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PICES 2018 Annual Meeting
Toward integrated understanding of ecosystem variability in the North Pacific

Oct 25 - Nov. 4, 2018, Yokohama, Japan

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SessionPaper IDPresenterRequested Type of PresentationPotential ReplacementAbstract TitleAuthorsAttendance ConfirmationWithdrawals
S113588Steven J. BogradInvited Understanding Human and Natural Changes in North Pacific Social-Ecological Marine Systems: The FUTURE FrameworkSteven J. Bograd, Sukyung Kang, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, and FUTURE SSC 
S113669Ferdenant A. MkrtchyanOral Capabilities of remote monitoring systems for assessing the state of marine ecosystemsFerdenant A. Mkrtchyan, Sergey M. Shapovalov 
S113674Richard D. BrodeurOral Causes and consequences of the great pyrosome bloom in the Northern California CurrentRichard D. Brodeur, Kim Bernard, Kelly R. Sutherland, Hilarie L. Sorensen, and Olivia N. Blondheim 
S113387Robert BlasiakOral Corporate control and global governance of marine genetic resourcesRobert Blasiak 
S113410Akinori TakasukaOral Density dependence at the time of spawning: disentangling density-dependent effects in the life histories of fishAkinori Takasuka, Michio Yoneda, Yoshioki Oozeki 
S113384Andrew R.S. RossOral Depletion of micronutrient trace metals in Line P surface waters during the 2014 warm water anomaly: implications for marine ecosystems and climate change in the NE Pacific Andrew R.S. Ross, David Janssen, Jay Cullen, Jody Spence, Kyle Simpson and Marie Robert 
S113656Robert SuryanOral Ecosystem variability and connectivity in the Gulf of Alaska following another major ecosystem perturbationRobert Suryan, Stephani Zador, Mandy Lindeberg, Donna Aderhold, Mayumi Arimitsu, John Piatt, John Moran, Janice Straley, Heather Coletti, Dan Monson, Thomas Dean, Russell Hopcroft, Sonia Batten, Seth Danielson, Benjamin Laurel 
S113451Hae Jun JungOral Effect of vertical structure of water column on depth dependent trends in walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) in the Western coast of the East/Japan SeaHae Kun Jung, Joo Myun Park, Chung Il Lee 
S113598Mitsuo YamamotoOral Estimation of the origins of particulate organic matter in coastal waters for understanding the oceanic environmental change around Tsushima IslandsMitsuo Yamamoto, Akira Yamaguchi, Dan Liu, Aigo Takeshige and Shingo Kimura 
S113570Susanna NurdjamanOral Impact of Nature and Antrophogenic Forcing to Chlorophyll-a Variability at Aru Sea, Indonesia Susanna Nurdjaman and M. Imron Rosyadi  
S113652Mei SatoOral Impacts of hypoxia on diel vertical migration of zooplanktonMei Sato, David L. Mackas and John F. Dower 
S113649George L. Hunt, Jr.Oral Millennial- to decadal-scale variability in the Bering Sea: changes in the density of seabird species in response to climate fluctuationsGeorge L. Hunt, Jr., Martin Renner, Lisa Eisner, Kathy Kuletz, Sigrid Salo, Patrick Ressler, Jarrod A. Santora, Carol , Douglas Causey 
S113532Sanae ChibaOral Observing ecosystem variability in the UN Decade of Ocean Science: OceanObs’19 perspectiveSanae Chiba, OceanObs’19 Executive Committee 
S113552Christina Eunjin KongOral Spatial and inter-annual variability in the primary productivity of the East China Sea and Southern Yellow Sea (1998-2012)Christina Eunjin Kong, Sinjae Yoo, and Chanjoo Jang  
S113255SM Mustafizur RahmanOral Synchronicity of climate driven regime shifts among the East Asian Marginal sea waters and major fish species SM Mustafizur Rahman and Chung Il Lee 
S113502Bineet Kumar GuptaOral Synchronization between Big Data and User Centred Design of Human Computer Interaction Using Non-Autonomous Duffing-Holmes system and Matie system to Support Availability of InformationBineet Kumar Gupta 
S113586Jennifer FisherOral Variable trends in pteropod abundance between the shelf and slope from two decades of observations off Newport Oregon, USAJennifer L. Fisher, William T. Peterson, Jay O. Peterson and Hongsheng Bi 
S113385Jerome FiechterOral Wind, circulation, and topographic effects on alongshore phytoplankton variability in the California Current.Jerome Fiechter, Christopher A. Edwards and Andrew M. Moore 
S113670Ferdenant A. MkrtchyanPoster About an adaptive optical technology for monitoring aquatic ecosystem Ferdenant A. Mkrtchyan, Vladimir F. Krapivin< Vladimir V. Klimov 
S113339Lev B. LooneyPoster The decomposition of wind-forced upwelling variability in the California Current though the application of cyclostationary empirical orthogonal functionsLev B. Looney, Ryan R. Rykaczewski, and Benjamin Hamlington  
S113369Joanne BreckenridgePoster The importance of peak river flow timing to copepod abundance in the Fraser River Estuary, CanadaJoanne K. Breckenridge and Evgeny A. Pakhomov 
S112339Julia YazvenkoWithdrawal Test PICES-2018 Abstract TitleJulia Yazvenko  yes
S213297Chih-hao HsiehInvited Prey stoichiometry influences growth rate and production of marine zooplanktonPei-Chi Ho, Esther Wong, Fan-Sian Lin, Akash R. Sastri, Carmen García-Comas, Noboru Okuda, Fuh-Kwo Shiah, Gwo-Ching Gong, Rita S.W. Yam and Chih-hao Hsieh 
S213536Hui LiuOral A predictive modeling approach for single stocks, fish community and fisheries ecosystemsHui Liu, George Sugihara 
S213308Mikio WataiOral Comparative analysis of the early growth history of Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis from different spawning grounds and nursery areasMikio Watai, Yuko Hiraoka, Taiki Ishihara, Izumi Yamasaki, Tomoko Ota, Seiji Ohshimo, Carlos Augusto Strüssmann 
S213360Hiroomi MiyamotoOral Feeding ecology of age-1 Pacific saury during northward migration in June and July with remarks on difference of feeding habits by migration routes Hiroomi Miyamoto, Kazuaki Tadokoro, Satoshi Suyama and Hideaki Kidokoro 
S213456Jianguo DuOral Food sources and trophic structure of fishes and benthic macroinvertebrates in a subtropical seagrass meadow revealed by stable isotope analysisJianguo Du, Zehao Chen, Meiling Xie 
S213512Tyler D. EddyOral Future of nutrients, fish, and fisheries in the California and Kuroshio Currents: a multi-model approach Tyler D. Eddy and Ryan R. Rykaczewski 
S213572Khafid Rizki PratamaOral Interaction Equatorial Rossby-Kelvin Waves to Monitoring of Fishing Area and Ocean Primary Productivity in Northern Indonesia On 2012-2017Khafid Rizki Pratama, Richard Mahendra Putra 
S213565S. Lan SmithOral Modeling seasonal and inter-annual variability of trophic transfer and 15N stable isotope enrichment within the planktonic food chainS. Lan Smith, Yoshikazu Sasai and Chisato Yoshikawa 
S213633Elena UstinovaOral Oceanographic conditions and the spatial distribution of saury, sardine and mackerels in the open waters of the Northwest Pacific based on the fishery-independent R/V “Hokko-maru” survey data Elena Ustinova, Hideaki Kidokoro, Dmitry Antonenko and Hiroomi Miyamoto 
S213630Bin WangOral Spatial-temporal variations in the distribution and abundance of loligo squids in Shandong offshore of Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea in relation to environmental factorsBin Wang, Yongjun Tian, Yumeng Pang, Caihong FU, Peng Sun, Chi Zhang, Shuyang Ma, Rong Wan and Jianchao Li 
S213562Sayaka SogawaOral Spatio-temporal distribution of planktonic copepods and planktonic stages of small pelagic fishes: copepod community structure and species diversity in egg- and larvae-rich Kuroshio and Kuroshio Extension areaSayaka Sogawa, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Yasuhiro Kamimura, Masanori Takahashi, Hiroaki Saito, Yuji Okazaki, Yugo Shimizu, Takashi Setou and Ichikawa Tadafumi 
S213296Gen KumeOral The importance of the north Satsunan area, southern Japan as the spawning and nursery ground for small pelagic fishGen Kume, Toru Kobari, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Junya Hirai, Maki Aita-Noguchi, Fujio Hyodo, Tsutomu Takeda, Taichi Shigemura, Hiroumi Kuroda, Shohei Yoshinaga, Kei Nakaya and Atsushi Narumi 
S213287Toru KobariOral Trophic pathways of plankton food web to support food availability for vulnerable life stages of migratory fishes in the Kuroshio: as a key for the Kuroshio paradoxToru Kobari, Taiga Honma, Takeru Kanayama, Fukutaro Karu, Wataru Makihara, Takahiro Kawafuchi, Kie Sato, Koji Suzuki, Daisuke Hasegawa, Naoki Yoshie, Hirohiko Nakamura and Gen Kume 
S213417Kiyotaka HidakaPoster Dense occurrence of Fritillaria pellucida (Appendicularia:Fritillaridae) around the KuroshioKiyotaka Hidaka, Takashi Setou, Atsushi Nishimoto, Tadafumi Ichikawa and Hiroya Sugisaki 
S213452Joo Myun ParkPoster Dietary patterns of walleye pollock, Gadus chalcogramma inhabiting the East/Japan Sea: the influences of water depth, fish size and seasonJoo Myun Park, Hae Kun Jung and Chung Il Lee 
S213478Xiaoke HuPoster Distribution Characteristics of Primary Feed in Typical Oceanic Ranches and Its Response to The Environmental ChangesXiaoke Hu,Caixia Wang, Yibo Wang and Pengyuan Liu 
S213555Chiyuki SassaPoster Distribution, reproduction, and feeding of Symbolophorus californiensis (Teleostei: Myctophidae) mature adults in the Kuroshio region during late winter: evidence of a southward spawning migrationChiyuki Sassa and Takasuka Akinori 
S213541Takafumi HirataPoster Effects of photophysiology and chlorophyll a abundance on phytoplankton group-specific primary production in Japanese waters using remote sensingTakafumi Hirata and Koji Suzuki 
S213333Hiroumi KurodaPoster Feeding habits of larval fish in the mouth of Kagoshima Bay, southern JapanHiroumi Kuroda, Gen Kume, Toru Kobari, Tsutomu Takeda, Mutsuo Ichinomiya, Tomohiro Komorita, Junya Hirai, Maki Aita-Noguchi and Fujio Hyodo 
S213567Yuji OkazakiPoster Feeding habits of multiple larval and juvenile fish taxa collected in the Kuroshio off JapanYuji Okazaki, Hiroomi Miyamoto, Koji Suzuki, Hiroaki Saito, Kiyotaka Hidaka and Tadafumi Ichikawa 
S213291Takeru KanayamaPoster Impact of microzooplankton grazing on phytoplankton community in the Kuroshio: a major trophic pathway of plankton food webTakeru Kanayama, Toru Kobari, Taiga Honma, Fukutaro Karu and Gen Kume 
S213290Fukutaro KaruPoster Mesozooplankton feeding on phytoplankton and protozoans in the KuroshioFukutaro Karu, Toru Kobari, Taiga Honma, Takeru Kanayama and Gen Kume 
S213441Hiroshi KurodaPoster Numerical experiments using a coupled physical–biochemical ocean model to study the Kuroshio-induced nutrient supply on the shelf and slope region south of Japan: Case study of Tosa Bay facing the KuroshioHiroshi Kuroda, Akinori Takasuka, Yuichi Hirota, Taketoshi Kodama, Tadafumi Ichikawa, Daisuke Takahashi, Kazuhiro Aoki and Takashi Setou 
