Submitted Abstracts

PICES 2023 Annual Meeting
Connecting Science and Communities for Sustainable Seas

October 23-27, 2023, Seattle, WA, USA

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGRANTED Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S1 (SB)17011Matthew S. SavocaInvited Across the boundary: Internationally coordinated science and action is required to tackle chemical pollution in marine ecosystemsMatthew S. Savocayes
S1 (SB)16678Vivitskaia J.D. TullochInvited Application of a Social–Ecological–Environmental System Framework to address and manage future climate change impacts on threatened killer whales and their Pacific salmon preyVivitskaia J.D. Tulloch, Tara G. Martinyes
S1 (SB)16699Taewon KimOral “SEAturtle” PICES special research project (2019-2023): What we learned on sea turtles of Jeju Island for the last 5 years and what we should do in futureTaewon Kim, Soojin Jang, Mi-Yeon Kim, Byung-Yeob Kim, Kyugsik Jo, Sookjin Jang, Jibin Im, George Balazs, Hideaki Nishizawa, Connie Ka Yan NG, George Shillinger, Michelle María Early Capistrányes
S1 (SB)16840Julie E. KeisterOral Contributions of NOAA’s EcoFOCI program to climate science and ecosystem-based fisheries managementJulie Keister, Phyllis Stabeno, Libby Logerwell, Heather Tabisola, David Kimmel, Emily Lemagie, Lauren Rogers, Calvin Mordy, Lisa Eisner, Kelia Axler, Deana Crouseryes
S1 (SB)16721Erin SatterthwaiteOral Five actionable pillars to engage the next generation of leaders in the co-design of transformative ocean solutionsErin V. Satterthwaite, Valeriya Komyakova, Natalia G. Erazo, Louise Gammage, Gabriel A. Juma, Rachel Kelly, Daniel Kleinman, Delphine Lobelle, Rachel Sapery James, Norlaila Binti Mohd ZanuriYES POST WEB
S1 (SB)16854Yunzhou LiOral How will China’s stressed marine fisheries respond to climate change impacts? A social-ecological analysis of vulnerability and riskYunzhou Li, Ming Sun, Xiangyan Yang, Molin Yang, Kristin M. Kleisner, Jason S. Link, Katherine E. Mills, Feiyan Du, Yiping Ren, Yi Tang, Yong Chenpending with permission
S1 (SB)16774Yumeng PangOral Ocean changes reflected in oyster biological characteristics through comparison of oyster cultured in Japanese coastal waters between 1990 and 2022Yumeng Pang, Tsuneo Ono, Takehiro Tanakayes
S1 (SB)16729Nianzhi JiaoOral Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions: A regional and global effort to mitigate climate changeNianzhi Jiao, Carol Robinson, Douglas Wallace, Louis Legendreyes
S1 (SB)16886Misty PeacockOral Pathways to Good Research: Partnerships on Equal FootingMisty B. Peacock, Rosa M. Hunter, Dave Oreiroyes
S1 (SB)16663Irene D. AlabiaOral Projected abundances of key fisheries in the Pacific Arctic under future climate: Potential biological and economic implicationsIrene D. Alabia, Jorge Garcia Molinos, Takafumi Hirata, Daiju Narita, Toru Hirawakeyes
S1 (SB)16805Kelly S. AndrewsOral Representing fisheries’ footprints in marine spatial planning suitability analyses for offshore wind energy developmentKelly S. Andrews, Blake Feist, J. Lilah Isé, Justin Ainsworth, Jessica Watson, Delia Kelly, Caren Brabyyes
S1 (SB)16588Shoshiro MinobeOral Toward regional marine ecological forecasting using global climate model predictions from subseasonal to decadal timescales: Bottlenecks and recommendationsShoshiro Minobe, Antonietta Capotondi, Michael G. Jacox, Masami Nonaka, Ryan R. Rykaczewskiyes
S1 (SB)16772Raquel GillilandOral Utilizing cooperative fisheries research to better understand harmful algal blooms along the Oregon coastRaquel Gilliland, Maria Kavanaugh, Jennifer L. Fisher, Lori Cramer, Anna E. Bolmyes
S1 (SB)16528Kelly VasbinderPoster A model for evaluating links between salmon smolt ocean entry size and timing and early marine predation risks in a dynamic oceanKelly Vasbinder, Jerome Fiechter, James J. Anderson, Jarrod Santora, Nate Mantua, Steve Lindley, David Huff, Brian Wellsyes
S1 (SB)16642Youngbeen HwangPoster Effects of ocean acidification on growth and body compositions of Snow crab Chionoecetes opilio assessed by indoor culture experimentsYoungbeen Hwang, Hyeonmi Bae, Sang-Woo Kim, Jeong-Min Shim, Jaehyeong Yang, Hae-Kun Jung, JeongHee Shimyes
S1 (SB)16927Raphael K. RomanPosterREP-2Engaging Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs) in East Asia: Insights from 2022-2023 surveys in China, Japan and South KoreaRaphael K. Roman, Chunhua Jiang, Kotaro Tanaka, Yushi Morioka, Minkyoung Kim, Jae-Hyoung Parkyes
S1 (SB)16510Sarah StonePosterREP-1Examining the socioeconomic vulnerability of coastal Alaskan communities to temperature dependencies in Pacific cod’s spatial distributionSarah Stone, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Sarah Wise, Kirstin Holsmanyes
S1 (SB)16992Suhendar I SachoemarPoster Implementation and Strategic Planning for Connecting Science and Communities for Sustainable Seas: Case studies in dissemination of Ciguatera Fish Poisoning (CFP) in Gili Matra Lombok, IndonesiaSuhendar I Sachoemar, Mitsutaku Makino, Alexander Bychkov, Mark L. Wells, Shion Takemura, Naoki Tojo, Arief Rachman, Shinta Leonita, Ratu Siti Aliah, Haryantiyes
S1 (SB)16505Kyungsik JoPoster Presuming the pathways of sea turtles by using δ18O values from commensal barnacle shellsKyungsik Jo, Jeongmin Kim, Byung-Yeob Kim, Sook-Jin Jang, Taewon Kimyes
S1 (SB)16532Seongho LeePoster Remote impacts of low-latitude oceanic climate on coastal upwelling in a marginal seaSeongho Lee, Jeong Yeob Chae, Jae-Hun Park, Young Taeg Kim, Boonsoon Kang, Chang-Woong Shin, Ho Kyung Hayes
S1 (SB)16608Iwao FujiiPoster The governance systems different, but biological diversity connected and challenges common: Exploring potential cooperation of MPAs using Japan, the Philippines, and Palau as case studiesIwao Fujii, Mitsutaku Makinoyes
S1 (SB)16752Shin-ichi ItoPoster Toward a less plastic ocean: Connecting science and communitiesShin-ichi Ito, Yoshimasa Matsumura, Haodong Xu, Nobuhiro Ogawa, Kazumi Hayama, Misuzu Asariyes
S1 (SB)16666Alfita P. HandayaniWithdrawal Evaluating the Effects of Embankments and Polder Systems on Community Well-being and Coastal Ecosystems in Mitigating Tidal Floods in JakartaAlfita P. Handayani, Heri Andreas, Dhota Pradiptacancel poster, did not confirm yes
S1 (SB)16881Katherine E. MillsWithdrawalREP-3FishSCORE: Fisheries Strategies for Changing Oceans and Resilient Ecosystems – Building global resources and networks for climate-resilient fisheriesKatherine E. Mills, Kristin Kleisner, Claire Enterlineyes, but cancel poster yes
S1 (SB)16901Ferdenant MkrtchyanWithdrawal Marine ecosystems and sustainable developmentFerdenant Mkrtchyanno show, cancel poster yes
S1 (SB)16967Lynn LeeWithdrawal Towards a respectful and sustainable long-term marine monitoring program in Gwaii Haanas, a cooperatively managed protected area in northern British Columbia, CanadaLynn Lee, Chantal Visno, cancel poster yes
S1 (SB)16527Adnan ArshadWithdrawal Vulnerability assessment of costal urban expansion and modelling green spaces to quantify extreme weather eventsAdnan Arshad, Muhammad Ashraf, Ristina S. Sundari, Mahmood-ul-Hasanno, cancel poster yes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16571Jean-Olivier IrissonInvited Increased usage of deep learning systems in marine ecologyICES WGMLEARN, Jean-Olivier Irissonyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16630Jae-Hun ParkOral A novel approach to retrieve vertical profiles from PIES data using a deep neural network and its application to the northwestern Pacific OceanJeong-Yeob Chae, Jae-Hun ParkNOT POST WEB
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16773Taylor DenoudenOral Advancing mussel habitat mapping in rocky intertidal ecosystems using high-resolution UAV Imagery and deep learning techniquesTaylor Denouden, Pramod Thupaki, Will McInnes, Alyssa Gehmanyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16600Katherine C. WilsonOral Automated video processing to support commercial fishing innovation in the walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) fishery in AlaskaKatherine C. Wilson, Moses Lurbur, Noëlle Yochumyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16932Jeffrey S EllenOral Beyond transfer learning: An implementation guide to optimally leveraging ancillary images in automated classification of planktonJeffrey S. Ellen, Mark D. Ohmanyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16798Weilu LiOral Big data mining and fusion towards resources evaluation of deep-sea polymetallic nodulesWeilu Li, Jinkun Yang, Fangfang Wanyes, GP->S2 p->o
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16867Albert J. HermannOral Enhanced climate downscaling for the Northeast Pacific using deep learning methodsAlbert J. Hermann, Kenneth O. Coyle, Emily L. Norton, Wei Cheng, Kelly A. Kearney, Darren J. Pilcher, Martin Dorn, Kirstin K. Holsmanyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16583Yasutoki ShibataOral Estimation of total length composition of fish detected as non-occluded using a smartphone application and deep learning techniquesYasutoki Shibata, Yuka Iwahara, Masahiro Mananoyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16895Hannah E. KepnerOral Fine-scale spatial patterns of gelatinous zooplankton in the Northern Gulf of AlaskaHannah E. Kepner, Thomas B. Kelly, Russell R. Hopcroftyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16597Yuka IwaharaOral Fish identification through deep learning using only non-occluded fishYuka Iwahara, Yasutoki Shibata, Masahiro Manano, Tomoya Nishino, Hiroki Yaemori, Ryosuke Kariyayes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16508Irina BensonOral Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy of otoliths coupled with deep learning to improve age predictionIrina M. Benson, Thomas E. Helser, Beverly K. Barnettyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16664Karuna AgarwalOral Habitat classification in the Gulf of Alaska based on acoustic surveys using deep learningKaruna Agarwal, Chris Rooper, Kresimir Williamsyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16628Satoshi KitajimaOral Microplanktonic assemblages in the spring East China Sea: An approach with a frugal plankton imaging system coupling with EcoTaxaSatoshi Kitajima, Fabien Lombard, Koh Nishiuchi, Sachiko Horii, Chiyuki Sassa, Toshiyuki Tanabeyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16518Hongsheng BiOral Rapid plankton biomass assessment in coastal watersHongsheng Bi, David G Kimmel, Xuemin Chengyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16725Valentina StanevaOral Semantic segmentation of Pacific hake aggregations in water column echogramsValentina Staneva, Wu-Jung Lee, Zhongqi Miao, Emilio Mayorgayes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16936Naomi A. JainarineOral Using Ecotaxa to assess phenological variability of winter predator-prey dynamics between ichthyoplankton and zooplankton in Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina, USANaomi A. Jainarine, Rebecca G. Aschyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16545Xin ChengPoster An integrated deep learning-based approach for fishing vessel classification using AIS dataXin Cheng, Fan Zhang, Jintao Wang, Xinjun Chenyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16900Gwang Ho SeoPoster Analysis and projection of long-term sea level change around the Korean PeninsulaGwang Ho Seo, Kwang-Young Jeong, Hyun-Ju Oh, Yang-Ki Cho, Yu-Kyeong Kangyes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16786Karlee E. ZammitPoster Automating the acoustic detection of Arctic ringed seal vocalizations using deep learningKarlee E. Zammit, William Halliday, Fabio Frazao, Stan DossoYES WebPOST, yes
S2 (BIO/POC/TCODE)16516Kunal ChakrabortyWithdrawal Potential application of machine learning algorithms in modelling surface ocean pCO2 in the Bay of BengalKunal Chakraborty and A.P. Joshino, cancel talk yes
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)17008Sukgeun JungInvited Recent population explosion and mass killing of Pacific sardine in the western North Pacific in relation with climate change and fisheries managementSukgeun Jungyes
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)16716Toru MiyamaInvited Significant impact of ocean current variability on marine heatwaves: Case studies in the northwestern Pacific OceanToru Miyama, Yasumasa Miyazawa, Hakase Hayashida, Yu-Lin K. Chang, Sergey Varlamov, Ruochao Zhangyes, 40 min time slot
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)16948Zachary GoldOral Archived DNA reveals marine heatwave-associated shifts in fish and zooplankton assemblagesZachary Gold, Ryan Kelly, Andrew Olaf Shelton, Andrew Thompson, Kelly Goodwin, Ramón Gallego, Kim M. Parsons, Luke Thompson, Dovi Kacev, Paul Barber, Erin Satterthwaithe, Noelle Bowlin, Rasmus Swalethorp, Nastassia Patin, Susanna Theroux, Brice Semmensyes
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)16829Gerardo Aceves-MedinaOral Influence of extreme cold and warm oceanographic events on larval fish assemblages in the southern region of the California Current off MexicoGerardo Aceves-Medina, Sylvia Patricia Adelheid Jiménez-Rosenbergno, recoded talk
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)16875Rubén Esteban García-GómezOral Predicting abundance distribution of Vinciguerria lucetia larvae during extreme thermal scenarios in the souhern portion of the California Current SystemRubén Esteban García-Gómez, Gerardo Aceves-Medina, Héctor Villalobos, Sylvia Patricia Adelheid Jiménez Rosenberg, Reginaldo Durazono, recorded talk
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)16607Felipe QuezadaOral Should I stay or should I go? Participation, species target, and landing location choices in the U.S. West Coast Coastal Pelagic Species fisheryFelipe Quezada, Desiree Tommasi, Stephen Stohs, Isaac Kaplan, Barbara Muhlingyes
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)16958Matthew BaketOralp->oSpatial distribution of arctic sand lance related to the physical environmentMatthew Baker, Alex De Robertis, Robert Levine, Daniel Cooper, Edward Farleyyes
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)16530Richard D. BrodeurOral Trophic shifts and energetic responses in small pelagic fishes during prolonged marine heatwaves in the Northern California CurrentRichard D. Brodeur, Elizabeth A. Daly, Mary E. Hunsicker, Kaitlyn Osborne, Yi Gong, Todd W. Miller, Olivia Burnipyes
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)16489Richard D. Brodeur (for Brian Wells)Oral Trophoscapes of predatory fish reveal biogeographic structuring, spatial dietary overlap, and inform fisheries bycatch patternsBrian K. Wells, Jarrod A. Santora, Joseph J. Bizzarro, Alicia Billings, Richard D. Brodeur, Elizabeth A. Daly, John C. Field, Kate E. Richerson, James T. Thorsonno, presented by co-author
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)16844Luke A. BobayPoster Predicting larval northern anchovy (Engraulis mordax) abundance across space and timeLuke A. Bobay, Moritz S. Schmid, Robert K. Cowen, Su Sponaugleyes
