PICES 2009 Annual Meeting Presentations
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Presentations by Organizations / program to Governing Council

Session 1: Science Board Symposium
Understanding ecosystem dynamics and pursuing ecosystem approaches to management

Session 2: FIS Topic Session
Ecosystem-based approaches for the assessment of fisheries under data-limited situations

Session 3: FIS/BIO Topic Session
Early life stages of marine resources as indicators of climate variability
and ecosystem resilience

Session 4: MEQ Topic Session
Mitigation of harmful algal blooms

Session 5: MEQ Topic Session
The role of submerged aquatic vegetation in the context of climate change

Session 6: MEQ/FIS Topic Session
Marine spatial planning in support of integrated management - tools, methods,
and approaches

Session 7: MONITOR Topic Session
State of the art of real-time monitoring and its implication for the FUTURE oceanographic study

Session 8: POC/BIO Topic Session
Anthropogenic perturbations of the carbon cycle and their impacts in the North Pacific

Session 9: POC/FUTURE Topic Session
Outlooks and forecasts of marine ecosystems from an earth system science perspective: Challenges and opportunities

BIO Paper Session

FIS Paper Session

POC Paper Session

W1 BIO Workshop
Natural supplies of iron to the North Pacific and linkages between iron supply and ecosystem responses

W2 BIO Workshop
Standardizing methods for estimating jellyfish concentration and development of an international monitoring network

W3 BIO Workshop
Integrating marine mammal populations and rates of prey consumption in models and forecasts of climate change-ecosystem change in the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans

W4 BIO Workshop
Marine ecosystem model inter-comparisons (II)

W5 FIS Workshop
Understanding the links between fishing technology, bycatch, marine ecosystems and ecosystem-based management

W6 MEQ Workshop
Review of selected harmful algae in the PICES Region: V. Cyst forming HAB species

W7 MEQ/FIS Workshop
Interactions between aquaculture and marine eco-systems

W8 POC Workshop
Exploring the predictability and mechanisms of Pacific low frequency variability beyond inter-annual time scales

W9 POC/BIO Workshop
Mesoscale eddies and their roles in North Pacific ecosystems





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