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Best (Oral/Poster) Presentations were announced during the closing ceremony of the PICES 14th Annual Meeting, September 2005, Vladivostok, Russia.

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Science Board Best Presentation Award

Presenter  William Peterson, Hatfield Marine Science Senter, NOAA-Fisheries, U.S.A.

Authors   William Peterson, Rian Hooff and Robert Emmett

Presentation   Extreme climate variability in the northern California Current: Can we explain the current anomalous warm state and its effects on the coastal upwelling ecosystem off Washington and Oregon?
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Best Poster Presentation Award

Presenter   Hanna Na, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

Authors   Hanna Na and Kuh Kim

Presentation   Temporal variation of the estimated volume transport through the Korea and Tsugaru Straits
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POC Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter  Yuri Nikonov, SakhNIRO (Sakhalin), Russia

Authors   Yuri Nikonov, Valeriy Chastikov and Ludmila Gavrina

Presentation   Water and chlorophyll circulation modeling of Aniva Gulf according to oceanographic data from the year 2002
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POC Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter  Satoshi Osafune, University of Tokyo, Japan

Authors   Satoshi Osafune and Ichiro Yasuda

Presentation   Bidecadal variability in the intermediate waters of the northwestern subarctic Pacific and the Okhotsk Sea in relation to the 18.6-year nodal tidal cycle
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FIS Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter  Eun Jung Kim, Pukyong National University, Republic of Korea

Authors   Eun Jung Kim, Suam Kim, Dae-Yeon Moon and Jeong-Rack Koh

Presentation   The vertical and horizontal distribution of bigeye (Thunnus obesus) and yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) related to ocean structure
[Download: pdf, 1.5 Mb]

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BIO Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter  Jaime Jahncke, PRBO Conservation Science, CA, U.S.A.

Authors   Jaime Jahncke, Benjamin L. Saenz, Chris Rintoul and William J. Sydeman

Presentation   Krill and krill-predators: Habitat associations in the dynamic Gulf of the Farallones, California
[Download: pdf, 7.3 Mb]

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MEQ Committee Best Presentation Award

Presenter  Xuelei Zhang, First Institute of Oceanography, SOA, People's Republic of China

Authors   Xuelei Zhang, R.J. Wu, Z.H. Zhang and Z.F. Dong

Presentation   Benzene toxicity to the scallop, Chlamys farreri, and the shrimp, Penaeus japonicus
[Download: pdf, 0.1 Mb]

Please note this presentation has not been published yet.

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CCCC Program Best Presentation Award

Presenter  Chiyuki Sassa, Seikai National Fisheries Research Institute, Japan

Authors   Chiyuki Sassa, Youichi Tsukamoto, Yoshinobu Konishi, Songguang Xie, Yoshiro Watanabe and Hideaki Nakata

Presentation   Recruitment processes of jack mackerel (Trachurus japonicus) in the East China Sea (ECS) in relation to environmental conditions
[Download: pdf, 4.7 Mb]

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