Submitted Abstracts

PICES 2021 Annual Meeting
Towards a shared vision of sustainable marine ecosystems

Oct 18-22, Oct 25–29, 2021, Qingdao, China

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGRANTED Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S1 (SB)15156Y-Lin LiE-poster Analyze the relationship between the fishing conditions of Scomberomorus species and changes in forage species around the waters of TaiwanYu-Lin Li, Lu-Chi Chen, Cheng-Hsin Liao, and Kuo-Wei Lanyes
S1 (SB)15087Christian MarcheseE-poster Delineation of marine bioregions of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska using Sentinel-3 Chlorophyll-a data and self-organizing mapsChristian Marchese, Brian Hunt, Fernanda Giannini, Matthew Ehrler, Derek Jacoby, and Maycira Costayes LiveOral->E-poster
S1 (SB)15122Luo MinboE-poster Ecological characteristics of phytoplankton community in the East China SeaLuo Minbo, Jian Tingting, Zhang Heng, and Wang Yunlongyes RecordedOral->E-poster
S1 (SB)15137Muhamad NaimullahE-poster Effects of climate variability on the catches and habitat suitability variations of three swimming crabs in the Taiwan StraitMuhamad Naimullah, Yan-Lun Wu, Ming-An Lee, and Kuo-Wei Lanyes RecordedOral->E-poster
S1 (SB)15148Je-Wei SheuE-poster Explore the simultaneous characteristics of abundance and habitats of tuna species in the Pacific OceanJe-Wei Sheu, Kuo-Wei Lan, Yan-Lun Wu, and Po-Yuan Hsiaoyes
S1 (SB)15152NIna BednarsekE-posterREP-1Integrated assessment of ocean acidification risks to pelagic calcifiers in the northern high latitudes: Regional comparison of exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacityNina Bednaršek, Kerry-Ann Naish, Richard Feely, Claudine Hauri, Katsunori Kimoto, Albert J. Hermann, Christine Michel, Andrea Niemi, and Darren PilcherRecordedOral->E-poster
S1 (SB)15050Iwao FujiiE-poster Promoting cooperation of monitoring, control, and surveillance for IUU fishing in the Asia-PacificIwao Fujii, Yumi Okochi and Hajime Kawamurayes LiveOral->E-poster
S1 (SB)15147Lee, Wen-HoaE-poster The structure of fishery resources and construction of ecosystem model in the southwestern waters of Taiwan.Wen-Hoa Lee, Kuo-Wei Lan, Che-Chen Chuang, and Wei-Yu Leeyes
S1 (SB)15042Mark SaundersOral Basin-scale Events to Coastal Impacts (BECI): An ocean intelligence system for a changing worldMark Saunders, Brian Riddell, Jacques White, Robert Day, Steven Bograd, Robin Brown, and Vladimir Radchenkoyes, received file
S1 (SB)15044Shion TakemuraOral Identifying changes of research focuses and potential collaborations in PICES toward the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (UNDOS)Shion Takemura, Karen Hunter, and Mitsutaku Makinoyes S4->S1, received file
S1 (SB)15067Vishnu P SuseelanOral Phytoplankton community composition in the Gulf of Alaska determined using CHEMTAX and OLCI Sentinel 3 satellite data Vishnu P Suseelan, Hongyan Xi, Justin Del Bel Belluz, Midhun shah Hussain, Astrid Bracher, and Maycira Costayes, received file, updated
S1 (SB)15086Erin SattherthwaiteOral The evolving efforts of PICES early career ocean professionals to foster international, intergenerational and cross-sectoral engagement in the North Pacific and beyondRaphael Roman, Erin Satterthwaite, Hannah Lachance, Aoi Sugimoto, and Cameron Freshwateryes, received file
S1 (SB)15096Sun-Hee LeeWithdrawalREP-2Jellyfish nuisances reshuffling local fishery patterns and ecological communities in the Korean peninsulaSun-Hee Lee, Juan Carlos Molinero and Jiang-Shiou HwangCANCELLED yes RecordedOral->E-poster yes
S2 (POC)15129Yan-Lun WuE-poster Decadal climate indices effect on the spatiotemporal distribution in Indo-Pacific yellowfin tuna populationYan-Lun Wu, Kuo-Wei Lan, Karen Evans, Muhamad Naimullah, Lu-Chi Chen, Po-Yuan Hsiao, Che-Chen Chuang, and Wei-You Leeyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S2 (POC)15165Thomas Y. ChenE-poster Developing Synergies between the U.N. Southern Ocean Task Force and the North Pacific: A Safe OceanThomas Y. Chenyes, missing submission Late abstract
