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PICES 2016 Annual Meeting
25 Years of PICES: Celebrating the Past, Imagining the Future

Nov 2-13, 2016, San Diego, U.S.A.

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SessionPaper IDPresenterGranted Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S1 (SB)11095Guido MarinoneInvited Oceanography of the Mexican Pacific Ocean: An interactive region between north and southGuido Marinoneyes
S1 (SB)11112Cornelius HammerInvited PICES-ICES Cooperation: Where we are and where to go?Cornelius Hammeryes
S1 (SB)11044Naomi HaradaInvited Potential environmental changes in the western Arctic and the western North Pacific: Their impacts on lower trophic level organismsNaomi Harada, Katsunori Kimoto, Jonaotaro Onodera, Eiji Watanabe, Koji Sugie, Masahide Wakita and Tetsuichi Fujiki yes
S1 (SB)10968Philip MundayInvited Predicting evolutionary responses to climate change in the sea: Progress and challengesPhilip L. Mundayyes
S1 (SB)10943Ryan R. RykaczewskiInvited Projecting ecosystem consequences of climate variability and change: Aspirations for the next 25 years of PICESRyan R. Rykaczewskiyes
S1 (SB)11384Alan C. HaynieInvited Why people matter: Past and future analysis of the role of humans in marine ecosystemsAlan C. Haynieyes
S1 (SB)10957Robert BlasiakOral Applying fractionalization indices to transboundary fish stocks to forecast future conflict hotspotsRobert Blasiak, Jessica Spijkers and Nobuyuki Yagiyes
S1 (SB)10929Sanae ChibaOral Can we use zooplankton diversity to fill the global indicator gap of the Aichi Biodiversity Target 10?Sanae Chiba, Stephen Fletcher and Sonia D. Batten yes
S1 (SB)11408Maciej TelszewskiOral Future Global Ocean Observing System – Built on requirements, promoting alignment, delivering relevant informationMaciej Telszewski, Toste Tanhua, Albert Fischeryes
S1 (SB)11290William J. SydemanOral Marine birds, mammals and PICES: History and roadmap for the futureWilliam J. Sydeman, George L. Hunt Jr., Douglas F. Bertram, Yutaka Watanuki, Rolf Ream, Kaoru Hattori, Hidehiro Kato and Ken Morganyes
S1 (SB)11111Shang ChenOral Marine Ecological Capital: Assessment, management and investmentShang Chen, Yongfu Sun, Tao Xia and Linhua Haoyes
S1 (SB)11099Jeffrey PolovinaOral Recent advances, ongoing challenges, and future directions in ecosystem approaches to fisheries management in the central North PacificJeffrey Polovina, Anela Choy, Phoebe Woodworth-Jefcoats, and Johanna Wren yes
S1 (SB)11421Luis ValdésOral The UN role in for ocean science and ocean governanceLuis Valdésyes
S1 (SB)11394Phillip R. MundyPlenary A reference frame of environmental time series observations for detecting change in North Pacific Ecosystems; the North Pacific Ecosystem Status ReportPhillip R. Mundy, Peter Chandler, J. Anthony Koslow, Vladimir Kulik, Se-Jong Ju and Hiroya Sugisakiyes
S1 (SB)11233Michio j. KishiPoster 25 years history of ecosystem modeling related to PICES and myselfMichio j. Kishiyes
S1 (SB)10917Sonia BattenPoster Highlights from 16 years of the North Pacific CPR program, a PICES MONITOR project.Sonia Batten, Sanae Chiba, Tomoko Yoshiki and Hiroya Sugisakiyes
S1 (SB)11350Ichiro ImaiPosterREP-3Increase in the toxic Alexandrium tamarense blooms with the climate regime shift to warming in the eastern Bering Sea shelfMasafumi Natsuike, Rui Saito, Amane Fujiwara, Kohei Matsuno, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Naonobu Shiga, Toru Hirawake, Takashi Kikuchi, Shigeto Nishino and Ichiro Imaiyes
S1 (SB)10956Robert BlasiakPoster Negotiating the international instrument on BBNJ: Long-term implications Robert Blasiak, Jeremy Pittman and Nobuyuki Yagiyes
S1 (SB)10865Maria Rebecca Campos WithdrawalREP-2Adaptation of fishermen in the Philippines to climate changeMaria Rebecca Campos no, cancel poster yes
S1 (SB)11407Essam Yassin MohammedWithdrawal Harnessing blue capital for blue growth: Why invest?Essam Yassin Mohammedno, cancel invited
S1 (SB)11159Jiwei Zhang WithdrawalREP-4Marine ecological damage assessment and compensation: theory, methods and case studiesJiwei Zhang , Zheng Yuan no, cancel poster yes
S1 (SB)11345Monica TydlaskaWithdrawalREP-1Visitor activities and awareness of Marine Protected Areas and species composition at rocky intertidal sites in San DiegoMonica Tydlaskano, cancel yes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11356Jonathan HareInvited Climate change, stock identification, and the distribution of early life stagesJonathan A. Hare, Harvey J. Walsh, Katrin E. Marancik, and David E. Richardsonyes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11343Akinori TakasukaInvited Decadal changes in abundance and distribution of early life stages of fish in the Kuroshio Current systemAkinori Takasuka, Hiroshi Kuroda, Takeshi Okunishi, Michio Yoneda, Chiyuki Sassa, Motomitsu Takahashi, Patricia Ayón and Yoshioki Oozekiyes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11292Janet Duffy-AndersonInvited Examining ichthyoplankton across spatial and temporal scales as an approach to promote understanding and management of fisheries across Large Marine EcosystemsJanet Duffy-Anderson, Toby Auth, Richard Brodeur, Peter Davison, Esther Goldstein, Tony Koslow, Lauren Rogers, Elizabeth Siddonyes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11276Peter C. DavisonOral Basin-scale ichthyoplankton response to environmental change in the northeastern Pacific OceanPeter C. Davison, J. Anthony Koslow, J. Duffy-Anderson, R. Brodeuryes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11341Toby D. AuthOral Changes in the ichthyoplankton in the northern California Current during the 2015-16 warm ‘blob’ and El Niño phenomenaToby D. Auth, Elizabeth Daly, Richard Brodeur and Jennifer Fisheryes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)10930Benjamin LaurelOral Climate-driven growth potential affects recruitment signals in coastal age-0 cod surveys from the Atlantic and PacificBenjamin J. Laurel, David Cote, Robert S. Gregory, Lauren Rogers, Halvor Knutsen, Esben Moland Olsenyes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11106Chiyuki SassaOral Comparative larval growth and mortality of mesopelagic fishes and their predatory impact on zooplankton in the Kuroshio watersChiyuki Sassa and Motomitsu Takahashiyes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11000Lu GuanOral Decadal-scale changes in larval fish abundance and composition in the Strait of Georgia (British Columbia, Canada)Lu Guan, John Dower, Skip McKinnell, Pierre Pepin, Stephane Gauthieryes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11145Motomitsu TakahashiOral Effects of temperature and prey abundances on larval growth rates of Carangid fishes in the East China SeaMotomitsu Takahashi, Chiyuki Sassayes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11237Esther D. GoldsteinOral Patterns and processes: Spatial and temporal variability in ichthyoplankton assemblages across the Gulf of AlaskaEsther D. Goldstein, Janet T. Duffy-Anderson and Ann C. Matareseyes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11043Hwahyun LeeOral Specific gravity measurements on mackerel eggs and larvae and implications for interannual variability in recruitmentHwahyun Lee, Sukyung Kang, Kyungmi Jung, Suam Kim, and Sukgeun Jungyes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11096J. Anthony KoslowOral The influence of climate on the biodiversity and community structure of fishes in the southern California Current, 1969 – 2011J. Anthony Koslow, Helena McMonagle and William Watsonyes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11177Jose A. ValenciaOral The spring spawning habitats of small pelagic fish in northwestern MexicoJose A. Valencia and Timothy Baumgartneryes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11189Tetsuichiro FunamotoOral Two walleye pollock stocks around Japan under different recruitment control mechanismTetsuichiro Funamoto, Masamichi Watanobe, Tadashi Misaka, Takayuki Honma, Kazuhiko Itaya and Osamu Shidayes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11222Sam McClatchieOral Variability, collapse, and recovery of forage fish populationsSam McClatchie, Andrew R. Thompson, Ingrid L. Hendy and William Watson yes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11397Hui ZhangPoster Autumn ichthyoplankton assemblage in the Yangtze Estuary shaped by environmental factorsHui Zhang; and Weiwei Xianyes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11210Jarrod SantoraPosterREP-2Climate-driven variability in forage fish biodiversity in the California CurrentJarrod A. Santora, Elliott L. Hazen, Isaac D. Schroeder, Steven J. Bograd, Keith Sakuma, John C. Field yes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)10995Cameron FreshwaterPoster Density dependent effects on growth and migratory rate during sockeye salmon early marine residencyCameron Freshwater Marc Trudel Terry Beacham Stewart Johnson Chrys Neville and Francis Juanes1yes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)10999Zhe LiPosterREP-3Interactive effect of thermal gradient and prey mismatch on thermal selection of juvenile Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus)Zhe Li, Jun Yamamoto, Mitsuhiro Nakaya and Yasunori Sakurai yes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11404Isaac D. SchroederPosterREP-1Source water variability in the California Current System and implications to rockfish productionIsaac D. Schroeder, Jarrod A. Santora, Ellliott L. Hazen, Steven J. Bograd, Brian K. Wells, John C. Fieldyes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)11381Xuelei ZhangWithdrawal Effects of global warming and ocean acidification on population recruitment and growth of marine economic speciesQinzeng Xu, Zongxing Wang, Xuelei Zhang and Shiliang Fanno, cancel talk yes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)10959Xiaodong BianWithdrawal Interactive effects of incubation temperature and salinity on the early life stages of Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalusXiaodong Bian, Xiumei Zhang, Yasunari Sakurai, Xianshi Jin, Ruijing Wan, Tianxiang Gao, Jun Yamamotoyes, no show yes
S2 (BIO/TCODE/FIS)10979Eric HertzWithdrawal The effects of a shifting ocean environment on consumption and growth rates of juvenile Pacific SalmonEric Hertz1, Strahan Tucker2, Mary E. Thiess2, John F.T. Morris2, Dave Mackas3, Asit Mazumder1 and Marc Trudel1,2no, cancel yes
S3 (MEQ)11186Meenu RaniDeclined Assessment and monitoring of natural marine ecosystems: An economic perspective towards climateMeenu Rani, Pavan Kumar 
S3 (MEQ)11366Kenneth LeeInvited Sources, Behaviour and Environmental Impacts of Petroleum Hydrocarbons Released into the Marine EnvironmentKenneth Leeyes
S3 (MEQ)11216Miriam OOral A framework to assess vulnerability of biological components to oil spilled in the marine environmentLucie Hannah, Kate Thornborough, Candice St. Germain and Miriam Oyes
S3 (MEQ)11208Charles Hannah Oral How far will it go? The estimation of oil spill extents from surface drifter dataCharles Hannah, Hauke Blanken, Tamás Juhász and Stephen Page yes
S3 (MEQ)11195Andrew LohOral In situ formation of oil-suspended particulate matter aggregate during flushing activitiesAndrew Loh, Un Hyuk Yim,Sung Yong Ha, and Joon Geon Anyes
S3 (MEQ)11034Hideaki MakiOral Photo-oxidation of crude fuel and its toxicity to marine amphipodsHideaki Maki, Takehiko Hiwatari and Kunio Kohatayes
S3 (MEQ)10885Tanika LaddOral Physiological responses of marine phytoplankton to oil exposure in the context of the 2015 oil spill in the Santa Barbara ChannelTanika M. Ladd, Jessica A. Bullington, Andrea Valdez-Schulz, Paul G. Matson, and M. Debora Iglesias-Rodriguezyes
S3 (MEQ)11196Joon Geon AnPoster Atmospheric concentration of petroleum derived polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons after the Hebei Spirit oil spillJoon Geon An, Un Hyuk Yim, Sung Yong Ha, Moonkoo Kim, and Won Joon Shimyes
S3 (MEQ)11187Pavan KumarWithdrawal Geospatial Technology for exploring the oil spill monitoring and detection of coastal areas in the Arabian GulfPavan Kumar and Meenu Ranino, cancel poster yes
S3 (MEQ)11255Anna S. Vazhova (colleage)Withdrawal Influence of ships bilge water on sea water pollution with petroleum hydrocarbonsAnna S. Vazhova, Andrey P. Chernyaevno, cancel yes
S3 (MEQ)10901Iana BlinovskaiaWithdrawal Oil Polution Risk Assesment of Russian Far East COASTIana Blinovskaiano, cancel talk yes
S3 (MEQ)10919Dr. Andres H AriasWithdrawal Presence, distribution and sources of PAHs within a South Atlantic marine environment: Results from a decadal monitoringAndres H. Arias, Ana L. Oliva, M. Orazi and J.E. Marcovecchiono, cancel poster yes
S3 (MEQ)11254Anna S. VazhovaWithdrawal The content of total hydrocarbons in the fishery waters of Primorye TerritoryAnna S.Vazhova, Andrey P. no, cancel talk yes
S4 (FIS)10973Olav Sigurd KjesbuInvited Crucial factors affecting reproductive investment of marine fishes in a changing climateOlav Sigurd Kjesbuyes
S4 (FIS)11077Richard S. McBrideInvited Fish responses to climate variation along a capital-income breeding continuumRichard S. McBrideyes
S4 (FIS)10918Melissa A. HeadOral Challenges associated with assessing maturity, skipped spawning, and abortive maturation rates for fisheries managers: a case study of Sebastes pinnigerMelissa A. Head, Peter H. Frey, Jason M. Cope, Aimee A. Kelleryes
S4 (FIS)11028Moojin KimOral Differences in biological characteristics and recruitment variability of walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) off the eastern Korean Peninsula during 1960s–2000sMoojin Kim,Sukyung Kang and Suam Kimyes
S4 (FIS)10975Loretta O’BrienOral Evaluating environmental effects on maturity, spawning stock biomass, and biological reference points of Georges Bank Atlantic cod using state-space modelsTimothy J. Miller, Loretta O'Brien, and Paula Fratantoniyes
S4 (FIS)11330Sandra NeidetcherOral Fecundity estimates for walleye pollock during varying climate conditionsSandra Neidetcheryes
S4 (FIS)11332Laura M. SlaterOral Female reproductive potential of eastern Bering Sea snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio)Laura M. Slater, Joel B. Webb, Gordon Kruse, Franz J. Mueter, Bernard Sainte-Marie, Ginny L. Eckert, and Douglas Pengillyyes
S4 (FIS)11102Peng SunOral Fisheries-induced evolution effects on fish populations in the East China Sea and its management implicationsPeng Sun, Zhenlin Liang, Rong Wan, Yongjun Tianyes
S4 (FIS)11322Yutzil Lora-CabreraOral Impacts of recent environmental anomalies on seabirds of the Baja California Pacific Islands, MexicoY. Lora-Cabrera, D. Martínez-Cervantes, E. Rojas-Mayoral, A. Hernández-Ríos, E. Bravo-Hernández, A. Fabila-Blanco, M. Corrales-Sauceda, A. Aguilar-Vargas, A. Aztorga-Ornelas, M. Félix-Lizárraga, Y. Bedolla-Guzmán, A. Aguirre-Muñoz and F. Méndez-Sánchezyes
S4 (FIS)11312Sabrina G. BeyerOral Interannual variability in larval production of rockfishes (Sebastes spp.) in the California CurrentSabrina G. Beyer, Susan M. Sogard, E.J. Dick, David M. Stafford, Lyndsey S. Lefebvre, Neosha S. Kashef and John C. Field yes
S4 (FIS)11014Hyun-Sung YangOralRep-2, P-OInter-annual variation in the reproductive pattern of Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum and impacts of Perkinsus olseni infection on the reproduction observed from the west coast of KoreaHyun-Sung Yang, Do-Hyung Kang and Kwang-Sik Choiyes
