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PICES 2017 Annual Meeting
Environmental changes in the North Pacific and impacts on biological resources and ecosystem services

Sep. 21 - Oct. 1, 2017, Vladivostok, Russia

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
HAB-S11989Hao GuoOral 2016 Red Tide in ChinaHao Guo, Dongmei Li, Yubo Liang, Chunjiang Guanyes
HAB-S12224Tatiana Y. OrlovaOral An under-ice phytoplankton blooms in Peter the Great Bay: Are they controlled by environmental factors?Tatiana Y. Orlova, Vladimir M. Shulkin and Alexander Lazaryukyes
HAB-S12333Lingjuan WuOral Analysis of dynamical factors influencing 2013 giant jellyfish bloom near Qinhuangdao in the Bohai Sea, ChinaLingjuan Wu, Jia Wang, Song Gao, Xiangrong Zheng, and Rui Huangyes
HAB-S12043Mitsunori IwatakiOral Ultrastructure and phylogenetic position of a kareniacean dinoflagellate collected from Japanese coastMitsunori Iwataki, Kazuya Takahashi, Wai Mun Lum and Yasuwo Fukuyoyes
HAB-S11998Haifeng GuWithdrawal Azadinium (Dinophyceae) diversity and biogeographyHaifeng Gu, Zhaohe Luo, Bernd Krock, Kenneth N. Mertens and Urban Tillmannno, cancel talk yes
S1 (SB)12262James T. ThorsonInvited Measuring density dependence, portfolio effects, and climate-drivers in the North Pacific using spatio-temporal models and causal statisticsJames T. Thorsonyes
S1 (SB)12288Kirill KivvaInvited Nutrient fields reveal identity of ecosystems: A case study from the Bering SeaKirill Kivvayes
S1 (SB)12167Kanae TokunagaInvited Towards socially and ecologically adaptive fisheries resource governance: A case of spiny lobster fishery in Shima Peninsula, JapanKanae Tokunagayes
S1 (SB)12065Vasilij MishukovOral Atmospheric transboundary transport of pollutants in East AsiaVasilii F.Mishukov, Andrey S.Neroda, Vladimir A.Goraychev yes
S1 (SB)12238Nianzhi JiaoOralREP-1Biological mediated carbon cycling and sequestration in the ocean and climate change: A new dimension and perspectiveNianzhi Jiao, Louis Legendre and Richard Rivkinyes, P->O
S1 (SB)12114Keith R. CriddleOral Durable entitlements and resilience in fishery social ecological systemsKeith R. Criddleyes
S1 (SB)12078Jianchao LiOral Ecological impacts of Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass variation on the early life history of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus)Jianchao Li, Rui Wu, Chi Zhang, Yang Liu and Yongjun Tianyes
S1 (SB)12246Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Future projected impacts of ocean warming to potential squid habitat in the North PacificIrene D. Alabia, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Hiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Norihisa Usui, Masafumi Kamachi, Toshiyuki Awaji and Masaki Seito yes
S1 (SB)12191Katerina GiamalakiOral Mechanisms triggering the 1976-77 regime shift in the North PacificKaterina Giamalaki, Claudie Beaulieu, Davide Faranda, Stephanie A. Henson, and Adrian P. Martinyes, S1->S10, P->O
S1 (SB)12058Miho IshizuOral Ocean acidification trends in coastal waters in JapanMiho Ishizu, Yasumasa Miyazawa, Tomohiko Tsunoda, Tsuneo Onoyes, P->O
S1 (SB)12135Hae Kun JungOral The influence of atmospheric condition on fishing grounds of walleye pollock in the East/Japan SeaHae Kun Jung, Soon Man Kwon, Kang So Seol, Chung Il Leeyes
S1 (SB)12124John N. Smith Oral Transport of the Fukushima radioactivity plume to the Eastern North Pacific: impacts on biological resourcesJohn N. Smith, Jay Cullen and Jean F. Mercieryes
S1 (SB)12282Hyoung Chul ShinPosterREP-4Central Arctic Ocean challenge; An emerging opportunity to view the changing North Pacific from aboveHyoung Chul Shin, Hyun-cheol Kim, Sung-Ho Kang and Sei-Ichi Saitoyes
S1 (SB)12042Albina N. KanzeparovaPoster Forecast for 4 anadromous fish stocks status in the rivers of the mainland part of Tatarsky Strait (Sea of Japan) to the end of the 21st centuryZolotukhin, S. F.*, T. V. Kozlova*, Kanzeparova A. N.** *Khabarovsk branch of Pacific Research Fisheries Center, Khabarovsk **TINRO-center, Vladivostok yes
S1 (SB)12020Alexander A. DuleninPoster Influence of temperature changes on the bottom marine biota in the western part of Tatar StraitAlexander A. Dulenin, Polina A. Duleninayes
S1 (SB)12070Galina MishukovaPosterREP-3Methane fluxes in the North Western Pacific RegionAnatoly I. Obzhirov, Galina I. Mishukova, Vasilii F. Mishukovyes
S1 (SB)12147Vladimir GoryachevPoster The Accident Fukushima’s radionuclides in the northwestern Pacific in the summer of 2012Vladimir Goryachev, Vycheslav Lobanov, Alexander Sergeev, Nataliy Shlykyes
S1 (SB)12054Ekaterina LepskayaPoster The directivity of the ecosystem processes in the spawning-nursery lake and the optimal spawning escapementEkaterina Lepskaya, Tatyana Bonkyes, wants talk
S1 (SB)12323Mary HunsickerWithdrawal Developing indices for early detection of abrupt change in northeast Pacific Ocean ecosystemsMary Hunsicker, Michael Litzow, Sean Anderson, Jin Gao, Chris Harvey, Sam McClatchie, Eric Ward and Stephani Zadorno, cancel Invited yes
S1 (SB)12172M.D. Iglesias-RodriguezWithdrawal Ecological implications of ecotype diversity in North Pacific coccolithophore populationsMD Iglesias-Rodriguez, PG Matson, TM Ladd, ZS Welch, A Valdez-Schulzno, cancel talk yes
S1 (SB)12253Jing YuWithdrawal Environment effects of Symplectoteuthis oualaniensis in the north-central South China Sea in spring using satellite remote sensingJing Yu1, Qiwei Hu1,2 and Peng Zhang1no, cancel poster
S1 (SB)12280Sinjae YooWithdrawal Eutrophication trend in the Yellow SeaSinjae Yoo, Christina Eunjin Kong, and Chan Joo Jangcancel talk yes
S1 (SB)12199Melanie AngWithdrawalREP-1Impacts of climate change on Pacific North America’s small-scale fisheries catchesMelanie Angno, cancel poster yes
S212154Daoji LiInvited Microplastic in the marine environments, ChinaDaoji Li, Shiye Zhao, Juying Wang, Huahong Shi and Guyu Pengyes
S212050Seung-Kyu KimInvited Microplastics in Arctic surface water and sea ice: 2016 ARAON ExpeditionHee-Jee Lee and Seung-Kyu Kimyes
S212142Lev NeretinOral Applying precautionary principle to microplastics governance framework: Solutions in the absence of “complete” scientific evidenceLev Neretinyes
S212080You Na ChoOral Assessment of microplastic contamination in commercial bivalves from South KoreaYou Na Cho, Mi Jang, Gi Myung Han, Won Joon Shim and Sang Hee Hong yes
S212129June-Woo ParkOral Assessment of microplastic fibers impacts from the chronic exposure to juvenile sheepshead minnow (Cyprinodon variegatus)Jin Soo Choi, Youn-Joo Jung, Yunwi Heo and June-Woo Parkyes, P->O
S212035Youn-Joo AnOral Ecological effect of micro-sized plastics: Research trends and research needsYoun-Joo An and Yooeun ChaeP->O
S212330Seongbong SeoOral Fate of floating debris released from Korean riversSeongbong Seo and Young-Gyu Parkyes
S212027Won Joon ShimOral Global distribution of microplastics: An overviewWon Joon Shim, Sang Hee Hong, Soeun Eo yes
S212214Katerina VassilenkoOral Microfiber source characterization in the Northeastern Pacific OceanKaterina Vassilenko, Mathew Watkins, Anahita Etemadifar, Marie Noel, Peter S. Rossyes
S212137Garth A. CoverntonOral Microplastic concentrations in wild and cultured clams and their environment in British Columbia, CanadaGarth A. Covernton, Sarah E. Dudas, Christopher M. Pearce, Helen J. Gurney-Smith and John F. Dower yes
S212260Peter KershawOral Monitoring and assessment of marine plastics and microplastics – Towards harmonised methodsPeter J Kershaw, Francois Galgani and Alexander Turrayes
S212068Nikolai KozlovskiiOral River discharge as a source of plastic litter pollution in the Northwest Pacific RussiaNikolai Kozlovskii, Anatolii Kachuryes
S212295Patrick D. O'HaraOral Seasonal variability in vulnerability for Cassin’s Auklets exposed to plastic pollution in the Canadian Pacific regionPatrick D. O'Hara,Stephanie Avery-Gomm, Jocelyn Wood, Laurie Wilson, Victoria Bowes, Jean-Pierre Desforges, Peter Ross, Sean Boyd, Ken Morganyes
S212075Young Kyoung SongOral Vertical distribution and composition of microplastics in Korean coastal watersYoung Kyoung Song, Soeun Eo, Gi Myung Han, Sang Hee Hong, Won Joon Shimyes
S212014Chelsea M. RochmanPlenary Contamination and effects of plastic debris in the marine environment Chelsea M. Rochmanyes
S212073Young Kyoung SongPosterREP-4Abundance, composition and distribution of microplastics on Korean BeachesSoeun Eo, Young Kyung Song, Sang Hee Hong, Gi Myung Han, Won Joon Shimyes
S212089Hong gil Yun Poster Bioaccumulation of microplastics in sheepshead minnow (Cyprinodon variegatus)Jin Soo Choi, Youn-Joo Jung, Hong gil Yun and June-Woo Parkyes
