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PICES 2020 Annual Meeting
How does 30 years of research on changing North Pacific ecosystems inform the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Oct 22 - Nov 1, 2020, Qingdao, China

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGRANTED Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
VS1-S1 (SB)14906Kui ZhangE-poster Long-term variations in fish community structure under multiple stressors in a semi-closed marine ecosystem in the South China SeaKui Zhang, Jianzhong Guo, Youwei Xu, Yane Jiang, Jiangtao Fan, Shannan Xu, and Zuozhi Chenyes, OPEN, received
VS1-S1 (SB)14970Igor I. ShevchenkoE-poster PICES TCODE Catalog ServiceIgor I. Shevchenkoyes, OPEN, received
VS1-S1 (SB)14995Misty PeacockOral Collaborative research with Indigenous partners: meeting them on their watersMisty Peacock, Rachel Arnold, Rosa Hunter, Thayne Yazzieyes
VS1-S1 (SB)15011Steven J. BogradOral PICES Engagement with the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable DevelopmentSteven J. Bogradyes
VS1-S1 (SB)15010Pengbin WangOral The contributions of Early Career Ocean Professionals to PICES within the context of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)Erin Vera Satterthwaite, Aoi Sugimoto, Pengbin Wang yes
VS1-S1 (SB)14999Stephanie TaylorOral The International Year of the Salmon Pan Pacific High Seas Expedition 2021: A collaborative international approach to understanding how a rapidly changing ocean affects Pacific salmonStephanie Taylor, Mark Saunders, Vladimir Radchenko, Ed Farley, Laurie Weitkamp, Jackie King, Chrys Neville, Richard Beamish, Brian Riddell, Evgeny Pakhomov, Shunpei Sato, Shigehiko Urawa, Aleksey Somov, and Sang-Seon Yunyes, S14->S1
VS1-S1 (SB)15000John A. BarthOral Where are we now and where can we go with ocean technology for addressing climate change impacts on the North Pacific?John A. Barthyes
VS1-S1 (SB)14948Carlo CattanoRecordedOral Changes in fish communities due to benthic habitat shifts under ocean acidification conditionsCarlo Cattano, Sylvain Agostini, Ben P. Harvey, Shigeki Wada, Federico Quattrocchi, Gabriele Turco, Kazuo Inaba, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, and Marco Milazzoyes, OPEN, S16->S1, received Live->Recorded
VS1-S1 (SB)14907Yumi KobayashiRecordedOral Population trends of the Kuril harbor seal Phoca vitulina from 1974 to 2020 in southeastern Hokkaido, JapanYumi Kobayashi, Jun Chishima, Tamura Kyohei, Toyota Masaki, Matsuda Nao, Nori Sasaki, Sekitani Yuta, and Ayumi Yamadayes, OPEN, Received
VS1-S1 (SB)14927Atsushi YamaguchiRecordedOral Yearly changes in mesozooplankton biomass in the southeastern Bering Sea shelf during the summer of 1955-2013: Insights from T/S Oshoro-Maru dataAtsushi Yamaguchi, Hikaru Hikichi, Kohei Matsuno, Hiromichi Uenoyes, OPEN, received
VS1-S1 (SB)14942Minbo LuoWithdrawal Phytoplankton community structure and environmental factors in the East China SeaMinbo Luo, Tingting Jian yes (recorded to e-poster?) NO SHOW yes
VS1-S1 (SB)14984Tatiana DautovaWithdrawal Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems of the Emperor Chain Seamounts: Indicator Taxa, Landscapes, and new data regarding the status and health of the North Pacific OceanTatiana Dautovano show recorded talk yes