S3 (FIS/TCODE/FUTURE/POC/MONITOR)16918Robert SuryanWithdrawal Capelin condition and abundance through multiple heatwaves in AlaskaRobert Suryan, Johanna Page, Fletcher Sewall, Jacek Maselko, Edward Farley, Ellen Yasumiishi, James Murphy, Alexander Andrewsno, cancel talk (final) yes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16689Amila Sandaruwan RatnayakeDeclined Evidence of paleo-tsunami deposits along the east coast of Sri Lanka (the Indian Ocean)Amila Sandaruwan Ratnayake, Dilmi Wijewardhana, T Haraguchi, Kazuhisa Goto, Nalin Ratnayake, H Tetsuka, Yusuke Yokoyama, Y Miyairi, Nishantha Attanayake 
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16644Catherine Roween C. AlmadenDeclined Safeguarding the Golden Fields: Collective Adaptation through Ecosystem-based Services in Coastal Rice Farms Affected by Saltwater Inundation in the Philippines and VietnamCatherine Roween C. Almaden, Diep Thanh Tung 
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16903Ferdenant MkrtchyanDeclined Some features of remote monitoring of geochemical and geophysical processes in the coastal zoneFerdenant Mkrtchyan 
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16523Guebuem KimInvited Evolution of nutrient structure and associated changes in harmful algal blooms in coastal waters off Korea Peninsula over the last few decadesGuebuem Kim, Hyeong Kyu Kwon, Sojin Park, Moonho Sonyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)17014Jorge I. MardonesInvited Patagonian fjords dealing with extreme Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs): Lessons and challenges in a changing climateJorge I. Mardonesyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16730Brian P. V. HuntOral Advancing an integrated understanding of land-ocean connections in shaping the marine ecosystems of Coastal Temperate Rainforest ecoregionsBrian P.V. Hunt, Simone R. Alin, Allison Bidlack, Heida Diefenderfer, Jennifer M. Jackson, Colleen Kellogg, Peter Kiffney, Kyra St. Pierre, Eddy Carmack, William C. Floyd, Eran Hood, Alex R. Horner-Devine, Colin Levings, Cristian Vargasyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16610Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Analyzing oceanographic data to understand the threats faced by BC salmon: Focus on Heterosigma akashiwo and climate factorsSvetlana Esenkulova, Vera Pospelova, Rich Pawlowicz, Nicky Haigh, Jayaprabandh Pudota, Isobel Pearsallyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16828Rachel SearyOral Community informed social indicators for the California Dungeness Crab Fishery under whale entanglement mitigation regulationsRachel Seary, Steven Bograd, Theresa Burnham, Megan Cimino, Elliott Hazen, Rosemary Kosaka, Aaron Mamula, Barbara Muhling, Jarrod Santora, Cameron Speir, Heather Welchyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16975Hyun-Sung YangOral Comparison of biodiversity of ARMS installed in Jeju Island through metabarcoding technique and morphological classification assayHyun-Sung Yang, Gun-Tak Yoon, Chulhong Oh, Heung-Sik Park, Do-Hyung Kangyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16593Guimei LiuOral Development of an operational forecasting system for marine ecosystem in the China seasGuimei Liu, Shan Gao, Xuanliang Ji, JingJing Zhengyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16573Jingjing ZhengOral Ecosystem impacts of record-breaking 2020 summer marine heatwaves in the South China SeaJingjing Zheng, Peng Xiu, Xueming Zhu, Xuanliang Ji, Shan Gaoyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16866Pengbin WangOral Harmful Algal Species in the East China Sea and their possible respondence to climate change via a global visionPengbin Wang, Jiarong Hu, Junjie Zheng, Ruoyu Guo, Xinfeng Dai, Douding Luyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16971Megan FeddernOralp->o?Non-stationary relationships between climate and fisheries in the California Current and Gulf of AlaskaMegan L. Feddern, Eric J. Ward, Mary Hunsicker, William H. Satterthwaite, Curry J. Cunninghamyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16810Simone R. AlinOral Southern Salish Sea (U.S.) ocean acidification and hypoxia extremes in response to major heat and runoff anomalies during a seasonal 2014–2018 cruise time-series: Multi-stressor implications for sensitive speciesSimone R. Alin, Jan A. Newton, Richard A. Feely, Dana Greeley, Samantha Siedleckiyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16562Satomi TakagiOral Spatio-temporal variation of large­scale harmful algal blooms with Karenia selliformis in Pacific Coastal Waters off southeast Hokkaido, Japan after marine heatwavesSatomi Takagi, Hiroshi Kuroda, Yukiko Taniuchi, Takuya Nakanowatari, Hiromi Kasai, Takuya Ohnishi, Natsuki Hasegawa, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Tomonori Azumayayes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16942Jessica RandallOral Using otoliths to understand how marine heatwaves affect fish growthJessica Randall, Steve Swearer, Emily Fobert, Bryan Black, John Morrongielloyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)17440Xilin XiaoPoster Coastal oceans are potential RDOM production hotspotsXilin Xiao, Leanne C. Powers, Michael Gonsior, Qiang Shi, Douglas W.R. Wallace, Youhei Yamashita, Rui Zhang , Nianzhi Jiaoyes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16525Hanbyul LeePosterp->o?Monitoring nutrients and fluorescent dissolved organic matter (FDOM) to predict the outbreaks of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) in Jinhae Bay, KoreaHanbyul Lee, Hyeong Kyu Kwon, Jihyun Park, Cheolmin Baek, Jaehee Lim, Moonho Son, Guebuem Kimyes (only poster)
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16912Michael G. JacoxWithdrawal Bottom marine heatwaves along the continental shelves of North AmericaDillon J. Amaya, Michael G. Jacox, Michael A. Alexander, James D. Scott, Clara Deser, Antonietta Capotondi, Adam S. Phillipsno, cancel talk (final) yes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16499M Minhazul IslamWithdrawal Climate risks on blue foods value chain of Bangladesh: Impacts and responsesM. Minhazul Islam, Md. Tariqul Alamno, cancelled poster yes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16629Emanuele Di Lorenzo (for Antonietta Capotondi)Withdrawal Large-scale drivers of Northeast Pacific marine heatwavesAntonietta Capotondi, Matthew Newman, Tongtong Xu, Emanuele Di Lorenzono, CANCEL TALK yes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16892Amanda Winans (Julie Keister?)Withdrawal Spatio-temporal variation in zooplankton community composition in the southern Salish Sea: Changes during the 2015–2016 Pacific marine heatwaveAmanda Winans, BethElLee Herrmann, Julie E. Keisterno, cancel talk, keep registration yes
S4 (FUTURE/MEQ/MONITOR)16894Moo-Jin KimWithdrawal Vulnerability assessment of Korean fisheries to climate changeMoo-Jin Kim, In-Seong Han, Joon-Soo Lee , Do-Hoon Kimno, cancel poster yes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16911VIRENDRA KUMAR GOSWAMIDeclined Application of Artificial Intelligence& Remote Sensing In Harnessing Ocean Energy and Developing Green Ports by Renewable Energy. Virendra Kumar Goswami 
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16996Changming DongInvited Submesoscale processes-induced vertical heat transport modulated by oceanic mesoscale eddiesChangming Dong , Qingyue Wangyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)17431Bo QiuOralREP-1A Regime Shift of the Kuroshio Extension System after 2018Bo Qiuyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16557Diego Andre Otero HuamanOral Asymmetry in seasonal mixed layer transitions with respect to coastal upwelling strength between Northern and Southern Hemisphere and its influence on marine ecosystemDiego Andre Otero Huaman, Takeyoshi Nagaiyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16619Hikaru HommaOral Distribution of acoustically detected marine organisms across Kuroshio Extension front associated with physical and biogeochemical environmentsHikaru Homma, Daisuke Hasegawa, Takahiro Tanaka, Yuji Okazaki, Takeshi Okunishiyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16565Sonia Danielle Postigo MonteroOral Effects of seasonal variation of mesoscale eddy off the central coast of Peru on the distribution of anchovy eggs and larvaeSonia Danielle Postigo Montero, Diego Andre Otero Huaman, Gloria Silvana Durán Gómez, Takeyoshi Nagaiyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16887Shuangzhao LiOral Effects of tidal forcing on the frontal dynamics of the Changjiang River plumeShuangzhao Li, Yisen Zhong, Meng Zhou, Zhaoru Zhangyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16511Kelly KearneyOral Feedbacks between bottom boundary biogeochemistry and ecosystem metrics in a regional biogeochemical model intercomparison in the Bering SeaKelly A. Kearney, Albert Hermann, Wei Chengyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16627Daisuke HasegawaOralREPHow the Kuroshio Extension entrains the surrounding water masses off SanrikuDaisuke Hasegawa, Takahiro Tanakayes (p->o)
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16697Jae-Hyoung ParkOral Impact of warm eddy on sea level rise in the frontal region of the East/Japan SeaKyungJae Lee, Jae-Hyoung Park, Young-Gyu Parkyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16536Wei YuOral Mesoscale eddies regulate habitat distribution of neon flying squid in the Northwest Pacific OceanYuchen Zhang, Wei Yu, Xinjun Chen, Mo Zhou, Chunling Zhangyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16737SeungYong LeeOral Observations of upstream-downstream connectivity of the Kuroshio Current variability in the East China SeaSeungYong Lee, Hanna Na, Hong Sik Min, Dong Guk Kim, Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishinayes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16670Hyung-Gyu LimOralREP-1Potential predictability of environmental drivers in Community Earth System Model Decadal Prediction Large Ensemble for a fisheries size and functional type modelHyung-Gyu Lim, Colleen Petrik, Kristen Krumhardt, Matthew Long, Zhoumin Chen, Charles Stock, Jong-Yeon Parkyes (p->o)
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16556Takeyoshi NagaiOral Role of submesoscale and microscale mixing processes in the Kuroshio flowing south of KyushuTakeyoshi Nagai, Duran Gomez Silvana Gloria, Saito Hiroaki, Ogawa Hiroshi, Kobari Toru, Naoki Yoshie, Hirohiko Nakamurayes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16554Gloria Silvana Duran GomezOral Role of submesoscale cyclonic eddies generated at the south of Yaku Island, JapanGloria Silvana Duran Gomez, Takeyoshi Nagai, Toru Kobari, Hirohiko Nakamurayes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16861Sachihiko ItohOral Seasonal cycle of the confluence of the Tsugaru Warm, Oyashio, and Kuroshio currents east of JapanSachihiko Itoh, Eisuke Tsutsumi, Eiji Masunaga, Takashi. T. Sakamoto, Kazuo. Ishikawa, Daigo. Yanagimoto, Yasuhiro. Hoshiba, Hitoshi. Kaneko, Daisuke Hasegawa, Kiyoshi Tanaka, Hideki Fukuda, Toshi Nagatayes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16756Haijin CaoOral Submesoscale stirring as a crucial mechanism maintaining subsurface chlorophyll maxima within cyclonic eddiesHaijin Cao, Mara Freilich, Xiangzhou Song, Zhiyou Jing, Baylor Fox-Kemper, Bo Qiu, Robert D. Hetland, Fei Chai, Dake Chenyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16876Emily LemagieOralREPUsing pollock larvae distributions to explore ocean processes in the Western Gulf of AlaskaEmily P. Lemagie, Lauren Rogers, Jens Nielsenyes (p->o)
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16902Jun Myoung ChoiOral Velocity structure functions derived from submesoscale surface currents over marginal seasTran Thi My Hong, Jae Il Kwon, Yong-Gyu Park, Kyunghoi Kim, Jun Myoung Choiyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16830Gerardo Aceves-MedinaPosterREPSeasonal and interannual variation of Atlantidae heteropods off the western coast of Baja California, MexicoMaría Moreno-Alcántara, Gerardo Aceves-Medina, Bertha E. Lavaniegos, J. Martín Hernández-Ayón, Sylvia P.A. Jiménez-Rosenberg, Jaime Gómez-Gutiérrezno, e-poster?
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16575Diego Alonso Dante Pinglo RodriguezPoster Spatiotemporal characteristics of the cyclonic eddies generated between the Kuroshio and the coast of Japan during 2000 – 2020Diego Alonso Dante Pinglo Rodriguez, Takeyoshi Nagaiyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16522Huizi DongPosterREPSurface Chlorophyll and temperature anomalies induced by Mesoscale Eddies and geostrophic strain in the Arctic Norwegian SeaHuizi Dong, Meng Zhou, Roshin P. Raj, Walker O. Smith, Jr. et al.yes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16555Yuki IkedaPoster The formation of the T-S relationship in the Kuroshio Extension regionYuki Ikeda, Takeyoshi Nagaiyes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16813Jens NielsenPoster Vertical changes in phytoplankton size structure assessed through in-situ measurements, a profiling crawler and random forest modelingJens M. Nielsen, Lisa B. Eisner, Sun Bak-Hospital, Priscila K. Lange, Jeanette Gann, Michael W. Lomas, Calvin W. Mordy, Phyllis Stabeno, Noel Pellandyes (only poster, no REP)
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16848Sylvia P.A. Jiménez-RosenbergWithdrawal Characterization of the fish larvae community off ENSENADA in the southern California Current, and its interaction with local and interannual variabilitySylvia P. A. Jiménez-Rosenberg, Gerardo Aceves-Medinano, cancel poster yes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16852Iára Andressa Torres CabreraWithdrawal Effects of spring-neap tides on the sea surface chlorophyll-a in relation to the Kuroshio path modulation during 2006-2021Iára Torres, Silvana Duran, Takeyoshi Nagai and Luis Icocheacancel talk yes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16826Michael Alexander (Jacox cannot attend)Withdrawal Processes that influence bottom temperatures along the west coast of the US and Baja PeninsulaMichael Alexander, James Scott, Michael Jacox, Dillon Amaya, Leah Wilczynskino, cancel talk (did not confirm recorded) yes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16993Amala MahadevanWithdrawal Source waters of coastal upwellingAmala Mahadevanno, cancel invited talk yes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16688Amila Sandaruwan RatnayakeWithdrawal Stratigraphical evidence for glacial-interglacial sea-level changes in the Indian OceanAmila Sandaruwan Ratnayakeno, cancel poster, fun sup problem yes
S5 (POC/MONITOR)16837Michael JacoxWithdrawal Subsurface nutrients, not upwelling strength, control projected productivity changes in the California Current SystemMichael G. Jacox, Michael Alexander, Dillon Amaya, Steven Bograd, Nathali Cordero Quiros, Dianne Deauna, Hui Ding, Jerome Fiechter, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Ryan Rykaczewskino, cancel talk (final) yes