S212074Young Kyoung SongPoster Changes of carbonyl and vinyl index of three plastics by outdoor exposureYoung Kyoung Song, Soeun Eo, Sang Hee Hong, Won Joon Shimyes
S212081You Na ChoPoster Development of efficient analytical method for microplastics in bivalvesMi Jang, You Na Cho, Young Kyung Song, Won Joon Shim and Sang Hee Hongyes
S212022Wei HuangPosterREP-1Ecotoxicity effects of microplastic to the early life stages of large yellow croakerFangzhu Wu, Xiaoqun Liu, Jiangning Zeng, Qiang Liu, Wei Huangyes
S212190Guyu PengPosterREP-2Microplastics in freshwater river sediments in Shanghai, China: Case study of environmental risk assessment in mega citiesGuyu Peng, Pei Xu, Bangshang Zhu, Daoji Liyes
S212138Jung Hoon KangPosterREP-3Spatial characteristics of microplstics in the surface waters along the coast of KoreaJung Hoon Kang, Oh-Youn Kwon, Minju Kim, Sang Hee Hong and Won Joon Shimyes
S312079Jung Hyun LimOral A study on the estimation of the potential yield in the Korean waters of the East China SeaJung Hyun Lim, Hee Joong Kang, Hyun A Kim, Young Il Seo and Chang Ik Zhangyes
S312321Mary E. HunsickerOral Characterizing driver-response relationships and defining ecological thresholds in large marine ecosystemsMary E. Hunsicker, Jameal F. Samhouri and Carrie V. Kappelyes
S312325R. Ian PerryOral Development of Ecosystem Indicators to Characterize Ecosystem Responses to Multiple Stressors: A summary PICES Working Group 28R. Ian Perry, Motomitsu Takahashi, Jennifer Boldt, and members of WG28yes
S312311James T. ThorsonOral Time-varying processes in stock assessment: A bridge to ecosystem-based reference pointsJames T. Thorsonyes
S312189Robert BlasiakPlenary Towards common ecosystem reference points for North Pacific ecosystems Robert Blasiakyes
S312109Peng LianPoster The application of Argo profile data and innovative methods in fisheries sciencesPeng Lian, Tao Tian, S.J. Joung yes
S312133Seonggil GoWithdrawal Estimation of the potential fisheries production in the Korean waters based on biomass size-spectrum model with satellite-derived-ocean-color dataSeonggil Go, Sukgeun Jungno, cancel talk yes
S311979Zuozhi ChenWithdrawal Relationship between intrinsic rate of population increase and natural mortality in fish and invertebratesZuozhi Chen, Shijie Zhou, Yimin Ye, David Smith, Kui Zhangno, cancel poster
S412101Yuichi HayamiInvited Monitoring based research in Ariake Sea, Japan -To solve the environmental and fisheries problemsYuichi Hayamiyes
S412030Peter ZhadanInvited The mechanisms influencing the timing, success and failure of spawning in natural populations of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius in the northwestern Sea of JapanPeter Zhadan and Marina Vaschenkoyes
S412304Lu GuanOral Detecting multi-scale temporal dynamics of acoustically estimated zooplankton biomass: A case study of high-resolution ocean observatory system in Saanich Inlet (British Columbia, Canada)Lu Guan, Akash Sastri, Chih-hao Hsieh, John Dower, Richard Dewey and Stephane Gauthieryes
S412028Vladimir M. ShulkinOral Elaboration of Ecological Quality Objectives as a step forward in cooperation to protect the marine environment in the Northwest PacificVladimir M. Shulkin, Anatoly N. Kachur and Alexander V. Tkalin yes
S412039Feng ZhouOral Large variability of hypoxia off the Changjiang EstuaryFeng Zhou, Fei Chai, Daji Huang, Huijie Xue, Jianfang Chen, Peng Xiu, Jiliang Xuan, Jia Li, Dingyong Zeng, Xiaobo Ni and Kui Wang yes
S412031Elena A. ShtraikhertOral Seasonal and diurnal distributions of the phytoplankton bloom, organic and suspended matter contents indicators in the Amur Bay and adjacent area (Japan/East Sea) according to satellite dataElena A. Shtraikhert, Sergey P. Zakharkovyes
S412009Anna S. VazhovaOral Seasonal dynamics of nutrients in the river water and its influence on productivity of the coastal zone in the Japan/East SeaAnna S. Vazhovayes
S412029Jiyoung LeeOral Seasonal microbial community composition in the Jinhae Bay hypoxic zone, South KoreaJiyoung Lee, Jae-Hyun Lim, Kesavan Markkandan, Soyeon Kim, Junhyung Park, and Il-Nam Kimyes
S412299Qingsheng LiOral Spatialtemporal variation of nutrients and eutrophication in Xiamen BayQingsheng Li, Cui Wang, Jinlong Jiang, Keliang Chen and Jinkeng Wangyes
S412306Jennifer JacksonOralREP-5The Hakai Institute Oceanography program: An examination of oceanographic properties from the northern Strait of Georgia to the central British Columbia coastJennifer M. Jackson, Brian P.V. Huntyes, P->O
S412222Xiutang YuanOral Winner or loser: Sea cucumber's future in a changing oceanXiutang Yuanyes
S412118Hyeong-Gi KimPoster Alpha, beta and gamma diversity of nematode assemblages in seaweeds from Korea the British IslesHyeong-gi Kim, Lawrence E. Hawkins, Jasmin A. Godbold, Chul-Woong OH, Hyun Soo Rho and Stephen J Hawkins 
S412229Ferdenant MkrtchyanPoster Application GIMS- technology for the monitoring coastal and marine ecosystemsFerdenant Mkrtchyan and Vladimir Krapivin yes
S412069Rikuya KuritaPoster High-resolution monitoring of phytoplankton communities using spectral fluorescence signaturesRikuya Kurita, Kenji Tsuchiya, Shinji Shimode, Tatsuki Toda and Victor S. Kuwaharayes
S412087Gabriel R. FreitasPoster Plankton biodiversity, community structure and the physical and chemical environment of Izu-Oshima, Japan: A high resolution and multidisciplinary observational approachGabriel R. Freitas, Hidekatsu Yamazaki, Scott M. Gallager, Yoshinari Endo, Masashi Yokota and Takeyoshi Nagai.O->P
S412002Chunjiang GuanPosterxREP-1Studies on the bloom timing of moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) in the nearshore waters of the Hongyanhe River – an estuary of the Liaodong BayChunjiang Guan, Guize Liu, Qing Yang, and Jinqing Yeyes
S412284Soyeon KimPosterxREP-2Temporal variation in microbial community composition in Gadeok Channel, South KoreaSoyeon Kim, Jiyoung Lee, Jae-Hyun Lim, Junhyung Park, Joo-Eun Yoon, Kesavan Markkandan, and Il-Nam Kimyes
S412090Guangshui NaPosterx-REP-3The effect of estuarine physicochemical conditions on antibiotic-resistant E. coli migration and competitive abilityGuangshui Na, Linxiao Zhang, Zihao Lu, Hui Gaoyes
S412077Guimei LiuWithdrawal A modeling study of hypoxia in the bottom layers off the Changjiang Estuary in summerJingjing Zheng,Guimei Liu,Shan Gao,Hui Wangno show, cancelled talk yes
S412045Hee Joong KangWithdrawal An extended ecosystem-based fisheries assessment approach for assessing inshore ecosystemsHee Joong Kang, Jung Hyun Lim and Chang Ik Zhangno, cancel talk yes
S411997Bao-Dong WangWithdrawal Comparison of biogenic sulfur between cold and warm years during summer in the Bering Sea and some implications for the climateBao-Dong Wang, Cheng-Xuan Li, Zi-Cheng Wang, Fu Guo and Yang Lvno, cancel poster yes
S412051Tatiana N. DautovaWithdrawal Coral communities in the North-West Pacific coastal ecosystems: Environmental impacts, future trends and distributionTatiana N. Dautovano show, cancelled talk yes
S411973Haiyan Wang Withdrawal Environmental monitoring using EROD activity in vitro. A case study in Quanzhou Bay, ChinaHaiyan Wang , Daxiong Han, Biyan Wangno, cancel poster yes
S412104Andrés H. AriasWithdrawalREP-4Marine time-series in Argentina (South Atlantic): past vs. present real-time monitoringAndrés H. Arias, Alejandro Vitale, María Cintia Piccolo, Jorge E. Marcovecchio and Gerardo Perillono, cancel poster yes
S412181Edem MahuWithdrawal Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Risk Mapping of Sediment Metals in the Ankobra, Sakumo II and Volta Estuaries of Ghana Using the Aquarisk Model1 Edem Mahu, 1,2Elvis Nyarko, 3Daniel Asiedu, 4Kenneth Coale, 5Wahab Laryea, 6Ron Szymczak and 7John Twiningno, cancel talk yes
S512278Shufang LiuOralREP-3DNA barcoding and electronic microarray for common fish species in Shandong coastal watersShufang Liu, Xianru Li, Zhimeng Zhuangyes, P->O
S512066Xindong PanOral Habitat history reconstruction of the Japanese-Spanish mackerel Scomberomorus niphonius in the southern Yellow Sea, inferred from otolith chemistryXindong Pan, Chi Zhang, Zhenjiang Ye, Binduo Xu, Yang Liu and Yongjun Tianyes
S512061Lisha GuanOral Improving estimations of fish species abundance and distribution via accounting for the effects of diel vertical movementsLisha Guan, Xiujuan Shan and Xianshi Jinyes
S512019Tatiana KrupnovaOral Kelp of Laminaria thickets recovery in dependence on abiotic and biotic environmentsTatiana Krupnova, Yury Zuenko, Irina Tsypysheva, and Vladimir Matveevyes
