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PICES 2024 Annual Meeting
The FUTURE of PICES: Science and Sustainability in 2030

October 26 - November 1, 2024, Honolulu, HI, USA

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SessionPaper IDPresenterREQUESTED Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
FUTURE17854Vera TrainerOral Generating Responsible Environmentally Effective Networking (GREEN)Vera L. Trainer, Hiroya Sugisaki, Sung Yong Kim, Jae-Hyoung Park, Robin Brown, Jeanette Gann, and Pengbin Wang 
FUTURE18001Jennifer BoldtOral PICES’s Science Program, FUTURE: Advanced knowledge and future researchJennifer L. Boldt, Saeseul Kim, Stephen Bograd, Sukyung Kang, Thomas Therriault, et al. 
FUTURE17786Chelsie CounsellOral Reef fish community changes along a gradient of invasive macroalgae cover in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National MonumentChelsie W. W. Counsell and Heather Ylitalo-Ward 
S0118008NeilHolbrookInvited Impacts of marine heatwaves on tropical western and central Pacific Island nations and their communitiesNeil J. Holbrook, Vanessa Hernaman, Shirley Koshiba, Jimaima Lako, Jules B. Kajtar, Patila Amosa and Awnesh Singh 
S0117849Ce BianInvited Physical drivers of global marine heatwavesCe Bian, Zhao Jing, Lixin Wu 
S0117932Wonkeun ChoiOral A dipole pattern bias in marine heatwave intensity in the Kuroshio Extension simulated by the CMIP6 modelsWonkeun Choi, Heeseok Jung, Zhenya Song and Chan Joo Jang 
S0117822Lingyun NieOral A transition at twilight: The declining diel vertical migrators in a warming shelf seaLingyun Nie, Jianchao Li, Yang Liu, Peng Sun, Zhenjiang Ye, Honghai Zhang, Liyan Zhu, Shuyang Ma, Wenchao Zhang and Yongjun Tian  
S0117924Virendra GoswamiOral Artificial Intelligence (AI) remediation of aquatic pollution & development of Numerical Oceanic Climate Prediction Models (NOCPM)Virendra Goswami 
S0117816Seong Woon JeongOral Disturbance in benthic sediment and primary production in tidal flat by extreme meteorological events (typhoons Maysak and Haishen) in 2020Seong Woon Jeong and Ho Kyung Ha 
S0117969Junsung NohOral Global boiling and adaptive green-living shoreline project with blue carbon, South KoreaJunsung Noh, In Ok Lee, Moo Joon Le 
S0118013Yang LuoOral Identification and delineation of key control area of storm surge disaster in Zhoushan City based on loss perspectiveZiyan Guo, Jianwei Wu, Jinlong Jiang, Quanyi Xiang, Yang LuoYang Luo needs to register
S0117821Kiduk KimOral Impacts of ocean heat changes induced by the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) on typhoon intensification in the Philippine SeaKiduk Kim, Jeong-Yeob Chae, Hajin Song, Eun-Joo Lee and Jae-Hun Park 
S0118023Fangli QiaoOral Improved ocean-related forecasting ability has been paving the way for providing decision-making actionable informationFangli Qiao 
S0117987Elena ConserOral In situ plankton imaging elucidates variability in zooplankton distribution, community structure, and predator-prey interactions associated with inshore hypoxia in the northern California CurrentElena Conser, Moritz S. Schmid, Su Sponaugle, Robert K. Cowen  
S0117908Hyung-Ju ParkOral Interannual variability of the marine heat waves in the Western North Pacific Ocean and its marginal seasHyung-Ju Park and Hanna Na 
S0118072Hiroto AbeOral Intrusion of Coastal Oyashio water to southwest Hokkaido Island, Japan, occasionally disturbed by Kuroshio‑originating warm core ringHiroto Abe, Yuta Yahiro, Takuya Hasegawa, Toru Hirawake, Hiroji Onishi, Atsushi Ooki, Tetsuya Takatsu, Ken'ichi Sasaki, Masahide Wakita, Hitoshi Kaneko, Shuichi Watanabe, Takahiro Tanaka, Takeshi Okunishi, Shintaro Ohno and Satoru Hashizume 
S0117852Hyeong-Gi KimOral K-Blue Carbon Project: Estimating blue carbon sequestration potential of Magallana gigas in Korean aquaculture farmsHyeong-Gi Kim, Du-young Jung, Bong-Oh Kwon, Tae-Lim Kim, Seohee Lim, Julie A. Kopplin, Jong Seong Khim  
S0117890Richard D. BrodeurOral Marine heatwaves and Pyrosome Blooms: Are these the new normal for the Northern California Current?Richard D. Brodeur, Kelly R. Sutherland, Kim S. Bernard, Dylan G.E. Gomes, Laura E. Lilly, Elizabeth A. Daly, Samantha M. Zeman, Moira Galbraith, R. Ian Perry, Douglas L. Draper, James J. Ruzicka, Eric P. Bjorkstedt, and Roxanne R. Robertson  
S0117773Kristy WallmoOral Modeling decisions in Hawaii’s deep-set longline fishery: Fishing under spatial closures and climate variabilityKristy Wallmo Hing Ling Chan Lisa Pfieffer Paul Carvalho 
S0118000Allison CluettOral Pan-basin warming now overshadows robust Pacific Decadal OscillationAllison A. Cluett, Steven J. Bograd, Michael G. Jacox, Mercedes Pozo-Buil, and Elliott L. Hazen  
S0117782Kyunghoi KimOral Relationship between subtropical Indian Ocean Dipole and phytoplankton bloomsSeongsik Park and Kyunghoi Kim 
S0117896Yang LuoOral Sources and sinks of N2O in the subtropical Jiulong River Estuary, Southeast ChinaYuhong Li, Yang Luo, Jian Liu, Wangwang Ye, Jiexia Zhan, and Liyang Zhan 
S0117844Esther KennedyOral Spatial variability in multivariate climate vulnerability produces mosaic of risks and tradeoffs for four California Current shellfish speciesEsther G. Kennedy, Sara L. Hamilton, Ben Walker, Meghan Zulian, Kristy Kroeker, Eric Sanford, Brian Gaylord and Tessa M. Hill  
S0118053Young-Gyu ParkOral Structure of marine heatwaves in the Southern Java and Karimata Strait, IndonesiaMochamad Riza Iskandar, Ahmad Bayhaqi, and Young-Gyu Park 
S0117778Diego Otero HuamanOral Submesoscale seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton production in eastern boundary upwelling systems and their susceptibility to ENSO events and climate ChangeDiego Andre Otero Huaman, Takeyoshi Nagai 
S0117980Antonietta CapotondiOral Tropical and North Pacific decadal variability promotes the occurrence of Northeast Pacific marine heatwavesAntonietta Capotondi, Tongtong Xu, Matthew Newman, Emanuele Di Lorenzo  
S0118055Po-Yuan HsiaoOral Variation of commercial pelagic species under ENSO and Climate Change in the Northern South China SeaPo-Yuan Hsiao, William W.L. Cheung and Kuo-Wei Lan 
S0117825Young-Baek SonPoster A study on the changes in the marine environment around Jeju coastal area, KoreaYoung Baek Son, Sun Kyeong Choi and Kyungman Kwon 
S0117860Ahmad BayhaqiPoster Characterizing extreme wave events in the Northwest Pacific Ocean: Insights from ERA5 reanalysis (1980-2021)Ahmad Bayhaqi, Jeseon Yoo, Chan Joo Jang 
S0117920Sun Kyeong ChoiPoster Impact of super typhoon on subtropical Ulva green tides in Korean coastSun Kyeong Choi, Seul Yi and Young Baek Son 
S0117941Heeseok JungPoster Long-lasting marine heatwaves in the East Korea Bay, East/Japan Sea: Characteristics and mechanismsSubi Lee, Wonkeun Choi, Minkyoung Bang, Heeseok Jung and Chan Joo Jang 
S0118022Junghyung RyuPoster Multiproxy analysis for understanding ecosystem shifts in coastal Louisiana under environmental and climatic stressorsJunghyung Ryu, Kam-biu Liu, Terrence A. McCloskey, and Jeogyun Kim 
S0117953SungHyun NamPoster Observations on the delayed genesis of Marine Heatwaves on the East coast of the Korean Peninsula by near-inertial waves after the passage of typhoon HinnamnorSaranya. J. S, Panini Dasgupta, SungHyun NamSungHyun Nam needs to register
S0117894Young Baek SonPoster Regional variations of water transparency in the Yellow Sea using MODIS dataYoung Baek Son, Sun Kyeong Choi and Don-Hyug Kang 
S0117957Gyundo PakPoster Representing annual marine heatwave characteristics using the monthly sea surface temperature datasetsGyundo Pak 
S0118010Jessica PerelmanPoster Sensitivity of extreme events detection to satellite data resolution in coral reef habitatsJessica N. Perelman, Hui Shi, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, and Justin J. Suca 
S0118134Fei ChaiPoster Unraveling the formation mechanism of Marine Heatwaves in the Northeast PacificFei Chai, Yuntao Wang, Huan-Huan Chen 
S0217830Camilla SguottiInvited Approaches to detect tipping point and estimate the resilience of marine populations and communitiesCamilla Sguotti 
S0217997Jim RuzickaOral An updated end-to-end ecosystem model of the Northern California Current reflecting ecosystem changes due to recent marine heatwavesDylan Gomes, Jim Ruzicka, Lisa Crozier, David Huff, Elizabeth Phillips, Pierre-Yves Hernvann, Cheryl Morgan, Richard Brodeur, Jen Zamon, Elizabeth Daly, Joseph Bizzarro, Jennifer Fisher, Toby Auth 
S0218064Ting-Yu LiangOral Assessing the impact of climate change on tropical tunas in the Pacific Ocean using IPCC SSP-AR6Ting-Yu Liang, Kuo-Wei Lan, Yan-Lun Wu 
S0217985Lisa CrozierOral Climate change and marine food webs: Navigating structural uncertainty and its impact on salmon survivalCrozier, L.G, D.G.E. Gomes., D.D. Huff 
S0218014Nima FarchadiOral Data integration improves model performance in a changing climateNima Farchadi, Camrin D. Braun, Martin C. Arostegui, Elliott L. Hazen, Barbara A. Muhling, Andrew Allyn, Kiva Oken, and Rebecca L. Lewison 
S0218024Seokjin YoonOral Environmental drivers of species shift in Dokdo coastal watersSeokjin Yoon, Youngsun Song, Eunho Kim and Jung Hwa Choi 
S0218025Kristin MarshallOral Evaluating climate-robust management strategies for environmentally-driven recruitment in transboundary fisheries: Avoiding tipping points for Pacific HakeKristin N. Marshall, Aaron Berger, Kelli Johnson Eric J. Ward, Nick Tolimieri, Mary Hunsicker, Michael Jacox and Mercedes Pozo-Buil  
S0218046Meghan KaschnerOral Exploring the impacts of warming timescales on top predator distributions in the California CurrentMeghan L. Kaschner, Nerea Lezama-Ochoa, Steven J. Bograd, Heather Welch, Michael Jacox, Allison Cluett, Andrew D. Barton, C. Anela Choy, Joshua A. Cullen and Elliott L. Hazen 
S0217944Barbara MuhlingOral Interacting impacts of prey availability and climate warming on future California sea lion reproductive success in the California Current SystemBarbara Muhling, S Koenigstein, HW Fennie, R Seary, SJ Bograd, MA Cimino, A Curtis, J Field, EL Hazen, P-Y Hernvann, C Hinchliffe, MG Jacox, I Kaplan, EA McHuron, M Pozo Buil, S Melin, JA Santora, JA Thayer, D Tommasi and AR Thompson 
S0217992David HuffOral Marine heatwaves disrupt ecosystem structure and function via altered food webs and energy fluxDylan G. E. Gomes, James J. Ruzicka, Lisa G. Crozier, David D. Huff, Richard D. Brodeur, and Joshua D. Stewart 
S0217978Yuting HouOral Pathway study on how Marine Spatial Planning can contribute to ocean carbon negative emissionsYuting Hou, Dahai Liu 
