PICES 2014 Annual Meeting Presentations
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Session 1: Science Board Symposium
Toward a better understanding of the North Pacific: Reflecting on the past and steering for the future

Session 2: BIO Topic Session
Strengths and limitations of habitat modeling: Techniques, data sources, and predictive capabilities

Session 3: BIO/MEQ Topic Session
Tipping points: defining reference points for ecological indicators of multiple stressors in coastal and marine ecosystem

Session 4: BIO/MONITOR/TCODE Topic Session
Use of long time series of plankton to inform decisions in management and policy concerning climate, ecosystems and fisheries

Session 5: FIS Topic Session
Ecosystem considerations in fishery management of cod and other important demersal species

Session 6: FIS/FUTURE Topic Session
Climate change impacts on spatial distributions of marine fish and shellfish

Session 7: FIS/TCODE/FUTURE Session
Recent assessments of climate change impacts on marine ecosystems

Session 8: MEQ Topic Session
Marine debris in the Ocean: Sources, transport, fate and effects of macro- and micro-plastics

Session 9: POC/MONITOR Topic Session
Variability in advection and its biological consequences for Subarctic and Arctic ecosystems

Session 10: POC/TCODE/FUTURE Topic Session
Regional climate modeling in the North Pacific

Session 11: MarWeb Topic Session
Ecological and human social analyses and issues relating to Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

BIO Paper Session

FIS Paper Session

MEQ Paper Session

POC Paper Session

Workshop 1: FIS Workshop
Dynamics of pelagic fish in the North Pacific under climate change

Worshop 2: FIS Workshop
Linkages between the winter distribution of Pacific salmon and their marine ecosystems and how this might be altered with climate change

Workshop 3: MEQ Workshop
Mitigation of harmful algal blooms: Novel approaches to a decades long problem affecting the viability of natural and aquaculture fisheries

Workshop 4: MONITOR Workshop
Networking ocean observatories around the North Pacific Ocean


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