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PICES 2022 Annual Meeting
Sustainability of Marine Ecosystems through global knowledge networks during the UN Decade of Ocean Science

Sept 23 - Oct 2, 2022, Busan, Korea

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGRANTED Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
HD-MEQ-P15658Hana MatsubaraOral Comparative and historical study of international guideline and policy documents of Japan relevant to gender equality in fisheries Hana Matsubara, Mitsutaku Makinoyes
HD-MEQ-P15723Sang-chul Yi (for Yeon-gyeong Kim)Oral Economic valuation of fisheries monitoring programs: A case of the international fisheries observer program of KoreaYeon-gyeong Kim and Sangchoul Yino, by co-author
HD-MEQ-P15568Seung-Kyu KimOral Importance of terrestrial input on marine microplastics as traces recorded in sediments from rivers through estuaries to open seasSeung-Kyu Kim, Ji-Su Kim, Nan-Seon Song and Yong-Woo Leeyes
HD-MEQ-P15569Arief RachmanOral Potential threats of harmful algal blooms (HABs) and ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP) in the marine tourism park of Gili Matra islands, IndonesiaArief Rachman, Riani Widiarti, Hanny Meirinawati, Suhendar I. Sachoemar, Diswandi, Ratu Siti Aliah, Mark Wells, Mitsutaku Makinoyes
HD-MEQ-P15567Suhendar I. SachoemarOral Strategic planning ciguatera research to build local warning networks for the detection and human dimension of ciguatera fish poisoning in IndonesiaSuhendar I. Sachoemar, Mitsutaku Makino, Alex Bychkov, Mark L. Wells, Shion Takemura, Naoki Tojo, Arief Rachman and Shinta Leonitayes
HD-MEQ-P15662Aoi SugimotoPoster Fisheries in the time of pandemic: toward the sustainable future of seafood systemAoi Sugimotono, o->poster
S1 (SB)15810Emanuele Di LorenzoOral Co-Designing Climate Solutions under the U.N. Ocean DecadeEmanuele Di Lorenzoyes
S1 (SB)15733Naya SenaOral Identifying the Ocean Decade challenges: A common framework for Small Island Developing StatesNaya Sena and Mitsutaku Makinoyes
S1 (SB)15811Jeanette GannOral Increasing Capacity and Incentives for Data Sharing within the UN Decade, and Strategies to Incorporate PICES Research and Data into Broader International PlatformsJeanette Gann, Kate Wing, Igor Shevchenko, and Brett Johnsonno, have file
S1 (SB)15752Misty B. PeacockOral Lifting the voices of Indigenous students to empower the next generation of ocean leadersMisty B. Peacockyes
S1 (SB)15671John A. BarthOral Mapping widespread hypoxia off the Pacific Northwest during the 2021 summer upwelling season: A necessary ingredient to informing sustainable use of the oceanJohn A. Barth, Stephen D. Pierce, Brendan Carter, Anatoli Erofeev, Jennifer Fisher, Richard Feely, Kym Jacobson, Aimee Keller, Cheryl A. Morgan, John Pohl, Leif Rasmuson, and Victor Simonyes
S1 (SB)15620Vyacheslav LobanovOral Possible abiotic causes of catastrophic ecosystem event in Avachinskiy Bay of Kamchatka in 2020Vyacheslav Lobanov, Aleksandr Sergeev, Pavel Semkin, Petr Tishchenko and Pavel Tishchenkoyes
S1 (SB)15812Steven J. BogradOral SmartNet: The ICES-PICES Joint Program of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable DevelopmentSteven J. Bograd and Sanae Chibayes
S1 (SB)15608Jean-Baptiste ThiebotPoster Consistent seabird migration route across years and populations reveals key areas for marine conservation in the North-western PacificJean-Baptiste Thiebot, Akinori Takahashi, Ui Shimabukuro, Jumpei Okado, Nobuo Kokubun and Yutaka Watanukiyes
S1 (SB)15737Polina Lobanova (for Aleksandra Malysheva)Poster Development of the maximum specific rate of photosynthesis algorithm: a case study for the Atlantic OceanAleksandra Malysheva, Polina Lobanova no, have file-by Lobanova?
S1 (SB)15663Aoi SugimotoPoster How fisheries/marine science looks like in the past, present and future: from an ECOP’s perspective in 2022Aoi Sugimotono, o->p
S1 (SB)15523Jill PrewittPoster The Alaska Ocean Observing System: Critical Research Infrastructure for a Rapidly Changing ArcticSheyna Wisdom, Carol Janzen, Molly McCammon, Jill Prewitt, Darcy Dugan, Thomas Farrugia, Holly Kentyes
S1 (SB)15771Gennady KantakovRecordedOral Shall We Repeat Plastics Research Gennady Kantakovno, have file
S1 (SB)15813Fangli QiaoRecordedOral The intersection of UN Ocean Decade and PICES FUTURE in the North PacificFangli Qiaono, have file
S1 (SB)15530Yeajin JungWithdrawal Blue carbon in Korea: Knowledge gaps, critical issues, and novel approachesYeajin Jung  yes
S2 (FUTURE/HD/MEQ)15777Salma AboussalamDeclined Evaluation of the trophic structure and energy flow of the Moroccan Mediterranean Sea using Ecopath modelSalma Aboussalam, Karima Khalil, Khalid Elkalay  yes
S2 (FUTURE/HD/MEQ)15420K. K. Basheer AhammedDeclined Shoreline Change Dynamics along the North & South 24-Parganas, Sundarbans Delta, India: An Automatic Computation & Geospatial ApproachK. K. Basheer Ahammed; Arvind Chandra Pandey; K.Ch.V. Naga Kumar  yes
S2 (FUTURE/HD/MEQ)15798Michael TownsendInvited Implementing the marine ecosystem service conceptMichael Townsend, Andrew M. Lohrer, Vera Rullens, Fabrice Stephenson, Conrad A. Pilditch, Judi E. Hewitt, and Simon F. Thrushyes
S2 (FUTURE/HD/MEQ)15786Yeajin JungOral Blue carbon in South Korea: Knowledge gaps, critical issues, and novel approachesYeajin Jungyes
S2 (FUTURE/HD/MEQ)15764Michael LitzowOral Climate attribution time series to support decision making by fisheries stakeholdersMichael Litzow, Brendan Connors, Erin Fedewa, Trond Kristiansen and Michael Malickyes
S2 (FUTURE/HD/MEQ)15651Jongyoon BaekOral Evaluation of ecosystem services provided by Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, farms in Hansan bay, South Korea Jongyoon Baek and Sukgeun Jungyes
S2 (FUTURE/HD/MEQ)15584Iwao FujiiOral Toward the inter-regional cooperation for high seas resource conservation: Implications from the Asia-Pacific regionIwao Fujii, Yumi Okochi, Hajime Kawamura and, Mitsutaku Makinoyes
S2 (FUTURE/HD/MEQ)15198Kelly Biedenweg RecordedInvited Integrating human wellbeing indicators in Puget Sound ecosystem restorationKelly Biedenweg no, have file
S3 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)15539Jeong-Yeob ChaeOral Artificial neural network for ocean surface current prediction around the Korean peninsula using transfer learningJeong-Yeob Chae, Young-Taeg Kim and Jae-Hun Parkyes
S3 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)15541Ho-Jeong JuOral Impacts of seasonal and interannual variabilities of sea surface temperature on its short-term deep-learning prediction model around the southern coast of KoreaHo-Jeong Ju, Jeong-Yeob Chae, Eun-Joo Lee, Young-Taeg Kim and Jae-Hun Parkyes
S3 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)15612Emily LemagieOral Machine learning approaches for processing large datasets from the Prawler and Oculus glider autonomous platformsEmily P. Lemagie, Shaun Bell, Jens M. Nielsen, Noel Pelland, Phyllis Stabeno, and Peggy Sullivan, Jordan T. Watsonyes
S3 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)15627Eun-Joo LeeOral Reconstruction of Long-Term Gaps of Sea Level Using Neural Network OperatorEun-Joo Lee and Jae-Hun Parkyes
S3 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)15739Ferdenant MkrtchyanOral The Problem of Learning to Make Statistical Decisions for Small Samples for Remote Monitoring Marine EcosystemsFerdenant Mkrtchyanno, have file
S3 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)15785Annalisa BraccoOral Using Machine Learning to evaluate ecosystem connectivity and biodiversity in marine ecosystemsAnnalisa Bracco and Ljuba Noviyes
S3 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)15654Sangyeob KimPoster Analysis of water quality fluctuations in Estuary using a Random forestSangyeob Kim, Koji Seto, Kenji Minami, Shohei Hayashi and Yasushi Seikeyes
S3 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)15717Jisook ParkPoster Seasonal to multiannual marine ecosystem prediction: Deep learning approachesJi-Sook Park, Jong-Yeon Park, Jeong-Hwan Kim, Yoo-Geun Hamyes