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14937Chao ZhangE-poster Air emissions from shipping stimulate oceanic phytoplankton growthChao Zhang, Zongbo Shi, Yan Zhang and Huiwang Gaoyes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14915Haowen LiE-poster Change of dominant phytoplankton groups in the eutrophic coastal sea due to atmospheric depositionHaowen Li, Ying Chen, Shengqian Zhou, Fanghui Wang, Tianjiao Yang, Yucheng Zhu and Qingwei Mayes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14961Jiao WangE-poster Characterization and source apportionment of size-segregated atmospheric particulate matter collected at ground level and from the urban canopy in Tianjin, a coastal cityJiao Wang, Ming Zhou, Bao-shuang Liu, Jian-hui Wu , Xing Peng, Yu-fen Zhang, Su-qin Han, Yin-chang Feng, Tan Zhu yes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14953Gang YuanE-poster Concentration distribution of atmospheric particulate nitrogen and phosphorus over the North Pacific OceanGang Yuan and Jianhua Qiyes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14941Kanako AmeiE-poster Diel, seasonal, and vertical changes in abundance, biomass, and community structure of the pelagic polychaetes down to 1000 m depths in the western subarctic Pacific OceanKanako Amei, Ryo Dobashi, Naoto Jimi, Minoru Kitamura and Atsushi Yamaguchiyes, NOT OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14921Seonock WooE-poster Differentially expressed genes of octocoal, Eleutherobia rubra against heat stress and the local environmentNayun Lee, Seungshic Yum and Seonock WooS14->S5 E-Poster, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14922Kirill O. TevsE-poster Dominant microalgae species in Paris Bay (Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan) near the net pens with marine mammalsOlga G. Shevchenko, Kirill O. Tevsyes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14935Anna PonomarevaE-poster Dynamics of the bloom-forming genus Skeletonema from the Peter the Great Bay (Sea of Japan)Ponomareva A. A., Shevchenko O. G., Tevs K. O.yes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14918Lin LiuE-poster Extreme sea level rise off the northwest coast of the South China Sea in 2012Lin Liu,Juan Liyes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14912Koki Yamanaka (changed)E-poster Fe redox status and its bioavailability in the East China Sea shelf break areaKoki Yamanaka, Yoshiko Kondo, Natsuho Fujita, Yudai Sunahara and Hajime Obatayes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14964Hitoshi KanekoE-poster Horizontal scale of chlorophyll a variability affected by eddy activities in the midlatitudes of global oceansHitoshi Kaneko and Shin-ichi Itoyes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14914Seonock WooE-poster Microbiome Composition of Azooxanthellate Coral and Seawater in the South SeaSeonock Wooyes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14917Shengqian ZhouE-poster On the relationship between aerosol methanesulfonate and surface phytoplankton biomass in the mid-latitude oceans of the Northern HemisphereShengqian Zhou, Ying Chen, Shan Huang, Guipeng Yang, Honghai Zhang, Adina Paytan, Hartmut Herrmann, Alfred Wiedensohler, Laurent Poulain, Haowen Li, Fanghui Wang, Yucheng Zhu, Tianjiao Yangyes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14926Shigenobu TakedaE-poster Spatial distributions of atmospheric water soluble nitrogen and phosphorus depositions