoster On the impact of soot deposition on Carbon pumpsXavier Mari, Markus G. Weinbauer and Louis Legendreyes
W310128K. Allison Smith (K.A.S. Mislan)Poster Particle attenuation simulated using a microbial remineralization modelK. Allison Smith (K.A.S. Mislan), Charles A. Stock, John P. Dunne and Jorge L. Sarmientoyes
W39942Markus G. WeinbauerPoster Role of viral lysis of plankton for the cycling of organic matter Markus G. Weinbaueryes
W310110Feng-Ping WangPoster Roles of archaea in organic matter degradation in marine sedimentsFeng-Ping Wangyes
W39820Rosabruna La Ferla Poster Seasonal and inter-annual changes of microbial activities in the Mediterranean Sea Renata Zaccone, Gabriella Caruso, Maurizio Azzaro, Marcella Leonardi, Giovanna Maimone, Luis Monticelli, Rosabruna La Ferlayes
W39941Jerry TjiputraPoster Sensitivity and regional change of future biological carbon pump to POC flux parameterization Jerry Tjiputra and Jorg Schwingeryes
W39969Gianpiero CossariniPoster The continental shelf pump in the Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea): modeling the interaction between physical processes and the biogeochemical carbon cycle.Gianpiero Cossarini, Stefano Querin and Cosimo Solidoro yes
W39981Adrian BurdPoster The impact of climate change on aggregation and particle flux in the marine environmentAdrian Burdyes
W39838Louis LegendrePoster The microbial carbon pump: potential significance in the globally changing oceanLouis Legendre, Richard B. Rivkin, Markus Weinbauer, Lionel Guidi and Julia Uitzyes
W39864Danling TangPoster Typhoons impacts on sea-air exchanges of CO2 and DO in the South China SeaDanLing Tang*, Louis Legendr, QingYang Sun1 and JinRou Lin yes
W310120Chuanlun ZhangPoster Variability in abundance of the Bacterial and Archaeal 16S rRNA and amoA genes in water columns of northern South China SeaChuanlun Zhang, Haodong Liu, Songze Chen, Chunyan Yang, Wei Xie and Peng Wangyes
W39841Stephanie HensonPoster Variability in efficiency of particulate organic carbon export: A model studyStephanie Henson, Andrew Yool and Richard Sandersyes
W310022Rosabruna La FerlaPoster Variability of carbon dioxide production rates in the water masses of Southern Adriatic Pit in the period 1993-2004 Maurizio Azzaro and Rosabruna La Ferla yes
W310025Rosabruna La FerlaPoster Variability of microbial respiratory activity in relation to particulate organic matter over short time scales in a glacial Arctic fjord (Kongsfjorden, Svalbard)Maurizio Azzaro, Rosabruna La Ferla, Giovanna Maimone, Franco Decembrini, Filippo Azzaro, Carmela Caroppo, Stefano Miserocchi, Federico Giglio, Leonardo Langone, Stefano Aliani, Anderson S. Cabral and Rodolfo Paranhosyes
W310107Rui ZhangPoster Viral control on bacterioplankton and its ecological and biogeochemical implicates in the deep western Pacific OceanRui Zhangyes
W39832Marta PlavšićWithdrawal Characterization and distribution of organic matter using specific physico-chemical methods: A case study of the southeast Adriatic continental and shelf slope (Albania)Marta Plavšić 1, Slađana Strmečki 1, Jelena Dautović 1, Vjeročka Vojvodić1, Goran Olujić 2 and Božena Ćosović 1no, cancel poster yes
W39883Thorsten DittmarWithdrawal Current hypotheses explaining the long-term stability of marine dissolved organic matterThorsten Dittmarno-show invited yes
W310105Guangyi WangWithdrawal Ecological Significance of Mycoplankton in Carbon Cycling of the world’s OceansGuangyi Wang, Yingbo Duan, Xin Wang and Qian Lino, cancel poster yes
W310246Farooq AzamWithdrawal Microbial microscale interactions: Implications for carbon sequestration in the oceanFarooq Azamno, cancel poster yes
W310132Fei CHAIWithdrawal Modeling Carbon Cycle in the Pacific OceanFei CHAI and Peng XIUlost poster yes
W310066Galen A. McKinleyWithdrawal Observed dominance of submesoscale fronts to oligotrophic chlorophyllHaidi Chen and Galen A. McKinleyno, cancel poster yes
W310214Richard S. LampittWithdrawal Particle sinking, dissolution and remineralisation: How will climate change influence these key variables?Richard S. Lampitt, Anna Belcher, Morten H. Iversen and Richard J Sandersno, cancel poster yes