S213334Shohei YoshinagaPoster The assemblages and feeding habits of larval fish in the Kuroshio and the adjacent waters, southern JapanShohei Yoshinaga, Gen Kume, Kaori Yamanoue, Norika Tanonaka, Toru Kobari, Junya Hirai, Maki Aita-Noguchi and Fujio Hyodo  
S213328Kei NakayaPoster The influence of sporadic oceanic water inflow into Kagoshima Bay, southern Japan on larval fish assemblage Kei Nakaya, Gen Kume, Toru Kobari, Tsutomu Takeda, Mutsuo Ichinomiya and Tomohiro Komorita 
S213286Toru KobariPoster Trophic sources and linkages of mesozooplankton and fish larvae in the Kuroshio based on metabarcoding analysisIbuki Sato, Toru Kobari, Shohei Yoshinaga, Gen Kume and Junya Hirai 
S213285Toru KobariPoster Trophic sources and links of mesozooplankton and fish larvae in the Kuroshio based on stable isotope ratiosKanako Saito, Toru Kobari, Maharu Shinyashiki, Gen Kume, Minoru Kitamura, Maki Aita-Noguchi, Fujio Hyodo, Hiroomi Miyamoto and Yuji Okazaki 
S213304Ying XuePoster Using topological network to identify keystone species in the food web of Haizhou Bay, ChinaJiaying Wu, Ying Xue, Haozhi Sui, Binduo Xu, Chongliang Zhang and Yiping Ren 
S213327Shohei YoshinagaWithdrawal The assemblages and feeding habits of larval fish in the Kuroshio and the adjacent waters, southern JapanShohei Yoshinaga, Gen Kume, Kaori Yamanoue, Norika Tanonaka, Toru Kobari and Junya Hirai, Maki Aita-Noguchi and Fujio Hyodo   yes
S313533Minamo HiraharaOral Can an embayment copepod accumulate in the body?Minamo Hirahara, Tatsuki Toda 
S313511Vanessa R. FladmarkOral Citizen engagement through shoreline cleanup litter data: British Columbia case studyVanessa R. Fladmark, Cassandra Konecny and Santiago J. De La Puente University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. E-mail: 
S313307Guangshui NaOral Fate of antibiotic resistance in estuaries and marine environmentGuangshui Na, Linxiao Zhang, Hui Gao, Ruijing Li, Shuaichen Jin, Qianwei Li, Caixia Wang and Wanli Zhang 
S313628Noriaki NatoriOral Food concentration as an explanatory variable for naupliar ingestion ratesNoriaki Natori and Tatsuki Toda 
S313274Abigail McQuatters-GollopOral From evidence to action: challenges and solutions for working across the science-policy interfaceAbigail McQuatters-Gollop 
S313357Haryun KimOral Increase in anthropogenic nitrogen and mercury in marginal sea sediments of the Northwest Pacific OceanHaryun Kim, Kitack Lee, Dhong-Il Lim, Seung-Il Nam, Seunghee Han, Tae-Wook Kim, Kyung-Hoon Shin, Young Ho Ko, Jihun Kim, Jin-Yu T. Yang, Yanxu Zhang 
S313392Alexandra I. ChistyakovaOral Results of a longterm monitoring of the hatchery marked juvenile pacific salmon identification during autumn migrations in the basin of the Sea of OkhotskAlexandra I. Chistyakova, Alexandr V. Bugaev, and Shigehiko Urawa  
S313481Lisha GuanOral Statistical modeling for exploring diel vertical distribution and spatial correlations of marine fish species — A new perspective to look at species interactionsLisha Guan Xiujuan Shan Xianshi Jin 
S313276Chuanxi XingOral Summertime Bottom Cold Water Transports in the Northern Bohai Strait, ChinaChuanxi Xing, Zhifeng Zhang, Wenqi Shi, Yongqing Liu 
S413300Ming HongxiaOral Abundance and community structure of ammonium monooxygenase (amoA) genes in Liaohe estuary sedimentsMing Hongxia, Zhang Huizhen, Su Jie and Fan Jingfeng 
S413474Fangyuan QUOral Building the indicator system to assess the ecosystem health of Laizhou Bay based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)Fangyuan QU 
S413312Hyeong-Gi KimOral Comparison of nematode assemblages associated with Sargassum muticum in its native range in South Korea and as an invasive species in the English ChannelHyeong-Gi Kim, Lawrence E. Hawkins, Jasmin A. Godbold, Chul-Woong OH, Hyun Soo Rho and Stephen J Hawkins 
S413380Weiwei YuOral Ecosystem health assessment: indicators and modelsWeiwei Yu, Bin Chen, Wenjia Hu and Xiaofen Zhu 
S413289Chongliang ZhangOral How to predict biodiversity in space? Evaluating an integrative modelling framework in marine ecosystemsChongliang Zhang, Yong Chen, Binduo Xu, Ying Xue, Yiping Ren 
S413413Ma ZhiyuanOral Integrated Assessment of Island Ecosystem in ChinaMa Zhiyuan, Chen Bin, Huang Hao, Yu Weiwei 
S413454Jackson W F ChuOral Modelling the environmental niche space and distributions of cold-water corals and sponges in the northeast Pacific OceanJackson W.F. Chu, Jessica Nephin, Samuel Georgian, Anders Knudby, Chris Rooper and Katie S.P. Gale 
S413513Chris RooperOral Patterns in fish associations with corals and sponges and diversity in two divergent ecosystems in AlaskaChristopher N. Rooper, Pamela Goddard, and Rachel Wilborn  
S413547Jinhui WangOral Research on indicator species of bio-blogging on Nuclear Power Cold Source Water Jinhui Wang, Hong Chen, Yafei Tang 
S413337Soonmi LeeOral Temperature mediated effects on productivity-diversity and diversity-stability relationships in marine pelagic ecosystems: a modeling studySoonmi Lee, José M. Montoya and Michel Loreau 
S413418Jianjun WangOral The Potential of Alkyl Amides as Novel Biomarkers and Their Application to Paleocultural Deposits in ChinaJianjun Wang, Bernd R.T. Simoneit, Guoying Sheng, Liqi Chen, Liguang Sun 
S413566Rui WuOral The response of Pacific cod life history to seasonal-interannual variation of Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass using otolith microchemistry analysisRui Wu, Jianchao Li, Feng Jiang, Qinghuan Zhu, Chi Zhang, Xindong Pan, Zhenjiang Ye, Tao Jiang, Jian Yang and Yongjun Tian 
S413486Renyan LiuOral Toxicity and affecting of toxic dinoflagellates on plankton and bacterial communityRenyan Liu, Yubo Liang 
S413499Li-Xiang LiPoster Assessing the outcomes of stocking hatchery-reared juveniles of Girella punctate in the northeastern coast of TaiwanLi-Xiang Li, Kuo-Wei Lan 
S413273ZHANG JianPoster Community and distribution of coccolithophores in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea ZHANG Jian, WANG Qiu lu, XU Yan, Yang Lu 
S413439Fiona DavidsonPoster Predictive modeling methods for deep-sea sponges in the North Pacific Ocean. Fiona Davidson, Anders Knudby 
S513446Yu-Lin Eda ChangInvited Potential impact of ocean circulation on Japanese eel larvae migrationYu-Lin Eda Chang, Yasumasa Miyazawa, Michael J. Miller and Katsumi Tsukamoto 
S513388Bo QiuInvited Seasonality in Transition Scale from Balanced to Unbalanced Motions in the World OceanBo Qiu, Shuiming Chen, Patrice Klein, Jinbo Wang, Hector Torres, Lee-Lueng Fu, and Dimitris Menemenlis 
S513615Hiroto AbeOral Aquarius reveals eddy stirring after a heavy precipitation event in the subtropical North PacificHiroto Abe, Naoto Ebuchi, Hiromichi Ueno, Hiromu Ishiyama and Yoshimasa Matsumura 
S513303Erin V. SatterthwaiteOral Effects of seasonal variation in oceanography on larval assemblages in the northern Monterey Bay, California upwelling systemErin V. Satterthwaite, Steven G. Morgan, John P. Ryan, Julio B.J. Harvey, Robert C. Vrijenhoek  
S513407Lin LiuOral Extreme rise in sea level event off the northwest coast of the South China Sea in 2012Lin Liu, Juan Li, Wei Tan, Yue Wu 
S513528Sachihiko ItohOral Fine-scale structure and mixing across the front between the Tsugaru Warm and Oyashio Currents in summer along the Sanriku Coast, east of Japan Sachihiko Itoh, Hitoshi Kaneko, Miho Ishizu, Daigo Yanagimoto, Takeshi Okunishi, Hajime Nishigaki and Kiyoshi Tanaka  
S513573Humio MitsuderaOral Formation and interannual variations of baroclinic quasi-stationary jets in the transitional domain between the subtropical and subarctic gyres in the western North Pacific Humio Mitsudera, Toru Miyama, Hajime Nishigaki, Takuya Nakanowatari, Hatsumi Nishikawa, Tomohiro Nakamura, Taku Wagawa, Ryo Furue, Yosuke Fujii, and Shin-Ichi Ito 
S513321Yujue WangOral Impact of Water-Sediment Regulation Scheme on seasonal and spatial variations of biogeochemical factors in the Yellow River estuaryYujue Wang, Dongyan Liu, Kenneth Lee, Zhijun Dong, Baoping Di, Yueqi Wang and Jingjing Zhang 
S513610Eko SiswantoOral Impacts of eddy variability on phytoplankton dynamics in the Kuroshio Extension regionEko Siswanto and Yoshikazu Sasai 
S513294Andrey G. AndreevOral Mesoscale dynamics and walleye pollock catches in the Navarin Canyon area of the Bering Sea Andrey G. Andreev, Maxim V. Budyansky, Michael Yu. Uleysky and Sergey V. Prants 
S513281GUIMEI LIUOral Preliminarily Study of MLD and SCML in the SCS using 3-D physical-biogeochemical modelGuimei LIU, Xuanliang JI 
S513378Elena A. ShtraikhertOral Seasonal and interannual variations in the spread of the Razdolnaya and Tumannaya Rivers runoffs (Peter the Great Bay, Japan/East Sea) according to the satellite data on SST and ocean color Elena A. Shtraikhert and Sergey P. Zakharkov 
S513376Olga TrusenkovaOral Short-lived anomalies of hydrophysical characteristics at the continental slope off the Russian coast in the northwestern Japan/East Sea from spring through early fallOlga Trusenkova, Alexander Ostrovskii, Alexander Lazaryuk, Vyacheslav Dubina, Svetlana Ladychenko, and Vyacheslav Lobanov 
S512782Anthony Banyouko NdahOral Spatio-temporal Patterns of Ocean-Atmosphere CO2 Dynamics in the South China Marginal Seas in Response to ENSO and PDOAnthony Banyouko Ndah 
S513527Jun ChoiOral Surface drifter observations in the Korea Strait in springJun Choi,Wonkook Kim,Kyu Min Song,Joon Seong Park and Young Gyu Park 
S513514Annalisa BraccoOral The diurnal cycling of submesoscale circulations: A Lagrangian and Eulerian perspective Annalisa Bracco, Daoxun Sun and Jun Choi 
S513581Sung Yong KimOral Turbulent characteristics of the satellite-sensed submesoscale surface chlorophyll concentrationsEun Ae Lee and Sung Yong Kim 
S513525Eu. V. SamkoOral Two types of anticyclonic eddies eastward from Japan: An origin, characteristics, influence on fisheryEu. V. Samko, Yu.V. Novikov, A.V.Kapshiter 
S513433KyungJae LeePoster An extremely long lived Ulleung Warm Eddy from 2014 to 2017 (UWE 2014-II) in the southwestern East Sea (Japan Sea)KyungJae Lee, SungHyun Nam  
S513341Naohiro KosugiPoster Characteristic of subsurface oxygen maximum in oligotrophic western North PacificNaohiro Kosugi, Masao Ishii and Daisuke Sasano 
S513509Yisen ZhongPoster Instabilities of an anticyclonic eddy in its growing and decaying phaseYisen Zhong 
S513444Yoshikazu SasaiPoster Interannual variability of marine ecosystem in the Kuroshio Extension regionYoshikazu Sasai, Makio C. Honda, Eko Siswanto, Hideharu Sasaki and Masami Nonaka 
S513558Hiromichi UenoPoster Spatio-temporal variation of anticyclonic eddies in the western subarctic North PacificHiromu Ishiyama, Isao Fujita and Hiromichi Ueno 
S513393Hideharu SasakiPoster Submesoscale dynamics in the Northeastern Subtropical Pacific OceanHideharu Sasaki, Patrice Klein, Yoshikazu Sasai and Bo Qiu 