S3 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)15547Igor I. ShevchenkoRecordedOral Bayesian inference for extracting information from abundance and catch at age time seriesIgor I. Shevchenkono, have file
S3 (POC/TCODE/FUTURE)15543Yang LiuWithdrawal AIS data-driven automatic machine learning model for predicting suitable fishing vessel operating areas in Northwest PacificYang Liu, Yuanzhe Qin and Hao Tianno, cancel talk - Sept 26 yes
S4 (BIO)15681Adnan ArshadDeclined Mechanistic Modelling of Costal Cities Vulnerabilities to Extreme Weather Events to Advance Climate AdaptationAdnan Arshad, Kamran Yousaf, Qi Hua, Li Ming, Weiwei Zhang, Abdul Mateen  yes
S4 (BIO)15693Robert K. CowenInvited Advances in imaging technology and image analysis – applications in coastal systemsRobert K. Cowen, Moritz S. Schmid, Su Sponaugle, Kelsey Swiecayes
S4 (BIO)15660Ingibjorg Bjorgvinsdottir and Kristinn SigurdarsonOral A new portable tow-yo imaging system for marine snow and plankton using image recognition and tracking techniqueIngibjorg Bjorgvinsdottir1, Kristinn Throstur Sigurdarson1,2, Takeyoshi Nagai3, Gloria Silvana Duran Gomez1, Miku Okawa1yes for both presenters
S4 (BIO)15247Hongsheng BiOral A novel end-to-end deep learning system for classifying marine biological and environmental imagesHongsheng Bi, Yunhao Cheng, Xuemin Cheng, Mark Benfield, David Kimmel, Haiyong Zheng, Bri Groves, and Kezhen Yingyes
S4 (BIO)15688David G. KimmelOral Automation of rapid zooplankton assessment for use in ecosystem based fisheries managementDavid G. Kimmel, Deana C. Crouser, Paweł Kaźmierczak, Barbara Kłopotowska, Mirosław Ciupiński, and Hongsheng Biyes
S4 (BIO)15692Moritz S. SchmidOral Planktonic trophodynamics in the Northern California Current - multiyear in-situ observations derived from underwater imagingMoritz S. Schmid, Su Sponaugle and Robert K. Cowenyes
S4 (BIO)15212Robert CampbellOral The Prince William Sound Plankton Camera: a profiling in situ observatory of plankton and particulatesRobert W. Campbell, Paul L. Roberts and Jules Jaffeeyes
S4 (BIO)15583Atsushi YamaguchiOral Zooplankton community and size structure from surface to deep-sea for the various neighboring waters of Japan: Analysis by ZooScanKunito Yamamae, Yasuhide Nakamura, Kohei Matsuno, and Atsushi Yamaguchiyes
S4 (BIO)15665Gaoge ChenRecordedOral A dual mode imaging method for phytoplankton a combination of shadowgraph imaging and fluorescence imagingGaoge Chen, Hongsheng Bi, Xiaojin Cui and Xuemin Chengno, have file
S4 (BIO)15606Wenjie ZhangRecordedOral An automatic deep learning based measurement of plankton size[Wenjie Zhang,Hongsheng Bi,Zhonghua Cai,Kezhen Ying]no, have file
S4 (BIO)15699Dai LiuRecordedOral Copepoda in Yellow Sea coastal areas: influence factors for the distribution of density and size structureDai Liu, Huichao Jiang, Jianlong He, Zhonghua Cai, Kezhen Ying, Hongsheng Bino, have file
S4 (BIO)15188Junting SongRecordedOral Differential response of coastal plankton to tidal and diurnal variationsJunting Song, Hongsheng Bi, Zhonghua Cai and Kezhen Yingno, have file
S4 (BIO)15725Xiaojin CuiRecordedOral Increase depth of field for underwater microscopic imager Xiaojin Cui, Hongsheng Bi, Gaoge Chen, and Xuemin Chengno, have file
S4 (BIO)15703Yi ZhuRecordedOral Influence of freshwater on zooplankton distribution in Laizhou BayYi Zhu, Huichao Jiang, Jianlong He, Zhonghua Cai, Kezhen Ying and Hongsheng Biyes, have file
S4 (BIO)15633Ingibjorg BjorgvinsdottirWithdrawal A new portable tow-yo imaging system for marine snow and plankton using image recognition and tracking techniqueIngibjorg Bjorgvinsdottir1, Kristinn Throstur Sigurdarson1,2, Takeyoshi Nagai3 and Gloria Silvana Duran Gomez1 and Miku Okawa1   yes
S4 (BIO)15187Junting SongWithdrawal Hourly response of coastal plankton with different characteristics to tidal and diurnal variationsJunting Song, Hongsheng Bi, Zhonghua Cai, Kezhen Ying  yes
S4 (BIO)15637Xiaojin CuiWithdrawal Increase depth of field for underwater microscopic imagerXiaojin Cui1, Hongsheng Bi2, and Xuemin Cheng1,*  yes
S4 (BIO)15570Fang ZhangWithdrawal Monitoring large jellyfish by UAV low-altitude remote sensingFang Zhang, Song Sun,Yanhao Qiuno, cancel talk yes
S4 (BIO)15535Ingibjorg BjorgvinsdottirWithdrawal New Image recognition and tracking methods for in-situ vertical profiling of dissolved particlesIngibjorg Bjorgvinsdottir,Kristinn Throstur Sigurdarson1 and Takeyoshi Nagai keeping 15660 only yes
S5 (FIS)15649Jhen HsuInvited Evaluating the spatiotemporal dynamics of Pacific saury in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean by using a geostatistical modelling approachJhen Hsu, Yi-Jay Chang, Toshihide Kitakado, Mikihiko Kai, Bai Li, Midori Hashimoto, Chih-hao Hsieh, Vladimir Kulik, Kyum Joon Parkyes
S5 (FIS)15814Isaac C. KaplanInvited Options for including environmental variability into management of California Current fish speciesIsaac C. Kaplanyes
S5 (FIS)15555Gloria S. Duran GomezOral Assessment of multiscale nutrient supply processes on biological productivity in the Tokara Strait along the KuroshioGloria S. Duran Gomez, Takeyoshi Nagai, Toru Kobari, Hirohiko Nakamura, Kristinn Þröstur Sigurdarson, and Ingibjorg Bjorgvinsdottiryes
S5 (FIS)15682Yanhui ZhuOral Calibration of Multiple Fishing Vessels by Using Secondary Reflection from Sea Bottom Yanhui Zhu, Kenji Minami, Yoshihiro Nishiyama, Akinori Kasai, Tsutomu Tokeshi, Mitsuhiro Matsuura and Kazushi Miyashitayes
S5 (FIS)15655Jinwoo GimOral Effect of climate change on the Korea chub mackerel stock in stock assessment via an age-structured modelJinwoo Gim, Saang-Yoon Hyun, Heejoong Kangyes
S5 (FIS)15564Takeyoshi NagaiOral Effects of the Kuroshio nutrient stream intrusion into the north of Yaku Island and Osumi Strait south of KyushuTakeyoshi Nagai, Gloria Silvana Durán Gómezyes
S5 (FIS)15678Kyuhan KimOral Evaluation of model specification and parameter identifiability in state-space stock assessment models with an application to the Korea chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) stockKyuhan Kim, Nokuthaba Sibanda, Richard Arnold, and Teresa A'maryes
S5 (FIS)15769Minkyoung BangOral Future changes in the distributions of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) in the seas around Korea using a Maximum Entropy Model based on CMIP6: Importance of seasonal variation Minkyoung Bang, Sukyung Kang, Dongwha Sohn, Won Keun Choi, Heeseok Jung, Jung Jin Kim, Chan Joo Jangyes
S5 (FIS)15652Seonggil GoOral Recruitment variability of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) with respect to varying water temperaturesSeonggil Go, Sukgeun Jungyes
S5 (FIS)15731Jeanette C. GannOral Responses to Phytoplankton Size and Community Composition by Calanus and Pseudocalanus During Late Summer in the Southeast Bering Sea: potential implications for age-0 pollock recruitmentJeanette C. Gann, Sarah L. Mincks, Franz J. Mueter, Wesley W. Strasburger, David Kimmel, Lisa B. Eisner no, have file
S5 (FIS)15631Matthew R. BakerOral Shifting distribution and abundance of sand lance in the Arctic in response to the physical environmentMatthew Baker, Alex De Robertis, Robert Levine, Daniel Cooper, and Edward Farleyyes
S5 (FIS)15740Elena UstinovaPoster Assessment for effect of climate regime shifts and extreme events on the spatial distribution of sardine, mackerels and saury in the Northwestern Pacific Elena Ustinovano, have file
S5 (FIS)15572Iára Andressa Torres CabreraPoster Effects of spring-neap tides on the sea surface chlorophyll-a in relation to the Kuroshio path modulation during 2006-2021Iára Torres, Silvana Duran, Takeyoshi Nagai and Luis Icocheayes
S5 (FIS)15616Chris RooperRecordedOral Evaluation of modeling methods for assessing and comparing the abundance of two size classes of eulachon in British ColumbiaChris Rooper, Madeline Lavery, Sarah Hawkshaw, Linnea Flostrandno, have file