S4 (FIS)11199Michio YonedaOral Size dependent energy allocation to reproductive output of short-lived multiple-batch-spawning Japanese anchovy Engraulis japonicusMichio Yoneda, Satoshi Katayama, Naoaki Kono, Masayuki Yamamoto, Tatsuo Tsuzaki and Hiroshige Tanakayes
S4 (FIS)11047Hiroshige TanakaOral Temperature-related variability in the resource allocation to egg production in Japanese anchovy Engraulis japonicus as revealed by stable isotope approachHiroshige Tanaka, Michio Yoneda, Hajime Kitano, Kohei Kawamura, Michiya Matsuyama and Seiji Ohshimoyes
S4 (FIS)11213Christina L. ConrathOral Variability in spawning omission and the productivity of deepwater rockfish in the North Pacific OceanChristina L. Conrath and Peter-John F. Hulsonyes
S4 (FIS)11061Michael J. MalickPoster Effects of the North Pacific Current on productivity of 163 Pacific salmon stocksMichael J. Malick, Sean P. Cox, Franz J. Mueter, Brigitte Dorner, and Randall M. Petermanyes
S4 (FIS)11275Gavin FayPoster Identifying robust model selection tools for including environmental links to recruitment in North Pacific groundfish stock assessmentsAshley E. Weston, Carey R. McGilliard, and Gavin Fayyes
S4 (FIS)11136Susanne McDermottPosterRep-4Influence of environmental factors and density dependence on variability in reproductive output and growth of Atka mackerel (Pleurogrammus monopterygius)Susanne McDermott and Morgan Arringtonyes
S4 (FIS)10978Cara RodgvellerPosterxxRep-2Ovarian development, energy storage, and skipped spawning in female sablefish in AlaskaCara Rodgveller, Katy Echave, Peter-John Hulson and Karson Coutréyes-wants poster
S4 (FIS)10949Lyndsey S. LefebvrePoster Plasticity in reproductive strategies for rockfish in the Southern California Current and linkages to maternal characteristics and climatic variabilityLyndsey S. Lefebvre, Sabrina G. Beyer, Neosha S. Kashef, David M. Stafford, Susan M. Sogard, John C. Fieldyes
S4 (FIS)11243Hiroshige TanakaPoster Temperature effects on the reproductive traits of walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammusHiroshige Tanaka, Toru Nakagawa, Takashi Yokota, Naoto Murakami, Masayuki Chimura, Yuuho Yamashita and Tetsuichiro Funamotoyes
S4 (FIS)11334Karen MartinWithdrawalxxRep-3Beach-Spawning California Grunion Show Effects of Climate Change on Reproduction Karen Martin1, Kathryn Hieb2, Dale Roberts3no, cancel poster yes
S4 (FIS)11336Colleen M. PetrikWithdrawalxRep1, S10Influence of spawning phenology on modeled fish recruitment and biomass under projected climate changeColleen M. Petrik, Rebecca Ash, Jorge Sarmiento, Charles Stock, James Watsonyes, cancel this poster yes
S4 (FIS)11012Richard D. MethotWithdrawal Linking life history rates in stock assessments to environmental factors using the Stock Synthesis assessment approachRichard D. Methotno, cancel talk yes
S4 (FIS)11101Tatyana BelonenkoWithdrawal On identification of mesoscale eddies from satellite altimetry based on the area in the NW PacificTatyana Belonenkono, cancel poster yes
S4 (FIS)11103Xiutang YuanWithdrawal Winner or loser: Sea cucumber's future in a changing oceanXiutang Yuanno, cancel talk yes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)10967Hiromichi IgarashiOral Adaptive improvement of habitat suitability index (HSI) model for neon flying squid in central North Pacific by using ocean forecasts and real-time fishery reportsHiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Tsuyoshi Wakamatsu, Yusuke Tanaka, Masafumi Kamachi, Norihisa Usui, Mitsuo Sakai, Sei-ichi Saitoh and Yutaka Imamurayes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)10996Irene D. AlabiaOral Bioclimatic velocity for walleye pollock in the Bering SeaIrene D. Alabia, Jorge Garcia Molinos, Sei-Ichi Saitoh and Toru Hirawakeyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11110Vladimir V. KulikOral Climate change impacts on distribution patterns of boreopacific gonate squid (Boreoteuthis borealis) in the Northwest PacificVladimir V. Kulik, Oleg N. Katugin, Mikhail A. Zuevyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11215George L. Hunt, Jr.Oral Eastern Bering Sea seabirds shift distributions in response to timing of sea-ice retreatGeorge L. Hunt, Jr, Jarrod Santora, Martin Renner, Lisa Eisner, Sigrid Salo, and Kathy Kuletzyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11323Daniela Y. Munguía-CajigasOral Foraging patterns of Laysan Albatross from Guadalupe Island, Mexico and their relation to oceanographic variables from the California Current SystemDaniela Y. Munguía-Cajigas, Julio César Hernández-Montoya, Evaristo Rojas-Mayoral, Yuliana Bedolla-Guzmán, Federico Méndez-Sánchez and Alfonso Aguirre-Muñozyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11219Elliott L HazenOral Forecasting bycatch and ship strike risk for dynamic ocean management in the California CurrentElliott L. Hazen1,2, Kylie L. Scales1,2, Dana K. Briscoe3, Steven J. Bograd1,2, Larry B. Crowder3, Rebecca Lewison4, Sara Maxwell5yes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11142Dorothy M. DickOral Forecasting the flock: Using species distribution models to evaluate the effects of climate change on future seabird foraging aggregations in the California Current SystemDorothy M. Dick, Jaime Jahncke, Nadav Nur, Julia Howar, Jeanette E. Zamon, David G. Ainley, Ken H. Morgan, Lisa T. Ballance and David Hyrenbachyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11353Matthew BakerOral Integrating species environmental thresholds to explore species interactions and parameterize multi-species modelsMatthew Baker, Kirstin Holsman, and Anne Hollowedyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11220Daniel M. PalaciosOral Modeling blue whale movement behavior in relation to environmental conditions in the California Current from satellite tracking and remote sensingDaniel M. Palacios, Ladd M. Irvine, Bruce R. Mate, Elliott L. Hazen, Karin A. Forney, Elizabeth A. Becker, Monica L. DeAngelis, Steven J. Bograd and Helen Baileyyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)10990Elizabeth A. BeckerOral Moving towards dynamic ocean management: How well do modeled ocean products predict species distributions?Elizabeth A. Becker, Karin A. Forney, Paul C. Fiedler, Jay Barlow, Susan J. Chivers, Christopher A. Edwards, Andrew M. Moore and Jessica V. Redfernyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11283Trevor W. JoyceOral Relationships between seabird, tuna, and dolphin foraging aggregations and El Niño-Southern Oscillation in the oceanic eastern tropical PacificTrevor W. Joyce, Robert L. Pitman and Lisa T. Ballance yes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11327Brian WellsOral Salmon prey assemblages and oceanographic conditions along the California Current Shelf EcosystemWhitney Friedman, Brian Wells, Jarrod Santora, John Field, Richard Brodeur, David Huff, and Isaac Schroederno, talk by co-author
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11197Bungo NishizawaOral Seasonal distribution of short-tailed shearwaters and their prey in the Bering and Chukchi seasBungo Nishizawa, Kohei Matsuno, Takashi Yamamoto, Elizabeth A. Labunski, Kathy J. Kuletz, Atsushi Yamaguchi and Yutaka Watanukiyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11265Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Spatio-temporal patterns of potential fishing zones for Pacific saury in a warming climateAchmad Fachruddin Syah, Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Irene D. Alabia, Toru Hirawakeyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11217Jarrod SantoraOral Submarine canyons and essential krill habitat: Implications for modeling distribution patterns under climate changeJarrod A. Santora, Jeffrey G. Dorman, Ramona Zeno, William J. Sydeman yes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11358Robert M. SuryanPlenary Making the most of satellite-derived oceanographic data and habitat use models to understand species distributionsRobert M. Suryanyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11387Yutaka WatanukiPoster Distribution of Arctic and Pacific copepods and their habitat in the northern Bering and Chukchi SeasHiroko Sasaki, Kohei Matsuno, Amane Fujiwara, Misaki Onuka, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Hiromichi Ueno, Yutaka Watanuki and Takashi Kikuchiyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)10955Yang LiuPosterREP-3Impacts of climate change on suitable region for Japanese scallop aquaculture in Shandong, China and southern Hokkaido, Japan, using RS/GISYang Liu, Sei-Ichi Saitoh1, Yongjun Tian, and Rong Wanyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11163Caren BarcelóPoster Integrating habitat, prey and predators over space and time to assess distributional responses to environmental variability and climate changeCaren Barceló, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Ryan Rykaczewski, Bryan Wright, Richard D. Brodeur, Leigh Torresyes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11364Juan P. ZwolinskiWithdrawalREP-2Use of a potential habitat model to reduce uncertainty in surveys of Pacific sardineJuan P. Zwolinski1 and David A. Demerno, cancel talk yes
S5 (BIO/MONITOR/MEQ)11297Karin A. ForneyWithdrawal Zooming in for management: Can large-scale species distribution models predict fine-scale patterns of humpback whale distribution in central California?Karin A. Forney, Elizabeth A. Becker, Scott R. Bensonno, cancel talk yes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11129Kenneth A. RoseInvited Linear and non-linear responses of marine and coastal fish populations to physics and habitat: A view from the virtual worldKenneth A. Roseyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11058Masashi KiyotaInvited Response of commercial fisheries and a top predator to long-term ecosystem fluctuations in the western North Pacific Ocean off northeastern JapanMasashi Kiyota and Shiroh Yonezakiyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11119Kelly KearneyOral A comparison of Bering Sea ecosystem energy pathways in warm versus cold yearsKelly Kearney, Al Hermann, Ivonne Ortiz, and Kerim Aydinyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)10981Sonia BattenOral A comparison of trophic linkages across the PICES region, based on Continuous Plankton Recorder dataSonia Batten, Mark Hipfner, Steve Moffitt, Scott Pegau,yes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)10974Brian WellsOral Caught in the middle: Top-down impact of seabirds on Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) is dependent on bottom-up mechanismsBrian K. Wells, Jarrod A. Santora, Mark Henderson, Peter Warzybok, Jaime Jahncke, Russell W. Bradley, David D. Huff, Isaac D. Schroeder, Peter Nelson, John C. Field, and David G. Ainleyyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11284Julie E. KeisterOral Cryptic trophic connections to juvenile salmon survival are revealed by a zooplankton time seriesJulie E. Keister, Marc Trudel, Jennifer L. Boldt, Bethellee Herrmann, Mara S. Zimmerman, Matthew Thompsonyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)10872Konstantin RogachevOral Effects of freshwater discharge and tidal currents on zooplankton aggregations in the coastal Sea of OkhotskKonstantin Rogachev and Natalia Shlykyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11349Brian P. V. HuntOralREP-3Integrating stable isotope analyses of zooplankton and returning adult salmon tissues to inform high seas North Pacific food web dynamicsBrian P.V Hunt, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Sonia D. Battenyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)10947Jennifer BoldtOral Juvenile Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasi) trophic linkages in the Strait of Georgia, British ColumbiaJennifer Boldt, Matthew Thompson, Chris Rooper, Chrys Neville, Doug Hay, Jake Schweigert, Rusty Sweeting, Jaclyn Cleary, Marc Trudelyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11303George L. Hunt, Jr.OralREP-3Life at the ice edge: Does the timing of ice retreat set the table in the eastern Bering Sea?George L. Hunt, Jr., Lisa Eisner, Edward Farley and Janet Duffy-Andersonnot poster, keep REP
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11264Hitomi OyaizuOralxREP-2Modeling recruitment variability of Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) using an individual-based modelHitomi Oyaizu, Satoshi Suyama, Shin-ichi Ito, Daisuke Ambe, Takahiko Kameda, Takeshi Terui, Michio J. Kishi and Sachihiko Itohyes, change to talk
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11123C. Anela ChoyOral New insights on the trophic diversity of pelagic “forage species” in the central North Pacific and Northern California Current ecosystemsC. Anela Choy, Jeffrey J. Polovina, Bruce H. Robison yes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)10969Yoichi MiyakeOral Shoreward intrusions of Kuroshio waters may influence the recruitment of a top predator in river ecosystemsYoichi Miyake, Aigo Takeshige, Hikaru Itakura, Akira Yoshida and Shingo Kimurayes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11175Kirstin HolsmanOral Suboptimal thermal conditions and spatial mismatch between predators and prey and may limit walleye pollock growth under climate changeKirstin Holsman, Anne Hollowed, Kerim Aydin, Jim Ianelli, André Puntyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11078Adam J. SchlengerOral Temporal variability of net primary production drives global patterns of structure and function across multiple marine ecosystemsAdam J. Schlenger1, Simone Libralato2, and Lisa T. Ballance1 1Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA, USA. E-mail: 2National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS), Sgonico, Italy. yes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11338Charles StockOral Trophodynamic drivers of global fisheries catchCharles A. Stock, Jasmin G. John, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, Rebecca G. Asch, William W.L. Cheung, John P. Dunne, Kevin D. Friedland, Vicky W.Y. Lam, Jorge L. Sarmiento, and Reginald A. Watsonyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)10891Elizabeth A. DalyPoster Anomalous ocean conditions in 2015 and the impact on spring Chinook salmon and their prey fieldElizabeth A. Daly, Richard D. Brodeur, and Toby D. Authyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11214Jarrod SantoraPoster Biogeography of seabird assemblages in the Bering Sea: spatial assessment of oceanographic drivers and multispecies aggregation hotspotsJarrod A. Santora, Lisa Eisner, Kathy Kuletz, Carol Ladd, Martin Renner, George L. Hunt Jryes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11202Dimitris V. PolitikosPoster Climate events and recruitment dynamics of anchovy in the California Current: A mechanistic understanding using a climate-to-fish modelDimitris V. Politikos, Enrique N. Curchitser and Kenneth A. Roseyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11204Peter LawsonPoster Deepening thermocline displaces salmon catch on the Oregon coastPeter Lawson, Cheryl Harrison, Lorenzo Ciannelliyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11030Ryan J. HartnettPoster Developing marine food web models to evaluate blue whale, Cassin's auklet and salmon responses to long- and short-term changes in oceanography in the California CurrentRyan J. Hartnett, Karina Nielsen, Frances Wilkerson, Meredith Elliott, Nadav Nur, and Jaime Jahnckeyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11070Francis Juanes (for Paris Duguid)Poster Fine scale oceanography and the ecology of juvenile Chinook Salmon in the Salish SeaWilliam D. P. Duguid, Francis Juanesno, by Francis Juanes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11109Yoshikazu SasaiPoster Impact of physiological flexibility of phytoplankton on modeled primary production in the western North PacificYoshikazu Sasai, and S. Lan Smithyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)10983Taketoshi KodamaPoster Interannual variation in phytoplankton blooms and its biological impacts in the Sea of JapanTaketoshi Kodama, Taku Wagawa, Ken-ichi Fukudome, Haruyuki Morimoto, Naoki Iguchi, Seiji Ohshimo and Tohya Yasudayes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11320James J. RuzickaPoster Jellyfish - fish trophic interactions in the Bering Sea: ecosystem impacts of jellyfish population fluctuations James J. Ruzicka, Richard D. Brodeur, Mary Beth Decker, and Kristin Ciecielyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11337Cheryl HarrisonPoster Sim-turtle: biophysical interactions in the mesoscaleCheryl S. Harrison, yes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11305Xiuning DuPoster Winter phytoplankton blooms and trophic implications on copepod and krill biomass and egg production in the northern California CurrentXiuning Du, William Peterson, Tracy Shaw, Jennifer Fisher and Jay Petersonyes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11234Stephani ZadorWithdrawal A new view on forage fish trends in relation to environmental conditions in the Gulf of AlaskaStephani Zadorno, cancel poster