S513375Zhichun ZhangPoster Variability of the Pacific North Equatorial Current Based on a 1/8˚ Pacific Model Simulation Zhichun Zhang, Huijie Xue, Fei Chai and Yi Chao 
S513336Olga TrusenkovaWithdrawal Short-lived anomalies of hydrophysical characteristics at the continental slope off the Russian coast in the northwestern Japan/East SeaOlga Trusenkova, Alexander Ostrovskii, Alexander Lazaryuk, Vyacheslav Dubina, Svetlana Ladychenko, and Vyacheslav Lobanovwithdraw this abstract yes
S613343Ling DuOral Subsurface salinity anomaly during 2014-2016 in the tropical Pacific OceanHuangyuan Shi and Ling Du 
S612740Tao LianOral Uncertainty of Linear Trend in Global SST Due to Multi-Scale Internal VariationTao Lian 
S713271Qiulu WANGOral Analysis of water quality change characteristics in Fujian Bay based on time-space matrix methodQiulu WANG, Manchun Chen,Jian ZHANG  
S713414Yunlong ChenOral Assessing the vulnerability on fishes in the Yellow Sea and Bohai SeaYunlong Chen, Xiujuan Shan, Xianshi Jin and Fangqun Dai 
S713442Lu GuanOral Characterizing time-series of bioacoustics, physical and biogeochemical properties in Saanich inlet (British Columbia, Canada): multi-scale temporal dynamics, causal relationships and forecastingLu Guan, Akash Sastri, Chih-hao Hsieh and Richard Dwey 
S713607Yutaka WatanukiOral Climate regime cycle affects the productivity of a pursuit-diving seabird and its predation on forage fish Yutaka Watanuki, Mariko Yamamoto, Jumpei Okado and William Sydeman 
S713648Youngji JohOral Decadal predictability linked to teleconnections between the Kuroshio Extension and North Pacific Meridional Modes Youngji Joh and Emanuele Di Lorenzo 
S713500Yin LipingOral Development and transport of macroalgae Ulva prolifera in the South Yellow Sea through an individual based modelYin Liping, Zhao Chang, Qiao Fangli 
S713476Yury ZuenkoOral Dynamics of walleye pollock recruitment at Primorye (Japan/East Sea) under climate change Yury Zuenko, Vladimir Nuzhdin 
S713350Douding Lu and Pengbin WangOral Expansion of Cochlodinium Polykrikoides in Chinese coastal waters, what can be linked to?Douding Lu, Pengbin Wang, Xinfeng Dai, Feng Zhou and Fei Chai 
S713519 Chih-hao HsiehOral Fluctuating interaction network and time-varying stability of a natural fish communityMasayuki Ushio, Chih-hao Hsieh, Reiji Masuda, Ethan R Deyle, Hao Ye, Chun-Wei Chang, George Sugihara, Michio Kondoh 
S713346Ellika CrichtonOral Interacting effects of contaminants and climate change on the health of the western Arctic beluga whalesEllika M. Crichton, Marie Noel, Lisa Loseto, Peter S. Ross 
S713424Ya-fang LiOral Long-term temporal and spatial variation of macrobenthos in a semi-enclosed bay under human disturbanceYa-fang Li, Jia-jia Ning, Liang-gen Wang, Lei Xu and Fei-yan Du 
S713352Akande S.OOral Modelling environmental impacts and adaptation on sustainable climate and marine ecosystems in the north-atlantic coastAkande S.O, Osinowo A.A and Eresanya E.O 
S713263Hongjun SongOral Spatial heterogeneity of phytoplankton bloom timing in a marginal sea: patterns and potential driversHongjun Song, Rubao Ji and Zhaohui Zhang 
S713391Karyn SuchyOral Spatio-temporal analysis of environmental drivers and patterns of satellite-derived chlorophyll a in the Strait of Georgia, Canada, from 2003-2016.Karyn D. Suchy, Andrea Hilborn, Maycira Costa and R. Ian Perry 
S713574Prabu Aditya SOral Study of Impact The Sea Surface Temperature Rise And Distribution of Chlorophyll on Coral Reef Bleaching in The East Indonesia Region in 2015Prabu Aditya S, Ahmad Fadlan, Dimas Pradana Putra, Khafid Rizki Pratama 
S713560Nadezhda AseevaOral The Okhotsk Sea de-oxygenizing influence on deep-water fishesNadezhda Aseeva and Vladimir Matveev 
S713382Brian BeckmanOral The PDO, The Blob and juvenile coho salmon growth in the Northern California Current 2000 – 2017.Brian Beckman1, Cheryl Morgan2, and Meredith Journey3 
S713318Jinqiu DuOral Trends of sediment accretion and carbon sequestration in Liaohe estuarine wetlandJinqiu Du, Daoming Guan, Ziwei Yao, Guangshui Na and Zhen Wang 
S713601Christopher A. EdwardsOral Using a coupled biogeochemical/physical data assimilation system in the California current system to study ecosystem impacts from variable climate Christopher A. Edwards, J. Paul Mattern, Patrick T. Drake, Jerome Fiechter, Andrew M. Moore 
S713356Gloria S. DuranPoster Assessing the oceanographic variability impact in the western North Pacific on fishery resources in Japan using FORA-WNP30Gloria S. Duran, Takeyoshi Nagai, Luis A. Icochea and Yuhei Mori 
S713595Hui ZhangPoster Long term ichthyoplankton assemblage structure and its relationship between with environmental variation in the Yangtze EstuaryHui Zhang Weiwei Xian 
S713420Jiazhen SunPoster Ocean deoxygenation enhances the efficiency of CO2 concentrating mechanisms in a diatom with stimulated photosynthetic performancesJiazhen Sun, John Beardall, Ruiping Huang, Tifeng Wang, Di Zhang, Kunshan Gao* 
S713614Hiroto AbePoster Sediment-associated phytoplankton release from the seafloor in response to wind-induced currents in the Bering StraitHiroto Abe, Makoto Sampei, Toru Hirawake, Hisatomo Waga, Shigeto Nishino and Atsushi Ooki 
S713467Tamaha YamaguchPoster Stimulated phosphorus utilization by possible increase of dust deposition in the western North Pacific Tamaha Yamaguchi, Kazutaka Takahashi, Mitsuhide Sato and Ken Furuya 
S713349Minkyoung KimWithdrawal Interannual variation in sinking particle flux in the East Sea in relation with climate variabilityMinkyoung Kim, Young-Il Kim, Ki Young Choi, Chang Joon Kim, Ji-Eun Park, Kyung-Ae Park and Jeomshik Hwang  yes
S813590Ichiro YasudaInvited Progress report: Ocean mixing processes: impact on biogeochemistry, climate and ecosystems (OMIX)Ichiro Yasuda 
S813492Yign NohInvited Role of turbulent mixing in plankton dynamics simulated by large eddy simulation (LES)Yign Noh 
S813549Jeong-Yeob ChaeOral A sudden switch from upwelling to downwelling along the Southeastern coast of Korea due to the passage of two typhoonsJeong-Yeob Chae, PyeongJoong Kim, Young-Seok Choi, Chanhyung Jeon, Sok Kuh Kang, Jae-Hun Park 
S813367Takeyoshi NagaiOral Diapycnal nutrient flux caused by the Kuroshio induced turbulence in the Tokara StraitTakeyoshi Nagai, Daisuke Hasegawa, Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishina, Toru Kobari, Naoki Yoshie, Ryuichiro Inoue and Eisuke Tsutsumi 
S813359Naoki YoshieOral Effects of strong turbulent mixing on phytoplankton around the Tokara straitNaoki Yoshie, Miwa Nakagawa, Hayato Mizuguchi, Taisei Kanda, leo Mutou, Eisuke Tsutsumi, Toru Kobari and Xinyu Guo 
S813529Takahiro TanakaOral Elevated mixing in the Tsugaru Strait through internal hydraulic jumpTakahiro Tanaka, Daisuke Hasegawa, Takeshi Okunishi, and Hitoshi Kaneko 
S813671Yoshiaki TobaOral Intrinsic nature of windsea as strongly nonlinear phenomena by combination of wave, shear flow and turbulenceYoshiaki Toba 
S813463Y. ChoiOral Investigation of the effects of the double buoyancy flux to the convective deepening of the ocean mixed layer by using LESY. Choi and Y. Noh 
S813659Alex S.J. WyattOral Linking internal wave dynamics and the structure and function of coral reef ecosystems Alex S.J. Wyatt, James J. Leichter, Toshihiro Miyajima and Toshi Nagata 
S813400Eiji MasunagaOral Mixing and transports induced by nonlinear internal wave breaking in coastal regionsEiji Masunaga, Robert S. Arthur, Oliver B. Fringer and Hidekatsu Yamazaki 
S813311Chanhyung JeonOral Near-inertial waves advected by the Kuroshio from observation and simulationChanhyung Jeon1, Jae-Hun Park1, Hirohiko Nakamura2, Ayako Nishina2, Xiao-Hua Zhu3, Hong Sik Min4, Dong Guk Kim4, Sok Kuh Kang4, Hanna Na5, and Naoki Hirose6 
S813546Satoshi OsafuneOral Numerical study on impacts of the 18.6-year modulation of tide-induced mixing on biogeochemical variables based on ESTOCSatoshi Osafune, Toshimasa Doi, Shinya Kouketsu, Tadashi Hemmi, Shuhei Masuda 
S813354Suyun NohOral Observations on internal wave modulations under varying mesoscale variability for 18 years from 2000 to 2017 off the east coast KoreaSuyun Noh and SungHyun Nam 
S813280Vadim NavrotskyOral On energy and matter exchange between near-shore and out-of-shelf waters defining shelf ecosystems state Vadim Navrotsky 
S813404H. YamazakiOral Phytoplankton distribution at a meter scale and a millimeter scaleHidekatsu Yamazaki, Marika Takeuchi, Mark Doubell, Herminio Foloni-Neto and Mamoru Tanaka 
S813408Marika TakeuchiOral Size distributions of marine aggregates in different aquatic systems Marika Takeuchi, Mark J. Doubell, George A. Jackson and Hidekatsu Yamazaki 
S813403Wishnu A. SwastikoOral The influence of moisture content on cloud growth when Tropical Cyclones occur in the maritime continent of IndonesiaWishnu A. Swastiko, Yesi Ratnasari 
S813569Jianchao LiOral The Influence of Yellow Sea Cold Water Mass on the Early Life History Process of Young Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus)Jianchao Li, Rui Wu, Feng Jiang, Chi Zhang, Yongjun Tian, Xiaolin Yu, Rong Wan 
S813479Ashley BreretonOral The interactions between phytoplankton, nutrients and turbulence simulated by a large-eddy simulation (LES) ecosystem model with Lagrangian phytoplanktonAshley Brereton and Yign Noh 
S813645James J. LeichterOral Thermocline dynamics and modulation of a nutrient exposure for Eastern Pacific kelp forests in Southern CaliforniaJames J. Leichter 
S813288Toru KobariOral Turbulent nitrate flux stimulates plankton productivity and trophodynamics even in the oligotrophic KuroshioToru Kobari, Taiga Honma, Gen Kume, Daisuke Hasegawa, Koji Suzuki, and Naoki Yoshie, Xinyu Guo, Hirohiko Nakamura, Ayako Nishina, Eisuke Tsutsumi and Takeshi Matsuno 
S813370Konstantin Rogachev Poster Amplified diurnal currents over the shallow banks and 18.6-year variability of salinity of the intermediate waters in the Western Subarctic PacificKonstantin Rogachev and Natalia Shlyk 
S813362Seung-Woo LeePoster Characteristics of mode-1 and mode-2 nonlinear internal waves observed in the northern East China SeaSeung-Woo Lee, and SungHyun Nam  
S813338Yujun YuPoster Laboratory study on internal tides induced mixing over rough topographyYujun Yu, Xu Chen and Huaming Yu 
S813248Neelavannan Kannaiyan1Poster Reconstruction of paleoenvironmental history last 130 ka BP; from off Lakshadweep, southeastern Arabian Sea, northern Indian Ocean using core sediment samples Neelavannan Kannaiyan1, S. M. Hussain1, S. J. Sangode2, S. Veerasingam3, Abhishek Tyagi4, P. John Kurian4, S Balakrishnan5, Pankaj Kumar6, S. Chopra6 
S813292Taiga HonmaPoster Response of plankton standing stocks and productivity to turbulent nitrate flux in the Kuroshio across the Tokara StraitTaiga Honma, Toru Kobari, Takeru Kanayama, Fukutaro Karu, Naoki Yoshie, Daisuke Hasegawa, Ayako Nishina, Hirohiko Nakamura 