S0217868Guimei LiuOral Preliminary study on the Artificial Intelligence-based climate change and marine environmental predictionsGuimei Liu 
S0217879Jerome FiechterOral Projected climate change and variability of krill population in California CurrentJerome Fiechter, Megan Cimino, Monique Messié, Michael Jacox, Mercedes Pozo Buil and Jarrod Santora 
S0217936Emily RyznarOral Red-shifted temperature variability in Alaskan marine ecosystems: implications for climate tipping pointsEmily R. Ryznar, Michael A. Litzow 
S0217831Miaoyin ZhangOral Research on the impact of climate change on the oceanic surface pCO2 in the South China Sea from 1991 to 2022 using a 3D physical-biogeochemical numerical modelMiaoyin Zhang, Xuanliang Ji, Xueming Zhu and Jingjing Zheng 
S0217940Keliang ChenOral Research on the realization path of mangrove ecological product value based on ecotourismKeliang Chen 
S0217847Kelly KearneyOral Revisiting bias correction of earth system models for climate-informed ecosystem based managementKelly A. Kearney and Jennifer Bigman 
S0217983Lisa CrozierOral Widespread marine predator culls will not recover salmon populationsDylan G.E. Gomes, Lisa G. Crozier, James J. Ruzicka, David D. Huff, Joshua D. Stewart 
S0217901Alex HarperPoster Ecosystem observation and evolving technology in Central and Northern CaliforniaAlex R. Harper, Henry Ruhl, Amy West, Jason Adelaars 
S0217933Hitomi OyaizuPoster Relevance of international trends in EBFM to Japanese fisheries management systemsHitomi Oyaizu 
S0218066Peng LianPoster The ecological responses of tunas to marine heatwaves based on explainable artificial intelligencePeng Lian, Wenbo Yang, Jing Zhao and Xiong Zhang 
S0217741Dominique MaucieriWithdrawal Enduring a major heatwave: The role of kelp forests and cold refugia in promoting marine invertebrate community resilienceDominique G. Maucieri, David J. Kushner and Amanda E. Batescancelled oral yes
S0317842Vaneeda AllkenInvited A deep learning-based method to identify and count small pelagic and mesopelagic fishes from trawl camera imagesVaneeda Allken, Shale Rosen, Nils Olav Handegard, Ketil Malde 
S0318107Minkyoung BangInvited Projecting future seasonal distribution of small pelagic fishes under continued ocean warming in Korean watersMinkyoung Bang, Dongwha Sohn, Jung Jin Kim, Wonkeun Choi, Elliott Lee Hazen, Sukyung Kang and Chan Joo Jang 
S0318043Kyung-Hoon ShinOral Alterations of pelagic food web structure in the marginal seas of western North Pacific under changing climateEun-Ji Won, Ji-Eun Kim, Hee Young Yun, Ha-Eun Cho, Seok-Hyeon Youn, Sae-Yun Kwon, Kyung-Hoon Shin Shin needs to pre-register
S0317835Michael AllisonOral Application of molecular tools to monitor health, abundance, and distribution of spawning oolichan (Thaleichthys pacificus)Michael J. Allison, Meredith Pochardt, Morgan Hocking, Mary Lesperance, Steve Sharron, Francis Juanes, and Caren C. Helbing 
S0317785Talen RimmerOral Applications of the YOLOv8 computer vision model forlong-term underwater ecological monitoringTalen K.L. Rimmer, Declan Mcintosh, Colin R. Bates, Tom Zhang, Alexandra Branzan Albu, & Francis Juanes. 
S0317925Christopher RooperOral Assessment of pelagic fish density using a stereo cameraKresimir Williams, Christopher Rooper, and Matthew PhillipsKresimir Williams? Attending
S0317743Matthew BakerOral Automated stereocameras to assess movement in a pelagic forage fishMatthew R Baker, TS Smeltz, Kresimir Williams, Casey Greufe, Megan Ewing, Jonathan Chapman, Julia Glassy, Eva Hasegawa, Kathleen Cieri, Sofia Matson, Rick Towler 
S0317799Masahiro MananoOral Automatic detection and measurement of otolith using zero-shot learningMasahiro Manano, Yuko Hiraoka, Yasutoki Shibata, Yuka Iwahara, Daisaku Masuda 
S0318126Jan NewtonOral Backyard Buoys: Meeting community needs for wave data through co-design and co-productionJan Newton, Sheyna Wisdom, Melissa Iwamoto, Roxanne Carini, Jordan Watson, Sebastien Boulay, Duncan Mactavish, Jennifer Hagen, Joe Schumacker, Dua Rudolph, Dolores Kattil-Debrum, Pua Tuaua, Eric Brown, John Hopson Jr, and Jenny Evans 
S0317871Yehui WangOral Biogeographic patterns of two typical mesopelagic fishes in the Cosmonaut Sea through a combination of environmental DNA and trawl surveyYehui Wang, Chunlin Liu, Mi Duan, Peilong Ju, Wenchao Zhang, Shuyang Ma, Jianchao Li, Jianfeng He and Yongjun Tian 
S0318054Isaac KaplanOral Coupling small pelagic fish distribution models to complex ecosystem models: Tools and choices to support ecosystem-based fishery management and climate assessmentIsaac Kaplan, Elliott Hazen, Stefan Koenigstein, Nerea Lezama Ochoa, Mariana Hill Cruz, Pierre-Yves Hernvann, Owen Liu, Dylan Gomes, Sebastian Vásquez, Criscely Lujan, Stephanie Green, Matthew Baker, Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos, Rebecca Asch 
S0317784Yuan LinOral Distribution of Fish Communities Around Japan: Insights from eDNA MethodsYuan LIN, (+18 co-authors) and Shin-Ichi Ito 
S0317979Jim RuzickaOral Ecosystem models to evaluate the role of trophic vertical exchange processes on forage and predator productivity within oceanic ecosystemsJim Ruzicka, Stacy Calhoun-Grosch, Jesse Van Der Grient, Jacob Snyder and Réka Domokos 
S0317809Yasutoki ShibataOral Estimation of length composition by species from images of catches obtained using a fish image analysis system using deep learning (FIAS-Deep)Yasutoki Shibata, Yuka Iwahara, Masahiro Manano, Daiki, Suzuki Tomoya Nishino, Yuka Murayama, Toru Kitamura 
S0318018Tatsuya SakamotoOral Eye lens isotopes reveal different migration ecology of European sardine and anchovyTatsuya Sakamoto and Susana Garrido 
S0317781Yuka IwaharaOral Length estimation of curved fish using zero shot learningYuka Iwahara, Yasutoki Shibata, Masahiro Manano, Tomoya Nishino and Hiroki Yaemori  
S0318015Vivitskaia TullochOral North Pacific Ocean Marine Ecosystem Model Ensemble (NOMEME) to inform fisheries management under climate changeVivitskaia Tulloch, Kathryn Berry, Cheryl Harrison, Kelsey Roberts, Julia Blanchard, Kelly Ortegas-Cisneros, and Robin Brown 
S0317756Toru KobariOral Ocean forecast for fishermen: Information technology for exploring fishery grounds of natural juveniles for yellowtail farming using ocean big dataToru Kobari, Eisuke Tsutsumi, Gen Kume, Ayako Nishina, Hirohiko Nakamura, Hirofumi Sumoto, Hikaru Endo, Masafumi Kodama, Yuji Sakuno, Shin-Ichiro Kako, Toru Yamashiro 
S0318062Dongwha SohnOral Predicting of future changes in the distribution of Spanish mackerel habitat in the waters surrounding KoreaDongwha Sohn, Minkyoung Bang, Jung Jin Kim, Chan Joo Jang and Sangil Kim 
S0317738Caitlin Allen AkselrudOral Random forest regression models in ecology: Accounting for messy biological data and producing predictions with uncertaintyCaitlin Allen Akselrud 
S0317848Ariel Shiley Oral Seasonal differences of Pacific herring larval and embryo metrics are small and proteomic analysis holds promise for uncovering subtle changes in physiology and environmental resilienceAriel Shiley, Brooke Love, Emmanuel Keene, Lilia Vivaldo, Nic Benmam and Sabina Guzek  
S0318016Hwansung JiOral Species composition and assemblages of ichthyoplankton of small pelagic fishes around the Korean waters using DNA barcodesHwansung Ji, Hyojae Yu and Sukyung Kang 
S0317736Brian WellsOral The role of upwelling fronts in structuring trophic dynamics and ecosystem functionBrian K. Wells, Jarrod A. Santora, David Huff, Meredith Everett, and Jack Barth 
S0318020Margaret SipleOral Using lower trophic levels to identify habitat for small pelagics in the Bering Sea, 2002-2023Margaret Siple, Jens Nielsen, Alex Andrews, Cheryl Barnes, Lewis Barnett, Lisa Eisner, Jeanette Gann, Jeremy Harris, David Kimmel, Calvin Mordy, Jodi Pirtle, Lauren Rogers, Sean Rohan, Elizabeth Siddon, Genoa Sullaway, Ellen Yasumiishi  
S0317900Francis JuanesPoster Passive acoustic monitoring of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) spawning aggregationsPhilina A. English, William Halliday, Dana Haggarty, Sarah Dudas, Jennifer Boldt, Jaclyn Cleary, Darienne Lancaster, Stephanie K. Archer, and Francis Juanes 
S0317991Miram GleiberPoster The pelagic species trait database, an open data resource to support trait-based ocean researchMiram R. Gleiber, Natasha A. Hardy, Caitlin J. Morganson, Catherine F. Nickels, Barbara A. Muhling, Elan J. Portner… Elizabeth A. Daly, C. Anela Choy, Larry B. Crowder, Stephanie J. Green (for full list see abstract) 
S0318093Rebecca AschPoster Trends in the reproductive phenology and thermal sensitivity of thirteen populations of small pelagic fishes across North American watersRebecca G. Asch, Katherine Dale, Sarah Weisberg, Toby D. Auth, Gerardo Aceves-Medina, Richard D. Brodeur, Rubén Esteban García Gómez, Sylvia P.A. Jiménez-Rosenberg, Hannah Murphy, Neil McNeill and R. Ian Perry 
S0317946Steffan Kinley, Na'ta'ne Miles and Justice Black-WilliamsPoster Using eDNA to study Longfin Smelt in the Nooksack River Estuary, WASteffan Michael Francis Kinley, Na'ta'ne Morning-Song Miles, Justice Marie Black-Williams, Andres Lopez, Megan Schulz, Kira Walters and John Romboldpresenter needs to register
S0417859Chris RooperInvited Combining advanced technologies to monitor and assess forage fish temporal distribution and abundanceChris Rooper, Jennifer Boldt, Stéphane Gauthier, Xiamao Wang, Kresimir Williams 
S0418129Maria KavanaughInvited Marine Biodiversity Observation Network in the Northern California Current: technological integration, ecosystem science, and management applicationsMaria T. Kavanaugh, Jennifer L. Fisher, Su Sponaugle, Robert Cowen, Nicolaus Adams, Jan Newton, Stephanie Moore, Laurie Juranek, Jenny Waddell, Kym Jacobsen, Anna Bolm, Kelly George, Samantha Zeman 
S0417913David KimmelInvited Novel approaches to monitor zooplankton in the large marine ecosystems of AlaskaDavid G. Kimmel 
S0417885Jae-Hun ParkOral A novel approach to estimate three-dimensional velocity fields from coastal acoustic tomography data and its application in the Yeosu Bay, KoreaYerin Hwang, Jae-Hun Park, Eun-Joo Lee, Hajin Song, Byung Nam Kim, Ho Kyung Ha, Yo Han Choi, Jae-Il Kwon 
S0418084Shoichiro KidoOral An overview of SynObs UN Decade Project and preprimary results of its flagship observing system experimentsShoichiro Kido, Yosuke Fujii, Ichiro Ishikawa, Yasumasa Miyazawa, Elisabeth Remy, Drew Peterson, and Jennifer Waters 