S5 (FIS)15549Vladimir V. KulikWithdrawal Explaining variability in the Pacific saury fishery with the help of Lagrangian characteristics in the western North PacificVladimir V. Kulik, Sergey V. Prants, Michael Yu. Uleysky and Maxim V. Budyanskyno, cancel talk yes
S5 (FIS)15609Hao TianWithdrawal Monitoring and assessment of important light fisheries in the northwest Pacific using multi-source remote sensing dataHao Tian, Yang Liu and Yongjun Tianno, cancel talk yes
S5 (FIS)15558Nanako SekiguchiWithdrawal Stock assessment for Pacific saury in the North Pacific Ocean incorporating the environmental factors into biomass dynamics modelsNanako Sekiguchi and Toshihide Kitakadono, cancel poster yes
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15792Michio KondohInvited ANEMONE: an eDNA-based biodiversity monitoring networkMichio Kondohyes
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15667Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Assessing winter Gulf of Alaska biodiversity and non-indigenous species using eDNA surveys.Svetlana Esenkulova and Christoph M. Deegyes
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15711Satoshi NagaiOral Attempts to predict occurrences of plankton species by AI technologies in Mombetsu, Hokkaido, JapanSatoshi Nagai, Satoshi Tazawa, Noriko Nishi, Sirje Sildever, Junya Hirai, Hiromi Kasai, Akihiro Shiomoto, Taisei Kikuchi, Seiji Katakura, and Fumito Maruyamayes
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15730Jang-Seu KiOral eDNA metabarcoding reveals high microalgae diversity in the East China Sea near Jeju Island and marine environments of KoreaJang-Seu Ki, Taehee Kim, and Jaeyeong Park 
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15701Sang-Eun NamOral Effects of antifoulants on the formation of marine biofouling communities monitored in Jangmok using environmental DNA metabarcoding approachSang-Eun Nam, Sung-Ah Kim, Jee-Hyun Jung, Min Chul Jang and Jae-Sung Rheeyes
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15758Thomas TherriaultOral Marine invasive species biosurveillance in the northeast Pacific by eDNA metabarcoding Kristen Westfall, Thomas Therriault and Cathryn Abbottyes
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15738Chang-Bum JeongOral Metazoan diversity and seasonality through eDNA approaches: Surveillance of non-indigenous species in Jinhae BayKyu-Yung Shim, Kyu-Hyung Kim, Heesang Shin, In-Cheol Yeo and Chang-Bum Jeongyes
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15788Soyeon KwonPoster Invasion Success of Ascidiella aspersa (Chordata: Tunicata): A Population Genetic Approach predicts the Genetic Diversity of Populations Introduced in KoreaSoyeon Kwon, Jeounghee Lee, Michael Dadole Ubagan, Taekjun Lee and Sook Shinyes
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15789Joengho KimPoster Variation in genetics, morphology, and recruitment in the invasive barnacle Amphibalanus eburneus (Gould, 1841) in KoreaJeongho Kim, Michael Ubagan, Soyeon Kwon, Il-Hoi Kim and Sook Shinyes
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15656Wooseok GwakRecordedOral An eDNA-based approach to investigate species diversity and exotic species in fishWooseok Gwakno, have file
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15726Jinhui WangWithdrawal Assess Non-indigenous species in East China sea using traditional methods and eDNAShouhai Liu, Jinhui Wangno response, talk yes
S6 (MEQ/FUTURE)15794Pengbin WangWithdrawal Detection and quantification of four main harmful algal species in the East China Sea (Yangtze river estuary) via quantitative real-time PCRJiarong Hu, Ruoyu Guo, Xinfeng Dai, Douding Lu and Pengbin Wangno, will send file, cancel talk Sept 27 yes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15537Hyung-Gyu LimOral Attribution and predictability of climate-driven variability in global ocean colorHyung-Gyu Lim, John P. Dunne, Charles A. Stock, Colleen M. Petrik, Sang-Ki Lee, Minho Kwonyes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15763Abigale WyattOral Ecosystem impacts of marine heat waves in the Northeast PacificAbigale Wyatt, Laure Resplandy, Adrian Marchettiyes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15707Woo-Jin JeonOral ENSO prediction modulated by interactive phytoplankton feedbackWoo-Jin Jeon and Jong-Yeon Parkyes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15732Keith RodgersOral Future projections of fish biomass to 2300: uncertainty over global and regional scalesKeith B. Rodgers, Daniele Bianchi, Ryohei Yamaguchi, Olivier Aumont, Ji-Eun Kim, and Jerome Guietyes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15750Hui LiuOral Mechanistic modeling of dynamics and blooms of jellyfish in light of climate change in the northern Gulf of MexicoChengxue Li, Hui Liuyes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15729Daniele BianchiOral Sources of uncertainty in global projections of oceanic fish biomass under climate changeDaniele Bianchi, Keith B. Rodgers, Jerome Guiet, Ryohei Yamaguchino, by Keith Rodgers
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15706Eun-Young KimPoster Environmental impacts on fish catch in the Arctic/Subarctic EEZ assessed with reconstructed ocean biogeochemistryEun-Young Kim and Jong-Yeon Parkyes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15683Yu-Jhen YangPoster IPCC AR6 simulates the impact of climate change under different scenarios on the marine environment and cephalopods in the southern Eastern China SeaYu-Jhen Yang, Muhamad Naimullah, Kuo-Wei Lan and Po-Yuan Hsiaoyes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15538Hyung-Gyu LimPoster Oceanic and Atmospheric Drivers of Post-El-Niño Chlorophyll Rebound in the Equatorial PacificHyung-Gyu Lim, John P. Dunne, Charles A. Stock, Paul Ginoux, Jasmin G. John and John Krastingyes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15700Hwa-Jin ChoiPoster Predictability of Metabolic index in an Earth System modelHwa-Jin Choi, Jong-Yeon Park, and Charles Stockyes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15673Dmitry LozhkinPoster Seasonal and interannual variability of the longwave radiation flux in the northwestern Pacific Ocean according to ERA5 reanalysis dataDmitry Lozhkin and Georgy Shevchenkono, have file
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15669Khushboo JhugrooPoster The role of stratification variability on biogeochemical properties across British Columbia’s Queen Charlotte Sound shelf systemJennifer Jackson, Stephanie Waterman, Jody Klymak, Tetjana Ross, Charles Hannahyes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15806Cody SzuwalskiRecordedOral The collapse of eastern Bering Sea snow crabCody Szuwalskino, have file
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15548Lijian ShiWithdrawal Arctic sea ice concentration retrieval based on FY3 series MWRI sensorsWU Suhui,ZHOU Bin,SHI Lijianno show poster yes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15552Yan-Lun WuWithdrawal Effects of decadal climate variability on spatiotemporal distribution of Indo-Pacific yellowfin tuna populationYan-Lun Wu, Kuo-Wei Lan, Karen Evan, Yi-Jay, Chang, Jui-Wen Channo, cancel talk yes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15577Angelica PeñaWithdrawal Evaluation of a coupled circulation-biogeochemical model to study deoxygenation in the Canadian Pacific continental margin.Angelica Peña, Isaak Fine and Di Wanno, cancel talk yes
S7 (BIO/FIS/POC/FUTURE/HD)15778Stephanie BrodieWithdrawal Recommendations for quantifying and reducing uncertainty in climate projections of species distributionsStephanie Brodie, James A. Smith, Barbara A. Muhling, Isaac C. Kaplan, Lewis A.K. Barnett, Gemma Carroll, et, canel talk yes
S8 (BIO)15760Julie E. KeisterOral Evidence of the importance of zooplankton to salmon success in the southern Salish Sea, USAJulie E. Keisteryes