S813459Hyejin OkWithdrawal Influence of the improved ocean mixed layer process in the earth system modelHyejin Ok, Yign Noh, and Young Ho Kim  yes
S813658Alex S.J. WyattWithdrawal Linking internal wave dynamics and the structure and function of coral reef ecosystem Alex S.J. Wyatt, James J. Leichter, Toshihiro Miyajima and Toshi Nagata  yes
S912685Daud HassanInvited Marine spatial planning for sustainable ocean governance: An overview Associate Professor Daud Hassan PhD  
S913493Peng SunOral Bioeconomic consequences of stow net selectivity in Haizhou bay, ChinaPeng Sun, Runlong Sun, Xiaozi Liu, Yanli Tang, Liuyi Huang, Yongjun Tian 
S913235Kalpana ChaudhariOral Climate, Ocean and Security in Asia- Pacific and North Pacific Region : Evaluating the Impacts of Climate Change And Marine Strategy Evaluation Using Information and Communication Technologies.Kalpana Chaudhari,Paruthummootil Jacob Philip  
S913306Oxana G. MikhaylovaOral Commercial stock assessment and forecast of northern shrimp Pandalus eous on the south-western KamchatkaOхana G. Mikhaylova and Oleg I. Ilyin 
S913435Wenjia HuOral Ecological vulnerability based marine spatial planning: an implement in Xiamen Bay, ChinaWenjia Hu, Zhiyuan Ma, Senlin Zheng and Bin Chen 
S913351Aoi SugimotoOral Environment and culture in an island community: some insights for re-building the framework of cultural ecosystem serviceAoi Sugimoto 
S913518Gakushi IshimuraOral Estimating the potential of Japanese fisheries: Upside Bioeconomic AnalysisGakushi Ishimura, Kanae Tokunaga, Shigehide Iwata, Keita Abe, Jennifer Couture, Merrick Burden, Kristin Kleisner, Rod Fujita, Kazuhiko Otsuka 
S913266Ning ChenOral Evaluating the performance of two methods for estimating fishing mortality rate of Fang’s blenny (Pholis fangi) based on size frequency dataNing Chen, Chongliang Zhang, Ming Sun, Binduo Xu, Ying Xue, Yiping Ren, Yong Chen  
S913268Meng SuOral Evolution of district marine policies in China: The case of Shandong ProvinceMeng Su, Ying Yang 
S913366Xiuxia MuOral Fishery biology of whitespotted conger Conger myriaster in the Yellow and East China Seas[Xiuxia Mu , Chi Zhang, Ying Xue , Chongliang Zhang, Binduo Xu , Yiping Ren ] 
S913267Mane SuOral Preliminary analysis of the Jimo coastal ecosystem with the Ecopath modelMeng Su 
S913571Qingsheng LiOral Spatial variability of the main contaminations in seawater environment in Xiamen BayQingsheng Li, Cui Wang, Jinlong Jiang and Jinkeng Wang 
S913480Chen KeliangOral Study on Eco-compensation Mechanism Based on Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Marine Protected AreasChen Keliang, Li Yuliang , Liu Heng 
S913272ZHANG JianOral System analysis of Xiangshan bay ecological vulnerability assessment system based on VSD modelZHANG Jian, YANG Lu, WANG Qiu lu, XU Yan, CHEN Man chun 
S913320Duncan KnowlerOral Valuation and management of mudflats in the Yellow River Delta, ChinaDuncan Knowler, Tao Ya Gui, Xiyong Hou and Xiaowei Li 
S913627Shang ChenOral Valuation of marine ecosystem services: experiences and lessonsShang Chen, Linhua Hao, Wei Liu, Tao Xia and Shuai He 
S913322Qi DingOral Vulnerability to impacts of climate change on marine fisheries and food securityQi Ding1, Xinjun Chen2, Ray Hilborn3 and Yong Chen4 
S913445Tatiana KrupnovaOral Water dynamics influence on recovery of Laminaria (Saccharina japonica) fields at Primorye coast (Japan/East Sea)Tatiana Krupnova, Vladimir Matveev, Yury Zuenko, and Irina Tsypysheva 
S913620Young-Sug KimPoster Statistical analysis of seasonal water pollutants affecting phytoplankton proliferation on the South Korean coastsYoung-Sug Kim,Tae-Young Heo, Jung-No Kwon 
S913587Artyom Y. TadzhibaevPoster The value of ecosystem services of the West Bering SeaArtyom Y. Tadzhibaev, Olga N. Lukyanova 
S913305Oxana G. MikhailovaWithdrawal Commercial stock assessment and forecast of northern shrimp Pandalus eous on the south-western KamchatkaOхana G. Mikhailova and Oleg I. Ilyin  yes
S913534Artyom Y. TadzhibaevWithdrawal Valuing ecosystem services of the West Bering SeaArtyom Y. Tadzhibaev, Olga N. Lukyanova  yes
S1013644Shoshiro MinobeInvited O2 trends in the last six decadesShoshiro Minobe 
S1013447Miho IshizuOral A marine carbon model coupled with an operational ocean model product for ocean acidification studies in the North Western PacificMiho Ishizu, Yasumasa Miyazawa, Tomohiko Tsunoda, Xinyu Guo  
S1012735Prof.(Dr.) Virendra GoswamiOral Development of physicochemical and spectroscopic methods to characterize the in-situ chemical speciation of the inorganic contaminants& Innovative Technologies  For Remediation of Water & Environmental Pollution By Catalytic Oxidants.   Prof.(Dr.) Virendra Goswami 
S1013436Ben P. HarveyOral Dissolution: the Achilles’ heel of gastropods in an acidifying oceanBen P. Harvey, Sylvain Agostini, Shigeki Wada, Kazuo Inaba and Jason M. Hall-Spencer 
S1013540Shingo KurosawaOral Effects of ocean acidification on net community production in coastal ecosystems: In situ assessment in natural CO2 seepsShingo Kurosawa, Shigeki Wada, Sylvain Agostini, Ben Harvey, Marco Milazzo and Jason Hall-Spencer 
S1013315Kunshan Gao Oral Effects of ocean acidification on phytoplankton physiology and primary productivity Kunshan Gao  
S1013498Masahiko FujiiOral Evaluation and prediction of the influences of ocean acidification to the subarctic coastTakuto Yamaka, Shintaro Takao and Masahiko Fujii 
S1013453Haruko. KuriharaOral Evaluation of carbon chemistry along the near-shore coast of JapanHaruko. Kurihara, Naoko Yasuda, Michiyo Yamamoto-Kawai, Shota Shimizu, Masahiro Nakaoka and Hyojin Ahn 
S1013653Amber M. HoldsworthOral High Resolution Biogeochemical Modelling of Canadian Northeast Pacific WatersAmber M. Holdsworth, James R. Christian and Youyu Lu 
S1013260Di QiOral Increase in acidifying water in the western Arctic OceanDi Qi1,2, Liqi Chen1*, Baoshan Chen3, 4, Zhongyong Gao1, Wenli Zhong5, Richard A. Feely6, Leif G. Anderson7, Heng Sun1, Jianfang Chen8, Min Chen2, Liyang Zhan1, Yuanhui Zhang1,Wei-Jun Cai3, 4* 
S1013657Tetjana RossOral Long-term variability in the Oxygen Minimum Zone and carbonate chemistry in the North East Pacific and potential impacts on seamount communities Tetjana Ross, Cherisse Du Preez , Debby Ianson, Tammy Norgard and Marie Robert 
S1013243Jessica N. CrossOral Ocean acidification impacts on biogeochemistry and the decadal variability of Total AlkalinityJessica N. Cross, Brendan R. Carter, Samantha A. Siedlecki, Simone R. Alin, Nina Bednarsek, Andrew G. Dickson, Richard A. Feely, Richard H. Wanninkhof, Alison M. Macdonald, Sabine Mecking, and Lynne D. Talley 
S1013582Shigeki WadaOral Photosynthetic activity of early successional phytobenthos at a shallow CO2 seep off Shikine Island, JapanShigeki Wada, Agostini Sylvain, Ben Harvey, Yuko Omori, Jason Hall-Spencer 
S1013278Jason Hall-SpencerOral The ecological effects of ocean acidification in the North Pacific OceanJason Hall-Spencer, Ben Harvey, Shigeki Wada, Koetsu Kon, Marco Milazzo, Kazuo Inaba, Sylvain Agostini 
S1013365Dharmamony VijaiPoster A meta-analysis of physiological responses of cephalopods to ocean acidificationDharmamony Vijai, Ben P. Harvey, Kunshan Gao 
S1013313Abigail McQuatters-Gollop & Jason Hall-Spencer Poster Communicating Ocean Acidification in East Asia: what are the key messages for policy makers and society?Abigail McQuatters-Gollop and Jason Hall-Spencer1 
S1013631Mi-Ju YePoster Development and persistence of hypoxia and related environmental parameters at Jinhae Bay, south coast of Korea in 2011-2015Mi-Ju Ye, JeongHee Shim, Jae Hyun Lim, Jung-no Kwon and Tongsup Lee 
S1013640Akio IshidaPoster Long-term Trends in surface ocean pCO2 seasonality in the northwestern North PacificAkio Ishida 
S1013401Toshiya NakanoPoster Recent deoxygenation in the Japan Sea Proper Water in the northeastern Japan BasinToshiya Nakano, Daisuke Sasano, Takahiro Kitagawa, Naoki Nagai, Yoshiteru Kitamura, Michio Aoyama and Masao Ishii  
S1013409Tsuneo OnoPoster Temporal variation of the saturation state of carbonate in intermediate waters of western North PacificTsuneo Ono, Katsunori Kimoto, and Yuji Okazaki  
S1013462Shingo KurosawaWithdrawal Effects of ocean acidification on net community production in coastal ecosystems: In situ assessment in natural CO2 seeps Shingo Kurosawa, Shigeki Wada, Sylvain Agostini, Ben Harvey, Marco Milazzo and Jason Hall-Spencer  yes
S1013314Kunshan Gao Withdrawal Effects of ocean acidification on phytoplankton physiology and primary productivity Kunshan Gao   yes
S1113506Yang LiuOral Analysis of monthly variation of fishing zone for Pacific saury using Multi-Sensor satellite and fishery dataYang Liu, YongJun Tian, Hao Tian, Guanyu Chen, Jianchao Li, Shigang Liu, Luxin Yan, Yuan Li and Long-Shan Lin  
S1113665Brian P. V. HuntOral Application of bulk and compound specific isotopes to resolving regional productivity regimes experienced by Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii) on the coast of British Columbia, CanadaBrian P. V. Hunt, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Wade Smith 
S1113448Yan-Lun,WuOral Application of time series analysis to detect the effect of multi-scale climate indices on global yellowfin tuna populationYan-Lun,Wu*, Kuo-Wei Lan 
S1113427Wei YuOral Climate variability with impacts on habitat suitability of chub mackerel Scomber japonicus in the East China Sea Wei Yu, Xinjun Chen, Weiguo Qian and Yuesong Li 
S1113673R.D. BrodeurOral Community and trophic impacts of the unprecedented North Pacific marine heatwave on forage taxa in the northern California CurrentRichard D. Brodeur, Mary E. Hunsicker, Toby D. Auth, and Todd W. Miller  
S1113295Li HongjunOral Contrasting the relative contribution of species sorting and dispersal limitation to marine macrozooplankton community diversity in coastal Bohai SeaGao Yangchun,Li Hongjun,Zhan Aibin 
S1113377Masahide KaeriyamaOral Influence of climate warming for migration, growth and survival of Japanese chum salmon in the North Pacific Ocean and the Okhotsk SeaMasahide Kaeriyama and Yusuke Urabe 
S1113386Lisa EisnerOral Large zooplankton abundance as an indicator of Walleye Pollock recruitment in the southeastern Bering SeaLisa Eisner, Ellen Yasumiishi and Alex Andrews 
S1113583Jacek MaselkoOral Long-lived marine fish employing broadcast spawning may be resilient to environmental variability: a selective sieve hypothesisJacek Maselko 
S1113650Peng LianOral Long-term variations and hotspots in habitat of Japanese-Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus niphonius) based on spatial analysisPeng Lian, Yongjun Tian, Jianchao Li, Haiqing Yu, Yang Liu, Caihong Fu, Xindong Pan, Qinghuan Zhu, Chi Zhang, Zhenjiang Ye 