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11152Shin-ichi ItoWithdrawal Can we model the trophic linkage? What is the information gaps?Shin-ichi Ito, Coleen Moloney, Enrique Curchitseryes yes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11302James J. RuzickaWithdrawal Comparing the roles of physical context and food web structure among continental shelf ecosystems using intermediate complexity end-to-end modelsJames J. Ruzicka, Kenneth H. Brink, Dian J. Gifford and Frank Bahrno, cancel talk yes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)10993John DowerWithdrawal Dramatic shifts in the zooplankton community off the west coast of Vancouver Island in 2015-2016John F. Dower, Moira D. Galbraith, Sonia D. Batten, Doug R. Yelland and R. Ian Perryno, cancel poster yes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11168Lianggen WangWithdrawal Role of small copepod in four genera (Calocalanus, Clausocalanus, Farranula and Oithona) in South China Sea fisheries resources conservationLianggen Wang, Feiyan Du, Xuehui Wang, Jiajia Ning, Yangguang Gu, Yafang Li, Xingxia Wang and Yuanyuan Zhengno, cancel talk yes
S6 (POC/MEQ/MONITOR/BIO)11289William J. SydemanWithdrawalxREP-1Trophic Linkages: Winds to Seabirds in the California and Benguela EcosystemsWilliam J. Sydeman, Sarah Ann Thompson, Julie A. Thayer, Marisol Garcia Reyes, Tarron Lamont, Carl van der Lingen, Steven Kirkman, Robert Crawford, Bryan Black, Steven Bograd, Ryan Rykaczewski, and Mati Kahru yes, but cancel poster yes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11170George G. WaldbusserInvited Coastal zone acidification and bivalves: Carbonate chemistry complexity, high frequency variability, and organism interactions, oh my!George G. Waldbusser, Iria Gimenez, Stephanie R. Smith, Burke HAlesyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11412John Keith PinnegarInvited Ocean acidification research in the United Kingdom: scaling from chemistry to commercial fisheriesJohn K. Pinnegar, Silvana Birchenough, Clare Ostle, Phil Williamsonyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11383Steve WiddicombeInvited Ocean acidification: What can species responses tell us about ecosystem consequences?Steve Widdicombeyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11273Masahiko FujiiOral Anticipated impacts of ocean acidification on local societies in JapanMasahiko Fujiiyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11239Masahiro HayashiOral Effects of ocean acidification on growth of juvenile Japanese surf clam Pseudocardium sachalinenseMasahiro Hayashi, Ryota Suwa, Chiho Kishida, Yusuke Watanabe, Yasushi Minowa, Kozue Nishida, Atsushi Suzuki and Yukihiro Nojiriyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11146Carrie A. HoltOral Effects of Ocean Acidification on Temperate Coastal Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries in the Northeast PacificRowan Haigh, Debby Ianson, Carrie A. Holt, Holly E. Neate, Andrew M. Edwardsyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11068Jonathan ReumOral Identifying potential ecosystem effects of ocean acidification using size structured food web modelsJonathan Reum, Kirstin Holsman, Kerim Aydin, Anne Hollowed and Julia Blanchard yes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)10998Cristina VillalobosOral Interactive effects of ocean acidification and ocean warming on Pacific herring (Clupea pallasi) early life stagesCristina Villalobos, Brooke Love, Brady Olson and Leo Bodensteiner yes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)10934Thomas P. HurstOral Nutritional and ocean acidification effects on larval growth of a north Pacific flatfishThomas P. Hurst, Benjamin J. Laurel, Eric Hanneman, Scott A. Haines and Michele Ottmaryes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11228Katherine M. SwineyOral Ocean acidification and increased temperatures reduce young-of-the-year red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) survival, but not growth or morphologyKatherine M. Swiney, W. Christopher Long, and Robert J. Foyyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11108Jinwen LiuOral Respiration and enhanced ocean acidification in the hypoxic zone off the Changjiang estuaryJinwen Liu, Minhan Dai, Xu Dong and Hongjie Wangyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11235Robert J. FoyOral Sustainability of crab fisheries with ocean acidification uncertainty in AlaskaRobert J. Foy, W. Christopher Long, Katherine M. Swiney, Andre Punt, Michael Dalton, and Shannon Meseck yes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11279Richard A. FeelyOral The 2016 NOAA west coast ocean acidification cruiseRichard A. Feely, Simone R. Alin, Nina Bednarsek, Wiley Evans, Debby Ianson, Dana Greeley, Brendan Carter, Julian Herndon and J. Martin Hernandez-Ayonyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11271Tomohiko TsunodaPosterREP-1Development of communication tools on ocean acidificatonTomohiko Tsunoda and Keita Furukawayes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11253Oliva-Méndez, Norma L.PosterREP-3Dynamic of aragonite saturation horizon depth in waters of Baja California, MexicoNorma L. Oliva, J. Martín Hernández, Reginaldo Durazo, Simone R. Alin, Eduardo Santamaría, J. Augusto Valencia. yes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11017Naohiro KosugiPoster Frequent column observations revealed low pCO2 water under the sea ice melt in the Canada Basin of the Arctic OceanN. Kosugi, D. Sasano, M. Ishii, S. Nishino, H. Uchida and H.Y. Inoue yes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)10989Sanae Chiba (for Minoru Kitamura)Poster Is there decadal change in shell morphology of planktonic foraminifera due to ocean acidification?Minoru Kitamura, Katsunori Kimoto, Yuriko Nakamura, Masahide Wakita, Sanae Chiba, Sonia Battenno, keep the poster
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11390Futian LiPoster Physiological responses of coastal and oceanic diatoms to diurnal fluctuations in seawater carbonate chemistry under two CO2 concentrationsFutian Li, Yaping Wu, David A. Hutchins, Feixue Fu and Kunshan Gaoyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11359JeongHee ShimPoster Seasonal variations of pH and aragonite saturation at oyster culture beds in Tongyeong & Geoje Bays, southeast coast of KoreaJeongHee Shim, Jeong-Min Shim, Jung-No Kwon and Yong-Hwa Leeyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11240Masahiro HayashiPoster The combined effect of high pCO2 and warming on reproduction of Japanese whiting Sillago japonicaRyota Suwa, Yuzo Yamamoto, Masahiro Hayashi, Takashi Kikkawa, Yusuke Watanabe, Yasushi Minowa and Yukihiro Nojiriyes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11042Gunasekaran KannanWithdrawalREP-2CO2 induced Ocean acidification effects on intertidal oyster bed communityKannan Gunasekaran,* Ayyappan Saravanakumar and Deivasigamani Selvamno, cancel poster yes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)11094Catherine V. DavisWithdrawal Determination and monitoring of ocean acidification in coastal Central California and implications for calcifying planktonCatherine V. Davis, Tessa M. Hill, John Largier, Brian Gaylord, and Jaime Jahnckeno, cancel poster yes
S7 (POC/TCODE/MEQ)10939Yumei ZhaoWithdrawalREP-4Ocean Acidification observation system at Bohai Gulf Based on Ocean Acidification characteristic parametersYumei Zhao, He Wu, Han Binno, cancel poster yes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)10951Tomoya KataokaOral Accumulation of beach litter in Vancouver Island, CanadaTomoya Kataoka, Cathryn Clarke Murray and Atsuhiko Isobeyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11198Atsuhiko IsobeOral An estimate of the tsunami-debris quantity washed ashore on the US and Canadian beaches, based on a webcam monitoring and a particle tracking model experimentAtsuhiko Isobe, Shinsuke Iwasaki, Shin’ichiro Kako, and Tomoya Kataokayes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11365John W. ChapmanOral Crustaceans Adrift: Multiyear observations of Asian marine amphipods, isopods, and tanaids arriving in North American shores on open ocean drift objects generated by the 2011 Japanese TsunamiJohn W. Chapman, Ralph A. Breitenstein, James T. Carlton, Jessica A. Miller, Toshio Furota, Michio Otani, Ichiro Takeuchi, Jessica Porquez, Andrea Burton, Maria Bartonyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11282Gregory M. RuizOral Detection of non-native species in North America: Effects of the large-scale arrival of biota on Japanese tsunami marine debris (JTMD)?Gregory Ruiz, J. Geller, L. McCann, K. Larson, L. Ceballos, M. Marraffini, B. Tracy, S. Havard, K. Newcomer, B. Steves, A. Chang, R. DiMaria, K. Lohan, R. Barnard, P. Fofonoff, J. Miller, J. Chapman, C. Murray, T. Therriault, and J. Carltonyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11147Jonathan GellerOral DNA barcoding of potential Japanese tsunami marine debris-associated invaders of U.S. and Canadian watersJonathan B. Geller, Gregory Ruiz, John Chapman, Hideki Takami, Hisatsugu Kato, Michio Otani, James T. Carltonyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11193Masafumi KamachiOral Drift simulation of Japan Tsunami Marine Debris (JTMD) as an application of data assimilationMasafumi Kamachi, Hideyuki Kawamura, Yoichi Ishikawa and Norihisa Usuiyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)10922Hiroshi KawaiOral Genetic diversity and biogeography of the macroalgal species associated with the Japanese tsunami marine debrisTakeaki Hanyuda, Gayle Hansen and Hiroshi Kawaiyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11242Nikolai MaximenkoOral Modeling the drift of marine debris generated by the 2011 tsunami in JapanNikolai Maximenko, Amy MacFadyen and Masafumi Kamachiyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)10866Nancy WallaceOral Responding to the debris generated by the Great Tsunami of 2011Nancy Wallaceyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)10936Shin'ichiro KakoOral Sequential monitoring of marine debris washed ashore on a western US beach using a webcam systemShin'ichiro Kako, Tomoya Kataoka, Kei Yufu, Atsuhiko Isobel, Charlie Plybon, Thomas A. Murphy, and Nir Barneayes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)10944Nancy TrenemanOral The fate of wood at sea: shipworms (Bivalvia: Teredinidae) in woody debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunamiNancy Treneman, James T. Carlton, J. Reuben Shipway, Luisa Borges, Michael J. Raupach and Bjorn Altermarkyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)10952Cathryn Clarke MurrayOral The influx of marine debris to North American shorelines after the Great Tsunami of 2011Cathryn Clarke Murray, Sherry Lippiatt, and Nikolai Maximenko yes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11148Jocelyn C. NelsonOral The invasion risk of invertebrate species associated with Japanese tsunami marine debris in North America and HawaiiJocelyn C. Nelson, Cathryn Clarke Murray, James T. Carlton, Michio Otani, Gregory M. Ruiz, and Thomas W. Therriaultyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11073Sherry LippiattOral The NOAA Marine Debris Monitoring and Assessment Project: Four years of effort in the U.S. Pacific StatesSherry Lippiatt, Carlie Herring, and Nancy Wallaceyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11280James T. CarltonPlenary Life rafts on the open sea: successful long-term transoceanic transport of coastal marine organisms by marine debrisJames T. Carlton, John W. Chapman, Jonathan B. Geller, Jessica A. Miller, Gregory M. Ruiz4, Deborah A. Carlton, Megan A. McCuller, Rebecca Barnard, Nancy Treneman, and Brian Stevesyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)10953Cathryn Clarke MurrayPoster Aerial surveillance for tsunami debris in British Columbia, CanadaCathryn Clarke Murray, Vickie Jackson, Nicole de Greef and David Bayneyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11278Sandra LindstromPoster An undescribed species of Japanese Pyropia appeared on the coast of British Columbia in 2015 Sandra Lindstrom yes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11256Won Joon ShimPoster Contamination of hexabromocyclododecanes (HBCDs) in styrofoam marine debris from Asia and Pacific region and the Great TsunamiWon Joon Shim1, Mi Jang, Sang Hee Hong, Manviri Rani, Gi Myoung Han and Young Kyoung Songyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11373Reva GillmanPoster Life history and environmental requirement analyses of Japanese tsunami marine debris (JTMD) biotaJessica A. Miller, Reva Gillman, Cathryn Clarke Murray, James T. Carlton, Gregory M. Ruiz, Michio Otani, Jocelyn Nelson and Janson Wongyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)10931Gayle I. HansenPoster Marine algae carried across the North Pacific on Japanese Tsunami Debris: how have they survived the journey?Gayle I. Hansen, Hiroshi Kawai, and Takeaki Hanyudayes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)10916Gayle I. HansenPoster Marine algae carried across the North Pacific on Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris (JTMD) and their invasion threat to the coasts of Oregon and Washington, USAGayle I. Hansen, Takeaki Hanyuda, and Hiroshi Kawaiyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11151Kirsten MoyPoster Synthesizing the state of debris in Hawaii from 2015 aerial imagery and spatial analysis dataStephanie Kung, Kirsten Moy, Miguel Castrence, Amber Meadows, Alexi Meltel, Andy Omori, Anne Rosinski, Brian Neilson, Kelsey Barrow, Stephen Ambagis, Michael Hamnett and Kristine Davidsonyes