S512268Mitsuo YamamotoOral Potential influence of oceanic environmental change on seaweed bed distribution in Tsushima IslandsMitsuo Yamamoto, Aigo Takeshige, Dan Liu and Shingo Kimurayes
S512100Аnton KlimovOral Relationship of energy metabolism and juvenile Pacific salmon survival of during adaptation at seaАnton Klimov, Аleksey Lozovoy and Irina Zhiganova yes
S512242Xiujuan ShanOral Signature of global warming on dynamics of anchovy Engraulis japonicas stock in the Yellow SeaXiujuan Shan, Xianshi Jin, Yunlong Chen and Tao Yangyes
S512261Natalie MaharaOral Zooplankton communities in the coastal northeast Pacific Ocean: A comparison of a highly productive region and a light-limited high nutrient, low chlorophyll regionNatalie Mahara, Brian P.V. Hunt and Evgeny A. Pakhomov yes
S512305Cody S. SzuwalskiPlenary Managing highly modified marine ecosystemsCody S Szuwalskiyes
S512094Qun LinPoster Changes on the ecological Carrying Capacity of fleshy prawn (Fenneropenaeus chinensis) in the Bohai SeaQun Lin, Xiujuan Shan, Jun Wang and Zhongyi Liyes
S512071Jeong-In ChangPosterREP-2Improvement of coastal use fee and levy system based on the marine ecosystem in KoreaJeong-In, Changyes
S512098Seung Won JungPoster Real-time detection of the red tide dinoflagellate Akashiwo sanguinea using a newly developed ultrasonic acoustic techniqueHansoo Kim, Hyun Jung Kim, Junsu Kang, Mira Kim, Byoung Kweon Kim, Seung Won Jung and Donhyug Kangyes
S511994Vladimir EvdokimovPoster The effect of the lights on reproduction of sea urchinVladimir Evdokimov, Inga Matrosova, Galina Kalininayes
S512163Km NehaWithdrawalREP-1Appraisal of multi-hazards coastal vulnerability and its impact on coastal areas using optical sensorKm. Neha, and Meenu Rani??? Yes, cancelled poster yes
S512004Yingqiu ZhangWithdrawal Dietary composition and trophic niche partitioning of Hexagrammos agrammus, Hexagrammos otakii, Sebastes schlegelii, and Lateolabrax maculatus revealed by stomach content analysis and stable isotope analysisYingqiu Zhang, Qiang Xu and Hongsheng Yangno, cancel poster yes
S511971Prof. Teki SurayyaWithdrawal Role of coastal ecosystem services on socio-economic status of local inhabitant : a case study of Conrangi mangroves Prof. Teki Surayyawithdraw yes
S512048Qiulu WangWithdrawal Study on coastal habitat assessment method and applicationQiulu.Wang,Manchun.Chen,Lu.Yangno, cancel talk yes
S612169Elena I. UstinovaInvited Interannual variability of oceanographic conditions in the North-West Pacific and Far-Eastern Seas and examples of its effects on fisheriesElena I. Ustinova and Yury D. Sorokin yes
S612298Anne B. HollowedOral Bridging the gap between mechanistic understanding and climate projections: An example based on the Bering Sea ProjectAnne B. Hollowed1, Alan C. Haynie1, Kristin Holsman1, Kerim Aydin1, Al Hermann2, Wei Cheng2, Jon Reum2, Amanda Faig3 yes
S612139Christina Eunjin KongOral Influence of the Three Gorges Dam on the East China Sea ecosystemChristina Eunjin Kong, Sinjae Yoo, Chanjoo Jangyes
S612241Lu YangOral Interannual variability in zooplankton community and its relationship with environmental variables in Bohai Bay in China from 2004-2015Lu Yang, Qiulu Wang, Yan Xu and Haiyan Huangyes
S612023Dmitry V. StepanovOral On the effect of atmospheric forcing on the upper heat content variability in the Japan/East Sea from 1948 to 2009Dmitry V. Stepanov, Anatoly Gusev, Nikolay Dianskyyes
S612008Jinhui WangOral The Climate Change and Trends of Phytoplankton in East China seaJinhui Wang, Yutao Qin, Shouhai Liuyes
S612287Tetjana RossOral What is driving interannual variability in lower trophic levels near Explorer Seamount (Canada)?Tetjana Ross, Moira Galbraith, Tammy Norgard and Marie Robertyes
S612276Joo-Eun YoonOral What was the major factor that has caused declines in coccolithophore abundance in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre since 2005?Joo-Eun Yoon, Il-Nam Kim, SeungHyun Son, Alison M. Macdonald and Ki-Tae Parkyes
S612057Masami NonakaOral Wind-driven and intrinsic interannual variability in the Kuroshio Extension jet and its eddy activitiesMasami Nonaka, Hideharu Sasaki, and Niklas Schneideryes
S612136Yanlong ChenPosterREP-1Spatio-temporal distribution of the specific growth rate of Prorocentrum donghaiense related with SSTYanlong Chen,Suqing Xu, Yujuan Mayes
S612332Xinyang YueWithdrawal DBCP drifter data and metadata integration and its value for forecastingXinyang YueS6 convenors did not accept yes
S612196John (Jack) BarthWithdrawal Factors influencing spatial and temporal variability in hypoxia on Heceta Bank, Oregon, using a model and observationsScott M. Durski, John A. Barth, Samantha Siedlecki and Parker MacCreadyno, cancel talk yes
S612219Romeo Saldívar-LucioWithdrawal Multiannual warming/cooling periods in the California Current SystemRomeo Saldívar-Lucio; P. Del Monte-Luna; D.B. Lluch-Cota; H. Villalobos; S. Ortega-García; F. Arreguín-Sánchez and A. Martínez-López. no, cancel talk yes
S612141Susanna NurdjamanWithdrawal Seasonal and interannual variability of satellite chlorophyll-a in the Malacca StraitSusanna Nurdjaman and Age Hidayat did not show up yes
S8-HD-P11976Suhendar I SachoemarInvited Sato-umi concept and sustainable aquaculture implementation in the coastal area of Indonesia(Suhendar I Sachoemar, Mitsutaku Makino, Mark L. Wells, Ratu Siti Aliah, Masahito Hirota and Tetsuo Yanagi)yes
S8-HD-P12213Chares G. TrickInvited When the nets leave the waters: A community needs assessment for the lost fishing communities of Pacific coastal Guatemala – Balancing ocean and human healthCharles G. Trick, Vera L. Trainer, William P. Cochlan, and Julian Herndon yes
S8-HD-P12209Wei LiuOral An index system for assessment of the performance of construction strategies marine ecological civilizationWei Liu, Shang Chen, Tao Xia and Linhua Haoyes
S8-HD-P12155S. Kim JuniperOral Development of broadly distributable metrics of ocean conditions using real-time data and marine ‘community-observatories’ along the British Columbia coastS. Kim Juniper, Maia Hoeberechts, Marlene Jeffries, and Akash Sastriyes
S8-HD-P12012Konstantin OsipovOral Features of media-covering and promotion of marine and fishery researches in RussiaKonstantin Osipovyes
S8-HD-P12308Stephen KasperskiOral Groundtruthing social vulnerability indices of Alaska fishing communitiesAnna N. Santos, Kim Sparks, Stephen Kasperski, Amber Himes-Cornellyes
S8-HD-P12215Suhendar I Sachoemar (or Mark Wells)Oral Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture in traditional pond aquaculture, IndonesiaSuhendar I Sachoemar, Warih Hardanu, Mark Wells, Mitsutaku Makino, Masahito Hirota, Ian Perry, Ratu Siti Aliah, and Atri Triana Kartikasaryes
S8-HD-P12149Mitsutaku MakinoOral PICES-Japan MAFF Project “MarWeB”Mitsutaku MAKINO, Ian Perryyes
S8-HD-P12113Keith R. CriddleOral Retrospective benefit-cost analysis of federally-funded buyback programs for Southeast Alaska salmon purse seine permitsKeith R. Criddle and Jennifer Shriveryes
S8-HD-P12112Keith R. CriddleOral The economic importance of wild Pacific salmonKeith R. Criddleyes
S8-HD-P12040Amrtatjuti V. SeredaOral Towards international cooperation in the development of Marine Spatial Plans for the North Pacific: Economic, social, and environmental dimensionsAmrtatjuti V. Sereda and Vyacheslav Lobanovyes
S8-HD-P12107Robert BlasiakPosterREP-2Developing a global database on fishery conflictsJessica Spijjkers, Robert Blasiakyes
S8-HD-P12162Naoki TojoPosterREP-1Fishing alternatives of a local stock of Coonstripe shrimp Pandalus hypsinotus for sustainability of the local communities in southern Hokkaido, JapanNaoki Tojo, Takaaki Mori and Yasuzumi Fujimoriyes
S8-HD-P12005Yunyun XiangPoster Research into marine ecological suitability assessment and zoning based on spatial analysis: A case study in Dongtou CountyYunyun Xiang, Hui Yang, Quanzhen Chenyes
S8-HD-P12227Olga N. LukyanovaPoster Seafood consumption and pesticide accumulation in humans in the Russian Far East (Primorsky Kray)Olga N. Lukyanova, Vasiliy Yu. Tsygankov and Margarita D. Boyarovayes
S8-HD-P12293Zhang JianWithdrawal Construction of an evaluation system for Xiangshan port and its fragile ecosystemZhang Jian, Li Jiarui, Liu Qing Qun, Yang Luno, cancel talk yes
S8-HD-P12200Nathan BendriemWithdrawal Economic impact of genomic technologies on Coho salmon fisheries in British ColumbiaNathan Bendriemno, cancel talk yes
S912300Robert M. SuryanInvited Characteristics of meso- and submeso-scale features used by highly migratory marine predatorsRobert M. Suryan, Rachael A. Orben, Stephanie A. Loredo, Jessica M. Porquezyes