S8 (BIO)15551Tomoko KusanoOral How to adapt larval growth of widely appearing fish to food availability in the Kuroshio?Tomoko Kusano, Gen Kume, Takafumi Azuma and Toru Kobariyes
S8 (BIO)15705Hui LiuOral Linking zooplankton to fisheries stock assessment and management in changing ecosystems: challenges and opportunitiesHui Liu, Yong Chenyes
S8 (BIO)15550Hirata ManamiOral Metabarcoding analysis on prey of fish larvae appearing in the Kuroshio and its neighboring watersManami Hirata, Gakuto Murata, Gen Kume, Akimasa Habano, Takafumi Azuma and Toru Kobariyes
S8 (BIO)15690Mutsuo IchinomiyaOral Seasonal influence of intrusion from the Kuroshio Current on microplankton biomass and community structure in the northern Satsunan area, western JapanMutsuo Ichinomiya, Takehito Nomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Toru Kobari, Gen Kume, Akimasa Habano, Yoichi Arita and Fumihiro Makinoyes
S8 (BIO)15623Jieun KimOral Spatiotemporal trophic dynamics of four zooplankton taxa in the East/ Japan Sea revealed by stable isotopes and fatty acid compositionJieun Kim, Hee Young Yun, Hyuntae Choi, Seok-Hyun Youn, Kyung‐Hoon Shinyes
S8 (BIO)15544Réka DomokosOral Spatiotemporal variability of micronekton at two fronts in the central North PacificRéka Domokosyes
S8 (BIO)15722Tomohiro KomoritaOral Temporal changes of micoplankton community after the inflow of the Kuroshio branch current in the Northern Satsunan region, southern Japan during mixing periodTomohiro Komorita, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Toru Kobari, Gen Kume, Shin'ichro Kako, Akimasa Habano, Yoichi Arita, Fumihiro Makinoyes
S8 (BIO)15602Akinori MinagawaOral The food source of anguilliform leptocephali in the Satsunan area, southern JapanAkinori Minagawa, Toru Kobari, Junya Hirai, Satoru Jinno, Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita and Gen Kumeyes
S8 (BIO)15715Orio YamamuraOral Unexpected mass-occurrence of walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammus in the epi-pelagic layer at the edge of the ocean basin: the benefit from copepod bloomOrio Yamamura, Kohei Matsuno and Yoshihiko Kamei yes
S8 (BIO)15766Liam D. HubbertPoster A field-based intercomparison of biochemical methods for measuring zooplankton secondary production off the coast of Vancouver IslandLiam D. Hubbert, Akash R. Sastri and John F. Dower yes
S8 (BIO)15561Gakuto MurataPoster Copepod community determined with metabarcoding analysis represents advection of with coastal waters to the KuroshioGakuto Murata, Gen Kume, Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishina, and Toru Kobariyes
S8 (BIO)15603Shinsaku KatoPoster Distribution and feeding habits of skinnycheek lanternfish Benthosema pterotum larvae and juveniles in Kagoshima Bay, southern JapanShinsaku Kato, Toru Kobari and Gen Kumeyes
S8 (BIO)15604Hiroki ObaPoster Growth and food requirement of chub mackerel Scomber japonicus larvae in the northern Satsunan area, southern JapanHiroki Oba, Toru Kobari, Taichi Shigemura, Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita and Gen Kumeyes
S8 (BIO)15607Toru KobariPoster Protein synthetases activity of fish larvae appearing in the Kuroshio and its neighboring watersYusuke Manako, Toru Kobari, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Akimasa Habano, Takafumi Azuma and Gen Kumeyes
S8 (BIO)15691Jennifer BoldtRecordedInvited Linking zooplankton to fish: integrated ecosystem monitoring can inform ecosystem approaches to fisheries managementJennifer L. Boldt, Hannah Murphy, Chris Rooper, Jaclyn Cleary, Jackie King, Stéphane Gauthierno, have file
S8 (BIO)15613Karyn SuchyRecordedOral Model-based zooplankton productivity and trophic transfer efficiency in the Strait of Georgia, CanadaKaryn D. Suchy, Raisha Lovindeer, Elise M. Olson, and Susan. E. Allenno, have file
S8 (BIO)15685Lidia YebraRecordedOral Molecular identification of the zooplanktonic diet of Sardina pilchardus larvae in the SW Mediterranean SeaLidia Yebra, Alma Hernández de Rojas, Nerea Valcárcel-Pérez, Candela García-Gómez, M. Carmen Castro, Raúl Laiz-Carrión, Francisco Gómez-Jakobsen, Amaya Uriarte, José-María Quintanilla and Jesús M. Mercadono, have file
S9 (BIO/MEQ)15437Hasnaa Nait HammouDeclined Paleo-reconstruction of the Moroccan Atlantic Margin Hasnaa Nait hammou, Mohammed Idrissi, Bendahhou Zourarah, Melissa Chierici, Peter Swarzenski, Omar Ettahiri, Ahmed Makaoui and Khalid El Khalidi   yes
S9 (BIO/MEQ)15614Nour AyacheInvited Acclimation of various US Dinophysis isolates to changing light intensity: effects on growth, photosynthetic efficiency and toxin productionNour Ayache, Vera L. Trainer, Brian D. Bill, Lisa Campbell, James M. Fiorendino, Michael L. Brosnahan, David M. Kulis, Christopher J. Gobler, Juliette L. Smithyes
S9 (BIO/MEQ)15801William P. CochlanOral Climate Change and the Growth and Toxicity of Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries from the California Current Upwelling System: Effects of Ocean Acidification and TemperatureWilliam P. Cochlan, Christopher E. Ikeda, Lindsey Metz, Brian Bill, and Vera L. Traineryes
S9 (BIO/MEQ)15664Andrew R.S. RossOral Correlation between ocean temperature and the concentrations of harmful algal biotoxins measured in British Columbia coastal watersAndrew R.S. Ross, Blair Surridge, Harry Hartmann, Mackenzie Mueller, Melissa Hennekes, Ovi Haque, Nicole Frederickson, Svetlana Esenkulova, Stewart Johnson, Lenora Turcotte and Andrea Lockeyes
S9 (BIO/MEQ)15592Young Kyun LimOral Effect of marine heatwaves on the bloom of harmful dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides in Korean coastal waters: Field and laboratory approaches Young Kyun Lim, Bum Soo Park, Jin Ho Kim, Sang-Soo Baek and Seung Ho Baekyes
S9 (BIO/MEQ)15666Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Linkages among harmful algae, marine biotoxins in shellfish, and oceanographic conditions in the Strait of Georgia, CanadaSvetlana Esenkulova, Nicole Frederickson and Isobel Pearsallyes
S9 (BIO/MEQ)15643Clare OstleOral Using the Continuous Plankton Recorder to detect and monitor the spread of Harmful Algal Blooms from the Pacific into the Arctic OceanClare Ostle, Sonia Batten, Martina Brunetta, Jon Fisher, Melissa Hennekes, David Johns, Francesca Loro, Humfrey Melling, John Nelson, Akash Sastri, Rowena Stern and Marianne Wootton.yes
S9 (BIO/MEQ)15213Wonho YihPoster Coastal HABs driven by kleptoplastidy and bi-species interaction along the Teleaulax-Msodinium-Dinophysis prey chainJong Woo Park, Wonho Yih, Hyung Seop Kim and Yeong Du Yooyes
S9 (BIO/MEQ)15186Berhane T. TesfaiWithdrawal Reports on the prevalence of benthic harmful algae in the Red Sea coast – A potential bioindicators for Climate Change Berhane T. Tesfai, Jiangning Zeng, Mengmeng Tong, Pengbin Wangno, cancel poster yes
BIO-P15724Tomohiro KomoritaOral Characterization of the organic matter of biodeposits derived from marine aquaculture bivalves: a meta-analysis approachTomohiro Komoritayes
BIO-P15761Hiroaki SaitoOral Diversity and Biogeography of Dinoflagellates in the Kuroshio RegionYubei Wu, Siyu Jiang, Junya Hirai, Fanyu Zhou, Jun Inoue, Susumu Hyodo, and Hiroaki Saitoyes
BIO-P15598Seojeong ParkOral Don’t tread on my tidal flats: assessment of human trampling effects on the endangered fiddler crab for coastal managementSeojeong Park, Minju Kim, and Tae Won Kimyes
BIO-P15575Minju KimOral Fiddlers on the tidal flat: fiddler crabs change their tunes depending on the contexts Minju Kim, Seojeong Park, Hyemin Lee and Taewon Kimyes
BIO-P15618Emma Hinako MoritoshiOral Mating systems and sexual patterns of red-belted anthias Pseudanthias rubrizonatusis in different-sized groups in Kagoshima, JapanEmma Hinako Moritoshi, Midori Matsuoka, Gen Kume, Shinichi Dewa and Tomoki Sunobeyes
BIO-P15632Seo Yeon ByeonOral Multiple genetic sources for the golden tide Sargassum patches in northwestern Pacific: temporal variation in their genetic makeupSeo Yeon Byeon, Sangil Kim, Sun Kyeong Choi, Sang Rul Park and Hyuk Je Leeyes