S6 (MEQ)16677Joshua CharlesonInvited Bringing back ecological balance through an indigenous perspectiveJoshua Charlesonyes
S6 (MEQ)16800Bobbie BuzzellInvited Increasing trapping capacity to address invasive European green crab (Carcinus maenas) in Lummi Sea Pond and Lummi Nation TidelandsBobbie Buzzell, Nicholas Jefferson, Shawn Evensonyes
S6 (MEQ)16945Adrianne AkmajianInvited Management, monitoring, and research on European green crab (Carcinas maenas) on the Makah ReservationAdrianne Akmajianyes
S6 (MEQ)16787Crysta StubbsInvited South coast European green crab control projectCrysta Stubbsyes
S6 (MEQ)16680Brian Christopher TurnerOral Challenges, lessons learned, and advantages of large-scale collaborative management actions targeting the European green crab, Carcinus maenas, in Washington stateBrian Christopher Turner, Chelsey Buffington, Lennah Shakeri Moharyes
S6 (MEQ)16888Lisa WatkinsOral Community science for the early detection of European green crab (Carcinus maenas)Lisa Watkins, Jeff Adams, Emily Grason, Aina Hori, P. Sean McDonald, Staci McMahon, Kate Litle, Benjamin Rubinoff, Alex Stoteyes
S6 (MEQ)16940Edwin D. GrosholzOral Developing a quantitative basis for management targets for non-indigenous marine speciesEdwin D. Grosholzyes
S6 (MEQ)16978Benjamin RubinoffOral Ecological impacts of the invasive European green crab (Carcinus maenas) in WashingtonBenjamin Rubinoff, Jeff Adams, Emily Grason, Kate Litle, P. Sean McDonald, Alex Stoteyes
S6 (MEQ)16779Carolyn K. TepoltOral Genomic tracking during the earliest stages of a marine invasionCarolyn K. Tepolt, Emily W. Grason, P. Sean McDonald, Thomas W. Therriaultyes
S6 (MEQ)16925Thomas TherriaultOral Identifying management needs for European green crab in British Columbia, CanadaThomas W. Therriault, Brett R. Howard, Renny Talbot, Christine Spice, Mark Potyralayes
S6 (MEQ)16897Hyung Woo LeeOral Introduced subtropical ship hull seaweed, Colaconema formosanum (Rhodophyta): Species description and ecophysiological characterizationHyung Woo Lee, Ye Rim Kim, Ju-Hyoung Kim, Young Jun Song, Young Sik Kim, Eun Ju Kang, Min Gui Jung, Kyungsoon Shin, Jung-Hoon Kang, Seung Ho Back, Bonggil Hyunyes
S6 (MEQ)16899Yaamini R. VenkataramanOral Investigating the basis of thermal tolerance of a rapidly spreading crabYaamini R. Venkataraman, Sara Shapiro, Sarah Zuidema, Julia Kelso, Mikayla Newbrey, Lauren Stephenson, Carolyn Tepoltyes
S6 (MEQ)16769Sylvia Behrens YamadaOral Multiple larval sources for Oregon and coastal Washington green crab populationsSylvia Behrens Yamada, Carolyn Tepolt, Alan Shanksyes
S6 (MEQ)16969P. Sean McDonaldOral Science to support management of marine bioinvasions; A case study of invasive European green crab (Carcinus maenas) in WashingtonP. Sean McDonald, Jeff Adams, Emily Grason, Kate Litle,Benjamin Rubinoff, Alex Stoteyes
S6 (MEQ)16604Abigail KellerOral The transition from resistance to acceptance: Controlling a marine invasive species in a changing worldAbigail Keller, Perry de Valpine, Tim Counihan, Carl Boettigeryes
S6 (MEQ)16839Rikke JeppesenOral Top-down control of invasive European green crabs by Southern sea otters in central CaliforniaRikke Jeppesen, Edwin Grosholz, Catherine de Rivera, Tim Tinker, Brent Hughes, Ron Eby, Kerstin Wassonyes
S6 (MEQ)16768Bonggil HyunPoster Research outcomes on core elements to establish biological risk assessment protocols for in-water cleaning of Ship’s biofoulingBonggil Hyun, Pung-Guk Jang, Jung-Hoon Kang, Kyoungsoon Shinyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16913VIRENDRA KUMAR GOSWAMIDeclined Role of Artificial Intelligence and Remote Sensing in the Study of Catalytic Oxidants in Remediation of subsurface cum above-ground Water Systems & Marine Pollution through Models of Chemical Reaction Kinetics(MCRK)’Virendra Kumar Goswami 
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16832Mary Margaret StollOral A century of change in the California Current: Quantifying the impact of anthropogenic climate change on ocean acidificationMary Margaret Stoll, Curtis Deutsch, Hana Jurikova, James Rae, Anne Gothmann, Simone Alin, Alex Gagnonyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16983Angelica PenaOral A coupled circulation-biogeochemical model to study deoxygenation in the Canadian Pacific continental marginAngelica Peña, Isaak Fine, Di Wanyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16914Paul McElhanyOral Acidification effects on Dungeness crab: Experiments, models and population uncertaintyPaul McElhany, D. Shallin Busch, Mike Maher, Danielle Perez, Kate RovinskiNOT POST WEB
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16812Simone R. AlinOral Buffering capacity minima in coastal–estuarine waters: Implications for ocean acidification trajectories and ecosystem managementSimone R. Alin, Richard A. Feely, Brendan Carter, Samantha Siedlecki, Jan Newton, Jeannette E. Waddell, Ervin “Joe” Schumackeryes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16534Kedong YinOralREP-2Coastal hypoxia in Pearl River estuarine waters: Why isn’t it worse?Kedong Yin, Jiangzhang Heyes (p->o)
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16762Karyn SuchyOral Effects of ocean acidification on plankton in the Salish SeaKaryn Suchy, Debby Ianson, Susan Allen, Jan Newton, Simone Alinno, recorded, Questions by co-authors
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16790Lucia HosekovaOral High-resolution climate projections of ocean acidification for the main Hawaiian IslandsLucia Hosekova, Tobias Friedrich, Brian Powell, Guangpeng Liu, Jacob Gunnarson, Malte Stueckeryes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16851Haila SchultzOral Impacts of ocean acidification and deoxygenation on zooplankton communities in an estuarine fjordHaila Schultz, Julie Keister, Jan Newton, BethElLee Herrmann, Olga Kalata, Ali Chaseyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16904Amy C. WyethOral In situ observations of zooplankton show changes in abundance and swimming speed in response to environmental stressAmy C. Wyeth, Daniel Grünbaum, Julie E. Keister, Deana Crouseryes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16846Elena ConserOral Inshore hypoxia alters abundance and distribution of zooplankton in the northern California CurrentElena Conser, Moritz S Schmid, Su Sponaugle, Robert Cowenyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16884Darren PilcherOral Modeling ocean acidification in the Bering Sea to support long-term planning and management of the largest U.S. FisheryDarren J. Pilcher, Jessica N. Cross, Elizabeth Siddon, Esther Kennedy, Linquan Mu, Natalie Monacci, Kelly Kearney, Albert Hermann, Wei Chengyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16972Jennifer M JacksonOral Oceanographic observations in and around Gwaii Haanas, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia from 2016 to 2022Jennifer M. Jackson, Amanda Timmerman, Alex Hare, Andrea Hilborn, Sarah Rosen, Charles G. Hannah, Stephen Page, Skil Jaada, Lynn Leeyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16736Zhuomin ChenOral Skillful multiyear prediction of marine habitat shifts jointly constrained by ocean temperature and dissolved oxygenZhuomin Chen, Samantha Siedlecki, Matthew Long, Colleen Petrik, Charles Stock, Curtis Deutschyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16775Jerome FiechterOral Spatiotemporal variability of exposure to low pH conditions in the central California Current regionJerome Fiechter, Julia Chereshyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16667Hanbi MoonOral The diel and seasonal heterogeneity of carbonate chemistry and dissolved oxygen in three types of macroalgal habitatsHuiru Li, Hanbi Moon, Ju-Hyoung Kim, Haryun Kimyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16754Tsuneo OnoPosterREP-3Mapping of deoxygenation trend in the subsurface waters of the East China SeaTsuneo Onoyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16529Natalie M. MonacciPoster Observing ocean acidification for Alaska’s fisheriesNatalie M. Monacci, A. Andrews, S. Bell, J.N. Cross, B. Ferriss, J. Keister, W.C. Long, E. Kennedy, C. Mordy, L. Mu, D. Pilcher, S. Porter, E. Siddon, A. Spear, P. Stabeno, F. Teevan-Kamhawiyes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16712Feng ZhouWithdrawal Coupling and Decoupling of High Biomass Phytoplankton Production and Hypoxia off the Changjiang (Yangtze River) EstuaryFeng Zhou, Fei Chai, Daji Huang, Mark Wells, Xiao Ma, Qicheng Meng, Huijie Xue, Jiliang Xuan, Pengbin Wang, Xiaobo Ni, Qiang Zhao, Chenggang Liu, Jilan Su and Hongliang Lino, cancel talk yes
S7 (BIO/POC/MONITOR)16847Sylvia P.A. Jiménez-RosenbergWithdrawalREP-1Vertical distribution of fish larvae, in the oxygen minimum zone off southern México (December 2020)Sylvia P.A. Jiménez-Rosenberg, L. Sánchez-Velasco, F.J. García-De León, E.D. Ruvalcada-Aroche, E. Beier, V.M. Godínez, E.D. Sánchez-Pérez, F. Contreras-Catala, A. Mnich, N. Verma, M. Altabetno, cancel poster yes
S8 (MEQ)16991Hyo-Bang MoonInvited Paradigm shift for environmental and biological monitoring with a focus on the OPFRsJae-Eun Lim, Hyo-Bang Moonyes
S8 (MEQ)16645Chengjun SunOral An overview of microplastic pollution in the North Pacific regionChengjun Sun, Jennifer M. Lynch, Matthew S. Savoca, and Won Joon Shim, Amy V. Uhrinyes
S8 (MEQ)16655Seung-Kyu KimOral Arctic Ocean sediments plays a role as important current and future sinks for marine microplastics missing in the global microplastic budgetSeung-Kyu Kim, Ji-Su Kim, So-Young Kim, Nan-Seon Song, Heoung Sul La, Eun Jin Yangyes
S8 (MEQ)16572Zuhao ZhuOral Distribution and sources of microplastics in the Beibu Gulf using in-situ filtration techniqueZuhao Zhu, Kazi Belayet Hossain, Huihua Wei, Renming Jia Xiaofeng Gao, Haiyan Jin, Xingyong Xu, Minggang Caiyes
S8 (MEQ)16728Juan Jose AlavaOral Emerging contaminants of concern, new Persistent Organic Pollutants and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in endangered southern resident killer whales (Orcinus orca) from the Northeastern PacificKiah Lee, Stephen Raverty, Paul Cottrell, Lauren Cottrell, Brendan Cottrell, Dana Price, Zeinab Zoveidadianpour, Juan José Alavayes
S8 (MEQ)16946Genki TerauchiOral Global Eutrophication Watch: A cost-effective interactive assessment of coastal eutrophication on the cloudGenki Terauchi, Joji Ishizakayes
S8 (MEQ)16494Haryun KimOral Identifying the external N and Hg inputs to the Geum Estuary along the Yellow Sea in KoreaHaryun Kim, Hae Sun Kim, Tae-Wook Kim, Seung Hee Hanyes
S8 (MEQ)16672Ying WangOral Toxic effects of single and combined exposures to nanoplastics and bisphenol A on the marine medakaFuwei Yu, Ying Wang, Fei Jin, Yi Cong, Jingwen Chen, Juying Wangyes
S8 (MEQ)16855Olivia BoisenPoster Assessing potential drivers for microplastic ingestion by myctophids caught near the Columbia River mouthOlivia Boisen, Scott Heppell, Susanne Brander, Richard Brodeuryes
S8 (MEQ)16977Nobuhisa KajinoPoster Establishment of a safety management system for marine biotoxins: TetrodotoxinNobuhisa Kajino, Hyun-Ki Hong, Bong Ki Park, Hyung-Bae Jeon, Jihyun Lee, Wan-Ok Lee, Kwang-Sik Choiyes
S8 (MEQ)16739Xingyong XuPoster Fate and mass budget of microplastic in the Beibu Gulf, the Northern South China SeaXingyong Xu, Zuhao Zhu, Kazi Belayet Hossain, Huihua Wei, Renming Jia, Xiaofeng Gao, Haiyan Jin, Minggang Caiyes
S8 (MEQ)16515Taehee LeePoster Green tide development associated with submarine groundwater discharge and land-based aquaculture farm effluent in the Bangdu bay, Jeju, KoreaTaehee Lee, Young Baek Son, Hyung Jeek Kimyes
S8 (MEQ)16933Chang-Wook ParkPoster Integrated numerical modeling of multi-fraction sediment and radioactivity transport in the West Sea of KoreaKyung Tae Jung, Kyeong Ok Kim, Chang-Wook Park, Kyong-Hwan Kwonyes
S8 (MEQ)16591Seung Ho BaekPoster Timing of changes in phytoplankton communities and attachment to plastic plates after nutrient addition in mesocosm experimentsSeung Ho Baek,Chung Hyeon Lee,Young Kyun Lim, Ji Nam Yoonyes
S8 (MEQ)16661Jun-Hyuk ShinPoster Weathering extent and further fragmentation potential of microplastics in environmental samplesJun-Hyuk Shin, Zhexi Tian, Ji-Su Kim, Seung-Kyu Kimyes
S8 (MEQ)16706Guangshui NaWithdrawal Behavior of antibiotic resistance genes in the pristine environment: A case study in Ny-Alesund of ArcticGuangshui Na, Qin Shu, Hui Gao, Ruijing Li, Shuaichen Jinno, no show, cancelled talk yes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16669Max LindmarkInvited Non-linear growth-temperature relationship leads to opposite response to warming in cold versus warm populationsMax Lindmark, Jan Ohlberger, Anna Gårdmarkyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16850Cole C. MonnahanOral Best practices for modeling time-varying growth in state-space stock assessmentsCole C. Monnahan, Giancarlo M. Correa, Jane Sullivan, James T. Thorsonyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16765Jennifer BigmanOral Can the temperature size rule help us predict fisheries productivity in a changing climate?Jennifer Bigman, Benjamin Laurel, Krista Oke, Lewis Barnett, Kelly Kearney, Wei Cheng, Darren Pilcher, Al Hermann, Kirstin Holsman, Lauren Rogersyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16841Deana CrouserOral Changes in copepod size in response to warm and cold conditions during spring in the Eastern Bering SeaDeana C. Crouser, Jan Ohlberger, Grant Woodard and, David G. Kimmelyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16646Saang-Yoon HyunOral Climate, fish body growth, mortality, and fisheries management for Korea chub mackerelSaang-Yoon Hyun, Jinwoo Gim, Heejoong Kangyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16931Aleksey SomovOral Comparison of juvenile Pacific salmon abundance, distribution, and body condition between Western and Eastern Bering Sea using spatiotemporal modelsAleksey Somov, Edward V. Farley, Jr., Megan V. McPhee, Ellen M. Yasumiishiyes (p->o)