to the Pacific OceanRumi Naoe, Shigenobu Takeda, Kei Tamura and Masataka Doiyes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14976Liliya A. PozolotinaE-poster Zinc and lead accumulation by Fucus distichus (Fucales) in coastal waters of southeastern Kamchatka and Commander Islands during 2000-2020Liliya A. Pozolotina, Anna V. Klimova, Nina G. Klochkovayes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14943Haoyu JinOral Air pollutants promote the utilization of dissolved organic phosphorus (DOP) by phytoplankton in China coastal seasHaoyu Jin, Chao Zhang, Huiwang Gao yes
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14947Clarissa BaldoOral Atmospheric aerosol iron from coal combustionClarissa Baldo, Akinori Ito, Zongbo Shiyes
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14928Lei HuangOral Atmospheric outflow of anthropogenic iron and its deposition to China adjacent seasChunqiang Chen, Lei Huang, Jinhui Shi, Yang Zhou, Jiao Wang, Xiaohong Yao, Huiwang Gao, Yayong Liu, Jia Xing and Xiaohuan Liuyes
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14958Yang GaoOral Elucidating the role of climate and emission in modulating the atmospheric nitrogen deposition over the North Pacific OceanYang Gao, Shuhui Guan, Xiaohong Yao and Huiwang Gaoyes
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14981Asuto SakaiOral High-frequency observation of the spring bloom in the western North Pacific by Himawari-8Asuto Sakai, Kosei Komatsuyes, received backup file
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14944Qin WangOral Impact of atmospheric deposition on phytoplankton community structure in the Yellow Sea Qin Wangyes
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)15004Andrew R.S. RossOral Spatial and temporal variations in copper ligand concentration along Line PAndrew R.S. Ross, Richard L. Nixon, Jasper George, Kyle G. Simpson and Marie Robertyes
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14930Ja-Myung KimRecordedOral Anthropogenic nitrogen-induced changes in seasonal carbonate dynamics in a productive coastal environmentJa-Myung Kim, Kitack Lee, In-Seong Han, Joon-Soo Lee, Yang-Ho Choi, Ju Hyeon Lee and Ji-Young Moonyes, NOT OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14985Yuta SakuragiRecordedOral Diving classification of lactating northern fur seals based on three-dimensional movementsYuta Sakuragi, Vladimir N. Burkanov, Russel D. Andrews and Yoko Mitaniyes, OPEN?, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14908Gloria S. Duran GomezRecordedOral Elevated nutrient supply caused by the Kuroshio approaching to the continental shelf in the south of Japan associated with submesoscale flows and near-inertial wavesGloria S. Duran Gomez and Takeyoshi Nagaiyes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14962Emily A. MillerRecordedOral Herbaria macroalgae as a proxy for historical upwelling trends in Central CaliforniaEmily A. Miller, Susan E. Lisin, Celia M. Smith and Kyle S. Van Houtanyes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14979Kazuki KamezakiRecordedOral New ocean-atmosphere biogenic nitrogen recycling in the equatorial PacificKazuki Kamezaki, Shohei Hattori, Yoko Iwamoto, Sakiko Ishino, Hiroshi Furutani, Mitsuo Uematsu, Kazuhiko Miura and Naohiro Yoshidayes, OPEN, received
