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2nd Climate Change International Symposium
Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans

May 15-19, Yeosu, Korea

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
General Plenary8286Peter LemkePlenary Climate Change in High-Latitude OceansPeter Lemkeyes
General Plenary7946Peter George BrewerPlenary Deep-Sea gas exchange rates: the diffusive boundary layer link between fish, changing chemistry and climatePeter George Breweryes
General Plenary8072Ichiro YasudaPlenary Interactions between fisheries production, planktonic ecosystems, physical oceanographic processes and climate changeIchiro Yasudayes
General Plenary8307Kyung-Ryul KimPlenary Recent Advances in studies for East Sea (Sea of Japan), a mininature test ocean for global changesKyung-Ryul Kimyes
General Plenary8186Keith Alverson Plenary Second International Symposium on Effects of Climate Change on the World’s OceansKeith Alverson yes
General Plenary8011Anthony CharlesPlenary Social, economic and governance impacts of climate change on fisheriesAnthony Charlesyes
GP (General Poster)8241Irina A.GolikPoster Analysis of tropical cyclones influence on phytoplankton communities in the North-western Pacific in 2002-2011 on the basis of satellite ocean color datIrina A.Golik, Pavel A.Salyukyes
GP (General Poster)8200Alexander TurraPoster Evaluating the effect of climate changes on marine biodiversity: the ReBentos (Network for Monitoring Coastal Benthic Habitats) initiative in BrazilAlexander Turra1, Ângelo F. Bernardino2, A. Cecília Z. Amaral3, Flavio A. S. Berchez4, Joel C. Creed5, Margareth S. Copertino6, Ricardo Coutinho7 and Yara Schaeffer-Novelli1yes
GP (General Poster)8041Victoriia SaklakovaPoster Influence of Asian dust storms on the state of phytoplankton communitiesVictoriia Saklakova, Pavel Salyukyes
GP (General Poster)8116Viktoria Aleksandrovna PlatonovaPoster Investigation of interactions between temperature and precipitation on Kamchatka PeninsulaOlga Shkaberda, Lubov' Vasilevskaya, Viktoria Platonovayes
GP (General Poster)8192Gyung Soo ParkPoster Preliminary plans of marine biodome for the studies of climate change and ecosystem management in KoreaGyung Soo Parkyes
GP (General Poster)8247Gwang-Ho SeoPoster Seasonal and Inter-annual variation of volume and heat transport in the Northwest Pacific marginal seas based on high resolution regional reanalysisGwang-Ho Seo, Yang-Ki Cho, Byoung-Ju choi yes
GP (General Poster)8255Mi Hee ChungPoster Temporal and spatial variation of phytoplankton communities in the Nakdong river, estuary and coastal areasMi Hee Chung, Seok-Hyun Youn and Minjung Kim yes
GP (General Poster)8106Keunyong KimPoster The fate of floating macroalgal bloom in Yellow Sea during late July of 2011Keunyong Kim, Byung Ju Gong, Ju-Hyoung Kim and Kwang Young Kim yes
GP (General Poster)8235Talgat KilmatovPoster The Model of Catastrophe Theory to apply to the possible climatic trendsTalgat Kilmatovno, by colleague Viktoria Platonova
GP (General Poster)7938Abu Hena M KWithdrawal A decade climate change and marine fisheries: assessing the catchment volume in Peninsular MalaysiaAbu Hena M K and Ismail Jno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)8123Nabir MamnunWithdrawal Beach erosion in the Kutubdia Island due to sea level riseNabir Mamnunno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)8013Vladimir V. PlotnikovWithdrawal Change of seasonal rhythms of ice processes by the Peter the Great Bay (Japan Sea) in second half ХХ beginning of the XXI-st centuriesVladimir V. Plotnikov, Evgeniy M. Semenovayes, did not participate, poster yes
GP (General Poster)8156Dubrava Kirievskaya Withdrawal Chukchi Sea bottom ecosystem as a basis of ecological assessment: current state and perspectivesDubrava Kirievskaya did not confirm poster yes
GP (General Poster)8270Hyun-Ki HongWithdrawal Effect of air exposure on hemocyte parameters of abalone Sulculus diversicolor supertexta from Jeju Island, Republic of KoreaHyun-Ki Hong, Hyun-Sil Kang, Hee-Do Jeung, Hee-Jung Lee, Arumi Park and Kwang-Sik Choino, by colleague, poster yes
GP (General Poster)8302Mostafizur Rahman Mondol Withdrawal Impacts of Hebei Spirit oil spill on wild Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, two years after the accident in Taean, KoreaMostafizur Rahman Mondol 1, Hyun-Ki Hong 1, Areumi Park 1, Heung-Sik Park 2 , Won Joon Shim 3, Kwang-Sik Choi 1,*no, by colleague, poster yes
GP (General Poster)8190Dominic O. OdulateWithdrawal Influence of ocean water quality on diversity of marine fauna resources in the Gulf of Guinea, off Ogun State Southwest NigeriaDominic O. Odulate, Waheed O. Abdul and Yemi Akegbejo-Samsonsyes, did not participate, poster yes
GP (General Poster)8201Dr.S.RavichandranWithdrawal Influence of tsunami on crab diversity in Pichavaram mangrove, Southeast coast of IndiaDr.S.Ravichandrandepends on FIN sup, poster yes
GP (General Poster)7931Mary Jeremie Faith F. de JesusWithdrawal Inventory and toxin characterization of puffer fish (Family Tetraodontidae and Family Diodontidae) in the PhilippinesMary Jeremie Faith F. de Jesus, Mirriam F. Cayme, Valeriano M. Borja, Ulysses M. Montojo and Shigeru Satono, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)8273Hyun-Sil KangWithdrawal Molecular diagnostics of the ovarian parasite Marteilioides chungmuensis in wild Pacific oysters Crassostrea gigas on the south coast of KoreaHyun-Sil Kang1, Jee-Yeon Lee1, Hyun-Ki Hong1, Young-Ok Kim2 and Kwang-Sik Choi1no, by colleague, poster yes
GP (General Poster)8219Gunta RubeneWithdrawal Seasonal changes and long-term trends of last decade in zooplankton abundance in the Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea)Gunta Rubeneno, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)8165MªLuz Fernandez de PuellesWithdrawal Summer and winter zooplankton abundance and biodiversity in two ocean sites of the Central Western Mediterranean Sea: The Balearic SeaMª Luz Fernández de Puelles , Laura Vicente and Valle Macias no, cancel poster yes
GP (General Poster)7978Jingsong GuoWithdrawal Surface inflow into the South China Sea through the Luzon Strait in winterJingsong Guo, Xianyao Chen, Binghuo Guodid not confirm attendance yes
Session 18209Nathan L. BindoffInvited Are the observed pattern changes of ocean heat, salinity and oxygen man made?Nathaniel L. Bindoff1,2,3, Paul Halloran4, Oliver Andrews5, Corinne Le Quéré5, Catia Domingues2,3, and Helen E. Phillips1yes
Session 17975Shin-ichi UyeInvited Jellyfish blooms as consequences of human perturbed environment and ecosystemsShin-ichi Uyeyes
Session 18005Jong-yeon, ParkOral Bio-physical interactions in the tropical PacificJong-yeon Park, Jong-Seong Kug, and Young-Gyu Parkyes
Session 18051co-author Yakushev (on behalf of Svetlana Pakhomova)Oral Black Sea biogeochemical regime recent decades variability: the role of climatic and anthropogenic forcingSvetlana Pakhomova, Elena Vinogradova, Evgeny Yakushev, Andrey Zatsepin, Valery Chasovnikov and Oleg Podymovno, by Yakushev
Session 18145Christian MoellmannOral Climate and anthropogenic effects on structure and functioning of the North Sea ecosystemChristian Moellmann, Justus van Beusekom, Rabea Diekmann, Jens Floeter, Axel Temmingyes
Session 18295James ChristianOral Detection of anthropogenic influences on ocean biogeochemistryJames Christianyes
Session 18037Jonne KottaOral Effects of eutrophication and climate change on the benthic and pelagic environments in the brackish Baltic Sea: what are their consequences to the water quality assessment?Jonne Kotta, Velda Lauringson and Arno Põllumäeyes
Session 17982Ting-Chun KuoOral Environmental sensitivity of latitudinal shifts in marine fishes depends on latitude and fishing effectsTing-Chun Kuo, Janet Nye, Franz Mueter, Nicholas K. Dulvy, and Chih-hao Hsiehyes
Session 17970Roksana Jahan Oral Estuarine phytoplankton responses to climate change: Gyeonggi Bay long-term surveysRoksana Jahan and Joong Ki Choiyes
Session 18142Stefano CiavattaOral Impact of climate events on trophic dynamics in coastal ecosystemsStefano Ciavatta, Claudia Halsband-Lenk, Claire Widdicombe, Steve Coombs, Davis Sims, Tim Smythyes
Session 18045Joji IshizakaOral Influence of Changjiang discharge, resuspension of sediment and eutrophication to chlorophyll variability in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea: Results from new satellite data setJoji Ishizaka, Yongjiu Xu, Hisashi Yamaguchi and Eko Siswanto yes
Session 18014Svetlana P. ShkorbaOral Long wave of interdecadal oscillation in moderate latitude of the Asian PacificSvetlana P. Shkorba, Vladimir I. Ponomarev, Elena V. Dmitrieva, and Lubov N. Kuimova yes
Session 18254Dave CheckleyOral Long-term fluctuations of sardine populations in relation to dominant modes of high-latitude climate variabilityDave Checkley, Julie Jones, Anja Kreiner, Shoshiro Minobe, Nadine Moroff, Yoshioki Oozeki, Ryan Rykaczewski, Carl D. van der Lingenyes
Session 18252Aiko TachibanaOral Long-term variation of the copepod community structure in Tokyo Bay, JapanAiko Tachibana, Hideaki Nomura and Takashi Ishimaruyes
Session 18225Sanae ChibaOralREP-2Lower trophic level linkage and cool-warm cycle based on the North Pacific CPR survey 2001-2009: an implication for the future warming oceanSanae Chiba, Tomoko Yoshiki, Kosei Sasaoka, Hiroya Sugisaki, Tsuneo Ono, and Sonia Battenyes
Session 17954Olga TrusenkovaOralREP-1Regional patterns of interannual sea level variability: case of the Japan/East SeaOlga Trusenkovayes
Session 17963Antonio BodeOral Shifts between gelatinous and crustacean plankton in a coastal upwelling regionAntonio Bode, M. Teresa Álvarez-Ossorio, A. Miranda and Manuel Ruiz-Villarreal yes
Session 18034Yun Ho KangOral Simulating ecosystem response to climate change, thermal waste discharge and reclamation in a highly industrialized bayYun Ho Kang, Se-Jong Ju, Kyoung Soon Shin, Sang-Duk Choi, Kyeong-Ho Han and Ho-Seop Yoonyes