BIO-P15619Hyuntae ChoiOral Nitrogen isotope baseline isoscape using amino acid nitrogen isotope of copepod CalanusHyuntae Choi, Bohyung Choi, Jee-Hoon Kim, Nayeon Park, Haemin Won, Eun Jin Yang, Min-Seob Kim, Yeonjung Lee, and Kyung-Hoon Shinyes
BIO-P15686Minju KimOral Potential shift in mesozooplankton community structure in response to climate-driven changes during summer in the Ulleung basinMinju Kim, Chan Joo Jang, Wonkeun Choi and Jung-Hoon Kangyes
BIO-P15753Andrew W TritesOral Prey consumption by marine mammal in the North Pacific OceanAndrew W. Trites, Kate M. Colson, and Tsutomu Tamurayes
BIO-P15735Kirill KivvaOral Role of sea ice retreat in formation of spring phytoplankton bloom in the Bering SeaKirill Kivva, Alexandra Sumkinayes
BIO-P15586Hyun-Jung KimPoster Attached bacterial community dynamics with changes in core phytoplankton species based on the phycosphere conceptHyun-Jung Kim, JunSu Kang, Yu-Jin Kim, Taek-Kyun Lee, Joon Sang Park and Seung Won Jungyes
BIO-P15743Nam-Il WonPoster Coastal reservoir utilization and estuarine restoration in Korea: recent cases and lessonsNam-Il Won 
BIO-P15755Daniel M. LabbéPoster Counting calories: Energy density and lipid content of zooplankton in the Northeast PacificDaniel M. Labbé, Akash R. Sastri, Julian A.C. Smith, and John F. Doweryes
BIO-P15687Egor S. KorneevPoster Macrozoobenthos of river estuaries of Sakhalin IslandEgor S. Korneev, Vjacheslav S. Labayno, have file
BIO-P15587Dongwoo KimPoster Spatial, vertical, size, and taxonomic variations in stable isotopes (δ13C and δ15N) of zooplankton and other pelagic organisms in the western North PacificDongwoo Kim, Sota Komeda, Koki Tokuhiro, Maki Noguchi Aita, Fujio Hyodo, Atsushi Yamaguchiyes
BIO-P15580Kate M. ColsonRecordedOral Changes in pinniped prey consumption along the west coast of North America following protection from hunting and cullingKate M. Colson and Andrew W. Tritesno, have file
BIO-P15747Liam D. HubbertWithdrawal A field-based intercomparison of biochemical methods for measuring zooplankton secondary production off the coast of Vancouver IslandLiam D. Hubbert, Akash R. Sastri and John F. Dower  yes
BIO-P15546Vishnu P SuseelanWithdrawal Assessing Phytoplankton composition in the Subarctic Northeast Pacific Using in-situ and Satellite DataVishnu P Suseelan, Hongyan Xi, Justin Del Bel Belluz, Midhun shah Hussain, Astrid Bracher, and Maycira Costano, cancel talk yes
BIO-P15736Minbo LuoWithdrawal Ecological characteristics of Zooplankton community in the Shengsi Sea Area of the East China SeaLUO Minbo, YANG Jieqingno show poster yes
BIO-P15529Mikhail A. ZuevWithdrawal Helminths in the schoolmaster gonate squid Berryteuthis magister (Berry, 1913) off the northern Kuril IslandsMikhail A. Zuev, Zoya I. Motorano file poster yes
BIO-P15611Louise Audrey CopemanWithdrawal Temperature-dependent vital rates of juvenile Bering Sea snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) and Tanner crab (Chionoecetes bairdi): implications for optimal crab thermal habitat in a rapidly warming North Pacific. Louise A. Copeman, Michele L. Ottmar, Clifford Ryer, and Trond Kristiansen no, cancel talk yes
FIS-P15653Shintaro OhnoOral A comparison study for behavior of Japanese and Chinese neon flying squid vessel in the North Pacific using Automatic Identification System Shintaro Ohno, Hiroto Abe, Hiromichi Igarashi, Sei-ichi Saitohyes
FIS-P15601Kosuke OyamaOral Age, growth and reproductive biology of areolate grouper Epinephelus areolatus, southern JapanKosuke Oyama, Kenshiro Hikichi, Emma Moritoshi and Gen Kumeyes
FIS-P15600Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Application of multiple satellite datasets to sustainable use of salmon resource under changing climateSei-Ichi Saitoh, Yasuyuki Miyakoshi, Takafumi Hirata, Irene D. Alabia and Fumihiro Takahashi yes
FIS-P15720Andrey S. KrovninOral Association between Far East pink salmon catches and variations of heat content in the upper 100 m of the North Pacific during the wintering seasons, 1978-2021Andrey S.Krovnin and George P. Mouryyes
FIS-P15578Benjamin, Jeffrey, LaurelOral Climate-driven changes in size-dependent overwintering success in age-0 Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus)Benjamin J. Laurel, Mary Beth Rew Hicks, Steve Barbeaux, Louise A. Copemanyes
FIS-P15646Steve LindleyOral Emergence of thiamine deficiency in salmon in the California Current Rachel Johnson, Nate Mantua, John Field, Tommy Williams, Steve Lindley, et al.yes
FIS-P15565Chuanyang HuangOral Exploration of the variation in the northwest Pacific fishing ground using improved ocean color Chlorophyll-a dataChuanyang Huang, Yang Liu, Yanping Luo, and Yongjun Tiannot here
FIS-P15728Sango NishioOral Gastric evacuation rate and maintenance ration of pointhead flounder: Why do they feed at pelagic?Sango Nishio and Orio Yamamurayes
FIS-P15783Kirill KivvaOral Pacific water propagation in the Sea of Okhotsk and walleye pollock fisheryMaksim Budyansky, Vladimir Kulik, Kirill Kivva, Mikhail Uleysky, Sergey Prantsyes
FIS-P15648Jessica A. MillerOral Thermal effects on early life stages of Gulf of Alaska Pacific Cod: shifts in reproductive phenology, size, and growthJessica A. Miller, L. Zoe Almeida, Hillary Thalmann, Lauren Rogers, Taylor Brooks, Rebecca Forney, Ben Laurelyes
FIS-P15756Rachael MallonOral WANTED: Searching for Longfin Smelt in the Nooksack River and Bellingham Bay Rachael Mallon1, Brandi Cron Kamermans1, J. Andrés López2, Mickki Garrity1, Sandra James1, Devin Flawd3, Jeffrey Solomon3, Melissa Peacock1, and Rachel Arnold4no, by co-authors
FIS-P15556Denis V. IzmyatinskyWithdrawal Biomass of commercial bottom ichthyofauna in the northwestern part of the Japan/East Sea Nadezhda L. Aseeva, Vera N. Izmyatinskaya and Denis V. Izmyatinskyno file poster yes
POC-P15596Kang-Nyeong LeeOral Barotropic Rossby waves induced by tropical instability waves in the Northeastern Pacific Ocean from observation and simulationKang-Nyeong Lee, Chanhyung Jeon, YoungHo Seung, Hong-Ryeol Shin, Seung-Kyu Son and Jae-Hun Parkyes
POC-P15630Bo QiuOral Bi-directional energy cascades in the Pacific Ocean from Equator to Subarctic GyreBo Qiu, Toshiya Nakano, Shuiming Chen and Patrice Kleinyes
POC-P15768Wonkeun ChoiOral Characteristics and mechanisms of marine heatwaves in the East Asian Marginal Seas: regional and seasonal differences Wonkeun Choi, Minkyoung Bang, Youngji Joh, Yoo-Geun Ham, Namyoung Kang and Chan Joo Jangyes
POC-P15702Yusuke UchiyamaOral Fate of river-derived microplastics from the South China SeaYusuke Uchiyama, Kosei Matsushita, Naru Takaura and Taichi Kosakoyes
POC-P15748Jennifer JacksonOral Identification of a Seasonal Subsurface Oxygen Minimum in Rivers Inlet, British Columbia, CanadaJennifer M. Jackson, Sophia Johannessen, Justin Del Bel Belluz, Brian P.V. Hunt and Charles G. Hannahyes
POC-P15557Jihwan KimOral Interannual variability of barotropic sea level difference across the Korea/Tsushima Strait and its relationship to upper-ocean currents variability in the western North PacificJihwan Kim and Hanna Nayes
POC-P15540Dong-kyu LeeOral Peripheral upwelling induced by the merging of low-density water into a warm eddy and its effects on the biological and physical environmentDong-Kyu Lee and Sok Kuh Kangyes
POC-P15542Hajin SongOral Seasonal variability of deep western boundary current in the Philippine Basin from observation and numerical simulationHajin Song, Xiao-Hua Zhu, Jeong-Yeob Chae, Dong Guk Kim, Hong Sik Min, Jae Hak Lee, and Jae-Hun Parkyes
POC-P15553Youngji JohOral Stronger decadal variability of the Kuroshio Extension under simulated future climate changeYoungji Joh, Thomas L. Delworth, Andrew T. Wittenberg, William F. Cooke, Anthony J. Rosati, and Liping Zhangyes
POC-P15599Mochamad Riza IskandarOral Tracking the pumice rafts from the recent eruption of the submarine volcano Fukutoku-Okanoba, Japan: a perspective from Satellites and Lagrangian Particles trackingMochamad Riza Iskandar, Young-Gyu Park, Kwangseok Kim, Hyunkeun Jin and Seongbong Seoyes