S0418123Yuichiro TakeshitaOral An overview of the US Biogoechemical Argo program in the North PacificYuichiro Takeshita, Kenneth S. Johnson, Andrea Fassbender, Alison Gray, Todd Martz, David Nicholson, Sarah Purkey, Stephen Riser, Lynne Talley, and Susan Wijffels 
S0417903Erin SatterthwaiteOral Artificial Intelligence (AI) literacy for ocean professionals is needed for a sustainable futureErin Satterthwaite, Matthew Robbins 
S0417937Terubumi SaitoOral Attitude and heading measurements with inertial measurement unit for tow-yo type observation systemTerubumi Saito, Hikaru Homma, Daisuke Hasegawa, Takahiro Tanaka and Takeshi Okunishi 
S0417905Zhaochuan LiOral Combined effect of polystyrene microplastics and dibutyl phthalate on the microalgae Chlorella pyrenoidosaZhaochuan Li, Xianliang Yi 
S0417931Hikaru HommaOral Consequences of physical and biogeochemical processes for ecosystem: Preliminary results from in-situ environmental and acoustic measurementsHikaru Homma, Daisuke Hasegawa, Takahiro Tanaka, Yuji Okazaki and Takeshi Okunishi 
S0418119Jean-Baptiste ThiebotOral Consistent seabird habitat use across years and populations reveals key areas for marine conservation in the North-western PacificJean-Baptiste Thiebot, Ui Shimabukuro, Jumpei Okado, Nobuo Kokubun, Yutaka Watanuki and Akinori Takahashi 
S0418076Daisuke HasegawaOral Detailed observations of the Kuroshio Extension FrontDaisuke Hasegawa, Takahiro Tanaka and Okunishi Takeshi 
S0417883Yuki IkedaOral Diapycnal mixing and isopycnal stirring in the Kuroshio Extension front and Izu ridgeYuki Ikeda, Takeyoshio Nagai 
S0417795Kristofer BauerOral Genomic signatures of natural selection in Calanus marshallae in response to geographic variation in oxygen and temperatureKristofer K. Bauer, Sam Zeman, Jennifer Fisher, John Nelson, Moira Galbraith, Colleen Kellogg, Jesse Lamb and Felipe Barreto  
S0418101Jean-Baptiste ThiebotOral High-rate, near-surface foraging of Rhinoceros Auklets revealed by depth and video data loggersMindaugas Mitkus, Kozue Shiomi, Jumpei Okado, Ui Shimabukuro, Yutaka Watanuki, Jean-Baptiste Thiebot and Akinori Takahashi 
S0417864Bowen LiOral Impact of the mining process on the near seabed environment of a polymetallic nodule areaBowen Li, Yonggang Jia, Zhihan Fan, Kai Li, Xuefa Shi 
S0418006Heather TabisolaOral Integration of novel ocean observing technologies to advance NOAA EcoFOCI’s monitoring of Alaska marine ecosystemsHeather M. Tabisola, Julie E. Keister, Phyllis J. Stabeno, Calvin Mordy, Zach Gold, Natalie Monacci, and Catherine Berchok 
S0417986Mayr Margaret StollOral Leveraging 4-dimensionally mapped ocean biogeochemistry data products to Inform species distribution modelingMary Margaret Stoll, Andrea Fassbender, Barbara Muhling, Paige Lavin, Mar Arroyo, Steve Bograd, Hartmut Frenzel and Jon Sharp 
S0418097Amy Baco-TaylorOral Limited genetic connectivity of precious corals on fisheries impacted seamounts of the North PacificAmy R. Baco, Nicole B. Morgan, and E. Brendan Roark, Peter Beerli, Tara Khodaei 
S0417753Shujuan XiaOral Long-term changes in demersal community structure of an urban bay: Transition from bottom-heavy to top-heavy pyramidsShujuan Xia, Takashi Yamakawa, Mari Kuroki, Toshihiro Horiguchi, Keita Kodama, Hiroaki Shiraishi, Makoto Shimizu, Jun’ya Takakura, Kiyoshi Takahashi 
S0417759Jingzhu ShanOral Marine ecological damage compensation: Monetary compensation or ecological restoration?Jingzhu Shan and Jingmei Li 
S0418086Feng ZhouOral Observed deoxygenation and its acceleration caused by El Niño in the Changjiang (Yangtze River) estuaryFeng Zhou, Xiao Ma, Anqi Liu, Qiang Zhao and Qicheng Meng 
S0417981Takeyoshi NagaiOral Resolving submesoscale and microscale mixing processes using a tow-yo microstructure profilerTakeyoshi Nagai, Gloria Silvana Duran Gomez, Miku Okawa 
S0417990Elan PortnerOral Resource partitioning among pelagic predators in the southern California Current remains stable despite temporal variability in diet compositionBarbara A. Muhling, Elan J. Portner, Antonella Preti, Owyn Snodgrass, Travis Richards, Catherine F. Nickels, Heidi Dewar, Elliott L. Hazen, and C. Anela Choy 
S0418120Zhaopeng ZhangOral Seasonal resilience of temperate estuarine fish in response to climate changeZhaopeng Zhang, Yuanchao Wang, Cui Liang, Lei Zheng and Weiwei Xian 
S0418056Isaac ReisterOral Seasonally contrasting wind-driven submesoscale dynamics contributes to chlorophyll-a patchiness in the Northern Gulf of AlaskaIsaac Reister, Seth Danielson, Tyler Hennon, Thilo Klenz, Ana Aguilar-Islas 
S0418032Deniz CoskunerOral Temporal dynamics of nearshore zooplankton communities in the Strait of Georgia: Implications for ecosystem healthDeniz Coskuner, Svetlana Esenkulova, Isobel Pearsall and Brian Hunt 
S0417817Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Ten years of PSF Citizen Science Oceanography monitoring in the Strait of Georgia, CanadaSvetlana Esenkulova, Nicole Frederickson, Rich Pawlowicz, Deniz Coskuner, Brian Hunt, Andrew Ross, and Isobel Pearsall 
S0417907Gloria Duran GomezOral Toward discerning Submesoscale Coherent Vortices originating from Tokara Strait in the Upstream KuroshioGloria Silvana Duran Gomez, Takeyoshi Nagai 
S0417757Vishal PatilOral Unveiling the million-dollar loss in commercially cultivated red macroalga Pyropia haitanensis farms: The hidden impact of microalgal stressVishal Patil, Lin Sun, Vitthal Mohite, Junrong Liang, Dazhi Wang, Yahui Gao, Changping Chen 
S0417948John BarthOral Using passive and active acoustics from an underwater glider over the Pacific Northwest continental shelfJohn A. Barth, Anatoli Erofeev, Steve Pierce, Otavio Mendes, Brian Wells, and David D. Huff 
S0417950Chang Geun ChoiPoster A study on the growth characteristics and marine ecological restoration of the useful seaweed Silvetia siliquosaJi Hye Seo, Seok Jin Oh, Hyun Ho Shin and Chang Geun Choi 
S0418089Huizi DongPoster Anomalous edge warming and high biomass in high-latitude oceanic eddies driven by submesoscale ageostrophic motionsHuizi Dong, Meng Zhou, Roshin Raj, etc. 
S0417904Ziwei YaoPoster Benzotriazole ultraviolet absorbents in surface waters and sediments of the Bohai Sea and North Yellow Sea: Spatial trends and influencing factorsXing Liu, Zilan Wu, Xiaodan Pei, Tian Lin, Jiaojiao Li, Sha Wang, Zhigang Guo and Ziwei Yao 
S0417823Sunwoo ParkPoster Comparison of carbon storage capacity and physiological activity of 8 halophytes in the West Sea of KoreaSunwoo Park and Eun Ju Jeong 
S0418039Akira IguchiPoster Comparison of environmental DNA and imaging methods for monitoring deep-sea fishes on a seamountIguchi A, Nishijima M, Ikeuchi E, Yokooka H, Sugishima H, Ikeda K, Miwa R, Sekido Y, Iwasaki N, Suzumura M, Tsukasaki A, Tanaka Y, Kato S, Minatoya J, Okamoto N, Kunishima T, Ise Y, Suzuki A 
S0417974Eunyoung YoonPoster Implementing the UN Ocean Decade: Climate change response through research on marine ecosystem and marine toxins in Korean coastal watersEunyoung Yoon, Jaeyeon Park, Jungrae Rho, Wonho Yih 
S0417754Sung Yong KimPoster Seasonal turbulent characteristics in physical and spectral domains obtained from multiple Lagrangian surface driftersSung Yong Kim, Changhoon Ko, and Jinwhan Kim 
S0418042Hiroki KisePoster Spatial distribution of deep-sea megabenthos around cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts on seamounts in the northwestern PacificHiroki Kise, Akira Iguchi, Shogo Kato, Hideki Sugishima, Shota Mitsui, Jumpei Minatoya, Ryuichi Miwa, Nozomu Iwasaki, Masahiro Suzumura, Ayumi Tsukasaki, Yuichiro Tanaka, Keigo Yanagita, Shohei Kikuta, Hiroko Kamoshida and Atsushi Suzuki 
S0418128K. K. Basheer AhammedPoster Species diversity assessment and Above-ground biomass estimation of mangrove ecosystem using remote sensing and field observation data: a deep-learning approach in in Bali Province IndonesiaK. K. Basheer Ahammed, I Wayan Gede Astawa Karang, I Wayan Nuarsa, I Gede Hendrawan, Arvind Chandra Pandey, Gede Surya Indrawan 
S0418082Minbo LuoPoster Study on the difference characteristics of spring and autumn in Tie Bay ecosystemMinbo Luo, Tianxiang Li, Yunlong Wang and Mei Jiang 
S0618136Seongbong SeoInvited Estimation of vertical eddy diffusivity over the southwestern East/Japan SeaSeongbong Seo and Young-Gyu Park 
S0617994Sinjae YooOral Coincidental increase in the primary productivity and sardine catch in the East Sea in response to the warming after 2014Sinjae Yoo and Sukgeun Jung 
S0617977Hyo-Ryeon KimOral Feasible sketch of the nitrogen cycling process and N2O production pathways using bacterial biomarker genes in the East SeaHyo-Ryeon Kim, Seo-Young Kim, Hae-Kun Jung, Ju-Hyoung Kim and Il-Nam Kim 
S0618138Fei YuOral Intraseasonal variability of the Deep Scattering Layer observed by subsurface mooring deployed east of Taiwan IslandFei Yu, Bei Wang, Ran Wang, Zhencheng Tao, Qiang Ren, Xingchuan Liu, Zifei Chen, Feng Nan 
S0618130SungHyun NamOral Learning outcomes from the CREAMS 30th-anniversary workshopSungHyun Nam 
S0617737Minkyoung KimOral Long-term sediment trap study in the Northwest Pacific (Ulleung Basin): Insights from organic and inorganic tracersMinkyoung Kim, Young-Il Kim, Sun A Lee, Ho Jung Kim, Otosaka Shigeyoshi, Michael Bollen, Patrick Blaser, Samuel L. Jaccard, Negar Haghipour, Timothy I. Eglinton 
S0617802Shinichiro KidaOral The Tsushima Warm Current and its connection to sea surface temperature and winter rainfall along JapanShinichiro Kida, Cocoro Yokomatsu, and Hiromi Matsuura 
S0717804Hiroto MuraseInvited New wintering ground for humpback whales that have appeared around Hachijojima Island (33°06’N, 139°47’E), Tokyo Metropolis, Japan since 2015: Their ecology and positive impact on the local tourismHiroto Murase, Taiki Katsumata, Gen Nakamura, Hidehiro Kato, Taro Kato, Shingo Tamura and Tadashi Yamakoshi 
S0717788Harold LevrelInvited Social-economic impacts of rewilding: the case of the pinniped population boom along the California coastHarold Levrel 
S0718058Alexanra RegaladoOral A tropical sardine in a temperate environment: Understanding the biology of Sardinella lemuru in the northern waters of JapanAlexanra Bagarinao RegaladoShin-ichi Ito 
S0717995Elizabeth LogerwellOral Arctic ecosystem update: A 20-year SynthesisElizabeth Logerwell, Silvana Gonzalez, Jens Nielsen, David Kimmel, Adam Spear, Ellen Yasumiishi, Dan Cooper, Katrin Iken, Lewis Barnett, Jackie Grebmeier, Lee Cooper, and James Thorson 
S0717914Danial PalanceOral Biological hotspots under threat: Quantifying climate impacts to sentinel features in the California CurrentDanial G Palance et al. 
