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PICES 2019 Annual Meeting
Connecting Science and Communities in a Changing North Pacific

Oct 16-27, 2019, Victoria, Canada

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
HAB-S14003Tatiana OrlovaOral 20 years of HABs monitoring on the east coast of Russia: Results and lessonsTatiana Orlovayes
HAB-S13851Hao GuoOral 2018 Red Tide in ChinaHao Guo, Dongmei Li, Yubo Liang and Chunjiang Guanyes
HAB-S14053Jin Ho KimOral Field application and validity of a red-tide acoustic sensing system (RASS) for monitoring and alerting of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in Korean coastal watersJin Ho Kim, Seung Ho Baek, Young Kyun Lim, Hansoo Kim, Donhyug Kang, Seung Won Jung and Bum Soo Parkyes
HAB-S14410Anbiah RajanOral Influence of eutrophication on dinoflagellate cyst distribution in Abu Dhabi coastal waters and future aspectsAnbiah Rajan, Barrie Dale, Rajasekhar Thankamony, Azza Al Raisi, Ponpandi Perumal and Shaikha Al Hosaniyes
HAB-S13842Berhane TesfaiOral Morphology, Molecular Phylogeny and Toxicity Potential of a New Prorocentrum species, P. thailandensis, (Dinophyceae, Prorocentrales) from Phuket Island, ThailandBerhane T. Tesfai, Pengbin Wang, Jiangning Zeng and Mengmeng Tongyes
HAB-S13946Bum Soo ParkOral New evidence for the role of oil-degrading bacteria in the formation of a Prorocentrum dinoflagellate bloom after an oil spillBum Soo Park, Deana L Erdner, Hernando Bacosa, Zhanfei Liu and Edward J. Buskeyyes
HAB-S14054Young Kyun LimOral Succession phenomenon of two dinoflagellates Cochlodinium polykrikoides and Alexandrium affine in the southern sea of Korea in summer of 2017Young Kyun Lim, Seung Ho Baek, Jin Ho Kim and Bum Soo Parkyes
HAB-S14052Seung Ho BaekOral Why massive blooms of the fish-killing harmful dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides did not occur along the Korean coastal water in 2016Seung Ho Baek, Young Kyun Lim, Minji Lee and Bum Soo Parkyes
S1 (SB)14233Tomukum ChiaDeclined The In-Orbit-Flight Experiment for Reference-Based Pointing, Tracking and Detecting NEO, Asteroids, Comets, Celestial Bodies and Non-Visible Objects that affects Marine EcosystemsTchana Ndongwa Stephanie and Academician Tomukum Chia 
S1 (SB)14376Sean C. AndersonInvited An automated synopsis of the state of Pacific Canadian groundfish and climate impactsSean C. Anderson, Elise A. Keppel, Andrew M. Edwards, Philina A. English, Eric J. Wardyes
S1 (SB)14318Dohoon KimInvited Better understanding of socioeconomic impacts of climate change in fisheriesDohoon Kimyes
S1 (SB)14418Anna Milena ZivianInvited Connecting science and communities under a changing climate: the role of boundary organizationsAnna Milena Zivianyes
S1 (SB)14278Takeyoshi NagaiInvited How the Kuroshio enriches the southern coast of Japan and its downstream regionsTakeyoshi Nagai, Gloria Silvana Duran Gomez, Diego Andre Otero Huaman, Yoshie Naoki, Kazuki Ohgi, Daisuke Hasegawa, Sophie Clayton, Yusuke Uchiyamayes
S1 (SB)14439Jackie KingKeynote TBAJackie Kingyes
S1 (SB)14392Anne HollowedOral An assessment of climate change impacts on polar ecosystems Anne B. Hollowedapproved NOAA
S1 (SB)14429Mitsutaku MakinoOral Capacity building in Indonesian fishing communities using smartphone technology to monitor the environment and fisheries: The FishGIS projectMitsutaku Makino, et al (FishGIS)yes
S1 (SB)14158Aoi SugimotoOral Participatory scenario building to conserve Cultural Ecosystem Services: The possibilities and challenges from a case study in JapanAoi Sugimotoyes
S1 (SB)14331Patricia T. AngkiriwangOral Participatory system modelling to increase climate resilience of seafood availability in Tla’amin NationPatricia T. Angkiriwang, Sachiko Ouchi, Tiff-Annie Kenny, Anne Salomon, Laurie Chan, and William Cheungyes
S1 (SB)14378Thomas A. OkeyOral The Local Environmental Observer Network for inclusive documentation and understanding of unusual environmental / ecological changes that matter to communitiesThomas A. Okey, Michael Y. Brubaker and Michael J. Brookyes
S1 (SB)14517Peter ChandlerOral The North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report 2009-2015Peter Chandleryes
S1 (SB)13915Fangli QiaoOral The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and PICES: For the perspective of a predicted oceanFangli Qiaoyes
S1 (SB)14209Laurie WeitkampOral The Winter 2019 Gulf of Alaska Expedition: Studying salmon ecosystems on the high seasLaurie A. Weitkampapproved NOAA
S1 (SB)14075Elliott HazenOral Top Predators as Climate and Ecosystem SentinelsElliott L. Hazen, Briana Abrahms, Stephanie Brodie, Gemma Carroll, Michael Jacox, Matthew S. Savoca, Kylie L. Scales, William J. Sydeman, Steven J. Bogradapproved NOAA
S1 (SB)13889Kitack LeePosterREP-4Increasing Input of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Drives the East China and Yellow Seas to Phosphorus LimitationKitack Lee, Ji-Young Moon, Eunil Lee and In-Seong Hanyes
S1 (SB)13959Jennifer BoldtPoster Spatio-temporal models provide new insights on the biotic and abiotic drivers shaping Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasi) distributionMartin Godefroid, Jennifer L. Boldt, James Thorson, Robyn Forrest, Stéphane Gauthier, Linnea Flostrand, R. Ian Perry, Andrew R.S. Ross, and Moira Galbraithyes
S1 (SB)14161Sarah WiseWithdrawal Climate change, food security, and subsistence in the Northern Bering SeaSarah P. Wise and Jeneli Larsenno, not approved NOAA, cancel talk yes
S1 (SB)14370William J SydemanWithdrawalREP-3Potential application of seabird data in Alaskan groundfish stock assessmentsWilliam Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, Stephani Zador, Kalei Shotwell, Mayumi Arimitsu, Heather Renner, John Piatt, Scott Hatch, Yutaka Watanukinot, if poster yes
S1 (SB)14404Sean C. SimmonsWithdrawal Recruiting anglers across Canada to build a nation-wide fisheries monitoring program that helps researchers fill their data gapsSean C. Simmonsno, cancel poster yes
S1 (SB)14084Eric HertzWithdrawalREP-2Reduced portfolios in salmon populations in British ColumbiaEric Hertz, Brendan Connors, William Atlas, Katrina Connors, and John Reynoldsno, cancel poster yes
S2 (POC)14230Tomukum ChiaDeclined In-Orbit-Flight Experiment for Reference-Based Pointing, Tracking and Detecting NEO, Asteriods, Comets, Celestial Bodies and Non-Visible Objects that affects Marine EcosystemsTomukum Chia, Tchana N.Stephanie 
S2 (POC)14056Simone AlinInvited Effects of the North Pacific marine heatwave and El Niño events of 2013–2016 on the biogeochemistry of the southern Salish SeaSimone Alin, Jan Newton, Richard Feely, Dana Greeley, and Beth Curryapproved NOAA
S2 (POC)14299Eric OliverInvited Historical and Future Projected Changes in Global Marine HeatwavesEric Oliver, Markus Donat, M T Burrows, P Moore, D Smale, L Alexander, J Benthuysen, M Feng, A Sen Gupta, A Hobday, N Holbrook, S Perkins-Kirkpatrick, H Scannell, S Straub, M Thomsen and T Wernbergyes
S2 (POC)13868Sonia BattenInvited Marine heat wave impacts on lower trophic levels in the northern Gulf of AlaskaSonia Batten, Pierre Helaouet and Anthony Walneyes
S2 (POC)14261Jennifer JacksonOral A tale of three fjords: A comparison of marine heatwave impacts on three British Columbia mainland coastal systemsJennifer M. Jackson, Eddy Carmack, and Jessy Barretteyes
S2 (POC)14375William J. SydemanOral Are marine heatwaves causing an increase in seabird breeding failure globally?William J. Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, David S. Schoeman, Marisol Garcia-Reyes, and the Seabird-Climate Working Group.yes
S2 (POC)14277Jing-Jia LuoOral California Niño/NiñaChaoxia Yuan, Jing-Jia Luo, Jiaqing Xue, Doi Takeshi and Toshio Yamgatayes
S2 (POC)14083Charles Hannah Oral Characterizing marine heatwaves in British Columbia watersCharles Hannah, Peter Chandler, and Stephen Pageyes
S2 (POC)14091Jennifer Fisher (for Richard Brodeur)Oral Effects of a prolonged marine heatwave on middle and upper-trophic level biota in the California CurrentJennifer Fisher and Richard D. Brodeurno, approved NOAA
S2 (POC)14371Brian Allan HooverOral Influence of temperature and the 2014-2016 heat wave on regional zooplankton community structure in the eastern North PacificBrian Hoover, Marisol García-Reyes, Sonia Batten, Chelle Gentemann, Kathleen Dohan, William Sydemanyes
S2 (POC)14146Timothy GreenOral Marine heatwave alters abundance, structure and virulence of Vibrio populations associated with the Pacific oyster resulting in a mass mortality eventTimothy Green, Malcolm Cowan, Gurdit Khatkar, Natalie Khtikian, Allister Clisham, Andrew Robinson, Chris Pearce and Gary Meyeryes
S2 (POC)14359Antonietta CapotondiOral Predicting physical drivers of marine ecosystems in the Northeast Pacific using a Linear Inverse Modeling approachAntonietta Capotondi and Prashant D. Sardeshmukhyes, attends, NOAA/other institution
S2 (POC)14120Michael JacoxOral Predicting the evolution of the 2014-16 California Current System marine heatwave from an ensemble of coupled global climate forecastsMichael G. Jacox, Desiree Tommasi, Michael Alexander, Gaelle Hervieux, Charles Stockapproved NOAA
S2 (POC)14220Mayumi ArimitsuOral Reduced energy transfer through forage fish disrupted marine food webs during the North Pacific marine heatwaveMayumi Arimitsu, John Piatt, Rob Suryan, Dan Cushing, Scott Hatch, Kathy Kuletz, Caitlin Marsteller, John Moran, Scott Pegau, Matt Rogers, Sarah Schoen, Jan Straley, and Vanessa von Bielayes
S2 (POC)13882Meredith ElliottOral The 2014-16 North Pacific marine heatwave’s impacts on the marine ecosystem in central California, USAMeredith L. Elliott, Jaime Jahncke, Danielle Lipski, and Jan Rolettoyes
S2 (POC)14316John PiattOral Was an “ectothermic vise” responsible for the mass mortality and breeding failure of seabirds in Alaska following the NE Pacific marine heat wave of 2014-2016?John Piatt, Mayumi Arimitsu, Sarah Schoen, Vanessa Von Biela, Julia Parrish, Heather Renner, Kathy Kuletz and William Sydeman yes
S2 (POC)13981Tetjana RossPoster How unusual were ocean temperatures in the Northeast Pacific during 2014-2018?Tetjana Ross and Howard Freelandyes, o->p
S2 (POC)14430Malcolm CowanPoster Influence of Vibrio spp., temperature, reproductive development, and stocking density on Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) summer mortality in Baynes Sound, British ColumbiaM. Cowan, T. Green, P. de la Bastide, T. Finston, G. Meyer, B. McAmmond, J. Van Hamme, E. Bottos, W. Hintz, R. Marshall, C.M. Pearceyes
S2 (POC)14561Sofia DarmarakiPoster Mediterranean Marine Heatwaves: Physical Drivers and Future EvolutionSofia Darmarakiyes
S2 (POC)14260Hakase HayashidaPoster Regional case studies on marine heatwaves and their impacts on primary productionHakase Hayashida, Richard J. Matear, and Peter G. Struttonyes
S2 (POC)14122Hayley V. DosserPoster Sharp reduction in nutrient concentrations in deep British Columbian strait linked to marine heatwaveHayley V. Dosser, Stephanie Waterman, Jennifer Jackson, Brian Huntyes
S2 (POC)13897Matthew BakerPoster The Blob and its impacts on marine ecology in the Salish SeaMatthew Baker, Jan Newton, Rebecca Guenther, Tara Wilson, Ryan McLaughlin, Emily Hamacher, Erin Horkan, Kali Williams, Jessica Thompson, Bryson Albrecht, Rayn Allen, Rachel Hale, Krista Nunnally, Ian Smith, Ye Tian, Gabriela Zayas del Rioyes
S2 (POC)14264Julie E. KeisterPoster Unexpected changes in zooplankton biomass and juvenile salmon growth during the 2015-2016 warm anomalies, Puget Sound, WA, USAJulie Keister, Amanda Winans, Bethellee Herrmann, Julia Bos and Iris Kempyes
S2 (POC)14244Yury ZuenkoWithdrawal Causes of abnormal warming at Chukotka coast in 2018 and its consequences for the Russian fisheryYury Zuenko, Eugene Basyuk and Andrey Savinno, cancel plenary yes
S2 (POC)13886Eric C. J. OliverWithdrawal The attribution of marine heatwaves to anthropogenic climate changeEric C. J. Oliver, Jessica A. Benthuysen, Nathaniel L. Bindoff, Alistair J. Hobday, Neil J. Holbrook and Sarah E. Perkins-Kirkpatrickyes, but cancel poster yes
S3 (POC)14017Laura BianucciOral A coupled physical-biogeochemical FVCOM model for the Discovery Islands (BC, Canada)Laura Bianucci, Mike Foreman, Hayley Dosser, Maxim Krassovski, Pramod Thupaki, Peter Chandler, Jen Jacksonyes
S3 (POC)14014Mercedes Pozo BuilOral Future changes of the coastal waters in the California Current SystemMercedes Pozo Buil, Michael G. Jacox, Jerome Fiechter and Michael A. Alexanderyes
S3 (POC)13990Guimei LiuOral Green macroalgae blooms and particle trajectories in the Yellow sea: A numerical experiment of lagrangian-particle-tracking coupled with biological processesGuimei Liu, Shan Gao, Xuanliang Ji, Enye He and JingYangyes
S3 (POC)14328Darren J. PilcherOral Importance of simulating coastal biogeochemical processes for projections of ocean acidification on the Bering Sea shelfDarren J. Pilcher, Jessica N. Cross, Albert J. Hermann, Samuel Mogen, Kelly Kearney and Wei Chengyes, attends, NOAA/other institution
S3 (POC)13914Yuanchao WangOral Modelling the energy flow structures and interannual dynamics of Yangtze estuary and its adjacent waters in ChinaYuanchao Wang, Cui Liang, Weiwei Xianyes
S3 (POC)14227Angelica PeñaOral Modelling the interannual variability of biogeochemical conditions along the British Columbia coastAngelica Peña, Isaac Fine and Wendy Callendaryes
S3 (POC)14128Pramod ThupakiOral Modelling the riverine coastal domain along the Central Coast of British Columbia, CanadaPramod Thupaki, Di Wan, Mike Foreman, Maxim Krassovskiyes
S3 (POC)13976 Amber HoldsworthOral Projecting Climate Change for Canadian Northeast Pacific WatersAmber M. Holdsworth, James R. Christian and Youyu Luyes
S3 (POC)13961Yuehua LinOral Queen Charlotte Strait FVCOM modeling developmentYuehua Lin, Laura Bianucci, Maxim Krassovski, and Mike Foremanyes
S3 (POC)14162Toru MiyamaOral Role of river inflows from the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Okhotsk SeaToru Miyama and Humio Mitsuderayes, P->O
S3 (POC)14189Elise OlsonOral Salish Sea Model Ecosystem - Lower Trophic: Tidally driven nutrient supply to surface waters in the northern Strait of GeorgiaElise Olson, Susan Allen, Ben Moore-Maley, and Doug Latornellyes
S3 (POC)14110Youyu LuOral Sea level and meso-scale eddy variations in the Northeast Pacific during 2007-2016 simulated with a high-resolution regional ocean modelYouyu Lu, Li Zhai, Xianmin Hu, Rachel Horwitz, Jean-Philippe Paquin, Charles Hannah and William Crawfordpending DFO
S3 (POC)14015Dan WangOral The value of the greenhouse gas monitoring system for climate change in the China SeaDan Wang, Honggang Lv, Yifei Jiang and Shan Gaoyes
S3 (POC)13938Susan AllenOral Using SalishSeaCast, a coupled bio-chem-physical model of the Salish Sea, to evaluate interannual variability in the Strait of GeorgiaSusan E. Allen, Elise Olson, Nancy Soontiens, Michael Dunphy1, Doug Latornell, Ben Moore-Maley, Tereza Jarnikova and Jie Liuyes
S3 (POC)14199Michael ForemanPlenary Challenges and progress in the development of a circulation model for the central west coast of Vancouver IslandMichael Foreman, Peter Chandler, Di Wan, Pramod Thupaki, Maxim Krassovski, and Laura Bianucciyes
S3 (POC)14394Minkyoung BangPoster Effects of ocean warming on potential habitat distribution of Japanese anchovy (Engraulis japonica) in the seas around Korea: A maximum entropy approachMinkyoung Bang, Chan Joo Jang, Sukyung Kang and Chang-Sin Kimyes, confirmed
S3 (POC)14059Byungmoon ParkPoster Methods for predicting short-term surface sea temperature and the forecasting service in Republic of KoreaKwangnam Han, Byungmoon Park, Yong Huh and Donghyeon Yuyes
S3 (POC)14402Chan Joo JangWithdrawal Development of the mid-term ocean prediction system for the Northwestern PacificHeeseok Jung, Chan Joo Jang, Yong Sun Kimno, cancel poster yes
S3 (POC)14403Chan Joo JangWithdrawal Linear trend of significant wave height in the East Sea inferred from wave hindcastKiho Kim, Chan Joo Jang, Kideok Do, Heeseok Jung, Jaseon Yoono, cancel poster yes
S3 (POC)13927Xuanliang JiWithdrawal Long-Term Trend of Oceanic Surface Carbon in the Northwest Pacific from 1958 to 2017Xuanliang Ji, Fei Chai, Peng Xiucancelled poster yes
S3 (POC)14289Hyoun-Woo KangWithdrawal Numerical experiments on the summer distributions of water properties and nutrients in the East China SeaHyoun-Woo Kang, Ok Hee Seo, Jae Kwi So, and Chan Joo Jangno, cancel poster yes