S1113497Lping YinOral Physical factors influencing the recapture rate and yield of the edible jellyfish in the Liaodong Bay, ChinaLiping Yin, Xiujuan Shan,Chang Zhao,Guansuo Wang, Fangli Qiao 
S1113647Haiqing YuOral Potential environmental drivers of Japanese anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) recruitment in the Yellow Sea Haiqing Yu, Huaming Yu, Shin-ichi Ito, Yongjun Tian, Yang Liu 
S1113667Sei-Ichi SaitohOral Practical procedure for potential fishing zone prediction of neon flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) in the north western North PacificSei-Ichi Saitoh, Irene Alabia, Hiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Masafumi Kamachi and Yutaka Imamura  
S1113531Yasunori SakuraiOral Recent decline in winter stock of Japanese flying squid, Todarodes pacificus related to climate change during winter-springYasunori Sakurai 
S1113542Bungo NishizawaOral Seabird density relative to their prey and water mass distributions around St. Lawrence Island, northern Bering Sea during summerBungo Nishizawa, Haruka Hayashi, Nodoka Yamada, Hiromichi Ueno, Tohru Mukai, Toru Hirawake, and Yutaka Watanuki 
S1113342YANHUI ZHUOral Seasonal dynamics in pelagic fish abundance around Set-net in Kochi prefectureYanhui Zhu, Kenji Minami, Yuka Iwahara, Kentaro Oda, Koichi Hidaka, Osamu Hoson, Kouji Morishita, Sentaro Tsuru, Masahito Hirota, Hokuto Shirakawa and Kazushi Miyashita 
S1113482Tzu-Hsiang LinOral Spatial distributions and catch rates variability of Bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) cohorts related to oceanographic and climatic indices in the Pacific OceanTzu-Hsiang Lin, Kuo-Wei Lan 
S1113651Mei SatoPoster Assessing the availability and accessibility of prey for the Southern Resident Killer Whales Mei Sato and Andrew W. Trites 
S1113515Chris RooperPoster Linkages between pelagic temperature and zooplankton abundance, and growth and recruitment of Pacific ocean perch in AlaskaChristopher N. Rooper, Jennifer L. Boldt, Peter-John F. Hulson, and Sonia Batten  
S1113591Takeshi OkunishiPoster On the relationship between sea temperature and fishing ground formations of chub mackerel in the region off Sanriku, northwestern PacificTakeshi Okunishi, Daisuke Hasegawa, Chikako Watanabe, Ryuji Yukami and Kazuyoshi Watanabe  
S1113323Wentseng LoPoster Spatiotemporal variations of chaetognaths associated with hydrographic features in the coastal waters off southwestern TaiwanWentseng Lo and Wenting Luo 
S1213603Shingo KimuraOral Effects of global warming on spawning behavior of the Pacific bluefin tuna based on otolith oxygen stable isotope analysisShingo Kimura, Yulina Hane, Yusuke Yokoyama, Yosuke Miyairi, Takayuki Ushikubo and Nobuhiro Ogawa  
S1213383Xindong PanOral Life-history connectivity in a highly migratory fish, Japanese Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus niphonius), implications from otolith chemistryXindong Pan, Chi Zhang, Zhenjiang Ye, Binduo Xu, Yang Liu and Yongjun Tian 
S1213510Barbara MuhlingOral Migration paths and habitat use of albacore in the eastern North Pacific, with implications for surface fisheries Barbara Muhling, Desiree Tommasi, Owyn Snodgrass, Heidi Dewar 
S1213363Kento NakatsugawaOral Spatio-temporal distribution of albacore Thunnus alalunga and its relationship with environmental changes in the Pacific OceanKento Nakatsugawa, Hidetada Kiyofuji and Shingo Kimura 
S1213426Ayako SudaWithdrawal Development of male-specific DNA markers in the Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientali): Potential applications to sex ratio control in aquaculture and contributions to tuna resource managementAyako Suda, Tsubasa Uchino, Issei Nishiki, Yuki Iwasaki, Masashi Sekino, Tetsuya Akita, Nobuaki Suzuki and Atushi Fujiwarawill send update yes
S1213602Shingo KimuraWithdrawal Effects of global warming on spawning behavior of the Pacific bluefin tuna based on otolith oxygen stable isotope analysisShingo Kimura, Yulina Hane, Yusuke Yokoyama, Yosuke Miyairi, Takayuki Ushikubo and Nobuhiro Ogawa   yes
BIO-P13594Samantha ZemanOral Calanus marshallae and Calanus pacificus egg production in relation to environmental variables in a productive upwelling zone in the northern California CurrentSamantha Zeman, Jay Peterson, Jennifer Fisher, William Peterson  
BIO-P13490Jiajia NingOral Contribution of different organic carbon sources to the food web of a subtropical mangrove ecosystem, ChinaJiajia Ning, Yafang Li, Xuehui Wang, Lianggen Wang, Yangguang Gu, Feiyan Du 
BIO-P13405Lei XuOral Diversity of marine planktonic ostracods in South China Sea: a DNA taxonomy approachLei Xu, Lianggen Wang, Jiajia Ning, Hong Li, Yingying Ji, Feiyan Du 
BIO-P13402Szymon SurmaOral Energy-based ecosystem modelling illuminates the ecological role of Northeast Pacific herringSzymon Surma, Evgeny A. Pakhomov and Tony J. Pitcher 
BIO-P13390Rachel J. ArnoldOral Genomic sequence diversity and population structure of Longfin Smelt (Spirinchus thaleichthys) in the Nooksack River using 2b-RADRachel J. Arnold 
BIO-P13626Jumpei OkadoOral Local forage fish availability and the reproductive performance of Rhinoceros Auklets in Hokkaido, JapanJumpei Okado, Motohiro Ito, Makoto Hasebe, Akiko Shoji, Haruka Hayashi,Nobuhiko Sato, Yosuke Koshino, Ui Shimabukuro, Akinori Takahashi, Kenta Watanabe, Tomohiro Kuwae, Yutaka Watanuki 
BIO-P13550Siyu JiangOral Microzooplankton selective grazing on phytoplankton in the subtropical North Pacific OceanSiyu Jiang, Fuminori Hashihama and Hiroaki Saito 
BIO-P13437Amatzia GeninOral Mixing, stratification and spring bloom in an oligotrophic sea Amatzia Genin, Margarita Zarubin and Yoav Lindemann 
BIO-P13319Junya HiraiOral Reproductive isolation in oceanic copepods revealed by genome-wide SNP dataJunya Hirai 
BIO-P13364Yuki TakemuroOral Sampling efficiency of ichthyoplankton in the northern Bering Sea: an inter-gear comparison Yuki Takemuro, Haruka Hayashi, Nodoka Yamada, Bungo Nishizawa, and Orio Yamamura 
BIO-P13443Lianggen WangOral Seasonal variation of micro-copepod assembages and impact of ichthyplankon in South China SeaLianggen Wang, Feiyan Du, Xuehui Wang, Jiajia Ning, Lei Xu, Yafang Li 
BIO-P13662Andrew W. TritesOral Simple models predict daily prey consumption by marine mammals as a function of their cost of livingAndrew W. Trites 
BIO-P13368Carol LaddOral Spatial and temporal variability of coccolithophore blooms in the eastern Bering SeaCarol Ladd, Lisa Eisner, Sigrid Salo, Calvin Mordy, and Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez 
BIO-P13275Abigail McQuatters-GollopOral The Plankton Index: A regional pelagic biodiversity indicator for ecosystem-based managementAbigail McQuatters-Gollop, Angus Atkinson, Jacob Bedford, Mike Best, Eileen Bresnan, Kathryn Cook, Michelle Devlin, Richard Gowen, David G. Johns, Clare Ostle, Cordula Scherer, and Paul Tett 
BIO-P13421Seung Ho BaekPoster Appearance characteristics of harmful algal bloom species related with coastal environments caused by different water mass in southern sea of KoreaSeung Ho Baek, Jin Ho Kim, Minji Lee, and Kyoungsoon Shin 
BIO-P13371Emiko TakanoPoster Biomass and community composition of microzooplankton with reference to their nutritional mode in the North Pacific OceanEmiko Takano, Sachiko Horii, Yasuhide Nakamura and Kazutaka Takahashi 
BIO-P13374Minju KimPoster Community structure of mesozooplankton during spring and summer in the Ulleung island, KoreaMinju Kim and Jung-Hoon Kang 
BIO-P13432Dong-Hoon ImPoster Copepod community structure and energy flow around subpolar front in the East Sea (Japan Sea)Dong-Hoon Im, Seung-Kyu Kim, and Hae-Lip Suh 
BIO-P13579Setsuko SakamotoPoster Distribution and environmental characteristics of harmful dinoflagellate Karenia digitata on the coast of JapanSetsuko Sakamoto, Shizuka Ohara and Kazuhiko Koike 
BIO-P13434Sijun ChenPoster Geographical variation of UV protective compounds in zooplankton in the subtropical North Pacific OceanSijun Chen, Kazutaka Takahashi, Victor S. Kuwahara, Tomoyo Katayama  
BIO-P13600Du FeiyanPoster Molecular Phylogenetic of Oithona based on mitochondrial COI and 18S geneDu Feiyan, Wang Xingxia, Xu Lei, Wang Lianggen, ChenXiao, Wang Xuehui 
BIO-P13629Takuya SatoPoster Nitrogen fixation and diazotroph community structure in the high latitude region around Hokkaido, northern JapanTakuya Sato, Yukiko Taniuchi, Hiromi Kasai, Takuhei Shozaki and Kazutaka Takahashi 
BIO-P13491Sachiko HoriiPoster Nitrogen isotope landscape in primary producers in the Pacific Ocean[Sachiko Horii, Kazutaka Takahashi, Takuhei Shiozaki, Iwao Tanita, Yoshiki Kato, Taketoshi Kodama, Tsuneo Ono, Hiroaki Kurogi and Ken Furuya] 
BIO-P13611Haruka SatoPoster Pelagic ostracods in Suruga Bay, Japan: their species diversity and population dynamicsHaruka Sato, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Takashi Yoshikawa, Rumi Sohrin, Yumiko Obayashi and Jun Nishikawa  
BIO-P13475Gabriel R FreitasPoster Plankton diversity and community structure based on a cabled observatory dataGabriel R. Freitas, Hidekatsu Yamazaki, Rubens Lopes, Leandro Ticlia and Takeyoshi Nagai 
BIO-P13473Kana OtakaPoster Seasonal occurrences and diel color changes of planktonic copepods Sapphirinidae (Copepoda, Cyclopoida) in Sagami Bay, JapanKana Otaka, Kazutaka Takahashi, Tomohiko Kikuchi, Tatsuki Toda and Shinji Shimode 
BIO-P13422Seung Ho BaekPoster Succession phenomenon of Cochlodinium polykrikoides and Alexandrium affine related with changes of coastal environments in the southern sea of Korea in summerYoung Kyun Lim, Seung Ho Baek, Jin Ho Kim, Minji Lee, Young Ok Kim, and Hyun Ho Shin 
BIO-P13632Jeong-Min ShimPoster The influence of oceanic conditions on the occurrence of Cochlodinium polykrikoides blooms in the East Sea, KoreaJeong-Min Shim, Gi-Young Kwon and YongHwa Lee 
BIO-P13423Seung Ho BaekPoster The rapid kit and its digital reader for harmful algal detectionSeungshicYum, Kyoungsoon Shin, and Seung Ho Baek 
BIO-P13406Ken-ichi NakamuraPoster The role of ammonium excretion of small planktonic copepods in epipelagic nitrogen cycle in the subtropical North Pacific OceanKen-ichi Nakamura, Kazutaka Takahashi, Fuminori Hashihama and Ken Furuya 
BIO-P13455Yutaro NagatomoPoster Transpaficic distribution of micronektonic fish community in the subtropical open waterYutaro Nagatomo, Kazutaka Takahashi, Tetsuya Sado, Masaki Miya, Fuminori Hashihama, Sachiko Horii and Junya Hirai 
FIS-P13355Shufang LiuOral Application of DNA metabarcoding on biodiversity research of nekton communityShufang Liu and Zhimeng Zhuang 