W310240Jun SunWithdrawal Phytoplankton biovolume conversion carbon biomass calculation and its implication for biological pumpJun Sunno-show poster yes
W310116Qian LiWithdrawal Phytoplankton responses to nitrogen and iron limitation in the Pacific OceanQian Li, Louis Legendre, Nianzhi Jiaocancel poster, did not confirm yes
W310236Haiyan JinWithdrawal The Effects Of Climate Change On Phytoplankton Communities In The Western Arctic Ocean Haiyan Jin, Jianfang Chen, Yanpei Zhuang, ShengQuan Gao, Yong Lu, Bin Wang, Shichao Tian, no, cancel poster yes
W310118Jianfang ChenWithdrawal Variability of biological pump in the deep northern South China SeaJianfang Chen, Martin G Wiesner, Hongliang Li, Lihua Ran, Niko Lahajnar, Ronghua Chen and Lianfu Zhengno-show poster yes
W410147William J. SydemanInvited Of Fish, Seabirds, and Trees: Present, Past, and Future of Upwelling EcosystemsWilliam J. Sydeman and the Present, Past, and Future of Upwelling Teamyes
W49970Enrique CurchitserInvited Regional and global ramifications of eastern boundary upwellingEnrique Curchitser, Justin Small, William Large, Kate Hedstrom and Brian Kaufmanyes
W410205Marisol García-ReyesOral Climate Change and Coastal Upwelling DriversMarisol García-Reyes, William J. Sydeman, David S. Schoeman, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, Bryan A. Black, Sarah Ann Thompson, Arthur Miller, Andrew Bakun and Steven J. Bograd yes
W410219Patrícia Laginha SilvaOral Decadal variability of the Iberian Margin subsurface structure in response to global warmingPatricia Laginha Silva, Paulo Relvas, Miguel Santosyes
W410154Nele TimOral Simulating the Variability of Eastern Boundary Upwelling over the past millenniumNele Tim, Eduardo Zorita and Birgit Hünickeyes
W410114Shoshiro MinobeOral Spatio-temporal structure of upwelling in an eddy resolving quasi-global GCMShoshiro Minobeyes
W410191Michael JacoxOral Upwelling intensity, stratification, and nutrient supply trends in the California Current SystemMichael G. Jacox, Steven J. Bograd, and Elliott E. Hazenyes
W410217Kenneth F. DrinkwaterWithdrawal Upwelling in the Arctic and Antarctic under climate changeKenneth F. Drinkwaterno-show oral yes
W59899Eva PlaganyiInvited A quantitative metric to identify critical elements within seafood supply networks under a changing climateÉva E. Plagányi, Ingrid van Putten and Alistair J. Hobdayyes
W59954John K. PinnegarInvited Climate Change and UK Fisheries – exploring adaptation actions, perceptions within the industry and the challenge presented by fish stocks that move across international boundariesJohn K. Pinnegar, Miranda Jones and Paul Buckleyyes
W59983Manuel BarangeInvited Combining impacts and consequences as a pre-requisite to adaptation: impacts of climate change on global fisheries and consequences for national dependencies on fisheries Manuel Barange, J Scholtens, E.H. Allison, G. Merino, J.L. Blanchard, J. Harle, I. Allen, J. Holt, S. Jennings, J. Fernandes, M. Ahmed, S. Kay, M. Hossainyes
W59884Leif NøttestadInvited Increased abundance and spatial expansion of Northeast Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) according to swept-area trawl surveys in the Northeast Atlantic 2007 to 2014Leif Nøttestad1, Kjell R. Utne1, Gudmundur J. Óskarsson2, Sigurður Þ. Jónsson2, Jan Arge Jacobsen3, Øyvind Tangen1, Valantine Anthonypillai1, Jens Christian Holst4 , Teunis Jansen5 and Aril Slotte1yes
W59961Jason S LinkInvited Some solutions for Marine Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management in a Changing ClimateJason S. Link, Roger Griffis, and Shallin Buschyes
W510094Lisa PfeifferOral Adaptation to climate variation in a multispecies fishery: The West Coast groundfish trawl fisheryLisa Pfeiffer? By Jan 10
W510176Malin L. PinskyOral Adaptations of fish and fishing communities to rapid climate velocitiesMalin L. Pinsky, Kevin St. Martin, Eli Fenichel, Bonnie McCay and Simon Levinyes
W510090Jackie KingOral Can we give good stock assessment advice in a changing climate?Jacquelynne King, R. Ian Perry, Jean-Baptiste Lecomte, and Andrew Edwardsyes