S3 (POC)14196Hao WeiWithdrawal Physical and biogeochemical variability in Yellow and Bohai Seas from joint analysis of model simulations and observationsHao Wei, Liang Zhao, Guisheng Song, Haiyan Zhang, Hongtao Nie, Xiaofan Luo and Youyu Luno, cancelinvited yes
S4 (HD)13949Hideo Okamura and Hiroshi KawaiInvited Ship antifouling biocides used in Japan and their environmental riskHideo Okamurayes
S4 (HD)14298Sarah BobbeOral Environmental impacts and mitigation of grey water discharges from ships Sarah Bobbe and Andrew Dumbrilleyes
S4 (HD)14326Rachael D. MuellerOral Influences of wind, sea state, and oil type on oil dispersion in the Salish SeaRachael D. Mueller, Shihan Li, Ashutosh Bhudia, Krista Cawley, Doug Latornell, Ben Moore-Maley, Susan E. Allen, Haibo Niu and Stephanie Chang yes
S4 (HD)13854Keliang ChenOral Marine Eco-damage Assessment Methods Based on the Eco-restoration Cost in ChinaKeliang Chen, Fenggui Chen, Jiwei Zhang, Jinkeng Wang and Bingkun Wangyes
S4 (HD)13912Jingmei LiOral Research on the application level of marine ecosystem services economic valuation in decision-making in ChinaJingmei Li, Na Wang and Jin Huayes
S4 (HD)13861R. Cotton RockwoodOral Ship strike management in priority regions of the U.S. West Coast: Effectiveness of past efforts and potential for new strategiesR. Cotton Rockwood, Jeff Adams, John Calambokidis, Greg Silber and Jaime Jahnckeyes
S4 (HD)14173Kuan-Mei HsiungOral The variability of Japanese eel body larval length concerning the environmental factors of the migration routeKuan-Mei Hsiung, Chi Ma, Yu-San Han, and Chia-Ying Koyes
S4 (HD)13960Josephine IacarellaOral Unwanted networks: vessel traffic heightens the risk of invasions in marine protected areasJosephine C. Iacarella, Lily Burke, Ian C. Davidson, Claudio DiBacco, Thomas W. Therriault and Anya Dunhamyes
S4 (HD)13970Yohei ShimasakiPoster Effects of TBT on sinking rate and physiological parameters of marine planktonic diatom, Thalassiosira pseudonanaMst. Ruhina Margia Khanam, Yohei Shimasaki, Koki Mukai, Yuji Oshimayes
S4 (HD)13973Jinhui WangWithdrawal The vessel transportation and related species invasion risk in East China SeaJinhui Wangno, cancel talk yes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14415Elizabeth M.J. Lee Oral Big fishery, big data, and little crabs: Examining fine-scale genetic connectivity among Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) larval recruits in the California Current EcosystemElizabeth M.J. Lee and Kathleen G. O'Malleyyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14419Eric P. BjorkstedtOral Climate-related variability in assemblage and size- structure of euphausiids in coastal waters off northern CaliforniaEric P. Bjorkstedt, Roxanne R. Robertsonapproved NOAA
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)13984Carol A. StepienOralxREP-4Community species identities, diversity, and patterns across the Salish Sea: Metagenomic analyses of zooplankton and eDNACarol A. Stepien, Julie Keister, Elizabeth Slikas, Christopher Paight, Emily Norton, and Ellen Leeapproved NOAA
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14102Wiley EvansOralREP-6Constraining along-coast surface seawater CO2 system variability and changeability from an Alaskan ferryWiley Evans, Geoffrey T. Lebon, Christen D. Harrington, and Allison Bidlackyes, p->o, talk and poster
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14395Jessica GarzkeOralxREP-5Depressed condition and growth of juvenile sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) during early migrationGarzke, J, Hunt BPVyes, P->O
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14383Sheng-Yuan TengOral Development of an ecosystem-based assessment approach for the northwestern Pacific mullet (Mugil cephalus) fisherySheng-Yuan Teng, Shin-ichi Ito, Nan-Jay Su and Ming-An Leeyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14116Ian PerryOral Drivers of interannual and decadal-scale variability in the lower trophic levels of the marine ecosystem off Vancouver Island, CanadaR. Ian Perry, Moira Galbraith, Kelly Young, Roy Hourston, Richard Thomson, Ken Fong, and Brenda Waddellyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14018Carol LaddOral Interannual variability in stratification, nutrients, and water mass structure in the Chukchi SeaCarol Ladd, Calvin Mordy, and Phyllis Stabenoapproved NOAA
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14095David McGowanOral Large multi-decadal space and time shifts in Pacific herring spawning in the Gulf of AlaskaDavid W. McGowan and Trevor A. Branchyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14051Irene AlabiaOral Multiple facets of marine biodiversity in the Pacific Arctic under future climateIrene D. Alabia, Jorge Garcia Molinos, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Takafumi Hirata, Toru Hirawake and Franz J. Mueteryes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14163Caitlin MagelOralxREP-3Quantifying the role of estuaries in Oregon Coast coho salmon productionCaitlin L. Magel, Mark D. Scheuerell, Eric R. Buhle and Sally D. Hackeryes, FIN accept, P->O
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14043Szymon SurmaOral Reconstructing and projecting trends in a Northeast Pacific ecosystemSzymon Surmayes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14344Colleen KelloggOral Resolving drivers of microbial community variability in the Strait of Georgia over multiple time scalesColleen Kellogg, Rebecca Piercey, Caterina Giner, Justin Del Bel Belluz, Brian Hunt, Jennifer Jacksonyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)13898Matthew Baker and Kirill KivvaOral Shifts in the physical environment in the Pacific Arctic and implications for ecological timing and structureMatthew Baker, Kirill Kivva, Jordan Watson, Maria Pisareva, Julia Selivanovayes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14147Haruka NishikawaOralxREP-1Simulated primary production in the Kuroshio Extension under the influence of the global warmingHaruka Nishikawa, Shiro Nishikawa, Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu Yoichi Ishikawayes, P->O
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14103Cecilia O'LearyOralxREP-2Spatiotemporal dynamics of groundfish availability to Eastern Bering Sea bottom trawl surveys and abundance estimate uncertaintiesO’Leary, C. A., Thorson, J. T., Hoff J., Kotwicki S., Punt A.yes, attends, NOAA/other institution, P->O
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14343Karyn SuchyOral Synchrony between phytoplankton and zooplankton phenology in the Strait of Georgia, CanadaKaryn Suchy, Maycira Costa, Moira Galbraith, Kelly Young, and Ian Perryyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14154Po-Yuan HsiaoOralxREP-0The influences of climatic variability on the summertime environmental variations and ecosystem structures around the waters of Taiwan BankPo-Yuan Hsiao and Kuo-Wei Lanyes, needs talk, P->O
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)13966Phoebe Woodworth-JefcoatsOral The role of temperature in determining how marine fish will be differentially affected by climate changePhoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoats, Julia L. Blanchard, and Jeffrey C. Drazenapproved NOAA
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14269Naoki H. KumagaiPlenaryPL REP-1Community shifts from macroalgae to corals under climate warming: Underlying processes and adaptation strategiesNaoki H. Kumagai, Jorge García Molinos, Hiroya Yamano, Shitaro Takao, Masahiko Fujii and Yasuhiro Yamanakayes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14271Shin-ichi ItoPosterREP-8Declining catch of Japanese sandeelsShin-ichi Ito and Qinyao Liyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14137Taewon KimPoster Effect of ocean freshening and acidification on intertidal amphipods and limpets of AntarcticaTaewon Kim, Jibin Im, Boongho Cho, Seojeong Park, Eunchong Sin,and In-Young Ahnyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14490Qingshan LuanPoster Long-term variations on temperate phytoplankton communities in the Bohai & Yellow Seas, ChinaQingshan Luan, Yuande Kang and Jun Wangyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14407Albert J. HermannPoster Multi-decadal projections of biophysical conditions in the Bering SeaAlbert J. Hermann, Wei Cheng, Kelly Kearney, Georgina A. Gibson, Ivonne Ortiz, Kerim Aydin, Kirstin Holsman, and Anne Hollowednot approved NOAA
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14322Anna Vazhova (for Denis Kurnosov)PosterxREP-8The relationship between lake and marine forms of Pacific herring Clupea pallasii based on the polymorphism of the mtDNA control region and microsatellite loci.Denis S.Kurnosov, Svetlana Yu.Orlova, Elena A. Chikurova, Dmitriy M.
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)13957Changan XuPosterREP-7Valuation of mangrove ecosystem along the coastal of Beihai in China which receives heavy anthropogenic disturbancesChangan Xu, Qinghua Wang, Peng Wu, Jingliang Wan, Shixin Huang and Xu Tangyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)13932Rebecca SchijnsPoster What has Canada caught, and how much is left? Combining catch reconstructions in three oceans with current biomass estimatesRebecca Schijns and Daniel Paulyyes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)13916Yongwen GaoWithdrawal Carbon isotopic composition of clam shells along the Washington coast and the effects of ocean acidificationYongwen Gao and Russell A. Svecyes, poster no show yes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)13994Samuel AkandeWithdrawal Developing a Community-Based Resilience Assessment Model to extreme ocean-climate eventsSamuel O. Akande, Adekunle Osinowo, Olajumoke Jejelola, Olabanji Olajire and Oluwaseun Apenuwayes, no show talk yes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14114Basheer Ahammed KKWithdrawal Geospatial Modelling for the prediction of future shoreline, a case study on East coast of India Andhra PradeshBasheer Ahamemd KK, Arvind Chandra Pandeyno, FIN, cancel talk yes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14079Haoyu LiWithdrawal Long-term variation in the abundance of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) from the Yellow Sea in the western North Pacific and its relation to climate over the past 590 yearsHaoyu Li,Shu Yang,Qisheng Tang,Xin Zhou and Yao Sunno, cancel poster yes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14211Mary HunsickerWithdrawal Phytoplankton phenology and survival of Pacific cod larvae in the Bering Sea and Gulf of AlaskaBen Laurel, Mary Hunsicker, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Janet Duffy Anderson, Thomas Hurst, and Robert O’Malleyyes, cancel talk approved NOAA yes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)14245Yury ZuenkoWithdrawal Reasons and mechanisms of decline trends for walley pollock populations in the Japan/East SeaYury Zuenko and Vladimir Nuzhdinno, cancel poster yes
S5 (POC/BIO/FIS/FUTURE)13843Jilong ChenWithdrawal Sea level variations in the East China Sea from merged altimetry dataJilong Chenno, cancel poster yes
S6 (FUTURE)14104Philina EnglishOral Are Canadian Pacific groundfishes shifting their distribution in response to local climate velocities?Philina A. English, Sean C. Anderson, Eric J. Ward, Brendan M. Connors, Andrew M. Edwards, Robyn E. Forrest, Karen L. Hunter, Christopher N. Rooperyes
S6 (FUTURE)14427Nina BednaršekOral Biological threshold application for forecasting future sustainability of estuarine calcifiers in the Salish SeaNina Bednaršek1, Greg Pelletier2, Richard Feely3, Simone Alin3, Anise Ahmed2, and Teizeen Mohamedali2yes, but cancel presentation
S6 (FUTURE)14094Kym JacobsonOralREP-1Characterizing spatial coherence of copepods as regional indicators in the Northern California CurrentMichael J. Dumelle, Jesse F. Lamb, Kym C. Jacobson, Mary E. Hunsicker, Cheryl A. Morgan, Brian J. Burke, and William T. Petersonyes, approved NOAA, move to S6 as oral
S6 (FUTURE)14265David CostalagoOral Dynamics of the planktonic food-web of the Strait of Georgia (northeast Pacific) and implications for zooplanktivorous fish.David Costalago, Brian P. V. Hunt, Chrys Neville, Ian Perry, Kelly Young and Ian Forsteryes
S6 (FUTURE)14293Kelly S. AndrewsOral Ecological thresholds in forecast performance for key United States West Coast Chinook salmon stocksWilliam H. Satterthwaite, Kelly S. Andrews, Brian J. Burke, Jennifer L. Gosselin, Correigh M. Greene, Chris J. Harvey, Stuart H. Munsch, Michael R. O’Farrell, Jameal F. Samhouri and Kathryn L. Sobocinskiapproved NOAA, 2 talks apart
S6 (FUTURE)14117Jason LinkOral Evidence for ecosystem overfishing in North Pacific marine ecosystemsJason S. Linkapproved NOAA
S6 (FUTURE)14153Dan LiuOral Identifying drivers and their thresholds for piscivorous fishes in the exploited China Seas under climate changeDan Liu, Yongjun Tian, Caihong Fu, Shuyang Ma, Jianchao Li, Peng Sun, Zhenjiang Ye and Shijie Zhouyes
S6 (FUTURE)14129Mike LitzowOral The changing physical and ecological meanings of North Pacific Ocean climate indicesMichael Litzow, Mary Hunsicker, Nicholas Bond, Brian Burke, Curry Cunningham, Jennifer Gosselin, Emily Norton, Eric Ward and Stephani Zadoryes
S6 (FUTURE)14363Natasha HardyOral Trait-based modeling for albacore tuna predator-prey interactions under climate change in the NE PacificNatasha Hardy, Elliott Hazen, Michael Jacox, Steven Bograd, Larry B. Crowder, Stephanie J. Greenyes
S6 (FUTURE)14373Stephanie J. GreenOral Traits-based tools to account for the effect of shifting predator-prey interactions on the distributions of ocean species under climate changeStephanie J. Green, Natasha A. Hardy, Michael Jacox, Elliott L. Hazen, Steven J. Bograd, Larry B. Crowderyes
S6 (FUTURE)14187David KimmelOral Zooplankton abundance trends and patterns in the Shelikof Strait, western Gulf of Alaska 1990-2017David Kimmelapproved NOAA, change email
S6 (FUTURE)14428Saskia A. OttoPlenary How can we develop suitable indicators to inform management of ecosystems under multiple pressure?Saskia A. Ottoyes
S6 (FUTURE)14421Kedong YinPoster Using phytoplankton community index to assess water quality improvement in Hong KongKedong Yin Jianzhang Heyes
S6 (FUTURE)14380Kurt C. HeimWithdrawal Spatial variation within large marine ecosystems and implications for ecological indicatorsKurt C. Heim, Lesley H. Thorne, Janet A. Nyeno, cancel talk yes
S7 (MEQ)14323Daoji LiInvited Main Advances in Marine Microplastics Research in ChinaDaoji Liyes
S7 (MEQ)14459Peter MurphyOral AMAP’s Microplastics and Marine Litter Expert GroupPeter Murphyyes
S7 (MEQ)14374K David HyrenbachOral BIOPs: Towards seabird bioindicators of North Pacific plastic pollutionK David Hyrenbach, Lauren Chamberlain, Michelle Hester, Paula Hartzell, Meg Duhr, Jenn Lynch yes
S7 (MEQ)14166Won Joon ShimOral Fast fragmentation rate of secondary nano- and microplastics from foamed polystyrene by sunlight exposureYoung Kyoung Song, Won Joon Shim, Sang Hee Hong, Soeun Eoyes
S7 (MEQ)13844Dorothy HornOral Impacts of Environmentally-Relevant Concentrations of Polypropylene Rope on Pacific Mole Crab (Emerita analoga) Development and LifespanDorothy Horn, Elise Granek and Clare Steeleyes, accepted FIN
S7 (MEQ)14205Yutaka WatanukiOral Ingestion of plastics by seabirds and its potential effectsYutaka Watanuki,Naya Sena, Kosuke Tanaka, Rei Yamashita, Mami Kazama, Ken Yoda, Hideshige Takadayes
S7 (MEQ)13876Nicolas VanderzylOral Microplastic accumulation patterns in sand at three Hawaiian beachesNicolas Vanderzyl, Steven Colbert and Tracy Wiegneryes
S7 (MEQ)14313Miran KimOral Microplastic ingestion by seabirds in South KoreaMiran Kim, Mijin Hong, Hee Young Kim, Sang-moon Cho, Ki-Baek Nam,Ha-na Yoo, A-hyeon Lim and Youngsoo Kwon yes
S7 (MEQ)14121Peter RossOral Microplastic pathways into the ocean: Lessons learned from Vancouver, CanadaPeter S. Ross, Katerina Vassilenko, Mathew Watkins, Stephanie Wang and Anna Posackayes
S7 (MEQ)13982Rhiannon MooreOral Microplastics in pelagic food webs: initial insights from a study on microplastic contamination in the Beaufort Sea beluga whales and its preyRhiannon Moore, Peter Ross, Leah Bendell, and Lisa Losetoyes