Session 18230Fabricio V BrancoOral South Atlantic Wave Climate under Climate Change ImpactsFabricio V. Branco, Bruno Biazeto, Ricardo de Camargo, Ilana Wainer, Jose Edson, Daniel Moita, Bruno Ferrero, Pedro P. Lopes, Tiago, Bomventi, Christiano Campos, Marcelo Andrioni, Andre L. T. Mendesyes
Session 18036Alexander DemidovOralREP-2Water mass structure in the South Atlantic and its decadal variabilityAlexander Demidov, Eugene Krayushkin, Nina Kalshnikova, Sergey Chereshnyukyes
Session 17991Nicholas A. BondOral Which climate change signals in the North Pacific are liable to emerge sooner and stronger?Nicholas A. Bond, Muyin Wang and Phyllis J. Stabenoyes
Session 18118Kenneth F. DrinkwaterPlenary Ecosystem responses to climate variability and anthropogenic-induced changesKenneth F. Drinkwateryes
Session 18122Viktoria PlatonovaPoster Changes of extreme events in regional climate simulations for Russian Far EastViktoria Platonovayes
Session 18198Roksana JahanPoster Interdecadal variations in phytoplankton communities associated with rapid regional climate change in the Gyeonggi BayRoksana Jahan and Joong Ki Choiyes
Session 18066Vladimir I. PonomarevPoster Multiple scale climate variability in the Asian Pacific. Teleconnections and anthropogenic effectVladimir I. Ponomarev, Elena V. Dmitrieva, Vera A. Petrova, Svetlana P. Shkorba, Lubov N. Kuimova and Pavel P. Sherstyankinyes
Session 17992Keun-Hyung ChoiPoster Recent collapse of the copepods in the northern East China Sea: Effects of Three Gorges Dam?Keun-Hyung Choi*, Young-Bak Son, Hyung-Ku Kangyes
Session 18194Sang Heon LeePoster Satellite Observations of Decadal Changes in the Japan/East Sea Phytoplankton Chlorophyll-a ConcentrationSang Heon Lee, SeungHyun Son, Jae-Hyun Lim, Jae-Hoon Noh, and Jae-Il Kwon yes
Session 17936Ilya V. SerykhWithdrawal A new global climate scenarioVladimir I. Byshev, Victor G. Neiman, Yuri A. Romanov and Ilya V. Serykhno, cancel poster yes
Session 18081K. Muni KrishnaWithdrawal Climate Change effect on physical and biological changes in the Arabian SeaK. Muni Krishnano, cancel oral presentaiton yes
Session 17950K K SatpathyWithdrawalREP-1Ecological studies in the coastal waters of Kalpakkam, southeast coast of IndiaK K Satpathy1*, A K Mohanty1, S N Panigrahi, S N Brahma1, R K Padhi1, G Sahu1, M V R Prasad1, S Achary2, M K Samantara1, S Biswas2 and M Selvanayagam2no, cancel poster yes
Session 18169Marisol Garcia-ReyesWithdrawal Effects of the secular trend and interannual variability of wind and ocean temperature on the upwelling of nutrients in central California, USAMarisol Garcia-Reyes, John L. Largier and William J. Sydemanno, cancel talk yes
Session 18171Baris SalihogluWithdrawal Implications of anthropogenic nutrient enrichment and climate induced stratification for the Black Sea ecosystemHeather Cannaby, Bettina A. Fach, Baris Salihoglu, Temel Oguz, Viktor Dorofeev, and Alexander Kubriyakovno, cancel oral yes
Session 18300Juan-Carlos MolineroWithdrawal Jellyfish outbreaks dynamics under varying temperature regimes in contrasting food web configurationsJuan-Carlos Molinero, Celeste Lopez-Abbate, Jamileh Javidpour, Ivona Onofri, Marijana Miloslavic and Davor Lucicno, cancel talk yes
Session 18276Aida SartimbulWithdrawal Recent algae blooming intensity along the Coast of Bali, IndonesiaAida Sartimbul, Hideaki Nakata, Oky Rosita Tanjung, Dian Fuji Hamoko, Anthon Efani, Erfan Rohadinot sure, poster withdrawn yes
Session 17925Sommart NiemnilWithdrawal Sea Surface Height Variability in the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea using altimetry dataSommart Niemnil, Marc Naeije and Itthi Trisirisatayawong yes, did not participate, poster yes
Session 18086Xinyu GuoWithdrawal Seasonal and interannual variations of nutrients in the Bungo Channel, JapanXinyu Guo, Qingji Li, Yoshitsugu Koizumi and Hidetaka Takeokano, cancel poster yes
Session 18007Muyin WangWithdrawal What will the North Pacific look like in the next 50 years? – An updated from CMIP5 modelsMuyin Wang, Nicholas A. Bond and James E. Overlandno, cancel talk yes
Session 28299Hee Dong JeongInvited Global Ocean Observing and Monitoring Activities: Focus on the North East Asian RegionHee Dong Jeong, Sang Woo Kim, Yong Kyu Choi, Jeong Min Shim and Kee Young Kwonyes
Session 28279Eric J. LindstromInvited The Framework for Ocean Observing: Best Practices for the Global Observing SystemEric J. Lindstrom, John Gunn, and Albert S. Fischeryes
Session 28067Kyung-Il ChangOral A long-term coastal ocean buoy station in the East/Japan Sea: Past, present, futureJae-Hyoung Park, Kyung-Il Chang, Young-Tae Son, Hee-Mang Park, Ki-wan Kim, Joo-Hyung Ryuyes
Session 28025Qingyang SongOral Analyses on the Tidal Characteristics of the China Sea from the Satellite Altimetry DataHuaming Yu,Qingyang Song, Xueen Chenyes
Session 28020So KawaguchiOral Assessment of climate change impacts on marine ecosystems in East Antarctica: outcomes of a research collaboration between Australia and JapanSo Kawaguchi, Mitsuo Fukuchi, Andrew Constable and Anthony J. Pressyes
Session 28076Rosamma StephenOral Decadal changes in pelagic copepod distribution in the EEZ -west coast of IndiaRosamma Stephen and Radhika R.yes
Session 28267Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Development of integrated coastal fisheries information system for sustainable fisheries in southern Hokkaido, JapanSei-Ichi Saitoh, Toru Hirawake, I Nyoman Radiarta, Tomonori Isada, Robinson Mugo, Fumihiro Takahashi, Ichiro Imai, Yasuhiro Sakurai, Michio J. Kishi, Masaaki Wada, Toshiyuki Awaji, and Yoichi Ishikawayes
Session 27942Igor ShevchenkoOral Federating metadata collections on monitoring of the North PacificIgor Burago, Georgy Moiseenko, Olga Vasik and Igor Shevchenkoyes
Session 28083Yu-Hwan AhnOral Geostationary Ocean Color Imager for the North East Asian Waters : Overview and Ocean ApplicationsYu-Hwan Ahn, Joo-Hyung Ryu, Young-Je Park and SeongIck Cho.yes
Session 27997Toshihiko NagaiOral History and Present Situation of Japanese Coastal Wave and Tsunami Monitoring System (NOWPHAS)Toshihiko Nagaiyes
Session 28140D.Y. LeeOral Integrated coastal monitoring system through combination of in situ. monitoring, satellite remote sensing and 3-D numerical modelsJ.S. Park , J.R. Li, J.Y. Jin, D.Y. Lee, K.S. Lee, S.G. Hyun and E. Hayteryes
Session 28129Marie-Fanny RacaultOral Integration of ecological indicators with the global network of ocean observationsMarie-Fanny Racault, Trevor Platt, Shubha Sathyendranath, Ertugrul Agirbas, Victor Martinez Vicente yes
Session 28047Che SunOralREP-2Interannual variability of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current strength based on merged altimeter dataChe Sun, Lin Zhangyes
Session 27935Sung Yong KimOral Sustained observations of mesoscale and submesoscale surface circulation off the U.S. West CoastSung Yong Kim, E. J. Terrill, B. D. Cornuelle, B. Jones, L. Washburn, M. A. Moline, J. D. Paduan, N. Garfield, J. L. Largier, G. Crawford, and P. M. Kosroyes
Session 28180William T PetersonOral Tracking ecosystem change in the northern California Current: a role for long term ship-board observationsWilliam Peterson1, Jay Peterson2, Cheryl Morgan2, and Jennifer Fisher2 yes
Session 28312Pedro M.S. MonteiroPlenary Global Ocean Carbon Observations: Decadal challenges in addressing and understanding global climate and ocean ecosystem change Pedro M.S. Monteiro and Christopher Sabineyes
Session 28092Igor E. StepochkinPoster Estimation of phytoplankton communities’ state from satellite ocean color scannersIgor E. Stepochkin and Pavel A. Salyukyes
Session 28197Roksana JahanPoster Implementation of Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) to analyses of environmental parameters and phytoplankton biomass in a macrotidal estuary and artificial lakeRoksana Jahan, Hyu Chang Choi, Young Seuk Park, Young Cheol Park, Ji Ho Seo and Joong Ki Choiyes
Session 28090Hak-Soo LimPosterREP-3Operational oceanographic system for the coastal waters of Korea using ROMSHak-Soo Lim, Chang S. Kim, Kwang-Soon Park and Insik Chunyes
Session 28000Artem SarafanovPoster Present-day state of the gyre/overturning circulation at the northern periphery of the Atlantic Ocean: an estimate based on repeat hydrographic measurements and satellite altimetry dataArtem Sarafanov, Anastasia Falina, Herlé Mercier, Alexey Sokov, Pascale Lherminier, Claire Gourcuff, Sergey Gladyshev, Fabienne Gaillard, Nathalie Daniaultyes
Session 28133Hyoung Chul ShinPoster Sea ice records and some limited ocean measurements from a small Antarctic coastal embayment; trends and implicationsHyoung Chul Shin, Hyoungsul La and Sung-Ho Kangyes
Session 28275Roman Yu. TarakanovWithdrawal Abyssal currents in the Drake PassageRoman Yu. Tarakanovno, cancel oral May 3 yes
Session 28012Nadezda M. VakulskayaWithdrawal Analysis of spatio-temporal distributions of ice characteristics in the Bering SeaNadezda M. Vakulskayano, by co-author (no co-author) yes
Session 28308Vladimir A. KrikunWithdrawal Analysis of the relationships between chlorophyll-a and dissolved organic matter (DOM) concentrations depending on type of the DOMVladimir A. Krikun, Konstantin S. Kluger, Pavel A. Salyukyes, did not participate, poster yes
Session 28050Polina V. LobanovaWithdrawalREP-4Features of spatial and temporal sea level variability in the Japan and Okhotsk Seas based on satellite altimeter dataDmitry K. Staritsyn, Polina V. Lobanovano, cancel Poster, May yes
Session 28002K.ManeeshaWithdrawal Importance of Stratification, Upper Ocean Heat Content and Eddies in the Genesis and Intensification of Storms over Bay of BengalK.Maneesha and Y.Sadhuramyes, did not participate, poster yes
Session 27952Todd W. MillerWithdrawalREP-5Incorporating stable isotopes to FishBase and SeaLifeBase - a new tool in connecting tropho-dynamics to species and ecosystemsTodd W. Miller, Les Kaufman, Maria Lourdes D. Palomarescancel, wants oral yes
Session 28202Igor E. StepochkinWithdrawalREP-1Reproduction efficiency of dissolved organic matter by phytoplankton cells as the indicator of climate changes influence on the phytoplankton communities’ stateOleg A. Bukin, Pavel A. Salyuk and Igor E. Stepochkinyes, just 1 poster yes