POC-P15770Subi LeeOral Why are the marine heatwaves long-lasting in the East Korea Bay in the East Sea? Subi Lee, Wonkeun Choi, Minkyoung Bang, Gyundo Park and Chan Joo Jangyes
POC-P15767Heeseok JungPoster Assessment of future changes in the sea surface temperature in the Northwest Pacific projected by CMIP6 modelsHeeseok Jung, Chan Joo Jang, Yong Sun Kimyes
POC-P15621J.S. SaranyaPoster Characteristics and types of evolution of marine heatwaves in the East Sea (Japan Sea) J. S. Saranya, S. H. Namyes
POC-P15714Saat MubarrokPoster Evaluation of Thermocline Depth Bias in the Seychelles-Chagos Thermocline Ridge (SCTR) simulated by the CMIP6 modelsSaat Mubarrok and Chan Joo Jangyes
POC-P15622Seonghyun JoPoster Modulation of Kuroshio intensity in the East China Sea on interannual time scalesSeonghyun Jo, Jae-Hong Moon, Taekyun Kim, Yuhe Tony Song and Hyeonsoo Chayes
POC-P15636Yeongseok JeongPoster Observations on Enhanced Mixing over the Steep Continental Slopes in the Southwestern East Sea (Japan Sea)Yeongseok Jeong, Sunghyun Namyes
POC-P15642Day Hong KimPoster Spatial Patterns of Long-term (1995-2021) Changing Surface and Subsurface Temperature and Salinity around the Korean PeninsulaDay Hong Kim and SungHyun Namyes
POC-P15776Sung Yong Kim Poster Submesoscale mapping of kinematic and physical ocean properties obtained from unmanned surface vehicles and Lagrangian surface driftersSung Yong Kim and Jinwhan Kimyes
POC-P15594Hyeonsoo ChaPoster The causes of the sea level rise in the East Asian marginal seas since 1993Hyeonsoo Cha, Jae-Hong Moon, Taekyun Kim, and Y. Tony Songyes
POC-P15716Fuad AzminuddinRecordedOral Destination of New Guinea Coastal Undercurrent in the western tropical Pacific: variability and linkagesFuad Azminuddin, Chan Joo Jang and Dongchull Jeonno, have file
POC-P15626YISEN ZHONGRecordedOral Seasonal Variation of the Surface Kuroshio Intrusion into the South China Sea Evidenced by Satellite Geostrophic StreamlinesYISEN ZHONG,MENG ZHOU, JOANNA J. WANIEK, LEI ZHOU, ZHAORU ZHANGno, have file
POC-P15590Antonietta CapotondiWithdrawal An optimal precursor of Northeast Pacific marine heatwaves and Central Pacific El Niño eventsAntonietta Capotondi, Matthew Newman, Tongtong Xu, Emanuele Di Lorenzono, cancel talk yes
POC-P15694Tetjana RossWithdrawal Flow around seamounts and larval retention: revisiting the Taylor cone Tetjana Ross, Cherisse Du Preez and Debby Ianson no, cancel talk yes
POC-P15746Vadim NavrotskyWithdrawal Internal waves and turbulence in near-bottom layers in the shelf zone of seaVadim Navrotskyno, cancel talk yes
POC-P15532Sergey PrantsWithdrawal Odyssey of Aleutian eddies in altimetry era Sergey Prants, Maxim Budyansky and Michael Uleyskyno, cancel talk yes
POC-P15563Guoqi HanWithdrawal Seasonal and interannual variations in major shelf-scale currents off the west coast of CanadaGuoqi Han and Nicolas Lambertno, cancel talk yes
GP15624Ranjitkumar SolankiDeclined Study of Aerosol-Cloud interaction over the Westernpart of Indian RegionsRanjitkumar Soalanki and K.N.Pathak  yes
GP15524Oussama RbiaiDeclined Taxonomic and functional beta-diversity of marine communities along the Moroccan south Atlantic coast .Oussama Rbiai, Rachida Houssa, Bouabid Badaoui and Malika Chlaida  yes
GP15659Takahiro TanakaPoster An acoustic glider observation for monitoring physical and biological environment in the upper oceanTakahiro Tanaka, Daisuke Hasegawa, and Takeshi Okunishiyes
GP15605Minji LeePoster Assessment of attached phytoplankton to polypropylene according to season and nutrient conditionsMinji Lee, Seung Ho Baek 
GP15670Josep V. PlanasPoster Characterization of the sex-determining genomic region in the Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) and identification of a putative gene responsible for sex determinationAndy Jasonowicz1, Anna Simeon1, Yann Guiguen2 and Josep V. Planas1yes
GP15661Daisuke HasegawaPoster Developing High-Resolution Tow-Yo measurementsDaisuke Hasegawa and Takahiro Tanakayes
GP15628Bushra KhalidPoster Higher thermal extremes and relationship of northern Indian Ocean’s Sea surface temperature and atmospheric temperature over land in Pakistan Bushra Khalid 
GP15684Ting-Yu LiangPoster Indicators of pelagic forage community shifts related with the abundance of economic tunas in the Indian Ocean Ting-Yu Liang, Yan-Lun Wu , Kuo-Wei Lan and Lu-Chi Chenyes
GP15610Kang Eun KimPoster Interaction of Marine Nucleocytoplasmic Large DNA Viruses with Eukaryotic Plankton Communities in the Sub-Arctic Kongsfjorden: A Metagenomic Analysis of Marine Microbial EcosystemsSeung Won Jung, Kang Eun Kim, Hyoung Min Joo, Yu-Jin Kim, Taek-Kyun Lee, Hyun-Jung Kim, Joon Sang Park, Bo Kyung Kim, Sun-Yong Hayes
GP15710Hajime TanakaPoster Japanese Consumers’ Demand for Traceability Information -Tokyo Bay Fish Passport as a case study-. Hajime Tanaka, Ron Takebuchi, Rintaro Kadoi, Yui Sakaiyes
GP15634Hiroki YasumaPoster Microplastic ingestion by mesopelagic fish and acoustic quantitative estimate in the Pacific side of Hokkaido Island, JapanHiroki Yasuma and Mitsuhiro Ishino yes
GP15679Ja-Myung KimPoster Persistent continental shelf carbon sink at the Ieodo Ocean Research Station in the Northern East China SeaKitack Lee, Ja-Myung Kim, Gyeong-Seok Lee, Eunil Lee, Jin-Yong Jeong, Jaeik Lee and In-Seong Hanyes
GP15228Mikhail StepanenkoPoster Potential trends in the Bering Sea pollock recruitment, abundance and spatial distrubution in 2022-2032Mikhail Stepanenko, Elena Gritsayno, have file
GP15718Michael Dadole UbaganPoster Recruitment and settlement patterns of two invasive ascidians in South KoreaMichael Dadole Ubagan, Taekjun Lee, and Sook Shinyes
GP15708Hiroto AbePoster Salinity regime of the northwestern Bering Sea shelfHiroto Abe, Daiki Nomura and Toru Hirawakeyes
GP15674Anastasiya KimPoster Size–age composition and some characteristics of the population biology of Ruditapes philippinarum (Adams et Reeve, 1848) in the Salmon Bay (Aniva Bay, Okhotsk Sea)Anastasiya Kimno, have file
GP15689Polina Lobanova for (Sofya Kuzmina)Poster Spatial and temporal variability of chlorophyll-a and its relation to physical and biological parameters: a case study for the European Arctic CorridorSofya Kuzmina, Polina Lobanova and Igor Bashmachnikovno, have file by Polina Lobanova
GP15588Joon Sang ParkPoster Species diversity of epiplastic diatoms at the drifting Chinese plastic debris in Korean coastal watersJoon Sang Park, Ga Eul Jeong, Hyun-Jung Kim, Seung Won Jung, Taek-Kyun Lee 
GP15657Hiromichi UenoPoster Stratification in the northern Bering Sea in early summer of 2017 and 2018Hiromichi Ueno, Mizuki Komatsu, Zhaoqianyi Ji, Ryo Dobashi, Miaki Muramatsu, Hiroto Abe, Keiri Imai, Atushi Ooki, Toru Hirawakeno, poster by Hiroto Abe (co-author)
GP15527Roy DurlavePoster Studies on the use of locally (Coxs Bazar and Saint Martin) available alternative renewable seaweeds wastes as compost organic fertilizer resources.Roy Durlaveno, have file
GP15593Ji Nam YoonPoster Summer distributional characteristics of phytoplankton realted with multiple environmental variables in the Korean coastal waters in 2019Ji Nam Yoon, Minji Lee, Hyunkeun Jin, Young Kyun Lim, Hyejoo Ro, Young Gyu Park, Seung Ho Baek 
GP15635Noa TakayamaPoster The characteristics of spatial distribution of Mesopelagic fishes by acoustic survey off eastern Hokkaido Island, JapanNoa Takayama 1, Yuto Suzuki 2, Ryuichi Matsukura 3, Tomohito Imaizumi 4 and Hiroki Yasuma1yes
GP15650Kirill O. TevsPoster The structure and dynamics of phytoplankton in coastal waters of Russky Island (Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan) Kirill O. Tevs, Olga G. Shevchenko, Maria A. Shulgina? have file
GP15719Mariya Shihab Ahmed AlboasudPoster Upward expansion of subtropical echinoderms in South KoreaMariya Shihab Ahmed Alboasud and Taekjun Leeyes