S7 (MEQ)14063Sang Hee HongOral Quantities and characteristics of plastic debris ingested by sea turtles in the Korean coastal watersYelim Moon, Sang Hee Hong, Gi Myung Han, Won Joon Shim, Youna Cho, Mi Jang, Il-Hun Kim and Min-Seop Kimyes
S7 (MEQ)14068Jennifer LynchOral Sea Turtles as indicators of plastic marine debris quantities and types in the Central PacificJennifer M. Lynch, Melissa R. Jung, George H. Balazs, Thierry M. Work, Shandell Brunson, Alexander Gaos, and T. Todd Jonesyes
S7 (MEQ)14141Taewon KimOral The feeding preference for the color of plastic debris in the hawksbill turtle, Eretmochelys imbricateTaewon Kim, Seonmyeong Choo, Jibin Im, Soojin Jangyes
S7 (MEQ)13931Kyle Van HoutanOral The vertical distribution and biological transport of marine microplastics across the epipelagic and mesopelagic water columnC. Anela Choy, Bruce H. Robison, Tyler O. Gagne, Benjamin Erwin, Evan Firl, Rolf U. Halden, J. Andrew Hamilton, Kakani Katija, Susan E. Lisin, Charles Rolsky, and Kyle S. Van Houtanyes
S7 (MEQ)14183Stephanie Avery-GommPlenary Past progress and future opportunities: Seabirds as biological monitors of microplastic pollution in the PacificStephanie Avery-Gommyes
S7 (MEQ)13919June-Woo Park Poster Introduction of convergence cluster for human and environmental safety research of (nano)microplastics in KoreaYunwi Heo and June-Woo Parkyes
S7 (MEQ)14576Amir H. PariziPoster Microplastic pollution in the Vancouver urban watershed: the role of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs)Amir H. Parizi, Ryan Ziels, Stephanie Wang, Farida Bishay, Peter S. Ross, and Anna Posackayes
S7 (MEQ)14320Zuhao ZhuPoster Review of microplastic pollutions in captured and cultured seafood in ChinaZuhao Zhu, Haibo Huang, Qiufeng Zhang and Jie Chenyes
S7 (MEQ)14587Mathew J. WatkinsPoster Tackling microfiber pollution at source: an evaluation of washing-machine lint filtersMathew J. Watkins, Katerina Vasilenko, José Gutiérrez-García, Farida Bishay, Peter Ross and Anna Posackayes
S7 (MEQ)14175Iana BlinovskaiaWithdrawal Marine litter influence on marine ecosystemIana Blinovskaiano, cancel talk 2 yes
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)14414Phillip S. LevinInvitedPL REP-2Connecting Science and Communities through Integrated Ecosystem AssessmentsPhillip S. Levinyes
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)14125Robert WildermuthOral A Bayesian decision network model for ecosystem-based management of the Georges Bank social-ecological systemRobert P. Wildermuth, Gavin Fay, Sarah Gaichas and Geret DePiperyes
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)14105Elliott Hazen (for Chris Harvey)Oral A brief history of the California Current Integrated Ecosystem Assessment: How we got here, what we’ve learned, and where we’re headedChris J. Harvey, Toby Garfieldnot approved NOAA
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)13983Marisol García-ReyesOral Cloud computing of key NASA oceanographic data: Implications for automating aspects of ecosystem status reportsMarisol García-Reyes, Chelle Gentemann, Jeffrey Dorman, and William Sydemanyes
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)14185Gordon KruseOral Developing a placed-based participatory IEA framework for coastal communities in the Gulf of AlaskaJudith Rosellon-Druker, Kerim Y. Aydin, Curry J. Cunningham, Stephen Kasperski, Gordon H. Kruse, Jamal H. Moss, Melissa Rhodes-Reese, Ellen Spooner, Marysia Szymkowiak and Ellen M. Yasumiishiyes
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)13979Mariska WeijermanOral Evaluating management strategies for ecosystem services in a Hawaiian Islands coral reef IEAMariska Weijerman, Jeffrey Polovina, Jamison Gove, Ivor Williams, William Walsh and Dwayne Mintonapproved NOAA
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)14240Kelly S. AndrewsOral Human activities - developing indicators that can translate costs and benefits across the human dimension and ecological domains of the socio-ecological systemKelly S. Andrews, Karma C. Norman and Chris J. Harveyapproved NOAA, 2 talks apart
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)13952Changan XuOral Implementation of “ecosystem-based management” for net cage farming in Sandu bay Fujian China. an approach towards ecologically sustainable form of developmentChangan Xu, Peng Wu, Shixin Huang and Xu Tangyes
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)14347Takafumi HirataOral Potential Vulnerability of the Arctic Marine Ecosystem due to Environmental ChangesTakafumi Hirata, Yoshio Masuda, Jorge García Molinos, Irene Alabia, Toru Hirawake, Sei-Ichi Saitohyes
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)14098Kirstin Holsman (for Kerim Aydin)Oral The Bering Sea Fishery Ecosystem Plan as a guidance tool for ecosystem-based fishery management in AlaskaKerim Aydin, Diana Evansnot approved NOAA
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)13918Naomi HaradaPoster Sea ice reduction in the Arctic Ocean: its impact on biogeochemical cyclesNaomi Harada, Jonaotaro Onodera, Eiji Watanabe and Katsunori Kimotoyes
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)14443Ferdenant A. MkrtchyanWithdrawal Indicator of biocomplexity in assessing the state of environmentFerdenant A. Mkrtchyan, and Vladimir F. Krapivin yes, poster no show yes
S8 (FIS/BIO/POC)14070Jia WoWithdrawal Parameterization of a multispecies size-spectrum model with respect to data availabilityJia Wo, Chongliang Zhang, Binduo Xu, Ying Xue, Yiping Renno, cancel poster yes
S9 (MONITOR)14225Sanae ChibaInvited Essential Ocean Variables for Biology and Ecosystem to inform policy in the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable DevelopmentSanae Chiba, Patricia Miloslavich, Nic Bax, Daniel Dunn, and members of the GOOS Biology and Ecosystems Panelyes
S9 (MONITOR)14118Eric PetersonInvited The Hakai Institute: Supporting community-based science in British Columbia with global frameworks for biological Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs)Eric Peterson, Ray Brunsting, Luba Reshitnyk, Rebecca Martone, Markus Thompson and Margot Hessing-Lewisyes
S9 (MONITOR)14115Rebecca Goldman MartoneOral Community-based monitoring to support cumulative effects assessment in coastal BCRebecca G. Martone, Quinton Ball, Kyle Clifton, Maria Faria, James Herbert, Heather Johnston, Melissa Lucchetta, Kim Lutz, Maya Paul, Janine Pittman, James Prsala, Carmen Tattersfield, Nicole Wallace yes
S9 (MONITOR)14210Andrew MargolinOral Compilation of essential ocean variables for British Columbia based on nine decades of observations from disparate databases: Biogeochemical regionalization, variability and trendsAndrew R. Margolin, Brian P.V. Hunt, Stephanie Waterman, Jennifer M. Jacksonyes
S9 (MONITOR)14203Erin SatterthwaiteOral Developing a biological Global Ocean Observing System: Qualities, attributes, and readiness of existing biological Essential Ocean Variable networksErin V. Satterthwaite, Patricia Miloslavich, Nic Bax, Daniel Dunn, and members of the GOOS Biology and Ecosystems Panel and PEGASuS projectyes
S9 (MONITOR)14384Daisuke HasegawaOral Development and observational examples of measuring vertical turbulent nitrate flux using sensorsDaisuke Hasegawa1, Takahiro Tanaka1, Takeshi Matsuno2, Tomoharu Senjyu2, Eisuke Tsutsumi2, Hirohiko Nakamura3, Ayako Nishina3, Toru Kobari3, Naoki Yoshie4, Xinyu Guo4, Takeyoshi Nagai5, Takeshi Okunishi1 and Ichiro Yasuda6yes
S9 (MONITOR)14342Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Development of Information Service for Set Net fisheries using Satellite and numerical data Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Takashi Hosokawa, and Fumihiro Takahashiyes
S9 (MONITOR)14145Lynn LeeOral Establishing a long-term marine monitoring program for Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage SiteLynn Lee and Chantal Visyes
S9 (MONITOR)14311Xavier Mouy (Francis Juanes)Oral Estimation of the biodiversity of fish and invertebrates using video and acousticsXavier Muoy, Fabio Fabio Cabrera De Leo, Stan Dosso, and Francis Juanes yes
S9 (MONITOR)13887Isobel PearsallOral Experience in developing and operating a marine Citizen Science Program in the Strait of Georgia, CanadaIsobel Pearsall, Terry Curran, Svetlana Esenkulova, Rich Pawlowicz, Ryan Flagg, Colin Novakyes
S9 (MONITOR)14379William M FairchildOral High-resolution carbonate dynamics of Netarts Bay, OR from 2014-2019William M Fairchild, Burke Halesyes
S9 (MONITOR)14235Xavier MouyOral Identifying fish sounds of British Columbia with an autonomous audio and video arrayXavier Mouy, Morgan Black, Kieran Cox, Jessica Qualley, Francis Juanes and Stan Dossoyes
S9 (MONITOR)14215Jacklyn Barrs and Haley TomlinOral Identifying Forage Fish Beach Spawning Habitat in British Columbia - "To Conserve and Protect"Jacklyn Barrs, Haley Tomlinyes
S9 (MONITOR)14034Paul Covert and Spencer TaftOral Incorporating multiple community perspectives in development of essential ocean variables for monitoring port ecosystemsPaul A. Covert, James P. Mortimor, Spencer Taft, John Konovsky, Natasha Salter and Janet Mossmanyes, DFO restored (back to Oral)
S9 (MONITOR)14400Burke HalesOral Tracer relationships in surface waters of coastal waters from the Gulf of Alaska, Bering and Chukchi SeasBurke Hales, Laurie Juranek, William Fairchild, Selina Lambert, Carrie Weekes, and Katie Pocockyes
S9 (MONITOR)14300John A. BarthOral Using an underwater glider to detect acoustically-tagged green sturgeonJohn A. Barth, Mary Moser, Steve Corbett, Daniel Erickson, Stephen D. Pierce, and Anatoli Erofeevyes
S9 (MONITOR)14341Sei-Ichi SaitohPoster Coastal Monitoring using Ocean Observation Camera (OOC) on Micro Satellite RISESATSei-Ichi Saitoh, Takafumi Hirata, Irene Alabia, Toru Hirawake, Jun-Ichi Kurihara, Yukihiro Takahashi, Y Sakamoto, T Kuwahara, S Fujita, H Kosuke, Y Murata, M Sakal, H Tomio, Y Sato, Ming-An Lee, Kan-ichiro Mochizuki, F Takahashi, and H Murakamiyes
S9 (MONITOR)14436Shion TakemuraPoster Developing a community-based coastal environmental monitoring system in Indonesia using smartphone appShion Takemura, MItsutaku Makino, Shigeharu Kogushi, Naoki Tojo and Mark Wellsyes
S9 (MONITOR)14002Anri KabePoster Estimation of temperature of seaweed bed vegetation boundary in the Bungo Channel of the Western Seto Inland Sea using satellite SSTAnri Kabe, Naoki Yoshie, Hiromori Shimabukuro and Goro Yoshidayes
S9 (MONITOR)14554Laura Sánchez-VelascoPoster Larval fish habitats and deoxygenation in the northern limit of the oxygen minimum zone off MexicoLaura Sánchez-Velasco, Víctor M. Godínez, Erick D. Ruvalcaba-Aroche, Amaru Márquez-Artavia, Emilio Beier, Eric D. Barton and S. Patricia A. Jiménez-Rosenbergyes
S9 (MONITOR)14127Patrick PataPosterREP-2Sensitivity analysis on zooplankton bioregionalization of British ColumbiaPatrick Pata, Ian Perry, Brian P. V. Hunt, Moira Galbraith, and Kelly Youngyes
S9 (MONITOR)13940Young-Sug KimPoster Statistical analysis of seasonal water pollutants affecting phytoplankton proliferation on the South Korean coastsYoung-Sug Kim, Tae-Young Heo, Jung-No Kwonyes
S9 (MONITOR)14330Di WanWithdrawalREP-3Preparing for a data intensive integrated oceanographic futureDi Wan and Charles Hannahyes, DFO restored, now show poster yes
S9 (MONITOR)13849Muhammad Danish SiddiquiWithdrawal Seaweed Resources mapping along Karachi coast using Remote sensing and GIS TechniquesMuhammad Danish Siddiqui, Arjumand Z. Zaidi and Abdul Rafey Alino, cancel poster yes
S10 (MEQ)14168Ruoyu GuoOral An algicidal bacteria secreted natural compound induces mortality in the marine phytoplanktonRuoyu Guo, Ruize Xie, Yongyu Zhangyes
S10 (MEQ)14228Andrew R.S. RossOral Evidence for the production of copper-complexing ligands by marine phytoplankton in the Canadian Arctic and subarctic NE PacificAndrew R.S. Ross, Richard L. Nixon, Jasper George, David J. Janssen, Sarah L. Jackson, Jay T. Cullen, Kyle G. Simpson and Marie Robertyes
S10 (MEQ)14332Justin A. Del Bel BelluzOral High temporal resolution phytoplankton compositions and environmental drivers in the northern Salish Sea, British Columbia, CanadaJustin A. Del Bel Belluz, Angelica Peña, Jennifer M. Jackson, and Nina Nemcekyes
S10 (MEQ)14012Robert Jay Nerit Ramos (for Mengmeng Tong)Oral Light triggered the hemolytic toxin production of fish-killing Raphidophyte: Heterosigma akashiwoRobert Jay Nerit Ramos, Channimol Ky, Jingyao Zhang and Mengmeng Tongno, by co-worker
S10 (MEQ)14099Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Linking harmful algal blooms and oceanographic conditions in the Strait of Georgia, CanadaSvetlana Esenkulova, Karyn Suchy, Rich Pawlowicz, and Isobel Pearsallyes
S10 (MEQ)14007Baodong WangOral Long-term changes of nutrient regimes and their ecological effects in Bohai Sea, ChinaMing Xin, Baodong Wang, Linping Xieyes, from MEQ-P last minute
S10 (MEQ)14315Qiufen LiOral Long-term monitoring and assessing of the eco-environment health of sea area around Laoshan Mountainin in Qingdao, ChinaQiufen Li, Jun Zhao, Jufa Chen, Yan Zhang, Qian Yang, Yong Xu and Keming Quyes
S10 (MEQ)14010Pengbin WangOral Studies on Prorocentrum (Dinophyceae) in the coastal water of ChinaPengbin Wang, Ruoyu Guo, Xinfeng Dai, Douding Luyes
S10 (MEQ)13864Xinfeng DaiOral The effect of temperature and salinity on growth rate and azaspiracid cell quotas in two strains of Azadinium poporum (Dinophyceae) from Puget Sound, Washington StateXinfeng Dai, Brian D. Bill, Nicolaus G. Adams, Urban Tillmann, Catherine Sloan, Douding Lu and Vera L. Traineryes
S10 (MEQ)13905Lisa EisnerOral Variations in spring and summer phytoplankton communities across water mass gradients in the Chukchi SeaLisa B. Eisner, Michael W. Lomas, and Jens M. Nielsenapproved NOAA
S10 (MEQ)13995Jun NishiokaPlenary Micro- and macro-nutrient supply from the marginal seas to the North Pacific Ocean and its changingJun Nishioka, Hajime Obata and Ichiro Yasudayes
S10 (MEQ)13958Kuo WangPoster Barrier effect of the Pearl River estuarine plume on wind-induced coastal upwelling of nutrientsKuo Wang, Kedong Yinyes
S10 (MEQ)14202Mariia ShulginaPoster Long-term trend of the diatom Thalassiosira nordenskioeldii population dynamics from the northwestern Sea of JapanMariia A. Shulgina, Olga G. Shevchenkoyes
S10 (MEQ)14224Tamisha YazziePoster Optimizing the PCR Clean-up Method for 18S Amplicons Generated from Phytoplankton Samples Collected in Bellingham BayTamisha Yazzie, Rachael Mallon, and Rachel Arnoldyes
S10 (MEQ)14354Takafumi HirataPoster Relationships between the cell size and the primary production for diatoms, haptophytes and cyanobacteria in Japanese watersTakafumi Hirata, Koji Suzukiyes
S10 (MEQ)14055Sayaka YasunakaPoster Spatio-temporal variability of surface water pCO2 and nutrients in the tropical Pacific from 1981 to 2015Sayaka Yasunaka, Shinya Kouketsu, Peter G. Strutton, Adrienne J. Sutton, Akihiko Murata, Shin-ichiro Nakaoka and Yukihiro Nojiriyes
S10 (MEQ)14216Sonia MunirWithdrawal Biogenic silica cycle of planktonic Radiolarian in Western Pacific OceanSonia Munir, Jun Sun, Guicheng Zhangyes, no show poster yes
S10 (MEQ)14176Min-Bo LuoWithdrawal Horizontal distribution and dominant species of phytoplankton in the Shengsi Sea Area of East China SeaLuo Min-Bo, Liu Man-Manyes, no show poster yes
S10 (MEQ)14282Gloria S. DuranWithdrawal Nutrient supplies caused by the Kuroshio along the southern coast of Japan, and their interannual variations associated with the Kuroshio path modulationsGloria S. Duran and Takeyoshi Nagaiyes, cancel this poster yes
S10 (MEQ)14179Chenfeng HuaWithdrawal Role of dissolved nitrate/ammonium and phosphate in isolates of Mesodinium rubrum and toxin-producing Dinophysis acuminataChenfeng Hua, Ramos R.J.Nerit, Han Gao, Mengmeng Tong, and Patricia M. Glibertyes, no show, talk yes
