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    Christina Chiu - Deputy of Administration

    I started working for the PICES Secretariat in 1993. My background is completely non-scientific, though I believe in hands-on experiments and research, my preferred subjects being wools, cottons, silks, tea and, to a lesser extent, food. My degrees are in Arts, specifically Japanese Literature (B.A.) and Japanese Theatre (M.A., both from the University of Toronto). Design is my favourite task and finances are a dread. Though my position title was recently re-named (to Deputy of Administration), my role is basically the same, which is to make things happen in general - from ordering toner cartridges, planning trips, paying everyone and for everything, to producing reports and brochures, and organizing meetings and receptions for 50-500 people. Don’t be misled, I am not the PICES know-it-all, but I think I at least know where to ask, or offer vague and grandiose approximations.

    Christina Chiu
    PICES Secretariat
    c/o Institute of Ocean Sciences
    P.O. Box 6000 (mailing address)
    9860 West Saanich Road (courier/institute address)
    Sidney, British Columbia
    Canada V8L 4B2
    Phone: +1-250-363-6878
    Fax: +1-250-363-6827
    Email: Christina@pices.int

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