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 Katsuya Suzuki Hyun-Cheol Kim Vladlena Gertseva Oleg Katugin Akihiko Yatsu
Akinori Takasuka and Dr. R. Ian Perry Jennifer Boehme Sabine Mecking Mukti Zainuddin Scott Gende
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Suzuki, Katsuya
Best Poster
"Video analysis of the schooling behavior of Japanese surfsmelt (Hypomesus japonicus) under light and dark conditions using a mathematical model"
(FIS Paper Session)
Poster [0.5 MB]

Takasuka, Akinori
BIO Best Presentation
"Differential optimal temperatures for growth of larval anchovy and sardine: A potential mechanism for regime shifts?"
(BIO Topic Session)
Presentation [pdf, 0.5 MB]

Kim, Hyun-Cheol
CCCC Best Presentation
"Relation between phytoplankton blooming and wind stress in the central Japan/East Sea"
(CCCC/REX Workshop)
Power Point Presentation [ppt, 2 MB]

Boehme, Jennifer
MEQ Best Presentation
"Ballast water exchange verification using the optical characteristics of dissolved organic matter"
(MEQ Topic Session)
Power Point Presentation [ppt, 7.63 MB]

Gertseva, Vladlena V.
BIO Honourable Mention
"Juvenile salmon survival in coastal waters of the Northeast Pacific Ocean: Top-down or bottom-up control?"
(BIO Topic Session)
Power Point Presentation [ppt, 4.12 MB]

Mecking, Sabine
POC Best Presentation
"Age and AOU increases at the North Pacific subtropical-subpolar gyre boundary"
(POC Topic Session)
Power Point Presentation [ppt, 3.3 MB]

Katugin, Oleg. N.
SB Honourable Mention
"Patterns of distribution and biology of the North Pacific oceanic squid Berryteuthis anonychus with implications for the species life cycle"
(Science Board Symposium)
Power Point Presentation [ppt, 10 MB]

Zainuddin, Mukti
Best E-Poster
"Spatio-temporal dynamics of albacore fishing ground and environmental conditions detected by remotely sensed satellite data"
(TCODE Electronic Poster Session)

Yatsu, Akihiko
SB Best Presentation
"Possible ecological interactions between small pelagic and mesopelagic fishes in the Kuroshio-Oyashio Transition Zone and Kuroshio Extension in spring"
(Science Board Symposium)
Power Point Presentation [ppt, 8.31 MB]

Gende, Scott M.
FIS Best Presentation
"Persistence of prey "hot spots" in southeast Alaska"
(FIS/BIO Topic Sesssion)
Power Point Presentation [ppt, 6 MB]


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