S9 (BIO/FIS)16835Josep V. PlanasOral Deciphering the molecular basis of temperature-induced growth changes in Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) to improve our understanding of growth variation in a changing North Pacific OceanJosep V. Planas, Andrew Jasonowicz, Anna Simeon, Crystal Simchick, Dana Rudy, Emma Timmins-Schiffman, Brook L. Nunn, Anita Kroska, Nathan Wolf, Thomas HurstNOT POST WEB, yes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16544Fan ZhangOral Effects of faster growing on fisheries management reference pointsFan Zhang, Jiangfeng Zhuyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16520Cody SzuwalskiOral Fish grow faster to a smaller size under intense exploitation and warming waters with mixed impacts on fishery productivity in ChinaCody Szuwalski, Alice Lee, Lee Qi, et. Al.yes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16668Zhen LinOral Fish weight reduction due to intra- and interspecific competition altered by climate changeZhen Lin, Ito Shin-ichiyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16609Jan OhlbergerOral Implications of changing body size in Chinook salmon for population productivity and fishery managementJan Ohlberger, Daniel Schindler, Ben Statonyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16776Hillary ThalmannOral Marine Heatwaves alter the size, age, diet, and growth of juvenile Pacific Cod in Gulf of Alaska nursery habitatsHillary L. Thalmann, Benjamin J. Laurel, Jessica A. Milleryes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16713Alberto RovelliniOral Mechanisms of change in weight-at-age in Gulf of Alaska groundfish and forage fish under warming: Insights from an ecosystem modelAlberto Rovellini, André E. Punt, Isaac Kaplan, Elizabeth Fulton, Kerim Aydin, Baptiste Alglave, Matthew Baker, Meaghan Bryan, Gemma Carroll, Bridget Ferriss, Melissa A. Haltuch, Adam Hayes, Albert Hermann, Elizabeth McHuron, Szymon Surma, Martin Dornyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16834Paul D. SpencerOral Modeling spatial and temporal growth patterns with single- and multi-area fisheries stock assessment modelsPaul D. Spencer, Carey R. McGilliard, Meaghan D. Bryanyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16806Richard MethotOral Operationalizing the impact on stock assessments of size-selective fishing’s effect on body sizeRichard Methot, Ian Taylor, Richard McGarveyyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16540Andrea N. OdellOral Spatiotemporal trends in weight and its potential implications for stock assessmentsAndrea N. Odell, Marissa L. Baskett, Kristin N. Marshallyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16740Jessica A. MillerOral The potential role of enhanced selective mortality during marine heatwavesJessica A. Miller, L. Zoe Almeida, Hillary Thalmann, Rebecca Forney, Ben Laurelyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16684Ziqin WangPoster Development of a bioenergetics and population dynamics coupled model: A case study of chub mackerelZiqin Wang, Shin-ichi Ito, Itsuka Yabe, Chenying Guoyes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16603Benjamin J. LaurelWithdrawal Emerging changes in size structure and overwintering success for juvenile Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus)Benjamin J. Laurel, Mary Beth Rew Hicks, Steven Barbeaux, Louise A. Copemanno, cancel talk (replaced by Somov) yes
S9 (BIO/FIS)16616Ming SunWithdrawalREP-1Unveiling unselective fishing in China: A nationwide meta-analysis of multispecies fisheriesMing Sun, Yunzhou Li, Yong Chenno, cancel poster
S10 (MONITOR)16823Tatsuya SakamotoInvited Consideration of the population dynamics of sardines in the western and eastern North Pacific on the basis of isotope chronologiesTatsuya Sakamotoyes
S10 (MONITOR)16719Mayumi ArimitsuInvited Persistent spatiotemporal patterns between seabird and small pelagic fish communities provide early indications of ecosystem changeMayumi Arimitsu, John Piatt, Jim Thorson, Suzann Speckman, Sarah Schoen, Caitlin Marsteller, Sam Starkyes
S10 (MONITOR)16681David McGowanOral A model-based approach to improve estimates of distribution and abundance for data-limited forage speciesDavid McGowan, Darin Jones, Kresimir Williamsyes
S10 (MONITOR)16509Pierre-Yves HernvannOral Alternative management strategies for forage fish communities: Implications for dependent predators and fishers under climate change uncertaintyPierre-Yves Hernvann, Isaac C. Kaplan, Barbara Muhling, Stefan Koenigstein, Robert P. Wildermuth, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Felipe Quezada-Escalona, Nerea Lezama-Ochoa, Peter Kuriyama, Owen R. Liu, Desiree Tommasiyes
S10 (MONITOR)16726Mark Matthew MoralesOral Assessing the influence of starvation mortality relative to advective losses across El Niño and La Niña years for an ecologically important fish of the California Current SystemMark Matthew Moralesyes
S10 (MONITOR)16921Mary Beth DeckerOral Dietary and spatial overlap among jellyfish and small pelagic fish in the eastern Bering Sea during warm ocean conditionsMary Beth Decker, Richard Brodeur, Emily Fergusson, Wesley Strasburger, Kristin Ciecielyes, only Day1
S10 (MONITOR)16922Ivonne OrtizOral Effects of Distribution and Abundance of Small Pollock on Fish Predators and Northern Fur SealsIvonne Ortiz, Kirstin Holsman, Kerim Aydin, Elizabeth McHuron, Jeremy Sterling, Nicholas Bondyes
S10 (MONITOR)16811Tania Valdivia CarrilloOral Expanding perspectives in marine mammal research: Leveraging eDNA metabarcoding for enhanced understanding of three-dimensional species distributionTania Valdivia Carrillo, Amy Van Cise, Kim Parsons, Megan R Shaffer, Ally Im, Ryan Kellyyes
S10 (MONITOR)16498Toru KobariOral Gelatinous zooplankton prey is important for supporting early survival and growth of skipjack tuna in the western North Pacific OceanToru Kobari, Kotone Yamaguchi, Yayoi Yamada, Mai Yamashita, Gen Kume, Katsuya Kumura, Yuichi Tsuda, Hidetoshi Kiyofujiyes
S10 (MONITOR)16789Melanie M. PaquinOral Genetic identification of early larvae of grenadiers (family Macrouridae) in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska and spatial modeling of larval transport in the Bering SeaMelanie M. Paquin, Morgan S. Busby, Wei Cheng, Carol Ladd, Ashlee A. Overdick, Edward D. Cokelet, Phyllis J. StabenoYES POST WEB (remove notes)
S10 (MONITOR)16874Rebecca G. AschOral How accurately and precisely can fisheries-independent surveys assess phenological change among forage fishes?Rebecca G. Asch, Katherine E. Dale, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Toby D. Auth, John C. Field, Mary E. Hunsicker, Michael G. Jacox, Sylvia P. A. Jiménez-Rosenberg, R. Ian Perry, Lauren A. Rogers, Andrew R. Thompson, Brian K. Wellsyes
S10 (MONITOR)16601Elizabeth M. PhillipsOral Integrating survey data to explore if Pacific hake diets reflect variation in the prey community of the California Current EcosystemElizabeth M. Phillips, Alicia Billings, Julia Clemonsno, (recorded)
S10 (MONITOR)16551Elizabeth A. DalyOralREP-1It is worse than you think: Implications of spatial and trophic overlap between juvenile salmon and sablefish in the inshore surface waters of the Northern California CurrentElizabeth A. Daly, Brandon E. Chasco, Cheryl A. Morgan, Brian J. Burke, Kaitln E. Osborneyes (p->o)
S10 (MONITOR)16871Loïc JacquemotOral Mapping the distribution of forage fish in coastal British Columbia using environmental DNALoïc Jacquemot, Colleen T.E. Kellog, Matthew A. Lemay, Rute Clemente-Carvahlo, Shaorong Li, Angela Schulze , Kristi Miller-Saunders, Brian P.V. Hunt.yes
S10 (MONITOR)16541Ayane TaniguchiOral Metabarcoding analysis on trophic sources of mesozooplankton during spring phytoplankton bloom in the neighboring waters of the Kuroshio CurrentAyane Taniguchi, Toru Kobari, Gen Kume, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Junya Hiraiyes
S10 (MONITOR)16919Szymon SurmaOral Pacific salmon trophic interactions in the subarctic gyresSzymon Surma, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Brian P.V. Hunt,, Genyffer C. Troina, Joanne Breckenridge, Kerim Y. Aydinyes
S10 (MONITOR)16878Alana M. Krug-MacLeodOral Patterns in nutritional traits across environmental conditions in the North PacificAlana M. Krug-MacLeod, Elan J. Portner, Miram R. Gleiber, Natasha A. Hardy, Zachary Roote, C. Anela Choy, Larry B. Crowder, Stephanie J. Greenyes
S10 (MONITOR)16665Kresimir WIlliamsOral Sampling North Pacific forage fishes with midwater trawls: behavior observations, retention, and other considerationsKresimir Williams, David McGowanyes
S10 (MONITOR)16920Catherine J. StevensOral Species composition of mesopelagic fish catches in the coastal NE Pacific Ocean and the presence of potentially indigestible lipidsCatherine J. Stevens, Stéphane Gauthier, John F. Dower, Micah Quindazzi, El Hobson, S. Kim Juniperyes
S10 (MONITOR)16720Erin SatterthwaiteOral Toward identifying the critical ecological habitat of larval fishes: An environmental DNA window into fisheries managementErin V. Satterthwaite, Andrew E. Allen, Robert H. Lampe, Zachary Gold, Andrew R. Thompson, Noelle Bowlin, Rasmus Swalethorp, Kelly D. Goodwin, Elliott L. Hazen, Steven J. Bograd, Stephanie A. Matthews, Brice X. SemmensYES POST WEB
S10 (MONITOR)16731Katherine E DaleOral Tradeoffs between shifts in phenology and geography among early life history stages of fishes in response to environmental changes in the Eastern PacificKatherine Dale, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Jerome Fiechter, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Rubén Esteban García Gómez, Sylvia P. A. Jiménez-Rosenberg, Gerardo Aceves-Medina, Andrew Thompson, John C. Field, Toby Auth, R. Ian Perry, Lauren Rogers, Rebecca Howard, Rebecca Aschyes
S10 (MONITOR)16862Xueding WangOral Using environmental DNA to reveal the influence of environmental factors on the forage fish community compositionsXueding Wang, Zeshu Yu, Marty Kwok-Shing Wong, Jun Inoue, Susumu Hyodo, Higuchi Tomihiko, Atsushi Tsuda, Shin-ichi Itoyes
S10 (MONITOR)16929Dilan SunthareswaranOral Using marine fatty acid data to estimate the nutritional quality of micronektonic organisms in the British Columbia coastal oceanDilan Sunthareswaran, Anna K. McLaskey, Ian Forster, Brian P.V. Huntyes
S10 (MONITOR)16959Matthew Baker (for Kayla Gunther)Oral Using predator diets to inform forage fish distributions and interannual trendsKayla Gunther, Matthew Baker, Kerim Aydinyes
S10 (MONITOR)16836Lauren A. RogersOral Widespread shifts in phenology of fish early life stages associated with warming in AlaskaLauren A. Rogers, Kelia Axleryes
S10 (MONITOR)16553HIroki ObaPoster Growth and food requirement of chub mackerel Scomber japonicus larvae in the northern Satsunan area, southern JapanHiroki Oba, Toru Kobari, Taichi Shigemura, Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Gen Kumeyes
S10 (MONITOR)16838Kelia E. AxlerPoster Shifts in the distribution, size structure, and feeding of Arctic cod early life stages in a changing Pacific ArcticKelia E. Axler, Jesse F. Lamb, Esther D. Goldstein, Alison L. Dearyyes
S10 (MONITOR)16605Michael J. AllisonWithdrawal Application of novel eDNA methods to determine distribution and estimate biomass of oolichan on the Pacific Coast of North AmericaMichael J. Allison, Meredith Pochardt, Morgan Hocking, Mary Lesperance, Steve Sharron, Francis Juanes, and Caren C. Helbingcancelled yes
S10 (MONITOR)16549Sejal PramlallWithdrawalREP-2Characterizing phytoplankton phenology patterns and phenoregions in the Northeast Pacific coastal waters: a satellite-based approachSejal Pramlall, Jennifer M. Jackson, Karyn Suchy, Christian Marchese, Brian P. V. Hunt, Maycira Costano, cancel poster yes
S10 (MONITOR)16724Mariela K BrooksWithdrawal Did Southeast Alaska provide refuge for juvenile salmon during recent marine heatwaves?Mariela K. Brooks, Emily Fergusson, Matthew Rogers, Wesley W. Strasburger, Robert M. Suryanno, cancel poster (final) yes
S10 (MONITOR)16718Jim RuzickaWithdrawal Ecosystem models to evaluate the role of trophic vertical exchange processes on forage and predator productivity within oceanic ecosystemsJim Ruzicka, Stacy Calhoun-Grosch, Jesse Van Der Grient, Jacob Snyder, Réka Domokosno, (cancel talk) yes
S10 (MONITOR)16953Jaclyn S. ClearyWithdrawal Modelling predator-prey dynamics to evaluate management tradeoffs for a rebuilding Pacific herring populationAshleen J. Benson, Jaclyn S. Cleary, Sean P. Cox, Samuel D.N. Johnson, Jim Lane and Beau Dohertyno, cancel talk yes
S10 (MONITOR)16693Yang LiuWithdrawal Use of satellite remote sensing technology to monitor and assess the activities of multiple light fisheries in the northwest PacificYang Liu, Hao Tian, Yongjun Tianno, cancel talk yes
S11 (BIO)16648Yutaka WatanukiInvited Climate change in NW Pacific and prey and reproductive performance of surface feeding and diving seabirdsYutaka Watanuki, Risa Sakai, Aya Kumagai, Jumpey Ookado, J.B. Thiebotyes
S11 (BIO)16488Briana AbrahmsInvited Climate conditions mediate the costs and benefits of migration strategies in a North Pacific marine top predator, the northern elephant sealBriana Abrahms, Elliott L. Hazen, Steven J. Bograd, Justin S. Brashares, Patrick W. Robinson, Kylie L. Scales, Daniel E. Crocker, Daniel P. Costayes, recorded
S11 (BIO)16636Barbara A. MuhlingInvited Future changes in habitat suitability, foraging grounds, and energy dynamics of North Pacific albacoreBarbara A. Muhling, Stephanie Snyder, Jong-Yeon Park, Catherine F. Nickels, Rebecca Whitlock, Charles A. Stock, Elliott L. Hazen, Heidi Dewar, Desiree Tommasi, Barbara A. BlockYES POST WEB
S11 (BIO)16687Kaoru HattoriInvited Long-term changes in the spatial distribution of Steller sea lions around Hokkaido Island, JapanKaoru Hattori, Takeomi Isono, Yoko Gotoyes
S11 (BIO)16714Nicholas BondInvited Observed and projected changes in the North Pacific relevant to marine ecosystemsNicholas Bondyes
S11 (BIO)16803Miram R. GleiberOral Applying traits to explore climate-driven variability in albacore tuna resource use in the California Current Large Marine EcosystemM. Gleiber, N. Hardy, P.Y. Hernvann, C. Morganson, C. Nickels, B. Muhling, E. Portner, B. Wells, R. Brodeur, T. Auth, J. Santora, S. Glaser, D. Madigan, E. Hazen, M. Jacox, S. Bograd, L. Crowder, S. Greenyes
S11 (BIO)16984Brian HooverOral Assessing seabird distributional shifts in response to climate change in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering SeaBrian Hoover, Gammon Koval, William J. Sydemanyes
S11 (BIO)16930Helen KilleenOral Changes in North Pacific ocean conditions and seabird productivity understood through comparison to other northern hemisphere ecosystemsHelen Killeen, William J. Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, Trond Kristiansen, Gammon Koval, Erendira Ceballos, Alexis De la Torre, Amelia Grevin, Brian Hoover, Marisol García-Reyesyes
S11 (BIO)16822Elena GissiOral Comparing functional diversity and redundancy with species diversity and turnover across scenarios to identify climate refugia for marine megafauna in the Northeast PacificElena Gissi, Jamie McDevitt-Irwin, Kristin Kaschner, Kathleen Kesner-Reyes, Eliott Hazen, Rosalia Santoleri, Fiorenza Micheliyes
S11 (BIO)16873Susanne McDermottOral Examining distributional shifts of spawning and feeding migrations of Pacific cod in Alaska with Satellite popup tagsSusanne McDermott, Julie Nielsen, Charlotte Levy, Kimberly Rand, Liz Dawsonyes
S11 (BIO)16988Kuan-Mei HsiungOral Impacts of global warming on transport and dispersal of the Pacific bluefin tuna in early life stagesKuan-Mei Hsiung, Yutaro Tonomura, Yoichi Miyake, Yulina Hane, Shingo Kimurayes
S11 (BIO)16703Neil S. BanasOral Modeling resilience and its limits from phytoplankton to salmon: Learning from Atlantic–Pacific comparisons at four trophic levelsNeil S. Banas, Agnes Olin, Trevor Sloughter, Fabian Grosse, Graeme Diack, Emma Tyldesley, Aidan Hunter, Colin Bullyes
S11 (BIO)16859Soeon AhnOral Northward habitat expansion of whale shark (Rhincodon typus) in the Western Pacific regionSoeon Ahn, Dongwha Sohnyes
S11 (BIO)16788Isaac KaplanOral Projections of climate change impacts on California Current predators and food webs Isaac C. Kaplan, Pierre-Yves Hernvann, Owen Liu, Chris Harvey, Karma Norman, Barbara Muhling, Desiree Tommasi, Jameal Samhouriyes