S2 (POC)15051Luz de Lourdes Aurora Coronado-ÁlvarezE-poster Ocean acidification in the Pacific off Mexico: How to change the pH values across various regionsLuz de Lourdes Aurora Coronado-Álvarez, and José Martín Hernández-Ayónyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S2 (POC)15014Wei YuE-poster Synchronous changes in potential habitats of Trachurus murphyi and Dosidicus gigas off Chile in relation to regime shift of Pacific Decadal OscillationWei Yu, Zhiping Feng, and Xinjun Chenyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S2 (POC)15157Che-Chen ChuangE-poster The annual variations of grey mullet (Mugil cephalus) population in related to changed sea surface temperature and multiscale climate indices in the Northwest Pacific OceanChe-Chen Chuang, Ming-An Lee, Po-Yuan Hsiao, and Yan-Lun Wuyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S2 (POC)15141Lu-Chi ChenE-poster The fishery dynamics of narrow-barred spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus commerson) related to oceanographic factors in the southern East China SeaLu-Chi Chen, Kuo-Wei Lan, Jinn-Shing Weng, and Chen-Te Tsengyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S2 (POC)15049Dongliang YuanInvited Role of the Indo-Pacific oceanic channel dynamics in ENSO development and global climate changeDongliang Yuan, Xiang Li, Zheng Wang, Jing Wang, Ya Yang, Xiaoyue Hu, Yao Li, Xia Zhao, Corry Corvianawatie, et. al.yes, received file
S2 (POC)15016Virendra GoswamiOral Application of Remote Sensing to Study the Correlation of Climate Variability with Air-Sea CO2 exchange to develop Sea-Level Variability Forecasting Models (SLVFM) Over Tropical Oceanic Regions. Virendra Goswamiyes, received file
S2 (POC)15089Emily LemagieOral Multidecadal oceanographic variability over the Bering Sea Inner ShelfEmily Lemagie, Phyllis Stabeno, Kelly Kearney, and Wei Chengyes, received file
S2 (POC)15041Lin LiuOral Preliminary Assessment of Simulated Tropical Pacific SST Warming Based on CMIP ModelsXinyou Zhang and Lin Liuyes, received file
S2 (POC)15034Susan AllenOral Resilience to climate variability of nutrient delivery and primary productivity in a coastal seaSusan Allen, Elise Olson, Ben Moore-Maley, and Karyn Suchyyes, received file
S2 (POC)15154Po-Yuan HsiaoRecordedOral Climate-induced fluctuations in primary production required in summertime upwelling ecosystems around the Taiwan BankPo-Yuan Hsiao, Kuo-Wei Lan, Ming-An Lee, and Cheng-Hsin Liaoyes, received file
S2 (POC)15140Gian Giacomo NavarraRecordedOral Predictability and Empirical Dynamics of Fish Indicators in the North PacificGian Giacomo Navarra, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, and Ryan Rykaczewskiyes, received file
S3 (POC)15169Shevchenko GE-poster Diurnal shelf waves in the area of South Kuril Islands from TOPEX/Poseidon satellite altimetry dataShevchenko G. and Tsoy A.yes, late abstract
S3 (POC)15081Seungyong LeeE-poster Eddy kinetic energy variability of the Kuroshio Extension and its upstream-downstream connectivitySeungyong Lee, Hanna Na, and Young-Gyu Parkyes
S3 (POC)15064Qicheng MengE-poster Impact of submesoscale currents on the vertical transport of nutrient in the East China SeaQicheng Meng, Jiliang Xuan, and Feng Zhoumissing submission
S3 (POC)15109Khushboo JhugrooE-poster River-induced submesoscale processes in a southwest Pacific shelf sea and similarities to a northeast Pacific shelf seaKhushboo Jhugroo, Joanne O’Callaghan, Craig Stevens, Jennifer Jackson, Stephanie Waterman, Jody Klymak, Tetjana Ross, and Charles Hannahyes LiveOral->E-poster
S3 (POC)15053Yisen ZhongE-poster Seasonal Variation of the Surface Kuroshio Intrusion into the South China Sea Evidenced by Satellite Geostrophic StreamlinesYisen Zhong, Meng Zhou, Joanna J. Waniek, Lei Zhou, and Zhaoru Zhangyes LiveOral->E-poster
S3 (POC)15033Olga TrusenkovaE-poster Signal of near inertial waves in Peter the Great Bay, the Japan/East Sea, from ADCP data measured at the WaveScan stationary buoyOlga Trusenkova, Vyacheslav Lobanov, and Alexander Lazaryukyes LiveOral->E-poster
S5 (BIO/POC)15074Chao ZhangE-poster Distinct impacts of dust and haze particles on marine phytoplanktonChao Zhang, Qiang Chu, Yingchun Mu, Xiaohong Yao, and Huiwang Gaoyes
S5 (BIO/POC)15084Haoyu JinE-poster Impact of atmospheric deposition on the utilization of dissolved organic phosphorus by phytoplankton in the Pacific OceanHaoyu Jin, Chao Zhang, and Huiwang Gaoyes