S8 (MoE/MEQ/TCODE)11281Amy MacFadyen Poster Trends in arrival and deposition of Marine Debris generated by the March 2011 Japan Tsunami on Eastern Pacific ShorelinesAmy MacFadyen and Glen Watabayashino, cancel poster, Oct. 18 asked to add back
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11424Kalpana ChaudhariDeclined Climate change and adoptions in marine ecosystem- social and human dimension of aquaculture.Kalpana Chaudharipast deadline
S9 (FIS/TCODE)10881Benjamin PlanqueInvited Marine Ecosystem resilience, what is it and how can we measure it?Benjamin Planque, Michaela Aschan, Grégoire Certain, Padmini Dalpadado, Lis Lindal Jørgensen, Raul Primicerio and Mette Skern-Mauritzenyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)10883Kenneth L. DenmanOral A model simulation of the adaptive evolution through mutation of the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi based on a published laboratory studyKenneth L. Denmanyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11317Anne B. HollowedOral Are Arctic and sub-arctic fish stocks more prepared for a changing climate?Anne B. Hollowed, Wei Cheng, Harald Loeng, Libby Logerwell, Franz Mueter, James Reistyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)10884Chang SeungOral Assessment of management strategies for eastern Bering Sea walleye pollock Fishery with climate changeChang Seung and James Ianelli yes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)10976Paul SpencerOral Climate vulnerability analysis of eastern Bering Sea fish and invertebrate stocksPaul D. Spencer, Anne B. Hollowed, Mark W. Nelson, Michael F. Sigler and Albert J. Hermannyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)10909Salvador E. Lluch-CotaOral Detection of a geographically fixed center of high abundance of macroinvertebrates along the west coast of Baja CaliforniaPablo David Vega-García, Fiorenza Micheli, Héctor Reyes-Bonilla and Salvador E. Lluch-Cotayes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11081Mary E. HunsickerOral Early warning signals of declining resilience and abrupt transitions in ocean ecosystemsMichael A. Litzow and Mary E. Hunsickeryes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11230Koji SugieOral Effects of high-CO2 and temperature on the dynamics of plankton communities in the subarctic PacificKoji Sugie, Sohiko Kameyama, Takeshi Yoshimura, Hiroshi Uchida, Jun Nishioka, Naomi Harada and Akihiko Muratayes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11086Chaewon YooOral Fisheries collapse and social changes in a fishing-dependent community: The case of GoseongChaewon Yoo and Dowon Leeyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11244Jorge García MolinosOral Going with the flow: Ocean currents modify the coupling between climate change and biogeographical shiftsJorge García Molinos, Michael T. Burrowsb, and Elvira S. Poloczanskayes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11162Caren BarcelóOral Identifying climatically resilient or sensitive locations in the Northern California Current using partitioned beta-diversityCaren Barceló, Lorenzo Ciannelli, and Richard D. Brodeuryes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11135Lorenzo CiannelliOral Life history spatial constraints and species adaptability to climate changeLorenzo Ciannelli1, Anna Neuheimer, Leif Christian Stige, Mary Hunsickeryes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11251Ekaterina P. KurilovaOralxxREP-1Resilience and adaptation of marine ecosystems in Vanina Bay, Sea of Japan: Past, present and scenarios for the futureEkaterina P. Kurilova, Sergey E. Kulbachnyiyes, P->O
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11087Yongjun TianOral Status and trend of four commercially important coastal cephalopods in China Seas: An overview with implications for climate changeYongjun Tian, Yumeng Pang, Yanli Tang, Yiping Ren and Rong Wanyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)10870Mikhail A. StepanenkoPoster Fluctuations of the Bering Sea pollock recruitment, abundance, distribution as impacts on environmental changes Mikhail A. Stepanenko and Elena V. Gritsayyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11172Jianguo DuPoster Food sources and trophic structure of fishes and benthic macroinvertebrates in a tropical seagrass meadow revealed by stable isotope analysisJianguo Du, Xinqing Zheng, Teguh Peristiwady, Jianji Liao, Petrus Ch. Makatipu, Xijie Yin, Wenjia Hu, Wulan Koagouw and Bin Chenyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11055Atsushi YamaguchiPoster Inter-oceanic differences in macrozooplankton biomass and community structure in four regions around Hokkaido Island, Japan: consequences for marine ecosystem structureKosuke Tomiyama, Kohei Matsuno, Yoshiyuki Abe, Hiroshi Shimada and Atsushi Yamaguchiyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11064Wendy MorrisonPosterREP-2Literature review of management approaches that improve resilience for species, ecosystems, and/or fishing businesses.Wendy Morrison and Valerie Terminiyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)10921Alexey A. KhoruzhiyPosterREP-3Seasonal shifts of compound and structure of the nekton community in the Northwestern Pacific OceanAlexey A. Khoruzhiyyes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11165Chen, KeliangWithdrawal Advancing the Practice of Marine Eco-compensation in China: Knowledge Synthesis from ImplementationChen, Keliang, Pearson, Stuart, Wang, Xiao Hua, Yu, Hongxu, Kesby, Julieno, cancel poster yes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11206SemediWithdrawal Evaluating the change of sea surface temperature to assess the impact of climate change on coral reefs: A case study of IndonesiaBambang Semedi and Zainal Arif Sayid ??? Only oral, cancel did not confirm yes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)11209Amit KumarWithdrawal Resilience of Coral Reefs to the climate change and anthropogenic disturbances in Gulf of KutchAmit Kumar and Vandana Tomarno, cancel poster yes
S9 (FIS/TCODE)10876Pavel EmelinWithdrawal Species composition and biomass dynamics of nekton in the upper epipelagial of the deep-sea part of Okhotsk Sea during the autumn periods in 1998-2015 yearsPavel Emelinno show yes
S10 (FUTURE)11212Samantha StevensonInvited An Ensemble Approach to Understanding Climate Change in the PacificSamantha Stevenson, Antonietta Capotondi, John Fasullo, Bette Otto-Bliesneryes
S10 (FUTURE)11392Masaki MiyaInvited Environmental DNA metabarcoding from fishes (and other vertebrates) using universal primers MiFish: A data-driven approach for fish community researchMasaki Miyayes
S10 (FUTURE)11178Jennifer M. SundayInvited The mechanics of range shifts in a warming worldJennifer M. Sundayyes
S10 (FUTURE)10942Ryan R. RykaczewskiInvited Wind stress, stratification, and source waters: How will eastern boundary current upwelling processes respond to climate change?Ryan R. Rykaczewskiyes
S10 (FUTURE)11232Jake RiceOralREP-3Climate Change and Ocean Uses – Adaptation from What?Jake Riceyes, only talk (backup)
S10 (FUTURE)11288Youngji JohOral Extreme ocean temperature events in the North Pacific under greenhouse forcingYoungji Joh and Emanuele Di Lorenzoyes
S10 (FUTURE)11104Edward GregrOralxx-REP-1Marine habitats in a changing world: Looking beyond correlationEdward J. Gregr, Rowenna Gryba, Daniel M. Palacios, and Kai M. A. Chanyes, P->O
S10 (FUTURE)11296Desiree TommasiOral Seasonal climate predictions to improve fisheries management decisionsDesiree Tommasi, Charles Stockyes
S10 (FUTURE)11023Haruka NishikawaOral Simulated influence of the 1976–77 regime shift on anchovy and sardine in the California Current SystemHaruka Nishikawa, Enrique N. Curchitser, Jerome Fiechter, Kenneth A. Rose, Kate Hedstromyes
S10 (FUTURE)11065Christina Folger (for Henry Lee II)Oral The Icarus challenge - Predicting vulnerability to climate change using an algorithm-based species’ trait approachHenry Lee II, Christina Folger, Deborah A. Reusser, Patrick Clinton and Rene Grahamyes
S10 (FUTURE)11260Ivonne OrtizPlenary Applications of downscaled regional ocean biophysical models: forecasting indicators and fish habitatIvonne Ortiz, Al Hermann, Chris Rooper, Ned Laman, Stephani Zador and Kerim Aydinyes
S10 (FUTURE)11067Richard B. RivkinPlenary Influence of phytoplankton-bacterial coupling on the export of biogenic carbon in the ocean: Insights from iron enrichment experimentsRichard B. Rivkin, M. Robin Anderson and Michelle Haleyes
S10 (FUTURE)11218Michael LitzowPlenary Non-analogue ecosystem states in the Gulf of AlaskaMichael Litzow, Lorenzo Ciannelli, Ryan Rykaczewski, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Michael Opiekun, Patricia Puerta and Megan Stachurayes
S10 (FUTURE)11335Colleen PetrikPlenary The Response of Fisheries Production to Natural and Anthropogenic Forcing: Past, Present and FutureColleen Petrik, Charles Stock, Ken Andersen, James Watson, Jorge Sarmientoyes
S10 (FUTURE)11231James ChristianPoster Detection of anthropogenic impacts on ocean biogeochemical cyclesJames Christian, Sarah Schlunegger, Keith Rodgersyes
S10 (FUTURE)11056Taewon KimPosterREP-1Effects of climatic stressors on behavioral and physiological response of marine animals Taewon Kim and Jung-Ah Leeyes
S10 (FUTURE)11398Weiwei XianPoster Estuarine ecology and environment: in response to long-term variations of Changjiang (Yangtze River) runoff input and sediment loadWeiwei Xian; and Hui Zhangyes
S10 (FUTURE)11249Taketo HashiokaPoster Potential responses of phytoplankton community structure to future global warmingTaketo Hashiokayes
S10 (FUTURE)11201Aimee A. KellerPoster Species-specific responses of demersal fishes to near-bottom environmental conditions within the California Current large marine ecosystem Aimee A. Keller, L. Ciannelli, W. Waldo Wakefield, Victor H. Simon, John A. Barth, and Stephen D. Pierceyes
S10 (FUTURE)11328Albert J. HermannPoster Statistical downscaling of global projections to the Bering Sea, based on an ensemble of regional model outputAlbert J. Hermann, Wei Cheng, Georgina A. Gibson, Ivonne Ortiz, and Kerim Aydinyes
S10 (FUTURE)11010Zhongxin WuPosterREP-2The exploration for system stability in the coastal marine ecosystem of northern Yellow Sea of ChinaZhongxin Wu, Xiumei Zhang, Hector M. Lozano-Montes and Neil R. Loneraganyes
S10 (FUTURE)11377Jung-Ho HyunPoster Upwelling-induced changes in the structure of plankton assemblages and role of heterotrophic bacterioplankton in biogeochemical carbon cycles in the Ulleung Basin, East SeaJung-Ho Hyun, Eun-Jin Yang, Jae-Hoon Noh, Kyeong-Hee Kim, Sung-Han Kim, Jin-Sook Mok, Dongseon Kim, Sinjae Yoo yes
S10 (FUTURE)11157Yuliang LiWithdrawal An ecological compensation mechanism for marine protection area in China, based on the ecosystem services valuationLiYuliangno, cancel talk yes
S10 (FUTURE)11310Marisol García-ReyesWithdrawal Environmental indicators that best describe variability in the California Current EcosystemMarisol García-Reyes, Sarah Ann Thompson and William J. Sydemanno, cancel poster yes
S10 (FUTURE)11038SM Mustafizur RahmanWithdrawal Synchrony of regime shifts in water temperatures and fisheries abundance in the East Asian Marginal Seas related to north Pacific climate variability SM Mustafizur Rahman, Hae Kun Jung, Soonman Kwon, Kang Su Seol and Chung Il Leeno, cancel talk yes
S10 (FUTURE)11169Fenggui ChenWithdrawal The evaluating method of marine ecological damage based on ecological restoration—— a case study of sea reclamationFenggui Chenno, cancel poster yes
S10 (FUTURE)11083Antonietta CapotondiWithdrawal The influence of ENSO diversity on North Pacific ecosystemsAntonietta Capotondi, Prashant D. sardeshmukhno, cancel talk yes
S10 (FUTURE)10886Tao LianWithdrawalREP-2Uncertainty of Linear Trend in Global SST Due to Multi-Scale Internal VariationTao Lianno, cancel poster yes
S11 (POC)10977Michael ForemanInvited Linking technological and POC advances over the past 25 yearsMichael Foremanyes
S11 (POC)11238Ichiro YasudaInvited Ocean mixing processes: Impact on biogeochemistry, climate and ecosystemsIchiro Yasudayes, move to Nov. 8
S11 (POC)11344Vyacheslav B. LobanovInvited Recent advances and future perspectives in the understanding of mesoscale water dynamics in the Japan/East SeaVyacheslav B. Lobanovyes
S11 (POC)11115Jerome FiechterInvited Regional and climate forcing on forage fish and apex predators in the California Current: New insights from a fully coupled ecosystem modelJerome Fiechter, Luis Huckstadt, Kenneth Rose, Daniel Costa, Enrique Curchitser and Katherine Hedstromyes
S11 (POC)11293Alexander KurapovOral Anomalous oceanic conditions along the US West Coast in 2014: Inferences from a high resolution regional ocean modelAleaxnder L. Kurapovyes
S11 (POC)11125Chanhyung JeonOral Distribution of near-inertial waves in the mixed and deep layers of the East/Japan Sea using a high-resolution wind-forced ocean modelChanhyung Jeon, Jae-Hun Park, Young-Gyu Park, and Hong Sik Minyes
S11 (POC)10971Olga TrusenkovaOral Long-term sea level variation in the Japan/East Sea from two decades of altimetry dataOlga Trusenkova and Dmitry Kaplunenkoyes
S11 (POC)10965Sayaka YasunakaOral Long-term variability of surface nutrient concentrations in the North PacificSayaka Yasunaka, Tsuneo Ono, Yukihiro Nojiri, Frank A. Whitney, Chisato Wada, Akihiko Murata, Shin-ichiro Nakaoka and Shigeki Hosodayes
S11 (POC)11013Romeo Saldívar-LucioOral Macro-scale patterns in upwelling/downwelling activity along the North American west coastRomeo Saldívar-Lucio, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Miguel Nakamura, Héctor Villalobos, Daniel Lluch-Cota and Pablo Del Monte-Luna yes
S11 (POC)11022Makoto Kashiwai Oral Mechanism of warming the Okhotsk Sea Intermediate, from consideration on the seasonal cycleMakoto Kashiwai yes
S11 (POC)11150William CrawfordOral Mesoscale eddies of the Northeast Pacific OceanWilliam Crawfordyes
S11 (POC)11259Hanna NaOral Mesoscale-eddy-induced variability of flow through the Kerama Gap between the East China Sea and the western North PacificHanna Na, Jae-Hun Park, Mark Wimbush, Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishina, and Xiao-Hua Zhuyes
S11 (POC)10991M. Debora Iglesias-RodriguezOral Oceanographic conditions facilitating the formation and propagation of a novel coccolithophore bloom in the Santa Barbara ChannelPaul G. Matson, Chris Gotschalk, Tanika M. Ladd, David A. Siegel, Libe Washburn, M. Debora Iglesias-Rodriguezyes, P->O
S11 (POC)11221Hally B StoneOral Reconciling perspectives of upwelling system dynamics and basin-scale drivers on shelf water variability in the Pacific Northwest coastal oceanHally B. Stone, Neil S. Banas, Barbara M. Hickey, and Parker MacCready.yes
S11 (POC)10913Hiromichi UenoOral Studies on mesoscale eddies in the subarctic North PacificHiromichi Uenoyes
S11 (POC)11121Daji HuangOral Synoptic variability of wintertime wind-driven circulation in the Bohai, Yellow and East China seasDaji Huang; Zhiyuan Liyes