S11 (BIO)16733Bianca SantosOral The thermal corridor hypothesis: An experimental oceanographic approach to understanding the effects of ocean warming to North Pacific Loggerhead Sea TurtlesBianca Santos, Dana Briscoe, George Balazs, Jeffrey Polovina, Jeffrey Seminoff, Alberto Abreu-Grobois, Masanori Kurita, Masanori Mori, Denise Parker, Marc Rice, Tomomi Saito, Calandra Turner Tomaszewicz, Noah Yamaguchi, Larry Crowderyes
S11 (BIO)16764Eliott L. Hazen (by Matthew S. Savoca)Oral Understanding factors influencing species sentinel ability for climate change, pollution nd human healthElliott L. Hazen, Matthew S. Savoca, T.J. Clark-Wolf, Max Czapanskiy, Peter M. Rabinowitz, Briana Abrahmsno, by co-author Matthew S. Savoca
S11 (BIO)16656Yu KanajiPoster Challenges to monitor cetacean abundances in changing ocean environmentYu Kanaji, Hikari Maeda, Hiroko Sasaki, Hiroshi Okamurayes
S11 (BIO)16538Caren BarcelóPosterREP-3Climate-projected ecosystem responses in the Northern California Current Ecosystem: Insights from a climate and eco-physiology linked end-to-end modelCaren Barceló, James Ruzicka, Mike Jacox, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Jerome Fiechter, Pierre Yves Hernvann, Alberto Rovellini, Elizabeth Daly, Lorenzo CiannelliNOT POST WEB, e-poster
S11 (BIO)16587Sook-Jin JangPoster Connectivity of sea turtles in Jeju Island of Republic of Korea to the populations in the Western PacificSook-Jin Jang, Kyungsik Jo, Soojin Jang, Hideaki Nishizawa, Miyeon Kim, George Balazs, Jibin Im, Hoyoung Suk, Byung-Yeob Kim, Taewon Kimyes
S11 (BIO)16686Hikari MaedaPoster Improving population dynamics modellings for small cetaceans in the western North Pacific with biological informationHikari Maeda, Yu Kanaji, Hiroshi Okamurayes
S11 (BIO)16831H. William FenniePoster Increased temperature decreases starvation resiliency in first feeding Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria)H. William Fennie, Steven M. Porter, Kelia A. Axler, Alison L Dearyyes
S11 (BIO)16613Catherine F. NickelsPosterREP-1Juvenile Albacore Tuna (Thunnus alalunga) diet variability and resilience in the northern California Current Large Marine EcosystemCatherine F. Nickels, Elan J. Portner, Owyn Snodgrass, Barbara Muhling, Heidi Dewaryes
S11 (BIO)16698Soojin JangPoster Overwintering behavior of green sea turtles in a temperate habitatSoojin Jang, Kyunsik Jo, Mi Yeon Kim, Byeong Yeob Kim, Geroge H. Balazs, Connie Ka Yan NG, George Schillinger, Michelle María Early Capistrán, Jibin Im, Taewon Kimyes
S11 (BIO)16537Hongyu LinPoster The effects of climate change-induced environmental variability and fishing operation on the spatiotemporal distribution of bigeye tuna in the Pacific OceanHongyu Lin, Jintao Wang, JiangFeng Zhu, Xinjun Chenyes
S11 (BIO)16965Jacob E. LernerPoster Understanding what drives marine lipid accumulation in Chinook SalmonJacob E. Lerner, Brian P.V. Huntyes
S11 (BIO)16825Cheryl L BarnesWithdrawal Climate and fishery effects on the size spectrum for an ever-changing food web in the Gulf of AlaskaCheryl L. Barnes, Martin W. Dorn, Timothy E. Essington, Carey R. McGilliard, André E. Punt, Jonathan CP Reumno, cancel poster (final) yes
S11 (BIO)16548Vivitskaia TullochWithdrawal Evaluating trade-offs between management actions to prevent the decline of endangered resident killer whales and their salmon prey using multi-species ecosystem modelsVivitskaia J.D. Tulloch, Cathryn C. Murray, Hem N. Morzaria Luna, Tara G. Martinyes, but cancel poster ONLY yes
S11 (BIO)16612Amy MilesWithdrawalREP-2Generalists, specialists, and shifting seas: Phenological match and mismatch, diet diversity, and anthropogenic change in seabirdsAmy Miles, Thomas P. Hahn, John Wingfield, Marcel Holyoak, Michael Johns, Heather Major, Anthony Diamond, Joshua Hullno, cancel poster (final) yes
S1216535Yun-Wei DongInvited Evaluating the sensitivity of mariculture species to heatwaves and mapping aquaculture areas using species distribution modelsYu-Yang Zhang, Shuang-En Yu, Chao-Yi Ma, Xiao-Lu Zhu, Liang Zhang, Lin-Zuan Ma, Yun-Wei Dongyes
S1216675Nerea Lezama-OchoaInvited The use of Species Distribution Models for projecting future distributions of marine species: strengths, limitations and future perspectivesN Lezama-Ochoa, H Welch, S Brodie; B Muhling, O R. Liu; M Cimino, M Pozo Buil, M Jacox, J Fiechter, S Benson, K Forney, E Becker, H Dewar, D Palace, P Hernvann, I Kaplan, N Farchadi, C Braun, R Lewison, S Bograd, E Hazenyes
S1216495Xu ZengInvited Zoning effects on fish populations in a multi-use marine protected areaXu Zeng, Yue Liu, Shouyu Zhang, Cong Zeng, Dongyan Han, Kisei R. Tanaka, Makenzie Mazur, Ling Caoyes
S1216673Megsie C. Siple (for Jodi L. Pirtle)Oral Advancing Essential Fish Habitat in Alaska using an ensemble approach to species distribution modelingJodi L. Pirtle, Ned A. Laman, Jeremy Harris, Megsie C. Siple, Jim T. Thorson, Skylar R. Bayer, Mason J. Smithtalk by co-author
S1216979Owen LiuOral Delta downscaling as a tool to create flexible, high-resolution climate change projections for the global oceanOwen R. Liu, Isaac C. Kaplan, Pierre-Yves Hernvann, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Alberto Rovellini, Jameal Samhouriyes
S1216819Dongwha SohnOralREP-1Projecting future catch distributions of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) in Korean waters under the CMIP6 forcing scenariosDongwha Sohn, Minkyoung Bang, Jung Jin Kim, Chan Joo Jang, Sangil Kimyes (p->o)
S1216934Minkyoung BangOral Projecting future seasonal distribution of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) under continued ocean warming in the Yellow and East China SeasMinkyoung Bang, Dongwha Sohn, Jung Jin Kim, Wonkeun Choi, Elliott Lee Hazen, Sukyung Kang, Chan Joo Jangyes
S1216784James T. ThorsonOral Using archival tags and mechanistic movement models to estimate habitat utilization for mobile speciesJames T. Thorson, Julie Nielsen, Kevin Siwickeyes
S1216795Vladimir Kulik (by Somov)Poster Essential Fish Habitats in the Western Bering SeaVladimir Kulik, Dmitry Sokolenko, Mikhail Goryunov, Viktor Nadtochy, Aleksey Somovno, presented by co-author
S1216842Mackenzie MazurPosterREP-3Evaluating the impact of temperature on hindcasting and forecasting shrimp distributions in British ColumbiaMackenzie Mazuryes
S1216957Kisei R. TanakaWithdrawalREP-4Assessing reef fish abundance and diversity in the Mariana Archipelago: Insights from a spatiotemporal model and NOAA's National Coral Reef Monitoring ProgramKisei R. Tanaka, Jessica N. Perelman, Justin Suca, Tye L. Kindingerno, cancel poster yes
S1216487Shuang-En YuWithdrawalREP-2Mapping the potential for offshore aquaculture of salmonids in the Yellow SeaShuang-En Yu, Shuang-Lin Dong, Zhi-Xin Zhang, Yu-Yang Zhang, Gianluca Sarà, Jie Wang, Yun-Wei Dongno, cancel poster yes
S1216738Jessica N PerelmanWithdrawal Modeling spatial trends in coral reef fishery resources across the Pacific Islands RegionJessica N. Perelman, Kisei R. Tanaka, Justin J. Suca, Thomas A. Oliverno, cancelled invited yes
S1216793Justin J. Suca (or Kisei Tanaka)WithdrawalREP-5Sensitivity in uku (Aprion virescens) larval dispersal patterns to simulated spawning location and environmental conditions throughout the main Hawaiian IslandsJustin J. Suca, Andrea L. Schmidt, Johanna L.K. Wren, Donald R. Kobayashi, Jonathan L. Whitney, Kisei R. Tanaka, Gabriella N.M. Mukaino, cancel poster (field work) yes
S1216858Leah Ann BergmanWithdrawal The midwater fish and cephalopod community in NORI-D: results from the first pelagic survey in a CCZ manganese mining license areaLeah Ann Bergman, Dhugal J Lindsay, Mehul N Sangekar, Tiffany Bachtel, Erik Thuesen, Charlotte Seid, Javier Montenegro, and Jeffrey C Drazenno, cancel talk yes
S1316711Carrie HoltInvited Evaluating new computational methods for detecting non-stationarities and forecasting recruitment with applications to Pacific salmonCarrie Holt, Brendan Connors, Andrew Edwards, Lyse Godbout, Dan Greenberg, Luke Rogers, Catarina Wor, Yi Xuyes
S1316821Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Environmental conditions at Chum salmon feeding and wintering grounds: Potential effects on survival at seaIrene D. Alabia, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Takafumi Hirata, Yasuyuki Miyakoshi, Fumihiro Takahashi, Masahide Kaeriyamayes
S1316782Emily SellingerOral Evaluating the short- and long-term performance of six forecasting methods on West Coast and Alaska groundfish recruitmentEmily L. Sellinger, Andre E. Punt, Cody Szuwalski, Mark Scheuerell, Richard Methotyes
S1316727John FieldOral Evaluating the utility of pre-recruit abundance indices of year-class in stock assessments of West Coast rockfishesJohn Field, Vladlena Gertseva, Toby Auth, E.J. Dick, Melissa Haltuch, Mary Hunsicker, Tanya Rogers, Keith Sakuma, Jarrod Santora, Nick Tolimierino, presented by Vladlena
S1316521Cody SzuwalskiOral Integrating climate effects in multiple population processes for fisheries projections: an example with snow crab in the eastern Bering SeaCody Szuwalski, Baptiste Alglave, Maxime Olmos, Andre Punt, Matthieu Veronyes
S1316791Brian J. BurkeOral Introducing a novel stock-specific indicator of salmon survival in the marine environmentBrian J. Burkeyes
S1316569Neala KendallOral Non-stationary environmental indicators related to Pacific Northwest Chinook and coho salmon marine survivalNeala W. Kendall, Benjamin W. Nelson, Mike Haggerty, Mike Crewson, Dave Beauchamp, Diego Holmgren, Casey Ruffyes
S1316614Robert P. WildermuthOral Revealing climate impacts on recruitment drivers through application of Dynamic Factor Analysis, a coastal pelagic fish case studyRobert P. Wildermuth, Desiree Tommasi, Charles Hinchliffe, Stefan Koenigstein, Peter Kuriyama, Isaac Kaplan, Andrew Thompson, Noelle Bowlin, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Michael G. Jacox, Steven J. Bograd, Barbara Muhlingno, recorded
S1316964Kiva OkenPoster Using environmental drivers to improve the accuracy of fisheries population modelsRachael Ren, Kiva L. Oken, Andre E. Puntyes
S1316916Kristin MarshallWithdrawalREP-2Environmentally-driven recruitment forecasts for Pacific HakeKristin N. Marshall, Eric J. Ward, Mary Hunsicker, Kiva Oken, Aaron Berger, Kelli Johnson, Cathleen Vestfalsonly as a talk backup, remove if no cancellations yes
S1316915Eric WardWithdrawalREP-1Leveraging ecological indicators to improve recruitment forecastsMary Hunsicker, Kristin Marshall, Kiva Oken, Brice Semmens, Melissa Haltuch, John Field, Andrew Thompson, Nick Tolimierionly as a talk backup, remove if no cancellations yes
S14 (BIO)16561Ashley RowdenInvited Methods and challenges for identifying VMEs and monitoring biodiversity on seamounts: A personal perspective from the South Pacific OceanAshley Rowdenyes
S14 (BIO)16691Eun-Bi KimOral Application of environmental DNA metabarcoding approach to reveal biodiversity of seamounts in the northwestern Pacific OceanEun-Bi Kim, Youngtak Ko, Yeon Jee Suhyes
S14 (BIO)16579Mai MiyamotoOral Association analysis of Seamount benthos for identifying the validity of VME indicator taxa based on scientific sampling surveyMai Miyamoto, Masashi Kiyotayes
S14 (BIO)16634Les WatlingOral Bathyal biogeography of North Pacific seamountsLes Watlingyes
S14 (BIO)16758Caroline EdmondsOral Bathyal megafaunal assemblages of the Musicians SeamountsCaroline Edmonds, Les Watlingyes
S14 (BIO)16491Seonock WooOral Coral biodiversity and genetic resources of West Pacific seamount, Godin GuyotSeonock Woo, Yejin Joyes
S14 (BIO)17009Christopher N. RooperOral Distribution, abundance and size structure of deep-sea corals and sponge communities on seamounts in international waters of the NE Pacific OceanChristopher N. Rooper, Pamela Goddard, Christina Conrath, Cynthia Wright, Kim Rand, Vanessa Loweyes
S14 (BIO)16692Kota SawadaOral Environmental DNA as a potential tool for the understanding of demersal ichthyofauna in seamounts: A case study from the Emperor Seamounts areaMotoomi Yamaguchi, Kota Sawada, Yumiko Osawa, Mai Miyamoto, Bungo Nishizawayes
S14 (BIO)16926Tetjana RossOral Flow around seamounts and larval retention: Revisiting the Taylor coneTetjana Ross, Cherisse Du Preez, Debby Iansonyes
S14 (BIO)16679Lindsay ClarkOral Monitoring cold-water corals and sponges in changing ocean conditions: a case study in the Canadian PacificLindsay Clark, Cherisse Du Preez, Amanda E. Batesyes
S14 (BIO)16890Megan A. DaviesOral Patterns of deepsea coral and sponge monitoring groups on Northeast Pacific seamounts: Management ImplicationsMegan A. Davies, Cherisse Du Preez, Amanda E. Batesyes
S14 (BIO)16751Chailinn ParkOral Spatial distribution and community structure of benthic megafauna from two seamounts in the northwest PacificChailinn Park, Yujin Kim, Se-Jong Juyes
S14 (BIO)16683Devon R. WarawaOral Using visual surveys and distribution models to identify vulnerable marine ecosystems on seamounts in the North Pacific Fisheries Commission Convention AreaDevon R. Warawa, Janelle M. R. Curtis , Chris N. Rooper, Samuel Georgian, Jessica Nephin, Jackson W. F. Chu, Sarah Dudas, Anders Knudbyyes
S14 (BIO)16766Daniel M. LabbéOral Variability in zooplankton biomass and nutritional quality above Northeast Pacific seamounts, with application to marine conservation effortsDaniel M. Labbé, Akash R. Sastri, Cherisse Du Preez, Julian A.C. Smith, John F. Doweryes
S14 (BIO)16898Won-Gi MinPoster Habitat mapping to understand deep sea benthic communities and ecosystemWon-Gi Min, Min-Su Woo, Dongsung Kimyes
S14 (BIO)16943Jong-Seop ShinPoster The first report of deep-sea scallop Propeamussium investigatoris (E. A. Smith, 1906) from the seamount OSM 9-1 in theWestern PacificJong-Seop Shin, Ki-Seong Hyeong , Kwang-Sik Choiyes
S14 (BIO)16492Jae Kyu LimPoster The Microbial communities associated with the deep sea stalked barnacleSeonock Woo, Won Gi Min, Jae Kyu Limyes
S14 (BIO)16863Yehui WangWithdrawal Fish biodiversity monitoring in extreme environments: A case study of fish in the Southern OceanYehui Wang, Chunlin Liu, Mi Duan, Wenchao Zhang, Shuyang Ma, Jianchao Li, Jianfeng He, Yongjun Tianno, cancel (Visa problem) yes
BIO-P16649Takuya OhnishiOral Differentially expressed genes associated with food availability and field expression levels in Neocalanus plumchrus (Calanoida: Copepoda)Takuya Ohnishi, Yukiko Taniuchi, Hiromi Kasai, Hiroomi Miyamoto, Taiki Fuji, Satoshi Suyamayes
BIO-P16574Mutsuo IchinomiyaOral Dominance of the naked ciliates in the microplankton community during the post-bloom season in the Oyashio region, western subarctic PacificMutsuo Ichinomiya, Yuichiro Nishibe, Yuji Okazaki, Mitsuhide Sato, Kazutaka Takahashiyes
BIO-P16938Brian Hunt for Joanne BreckenridgeOral Epipelagic zooplankton dynamics during International Year of the Salmon winter surveys of the NE Subarctic Pacific (2019, 2020, & 2022)Joanne K. Breckenridge, Brian P. V. Hunt, Evgeny A. Pakhomovyes
BIO-P16935Kazuaki TadokoroOral Geographical and seasonal variation of mesozooplankton community around JapanKazuaki Tadokoro, Kou Nishiuchiyes