S5 (BIO/POC)15124Sachi UmezawaE-poster Nutrient consumption by diatom in darkness below the euphotic zone during spring bloom in Funka-bay, Hokkaido, JapanSachi Umezawa, Manami Tozawa, Daiki Nomura, Yuichi Nosaka, and Atsushi Ookiyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S5 (BIO/POC)15146Kana NagashimaE-poster Seasonal Asian dust transport to the western subarctic Pacific based on the cathodoluminescence analysis of single quartz grainsKana Nagashima, Hajime Kawakami, Koji Sugie, Tetsuichi Fujiki, Yoko Iwamoto, and Maki Noguchiyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S5 (BIO/POC)15144Yoko IwamotoOral Dry nitrogen deposition to the eastern Indian Ocean during boreal autumn and its impact on the primary productionYoko Iwamoto, Katsuhiro Kawamoto, Fumikazu Taketani, Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Makio C. Honda, Eko Siswanto, Yugo Kanaya, Takashi Sekiya, Maki N. Aita, and Kazuyo Yamajiyes, received file
S5 (BIO/POC)15153Minako KurisuOral Estimation of the contribution of combustion Fe in marine aerosols over the North Pacific using Fe stable isotope ratiosMinako Kurisu, Kohei Sakata, Mitsuo Uematsu, Akinori Ito, and Yoshio Takahashiyes
S5 (BIO/POC)15126Fumikazu TaketaniOral Impact assessment of deposition of atmospheric nitrogen compounds to the surface chlorophyll-a concentration over Northwestern Pacific OceanFumikazu Taketani, Maki N. Aita, Takashi Sekiya, Kazuyo Yamaji, Kohei Ikeda, Kazuhiko Matsumoto, Makio C. Honda, Kosei Sasaoka, and Yugo Kanayayes
S5 (BIO/POC)15100Jiao WangRecordedOral The concentrations and depositions of atmospheric particles nutrient into the China adjacent seasJiao Wang, Jie Zhang, Xiao huan Liu, Baoshuang Liu, and Huiwang Gaoyes, received file
S5 (BIO/POC)15070Shijie JiaRecordedOral The distribution and diversity of antibiotic resistance genes in aerosols between a coastal site and marine sites Shijie Jia and Huiwang Gaoyes, received file
S5 (BIO/POC)15072Qin WangRecordedOral The response of phytoplankton in the oligotrophic and eutrophic waters of the Yellow Sea to the addition of haze in springQin Wang, Chao Zhang, Haoyu Jin and Huiwang Gaoyes, received file
S6 (S-CC)15155Kurnosova A.S.E-poster Application of E-TRIX index for evaluation of eutrophication in the Amur Bay, as a background for its bottom layer deoxygenationA.S.Kurnosova and V.I. Matveevyes
S6 (S-CC)15062Masahiko FujiiOral Continuous monitoring and future projection of ocean warming, acidification, and deoxygenation on the subarctic coast of Hokkaido, JapanMasahiko Fujii, Shintaro Takao, Takuto Yamaka, Tomoo Akamatsu, Yamato Fujita, Masahide Wakita, Akitomo Yamamoto, and Tsuneo Onoyes, received file
S6 (S-CC)15130Ana C. FrancoOral Drivers of oxygen trends and variability in the Northeast Pacific Ana C. Franco, Debby Ianson, Tetjana Ross, Roberta C. Hamme, Adam H. Monahan, James R. Christian, Marty Davelaar, William K. Johnson, Lisa A. Miller, Marie Robert, and Philippe D. Tortellyes, received file
S6 (S-CC)15135Akira IguchiOral Evaluation of the effects of ocean acidification and deoxygenation on eggs of Japanese whit-ing, Sillago japonica: An approach based on comprehensive gene expression analysisAkira Iguchi, Masahiro Hayashi, Makiko Yorifuji, Miyuki Nishijima, Taiga Kunishima, Tomoko Bell, Atsushi Suzuki, and Tsuneo Onoyes, received file
S6 (S-CC)15055Jennifer M. JacksonOral Identification of a seasonal subsurface oxygen minimum in Rivers Inlet, British ColumbiaJennifer M. Jackson, Sophia Johannessen, Justin del be Belluz, Brian P.V. Hunt, and Charles G. Hannahyes, received file
S6 (S-CC)15159Ana C. FrancoOral Impact of natural and anthropogenic deoxygenation on the habitat distribution of Pacific HalibutAna C. Franco, Hongsik Kim, Hartmut Frenzel, Rashid Sumaila, Curtis Deutsch, and Philippe D. Tortellyes, received file
S6 (S-CC)15143Makiko YorifujiOral Interactive effects of ocean deoxygenation and acidification on demersal fish in early life stagesMakiko Yorifuji, Masahiro Hayashi, Masaru Shionoya, Miki Kawata, Yusuke Watanabe, and Tsuneo Onoyes, received file
S6 (S-CC)15103Ahron CervaniaOral Isopycnal shoaling causes interannual variability in oxygen on isopycnals in the subarctic Northeast PacificAhron Cervania and Roberta Hammeyes, received file
S6 (S-CC)15164Benjamin O'ConnorOral Variability in oxygen within the coastal region of Queen Charlotte Sound: seasonal patterns, spatial trends, and implications for the marine carbonate systemBenjamin O’Connor, Stephanie Waterman, Wiley Evans, Jennifer Jackson, Charles Hannah, Hayley Dosser, and Alex Hareyes, delayed