S11 (POC)11339Cheryl HarrisonOral The effect of mesoscale circulation on biological production and carbon export in the North PacificCheryl S. Harrison, Nikki Lovenduski, Fred Castruccio, and Matthew Longyes
S11 (POC)10992Nicholas A. BondOral The response of Northeast Pacific Ocean circulation to recent atmospheric forcingNicholas A. Bond, Phyllis J. Stabenoyes
S11 (POC)10910Andrey G. AndreevOral The seasonal and interannual variability of circulation in the eastern and western Okhotsk Sea and its impact on plankton biomassAndrey G. Andreev, Sergey V. Prants, Maxim V. Budyansky and Michael Yu. Uleyskyyes
S11 (POC)11378Fangli QiaoOral Wave turbulence interaction induced vertical mixing and its effects in ocean and climate modelsFangli Qiao, Yeli Yuan, Jia Deng, Dejun Dai and Zhenya Songyes
S11 (POC)10980Toshiya NakanoPoster A long-term reference for detecting oceanic variations in the western North Pacific: JMA 50-year long 137°E repeat hydrographic sectionToshiya Nakano, Hiroyuki Inoue, Kiyoshi Murakami, Yusuke Takatani, Atsushi Kojima, Yoshiteru Kitamura, Masao Ishii, Eitarou Oka, Shusaku Sugimoto and Toshio Sugayes
S11 (POC)11294Eliana Gómez-OcampoPoster Approach of dynamic physical thresholds on spatial-temporal phytoplankton variability in NE Pacific[Eliana Gómez-Ocampo, Gilberto Gaxiola-Castro]yes
S11 (POC)10984Rong-shuo CaiPoster Comparison of chlorophyll-a responses to climate change in the tropical western Pacific marginal seasRong-shuo Cai, Hai-xia Guo, Di Fu, Hong-jian Tan and Xiu-hua Yanyes
S11 (POC)11246Chan Joo JangPoster Evaluation surface winds over the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding seasWonkeun Choi, Ho-Jeong shin and Chan Joo Jangyes
S11 (POC)11192Sayaka YasunakaPoster Mapping of the air–sea CO2 flux in the Arctic Ocean and its adjacent seas: Basin-wide distribution and seasonal to interannual variabilitySayaka Yasunaka, Akihiko Murata, Eiji Watanabe, Masao Ishii, Naohiro Kosugi, Shigeto Nishino, Daisuke Sasano, and SOCAT-Arctic contributorsyes
S11 (POC)10871Konstantin RogachevPosterREP-1, S6Rapid Freshening of the Kamchatka and Oyashio CurrentsKonstantin Rogachev, Natalia Shlykyes
S11 (POC)10937Nan ZangPosterx REP-2Spreading of Antarctic Intermediate Water in the Philippine SeaNan Zang and Fan Wangyes, wants poster
S11 (POC)11001Yukiharu HisakiPoster Time interpolation of surface winds and its impact on the modelling of inertial currents in the North PacificYukiharu Hisakiyes
S11 (POC)11154Seongbong SeoPosterxxREP-3Vertical mixing observed on the continental slope of the southwestern East/Japan SeaSeongbong Seo, Young-Gyu Park, Jae-Hun Park, Chang-Soo Hong and Dong Guk Kimyes, not confirmed change of presentation type
S11 (POC)11205Ferdenant A. MkrtchyanWithdrawal About microwave radiometry and spectroellipsometric technologies for monitoring marine ecosystemsFerdenant A. Mkrtchyan and Vladimir F. Krapivin no, cancel poster yes
S11 (POC)11369Tatiana KrupnovaWithdrawal Climatic and human activities influence on kelps communities at the coast of Primorye (Japan/East Sea) Tatiana Krupnova, Yury Zuenko, Irina Tsypysheva no, cancel poster yes
S11 (POC)10960Roksana JahanWithdrawal Effect of climate change and nutrient reduction on phytoplankton in Tolo HarbourRoksana Jahan and Kedong Yinno, cancel poster yes
S11 (POC)10958Jilong ChenWithdrawal Recent change of sea level variations in the East China Sea from merged altimetry dataJilong Chenyes, cancel poster yes
S11 (POC)11382Kyung-Il ChangWithdrawal Review of studies on circulation of the East/Japan Sea since the birth of CREAMSKyung-Il Chang, Kuh Kim, Kyung-Ryul Kim, Masaki Takematsu, Jong-Hwan Yoon, Yuli Volkov, Vyacheslav Lobanovyes? Cancel talk yes
S11 (POC)10882Suqing XuWithdrawal Seasonal variation of distribution of air-sea CO2 flux in the Taiwan Strait and its controlling mechanismSuqing Xu, Liqi ChenNo, cancel poster yes
S11 (POC)11375Yong LinWithdrawal Spatial-temporal pattern analysis of Sea surface temperature evolution in north pacific oceanYong Lin, Jingfeng Fan, Shuxi Liuno, cancel poster yes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11180Amit BalyanDeclined Resilience of Coral Reefs to the climate change and anthropogenic disturbances in Gulf of KutchAmit Balyan, and Vandana Tomar 
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11391Arthur J. MillerInvited Changes in Climate and Changes in Concepts: Physical-Biological Interplay in the Pacific Ocean Over the PICES YearsArthur J. Milleryes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11357Art Miller (for Emanuele Di Lorenzo)Invited Increasing variance and synchrony in North Pacific climate and ecosystemsEmanuele Di Lorenzo, Giovanni Liguori and Bryan A. Black yes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11374Angelica PenaOral A decade of phytoplankton composition and environmental measurements along Line P in the NE subarctic PacificAngelica Peña, Nina Nemcek and Marie Robertyes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11174Mark S. LowryOral California sea lions: Historical diet patterns in relation to environmental changes in the California CurrentMark S. Lowry, Stephanie E. Nehasil, Alan R. Jackson, and Robert Hollandyes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11367Elena I. UstinovaOral Climate variability and changes in the marginal Far-Eastern SeasElena I. Ustinova and Yury D. Sorokinyes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11304Tracy Shaw (for William T. Peterson)Oral Effects of the Blob on phytoplankton and copepod species composition, community structure and biodiversity off the central Oregon coastWilliam T Peterson, Xiuning Du, Jennifer Fisher and Jay Petersonyes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11286C. Tracy ShawOral Euphausiid responses to recent warming events in the coastal upwelling zone off the Oregon Coast, USAC. Tracy Shaw, William T. Petersonyes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11075Nathan MantuaOral Historical context for the atmospheric forcing of record high SSTs in the NE Pacific Arc in 2014-16James Johnstone and Nathan Mantuayes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11071Jaime JahnckeOral Mid- and upper trophic level responses to variability in ocean conditions off central CaliforniaJaime Jahncke, Russell Bradley, Pete Warzybok, Meredith Elliott, Jan Roletto, and Danielle Lipskiyes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11069Phoebe A. Woodworth-JefcoatsOral Relationships between climate variability and fisheries catch in the central North PacificPhoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoats, Jeffrey J. Polovina, and Jeffrey C. Drazenyes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11351Lingbo LiOral The impacts of climate variability on the distribution of groundfish along the Northeast Pacific coastal shelfLingbo Li, Anne Hollowed, and Steve Barbeauxyes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11371John A. BarthOral The subsurface and inner-shelf structure of 25 years of variability in the Northern California CurrentJohn A. Barth, Stephen D. Pierce and Scott M. Durskiyes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11203Stephen B. BrandtOral Variability in North Pacific Ocean conditions: Assessing habitat-specific vital rates and thresholds for fishesStephen B. Brandt and Cynthia E. Sellingeryes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11072Paul FiedlerOral Warm and cool years in the California Current: Relation to ENSOPaul Fiedler, Nate Mantuayes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11245Hitoshi KanekoPoster Interannual variation of ocean environment in the Kuroshio Extension, Oyashio, and their transition area correlated with the recruitment of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicas) Hitoshi Kaneko, Takeshi Okunishi, Takashi Setoh, Hiroshi Kuroda, Sachihiko Itoh, Shinya Kouketsu and Daisuke Hasegawayes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11048Christina Eunjin KongPosterREP-1Reponses of marine primary productivity (PP) to the future climate change scenario: the role of the subsurface chlorophyll maximum (SCM) in the mid-latitudinal marginal seasChristina Eunjin Kong, Sinjae Yoo, Chanjoo Jang, and Jisoo Parkyes
S12 (MONITOR/BIO/TCODE)11307Timothy JonesWithdrawal Mass mortality of small seabirds in NE pacific 2014/2015: Consequences of NE pacific anomalyNicholas Bond, Parker MacCready, Mark Hipfner, Bill Peterson, Eric Bjorkstedt, Kirsten Lindquist, Jan Roletto, Hannah Nevins, Jackie Lindsey, Julia Parrishno, cancel poster yes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11132Hidekatsu YamazakiInvited Coastal observation systems to monitor physical, chemical and biological parametersHidekatsu Yamazaki, Eiji Masunaga, Scott Gallager, Mamoru Tanaka, Marika Takeuchi, Kazuo Amakasu, Kunihisa Yamaguchi and Hayato Kondoyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11372WelchOral Advances in the science and technology underlying measurement of survival of juvenile fish in the oceanDavid W. Welch, Erin L. Rechisky, and Aswea D. Porter yes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11352Brian P. V. HuntOral From marine terrestrial interactions to the “warm blob”: integrating land-ocean-atmospheric research in a coastal observatory frameworkBrian Hunt, Ian Giesbrecht, Margot Hessing-Lewis, Jennifer Jackson, Colleen Kellogg, Kira Krumhansyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11052Jinyong JeongOral Introduction to the Ocean Research Stations (ORSs) in Korea and application activitiesJinyong Jeong, Jooyoung Lee, Jae-Seol Shim, Do-Seong Byun, In-Ki Minyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11076Tetjana RossOral Multi-parameter observations of whales, zooplankton and hydrography on the west coast of Vancouver Island using ocean glidersTetjana Ross, Rianna Burnham, Tara Howatt, Dave Duffus and Stephanie Watermanyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)10887Sung Yong KimOral Probing multi-scale oceanic signals from the coastHyun Sup Soh, Jang Gon Yoo, and Sung Yong Kimyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11333David M. AndersonOral Recording extreme events in the multi-parameter Central and Northern California Ocean Observing System (CeNCOOS)CeNCOOS Investigators, David M. Anderson, editor. yes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11250Richard DeweyOral Using multiple platforms to assess a potential link between the North Pacific warm anomaly (the ‘Blob’) and anomalous conditions in the Salish Sea during 2015Richard Dewey, Akash Sastri, Jeremy Krogh, Steve Mihaly, and Kim Juniperyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11354Yang LuoOral Water quality comparison and ecological environment assessment during major and minor tides in near sea area of Fujian ProvinceYang Luo, Wanmin Ni, Liping Jiao, Haining Huang and Youyin Ye yes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11004Semi JeongPoster Biochemical composition of surface sedimentary organic matter and material fluxes at the sediment-water interface of Jaran Bay, Korea Semi Jeong, Jung-Hyun Park, Hyung-Chul Kim, Won-Chan Lee, Seok Jin Ohyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11463Fangfang WanPoster Integration and Duplication Remove of the Oceanographic and Marine Meteorological Data at CMOC/ChinaYulong LIU, Fangfang WAN, Dongsheng ZHANG and Mingmei DONGyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)10997Vadim NavrotskyPoster Multifactor effects of near-bottom processes in the coastal oceanVadim Navrotskyyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11291Sarah Ann ThompsonPosterREP-2Multivariate Ocean Climate Indicator (MOCI): describing the California CurrentMarisol García-Reyes, Sarah Ann Thompson, and William J. Sydemanyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11422Luis ValdésPosterREP-3New light for time series: international collaboration in ship-based ecosystem monitoringLuis Valdés and Kirsten Isenseeyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11368Seul-Ye LimPoster Non-market value of marine ecosystem service in Saemangeum open sea in KoreaSeul-Ye Lim and Seung-Hoon Yooyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11002Tae Hoon KimPoster Submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) and SGD-driven nutrient fluxes in Geoje Bay, KoreaTae-Hoon Kim, Dong-Woon Hwang and Minkyu Choiyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11263Chungho LeePosterREP-1The Present and Future of Ocean Research Stations (ORSs) of the Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (KHOA)Chungho Lee, Jooyoung Lee, Jinyong Jeong, Do-Seong Byun and Eunil Leeyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11050Jingsong YangPosterREP-5Typhoon storm surges observed by Chinese HY-2A satellite radar altimetryJingsong Yang, Xiaohui Li, Guoqi Han, Nan Chen and Dake Chenyes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11045Zou BinWithdrawal Analysis On Coastline Change Under Ecological Environment Of Coastal Zone - In Case Of SanyaYarong Zou and Bin Zouno, cancel poster yes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)10892Caitlin I. Allen AkselrudWithdrawal Application of an age-length structured population dynamics model to data for eastern Bering Sea tanner crab (Chionoecetes bairdi), Pribilof Island blue king crab (Paralithodes platypus), and Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus)Caitlin I. Allen Akselrud and Andrè E. Puntyes, this poster is a duplicated of 10893 yes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)10868Ediang O ArchibongWithdrawalREP-4Climate information and sustainable development: An overview in West Africa coastal areasEdiang O. Archibong and Ediang A. Archibong  yes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)11380Yong LinWithdrawal Spatial-temporal pattern analysis of Sea surface temperature evolution in north pacific ocean yong lin, jingfengfan, shuxi liuno show yes
S13 (MONITOR/TCODE)10869Ediang O ArchibongWithdrawal Understanding precipitation process along Nigerian CoastEdiang O. Archibong and Ediang A. Archibong  yes
W1 (POC)11385Karen E KohfeldInvited Assessing vulnerability to ocean acidification in the Strait of Georgia Along the Canadian Pacific CoastKaren E Kohfeld, Debby Ianson, Susan E. Allen, Ellie Simpson, Ben Moore-Maley, Chris Harley, Paul Covert, Marty Davelaar, Kenny Scozzafava, Yves Perrault, Andre Comeau, Keith Reid, and Terry Learmonthyes
W1 (POC)11326Simone AlinOral Reconstructing ocean acidification in deep coastal and estuarine waters of the northeastern Pacific Ocean (Cascadia Margin): A crab’s eye viewSimone Alin1, Beth Curry2, Meghan Shea3, Wendi Ruef4, John Mickett2, Richard A. Feely1, Jan Newton2, Allan Devol4, Liam Antrim5, Kathy Hough5, Christopher Krembs6, and Samantha Siedlecki7??? Pending approval
W1 (POC)11266Zhongyong GaoOral Variations of carbon uptake and ocean acidification in the Bering Sea and Western Arctic Ocean from 1999 to 2014Zhongyong Gao , Heng Sun, Liqi Chen, Di Qiyes
W2 (MEQ)11006Inna V. Stonik Invited Pseudo-nitzschia diversity, bloom events and their impacts in the North Pacific: an East-West comparisonInna V. Stonik yes
W2 (MEQ)11020Yuichi KotakiOral Amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP) potential in JapanYuichi Kotaki and Setsuko Sakamoto yes