BIO-P16917Anna K. McLaskeyOral Inter-specific differences outweigh seasonal variability in zooplankton trophic markers, revealing distinct roles within a complex food webAnna K. McLaskey, Ian Forster, Brian P.V. Huntyes
BIO-P16869Sinjae YooOral Opposite responses in chlorophyll-a in the Yellow Sea and East Sea LMESinjae Yooyes
BIO-P16732David KimmelOral Rapid Zooplankton Assessment: Developing a tool to apply zooplankton information to ecosystem-based fisheries managementDavid G. Kimmel, Deana C. Crouser, Colleen E. Harpold, Jesse F. Lambyes
BIO-P16814Lisa B. EisnerOral Variations in phytoplankton biomass, size structure, and primary production in a warming ArcticLisa B. Eisner, Silvia Gonzalez, Michael W. Lomas, Calvin W. Mordy, Jens M. Nielsen, Dean A. Stockwellyes
BIO-P16550Su-Jin JuPoster A new species of copepod, Mesocalanus n. sp. (Calanoida, Calanidae), from the Coastal Waters of KoreaSu-Jin Ju, Won-Gyu Park, Hae Won Leeyes
BIO-P16581Takahiro TanakaPoster An underwater glider observation of phytoplankton photosynthetic activity using a Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer (FRRF)Takahiro Tanaka, Daisuke Hasegawayes
BIO-P16746Du-young JungPoster Assessment of carbon storage capacity of oyster, Magallana gigas in Korean aquaculture farmsDu-young Jung, Hyeong-Gi Kim, Bong-Oh Kwon, Jong Seong Khimyes
BIO-P16741Hanbi MoonPoster Assessment of CO2 removal potential of Neopyropia aquaculture bedsHanbi Moon, Ju-Hyoung Kim, Haryun Kimyes
BIO-P16985Elizabeth BrassealePoster Changes in distribution of detectable environmental DNA of cetaceans in hydrodynamic models due to shedding rate representationElizabeth Brasseale, Nicolaus Adams, Elizabeth Andruszkiewicz Allan, Parker MacCready, Stephanie Moore, Kim Parsons, Megan Shaffer, Jilian Xiong, Ryan P. Kellyyes
BIO-P16594Seung Won JungPoster Covariance of Marine Nucleocytoplasmic Large DNA Viruses with Eukaryotic Plankton Communities in the Sub-Arctic Kongsfjorden Ecosystem: A Metagenomic Analysis of Marine Microbial EcosystemsKang Eun Kim, Hyoung Min Joo, Taek-Kyun Lee, Hyun-Jung Kim, Yu Jin Kim, Bo Kyung Kim, Sun-Yong Ha, Seung Won JungYES POST WEB
BIO-P16695Sohyun ParkPoster Developing a fiberization process for the common cordgrass from salt marsh plantSohyun Park, Junsung Nohyes
BIO-P16735Adam SpearPoster Differential response of the copepods, Calanus glacialis and Pseudocalanus spp. to recent warming in the Chukchi SeaAdam H. Spear, David G. Kimmelyes
BIO-P16651Takuya OhnishiPosterREP-2Exploring the impact of harmful algal bloom species Karenia selliformis on the survival and grazing of copepods from the Pacific region of southeastern Hokkaido, JapanTakuya Ohnishi, Yukiko Taniuchi, Tsuyoshi Watanabe, Tomoyuki Shikata, Hiromi Kasaiyes (wants poster only)
BIO-P16543Ayaka MorimitsuPoster Feeding impacts of micro- to mesozooplankton on phytoplankton community in the Kuroshio and its neighboring watersAyaka Morimitsu, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Gen Kume, Tomohiro Komorita, Toru Kobariyes
BIO-P16961Bum Soo ParkPoster Host-specificity of the Roseobacter clade towards Margalefidinium polykrikoides blooms: Insights from field studiesBum Soo Park, Jin Ho Kim, Zhun Li, Myung-Soo Han, Joo-Hwan KimNOT POST WEB
BIO-P16622Kris BauerPoster Hypoxia tolerance of Calanus marshallae: Implications for its future distribution in the Northern California Current SystemKristofer K. Bauer, Felipe S. Barretoyes
BIO-P16700Young Kyun LimPoster Immediate and gradual effects of typhoons on the blooms of harmful dinoflagellate Margalefidinium(=Cochlodinium) polykrikoides in Korean coastal watersYoung Kyun Lim, Seung Ho Baek, Giseop Lee, Bum Soo Park, Hong-Yeon Cho, Jin-Yong Choiyes
BIO-P16542Reo IshimaruPoster Lipid acids contents of zooplankton community in the Kuroshio and its neighboring watersReo Ishimaru, Toru Kobari, Gen Kume, Ayako Nishina, Hirohiko Nakamurayes
BIO-P16585Seung Won JungPoster Metavirome Profiling and Dynamics of the DNA Viral Com-munity in Seawater in Chuuk State, Federated States of MicronesiaSeung Won Jung, Kang Eun Kim, Hyun-Jung Kim, Taek-Kyun LeeYES POST WEB
BIO-P16827Seongbong SeoPosterREP-3Origin and distribution of the floating Sargassum in the Yellow and East China SeaSeongbong Seo, Young-Gyu Park, Jun Myoung Choi, Young-Je Park, Kwangseok Kim, Jin Hwan Hwangyes (wants poster only)
BIO-P16770Gi Beom RyuPoster Population structure of Caprella scaura (Amphipoda: Caprellidae) on Sargassum thunbergii at Cheongsapo, Busan in KoreaGi Beom Ryu, Won-Gyu Parkyes
BIO-P16676Jesse F. LambPoster Preliminary results of multi-year diet analysis project of Walleye Pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) in the Western Gulf of Alaska, USAJesse F. Lamb, David G. Kimmel, Lauren A. Rogersyes
BIO-P16910Chi-une SongPoster Red tide events promote an increased zooplankton biodiversityChi-une Song, Hyeongwoo Choi, Dayu Wiyati Purnaningtyas, Seung Ho Baek, Seung Won Jung, Don Hyug Kang, Sung Kim, Choong-gon Kim, Youn-Ho Lee, Seong-il Eyunyes
BIO-P16817Jin-Young SeoPoster Research on development of macrobenthic community analysis through genetic classificationJin-Young Seo, Mi Kyung Bae, Kyoungsoon Shinyes
BIO-P16749Hyein KimPoster Spatiotemporal distribution of subtidal meiofaunal and macrofaunal assemblages along the southern coast of KoreaHyein Kim, Seohee Lim, TaeLim Kim, Kanghyun Lee, Hyeong-Gi Kimyes
BIO-P16849Liam David HubbertPoster Using two biochemical methods to characterize in situ secondary production in the waters around Vancouver IslandLiam D. Hubbert, Akash R. Sastri, John F. Doweryes
BIO-P16989Max CzapanskiyPoster Winter marine predator community structure in the northern Antarctic Peninsula ecosystemMax Czapanskiy, Jarrod Santora, Kim Dietrich, Elliott Hazen, Megan Cimino, Christian Reissyes
BIO-P16950Andreas NovotnyWithdrawal Exploring the temporal and spatial dynamics of zooplankton in the Salish Sea using environmental DNAAndreas Novotny, Colleen Kellogg, Matt Lemay, Brian P.V. Huntno, (cancelled participation, cancel talk) yes
BIO-P16845BethElLee HerrmannWithdrawalREP-4Spatio-temporal shifts in copepod communities in the southern Salish Sea, 2014-2022BethElLee Herrmann, Amanda Winans, Julie Keister, Kimberle Stark, Micah Horwithno, cancel poster yes
BIO-P16763Karyn SuchyWithdrawalREP-1Understanding the mechanisms linking large-scale climate indices to zooplankton biomass in the Strait of Georgia, Canada, using a modelling approachKaryn Suchy, Elise Olson, Susan Allenno, cancel poster yes
FIS-P16820Haruka NishikawaOral An example of Digital Twin of the Ocean: build and utilize a digital representation of the fish behavior in a fish farming cageHaruka Nishikawa, Daisuke Matsuoka, Yasushi Nishimori, Takeharu Yamaguchi, Masanori Ito, Yoshitaka Watanabe, Daisuke Sugiyama, Tatsu Kuwatani, Yoichi Ishikawano, recorded
FIS-P16799Brian BeckmanOral Decadal-scale variation in juvenile salmon growth from the Northern California Current (2000 – 2022)Brian Beckman, Meredith Journey, Cheryl Morgan, Brian Burkeyes
FIS-P16966Qi LeeOral Do fishers go where the fish go? A retrospective analysis on the pollock fishery in the Eastern Bering SeaQi Lee, Alan C. Haynie, Caitlin Allen-Akselrud, James N. Ianelli, James T. Thorson, Ray W. Hilborn, Andre E. Puntyes
FIS-P16877Samuel S. UrmyOral Estimating the abundance and uncertainty of multiple species in an acoustic-trawl survey using a spatially informed Bayesian inverse approachSamuel S. Urmyyes
FIS-P16843Phyllis StabenoOral Expanded measurements of bottom temperatures aid predictions of Pacific cod spawning habitat in the Bering SeaPhyllis Stabeno, Jennifer Bigman, Albert Hermann, Kirstin Holsman, Kelly Kearney, Ben Laurel, Calvin Mordy, Lauren Rogers, Thomas Van Peltyes
FIS-P16908Daniel CooperOral Juvenile snow crab habitat and changes in distribution, density, and thermal occupancy during a period of ocean warming in the Chukchi SeaDaniel Cooper, Katrin Iken, Elizabeth Logerwell, Emily Ryznar, Louise Copemanyes
FIS-P16868Wenjia LiOral Otolith microchemistry profiles revealing the life history and population connectivity of Pacific saury (Cololabis Saira) in the Northwest Pacific OceanWenjia Li, Chi Zhang, Chang Cao, Yongjun Tianyes
FIS-P16606Rebecca A. HowardOral Sex- and maturity-specific distributions of eastern Bering Sea snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio)Rebecca A. Howard, Michael A. Litzow, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Emily Ryznaryes
FIS-P16611Lorenzo CiannelliOral Size-explicit species distribution models for marine fishesLorenzo Ciannelli, Rebecca Howard, Rebecca Asch, Katherine Dale, Lauren Rogers, Lewis Barnett, Mary Hunsickeryes
FIS-P16625Hiromichi IgarashiPoster Adaptive improvement of habitat suitability index (HSI) model for skipjack tuna in the western North Pacific using real-time ocean forecast and AIS vessel position dataHiromichi Igarashi, Hiroto Abe, Sei-Ichi Saitohyes
FIS-P16566Orio YamamuraPosterREP-1Community structure of demersal fishes off the Okhotsk coast of Hokkaido in relation to environmental forcingOrio Yamamura, Shin-ya Inoue, Tomonori Hamatsuyes
FIS-P16564Wendan MuPoster Complete mitochondrial genome of Deima validum and Oneirophanta mutabilis (Holothuroidea: Synallactida: Deimatidae): Insight into deep-sea adaptation in the sea cucumberWendan Mu, Xingyong Xu, Jun Liu, Haibin Zhangyes
FIS-P16960Matthew BakerPoster Diel vertical migration in a pelagic forage fish associated with benthic substratesMatthew Baker, TS Smeltz, Kresimir Williams, Casey Greufe, Jonathan Chapman, Megan Ewing, Julia Glassy, Eva Hasegawa, Katie Cieri, Rick Towleryes
FIS-P16870Carina LaiPosterREP-4Effects of sedimentation during early-life rearing on phenotypic outcomes and gene expression in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)Carina Lai, Sean M. Rogersyes
FIS-P16637Jake MarshallPoster Effects of the Oregon offshore wind energy project and temperature-driven population distribution shifts of Pacific hake on Oregon’s hake fisheryJake Marshall, Mary Hunsicker, Michael Malick, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Lori Crameryes
FIS-P16552Shinsaku KatoPoster Feeding habits of skinnycheek lanternfish Benthosema pterotum larvae, metamorphosing larvae, and juveniles in the semi-enclosed Kagoshima Bay, southern JapanShinsaku Kato, Toru Kobari, Gen Kumeyes
FIS-P16801Julia IndiveroPoster Improving species distribution models through a physiologically based approach: oxygen and temperature effects on groundfish distributionsJulia Indivero, Sean C. Anderson, Lewis A.K. Barnett, Timothy E. Essington, Eric J. Wardyes
FIS-P16502Mikhail A. StepanenkoPoster Interannual variability of the pollock stock, spatial differentiation and fisheries in the northern Bering SeaMikhail A. Stepanenko, Elena V. Gritsaynot, but sent e-poster
FIS-P16808Brett T. JohnsonPoster International Year of the Salmon Ocean Observing SystemBrett T. Johnson, Tim van der Stapyes
FIS-P16818Dongwha SohnPoster Pacific anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) dispersal during the early life stages in the coastal areas in Korean waters using Lagrangian simulationsDongwha Sohn, Yong-Yub Kim, Dong-Heon Seong, Valérie Le Guennec, Sangil Kimyes
FIS-P16952Vladlena GertsevaPoster Spatial growth variability in marine fish: Example from Northeast Pacific groundfishVladlena Gertseva, Sean E. Matson, Jason Copeyes
FIS-P16923Umair ShivjiPoster The characterization of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus in marine fishesUmair Shivji, Sean Rogersyes
FIS-P16617Christine StawitzPoster The Fisheries Integrated Modeling System: A collaborative approach to stock assessment model developmentChristine C. Stawitz, Andrea M. Havron, Matthew Supernaw, Bai Li, Kristan Blackhart, Richard D. Methot, Patrick D. Lynchyes
FIS-P16973Savannah Clax Poster The Impacts of the Pacific Marine Heatwave on Recruitment of Fish SpeciesSavannah Clax, Andrew Thompson, Will Fennieyes
FIS-P16804Miram R. GleiberPoster The pelagic species trait database, an open data resource to promote trait-based fisheries researchMiram R. Gleiber, Natasha A. Hardy, Zachary Roote, Caitlin J. Morganson, Alana Krug-Macleod, Iris George, Cindy Matuch, Cole B. Brookson, Larry B. Crowder, Stephanie J. Greenyes
FIS-P16671Raine DetmerPoster Using simulation studies to inform threshold detectability in the California Current SystemA. Raine Detmer, Chris Harvey, Mary Hunsicker, Kristin Marshall, Jameal Samhouri, Eric Wardyes
FIS-P16514Gabriella Akpah YeboahWithdrawal An assessment of the historical population trends of Crassostrea tulipa at the coast of West AfricaGabriella A. Yeboah, Edem Mahu, Stephania A. Wiafeno (cancel poster, no e-version) yes
FIS-P16909Wei-Yu LeeWithdrawal Approaches to stock enhancement in crab trap by comparing different light-emitting diode and baitsWei-Yu Lee, Kuo-Wei Lan, Muhamad Naimullah, Khor Wai Ho, Mohd Fazhan Mohd Hanafiahno, cancel poster yes
FIS-P16710Shufang LiuWithdrawal DNA Barcoding, Identification and Validation of the puffer fish (Order: Tetraodontiformes) in China Coastal WatersShufang Liu, Kaiying Liu and Zhimeng Zhuangno, cancel poster yes
FIS-P16947Jessica RandallWithdrawal Exploring the effects of harvest pressure on fish growth across an environmental gradientJessica Randall, Steve Swearer, Emily Fobert, Bryan Black, John Morrongielloyes, but cancel poster yes
FIS-P16709Shufang LiuWithdrawalREP-2Heterogeneous differentiation of a pair of yellow croakers: from a genomic perspectiveShufang Liu, Le Wang, Zining Meng and Zhimeng Zhuangno, cancel poster yes
FIS-P16974Skylar R. BayerWithdrawal Knowledge gaps and research opportunities in the Alaskan weathervane scallop (Patinopecten caurinus) fisherySkylar R. Bayerno, cancel poster yes
FIS-P16807Louise CopemanWithdrawalREP-3Regional and annual variation in the lipid storage of juvenile Bering Sea snow crab during a recent period of environmental warmingLouise Copeman, Erin Fedewa, Michelle Stowell, Samantha Mundorff, Jens Nielsenno, cancel poster (final) yes
FIS-P16640Matthew RogersWithdrawal Trophic life histories of sablefish from birth through maturation as inferred by eye lens stable isotopesMatthew Rogers, Wil Licht, Mariela Brooks, Katy Echave, Jacek Maselko, Todd Miller, Cara Rodgveller, Fletcher Sewallno, cancel poster yes
FIS-P16906Mary HunsickerWithdrawal Understanding and predicting the spatiotemporal overlap of Pacific hake and constraining species in the hake fisheryMary Hunsicker, Derek Bolser, Aaron Berger, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Michael Malick, Kristin Marshall, Jake Marshallno, cancel poster (final) yes
FIS-P16785Melissa A KarpWithdrawal Visualizing species distribution changes with the NOAA Fisheries Distribution Mapping and Analysis Portal (DisMAP)Melissa A. Karp, Roger Griffis, Patrick Lynch, Tim Haverland, John Kennedy, Venkat Sunkara, Kevin Craig, Elliott Hazen, Isaac Kaplan, Don Kobayashi, Scott Large, Wendy Morrison, Hassan Moustahfid, Malin Pinsky, Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoatsno, cancel poster (final) yes
HD-P16750Hajime TanakaOral Economic and Environmental Evaluation of Kelp fishery with Hakodate City, Hokkaido Prefecture as a case studyHajime Tanaka, Atsushi Watanabe, Mitsutaku Makinoyes