S7 (FUTURE/POC)15088Huihang SunE-poster The effects of ocean data assimilation on North Pacific marine heatwave predictionHuihang Sun, Yiguo Wang, and Jingjia Luo 
S7 (FUTURE/POC)15054Andrew R.S. RossOral Recent advances in measuring and predicting the occurrence and impacts of harmful algal biotoxins in British Columbia coastal watersAndrew R.S. Ross, Blair Surridge, Harry Hartmann, Mackenzie Mueller, Ovi Haque, Tim Hewison, Nicole Frederickson, Stewart Johnson, Ryan Shartau, Lenora Turcotte, Andrea Locke, Melissa Hennekes, Nina Nemcek, Hayleigh Shannon, Akash Sastri, and R. Ian Perryyes, received file
S7 (FUTURE/POC)15133Jessica CrossOral The next decade of ocean acidification research in the Bering Sea: what we’ve learned and what’s coming nextJessica N. Cross, Darren Pilcher, Hongjie Wang, Elizabeth Siddon, Natalie Monacci, W. Christopher Long, and Esther Kennedyyes, received file
S7 (FUTURE/POC)15134Antonietta CapotondiOral Tropical influence on the development of Northeast Pacific marine heatwavesAntonietta Capotondi, Matthew Newman, Tongtong Xu, and Emanuele Di Lorenzoyes, received file
S7 (FUTURE/POC)15017Hui ShiRecordedOral Co-occurrence of California drought and northeast Pacific marine heatwaves under climate changeHui Shi, Marisol García-Reyes, Michael G. Jacox, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, Bryan A. Black, Steven J. Bograd, and William J. Sydemanyes, received file
S7 (FUTURE/POC)15139Brandi KamermansRecordedOral Detecting and identifying saxitoxin-producing algae in the Salish Sea Brandi Kamermans and Melissa Peacockyes, received file
S7 (FUTURE/POC)15160Elena UstinovaRecordedOral Extreme events in the thermal state of the Far-Eastern Seas and adjacent waters of the Northwestern Pacific Elena Ustinovayes, delayed
S8 (MEQ)15076Mi JangE-poster A close relationship between microplastic contamination and coastal area use patternMi Jang, Won Joon Shim, Youna Cho, Gi Myung Han, Young Kyoung Song, and Sang Hee Hongyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S8 (MEQ)15097Ji-Su KimE-poster Importance of point source to microplastic accumulation in Antarctic environmentJi-Su Kim, Seung-Kyu Kim, and In-Young Ahnyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S8 (MEQ)15085Seung-Kyu KimE-poster Importance of seasonal sea ice in the western Arctic Ocean to the Arctic and global microplastic budgetsSeung-Kyu Kim, Hee-Jee Lee, Ji-Su Kim, Sung-Ho Kang, Eun-Jin Yang, Kyoung-Ho Cho, Zhexi Tian, and Anthony Andradyyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S8 (MEQ)15080Lauren KashiwabaraE-poster Microplastics and microfibers in surface waters of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, CaliforniaLauren M. Kashiwabara, Shirel R. Kahane-Rapport, Chad King, Marissa DeVogelaere, Jeremy A. Goldbogen, and Matthew S. Savocayes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S8 (MEQ)15035Chengjun SunOral Using shellfish as potential microplastic pollution indicatorChengjun Sun, Jinfeng Ding, Jingxi Li, Peng Ju, and Fenghua Jiangyes, received file
S8 (MEQ)15111K David HyrenbachRecordedOral Assessing impacts of plastic accumulation in Laysan Albatross (Phoebastria immutabilis) chick growth and body condition K. David Hyrenbach, Dan Rapp, Sarah Youngren, and Paula Hartzellyes, received file
S8 (MEQ)15073Won Joon ShimRecordedOral Ecological risk assessment of waterborne microplastic particles in the marine environments of KoreaWon Joon Shim, Jae-Woong Jung, June-Woo Park, Soeun Eo, Jinsoo Choi, Young Kyoung Song, Youna Cho, and Sang Hee Hongyes, received file
S8 (MEQ)15060Matthew SavocaRecordedOral Evaluating species as bioindicators for plastic pollution in North Pacific food websMatthew S. Savoca, Susanne Kühn, ChengJun Sun, Stephanie Avery-Gomm, Anela Choy, Sarah Dudas, Sanghee Hong, David Hyrenbach, Tsung-Hsien Li, Connie Ng, Jennifer Provencher, and Jennifer Lynchyes, received file
S8 (MEQ)15066Shirel R. Kahane-RapportRecordedOral Field measurements reveal the risk of microplastic ingestion by filter-feeding megafaunaShirel R. Kahane-Rapport, Max F. Czapanskiy, James A. Fahlbusch, Ari S. Friedlaender, John Calambokidis, Jeremy A. Goldbogen, and Matthew S. Savocayes, receved file