Session 27971Qingyang SongWithdrawal Tidal information of chinese seas from altimetric dataQingyang Song,Huaming Yuyes, did not participate, poster yes
Session 28105Wahid MoufaddalWithdrawal Use of satellite ocean-colour data and fish landings in examining the fall and rise of the coastal fisheries in the SE Mediterranean off the Nile Delta, EgyptWahid Moufaddal, Samantha Lavender and Yaswant Pradhan 3no, cancel poster yes
Session 38159Ryan R. RykaczewskiInvited Connectivity between basin-scale and local processes influences regional ecosystem responses to increases in upper-ocean stratificationRyan R. Rykaczewski, John P. Dunne, Charles A. Stock, James R. Watson, and Jorge L. Sarmientoyes
Session 38001Markus MeierInvited Hypoxia in future climates: A model ensemble study for the Baltic SeaMarkus Meier, Helén C. Andersson, Kari Eilola, Bo G. Gustafsson, Ivan Kuznetsov, Bärbel Müller-Karulis, Thomas Neuman and Oleg P. Savchukyes
Session 38124Noel KeenlysideInvited Near-term climate prediction: new opportunities and challengesNoel Keenlysideyes
Session 38132Yang LiuOral An impact of climate change on the development of marine aquaculture: A case study on Japanese scallop in Dalian, China, using satellite remote sensing and GIS-based models.Yang Liu, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, I Nyoman Radiarta and Toru Hirawakeyes
Session 38157Charles StockOralREP-2Augmenting earth system models to capture global-scale energy flows through the planktonic marine food web to fishCharles A. Stock, John P. Dunne, Jasmin Johnyes
Session 38272Jason HoltOral Climate change impacts on shelf and coastal marine ecosystems: contrasting ocean-shelf exchange, stratification and temperature effects on the NW European shelfJason Holt, Momme Butenschön, Sarah Wakelin, Yuri Artioli, Icarus Allen, James Harle, Jason Lowe, Jonathan Tinker3 yes
Session 38162Dhanya PushpadasOral Climate change impacts on the North and Baltic Sea ecosystem: An assessment based on IPCC AR4 and AR5 modelsDhanya Pushpadas, Corinna Schrum and Ute Daewelyes
Session 38314Enrique N. CurchitserOral Development of a climate-to-fish-to-fishers model: Implementation in the eastern Pacific Sardine and Anchovy systemEnrique N. Curchitser, Kenneth A. Rose, Kate Hedstrom, Jerome Fiechter,Miguel Bernal, Shin-ichi Ito, Alan Haynie and Cisco Werneryes
Session 38245Yang-Ki ChoOral Development of a regional ocean climate model for the Northwest Pacific marginal seasYang-Ki Cho, Gwang-Ho Seo, Byoung-Ju Choi, Kwang-Yul Kim yes
Session 37984Tore JoahnnessenOral Do phytoplankton, bacteria and heterotrophic nanoflagellates gain competitive advantages by sacrificing parts of their clonal populations in favour of receiving resources for continuous growth?Tore Johannessenyes
Session 38292Corinna SchrumOral Dynamic downscaling to marine ecosystemsCorinna Schrum, Bjørn Ådlandsvik, Richard Bellerby, Ute Daewel, Trond Kristensen and Dhanya Pushpadasyes
Session 38259Yusuke TanakaOralREP-4Hindcast and historical assessment of cyclone Tomas and climate change impact analysis on tropical cyclone in South PacificTomohiro Yasuda, Yusuke Tanaka, Junichi Ninomiya, Sota Nakajo, Nobuhito Mori and Hajime Maseyes
Session 38131Ute DaewelOral Impact of climate changes on North Sea Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) larval survival: a modeling studyUte Daewel, Corinna Schrum and Dhanya Pushpadasyes
Session 38111Pavel A. SalyukOral Interactions between regional climate forming factors and phytoplankton communities in the north-western PacificPavel A. Salyuk, Oleg A. Bukinyes
Session 38033Yun Ho KangOral Predicting climate change-induced fishery shrink via bottom-up control around the southern waters of Korea using a flow trophic modelYun Ho Kang, Se-Jong Ju, Kyoung Soon Shin, Young-Gyu Park, Sang-Duk Choi, Kyeong-Ho Han and Ho-Seop Yoonyes
Session 38117Ki-Tae ParkOral Prey-dependent retention of dimethylsulfoniopropionate by mixitrophic dinoflagellatesHyunwoo Lee, Ki-Tae Park, Kitack Lee, Hae Jin Jeong and Yeong Du Yooyes
Session 37944Jose FernandesOral Projecting distribution changes in marine fishes and invertebrates by integrating trophic interactionsJose Fernandes, William Cheung, Simon Jennings, Alastair Grantyes
Session 38158James R. WatsonOral Quantifying the distribution and dynamics of forage fish using a size-based ecosystem modelJames R. Watson, Charles Stock, Ryan Rykaczewski and Jorge Sarmientoyes
Session 37945Cody SzuwalskiOral Reaching management goals under a changing climate: a management strategy evaluation of the snow crab fishery in the eastern Bering SeaCody Szuwalski and André E. Puntyes
Session 38264Manal M. Sabrah Oral Relationship between coral reef degradation and the Overexploitation of coral reef fishes under the Recent Environmental changes in El-Tur region, Egyptian Red Sea CoastManal M. Sabrah and Azza A. El-Ganainyyes
Session 38114Oleg A. BukinPoster Complex investigation of basic climate forcing factors in the Northwest part of the Pacific OceanOleg A. Bukin, Yuri N. Kulchin, Andrey N. Pavlovyes
Session 38262Shiro NishikawaPoster Development of a global 4D-VAR data assimilation and forecast system focusing on climate variability in the North Pacific and use of Argo profiling data: experiment of 2010-2011Shiro Nishikawa, Yoichi Ishikawa, Shuhei Masuda, Hiromichi Igarashi, Yoshihisa Hiyoshi, Yuji Sasaki, Haruka Nishikawa, Takashi Mochizuki, Shigeki Hosoda, Kanako Sato, and Toshiyuki Awajiyes
Session 38195Byung Ho ChoiPoster Effects of global warming on the oceanic systems of the NW Pacific OceanByung Ho Choi, Jin-Hee Yuk and Byung Il Minyes, Arpil wants to change oral to poster
Session 38261co-author Svein Sundby on behalf of Mari S. MyksvollPosterREP-3Impacts of variations in river runoff on coastal cod subpopulationsMari S. Myksvoll, Anne D. Sandvik, Lars Asplin and Svein Sundbyno, by Svein Sundby
Session 38268Sei-Ichi SaitohPoster Potential impact of climate variability on Japanese scallop aquaculture in southern Hokkaido, JapanSei-Ichi Saitoh, I Nyoman Radiarta, Yang Liu and Toru Hirawakeyes
Session 38075Aleksey BobrikovPoster The role of the atmospheric aerosol in forming the temperature fields of Primorsky regionAleksey Bobrikov, Shmirko Konstantinyes
Session 38164Ian Perrry (on behalf of Caihong Fu)Withdrawal An ecosystem modelling framework for evaluating ecosystem attributes under fishing and climate regime shiftsCaihong Fu, Jennifer Boldt, R. Ian Perry, Jake Schweigert, Yunne-Jai Shinno, Ian Perry, no cancel oral yes
Session 38163Lorenzo BramantiWithdrawalREP-1Changes in the population dynamics of the precious Mediterranean red coral Corallium rubrum: the effects of temperature increase and ocean acidificationLorenzo Bramanti, Maricel Gouron, Juancho Movilla, Ángela Martínez, Andrea Gori, Elisa Fernández, Ángel López, Jordi Grinyó, Carlos Domínguez, Eva Calvo, Carles Pelejero, Giovanni Santangelo, Mimmo Iannelli, Sergio Rossi and Patrizia Ziveri. no, cancel yes
Session 38222Inkweon BangWithdrawal Climate change in the Northwest Pacific as seen in the SRES A1B simulations of AR4 modelsInkweon Bang, Kwang-Yul Kimyes, did not participate, poster yes
Session 38115Konstantin A. ShmirkoWithdrawal The impact of climate-forsing factors of North-Western Pacific on radiative budgetKonstantin A. Shmirko, Oleg A. Bukinyes, poster was not present yes
Session 48265Shin-ichi ItoInvited Climate induced fluctuation of Japanese sardine, its influence on marine ecosystem and human beingShin-ichi Ito, Takeshi Okunishi and Mitsutaku Makinoyes
Session 48055Dawit YemaneOral Assessing changes in distribution and range size of demersal fish species in the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem in relation to long-term change in the environmentDawit Yemane, Toufiek Samaai, and Steve Kirkmanyes
Session 48231Alan C. HaynieOral Climate change and fisher behavior in the Bering Sea pollock trawl and Pacific cod longline fisheriesAlan C. Haynie, Lisa Pfeifferyes
Session 47969Francisca GeorgeOral Climate change effects and adaptation strategies in a Nigerian coastal agro-ecological zoneFrancisca George, Dominic Odulate and Adekunle Idowuyes
Session 48074Anthony CharlesOral Climate change impacts and adaptation in the real world of coastal communitiesAnthony Charlesyes
Session 47947Edward JK. PattersonOral Climate change impacts on coastal resources and dependent livelihood in Tamil Nadu, Southeastern IndiaEdward JK. Pattersonyes
Session 48176William J. SydemanOral Climate Change Impacts on the Pelagic Ecosystem off Southern California: Comparisons of Trends and Variability Within and Between Trophic LevelsWilliam J. Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, J. Anthony Koslow, Ralf Goericke, Marisol Garcia-Reyes, and Mark D. Ohmanyes
Session 48306Elvira PoloczanskaOral Climate change imprint on marine life from long-term observationsElvira S Poloczanska, Christopher J Brown, William J Sydeman, Wolfgang Kiessling, Pippa J Moore, Anthony J Richardson and the NCEAS Marine Climate Change Impacts Working Groupyes
Session 48233Vicky W. Y. LamOral Climate Change, Ocean Acidification and the Fish and Fisheries of the ArcticVicky W. Y. Lam, William W. L. Cheung, and U. Rashid Sumailayes
Session 47980Shin-ichi Ito on behalf of Akihiko YatsuOral Climate forcing and the Kuroshio/Oyashio ecosystemAkihiko Yatsu, Sanae Chiba, Yasuhiro Yamanaka, Shin-ichi Ito, Yugo Shimizu, Masahide Kaeriyama and Yoshiro Watanabeno, by Shin-ichi
Session 48135Jeffrey M. NappOral Climate-mediated processes on the northern and southern shelves of the eastern Bering Sea and some implications for the ecosystemPhyllis J. Stabeno1, Ed Farley2, Nancy Kachel3, Sue Moore4, Calvin Mordy3, Jeffrey M. Napp5, James E. Overland1, Alexei I. Pinchuk6, and Michael F. Sigler2looking for finances
Session 47973Huijie XueOral Connectivity of Lobster Populations in the Gulf of MaineHuijie Xue, Stephen Cousins, Lewis S Incze, Andrew C Thomas. Richard Wahleyes