GP15625Injoo Yoon Withdrawal Assessment of regional progress towards the sustainable development goal 14 in the east sea based on the voluntary national reviews of participating countriesInjoo Yoon yes, now show poster yes
GP15721Yunwi HeoWithdrawal Biokinetics of fluorophore-conjugated polystyrene microplastics in marine musselsYunwi Heo, Wan-Seob Cho, Muthuchamy Maruthupandy, Seung-Kyu Kim, June-Woo Parkno, wants on-line, no show poster yes
GP15526Furqon AlfahmiWithdrawal Development of ocean acidification in situ observation over the Indonesian maritime continentFurqon Alfahmino, cancel poster yes
GP15576Kangeun KimWithdrawal Interaction of Marine Nucleocytoplasmic Large DNA Viruses with Eukaryotic Plankton Communities in the Sub-Arctic Kongsfjorden: A Metagenomic Analysis of Marine Microbial EcosystemsSeung Won Jung, Kang Eun Kim, Hyoung Min Joo, Yu-Jin Kim, Taek-Kyun Lee, Hyun-Jung Kim, Joon Sang Park, Bo Kyung Kim, Sun-Yong Ha  yes
GP15741Sharnietha Ratnam Withdrawal Microplastic ingestion of blood cockles (Tegillarca granosa) in Kuala Juru and Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia.Sharnietha Ratnam, Norlaila Binti Mohd Zanurino, cancel poster yes
GP15617Seonghyun JoWithdrawal Modulation of Kuroshio intensity in the East China Sea on interannual time scalesSeonghyun Jo, Jae-Hong Moon, Taekyun Kim, Yuhe Tony Song and Hyeonsoo Cha   yes
GP15528Chika Bright IkeleWithdrawal Morphology and Abundance of Crabs (Decapoda) In Opi Aji Lake, Enugu State, NigeriaCHIKA BRIGHT IKELE and ATAMAH CHINEDUno show poster yes
GP15796Young-shin HaWithdrawal The catch efficiency analysis by the time series of Korean tuna purse seine fishery in the Western and Central Pacific OceanYoung-shin Ha, Mi-kyung Lee and kyung-jin Ryu  yes
GP15744Evonne TanWithdrawal The effect of ocean acidification towards physical surface of microplasticsEvonne Tan, Norlaila Binti Mohd Zanurino, cancel poster yes
W1 (BIO)15828Telmo MoratoInvited Improved deep-sea biodiversity assessments inform sustainable management of seamount and other geomorphologic features in a changing planet: Lessons learned from the North AtlanticTelmo Morato 
W1 (BIO)15727Kota SawadaOral Biology and fisheries of North Pacific armorhead and splendid alfonsino in the SE-NHR area (Review)Kota Sawada, Kenji Taki, Takehiro Okuda and Mai Miyamotoyes
W1 (BIO)15677Mai MiyamotoOral Composition of cold-water corals and other deep-sea benthos in the Emperor SeamountsMai Miyamoto and Masashi Kiyotayes
W1 (BIO)15531Daniel LabbéOral Investigating seamount effects on zooplankton in the Northeast PacificDaniel M. Labbé, Akash R. Sastri, Julian A.C. Smith, and John F. Dower.yes
W1 (BIO)15808John F. DowerOral Oceanographic influences on biological production and energy transfer in seamount ecosystemsJohn F. Dower and Akash R. Sastriyes
W1 (BIO)15545Réka DomokosOral Seamount effects on micronekton at a subtropical central Pacific seamountRéka Domokosyes
W1 (BIO)15639Samuel GeorgianOral Species Distribution Modeling to Identify and Protect Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems: Case Studies from the South Pacific OceanSamuel Georgianyes
W1 (BIO)15581Janelle M. R. CurtisOral Using predictive habitat models and visual surveys to identify vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs) on seamounts in the North Pacific Fisheries Commission’s Convention AreaDevon R. Warawa, Jackson W. F. Chu, Chris N. Rooper, Samuel Georgian, Jessica Nephin, Sarah Dudas, Anders Knudby, Janelle M. R. Curtisyes
W1 (BIO)15615Chris RooperOral Using species distribution modeling to predict deep-sea coral and sponge communities, hotspots, diversity and indicatorsChristopher N. Rooper, Michael F. Sigler, Patrick Thompson, Olivia Gemmellno, have file
W1 (BIO)15709Andrey I. AlferovPoster Distribution of giant grenadier (Albatrossia pectoralis) at different stages of ontogenesis in the Bering SeaAndrey I. Alferovno, have file
W1 (BIO)15772Albina KanzeparovaPoster Features of spatial distribution of dominant groundfish species on the Koko Seamount (Emperor Seamounts) in 2019Alexey Somov, Albina Kanzeparova, Svetlana Orlova, Denis Kurnosov, Vladimir Belyaev, Alexei Orlovno, have file
W1 (BIO)15533Seonock WooPoster Genetic resources of deep-sea corals from seamounts in West Pacific by de novo RNA sequencingYe Jin Jo, Sung-Jin Hwang and Seonock Wooyes
W1 (BIO)15775Georgina A. GibsonWithdrawal Can Gulf of Alaska seamounts be a spawning ground for sablefish recruiting to inshore nursery habitats?Georgina A. Gibson, William T. Stockhausen, Kalei Shotwell, Alison L. Deary, Jodi Pirtle, Ken O. Coyle, and Albert H. Hermannno, on-line only, talk yes
W1 (BIO)15787Jeongho KimWithdrawal Variation in genetics, morphology, and recruitment in the invasive barnacle Amphibalanus eburneus (Gould, 1841) in KoreaJeongho Kim, Michael Ubagan, Soyeon Kwon, Il-Hoi Kim and Sook Shin   yes
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15520Lis Lindal JørgensenInvited Activities of the ICES-PICES-PAME working group on Integrated Ecosystem Assessment for the Central Arctic Ocean (WGICA).Lis Lindal Jørgensen, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, and Martine van den Heuvel-Greveyes
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15759Lisa B EisnerInvited Recent ecosystem research in the Chukchi and north Bering seasLisa Eisner, Elizabeth Logerwellyes
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15734Ferdenant MkrtchyanOral About remote monitoring of water surface and ice cover of the Arctic Ferdenant Mkrtchyanno, have file
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15641Irene D. AlabiaOral Arctic marine biodiversity and species co-occurrence patterns under recent climate Irene D. Alabia, Jorge Garcia Molinos, Takafumi Hirata, Franz J. Mueter, and Carmen L. David yes
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15782Kirill KivvaOral Distribution of water masses in the Chukchi Sea in August 2019 and their chemical characteristicsKsenia Kodryan, Kirill Kivvayes
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15784Jee-Hoon KimOral Inter-annual changes of the mesozooplankton community structure in the Central Arctic Ocean (CAO) and Northern Bering and Chukchi Seas (NBS-CS) during summers of 2016-2020Jee-Hoon Kim, Hyoung Sul La, Kyoung-Ho Cho, Jinyoung Jung, Sung-Ho Kang, and Eun Jin Yangyes
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15779Dong-Gyun HanOral Passive acoustic monitoring in the Arctic Ocean for Integrated Ecosystem AssessmentDong-Gyun Han, Jongmin Joo, Wuju Son, Kyoung Ho Cho, Jee Woong Choi, Eun Jin Yang, Jeong-Hoon Kim, Sung-Ho Kang, Hyoung Chul Shin, and Hyoung Sul La1yes
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15781Kirill KivvaOral Spatio-temporal variability of ice retreat in the Pacific ArcticKirill Kivva, Alexandra Sumkinayes
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15790Fujio OhnishiOral The development of Japan‘s Arctic Policy and the citizens' awarenessFujio Ohnishi, Akiko Mohri, Yukie Uwasoyes
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15780Wuju SonOral Vertical behavior of key copepod species subsequent to the midnight sun period in the East Siberian continental margin, Arctic OceanWuju Son, Jee-Hoon Kim, Eun Jin Yang and Hyoung Sul Layes
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15559Mikhail KuznetsovPoster Acoustic research of spatial distribution and abundance of arctic cod in the southwestern part of the Chukchi Sea in 2003–2020Mikhail Kuznetsov, Vladimir Polyanichko and Eugeny Syrovatkinno, have file
W2 (FIS/HD/SB)15698Yury ZuenkoWithdrawal Utilization of nutrients intruded to the Chukchi Sea through Bering StraitYury Zuenkono, cancel talk yes
W3 (SB/POC/FUTURE/MONITOR)15680Shion TakemuraPoster How do young adult fishers feel and adapt ocean climate changes in Japan?Shion Takemura, Takafumi Hirayama, Ryutaro Kamiyama, Yudai Hanzawa yes