S8 (MEQ)15095Seung-Kyu KimRecordedOral First estimates on the amount of water-borne microplastics entering the ocean from the Korean PeninsulaSeung-Kyu Kim, Hee-Jee Lee, and Ji-Su Kimyes, received file
S8 (MEQ)15043Jennifer F. ProvencherRecordedOral Litter and microplastics monitoring in the Arctic under the Arctic Council’s Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)Jennifer F. Provencher, Eivind Farmen, and Jan Rene Larsenyes, received file
S8 (MEQ)15048Jinfeng DingRecordedOral Occurrence and risk assessment of microplastics in various shellfish from the two major coastal cities of ChinaJinfeng Ding, Jingxi Li, Chengjun Sun, Fenghua Jiang. and Peng Juyes, received file
S8 (MEQ)15119Sarah-Jeanne RoyerRecordedOral Polyolefins and the effect of biofouling on their sinking behaviours in the oceanic water column.Sarah-Jeanne Royer, Kayla C. Brignac, and Laurent Lebretonyes, received file, will not be present
S8 (MEQ)15021Soeun EoRecordedOral Prevalence of small high-density microplastics in continental shelf and deep-sea waters of East AsiaSoeun Eo, Sang Hee Hong, Young Kyoung Song, Gi Myung Han, Seongbong Seo, and Won Joon Shimyes, received file
S8 (MEQ)15071C. Anela ChoyRecordedOral Widespread plastic ingestion in an abundant pelagic fish species, Alepisaurus ferox, across the subtropical North PacificC. Anela Choy, Sierra M. Byrne, Jennifer A.T.K. Wong-Ala, Elan J. Portner, and Phoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoatsyes, received file
S8 (MEQ)15114Michelle HesterWithdrawal Plastic ingestion trends in adult Laysan and Black-footed AbatrossJessie Beck, Michelle Hester, Myra Finkelstein, K. David Hyrenbach, and Hannah Nevinsno withdraw RecordedOral->E-Poster yes
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15142Ferdenant A. MkrtchyanE-posterREP-3About problems of the biocomplexity of marine ecosystems on the example of the Okhotsk SeaFerdenant A. Mkrtchyanyes
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15032Olga TrusenkovaE-poster Application of multivariate statistical analysis to vertical profiles of oceanographic characteristics on the example of moorings in Peter the Great Bay, the Japan/East SeaOlga Trusenkovayes LiveOral->E-Poster
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15105Ferdenant MkrtchyanE-poster Big data processing algorithms and environmental indicators in multi –channel monitoring systemsFerdenant A. Mkrtchyan and Vladimir Yu. Soldatovyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15121Pramod ThupakiE-posterREP-4Data Lakes for Ocean Data - How CIOOS is enabling data-science and AI research projects in the North East PacificPramod Thupaki and Ray Brunstingyes, missing submission, LiveOral->E-Poster
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15136Emiliya ChernienkoE-posterREP-1Machine learning methods for chub mackerel fishing area forecasting in the northwestern Pacific OceanIgor Chernienko and Emiliya Chernienkoyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15065Steven E. ZhangE-poster Unsupervised Machine Learning for ocean profile classification and outlier detection using the Pacific Ocean temperature-conductivity-depth profile dataSteven E. Zhang, Riham Elhabyan, and Di Wanyes RecordedOral->E-Poster
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15162Tongtong XuOral A Linear Inverse Model Approach to Comprehensively Examine Marine HeatwavesTongtong Xu, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Matthew Newman, Antonietta Capotondi, and Samantha Stevensonyes, received file
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15112Albert J. HermannOral Enhanced dynamical downscaling of global climate projections to regional scales using Machine LearningAlbert J. Hermann and Emily L. Nortonyes
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15069Di WanOral Using Machine Learning (ML) to study the timing of renewal evens in Douglas Channel, British Columbia, CanadaDi Wan, Pramod Thupaki, and Charles Hannahyes, will present from her computer
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15061Igor I. ShevchenkoOral Using the PICES TCODE catalog serviceIgor I. Shevchenkoyes, received file R->L
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15083Lu SunRecordedOral Auto-detection of marine mammals from drone photos based on deep learningLu Sun, Tao Xia and Xuelei Zhangyes, received file