Session 48089Susa NiiranenOral Could fishery management be used to mitigate the climate change effects on marine ecosystem function?Susa Niiranen, Johanna Yletyinen, Maciej T. Tomczak, Olle Hjerne and Thorsten Blenckneryes
Session 48189Sibananda SenapatiOral Dying fisheries in a changing environment: A study on livelihood strategies of fishery communities in MumbaiSibananda Senapati and Vijaya Guptayes
Session 48100Jong Hee LeeOral Ecosystem-based risk assessing the Korean major fisheries under climate changeJong Hee Lee, Jae Bong Lee, Chang Ik Zhang and Suam Kimyes
Session 48153E. Hoffman on behalf of Andrea PiñonesOral Effects of circulation and climate change on early life stages of Antarctic krillAndrea Piñones, Eileen E. Hofmann, Kendra L. Daly, Michael S. Dinniman and John M. Klinckno, by E. Hoffman
Session 48022Kuo-Wei LanOralREP-2Effects of climate variability on the distribution and fishing conditions of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the Indian OceanKuo-Wei Lan and Ming-An Leeyes, confirmed oral
Session 48178C. Tracy ShawOralREP-3Effects of climate variability on the euphausiids Euphausia pacifica and Thysanoessa spinifera in the coastal upwelling zone off the Oregon Coast, USAC. Tracy Shaw, Leah R. Feinberg and William T. Petersonyes, ready for oral
Session 48009Ivonne OrtizOral From climate to fisheries: Performance of a 40-year hindcast for the Eastern Bering SeaIvonne Ortiz, Kerim Aydin, Al Hermann no, Nicholas (Nick) Bond on behalf of Ivonne Ortiz
Session 48207Camilla S. LandaOralREP-1Geographical distribution and abundance of North East Arctic (NEA) haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) in a changing climateCamilla S. Landayes, confirmed oral
Session 48071Malin L. PinskyOral How predictable are species distribution shifts? Testing ecological hypotheses against four decades of observationsMalin L. Pinsky, Michael Fogarty, Boris Worm, Jorge L. Sarmiento, Simon A. Levinyes
Session 48088Steve P. KirkmanOral Identifying and characterizing of demersal biodiversity hotspots in the benguela current large marine ecosystem: its relevance in the light of global changesSteve P. Kirkman, Dawit Yemane, John Kathena, Sam Mafwila, Sylvia N'siangango, Toufiek Samaai and Larvika Singh yes
Session 47995Dan SmaleOral Impact of a ‘marine heat wave’ on seaweed, coral and fish assemblages in a global biodiversity hotspotDan Smale, Thomas Wernberg, Tim Langlois and Gary Kendrickyes
Session 48147Jürgen AlheitOral Impact of Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation on marine ecosystemsJürgen Alheit, Ken Drinkwater, Janet Nyeyes
Session 48049Jennifer HowardOral Impacts of Climate Change on U.S. Oceans and Marine Resources: Technical Input to the 2013 U.S. National Climate AssessmentJennifer Howard, Roger Griffisyes
Session 48032Arno PõllumäeOral Is the abundance of invasive cladoceran Cercopagis pengoi controlled by blooms of moon jelly Aurelia aurita in northern Baltic Sea?Arno Põllumäe, Lennart Lennukyes
Session 48224Sukgeun JungOral Latitudinal shifts in catch distribution of fisheries species in Korean waters during the past 30 years in relation to climate changeSukgeun Jung and Ilsu Choiyes
Session 48027Priscilla LicandroOral Linking the impact environmental changes on clupeoid fish through the zooplankton: the example of North Sea herringPriscilla Licandro, Delphine Nicolas, Sébastien Rochette and Mark Dickey-Collasyes
Session 48062Z. Teresa A'marOral Management strategy evaluation for the Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) fishery: how persistent are the environmental-recruitment links?Z. Teresa A'mar and Martin W. Dornyes
Session 48144Anne B. HollowedOral Modeling fish and shellfish responses to climate change: trade-offs in model complexityAnne B. Hollowed,Enrique Curchister, and Charles Stockyes
Session 48039Yi-Jay ChangOral Modelling of the effects of climate change on population dynamics of the Taitung spiny lobster, Panulirus penicillatus, fisheryYi-Jay Chang, Chi-Lu Sun, Yong Chen and Su-Zan Yehyes
Session 48168Caroline Brown (or Nikki Braem)Oral Observations of climate change and subsistence harvests in Emmonak, AlaskaCaroline Brown and Nicole M. Braemyes
Session 48058John K. PinnegarOral Ocean acidification and the possible loss of echinoderms: how will commercial fish and fisheries be affected?John K. Pinnegar, Will J.F. Le Quesne, Silvana N.R Birchenough yes
Session 48285Jörn O. SchmidtOral Optimal harvest of Baltic Sea herring under environmental changeJörn O. Schmidt, Massimiliano Cardinale, Piotr Margonski, Martin Quaas, Valerio Bartolino and Rüdiger Vossyes
Session 48269Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Potential impact of global warming on skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) habitat in the western North PacificRobinson Mugo, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Akira Nihira, Tadaaki Kuroyama, Shuhei Masuda, Toshiyuki Awaji, Takahiro Toyoda, Hiromichi Igarashi and Yoichi Ishikawayes
Session 48017Nan-Jay SuOral Potential impacts of climate change on the habitat of striped marlin (Kajikia audax) in the North Pacific OceanNan-Jay Su, Chi-Lu Sun, André E. Punt and Su-Zan Yehyes
Session 48257Jung Jin KimOral Predicted ecological characteristics of common squid (Todarodes pacificus) larvae inferred by various climate models under IPCC SRES A1B scenariosJung Jin Kim, Hong Sik Min, Chan Joo Jang, William T. Stockhousen and Suam Kimyes
Session 48060Paul SpencerOral Projected spatial distributions for eastern Bering Sea arrowtooth flounder under simulated climate scenarios, with implications for predationPaul D. Spencer, Nick.A. Bond, Anne. B. Hollowed, and Franz J. Mueteryes
Session 48223Melissa A HaltuchOral Projecting U.S. west coast sablefish recruitment under global climate change scenariosMelissa A Haltuch1, Nicholas A Bond2, Ian J Stewart1 and Michael J Schirippa3 yes
Session 47990Adriana VergesOral Range expansion of tropical herbivores into a temperate system results in devastating phase-shift mediated by the loss of canopy algaeAdriana Vergés, Fiona Tomas, Emma Cebrian, Zafer Kizilkaya, Enric Sala and Enric Ballesterosyes
Session 48232Mbog Dieudonné Marius Oral Result of climate change on bird, fish and marine mammalsMbog Dieudonné Marius yes
Session 48242William W.L. CheungOral Shrinking of fishes exacerbates impacts of global ocean changes on marine ecosystemsWilliam W.L. Cheung, Jorge L. Sarmiento, John Dunne, Thomas L. Frölicher, Vicky Lam, M. L. Deng Palomares, Reg Watson, Daniel Paulyyes
Session 47977Renae C. TobinOral Stop, change or move: Practical adaptation of commercial fishers to spatial changes in fish abundance due to extreme weather eventsRenae C. Tobin, Ann Penny, Andrew J. Tobin, Stephen Sutton, and Nadine Marshallyes
Session 47956Yongjun TianOral Synchrony in the abundance trends of spear squid Loligo bleekeri in the Japan Sea and Pacific with special reference to the latitudinal difference in the response to the climate regime shiftYongjun Tian, Kazuya Nashida and Hideo Sakajiyes
Session 48310Piero CalosiOral Synergistic impacts of climate change drivers on the developmental ecophysiology, growth and survival of the European lobster, Homarus gammarusDaniel Small, Piero Calosi, John Spicer, Dominic Boothroyd and Steve Widdicombeyes
Session 47949George HuntOral To migrate or not? When may we expect groundfish species to move poleward?George Hunt, Harald Loeng, Anne Hollowed Franz Mueter, Ken Drinkwateryes
Session 47957Warwick SauerOral Transboundary climate induced distributional changes in an important recreational west African fish species – consequences and adaptationWarren Potts and Warwick H.H. Sauer yes
Session 47958Jeffrey J. PolovinaOral Use of a size-based ecosystem model driven by a climate model to project the consequences of climate change on fish abundance and catches in the North Pacific OceanJeffrey J. Polovina, Phoebe Woodworth, Julia L. Blanchard, and John Dunne yes
Session 47986David CostalagoOral Vulnerability of small pelagic fish populations in non-upwelling areas under climate changeDavid Costalago, Isabel Palomerayes
Session 47996Oleg TitovOral Water exchange in the southern Barents Sea: indirect integral characteristics and impact on the abundance of NEA codOleg Titovyes
Session 48150Myron A. PeckOral Will climate-driven warming uncouple marine food webs? Projections from biophysical, size-based modellingMyron A. Peck, Marc Hufnagl, Klaus Huebert, Markus Kreus and Johannes Pätschyes
Session 48127Manuel BarangePlenary Quantifying the impacts of climate change on marine shelf ecosystems and their resources: feeding the world in 2050Manuel Barange, Gorka Merino, Icarus Allen, Jason Holt, James Harle, Simon Jennings, Julia Blanchard, Eddie Allison yes
Session 48154John G. RamirezPoster A link between the phase-shift Nino-Nina phenomenon and faunistic composition of small scale fisheries in the Colombian CaribbeanJohn G. Ramirez, Gina M. Puentes and Francisco J. Reyesyes
Session 48008Jae Bong LeePoster An IFRAME approach for estimating exploitable biomass of fish stocks changing climateChang Ik Zhang, Jong Hee Lee, Anne Hollowed, Chan Joo Jang and Jae Bong Leeyes
Session 48082Nina KarnovskyPoster Arctic auks, advection and oscillations: the impact of climate change on planktivores of the Greenland SeaNina Karnovsky, Zachary Brown, Jorg Welcker, Ann Harding, Wojciech Walkusz, Slawomir Kwasniewski, David Grémillet and Alexander Kitayskyyes
Session 48018Young Sang SuhPosterREP-4Climate change and fluctuations of pelagic fish populations in the Far-East region Yeong Gong and Young Sang Suhyes, wants poster only
Session 48191Nam-Il WonPoster Climate effects on marine benthic organisms: a case study of an abalone Haliotis discus hannai on the Pacific coast of northern JapanNam-Il Won, Kawamura Tomohiko, Hideki Takami and Yoshiro Watanabeyes
Session 48099Jae Bong LeePoster Climate forcing and the Yellow Sea/East China Sea ecosystemJae Bong Lee, Young Shil Kang, Peter-John Hulson, Chang Ik Zhang, Dong Woo Lee, Yang Jae Im and Hee Yong Kimyes