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14972Feng XuWithdrawal Occurrence and cycle of biogenic dimethyl sulfide in the western Pacific Ocean and its contribution to atmospheric sulfate aerosolsFeng Xu, Xu-Xu Gao, Hong-Hai Zhang and Gui-Peng Yangyes, no show poster yes
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14978Gui-Peng YangWithdrawal Spatial distributions of methyl halides and influence of nitrate concentration on their production in the western Pacific Ocean (2 °N to 24 °N)Shan-Shan Liu, Zhen He and Gui-Peng Yangno show poster yes
VS5-S5 (BIO/POC)14932Mona MostafaeiWithdrawal Trans-Pacific transport signals of Asian dust from 1998-2011 in aerosols at Saturna Island, B.CMona Mostafaei, Doctor Ann-Lise Normanyes, no show poster yes
VS3-S13 (MEQ)14968Yun-Sik LeeE-poster Distribution and Occupancy Status of Alien Barnacles in South KoreaYun-Sik Lee, Michael Dadole Ubagan, Taekjun Lee, Seung Bin Park, Bal Dev Bhattrai, Sook Shinyes, OPEN?, received
VS3-S13 (MEQ)14969Taekjun LeeE-poster First record of non-indigenous colonial ascidian in the Korean coasts, confirmed by DNA BarcodingTaekjun Lee, Michael Dadole Ubagan, Seung Bin Park, Bal Dev Bhattrai, Sook Shinyes, OPEN?, received
VS3-S13 (MEQ)14989Chunjiang GuanE-poster Monitoring of drifting seaweed ( Sargassum horneri )in Liaodong Bay in 2020Chunjiang Guan,Yanlong Chen,Yongjian Liu,Yujuan Ma,Lu Yang,Jialu Shi,Jingfang Zhangyes, OPEN, received
VS3-S13 (MEQ)14988Kwang Young KimInvited Early detection and quantification of non-indigenous protists using environmental DNA (eDNA)Kwang Young Kim 
VS3-S13 (MEQ)14924Hitoshi ArakiInvited Environmental DNA for identifying “red zone” of endangered/invasive speciesHitoshi Araki, Hiroki Yamanaka, Kimiko Uchii, Michinobu Kuwae and Hideyuki Doiyes
VS3-S13 (MEQ)14973Satoshi NagaiInvited Recent progress of eukaryotic metabarcoding in Japanese coastal watersSatoshi Nagai, Sirje Sildever, Noriko Nishi, Satoshi Tazawa, Hiromi Kasai, Akihiro Shiomoto and Seiji Katakurayes
VS3-S13 (MEQ)14954Sergei V. TuranovOral A preliminary report on the implementation of eDNA-based techniques to biodiversity monitoring of fish from the Far East of RussiaSergei V. Turanov, Olesya A. Rutenko yes
VS3-S13 (MEQ)14993Thomas W. TherriaultOral Applied molecular biosurveillance in the Northeast Pacific part I: integrating a new eDNA tool for broad detection capacity.Kristen Marie Westfall, Thomas W. Therriault and Cathryn L. Abbottyes
VS3-S13 (MEQ)14994Kristen Marie WestfallOral Applied molecular biosurveillance in the Northeast Pacific part II: improving targeted detection and quantification.Kristen Marie Westfall, Thomas W. Therriault and Cathryn L. Abbottyes
VS3-S13 (MEQ)15002Jeanette DavisOral The use of eDNA as an intergovernmental approach to tracking and managing nonindigenous species in the USA.Jeanette Davisyes
VS3-S13 (MEQ)15008Emily Jacobs-PalmerWithdrawal Environmental DNA Metabarcoding for Simultaneous Monitoring and Ecological Assessment of Many Harmful Algal Bloom TaxaEmily Jacobs-Palmerno, cancel live oral yes
VS3-S13 (MEQ)14931Shufang LiuWithdrawal Influencing factors and quantitative evaluation of environmental DNA metabarcodingShufang Liu* , Ming Mu, Zhimeng Zhuangyes, W6->S13 NO SHOW yes
VS4-S14 (FIS)14925VIRENDRA GOSWAMIDeclined High resolution satellite study of multiple stressors in arctic marine systems and correlation of ocean-atmosphere –cryosphere interactions with climate variability to develop Arctic-Ocean Climate Predicting Models (AOCPM)VIRENDRA GOSWAMI  yes