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15145Yi XuRecordedOral Disentangling climate impacts on Sockeye Salmon population dynamics using machine learningYi Xu, Mike Hawkshaw, Caihong Fu, David A. Patterson, Roy Hourston, Peter Chandler, and Carrie Holtyes, received file
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15039Moritz S. SchmidRecordedOral Fine-scale interannual distributions of meso-zooplankton in the Northern California CurrentMoritz S. Schmid, Kelsey Swieca, Su Sponaugle, and Robert K. Cowenyes, received file
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15099Minkyoung BangRecordedOral Projected changes in the potential habitat distribution of Japanese anchovy (Engraulis japonica) in Korean waters from a maximum entropy modelMinkyoung Bang, Chan Joo Jang, Dongwha Sohn, and Jung Jin Kimyes, received file
S9 (FUTURE/POC/TCODE)15161Patrick J. DukeWithdrawalREP-2Estimating regional marine carbon uptake using a high-resolution neural network approachPatrick J. Duke, Roberta C. Hamme, Debby Ianson, Mohamed M. M. Ahmed, Neil C. Swart, and Peter Landschützerno LiveOral->E-Poster yes
GP15131K.K. Basheer AhammedDeclined Shoreline Change Dynamics along the Sundarbans Delta, India: A Geospatial ApproachK. K. Basheer Ahammed, Arvind Chandra Pandey,   yes
GP15092Chieh HsuE-poster "Wishing I'm Fishing": OceanView -- A fisherman's lifelong appCharlie Tran, Qifei Yu, Chieh Hsu and Qianqian Tao, Erin Satterthwaite, Andre Amador, and Sophia Merrifieldyes
GP15125V.A. ShelekhovE-poster Age-size composition and some characteristics of the population biology of the Helicolenus avius on the underwater uplifts of the Emperor ridgeAlbina N. Kanzeparova, V.A. Shelekhov and Aleksey A. Somovmissing submission
GP15094Elígio MaúreE-poster Application of the NEAT for global eutrophication assessmentElígio Maúre and Genki Terauchiyes S6->GP
GP15128Mitsuhide SatoE-poster Distribution and chemical speciation of iron on the outer edge of the Changjiang diluted water plume of the East China SeaMitsuhide Sato, Yohei Wakuta and Shigenobu Takedayes
GP15036Hajime TanakaE-poster Economic evaluation of MSY-based fishery policy using Input-Output Table: A case study of squid-related industries in Hakodate City, Hokkaido Prefecture, JapanHajime Tanaka and Mitsutaku Makinoyes
GP15091Mei IshikuraE-poster Effects of the Kuroshio Large Meander on euphausiids in Suruga Bay, JapanMei Ishikura, Akiyuki Kenmochi, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Takashi Yoshikawa, Rumi Sohrin, Yumiko Obayashi, and Jun Nishikawayes
GP15046Megan WilliamsE-poster From theory to action: Solutions for climate-ready fisheriesMegan Williams, Elizabeth Cerny-Chipman, Michael Drexler, Henry P. Huntington, Corey C. Ridings, Anna M. Zivian, and Sarah Cooleyyes
GP15120Anna V. KlimovaE-poster Heavy metals in brown algae, vascular plants and soils of Bering Island (Commander Islands) in 2020Anna V. Klimova, Liliya A. Pozolotina, Viktoria G. Avdoshchenko, and Tatyana A. Klochkovamissing submission
GP15056Hitoshi KanekoE-poster Horizontal scale of chlorophyll a variation in relation to eddy activities in the midlatitudes of global oceansHitoshi Kaneko, Shin-ichi Ito and Ken'ichi Sasakiyes
GP15045Julia V. StochkuteE-poster Influence of climatic changes of the eastern coast of Chukotka on ice coverage of the Bering SeaJ.V. Stochkute 
GP15082Mikhail A. StepanenkoE-poster Influence of environmental factors on the Bering Sea pollock reproduction, abundance and spatial distribution Mikhail A. Stepanenko and Elena V. Gritsayyes, missing submission
GP15166Aoi SugimotoE-poster Marine science communication in the UN Ocean Decade: What we have done, and what’s coming nextAoi Sugimotoyes
GP15063June-Woo ParkE-poster Toxic effects of aged-High Density Polyethylene fragment on zebrafish Yunwi Heo, Jin Soo Choi, Hakwon Yoon, Kanghee Kim, and June-Woo Parkyes
GP15151Wei-Yu LeeE-poster Using animal trajectory tracking software to compare the effects of different baits on the behavior of PortunidaeWei-Yu Lee, Kuo-Wei Lan, Muhamad Naimullah and Lu-Chi Chen 
GP15090Guoqi HanE-poster Variability of longshore surface current on the shelf edge and slope off the west coast of CanadaGuoqi Ha and Nancy Chenyes