S10 (MEQ)14246Zuhao Zhu (for Jie Chen)Withdrawal Transparent exopolymer particle (TEP) production and aggregation by a marine plankton diatom (Thalassiosira Weissflogll) at different growth ratesJie Chen, Haibo Huang, Qiufeng Zhang and Zuhao Zhuno, by co-worker, no show poster yes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14305Stephani ZadorInvited Merging contextual ecosystem advice with single-species stock assessment to inform fisheries managers in times of extreme environmental changesStephani Zador, Elizabeth Siddon, Martin Dornapproved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14164Kristin MarshallOral A multi-model approach to better understanding the robustness of management of Pacific hake to environmental variabilityKristin N. Marshall, Isaac C. Kaplan, Kirstin Holsman, Grant Adams and Nis Jacobsenapproved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14290Melissa KarpOral Accounting for shifting distributions and changing productivity in U.S. marine fisheries management: challenges and recommendations Melissa Karp, Jay Peterson, Patrick Lynch, Roger Griffisyes (may not), NOAA/other institution
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14119James A. SmithOral An evaluation of dynamic and static spatial management in a swordfish fishery: Balancing economic and bycatch concernsJames A. Smith, Desiree Tommasi, Michael Jacox, Elliot Hazen, Heather Welch, and Stephanie Brodieyes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)13884Yan-Lun WuOral Application of time series analysis to detect the effect of multi-scale climate indices on global yellowfin tuna populationYan-Lun Wu, Kuo-Wei Lan, Yong-Jun,Tianyes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14022Johanna Wren (for Donald R. Kobayashi)Oral Assessing the vulnerability of marine life to climate change in the Pacific Islands RegionDonald R. Kobayashi, Jonatha Giddens, Mark Nelson and Johanna Wrennot approved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14455Tatiana V. KozlovaOralREP-1Dynamics of Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchusgorbuscha) Abundance in the Tatar Strait rivers (Sea of Japan) A.A. Dulenin and Tatiana V. KozlovaYES, p->o
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)13869Brian K. WellsOral Environmental determinants of spatiotemporal variability in salmon forage and its direct and indirect effects on salmon recruitmentBrian K. Wells, Whitney R. Friedman, Megan Sabalapproved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14048Yumeng PangOral Environmental effects on reproductive traits in cold/warm-water squids: implications on catch fluctuationYumeng Pang, Chin-Shin Chen, Tomohiko Kawamura, Yoko Iwatayes, confirmed
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)13847Elliott Hazen (for Heather Welch)Oral Environmental indicators to reduce loggerhead turtle bycatch offshore of Southern CaliforniaHeather Welch, Elliott L. Hazen, Dana K. Briscoe, Steven J. Bograd, Michael G. Jacox, Tomoharu Eguchi, Scott R. Benson, Christina C. Fahy, Toby Garfield, Dale Robinson, Jeffrey A. Seminoff, Helen Baileyno, not approved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)13904Isaac C. KaplanOral Fragile ecosystems, robust assessments? Performance testing stock assessments for the California Current and Nordic and Barents Seas under climate changeIsaac C. Kaplan, Sarah K. Gaichas, Patrick D. Lynch, Christine C. Stawitz, Cecilie Hansenapproved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14040Phoebe Woodworth-JefcoatsOral Ideas on how to incorporate EBFM into a pelagic longline tuna fisheryPhoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoats, Justin Hospital, Johanna L. K. Wren, and Sarah Medoff-Wongapproved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14177Xiutang YuanOral Impact of seawater acidification and warming on the early development of the sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus (Selenka) (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea)Xiutang Yuan, Mingshan Song, Xiaolong Yang, Anguo Zhang and Lili Wangyes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)13945Carrie HoltOral Incorporating climate, oceanographic and ecological change considerations into population assessments in Canada: A review and recommendationsPierre Pepin, Jacquie King, Carrie Holt, Helen Gurney-Smith, Nancy Shackell, Kevin Hedges, and Alida Bundyyes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14275Desiree TommasiOral Integration of multiannual climate predictions in the estimation of stock status and rebuilding time frames for highly migratory species Desiree Tommasi, Barbara Muhlingyes, NOAA/other institution
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)13850James T. ThorsonOral Measuring the impact of oceanographic indices on species distribution shifts: The spatially varying effect of cold-pool extent in the eastern Bering SeaJames T. Thorsonapproved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14391Anne HollowedOral National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Fisheries Initiative: Long-term projectionsAnne B. Hollowed, Charles Stock, Alan Haynie, Albert Hermann and Kirstin Holsmanapproved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14182Johanna WrenOral Network analysis in the Hawai‘i-based longline fishery reveal spatiotemporal changes in network complexity and species association from 1995-2019Johanna L. K. Wren and Phoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoatsapproved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14085Desiree Tommasi (for Kisei Tanaka)Oral Prospects for environmental prediction of annual fishery range expansion and contraction: a case study in the Northwest AtlanticKisei R. Tanaka, Fernando G. Taboada, Charles A. Stock, Desiree Tommasi, Malin L. Pinsky, Vincent S. Saba and Jorge L. Sarmientono
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)13911Fan ZhangOral Regime shift and early warning signals of Atlantic cod and American plaice on Grand Bank off NewfoundlandFan Zhang, Paul Regular and Eric Pedersenyes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14107Barbara MuhlingOral Shifting distributions of fisheries for juvenile albacore in the eastern North PacificBarbara Muhling, Desiree Tommasiyes, NOAA/other institution
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14279Gloria S. DuranOral Spatiotemporal interannual variabilities of Swordfish Catch in relation to Fronts and Eddies in the Northwestern PacificGloria S. Duran, Takeyoshi Nagai and Kotaro Yokawayes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14021Briana AbrahmsOral The only constant is change: Incorporating socioecological variability into protected species managementBriana Abrahms, Hannah Blondin, Steven J. Bograd, Blake Feist, Mary Fisher, Arjun Hausner, Elliott L. Hazen, Jameal Samhouriapproved NOAA
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14044Szymon SurmaOral Towards ecosystem-based management of Northeast Pacific herring fisheriesSzymon Surmayes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14266David CostalagoPoster Is there a disruption in the food-web pathways in the Strait of Georgia that might be related to the declines in the Pacific salmon and Pacific herring in Canada?David Costalago, Brian P. V. Hunt, Chrys Neville, Ian Perry, Kelly Young and Ian Forsteryes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14435Mikale Milne Poster Traditional Intertidal Species Regression StudyMikale Milne and Amy Clineyes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14251Jianguo DuWithdrawal Changes of ecological parameters and current status of exploitation of the 37 fishery stocks in Taiwan Strait and its adjacent watersJianguo Du, Zhenbin Lu, Bin Chenno, cancel talk 23 yes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14401Sarah Z. RosengardWithdrawal Co-variability between Fraser River sockeye productivity and satellite-derived chlorophyll-a concentrations near Kodiak IslandSarah Z. Rosengard, Cameron Freshwater, Skip McKinnell, Yi Xu, and Philippe Tortellno, cancel poster yes
S11 (FIS/POC/BIO/HD)14136Tatiana N. DautovaWithdrawal Emperor Chain Research Project of the NSCMB FEB RAS – key animal groups in the vulnerable marine ecosystems and natural resources management in the Pacific High SeasTatiana N. Dautovayes, no show oral yes
S12 (POC/BIO)14431Jody M. KlymakInvited Submesoscale observations in the Northeast PacificJody M. Klymakyes
S12 (POC/BIO)14038Hiromichi UenoOral Eddy yield in the North PacificHiromichi Ueno, Isao Fujita, Tetjana Ross and Carol Laddyes
S12 (POC/BIO)14352Tara HowattOral Glider observations of downwelling processes and zooplankton distributions in Clayoquot CanyonTara Howatt, Tetjana Ross and Stephanie Watermanyes
S12 (POC/BIO)14346Elena UstinovaOral Impact of mesoscale variability in the Northwest Pacific on the saury, sardine and mackerels fishery in summer and autumn in recent yearsElena Ustinova, Eugeny Basyuk and Viktor Filatovyes
S12 (POC/BIO)14112Hui LiuOral Impacts of the Loop Current associated mesoscale processes on zooplankton communities in the northern Gulf of MexicoJillian Gilmartin and Hui Liuyes
S12 (POC/BIO)14159Vadim NavrotskyOral Interaction of multi-scale dynamic processes in the coastal ocean and their biological impactsVadim Navrotskyyes
S12 (POC/BIO)14388Hanna NaOral Kuroshio variability and its relationship with mesoscale eddies in the southern East China SeaHanna Na, Hong Sik Min, Dong Guk Kim, Jae-Hun Park, Chanhyung Jeon, Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishina and Xiao-Hua Zhuyes
S12 (POC/BIO)14006Xiaopei LinOral Meridional heat transport variability induced by mesoscale processes in the subpolar North AtlanticXiaopei Lin, Jian Zhao, Amy Bower and Jiayan Yangyes
S12 (POC/BIO)14039Olga TrusenkovaOral Mesoscale and submesoscale dynamic structures off the Russian coast in the northwestern Japan/East Sea and their impact on chlorophyll-a concentration: Satellite imagery and moored profiler measurementsOlga Trusenkova, Alexander Ostrovskii, Alexander Lazaryuk, Vyacheslav Dubina, Svetlana Ladychenko, and Vyacheslav Lobanovyes
S12 (POC/BIO)14078Annalisa BraccoOral Role of submesoscale circulations in vertical transport within and across the mixed-layerAnnalisa Bracco, Guanpeng Liuyes
S12 (POC/BIO)13890Réka DomokosOral Spatiotemporal variability of two North Pacific fronts and their effects on micronektonRéka Domokosapproved NOAA
S12 (POC/BIO)13917Andrey AndreevOral Water dynamics in the western Bering Sea and its impact on chlorophyll concentration and chum salmon abundance Andrey G. Andreev, Maxim V. Budyansky, Gennady V. Khen, Michael Yu. Uleysky and Sergey V. Prantsyes
S12 (POC/BIO)14035Yoshikazu SasaiPoster Impact of ocean physics on marine ecosystems in the Kuroshio and Kuroshio Extension regions: A high-resolution coupled physical-biological model studyYoshikazu Sasai, Makio C. Honda, Eko Siswanto, Sami Kato, Kazuyuki Uehara, Hideharu Sasaki and Masami Nonakayes
S12 (POC/BIO)14149Isao FujitaPoster Regional differences in the impact of mesoscale eddies on Chlorophyll in the North PacificIsao Fujita, Ayumi Takeichi, Hiromu Ishiyama, Hiromichi Uenoyes
S12 (POC/BIO)13944Konstantin Rogachev Withdrawal Long-term changes in the waters of the Kamchatka Current eddies: the role of the Aleutian eddiesKonstantin Rogachev and Natalia Shlykno, cancel talk yes
S12 (POC/BIO)14197Yisen ZhongWithdrawal Statistical characteristics of mesoscale eddies on the continental slope in the northern South China SeaZi Cheng, Yisen Zhong, Meng Zhou, Zhaoru Zhang  yes
S12 (POC/BIO)14080Annalisa BraccoWithdrawal The role of submesoscale circulations in the population connectivity of deep-sea coralsAnnalisa Bracco, Guangpeng Liu, Santiago Herrera, Andrea Quattriniyes, cancel poster yes
S12 (POC/BIO)14291Jianchao LiWithdrawal Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass multiple ocean process and their impacts on Pacific cod life history and Yellow Sea ecosystemJianchao Li, Feng Jiang, Rui Wu, Chi Zhang, Yongjun Tian*, Guangxue Li, Qinfeng Gaono, cancel talk yes
S13 (BIO)14274David BeauchampInvited Ontogenetic shifts in the trophic role and consumption demand by Chinook salmon and Pacific herring in Puget SoundDavid A. Beauchampyes
S13 (BIO)14212Caihong FuOral Assessing decadal changes in prey consumption by marine mammals and forecasting the impacts of marine mammals off western CanadaCaihong Fu, Thomas Doniol-Valcroze, Strahan Tucker, Jennifer Boldt, Norm Olsen, Yi Xu, Huizhu Liu, Philippe Verley and Yunne-Jai Shinyes
S13 (BIO)14037Yoko GotoOral Daily food requirements of Steller sea lion, spotted seal and ribbon seal distributed along the coast of the Nemuro Strait, Hokkaido, JapanYoko Goto and Andrew W. Tritesyes
S13 (BIO)14135Andrew TritesOral Daily prey consumption by marine mammals is a function of their cost of livingAndrew W Tritesyes
S13 (BIO)13928Cheryl L. BarnesOral Development of a predation index to assess spatiotemporal variation in consumption of Walleye Pollock in the Gulf of AlaskaCheryl L. Barnes, Anne H. Beaudreau, Martin W. Dorn, Kirstin K. Holsman, and Franz J. Mueteryes
S13 (BIO)14219Gemma CarrollOral Environmental drivers of variation in energy intake by Pacific bluefin tuna over 15 yearsGemma Carroll, Stephanie Brodie, Steven Bograd, Elliott Hazen, Rebecca Whitlock, Barbara A. Blocknot approved NOAA
S13 (BIO)14032Tsutomu TamuraOral Estimation of prey consumption by marine mammals in the PICES regions -Update of Hunt et al. (2000)-Tsutomu Tamura, Kenji Konishi, Koji Matsuoka and Takashi Hakamada and Andrew W. Tritesyes
S13 (BIO)14046Szymon SurmaOral Marine mammal prey consumption and competition with fisheries in the Northeast PacificSzymon Surmayes
S13 (BIO)14045Szymon SurmaOral Modeling the importance of prey quality to endothermic predators in the Northeast PacificSzymon Surmayes
S13 (BIO)14297Meredith Elliott (for Pete Warzybok)Oral Prey switching and consumption by seabirds in the central California Current upwelling ecosystem: Implications for forage fish managementPete Warzybok, Jarrod A. Santora, David G. Ainley, Russell W. Bradley, John C. Field, Phillip J. Capitolo, Ryan D. Carle, Meredith Elliott, Jessie N. Beck, Gerard J. McChesney, Michelle M. Hester, and Jaime Jahnckeno, needs Part 2
S13 (BIO)13906Matthew SavocaOral Rorqual ingestion estimates for the Eastern North Pacific based on direct measures of feeding rates and prey qualityMatthew Savoca, Shirel Kahane-Rapport, Dave Cade, Max Czapanskiy, James Fahlbusch, Paolo Segre, John Calambokidis, Douglas Nowacek, Dave Johnston, K.C. Bierlich, Julian Dale, Elliott Hazen, Ari Friedlaender, and Jeremy Goldbogenyes
S13 (BIO)14134Andrew TritesOral Shifts in prey consumption by seals and sea lions in the North PacificAndrew W Tritesyes
S13 (BIO)13878Hiroko SasakiOral Spatial estimation of prey consumption by sei, Bryde’s and common minke whales in the western North Pacific during the summers of 2008 – 2009: Density surface model approachHiroko Sasaki, Tsutomu Tamura, Takashi Hakamada, Koji Matsuoka, Hiroto Murase and Toshihide Kitakadoyes
S13 (BIO)14309Jacob WeilOral Variability in the energy density of prey and its consequences for growth in juvenile Chinook Salmon Jacob Weil, Will Duguid and Francis Juanes yes, Jacob has to pre-register
S13 (BIO)14028Brian HuntPoster A marine salmon diet database for the North PacificCaroline Graham, Evgeny A. Pakhomov and Brian P.V. Huntyes
S13 (BIO)14356Sarah Ann ThompsonPoster Effects of ocean climate on forage fish condition in the Gulf of AlaskaSarah Ann Thompson, Marisol García-Reyes, William J. Sydeman, Mayumi L. Arimitsu, Scott A. Hatch and John F. Piattyes
S13 (BIO)13971Ying XueWithdrawal Implications of keystone species in the food web based on topological network analysisJiaying Wu, Ying Xue, Haozhi Sui, Binduo Xu, Chongliang Zhang and Yiping Renno, cancel talk yes
S14 (HD/FIS)14390Sean PascoeInvited Integrating economic and social objectives in marine resource management: Australian experiencesSean Pascoe, Toni Cannard, Natalie Dowling, Catherine M. Dichmont, Trevor Hutton yes
S14 (HD/FIS)14160Kiva OkenOral A bioeconomic simulation for understanding the roles of synchrony and permit access in driving revenue stability on the U.S. West CoastKiva L. Oken, Daniel S. Holland, Andre E. Puntyes
S14 (HD/FIS)13972Iwao FujiiOral Capacity building for the successful management of the high seas, with a focus on NGOs – in the context of the Pacific regionIwao Fujii and Miko Maekawayes
S14 (HD/FIS)14314Minje ChoiOral Comparative analysis of stock assessment models for planning the effective fishery resource management: Analyzing potential yield of West sea, Republic of Korea.Minje Choi, Jaebeum Hong and Dohoon Kimyes
S14 (HD/FIS)13877Yu-San HanOral Dispersal routes of Japanese glass eel in the East Asian continental shelf and its sustainable useYu-San Hanyes