VS4-S14 (FIS)14902Georgy ShevchenkoE-poster Amur River water and sea ice on northeastern Sakhalin shelf in June Georgy Shevchenko,Valery Chastikovyes, OPEN, received
VS4-S14 (FIS)14949Аnastasia М. KhrustalevaE-poster Microevolutionary processes in Asian sockeye salmon Oncorhynchus nerka populations during Late Pleistocene climatic oscillationsАnastasia М. Khrustaleva1, Ekaterina V. Ponomareva2 and Marya V. Ponomareva2yes, OPEN, received
VS4-S14 (FIS)14901Georgy ShevchenkoE-poster Oceanological conditions on the southeastern Sakhalin shelf according to surveys on standard sections and satellite SST observationsGeorgy Shevchenko, Zhanna Tshay, Valery Chastikovyes, OPEN, received, recorded->e-poster
VS4-S14 (FIS)14903Dmitry LozhkinE-poster SST lowering in the Sea of Okhotsk as the result of global warmingDmitry Lozhkin, Georgy Shevchenko yes, recorded->ePoster, OPEN, received
VS4-S14 (FIS)14900Nina OkrestinaE-poster Use of natural food attractants in the diet of Pacific salmon fish (Oncorhynchus kisutch) on KamchatkaNina Okrestina, Maxim Zharkov, Olga Isaevayes, OPEN, received
VS4-S14 (FIS)15007Evgeny Pakhomov and Albina KanzeparovaOral Comparative oceanographic conditions during the International Gulf of Alaska Expedition 2019 and 2020Evgeny A. Pakhomov and Albina Kanzeparova + International TEAM5 of the 2019 and 2020 Gulf of Alaska Expeditionsyes
VS4-S14 (FIS)14951Sarah Z. RosengardOral Co-variability of Fraser River sockeye productivity and phytoplankton biomass distributions in the NE Subarctic Pacific OceanSarah Z. Rosengard, Cameron Freshwater, Skip McKinnell, Yi Xu, Philippe Tortell yes
VS4-S14 (FIS)14983Brian HuntOral Food web structure and salmon trophic ecology in late winter in the Gulf of AlaskaBrian P.V. Hunt, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Alexei Somov, Albina Kanzeparova, Mikhail Zuev, Vladimir Radchenko yes
VS4-S14 (FIS)15012Dick BeamishOral Gulf of Alaska expeditions in 2019 and 2020Dick Beamish and Brian Riddellyes
VS4-S14 (FIS)14997Laurie WeitkampOral Potential effects of wounds and sea lice on the health of Pacific salmon on the high seasLaurie Weitkamp, Chrys Neville, Alexey A Somov, Albina Kanzeparovayes
VS4-S14 (FIS)14998Christoph M. DeegOral Way out there: Pathogens and stressors of overwintering salmon in the Gulf of AlaskaChristoph M. Deeg, Albina Kanzeparova, Alexei Somov, Svetlana Esenkulova, Emiliano Di Cicco, Karia H. Kaukinen, Amy Tabata, Tobi J. Ming, Shaorong Li, Richard J. Beamish, and Kristina M. Milleryes
VS4-S14 (FIS)15009Charles D. WatersOral Winter energetic status of Pacific salmon in the Gulf of AlaskaCharles D. Waters, Chrys Neville, Todd Miller, Emily Fergusson, Dion Oxman, and Edward Farley Jr.yes
VS4-S14 (FIS)14933Halle BergerRecordedOral A regional vulnerability assessment for the Dungeness crab (Metacarcinus magister) to changing ocean conditions: insights from model projections and empirical experimentsHalle Berger, Samantha Siedlecki, Catherine Matassa, Simone Alin, Isaac Kaplan, Emma Hodgson, Darren Pilcher, Emily Norton and Jan Newtonyes, NOT OPEN, received
VS4-S14 (FIS)14992Brian K. WellsRecordedOral An ecosystem-science approach to support salmon managementBrian K. Wells, Nate J. Mantua, Brian J. Burke and Jerome Feichteryes, OPEN, received