S0717876Rachel SearyOral Can Dynamic Ocean Management tools prove useful for a fishery set to disappear?Rachel Seary, Elliott Hazen, Steven Bograd, Helen Bailey Olde, Rebecca Lewison, Austin Sell, Emily Nazario, Dan Lawson and Amber Rhodes 
S0717947Ryan GasbarroOral Climate change impacts on the distribution of seabirds within National Marine Sanctuaries and offshore wind areas in the California Current EcosystemRyan P. Gasbarro, Nerea Lezama-Ochoa, Adena Schonfeld, John Field, Jarrod A. Santora, Megan Cimino, Elliott L. Hazen, Steven Bograd, Kelly S. Andrews, Heather Welch 
S0717851Hui ShiOral Drivers of variability in the Transition Zone Chlorophyll Front and its linkage to the Hawaii shallow-set longline fisheryHui Shi, Ryan Rykaczewski, Justin Suca, Johanna Wren, Réka Domokos, Joseph O’Malley, Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats 
S0717866Katherine DaleOral Eastern Pacific fish spawning patterns demonstrate mixed spatiotemporal tradeoffs in response to environmental changesKatherine Dale, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Jerome Fiechter, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Rubén Esteban García Gómez, Sylvia P. A. Jiménez-Rosenberg, Gerardo Aceves-Medina, Andrew Thompson, John C. Field, Toby Auth, R. Ian Perry, Lauren Rogers, Rebecca Howard, Rebecca Asch 
S0717951Hikari MaedaOral Estimating species- and population-specific life history parameters of two small cetacean species, particularly important for population dynamics modelingHikari Maeda and Yu Kanaji  
S0717767Ziqin WangOral Evaluating marine fish migratory strategies and subsequent effects on distribution and ontogenetic process using an individual based model developed for Pacific chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus)Ziqin Wang and Shin-ichi Ito  
S0717870Hongyu LiOral Evaluating the uneven impacts of ENSO events on pacific tunasHongyu Lin, Fan Zhang 
S0717945Szymon SurmaOral Impacts of whale population recovery on pelagic ecosystems of the subarctic PacificSzymon Surma, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Brian P.V. Hunt,, Andrew W. Trites, and Kerim Y. Aydin 
S0717865Irene AlabiaOral Inter-decadal assembly processes shaping fish community in the Eastern Bering SeaIrene D. Alabia, Jorge García Molinos, Takafumi Hirata, Hiromichi Ueno, and Sei-Ichi Saitoh  
S0717929Hiroko SasakiOral Long-term trend of Baird’s beaked abundance in the Pacific coast off JapanHiroko Sasaki, Yu Kanaji 
S0717827Dana BriscoeOral Multi-decade northward shift of loggerhead sea turtle pelagic habitat as the eastern North Pacific Transition zone becomes more oligotrophicDana Briscoe, Larry Crowder, George Balazs, Jeffrey Seminoff, Alberto Abreu, Masanori Kurita, Masanori Mori, Denise Parker, Marc Rice, Tomomi Saito, Bianca Santos, Calandra Turner Tomaszewicz, Noah Yamaguchi, Jeffrey Polovina 
S0717887Elliott HazenOral Multiple scales for multiple whales: management-inspired ecological modelsElliott L. Hazen, Nerea Lezama Ochoa, Stephanie Brodie, Michael Jacox, Steven Bograd, and Heather Welch 
S0718011Justin SucaOral Oceanographic partitioning of target catch and by-catch rates in Hawaiʻi’s longline fisheriesJustin J. Suca, Johanna L.K. Wren, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, Robert Ahrens, Donald Kobayashi, Phoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoats, Heather Welch, and Elliott Hazen 
S0718095Elizabeth DalyOral Recent changes in larval, juvenile, and adult Pacific sardines in the northern California CurrentElizabeth A. Daly, Toby D. Auth, Kym C. Jacobson, Cheryl A. Morgan, Brian J. Burke, Miram R. Gleiber, Barbara Muhling, Catherine Nickels, and Antonella Preti 
S0717806Tsutomu TamuraOral Temporal changes in distribution and prey species of common minke whales in Sendai Bay off the Pacific coast of JapanTsutomu Tamura, Kenji Konishi, Tatsuya Isoda, Hidehiro Kato, Mitsuhiro Saeki and Kazushi Miyashita 
S0718073Yurong MuOral The climatic impacts of marine heatwaves on tropical tuna resourcesYurong Mu,Yuxiang Qiao,Xiong Zhang,Zelin Chen 
S0718114Sophia HemsiPoster Assessment of the habitat characteristics of salmon predation locations of southern resident Killer WhalesSophia Hemsi, Jennifer Tennessen, Marla Holt, Bradley Hanson, Candice Emmons, Deborah, Giles, and Jeffrey Hogan 
S0717803Alexis HadingerPoster Balancing marine mammal protection and fisheries sustainability evaluated by social indicators specific to the California Commercial Dungeness Crab FisheryAlexis Z. Hadinger, Steven J. Bograd, Elliott L. Hazen, and Rachel Seary  
S0717898Akinori TeramuraPoster Deep-sea fish fauna in the Sea of Japan off Niigata PrefectureAkinori Teramura, Atsushi Suzuki, Hiroki Kise, Shusaku Goto, Masahiro Suzumura, Akira Iguchi 
S0717832Sarah StonePoster Quantifying the socioeconomic risk of Alaskan fishing communities to climatic-driven changes in Pacific cod spatial distributionsSarah Stone, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Sarah Wise, Michael Harte, and Kirstin Holsman 
S0817880Fengjun DuanOral A negative emission application based on floating integrated systemFengjun Duan 
S0817836Kitack LeeOral Alkalinity pumping by coastal macroalgal forestsChnag-Ho Lee, Kitack Lee, Miok Kim, Ju-Hyoung Kim, Yong Woo Choi and Jin Woo Kang 
S0817982Andrea FassbenderOral Amplified subsurface signals of ocean acidification and the implications for interior ocean ecosystemsAndrea J. Fassbender, Brendan R. Carter, Jonathan D. Sharp, Yibin Huang, Mar C. Arroyo and Hartmut Frenzel 
S0817934Yeongjin RyuOral Dissolved organic carbon cycle in the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea: Insights from radiocarbon analysisYeongjin Ryu, Heejun Han, Taehee Na, Guebuem Kim and Jeomshik Hwang 
S0817810Min-Young LeeOral Global dynamics of fossil-derived brown carbon in wet atmospheric depositionMin-young Lee, Tae-Hoon Kim 
S0818019Seo-Young KimOral Investigation of concentrations and fluxes of potent greenhouse gases (N2O, CH4, and CO2) in the port and harbor seawaters of Jeju Island (Korea)Seo-Young Kim, Hyo-Ryeon Kim, Ju-Hyoung Kim and Il-Nam Kim 
S0818029Yifan ZhuOral Ocean acidification and compound extreme events in the northern California Current System during 1993–2023: A modeling studyYifan Zhu, Samantha Siedlecki, Felipe Soares, Dipti Hingmire, Parker MacCready, Simone R. Alin, Richard R. Feely, Craig M. Risien and Jeannette Waddell 
S0817872Chao LiuOral Refined estimation of coastal wetland carbon pool considering multi-factor interactionChao Liu, Dahai Liu and Yuan Chi 
S0818099Darren PilcherOral Seasonal forecasts of bottom water pH conditions for the Bering Sea shelfDarren J. Pilcher, Natalie Monacci, Kelly Kearney, Albert Hermann, Wei Cheng, Linquan Mu, Jessica N. Cross and Elizabeth Siddon 
S0817857Yanli LeiOral Standardization of ocean negative carbon emission technologies and carbon neutralityYanli Lei 
S0817846Durlave RoyOral Studies on the use of locally available (Coxs Bazar and Saint Martin) renewable seaweed wastes as compost organic fertilizer resourcesDurlave Roy 
S0818142Michael. A.Oke Poster Evaluating the economy value of Oceans and the Western Indian OceanMichael.A.Oke  
S0818077Tae-Lim KimPoster K-Blue Carbon Project: Estimating blue carbon sequestration potential based on shell growth of Argopecten irradians in Korean aquaculture farmTae-Lim Kim, Hyeong-Gi Kim, Du-young Jung, Bong-Oh Kwon, Seohee Lim, Julie A. Kopplin, Jong Seong Khim  
S0817805Natalie MonacciPoster Observing marine carbon dioxide in Alaska’s coastal oceansNatalie M. Monacci, Simone Alin, Roman Battisti, Randy Bott, Jessica Cross, Wiley Evans, Stacy Maenner-Jones, Linquan Mu, Sylvia Musielewicz, John Osborne, Darren Pilcher, Phyllis Stabeno, Adrienne Sutton, and Hongjie Wang 
S0917863Jinfeng DingInvited Occurrence and migration rules of seawater microplastics in the Pacific sector of the Arctic OceanJinfeng Ding, Chengjun Sun, Wei Cao, Jingxi Li, Fenghua Jiang 
S0918050Yuichiro NishibeOral Abundance and vertical distribution of microplastics in the epipelagic waters of the Kuroshio regionYuichiro Nishibe, Lingfeng Guan and Rei Yamashita 
S0918002Jennifer LynchOral An overview of marine debris removal, sourcing, and recycling in the Hawaiian archipelagoJennifer M. Lynch, Mafalda de Freitas, Katherine A. Stevens, Cara Megill, Mandy Brinkmann, Paige White, Eric Kingma, Eileen Nalley and Darren Lerner  
S0917909Pierpaolo ConsoliOral Benthic marine litter in the Hawaiian Archipelago: Evidence from a citizen science initiativePierpaolo Consoli, Gaia Grasso, Valentina Costa, Valentina Sciutteri, Danilo Malara, Fabio Figurella, Ian Campbell, Emily Deery and Franco Andaloro. 