S14 (HD/FIS)14399Raphael K. RomanOral How fisheries portfolio diversification can enhance social-ecological resilience along the Sanriku Coast of JapanRaphael K. Roman, Tomoaki Goto and Gakushi Ishimurayes
S14 (HD/FIS)14386Hiroaki SuginoOral Infrastructuring big data of multi-species fishery catch for agile-up fishery strategyHiroaki Sugino and Nobuyuki Yagiyes
S14 (HD/FIS)13859Meng SuOral Marine Fishery Development and User Rights Management in Jimo (China)Meng Suyes
S14 (HD/FIS)14296Timothy FrawleyOral Recent changes to the structure and function of the North Pacific albacore fisheryTimothy Frawley, Barbara Muhling, Gwendal Le Fol, Megan Cimino, Steven Bograd, Elliott Hazen and Michael Jacoxnot approved NOAA
S14 (HD/FIS)14285Minje ChoiPoster Bioeconomic analysis of Small yellow croaker in the Republic of Korea.Minje Choi, Jaebeum Hong and Dohoon Kim yes
S14 (HD/FIS)13989Minling PanWithdrawal Explore approaches to integrate economic and social goals into fishery management using empirical studiesMinling Panno, cancel talk yes
S14 (HD/FIS)14174Ching-Hsien HoWithdrawal Impact and adaptation of coastal fisheries under climate change - a case study of set-net fishery in TaiwanChing-Hsien Hoyes, no show poster yes
S14 (HD/FIS)14411Matthew RobbinsWithdrawal The Effect of Co-management on Networked Social Capital: A Spiny Lobster Fishery Case Study Matthew Robbins, Mark Lubellno, cancel talk yes
S14 (HD/FIS)14093Charlotte WhitneyWithdrawal Using an open-access information platform and expert elicitation to prioritize management actions for salmon in the face of uncertaintyCharlotte Whitney, Katrina Connors, Eileen Jones, Eric Hertz, Katy Kellock, Lia Chalifour, and Tara Martinno, cancel talk yes
(POC/FUTURE)14425Stephanie BrodieInvited Exploring the determinants of ecological predictabilityStephanie Brodieyes
(POC/FUTURE)13948Takeshi DoiInvited Seasonal-interannual prediction of sea surface height using an ocean-atmosphere dynamical model "SINTEX-F"Takeshi Doi, Masami Nonaka, and Swadhin K. Beherayes
(POC/FUTURE)14165Jerome FiechterOral A downscaling approach to predict climate change effects on forage fish abundance and distribution in the California CurrentJerome Fiechter, Michael G. Jacox, Mercedes Pozo Buil, Michael A. Alexanderyes
(POC/FUTURE)13862Peter KuriyamaOral Applying empirical dynamic modelling to identify intraspecific spatial scales of dynamics and improve in-sample predictability in the CalCOFI ichthyoplankton surveyPeter T. Kuriyama, Brice X. Semmens, George Sugiharaapproved NOAA
(POC/FUTURE)14321Shoshiro MinobeOral Basin-scale Relations between Marine Ecosystem Indices and Physical Environment in North PacificShoshiro Minobe, Emiyati, Nathan Mantua, Shin-ichi Ito, Emanuele Di Lorenzoyes
(POC/FUTURE)14061Shuyang MaOral Climate variability patterns and their ecological effects on ecosystems in the northwestern North PacificShuyang Ma, Yongjun Tian, Jianchao Li, Haiqing Yu, Jiahua Cheng, Caihong Fu and Yoshiro Watanabeyes
(POC/FUTURE)14406Albert J. HermannOral Expanding the biophysical ensemble: hybrid dynamical-statistical downscaling methods based on spatial/temporal scaleAlbert J. Hermannnot approved NOAA
(POC/FUTURE)13936Caihong Fu (for Chuanbo Guo)Oral Interactive effects of fishing, ocean acidification and ocean warming on a marine ecosystem off western CanadaChuanbo Guo, Caihong Fu, Robyn E. Forrest, Norm Olsen, Huizhu Liu, Philippe Verley and Yunne-Jai Shinno, keep talk
(POC/FUTURE)14133Toru MiyamaOral Marine Heatwave of Sea Surface Temperature of the Oyashio Region in Summer since 2010Toru Miyama, Shoshiro Minobe and Hanako Gotoyes
(POC/FUTURE)14207Andrey KrovninOral Prospects of long-range prediction of changes in fish stocks based on the large-scale climatic factors in the Northern HemisphereAndrey S. Krovnin, Kirill K. Kivva and George P. Mouryyes
(POC/FUTURE)14072Yongjun TianOral Regime shifts in the fish assemblages around Japan over the last century and their early warning signalsongjun Tian, Shuyang Ma, Kazuhisa Uchikawa, Jiahua Cheng, Yoshiro Watanabe, Akihiko Yatsu, Jürgen Alheit and Caihong Fuyes
(POC/FUTURE)14276Kelly KearneyOral Seasonal forecast skill for the Bering Sea cold poolKelly Kearney, Al Hermann, Wei Cheng, and Kerim Aydinnot approved NOAA
(POC/FUTURE)13978Michael MalickOral Skill and uncertainty of environmentally driven forecasts of Pacific hake distributionMichael J. Malick, Mary Hunsicker, Melissa Haltuch, Sandy Parker-Stetter, Isaac Kaplan, Aaron Berger, Samantha Siedlecki, Nicholas Bond, Albert Hermann, and Emily L. Nortonyes
(POC/FUTURE)14004Baolan WuOral The Impact of Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation on the North Pacific Subtropical Mode WaterBaolan Wu, Xiaopei Lin and Lisan Yuyes
(POC/FUTURE)14301Emily L. NortonOral The importance of environmental exposure history in forecasting Dungeness crab megalopae occurrence using J-SCOPE, a high-resolution model for the US Pacific NorthwestEmily L. Norton, Samantha Siedlecki, Isaac Kaplan, Albert Hermann, Jennifer L. Fisher, Cheryl A. Morgan, Suzanna Officer, Casey Saenger, Simone A. Alin, Jan Newton, Nina Bednarsek and Richard A. Feelyyes
(POC/FUTURE)14360Megan CiminoOral Winter preconditioning, mesoscale variability and geomorphology influence the distribution and abundance of krill in the California Current SystemMegan Cimino, Jarrod Santora, Isaac Schroeder, Michael Jacox, Elliott Hazen and Steven Bogradnot approved NOAA
(POC/FUTURE)13937Nicole LovenduskiPlenary Decadal predictions of ocean biogeochemistry in the North PacificNicole Lovenduski, Stephen Yeager, Kristen Krumhardt, and Riley Bradyyes
(POC/FUTURE)14398Masami NonakaPoster Potential predictability of interannual-to-decadal variability in eddy activity in the Kuroshio ExtensionMasami Nonaka, Hideharu Sasaki, Bunmei Taguchi, and Niklas Schneider yes
BIO-P14194M. James McLaughlinOral An investigation of the biophysical oceanography in coastal waters of north-western Australia and photo-physiological response of phytoplankton to tidal mixingM. James McLaughlin, Jim Greenwood, Martin Lourey, Christine E. Hanson, Nagur Cherukuru, Peter Thompson, Paul Branson and Charitha Pattiaratchiyes
BIO-P13881Pei-Chi HoOral Body size, light intensity and nutrient supply determine plankton stoichiometry in mixotrophic plankton food websPei-Chi Ho, Chun-Wei Chang, Fuh-Kwo Shiah, Pei-Ling Wang, Chih-hao Hsieh, Ken H. Andersenyes
BIO-P14263Julie E. KeisterOral Climate controls on zooplankton composition and ocean-estuary exchange in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, USAJulie E. Keister, Bethellee Herrmann, Andrew Mandovi and Parker MacCreadyyes
BIO-P14097Jennifer L. FisherOral Comparison of condition metrics and lipid content between Euphausia pacifica and Thysanoessa spinifera in the northern California Current, USAJennifer L. Fisher, Jennifer Menkel, Louise Copeman, C. Tracy Shaw, Leah R. Feinberg and William T. Petersonyes
BIO-P14157Siyu JiangOral Comparison of phytoplankton growth and mortality in oligotrophic subtropical North Pacific and Eastern Indian OceanSiyu Jiang, Fuminori Hashihama and Hiroaki Saitoyes
BIO-P14090Samantha ZemanOral Copepod community dynamics across a shelf and oceanic gradient in the northeast Pacific from 1998-2016Samantha M. Zeman, Jennifer L. Fisher, Cheryl A. Morgan, and William T. Petersonyes
BIO-P14420Iria GiménezOral Developing a mechanistic understanding of ocean acidification sensitivity in marine bivalves: Experimentally decoupling pH and saturation state and reproducing natural variabilityIria Giménez, Burke R. Hales, George G. Waldbusser, Wiley Evans, and Helen Gurney-Smithyes
BIO-P14126C. Tracy ShawOral Population dynamics of the euphausiids Euphausia pacifica and Thysanoessa spinifera, with notes on Thysanoessa inspinata, off of Newport, Oregon, USAC. Tracy Shaw and Jennifer L. Fisheryes
BIO-P14106Minna HiltunenOral The quality of juvenile salmon prey during early marine residence in Puget Sound, WA, USAMinna Hiltunen, Ursula Strandberg, Julie Keister, David Beauchamp, Miika Kotila and Michael T. Brettyes
BIO-P14065Hyun-Jung KimPoster Analysis of planktonic bivalve larvae focusing on Anadara kagoshimensis and Tegillarca granosa and using metagenomics next-generation sequencing in the Boseong coastal waters, South KoreaHyun-Jung Kim,JunSu Kang, and Seung Won Jungyes
BIO-P14303Colleen HarpoldPoster Basin-shelf connectivity of the zooplankton community in Bering Canyon, Alaska USAColleen Harpold, Carol Ladd, Wei Cheng, Janet Duffy-Anderson and Phyllis Stabenoapproved NOAA
BIO-P14066Joon Sang Park and Seung Won JungPoster Description of new vessel hull fouling diatom Olifantiella (Naviculales, Bacillariophyceae) from the northwest temperate Pacific regionJoon Sang Park and Seung Won Jungyes
BIO-P13996Hyunjin YoonPoster Feeding ecology of chaetognaths in the Yellow Sea and the East Sea inferred from gut content and fatty acid analysesHyunjin Yoon and Se-Jong Juyes
BIO-P14353Jun NishikawaPoster Life history and food-habit of a lophogastrid Gnathophausia longispina in Suruga Bay, JapanJun Nishikawa, Sohta Yonekubo, Takashi Yoshikawa, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Rumi Sohrin, Yumiko Obayashiyes
BIO-P14458Anna S. VazhovaPoster Oceanological, hydrochemical and micronecton investigations in the upper epipelagic zone of the northeastern Pacific Ocean in march 2019Anna S. Vazhova, Albina N. Kanzeparova, Alexey A. Somov, Denis S. Kurnosov, Svetlana Yu. Orlova, Mikhail A. Zuev and Alexey M. Orlovyes
BIO-P14351Kiyotaka HidakaPoster Plankton production in spring around the Izu Ridge, south of Honshu, Japan Kiyotaka Hidaka, Shinji Shimode, Takashi Setou and Tadafumi Ichikawayes
BIO-P14287Akiyuki KenmochiPoster Population dynamics of marine cladocerans in the offshore area in Suruga Bay, JapanAkiyuki Kenmochi, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Takashi Yoshikawa, Rumi Sohrin, Yumiko Obayashi, Jun Nishikawayes
BIO-P14358Joon Sang ParkPoster Response of the ubiquitous pelagic diatom Fragilaripsis doliolus to manganese nodule exposureJoon Sang Park and Kyun-Woo Leeyes
BIO-P14357Yumiko ObayashiPoster Responses of bacterial communities and extracellular enzyme activities to addition of protein or free amino acids in the subtropical and subarctic North PacificYumiko Obayashi, Satoru Suzuki and Koji Hamasakiyes
BIO-P13988Minji LeePoster Seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton community using microscopic and Chemotax pigment analysis in Seomjin River Estuary, KoreaMinji Lee, Seung Ho Baekyes
BIO-P14270Yuichiro YamadaPoster The utilization of cold-water zooplankton as prey for chum salmon fry (Oncorhynchus keta) in Yamada Bay, Iwate, Pacific coast of northern JapanYuichiro Yamada, Kei Sasaki, Kodai Yamane, Miwa Yatsuya, Yuichi Shimizu, Yoshitomo Nagakura, Tadahide Kurokawa, Hideki Nikaidoyes
BIO-P14064JunSu KangPoster Zooming in microbiome dynamics for short and intensive observation (replace) during Akashiwo sanguinea (Dinophyta) bloomsJunSu Kang, Hyun-Jung Kim, Taek-Kyun Lee, Seung Won Jungyes
BIO-P14350Liyuan ZhaoWithdrawal Cloning and characterization of the insulin and glucagon genes in short‐beaked common dolphin (Delphinus delphis), and analysis of its islet architectureLiyuan Zhao, Yufei Dai, Fuxing Wu, Yila Re, Mingyu Lino, cancel talk yes
BIO-P13840Seonock WooWithdrawal Genetic resources and biodiversity of seamount in West PacificSeonock Woo*, Yejin Cho, Kiseong Hyeongno, poster yes
BIO-P14368Soeon AhnWithdrawalREP-1Habitat suitability modeling of Tursiops aduncus in Jeju waters: a case study incorporating anthropogenic and environmental factorsSoeon Ahn, Sinjae Yoo and Hyun Woo Kim no, cancel poster yes
FIS-P14338Lingbo LiOral Distributional changes of NE Pacific groundfish owe more to ontogeny than to temperature changeLingbo Li, Anne Hollowed, Edward Cocket and Michelle McClure yes, wants this as a talk, S1->FIS-P
FIS-P14349Peng SunOral Environmental variables effects on the early growth of largehead hairtail (Trichiurus japonicus) in China Seas Peng Sun,Qi Chen,Jianchao Li,Haiqing Yu,Zhenjiang Ye,Yang Liu,Chi Zhang,Yongjun Tian yes (VISA issues)
FIS-P14256Hyunjoo LeeOral Estimation of the potential fisheries production in the Korean waters based on ecosystem approachHyunjoo Lee, Seonggil Go and Sukgeun Jungyes
FIS-P14272Yuki TakemuroOral Impacts of environmental changes on ichthyoplankton assemblages in the northern Bering SeaYuki Takemuro, Yukari Kurihara, Yui Kono, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Hisatomo Waga, Atsushi Ooki, Toru Hirawake and Orio Yamamura yes
FIS-P14026Olga Novikova, presented by NovikovOral Influence of external environmental factors on the dynamics of the number of cod and saffron cod of the Eastern part of the sea of OkhotskOlga Novikovano, cancel talk, also talk in W4
FIS-P14190Ryan RykaczewskiOral Revisiting Lasker’s stable ocean hypothesis: The influence of wind events on larval fish mortality in the southern California Current EcosystemBrendan D. Turley and Ryan R. Rykaczewskiapproved NOAA
FIS-P13891Olga ZikunovaOral State of chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tschawytscha (Walbaum) stock in Kamchatka territoryOlga Zikunovayes
FIS-P14041Kei NakayaPoster Early life history of Japanese horse mackerel Trachurus japonicus in the north Satsunan area, southern JapanKei Nakaya, Gen Kume, Toru Kobari, Tsutomu Takeda, Hiroumi Kuroda, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Junya Hirai, Maki Aita-Noguchi and Fujio Hyodoyes
FIS-P14024Steve LindleyPoster Impact of a marine heat wave on Pacific salmon habitatSteve Lindley and Nate Mantuaapproved NOAA
FIS-P14058Svetlana Ovsyannikova (presented by???)Poster Interalnual features of Walleye pollock distribution off the southern Kuril IslandsS.Ovsyannikova, E. Ovsyannikov, A.Sheybakno
FIS-P13846Mikhail StepanenkoPoster Interannual diversity Bering Sea pollock spatial distribution due to ocean warming in continental shelves of the Bering and southern Chukchi SeasMikhail A. Stepanenko, Elena V. Gritsayyes
FIS-P14057Hiromichi IgarashiPoster Potential habitat of skipjack tuna in the western North Pacific using HIMAWARI satellite dataHiromichi Igarashi, Hiroshi Ishizaki, Masafumi Kamachi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Fumihiro Takahashi, Yoriko Arai, Shinichi Sekioka and Sei-Ichi Saitohyes
FIS-P14381Christopher N. RooperPoster Predicting spatially explicit growth potential and contribution to recruitment for Pacific Ocean perch in the Gulf of AlaskaChristopher N. Rooper, Jennifer L. Boldt, Sonia D. Batten, and Peter J. Hulson yes
FIS-P14340Lingbo LiPoster Reconstructing salmon runs to support sustainable fisheries management Lingbo Li, Brittany Jenewein, Pieter Van Willyes, wants this as a poster
FIS-P14042Kei NakayaPoster Seasonal occurrence pattern of leptocephali in the north Satsunan area, southern JapanGen Kume, Satoru Jinno, Toru Kobari, Kazuhiro Shiozaki, Atsushi Narumi, Shuya Ito, Kei Nakaya, Mutsuo Ichinomiya and Tomohiro Komoritayes
FIS-P14239Jin GaoPoster Spatio-temporal modelling of size distributions with incomplete survey data in a flat fishJin Gao, Noel Cadigan, Laura Wheeland and Bob Rogersyes
FIS-P13985Jennifer Boldt (for Hilari Dennis-Bohm)Poster Whole body energy density of juvenile Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii) in the Strait of Georgia in the fall of 2012-2018Hilari Dennis-Bohm, Jennifer L. Boldt, Matthew Thompson, Matthew H. Grinnell, and Jaclyn Clearyno, keep poster
FIS-P13855Kui ZhangWithdrawal A modified catch-based model for MSY estimates in data-poor fisheries: A case study of largehead hairtail (Trichiurus lepturus) fishery in the East China SeaKui Zhang, Baochao Liao, Qun Liu and Zuozhi Chenno, cancel poster and also talk in W4 yes
FIS-P13993Jiajia NingWithdrawal A preliminary study of migration and trophic patterns of purpleback flying squid, Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis, in the South China SeaJiajia Ning, Xuehui Wang, Lei Xu, Liang Xu, Yu Liu, Hong Du and Feiyan Duno, cancel talk yes
FIS-P13867Zuozhi ChenWithdrawal Age and growth of Ceratoscopelus warmingii (Myctophidae) in the South China SeaYan Wang, Jun Zhang, Zuozhi Chen, Yane Jiang, Shannan Xu and Yutao Yangyes, no show poster yes
FIS-P14047Jing LuanWithdrawal An evaluation of effective sample size to predict species abundance using random forestsJing Luan, Chongliang Zhang, Binduo Xu, Ying Xue, Yiping Renno, poster yes