Session 48128Suchana ChavanichPoster Effect of climate change on feeding preference of Antarctic fishSuchana Chavanich, Voranop Viyakarn, and Daiki Nomurayes
Session 48260Heeyong KimPoster Effect of Siberian High and global warming on the catch fluctuation of pacific cod, Gadus macrocephalus, in the Yellow SeaHeeyong Kim, Dae Hyun Kim and Hak Jin Hwangyes
Session 48079Ming-An LeePoster Effects of long-term environment variability on the gray mullet (Mugil cephalus L.) abundance in the Taiwan StraitMing-An Lee, Pei-Yuan Wang, Mu-Tun Tzeng, Yi Chang and Kuo-Wei Lanyes
Session 48078Grace Ellen Aroella-JarviePoster Expert survey of climate change and marine life: Gulf of California to the Beaufort SeaGrace Aroella-Jarvie and Thomas A. Okeynot sure (Tom Okey might present)
Session 48065Juan P. ZwolinskiPoster Fish story repeats itselfJuan P. Zwolinski and David A. Demeryes
Session 48096Steve P. KirkmanPoster Going the wrong way?: changes in distribution of the cape fur seal arctocephalus pusillus pusillus (Southern Africa, 1972–2009)Steve P. Kirkman, H. Dawit Yemane, W. Herman Oosthuizen, Mike A. Meÿer, Deon Kotze, H. Skrypzeck, F. Vaz Velho, L.G. Underhillyes
Session 48226Haruka NishikawaPoster Impact of environmental variability in the Kuroshio Extension on Neon flying squid stockHaruka Nishikawa, Toshiyuki Awaji, Yoichi Ishikawa, Masafumi Kamachi, Hiromichi Igarashi, Shuhei Masuda, Toshimasa Doi, Shiro Nishikawa, Yoshihisa Hiyoshi, Yuji Sasaki, Yoshikazu Sasai, Hideharu Sasaki, Mitsuo Sakai, Yoshiki Kato and Shin-ichi Satoyes
Session 47961S. Kalei ShotwellPoster In the path of the polar front: extracting environmental time series from a large scale oceanographic feature with application to the Alaska sablefish stock assessmentS. Kalei Shotwell, Igor M. Belkin, and Dana H. Hanselmanyes
Session 48101Chen-Te TsengPoster Influence of oceanographic variability on the spatio-temporal distributions of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira)Chen-Te Tseng, Chi-Lu Sun, Su-Zan Yeh, Shih-Chin Chen, Don-Chung Liu and Wei-Cheng Suyes
Session 48029Hyunju SeoPoster Long-term variation in the relative abundance and body size of Pacific Salmon, Oncorhynchus speciesHyunju Seo, Sukyung Kang, Kohei Matsuda and Masahide Kaeriyamayes
Session 48053Janet CoetzeePoster Modelling the distribution of small pelagic fish species in the Southern Benguela using remotely-sensed dataDawit Yemane, Janet Coetzee, Carl van der Lingen, and Nandipha Twatwayes
Session 48130Yi-Jay ChangPoster Modelling the impacts of environmental variation on the habitat of swordfish, Xiphias gladius, in the North Atlantic OceanYi-Jay Chang, Chi-Lu Sun, Yong Chen, Su-Zan Yeh and Gerard Dinardoyes
Session 48170Caroline Brown (or Caroline Brown)Poster Natural Indicators and Climate Change in Emmonak, AlaskaCaroline Brown, Nicole Braem, Catherine Moncrieff and Lauren Sill yes
Session 48054Dawit YemanePoster The performance of multiple species distribution models in replicating the distribution of small pelagic fish in the Southern BenguelaDawit Yemane, Nandipha Twatwa, and Janet Coetzeeyes
Session 48023Ustinova (for Alexander V. Zavolokin)PosterREP-5Variations in abundance, body size, age, and growth of chum salmon in relation to climate changes and density-dependent interactionsAlexander V. Zavolokinno, by Ustinova
Session 47981Hideaki KidokoroPoster What was the major factor causing the change in the migration pattern of Japanese common squid Todarodes pacificus associated with the 1989 regime shift?Hideaki Kidokoroyes
Session 47932By ??? (on behalf of Andrés H. Arias)Withdrawal 30 years of oceanographic monitoring at the south Atlantic: highlights of climate changeAndrés H. Arias, Carla V. Spetter, Rubén H. Freije and Jorge E. Marcovecchiono, might be by someone else yes
Session 48121Toufiek SamaaiWithdrawal Assessing and identification of major turning points in the demersal fish communities of the Benguela Current Large Marine EcosystemToufiek Samaai1, Lara Atkinson2, Dawit Yemane3, Sam Mafwila4, Silvia N’siangango5, Paulus Kainge4, Steve P. Kirkman1, Larvika Singh3, Axelsen Bjoern Erik6 and John Kathena4no, cancel poster yes
Session 47968Gennady MatishovWithdrawal Climate and cyclic hydrobiological changes in the Barents sea in the 20th – 21st centuriesGennady Matishov, Denis Moiseev, Olga Lyubina, Aleksandr Zhichkin, Sergey Dzhenyuk, Oleg Karamushko and Elena Frolovayes, cancelled yes
Session 48174Sheku SeiWithdrawal Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries and Livelihoods in Coastal Sierra LeoneSheku Sei, Andrew C.M. Baio and Ernest T. Ndomahinano, cancel poster yes
Session 47972Wen-Tseng LoWithdrawal Comparison of siphonophore assemblages under the influence of two different monsoon seasons in the Taiwan Strait, western North PacificWen-Tseng Lo, Hung-Yen Hsieh, Shwu-Feng Yudid not participate, poster yes
Session 48026Anatoliy Ya. VelikanovWithdrawal Distribution and reproduction peculiarities of boreal pelagic fishes off Sakhalin Island under changing climate and environmentAnatoliy Ya. Velikanovno, cancel poster yes
Session 48112Rudi VossWithdrawal Ecological- economic multi-species management of the Baltic Sea fisheries under climate changeRudi Voss, Jörn O. Schmidt and Martin F. Quaasno, cancel talk yes
Session 47923Maria Rebecca A. CamposWithdrawal Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change of Sea Cucumber Fishers in the PhilippinesMaria Rebecca A. Camposnot sure, cancel poster yes
Session 48215Kamaluddin KasimWithdrawal Effect of La Nina and El Nino Periodes to the Production of Some Pelagic Fish Landed in the North Coast of JavaKamaluddin Kasim, Agustinus A. Widodo, and Andhika Prima Prasetyono,cancel poster yes
Session 47979Chih-hao HsiehWithdrawal Evaluation of multi-scale climate effects on annual recruitment levels of the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica, to TaiwanWann-Nian Tzeng, Yu-Heng Tseng, Yu-San Han, Chih-Chieh Hsu, Chih-Wei Chang, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, and Chih-hao Hsiehno, cancel oral yes
Session 48303Daniel P CostaWithdrawal Foraging behavior of a widely ranging meso-pelagic top predator, the northern elephant sealDaniel P. Costa, Patrick W. Robinson, Daniel E. Crocker, Louis A. Huckstadt, Samantha E. Simmons, Chandra Goetsch, Kimberly T. Goetz, Jennifer Maresh, Sarah H. Petersonno, cancel poster, May yes
Session 48151Tanzima ShahreenWithdrawal Human Interference and Climate Change affects on Coastal Biodiversity of BangladeshTanzima Shahreen, Kazi Sazia Prianka, Panuel Rozario Princedid not confirm participation yes
Session 48278Liviu-Daniel GalatchiWithdrawal Impacts of climate change on the Black Sea marine and coastal environmentLiviu-Daniel Galatchiyes, did not participate, poster yes
Session 47928Md. Kawser Ahmed Withdrawal Impacts of Climate Change on the Coastal Fisheries Resources of BangladeshMd. Kawser Ahmed and Shamima Sultanayes, did not participate, poster yes
Session 48284Elliott Lee HazenWithdrawal Predicting Top Predator Habitat Shifts in a Changing ClimateElliott L. Hazen1,2, Salvador Jorgensen3, Ryan Rykaczewski4, Steven J. Bograd2, Dave Foley1,2, Ian Jonsen5, Scott Shaffer6, John Dunne4, Dan Costa7, Barbara Block8no, cannot oral yes
Session 47951Jabeur Chédia or Amina BakhroufWithdrawal Role of sea surface temperature and rainfall in the fluctuation of production and abundance of the stock of the common octopus in the East of TunisiaJabeur Chédia, Khoufi Widien and Bakhrouf Aminaunlikely, did not participate, poster yes
Session 47976Eugene V. SamkoWithdrawal Role of warm anticyclonic eddy at Hokkaido (North-West Pacific) in formation of saury fishing groundsEugene V. Samko and Nafanail V. Bulatovdid not confirm poster yes
Session 48304Daniel P CostaWithdrawal The changing face of El Niño: The influence of a strong central pacific El Niño on the foraging behavior of northern elephant sealsChandra Goetsch, Patrick. W. Robinson, Sarah. H. Peterson, Greg. A. Breed, Sara. M. Maxwell, Melinda. A. Fowler, Nicole. M. Teutschel, Samantha. E. Simmons, Daniel. E. Crocker, Daniel P. Costano, cancel poster, May yes
Session 48134SM SharifuzzamanWithdrawal The effect of climate change on shrimp aquaculture, BangladeshSM Sharifuzzamanyes, cancelled yes
Session 48294Francis K. WieseWithdrawal The many faces of the sea: Planning and implementing marine ecosystem science in a changing worldFrancis K. Wiese, Carrie Eischens, Cynthia Suchman, Thomas I. Van Pelt, Danielle M.S. Dickson, Nora L. Deansno, cancel talk April yes
Session 48305Daniel P CostaWithdrawal The potential effects of climate change on southern ocean top predatorsDaniel P Costano, cancel Oral, May yes
Session 48283Aida SartimbulWithdrawal The status of coral cover and fishes at coral reef habitat of Pasir Putih Coast, Situbondo, IndonesiaAida Sartimbul, Agus Ariyanto, Sukandar, Muhammad Arif Zainul Fuadnot sure, poster withdrawn yes
Session 48274Elena EriksenWithdrawal Thermal habitat for 0-group redfish and polar cod in the Barents Sea; how climate variability impacts their density, length, and geographic distributionElena Eriksen and Randi Ingvaldsen no, cancel oral yes
Session 48216Andhika Prima PrasetyoWithdrawal Time-lag Analysis for Study of Environment Impact to Purse Seine Fisheries in Java SeaAndhika Prima Prasetyo, Zhaohui Yin, Hanggar Prasetyo Kadarisman, Setiya Tri Haryuni, Puput Fitri Rachmawatiyes, did not participate, poster yes
Session 58006Carl D. van der LingenInvited From ecosystems to genes: climate change effects on Benguela sardineCarl D. van der Lingen and Coleen L. Moloneyyes
Session 57998Atsushi IshimatsuOral Antarctic krill in high CO2 Southern Ocean: potential impacts on early development and adult growthAtsushi Ishimatsu, Awantha Dissanayake, So Kawaguchi, Robert King, Haruko Kurihara, Akio Ishida, and Masahide Wakitayes
Session 58236Amanda E. BatesOral Behaviour, thermal safety margins, environmental variability, and species-specific vulnerability to climate changeAmanda E. Bates, Simon Morley, Koh Siang Tan, Chien-Houng Laiyes
