PICES 2012 Annual Meeting Presentations
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Session 1: Science Board Symposium
Effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors in the North Pacific ecosystems: Scientific challenges and possible solutions

Session 2: MEQ Topic Session
Range extension, toxicity and phylogeny of epiphytic dinoflagellates

Session 3: POC Topic Session
Challenges in understanding Northern Hemisphere ocean climate variability and change

Session 4: FIS/MONITOR/POC Topic Session
Monitoring on a small budget: Cooperative research and the use of commercial and recreational vessels as sampling platforms for biological and oceanographic monitoring

Session 5: MEQ/FUTURE Topic Session
Social-ecological systems on walleye pollock and other commercial gadids under changing environment: Inter-disciplinary approach

Session 6: BIO/MEQ Topic Session
Environmental contaminants in marine ecosystems: Seabirds and marine mammals as sentinels of ecosystem health

Session 7: BIO/FIS Topic Session
Jellyfish in marine ecosystems and their interactions with fish and fisheries

Session 8: POC/FIS Topic Session
Linking migratory fish behavior to End-to-End models II

Session 9: FIS/MEQ Topic Session
Ecological functions and services associated with marine macrophyte communities as indicators of natural and anthropogenic stressors in nearshore zones of the North Pacific

Session 10: BIO/MEQ/FUTURE Topic Session
Ecosystem responses to multiple stressors in the North Pacific

Session 11: MONITOR/POC Topic Session
Effects of natural and artificial calamities on marine ecosystems and the scheme for their mitigation

Session 12: BIO/FIS/POC Topic Session
Advances in understanding the North Pacific Subtropical Frontal Zone Ecosystem

Session 13: MEQ/FUTURE Topic Session
Risk management in coastal zone ecosystems around the North Pacific

Session 14: POC/TCODE Topic Session
Changing ocean biogeochemistry and its ecosystem impacts

BIO Paper Session

FIS Paper Session

POC Paper Session

W1: BIO Topic Workshop
Identifying critical multiple stressors of North Pacific marine ecosystems and indicators to assess their impacts

W2: BIO Topic Workshop
Secondary production: Measurement methodology and its application on natural zooplankton community

W3: BIO Topic Workshop
The feasibility of updating prey consumption by marine birds, marine mammals, and large predatory fish in PICES regions

W4: ESSAS/PICES Workshop
Subarctic–Arctic interactions

W5: BIO Workshop
Comparison of multiple ecosystem models in several North Pacific shelf ecosystems (MEMIP-IV)

W6: MEQ Workshop
The contrasting cases of HABs in the eastern and western Pacific in 2007 and 2011

W7: SCOR/PICES Workshop
Global patterns of phytoplankton dynamics in coastal ecosystems

W8: FIS Workshop
Recruitment of juvenile Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica) in eastern Asia

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