FIS-P13399Nadezda A. RastyagaevaOral Biological monitoring of Pacific salmon at the hatcheries of Kamchatka regionNadezda A. Rastyagaeva, Svetlana L. Rudakova, Olga O. Kim, and Natalia N. Romadenkova 
FIS-P13419Binduo XuOral Effects of sample size and distribution characteristics of survey data on estimation of abundance index of fish population using delta-distribution modelJian Liu, Jing Wang, Binduo Xu, Chongliang Zhang, Ying Xue and Yiping Ren 
FIS-P13530Seonggil GoOral Estimation of a temperature-dependent Gompertz-Laird growth equation of chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) larvaeSeonggil Go, Sukgeun Jung 
FIS-P13344Jia WoOral Evaluating the effect of data manipulation on clustering analysis on fish abundance Jia Wo, Chongliang Zhang, Binduo Xu, Ying Xue, Yiping Ren  
FIS-P13428Wei YuOral Habitat suitability modeling reveals climate-driven abundance variability and geographical distribution shift of winter-spring cohort of neon flying squid in the Northwest Pacific Ocean Wei Yu, Xinjun Chen, Qian Yi and Yong Chen  
FIS-P13561Svetlana Yu. OrlovaOral Pacific Flatnose (Antimora microlepis, Moridae, Gadiformes) in the North Pacific: an overview of their distribution, genetic diversity, otoliths, and parasitesAlexei М. Orlov, Svetlana Yu. Orlova, Alexei A. Baitaliuk, Ilya I. Gordeev, Pavel K. Afanasiev, Nikolai B. Korostelev 
FIS-P13672Gordon H. KruseOral Reproductive biology and fishery management of snow and Tanner crabs in the eastern Bering SeaGordon H. Kruse, April Rebert, Jonathan I. Richar, Laura M. Slater and Joel B. Webb 
FIS-P13548Kyunghwan LeeOral Stock assessment of Pacific anchovy (Engraulis japonicus) biomass in the Korea Strait based on Simulation-based yield-per-recruit analysisKyunghwan Lee, Seonggil Go and Sukgeun Jung 
FIS-P13270Olga NovikovaOral The dynamics of the biomass of the bottom fish major families in the eastern part of the Sea of Okhotsk in 1960-2017 Olga Novikova 
FIS-P13412Hiromichi IgarashiPoster A statistical approach to estimate optimal habitat suitability of walleye pollock off the northeastern coast of JapanHiromichi Igarashi, Yoichi Ishikawa, Yusuke Tanaka, Takehisa Yamakita, Misako Matsuba, Yumiko Yara and Katsunori Fujikura 
FIS-P13332Anastasia M. KhrustalevaPoster Adaptive variability at MHC class II gene Onne-DAB in two largest sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) populations in AsiaAnastasia M. Khrustaleva 
FIS-P13609Hwa Hyun LeePoster Changes in the specific gravity of Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus, during the early life stagesHwa Hyun Lee and Suam Kim 
FIS-P13457Lu GuanPoster Characterizing spatial structures of larval fish assemblages at multiple scales in relation to environmental heterogeneity in the Strait of Georgia (British Columbia, Canada)Lu Guan, John Dower and Pierre Pepin 
FIS-P13361Zhimeng ZhuangPoster Development and application of DNA barcode electronic microarray for species identification of fishes of the family Clupeidae (Osteichthyes:Clupeiformes)Shufang Liu and Zhimeng Zhuang 
FIS-P13584Naoki TojoPoster Interactions within fisheries eco-/econo-system and impact of participatory research in a coastal community: in the model area of IndonesiaNaoki Tojo, Takaaki Mori, Ayumi Kanaya, Mitsutaku Makino, Mark Wells, Vldmir Kulk, Joon-Soo Lee, Shion Takemura, Charles Trick, Chang-an Xu, Suhendar Sachoemar 
FIS-P13556Chiyuki SassaPoster Interannual variations in distribution and abundance of yellowtail Seriola quinqueradiata larvae in the East China Sea: southward expansion of spawning groundChiyuki Sassa, Motomitsu Takahashi, Yoshinobu Konishi, Yoshimasa Aonuma and Youichi Tsukamoto 
FIS-P13585Ayumi KanayaPoster Participatory research in resource production for sustainable fisheries and estimation of option value in Indoramayu IndonesiaAyumi Kanaya, Takaaki Mori, Naoki Tojo, Mitsutaku Makino, Mark Wells, Vldmir Kulk, Joon-Soo Lee, Shion Takemura, Charles Trick, Chang-an Xu, Suhendar Sachoemar 
FIS-P13331Anastasia M. KhrustalevaPoster Population complexes of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) on the Asian Pacific CoastAnastasia M. Khrustaleva and James E.Seeb 
FIS-P13458S.OvsyannikovaPoster Seasonal distribution of walleye pollock in the South Kuril RegionS.Ovsyannikova, E. Ovsyannikov, A.Sheybak 
FIS-P13269Mikhail A. StepanenkoPoster The Bering Sea pollock environmentally-dependent spawning diversity, fluctuation of recruitment, migration and spatial distributionMikhail A. Stepanenko, Elena V. Gritsay  
FIS-P13279Olga NovikovaPoster The distribution and the size composition of myoxocephalus jaok cuvier, 1829 and m. polyacanthocephalus pallas, 1814 on the west coast of KamchatkaAndrei Matveev 
FIS-P13282Tatiana N. NaumovaPoster The review of the fisheries of pacific capelin (mallotus villosus catervarius) in Russian Far Eastern Seas in 2010–2017 Tatiana N. Naumova 
FIS-P13501Naoki TojoWithdrawal Interactions within fisheries eco-/econo-system and impact of participatory research in a coastal community: in the model area of IndonesiaNaoki Tojo, Takaaki Mori, Ayumi Kanaya, Mitsutaku Makino  yes
FIS-P13521Ayumi KanayaWithdrawal Participatory research in resource production for sustainable fisheries and estimation of option value in Indoramayu IndonesiaAyumi KANAYA, Takaaki MORI, Naoki TOJO, Mitsutaku MAKINO  yes
HD-P13576Keith R. CriddleOral Attenuating durable use rights to public resourcesKeith R. Criddle, Arthur R. Wardle 
HD-P13580Natalie BanOral Historical and contemporary Indigenous marine conservation strategies in the North PacificNatalie C Ban, Emma Wilson and Doug Neasloss 
HD-P13589S. Kim JuniperOral Observing Canada’s Pacific coastal ocean: Networks, programs and pathways to operationalization S. Kim Juniper, Akash Sastri, Charles Hannah, Jennifer jackson, Bryan Hunt 
HD-P13575Keith R. CriddleOral Successes and failures of regulatory requirements to rebuild depleted stocks in U.S. fisheriesKeith R. Criddle 
HD-P13504Sheku SeiOral Temperature variations account for decreases in pelagic fish abundance in the North East Atlantic fishery of Sierra Leone Sheku Sei, Ciaran O’Donell and Abdulaye Sarre 
MEQ-P13430Su-Hyun KimOral Atmospheric long-range transport of microplastics: a preliminary result of atmospheric fall-out samples from a remote island (Daecheong Is.), South KoreaSu-Hyun Kim and Seung-Kyu Kim* 
MEQ-P13637Ying JiaOral Cell cycle study of Dinophysis acuminata: division and toxin productionMengmeng Tong and Ying Jia 
MEQ-P13568Seongbong SeoOral Fate of floating debris released from Major rivers around KoreaSeongbong Seo, Young-Gyu Park 
MEQ-P13516Wu MENOral Fukushima-derived 137Cs and 134Cs in the Northwest Pacific Ocean in 2017Wu Men, Jianhua He, Wen Yu, Fenfen Wang, Feng Lin, Fangfang Deng, Jing Lin, Tao Yu 
MEQ-P13325Pengbin WangOral Harmful algal blooms (HABs) may trigger and accelerate hypoxia zone formation at the Pearl River EstuaryPengbin Wang, Douding Lu, Leo Lai Chan, Xinfeng Dai and Jiajun Wu 
MEQ-P13599Olga N. LukyanovaOral Persistent organic pollutants in bottom and pelagic fish from the Sea of OkhotskOlga N. Lukyanova, Vasiliy Yu. Tsygankov and Margarita D. Boyarova 
MEQ-P13299Baodong WangOral Retrospect and prospect of status of coastal eutrophication in China SeasBaodong Wang, Ming Xin, Qinsheng Wei 
MEQ-P13353Zhengguo CuiOral Technology of assessing marine fishery losses caused by oil spills in ChinaZhengguo Cui, Keming Qu and Bijuan Chen 
MEQ-P13596Kanako NaitoPoster Distribution of harmful algae, nutrients and iron in Bungo Channel, western Seto Inland Sea, JapanKanako Naito, Nodoka Kai, Setsuko Sakamoto and Masahiro Maruo 
MEQ-P13617Dong-Woon HwangPoster Distributions of organic matter and heavy metal in Korean coastal sediments and their pollution assessmentDong-Woon Hwang, Pyoung-Joong Kim, Seong-Gil Kim, Byoung-Seol Koh, Sang-Ok Ryu, Jung-No Kwon 
MEQ-P13264Tatyana BelanPoster Marine environment quality assessment of the coastal areas around Vladivostok, using biological and chemical data analyses (the Sea of Japan/East Sea) Alexander Moshchenko, Tatyana Belan, Boris Borisov and Tatyana Lishavskaya 
MEQ-P13543Chunlei GaoPoster Multiple toxins determined in shellfish collected from the north Bering Sea and Chukchi Sea and its northern areaChunlei Gao, Meng Chen, Shuya Lin, Chenlin Liu 
MEQ-P13639Anna S.VazhovaPoster Radiological investigation in the Far Eastern seas of Russia Galina S.Borisenko,Sergey P.Dudkov, Anna S.Vazhova 
MEQ-P13373Jung Hoon KangPoster Spatial characteristics of microplastic in the zooplankton samples collected from the Yellow SeaJung Hoon Kang, Oh-Youn Kwon, Minju Kim, Sang Hee Hong, Won Joon Shim 
MEQ-P13372Ying JiaWithdrawal Cell cycle study of Dinophysis acuminata: division and toxin productionMengmeng Tong and Ying Jia  yes
POC-P13469Qimao WangOral Chinese ocean satellites and applicationQimao Wang, Bin Zou and Lijian Shi 
POC-P13535Hajoon SongOral Data assimilation of physical and chlorophyll-a observations in the California Current System using two biogeochemical modelsJann Paul Mattern, Hajoon Song, Christopher A. Edwards, Andrew M. Moore and Jerome Fiechter 
POC-P13461Bin ZouOral Marine Environmental monitoring with GF satellite dataBin Zou,Lijian Shi and Qimao Wang 
POC-P13411Mio TeradaOral Mechanisms of future upwelling change in the equatorial Pacific using CMIP5 modelsMio Terada, Shoshiro Minobe and Curtis Deutsch 
POC-P13477Yury ZuenkoOral Recent changes in producing of the Intermediate water in the Okhotsk Sea Yury Zuenko, Alexander Figurkin, Vladimir Matveev 
POC-P13470Lijian Shi,Oral Sea Ice Extent Retrieval with HY-2A Scatterometer data and its Assessmentlijian shi 
POC-P13485Makoto KashiwaiOral Stirring and up-lifting of deep water at the entrance straits of Sea of Okhotsk --- shown by data including flagged ‘questionable’ or ‘bad’.Makoto Kashiwai 
POC-P13471Kosei KomatsuOral Structure and impact of the Kuroshio nutrient streamKosei Komatsu and Yutaka Hiroe 
POC-P13524Daisuke HasegawaOral Subduction and Mixing processes of the front between the Oyashio and the Tsugaru Warm CurrentDaisuke Hasegawa, Takahiro Tanaka and Takeshi Okunishi 
POC-P13526Kosei KomatsuOral Swell-dominant surface waves inherent in the coastal shape of rias bays facing the western North PacificKosei Komatsu and Kiyoshi Tanaka 
POC-P13508Fangli QiaoOral To initiate seasonal prediction for PICES FUTUREFangli Qiao, Zhao Yiding, Yin Xunqiang and Song Yajuan 
POC-P13604Hitoshi, KanekoPoster Decadal salinity variation in the western North Pacific correlated with the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation and the strength of the Kuroshio ExtensionHitoshi Kaneko, Takeshi Okunishi, Shinya Kouketsu, Sachihiko Itoh, Takashi Setou, Hiroshi Kuroda and Yugo Shimizu  
POC-P13605Natalia I. RudykhPoster Instrumental observations in Peter the Great Bay during more than 100 years: what changedNatalia I. Rudykh 