FIS-P14288Makoto TomiyasuWithdrawal Can acceleration data of tilt angle be used to quantitate the valve movements of cultured oyster Crassostrea gigas?Makoto Tomiyasu, Satoru Takeyama, Shuto Toyofuku, Yuya Ueda and Kazushi Miyashitano, cancel poster yes
FIS-P14181Zhimeng ZhuangWithdrawal Construction and application of the Chinese Fishery DNA Barcoding SystemZhimeng Zhuang, Shufang Liu, Jiongtang Lino show poster yes
FIS-P14101Felix VauxWithdrawal Estimation of population structure in a highly migratory species, Albacore Tuna (Thunnus alalunga)Felix Vaux, Sandra Bohn, John R. Hyde, Kathleen G. O'Malleycancel poster yes
FIS-P14319Ekaterina S. VoronovaWithdrawal Forecasting chum salmon progenies on the North-East of Kamchatka with the method of juvenile salmon trawl surveying Ekaterina Voronova, Mark Feldman, Lidia Zavarinano, O->P, now show poster yes
FIS-P14250Yuliya KuzmenkoWithdrawal High resolution Sockeye salmon (Oncorynchus nerka) early marine growth a response to environmental conditions.Yuliya Kuzmenko1, Tymofiy Spesivy1, Evgeny Pakhomov , Brian Hunt no, cancel talk yes
FIS-P13892Evgeny FadeevWithdrawal Integrated Monitoring of Escapement of Pacific Salmon Spawners to the Kamchatka River in Real-Time ModeEvgeny Fadeev, Evgeny Shevlyakov and Mark Feldmanno, poster yes
FIS-P14167William StockhausenWithdrawal Predicting the impact of climate change on spatial patterns of early life connectivity for snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) in the eastern Bering Sea using an Individual-Based ModelWilliam T. Stockhausen, Michael Torre, Christine Stawitz, Albert J. Hermann, Wei Cheng, Kelly Kearney, Kerim Aydin, Cody Szuwalski and Robert Foyno, cancel talk yes
MEQ-P13888Amy UhrinOral Marine debris as bycatch: Using fishery observer data to estimate trends over time in the North Pacific Subtropical Convergence ZoneAmy V. Uhrin, William A. Walsh and Jon Brodziakapproved NOAA
MEQ-P14171Moemi OkamotoOral Occurrences of Microplastics in surface water of Bisunumati and Bagmati Rivers, and on the Roads in Kathmandu city, NepalMoemi Okamoto, Shuhei Tanaka, Satoru Yukioka, Shigeo Fujii, Sangeeta Singh and Hideshige Takadayes, P->O
MEQ-P14229Daisuke AmbePoster Monitoring for radiocesium in sea-sediment around off FukushimaDaisuke Ambe, Shigeho Kakehi, Yuya Shigenobu, Toru Udagawa, Daisuke Hasegawa and Takami Moritayes
MEQ-P14008Cathryn WoodPoster Perfluorinated environmental contaminant concentrations in sea turtle blood and eggs from Hawaii to SaipanCathryn Wood, George H. Balazs, Marc Rice, Thierry M. Work, T. Todd Jones, Eleanor Sterling, Tammy M. Summers, John Brooker, Lauren Kurpita, Cheryl King and Jennifer M. Lynchyes
MEQ-P14204Zhengguo CuiWithdrawal Current situation and sustainable development strategies of China’s fishery environmentZhengguo Cui, Keming Qu and Qisheng Tangno, cancel talk 3 yes
MEQ-P14345Menche LazarteWithdrawal Environmental impact assessment of proposed reclamation projects in Manila bay, PhilippinesMenche Lazarte, Jonathan Ray Abat, Kenneth Suarezno, cancel talk (FIN) yes
POC-P14258Yajuan SongOral An evaluation of the short-term prediction skill of FIO-ESM in the North PacificYajuan Song, Yiding Zhao and Xunqiang Yinyes
POC-P14405Marisol Garcia Reyes (for Kathleen Dohan)Oral Dynamic biogeography of the subarctic North PacificKathleen Dohan, William Sydeman, Chelle Gentemann, Marisol Garcia Reyes, Brian Hoover and Sonia Batten 
POC-P14073Siyu ChenOral Effects of the non-breaking surface wave induced vertical mixing on winter mixed layer depth in subtropical regionsSiyu Chen, Fangli Qiao, Chuanjiang Huang and Zhenya Songyes
POC-P14262Hiromichi UenoOral Global distribution and interannual variation of winter haloclineMasato Oda, Hiromichi Ueno, Katsura Yasui and Humio Mitsuderayes
POC-P13922Sheng ChenOral Impact of surface waves on wind stress under low to moderate wind conditionsSheng Chen, Fangli Qiao, Wenzheng Jiang, Jingsong Guo, and Dejun Daiyes
POC-P14144Jiwon KangOral Non-seasonal variability of the Kuroshio shelf intrusion and its associated changes in the ocean environment over the East China Sea during 1993-2017Jiwon Kang and Hanna Nayes
POC-P14151Miaki Muramatsu in POC-P (H Ueno in W7)Oral Pacific water in the northeastern Chukchi SeaMiaki Muramatsu, Hiromichi Ueno, Motoyo Itoh, Eiji Watanabe, Jonaotaro Onoderayes
POC-P14453Emanuele Di LorenzoOral The 2019 Alaskan Heatwave and recent changes in North Pacific climateEmanuele Di Lorenzo and Dillon Amayayes
POC-P14170Jae-Hun ParkPoster Prediction of SST fronts using a recurrent neural network (RNN) in the South Sea of KoreaEun-Joo Lee, Jeong-Yeob Chae, Jae-Hun Park, Yong Huh, Kwang-Nam Hanyes
POC-P14081Donghyeon YuPoster Short-term forecasting for Korean coastal sea surface temperature and monitoring its levels based on Machine-Learning algorithmsSeunghwan Lee, Yoonsang Cho, Yong Huh, Gwangnam Han, Donghyeon Yuyes, O->P
POC-P14156Qimao WangWithdrawal A sea surface temperature retrieval method of China Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner (COCTS)Qimao Wang, Xiaomin Ye, Bin Zou, Lei Huangno, cancel poster yes
POC-P14457Xiaolong ZhaoWithdrawal Deep Circulation in the South China Sea Simulated in a Regional ModelXiaolong Zhao, Chun Zhou, Xiaobiao Xu, Ruijie Ye, Jiwei Tian, Wei Zhao and Peng Zhaono, cancel poster yes
POC-P13963Konstantin Rogachev Withdrawal Enhanced tidal currents over the Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea northern shelf: The hotspot beyond the Aleutian StraitsKonstantin Rogachev and Natalia Shlykno, cancel talk yes
POC-P14336Mutiara R PutriWithdrawal Influences of Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) on Ocean Heat Content in the Indonesia WatersMutiara R. Putri, Romanu D. Sasongko, A. Setiawanno, canel talk, FIN SUP yes
POC-P14369Sabine MeckingWithdrawal Linking North Pacific ventilation changes with surface outcrop variationsSabine Mecking and Kyla Drushkano, cancel poster yes
GP14348Naoki Tojo (Shohei Sasabe)Poster A retrospective study on spatio-temporal dynamics of pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) spawning groups in East Bering SeaShohei Sasabe, Naoki Tojoyes
GP14304Cole B. BrooksonPoster A traits-based approach to predict predator-prey uncoupling under climate change scenarios Cole B. Brookson, Stephanie J. Greenyes
GP14013Kyeong Ok KimPoster Development of a multi-target tissue approach for the prediction of non-uniform accumulation of radioactivity in fishKyeong Ok Kim, Roman Bezhenar, Vladimir Maderich, Hanna Kim, Mee Kyung Kim and Kyung Tae Jungyes
GP14249Juhyun YiPoster Forecasting the demand of extruded pellet feed in KoreaJuhyun Yi and Dohoon Kimyes
GP13885Xuejuan RenPoster Influence of El Niño events on Wintertime North Pacific Atmospheric River, Water Vapor Transport and PrecipitationXuejuan Ren, Yating Xiongyes
GP13999Stochkute Yu. V., presented by ElenaPoster Influence of Northern Pacific centres of atmospheric action ON THERMAL REGIME OF NORTH-WESTERN COAST OF THE BERING SEAStochkute Yu. V., Vasilevskaya, poster yes
GP13910Chunjiang GuanPoster Jellyfish blooms in coastal waters nearby thermal discharges of nuclear power plantChunjiang Guan,Yongjian Liu, Chuan Jia and Hao Guoyes
GP14273Emily WarrenPoster Optimizing sea urchin gonad enhancement with newly-designed formulated feeds and assessing benthic impacts of commercial-scale sea urchin farming to ensure environmental sustainability.Emily M. Warren, Mark Flaherty, Stephen F. Cross, and Christopher M. Pearceyes
GP14140Ho-kyun KimPoster Persistency in the DMSLs of Sea Level in the Coast of KoreaHo-kyun Kimyes
GP13974Ye Ji LeePoster Population structure of Ampithoe valida (Amphipoda) in Cheongsapo, Busan of South KoreaYe Ji Lee, Won Gyu Parkyes
GP14184Shirley LeungPoster Separation of Pacific skipjack and bigeye tuna fishing grounds using public domain catch dataShirley Leung, LuAnne Thompsonyes
GP14088Jin-Wook SongPoster Spatio-temporal variations of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in coastal water of Jeju IslandJin-Wook Song, Tae-Hoon Kimyes
GP14087Byung-Chan SongPoster Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) and coastal biogeochemistry in Jeju Island by TyphoonByung-Chan Song, Tae-Hoon Kimyes
GP14223Matthew LemayPoster Subtidal biodiversity on the central coast of British ColumbiaMatthew Lemay, Gillian Sadlier-Brown, Kyle Hall, and Matthew Whalenyes
GP14361Bryn FedjePoster Transecting the Riverine Coastal Domain – observations of oceanographic properties on British Columbia’s central coast from an estuary to the open oceanBryn Fedje, Emma Myers, Chris Mackenzie, Chris O’Sullivan, Eva Jordison, Jessy Barrette, Justin del bel Belluz, Eddy Carmack, and Jennifer Jacksonyes
GP13903Jocelyn NelsonPoster Vulnerability of marine ecosystems to stressorsJocelyn C. Nelson, Lucie C. Hannah, and Cathryn Clarke Murrayno, keep poster
GP14218Feng, ZhaoWithdrawal Biological characteristics and its resource utilization of Tapertail anchovy Coilia mystus in the Yangtze EstuaryFeng Zhao, Qin Yang, Chao Song, Tao Zhang, Ping Zhuangno, cancel poster yes
GP14518Salash.JWithdrawal Biological Weighting Functions for quantifying the effect of UV radiations on growth, and photosynthesis of Ulva grown under high light and low light environmentsSalash.J and Loganathan.Vyes, no show poster yes
GP13902Rania MohamedWithdrawal Building with nature as a protection, restoration and development of coastal zoneRania E. Mohamed and Mohamed M. Abd-El- Mootyno, cancel poster yes
GP13899Cody SzuwalskiWithdrawal Climate change and the future productivity and distribution of crab in the Bering SeaCody Szuwalski, William Stockhausen, Robert Foy, Kirstin Holsman, Anne Hollowed, Jiwoo Leeno, NOAA, cancel poster yes
GP13852Hari DhakalWithdrawal Climate change impact in water resources: A case of NepalHari Dhakalno, cancel poster yes
GP13848Furqon AlfahmiWithdrawal Development of climate fishing index to increasing safety and sail effectively over Indonesian maritime continentFurqon Alfahmi, Nur Apriani, Rizaldi Boerno, cancel poster yes
GP14155Brian R BeckmanWithdrawal Local and basin-scale environmental variation and comparative survival of Columbia River Steelhead, Coho and Chinook salmon 2000 - 2016Brian R. Beckmanno, cancel poster
GP13901Rania MohamedWithdrawal Numerical Modeling of Nearshore Sandbars Morphology along the Nile delta coastRania E. Mohamedno, cancel poster yes
GP13943Zou BinWithdrawal Sea ice thickness retrieval for the Bohai with MODIS infrared dataZou Bin, Huang Lei, Wang qimao, Zeng Tao, Shi Lijianno, cancel poster yes
GP14142Lei HuangWithdrawal Ship detection on Coastal Zone Imager(CZI)Onboard China’s Ocean Color Satellite HY-1CLei Huang,Qimao Wang,Bin Zouno, cancel poster yes
GP14325Seidu IssahWithdrawal Spatio-temporal variation of artisanal elasmobranch fisheries in West Coast, GhanaSeidu Issah and Emmanuel Danquahno, cancelled yes
GP14333Naoki Tojo (for Takaaki Mori)Withdrawal Sustainable fishing and farming strategy of Milkfish (Chanos chanos) under the influence of climate change in coastal communities in IndonesiaTakaaki Mori, Keitaroh Tao, Naoki Tojono, cancel poster yes
GP14335Naoki Tojo (for Keitaroh Tao)Withdrawal Sustainable production and household model with Mangrove forest and appropriate development assistancesKeitaroh TAO, Takaaki MORI, Naoki TOJOno, cance poster yes
GP14243Mackenzie WoodsWithdrawal The impact of boat noise on aggression and territoriality of the plainfin midshipman fish, Porichthys notatusMackenzie B. Woods, Nicholas A.W. Brown, Sigal Balshine, Francis Juanesno, cancel poster yes
W1 (FUTURE)14450Alison MorrowInvited Be your own newsroom: how to make your science engagingAlison Morrowyes
W1 (FUTURE)14440Cherisse Du PreezInvited Communicating science through social media 101: the art of speaking nerdyCherisse Du Preezyes
W2 (FIS)14200Janet Duffy-AndersonInvited Process and mechanistic studies of Pacific halibut early life stages can inform management strategy and decision making in the North PacificJanet Duffy-Anderson, Esther Goldstein, Josep Planas, Lauri Sadorus, Ian Stewart, Ray Websterapproved NOAA
W2 (FIS)14191Mark LomeliInvited Reducing Pacific Halibut Bycatch in Groundfish Bottom Trawl Fisheries: A Review of Trawl ModificationsMark J.M. Lomeli, W. Waldo Wakefield and Bent Herrmannyes
W2 (FIS)14096David WilsonInvited The International Pacific Halibut Commission: approaching 100 years of science-based fishery management decision makingDavid T. Wilsonyes
W2 (FIS)13977Allan HicksOral Accounting for temporal variability in productivity and dynamic reference points in tactical and strategic decision-makingAllan Hicks, Piera Carpi, and Ian Stewartyes
W2 (FIS)14192Sarah WebsterOral Alaska’s approach to estimating recreational discard mortality of Pacific halibutSarah Webster and Scott Meyeryes
W2 (FIS)13863Cheryl L. BarnesOral Assessing the potential for competition between Pacific Halibut and Arrowtooth Flounder in the Gulf of AlaskaCheryl L. Barnes, Anne H. Beaudreau, Mary E. Hunsicker, and Lorenzo Ciannelliyes
W2 (FIS)14237Anita KroskaOral Controlled experiments to explore the use of a multi-tissue approach to characterizing stress in wild-caught Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis)Anita C. Kroska, Nathan Wolf, Josep Planas, Matthew R. Baker, T. Scott Smeltz, Bradley P. Harrisyes
W2 (FIS)14029Lauri SadorusOral Early life connectivity of Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) within and between the Bering Sea and Gulf of AlaskaLauri L. Sadorus, Esther Goldstein, Raymond Webster, Josep V. Planas, and Janet Duffy-Andersonyes
W2 (FIS)14186Gordon H. KruseOral Environmental, ecological, and fishery effects on size-at-age of Pacific halibutJane Y. Sullivan, Gordon H. Kruse, Steven J.D. Martell and Franz J. Mueteryes
W2 (FIS)14238Brian RitchieOral Exploring the role of diet in driving declining size-at-age in Pacific halibut in the Gulf of AlaskaBrian Ritchie, Nathan Wolf, Ian Stewart, Josep V. Planas, Bradley P. Harrisyes
W2 (FIS)14150Roman NovikovOral Features Pacific halibut fishery in the western part of the North Pacific OceanRoman Novikov, Igor Glebovyes
W2 (FIS)13865Ian StewartOral Fully subscribed: Evaluating yield trade-offs among sectors utilizing the Pacific halibut resourceIan Stewart and Allan Hicksyes
W2 (FIS)14082Claude L DykstraOral Improving discard mortality rate estimates of Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) in the directed longline fisheryClaude L. Dykstra, Timothy Loher, Ian J. Stewart, Allan C. Hicks, Nathan Wolf,Bradley P. Harris and Josep V. Planasyes
W2 (FIS)14131Geoffrey M. Mayhew Oral Model-based discard mortality rates of Pacific halibut from covariates in the North Pacific trawl fisheryGeoffrey M. Mayhew and Jennifer A. Cahalanyes
W2 (FIS)14242Timothy LoherOral Movements of Pacific Halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands: evidence of variance in relative connectivity and regional spawning dynamicsTimothy Loheryes
W2 (FIS)14188Inigo Novales FlamariqueOral The visual system of flatfish: how retinal studies can help assess and reduce fisheries bycatch mortalityInigo Novales Flamariqueyes
W2 (FIS)14030Lauri SadorusPoster A decade of coastwide environmental monitoring on the annual IPHC fishery-independent setline survey and practical applications of the data in a spatio-temporal assessment modelLauri L. Sadorus and Raymond Websteryes
W2 (FIS)14198Dana RudyPoster Can we reconstruct the growth history of the Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) population by otolith increment analysis?Dana Rudy, Joan Forsberg, Tim Loher, Ian Stewart, Chris Johnston, Robert Tobin and Josep V. Planasyes
W2 (FIS)14327Roman N. NovikovPoster First records of killer whales (Orcinus orca) depredation on Greenland turbot (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) and Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) fisheries in Western Bering Sea.Olga A. Belonovich, Roman N. Novikov, Dmitry A. Terent'evyes
W2 (FIS)13935Timothy Loher (for Lorenz Hauser)Poster Genetic population structure of Pacific halibut: Progress to dateLorenz Hauser, Daniel Drinan, Heather Galindo, and Tim Loherno