W510091Katherine E. MillsOral Cross-scale interactions in coupled social-ecological systems: an organizing framework for assessing climate impacts and adaptation in marine fisheriesKatherine E. Mills and Andrew J. Pershingyes
W510104Gretta PeclOral Developing adaptation pathways for climate-impacted and at risk fisheries in south-east AustraliaGretta T Pecl, Stewart Frusher, Alistair Hobday, Sarah Jennings, Emily Ogier, Andrew Sulivan, Tim Wardyes
W59835Marcus HawardOral Governance and climate adaptation in marine fisheries: social and institutional dimensionsMarcus Hawardyes
W510018Patrick LehodeyOral Managing Pacific Tuna stocks under strong fishing pressure and Climate Change impactPatrick Lehodey, Inna Senina, Simon Nicol, John Hampton and John Sibertyes
W510080Wendy MorrisonOral Managing United States Fisheries in a Changing Climate Wendy Morrison1, Roger Griffis1, Jon Hare2, Valerie Termini1, and Mark Nelson1no, by Roger Griffis
W59904Alistair J. HobdayOral Observed and predicted impacts and adaptation strategies for pelagic fisheries in south-east AustraliaAlistair J. Hobday, Gretta Pecl and Stewart Frusheryes
W59992Stewart FrusherOral Observed impacts and adaptation strategies for coastal fisheries in south-east Australia.Stewart Frusher, Gretta Pecl, Alistair Hobday and Gustaaf Hallegraeffyes
W59994Kirstin K. HolsmanOral Reel change comes at a price: the future of Bering Sea (AK) fisheries under climate change.Kirstin K. Holsman, Kerim Aydin, Jim Ianelli, Anne Hollowed, Alan Haynie, André Punt, Al Hermann, Nick Bond, and Georgina Gibbsonyes
W510253Cody SzuwalskiOral Setting biological reference points under a changing climateAnne Hollowed and Cody Szuwalskiyes
W510170Andrew J. PershingOral Slow management during rapid ecosystem change: how rapid warming drove the collapse of Gulf of Maine codAndrew J. Pershing, Katherine E. Mills, Christina Hernandez, Lisa Kerr, and Graham Sherwoodyes
W510081Chris KennedyOral The role of institutional complexity, historical allocations, and changing demographics in management performance for a climate-changed ecosystem: lessons from the US mid-Atlantic summer flounder fishery Chris Kennedyyes
W510196Alan C. HaynieOral What are the key challenges to climate change adaptation in Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands groundfish fisheries?Alan C. Haynieyes
W510227Alan C. HayniePoster Climate change and adaptive fisher behavior in the Pacific Cod longline fisheryAlan C. Haynie, Lisa Pfeifferyes
W510274Nick CaputiPoster Decline in puerulus settlement in the western rock lobster fishery in Western Australia: a climate change effect?Nick Caputi, Simon de Lestang, Ming Feng, Ainslie Denham, James Penn, Dirk Slawinski, Alan Pearce and Jason Howyes, same as in S10
W510029Gretta PeclPoster Evaluating adaption options for four key fisheries in South Eastern AustraliaEmily Ogier, Stewart Frusher, Alistair Hobday, Sarah Jennings, Andrew Sullivan, and Gretta Peclyes
W510092Katherine E. MillsPoster Following the fish? Fishery responses to shifting fish distributions in the Northeast United StatesKatherine E. Mills and Andrew J. Pershingyes
W510173Andrew J. PershingPoster Overview of climate-fishery interactions from the rapidly-warming Gulf of MaineAndrew J. Pershing, Katherine E. Millsyes
W59852Jacquelyn TurnerWithdrawal Addressing and managing climate change: Responses from regional fisheries bodiesJacquelyn Turner, Gretta Pecl, Marcus Haward and Julia Jabourno, cancel talk yes
W510058Stephen KasperskiWithdrawal Assessing climate change vulnerability in Alaska’s fishing communitiesAmber Himes-Cornell and Stephen Kasperskino, cancel talk yes
W59855Georg H. EngelhardWithdrawal Climate change and distribution shifts: are fleets following shifting fish or are fish shifting due to fishing pressure?Georg H. Engelhard, Bernardo García-Carreras and John K. Pinnegaryes, cancel this talk yes
W510098Patrick D. LynchWithdrawal Development of sustainable fishery harvest levels that are robust to climate changePatrick D. Lynch and Jason S. Linkno, cancel talk yes

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