POC-P13389Daiki ItoPoster Kuroshio warm water intrusion observed by high-resolution surveyDaiki Ito, Yugo Shimizu and Daisuke Ambe 
POC-P13488Kwang-Young JeongPoster Reproducing the sea level in the last 30 years to predict in the Northwest Pacific using a numerical modelKwang-Young Jeong, Eunil Lee, Ho-Kyun Kim, Yang-Ki Cho, Myeong-Taek Kwak, Yong-Yub Kim 
POC-P13487Yugo ShimizuPoster Seasonal and longer-term variation of the Kuroshio temperature and salinity based on repeat observation along 138˚EYugo Shimizu, Keiichi Yamazaki, Takeshi Okunishi, Akira Kusaka, Daisuke Ambe, Daiki Ito, Takashi Setou, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Atsushi Nishimoto and Sayaka Sogawa 
POC-P13483Jimin KoPoster The real-time warning system against rip currents occurred at Korean peninsulaJimin Ko, Yong Huh and Junwoo Choi 
GP13415Kyeong Ok KimPoster A numerical study on the circulation, wave and suspended sediment in the Yellow and East China Seas Kyeong Ok Kim, Igor Brovchenko, Vladimir Maderich, Hanna Kim, Mee Kyung Kim and Kyung Tae Jung 
GP13553Misako MatsubaPoster Accumulation of tsunami debris on the seafloor depends on tsunami impact, bathymetry and ocean velocityMisako Matsuba, Yusuke Tanaka, Takehisa Yamakita, Yoichi Ishikawa and Katsunori Fujikura  
GP13505Atsuko YamaguchiPoster Age and growth of the herbivorous fish, Kyphosus bigibbus, determined by accurate age determination techniques, for elucidating the effects on algal ecosystems in the Northwest coast of Kyushu, JapanYoshimi Ogino, Keisuke Furumitsu, Takanari Kiriyama and Atsuko Yamaguchi 
GP13340Minuk LEEPoster Age determination and growth estimation of the white-spotted conger eel, Conger myriaster (Brevoort, 1856) in marine waters of South KoreaJ. H. Bae, M. U. Lee, P. G. Jung, J. H. Na and C. W. Oh 
GP13394Josep V. PlanasPoster Assessment of reproductive development in female Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis)Josep V. Planas, Claude L. Dykstra, Tracee Geernaert and Timothy Loher 
GP13464Masaki KakitaPoster Behavior of Microplastics in Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Sludge Treatment Processes in Wastewater Treatment Plants in JapanMasaki Kakita, Shuhei Tanaka, Yuji Suzuki, Satoru Yukioka, Yoshiki Nabetani, Taishi Ushijima, Shigeo Fujii and Hideshige Takada 
GP13612Hirano KatsushiPoster Can a deep-sea copepod trophically utilize bacterial bioluminescence and chitinolysis?Katsushi Hirano, Kentaro Takada, Hideto Fukushima, Toshihiro Nakai, Yoshihiro Sanbongi and Susumu Ohtsuka 
GP13330Alexei OrlovPoster Changes in Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) size distribution in the North Pacific Ocean over 6 millennia: possible impacts of fishing pressure or environmental variabilityCatherine F. West, Michael A. Etnier, Megan A. Partlow, Steven Barbeaux, Alexei Orlov 
GP13666Kentaro YoshikawaPoster Changes in the fish community in seagrass bed on the Pacific coast of northeastern Japan before and after (2009-2017) the tsunami following the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku EarthquakeKentaro Yoshikawa, Hikaru Nakano and Jun Shoji 
GP13398Ching-Hsien HoPoster Changes in the fish species composition seasonality and in the coastal zones of the Tsushima warm current during periods of climate change: Observations from the set-net fishery of Chiba Prefecture in JapanChing-Hsien Ho and Nobuyuki Yagi 
GP13622Jin-Wook SongPoster Characteristics of Dissolved Organic Matter in Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) in Jeju IslandJin-Wook Song, Tae-Hoon Kim 
GP13563Sang-Chul ChaPoster Climate-related decadal sea level and heat content shifts in the tropical PacificSang-Chul Cha, Jae-Hong Moon 
GP13429Roman NovikovPoster Coastal fishing of Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) and its prospects of development in the Asian part of the areal.Roman Novikov 
GP13460Jeong Hyeon KimPoster Community organization of macrobenthic sessile organisms responding to the submerging time of artificial panels in the embayment of the East China Sea, South KoreaJeong Hyeon Kim, Jin Young Seo and Jin Woo Choi 
GP12588Yingqiu ZhangPoster Dietary composition and trophic niche partitioning of Hexagrammos agrammus, Hexagrammos otakii, Sebastes schlegelii, and Lateolabrax maculatus in the Yellow Sea revealed by stomach content analysis and stable isotope analysisYingqiu Zhang, Qiang Xu, Qinzeng Xu, Josep Alós, Hongye Zhang, Hongsheng Yang 
GP13564Ji Seok HongPoster Effect of surface gravity waves on upper-ocean mixing in the northern East China Sea in summer using an ocean-wave coupled modeling systemJi Seok Hong, Jae Hong Moon, Joon Ho Lee and Su Bin Kim 
GP13397Jin-Young SeoPoster Effects of biocides of antifouling paints and by-products from vessels on embryos of a sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus nudusJin-Young Seo, Jeong-Hyeon Kim, Jin-Woo Choi 
GP13396Josep V. PlanasPoster Electronically monitoring release method as a proxy for Pacific halibut discard mortality rates in the directed Pacific halibut longline fisheryClaude L. Dykstra, Timothy Loher, Ian J. Stewart, Allan C. Hicks and Josep V. Planas, 
GP13309Svetlana MarchenkoPoster Estimation of the hydrodynamic regime of water in the spring transitional season for half a century in the Kamchatsky Strait (the Aleutian island system)Svetlana Marchenko, Galina Vlasova and Natalia Rudykh  
GP13539Zuenko Yu.Poster Features of cyclonic activity over the Pacific Ocean and the Far Eastern Seas in spring and summer in 1995-2015Glebova S.Yu. 
GP13395Josep V. PlanasPoster Identification of molecular growth signatures in skeletal muscle of juvenile Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) for monitoring growth patterns in the Pacific halibut populationJosep V. Planas and Thomas P. Hurst 
GP13625Ken-ichi Kitahara Poster Identification of Terrestrial Sources of Microplastics into the Aquatic EnvironmentKen-ichi Kitahara and Haruhiko Nakata 
GP13494Takashi SetouPoster Impact of ARGO observation data on a sub meso-scale forecast based on ROMSTakashi Setou, Hiroshi Kuroda, Takeshi Okunishi, Hitoshi Kaneko, Yugo Shimizu, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Takahiko Kameda, Kazuhiro Aoki, Atsushi Nishimoto, Sayaka Sogawa and Takeshi Taneda 
GP13329Mariia A. ShulginaPoster Long-term seasonal dynamic (1996 – 2015) of the Diatoms genus Skeletonema from the Amurskii Bay, the Sea of Japan.Olga G. Shevchenko, Mariia A. Shulgina 
GP13624Yoichi EraPoster Microplastic Pollution in Freshwater Ecosystem -A Case study of Inland Lakes in JapanYoichi Era and Haruhiko Nakata 
GP13623Min-young LeePoster Monthly Distribution of Organic Matter in precipitation of Jeju IslandMin-Young Lee, Tae-hoon Kim 
GP13466Garry BenicoPoster Morphology and phylogeny of bloom-forming Takayama sp. associated with the recent fish kill events in the PhilippinesGarry Benico, Kazuya Takahashi, Rhodora Azanza and Mitsunori Iwataki3 
GP13636Yuji TeradaPoster Occurrence of Japanese whiting Sillago japonica in the shallow coastal waters of the central Seto Inland SeaYuji Terada and Jun Shoji 
GP13230Kevin Poster Resilience of the city of Douala to flood Kevin Mba zebaze and Constantin ZIBI ZIBI 
GP13544Momoko IchinokawaPoster Review of stock status of Japanese domestic fisheries and new harvest control rule in Japanese domestic fisheries managementMomoko Ichinokawa and Hiroshi Okamura 
GP13621Tsutomu TokeshiPoster Role of shallow channel to space -time variation of coastal fisheries resources -Relationship between coastal fisheries resources and oceanographic condition in Hyuga-Nada, Japan-Tsutomu Tokeshi, Kenji Nakanishi and Hirotaka Toyama 
GP13324Larissa A. GaykoPoster Temperature change along the Russian coast of the Japan Sea from 1991 to 2017Larissa A. Gayko 
GP13496Qiufen LiPoster Temporal and spatial characteristics of bacterial diversity in the environments of cage and kelp cultural area in Xiangshan Bay, China Qiufen Li, Yan Zhang and Yuze Mao 
GP13358Sangyeob KimPoster The environmental analysis for sustainable seaweed aquaculture management in Ariake Sea, JapanSangyeob Kim, Naoki Fujii 
GP13310Galina VlasovaPoster The role of regional atmospheric processes in the formation of the structure of currents in region of the straits surrounding Urup island (Kuril island system)Galina Vlasova 
GP13316Valentina V. MorozPoster The South Okhotsk Sea water thermal regime variability under influence of the water dynamic and atmospheric circulation in summerValentina V. Moroz, Tatyana A. Shatilina 
GP13503Chunjiang GuanPoster The state of red tide of China in 2017c Chunjiang Guan  
GP13663Tatiana OrlovaPoster The toxic dinoflagellate Prorocentrum foraminosum and its associated bacteria from the culture collection "Marine Biobank" NSCMB FEB RAS Tatiana Orlova, Kseniya Efimova, Irina Beleneva, Polina Kameneva, Vasilii Svetishev, Alexandr Karpenko 
GP13262Seonock WooPoster Transcriptome study of scleractinian coral Alveopora japoniaSeonock Woo1, Sung-Jin Hwang 2, In-Young Cho3 and Min-Sup Kim3 
GP13523Wai Mun LumPoster Ultrastructure and phylogeny of Chattonella subsalsa and C. marina/ovata/antiqua collected from various countriesWai Mun Lum, Kazuya Takahashi, Garry Benico, Hong Chang Lim, Po Teen Lim, Chui Pin Leaw, Rhodora Azanza, Elsa Furio, Sandric Chee Yew Leong, Thaithaworn Lirdwitayaprasit, Hikmah Thoha and Mitsunori Iwataki 
GP13489Kazuya TakahashiPoster Unarmored dinoflagellate Kapelodinium sp. with chloroplast derived from haptophyte Chrysochromulina sp.Kazuya Takahashi and Mitsunori Iwataki 
GP13507Georgiy S. MoiseenkoPoster Use of empirical orthogonal functions for monitoring cocolithophores in the upper layer of sea waterGeorgiy S. Moiseenko 
GP13449Jia-Huei LinPoster Variation in the catch rate and distribution of swordtip squid (Uroteuthis edulis) associated with factors of the oceanic environment in the southern East China SeaJia-Huei Lin, Kuo-Wei Lan and Cheng-Hsin Liao 
GP13317Valentina V. MorozPoster Water characteristics peculiarities formed by tides in the South Okhotsk Straits and adjacent areasValentina V. Moroz 
GP13381Mitsuhiro IshinoPoster Why the body size of walleye pollock larvae in Funka Bay and the adjacent waters, Hokkaido was large in 2016?Mitsuhiro Ishino, Tomonori Hamatsu, Masayuki Chimura, Hiroshige Tanaka and Yuuho Yamashita 
GP13379Misako MatsubaWithdrawal Accumulation of tsunami debris on the seafloor depends on tsunami impact, bathymetry and ocean velocityMisako Matsuba, Yusuke Tanaka, Takehisa Yamakita, Yoichi Ishikawa and Katsunori Fujikura  yes
GP13635Yuji TeradaWithdrawal Occurrence of Japanese whiting Sillago japonica in the shallow coastal waters of the central Seto Inland Sea Yuji Terada and Jun Shoji  yes