VS4-S14 (FIS)14974Ferdenant A. MkrtchyanRecordedOral GIMS technology in remote monitoring of ocean ecosystemsFerdenant A. Mkrtchyan, Vladimir F. Krapivinyes, OPEN, received pdf, MP4 later
VS4-S14 (FIS)14975Ferdenant A. MkrtchyanRecordedOral Some aspects of the microwave radiometry and spectroellipsometric technologies for monitoring aquatic systemsFerdenant A. Mkrtchyan, Vladimir F. Krapivin, Vladimir V. Klimov and Vladimir Yu. Soldatovyes, OPEN, received pdf, MP4 later
VS4-S14 (FIS)14946Siyu MengRecordedOral Strengthened Ocean-desert Process in the North Pacific over the Past Two DecadesSiyu Meng, Xun Gong, Yang Yu, Xiaohong Yao, Xiang Gong, Keyu Lu, Chao Zhang, Jie Shi, Xiaojie Yu, Huiwang Gao yes, OPEN, received
VS4-S14 (FIS)14986Megumi EnomotoRecordedOral Vertical habitat changes of juvenile Japanese jack mackerel (Trachurus japonicus) estimated by otolith microchemistryMegumi Enomoto, Shin-ichi Ito, Motomitsu Takahashi, Chiyuki Sassa, Tomihiko Higuchi and Kotaro Shiraiyes, OPEN, received
VS4-S14 (FIS)14909Lisha GuanWithdrawal Simultaneous evaluations on the spatio-temporal dynamics of major fish stocks: a case study of the Bohai Sea ecosystem in ChinaLisha Guan, Xiujuan Shan, Xianshi Jin, Tao Yang, Zhongyi Li, Harry Gorfineyes, No show recorded yes
VS4-S14 (FIS)15005Lian PengWithdrawal Study on the response mechanism of Yellowfin Tuna(Thunnus albacores) to the ocean heat content in the Indian Ocean Peng Lian, Zelin Chen, Jiayue Gu, Suwen Ye, Hao Xun, Fan Yang, Yinxing Liu, Meiqi Zhang no show recorded yes
VS4-S14 (FIS)14911Caren BarceloWithdrawal Time-varying epipelagic community seascapes: assessing and predicting species composition in the Northeastern Pacific OceanCaren Barceló1, Richard D. Brodeur2, Lorenzo Ciannelli3, Elizabeth A. Daly4, Craig M. Risien3, Gonzalo S. Saldias5, and Jameal F. Samhouri6no, cannot attend, cancel recorded yes
W4 (SB)14910Ruijing LiE-poster Occurrence and transport of persistent toxic substances in the North Pacific - Arctic region under climate changeRuijing Li, Guangshui Na, Hui Gao, Shuaichen Jinyes, OPEN, received
W4 (SB)15003Jacqueline M. GrebmeierInvited The Pacific Arctic Gateway: connecting the marine ecosystems of shelf/slope regions to the Central Arctic Ocean Jacqueline M. Grebmeier yes, OPEN, received ppt, waiting MP3
W4 (SB)14916Xiaofan Luo (for Zijia Zheng)Oral Mechanisms of persistent high primary production during the growing season in the Chukchi SeaZijia Zheng, Xiaofan Luo, Hao Wei and Wei Zhaoyes, change presenter
W4 (SB)14965Taka HirataOral Sensitivity Study on Planetary Boundary Forcing to the Arctic Marine EcosystemsTaka Hirata, Yoshio Masuda, Jorge García Molinos, Irene Alabia, Keiko Sato, Toru Hirawake, Eiji Watanabe, Maki Aita-Noguchi and Sei-Ichi Saitohyes, last minute change from Recorded to Live
W4 (SB)14990Hein Rune SkjoldalOral The influence of Pacific water on the central Arctic Ocean ecosystem: some productivity considerationsHein Rune Skjoldalyes, OPEN?, received
W4 (SB)14938Atsushi YamaguchiRecordedOral Life cycles of the two dominant mesopelagic carnivorous copepods (Paraeuchaeta glacialis and Heterorhabdus norvegicus) in the Arctic Basin: Insights from SHEBA samplesAtsushi Yamaguchi, Carin J. Ashjian, Robert G. Campbellyes, OPEN, received
W4 (SB)14940Irene D. AlabiaRecordedOral Marine biodiversity patterns under warming and sea ice-free Pacific ArcticIrene D. Alabia,Jorge Garcia Molinos,Sei-Ichi Saitoh,Takafumi Hirata,Toru Hirawake and Franz J. Mueter yes, OPEN, received