W2 (FIS)14023Anna SimeonPoster Genetic sex identification of Pacific Halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) commercial landingsAnna Simeon, Dan Drinan, Lorenz Hauser, Timothy Loher, Lara Erikson, Ian J. Stewart and Josep V. Planasyes
W2 (FIS)14027Josep PlanasPoster Identification of molecular growth signatures in skeletal muscle of juvenile Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) for monitoring growth patterns in wild fishJosep V. Planas, Dana Rudy, Anna Simeon, and Thomas P. Hurstyes
W2 (FIS)13975Teresa FishPoster Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) maturity status explored via histology and macroscopic maturity staging methodsTeresa Fish, Nathan Wolf, Bradley P. Harris and Josep V. Planasyes
W2 (FIS)14222Joan ForsbergPoster Re-ageing of archived otoliths from the 1920s to the 1990s at the International Pacific Halibut CommissionJoan E. Forsberg, Dana Rudy, Chris Johnston, Robert Tobin and Ian J. Stewartyes
W2 (FIS)14016Josep Planas? (for Thomas Hurst)Withdrawal Experimental investigations of growth variation in juvenile Pacific halibut and the development of physiological indicators of growth conditionsThomas P. Hurst, Josep V. Planasno NOAA, cancel talk yes
W2 (FIS)13980Anthony EinfeldtWithdrawal Genomics of Atlantic Halibut: Parallels and contrasts with Pacific HalibutAnthony Einfeldt, Tony Kess, Paul Bentzen, Daniel E Ruzzante, Ian R Bradburycancelled talk yes
W3 (FIS)14413Yuuki TeradaInvited Let’s play the fishing village revitalization game to achieve sustainable fisheries development in the PICES regionsYuuki TERADA, Hiroaki SUGINO, Osamu IMAI, Aoi SUGIMOTO, Takaaki MATSUKIyes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)14286Kuh KimInvited History of PAMS, CREAMS-I and II (JES) with important findings in 1981-2005Kuh Kimyes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)14178Dongfeng XuOral Diel vertical migration of zooplankton and micronekton on the northern slope of the South China Sea observed by a moored ADCPChenghao Yang, Dongfeng Xu, Zuozhi Chen et alyes, W4 and S12
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)13997Kazuki OgiOral Effects of strong turbulent mixing on phytoplankton around the Tokara straitKazuki Ogi, Naoki Yoshie, Anri Kabe, Toru Kobari, Daisuke Hasegawa and Joji Ishizakayes, P->O
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)13942Guebuem KimOral Estimating the vertical fluxes of nutrients using Ra-228 as a tracer in the East/Japan SeaYongjin Han and Guebuem Kimyes, P->O, will give a talk
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)14001JiYun ShinOral Intraseasonal abyssal current variability of bottom-trapped topographic Rossby waves in southwestern East Sea (Japan Sea)JiYun Shin, SungHyun Namyes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)13941Ji Hyun KimOral Long-term variations in nutrient concentrations in the upper ocean of the East/Japan SeaJi Hyun Kim and Guebuem Kimyes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)13992Xinzheng LiOral Long-term variations of macrobenthic communities from the Yellow Sea and East China Sea, under the climate changeXinzheng Liyes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)14172Jing ZhangOral Material exchanges between land and the open ocean - A framework for cooperative studies in the western North Pacific Marginal Seas (WESTPAC WG06)Jing Zhangyes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)14067Takafumi YoshidaOral NOWPAP activities and cooperation with PICESTakafumi Yoshidayes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)13926Hojun LeeOral Observations on the cyclonic circulation semi-persistently formed in the northern east china seaHojun Lee, Kyungjae Lee, SungHyun Nam, and Jae-Hak Leeyes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)14033Yong XuOral Spatial pattern of benthic macroinvertebrate communities and the relationship with environmental variables in the East China Sea shelfYong Xu and Xinzheng LiP->O (not confirmed)
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)13909KyungJae LeeOral Statistical Characteristics of East Sea (Japan Sea) Mesoscale Eddies Detected, Tracked, and Grouped using Satellite Altimeter Data from 1993 to 2017KyungJae Lee, SungHyun Namyes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)14005Min-Young LeeOral The monthly wet depositional fluxes of Organic Matter in precipitation of Jeju IslandMin-Young Lee, Tae-Hoon Kim and Na-Yeong Songyes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)14334Vyacheslav LobanovOral Toward CREAMS 3.0: recent achievements of collaborative studies in the northern Asian marginal seas and future challenges for sustainable development of the regionVyacheslav Lobanovyes
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)13883Koki MukaiPoster Effect of environmental factors on bloom formation of the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella in Kariya Bay of northern Kyushu in JapanKoki Mukai, Yohei Shimasaki, Yukie Ohara, Abrianna Elke Chairil and Yuji Oshimayes, O->P
W4 (POC/BIO/FIS)14036Lin LiuWithdrawal Extreme sea level rise off the northwest coast of the South China Sea in 2012Lin Liu,Juan Li and Wei Tanno, cancel talk yes
W5 (BIO)14454Pierre HelaouetInvited 60 years of plankton community in the northern North Atlantic OceanPierre Helaouetyes
W5 (BIO)14031Brian HuntOral Defining isoscapes in the Northeast Pacific as an index of ocean productivityBoris Espinasse, Brian P.V. Hunt, Sonia D. Batten and Evgeny A. Pakhomovyes
W5 (BIO)14076Clare OstleOral Extending the North Pacific CPR Survey pole-ward into the Arctic and potential future investigationsClare Ostle, Sonia Batten, Jon Fisher, David Johns, Humfrey Melling, Doug Moore, John Nelson and Rowena Sternyes
W5 (BIO)14050Brian Allan HooverOral Interannual Variation in Regional Zooplankton Community Structure in the eastern North PacificBrian Hoover, Marisol García-Reyes, Sonia Batten, Chelle Gentemann, Kathleen Dohan, William Sydemanyes
W5 (BIO)13923Yutaka FukaiPoster Seasonal abundance, population structure, and diel changes in abundance of five large dominant copepods evaluated by CPR samples collected in the western subarctic PacificYutaka Fukai, Sanae Chiba, Sonia Batten, Yuka Sasaki, Hiroya Sugisaki and Atsushi Yamaguchiyes
W6 (HD)14408Chanda J. LittlesInvited Coastal ecosystem services in the Temperate Northern Pacific: An emphasis on beneficiariesChanda J. Littles, Chloe Jackson, Theodore DeWitt, Matthew Harwellyes
W6 (HD)14389Peng ZhaoOral Developing A System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Oceans: A Chinese PerspectivePeng Zhao,Feixue Li,Yunlan Zhangyes
W6 (HD)14020Wei LiuWithdrawal Evaluating the ecosystem services of Rudong coastal wetland using a rapid assessment approachWei Liu, Wei Wang, Xuguang Hong, Fangyuan Qu, Zhaohui Zhangno, talk yes
W6 (HD)14011Shang ChenWithdrawal Valuation of marine ecosystem services: misunderstandings and lessonsShang Chen, Linhua Hao, Wei Liu, Tao Xia and Shuai Heyes, cancelled talk yes
W7 (SB)14451Elena EriksenInvited WGIBAR activities and development integrated ecosystem assessments for the Barents Sea with prospect for connecting WGICA activitiesElena Eriksenyes
W7 (SB)13929Yoshiyuki AbeOral Spatial and inter-annual changes in zooplankton community structure in the western Arctic Ocean during summers of 2008−2017Yoshiyuki Abe, Kohei Matsuno, Amane Fujiwara, Atsushi Yamaguchi and Toru Hirawakeyes
W7 (SB)14254Yuri FukaiOral Spatial changes of phytoplankton community in the northern Bering Sea during summers of 2017 and 2018Yuri Fukai, Yutaka Fukai, Yoshiyuki Abe, Kohei Matsuno, Atsushi Yamaguchiyes
W7 (SB)14252Yutaka FukaiPoster Temporal changes of zooplankton community and population structure in the northern Bering Sea from June to September in 2017Fumihiko Kimura, Yutaka Fukai, Yoshiyuki Abe, Kohei Matsuno, Russell R. Hopcroft and Atsushi Yamaguchiyes
W7 (SB)13934Rebecca SchijnsPoster What has Canada caught, and how much is left? Combining catch reconstructions in three oceans with current biomass estimatesRebecca Schijns and Daniel Paulyyes
W7 (SB)14253Yutaka FukaiPoster Yearly comparison on abundance, horizontal, and vertical distribution of epipelagic ctenophores and scyphomedusae in the northern Bering Sea in summer of 2017 and 2018: Quantification by underwater video imaging analysisMarie Maekakuchi, Yutaka Fukai, Yoshiyuki Abe, Kohei Matsuno, Atsushi Yamaguchiyes
W8 (BIO)14283Stephane GauthierInvited Bottom-moored echosounders to monitor the migration dynamics of fish populationsStephane Gauthieryes
W8 (BIO)13920Kouichi SawadaInvited Development of monitoring techniques for zooplankton using multi-frequency profilers moored in Yamada bay, Tohoku, JapanKouichi Sawada, Tohru Mukai, Tomohiko Matsuura, and Yoshiaki Fukudayes
W8 (BIO)14247Mei SatoOral “Seeing” prey provides insights into the decline of southern resident killer whalesMei Sato, Andrew W. Trites and Stephane Gauthieryes
W8 (BIO)14000Yanhui ZhuOral Assessment of fishery resources around Set-net using acoustic methods for sustainable fisheryYanhui Zhu, Kenji Minami, Yuka Iwahara, Kentaro Oda, Koichi Hidaka, Osamu Hoson, Kouji Morishita, Sentaro Tsuru, Masahito Hirota and Kazushi Miyashitayes
W8 (BIO)14236Steve PearceOral Bio-acoustic monitoring with the Acoustic Zooplankton Fish ProfilerSteve Pearce, Jan Buermans, Stephane Gauthier, Alireza Rezvanifar, Tunai Porto Marques, Melissa Cote, Alexandra Branzan Albu and David Lemonyes
W8 (BIO)14009Kyounghoon LeeOral Correlation analysis between fish and zooplankton in cold water mass using acoustic surveyWooseok Oh, Insung Han, Ujin Ko, Geunchang Park, Inwoo Han and Kyounghoon Leeyes, P->O
W8 (BIO)13951Inwoo HanOral Estimating the species identification and abundance of Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) Using 2-frequency difference methodInwoo Han, Seokgwan Choi, Sangdeok Chung, Wooseok Oh, Geunchang Park and Kyounghoon Leeyes
W8 (BIO)14284Wu-Jung LeeOral Interoperating ocean sonar data of heterogeneous sources using echopypeWu-Jung Lee, Valentina Staneva and Kavin Nguyenyes
W8 (BIO)14422Lu GuanOral Long-term bio-acoustics monitoring of zooplankton dynamics in Saanich inlet (British Columbia, Canada)Lu Guan, Mei Sato, Akash Sastri, Chih-hao Hsieh, and Richard Deweyyes
W8 (BIO)14294Rhonda ReidyOral Mapping prey fields of foraging humpback whales in British Columbia, CanadaRhonda Reidy, Stephane Gauthier, Laura Cowen, Francis Juanesyes
W8 (BIO)14562Jeffrey G. DormanOral Spatial organization and abundance indicators of euphausiids across the California Current ecosystemJeffrey G. Dorman, William J. Sydeman, Jarrod A. Santora, Brian Hoover, and Sarah Ann Thompson 
W8 (BIO)13939Wooseok OhOral Vertical Distribution and density of Antarctic silverfish (Pleuragramma antarcticum) in the Ross Sea, Antarctic using Multi-frequencyWooseok Oh, Huoungsul Na, Wuju Son, Inwoo Han, Geunchang Park and Kyounghoon Leeyes
W8 (BIO)14086Hyoung Sul LaOral Zooplankton Acoustic Surveys of Korea Polar Research Institute in the Polar OceansHyoung Sul La, Wuju Son, Eun Jin Yang, Kyoung-Ho Cho, Tae-Wan Kim, Jinyoung Jung, Youngju Lee and Sung-Ho Kangyes
W8 (BIO)14424Kenji MinamiPoster Acoustic reflection intensity of Sargassum horneriKenji Minami, Chihomi Kita, Makoto Tomiyasu, Hokuto Shirakawa, Takashi Kitagawa and Kazushi Miyashitayes
W8 (BIO)13900Andrew MajewskiWithdrawal Detecting wind-driven transport of planktonic biomass using a moored acoustic instrumentAndrew Majewski, Christie Morrison, Jane Eert, Maxime Geoffroy, Bill Williams and Andrea Niemino, cancel poster yes
W9 (MONITOR/MEQ)13907Emily GrasonInvited Community science to capture the leading edge of an invasion: European green crab on Washington State’s inland shorelinesEmily W. Grason, Jeff Adams, P. Sean McDonald, Kate Litleyes
W9 (MONITOR/MEQ)14479Thomas W TherriaultOral A collaborative science-based approach to non-indigenous species monitoring on British Columbia’s North CoastThomas W Therriault, Jason Scherr, Natasha Lebedick, and Caitlin Smithyes
W9 (MONITOR/MEQ)14367Alexandra C.D. DavisOral Developing spatially explicit tools to minimize costs and maximize benefits of marine invasive species controlAlexandra C.D. Davis Stephanie Greenyes
W9 (MONITOR/MEQ)14484Claudio DiBaccoOral Development of an aquatic invasive species monitoring program: past, present & next steps Claudio DiBacco and J. Benjamin Lowenyes
W9 (MONITOR/MEQ)14257Kyoungsoon ShinPoster Preliminary study on risk assessment of in-water cleaning method to remove the Ship's hull fouling organisms.Bonggil Hyun, Pung-Guk Jang, Jung-Hoon Kang, Min-Chul Jang, Kyoungsoon Shinyes
W10 (BIO)13964Shin-ichi UyeInvited Zooplankton production in temperate coastal waters: from individual to community levelShin-ichi Uyeyes
W10 (BIO)14077Lidia YebraOral A global collaboration for the worldwide mapping of marine zooplankton biomass and productionLidia Yebra and Todd D. O’Brienyes
W10 (BIO)14111Hui LiuOral A simulation model for estimating the growth and production of jellyfish (Aurelia aurita)Hui Liuyes
W10 (BIO)13986Kazuaki TadokoroOral Application of the physiological model to the existing data sets for estimating zooplankton production ratesToru Kobari, Kazuaki Tadokoro, Megu Iwazono and Debbie Steinbergyes
W10 (BIO)14339Karyn SuchyOral Biomass production rates of copepod communities along the West Coast of Vancouver Island and in the Strait of Georgia, BC, Canada: An application of multiple empirical growth rate models Akash R. Sastri, Karyn D. Suchy, Lian E. Kwong, and Moira Galbraithyes
W10 (BIO)14433Akash SastriOral Chitobiase-based estimates of developing biomass, growth rate, biomass production rate for a synchronous cohort of Pseudodiaptomus inopinus in cultureAkash Sastri, John Dower, Alex Clancy, Yuichiro Yamada, Tomonari Kotani, Toru Kobari and Yuka Matsuurayes
W10 (BIO)13879Pei-Chi HoOral Prey stoichiometry, primary production, and plankton composition influence production of marine zooplanktonPei-Chi Ho, Esther Wong, Fan-Sian Lin, Akash R. Sastri, Carmen García-Comas, Noboru Okuda, Fuh-Kwo Shiah, Gwo-Ching Gong, Rita S.W. Yam and Chih-hao Hsiehyes
W10 (BIO)13965Shin-ichi UyeOral Seasonal population dynamics, biomass, production, and feeding of the chaetognath Aidanosagitta crassa in a temperate eutrophic inletShin-ichi Uye, Liang Dongyes
W10 (BIO)14397John F. DowerOral What have we learned from 13 years of chitobiase-based measurements of crustacean zooplankton productivity along Canada's west coast?John F. Dower, Theresa A. Venello, Karyn D. Suchy and Akash R. Sastriyes
W10 (BIO)13925Fukutaro KaruPoster Energy sources and feeding impacts of mesozooplankton community in the KuroshioFukutaro Karu, Toru Kobari, Koji Suzuki, Naoki Yoshie, Taiga Honma, Takeru Kanayama and Gen Kumeyes
W10 (BIO)13987Megu Iwazono (and Toru Kobari)Poster Evaluation of protein synthetases activity as a proxy for zooplankton biomass and production rate using cultured copepod population, Pseudodiaptomus inopinusToru Kobari, Yuka Matsuura, Akash Sastri, Yuichiro Yamada, Megu Iwazono and Tomonari Kotaniyes
W10 (BIO)13924Takeru KanayamaPoster Trophic sources and feeding impacts of microzooplankton on phytoplankton community in the KuroshioTakeru Kanayama, Toru Kobari, Fukutaro Karu, Koji Suzuki, Naoki Yoshie, and Gen Kumeyes
W10 (BIO)14355Soo-Jung ChangWithdrawal Molecular diversity of the jellyfish in orders Semaeostomeae and Rhizostomeae in Korean watersSoo-Jung Chang, Seung Heo, Won Duk Yoon, Jinho Chae, Jong-Woo Choi, Hyen-Mi Chung, and Jang-Seu Kino, cancel talk yes
W11 (FIS)13871Chuanxiang HuaInvited Aggregation habitat variation of Pacific saury and its influence factors based on HSI modelChuanxiang Hua, Qingcheng Zhu, Siquan Tian, Fei Li and Yongchuang Shiyes
W11 (FIS)13866Bai LiInvited Estimating spatial non-stationary environmental effects on the distribution of Pacific saury in the Northwest Pacific OceanNorth Pacific Fisheries Commissionyes
W11 (FIS)14312Kazuhiro OshimaInvited Results of stock assessment on Pacific saury by the NPFCTechnical Working Group on Pacific Saury Stock Assessmentyes
W11 (FIS)13908Chih-hao HsiehOral Ensemble forecasting of spatial distribution of Pacific Saury (Cololabis saira) in the Northwestern Pacific OceanJin-Ying Lee, Yi-Jay Chang, Wen-Bin Huang, and Chih-hao Hsiehyes