HD-P16503María A. SchoenbeckOral Fishers' perception on armored catfish (Pterygoplichthys spp.) invasion: Ecologic and socioeconomic impacts in an estuarine protected area in GuatemalaMaría A. Schoenbeck, Emily Pineda, Yasmin Quintana, Fernando Castillo-Cabrerayes
HD-P16944Patrick FarnoleOral Framework for regional downscaling of climate modelling based on a co-designed traditional seasonal calendar, with the community of UlukhaktokPatrick Farnole, Allen Pogotak, Nadja Steiner, Mark Stoller, Adam MonahanNOT POST WEB, yes
HD-P16885Gottfried PestalOralREP-2Human-centered data management for a prevalent type of fisheries dataGottfried Pestal, Tatiana Tunonyes (p->o)
HD-P16546Keliang ChenOral Methods and application of marine ecological product accounting in ChinaKeliang Chen, Zihao Wang, Liang Yue, Qingsheng Liyes
HD-P16970Naya SenaOralREP-1The role of local organizations in community participation in marine ecosystems management: a perspective from Small Island Developing StatesNaya Sena, Mitsutaku Makinoyes (p->o)
HD-P16659Hiroki WakamatsuOral Transition of consumer preference for seafood sustainability in JapanHiroki Wakamatsu, Juri Hori, Tsutom Miyata, Yoshioki Oozekiyes
HD-P16654Jinvo NamOral Understanding local residents’ perceptions of blue carbon-based marine park in the context of long-term management and its feasibilityJinvo Nam, Junsung Noh, Sohyun Parkyes
HD-P16519Chinomnso Chinazum OnwubikoPoster Assessing the benefits of mangroves in flood reduction in coastal communities using InVEST Coastal Vulnerability modelChinomnso C. Onwubiko, Frederick Ato Armah, Denis Worlanyo Ahetono, sent e-poster
HD-P16657Hana MatsubaraPosterxREP-4Synergies between gender equality and sustainability in coastal fisheries resource useHana Matsubara, Mitsutaku Makinoyes (only poster)
HD-P16864Mohammad Mahmudul IslamWithdrawal Assessing fishers’ responses to changing storminess in the northern Bay of Bengal regionMohammad Mahmudul Islam and Monoarul Islam Bhuiyanno, cancel talk yes
HD-P16526Charles Abimbola FaseyiWithdrawal Assessment of environmental degradation in two coastal communities of Ghana using Driver Pressure State Impact Response (DPSIR) frameworkCharles Abimbola Faseyi, Michael K. Miyittah, Levi Yafettocancel poster, did not confirm yes
HD-P17018Minling PanWithdrawalREP-3Could the Biological Optimal (MSY) also be the Economic Optimal (MEY)?Minling Panno, cancel poster yes
HD-P16856Priyatma SinghWithdrawalREP-3Marine spatial planning in global south ocean governance – a focus on Small Island Developing StatesPriyatma Singh, Bjorn-Ola Linnér, Ashneel A. Singhcancelled poster yes
HD-P16582Abigayil BlandonWithdrawal Seafood sustainability values in Japan and SwedenAbigayil Blandon, Malin Jonell, Hiroe Ishihara and Aiora Zabalano, cancel talk yes
HD-P16570Roy DurlaveWithdrawal Studies on the use of locally available (Coxs Bazar and Saint Martin) renewable seaweed wastes as compost organic fertilizer resourcesDurlave Royno, cancelled, no show poster yes
HD-P16512Abdulwakil Olawale SabaWithdrawal Tackling data deficiency to enhance sustainable management of small-scale fisheries: A case study of Epe Lagoon, Lagos, NigeriaAbdulwakil Olawale Sabano, cancel talk yes
MEQ-P16496Vishal PatilOral Allelopathic effect on the harmful bloom-forming microalgae: insights into the inhibitory allelopathic compounds of extracts from macroalga Pyropia haitanensisVishal Patil, Lu Huang, Junrong Liang, Lin Sun, Dazhi Wang, Yahui Gao, Changping Chenyes
MEQ-P16647Ji-Su KimOral Distribution and fate of microplastics in the coastal marine environment, South KoreaJi-Su Kim, Jun-Hyuk Shin, Zhexi Tian, Nan-Seon Song, Seung-Kyu Kimyes
MEQ-P16589Young Kyun LimOral Effects of wastewater from the in-water cleaning of ship hulls on planktonic and attached microalgaeYoung Kyun Lim, Seung Ho Baek, Moonkoo Kim, Ji Nam Yoon, Zhi Yang Soon, Kyoungsoon Shinyes
MEQ-P16682Ziqin WangOral Evaluation of special representativeness of microplastic sampling methods using a non-hydrostatic particle tracking modelZiqin Wang, Yoshimasa Matsumura, Shin-ichi Itoyes
MEQ-P16963Joo-Hwan KimOral Investigating the distribution of Azadinium (Dinophyceae) species responsible for shellfish poisoning in two distinct Pacific regions: Korean coastal waters and Puget Sound, WA, USAJoo-Hwan Kim, Urban Tillmann, Nicolaus G. Adams, Vera L. Trainer, Bum Soo Parkyes
MEQ-P16694Ruijing LiOral Occurrence, Source, and Transfer Fluxes of Organophosphate Esters in the South Pacific and Fildes Peninsula, AntarcticRuijing Li, Hui Gao, Shuaichen Jin, Xindong Ma, Guangshui Nayes
MEQ-P16955Bum Soo ParkPosterxREP-2Can the sxtA4 gene diversity be associated with variation in paralytic shellfish toxin production in the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium pacificum?Bum Soo Park, Ji Yeon Sung, Dong Han Choi, Yeongjung Lee, Young-Eun Kim, Jae Ho Choi, Jae Hoon Noh, Hyeon Ho ShinNOT post web yes (only poster)
MEQ-P16626Ye Ji LeePosterxREP-1Effects of microplastics on different developmental stages in Acartia omorii (Copepoda, Calanoida)Ye Ji Lee, Won-Gyu Park, Hee-Jin Kimyes (only poster)
MEQ-P16865Junjie ZhengPoster Phytoplankton community and HABs species in the Beibu Gulf detected by metabarcoding approachesJunjie Zheng, Jiarong Hu, Pengbin Wang, Ruoyu Guo, Ruifang Wang, Xinfeng Dai, Douding Luno, o->p, poster by a colleague
MEQ-P16517Chunjiang GuanPoster Risk of the superposition of Phaeocystis globosa and Pleurobrachia globosa on cold source water of nuclear power plantChunjiang Guan, Jingfang Zhang, Lu Yang, Wenliang Tengyes (poster & oral)
MEQ-P16783Anthony OdellPosterxREP-5The Olympic Region Harmful Algal Bloom (ORHAB): A powerful partnership to mitigate HABsAnthony Odell, Vera Traineryes (only poster)
MEQ-P16504Yang LuoWithdrawal Comprehensive Assessment of Eutrophication in Xiamen Bay and Its Implications for Management Strategy in Southeast ChinaYang Luo, Jinwen Liu, Jianwei Wu, Zheng Yuan, Jiwei Zhang, Chao Gao, Zhiyu Linno, cancel talk yes
MEQ-P16962Joo-Hwan KimWithdrawalREP-4Comprehensive understanding of the life history of Heterosigma akashiwo (Raphidophyceae): Integrating in situ and in vitro observationsJoo-Hwan Kim, Jin Ho Kim, Bum Soo Parkyes (cancel poster) yes
MEQ-P16531Sonia MunirWithdrawalREP-3Emerging trends in harmful algal blooms: Insights from distribution patterns along pakistan's coastline and adjacent areasSonia Munir, Jun Sun, Steve L. Morton, Zunaira Shahzadno (p->o), no cancel, funding issue yes
MEQ-P16704Amila Sandaruwan RatnayakeWithdrawal The worst maritime disaster in the Indian Ocean: the MV X-Press Pearl accidentHarsha Perera, Sathya Gunawardhana, Chandima Subasinghe, Bhanuka Weerasingha, Amila Sandaruwan Ratnayakeno, cancelled talk, fin sup problem yes
POC-P16599Sung Yong KimPoster An imporoved estimate of submesoscale surface kinematic and dynamical properties obtained from concurrent Lagrangian surface drifter observationsSung Yong Kim, Jinwhan Kimyes, in person
POC-P16939Haedo BaekPoster Asymmetries between phases of Atlantic multi-decadal variability in the CMIP6 modelHaedo Baek, Dong Eun Lee, Young-Gyu Park, Yeong-Ho Kim, Eun Young Lee, Yochanan Kushniryes
POC-P16797Wonkeun ChoiPoster Evaluation of marine heatwave biases in the North Pacific Ocean simulated by the CMIP6 modelWonkeun Choi, Heeseok Jung, Chan Joo Jangyes
POC-P16794Heeseok JungPoster Evaluation of mixed layer depth simulation performance in the Korean waters using numerical modelsHeeseok Jung, Wonkeun Choi, Chan Joo Jangyes
POC-P16493Hiromichi UenoPoster Impact of mesoscale eddies on particulate organic carbon flux in the western subarctic North PacificRyo Dobashi, Hiromichi Ueno, Nozomi Matsudera, Isao Fujita, Tetsuichi Fujiki, Makio C. Honda, Naomi Haradayes
POC-P16980Gammon KovalPoster Satellite-data temperature-salinity framework to characterize the California Current SystemMarisol García-Reyes, Gammon Koval, Jorge Vazquez-Cuervoyes
POC-P16685Dmitry LozhkinPoster Seasonal and interannual variability of the latent heat flux in the northwestern Pacific Ocean according to ERA5 reanalysis dataDmitry Lozhkin, Georgy ShevchenkoPOST WEB YES, no, sent e-poster
POC-P16753Hajoon SongPoster Wintertime marine extreme temperature events modulate phytoplankton blooms in the North Pacific through subtropical mode waterYong-Jin Tak, Hajoon Song, Jong-Yeon Parkyes
POC-P16792Charles Hannah Withdrawal The source of the summertime shelfbreak current off the west coast of North AmericaCharles G. Hannah, Roy Hourston, Richard E Thomson, Hauke Blankenyes, but cancel poster yes
GP16513Ranjitkumar SolankiDeclined Comparison of Aerosol Optical Depth from Satellite based observation over Ahmedabad regionRanjitkumar Solanki and K.N. Pathak 
GP16860Soeon AhnPoster A study on revision of regulations to promote bio-materialization of the Fishery Processing Industry’s residueSoeon Ahn, Dunkhee Jang, Soo-jun Heo, Seungjae Back, Chullhong Ohyes
GP16781Aleah WongPoster A Traits-based Approach to Assess Aquaculture’s Contributions to Food, Climate Change and Biodiversity GoalsAleah Wong, Andrea Y. Frommel, Rashid U. Sumaila, William W.L. Cheungyes
GP16595Kyeong-Tae LeePoster An assessment of sessile benthic communities in Jeju Island off the south coast of Korea using Autonomous Reef Monitoring StructuresKyeong-Tae Lee, Taihun Kim, Taeho Kim, Chulhong Oh, Do-Hyung Kang, Hyun-Sung Yangyes
GP16650Yutaka WatanukiPoster Can satellite image detect seabirds and waterfowls on waters?Sae Sakai, Yutaka Watanukiyes
GP16641Tomohiro KomoritaPoster Dietary analysis of the ducks flying to Japanese tidal flats in winter and evaluation of impact on the ecosystemTomohiro Komorita, Daisuke Fudaka, Rikuto Honda, Tetsuro Agusa, Shigeki Takano, Megumu Fujibayashi, Takehisa Yamakitayes
GP16560Kyung Min NohPoster Emergent Constraint for Future Decline in Arctic Phytoplankton ConcentrationKyung Min Noh, Hyung-Gyu Lim, Eun Jin Yang, Jong-Seong Kugyes
GP16880Kwang-Young JeongPoster Introduction to the Ieodo Ocean Research Stations (Ieodo-ORSs) and Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (KHOA) Research ActivitiesKwang-Young Jeong, Gwang Ho Seo, Seok Jae Kwon, Junyong Jeong, Hyun-Sik Ham, Hye-Jin Park, Jeong Joong Bae, Hyun-Ju Ohyes
GP16662Chae-Un ParkPoster Reduction of atmospheric N deposition to the Yellow Sea of Northeastern Pacific Ocean for COVID-19 periodChae-Un Park, Seongjun Bae, Hye Seon Kim, Dongwoo Yang, Haryun Kimyes
GP16951In Joo Yoon Poster Regional assessment of sustainable development goal 14 in the North East Asia: Focusing on its implications and impacts on the semi-enclosed seasIn Joo Yoonyes
GP16905Mariana BarbosaPoster Vocal behaviour of ringed seals (Pusa hispida) in the western Canadian ArcticMariana Barbosa, William D. Halliday, Annika F. Heimrich, Stephen J. Insley, Stan E. Dossoyes
GP16576Haoyu JinWithdrawal Atmospheric deposition stimulates activity of alkaline phosphatase and its gene expression in the global oceanHaoyu Jin, Yunyun Zhuang, Thomas Mock, Huiwang Gaocancel poster yes
GP16590Liyuan ZhaoWithdrawal Characterization of insulin and glucagon genes and their producing endocrine cells from pygmy sperm whale (Kogia breviceps)Liyuan Zhao, Likun Wang, Reyilamu Aierken, Wei Wang, Xianyan Wang* and Mingyu Li*no, cancel poster yes
GP16879Haley OleynikWithdrawal Drivers of Pacific salmon marine survival and productivity: a review of hypotheses and methodsHaley Oleynik, Murdoch McAllisterno, cancel poster yes
GP16907Ting-Yu LiangWithdrawal Indicators of pelagic forage community shifts related to the abundance of tropical tunas by climate effect in the Western Indian OceanTing-Yu Liang, Yan-Lun Wu, Kuo-Wei Lan, Muhamad Naimullah, Lu-Chi Chenno, cancel poster yes
GP16872Deborah L. SharpeWithdrawal Ringed seals’ (Pusa hispida) exposure to underwater shipping noise in the Canadian ArcticDeborah L. Sharpe, William D. Halliday, David J. Yurkowski, Steven H. Ferguson, Stephen J. Insley, Francis Juanesyes (but cancel poster) yes
IPHC16632Barbara HutniczakInvited Hundred years of Pacific halibut management in the context of global eventsBarbara Hutniczakyes
IPHC16563Piera CarpiInvited Migration, MSE and management: the wonder world of Pacific halibutPiera Carpi, Ian Stewart, Allan Hicksyes
IPHC16559David T. WilsonInvited The International Pacific Halibut Commission: 100 years of science-based fishery management decision makingDavid T. Wilsonyes
IPHC16631Josep V. PlanasOral Biological and Ecological Research at the International Pacific Halibut CommissionJosep V. PlanasNOT POST WEB
IPHC16638Monica M. ThomOral Fishery-Dependent Data Collection at the International Pacific Halibut CommissionMonica M. Thomyes
IPHC16602Kayla UalesiOral International Pacific Halibut Commission Fishery-Independent Setline Survey (FISS)Kayla Ualesiyes
IPHC16760Allan C. HicksOral More than fifty years of management strategy evaluation at the International Pacific Halibut CommissionAllan C. Hicksyes
IPHC16717Ray WebsterOral The IPHC’s fishery-independent setline survey: A historical review and a look to the futureRay Websteryes
IPHC16639Ian StewartOral The long path to ensemble-based stock assessmentIan Jeremy Stewartyes
W1 (TCODE/FUTURE/HD)16578Sayaka SogawaInvited From research to fact sheet – A case study of how to turn your research into a fact sheeSayaka Sogawayes
W1 (TCODE/FUTURE/HD)17012Julie ClaussenInvited Honing your message for fact sheetsJulie Claussenyes
W1 (TCODE/FUTURE/HD)17016Marjorie Mooney-SeusInvited The power of the visual: What is accessible communications?Marjorie Mooney-Seusyes
W2 (TCODE/FUTURE/HD)17010Khushboo JhugrooInvited Ocean Sustainability through collaboration: SmartNet, SIDS and Early Career Ocean Professionals perspectivesKhushboo Jhugrooyes
W2 (TCODE/FUTURE/HD)16558Hakase HayashidaInvited Operational climate and ocean forecasting at the Application Laboratory, JAMSTECHakase Hayashida, Yuya Baba, Swadhin Behera, Takeshi Doi, Shoichiro Kido, Toru Miyama, Yasumasa Miyazawa, Yushi Morioka, Masami Nonaka, Sergey Varlamov, Ruochao Zhangyes
W2 (TCODE/FUTURE/HD)17019Wonho YihOral UNDOS Implementation Research Group, a new born program of Korea MOF for international cooperationWonho Yih, Juna Kimyes, same for oral and poster
W2 (TCODE/FUTURE/HD)16777Shion TakemuraPoster Collection and utilization of fisheries and environmental information on small scale fisheries in Indonesia: A preliminary analysis to estimate fish body size using a smartphone app and AIShion Takemura, Shigeharu Kogushi, Mitsutaku Makinoyes
W2 (TCODE/FUTURE/HD)16778Shion TakemuraPoster What are the characteristics of marine science and human networks in the North Pacific Ocean?Shion Takemura, Mitsutaku Makinoyes
W3 (TCODE/MEQ)16857Rajan AnbiahDeclined Spatial Distribution of dinoflagellate cysts in the surface sediments of Abu Dhabi territorial waters. Rajan Anbiah1, Barrie Dale2, Rajasekhar Thankamony1, and Ponpandi Perumal1  
W3 (TCODE/MEQ)16702Tae Gyu ParkInvited Control of Margalefidinium polykrikoides blooms using clay dispersal in KoreaTae Gyu Park, Moon Ho Son, Min Ji Lee, Hyung Chul Kim, Seok Hyun Younyes