S0918009Maddie EnglishOral Big fish, little plastics: investigating microplastic accumulation and trophic transfer in salmon sharksMaddie English, Alexandra McInturf, Bonnie Hamilton, Olivia Boisen, Reilly Boyt, Matthew Savoca, Susanne Brander, and Taylor Chapple 
S0917962Tamaki MoriokaOral Development of analytical procedures to investigate the environmental occurrence of micro to nano-sized plastics in Asian urban citiesTamaki Morioka, Shuhei Tanaka, Akiko Kohama-Inoue, and Ibukun Oluwoye 
S0917766Haodong XuOral Estimating the biological removal timescale of microplastics in the North PacificHaodong Xu, Yoshimasa Matsumura, Hideyuki Nakano, Kazutaka Takahashi, Kentaro Miyazono and Shin-ichi Ito 
S0918075Kazutaka TakahashiOral Long-term changes in the abundance, size, and morphotype of marine plastics in North PacificKentaro Miyazono, Kazuaki Tadokoro, Gagame G. N. Thushari, Hiroomi Miyamoto, Akinori Takasuka, Mikio Watai, Tohya Yasuda, Takuya Sato, Rei Yamashita, Taketoshi Kodama, Kazutaka Takahashi 
S0918051Shin-ichi ItoOral Modelling seafloor deposition of heavy microplastics in the North Pacific over the past 65 yearsHaodong Xu, Yoshimasa Matsumura, Rei Yamashita, Hideyuki Nakano, Shin-ichi Ito 
S0917834Erin MurphyOral Recent advances in macroplastic risk assessmentsErin Murphy, Britta Baechler, George Leonard, Nicholas Mallos, Chelsea Rochman 
S0917867Ying WangOral The alteration of toxicity in marine organisms by micro and nanoplastics, co-existing with typical organic chemicalsYing Wang, Mingxing Zhang, Fei Jin, Fuwei Yu and Juying Wang 
S0917952Kengo EgamiOral The role and impact of salp blooms on the removal of floating small microplastics in the Kuroshio, south of JapanKengo Egami, Kentaro Miyazono, Rei Yamashita, Gajahin Gamage Nadeeka Thushari, Akinori Takasuka, Mikio Watai, Tohya Yasuda, Taketoshi Kodama and Kazutaka Takahashi 
S0917949Rachel NakamotoOral Thirteen years of sea turtle plastic ingestion monitoring in the Central PacificRachel M. Nakamoto, Katherine R. Shaw, Raquel N. Corniuk, Melissa R. Jung, George H. Balazs, T. Todd Jones, Thierry M. Work, Summer Martin, and Jennifer M. Lynch 
S0918033Lauren KashiwabaraOral Unraveling the effects of climate change and microfibers from textiles on coastal food webs via a critical prey speciesLauren M. Kashiwabara, Patrick Reece, Clarissa B. Raguso, Lisa Hildebrand, Leigh Torres and Susanne M. Brander 
S0918047Rei YamashitaPoster Effect of different sampling methods on microplastic abundance and composition in marine surface watersRei Yamashita and Yuichiro Nishibe 
S0918108Young Kyun LimPoster Effect of harmful microalga Heterosigma akahiwo on microplastic aggregation and sinking dynamics in marine environmentsYoung Kyun Lim, Seung Ho Baek, Chung Hyeon Lee, Kyun-Woo Lee, Sang Hee Hong 
S0917771Hyun-Jung KimPoster Insights into diversity and plastic substrate specificity of potential pathogenic bacteriaHyun-Jung Kim, Sang-Hen Lee, Seung Won Jung 
S0917955Nicole McHughPoster Investigating the spatial and temporal patterns of microplastics in the Fraser River and Burrard Inlet (British Columbia, Canada)Nicole McHugh, Roger Francois, Maureen Soon, and Maite T. Maldonado 
S1017910Stanley BurgielInvited Coordination of invasive species at various scales: Experiences of the U.S. National Invasive Species CouncilStanley W. Burgiel 
S1017855Nikolai MaximenkoInvited New connections across marine ecosystems facilitated by spread and accumulation of floating anthropogenic debrisNikolai A. Maximenko, Clara Benadon, James T. Carlton, Luca Centurioni, Fiona Chong, Mary Crowley, Jan Hafner, Linsey E. Haram, Rebecca R. Helm, Verena Hormann, Cathryn C. Murray, Andrey Shcherbina, Cynthia Wright, Gregory M. Ruiz, and Chela J. Zabin 
S1017761Brian HaukOral An overview of Chondria tumulosa in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument and the development of preliminary biosecurity protocolsBrian B. Hauk, Heather L. Spalding, Taylor M. Williams, Randall K. Kosaki 
S1017942Carolyn TepoltOral Fine-scale larval dispersal dynamics in an expanding invasive crab populationCarolyn Tepolt, Weifeng (Gordon) Zhang, Jiabi Du, Rayna Hamilton, Sara Shapiro, Yan Jia, Emily Grason and P. Sean McDonald 
S1017984Thomas TherriaultOral Identifying higher risk invaders to British Columbia’s Pacific coast using the Non-Indigenous Species Screening Tool (NISST)Mark A Wilcox, Devan L Johnson, Karen M Dyke, Kyle Danielewicz and Thomas W Therriault 
S1018135Christy MartinOral Marine invasive species in Hawai‘i: Pathways, pests, and policiesChristy Martin 
S1018139Keun-Hyung ChoiOral Monitoring and seasonal succession of invasive ascidians and predicting their distribution shifts under climate change scenarios in South Korean watersSeongjun Bae and Keun-Hyung Choi 
S1017833Joseph KriegerOral NOAA’s response to novel and emerging marine invasive species threatsJoseph R. Krieger 
S1018137John DarlingOral Standardizing DNA-based methods for non-native species surveillanceJohn A. Darling 
S1018030Kyoungsoon ShinPoster Development of Biological Risk Assessment Protocols for evaluating the risks of in-water cleaning of hull-fouling organismsBonggil Hyun, Pung-Guk Jang, Min-Chul Jang, Jin-Young Seo, Woo-Jin Lee and Kyoungsoon Shin 
S1117739Julia IndiveroInvited Incorporating distribution shifts and spatio-temporal variation when estimating weight-at-age for stock assessments: A case study involving the Bering Sea pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus)Julia Indivero, Timothy E Essington, James N Ianelli, James T Thorson 
S1117917Juliette ChampagnatOral A new approach to integrate multiple environmental covariates into state-space stock assessmentsJuliette Champagnat, James Thorson, Cole Monnahan, Kalei Shotwell, Jane Sullivan, Andre Punt 
S1117927Christine StawitzOral Analysis of California Current groundfish growth using a state-space autoregressive length-at-age (sarla) modelChristine C. Stawitz, Sean Anderson, Melissa A. Haltuch, Paul D. Spencer, Timothy J. Miller, Timothy E. Essington, Alan Baudron 
S1117998Philina EnglishOral Body condition as a shared response to environmental conditions in a demersal fish assemblagePhilina A. English, Sean C. Anderson and Robyn E. Forrest 
S1117884Jennifer BigmanOral Can the temperature size rule help predict fisheries productivity in a changing climate?Jennifer Bigman, Lewis Barnett, Kelly Kearney, Darren Pilcher, Wei Cheng, Al Hermann, Krista Oke, and Lauren Rogers 
S1117774Cheryl BarnesOral Climate, fishing, and size structure in an ever-changing marine food webCheryl L. Barnes, Jonathan C.P. Reum, Carey R. McGilliard, Meaghan D. Bryan, Martin W. Dorn, and André E. Punt 
S1118069Peng LianOral Deep learning techniques for evaluating the ecological impacts on the spatio-temporal varitions of tuna in the eastern Pacific OceanPeng Lian, Le Gao 
S1117918Shota TanakaOral Dynamics of growth autocorrelation in Japanese anchovy larvae: Influence of sea temperature and feeding conditionsShota Tanaka, Shizuna Togoshi, Naotaka Yasue, Masahiro Nakamura, Corinne M. Burns, Dominique Robert, Akinori Takasuka 
S1117930Sajna HussainOral Ecological and ontogenetic responses of groundfish species to climate-induced changes in the Northern California Current EcosystemSajna Hussain, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Mary Hunsicker, Owen Liu, Jameal Samhouri and Eric Ward 
S1117841Edda JohannesenOral Environmental impact on growth in Barents Sea capelin, cod and haddockEdda Johannesen, Johanna Fall and Georg Skaret 
S1118052Shin-ichi ItoOral Fish weight reduction in response to intra- and interspecies competition under climate changeZhen Lin and Shin-ichi Ito 
S1117768Savannah Clax Oral Impacts of hypoxia and warming on Petrale Sole (Eopsetta jordani) growth: Introspection of a 24-year time seriesSavannah Clax, Jessica A. Miller, Jenny Waddell 
S1117966Soyeon NamOral Incorporation of the effect of climate change into management strategy evaluation: Illustration with chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) in Korean watersSoyeon Nam, Jinwoo Gim, Sukyung Kang and Saang-Yoon Hyun 
S1117988William FennieOral Increased temperature decreases starvation resiliency in first feeding Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) H. William Fennie, Steven M. Porter, Kelia E. Axler, Brooke Snyder, and Alison L Deary 
S1118088Alicia BillingsOral Pacific hake prey consumption in the California CurrentAlicia A Billings, Elizabeth M Phillips 
S1117815Changan XuOral Rapid melting of ice leads to the surge of primary productivity and its impact on the redistribution of fishery resources in the Arctic and surrounding areasChangan Xu, Zongyong Gao 
S1117928Claire RosemondOral Spatial distribution of Pacific Cod in the Gulf of Alaska across life history stages to identify stock structureClaire Rosemond, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Lauren Rogers, Pete Hulson, Kally Spalinger, Albert Hermann, and Ingrid Spies 
S1118060Daichi ArimaOral Strong density-dependent decline of condition factor of Japanese sardine (Sardinops melanostictus) linked to enhanced top-down effect on Neocalanus plumchrus under summer warming conditions off eastern Hokkaido, JapanDaichi Arima, Hiroshi Shimada, Hiroki Ubukata, and Hiroshi Yamaguchi 
S1117843Jonathan ReumOral Temperature-dependence assumptions regarding fish growth drive projected responses of diverse size-based food webs to warmingJonathan. C. P. Reum, Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats, Camilia. Novaglio, R. Forestier, Asta Audzijonyte, Anna Gårdmark, Max Lindmark, Julia. L. Blanchard 
S1118017Saif AlGhaisOral The Arabian Gulf and climate change: On the imperative of regenerative ecology and partnerships buildingSaif M. AlGhais 
S1117892Gisèle Flodore GhepdeuOral Understanding jellyfish proliferations and their implications for coastal fisheries: insights from CameroonGisèle Flodore Youbouni Ghepdeu, Durane Tchatchouang Chougong, Andre Carrara Morandini, Felix Meutchieye, Anselme Crépin Mama, Emmanuel Henock Kwambe Dicka, Ulrich Joël Felicien Bilounga and François Tchoumbougnang. 