Session 57999Rui YinOral Climate changes (ocean acidification and warming) may impact the reproduction of the sea urchin Hemicentrotus pulcherrimusRui Yin, Kyoung-Seon Lee, Guining Wang, Haruko Kurihara and Atsushi Ishimatsuyes
Session 58214Alexandra H. CampbellOral Climate mediated diseases affecting habitat-forming seaweeds: complex environmental effects on hosts and pathogensAlexandra H. Campbell, Ezequiel M. Marzinelli, Tamsin A. Peters, Rebecca Neumann and Peter D. Steinbergyes
Session 58287Maarten BoersmaOral Food web effects of ocean acidification: why is an increase in CO2 availability important?Maarten Boersma, Arne M. MAlzahn, Stefanie Schnell, Katherian L. Schooyes
Session 58297Thomas WernbergOral Latitude and aptitude: the influence of climatic stress on the distribution, performance and function of seaweedsThomas Wernbergyes
Session 58240Jennifer SundayOralREP-2Marine species' latitudinal distributions conform better to their thermal tolerance than terrestrial species: implications for range shiftsJennifer Sunday, Amanda E. Bates and Nicholas K. Dulvyyes (oral and poster)
Session 58031Sam DupontOral Ocean acidification – The quest for unifying principlesSam Dupont and Mike Thorndykeyes
Session 58309Piero CalosiOral Using an evolutionary approach to investigate the responses of marine organisms to elevated temperature and CO2Piero Calosi, Sedercor Melatunan, Simon Rundle and Steve Widdicombeyes
Session 57988Ann BucklinPlenary From transcriptomes to bugs: using ‘omics to understand climate responses of marine zooplanktonAnn Bucklin, Ebru Unal and Paola G. Batta-Lonayes
Session 58212Ah-Ra KoPoster Developing biochemical index to track the physiological adaptation of cetacean on environmental changesAh-Ra Ko, Se-Jong Ju, Moonkoo Kim, Seok-Gwan Choi and Kyung-Hoon Shinyes
Session 58161Jee Eun LeePoster Dynamic feature of eukaryotic plankton biodiversity in the Nakdong River system, KoreaJee Eun Lee, Sang-Rae Lee, Jung Hyun Oak, Jin Ae Lee and Ik Kyo Chungyes (in April)
Session 58298Jin Yeong KimPoster Evaluation of fatty acids as trophic indicators for anchovy population in the southern coastal waters of KoreaJin Yeong Kim, HaeYoung Moon LEE, Mun-Seong Choi, Sungchul C. Bai yes
Session 58227Se-Joo Kim Poster Gene expression of cytochrome P450 in Euplotes crassus (Ciliophora, Hypotrichida) under the condition of ocean acidification: Lab trialSe-Joo Kim and Se-Jong Juyes
Session 58182Ju-Hyoung KimPoster Impact of Ocean Acidification on Five Species of MacroalgaeJu-Hyoung Kim, Eun Ju Kang, Kwang Young Kim and Kitack Leeyes
Session 58016Guo ying, DuPoster Responses of intertidal microphytobenthos community to environmental factorsGuo Ying Du, Yuxiang Mao, Ik Kyo Chungyes
Session 58093Yoon seok ChoiPoster The effect of geochemical characteristics and climate change on the growth of cultured clams at Taean tidal flat on the west coast of KoreaYoon seok Choi, Pyoung joong Kim, Kwang jae Park, Jae hee Song, Sang ok Chung, Sang pil Yoon and Kyoung ho Anyes
Session 57940Ying CuiPoster Trophic strategy of biota in a tropic estuarine ecosystem indicated by the fatty acid compositionYing Cui, Ying Wu and Jing Zhangyes
Session 58210David KlineWithdrawalREP-3A 6-month in situ ocean acidification experiment at Heron Island, GBRDavid I. Kline1,2, Lida Teneva3, Kenneth Schneider4, Thomas Miard2, Aaron Chai2, Malcolm Marker5, Jack Silverman6, Ken Caldeira4, Brad Opdyke7, Rob Dunbar3, B. Greg Mitchell1, Sophie Dove2,8, and Ove Hoegh-Guldberg2,8, did not participate, poster yes
Session 58313Min-Jung KimWithdrawal Diet of anchovy Engraulis japonicus in the southern coastal waters of KoreaMin-Jung Kim, Seok-Hyun Youn, Jin-Yeong Kim and Chul-Woong Ohyes, cancel this poster yes
Session 57953Balasaheb G. KulkarniWithdrawalREP-1Physiological and Behavioural responses of the intertidal clam Gafrarium divaricatum (Gmelin) in high CO2 coastal watersBalasaheb G. Kulkarni, Ashok Jaiswar, Atul Babar, and Bhavita Chavan did not confirm poster yes
Session 58204Seonock WooWithdrawal Response to the stressors of soft coral, Scleronephthya gracillimum under the impact of ocean change: the case study of corals from the marginal community at Jeiju Island under Kuroshio current Seonock Woo, Sung-Jin Hwang, Vianney Denis, C-Y Kuo, Stephane De Palmas, Chaolun Allen Chen, Joon-Im Song, Seungshic Yumno, cancel oral yes
Session 58040Sazlina SallehWithdrawal The photosynthetic activity of the intertidal tropical and temperate benthic diatoms: Temperature and irradiance acclimationSazlina Salleh, Andrew McMinn and Mahadi Mohammadno, cancel March yes
Session 68057John K. PinnegarInvited Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and climate change –will the organisms we are trying to protect,still be there in 100 years time?John K. Pinnegar, Stephen R. Dye, Miranda Jonesyes
Session 68301Thomas A. OkeyOral A preliminary climate change vulnerability assessment of Canada’s Pacific marine ecosystemsThomas A. Okey, Hussein Alidina and Selina Agbayaniyes
Session 68250See-Whan KangOral An overview of impacts and adaptation measures of climate change on seaportsSee-Whan Kang and Kicheon Jun yes
Session 67964Dr David VousdenOral Building a Regional Alliance for Sustainable Science and Governance in the Western Indian Ocean Large Marine EcosystemsDr David Vousden, Dr Magnus Ngoile, Prof Warwick Saueryes
Session 68080Felipe BriceñoOral Exploring the effect of environment and fishing pressure on a key prey/predator interaction: Signals from a ‘early warning’ fishery within a global hotspot regionFelipe Briceño, Stewart D. Frusher, Caleb Gardner, Rafael León, Sean R. Tracey, Jeffrey M. Dambacher and Gretta T. Pecl yes
Session 68120Gretta PeclOral Redmap: an online database and mapping resource for observational marine species data – marine monitoring, community engagement and collaborative research effortGretta T Pecl, Jemina Stuart-Smith, Dianne Bray, Karen Edyvane, Stewart Frusher, Gary Jackson, Natalie Moltschaniwskyj, Melissa Nursey-Bray, Keith Rowling and Peter Walsh yes
Session 68239Hugh PossinghamPlenary Marine spatial planning and risk management in the context of climate changeHugh P. Possingham, Maria Beger, Alex Maufroy, Eddie Game, Matt Watts, Lissa Barr, Carissa Klein, Viv Tulloch, Azusa Makino, Hedley Grantham, Lucy Robinson, Chris Brown, Kerrie Wilson, Eve McDonald-Madden, Eric Treml, Stuart Kininmonth and Takuya Iwamurayes
Session 68244co-author Petrenko on behalf of Vitaly I. SychevPosterREP-1Spaceborne investigation of the long-term variations of primary productivity and sea ice conditions in the Arctic BasinVitaly I. Sychev, Dmitri A. Petrenkono, by Petrenko
Session 67993Ustinova (for Olga N. Lukyanova)WithdrawalREP-2Climate changes and marine contaminants in Peter the Great Bay (Japan / East Sea) in 1990-2010 yearsOlga N.Lukyanova1,4, Anastasia S. Chernova2 and Larissa A. Gayko3 no, cancel poster yes
Session 67967Vanessa StelzenmüllerWithdrawal Integrated modelling tools to support risk based decision making in marine spatial managementVanessa Stelzenmüller, Thorsten Schulze, Heino Ove Fock and Jörg Berkenhagen  yes
Session 68028Dmitry V. StepanovWithdrawal Numerical study of the low-frequency variability of the circulation of the Japan/East SeaDmitry V. Stepanov, Nikolay A. Dianskyno, cancel poster yes
Session 68061Vaughan ItukWithdrawal Responses to Climate Change: Past, Present, and, FutureVaughan Itukno, cancel poster, May yes
Session 67939Alexandra TemnykhWithdrawal State of plankton community of the Zernov`s Phyllophora Field (Black Sea) in 2010 - 2011Alexandra Temnykh, Victor Melnikov, Yuriy Tokarev and Mikhail Silakovno, keep poster yes
Session 67924Kourosh HaddadiMoghaddamWithdrawal Study impact of climate change on living marine resources in Caspian SeaKourosh HaddadiMoghaddamno, cancel the poster yes
Session 78228Poh Poh WongInvited Large-scale modular mangrove planting - adaptation to sea-level risePoh Poh Wongyes
Session 78253Andy StevenOral Biogeochemical properties and ecological consequences of the 2011 Floods in Moreton Bay, QueenslandAndy Steven, Russ Babcock, Geoff Carlin, Nagur Cherukeru, Phillip Ford, Felipe Gusmao, Gary Fry and Kadija Oubelkheiryes
Session 78221So-Min CheongOral Coastal Adaptation to Climate ChangeSo-Min Cheongyes
Session 78217Evangeline,Tolentino,MagdaongOralREP-2Development of a large-scale, long-term coral cover database in the PhilippinesEvangeline Magdaong1, Hiroya Yamano2 and Masahiko Fujii1yes
Session 78282Shailendra MandalOral Effects of Climate Change on Indian Oceans: Concepts, Approaches and Applications of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Planning and Management of Indian Coastal Zone of India.Shailendra Mandal, Kamini Sinha and Manoj Kumaryes
Session 77985Guillem ChustOral Estuarine connectivity: assessing species vulnerability to global changeGuillem Chust, Aitor Albaina, Aizkorri Aranburu, Ángel Borja, Onno E. Diekmann, Andone Estonba, Javier Franco, Joxe M. Garmendia, Mikel Iriondo, Fernando Rendo, J. Germán Rodríguez, Otsanda Ruiz-Larrañaga, Iñigo Muxika, Mireia Valleyes
Session 77960DaggOral Marsh derived DOC and CO2 production in the coastal ocean of the northern Gulf of MexicoMichael Dagg and Brian Roberts yes
Session 78015Guize LiuOral The impact of climate changes on coastal wetland ecosystemGuize Liu, Jingfeng Fan, Kuishuang Shaoyes
Session 78004Carlos M. DuartePlenary The potential of coastal ecosystems to help mitigate climate change impactsCarlos M. Duarteyes
Session 78143Hyun-Min EomPoster A numerical simulation of coastal inundation under the future climate conditionHyun-Min Eom, KiRyong Kang, Sang Boom Ryoo and Yong Hee Leeyes
Session 78229Maksim B. Gulin, Kateryna A. IvanovaPosterREP-3Black Sea hot-spot environments and ecosystems: future of deltas and riverbeds flooded by seaMaksim B. Gulin, Kateryna A. Ivanovano, by co-author
Session 77929Md. Kawser AhmedWithdrawal Adaptation Strategies in Coping with the Impacts of Global Climate Change on the Coastal Environment and Resources of BangladeshMd. Kawser Ahmed and Shamima Sultanayes, did not participate, poster yes