W3 (TCODE/MEQ)16533Nobuharu InabaInvited Enhancing the supply capability of growth-limiting bacteria against HAB species through artificially introduced macroalgal bedsNobuharu Inabayes
W3 (TCODE/MEQ)16981Kathryn Coyne (for Kaytee Pokrzywinski)Invited Evaluation of novel mini in-situ algicidal bioreactors (DinoSHIELD) to control red tide: Moving from the bench to the fieldKaytee Pokrzywinski, Yanfei Wang, William C. Holland, Alexandria Hounshell, Kathryn Coyne, Alan Kennedyyes
W3 (TCODE/MEQ)16949Heather Alane RaymondInvited Lessons learned from freshwater harmful algal bloom mitigation and control strategiesHeather A. Raymond, H. Dail Laughinghouse IVyes
W3 (TCODE/MEQ)16986Jorge I. MardonesInvited Mitigation of harmful algal blooms by the Chilean salmon industry revisitedJorge I. Mardones, Ana Flores-Leñero, Marco Pinto Torres, Maximiliano Vergara, Javier Paredes-Mellayes
W3 (TCODE/MEQ)16621Zhiming YuInvited Technology and progress of using modified clay to control HABs in ChinaZhiming Yu, Xiuxian Song, Xihua Cao, Yongquan Yuanyes
W3 (TCODE/MEQ)17013Donald M. AndersonOral Logistical considerations in mesocosm and field studies of Karenia brevis red tide control in FloridaDonald M. Anderson, Emily Hall, Kristy Lewis, Vincent J. Lovko, Richard H. Pierce, Jennifer Toyoda, Kate Hubbard, Matt Garrett, James Javaruski, Victoria Roberts, Jessica Frankle, Ari Nissanka, Zhiming Yu, Xiuxian Song, Xihua Cao, Yongquan Yuanyes
W3 (TCODE/MEQ)16976Natsuko NakayamaOral Practical application of virus-based biological control against the Harmful dinoflagellate Heterocapsa circularisquama bloomNatsuko Nakayama, Masami Hamaguchiyes
W3 (TCODE/MEQ)16802Donald M. AndersonOral Turning back the harmful red tideDonald M. Andersonyes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16586Hiroaki SaitoInvited Marine ecosystems in Southeast Asia: Status, emerging issues and scientific contribution for the sustainable useHiroaki Saitoyes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16883Zeyu ZengOral Climate change alters social-ecological trade-offs in achieving ocean futures targetsZeyu Zeng, Vicky W.Y. Lam, U. Rashid Sumaila, William W.L. Cheungyes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16924Hanna NaOral Potential predictability of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) catches in the Pacific Island countriesHanna Na, Jihwan Kim, Dahye Limyes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16896Peng SunOral The effects of selective harvest on exploited population and economic benefitsPeng Sun, Jie Yu, Guankui Liu, Yongjun Tianyes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16815Saranya JSOral Unraveling the types and dynamics of marine heatwaves in the East Sea (Japan Sea)Saranya J.S., SungHyun Namyes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16889Yuzo R. YanagitsuruWithdrawal A novel method for sterility induction to improve sustainability of marine pelagic finfish aquaculture in the Pacific NorthwestYuzo R. Yanagitsuru, Edward S. Hayman, William T. Fairgrieve, Yonathan Zohar, Ten-Tsao Wong, and J. Adam Luckenbachcancel talk yes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16755Guankui LiuWithdrawal Exploring potential strategy for highly exploited multispecies fisheries managementGuankui Liu, Peng Sun, Runlong Sun, Yongjun Tianno, cancel talk, no recorded yes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16824Shang ChenWithdrawal Gross ecosystem product (GEP) accountingShang Chen, Shuai He, Wenwen li, Yuemei Jinno (cancel talk) yes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16937Jingzhu ShanWithdrawal Land and sea changes and the ecological impacts of land reclamation projects: Ecological restoration or monetary compensation?Jingmei Li, Jingzhu Shanno, cancel talk yes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16990Meng SuWithdrawal Spatial and temporal differentiation of the coordination and interaction among the three fishery industries in China from the value chain perspectiveJingmei Li, Meng Suno, cancel talk yes
W4 (FUTURE/HD/POC)16490Jayaraju NadimikeriWithdrawal Stable Isotope (δ18O- δ13C) signatures of modern Mollusk shells as proxies of Coastal pollution, part of South East Coast of IndiaN. Jayaraju, G. Sreenivasulu, B. Lakshmanna, M. Madakka, B. Praveenayes (no show poster) yes
W5 (BIO/MEQ)16707Jennifer C. HoguetInvited Seabird Tissue Archival and Monitoring Project (STAMP) as an example of a long-term standardized specimen collectionJennifer C. Hoguet, Rebecca S. Pughyes
W5 (BIO/MEQ)17000Jennifer ProvencherOral An ecosystem-scale litter and microplastic monitoring plan under the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)Jennifer Provencher, Tanja Kögel, Amy Lusher, Katrin Vorkamp, Alessio Gomiero, Ilka Peeken, Maria Granberg, Sjúrður Hammer, Julia Baak, Jan Rene Larsen, Eivind Farmennot in person
W5 (BIO/MEQ)16994Miran KimOral Assessing plastic debris ingestion of seabirds using invasive and non-invasive methods in KoreaMiran Kim, Mi-jin Hong, Ki-Baek Nam, Jinhwan Cho, Ki-Ho Kang, Young Soo Kwonyes
W5 (BIO/MEQ)16995Soojin JangOral External morphology monitoring of wild marine mammals using Photo-id and UAVsSoojin Jang, Mi Yeon Kimyes
W5 (BIO/MEQ)16653Yutaka WatanukiOral Feather mercury of a pelagic seabird can be useful indicator of marine pollutionHikaru Odagiri, Yutaka Watanuki, Mayu Iwasaki, Sarara Azumi, J-B Thiebot, Hideshige Takada, Mayumi Ishizuka, Yoshinori Ikenaka, Yoshito Chikaraish, Ken Yodayes
W5 (BIO/MEQ)16999Stephanie Avery-GommOral Towards a North Pacific Ocean long-term monitoring program for plastic pollution: A review and recommendations for plastic ingestion bioindicatorsMatthew S. Savoca, Susanne Kühn, ChengJun Sun, Stephanie Avery-Gomm, C. Anela Choy, Sarah Dudas Sang Hee Hong, K. David Hyrenbach9, Tsung-Hsien Li, Connie Ka-yan Ng, Jennifer F. Provencher, Jennifer M. Lynchyes
W5 (BIO/MEQ)17003Fernanda Ferreira Paula LandimWithdrawal An improved standardisation method for characterising plastics ingested by marine megafauna and those in their environmentFernanda Ferreira Paula Landim, Peter Puskic, Lauren Romanno, cancel talk yes
W5 (BIO/MEQ)17004Lauren RomanWithdrawal Harmonisation in the context of management – Reporting on marine debris in the environment and interactions with megafaunaLauren Roman, Denise Hardesty,no show virtually, cancel talk yes
W6 (MEQ)16997Emily R. HoweInvited Introducing the Puget Sound Stormwater Heatmap: A foundational tool for visualizing stormwater interventionsEmily R. Howe, Christian Nilsen, Jamie Robertson, Eva Dusek Jennings, Ericka Hegeman, Jessie Israelyes
W6 (MEQ)17015Angela DanylukInvited Sea2City Design Challenge: An example of value based coastal adaptation planningAngela Danyluk, John Ingram, Jordan Konyk, Katherine Levitt and Marga Pacis, Rachel Tellingyes
W6 (MEQ)16968Eliza C HeeryOral Does the luxury effect occur in urban marine ecosystems?Eliza C. Heeryyes
W6 (MEQ)16715Hem Nalini Morzaria-LunaOral Effect of multiple pressures on early marine survival of juvenile salmon in Puget SoundHem Nalini Morzaria-Luna, Isaac C. Kaplan, Chris J. Harvey, Michael Schmidt, Elizabeth A. Fulton, Raphael Girardin, Parker MacCreadyyes
W6 (MEQ)16618Junsung NohOral Living shoreline and sustainable saltmarsh planting in the Green-living tech, South KoreaJunsung Noh, Sohyun Park, Jinvo Namyes
W6 (MEQ)16998Jacques WhiteOral The Salish Sea marine survival project – A model program for evaluating challenges in marine resource stewardship in an urbanizing coastal marine ecosystemIsobel Pearsall, Elisabeth Duffy, Jacques Whiteyes
W6 (MEQ)17005Kate MenziesOral Tsleil-Waututh Nation’s approach to understand urban impacts on Burrard InletSpencer Taft, Kate Menziesyes
W6 (MEQ)17002Kathryn L. SobocinskiOral Urban seas are hotspots of stress in thea nthropocene oceanKathryn L. Sobocinskiyes
W6 (MEQ)17001Yoonja KangPoster Coastal warming heightens direct impacts of seawater temperature on nutrients near aquaculture farms in KoreaYoonja Kang, Dong-Hun Leeyes
W6 (MEQ)16524Hyeong Kyu KwonPoster Significant contribution of fish-farm activities to the distributions of nutrients and trace elements in the coastal water off Jeju Island, KoreaHyeong Kyu Kwon, Xiaoyu Chen, Guebuem Kim, Tae-Hoon Kim, Sung-Eun Park, Won Chan Leeyes
W6 (MEQ)16928Dilan SunthareswaranPoster Using fatty acids to profile organic matter from urban sources and measure its uptake into the food web in Vancouver, BCDilan Sunthareswaran, Anna K. McLaskey, Chris Harley, Kate Menzies, Brian P.V. Huntyes
W6 (MEQ)16941Sadie LyePoster Using Stable Isotopes to distinguish between naturogenic and anthropogenic source of organic matter to the urban ocean in Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, BCSadie L.R. Lye, Brian P.V. Huntyes
W7 (FIS)16497Noëlle YochumInvited Conservation engineering approaches for mitigating Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) bycatch: Biology, behaviour, and technologyNoëlle Yochumyes
W7 (FIS)16723Philina A. EnglishInvited Identifying the impacts of warming waters on British Columbia's groundfish productivityPhilina A. English, Sean C. Anderson, Robyn E. Forrestyes
W7 (FIS)16767Allan C. HicksInvited Managing the Pacific halibut (Hippoglosssus stenolepis) fishery while considering historical and future changes in the environmentAllan C. Hicks, Ian J. Stewart, Josep V. Planas, Ray Webster, Barbara Hutniczak, David T. Wilsonyes
W7 (FIS)16568Todd TenBrinkOral Delineating yellowfin sole (Limanda aspera) reproduction in the northern Bering Sea provides information across the eastern Bering Sea continental shelfTodd TenBrinkyes
W7 (FIS)16635Raymond A. WebsterOral Environmental conditions on the Pacific halibut fishing grounds obtained from a decade of coastwide oceanographic monitoring, and the potential application of these data in stock analysesLauri L. Sadorus, Raymond A. Webster, Margaret Sullivanyes
W7 (FIS)16780Nathan WolfOral Exploring the relationship between diet and size-at-age in Pacific halibutNathan Wolf, T. Scott Smeltz, Anita Kroska, Sarah Webster, Brian Ritchie, Bradley P. Harris, Ian J. Stewart, Josep V. Planasyes
W7 (FIS)16833Anita KroskaOral Exploring the relationship of Ichthyophonus exposure to infection prevalence and severity in wild-caught Pacific halibutAnita C. Kroska, Sioned Sitkiewicz, T. Scott Smeltz, Paul Hershberger, Claude L. Dykstra, Jake Gregg, Bradley P. Harris, Nathan Wolfyes
W7 (FIS)16633Claude L. DykstraOral Gear-based approaches to protecting Pacific halibut captured on longline gear from removal by marine mammal depredationClaude L. Dykstra, Ian J. Stewart, Josep V. Planasyes
W7 (FIS)16956Szymon SurmaOral Investigating food web and groundfish community structure in the eastern Gulf of AlaskaSzymon Surma, Kerim Y. Aydin, Bridget Ferriss, Curry J. Cunningham, Jamal Moss, Albert J. Hermann, Alberto Rovellini, Martin Dornyes
W7 (FIS)16759Gregory C. ChristieOral Testing of a semi-demersal longline to reduce yelloweye rockfish bycatch in a U.S. West Coast Pacific halibut longline fisheryMark J.M. Lomeli, Jon McVeigh, W. Waldo Wakefield, Bent Herrmann, Claude L. Dykstra, Ian J. Stewart, Gregory C. Christieyes
W7 (FIS)16761Colin L. JonesOral Update of maturity-at-size and -age for Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) using histological analysisColin L. Jones, Josep V. Planasyes
W7 (FIS)16539Andrew JasonowiczOral Whole-genome sequencing to investigate population structure and dynamics of Pacific halibut in the northeast Pacific OceanAndrew Jasonowicz, Wes Larson, Ingrid Spies, Liz Dawson, Josep V. Planasyes
W7 (FIS)16567Cynthia YeungOral Will a warming subarctic Bering Sea favor yellowfin sole production?Cynthia Yeung, M. Elizabeth Matta, Louise A. Copemanyes, p->o
W7 (FIS)16796Vladimir Kulik (by Somov)Poster Management of Greenland turbot (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) and the Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) using JABBA in Russian Far-EastVladimir Kulik, Igor Glebov, Nadezhda Aseeva, Roman Novikov, Aleksey Somovno, presented by co-author
W817017Nadiah Wan RasdiInvited Sustainability management of plankton fishery resources of Asian waters in preserving the marine environmentNadiah Wan Rasdi, Hidayu Suhaimi, Amirah Yuslan, Atsushi Hagiwarayes
W816757Ji Min OhOral Estimating factors affecting to fishing boat transaction prices using an hedonic price model in South KoreaJi Min Oh, Do Hoon Kimyes
W816624Hee Eun WooOral Improvement of groundwater flow and benthic environment in tidal flat by application of granulated coal ashHee Eun Woo, Jun Myoung Choi, Kyunghoi Kim and, Tadashi Hibinoyes
W816690Gitae NamOral Investigating coastal tourism demand in the COVID-19 Era through big data analytics: Focusing on Korean beach tourists’ tripGitae Nam, Sangchoul Yiyes
W816507Hee-Jin KimOral Light wavelength and intensity effects on phototactic behavior of pediveligers in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigasHee-Jin Kim, Glenn Satuitoyes
W816696Yun-Je KimOral Stock assessment and management strategies of Small yellow croaker (Larimichthys polyactis) in the Northwest Pacific region using CMSY and BSS modelsYun-Je Kim, Do-Hoon Kimyes
W9 (TCODE/HD)16954Jaclyn S. ClearyWithdrawal Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council ʔuuʔaałuk ƛusmit (Taking care of herring) projectAshleen J. Benson, Jaclyn S. Cleary, Sean P. Cox, Samuel N.D. Johnson, Jim Lane and Beau Dohertyno, cancel talk yes
W10 (FIS/BIO/POC/TCODE/FUTURE)16987Kalei ShotwellInvited Adapting the ecosystem and socioeconomic profile framework to include climate ready indicators for informing next generation stock assessmentsKalei Shotwell, Erin Fedewayes (virtual)
W10 (FIS/BIO/POC/TCODE/FUTURE)16882Katherine E. MillsInvited Approaches for climate-informed ecosystem-based fisheries managementKatherine E. MillsKirstin Holsman Alan Baudronyes
W10 (FIS/BIO/POC/TCODE/FUTURE)16598Guimei LiuOral Ecological and carbon cycling response to the climate change in the South China Sea: a three-dimensional physical-biogeochemical modeling studyGuimei Liu, Xuanliang Ji, Shan Gaoyes
W10 (FIS/BIO/POC/TCODE/FUTURE)16623Takuya NakanowatariPoster Numerical study on decadal-scale change in primary production in the subarctic North Pacific and the Sea of OkhotskTakuya Nakanowatari, Tomohiro Nakamura, Humio Mitsudera, Jun Nishioka, Hatsumi Nishikawa, Hiroshi Kuroda, Keisuke Uchimotoyes
W10 (FIS/BIO/POC/TCODE/FUTURE)16745Isa O. ElegbedeWithdrawal Climate resilience in blue sustainable fisheries: Inclusion and ecosystem-based management for short and long-term successIsa O. Elegbedeno, funding issue yes
W11 (SB)16734Wu-Jung LeePoster Building an open-source software toolbox for integrating fisheries and plankton acoustic data into our study of the new oceanWu-Jung Lee, Emilio Mayorga, Valentina Staneva, Landung Don Setiawan, Soham Butala, Dingrui Lei, Caesar Tuguinayyes
W11 (SB)16722Alexis Valauri-OrtonPoster Global capacity development as a prerequisite to fully understanding our new oceanAlexis Valauri-Orton, Kaitlyn Lowder, Lily Rios-Bradyyes

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