S1117989Dejan BrkicPoster Declines in body size of Fraser River sockeye salmon and impacts on age-at-maturity, fecundity, and run timingDejan Brkic, Eric Taylor, Angela Phung, Stephen Latham 
S1117902Hyung-Gyu LimPoster Delayed impacts of ENSO on fish size classes in the tropical PacificHyung-Gyu Lim, Colleen Petrik 
S1118094Stephen LathamPoster Impacts on fecundity and fisheries of declining body size in Fraser River pink salmonStephen Latham, Dejan Brkic and Angela Phung 
S1217807Su-Min KangOral A study on the diversity of sand-dwelling dinoflagellates at Pyoseon Beach on Jeju Island, Korea from spring to winter 2023Su-Min Kang, Joon-Baek Lee, Jin Ho Kim 
S1217922Ryoko YanoOral Competitive interaction between the dinoflagellates Karenia selliformis and Karenia mikimotoi co-occurred in Autumn of 2021 off the Pacific coast of Hokkaido, JapanRyoko Yano, Saho Kitatsuji, Yuki Takai, Yohei Shimasaki, Yasuhiro Yamasaki and Tomoyuki Shikata 
S1217818Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Harmful algae dynamics in the Strait of Georgia, CanadaSvetlana Esenkulova and Isobel Pearsall  
S1217862Yoichi MiyakeOral Multi-decadal trends in blooms of harmful algae Chattonella spp. in JapanYoichi Miyake and Goh Onitsuka 
S1217742Haifeng GuOral Physical drivers of Noctiluca scintillans (Dinophyceae) blooms outbreak in the northern Taiwan Strait: A numerical studyZhonghao Lin, Peng Zhan, Jianping Li, Jun Sasaki, Chun Chen, Shuangyan Zou, Xiaotong Yang, Haifeng Gu 
S1217895Xiao MaOral The in-situ release of algal bloom populations and the role of prokaryotic communities in their establishment and growthXiao Ma 
S1217874Han-Sol KimOral Water temperature changes blooming pattern and saxitoxins (STXs) synthesis in toxic dinoflagellates Alexandrium catenella and A. PacificumHan-Sol Kim, Quynh Thi Nhu Bui and Jang-Seu Ki 
S1217772Yu Jin KimPoster Co-occurrence patterns and temporal changes of dinoflagellate communities in a semi-enclosed bay: Intensive monitoring of predominant key speciesYu Jin Kim, Hyun-Jung Kim, Kang Eun Kim, JunSu Kang, Seung Won JungYu Jin Kim needs to pre-register
S1217891Chunjiang GuanPoster Drifting seaweed may be an ideal carrier for the transport pathway of harmful algaeChunjiang Guan, Yanlong Chen, Lu Yang, Jingfang Zhang 
S1217780Jun-Ho HyungPoster First description of occurrence and distributions of the epibenthic dinoflagellate Coolia palmyrensis from Jeju coastal waters in KoreaJun-Ho Hyung, Jaeyeon Park, Seung Joo Moon, Hangy Lee, Suk Yeon Lee and Yeong Du Yoo 
S1218100Setsuko SakamotoPoster Northward expansion and large-scale outbreaks of harmful algae along the coasts of Japan reported since the 21st centurySetsuko Sakamoto 
S1217873Takuya NakanowatariPoster Observational evidence for arrival and evolution of Karenia spp. in the Pacific waters off southeast Hokkaido, Japan in 2021Yukiko Taniuchi, Hiroshi Kuroda, Akira Kuwata, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Takuya Ohshini, Hiromi Kasai, Tomonori Azumaya, and Takuya Nakanowatari 
S1217752Taehee LeePoster Physicochemical impact of green algae bloom in coastal area of Jeju, KoreaTaehee Lee, Kihwan Lee and Young Baek Son 
S1217747Hao GuoPoster Studies on the characteristics of morphology and distribution of red-tide Dinoflagellate cysts in ChinaHao Guo, Dewen Ding and Kuishuang Shao 
S1217791Jung-Rae RhoPoster The isolation of toxic compounds from the marine dinoflagellate Prorocentrum lima and the variation of the compound amounts over time as the culture growsSangbum Lee, Yeong Kwang Ji, Yeong Du Yoo and Jung-Rae Rho 
S1217875Han-Sol KimPoster Unveiling saxitoxins (STXs) synthesis potential of dinoflagellate Alexandrium through STXs synthesis genes (sxt) analysisHan-Sol Kim, Quynh Thi Nhu Bui, Jeongmin Shin, Taehee Kim, and Jang-Seu Ki 
S1218096Max TaylorPoster Using autonomously collected eDNA to assess phytoplankton community composition and the presence of harmful algal speciesMax Taylor, Nicolaus Adams, Stephanie Moore Max or Margaret?
S1317750Sophie PitoisInvited Are plankton nets a thing of the past? How we can use AI for rapid plankton and ecosystem assessmentsSophie G. Pitois 
S1317751Raimot AkanmuOral Phytoplankton composition and dynamics in the ocean off the coastRaimot Titilade Akanmu, Aderonke Omolara Lawal-Are and Ikenna Charles Onyema 
S1317813Rajani Kanta MishraOral Plankton diversity and ecosystem processes in the Indian sector of Southern Ocean and coastal Antarctica understanding the climate change scenarioR. K. Mishra, Sreerag A, V. Venkataramana and Melena A Soares 
S1318103Russell HopcroftOral Rapid assessment of keystone species through in situ imaging along the Seward Line, Northern Gulf of AlaskaRussell R. Hopcroft, Hannah E. Kepner and Thomas B. Kelly 
S1318118Jeffrey EllenOral Rapidly analyzing in-situ plankton images by using metadata to enhance unsupervised clusteringJeffrey S. Ellen, Jared W. Wilson 
S1317793Hongsheng BiOral Typhoon-Induced variations in zooplankton populations on the central Guangdong coasts: Real time data from the PlanktonScope Imaging SystemJialin Zhang, Hongsheng Bi, Jian Zhao, Huiliu, Zhonghua Cai 
S1317935Seok Jin OhPoster Bio-monitoring system for early detection of toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium pacificum using the shell valve movements of bivalveSoo Yong Jeong, Chang Geun Choi and Seok Jin Oh 
S1318090Yongqiang ShiPoster Impact of ENSO on zooplankton community structure in the southern Yellow SeaYongqiang Shi, Xiujuan Shan, Xianshi Jin, Tao Zuo, Jun Wang, Qingshan Luan, Evgeny A. Pakhomov 
S1318074Kylie CherneskiePoster Plume dynamics and species interactions in the Northern California CurrentKylie Cherneskie, Dong Liang, Katie Lankowicz, Hongsheng Bi, Brian Wells, and Richard Brodeur 
S1317973Shintaro YoshidaPoster Regional and vertical changes in body sizes of two copepod taxa: Their effects on size spectra of the whole zooplankton community of 0–3000 m at five stations in the western North PacificDongwoo Kim, Shintaro Yoshida, Sota Komeda, Kohei Matsuno and Atsushi Yamaguchi 
BIO-P18110Tatsuki KojimaPoster Blood stable isotope ratio of adults of a diving piscivore seabird shows variation in trophic niche across years and coloniesTatsuki Kojima, Hikari Ozawa, Jumpei Okado, Yutaka Watanuki, Kotaro Shirai, Yasuaki Niizuma, Tomohiro Kuwae, Kenta Watanabe, Kazuya Matsumoto and Motohiro Ito 
BIO-P17906Mutsuo IchinomiyaPoster Bloom formation of colony-forming harmful diatom Thalassiosira diporocyclus in the Kagoshima Bay and its significance as prey for some copepodsMutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Gen Kume, Toru Kobari 
BIO-P17779Jaeyeon ParkPoster Comparison of microzooplankton grazing rate and phytoplankton growth rate in two different sites in Korean coastal watersJaeyeon Park, Seung Joo Moon, Jun-Ho Hyung, Hangy Lee and Eun Young Yoon 
BIO-P17783Ayane TaniguchiPoster Comparison of trophic sources and pathways of mesozooplankton and ichthyoplankton in the Kuroshio and its neighboring watersAyane Taniguchi, Toru Kobari, Gen Kume, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita and Junya Hirai 
BIO-P17764Lydia WaltonPoster Cool ocean temperatures fail to buffer the negative impacts of heat exposure during low tide on the keystone predator Pisaster ochraceus (Ochre sea star)Lydia N. Walton, Viola R. Watts, Jasmin M. Schuster and Amanda E. Bates 
BIO-P17943Angelica PeñaPoster Drivers of subsurface oxygen variability along the Canadian Pacific continental marginAngelica Peña, Isaak Fine and Di Wan 
BIO-P17840Inog LeePoster Ecological interruption on food web dynamics by eutrophic water discharge from the world’s longest dike at Saemangeum, Yellow SeaInog Lee, Hosang Kim, Inha Kwon, Bong-Oh Kwon, Jae-Sung Kim, Junghyun Lee, Junsung Noh and Jong Seong Khim 
BIO-P17787Nao KominatoPoster Fatty acid composition of zooplankton composition in the Kuroshio and neighboring watersNao Kominato, Reo Ishimaru, Masafumi Kodama, Gen Kume and Toru Kobari 
BIO-P17820Yeong Du YooPoster Feeding by the marine chlorophytes on the unicellular cyanobacterium SynechococcusSuk Yeon Lee, Eun Sook Hwang, Chul Ho Kim, Jung Rae Rho and Yeong Du Yoo 
BIO-P17829Hiroki TakahiraPoster Feeding habits of Japanese glass-eels, Anguilla japonica, in the Sendai River, southern JapanToru Kobari, Masafumi Kodama, Kazuhiko Anraku, Tomonari Kotani and Gen Kume  
BIO-P17732Seonock WooPoster Genetic Connectivity of Seamounts in the West Pacific region for management of benthic ecosystemSeonock Woo, Nayoung Lee, Yejin Jo  
BIO-P17828Shinnosuke GotoPoster Growth and diet of juvenile yellowtail (Seriola quinqueradiata) in the Satsunan area, southern JapanShinnosuke Goto, Toru Kobari, Masafumi Kodama, Hayato Nakatani, Shuhei Tsuda, Akimasa Habano, Fumihiro Makino, Takafumi Azuma and Gen Kume 
BIO-P17755Gen KumePoster Growth, mortality, and predatory impact on mesozooplankton of Scomber spp. larvae in the northern Satsunan area, southern JapanGen Kume, Hiroki Oba, Masafumi Kodama, Taichi Shigemura, Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Takafumi Azuma and Toru Kobari 
BIO-P18113Minju KimPoster Hidden underlying mechanisms for changes in mesozooplankton communities: Transport and eddy driven changesMinju Kim, Wonkeun Choi, Chan Joo Jang and Jung-Hoon Kang 
BIO-P17911Yoonja KangPoster Impact of temperature and stratification, modulated by Tsushima Warm Current, on the spatiotemporal distribution of picoplankton in the northern East China SeaYoonja Kang, Chan-Woo Kwon, Eunbi Lee, Yeongji Oh, Yang-Ki Cho, Chung-Il Lee, Hyeong Kyu Kwon, Guebuem Kim, Minji Lee, Chang-Keun Kang 
BIO-P17790Masahiro KodamaPoster Impacts of advected coastal community on zooplankton standing stocks, productivity and taxonomic composition in the KuroshioMasahiro Kodama, Gen Kume, Masafumi Kodama, Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishina, and Toru Kobari 
BIO-P18049Eun-Ji WonPoster Importance of accurately identifying trophic position in pollution assessment studiesDokyun Kim, Eun-Ji Won, Ha-Eun Cho, Jangho Lee, Sae-Yun Kwon, Kyung-Hoon Shin 
BIO-P18026Chiho FunakiPoster Importance of mixotrophic oligotrich ciliates in the subarctic and subtropical western North PacificChiho Funaki, Taketoshi Kodama, Mitsunori Iwataki, Kazutaka Takahashi 
BIO-P17993Genyffer TroinaPoster Investigating habitat use and trophic overlap among North Pacific predators and their implications for Pacific salmonGenyffer C. Troina, Philip Riekenberg, Marcel T.J. van der Meer, Evgeny Pakhomov and Brian P.V. Hunt 
BIO-P17971Atsushi YamaguchiPoster Life cycle analysis of the dominant planktonic copepod Metridia okhotensis based on samples collected by deep-ocean water pumping at Rausu in the southern Okhotsk SeaKazuki Maeda, Daichi Arima, Takahiro Nobetsu, Hideki Yamaishi and Atsushi Yamaguchi  
BIO-P18034Valesca de GrootPoster Local-scale recovery of the red-listed sunflower sea star (Pycnopodia helianthoides) is associated with kelp in Barkley Sound, BCValesca de Groot, Jasmin M. Schuster, Mara Bohm, Tomas Bird and Amanda E. Bates  
BIO-P18109Jens NielsenPoster Microbial food web dynamics in the North Bering and Chukchi Seas assessed using linear inverse modelingJens M. Nielsen, Thomas B. Kelly, Silvana Gonzalez, Michael W. Lomas, Lisa B. Eisner, Calvin Mordy et al. 