W4 (SB)14952Kohei MatsunoRecordedOral Predicting changes on zooplankton community in the pacific sector of Arctic Ocean analyzed by generalized dissimilarity modelingKohei Matsuno and Amane Fujiwarayes, NOT PUBLIC, received
W4 (SB)15006Peng LianWithdrawal Dynamical Importance Triangle: a new model to explain the multi-scale variation of groundfish in Eastern Bering SeaPeng Lian, Zelin Chen , Jiayue Gu, Suwen Ye, Xinyu Li, Xiaoyue Cui, Jiaqian Gao, Meiqi Zhangno show poster yes
W6 (FIS)14957Juhyun YiE-poster Accounting for price responses in economic evaluation of climate impacts for a fisheryChang K. Seung, Juhyun Yi, and Dohoon Kimyes, NOT PUBLIC, received
W6 (FIS)14913Dongliang Wang (not Jing Yu)E-poster Environmental impact assessment of spawning grounds in the Western Guangdong Waters, South China Sea, using RS/GISDongliang Wang, Yao Lu, Jing Yuyes, Recorded->E-poster, OPEN, received
W6 (FIS)14959Olga MaznikovaE-poster Polar cod (Boreogadus saida) stock in the Bering Sea Olga Maznikova, Aleksey Somov, Aleksey Baitaliuk yes, OPEN, received
W6 (FIS)15001Elena UstinovaE-poster Variability and change of the oceanographic conditions in the feeding migrations and reproduction areas of sardine, mackerels and saury in the Northwest Pacific Elena Ustinova, Viktor Filatov and Yury Sorokin yes, OPEN, received
W6 (FIS)14996Pavel EmelinOral Diel vertical migrant species in structure of epipelagic nekton of Pacific waters off the Kuril Islands in autumn of 2019 Pavel Emelinyes
W6 (FIS)14963Peter KuriyamaOral Evidence of time-varying processes in Pacific sardine stock assessmentsPeter Kuriyama, Paul Crone, Kevin Hill, Juan Zwolinskiyes
W6 (FIS)14934Тatiana NaumovaOral Some data on biology and distribution of larval capelin (Mallotus villosus catervarius) on the west Kamchatka shelfТatiana Naumovayes, OPEN, received pdf file
W6 (FIS)14896Johanna L.K. WrenOral Towards a plankton-based predictor of tuna recruitmentPhoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoats and Johanna L.K. Wrenyes
W6 (FIS)14904Wei YuOral Trans-Pacific “synchrony” in multidecadal change of habitat patterns for Ommastrephes bartramii and Dosidicus gigas Wei Yu, Jian Wen, Xinjun Chen, Yi Gong and Bilin Liuyes, NOT PUBLIC, received
W6 (FIS)14950Beatriz S. DiasRecordedOral Influence of environmental and population factors on herring spawn timing in Prince William SoundBeatriz S. Dias, David W. McGowan and Trevor A. Branchyes, OPEN, received
W6 (FIS)14982Elizabeth SarafRecordedOral Particle tracking reveals Pelagic Red Crabs as indicators of anomalous conditions in the California CurrentElizabeth Saraf, Stephanie Brodie, Megan Cimino, Isaac Schroeder, Michael Jacox, Steven Bograd, and Elliott Hazenyes, OPEN, received
W9 (FUTURE)14966Juhyun YiE-poster Economic feasibility of developing the low-fishmeal feed for Olive FlounderJuhyun Yi and Dohoon Kimyes, NOT PUBLIC, received
W9 (FUTURE)14971Dongliang Wang (for Meng Su)Withdrawal Marine Fishery Policy Adjustment in China since 2011Meng SU, Lingling Wang, Jiahao Xiangyes, Live->E-poster, no show poster yes
GP (General Poster)14980Yutaro SakaiE-poster An income pooling system in a Japanese trawl fishery: the case of Muroran, JapanYutaro Sakaiyes, NOT OPEN, received S14->GP E-Poster