S912000Sergey V. PrantsInvited Lagrangian maps as a new tool to simulate transport processes in the oceanS.V. Prants, M.Yu. Uleysky and M.V. Budyansky yes
S912150Daisuke HasegawaOral Enhanced biological productivity in a warm core ringDaisuke Hasegawa, Takeshi Okunishi, Hitoshi Kaneko and Akira Kuwatayes
S912024Dmitry V. StepanovOral Mesoscale eddies and eddy energy sources in the Okhotsk Sea during the winter-spring period, 2005-2009Dmitry V. Stepanov, Vladimir Fominyes
S912297Elena I. UstinovaOral Mesoscale processes influence on migrations and the fishing grounds formation of saury, sardine and mackerel in the Northwest PacificElena I. Ustinova and Viktor N. Filatovyes
S912197Maria N. PisarevaOral On the nature of wind-forced upwelling in Barrow CanyonMaria N. Pisareva, Robert S. Pickart, Paula S. Fratantoni, Thomas J. Weingartneryes
S912159Ayako YamamotoOral Roles of the ocean mesoscale in the lateral supply of mass, heat, carbon and nutrients to the Northern Hemisphere subtropical gyresAyako Yamamoto, Jaime B. Palter, Carolina O. Dufour, Stephen M. Griffies, Daniele Bianchi, Mariona Claret, John P. Dunne, Ivy Frenger and Eric D. Galbraithyes
S912041Olga TrusenkovaOral Short-term variability of the thermohaline stratification under the seasonal pycnocline in the Primorye Current zone in the Japan/East SeaOlga Trusenkova, Alexander Ostrovskii, Alexander Lazaryuk, Vyacheslav Lobanov, Dmitry Kaplunenko, Svetlana Ladychenkoyes
S912123Pavel FaymanOral Submesoscale eddies in Peter the Great Bay of the East/Japan SeaAlexander Ostrovskii, Pavel Fayman, Vyacheslav Lobanov, Young-Gyu Parkyes
S911993Andrey G. AndreevOral The mesoscale eddy activity in the Alaskan Stream area and its impact on biological productivityAndrey G. Andreev, Sergey V. Prants, Maxim V. Budyansky and Michael Yu. Uleyskyyes
S912003Annalisa BraccoOral The submesoscale vertical pump of an anticyclonic eddyAnnalisa Bracco, Yisen Zhong, Jiwei Tian, Jihai Dong, Wei Zhao and Zhiwei Zhangyes
S912263Daisuke AmbeOral Transportation route and habitat of Japanese eel (Anguilla Japonica) larvae in association with mesoscale eddy areaDaisuke Ambe, Daisuke Hasegawa, Makoto Okazaki, Nobuharu Inaba, Takeshi Okunishi, Hiroaki Kurogi, Seinen Chow, Shuhei Sawayama, Tsutomu Tomoda and Tsuyoshi Watanabeyes
S912119Alexander OstrovskiiOral Variations of the turbulent eddy diffusivity in the Primorye Current region of the northwestern East/Japan Sea in the warm seasonAlexander Shatravin, Alexander Ostrovskii, Vyacheslav Lobanov, and Jae-Hun Park yes
S912038Hiromichi UenoPoster Characteristics of Aleutian eddy and its impact on Chlorophyll distributionHiromu Ishiyama, Hiromichi Ueno and Masaru Inatsuyes
S912044Eugene V. SamkoPoster Features of distribution and efficiency of saury fishery in relation to oceanological conditions in South Kuril Region on satellite data in August-November, 2002-2014Yury V. Novikov, Eugene V. Samko 
S912208Sachihiko ItohPosterREP-3Mesoscale and submesoscale coherence from physics to pyhtoplanktonSachihiko Itoh, Shinya Kouketsu, Hitoshi Kaneko Takeshi Okunishi, Junya Hirai and Fuminori Hashihamayes
S912187KyungJae LeePoster Mesoscale eddies in the East Sea (Japan Sea): Statistical categorization and characterizationKyungJae Lee, SungHyun Nam yes
S912180Suyun NohPoster Near-inertial internal waves observed in the vicinity of an anticyclonic eddy in the southwestern East Sea (Japan Sea)Suyun Noh and SungHyun Namyes
S912265I. SemiletovPoster Outer shelf of the Laptev Sea: Specific features of sedimentology processesOleg V. Dudarev, Alexander N. Charkin, Natalia E. Shakhova, Tomasso Tesi, Orjan Gustafsson, Igor P. Semiletov, Alexey S. Rubanyes
S912085Qinsheng WeiPoster Physical-biogeochemical characteristics off the northern Jiangsu coast (Yellow Sea, China) and their potential relations with the occurrence and expansion of Ulva prolifera in summerQinsheng Wei, Baodong Wang, Qingzhen Yao, Mingzhu Fu, Junchuan Sun, Zhigang Yuyes
S912259Lei ZhouPosterREP-1Seasonal variation of barrier layer in the Southern OceanYisen Zhong and Lei Zhouno, cancel poster yes
S912033Yuki OkadaPoster Submesoscale structure in the mesoscale eddies in the western subarctic North PacificYuki Okada, Hiromichi Ueno, Takahiro Tanaka, Sachihiko Itohyes
S911983Polina K. KozubWithdrawalREP-2Dependence of Pacific saury fisheries upon the distribution of oceanographic parameters in the South-Kuril areaPolina K. Kozub, Tatyana V. Belonenkono, cancel poster yes
S911986Igor A. ZhabinWithdrawal The interaction of the mesoscale and submesoscale eddies in the Sea of OkhotskIgor A. Zhabinno, cancel talk yes
S912171Dongfeng XuWithdrawal The observed slope current of the Northern Slope of South China SeaDongfeng Xu1,2, Chenghao Yang1,2,Jun Wang1,2,Mingquan XU1,2,Hong CHEN1,2 and Yaochu YUAN1,2no show, talk yes
S1012255Zhongyong GaoInvited Biogeochemical carbon cycling of Bering Sea and their impacts on the Western Arctic Ocean in the past two decadesZhongyong Gao, Liqi Chen, Min Chen, Heng Sun, Jinlu Tong, Qi Li, Longshan Lin, and Di Qiyes
S1012232Desiree TommasiInvited Climate predictions to support fisheries management in a changing oceanDesiree Tommasiyes
S1012088Moojin KimOral Biotic and abiotic impacts on walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) population off the east coast of Korea over the last 5 decadesMoojin Kim, Sukyung Kang and Suam Kimyes
S1012120Michael JacoxOral Seasonal forecast skill in the CCS and its connection to climate variabilityMichael Jacox, Michael Alexander, Steven Bograd, Elliott Hazen, Gaelle Hervieux, and Desiree Tommasiyes
S1012212Steven BogradOral The FUTURE Science Program: Highlights and next stepsSteven Bograd, Sukyung Kang, and FUTURE SSCyes
S1012210R. Ian PerryOral The pelagic plankton and demersal fish communities of Pacific Canada over the past four decades: Ecosystem variability or change?R. Ian Perry, Moira Galbraith, Ken Fong, Brenda Waddell, Roy Hourston, Rick Thomsonyes
S1012165Pavan KumarWithdrawal Revolutionize dynamics examination of the shoreline using sentinel-2sensors in coastal stretch of Odisha, IndiaPavan Kumar, Meenu Rani??? Yes O->P, cancelled poster yes
S1112245Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Assessing biodiversity patterns of fish resources in the Eastern Bering SeaIrene D. Alabia, Jorge Garcia Molinos, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Takafumi Hirata, Toru Hirawake and Franz J. Mueter yes
S1112047Andrei KrovninOral Changes in recruitment of Pacific cod in the northwestern Bering Sea and their relation to climate variations in the Northern HemisphereAndrei Krovnin, Boris Kotenev, Nikolai Antonov and George Mouryyes
S1112018Yury ZuenkoPlenary Environmental impacts on zooplankton and pollock fishery in the northern Bering SeaYury Zuenko and Eugene Basyukyes
S1112296Genndayi A. ShevtsovPoster Distribution patterns of cephalopods on the Emperor Seamounts as revealed from bottom trawl catchesMikhail A. Zuev, Aleksandr L. Figurkin, and Oleg N. Katugin 
S1111984Mikhail A. StepanenkoPoster Environmental impacts on the Bering Sea pollock spatial distribution, migrations and evaluating fishery managementMikhail A. Stepanenko, Elena V. Gritsay yes
S1112317Оlga NovikovaPoster The specifics of gonad maturation and the terms of spawning in saffron cod (Eleginus gracilis (Til.)) on the coasts of KamchatkaОlga Novikovayes
S1111996Thomas E. HelserWithdrawal Climate variability on arctic fish growth rates: Empirical evidence for biophysical coupling and its effect on harvest policiesThomas E. Helser, Mary Elizabeth Matta and Paul Spencer no, cancel talk yes
S1112157Zhe LiWithdrawal Effects of temperature and food deprivation on vertical distribution and swimming activity of Pacific cod larvae (Gadus macrocephalus) under experimental conditionsZhe Li, Jun Yamamoto, Mitsuhiro Nakaya, Yasunori Sakurai and Orio Yamamurano, Visa problem yes
S1112195Lisa B. EisnerWithdrawal Large zooplankton abundance as an indicator of walleye pollock recruitment in the southeastern Bering SeaLisa B. Eisner, Ellen Yasumiishi and Alex Andrewsno, cancel talk yes
S1212036Selina AgbayaniOral Bioenergetic requirements of migrating eastern North Pacific grey whales in the face of climate changeSelina Agbayani, Andrew W. Tritesyes
S1212117Miran KimOral Breeding phenology and diet shift of seabirds in South KoreaMiran Kim, Youngsoo Kwon, Mijin Hong, Ho Lee, Hong-chul Park and Na-yeon Lee yes