BIO-P18140Taewon KimPoster Microplastic ingestion and chemical accumulation in stranded cetaceans of the Republic of KoreaByeongyong Park, Seungho Kim, Soobin Joo, Kyungsik Jo and TaeWon Kim 
BIO-P17760Jennifer Wong-AlaPoster Modeling the transport and connectivity of the parasite Toxoplasma gondii to improve marine mammal conservationJennifer A.T.K. Wong-Ala, Johanna L.K. Wren, Stacie J. Robinson, Michelle Barbieri, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, Donald R. Kobayashi, Lorenzo Ciannelli 
BIO-P17800Mitra NikooPoster Modelling visitor nitrogen waste in coral reef habitats and implications for the future of sanitation managementMitra L. Nikoo and Amanda E. Bates 
BIO-P18038Zhaoyang JiangPoster Response mechanism of meiofaunal communities to multi-type of artificial reef habitats from the perspective of high-throughput sequencing technologyMinpeng Song, Jiahao Wang, Yuxin Wang, Renge Hu, Lu Wang, Zhansheng Guo, Zhaoyang Jiang, Zhenlin Liang 
BIO-P18124Helen KilleenPoster Seabird mechanisms of response to changing ocean stratificationHelen Killeen, William J. Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, Trond Kristiansen, Brian Hoover, Gammon Koval, and Marisol García-Reyes 
BIO-P18004Steve LindleyPoster Springtime upwelling conditions drive thiamin-associated microbiomes in the California Current Ecosystem (CCE)K. Shannon, G. St. John, R. Gould, C. Hartzell, H. Matthews, E. Brennan, L. Bolaños, S. Lindley, J. Field, N. Mantua, R. Johnson, C. Jeffres, F. Colwell, and C. Suffridge 
BIO-P18098John FieldPoster Synchronized birthdates and lay dates: Ocean-climate modulated phenology of rockfish and seabirds within the California Current EcosystemTanya L. Rogers, John C. Field, Jarrod A. Santora, Jaime Jahnke, Pete Warzybok, Mike Johns, Steven J. Bograd, Isaac D. Schroeder 
BIO-P18083Hikari OzawaPoster The intra- and inter-specific overlaps of foraging sites and diet in sympatric seabirds breed on the colonies in the Tsugaru strait, JapanHikari Ozawa, Teru Kanaida, Shunsuke Nibe, Tatsuki Kojima and Motohiro Ito 
BIO-P18031Kehan YiPoster Three approaches to quantify the toxicity of ichthyotoxic algae species: In vivo Oryzias melastigma, in vitro blood cell and fish gill cell RTgill-W1Kehan Yi, Lianhong Tu, Low Wee Vian, Chong Lu, Yanan Di, Yihan Wei, Yu Gu, Chunxia Xu, Mengmeng Tong 
BIO-P18068Se Hyeon JangWithdrawal Spatiotemporal dynamics of mesozooplankton and gelatinous zooplankton in the northeastern East China Sea, with a focus on salp distribution patterns and dietary compositionsSe Hyeon Jang, Yun Hee Kim, Hyun Jun Yang, Hye Jin Seocancelled poster
FIS-P18092Brian BeckmanPoster 2010: A breakpoint for salmon productivity in the Northern California Current?Brian Beckman, Meredith Journey, Cheryl Morgan and Brian Burke 
FIS-P18035Sebastian VassasPoster A study design analyzing the contribution of Pacific lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus) to levels of thiamine in Battle Creek, Central Valley, California Sebastian Vassas, RJ Bottaro, and Patricia Bratcher 
FIS-P18091Jodi PirtlePoster Advances in North Pacific essential fish habitat descriptions support Ecosystem-Based Fisheries ManagementJodi Pirtle, Cheryl Barnes, Skylar Bayer, Louise Copeman, Peri Gerson, Jeremy Harris, Lilian Hart, Ned Laman, Jennifer Marsh, Sean Rohan, Emily Ryznar, Kalei Shotwell, Margaret Siple, Mason Smith, James Thorson, Mallarie Yeager, Molly Zaleski, Cathy Coon 
FIS-P17796Junichi IijimaPoster Biological and reproductive parameters of yellow striped butterfish Labracoglossa argentiventris around the Izu Islands: A step toward application of egg production methodJunichi Iijima and Akinori Takasuka 
FIS-P18125Jennifer StahlPoster Collaborating with longline fishers to improve the post-release survival of mobula raysJennifer Stahl, Melanie Hutchinson, Chelsey Young, Joshua Tucker, Forest O’Neil, and Emily Crigler 
FIS-P17967Gottfried PestalPoster Comparing large-scale environmental indices used as covariates in Pacific salmon modelsGottfried Pestal and Tatiana Tunon 
FIS-P18045Naoki TojoPoster Comprehensive evaluation of tropical reef fishes and habitats using geographic information system and length-based evaluation approach in data-poor situation in MauritiusNaoki Tojo, Vinesh Emrith, and Nadeem Nazurally 
FIS-P17919Hiroya KitoPoster Development of individual identification of the Japanese sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus based on deep metric learningHiroya Kito and Hirokazu Matsuda 
FIS-P17812Taro TaniguchiPoster Distribution and growth rate of flathead grey mullet and longspine snipefish larvae and juveniles in the Kuroshio Current region in winterTaro Taniguchi, Shigetaka Usui, Shijie Ma, Kazunari Higashiguchi, Mikio Watai, Junji Kinoshita, Chiyuki Sassa, Hiroshi Kuroda, Takeshi Okunishi, Tohya Yasuda and Akinori Takasuka 
FIS-P18115Hui ZhangPoster Does the Zhenbei seamount in the South China Sea harbor distinctive biodiversity? A primary study based on eDNA metabarcodingXiaofei Chen, Hui Jia, Hui Zhang 
FIS-P18085Heather GordonPoster Dungeness crab larval recruitment patterns in the Salish Sea and linkages to the coastal oceanHeather Gordon, Evgeny Pakhomov 
FIS-P18005Mariela BrooksPoster Early life history of juvenile sablefish using eye lens stable isotopes and trophic discrimination factors: An experimental lab studyMariela Brooks, Matthew Rogers, Fletcher Sewall, Jacek Maselko, and Wil Licht 
FIS-P17926Anna McLaskeyPoster Establishing baselines, risks, and mechanisms of thiamine deficiency in British Columbia Chinook salmonAnna K. McLaskey, Jacob E. Lerner and Brian P.V. Hunt 
FIS-P18065Shufang LiuPoster Identification of a rare deep-dwelling goby and an abnormal body coloration rockfish from the Yellow SeaShufang Liu, Changting An, Ang Li, Zhimeng Zhuang 
FIS-P17916Kelia AxlerPoster Interannual and ontogenetic shifts in the feeding of Arctic cod early life stages in a warming Pacific ArcticKelia E. Axler, Jesse F. Lamb, Esther D. Goldstein, Alison L. Deary, and Ryan McCabe 
FIS-P17921Seonggil GoPoster Long-term changes in fish assemblage structure in the Yellow Sea from 1968 to 2019 in relation to climate changeSeonggil Go, Sunkyu Park, Sun Kyeong Choi, Sukgeun Jung and Young Baek Son 
FIS-P17899Sei-Ichi SaitohPoster Modeling the impacts of ocean conditions to Japanese chum salmon abundanceIrene D. Alabia, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Takafumi Hirata, Yasuyuki Miyakoshi, Fumihiro Takahashi, and Masahide Kaeriyama  
FIS-P18078Eun-Young KimPoster Projected decline in commercially Important fish catches in the Arctic and Subarctic assessed using a Reconstructed Ocean Biogeochemical ModelEun-Young Kim, Jong-Yeon Park and Hyung-Gyu Lim 
FIS-P17837Seonggil GoPoster Projecting distribution of fish species under the climate change in the waters around Jeju Island, KoreaSeonggil Go, Giho Ong, Sun Kyeong Choi, Sukgeun Jung and Young Baek Son 
FIS-P17938Wei YuPoster Relationship between mesoscale eddies and habitat distribution of a pelagic squid in the Northwest Pacific OceanWei Yu, Yuchen Zhang, Xinjun Chen 
FIS-P18116Cui LiangPoster Seasonal resilience of fish biogeography in the temperate estuary under climate changeZhaopeng Zhang, Yuanchao Wang, Cui Liang, Lei Zheng and Weiwei Xian 
FIS-P18041Mingkun LiPoster Spawning responses of Peruvian anchovy and Pacific sardine to environmental variability in the northern Humboldt Current systemMingkun Li, Patricia Ayón and Akinori Takasuka 
FIS-P17748Mikhail StepanenkoPoster Status and interannual variability of the Bering Sea and Chukchi Sea pollock stocksMikhail A. Stepanenko, Elena V. Gritsay 
HD-P18057Minje ChoiPoster A bioeconomic analysis on the effectiveness of TAC in South KoreaMin-Je Choi, Young Il Seo, Sang Chul Yoon, and Heejoong Kang 
HD-P18087Mohammad Minhazul IslamPoster Global challenges and local impacts: Barriers to the Southeast Asian markets for local crab exporting enterprises of BangladeshMohammad Minhazul Islam and Md. Tariqul Alam 
HD-P17789Hing Ling ChanPoster Socioeconomic implications due to climate change in the Pacific Islands fisheriesHing Ling Chan 
HD-P17861Hana MatsubaraPoster Synergies between gender equality and sustainability in coastal fisheries resource use: Case studies in JapanHana Matsubara and Mitsutaku Makino 
HD-P18071Mitsutaku MakinoPoster Towards a Transformative Ocean Science for climate change adaptation using FishGISMitsutaku Makino 
HD-P18044Naoki TojoPoster Value chain analysis of low-priced small pelagic fisheries on the Western coast of Sri Lanka amid data and information scarcityDon Wasalathanthri Lasami Upsala De Silva, Naoki Tojo and Waradana Nilantha De Silva 
MEQ-P17956Jumi KimPoster Contrasting seasonal behavior of dissolved rare earth elements and anthropogenic gadolinium in the estuary dam system, KoreaIjin Lim, Jiwoo Kim, Hunsub Sim, Taejin Kim, Hojong Seo and Guebuem Kim 
MEQ-P17958Yujeong LeePoster Contribution of an estuarine dam to controlling the temporal variability of biological productivity in the Yeongsan River Estuary, South KoreaYujeong Lee, Hyung-Mi Cho, Yong-Woo Lee and Tae-Hoon Kim 
POC-P17839Gwang Ho SeoPoster Coastal disaster risk assessment based on climate change scenarios along the Korea coastsGwang Ho Seo, Kwang-Young Jeong, Hwa Young Lee, Hyun Ju Oh, Myung Won Kim and Tae Soon Kang 
POC-P18106Albert HermannPoster Emulation of MOM6-based downscaling results in the Northeast Pacific using Machine Learning methodsAlbert J. Hermann, Wei Cheng, Vivek Seelanki, and Phyllis J. Stabeno  
POC-P18104Takahiro TanakaPoster Evaluation of Underwater Glider Flight Model for the SeaExplorerTakahiro Tanaka, Daisuke Hasegawa, Takeshi Okunishi, and Ichiro Yasuda 
POC-P18021Eun-Seo JeongPoster Factors affecting the local variability of the Kuroshio: The Changjiang diluted water effectEun-Seo Jeong and Jae-Hyoung Park 