GP15123Cameron FreshwaterWithdrawal Chinook salmon behavior may mediate prey availability for North American resident killer whalesCameron Freshwater and Jackie Kingno, withdraw yes
W1 (BIO/FIS)15022Yusuke ManakoRecordedOral Community structure of fish larvae associated with advections of the Kuroshio and its neighboring watersYusuke Manako, Airi Hara, Kaori Yamanoue, Takafumi Azuma, Gen Kume, and Toru Kobariyes, received file
W1 (BIO/FIS)15019Toru KobariRecordedOral Comparison of plankton community structure, standing stocks and productivity along the Kuroshio at the Tokara StraitMihoko Abe, Toru Kobari, Gen Kume, Naoki Yoshie, Daisuke Hasegawa, Ayako Nishina, and Hirohiko Nakamurayes, received file
W1 (BIO/FIS)15020Gen KumeRecordedOral Distribution, feeding habits, and growth of chub mackerel, Scomber japonicus, larvae during a high-stock period in the northern Satsunan area, southern Japan Gen Kume, Taichi Shigemura, Masahiro Okanishi, Junya Hirai, Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Akimasa Habano, Fumihiro Makino, and Toru Kobariyes, received file
W1 (BIO/FIS)15077Lian KwongRecordedOral Evaluating pathways of environmental association with mesozooplankton and fisheries productionLian E. Kwong, Benjamin Nelson, Murdoch K. McAllister, and Evgeny A. Pakhomovyes, received file
W1 (BIO/FIS)15031Tomoko KusanoRecordedOral How to adapt growth and productivity of fish larvae to the KuroshioTomoko Kusano, Toru Kobari, Takafumi Azuma, and Gen Kumeyes, received file
W1 (BIO/FIS)15030Yusuke TokumoRecordedOral Importance of gelatinous zooplankton on plankton food web in the Kuroshio based on metabarcoding analysisYusuke Tokumo, Toru Kobari, Ibuki Sato, Gen Kume, and Junya Hiraiyes, received file
W1 (BIO/FIS)15037Karyn D. SuchyRecordedOral Model-based spatiotemporal variability in mesozooplankton productivity in the Salish SeaKaryn D. Suchy, Elise M. Olson, Susan. E. Allen, and Akash Sastriyes, received file
W1 (BIO/FIS)15108Hui LiuRecordedOral Promising perceptions of linking zooplankton production to fisheries dynamics Hui Liuyes, received file
W1 (BIO/FIS)15040Shin KazunoRecordedOral Source of coastal waters advected to the Kuroshio using particle-tracking experiments on high-resolution coastal ocean modelShin Kazuno, Shin’ichiro Kako, Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishina, and Toru Kobariyes, received file
W1 (BIO/FIS)15132Theresa A. VenelloRecordedOral The effect of zooplankton community composition on spatiotemporal variability of trophic transfer efficiency in the subarctic NE PacificTheresa A. Venello, Akash R. Sastri, Moira D. Galbraith, Robert Izett, Karyn D. Suchy, and John F. Doweryes, received file
W1 (BIO/FIS)15110Megan N. WilsonRecordedOral The Tortoise and the Hare: distinct early growth strategies in a nearshore groundfish persist in the seasonally variable Northern California CurrentMegan N. Wilson, Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, and Su Sponaugleyes, received file
W2 (FIS)15167Shevchenko GE-poster Analysis of thermal conditions in the northwest Pacific Ocean from satellite dataZh.R. Tskhay, G.V. Shevchenko, and D.M. Lozhkinyes, late abstract
W2 (FIS)15118Dongwha SohnE-poster Effects of environmental variability on the spatial dynamics of common squid (Todarodes pacificus) in Korean watersDongwha Sohn, Sangil Kim, Minkyoung Bang, Changsin Kim, and Jung Jin Kim 
W2 (FIS)15168Dmitry LozhkinE-poster Seasonal and interannual variability of shortwave radiation in the northwest Pacific Ocean from satellite dataD.M. Lozhkin and G.V. Shevchenkoyes, late abstract
W2 (FIS)15113Carolina LangRecordedOral Impact of environmental variability on jack mackerel spawning grounds in the open sea of the Southeast Pacific OceanCarolina Lang and Villy Christensenyes, received file
W2 (FIS)15052Kelsey SwiecaRecordedOral Oceanographic and trophodynamic underpinnings of larval anchovy success in the northern California Current Kelsey Swieca, Su Sponaugle, Moritz S. Schmid, and Robert K. Cowenyes, received file
W2 (FIS)15015Wei YuRecordedOral Response of abundance and distribution of a top predator squid species to short-lived eddies in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific OceanWei Yu, Xingnan Fang, and Xinjun Chenyes, received file
W3 (BIO)15058Yutaka WatanukiWithdrawal Mapping marine pollution using a pelagic seabird as indicatorYutaka Watanuki, Hideshige Takada, Sarara Azumi, Mayu Iwasaki, Mayumi Ishizuka, Yoshinori Ikenaka, Yoshito Chikaraish, Ken Yodawsh cancelled yes