S1212275Jumpei OkadoOral Climate and prey consumption by Rhinoceros Auklets and Japanese Cormorants breeding in Teuri Island, Hokkaido, JapanJumpei Okado, Motohiro Ito and Yutaka Watanukiyes
S1212314Tsutomu TamuraOral Estimation of prey consumption by cetaceans in the western North Pacific-Update to Hunt et al. (2000)Tsutomu Tamurayes
S1211980Xuelei ZhangOral Integrated study of marine mammals: An update of the regional project in the Southeast AsiaXuelei Zhang, Kongkiat Kittiwatanawong, Saifullah Arifin Jaamanyes
S1212151Andrew W. TritesOral Simple models to predict daily energy requirements and prey consumption by marine mammals in the North PacificAndrew W. Tritesyes
S1212182Hiroko SasakiOral Spatial estimation of prey consumption by sei whales in the western North Pacific during the summers of 2008 – 2009: Density surface model approachHiroko Sasaki, Tsutomu Tamura, Takashi Hakamada, Koji Matsuoka, Hiroto Murase and Toshihide Kitakadoyes
S1212217Jock W. YoungPlenary From regional to global-scale understanding of tuna food webs Jock W. Young (and the CLIOTOP trophodynamics team)yes
S1212204Rachael A. OrbenWithdrawal Consistent annual migrations of a specialist seabird despite changes in sea ice extentRachael A. Orben, Nobuo Kokubun, Abram B. Fleishman, Alexis Will, Takashi Yamamoto, Scott A. Shaffer, Rosana Paredes, Akinori Takahashi, Alexander S. Kitayskyno, cancel talk yes
S1212207Stephani ZadorWithdrawal Increased prey consumption by groundfish during the 2014-2015 marine heat wave and the potential for competition with seabirdsStephani G. Zador, John F. Piattno, cancel talk yes
S1212331Kyle S. Van HoutanWithdrawal The trophic signature of pelagic ecosystems in seabirdsTyler O. Gagne, K. David Hyrenbach, Molly E. Hagemann, Kyle S. Van Houtanno, cancel talk yes
S1312223Angelica PeñaOral A model simulation of future biogeochemical conditions along the British Columbia Continental ShelfAngelica Peña, Isaac Fine, and Diane Massonyes
S1312055Pavel Ya. TishchenkoOral Acidification of the interior of the Japan/East SeaPavel Tishchenko, Vyacheslav Lobanov, Dmitriy Kaplunenko, Tatyana Mikhajlik, Kyung-Ryul Kim, and Dong-Jin Kangyes
S1312108Jung-Ho HyunOral Changes in plankton assemblages and role of microbial loop in biogeochemical carbon cycles associated with coastal upwelling in the Ulleung Basin, East SeaJung-Ho Hyun1, Eun-Jin Yang2, Jae-Hoon Noh3, Kyeong-Hee Kim4, Sung-Han Kim1, Jin-Sook Mok1, Dongseon Kim3, Sinjae Yoo3 yes
S1312016Uta PassowOral Climate change, phytoplankton export and carbon equestrationUta Passowyes
S1312132Chuanlun ZhangOral Localized high abundance of Marine group II archaea in the subtropical Pearl River Estuary: Implication for their niche adaptationChuanlun Zhang, Wei Xie, Haiwei Luo, Senthil K. Murugapiran, Jeremy A. Dodsworth, Songze Chen, Ying Sun, Brian P. Hedlund, Peng Wang,Huaying Fang, Minghua Dengyes
S1312193Richard RivkinOral Microbes and ocean biogeochemical processesRichard B. Rivkin and M. Robin Anderson yes
S1312248Koji SuzukiOral Response of spring diatoms to CO2 availability in the western North PacificKoji Suzuki, Hisashi Endo, Koji Sugie and Takeshi Yoshimurayes
S1312146Galina Yu. PavlovaOral Silicate weathering and CO2 consumption rates: new insights from rivers of the Primorskii Krai (Russia)Galina Yu. Pavlova, Pavel Ya. Tishchenko, Pavel Yu. Semkin and Elena A. Vakh yes
S1312211Curtis A. SuttleOral Viruses, carbon sequestration and the biological pumpCurtis A. Suttleyes
S1312267Igor SemiletovPoster DOM and its optical characteristics on the East Siberian Arctic shelf: The spatial distribution and its inter-annual variability (2003-2016)Svetlana P. Pugach, Irina I. Pipko, Alexey S. Ruban, Igor P. Semiletovyes, O->P
S1312234Luca PolimenePoster The role of nutrients in modulating the microbial and biological carbon pumps: A theoretical modelling studyLuca Polimene, Sevrine Sailley, Darren Clark, Aditee Mitra, J Icarus Allenno, cancel talk yes
S1312052Louis LegendreWithdrawal Advanced experimental approaches to marine water-column biogeochemical processesLouis Legendre, Richard B. Rivkin and Nianzhi Jiaono, cancel talk yes
S1312230M. Robin AndersonWithdrawalREP-1Anthropogenic blue carbon: Assessing the contribution of seaweed aquaculture for carbon uptake and storageM. Robin Anderson, Richard B. Rivkinno, canel talk yes
S1312292ZHANG JianWithdrawal Coccolithophores and their characteristicZHANG Jian, LI Jia-rui, TAO Yi-jun, SUN Junno, cancel talk yes
S1312310Farooq AzamWithdrawal Microbial Structuring of Marine Ecosystems: Significance for carbon cycling, climate and fisheriesFarooq Azamplenary, cancel yes
BIO-P12201Hyeong-Gi KimOral A comparative study of nematode assemblages associated with Sargassum muticum in its native range in South Korea and as an invasive species in the English ChannelHyeong-gi Kim, Lawrence E. Hawkins, Jasmin A. Godbold, Chul-Woong OH, Hyun Soo Rho and Stephen J Hawkins 
BIO-P12302Patrick D. O'HaraOral Capturing Non-AIS vessel data in Southern Resident Killer Whale (SRKW) Critical HabitatLauren McWhinnie, Patrick D. O'Hara, Norma Serra-Sogas, Leh Smallshaw, Rosaline Canessayes
BIO-P12179Shinji ShimodeOral Egg sizes and life histories of the two planktonic copepod families Eucalanidae and CalanidaeShinji Shimode, Kazutaka Takahashi, Minamo Hirahara, Mana Mikawa, Tomohiko Kikuchi and Tatsuki Todayes
BIO-P12291Soeon AhnOral Environmental predictors of habitat suitability and spatial distribution of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) in Jeju watersSoeon Ahn, Sinjae Yoo and Hyun Woo Kimyes
BIO-P11985Garam KimOral Feeding impact of the planktonic copepod Calanus sinicus on phytoplankton in the northern East China Sea in late springGaram Kim and Hyung-Ku Kangyes
BIO-P12271Kazuaki TadokoroOral Geographical variation of community structure of bacillariophyceae (diatom) in the western North Pacific OceanKazuaki Tadokoro, Tsuyoshi Watanabeyes
BIO-P12160Takuya OhnishiOral Identification of gene markers associated with starvation in female Calanus sinicus Brodsky (Calanoida: Copepoda)Takuya Ohnishi, Junya Hirai, Shinji Shimode and Atsushi Tsudayes
BIO-P12270Lianggen WangOral Seasonal variation of arrow-worm (Chaetognatha: Sagittidea) assembages and impact of small copepods in the south-central South China SeaLianggen Wang, Feiyan Du, Xuehui Wang, Yafang Li, Jiajia Ning, Lei Xuyes
BIO-P12320Jungsoo ParkOralREP-1Understanding of mutualistic interaction between marine phytoplankton (Tetraselmis striata) and bacteria (Pelagibaca bermudensis and Stappia sp.) in phycosphereJungsoo Park, Myung-Soo Han*yes
BIO-P12148Natalia Shlyk (or K. Rogachev)Poster Coastal currents and effects of freshwater discharge on zooplankton aggregations in the Sea of OkhotskNatalia Shlyk, Konstantin Rogachev and Eddy Carmackyes
BIO-P12099Seung Won JungPoster Diatom biogeography: Abundance and species diversity of a major phytoplankton group in Korean coastal waters during winterSeung Won Jungyes
BIO-P12329Kwang-Sik ChoiPoster Pathologic survey of Protozoan Parasites in different marine bivalve hosts in the South Coast of Korea using PCR and histologyHye-Mi Lee, Hyun-Sil Kang, Young-Ghan Cho, Hee-Jung Lee2, Kwang-Sik Choiyes
BIO-P12130Yusuke IkawaPoster Seasonal and year-to-year variations in the surface copepodid population and egg production rate of Eucalanus californicus (Copepoda: Calanoida) in Sagami Bay, JapanYusuke Ikawa, Masumi Inui, Tomohiko Kikuchi, Tatsuki Toda and Shinji Shimodeyes
BIO-P12251Elena Dulepova Poster Zooplankton production parameters in the north-western Bering Sea in the present periodElena Dulepova yes
BIO-P12202C. Tracy ShawWithdrawal Euphausiids and their environment: sixteen years of euphausiid data from the coastal upwelling zone off the Oregon Coast, USAC. Tracy Shaw, Jennifer L. Fisher and William T. Petersonno, cancel talk yes
BIO-P12064Hui ZhangWithdrawal Identification of myogenic regulatory genes in the muscle transcriptome of beltfish (Trichiurus lepturus): A major commercial marine fish species with robust swimming abilitHui ZHANG Weiwei Xianno show, poster yes
BIO-P12015Ateeq ur RehmanWithdrawalREP-2ROS mediated signaling responses and stressor effect on the photosynthetic apparatus of the dinoflagellate SymbiodiniumAteeq ur Rehman, Faiza Bashir, Ildiko Domonkos and Imre Vassno, cancel poster yes
BIO-P12236Jianming ChenWithdrawalREP-3Transcriptome profling of Galaxea fascicularis and its endosymbiont Symbiodinium reveals chronic eutrophication tolerance pathways and metabolic mutualism between partnersZhenyue Lin, Mingliang Chen, Xu Dong, Xinqing Zheng, Haining Huang, Xun Xu and Jianming Chenno show, poster yes