W11 (FIS)13858Taiki FujiOral Habitat of Pacific saury Cololabis saira is affected by the distributional change of other small pelagic fishes in the North PacificTaiki Fuji, Yasuhiro Kamimura, Sho Furuichi, Hiroomi Miyamoto, Midori Hashimoto, Shin-ichiro Nakayama, Kazuhiro Oshima and Satoshi Suyamayes
W11 (FIS)14152Midori HashimotoOral Pattern transition of age-specific distribution for Pacific saury Cololabis saira in the Northwestern Pacific OceanMidori Hashimoto, Taiki Fuji, Shin-Ichiro Nakayama, Satoshi Suyama and Kazuhiro Oshimayes
W11 (FIS)14280Shin-Ichiro NakayamaOral Property of Pacific saury recruitment in the North Pacific OceanShin-Ichiro Nakayama, Satoshi Suyama, Taiki Fuji, Midori Hashimoto, and Kazuhiro Oshimayes
W11 (FIS)14208Kirill Kivva (for Andrey Krovnin)Oral The climate impact on Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) stock dynamicsAndrey Krovnin, Sergey Melnikov, Kirill Kivva and George Mouryyes
W11 (FIS)14143Vladimir KulikOral The impact of water temperature on the Pacific saury catch distributionVladimir Kulik, Aleksei Baitaliuk, Oleg Katugin and Elena Ustinovayes
W11 (FIS)14074Qingcheng ZhuWithdrawal Applying the Catch-MSY model to the stock assessment of the Northwestern Pacific Saury (Cololabis Saira)Qingcheng Zhu, Yongchuang Shi, Shuolin Huang and Huili Fengyes, cancel poster? yes
W11 (FIS)14267Yang LiuWithdrawal Spatial and temporal dynamic of fishing boats for Pacific saury and environmental changes in Northwestern Pacific using remote sensingYang Liu, Yongjun Tian, Hao Tian and Shigang Liuno show, talk yes
W12 (BIO)14089Elizabeth Logerwell (for Susanne McDermott)Invited Steller sea lions and Atka mackerel in the Aleutian Islands; abundance and spatial patterns in fish distributions - A tale of scaleSusanne F. McDermott, Kimberly Rand, Elizabeth Logerwellno, approved NOAA Logerwell
W12 (BIO)14221Caihong FuOral Assessing food competition between marine mammals and fisheries off western Canada over the past six decadesCaihong Fu, Thomas Doniol-Valcroze, Strahan Tucker, Jennifer Boldt, Norm Olsen, Yi Xu, Huizhu Liu, Philippe Verley and Yunne-Jai Shinyes
W12 (BIO)14193Andrew TritesOral Evaluating competition between marine mammals and fisheries: a case study of the southern resident killer whalesAndrew W Tritesyes
W12 (BIO)14385Ivonne OrtizOral Northern fur seals and competing pollock fish predators in the eastern Bering Sea: variability in prey size availability and spatial overlapIvonne Ortiz, Elizabeth McHuron and Jeremy Sterlingyes
W12 (BIO)14206Y WatanukiOral Potential competition between fish and seabirds: a case study in the Bering SeaYutaka Watanukiyes
W12 (BIO)13845Abigail McCarthyOral Spatial distribution of fin (Balaenoptera physalus) and humpback (Megaptera novaeangliae) whales in relation to environment and acoustically measured prey distributionAbigail McCarthy, Alex De Robertis, Stan Kotwicki, Kathy Hough, Paul Wade and Chris Wilsonapproved NOAA (also W8)
W13 (FUTURE)14362Kirstin HolsmanInvited Beyond singular driver-response tipping points and thresholds, recent examples and emerging approaches.Kirstin Holsmanapproved NOAA
W14 (BIO)14324Hitoshi ArakiInvited Environmental DNA for fish monitoring in the wildHitoshi Araki, Hiroki Mizumoto and Takashi Kanbeyes
W14 (BIO)14232Ryan KellyInvited Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to track changes in species and ecosystems. Ryan P. Kelly, Ramón Gallego, and Emily Jacobs-Palmeryes
W14 (BIO)14113Matthew LemayOral A census of coastal biodiversity through DNA BarcodesMatthew Lemay, Gillian Sadlier-Brown and Kyle Hallyes
W14 (BIO)14130Caterina R. GinerOral Assessing the seasonality of the planktonic protists in the Northern Strait of Georgia, British Columbia (Canada)Caterina R. Giner, Rebecca Piercey, Colleen Kellogg and Brian P. V. Huntyes
W14 (BIO)14019Strahan TuckerOral Diet segregation of Northwest Pacific pinniped communities; Application of novel high-throughput DNA techniques to scatStrahan Tucker, Sheena Majewski, Chad Nordstrom, Angela Shulze, Wendy Szaniszlo and Kristina Milleryes
W14 (BIO)14071Joanna StrzeleckiOral Evaluation of infauna community structure through microscopy and eDNAJoanna Strzelecki, Sarah Stephenson, Mick Haywood, John Keesing, Lydiane Mattio, Damian Thomson and Melanie Traponyes
W14 (BIO)14123Jacqueline L. MaudOral Marine food webs: what can metabarcoding tell us about the true trophic pathways of the dominant mesozooplankton of the Strait of GeorgiaJacqueline L. Maud, Brian P. V. Hunt, Colleen Kellogg and Vera Taiyes
W14 (BIO)13930Junya HiraiOral Metabarcoding diet analysis for revealing predator-prey relationships during the spawning period of Japanese sardine and Pacific round herring in Tosa BayJunya Hirai, Yoko Hamamoto, Daiske Honda, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Satoshi Nagai and Tadafumi Ichikawayes
W14 (BIO)14100Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Metabarcoding, qPCR, and microscopy identification of taxa associated with harmful algal bloomsSvetlana Esenkulova, Amy Tabata, Ben J.G. Sutherland, Nicola Haigh, Christopher M. Pearce, and Kristina M. Milleryes
W14 (BIO)14364Colleen KelloggOral Microbial diversity along a land-sea continuum in coastal British Columbia: Using microbial source tracking to resolve the terrestrial influence on coastal ecosystemsColleen Kellogg, Ian Giesbrecht, Brian Hunt, Bill Mohn, Steven Hallamyes
W14 (BIO)14426Kristina M. MillerOral Multi-species quantitation with eDNA – is it possible?Kristina M. Miller1, Shaorong Li1, Tobi Ming1, Angela Schulze1, Amy Tabata1, and Christoph Deeg1yes
W14 (BIO)14201Fanyu ZhouOral Possible prey of three species of euphausiids in the North Pacific Ocean inferred from DNA metabarcodingFanyu Zhou, Junya Hirai, Koji Hamasaki and Atsushi Tsudayes
W14 (BIO)14432Jennifer SundayOral Tracking seawater eDNA in British Columbia coastal watersJennifer Sunday, Ben Millard-Martin and Matt Lemayyes
W14 (BIO)14180Shufang LiuPosterREP-1DNA barcoding: A potential tool for fishery biodiversity conservationShufang Liu, Zhimeng Zhuangyes
W14 (BIO)13875Hui ZhangPoster Seasonal fish assemblage structure based on environmental DNA in the Yangtze Estuary as a primary studyHui Zhang , Weiwei Xianyes
W14 (BIO)14365Oxana PilganchukWithdrawalREP-2Population genetic structure of sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka (Walbaum), in the Asian part of the habitat.Oxana Pilganchuk, Nina Shpigalskayano, cancel poster yes
W1514372Debra P.C. PetersInvited AI and Machine Learning to Improve Understanding and Prediction of Complex Ecosystem DynamicsDebra P.C. Peters, Heather Savoy, and Geovany Ramirezyes
W1514213Caihong FuOral A machine learning approach to evaluating the impacts of multiple stressors on biotic indices at multiple trophic levelsCaihong Fu, Yi Xu, Jennifer Boldt, Cliff Robinson, Charles Hannah, Angelica Peña, Roy Hourston, Richard Thomsonyes
W1514516Moritz S. SchmidOral Application of machine learning to automated image analysisRobert K. Cowen, Moritz S. Schmid, Christian Briseño-Avena, and Christopher Sullivan 
W1514302Alexandra Branzan AlbuOral Computer vision-based detection of schools of herring from acoustic backscatter time seriesAlireza Rezvanifar, Tunai Porto Marques, Melissa Cote, Alexandra Branzan Albu, Alex Slonimer, Thomas Tolhurst, Kaan Ersahin, Todd Mudge, and Stéphane Gauthieryes
W1514412Di WanOral Exploratory machine learning applications in oceanographyDi Wan, Pramod Thupaki and Gregor Reid 
W1514108Barbara MuhlingOral Using machine learning techniques to estimate pelagic species distributions under novel environmental conditions in the California Current systemBarbara Muhling, Elliott Hazen, Stephanie Brodie, Michael Jacoxyes, NOAA/other institution
W1514092Yi XuOral What will influence Chilko Lake sockeye salmon as climate changes?Yi Xu, Mike Hawkshaw, Caihong Fu, David Patterson, Roy Hourston, and Peter Chandleryes
W1514442William L. Michaels Oral Where is machine learning going in the marine worldWilliam L. Michaels and Cisco Wernerapproved NOAA
W1514449Prospero C. Naval, Jr.Withdrawal A semi-automated method for measuring reef fish population density and biomass from stereo-video footageProspero C. Naval, Jr. and Laura T. Davidno, cancel talk yes
W1514069Michael St. JohnWithdrawal Can we predict the emergent properties of marine systems? Machine learning as way forwardMichael St. Johnno, cancel talk yes
W16 (FIS)14474Kjell Rong UtneInvited IESSNS – International ecosystem survey in the Northeast Atlantic Kjell Rong Utne, Anne Olafsdottir, Jan Arge Jacobsen, Teunis Jansen, Kai Wieland and Leif Nøttestadyes
W16 (FIS)14393Alexey A. SomovInvited Overview of methodology and high level results of Russian salmon research and comparison with obtained results in 2019 GoA salmon expedition.Alexey A. Somov, Olga S. Temnykh, Svetlana V. Naidenko, Alexader N. Starovoytov, Igor I. Glebov, Vladimir I. Radchenko, Aleksander V. Zavolokin, and Vyacheslav P. Shuntovyes
W16 (FIS)13962Laurie WeitkampInvited Pacific salmon ecosystems on the high seas: Initial findings from the Winter 2019 Gulf of Alaska ExpeditionLaurie A. Weitkampapproved NOAA
W16 (FIS)14469Dick BeamishOral 2019 Gulf of Alaska ExpeditionDick Beamishyes
W16 (FIS)14496Chrys M. NevilleOral Annual surveys for juvenile Pacific salmon in the coastal waters of British ColumbiaChrys M. Nevilleyes
W16 (FIS)14473Christoph M. DeegOral At sea genetic stock identification of overwintering coho salmon in the Gulf of Alaska: Evaluation of nanopore sequencing for remote real-time deploymentChristoph M. Deeg, Ben J. G. Sutherland, Tobi J. Ming, Collin Wallace, Kim Jonsen, Kelsey L. Flynn, Charlie D. Waters, Richard J. Beamish, Terry D. Beacham, and Kristi M Milleryes
W16 (FIS)14475Chrys M. NevilleOral Changes in our thinking of the ocean life of sockeye salmonChrys M. Neville, Richard J. Beamish and Aleksey Somovyes
W16 (FIS)14255Kentaro HondaOral Condition of Pacific salmon stocks in the summer Bering SeaKentaro Honda, Tomoki Sato, and Shunpei Satoyes
W16 (FIS)14446Oleg N. KatuginOral Distribution patterns of squid in the upper epipelagic Gulf of Alaska in winter 2019 Oleg N. Katugin, Vladimir V. Kulik, Mikhail A. Zuev and Svetlana Esenkulovayes
W16 (FIS)14472Kristina MillerOral Genomic science tools being implemented on samples from the first Gulf of Alaska expedition in 2019Kristina Milleryes
W16 (FIS)14476Kentaro HondaOral How does sea-entry condition of juvenile chum salmon affect their subsequent survival/growth? A case study in eastern Hokkaido, JapanKentaro Honda, Kotaro Shirai, Shinji Komatsu, and Toshihiko Saitoyes
W16 (FIS)14148Anna VazhovaOral Hydrochemical study in open part of the Gulf of Alaska in the winter 2019Anna S.Vazhovayes
W16 (FIS)14441Brian K. WellsOral Integrating salmon ocean research results into a management frameworkBrian K. Wells, David D. Huff, Brian J. Burke, Steven T. Lindley, and Richard W. Zabelapproved NOAA
W16 (FIS)14109Kym Jacobson (for Richard Brodeur)Oral Juvenile salmon and ocean ecosystem studies in the Northern California CurrentRichard D. Brodeur, Brian J. Burke, and Maryno, approved NOAA
W16 (FIS)14308Vladimir RadchenkoOral Live fish trap for pelagic trawl and problems of its use for salmon revealed at the international Gulf of Alaska expedition in winter 2019Alexander A. Pavlenko, Vladimir I. Radchenko, Gennady A. Kantakov, Andrey Yu. Likhograev and Artem A. Likhoshapkoyes
W16 (FIS)14382Brian HuntOral Mega-swarm of northern sea nettles (Chrysaora melanaster) in the Gulf of Alaska in the winter of 2019 Brian P.V. Hunt, Alexei Somov, Albina Kanzeparova, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Vladimir Radchenkoyes
W16 (FIS)14310Aleksandr ZavolokinOral Non-anadromous Species in the Subarctic North PacificAleksandr Zavolokinyes
W16 (FIS)14396Albina N. KanzeparovaOral Occurrence of non-salmonid species in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Alaska during the 2019 winter surveyAlbina N. Kanzeparova, Alexey A. Somov, Anna S. Vazhova, Mikhail A. Zuev, Arkadiy M. Ivanovyes, if FIN SUP
W16 (FIS)14460Shigehiko UrawaOral Origins and status of chum salmon caught in the Gulf of Alaska in the winter of 2019Shigehiko Urawa, Shunpei Sato and Motoyasu Kuwakiyes
W16 (FIS)14416Evgeny Pakhomov and Laurie WeitkampOral Overview of preliminary findings during the February-March 2019 International Gulf of Alaska expeditionEvgeny A. Pakhomov at al.yes
W16 (FIS)14306Vladimir RadchenkoOral Pacific salmon abundance and biomass as estimated by trawl survey in the Gulf of Alaska in February-March 2019Vladimir I. Radchenko and Aleksey A. Somov yes
W16 (FIS)14307Vladimir RadchenkoOral Spatial distribution and abundance of floating macro-and microplastics based on visual observations and neuston net survey in the Gulf of Alaska in February-March 2019Gennady A. Kantakov, Vladimir I. Radchenko, Evgeny A. Pakhomov and Brian Huntyes
W16 (FIS)14470Ed FarleyOral The challenges to understand how rapid climate warming impacts marine ecology of Pacific salmonEd Farleynot approved NOAA??? (yes)
W16 (FIS)14132Vishnu P SOral Winter dynamics of phytoplankton biomass in the Gulf of Alaska derived from Sentinel 3 ImageryVishnu P S and Maycira Costayes, change to ORAL?
W16 (FIS)14487Charles D. WatersOral Winter energetic status of Pacific salmon in the Gulf of AlaskaCharles D. Waters, Todd Miller, Emily Fergusson, Dion Oxman, and Edward Farley Jr.yes
W16 (FIS)14444Albina N. KanzeparovaWithdrawal Food habits of Pacific salmon in the North Pacific Ocean in winter 2019Anton S. Khleborodov, Albina N. Kanzeparova, Alexander M. Slabinsky and Alexey A. Somovyes, talk only yes
W17 (BIO)13896Matthew BakerPoster Applying NPRB Arctic IERP (2016-2019) research to inform an IEA in the Northern Bering Sea and Chukchi SeaMatthew Baker, Danielle Dickson, Edward Farley, Seth Danielson, Carol Ladd, Kate Stafford, Henry Huntingtonyes
W17 (BIO)13872Kathy KuletzPoster Pacific Arctic seabird communities in a time of changeKathy Kuletz, Daniel Cushing, Erik Osnas, Franz Mueter, Elizabeth Labunski and Adrian Gallyes
W17 (BIO)14124George A. WhitehousePoster Sensitivity of Alaska marine food webs to mortality-based perturbationsGeorge A. Whitehouse and Kerim Aydinyes, but cancel poster
W17 (BIO)14417Matthew AsplinPoster Synoptic meteorological controls on declining seasonal sea ice in the Bering and Chukchi Seas Matthew G. Asplin, Todd Mudge, David Fissel, Dawn Sadowy and Keath Borgyes
W18 (MEQ)14139Svetlana EsenkulovaOral Case study: Evaluating the cost of harmful algal blooms in coastal waters of British Columbia, CanadaSvetlana Esenkulova, Isobel Pearsall and Chris Pearceyes
W18 (MEQ)14553Elisa BerdaletPoster CoCliME: Investigating the socio-economic impacts of HABs through co-development with stakeholders in European marine coastal areasJennifer Joy West, Muriel Travers, Véronique Le Bihan, Gildas Appéré, Patrice Guillotreau, Jérémy Thomas, Baptiste Morineau, Sophie Pardo, Gregor Vulturius, Caroline Cusack, Elisa Berdaletyes
W18 (MEQ)13947Bum Soo ParkPoster Dynamics of Amoebophrya parasites during recurrent blooms of the ichthyotoxic dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides in Korean coastal watersBum Soo Park, Sunju Kim, Joo-Hwan Kim, Jin Ho Kim, Myung-Soo Hanyes
W19 (MEQ)14377Qingli ZhangInvited Ecological risk of covert mortality nodavirus: from ponds to wild seaQingli Zhang, Shuang Liu, TingTing Xu, Jingwei Hao, Xiujuan Shan, Qiang Wu, Guangliang Teng, Xiaoping Li, Tao Yang, Chong Wang, Xiuhua Wang, Jie Huang, Xuan Dong, Zhongyi Li, Xiaoyuan Wan, Fanqun Dai, Chen Li, Songwen Sang, Jun Li, Xianshi Jinyes
W19 (MEQ)14248Juhyun YiWithdrawal An analysis on economic feasibility of track style Sea cucumber aquacultureJuhyun Yi, Eunbi Jeon and Dohoon Kimno, cancel talk yes
W19 (MEQ)14060Yafang LiWithdrawal Assessment of benthic ecological status using biotic indices based on macrobenthic invertebrates in the Rongjiang riverine/estuarine, a typical aquaculture area in ChinaYafang Li, Lianggen Wang, Gu Yangguang, Jiajia Ning and Feiyan Duno, cancel talk 2 yes
W19 (MEQ)13857Nagamani KattukotaWithdrawal Impact of climate change on the coastal regions of Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, IndiaNagamani Kattukota and Gowtham Bno, but wants to publish poster yes
W19 (MEQ)14423Morgan BlackWithdrawal Marine fish communities of First Nations' clam gardensMorgan J. Black, Kieran Cox, Francis Juanes, Morgan Hocking and Sarah Dudasno, cancel talk yes

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