W2 (MEQ)11285Nicolaus G. AdamsOral Population structure of Pseudo-nitzschia australis in the outer coastal waters of Washington StateNicolaus G. Adams, Piper Schwenke and Vera L. Traineryes
W2 (MEQ)11167Lin YangOral Pseudo-nitschia harmful algal blooms (HAB) in the coast of ChinaChunjiang Guan, Lin Yang, Douding Lu and Hao Guoyes
W2 (MEQ)10948Vera L. TrainerOral Pseudo-nitzschia and domoic acid on the US west coast: state of our knowledge and implications for the futureVera L. Trainer, William P. Cochlan, Mark L. Wellsyes
W2 (MEQ)10950Meredith L. ElliottOral Pseudo-nitzschia occurrence in the central California CurrentMeredith L. Elliott, Gregg Langlois, Jan Roletto, Danielle Lipski, and Jaime Jahnckeyes
W2 (MEQ)11063Devan JohnsonOral Pseudo-nitzschia species and domoic acid in southeast Vancouver Island, November 2015 to July 2016Devan Johnson, Nicola Haigh, and Tamara Russellyes
W2 (MEQ)11080Nicola HaighOral Pseudo-nitzschia species and domoic acid on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in 2015Nicola Haigh, Tamara Russell and Devan Johnsonyes
W2 (MEQ)10994Tamara RussellOral Pseudo-nitzschia spp. and domoic acid in the waters of Haida Gwaii, British Columbia: A summary of occurrences and details on anthropogenic and environmental considerationsTamara Russell, Nicky Haigh and Devan Johnsonyes
W2 (MEQ)11386Weol-Ae LimOral Temporal changes and toxicity of Pseudo-nitzschia species in Korean coastal watersWeol-ae Lim, Tae-Gyu Park, Jong-Gyu Park, Ka-Jeong Lee, Kwang-Soo Ha, and Gregory J. Doucetteyes
W2 (MEQ)11035William P. CochlanOral The effects of temperature and ocean acidification on the growth and toxicity of Pseudo-nitzschia australis from the California Current upwelling systemWilliam P. Cochlan, Charles J. Wingert, Bridget L. Hansen, Christopher E. Ikeda and Vera L. Trainer yes
W3 (BIO)11269Hiroya YamanoInvited Environmental factors affecting the distribution of habitat-forming shallow-water coralsHiroya Yamanoyes
W3 (BIO)11409Les WatlingOral Biogeographic patterns and hypotheses relating deep-sea coral distributions to water massesLes Watlingyes
W3 (BIO)11423Anders KnudbyOral Data-driven bioregions for local ecosystem context in species distribution modelsAndrew McMillan and Anders Knudbyyes
W3 (BIO)11413Christopher RooperOral Factors affecting the large scale distribution of deep sea corals and sponges in the Alaskan ecosystems of the North Pacific OceanChristopher N. Rooper1, Rachel Wilborn1, and Pamela Goddard1 yes
W3 (BIO)10903Jin-Soo ParkOral First report on the annual gametogenesis of high-latitude corals Alveopora japonica (Eguchi, 1968) and Oulastrea crispta (Lamarck, 1816) on Jeju Island, KoreaJin-Soo Park, Sang-Yul Park, Shashank Keshavmurthy, Chang-Keun Kang and Kwang-Sik Choi yes
W3 (BIO)11318Samuel E. GeorgianOralREP-1 S5Resolving biogeographic patterns in the deep sea using species distribution modelingSamuel E. Georgian, Erik E. Cordesyes
W3 (BIO)11084Stephanie K. ArcherOral Seascape ecology of glass sponge reefs: Fine scale measurements of habitat heterogeneity and its relationship to community structureStephanie K. Archer, Jannet Mossman, Anya Dunhamyes
W3 (BIO)11418Mai MiyamotoOral Selection of the proper spatial resolution for habitat modeling of cold-water coralsMai Miyamoto, Masashi Kiyota, Hiroto Murase, Takeshi Nakamura and Takeshi Hayashibarayes
W3 (BIO)11227Dana HaggartyOral Testing the transferability of species distribution models between shallow seamounts in the North Pacific OceanDana Haggarty, Janelle Curtis and Cherisse Du Preezyes
W3 (BIO)11363M.RaiWithdrawal Scientific assessment of marine harmful algal blooms and its impact on climate M.Raino, cancel talk yes
W4 (FIS)11149Barbara A. MuhlingInvited Ecology and management of Atlantic bluefin tuna under climate variability and changeBarbara A. Muhling, John T. Lamkin, G. Walter Ingram Jr., John F. Walter, Sang-Ki Lee, Yanyun Liu, Ricardo Domingues, Mitchell A. Roffer, Frank E. Muller-Karger, Joseph Quattro and David Lindo Atichatiyes
W4 (FIS)11171Stephanie SnyderOral Crossing the line: Albacore actively exploit submesoscale fronts to enhance foraging successStephanie Snyder, Suzanne Kohin, Yi Xu, Lynne D. Talley, and Peter J.S. Franksyes
W4 (FIS)10987Xianshi JinOral Population dynamics of fish species in marine ecosystem: A case study in the Bohai Sea, ChinaXiujuan Shan, Xianshi Jin, Fangqun Dai, Yunlong Chen, Tao Yang and Jianping Yaoyes
W4 (FIS)11143Rosa RuncieOral The impact of climate change on Pacific Bluefin (Thunnus orientalis) tuna distribution in the Eastern Pacific OceanRosa Runcie, Gerard DiNardo, Toby Garfield, Elliott Hazen, Steven Bograd, Kylie Scales and Jordan DiNardoyes
W5 (FIS)11389Michio KawamiyaInvited Earth system and climate modeling activities toward CMIP6 in Japan: A reviewMichio Kawamiyayes
W5 (FIS)11432Jonathan HareOral A review of species distribution modeling in the Northeast U.S. Shelf Large Marine EcosystemJonathan A. Hare1 and Vincent S. Saba2yes
W5 (FIS)11411John Keith PinnegarOral CERES (Climate change and European Aquatic RESources): Socio-political scenarios for use alongside climate change projectionsJohn K. Pinnegaryes
W5 (FIS)11309Phoebe A. Woodworth-JefcoatsOral Climate change is projected to reduce carrying capacity in North Pacific pelagic marine ecosystemsPhoebe A. Woodworth-Jefcoats, Jeffrey J. Polovina, and Jeffrey C. Drazenyes
W5 (FIS)11346Sukgeun JungOral Climate-change driven range shifts of exploitable chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) projected by bio-physical coupling individual based model in the western North PacificSukgeun Jung, Ig-Chan Pang, Joon-ho Lee, Hwa Hyun Lee and Suam Kimyes
W5 (FIS)11416Alan C. HaynieOral Report on the 2016 ICES/PICES Workshop on Economic Modelling of the Effects of Climate Change on Fish and FisheriesAlan C. Haynieyes
W5 (FIS)11399Kirstin HolsmanOral The Alaska Climate-change Integrated Modeling project (ACLIM): Identifying impacts and management solutions for Eastern Bering Sea fisheriesKirstin Holsman, Anne Hollowed, André Punt, Kerim Aydin, Jim Ianelli, Jonathan Reum, Paul Spencer, Wei Cheng, Al Hermann, Stephen Kasperski, Alan Haynie yes
W5 (FIS)11153Shin-ichi ItoOral Updated plan for modeling effects of climate change on fish and fisheries in the western North Pacific OceanShin-ichi Ito, Takeshi Okunishi, Takashi Setou, Akinori Takasuka, Takahiko Kameda, Naoki Yoshie, Kazuyoshi Watanabe, Hiroshi Kuroda, Motomitsu Takahashi, Toru Hasegawa, Satoshi Kitajima, Michio Yoneda, Kosei Komatsu, Takaaki Yokoiyes
W5 (FIS)11011Qi LeeWithdrawal The benefits and risks of incorporating climate-driven variation in growth into the stock assessment of Splitnose Rockfish (Sebastes diploproa)Qi Lee, André E. Punt, James T. Thorson, Vladlena V. Gertsevano, cancel talk, Oct. 4 yes
W6 (BIO)11301Julie A. ThayerInvited Predator consumption of forage species in the California CurrentJulie A. Thayer, Amber I. Szoboszlai, William J. Sydemanyes
W6 (BIO)11066Pete WarzybokOral Consumption of forage fishes by marine birds in the Gulf of the Farallones, CaliforniaPete Warzybok, Jaime Jahncke, Russell Bradley, Meredith Elliott, Jared Santora, Brian Wells, John Field, Ryan Carle, and David Ainley yes
W6 (BIO)11091Yutaka WatanukiOral Consumption of salmon fingerlings by Rhinoceros Auklets breeding in Hokkaido, JapanJunpei Ookado1, Yutaka Watanuki1, Motohiro Ito2, Makoto Hasebe3, and Hideaki Kudo1yes
W6 (BIO)11299George L Hunt, JrOral Prey consumption by marine birds in the eastern Bering Sea: Variability over timeGeorge L. Hunt, Jr., Martin Renner, Jarrod Santora, Kathy Kuletz and John Piatt5yes
W6 (BIO)11252Andrew W. TritesOral Simple models to predict daily energy requirements may not yield accurate estimates of prey consumption by marine mammals in the North PacificAndrew W. Tritesyes
W6 (BIO)11037Hiroko SasakiOral Spatial estimation of prey consumption by common minke, Bryde's and sei whales in the western North Pacific: A preliminary attemptHiroko Sasaki, Tsutomu Tamura, Takashi Hakamada, Koji Matsuoka, Hiroto Murase and Toshihide Kitakadoyes
W6 (BIO)10905Yu KanajiOral Spatio-temporal variations in the stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic compositions of Delphinidae species in the western North PacificYu Kanaji, Hideyoshi Yoshida and Makoto Okazakiyes
W6 (BIO)11270Motohiro Ito Oral The records of Chum salmon fingerling predation by avian predators at the coastalMotohiro Ito and Takaaki Abeyes
W7 (MONITOR)11003Zhifeng ZhangInvited Delivering quality multi-parameter data from on-line monitoring network in estuaries and bays: A case study in Bohai SeaZhifeng Zhang, Zhongsheng Lin, Qian Zhao, Lijun Wang, Zhanming Hu, Zhe Zhang and Dongmei Zhaoyes
W7 (MONITOR)11139Rich PawlowiczInvited What do we do with observatory data? A users perspectiveRich Pawlowiczyes
W7 (MONITOR)11241Chuanxi XingOral Analysis on the patterns and formation dynamics of the summertime coastal circulation system in the western Bohai SeaChuanxi Xing, Zhanming Hu, Qian Zhao, and Wanlei Zhangyes
W7 (MONITOR)11248Marlene JeffriesOral Data quality assurance/ quality control approaches for coastal ocean multi-parameter data from a cabled observatory in the NE subarctic PacificMarlene Jeffries, Michael G. Morley, Reyna Jenkyns, Akash Sastri, and Kim Juniperyes, must pre-register
W7 (MONITOR)11435Genki TerauchiOral Identification of potential eutrophic zones in the Northwest Pacific regionGenki Terauchi, Zhiming Yu, Zaixing Wu, Changkyu Lee and Vladimir Shulkin yes
W7 (MONITOR)11131Hidekatsu YamazakiOral Joint Environmental Data Integration System: JEDI System in 2016Hidekatsu Yamazaki, Scott Gallager, Mamoru Tanaka, Marika Takeuchi, Hayato Kondo and Kunihisa Yamaguchi3yes
W7 (MONITOR)11324Naoki YoshieOral Monitoring of coastal ocean in the Western Seto Inland Sea, JapanNaoki Yoshie, Miwa Nakagawa, Hidejiro Ohnishi, Akihiko Morimoto, Xinyu Guo and Hidetaka Takeokayes
W7 (MONITOR)11032Yeseul KimOral Optical discrimination of Cochlodinium polykrikoides blooms from non-harmful blooms in Korean coastal watersYeseul Kim, Sinjae Yoo and Young Baek Sonyes
W7 (MONITOR)11247Akash SastriOral Real-time sea-surface measurements of coloured dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in the Strait of Georgia, Canada: Developing techniques to account for sensor foulingAkash Sastri, Rowan Fox, Jeremy Krogh, and Maycira Costayes
W7 (MONITOR)11319Wiley EvansOral Tracking ocean acidification in coastal settings using land-based Burke-O-Lator pCO2/TCO2 AnalyzersWiley Evans, Burke Hales, Jan Newton, Simone Alin, Meghan Shea and Richard Feely yes
W8 (POC)11314Naomi M. LevineInvited Competition in a patchy world: Submesoscale dynamics, phytoplankton growth, and carbon export in the oligotrophic North PacificNaomi M. Levine and Xiao Liuyes
W8 (POC)11229Sachihiko ItohInvited Finescale variability of isopycnal salinity in the southern California Current SystemSachihiko Itoh and Daniel L. Rudnickyes
W8 (POC)11029Yasuhide KobayashiOralREP-2Eddy trajectory in a closed rectangular oceanic basinYasuhide Kobayashi and Atsushi Kubokawayes
W8 (POC)11130Young-Gyu ParkOral Mesoscale and submesoscale wavenumber spectra from the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI)Yeon S. Chang and Young-Gyu Parkyes
W8 (POC)10912Hiromichi UenoOral Mesoscale eddies in the western subarctic North PacificHiromichi Ueno, Hiromu Ishiyama, Yuki Okada, Yuka Karasawayes
W8 (POC)11355Elena I. UstinovaOral Mesoscale structures and Pacific saury fishing grounds in the Northwestern PacificElena I. Ustinova and Viktor N. Filatovyes
W8 (POC)11370Dongfeng XuOralREP-1The cross-shelf transport by the eddy-pair in the Northern South China Sea in June 2015Dongfeng Xu1,2, Xianqiang He1,2, Chenghao Yang1,2, Jun Wang1,2, Mingquan Xu1,2 , Hong Chen1,2 and Yaochu Yuan1,2 yes
W8 (POC)10894Hiromu IshiyamaPoster Global distribution of mergers and splits of oceanic mesoscale eddiesHiromu Ishiyama, Hiromichi Ueno, Masaru Inatsu, Sachihiko Itohyes
W8 (POC)11376Elígio de Raús MaúrePoster Impact of mesoscale eddies on spring bloom initiation in the Japan SeaElígio de Raús Maúre, Joji Ishizaka, Chiho Sukigara, Yoshihisa Minoyes
W8 (POC)11388Kyung-Jae LeePoster Mesoscale eddies in the East/Japan Sea: Detecting methods and characteristics of eddy propertiesKyung-Jae Lee, Kyung-Il Chang yes
W9 (POC)11274Seth DanielsonInvited Currents and water mass structure in and near the Gulf of AnadyrSeth L. Danielson, Gennady V. Khen and Phyllis J. Stabenoyes
W9 (POC)11144Alexander ZavolokinInvited Impact of oceanographic fluctuations on the northwestern Bering Sea ecosystemAlexander Zavolokin, Gennady Khen, Svetlana Naydenko, and Alexey Somovyes
W9 (POC)10915Kirill KivvaInvited Summer water masses and fish communities in the north-western Bering and western Chukchi Seas in 2003-2010Gennady V. Khen, Evgeny O. Basuk, Kirill Kivva, Vladimir I. Matveevyes
W9 (POC)11182Ellen M. YasumiishiOral Climate related changes in abundance and range shifts of pelagic fishes and jellyfish in the eastern Bering Sea during late summer, 2002-2015Ellen M. Yasumiishi, Ed V. Farley, Jr., Kristin Ciecielyes
W9 (POC)10889Jared WeemsOral Crab larvae in the northeastern Bering Sea and southern Chukchi Sea: Abundance relative to water masses in 2012Jared Weems, Franz Mueter, Alexei Pinchuk, and Ginny Eckertyes
W9 (POC)11287Edward FarleyOral Defining critical periods for Yukon River Chinook salmonEdward Farley, Ellen Yasumiishi, Kerim Aydin, Kelly Kearney, Albert Herman, and Kathrine Howardyes
W9 (POC)10890Yury ZuenkoOral Environmentally driven variability of zooplankton composition in the northwestern Bering Sea and its influence on the pollock fisheryYury I. Zuenko. Eugene O. Basyuk, and Anatoly F. Volkovyes
W9 (POC)11340Matthew BakerOral Opportunities for data sharing in the northern Bering Sea – research and data to support international and interdisciplinary analysesMatthew Baker Lisa Eisneryes
W9 (POC)11315Lisa EisnerOral Spatial and temporal variations in late summer chlorophyll a and zooplankton distributions in the northeastern Bering SeaLisa Eisner, Alex Andrews, Kristin Cieciel, Jeanette Gann and Ellen Yasumiishiyes
W9 (POC)11492Albert J. HermannOral Statistical downscaling of global projections to the Bering Sea, based on an ensemble of regional model outputAlbert J. Hermann, Wei Cheng, Georgina A. Gibson, Ivonne Ortiz, and Kerim Aydinyes
W9 (POC)11262Kirill KivvaPoster Seasonal dynamics of dissolved inorganic nutrient in the Bering SeaKirill Kivvayes
W10 (MEQ)11093Núria CasacubertaInvited Assessment of the distribution of radionuclides (137Cs, 134Cs, 90Sr, 129I, 236U and Pu-isotopes) in the coast off Japan derived from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accidentNúria Casacuberta, Pere Masqué, Maxi Castrillejo, Marcus Christl, Christof Vockenhuber, Hans-Arno Synal, Ken Buesseleryes
W10 (MEQ)11051Shizuho MikiOral Concentrations of strontium-90 in marine fishes after the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accidentShizuho Miki, Ken Fujimoto, Yuya Shigenobu, Daisuke Ambe, Hideki Kaeriyama, Kaori Takagi, Tsuneo Ono, Tomowo Watanabe, Hiroya Sugisaki and Takami Morita yes
W10 (MEQ)11046Jinqiu DuOral Distribution of radionuclides in sediment and sedimentation rates in Dalian BayJinqiu DU, Ziwei YAO, Hui GAO, Daoming GUAN1, Guangshui NA and Chuanlin HUOyes
W10 (MEQ)10927Jianhua HEOral Effect of settle time on absorption of AMP to 137Cs in co-precipitation methodJianhua HE, Fangfang DENG, Jing LIN, Wen YU, Wu MEN, Yusheng ZHANGyes