FIS-P12243Xianhong MengOral An overview of the culturing and breeding of Fenneropenaeus chinensis in ChinaXianhong Meng, Jie Kong, Qingyin Wang,Kun Luo, Sheng Luan, Qiang Fu and Xiaoli Shiyes
FIS-P12097Yang LiuOral Development of a growth prediction model for Japanese scallop along the Okhotsk coast of Hokkaido, Japan using RS and FRA-ROMSYang Liu, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Hiroshi Kuroda, Shouyi Yuan and Yongjun Tianyes
FIS-P12258Kristina ZhukovaOral Gonadal abnormalities in walleye pollock Theragra chalcogrammaKristina Zhukova, Andrey M. Privalikhinyes
FIS-P12013Motomitsu TakahashiOral Growth and survival of jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus juveniles in the Tsushima Warm CurrentMotomitsu Takahashi, Chiyuki Sassa, Satoshi Kitajima and Youichi Tsukamotoyes
FIS-P12059Xiaodong BianOral Ichthyoplankton succession and assemblage structure in the Bohai Sea during the past 30 years since the 1980sXiaodong Bian, Xianshi Jin, Ruijing Wanyes
FIS-P12312Nadezhda AseevaOral Long-term dynamics of the greenland halibut population in the Okhotsk SeaNadezhda Aseevayes
FIS-P12240Jie KongOral Multiple-trait genetic evaluation of the Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in ChinaJie Kong and Sheng Luanyes
FIS-P12218Ryan R. RykaczewskiOralREP-1Scales of variability in forage fish populations: Comparing interpretations of ichthyoplankton and sedimentary recordsRyan R. Rykaczewski, Brendan D. Turley and Rebecca G. Aschyes, P->O
FIS-P12316Olga NovikovaOral Seasonal distribution of commercial concentrations of saffron cod (Eleginus gracilis (Til.)) on the shelf of West KamchatkaOlga Novikovayes
FIS-P12006Zhengguo CuiPoster Denitrification effect, substrate enzymatic activities and microbial information in an integrated vertical-flow marine constructed wetlandsYueyue Li, Yanyan Wang, Keming Qu and Zhengguo Cuiyes
FIS-P12032Hiromichi IgarashiPoster Development of habitat suitability index models of demersal fishes off the eastern coast of JapanHiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Yusuke Tanaka, Takehisa Yamakita, Misako Matsuba, Yumiko Yara and Katsunori Fujikurayes
FIS-P12285Jennifer BoldtPosterREP-2Development of stereo camera methodologies to improve pelagic fish biomass estimates and inform ecosystem management in marine watersJennifer Boldt, Kresimir Williams, Chris Rooper, Rick Towler, Stéphane Gauthieryes
FIS-P12327Roman NovikovPoster Environmental influence on Pacific Halibut Hippoglossus stenolepis spatial distribution and migration in the Eastern Okhotsk SeaRoman Novikovyes
FIS-P12184Peng SunPoster Estimation of trawl selectivity for four cephalopod species in the Yellow SeaPeng Sun,Yongjun Tian, Runlong Sun, Zhenlin Liang???yes, looking for other funding
FIS-P12250Akira HayashiPoster Evaluation of the increasing trend of Japanese sardine Sardinops melanostictus recruitment in the waters north and west off Kyushu island, JapanAkira Hayashi, Kei Suzuki, Soyoka Muko, Tohya Yasuda, Mari Yoda, Hiroyuki Kurota, Seiji Ohshimo, Motomitsu Takahashiyes
FIS-P12025Sergey S. PonomarevPoster Histological observation of hermaphroditism of chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta (Walbaum, 1792)Zhukova Kristina, Sergey S. Ponomarev  
FIS-P12322Vladimir TuponogovPoster Migrations of rat-tail and greenland halibut in the Okhotsk SeaVladimir Tuponogov and Nadezhda Aseevayes
FIS-P11978Jun ZhangWithdrawal A preliminary study on the nautical area scattering coefficient and distribution of mesopelagic fishes in the central-southern part of the South China SeaJun ZHANG, Yan’e Jiang, Zuozhi CHEN, Yuyan Gongno show, poster yes
FIS-P12274Aleksei Khoruzhiy (for Pavel O. Emelin)Withdrawal Mesopelagic species in the upper epipelagial layer of the deep-sea part of Okhotsk Sea in summer and autumn periodsPavel O. Emelin no, cancel poster yes
FIS-P12188Zhongxin WuWithdrawal Partitioning of food resources among three co-occurring scorpionfish in the coastal waters of the northern Yellow SeaZhongxin Wu, Xiumei Zhang, Charlotte R. Dromard,James R. Tweedley and Neil R. Loneraganno, cancel poster yes
FIS-P12194Elizabeth LogerwellWithdrawal The effect of oceanographic variability on the distribution of larval fishes of the Northern Bering and Chukchi SeasElizabeth Logerwell, Morgan Busby, Kathy Mier, Heather Tabisola and Janet Duffy-Anderson  yes
FIS-P12273Alexey A. KhoruzhiyWithdrawalREP-3The nekton community of the Pacific waters off the Kuril Islands and Northwestern Pacific: Trophic links and the amount of forage base consumptionAlexey A. Khoruzhiy and Svetlana Naydenkocancel poster yes
MEQ-P12096Wu MenOral Environmental evolution of Fukushima-derived 134Cs in the Northwest PacificWu Men, Wen Yu, Yusheng Zhang, Jianhua He, Fenfen Wang, Yiliang Li, Feng Lin, Fangfang Deng and Jing Linyes
MEQ-P12037Mikhail V. SimokonOral Monitoring of marine bioresources safety in the Far Eastern SeasMikhail V. Simokon, Lidia T. Kovekovdovayes
MEQ-P12145Jinqiu DuOral Sediment accretion and carbon sequestration in tidal flat of Liaohe estuaryJinqiu Du, Daoming Guan, Ziwei Yao, Guangshui Na and Hui Gaoyes
MEQ-P12021Renyan LiuOral Yessotoxins: History, existence, risk and warningRenyan Liu, Yubo Liang and Lei Liuyes
MEQ-P12272Jianhua HePoster An in-situ monitoring system for gamma radionuclides in seawaterJianhua HE, Wen YU, Wu MEN, Yusheng ZHANGyes
MEQ-P12001Alexander V. MoshchenkoPoster Assessment of contamination in the coastal zone around Vladivostok and benthos status in 2016Alexander V. Moshchenko, Tatyana A. Belan, Boris M. Borisov, Tatyana S. Lishavskaya and Alexander V. Sevastianovyes
MEQ-P12063Wen YuPoster Levels of artificial radionuclides in squid from northwestern Pacific after Fukushima accidentWen Yu, Jianhua He, Mathew P. Johansen, Yusheng Zhang, and Wu Menyes
MEQ-P12010Anna S. VazhovaPoster Oxygen regime in the rivers flowing into the Japan/East Sea as an indicator of anthropogenic impactAnna S. Vazhovayes
MEQ-P12164Sang Hee Hong (for Gi Myung Han)Poster Persistent Organic Pollutants in black-tailed gull eggs from South KoreaGi Myung Han, Sang Hee Hong, Mi Jang, Lian Hong, Won Joon Shim, Un Hyuk Yimno, by colleague
MEQ-P12011Alexander V. MoshchenkoPoster Soft bottom macrozoobenthos of Peter the Great Bay and chemical contamination of marine environmentAlexander V. Moshchenko, Tatyana A. Belan, Boris M. Borisov, Tatyana S. Lishavskaya and Alexander V. Sevastianovyes
MEQ-P12086Daisuke AmbePoster Spatio-temporal variation of radiocesium in sea sediment East of Japan after the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accidentDaisuke Ambe, Shigeho Kakehi, Mikiko Tanaka, Toru Udagawa, Yuya Shigenobu, Kazuaki Tadokoro, Daisuke Hasegawa, Shizuho Miki and Takami Morita yes
MEQ-P12186Artyom TadzhibaevWithdrawal Concentrations of heavy metals in the echinoid Strongylocentrotus intermedius from the Gulf of Vladimir, Sea of JapanArtyom Tadzhibaev, Anna Kobzarno, cancel poster yes
MEQ-P12307Oleg G. BorzykhWithdrawal Contamination the Japanese Scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis (Jay, 1856) by the filamentous fungi (Peter the Great Bay, Sea of Japan)Oleg G. Borzykh, Lubov V. Zvereva no show, poster yes
MEQ-P11999Ohidul AlamWithdrawal Impacts of heavy metals pollution on natural marine eco-environmentOhidul Alam,Xiuchen Qiaono, cancel talk yes
POC-P12174Wonkeun ChoiOral Evaluation of climatological mean surface winds over the Korean Waters simulated by CORDEX regional climate modelsWonkeun Choi, Ho-Jeong Shin, Chan Joo Jang and Heeseok Jungyes
POC-P12062Giovanni LiguoriOral Increasing Pacific decadal variability under greenhouse forcingGiovanni Liguori, Emanuele Di Lorenzoyes
POC-P12116Dmitry KaplunenkoOral Recent reduction of dissolved oxygen in the North-western Pacific and Japan SeaDmitry Kaplunenko, Vyacheslav Lobanov, Pavel Tischenko, Sergey Sagalaev, Sho Hibino, Toshiya Nakano, Shi Xuefa and Liu Yanguangyes
POC-P12319Yong Lin Oral Regional variation of heat transfer to deep sea during the recent warming hiatusYong lin, Peifu Cong, Shuxi Liuyes
POC-P12324Viktor KuzinOral Simulation of river runoff in Siberia and the propagation of this fresh water in the ArcticViktor Kuzin, Gennady Platov and Natalya Laptevano, cancel talk yes
POC-P12115Jennifer M. JacksonOral The influence of seasonal upwelling and downwelling on a coastal fjord: An example from Rivers Inlet, Canada from 1951 to 2017Jennifer M. Jackson, Brian P.V. Hunt, Frank Whitneyyes
POC-P12252Chan Joo JangOralREP-1Timing of unprecedented climate in Korea: A linear projectionHo-Jeong Shin, Chan Joo Jang and Il-Ung Chungyes