GP (General Poster)14960Kosei KomatsuE-poster Detection of fine-scale internal disturbances generated at the Kuroshio frontKosei Komatsu, Akira Kuwano-Yoshida and Keisuke Ariyoshiyes, cancelled session 16
GP (General Poster)14955Amrtatjuti V. SeredaE-poster Enhance ecosystem-based approach principles in Marine Policy of Pacific Russia to contribute to fulfilling the Ocean Decade ChallengesAmrtatjuti V. Seredayes, OPEN?, received, cancelled session 16
GP (General Poster)14991Monica OgawaE-poster Harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) discriminate 3D objects : Effects of brightness and shapeMonica Ogawa, Ayako Momoi, Toshihiko Kushihiki and Yoko Mitaniyes, OPEN, received pdf, mp4, cancelled session 16
GP (General Poster)14920Seonock Woo E-poster Identification of functional genes in deep-sea corals from seamounts in West Pacific by de novo RNA sequencingYe Jin Jo, Seungshic Yum and Seonock Woo S14->GP E-Poster, OPEN, received
GP (General Poster)14898Vjacheslav S. LabayE-poster Oceanographic and biological conditions ensuring the presence of a high productive bottom community in the Marine feeding area of gray whales near north-eastern Sakhalin IslandVjacheslav S. Labay, Georgy V. Shevchenko, irina V. Motylkova, Natalia V. Konovalova, Inga A. Atamanova, Valeriy N. Chastikov, Roman V. Turchin, B.A. Dotzenkoyes, PUBLIC, received
GP (General Poster)14894Chunmao ZhuE-poster Rapid detection of aquatic microplastics on filter substrates based on hyperspectral imagingChunmao Zhu, Yugo Kanaya, Ryota Nakajima, Masashi Tsuchiya, Hidetaka Nomaki, Tomo Kitahashi, Katsunori Fujikurayes, NOT PUBLIC, received
GP (General Poster)14923David W McGowanE-poster Spatial and temporal dynamics of Pacific capelin (Mallotus catervarius) in the Gulf of Alaska: using data synthesis to improve monitoring of small pelagic fishes in the Northeast PacificDavid W. McGowanyes, W6->GP, OPEN, received
GP (General Poster)14905Wei YuE-poster Spatio-temporal variations in the potential habitat of neon flying squid in the Northwest Pacific Ocean Wei Yu, Jian Wen, Zhong Zhang, Xinjun Chen and Yang Zhangyes, W6->GP
GP (General Poster)14895Mikhail StepenenkoE-poster The role of environmental indicators in ecosystem-enhanced Bering Sea pollock fishery management Mikhail Stepanenko, Elena Gritsayyes, PUBLIC, received
GP (General Poster)14987Takahiro TsujitaWithdrawal Does the unique Individual Quota system in Japan affect price?Takahiro Tsujita, Yutaro Sakai and Nobuyuki YagiS14->GP E-Poster, ???? yes
GP (General Poster)14939Yongjiu XuWithdrawal Seasonal dynamics of dominant fish populations in Zhoushan Archipelago Seas: role of oceanic front and fishingYongjiu Xu,Hongliang Zhang, Joji Ishizaka,Cungen Yu,Huijun Wang, Yali Huyes, W6->GP, NO SHOW yes
GP (General Poster)14929Wang DongliangWithdrawal Spatial and temporal distribution of Uroteuthis chinensis in the Pearl River Estuary, ChinaWang Dongliang and Yu Jingcancel this poster, not attending W6->GP yes
GP (General Poster)14899Isaeva O.M.Withdrawal Taste preferences of echinoderms for barramundi (Lates calcarifer)Isaeva O.M., Oahn LT.K .., Zharkov M.L., Kasumyan, cancel E-poster, W6->GP yes

SUMMARY (excluding withdrawn abstracts)
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China, PRGP1
China, PRS12
China, PRS131
China, PRS141
China, PRS59
China, PRW42
China, PRW62
Korea, RGP1
Korea, RS133
Korea, RS53
Korea, RW61
Korea, RW91
United KingdomS52