Session 78296Miklos KazmerWithdrawalREP-1Changing bioerosion and bioconstruction in the intertidal zone along rocky coasts of Thailand – man-made and natural causesMiklos Kazmer and Danko Taborosino, cancel poster yes
Session 77983Shadananan NairWithdrawalREP-4Climate Change in the Indian Ocean region: Challenges in the coastal zones of IndiaShadananan Nairdepends on FIN sup, poster yes
Session 78077Krupnova T. Withdrawal Climate change influence on kelps communities and possible measures for its mitigationTatiana Krupnova, Yury Zuenko, Irina Tsypysheva and Anastasia Denisovano, cancel talk yes
Session 78063Sergey AleksandrovWithdrawal Impact of climate change on algae blooms and eutrophication in the lagoon ecosystems of the Baltic SeaSergey Aleksandrovyes, did not show up for oral yes
Session 78024KVKRK PatnaikWithdrawal Study on the variability of chlorophyll-a concentration in the Bay of Bengal and in particular along the east coast of India in changing climatic conditionsKVKRK Patnaikno, cancel oral yes
Session 88010Steven J. BogradInvited Implications of subsurface nutrient increases in the subarctic Pacific OceanFrank A. Whitney, Steven J. Bograd and Tsuneo Onoyes
Session 88094Felix JanssenInvited Oxygen observation activities within the FP7 EU-project HYPOX: a step towards hypoxia monitoring a rapidly changing worldFelix Janssen, Christoph Waldmann, Antje Boetius, and the HYPOX project teamyes
Session 88069John A. BarthOral Hypoxia over the continental shelf in the Northeast Pacific oceanJohn A. Barth, Stephen D. Pierce and Francis Chanyes
Session 88043Evgeniy YakushevOral Oxygen depletion events in the European Seas: observations and modellingEvgeniy Yakushevyes
Session 87974Frank WhitneyOralREP-2Oxygen sinks and sources along the coast of British Columbia, CanadaFrank Whitney1, Vaughn Barrie2, Kim Conway2 and Bill Crawford1 1Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 2Natural Resources Canada yes
Session 88175K. Allison SmithOral Predicting future habitat changes above oxygen minimum zonesK. Allison Smith, John P. Dunne, Brendan R. Carter, and Jorge L. Sarmientoyes
Session 88084Pavel TishchenkoOralREP-1Seasonal hypoxia of Amurskiy Bay (Japan/East Sea)Pavel Tishchenko, Vyacheslav Lobanov, Tatyana Mikhajlik, Pavel Semkin, Alexander Sergeev, Petr Tishchenko, Vladimir Zvalinskyno, by Lobanov
Session 87927Meng XiaOral The effect of climate change to a Gulf estuary plume and its hypoxia variationMeng Xiayes
Session 88044Jinhui WangOral The historical status and impacts of hypoxia in Changjiang estuaryJinhui Wang,Yanqin Wuyes
Session 88173J. Anthony KoslowOral The influence of declining oxygen concentrations and mesopelagic fish biomass on ecosystem structure and carbon export in the California CurrentJ. Anthony Koslow, Peter Davison, Ana Lara-Lopez, Amanda Netburn and Noelle Bowlinyes
Session 88193Young Jae RoOral Two case studies for the hypoxia in the Korean coastal water bodyYoung Jae Ro, Baek Jin Kim, Kwang Young Jung, and Kwang Soon Parkyes
Session 88218Anand GnanadesikanOral Understanding the connection between ocean circulation and open-ocean oxygen levelsAnand Gnanadesikan, Daniele Bianchi, Irina Marinov, Jaime Palter, Marie-Aude Pradalyes
Session 88246Dmitry D. KaplunenkoOral Vertical structure of dissolved oxygen and nitrates in situ profiles in the North-East Asian Marginal SeasDmitry D. Kaplunenko, Vyacheslav B. Lobanov, Pavel Ya. Tishchenko and Maria A. Shvetsovayes
Session 87959Lothar StrammaPlenary On the expansion of oxygen minimum zones, trends in dissolved oxygen and its impact on the tropical Pacific OceanLothar Strammayes
Session 88263Kateryna IvanovaPoster Black Sea Holocene gas seeps as hot-spot environments with opposing natural properties: zoobenthos high-activity and strong hypoxia coupled by H2S contaminationKateryna Ivanova, Maksim Gulin, Vitaly Timofeevyes, keep as poster
Session 88103Daisuke SasanoPoster Oxygen decrease in the western Pacific along 165°EDaisuke Sasano, Masao Ishii, Takashi Midorikawa, Yusuke Takatani, Toshiya Nakano, Takayuki Tokieda and Hitomi Kamiyayes
Session 88042co-author Yakushev (on behalf of Svetlana Pakhomova)Poster Oxygen intrusions into anoxic fjords: positive and negative effectsSvetlana Pakhomova, Evgeny Yakushev, Hans Fredrik Veiteberg Braaten, Jens Skei and Kai Sørensonno, by Yakushev
Session 88237Mi jin KimPoster Understanding the role of bacteria in the oxygen minimum zone (OMZ) for carbon cycleMi jin Kim, Se-Jong Ju, Chan Min Yoo, Jung-Ho Hyunyes
Session 88288Emanuele Di LorenzoWithdrawal Climate forced changes in subsurface Pacific Ocean circulation and impacts on long-term oxygen fluctuations and trendsEmanuele Di Lorenzo, Taka Ito, Neil Banas, Simone Alin, and Steve Bogradno, cancel oral yes
Session 88166Anna KostylevaWithdrawal On new data of dissolved organic and inorganic carbon in the redox layer of the Black SeaAnna Kostylevadid not confirm poster yes
Session 88167Oleg PodymovWithdrawal Recent decadal changes of the northeastern Black Sea anoxic boundary position and interannual nutrient dynamicsOleg Podymovcancelled yes
Session 88205Seonock WooWithdrawal The effects of oxygen depletion on the gene expression in marine mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialisSeonock Woo, Hyokyung Won, Ae Kyung Lee and Seungshic Yumno, cancel poster yes
Session 98188Jacob ScheweInvited Rapid transitions in the horizontal ocean circulationJacob Schewe and Anders Levermannyes
Session 98113Michael A. LitzowInvited Rising variance as a leading indicator of tipping points in marine ecosystems: A test using Alaskan crustacean dataMichael A. Litzow, Franz J. Mueter and Dan Urbanyes
Session 97994Hongjun LiOral Long-term responses of zooplankton in northern Yellow Sea of China: implications of climate changeHongjun Li, Qing Yang, Jingfeng Fanyes
Session 98149Christian MoellmannOral Multi-level oscillating trophodynamic control causes regime shifts in large marine ecosystemChristian Moellmann, Justus van Beusekom, Rabea Diekmann, Jens Floeter & Axel Temmingyes
Session 98073Yury ZuenkoOral Resonance effect of spawning match with spring bloom for some fish species in the Japan/East SeaYury I. Zuenkoyes
Session 98271HJ HircheOral The future of Arctic zooplankton: interplay between advection, life history traits and trophodynamicsHans-Juergen Hirche, Michael Karcher and Ksenia N. Kosobokovayes
Session 98184Elena I. UstinovaOral Tipping points: shifts in climatic variables or their relationships? Examples for the Far-Eastern SeasElena I. Ustinova and Yury D. Sorokinyes
Session 97966Jeffrey M. DambacherPlenary The role of positive feedback in structuring alternative ecosystem statesJeffrey M. Dambacheryes
Session 97955Olga TrusenkovaPosterREP-2East-west regime shifts in the Japan/East SeaOlga Trusenkova and Dmitry Kaplunenkoyes, hotel problem
Session 98238Jin-Soo KimPosterREP-3El Niño change associated with subsurface ocean in greenhouse gas forcing scenariosJin-Soo Kim, Kwang-Yul Kim and Sang-Wook Yehyes
Session 98056Dawit YemanePosterREP-1Investigation of common temporal trends in the major demersal fish populations in the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem, 1985-2010Dawit Yemane, Yohannes Itembu, Steve Kirkman, Bjorn Axelsen, Toufiek Samaaiyes
Session 97948Marcos LlopePoster The Baltic Sea regime shift, can it flip back?Marcos Llope, Thorsten Blenckner, Christian Möllmann, Michele Casini and Nils Chr. Stensethyes
Session 98136Ivan SudakovWithdrawal Marine methane hydrate gun as a tipping point for the climate systemIvan Sudakov, Sergey Vakulenkodid not confirm poster yes
Session 108179Masao IshiiInvited An overview of the ocean CO2 increase in the western North Pacific subtropical and tropical zonesMasao Ishii, Takashi Midorikawa, Daisuke Sasano, Naohiro Kosugi, Toshiya Nakano, and Hisayuki Y. Inoueyes
Session 108098Jae-Yeon KimOral Decadal trend of carbon dioxide and ocean acidification in the surface of the Ulleung Basin, the East/Japan SeaJae-Yeon Kim, Dong-Jin Kang, Tongsup Lee, Kyung-Ryul Kimyes
Session 108206Kyungsu KimOral Effect of elevated CO2 in seawater on the early life history of olive flounder, Paralichthys olivaceusKyungsu Kim, Jeonghee Shim, Suam Kimyes
Session 108104Tae-Wook KimOral Enhanced phytoplankton production in the US east coast due to precipitation containing nitrateTae-Wook Kim, Raymond G. Najjar and Kitack Leeyes
Session 107965Olubunmi Ayoola NubiOral Influence of equatorial upwelling on biological productivity in the eastern equatorial AtlanticOlubunmi Ayoola Nubiyes, back to S10 as oral
Session 108097Naoki YoshieOralREP-1Nutrient and phytoplankton responses to the intrusion of oceanic warm water in the western Seto Inland Sea, JapanNaoki Yoshie, Naoki Fujii, Xinyu Guo, Tomohiro Komorita and Atsuhiko Isobeyes
Session 108177Samar KhatiwalaOral Ocean acidification over the industrial era constrained from tracer observationsSamar Khatiwala, Toste Tanhua, Christopher Sabine and Richard A. Feelyyes
Session 108319Benjamin McNeilPlenary Nature vs Nurture: The importance of understanding the oceans natural carbon cycle in the context of anthropogenic changeBenjamin McNeilyes
Session 108125L. K. SahuPosterREP-2Change in oceanic emissions of light alkenes due to monsoon circulations over northern Indian OceanL. K. Sahu, S. Lal, and S. Venkataramaniyes
Session 108251Sangmin HyunPoster Paleoclimate and paleoceanographic variations based on foraminiferal isotope study in shelf sediment of the East Sea (Japan Sea), KoreaSangmin Hyun, Irino Tomohisayes
Session 108249Yeon Jee SuhPoster Preliminary Study on Sedimentary Organic Matter Variations in East Sea (Japan Sea)Yeon Jee Suh, Sangmin Hyun, Chan Hong Parkyes
Session 108003D. PetrenkoPoster Quantitative estimation of an annual inorganic carbon production in the Arctic Ocean by coccolithophore during 1998 - 2010 from synergistic remote sensing dataD. Petrenko, E. Zabolotskih, D. Pozdnyakov , V. Sychovyes
Session 108068Pavel TishchenkoPoster Total alkalinity and calcium of the Japan/East SeaPavel Tishchenko, Galina Pavlova and Elena Shkirnikovano, by ???