POC-P12206Konstantin RogachevPoster Argos drifters reveal amplification of tidal currents in the OyashioKonstantin Rogachev and Natalia Shlykyes
POC-P12176Heeseok JungPosterREP-2Development of a medium range ocean prediction model for the seas around KoreaHeeseok Jung, Chan Joo Jang and Sukyung Kangyes
POC-P12034Yushiro TsukadaPosterREP-3Interannual variation of solar heating in the Chukchi Sea, Arctic OceanYushiro Tsukada, Hiromichi Ueno, Naoki Ohota, Motoyo Itoh, Eiji Watanabe, Takashi Kikuchi, Shigeto Nishino, Kohei Mizobatayes
POC-P12026Kwang-Young JeongPoster Mean sea-level rises and coastal vulnerability along the Korea coastsKwang-Young Jeong, Tae-soon Kang, Hyung-min Oh, Songmin Do, Eunil Leeyes
POC-P12328Alexander NikitinPoster Oceanographic conditions in the northwestern Japan Sea based on satellite information and data from the regular ‘TSUGARU’ transect in winter 2000-2015A.A. Nikitin, B.S. Djakov and A.V. Kapshiteryes
POC-P12017Larissa MuktepavelPoster Okhotsk troposphere cyclone as the general factor for ice cover formation in Tatar Strait and in the Okhotsk seaL. Muktepavel, T. Shatilina, G.Tsitsiashvili, I. Tsypysheva, T. Radchenkovayes
POC-P12092Lijian ShiPoster Sea ice detection for the Bohai Sea using MODIS IST dataLijian Shi, Mingsen Lin, Bin Zou, Tao Zeng, Yarong Zou 
POC-P12289Anna A. Artemyeva Poster SST variations in the Northwest Pacific related to West Pacific Teleconnection PatternAnna A. Artemyeva yes
POC-P12301Chan Joo JangPoster The transition of the sea surface temperature long-term trend in the Yellow and East China Seas in the late 1990s: Effects of the North Pacific regime shiftYong Sun Kim, Chan Joo Jang and Sang-Wook Yeh yes
POC-P12266Igor P. SemiletovWithdrawal Carbonate characteristics of the western Chukchi Sea ShelfIrina I. Pipko I., Svetlana P.Pugach, Igor P. Semiletov, Yuliia A. Moiseeva, Kseniia P. Shcherbakova no show poster yes
POC-P12313Wan Fangfang (for Shanshan Xu)Withdrawal Characteristics of tidal and residual surface current in the central Bohai seaShanshan Xu, Jinkun Yang, Shuangquan Wu, Qingsheng Miao and Mingmei Dongno, cancel poster yes
POC-P12121Vadim NavrotskyWithdrawal Characterizing the shelf ecosystem status using heat, momentum, and energy fluxes in the near-bottom layers over the continental shelfVadim Navrotsky, Valeriy Liapidevskii, Elena Pavlova, Fedor Chrapchenkovcancelled talk yes
POC-P11981Charles HannahWithdrawal Patterns of SST variability along the west coast of North AmericaCharles Hannah, Nick Bolingbroke, and William Crawfordno, cancel talk yes
GP12281Kyoungsoon ShinPoster A staining method to determine marine microplanktonic organism viability and investigate the efficacy of a ship's ballast water treatment systemSeung Ho Baek,Bonggil Hyun, Kyoungsoon Shinyes
GP12111Julia V. StochkutePoster Contribution of atmospheric circulation in the change of the thermal regime of the north-eastern coast of Russia in the period 1950-2013Stochkute Julia V., Vasilevskaya Lubov N.,Vasilevsky Denis N.yes
GP12102Donghwan KimPoster Distribution and Diffusion of an Invasive Solitary Ascidian, Ciona intestinalis, in South KoreaDonghwan Kim, Michael D. Ubagan, Sungjun Bae, Taekjun Lee, Philjae Kim, Dong gun Kim, Tae Joong Yoon and Sook Shinyes
GP12152Minju KimPoster Distribution of mesozooplankton during spring and autumn across the frontal zone of South Sea, KoreaMinju Kim, and Jung-Hoon Kangyes
GP12303Alexey M. Trukhin (for Peter A. Permyakov)Poster Disturbance of seals by anthropogenic activity at the haul out of Piltun Bay (Sakhalin Isl.)Peter A. Permyakov and Alexey M. Trukhinno, by co-author
GP12056Salim DautovPoster Echinocardium cordatum from the Sea of Japan is not the same species as from North SeaSalim Dautov, Svetlana Kashenkoyes
GP12103Minkyung KimPoster Effects of the Salinity on the egg development and the larval settlement in various temperatures of Ciona intestinails (Ascidiacea: Phlebobranchia: Cionidae)Minkyung Kim, Donghyun Kim, Ju-un Park, Tae Joong Yoon, Dong gun Kim, Sook Shinyes
GP12153Taehee LeePoster Geochemical characteristics of the sediment pore water in the Northeastern Equatorial PacificTaehee Lee, Kyeong-Hong Kim, Ju Won Son, Young Baek Sonyes
GP12334Cui LiangPoster Impacts of ocean warming on China’s fisheries catches: An application of ‘mean temperature of the catch’ conceptCui Liang, Weiwei Xian, and Daniel Paulyyes
GP12067Anna V. KlimovaPoster Intraspecific differentiation of Alaria esculenta (Phaeophyceae, Laminariales) from southeastern Kamchatka based on molecular-phylogenetic and cytochemical studyAnna V. Klimova, Nina G. Klochkova and Tatyana A. Klochkovayes
GP11995Oleg V. LosevPoster Investigation results of pollution of Uglovoy Bay in winter of 2017 (Peter the Great Bay, Japan/East Sea)Oleg V. Losev, Valery I. Petukhov, Evgeniya A. Petrovayes
GP12254Keliang ChenPoster Marine environmental situation and Blue Bay remediation in XiamenKeliang Chen, Hongzhe Chen, Senyang Xie,Xiaohua Wangyes
GP12110Douding Lu (clarify who presents)Poster Morphology, phylogeny and life history of Chattonella marina from the East China SeaXinfeng Dai, Hongxia Wang, Pengbin Wang, Ping Xia and Douding Luyes
GP12335Sergey V. LobodaPoster Pacific herring distribution and some features of biology in the northwestern Bering Sea in 2010-2015Sergey V. Lobodayes
GP12060Pavel GushcherovPoster Research of the cetacean sighting survey in the northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk in 2015-2016Pavel Gushcherov, Petr Tiupeleev, Vitaliy Samonov and Tomio Miyashita yes
GP12140Yunji KimPoster Study on the outbreak and extinction mechanisms of marine harmful microalga Cochlodinium polykrikoides in Southern Sea of Korea in 2016Yunji Kim, Seung Ho Baek, Minji Lee and Soonmo Anyes
GP11968Oleg ZaitsevPoster The great 2011 Tohoku tsunami on the Mexican Coast: Spectral analysis and energy parameterizationOleg Zaitsev, Alexander B. Rabinovich and Richard E. Thomsonyes
GP12134Minji LeePoster The Responses of phytoplankton and bacterial communities along the salinity gradients in the Seomjin River estuaryMinji Lee, Seungho Baek, Changho Moon yes
GP11972Emily CurrenWithdrawal Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Coastal Cyanobacteria Populations in the TropicsEmily Curren, Sandric Chee Yew Leongno, cancel poster yes
GP12216Soeon AhnWithdrawal Assessment of environmental variables controlling bottlenose dolphin (Trusiops aduncus)’s spatial distribution in Jeju watersSoeon Ahn, Sinjae Yoo and Hyun Woo Kimcancel this, keep 12291 yes
GP12106Daniel M. MbithiWithdrawal Contribution of black carbon induced climate change on mountain snow-melt over Eastern Africa regionDaniel M. Mbithi, Nzioka J. Muthama, Ininda M. Joseph and Richard Onwong'ano show, poster yes
GP12277Zhang JianWithdrawal Distribution of coccolithophores in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea in summer and winterZHANG Jian, LI Jia-rui, JI Da-wei, ZHAI Wei-kang, WANG Yuan-junno show, poster yes
GP12131Tianyu ZhangWithdrawal Effects and adaptation strategy analysis on sea level rising in ChinaTianyu Zhang and Sujing Mengno, cancel poster yes
GP11982Guimei LiuWithdrawal Establishment of marine ecosystem forecasting systems in ChinaGuimei Liu, Xuanliang Ji, Jingjing Zheng, Shan Gaono show, poster yes
GP12220Romeo Saldívar-LucioWithdrawal Historical patterns and predicted thermal scenarios in the mexican seas Romeo Saldívar-Lucio, Christian Salvadeo, Pablo Del Monte-Luna, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Héctor Villalobos, et al. no, cancel poster yes
GP12185Fan WangWithdrawal IOCAS scientific observing network in the Western Pacific OceanFan Wangno show, poster yes
GP12239Xinyang YueWithdrawal Low frequency shift of wind waves induced by long waves based on experimental observation dataXinyang YUE, Xiaochen ZOU, Shouhua LIUno show, poster yes
GP11992Muhammad Danish SiddiquiWithdrawal Mapping seaweed beds along Karachi coast using Remote sensing and GIS Techniques Muhammad Danish Siddiqui and Muhammad Abdullahno, cancel poster yes
GP12183Jianing WangWithdrawal Surface current in “Hotspot” serves as a new and effective precursor for El Niño predictionJianing Wang, Youyu Lu, Fan Wang and Rong-Hua Zhangno show, poster yes
GP12095Adedotun Oke Withdrawal The Effect Of Noise On Aquatic Life : A Literature Review Michael M. A. Oke no show, poster yes
GP12175Tae-Hoon KimWithdrawal Unusually significant bacterial production of dissolved organic matter in a marginal sea (East/Japan Sea)Tae-Hoon Kimno, cancel poster yes