W10 (MEQ)11024Hideki KaeriyamaOral Five years monitoring activity on radioactive cesium in seawater after the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentHideki Kaeriyama, Daisuke Ambe, Yuya Shigenobu, Shizuho Miki, Tatami Morita, Hiroya Sugisaki, Manadu Shimizu, Tomoro Watanabeyes
W10 (MEQ)10908Wu MenOral Marine radioactive environmental quality assessment method of ChinaWu Men, Wen Yu, Jianhua He, Yusheng Zhang, Fenfen Wang and Yiliang Li yes
W10 (MEQ)11493Allen H. AndrewsOral Nuclear bombs and coral: Guam coral core reveals operation-specific radiocarbon signals from the Pacific Proving GroundsAllen H. Andrews1, Ryuji Asami2, Yasufumi Iryu3, Don Kobayashi1, and Frank Camacho4yes, same as POC-Poster
W10 (MEQ)10938Kyung Tae JungOral Preliminary results from modeling of radionuclide transfer through marine food web using a multi-organ fish modelKyung Tae Jung, Roman Bezhenar, Vladimir Maderich, Kyeong Ok Kim and Fangli Qiaoyes
W10 (MEQ)11019Takami MoritaOral Radioactive cesium in marine biota off FukushimaTakami Morita, Ken Fujimoto, Yuya Shigenobu, Daisuke Ambe, Hideki Kaeriyama, Shizuho Miki, Tomowo Watanabe, Hiroya Sugisaki 
W10 (MEQ)11039Daisuke AmbeOral Spatio-temporal variation of radiocesium in sea sediment around off FukushimaDaisuke Ambe, Shigeho Kakehi, Toru Udagawa, Kazuhiro Aoki, Yuya Shigenobu, Tsuneo Ono, Hideki Kaeriyama, Ken Fujimoto, Shizuho Miki and Takami Moritayes
W10 (MEQ)10946John N. SmithOral Transport of the Fukushima radioactivity plume to the Eastern North PacificJohn N. Smithyes
W10 (MEQ)11430Kankan WuPoster Application of environmental risk assessment for strategic decisionmaking in coastal areas: case studies in China Kankan Wu,Luoping Zhang,Jiwei Zhang, Jianwei Wu yes
W10 (MEQ)11419Delvan R. NevillePoster gratory life history on North Pacific Albacore (Thunnus alalunga) uptake of radiocesiumDelvan R. Neville, A. Jason Phillips, Kathryn A. Higleyyes, move to poster
W10 (MEQ)11494Peter W SwarzenskiWithdrawal The IAEA Monaco Radioecology Laboratory: A roadmap of science activities to address today’s most pressing environmental challengesPW Swarzenski, Y-M Bottein, B Gasser, L Hansson, M Metian, F Oberhansli, and JL Tessieno, cancel invited yes
W10 (MEQ)11428Jinzhao ZhangWithdrawal The in-situ measurement of ocean radioactive base on HPGe detectorJinzhao Zhang, Hongzhi Li, Lei Wang and Chunfang Liyes, no show yes
BIO-Poster-111089Lian E. KwongPoster A novel approach to estimating active carbon flux using the biomass size spectra Lian E. Kwong, Evgeny A. Pakhomov and Brian P.V. Hunt yes
BIO-Poster-111179Ryan GasbarroPoster A time-series of epibenthic community turnover along a dissolved oxygen gradientRyan P. Gasbarro, Jackson Chu, Verena Tunnicliffeyes
BIO-Poster-111122Brandon M GencoPoster Biogeographical analysis of abyssal bottom habitats: Using an abiotic province scheme and metazoan occurrence databases Brandon M Gencoyes
BIO-Poster-111176Anders KnudbyPoster Data-driven bioregions for local ecosystem context in species distribution modelsAndrew McMillan and Anders Knudbyyes, cancel poster
BIO-Poster-111223Benjamin GrupePoster Endeavour Hydrothermal Vents Marine Protected Area conservation and management supported through institutional collaborations and interdisciplinary researchBenjamin Grupe, Janelle Curtis, Rachel Boschen, John Jamieson, Kim Juniper, Sheryl Murdock, Verena Tunnicliffeyes
BIO-Poster-111120S. Kim JuniperPoster Georeferenced sensor, survey and sample data for the Endeavour Hydrothermal Vents Marine Protected Area S. Kim Juniper, Karen Douglas and Reyna Jenkins yes
BIO-Poster-111200Alexei Orlov (for A. Brandt and M. Milyutina)Poster Joint German-Russian deep-sea expeditions in the NW Pacific Angelika Brandt and Marina V. Malyutinano
BIO-Poster-111105Yongling ZhuPoster Progress of Chinese deep sea research activities in recent 2 yearsYongling Zhu,Jiabiao Li,Yejian Wangyes
BIO-Poster-110926Alexei M. OrlovPoster Range-wide analysis of spatial distribution of Pacific flatnose Antimora microlepis in the North PacificAlexei M. Orlov, Alexei A. Baitaliukyes
BIO-Poster-110928Alexei M. OrlovPoster Spatial distribution, size composition, and dynamics of abundance of Okhotsk skate Bathyraja violacea in the North PacificIgor V. Grigorov, Alexei A. Baitaliuk, Alexei M. Orlovyes
BIO-Poster-111141Rachel E. BoschenWithdrawal Deep-sea mining and hot vents: community differences and conservation implicationsRachel E. Boschen, Verena Tunnicliffeno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Poster-211026Tae-Ho YoonPoster Application of end-pairing sequencing technique for the phytoplankton community analysis in East SeaTae-Ho Yoon, Hye-Eun Kang, Ah Ran Kim, Ji-Hyun Lee, Soo Rin Lee, Hyeon Jeong Hwang, Sun young, Hyun Park, Hyun-Woo Kimyes-WANTS POSTER, moved from W7
BIO-Poster-211040Vladimir V. KulikPoster Boreopacific gonate squid (Boreoteuthis borealis) abundance and its relation to climate indices in the Northwest PacificOleg N. Katugin, Vladimir V. Kulik, Gennady A. Shevtsov and Michael A. Zuevyes
BIO-Poster-211325David Martínez-CervantesPoster Density and distribution of seabirds on the Baja California Pacific islands, MexicoDavid Martínez-Cervantes, Y. Bedolla-Guzmán, E. Rojas-Mayoral, M. Félix-Lizárraga, J.C. Hernández-Montoya, A. Fabila-Blanco, E. Bravo-Hernández, A. Hernández-Ríos, A. Aguirre-Muñozyes
BIO-Poster-211257Hiroaki SaitoPoster Geographical variation in the concentration and form of biogenic elements in the North Pacific OceanHiroaki Saito, Fuminori Hashihama, Hideki Fukuda and Hiroshi Ogawayes
BIO-Poster-211436Keyseok ChoePoster Macromolecular compositions of phytoplankton in the Japan/East SeaKeyseok Choe and Sang Heon Leeyes
BIO-Poster-211224Lucie HannahPoster Pilot application of a framework to assess vulnerability of biological components to oil spilled in the marine environment to the Canadian pacific regionLucie Hannah, Candice St. Germain, Kate Thornborough and Miriam Oyes
BIO-Poster-210898Alexei I. PinchukPoster Spatial and temporal heterogeneity in distribution of euphausiid Thysanoessa longipes from the northern Gulf of AlaskaAlexei I. Pinchuk, Kenneth O. Coyleyes
BIO-Poster-210954Masahiko FujiiPoster Study on material cycling in the coastal waters and the role of the Kiritappu Wetland, in Hamanaka Town, Hokkaido: An analysis using surf clam (Pseudocardium sachalinense) as an environmental indicatorXin Ba, Naoko Kouchi, Kentaro Watanabe and Masahiko Fujiiyes
BIO-Poster-211342Timothy S. LeePoster Synthesis of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Diversity in Coastlines of the Puget Sound Before and After Shoreline RestorationTimothy S. Lee, Jason D. Toftyes
BIO-Poster-211015Yang Jin Jo and Won Gyu ParkPoster Temperature effects on the egg development time and productivity of Acartia omorii and Acartia steueriYang Jin Jo, Won Gyu Parkyes
BIO-Poster-211300Stephanie E. Nehasil Poster The dietary response of the California sea lion population during the 2013 Unusual Mortality EventStephanie E. Nehasil and Mark S. Lowryyes
BIO-Poster-211060HYEONG-GI KIMWithdrawal A comparative study of nematode assemblages associated with Sargassum muticum in its native range in South Korea and as an invasive species in the English ChannelHyeong-Gi Kim, Lawrence E. Hawkins, Jasmin A. Godbold, Chul-Woong Oh, Hyun Soo Rho and Stephen J, cancel poster yes
BIO-Poster-211008Xianhong MengWithdrawal An overview of culturing and breeding of Fenneropenaeus chinensis in ChinaXianhong Meng, Jie Kong, Kun Luo, Sheng Luan, Qiang Fu and Xiaoli Shiyes, no show yes
BIO-Poster-210896Dharmamony VijaiWithdrawal Atlas of neon flying squid embryonic and paralarval developmentDharmamony Vijai, Mitsuo Sakai, Pandey Puneeta and Yasunori Sakuraiyes, no show yes
BIO-Poster-211036Sangil KimWithdrawal Can unusual disturbances lead to ecological regime shift of kelp forest? Population dynamics and responses of Ecklonia cava community to large-scale disturbanceSangil Kim, Yun Hee Kang, Sang Rul Parkno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Poster-211016Yongjiu XuWithdrawal Community Structure and Size spectrum of Zooplankton in the Zhoushan fishing ground and its Adjacent WatersYongjiu Xu, Cungen Yu, Ji Zheng and Xu Xieno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Poster-210895Dharmamony VijaiWithdrawal Effects of temperature on embryonic development and paralarval behavior of the neon flying squid Ommastrephes bartramiiDharmamony Vijai, Mitsuo Sakai, Toshie Wakabayashi, Yoshiki Kato and Yasunori Sakuraiyes, no show yes
BIO-Poster-210982Roksana JahanWithdrawal Global warming favours Cyrptophyceae and flagellates in estuarine waters: Case studies on Gyeonggi Bay, Yellow Sea and Tolo Harbour, South China SeaRoksana Jahan, Joong Ki Choi and Kedong Yinno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Poster-210875(Bin Zou?) Lijian ShiWithdrawal Green tide (Entermorpha Prolifera) monitoring in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea using Multi-sensorBin Zou, Lijian Shi, Maohua Guo and Tao Zengno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Poster-210897Huaxue LiuWithdrawal Impact on primary production by river discharge and coastal upwelling in northern South China Sea Huaxue Liuno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Poster-210924Pandey PuneetaWithdrawal Intraspecific kleptoparasitism in squid school and schooling behavior of its preyDharmamony Vijai, Pandey Puneeta, Hajime Matsui, Misaki Morooka and Yasunori Sakuraicancel, did not confirm yes
BIO-Poster-211059Chuanlun L. ZhangWithdrawal Marine Group II dominates planktonic archaea in water columns of the northeastern South China Sea: Linkage to water mixing processesChuanlun L. Zhang, Haodong Liu, Chunyan Yang, Songze Chen, Zhiwei Zhang, Jiwei Tianno, cancel poster yes
BIO-Poster-210902Yuan-yuan WangWithdrawal Research on interactions of aldehydes produced by marine microalgae with grazing and reproduction of copepodYuan-yuan Wang and Jie Linot attending, cancel poster yes
BIO-Poster-211090Chunjiang GuanWithdrawal The preliminary study on the growth and toxicity of Heterocapsa sp. and the effects of different cultural density on Calanus sinicus growthChunjiang Guan, Qing Liu ,Xiaoxu Liu and Hao Guono, cancel poster yes
FIS-Poster11031Xianhong MengDeclined An overview of culturing and breeding of Fenneropenaeus chinensis in ChinaXianhong Meng, Jie Kong, Kun Luo, Sheng Luan, Qiang Fu and Xiaoli Shiduplicate of BIO-Poster-2 110008
FIS-Poster10961HanJu KimPoster Age and growth of damselfish Chromis notata (Temminck & Schlegel, 1843) in the Jeju Island, KoreaHanJu Kim, HoJin Bae, SeongEun Kim, JungYeon Kim, KyungTae Lee and Chul-Woong Ohyes
FIS-Poster11092Jung-Yeon KimPoster Age validation and growth rate of Mactra chinensis (Bivalvia, Mactridae) by chondrophore Jung-Yeon Kim, Ho Jin Bae, Han Ju Kim, Seong Eun Kim, Kyung Tae Lee, Chul-Woong Ohyes
FIS-Poster10941Hiroki YasumaPoster Annual changes in distributions and abundances of dominant myctophid fishes in the Pacific side of Hokkaido, JapanHiroki Yasuma, Rintaro Koide, Tetsuichiro Funamoto, Hiroshige Tanaka, Kazuyoshi Maekawa, Nobuo Kimura and Kazuhiro Sadayasuyes
FIS-Poster10893Caitlin I. Allen AkselrudPoster Application of an age-length structured population dynamics model to data for eastern Bering Sea tanner crab (Chionoecetes bairdi), Pribilof Island blue king crab (Paralithodes platypus), and Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus)Caitlin I. Allen Akselrud and Andrè E. Puntyes
FIS-Poster11311Shannon G. ObradovichPoster Bare hooks and other species interactions with benthic longline gear can influence hook-based abundance indicesShannon G. Obradovich, K. Lynne Yamanaka and Murdoch K. McAllisteryes
FIS-Poster11194Shufang LiuPoster Biodiversity Patterns and Changes in the Fishery Ecosystem of the Yellow Sea and the East China SeaShufang Liu and Zhimeng Zhuangyes
FIS-Poster11156Minkyoung BangPoster Changes in biomass of walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammus in the East Sea: The late 1980s regime shift Minkyoung Bang, Chan Joo Jang, Sukyung Kang and Suam Kim yes
FIS-Poster11074Mariella CanalesPoster Climate and feedback structures influence the population dynamics of small pelagic fish population off Chile Mariella Canales, Mauricio Lima, Ursula Cifuentes and Antonio Aranisyes
FIS-Poster10900Mikinori UenoPoster Comparison of fish-killing activities of Chattonella antiqua and Chattonella marina against three fish species and possible mitigation effect of alginate oligomer on Chattonella sp.Mikinori Ueno, Tomoki Nishiguchi and Tatsuya Odayes
FIS-Poster10945Gordon H. KrusePoster Cumulative effects of size-selective fishing on size-at-age of Pacific halibut in the northeast Pacific OceanJane Y. Sullivan, Steven J.D. Martell, and Gordon H. Kruseyes
FIS-Poster11321James R. HilgerPoster Disentangling the Impact of Regulation and Climate on Vessel Productivity: A case study of the Leatherback Turtle Conservation Area Closure and the California Drift Gill Net Swordfish fishery James R. Hilger and Kristin H. Rollyes
FIS-Poster11331Francis JuanesPoster Does returning sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) condition vary with climate in two BC rivers?Angeleen M. Olson, Emma S. Pascoe, Jacob Weil, Elena Buscher, Will Duguid, Cameron Freshwater, Skip McKinnell and Francis Juanesyes
FIS-Poster10985Jun ShojiPoster Effects of submarine groundwater on feeding and growth of juvenile marbled flounder Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae in the Seto Inland Sea, JapanJun SHOJI, Masaki HATA, Koji FUJITA and Takeshi TOMIYAMAyes
FIS-Poster11007Hyun-Ki HongPoster First report on an annual gametogenesis of Hyotissa hyotis (Linnaeus 1758), the subtropical oyster in Jeju Island off the south coast of KoreaHyun-Ki Hong, Hee-Do Jeung, Chang-Keun Kang and Kwang-Sik Choiyes
FIS-Poster10963SeongEun KimPoster Growth and reproduction of the Japanese mantis shrimp, Oratosquilla oratoria (De Haan 1844) in the coastal area of Tongyeong, KoreaSeongEun Kim, HoJin Bae, JungYeon Kim, HanJu Kim, KyungTae Lee and Chul-Woong Oh 
FIS-Poster11183Yoshiki KatoPoster Growth, migration and trophic interactions role of neon flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) in the North PacificYoshiki Kato, Mitsuo Sakai, Makoto Okazaki, Maki Noguchi and Hiromichi Uenoyes
FIS-Poster11190Tetsuichiro FunamotoPoster Importance of early life transports for recruitment of walleye pollock Gadus chalcogrammus in the Sea of Japan off Hokkaido IslandMizuki Kuga, Shoko Abe, Yosuke Igeta, Hiroshi Kuroda, Tomonori Azumaya and Tetsuichiro Funamotoyes
FIS-Poster10933Christopher N. RooperPoster Linking Pacific Ocean perch productivity to deep-sea corals and sponges in AlaskaChristopher N. Rooper, Jennifer L. Boldt, Christina Conrath and Matthew Baker yes
FIS-Poster11107Chiyuki SassaPoster Ontogenetic changes and interannual variations in diet of Japanese jack mackerel (Trachurus japonicus) juveniles in the East China SeaChiyuki Sassa, Satoshi Kitajima, Kou Nishiuchi, Motomitsu Takahashiyes
FIS-Poster11347Matthew BakerPoster Pacific sand lance in the San Juan Islands: synthesis of research 2010-2016Matthew Baker, M. Beaulieu, N. Sisson, A. Tinnon, K. Cieri, L. Speed, O. Graham, A. Thomson, J.Lopez, M. Rood, A. Highland, N. Guilford, T. Pham, K. Bynum, M. Eisenlord, G. Greene, J. Aschoff, B. Matta, T. Helser, D. Lowry, P. Dionne, J. Selleckyes