W3 (SB/POC/FUTURE/MONITOR)15585Hana MatsubaraWithdrawal Study on gender aspects of community-based sustainable marine resource useHana Matsubara  yes
W4 (FUTURE)15757Raphaël RomanOral  Understanding the needs and priorities of Early Career Ocean Professionals in AsiaRaphaël Roman, Evgeniia Kostianaiayes
W4 (FUTURE)15795Evgeniia KostianaiaRecordedInvited Opportunities within the ECOP Programme to increase inter-regional early career engagement and partnerships for the North Pacific region Evgeniia Kostianaia, Raphaël Romanno, have file
W5 (FIS)15696Takeshi TomiyamaInvited Importance of monitoring biological characteristics of flatfishesTakeshi Tomiyamayes
W5 (FIS)15629Melissa A. HaltuchInvited Improving petrale sole (Eopsetta jordani) fishery management advice through a mechanistic understanding of oceanographic drivers of recruitment and biophysical connectivityMelissa A. Haltuchyes
W5 (FIS)15695Claude L. DykstraOral Evaluating stress profiles and mortality rates of discarded Pacific halibut from the charter recreational fisheryClaude L. Dykstra, Ian J. Stewart, Allan C. Hicks, Nathan Wolf, Bradley P. Harris and Josep V. Planasyes
W5 (FIS)15668Josep V. PlanasOral Generation of genomic resources for the Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) to assist in population biology studies informing fisheries managementAndy Jasonowicz and Josep V. Planasyes
W5 (FIS)15672Josep V. PlanasOral Improved understanding of seasonal reproductive development in female Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) guiding accurate revision of maturity estimates Teresa Fish, Nathan Wolf, T. Scott Smeltz, Bradley P. Harris and Josep V. Planasyes
W5 (FIS)15640Austin FlaniganOral Understanding Pacific Halibut Spatial Dynamics in the Northern Bering SeaAustin J. Flanigan, Dawn Wehde, Tim Loher, Andrew C. Seitzyes
W5 (FIS)15638Patrick ThompsonRecordedInvited Groundfish biodiversity change in northeastern Pacific waters under projected warming and deoxygenationPatrick L. Thompson, Jessica Nephin, Sarah C. Davies, Ashley E. Park, Devin A. Lyons, Christopher N. Rooper, M. Angelica Peña, James R. Christian, Karen L. Hunter, Emily Rubidge, and Amber M. Holdsworthno, have file
W7 (BIO)15676Matthew S. SavocaInvited Microplastic pollution in Monterey Bay: from water to whalesMatthew S. Savocayes
W7 (BIO)15595Taewon KimOral “SEAturtle” PICES special research project (2019-2023): What we learned on sea turtles of Jeju Island for the last 4 years and what we should do in future Taewon Kim, Soojin Jang, Mi-Yeon Kim, Byung-Yeob Kim, Kyuggsik Jo, Sookjin Jang, Jibin Im, George Balazs, Hideaki Nishizawa, Connie Ka Yan NG, George Shillinger, Michelle María Early Capistrányes
W7 (BIO)15712Mi Yeon KimOral Effect of anthropogenic noise on the whistle production of Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) in Jeju Island, Republic of KoreaMi Yeon Kim, Tadamichi Morisaka, Soojin Jang, Byung-Yeob Kim and Shiro Kohshimayes
W7 (BIO)15704Patrick D. O'HaraOral Exposure risk for alcids from marine vessel associated oil pollution in Western CanadaPatrick D. O’Hara, Doug F. Bertram, Alexandra King, Ken H. Morgan, Gary Kaiser, Laurie Wilson, Vivian Pattison, Sonia Pastran, Yuri Zharikov, and Caroline Fox1. yes
W7 (BIO)15258Yutaka WatanukiOral Geographical difference of marcury pollution across seas in the western tropical-subtropical Pacific shown by a pelagic seabirdYutaka Watanuki1, Mayu Iwasaki1, Sarara Azumi1, Hideshige Takada2, Mayumi Ishizuka3, Yoshinori Ikenaka3, Yoshito Chikaraish4, and Ken Yoda5yes
W7 (BIO)15754Andrew W TritesOral Impacts of anthropogenic stressors on killer whales. How much is too much?Andrew W. Tritesyes
W7 (BIO)15713Soojin JangOral The behavioral effects of tour boats on Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea Soojin Jang, Mi Yeon Kim, Dong-Guk Paeng and Jae Chun Choeyes
W7 (BIO)15597Jean-Baptiste ThiebotOral The designated shipping avoidance area around St. Lawrence Island, northern Bering Sea, is not sufficient to protect foraging habitat of the island’s breeding seabird communityJean-Baptiste Thiebot, Alexis P. Will, Shota Tsukamoto, Alexander S. Kitaysky and Akinori Takahashiyes
W7 (BIO)15675Xuelei ZhangPoster A high-quality chromosome-level genome of the Omura’s whale (Balaenoptera omurai)Kui Ding, Qinzeng Xu and Xuelei Zhang*no, have file
W7 (BIO)15259Yutaka WatanukiPoster Plastics in the stomach of two species of albatrosses in the western North PacificRisa Sakai1,Nodoka Yamada1, Bungo Nishizawa2,Ochi Daisuke3,Niizuma Yasuaki4,and Watanuki Yutaka1 
W7 (BIO)15562Jongmin YoonRecordedInvited What evidence exists on the effects of anthropogenic habitats on Saunders’s gulls breeding in South Korea?Jongmin Yoon, Seon-Ju Lee, Bo-Yeon Hwangno, have file
W7 (BIO)15774Jennifer F. ProvencherRecordedOral Litter and microplastics monitoring in the Arctic under the Arctic Council’s Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) and links with PICESJennifer F. Provencher, Eivind Farmen and Jan Rene Larsen  
W7 (BIO)15749Raisha LovindeerRecordedOral Modelling the long-term impact of oil spills on mammals and seabirds using Salish Sea AtlantisRaisha Lovindeer, Sara Mynott, Javier Porobic, Beth Fulton, Susan Allen, Doug Latornell, Heidi Pethybridge, Jess Melbourne-Thomas, Natalie Banno, have file
W7 (BIO)15791Chengjun SunRecordedOral New insights into microplastic ingested by the walleye pollock from the Bering SeaChengjun Sun, Jinfeng Ding, Peng Ju, Quan Ran, Fenghua Jiang, Jie Zhangno, have file
W7 (BIO)15591Larry Crowder and Dana BriscoeRecordedOral Unraveling the migratory mysteries of North Pacific loggerheads using experimental oceanographyGeorge H. Balazs, Larry B. Crowder and Dana K. Briscoeno, have file
W7 (BIO)15579Kate M. ColsonRecordedOral Using bioenergetics to assess impacts of prey loss due to climate change on Pacific Coast Feeding Group grey whalesKate M. Colson, Leigh G. Torres, and Andrew W. Tritesno, have file
W7 (BIO)15560Mikhail KuznetsovWithdrawal The effects of vessel noise on walleye pollock behaviour in the Okhotsk Sea in spring seasonMikhail Kuznetsov, Vladimir Polyanichko and Igor Ubarchukno, cancel poster yes
W7 (BIO)15573George H. BalazsWithdrawal Unraveling the migratory mysteries of North Pacific loggerheads using experimental oceanographyGeorge H. Balazs, Larry B. Crowder and Dana K. Briscoe  yes
W8 (HD/FUTURE)15645Brian PalermoInvited W8: HD/FUTURE Topic Workshop Science Communication Training Workshop 2022: Learn how to Share our PICES Science with the World in an engaging wayRandy Olson, Brian Palermoyes
W10 (SB/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)15807Yutaka MichidaInvited Oceanographic data and information sharing towards goals and outcomes of the UN Decade of Ocean ScienceYutaka Michidayes
W10 (SB/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)15773Chunhua HanRecordedInvited China's practice on marine big data management and sharingChunhua HAN,Fangfang WANno, have file
W10 (SB/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)15745Kate WingRecordedInvited Data Coordination Across Government, Private Industry, and Non-Profit Entities: increasing access through the U.N. DecadeKate Wingno, have file
W10 (SB/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)15566Igor I. ShevchenkoRecordedInvited Lessons learned from TCODE metadata federation activitiesIgor I. Shevchenkono, have file
W10 (SB/TCODE/MONITOR/FUTURE)15751Tim C.A. van der StapRecordedInvited Mobilizing international salmon data from open ocean to open accessTim C.A. van der Stap and Brett T. Johnson no, have file
Observer Poster15765Matthew BakerPoster International partnership and collaboration on high seas research in the North PacificMatthew Baker, Lynn Palensky and Mark Saundersyes
Observer Poster15799Leslie SmithPoster The Deep Ocean Observing Strategy: Exploring collective solutions to global deep sea challengesLeslie Smithyes

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