W112257Maria N. PisarevaInvited Flow of pacific water in the Chukchi Sea: Results from RUSALCA expeditionsMaria N. Pisareva, Robert S. Pickart, Michael A. Spall, G.W. Kent Moore, Katrin Iken, Elizaveta A. Ershova, Jacqueline M. Grebmeier, Lee W. Cooper, Bodil A. Bluhm, Russell R. Hopcroft, Carin J. Ashjian, Ksenia N. Kosobokovayes
W112221Zhixuan FengWithdrawal Modeling the sympagic-pelagic-benthic coupling processes in the St. Lawrence Island Polynya region, northern Bering SeaZhixuan Feng, Rubao Ji, Carin J. Ashjian, Jinlun Zhang, Robert G. Campbell, and Jacqueline M. Grebmeier no, cancel talk yes
W212233Chen ShangOral Marine ecosystem services assessment methodsShang Chen, Wei Liu, Tao Xia and Linghua Haoyes
W212082Jingmei LiOral Valuing the loss of ecological benefits of wetland reclamation in Jiaozhou Bay based on choice experimentsJingmei Li, Qi Chenyes
W212127Kazumi WakitaOral What influences people’s value of marine ecosystem services: A case study of JapanKazumi Wakita, Hisashi Kurokura, Taro Oishi, Zhonghua Shen, and Ken Furuyayes
W212177Meenu Rani Withdrawal Development of a relative coastal vulnerability index for climate change adaptation and environmental changes in the North Pacific coastal zoneMeenu Rani and Pavan Kumardid not show up, oral yes
W212249Benrong PengWithdrawal Integrating the value of marine ecosystem services into decision making: A case study of Xiamen, ChinaBenrong Pengdid not attend, invited yes
W312231Desiree TommasiOral Consequences of environmentally driven uncertainty in productivity for management of North Pacific Albacore tunaDesiree Tommasi, Barbara Muhling, Steven Teo, Gerard Di Nardo yes
W312247Yulina V. HaneOral Development of methodology for analyses of larval ambient water temperature of Pacific bluefin tuna using SIMSYulina V. Hane, Shingo Kimura, Yusuke Yokoyama, Yosuke Miyairi, and Takayuki Ushikuboyes
W312105Kyunghwan LeeOral Differences in biological characteristics of Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) between the East and the Yellow Sea, KoreaKyunghwan Lee, Sukgeun Jungyes
W312198Elliott HazenOral Dynamic ocean management applications for the Drift Gillnet fishery in the California CurrentElliott L. Hazen1,2, Kylie L. Scales1,2, Heather Welch1,2, Dana K. Briscoe2,3, Steven J. Bograd1,2, Heidi Dewar4, Suzy Kohin4, Scott Benson4, Tomo Eguchi4, Larry B. Crowder3, Rebecca Lewison5 and Sara Maxwell6 yes
W312143Sukgeun JungOral Individual-based model of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) covering from larval to adult stages to project climate-driven changes in their spatial distribution in the western North PacificSukgeun Jungyes
W312053Barbara A. MuhlingOral Oceanographic influences on the spawning and recruitment of Pacific bluefin tunaBarbara A. Muhling, Desiree Tommasi and Gerard DiNardoyes
W312093Giphil ChoOral Optimal harvest strategies of sandfish based on a stage-structured model in the East SeaGiphil Cho, Sukgeun Jung, Il Hyo Jungyes
W311990Muhammad AbdullahWithdrawal Satellite derived sea surface temperature fronts in relation with tuna catch in eez of PakistanMuhammad Abdullah, Saad Malik and Muhammad Danish Siddiquino, cancel talk yes
W412283Keigo YamamotoInvited Long-term monitoring of the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense and environmental factors in Osaka Bay, eastern Seto Inland Sea, Japan: History of invasion and expansion of toxic bloomsKeigo Yamamoto, Ichiro Imaiyes
W412122Nicholas BondInvited Observed climatic and oceanographic variations related to harmful algal blooms: Comparisons between the western and eastern North PacificNicholas A. Bondyes
W412235Melissa B. PeacockOral Blurred lines: Multiple freshwater and marine algal toxins at the land-sea interfaceMelissa B. Peacock, Corinne Gibble, David B. Senn, James E. Cloern, and Raphael M. Kudela yes
W412264Douding LuOral Can large scale of Karenia blooms in China coastal waters be linked to climate (weather) signals?Douding Lu, Xinfeng Dai, Pengbin Wang, Ping Xia and Weibing Guan, Haiyan Huang , Leo Chanyes
W412294S. Morgaine McKibbenOral Decadal time series tell a story about climate and HABsS. Morgaine McKibben, Angelique E. White, William P. Cochlan, and Vera L. Trainerno, maybe by Vera T?
W412244Tatiana Y. OrlovaOral Long-term changes in HAB occurrences in Amursky Bay, RussiaTatiana Y. Orlova, Inna V. Stonik and Polina A. Kameneva yes
W412205Setsuko SakamotoOral Long-term trend of harmful algal blooms and environmental factors in the Seto Inland Sea of JapanSetsuko Sakamoto, Tetsuya Nishikawa, Ichiro Imaiyes
W412128Mark WellsOral Oceanographic conditions that lead to large Pseudo-nitzschia blooms in coastal watersMark Wells, Vera Trainer, William Cochlan, and Charles Trick 
W412279Tatiana MorozovaOral Species composition and long-term dynamics of potentially toxic dinoflagellate species in benthic assemblages of Peter the Great Bay, Sea of JapanMarina Selina and Tatiana Morozovayes
W412007Jinhui WangOral The bloom species succession and related potential alien species in East China SeaJinhui Wang, Yutao Qin, Hong Chengyes
W412225William P. CochlanOral The effects of ocean acidification and temperature on the growth and toxicity of Pseudo-nitzschia australis from the California Current upwelling systemWilliam P. Cochlan, Charles J. Wingert, Christopher E. Ikeda and Vera L. Trainer not sure
W412091Bin ZouPosterREP-1Green tide monitoring in the China Sea using Remote Sensing DataBin Zou, Lijian Shi, Maohua Guo, Tao Zeng 
W412178Jaeyeon ParkPoster Outbreak and movement pattern of red tide patches occurred by Cochlodinium polykrikoides during last 4 years in the Korean coastal watersJaeyeon Park, Eun Young Yoon, Hae Jin Jeong, Kwang Young Kim and Eun Joo Kimyes
W412237Zhengxi ZhouWithdrawal Changes in microalgal bloom from diatom to dinoflagellates in the East China Sea: a numerical simulation studyZhengxi Zhou, Rencheng Yu and Mingjiang Zhouno, cancel talk yes
W412126Nicola HaighWithdrawal Long-term trends in abundance and impacts of Cochlodinium fulvescens M. Iwataki, H. Kawami & K. Matsuoka (Gymnodiniales, Dinophyceae) in British Columbia, Canada, from the Harmful Algae Monitoring Program time seriesNicola Haighno, cancel talk yes
W412170Tae-Gyu ParkWithdrawal Temporal changes in Cochlodinium polykrikoides ribotypes and environmental factors in Korean coastal watersTae-Gyu Park, Weol-Ae Limno, cancel talk yes
W412083Takafumi YoshidaWithdrawal Trends of HAB occurrences and related environmental parameters in the NOWPAP regionTakafumi Yoshida and Genki Terauchino, cancel talk
W612203Andrew G. HirstInvited Revising our traditions: An overview on method and results of growth and production estimates for zooplanktonAndrew G. Hirstyes
W612286Natalie Mahara (for Lian E. Kwong)Oral A comparison of zooplankton secondary production in a high nutrient low chlorophyll (HNLC) and seasonally productive regions in the North PacificLian E. Kwong, Evgeny A. Pakhomov no, by Mahara
W612256Akash SastriOral Coupling crustacean zooplankton production and primary production rates to estimate trophic transfer efficiencies in the NE PacificTheresa A. Venello, John F. Dower, Akash R. Sastriyes
W612144Akash SastriPosterREP-2A comparison of chitobiase-based estimates to developing biomass and production rates of a laboratory culture of Pseudodiaptomus inopinusAkash Sastri, John Dower, Alex Clancy, Yuichiro Yamada, Tomonari Kotani, Toru Kobari and Yuka Matsuurayes
W611987Toru KobariPosterREP-1A comparison of protein synthetases activity to standing stock and productivity in a cultured copepod population, Pseudodiaptomus inopinusToru Kobari, Yuka Matsuura, Akash Sastri, Yuichiro Yamada and Tomonari Kotaniyes
Poster Observer12076Aleksandr ZavolokinPoster North Pacific Fisheries Commission – new Regional Fisheries Management Organization in the North Pacific OceanAleksandr Zavolokinyes
Poster Observer12315Vyacheslav LobanovPoster North-East Asian Regional Global Ocean Observing System: 20 years of building partnership in oceanographic data exchange and servicesVyacheslav Lobanov, Norio Baba, Heedong Jeong, Masakazu Higaki, Heeyoon Park, Oleg Sokolov, Ting Yu, Zhihua Zhang and Wenxi Zhuyes
Poster Observer12309Lev NeretinPoster Strengthening regional cooperation for the protection of the marine and coastal environment in the Northwest Pacific through the Northwest Pacific Action Plan to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)Lev Neretin, Yan Feng, Anatoly Kachur, Seong-Gil Kang, Ning Liu, and A. Nagasakayes

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