W3 (BIO)15158Marguerite TarziaWithdrawal Understanding and mitigating cetacean bycatch through a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach: IWC Bycatch Mitigation InitiativeMarguerite Tarzia , [additional authors to be confirmed]wsh cancelled yes
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15093Chieh HsuRecordedOral "Wishing I'm Fishing": OceanView -- A fisherman's lifelong appCharlie Tran, Qifei Yu, Chieh Hsu and Qianqian Tao, Erin Satterthwaite, Andre Amador, and Sophia Merrifieldyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15078Margot Hessing-LewisRecordedOral Adoption and implementation of Seagrass Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) Margot Hessing-Lewis, Angeleen M. Olson, Zachary L. Monteith, Carolyn Prentice, Luba Y. Reshitnyk, Rebecca Martone, Kylee Pawluk and, Markus Thompsonyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15059Takafumi YoshidaRecordedOral Assessment of the distribution of tidal flats in the Northwest Pacific regionTakafumi Yoshida, Nicholas Murray, Jie Su, Jongseo Yim, and Kirill Bazarovyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15057Sejal PramlallRecordedOral Characterizing phytoplankton phenology patterns in the Northeast Pacific coastal waters using the GlobColour ProjectSejal Pramlall, Maycira Costa, Jennifer Jackson, and Christian Marcheseyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15075Natalya D. GalloRecordedOral Contributions of fisheries surveys to monitoring essential ocean, climate, and biodiversity variables: A synthesis from the U.S. West CoastNatalya D. Gallo, Noelle M. Bowlin, Andrew R. Thompson, Erin V. Satterthwaite, and Brice X. Semmensyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15079Justin A. Del Bel BelluzRecordedOral High temporal resolution phytoplankton compositions and environment drivers in the northern Salish Sea, British Columbia, CanadaJustin A. Del Bel Belluz, Angelica Peña, Jennifer M. Jackson, and Nina Nemcekyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15101Akash SastriRecordedOral Integrating coastal zooplankton monitoring programs into an Essential Biodiversity Variable (EBV) framework: Current status, challenges, and new developments, for Canada’s west coast. Akash Sastri, Sonia Batten, Clare Ostle, and Brian Huntyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15117Erin V. SatterthwaiteRecordedOral Linking marine ecosystem data to action within the context of climate change: Toward developing the global observing system for marine lifeErin V. Satterthwaite, Nic Bax,Gabrielle Canonico,Lavenia Ratnarajah,Brice Semmens,Ralf Goericke,Rasmus Swalethorp,Noelle Bowlin,Andrew Thompson Natalya Gallo, Kevin Travis, Kathryn Beheshti,CalCOFI Committee,GOOS BioEco panel, and PEGASuS 2 working groupyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15106Maria T. KavanaughRecordedOral Marine Biodiversity Observing in the Northern California Current: Understanding changing plankton community composition and seascape habitats. Maria T Kavanaugh, Robert Cowen, Jennifer Fisher, Moritz Schmid, Su Sponaugle, Lauren Juranek, Samantha Zeman, Kym Jacobsen, Nicolaus Adams, Stephanie Moore, Jan Newton, and Jenny Waddeyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15163Brett JohnsonRecordedOral Mobilizing essential salmon biodiversity variables collected by the Hakai Institute Juvenile Salmon Program via the Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing SystemBrett Johnson, Ray Brunsting, Brian Hunt, and Eric Petersonyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15068Young Nam KimRecordedOral Overview of the National Marine Ecosystem Monitoring program in KoreaYoung Nam Kim, Inseo Hwang, Soo-Yeon Cho, and Jae-Young Leeyes, received file
W4 (AP-NPCOOS/MONITOR/TCODE/BIO/FUTURE)15098Sandy StarkweatherRecordedOral Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks: A Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems (SAON-ROADS)Sandy Starkweather and Jan Rene Larsenyes, received file
W5 (FUTURE)15149Nina ОkrestinaE-poster New marine objects in the pacific salmon nutrimentNina Оkrestina, Maxim Zharkov, and Olga Isaevayes

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