Session 108070Benny N. PeterWithdrawalREP-3Variability of heat content of Bay of Bengal and South China Sea - A comparison on global warming perspectiveBenny N. Peter and Mridula K., canel oral yes
Workshop 18091Sanae ChibaOral Initiation of a Global Alliance of Continuous Plankton Recorder Surveys (GACS)Graham Hosie, Sonia Batten, Sanae Chiba, and The GACS Board of Governanceyes
Workshop 28126Jason HoltInvited Exploring the drivers of climate change impacts on shelf and coastal marine ecosystems: consequences for downscaling experiment designJason Holt, James Harle, Sarah Wakelin, Momme Butenschon, Yuri Artioli, Icarus Allen Jason Lowe, Jonathan Tinker yes
Workshop 28243William W.L. CheungInvited Modelling large scale effects of global change on marine ecosystems and fisheriesWilliam Cheung, Jose Fernandes, Thomas Frölicher, Jorge Sarmiento, U. Rashid Sumaila and Daniel Paulyyes
Workshop 27989Villy ChristensenInvited Nereus: Predicting the Future OceanVilly Christensenyes
Workshop 28141Charles StockInvited On the use of IPCC-class models to assess the impact of climate on living marine resourcesC. Stock, M. Alexander, N. Bond, K. Brander, W. Cheung, E. Curchitser, T. Delworth, J. Dunne, S. Griffies, M. Haltuch, J. Hare, A. Hollowed, P. Lehodey, S. Levin, J. Link, K. Rose, R. Rykaczewski, J. Sarmiento, R. Stouffer,F. Schwing,G. Vecchi,F. Werneryes
Workshop 28315Enrique N. CurchitserOral Development of a climate-to-fish-to-fishers model: Implementation in the eastern Pacific Sardine and Anchovy systemEnrique N. Curchitser, Kenneth A. Rose, Kate Hedstrom, Jerome Fiechter,Miguel Bernal, Shin-ichi Ito, Alan Haynie and Cisco Werneryes
Workshop 28293Corinna SchrumOral Dynamic downscaling to marine ecosystemsCorinna Schrum, Bjørn Ådlandsvik, Richard Bellerby, Ute Daewel, Trond Kristensen and Dhanya Pushpadasyes
Workshop 28046Fei CHAIOral Modeling Peru Upwelling Ecosystem Dynamics: from Physics to AnchovyFei Chai, Yi Xu, Kenneth Rose, and Francisco Chavezyes
Workshop 27987Alexey V. GolikovWithdrawal Changes in Structure of Teuthocenosis (Cephalopoda) of the Arctic due to climatic changes of the last decadesAlexey V. Golikov Rushan M. Sabirov Pavel A. Lubin Lis L. Jørgensenno, keep the poster yes
Workshop 28152Caihong FuWithdrawal Evaluating fishing impacts on ecosystem attributes under climate regime shiftsCaihong Fu, Jennifer Boldt, R. Ian Perry, Jake Schweigert, Yunne-Jai Shinno, cancel paper yes
Workshop 28172Baris SalihogluWithdrawal Interpreting the impact of climate variability on the Black Sea ecosystem with a higher-trophic-level marine ecosystem modelEkin Akoglu, Baris Salihoglu and Temel Oguz no, April, cancel oral yes
Workshop 27937MA'RUF KASIMWithdrawal The effect of community based-marine protected area on coral reef condition thtee years after establishment in eastern IndonesiaMA'RUF KASIMdepends on FIN sup, poster yes
Workshop 38052Carlos M. DuarteInvited Vegetated coastal habitats as intense carbon sinks: Understanding and using Blue Carbon strategiesCarlos M. Duarteyes
Workshop 38318Gail L. ChmuraOral Assessing the permanence of Blue Carbon sinks with rising sea levelsGail L. Chmura and Dante Torioyes
Workshop 38322Guanghui (George) LinOral Effects of tidal regimes, mariculture and restoration on carbon pools and fluxes in subtropical mangrove ecosystems of China: Implications for blue carbon managementsGuanghui (George) Lin, Hui Chen, Weizhi Lu, Shengchang Yang, Hao Wu, Q. Li and Dai Jiayes
Workshop 38160Ik Kyo ChungOral Kelp forest/seaweed bed as mitigation and adaptation measure: Korean Project OverviewIk Kyo Chung, Jung Hyun Oak, Kwang Seok Park, Jong Ahm Shin, Jong Gyu Kim and Jin Ae Leeyes
Workshop 38320Gordon AjoninaOral Mangroves and carbon in West and Central AfricaGordon Ajoninayes
Workshop 38316Stephen CrooksOral Predicting the response of coastal marshes and mangroves to sea level rise and human impacts: state of science and information needsStephen Crooksyes
Workshop 38311Gabriel GrimsditchOral The UNEP Blue Carbon InitiativeGabriel Grimsditch, Gordon Ajonina and James Kairoyes
Workshop 48119Ken Drinkwater Oral Climate Change and its Impacts: Comparisons between the Polar and Subpolar Regions of the Arctic and AntarcticKen Drinkwater, George Hunt, Eugene Murphy and Jinping Zhaoyes
Workshop 48146Rosamma StephenOral Copepods in Austral summer in Sub-Antarctic region of western Indian Ocean: a synthesis of 1964 and 2004 observationsRosamma Stephen , Jasmine,P. and Madhu, N.V.yes
Workshop 48248Toru HirawakeOral Interannual changes in primary productivity and sea surface temperature in the polar oceansToru Hirawake, Katsuhito Shinmyo, Shintaro Takao, Amane Fujiwara and Sei-ichi Saitohyes
Workshop 58138Paul J. BuckleyInvited Outcomes of the first pan-European poll on public perception of marine climate change impactsPaul J. Buckley and John Pinnegaryes
Workshop 58181Mitsutaku MakinoInvited Outreach and adaptation strategy for climate change; Japanese examplesMitsutaku Makinoyes
Workshop 58064Tae-Goun KimOral Public Perceptions of Wetland Restoration Benefits in LouisianaTae-Goun Kim and Daniel R. Petroliayes
Workshop 58213Dr. Bulent Acma Withdrawal Climate Change and Tourism: Southeastern Anatolia Region and Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) in Turkey as a Case StudyAcma, Bulentno, cancel poster yes
Workshop 58048Pradnya Patil Withdrawal Climate Change: Awareness among fishing community located in and around Mumbai (West coast of India)Pradnya Patil, Neeta Jadhav and Balasaheb G. Kulkarni withdraw, did not confirm oral and attendance yes
Workshop 68108Thomas WernbergInvited Climate change and range shifts in the ocean, theme 1: Detection Detecting species distribution shifts with climate warming to inform adaptationThomas Wernberg, Amanda Bates, Gretta Pecl, Alistair Hobday, Daniel Smale yes
Workshop 68109Alistair HobdayInvited Climate change and range shifts in the ocean, theme 2: prediction Predicting species’ distribution shifts with climate warming: the role of monitoring and modelling in adaptationAlistair Hobday, Gretta Pecl, Amanda Bates, Jennifer Sundayyes
Workshop 68110Warwick SauerInvited Climate change and range shifts in the ocean, theme 3: adaptation Adaptation to species distribution shifts with climate warming: marine resource management, policy and governance responses for present and into the futureWarwick Sauer, Stewart Frusher, David Vousden, Renae Tobinyes
Workshop 68211Edmo J. D. CamposPoster Changes in the South Atlantic-Indian Ocean super-gyre due to poleward shift of the southern hemisphere westerliesEdmo J. D. Camposyes
Workshop 68321Gail L. ChmuraPoster Potential impact of global warming on ranges of commercial fish species in the Northwest AtlanticAmina H. Khan, Elisabeth Levac and Gail L. Chmurayes
Workshop 68059John K. PinnegarPoster Range shifts in the North Sea: why is life so complicated?John K. Pinnegar, Georg H. Engelhard, Tina Kerbyyes
Workshop 68220Paul R. LyonPoster Risk-based approach to manage the impacts of climate change on Canada’s aquatic resourcesPaul R. Lyonyes
Workshop 68196Corinne PomerleauPoster Spatial patterns in zooplankton communities across the eastern Canadian sub-Arctic and Arctic waters: insights from stable carbon (δ13C) and nitrogen (δ15N) isotope ratios Corinne Pomerleau, Gesche Winkler, Akash R. Sastri, John Nelson, Svein Vagle, Véronique Lesage and Steven H. Ferguson yes
Workshop 68139Hans-Juergen HirchePoster The future of Arctic zooplankton: interplay between advection, life history traits and trophodynamicsHans-Juergen Hirche, Michael Karcher and Ksenia N. Kosobokovayes, did not participate, poster yes
Workshop 68030Alexandra H. CampbellWithdrawal Climate-mediated diseases affecting habitat-forming seaweeds: complex environmental effects on hosts and pathogensAlexandra H. Campbell, Ezequiel M. Marzinelli Tamsin A. Peters, Rebecca Neumann and Peter D. Steinbergyes, did not participate, poster yes
Workshop 68038Sukgeun JungWithdrawal Latitudinal shifts in catch distribution of fisheries species in Korean waters during the past 30 years in relation to climate changeSukgeun Jung and Ilsu Choiyes, did not participate, poster yes
Workshop 78266Shin-ichi ItoInvited Beyond the dispersion: how to model migration of Japanese sardine (Sardinops melanostictus) in the western North PacificShin-ichi Ito and Takeshi Okunishiyes
Workshop 78148Myron A. PeckInvited Integrating marine fish physiology, behaviour and physical constraints into early life stage biophysical IBMs: Recent advances and future challengesMyron A. Peck, Klaus Huebert, Marc Hufnagl and Joel K. Llopizyes
Workshop 78185Sylvain BonhommeauOral Coupling a particle-tracking model (Ichthyop) and a bio-energetic model (Dynamic Energy Budget theory) to estimate Atlantic bluefin tuna larval survival in the Mediterranean SeaSylvain Bonhommeau1, Philippe Verley2, Gwendoline Andres1, Jean-Marc Fromentin1, Anne Elise Nieblas2,3 and Christophe Lett4 
Workshop 78256Min-Jung KimOral Diet of anchovy Engraulis japonicus in the southern coastal waters of KoreaMin-Jung Kim, Seok-Hyun Youn, Jin-Yeong Kim and Chul-Woong Oh yes
Workshop 78258Jung Jin KimOral Influence of ontogenetic vertical migration on transport process of common squid (Todarodes pacificus) larvae in the East China Sea using a coupled behavioral-physical modelJung Jin Kim, William T. Stockhousen, Yang-Ki Cho, Chang Sin Kim, Suam Kimyes
Workshop 78035Sukgeun JungOral Spatially-explicit, individual-based model for Pacific anchovy in Korean watersSukgeun Jung, Ig-Chan Pang, Joon Ho Lee, and Ilsu Choiyes
Workshop 78290Carolina ParadaOral Understanding Climate Change through the coupling of bioenergetic and biophysical models. A review of the state-of the art, constraints and challengesCarolina Parada Javier Porobic Sebastián Vásquezyes
Workshop 78289Sebastián VásquezWithdrawal Conceptual approach to couple biophysical transport and bioenergetic models to predict influences of a varying environment on small pelagic populations off central ChileSebastián Vásquez and Carolina Paradano, cancel oral, April yes
Workshop 78291Javier PorobicWithdrawal Conceptual framework for coupling biophysical and bioenergetics models to assess the impact of climate variability and change on Juan Fernandez rock lobster (Jasus frontalis) in the oceanic islands off Chile.Javier Porobic1, Carolina Parada2, Billy, cancel oral yes
Workshop 78199Iskhaq IskandarWithdrawal Eddy-induced chlorophyll bloom in the southeastern tropical Indian Ocean during Indian Ocean Dipole eventIskhaq Iskandar, Hideharu Sasaki, Yoshikazu Sasai, Yukio Masumoto and Keisuke Mizunoyes, cancel yes

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