PICES 2013 Annual Meeting Presentations
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Session 1: Science Board Symposium
Communicating forecasts, uncertainty and consequences of ecosystem change

Session 2: BIO/FIS/POC Topic Session
Are marine ecosystems of the North Pacific becoming more variable?

Session 3: MEQ/FUTURE Topic Session
Status, trends and effects of pollutants in coastal ecosystems: Implications for wildlife and humans

Session 4: POC Topic Session
The changing carbon cycle of North Pacific continental shelves and marginal seas

Session 5: BIO/FIS Topic Session
Marine ecosystem services and the contribution from marine ecosystems to the economy and human well-being

Recent trends and future projections of North Pacific climate and ecosystems

Session 8: BIO/FIS/MEQ/TCODE/FUTURE Topic Session
Ecosystem indicators to characterize ecosystem responses to multiple stressors in North Pacific marine ecosystems

Session 9: MONITOR Topic Session
Cost-effective, cooperative ocean monitoring

Session 10: FIS/TCODE Topic Session
Banking on recruitment curves; Returns on intellectual investment

BIO Paper Session

FIS Paper Session

MEQ Paper Session

POC Paper Session

W1 Workshop
Comparison of size-based and species based ecosystem models

Identifying mechanisms linking physical climate and ecosystem change: Observed indices, hypothesized processes, and "data dreams" for the future

W3: BIO Topic Workshop
Marine bird and mammal spatial ecology

W6: MEQ Workshop and HAB-Section Meeting
Economic Impacts of harmful algal blooms on fisheries and aquaculture

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