GP13495Qiufen LiWithdrawal Temporal and spatial haracterstics of bacterial diversity in the environments of cage and kelp cultural area in Xiangshan Bay, ChinaQiufen Li, Yan Zhang and Yuze Mao  yes
GP13431Wai Mun LumWithdrawal Ultrastructure and phylogeny of Chattonella subsalsa and C. marina/ovata/antiqua collected from various countriesWai Mun Lum, Kazuya Takahashi, Garry Benico, Hong Chang Lim, Po Teen Lim, Chui Pin Leaw, Rhodora Azanza, Elsa Furio, Sandric Chee Yew Leong, Thaithaworn Lirdwitayaprasit, Hikmah Thoha and Mitsunori Iwataki  yes
W113646Russell R. HopcroftInvited Gelatinous zooplankton in Alaskan waters: from nets to ROVsRussell R. Hopcroft 
W113538Shin-ichi UyeOral Blooms and non-blooms of the giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai in the East Asian Marginal Seas: 12-year monitoring using ships of opportunity Shin-ichi Uye, Hideki Ikeda, Mariko Takao, Hiroko Okawachi, Miwa Hayashi, Manabu Shimizu, Takashi Setou  
W113440Yasuhide NakamuraOral Ecological importance and new findings of phaeodarians and radiolarians in the North Pacific region.Yasuhide Nakamura and Akihiro Tuji 
W113517Ian PerryOral Gelatinous zooplankton in Pacific Canadian Waters since 1990: trends and ecosystem implicationsR. Ian Perry, Moira Galbraith, Kelly Young and Tamara Fraser 
W113545Song FengOral Hyposalinity and incremental micro-zooplankton supply in early-developed Nemopilema nomurai polyp survival, growth, and podocyst reproduction Song Feng, Jianing Lin, Song Sun, Fang Zhang, Chaolun Li 
W113675Richard D. BrodeurOral Identification of pelagic and demersal fish predators on gelatinous zooplankton in the Northeast Pacifc OceanRichard D. Brodeur, Troy W. Buckley, Richard E. Hibpshman, John C. Buchanan, and Douglas L. Draper 
W113643Fang ZhangOral Index of climate change: Inter-annual change of giant jellyfish Nemopilema nomurai in China coastal watersFang Zhang, Song Sun, Chaolun Li 
W113638Hideki IkedaOral Prediction of polyp growth in the moon jellyfish Aurelia coerulea: energy budget under various environmentsHideki Ikeda and Shin-ichi Uye 
W113537Najib CHAROUKIOral Spatial Occurrence of Gelatinous Plankton Biodiversity on the Moroccan Atlantic shelf and its Variability with the EnvironmentHounaida Farah IDRISSI 1, Najib CHAROUKI 1, Souad KIFANI 1 and Marek OSTROWSKI2 
W113416Satoshi KitajimaOral Temporal variations in abundance and sizes of Nemopilema nomurai in the northern East China Sea between 2006 and 2017Satoshi Kitajima, Haruya Yamada, Toru Hasegawa, Kou Nishiuchi, Yoko Kiyomoto and Takeshi Taneda 
W113592Samantha ZemanOral Trophic ecology of the neustonic cnidarian Velella velella in the northern California Current during an extensive bloom year: insights from gut contents and stable isotope analysis Samantha M. Zeman, Marco Corrales-Ugalde, Richard D. Brodeur and Kelly R. Sutherland 
W113559Brian P. V. HuntOral Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) to Measure Jellyfish Aggregations: an inter comparison with net samplingBrian P. V. Hunt, Jessica Schaub, Lucy Quayle, Evgeny A. Pakhomov, Keith Holmes and Yuhao Lu 
W113634Najib CHAROUKIOral What drives massive apparition of the Gelatinous Plankton on the Moroccan Atlantic continental shelfHounaida Farah IDRISSI 1, Najib CHAROUKI 1, Souad KIFANI 1 and Marek OSTROWSKI2 
W113641Nan WANGPoster Carbon distribution strategy of Aurelia coerulea polyps in the strobilation process in relation to temperature and food supplyNan WANG,Chaolun LI,Yantao WANG,Song FENG 
W113619Yumiko ObayashiPoster Degradation of gelatinous zooplankton carcass by microbial community in seawaterYumiko Obayashi, Kana Imanaka and Jun Nishikawa 
W113520P. EzhilarasanPoster Distribution of carnivorous gelatinous zooplankton along the northern Indian OceanP. Ezhilarasan, P. Sampathkumar and K. Ramu 
W113554Yusuke KondoPoster Ecological impact of jellyfish fishery on symbionts of jellyfish in ThailandYusuke Kondo, Susumu Ohtsuka, Khwanruan Srinui, Toshihiko Fujita and Jun Nishikawa 
W113642Hiroshi MiyakePoster Jellyfish fauna changes before and after 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in southern part of Sanriku coast, Iwate, JapanHiroshi Miyake, Yume Sakuma, Kei Onochi, Neo Nishikawa, Kouki Sugimoto, Futaba Motoishi, Shiho Honda, Tomoya Saito, Hironori Yokoba and Yoshimi Hamatsu 
W113606Akane IidaPoster Morphological and molecular examination of Aurelia sp. in Orido Bay, JapanAkane Iida, Kana Tozawa, Kenji Nohara and Jun Nishikawa 
W113613Yantao WangPoster Population dynamics of three Scyphozoan jellyfish species during summer of 2017 in the adjacent waters of Hongyanhe, Bohai SeaYantao Wang, Fang Zhang,Chaolun Li, Song Sun 
W213618Zhongyong GaoOral Carbon uptake in bi-polar regions and their responses to climate changeZhongyong Gao , Heng Sun, Liqi Chen, Qi Li 
W213348Travis C. TaiOral Evaluating current and future Arctic marine fisheries in Canada under different scenarios of climate change Travis C. Tai, Nadja Steiner, William W.L. Cheung and U. Rashid Sumaila 
W313522Yutaka MichidaInvited Enhancing collaborations between PICES and IOC/IODE in open data accessYutaka Michida 
W313551Toru SuzukiOral Contribution PICES data activities to global data productsToru Suzuki 
W313345Sonia BattenOral Data from the North Pacific Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey.Sonia Batten 
W313655Joon-Soo LeeOral Future of TCODEJoon-Soo Lee 
W313616Igor ShevchenkoOral PICES metadata federation: past, present, and futureDaniil Glushenko, Georgy Moiseenko, Igor Shevchenko 
W313676Peter ChandlerOral The Data Management System for Working Group 35: The Third North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report (WG-NPESR3).Peter Chandler Jeanette Gann 
W313293Chun-hua HAN Oral The marine data resources management strategy under the background of big data eraChun-hua HAN  
W613425Koichi AraInvited Traditional approaches for estimating zooplankton production rate and food requirement in the neritic area of the North PacificKoichi Ara and Akihiro Shiomoto 
W613578Karyn SuchyOral A status report on Canadian marine zooplankton production rate measurements Karyn D. Suchy and Akash R. Sastri 
W613301Lian E. KwongOral An intercalibration of chitobiase and biomass size spectra zooplankton production estimates Lian E. Kwong, Karyn D. Suchy, John F. Dower, Evgeny A. Pakhomov 
W613335Hui LiuOral An overview of artificial cohort method for estimating zooplankton production in the oceanHui Liu, Russell R. Hopcroft 
W613298Chih-hao HsiehOral Copepod community growth rates in relation to body size, temperature, and food availability in the East China Sea: A test of metabolic theory of ecologyKuan-Yu Lin, Akash R. Sastri, Gwo-Ching Gong, and Chih-hao Hsieh 
W613577Akash SastriOral Evaluation of the application of empirical growth rate models toward a long-term zooplankton biomass/production time-series on the southern shelf of Vancouver Island.Akash R. Sastri, Moira Galbraith, and R. Ian Perry  
W613557Kazuaki TadokoroOral Spatial and temporal variation of mesozooplankotn productivity in the Seto Inland Sea, JapanKazuaki Tadokoro, Akihide Kasai, Katsuyuki Abo, Kazutaka Miyahara, Keigo Yamamoto, and Kazuhiko Koike 
W613284Toru KobariOral Status report on zooplankton productivity measurements in the western North Pacific Ocean and its neighboring watersToru Kobari and Kazuaki Tadokoro 
W613468Yuji YoshinagaPoster Diel rhythm of egg spawning of the planktonic copepod Calanus sinicus in Sagami Bay, JapanYuji Yoshinaga, Tomohiko Kikuchi, Tatsuki Toda and Shinji Shimode 
W613465Takashi FushimaPoster Estimation of egg production rate of Calanus sinicus from preserved samplesTakashi Fushima, Takafumi Yamaguchi, Kiyotaka Hidaka, Mana Mikawa, Minamo Hirahara, Tomohiko Kikuchi, Tatsuki Toda and Shinji Shimode 
W613302Lian E. KwongPoster Zooplankton secondary production in high nutrient low chlorophyll (HNLC) and seasonally productive regions in the North Pacific Lian E. Kwong, Evgeny A. Pakhomov 
W713661Andrew W. TritesInvited Preliminary estimates of prey consumption by seals and sea lions in the North PacificAndrew W. Trites 
W713438Tsutomu TamuraOral Estimation of prey consumption by marine mammals in the PICES regions -Update to Hunt et al. (2000)-Tsutomu Tamura, Kenji Konishi, Koji Matsuoka and Takashi Hakamada and Andrew W. Trites 
W713597Szymon SurmaOral Prey consumption by marine mammals and seabirds off northern British Columbia (Canada): estimates from ecosystem modelsSzymon Surma and Tony J. Pitcher 
W713484Hiroko SasakiOral Spatial estimation of prey consumption by Bryde’s whales in the western North Pacific during the summers of 2008 – 2009: Density surface model approachHiroko Sasaki, Tsutomu Tamura, Takashi Hakamada, Koji Matsuoka, Hiroto Murase and Toshihide Kitakado 
W713608Yutaka WatanukiOral Summer prey consumption by three species of seabirds breeding in JapanYutaka Watanuki, Jumpei Okado, Heya Na, Maki Yamamoto 
W8 (HD)13283Hao GuoOral 2017 Red Tide in ChinaHao Guo, Dongmei Li, Yubo Liang and Chunjiang Guan 
W8 (HD)13664Chen shang Oral Ecological Damage Assessment of Green Tide Blooms Based on Double-bounded Dichotomous Bias Correction ModelJingmei Li, Jingzhu Dan 
W8 (HD)13668Benrong PENGOral Integrating Values of Ecosystem Services into Decision Making in Coastal Management in XiamenBenrong PENG 
W8 (HD)13472Yousuke FujiiOral Labor situation of kelp farmers and the change in farming practiceYousuke Fujii 
W8 (HD)13654Dan LewOral Marine Ecosystem Service Values and Valuation in the U.S.: An Assessment of the Literature through the Lens of Recent Best Practice GuidelinesDaniel K. Lew, Leif Anderson, Doug Lipton, Tammy Murphy, and Kristy Wallmo 
W8 (HD)13450Chen KeliangOral Study on Eco-compensation Mechanism Based on Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Marine Protected AreasChen Keliang, Li Yuliang , Liu Heng 
W8 (HD)13347Duncan KnowlerOral Valuation and management of mudflats in the Yellow River Delta, China[Duncan Knowler, Tao Ya Gui, Xiyong Hou and Xiaowei Li] 
W8 (HD)13277Jie ChenPoster An index to assess the health and benefits of the global oceanJie Chen, Yan Jinghui 
W8 (HD)13593Takaaki MoriPoster Economic value of ecosystem services and utility of coastal fisheries in Indramayu, IndonesiaTakaaki MORI1, Ayumi KANAYA, Naoki TOJO, Mitsutaku MAKINO, Mark WELLS, Vldmir KULIK, Joon-Soo LEE, Shion TAKEMURA, Charles TRICK, Chang-an XU, Suhendar SACHOEMAR 
W8 (HD)13660Jie ChenPoster Using Blue Carbon in Climate RegulationJie Chen, Yan Jinghui 
W8 (HD)13326Chen shang Withdrawal Ecological Damage Assessment of Green Tide Blooms Based on Double-bounded Dichotomous Bias Correction Model Jingmei Li , Jingzhu Dan  yes

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