FIS-Poster11348Matthew BakerPoster Quantifying and evaluating implications for trawlable and untrawlable habitatMatthew Baker, Wayne Palssson, Mark Zimmermann, Chris Rooper, and David Somertonyes
FIS-Poster10904HoJin BaePoster Reproduction and growth of the spiny lebbeid shrimp, Lebbeus groenlandicus (Fabricius, 1775) (Caridea, hippolytidae) in the East sea of KoreaHoJin Bae, KyungTae Lee, SeungEun Kim, JungYeon Kim, HanJu Kim and Chul-Woong Ohyes
FIS-Poster11009Makoto TomiyasuPoster Spawning migration tracking of adult pacific herring (clupea pallasii) using supersonic telemetryMakoto Tomiyasu, Hokuto Shirakawa, Yuki Iino and Kazushi Miyashitayes
FIS-Poster11191Kazuo IshikawaPoster Successive recruitment of age-0 jack mackerel (Trachurus japonicus) in coastal areas along the KuroshioKazuo Ishikawa, Sachihiko Itoh, Chikako Watanabe, Manadu, Shimizu, Tsutomu Tokeshi,Masaharu Nishiguchi, Daisuke Hashida, Toshiyuki Ohkawa,Shigeo Harada, Masahiro Kuno,Yuki Suzuki and Shozo Takamurayes
FIS-Poster11088Qinghui LiuWithdrawal Deletion and Variationsequence Comparison of WSSVfrom Different Parts of China From 2013 to 2015Xingying Sun, Qinghui Liu, Xiaoyuan Wan, Jie Huangno, cancel poster yes
FIS-Poster11085Chun-ren GaoWithdrawal Effect of Stocking Density on Turbot(Scophthat musmaximus) Growth,Physiology,Water Quality and Diseases Preventing in Recirculating Aquaculture System Chun-ren Gao Wei Qiao and Ji-Lin Leino, canel poster yes
FIS-Poster10964KyungTae LeeWithdrawal Growth and reproduction of the mud shrimp, Upogebia major (de Haan, 1841) (Thalassinidea: Upogebiidae) on intertidal mudflat of the Southern Sea, KoreaKyungTae Lee, HanJu Kim, HoJin Bae, SeongEun Kim, JungYeon Kim and Chul-Woong Ohno, cancel poster yes
FIS-Poster11021Jie KongWithdrawal Multiple-trait genetic evaluation of the Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in ChinaJie Kong and Sheng Luanno , cancel poster yes
FIS-Poster10925Pandey PuneetaWithdrawal Observations on the spawning behavior, egg masses and paralarval recruitment of the ommastrephid squid Todarodes pacificus in a laboratory MesocosmPandey Puneeta, Dharmamony Vijai, Hae-Kyun Yoo, Hajime Matsui and Yasunori Sakuraicancel, did not confirm yes
FIS-Poster11268Zhongxin WuWithdrawal Partitioning of food resources among the three rocky reef fish in coastal waters of the northern Yellow Sea, ChinaZhongxin Wu, Xiumei Zhang, Charlotte R. Dromard, James Tweedley and Neil R. Loneraganyes, cancel this poster yes
FIS-Poster10986Xiujuan ShanWithdrawal Projecting fishery ecosystem health of Yangtze River estuary under climate change scenarios Xiujuan Shan, Yunlong Chen, Xianshi Jin and Ren Zhuyes, cancel poster yes
FIS-Poster11041Yingqiu ZhangWithdrawal Short-term fidelity, habitat use and vertical movement behavior of the black rockfish Sebastes schlegelii as determined by acoustic telemetryYingqiu Zhang, Qiang Xu, Alós Josep, Hui Liu, Qinzeng Xu and Hongsheng Yangno, cancel poster yes
FIS-Poster11164Kui ZhangWithdrawal The status of resource development for commercial fishes in the South China SeaKui Zhang, Youwei Xu, Jun Zhang, Xinxing Wang and Zuozhi Chenno, cancel poster yes
MEQ-Poster11054Osamu TominagaPoster Estimate the contribution of submarine groundwater discharge to the biological productivity in coastal waters by the stable isotope signal recorded in the shellOsamu Tominaga, Ryo Sugimoto, Saori Nishi, Nanami Horibe, Makoto Yamada, Jun Shoji, Hisami Honda, Shiho Kobayashi, Makoto Taniguchiyes
MEQ-Poster10972Hyung Chul KimPoster Estimation of carrying capacity for oyster farming in Korea and its economic benefitsHyung Chul Kim, Sok Jin Hong, Won Chan Lee, Jeong Bae Kim, Jin Ho Kim and Woo Sung Jungyes
MEQ-Poster10966Dong-Woon HwangPoster Evaluation of organic matter and trace metal concentration in Korean coastal sediment using geochemical assessment techniquesJung-No Kwon, Jae-Hyun Lim, Young-Sug Kim, Youngchul Park, Sang-Soo Kim, Kee-Young Kwon, Dong-Woon Hwangyes
MEQ-Poster11049Won Chan LeePoster Modelling pollution contribution rate for watershed management in Masan BayWon Chan Lee, Sokjin Hong, Hyung Chul Kim, Jinho Kim, Woo Sung Jeongyes
MEQ-Poster10970Minkyu ChoiPoster Rapid determination of organochlorine pesticides in fish using selective pressurized liquid extraction and gas chromatography–mass spectrometryMinkyu Choi, In-Seok Lee, Rae-Hong Jungyes
MEQ-Poster11025Taehee LeePoster Sediment Oxygen Consumption Rate and Hydrogen Sulfide Release by Dissolved Oxygen Depletion in Hypoxic Area of the Gamak Bay, KoreaTaehee Lee, Young Baek Sonyes
MEQ-Poster11415Jianwei WuPoster The design of an integrated Sino-Vietnam marine and island environment information management system deployed in Beibu GulfJianwei Wu, Jiwei Zhang, Ling Cai, Keliang Chen, Yang Luo and Jinlong Jiangyes
MEQ-Poster10888Tatyana A. BelanWithdrawal Assessment of sediment pollution of the coastal zone of Peter the Great Bay (the Sea of Japan/ East Sea) in 2015, and long-term changes of pollution loading Alexander V. Sevastianov, Tatyana A. Belan, Tatyana S. Lishavskaya, Boris M. Borisovno, cancel poster yes
MEQ-Poster10867Jingli MuWithdrawal Early-life exposure to moderate hypoxia altered growth, sex ratio, and reproduction in medaka (Oryzias latipes)Jingli Mu, Fei Jin, Huade ZHao, Nan Zheng, Kunpeng Zang and Juying Wangno, cancel poster yes
MEQ-Poster10935Ruijing LiWithdrawal Occurrence and distribution of antibiotics and resistance pollution in estuary and coastal environment of Laizhou Bay, ChinaRuijing Li, Guangshui Na, Hui Gao, Zihao Lu, Linxiao Zhang, Ziwei Yao and Chuanlin Huono, cancel poster yes
MEQ-Poster11449Haiyan Wang Withdrawal The Levels of Total Phosphorous, Total Nitrogen, in sediments from ST06 areas, South Sea, ChinaHaiyan Wang and Daxiong Hanno, cancel poster yes
POC-Poster11155Dong Guk KimPoster Comparison between two types of Moored Vertical ProfilerDong Guk Kim, Young-Gyu Park, Jae-Hun Park, Hong Sik Min, Chanhyung Jeon and Seongbong Seoyes
POC-Poster10932Carol LaddPoster Cross-isobath Exchange in Bering CanyonCarol Ladd, Wei Cheng, Janet Duffy-Anderson, Colleen Harpold, Kim Martini, Calvin Mordy, and Phyllis Stabenoyes
POC-Poster10920Rong-shuo CaiPoster Enhanced responses of sea surface temperature in offshore China to Global Warming and HiatusHong-jian Tan and Rong-shuo Caiyes
POC-Poster11188Hee Dong JeongPoster Ferry based monitoring in the NEAR-GOOS AreaHee Dong Jeong, Vyacheslav Lobanov, Sang Woo Kim, Jae Kyong Son, In Sung Han, Young Sang Suhyes
POC-Poster11185A-Ra ChoiPoster Long-term changes of South China Sea surface temperatures in winter and summerYoung-Gyu Park and A-Ra Choi yes
POC-Poster11158Kwang-Young JeongPoster Mean sea level (MSL) trends around the Korea Peninsula with tide gauge and altimeter dataKwang-Young Jeong, Eunil Lee, Seung-buhm Wooyes
POC-Poster11316Allen H. AndrewsPoster Nuclear bombs and coral: Guam coral core reveals operation-specific radiocarbon signals from the Pacific Proving GroundsAllen H. Andrews1, Ryuji Asami2, Yasufumi Iryu3, Don Kobayashi1, and Frank Camacho4yes + W10 same talk (add)
POC-Poster10911Ki-Hyuk EomPoster Ocean acidification on coast of the koreaKi-Hyuk Eom, In-Seong Han, Joon-Soo Lee, Young-Sang Suh and Kitack Leeyes
POC-Poster11161Chan Joo JangPoster Recent cooling trend in the Yellow and East China Seas and the associated North Pacific climate regime shiftYong Sun Kim, Chan Joo Jang and Sang-Wook Yehno, by Chan Joo
POC-Poster11160Chan Joo JangPoster Regional characteristics of global warming: Linear projection for the timing of unprecedented climateHo-Jeong Shin, Chan Joo Jangyes
POC-Poster11027Jiayu ZhengWithdrawal A dipole pattern in the Indian and Pacific oceans and its relationship with the East Asian summer monsoonJiayu Zheng, Jianping Li and Juan Fengno, cancel poster yes
Uncertain11258Vandana TomarWithdrawal Appraisal of Multi-hazards Coastal Vulnerability and its Impact on Coastal Areas using Optical SensorVandana Tomar and Amit Kumarno, cancel poster yes
POC-Poster11211Amit KumarWithdrawal Geospatial Strategy for Adverse Impact of Urban Heat Island on Permafrost in Mountain Areas using LANDSAT ETM+ SensorsAmit Kumar and Vandana Tomarno, cancel poster yes
POC-Poster11082Jennifer M. JacksonWithdrawal Physical oceanography of British Columbia’s central coast near Calvert Island from 2012 - 2016Jennifer M. Jackson, Brian P.V. Huntno, cancel poster yes
POC-Poster10874Lijian ShiWithdrawal Sea ice detection for the Bohai Sea using MODIS dataLijian Shi, Mingsen Lin, Bin Zou, Tao Zeng and Yarong Zouno, cancel poster yes
POC-Poster11097Xiao-Hua ZhuWithdrawal The impact of monsoon winds and mesoscale eddies on the South China Sea western boundary currentXiao-Hua Zhu, Ruixiang Zhaono, cancel poster yes
MONITOR-Poster11062Mi-Ok ParkPoster Distribution of the CDOM(Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter) in spring of 2012-2014 at southwestern East(Japan) SeaHyeon-Sil Park, Mi-Ok Parkyes
MONITOR-Poster11306Clarissa AndersonPoster How ocean observations work for you: A perspective from the U.S. IOOS Regional Association serving Southern CaliforniaClarissa Anderson and Julie Thomasyes
MONITOR-Poster11362P. K. ChaudharyWithdrawal Chlorophyll concentration estimation from chlorophyll fluorescence in the Gulf of Kutch and Oceanic adjacent AreaP. K. Chaudhary, R. P. Rajeshwer, and N.P. Sahcancel, did not confirm yes
S-HD-Poster (SB)11133Keith R. CriddlePoster Alaska’s sablefish fishery after Individual Fishing Quota Program implementation—a bioeconomic analysisKeith R. Criddle, Stephanie Warpinski, Mark Herrmann and Joshua A. Greenbergyes
S-HD-Poster (SB)11261Yoshioki OozekiPoster Evaluation of sustainability of fisheries products around Japan: Sustainable, Healthy and “Umai” Nippon seafood (SH“U”N) ProjectYoshioki Oozeki, Juri Hori, Toyomitsu Horii, Ryutaro Kamiyama, Ryo Kimura, Tatsu Kishida, Masashi Kiyota, Mitsutaku Makino, Keiichi Mito, Hiroyuki Shimada, Shinji Uehara, Hiroki Wakamatsu, Shingo Watari, Shiroh Yonezaki, and Hiromu Zenitaniyes
S-HD-Poster (SB)11079Michael Waine (replacing Erin Schnettler)Poster Implementation of ecosystem-based fisheries management in U.S. Fisheries Erin Schnettler, Michael Waine and Wesley Patrickyes
S-HD-Poster (SB)11033Elizabeth D. TobinPoster Linking traditional knowledge and ecological studies to improve understanding of paralytic shellfish poisoning and enhance sustainability of shellfish harvest in Southeast Alaska. Elizabeth D. Tobin, Ginny L. Eckert and Thomas M. Leschineyes
S-HD-Poster (SB)10880Elizabeth FigusWithdrawal Comparing experiences with bycatch across fishermen targeting Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis)Elizabeth Carroll Figus and Dr. Keith Criddleno, cancel poster yes
S-HD-Poster (SB)11098Lv HanWithdrawal Ecological service value assessment and distribution of seaweed aquaculture in China using GISLv Han, Ye Guanqiong and Xia Meishengno show yes
S-HD-Poster (SB)10864Maria Rebecca CamposWithdrawal Economics of adaptation of sea cucumber fishers in the Philippines to climate change Maria Rebecca Camposno, cancel poster yes
S-HD-Poster (SB)11124Jingmei Li (Shang Chen?)Withdrawal Valuing the Loss of Ecological Benefits of Wetland Reclamation in Jiaozhou Bay Based on Choice ExperimentsJingmei Li no, cancel poster yes
S-HAB Meeting11207Svetlana EsenkulovaOral A review of unusual phytoplankton dynamics and oceanographic conditions favoring diatom growth in the Strait of Georgia, Canada 2015Svetlana Esenkulova, Isobel Pearsall, Akash Sastri, Mary Thiess, and Chrys Nevilleyes
S-HAB Meeting11236Clarissa AndersonOral Development of a Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast System for Coastal CaliforniaClarissa Anderson1, Raphael M. Kudela1, David M. Anderson2, Fred L. Bahr2, Yi Chao3, Dale H. Robinson4, and Richard P. Stumpf5yes
S-HAB Meeting11226Joo-Hwan KimOral First record of the genus Azadinium (Dinophyceae) from the Puget Sound, western Washington StateJoo-Hwan Kim, Brian D. Bill, Nicolaus G. Adams, Urban Tillmann, Myoung-Soo Han and Vera L. Traineryes
S-HAB Meeting11134Polina KamenevaPoster Prorocentrum foraminosum Faust (Dinophyceae) as a potential source of DSTs in the Peter the Great bay Sea of Japan (East Sea)Kameneva P.A., Efimova K.V., Selina M.S. and Orlova T.Yu.yes
S-HAB Meeting11298Bich-Thuy EberhartWithdrawal Impacts on shellfish harvest of a toxic Pseudo-nitzschia bloom on the US West coast in 2015Bich-Thuy Eberhart, Brian D Bill, Raphael Kudela, and Vera Trainerno, cancel poster yes
S-HAB Meeting11100Lin YangWithdrawal The detection of lipophilic toxins and hydrophilic toxins in shellfish collected from Chinese East Sea by LC–MS/MSLin Yang, Lei Liu, Renyan Liu, Daoyan Xu, Dongmei Li, Yubo Liangyes, no show yes
S-HAB Meeting11272Zhengguo CuiWithdrawal Treatment of saline aquaculture wastewater with a constructed wetlandZhengguo Cui, Keming Qu and Jianxin Zhuno, cancel poster yes
Poster-Observer11181Megan ScanderbegPoster Argo in 2016: sustaining core Argo and implementing recommended enhancements Megan Scanderbeg, Dean Roemmich, Susan Wijffels and Howard Freelandyes
Poster-Observer11329Nico CaltabianoPoster Coordinated international activities on the climate study of ocean-atmosphere interactionsNico Caltabiano, Lei Han, Jing Liyes
Poster-Observer11225Vladimir I. RadchenkoPoster International Year of the Salmon: from Idea to LaunchVladimir I. Radchenko, Nancy Davis, and Mark Saundersyes
Poster-Observer11395Jan Newton Poster NANOOS: Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing SystemsJan A. Newtonyes
Poster-Observer11295Debra A. Losey and Amy ButrosPoster Poster: International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC)International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC)yes, alternate Amy Butros
Poster-Observer11396Daniel MarguliesPoster The IATTC's research program on the reproductive biology and early life history of tunas in the eastern Pacific OceanDaniel Margulies, Vernon P. Scholey, Jeanne B. Wexler, and Maria S. Steinyes
Poster-Observer11267Gro van MeerenPoster The Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER) project Carol Robinson, Lisa Maddison, Gro van Meeren and Cisco Werner yes
Poster-Observer11379Takashi KikuchiPoster The Pacific Arctic Group (PAG): A Pacific perspective on Arctic scienceTakashi Kikuchi, Sung-Ho Kang, Jianfeng He, and Jacqueline M. Grebmeierno, by Naomi Harada

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China, PRBIO-Poster-11
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China, PRPOC-Poster1
China, PRS11
China, PRS102
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China, PRS133
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China, PRS72
China, PRS92
China, PRW11
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China, PRW21
China, PRW41
China, PRW72
China, PRW81
Korea, RBIO-Poster-23
Korea, RFIS-Poster6
Korea, RMEQ-Poster5
Korea, RMONITOR-Poster1
Korea, RPOC-Poster7
Korea, RS102
Korea, RS114
Korea, RS121
Korea, RS136
Korea, RS21
Korea, RS32
Korea, RS42
Korea, RS71
Korea, RS81
Korea, RS91
Korea, RS-HAB1
Korea, RW101
Korea, RW21
Korea, RW31
Korea, RW51
Korea, RW71
Korea, RW82
United KingdomP-Observer1
United KingdomS11
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