POC-P17965Daiki ItoPoster Frontogenesis elevates the maximum chlorophyll a concentration at the subsurface near the Kuroshio during well-stratified seasonsDaiki Ito, Taketoshi Kodama, Yugo Shimizu, Takashi Setou, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Daisuke Ambe and Sayaka Sogawa 
POC-P17808Hiromichi UenoPoster Impact of anticyclonic eddy on fish distribution in Kuroshio-Oyashio transition areaRyo Dobashi, Hiromichi Ueno, Riku Kato, Naizheng Yan, Tohru Mukai, Hiroki Yasuma, Daiki Nomura, Sachihiko Itoh, Akihide Kasai 
POC-P17838Kwang-Young JeongPoster Introduction to Quality Management of Observation Data from the Ieodo Ocean Research Station (Ieodo-ORS) and Its Registration in International Observation NetworksKwang-Young Jeong, Gwang Ho Seo, Hyun-Sik Ham, Jinyong Jeong, Yongchim Min, Hee Yoon Park, Seok Jae Kwon, Hyun-Ju Oh 
POC-P17888Sabine MeckingPoster Linking northeastern North Pacific oxygen changes to upstream surface outcrop variationsSabine Mecking, Kyla Drushka 
POC-P17963Haejin KimPoster Long-term transport of Fukushima originated-137Cs based on a Lagrangian particle tracking modelHaejin Kim, Kyeong Ok Kim and Seongbong Seo 
POC-P18048Sachihiko ItohPoster Meso, submeso and microscale structures in and around a cyclonic eddySachihiko Itoh, Eisuke Tsutsumi, Ryuichiro Inoue, Takeyoshi Nagai, Yusuke Sasaki, Anne Takahashi, Shin-ichi Ito and Ichiro Yasuda 
POC-P18003Wei ChengPoster MOM6-NEP simulated connectivity pathways between the Northeast Pacific LMEs: From the Gulf of Alaska to the Chukchi SeaWei Cheng, Albert J. Hermann, Vivek Seelanki, and Phyllis Stabeno 
POC-P18133Hajoon SongPoster Observed multi-decadal increase in the surface ocean's thermal inertia Chaehyeong Lee, Hajoon Song, Yeonju Choi, Ajin Cho and John Marshall 
POC-P18027Seongbong SeoPoster Pairwise surface drifter separation by eddies in the Western Pacific, Kuroshio Extension, and Bering SeaSeongbong Seo, Jun Myoung Choi, Dong Guk Kim, Kyeong Ok Kim and Young-Gyu Park 
POC-P17976Youngji JohPoster Predictability and prediction skill of summertime East/Japan Sea surface temperature eventsYoungji Joh, SeonJu Lee, Young-Gyu Park, Thomas L. Delworth, Gyun-do Pak, Liwei Jia, William F. Cooke, Colleen McHugh, Young-Ho Kim, Hyung-Gyu Lim  
POC-P17740Yingying ZhaoPoster Removing the Effects of Tropical Dynamics from North Pacific Climate VariabilityYingying Zhao, Matthew Newman, Antonietta Capotondi, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, and Daoxun Sun 
POC-P17975Hiroto AbePoster Summertime hypoxic water in the bottom of Funka Bay, JapanHiroto Abe, Chihiro Miki, Hiroji Onishi, Atsushi Ooki, Tetsuya Takatsu 
POC-P17881Yisen ZhongPoster The Kuroshio intrusion into the East China Sea revealed by a new mixed layer water mass analysisYisen Zhong and Shuangzhao Li 
POC-P18122Emily LemagiePoster Variability in the Alaskan Stream and the Subarctic Gyre in the NE PacificEmily P. Lemagie, Hristina Hristova and Phyllis Stabeno 
W0117912David KimmelInvited Development and application of zooplankton time-series for use in ecosystem based management in AlaskaDavid G. Kimmel 
W0117762Hiroomi MiyamotoInvited Zooplankton community change in the transition and subarctic regions of the North Pacific Ocean from 2004 to 2023Hiroomi Miyamoto 
W0118102Russell HopcroftOral A quarter century of observations along the Seward Line: the good, the bad and the ugly of long time-seriesRussell R. Hopcroft  
W0118007Julie KeisterOral Differential response of zooplankton to warm events in the Salish Sea, Northern Gulf of Alaska, and Bering SeaJulie E. Keister, David Kimmel, BethElLee Herrmann and Amanda Winans 
W0117970Atsushi YamaguchiOral Interannual changes of zooplankton assemblages in the western subarctic Pacific based on Continuous Plankton Recorder during 2001–2020: Analysis by GDM and future predictionYutaka Fukai, Sanae Chiba, Sonia Batten, Yuka Sasaki, Kosei Sasaoka, Kohei Matsuno and Atsushi Yamaguchi 
W0118105Akash SastriOral Seasonal and monthly scale plankton sampling along the southwestern coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CanadaAkash R. Sastri, Kelly Young, Moira Galbraith, and R. Ian Perry 
W0117972Shintaro YoshidaOral Spatial changes in zooplankton communities within the western Subarctic Pacific during summers 2000–2020: Comparison between warm and cold years and with data from the eastern Subarctic PacificShintaro Yoshida, Yutaka Fukai, Sanae Chiba, Sonia D. Batten, Brian A. Hoover, Kosei Sasaoka, Kohei Matsuno and Atsushi Yamaguchi 
W0117794Hongsheng BiOral Unveiling the impact of winter storms on the dynamics of zooplankton populations in shallow estuariesHongsheng Bi, Jian Zhao, Wenjing Liu 
W0318131Peng SunOral Exploring potential strategy for highly exploited multispecies fisheries management Peng Sun, Runlong Sun, Guankui Liu, Yongjun Tian 
W0318127Mina FukagawaOral Information, Altruism, and the Value of Traceability in SeafoodMina Fukagawa, Nobuyuki Yagi and Yutaro Sakai 
W0317745Meng SuOral Spatial and temporal differentiation of the coordination and interaction among the three fishery industries in China from the value chain perspectiveMeng Su, Jintian Gao 
W0317889Takumi TadaPoster Analysis of distribution channels for major commercial fish species in island nations: A case study of Saint Lucia Takumi Tada 
W0317797Takato IshikawaPoster The impact of communication as a tool for the sustainable resource useTakato Ishikawa and Shintaro Arakane 
W0417792Satoshi NagaiInvited Population genetic studies of worldwide populations in the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenellaSatoshi Nagai 
W0417819Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Alexandrium in the Strait of Georgia, a semi-enclosed sea of the eastern North PacificSvetlana Esenkulova and Isobel Pearsall 
W0418067Pengbin WangOral Alexandrium species in the coastal of China based on eDNA analysisPengbin Wang, Junjie Zheng, Zihan Sun, Ruoyu Guo, Xinfeng Dai and Douding Lu 
W0417853Vera TrainerOral Paralytic shellfish poisoning on the US Pacific Northwest coast in spring 2024Vera L. Trainer, Anthony Odell, Melissa Peacock 
W0418036Misty PeacockOral Paralytic shellfish toxin profiles from an event in Oregon, USA, in spring 2024Misty Peacock, Megan Schulz, Rosa Hunter, Steffan Kinley, Anthony Odell, Vera Trainer  
W0417939Xinfeng DaiOral The distribution of Alexandrium cysts in the China SeasXinfeng Dai, Pengbin Wang and Ruoyu Guo and Douding Lu 
W0417923Douding Lu, Xinfeng DaiOral The occurrence of toxic Alexandrium blooms in China coastal watersDouding Lu, Pengbin Wang and Ruoyu Guo and Xinfeng DaiXinfeng Dai needs to register
W0517886Kristin KleisnerInvited Protecting the ocean twilight zone: Building from science to actionKleisner, Kristin M. Andrews, Kacky Cape, Mattias Dorsett, Chris 
W0517845Kentaro AndoInvited UN Ocean Decade Actions at IOC/WESTPACKentaro Ando, Wenxi Zhu and all representatives of the UN Ocean Decade Actions at IOC/WESTPAC 
W0518070Toya HirokawaPoster Identifying opportunities and challenges of new Anti-IUU Policy: A perspective from national stakeholdersToya Hirokawa and Mitsutaku Makino 
W0617954Chunhua HanInvited Methods and practice of ocean data lifecycle management in ChinaChunhua HAN, Jinkun YANG, Fangfang WAN 
W0717758Shuyang MaInvited How to explore climate-induced fish population dynamics? – conceptual frameworks and statistical advancementsShuyang Ma and Olav Sigurd Kjesbu  
W0717897Lorenzo CiannelliOral Can nearshore surveys improve management of flatfishes with coastal habitat dependencies?Lorenzo Ciannelli, Waldo Wakefield, Jennifer Fisher, Katlyn Lockhart, Jason Phillips, Toby Auth, and Kym Jacobson  
W0718037Mackenzie MazurOral Evaluating the impact of age data on Petrale Sole stock assessment and management under varying environmental conditionsMackenzie Mazur and Kendra Holt 
W0717999Philina EnglishOral How are environmental conditions influencing productivity of Petrale Sole in Canada?Philina A. English, Sean C. Anderson, Kendra R. Holt, Mackenzie D. Mazur, Nicholas C. Fisch, Robyn E. Forrest 
W0717798Minling PanOral Non-linear catchability and optimal fisheries management rargetMinling Pan 
W0717878Josep PlanasOral Spatial characterization of histology-based maturity estimates for female Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) in the Northeastern Pacific OceanColin L. Jones, Ray Webster, Allan C. Hicks, Ian J. Stewart and Josep V. Planas 
W0717858Sung Hoon KimPoster Patterns of summer ichthyoplankton distribution, including invasive species, in the Bering and Chukchi SeasSung Hoon Kim, Wuju Son, Jaeill Yoo, Kyoung-Ho Cho, Taewook Park, Eun Jin Yang, Sung-Ho Kang, Hyoung Sul La 
W0817746Isa ElegbedeOral Ecological and social dynamics of shifting marine species distributions and the role of non-state initiatives in the blue economyIsa Olalekan Elegbede 
W0917770Yutaka WatanukiInvited Food of Rhinoceros Auklets as an indicator of regional abundance and body size of forage fishYutaka Watanuki, Jumpei Okado, Motohiro Ito, Jean-Baptiste Thiebot 
W0917877James ThorsonInvited Model-based standardization of prey abundance indices using predator diet samplesJames T. Thorson, Arnaud Grüss, Jonathan C. P. Reum 
W0917856Mayumi ArimitsuOral Puffin diets provide annual forage fish indices to inform ecosystem-based fisheries management in AlaskaMayumi Arimitsu, Curry Cunningham, Brie Drummond, Bridget Ferriss, Dan Goethal, Scott Hatch, Krista Oke, John Piatt, Heather Renner, Nora Rojek, Kalei Shotwell, Wesley Strasburger, Lindsay Turner and Shannon Whelan 
W0917850Matthew BakerOral Using predator diets to inform forage fish distributions and trendsKayla Gunther, Matthew Baker, Kerim Aydin 
W0918132Thomas GoodOral Using rhinoceros auklet diet as indicators of forage nekton in the California CurrentThomas P. Good, Eric L. Wagner, Peter J. Hodum, and Scott F. Pearson 
BECI Workshop18141Michael. A.Oke Oral Challenges in the Post-Harvest Value Chain Fishing Industry in Gwagwalada, Abuja , Nigeria Michael. A. Oke 

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